7/20 Game: Shazam!

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7/20 Game: Shazam!

Post by Ferguson » Sat Jul 20, 2013 11:23 pm

<Fabian> Fabian winced a bit as he put the glasses back on as he walked towards the ball room where the festivities were being held this year. "Walt is blind I should have probably went and got my own at this point...but then someone would have been lured towards me in my blue velour suit fabulousness."

<Cecilia> Cecilia laughed, adjusting her newsboy cap and drawing her yellow jacket a little closer over her green bikini top. "You might have to look over the glasses if you don't wanna headache by the time the night's through," she said, gesturing. She toyed a little with one of the hoop earrings, she was a bit shy doing this, couples costumes were a bit alien to her. Oh well, booze will fix that.

<Jack> Jack scratched his back with the boomerang before sliding it back into its holster on the strap around his body. "Crikey. Tigah. Um... Shrimp on the bahbee." he said, getting into character.

<Elizabeth> Elizabeth had gone all out on her costume tonight, picking the Silent hill nurses and putting her abilities with latex and makeup to the test, that and how well she could walk in a set of heels as she swished towards the ballroom.

<Fabian> They were alien to Fabian as well but the amusement of it all was far too appealing to him. It had to happen and he went right ahead and lowered the glasses. "Everyone'll think I'm hitting on them tonight. Still glad you refused to be the horse in a recreation of my costume last year?"

<Kevin> Kevin felt rather under-dressed as he walked in with only a sheet over his head. But he wasn't really in the mood for festivities. "Boo," he announced in a flat-ish tone.

<Cecilia> Cecilia laughed again, nodding. "I think it's better for everyone if they don't see us like that...poor Walt."

<Fabian> "I suppose." Fabian teased, then stopped at Kevin and his...sheet. "You sound like a very depressed ghost indeed."

<Elizabeth> "If I were a ghost I'd be depressed to." Elizabeth chuckled as she waltzed past the group, sipping a drink tonight because, hey, screw medication when there's a party.

<Jack> Jack looked over to Kevin."Wow, and I thought I was under dressed," he told the shamefully depressed ghost.

<Fabian> "If I were a ghost I would have the best time screwing up people's shit. Nobody should want to be haunted by me. I'll guarante you that."

<Cecilia> Cecilia eyed Kevin. "Are you the ghost of linens past?"

<Jack> "Not so sure, he's not as white as a sheet." Jack added.

<Hisako> Entering the room, and timidly nibbling at her bottom lip, Hisako deviated for the nearest table bearing drinks, idly flicking a hand through her short, white wig as her custom blue coat swept behind her.

<Hisako> The fake katana in her left hand was something she almost thought was too much, but a reassuring squeeze served to alleviate her anxiety some.

<Kevin> Kevin had no clue who anyone was dressed up as. "This was the only one on sale." He shrugged under the sheet and realized he hadn't cut out a mouth or arm holes as he looked at the drinks and food.

<Fabian> "...they sell this as a costume?" Fabian was confused. Of course, he wasn't a person who should speak. He had actually gotten a tailor made Austin Powers suit. The tailor had been so, so confused.

<Elizabeth> "I just spent a few hours altering one of my actual nurse outfits, thought it would save a bit of money." Elizabeth said, coming back over to the group with a drink and sandwich.

<Jack> "I had to break into the arts and crafts room to make these." Jack pointed out with his savvy braces.

<Fabian> "Actual nurse outfits?" Oh, wait...Fabian had a feeling she wasn't talking about a real nurse and he didn't want to die in this costume so he wasn't going to comment any further.

<Kevin> "No, the sheets were cheap. I wasn't going to cut holes into something nice." He rolled his eyes and flipped the front half of the sheet over his head so it looked like a veil so he could help himself to a drink.

<Elizabeth> "Well my nurse outfits for my job at the club, not like real hospital nurse outfits." She looked down at the latex with a smile.

<Cecilia> Cecilia wandered over to the food table and began helping herself to some punch and other assorted candy. "So what the hell're you supposed to be? An albino?" she said to Hisako, a confused expression on her face.

<Hisako> "You are so, so cute!" Hisako smiled back, sarcastic tones dripping off of every syllable, "Vergil, from Devil May Cry. I would expect you to know, being May-chan's friend. Oh, wait! She never hangs out with you, hm?" she laughed a little.

<Elizabeth> Elizabeth just raised an eyebrow at the Japanese girl then, youchie, burn cream needed.

<Clarice> Clarice didn't feel quite right, wearing the costume that she and Riko had made, in fact she wasn't originally going to go till she'd heard the news that the corpses they'd recovered weren't those of their friends ... which meant that Noriko was alive out there and when they got her back there would be definite pouty face when she heard that all the hard work would have been for naught.

<Fabian> Fabian just looked at Hisako and shook his head. "Does the assholishness fit the costume or are you just being yourself tonight?"

<Clarice> A portal opened up next to the buffet and HRH Princess Batman emerged, "... Oooh, onion barjis!"

<Fabian> Anyway, he walked away, holding his arm out for Cecilia as he caught sight of Clarice. "Princess Batman...now that I am jealous of."

<Hisako> "So, the underhand comment about who I am meant to be and the tone of it is not 'assholishness'?" Hisako asked to Fabian, "Also yes, it does. Keep your female away from me, she clearly cannot be nice."

<Cecilia> Cecilia raised an eyebrow, biting back a particularly uncharitable comment, before taking Fabian's arm and wandering off with her punch before she threw it in someone's face and wrecked everyone's night. "Jesus, I was just making conversation."

<Fabian> "You can't cure being a cunt." Fabian muttered to Cecilia. "Let her just be one over there."

<Elizabeth> "Eeeesh, girl, she was just asking who you were meant to be with the costume...." Sipping her drink, Elizabeth wished Jess was here. So far she hadn't made many friends and most of those were missing.

<Hisako> "It did not sound that way to me." Hisako shrugged, face looking confused now, "So....so, the last time you spoke to me you were really cruel, but now it is ok? Now you want to be friends?" she turned back to Cecilia, "....you weren't being mean really?"

<Clarice> Clarice smiled a little under her mask-tiara, "Everyone knows Batman is the best Disney Princess ... do you have the fake teeth in? You're not doing it properly unless you have the teeth Mr. Powers."

<Kevin> "Guys, let's just be nice, please?"Kevin waved a mozzarella stick at the room in general.

<Fabian> "...no, these are my teeth...I really hope they don't fit the costume."

<Hisako> "No, wait, she didn't mean to offend me?" Hisako persisted, sounding a little desperate for an answer, "I-I thought she is hating my gut."

<Cecilia> Cecilia scowled into her punch. "No! Christ, does everyone think I go outta my way to be a complete asshole? Just 'cause we've not gotten along in the past doesn't mean I can't be civil in day-to-day life." She sighed irritably and turned to listen to the conversation about teeth. "Uh...his teeth look like that normally."

<Clarice> Clarice chuckled and acted out inspecting his teeth, "No, your chompers don't match, you're safe," she started to load up a plate with some of the veggie snacks and helped herself to a glass of lemonade.

<Fabian> And now Fabian was actually going to almost be self-conscious. That only lasted for a moment though and he grinned all the brighter. "Why thank you."

<Hisako> Hisako sighed, "You do not get it? I thought you never, ever like me at all." she explained, scratching her forehead at the hem of her wig, "I am not meaning to be....what Cortez said...this...cant?" she frowned a little, "....is that bad?"

<Elizabeth> "Cunt dear, and yes it's very bad, I think it was just miscommunication between the pair of you. Cecilia wasn't trying to be insulting."

<Clarice> Clarice flushed a little darker pink at the language, "Why are we saying bad words?"

<Cecilia> "Look, just drop it. It's fine, you misunderstood and all that so let's just forget about it so I can have a decent night for once," she said, polishing off her punch. "There anything stronger around here? Like vodka? Or rum?"

<Fabian> Fabian looked upwards for patience. "Booze...we should go for booze!"

<Hisako> "....what even is 'cunt'?" Hisako asked, "A-and anyhow, then I didn't understand then. Like you say...." she pointed at Elizabeth, faltering at her name before looking again to Cecilia, "....w-we could...make it up with sake?"

<Clarice> "It's a bad word for lady parts, please stop saying it," Clarice's half hid behind her plate, "Yes, I think you all need to get drunk so I can giggle at you when you fall over."

<Hisako> With an awkward smirk, Hisako shrugged at Clarice, "If I get drunk and keep saying it then what? I wouldn't be able to stop!"

<Elizabeth> "I have Vodka for once; punch is never good enough." Elizabeth pulled a hipflask seemingly out of nowhere and waving it invitingly.

<Fabian> "...I'll admit, with the lift shoes I may actually fall over." Fabian admitted. "Who else is for a giant booze run in celebration of having a morgue full of strangers instead of our friends?...although that sounds pretty damned morbid as well."

<Cecilia> "Put it here, sister," Cecilia said, holding out her cup to Elizabeth.

<Clarice> "Then I will gag you ... to stop you from getting anymore bad karma," Clarice smiled.

<Fabian> "Welll hit a juice bar for you, Clarice, if you like."

<Hisako> Hisako shied away from the flask, "No, thank you..." she bowed a little, "I-I do not share bottles...or drinks...or.....food. It is a little bit gross."

<Clarice> "Yay!"

<Elizabeth> Getting the top off, she dropped a bit into the girls drink before taking a swig. "Screw meds, tonight I'm getting drunk!"

<Hisako> "....you take meds?" Hisako asked, "Medicine?"

<Elizabeth> "Yeah, nothing important but I can't take them with alcohol." She waved it off before adding Vodka to her punch and hiding the flask somewhere

<Hisako> "...so like psycho-medical medicine?"

<Cecilia> Cecilia took a quick swig of the vodka, coughing a little as the alcohol seared her throat. "Holy shit that's fucking strong. Few more of these and we'll have a party." She handed over her cup to Fabian. "Here, you'll need it."

<Elizabeth> "Paint stripper stuff, cheap strong and gets people's pants off and fighting hats on within the hour." She grinned at the Austin Powers pair before giving a non-committal shrug and nod at Hisako.

<Clarice> Clarice sniffed, "Ew, think I'll stick to my lemonade here."

<Hisako> Hisako took a little step back, tilting her head slightly, "So, you are stopping taking medicine but you still complain at the illness? So you make your life harder for....fun?" she gave the other girl a skeptical look.

<Elizabeth> "I'm only off the meds for one night, I'll be back on them tomorrow. I'm not on the meds now because meds and alcohol don't mix and make me very very ill. This way I can have one fun night and get back to treating the ah illness tomorrow."

<Kevin> "I'll be right back." Kevin said. "I need more holes." He gave everyone a cheeky grin and went to find some scissors.

<Fabian> "Everyone needs a night off being responsible." Fabian shrugged and looked to Clarice. "Would you be so kind as to portal the party to the nearest liquor store?"

<Hisako> "Is that what your doctor says you should do?" Hisako asked Elizabeth, turning to Fabian, "If she is having breakdowns then it will make us all this 'cunt' person..." she grinned to Clarice afterwards, "I will stop! I promise!"

<Clarice> "... Do I want to know why he needs more holes?" Clarice asked he room in general with a slightly scandalised look on her face before catching Fabian's question, "Huh? Oh yeah, sure!" She gave Hisako a disaproving look before opening up a portal large enough for a group to walk through, "Ta-daaah!"

<Cecilia> "Sounds like you and Fabian's roommate have a bit in common," Cecilia remarked to Elizabeth. "Except his meds were bogus."

<Fabian> "I'm not going to be her mother for her. I doubt that's what anyone would want another person to do...and probably not." Fabian laughed at Clarice's question before hopping to the portal, looking back as he was half in. "C'mon, baby, this'll be groovy!"

<Hisako> Hisako groaned at Cecilia's words, "Oh. Waaaaalter...." she chuckled, "Such a child....he cannot look at people even!"

<Elizabeth> "My meds are real, luckily.... I hope...." She felt suddenly paranoid as her brow creased before turning to Hisako. "Yeah if I'm drinking I don't take the meds. So I only drink very occasionally so I can take the meds more." She replied, following everyone through the hole.

<Hisako> "Cortez must be right also: safety is obviously the last thing we need!" Hisako turned to Elizabeth again, "Just say if you have problems, if you get too ill then a night out will make it worse." she nodded, following the group.

<Cecilia> Cecilia jumped a little at the sight of the portal opening but quickly followed along into the liquor store. "...groovy?" she snorted.

<Fabian> "I'm being in character, hush it!"

<Clarice> They emerged just outside the liquor store, to the shock of a couple of teenagers hanging around outside.

<Clarice> "... Oh my gosh! You're wearing X-men costumes!" Clarice squeed when she spotted what they were wearing, "That's sooooooo awesome!"

<Cecilia> "Oh Jesus, you're not expecting me to yell 'shazam' every time I hit someone, right?"

<Elizabeth> "Do it, Cecilia, you must feel the compulsion." She giggled before nodding at Hisako. "Thanks.... I, er, will...." Bless the strange Japanese people.

<Fabian> "I won't lie, it'd be awesome."

<Hisako> Hisako did a double-take when she thought she'd noticed Mayday standing in the group, ".....a-aah! Kawaaiiii!!!" she clapped, reaching for her phone to take a picture.

<Fabian> "...nobody ever dresses up as me...it's because I don't have an actual callname isn't it?"

<Hisako> "You are not Cortez?"

<Fabian> "That's my name-name...we should come up with my callname tonight after copious amounts of booze." He grabbed the door to the store, holding it open for everyone to filter through.

<Elizabeth> "I don't either, no worries Fabian, we're too awesome for names." She brushed the dirt and fake blood-caked hair from her face to silent hill walk at the kids for a moment for giggles.

<Clarice> "Oh my gosh! We need to have photo's together!" Clarice glee-clapped, getting out her own phone, "You guys go ahead into the store, we'll be out here."

<Cecilia> Cecilia frowned at the crowd. "Nobody ever dresses up as me either," she remarked. "Then again, I'm not sure I want someone to. They might do a blackface thing."

<Fabian> "Aw, I bet we can find some cute little girl with an afro in an x-men costume. It has to exist somewhere."

<Fabian> He chuckled at Clarice getting the pictures, turning and looking at the wonder before him. "Right, serious business, what all do we need?" He grabbed a cart. They were going to need a cart.

<Elizabeth> "I've got ...." Quickly she pulled some cash from out of the latex and counted it. " A whole $30 to contribute at the moment."

<Cecilia> Cecilia followed along. "If I'm gonna think of a codename for you we're gonna need something strong...hey, look!" She pointed at a vodka with gold glitter in it. "It's got gold! We can sing the 'Goldmember' song with it!"

<Fabian> "Oh, the booze are on me." Fabian assured everyone and latched right onto the bottle Cecilia pointed out.

<Elizabeth> "Can mine be Mistress Scream? Cause of the whole mind screaming thing?" Putting the money away, she finished off the vodka-laced punch cup.

<Fabian> "Maybe I should answer to Goldmember..."

<Cecilia> "~He's got the Midas touch, but he touched it too much!~" Cecilia sang, running to the register with her booze. "~Hey Goldmember. Hey Goldmember...~"

<Clarice> Clarice bounded in after them a few moments later, "Mini-Thor wanted me to sign his hammer! oooh, sparkly booze. I didn't know it could sparkle."

<Fabian> Fabian drifted on, contemplating the possibility of that as he did so. He was soon shook from his contemplation as the bell at the door rang a sharp ring and boisterous voices could be heard up front.

<Cecilia> "I feel so much better 'cause of this booze," Cecilia said, holding it out for Clarice to look at. "It makes me feel rich just holding it."

<Clarice> "Ooooh," Clarice admired the booze, "does this mean you're pimp now?"

<Cecilia> "...Can a girl be a pimp?" Cecilia said. "I think you gotta be a 'pimpette.'"

<Elizabeth> "You're only rich when you run the booze shops and not before. Hey Fabs, can I grab a bottle for me please?"

<Fabian> "EMPTY OUT THAT CASH REGISTER!" The one in front of the group of three drew something out of his pocket.

<Clarice> "Pffft, defy gender stereotypes, be pimp if you wanna."

<Fabian> "Of cou-oh hell what is this?" Fabian frowned, looking up to the front of the store.

<Hisako> Hisako wandered into the store with a smile on her face, slipping her phone away and pausing at the scene in front of her. Unable to think at first, she simply stood still, watching it unfold.

<Clarice> "Oh, why can we never go to nice places that stay nice?" The princess sighed.

<Elizabeth> "Oh come on not right now.... " She grimaced as she heard the cash register bit.

<Fabian> All three were the quintessential robbers with black clothes and ski-masks and the first kept his weapon trained on the cashier as the others got to work loading up a cart of the more expensive selections.

<Cecilia> The cashier, a pimply teen-aged boy, squeaked an un-manly squeak and began throwing money out of the register. "TAKE IT! TAKE IT! JUST LEAVE ME ALIVE! PLEASE GOD I DON'T WANNA DIE A VIRGIN!"

<Cecilia> Cecilia didn't even think, she just acted. "SHAZAM!" she yelled, hitting the gun-man over the head with her vodka bottle, sending gold glitter flying everywhere.

<Clarice> Clarice opened her mouth to issue a warning to the men as she always did ... and her jaw just dropped at Cee's action.

<Hisako> "........for real...." Hisako murmured to herself, giving the cashier a skeptical look before Cecilia's leap. She swore under her breath, forming her armor and clenching its hand around the weapon in the gunman's hand.

<Elizabeth> Suddenly Elizabeth was actually in stitches laughing, a horribly tense moment killed in a gloriously glittery instant.

<Cecilia> The two friends of the gunman just stood there with their mouths wide open. "Holy shit dude...."

<Fabian> On impulse the gunman squeezed the trigger, showering Hisako's shield with water.

<Clarice> "...." Clarice couldn't help it, she started to giggle too.

<Fabian> Fabian didn't notice the lack of bullet as he slid in to take the legs out from under the man but was very confused when he came up with wet velour.

<Hisako> ".....n-nani..." Hisako murmured, realizing the gun had nothing but water in it. She blinked, releasing him and fading her armor away, "Water?"

<Fabian> "What the hell, maaan, put C-Dawg down!" One of the cried out, raising his arms to surrender.

<Cecilia> Cecilia didn't look anymore relieved seeing the gun was fake. "You fucking idiot!" she exclaimed at the fallen guy. "Do you have any idea what I could've done to you?! Are you fucking crazy?!"

<Elizabeth> Elizabeth just saw the water spurt on her break from laughing and stared at the guy and started laughing even harder then leaning against a shelf for support.

<Clarice> "AH-hahahahahahahahaaaaaaaaa!" Clarice doubled over with laughter, "Hahahahaaaaa! He's even called C-Dawg! Oh my gosh!"

<Fabian> "...who the hell holds up a liqour store with a water-gun?!" He pulled a face, tempted to just kick the man for good measure to attempt to avoid a second generation from this fine specimen.

<Hisako> With a long sigh, Hisako pulled out her phone, calling the police and standing in the way of the door, "Bakkano...."

<Cecilia> The cashier peeked over the counter, a scowl on his face. "C-Dawg!? You fucking asshole! I'm gonna get you for this!"

<Fabian> "Heyheyheeeeey, who you callin'" The one called C-Dawg started in, now looking worried. "We ain't really robbin' the place! We're just having some fun!" He pointed back at the cashier. "It's my cousin, lady!"

<Hisako> "Not before police officers does..." the androgynous-looking Japanese girl sighed, "It is against the law what you did. You could have gotten people seriously hurt, also yourselves!"

<Elizabeth> Elizabeth stood back up and pushed Fabian's trolley toward the cashier with a few extra bottles in for good measure. "Best thing about that was shouting out Shazam after the guy screaming I don't wanna die a virgin."

<Clarice> "Eh-heh ... hehehe ..." Clarice trailed off, "Wow, real master criminals you guys .... hehehe ...."

<Fabian> "Oh yeah? What about you people with your shazam and all that? Who the hell are you guys?"

<Fabian> Fabian, now trying very much to control his laughter, made his way to the checkout and pulled out his wallet. "So...is there a discount for foiled water-gun robbery?"

<Cecilia> Cecilia leaned against the counter, sighing explosively and clutching at her chest. "Fuck you, man! I'm a fucking X-Man! You don't pull a gun - even a fake one - in a liquor store in front of me and expect not to get smacked!" She scowled. "The only thing I regret is wasting my booze on your fat head!"

<Hisako> Hisako sighed again, her eyes glowing orange as her armor flickered to life around her body, "See? We are the X-ers." she said plainly, "Bakkano shonen..."

<Clarice> "Did the pink-skin not give it away .... heh... heheeh?"

<Elizabeth> "Nononono, you guys are X-ers. I'm here for booze."

<Fabian> "You're right, I'd like to pull something else on you." A lewd grin accompanied the comment as C-Dawg eyed the fine ladies he had just been owned by.

<Fabian> "Someone squirt him with his own gun before he gets overheated."

<Hisako> With a nonchalant groan, Hisako gave the offending male a knock on the head with her avatar's hand.

<Cecilia> Cecilia stared at him for a long moment before her already fragile patience broke and she slapped him across the face. "Let's go," she said, throwing a couple bill down on the counter and grabbing some bottles before heading for the door.

<Clarice> "Hehe, with those skinny arms I doubt you could pull even your own grandma around in her chair," Clarice waved a hand airily.

<Hisako> "If your dick is a small as your threats then nobody is interested." Hisako added, turning to leave. Her armor stayed behind for a moment, kicking one of the boys in the shin before it flickered away in a flash of blue-white.

<Elizabeth> "Don't mind them boys, they're just pissed it wasn't a real robbery they foiled." Winking at the lads she swished out after the group alcohol in hand, heels clicking on the floor.

<Fabian> "Ooooow, baby why do you have to be like that?" C-Dawg rubbed his head and cheek. "Now that's the way to be, hello girl." He started to follow Elizabeth appreciatively.

<Fabian> "Who wants to open a bottle for the road? I think we need it." Fabian called out, catching up once he paid for a selection of the booze that the quasi-thieves had carted up.

<Clarice> "Dude! You're like ... fourteen, with the worst hood name I ever heard," Clarice trailed after the others to taxi them home, "You've got worse then zero chance."

<Fabian> "Clarice, are you forgetting about Yo-Yo Rodriguez?"

<Clarice> "...." Clarice started to crack up again.

<Cecilia> "Plus you got gold shit all over you from my alcohol," Cecilia said, eyeing him distastefully. "You look like a gold mine threw up on you."

<Hisako> Hisako sniggered to herself, glancing back at the attention Elizabeth had received, "Leave them to her, she seems to like them." she snorted.

<Elizabeth> "Starbutts sweetheart, see you there." Waving over her shoulder Elizabeth tried so hard not to laugh at the man as she cracked open the now free Malibu.

<Clarice> "Is ... is that a real name? That someone calls themself?"

<Cecilia> Cecilia shook her head. "No, it's Fabian's alter ego, as coined by Johnny."

<Hisako> "And obviously this should be his codename: 'Yo-Yo'!" Hisako clapped.

<Fabian> Fabian just reached for his wallet again and pulled out his prized fake I.D. before opening the unbroken bottle of the gold-flaked drink. "Hey now, the police know Yo-Yo. I'd like to avoid that one."

<Clarice> ".... Eheheheeeee! Yes! I second that motion!" Clarice opened up another portal for them.

<Cecilia> "He called me from a police station with that name," Cecilia said, frowning. "I thought he was making fun of me." She smiled at the I.D. "That was the perfect birthday present."

<Elizabeth> Elizabeth sped up and hoped through the portal with a smirk. "Watching him get chucked out with a false idea is going to make mine and Cassie's day later."

<Clarice> "Well, we've got a Peanut, I don't see why we can't have a Y-" she trailed off. Jimmy was still missing along with Riko and the rest of their friends ...

<Fabian> Fabian frowned but raised his bottle. "To Peanut. When he's back I'll use his bald head as a mirror."

<Hisako> Hisako tensed at the name drop, her mind re-focusing on the lack of Julian, which had left a bigger hole in her heart than she cared to admit. She swallowed slowly, nodding a little and slowing until she was at the back of the group.

<Cecilia> Cecilia stepped through the portal. "They're not dead...McCoy had me run the tests twice. Or at least those aren't their bodies."

<Clarice> "Y-yeah," Clarice nodded, smiling a little wobbily, "to all of them, they'll be home soon after all, right?" Heck, the X-men had rescued her twice now, they'd get the others back no problem.

<Elizabeth> "I miss Jimmy.... we never did get to finish watching all the Texax Chainsaw Massacres together..." Elizabeth's face dropped as she raised her drink as well.

<Cecilia> Cecilia raised an eyebrow. "Y'know, my first Halloween here half the school was missing in Traskland. Now everyone's missing somewhere else. Funny how nothing changes, yeah?" She cracked open her bottle and took a swig. "This is why I grab as much of life as I can while I can. 'Cause who knows if it's gonna be me next year?"

<Fabian> "And to Mel, I think when I finish this bottle I'm going to throw it in the lake with the rest of our vodka fallen soldiers. To Jonas, I barely know you but you sort of look like a rock." Fabian took two more drinks as he contemplated toasts to the others.

<Hisako> "...t-to Julian, too." Hisako piped up, not having a drink, but raising her hand all the same.

<Fabian> "To Julian," Fabian drank again. "He was possibly one of the quietest people I ever met for all I heard from him next door so I'm afraid I don't have anything to really say about him either."

<Clarice> Clarice couldn't help the small chuckle at that toast.

<Cecilia> "Walt was close to him and Alison," Cecilia remarked. "I guess I should give a toast for David since he did a good job beating up that raccoon last semester."

<Elizabeth> "To Jimmy, you were a laugh and I hope we get to play ball again soon." She had another swig on top of the first. "And to Jess, who always had some spare whiskey for me."

<Fabian> "And to Nori, I still don't think she cares much for me and I still have a little bit of a heart attack each time I think of what she did to my car but it was pretty ballsy."

<Hisako> Hisako shook her head, "He wasn't quiet always, he just had trouble being shy." she explained, "He is thoughtful. And polite, too. He is also very clever. I told him he should learn to be more assertive." she smiled softly, "...h-he told me how 'assertive' is said."

<Hisako> She realized she was digressing and cleared her throat, blushing a little and turning away.

<Clarice> "To Riko, the best friend a Princess could have," Clarice didn't have a drink but she toasted anyways.

<Clarice> "And Mick, that strange little robot fancier."

<Hisako> "Hmm...the girl who says I should be more happy and treats me like a royal person." Hisako snorted, "And the idiot boy who I made date a machine woman."

<Fabian> Fabian raised his bottle again. "and that's why I always check who's reserved the DR before me."

<Cecilia> Cecilia sighed. "We better get 'em back...and if that weird ass Viper person did anything to them I'm gonna fuck her up personally...that psycho," she muttered, taking another swig.

<Clarice> "And then she'll be reincarnated as a worm," Clarice nodded sagely.

<Fabian> "That was the second weirdest fight/conversation I've ever been around at that particular Hellfire Club. And to Jonathon Ohmn, I look forward to his art exhibits troubling Paris in the future."

<Cecilia> "No man, something worse...I know! A dung beetle."

<Hisako> Hisako looked up at Cecilia, "You know who took him!?" she gasped, "I-I-I mean....her...I-I mean them. All of them?"

<Cecilia> Cecilia frowned. "I might. Fabian and I had the misfortune of running into a fight in the Hellfire Club. The woman insinuated she was responsible."

<Fabian> "Cee and I had a...strange evening where her and Shaw exchanged threats and physicality. She definitely knows where Jess is and considering the set up of things it should be pretty easily assumed."

<Hisako> "Then we know who to find..." she nodded, "So, Shaw should know people who can find them, why are we not looking now?"

<Cecilia> "He already is," Cecilia said. "You can bet on that. Hell, if he could've found her she'd probably already have been found. I think he's having as much problems as we are right now."

<Clarice> "Nah, if you're a bad person with too much bad karma you get reincarnated in Naraka as a worm type creature."

<Fabian> "Just another thing to add to the works of it." Fabian admitted. "At least it's something, though."

<Elizabeth> Elizabeth had stayed silent for that bit. She only really knew a few people but at the same time she was sad that people were missing and, for once, she did want to be doing something about it.

<Hisako> With a dissatisfied huff, Hisako folded her arms, "So much for all this 'power' he says he has...." she tutted, conceding with a shrug, "Well, I think May-chan will find out if nobody else can...."

<Cecilia> "Good to know where I stand with the universe," Cecilia said wryly. "Well, at least I know to sleep late in my other life."

<Fabian> "We'll find out. The thing about power is other people have it, too. If they didn't this would be a hell of a lot easier."

<Fabian> "...so anyone else want to mow this down and attempt drunk research on Viper? Maybe we can turn up an actual name or something?"

<Cecilia> Cecilia eyed her bottle. "You realize it'll just degrade into me looking at the people of Wal-Mart blog if I'm drunk, right?"

<Fabian> "...we should go to Wal-Mart after that."

<Hisako> "I think I would like to go and talk to people..." Hisako admitted, "Laura-chan, maybe..."

<Cecilia> "Don't we have to meet up with your parents sometime tomorrow?" Cecilia asked, taking a long gulp of booze at that thought. "Maybe we shouldn't be...actually, nevermind we probably should be hungover seeing them."

<Elizabeth> "I think we should find a club and get raving drunk for tonight honestly because, hey, Halloween and all, we need some fun and cheering up?"

<Clarice> "Yes! I am all for this plan!" Clarice nodded, "So long as we bring the buffet."

<Fabian> "Screw my father, Jacinta won't be too bothered by it." Fabian drank again. "Maybe they'll have sense and not board the plane."

<Fabian> "...I'm good with one hell of a party." Fabian admitted.

<Cecilia> "Portal me to the club!" Cecilia said, raising a fist. "...Just not the disco club. I might be wearing the get-up but I sure as shit won't be dancing to any 'Saturday Night Fever' crap."

<Fabian> "...not even if I play it in the dorm?"

<Cecilia> "...We'll talk."

<Clarice> "Really? Now I'm just full of disappointment," Clarice smiled as she opened up the requested portal for Cecilia.

<Hisako> Looking at her phone, Hisako looked up at the group, "....I will come with for a little, but after I want to go to sleep early." the sadness of thinking about Julian wasn't something she found easy to escape.

<Cecilia> Cecilia grabbed Fabian's arm and pulled him through the portal. "All aboard that's coming aboard!"

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