7/13 Game: Welcome to the Jungle

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7/13 Game: Welcome to the Jungle

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Timeline: October 18th

Mercury: As she pulled up the zipper of her uniform, Cessily realized how long it had been since she last wore one of these. Out in the field, anyway. Since she had come to the school, a whole new generation of X-Men had stepped up to the challenge, and she had taken the place of the professors who had once taught her.

Mercury: Turning around, she watched the students file into the briefing room, keeping an eye out for worried faces. They knew that their friends had left hours ago on a mission. Of course they would suspect something. Had she missed this? Maybe a little. Cessily just wished the circumstance were different.

Blackjack: "Damn I look adorable in this." Jack said looking down at himself, then twisted to show his rear with the tuft of a tail. "I'm sorry, that was a bit tasteless." Jack quickly added sitting down at a chair to listen to their mission.

Facade: "So...is anyone else but me curious how we're gonna get to Asia with no jet?" Cecilia said, double-checking the fastenings on her uniform. "Please tell me we're not gonna have to take a commerical flight. I don't wanna sit in coach with this leather shit on."

Fabian: "So," Fabian started, finishing putting the boots of his uniform on. "What's blown up this time?" It was a fair question he thought and at least it wasn't too blunt as he really wondered who it was that needed to be evacuated back home.

Oya: Idie shifted in her uniform to check out her ass. Niiiiiice. She gave a smile to the Professor and flopped into a seat, rotating slowly in it as she looked around the room. She must've missed this one on the snooping tour.

Fabian: "Coach hell, it's against my religion."

Wither: Kevin followed the others after donning his suit. It had been a while since he'd left the relative safety of the school. He took a seat quietly. Something really bad must have happened to the others.

Facade: Cecilia leaned over towards Fabian and whispered behind her hand. "If you spring for first class for me I'll make it worth your while."

Oya: Idie stopped her seat rotating, "I don't want to fly coach! Weird people fly coach."

Spider-Girl: Mayday slipped in to the room, stealth costume donned and mask in hand, "Does anyone know why the jet's downed? A-and can someone, like....teleport us?"

Fabian: Despite the morose feeling of the room Fabian quirked an eyebrow and smirked Cecilia's way. "Oh will you now?"

Mercury: "First of all, thanks for reacting so quickly," Cessily told the students, her gaze passing from one face to the next as she stood at the end of the table. "And don't worry, there will be no public transportation as long as we can prevent it. Speaking of, our ride should be here by now..." She checked her watch.

Dusk: The black portal formed in the ceiling corner, the raven-haired girl still struggling with her uniform as she came tumbling out. Somehow she ended up in one of the free chairs and managed to look graceful doing so. "Sorry for the delay... did I miss anything?" Cassandra asked.

Spider-Girl: "Yeah: our flying machine is wasted.", Mayday slipped down beside Cassandra, gesturing to Cessily, "But apparently we have a ride inbound....?"

Oya: "Just the good news that we won't be flying coach!" Idie had already perked up again.

Mercury: "In fact, Miss St. Commons will be our ride," Cessily announced with a nod to the younger student. "If she feels up to the task, that is. I hope she will do her best, anyway, because time may be of the essence."

Fabian: "Well, it's not quite the pampering of first class but we'll get there a good deal quicker." Fabian waved to Cassie, going over himself again to make sure everything was secure.

Spider-Girl: "Called it!", Mayday threw up a gloved hand, "Prize? ...no?"

Facade: Cecilia looked slightly disappointed now that flying wasn't an option but put on a brave face regardless. "Well...I suppose we'll get there fast." Teleporting...she'd only teleported twice before and only one of those times hadn't left her nauseous. "This won't be like the 'porting thing in the Harry Potter book things, right?"

Dusk: Cassandra perked up in her chair. "Oh... yes, sure, I can try..." She bit her lip and fidgeted with her hair. "I just have never taken along so many people, and this place sounds pretty far away..."

Oya: "I've never teleported before! Is it fun?!" She looked around the room at the others.

Dusk: "Have we heard anything of the others?" the teenage girl asked right after. "Is Jonas okay?"

Spider-Girl: Mayday put a hand on Cassandra's shoulder, "This kinda reeks of 'trap', too...are you sure this is a good idea, Professor?"

Fabian: "I can boost you along if you like." Fabian offered. He shook his head and looked to to the Professor in case she knew anything she hadn't shared yet.

Fabian: "Trap or not whatever this is we do still have to investigate."

Blink: Clarice appeared in a flash of pink light, already suited up, "Did someone say they needed a taxi across the Pacific?"

Wither: "This is sounding really bad. Have we heard nothing from anyone other than an alert something's gone bad?"

Facade: "What other choices do we have?" Cecilia pointed out to Mayday. "Our field leader is missing. We have to find her."

Blackjack: "Not just that, but Jimmy owes me some money and a six pack. And I want that. GOing missing is no excuse not to pay up." Jack said.

General: Kael was slumped back in his seat. "Doesn't matter if it's a trap, people are in trouble, da? Ve can't just leave them because ve might be valking into a trap." He was already in his uniform, though still in human form, and yawning.

Mercury: "It may very well be one," Cessily agreed with Mayday's assessment, crossing her arms. "We don't have a choice, however. Our friends might be in great danger. We lost all contact fifteen minutes ago. The last signal we received was an automated distress beacon by the Blackbird, before that was silenced, as well."

Facade: Cecilia looked at Blink. "I call shotgun for pinky. I know her portals don't make me sick."

Mercury: Cessily smiled at the pink girl. "Glad you could make it, too, Clarice," she said. "I'm sure Cassandra here will be very relieved to have someone to share the burden with."

Spider-Girl: "L-look, I don't wanna be a bitch, but I have to quote Spock here...", Mayday persisted, "The needs of the many far outweigh the needs of the few - if it comes down to it, we might be risking all of our lives for a dead end...."

Blink: "Well, I guess one good thing from everything that happened with my Uncle is that I know I can cross continents in a single trip," she pulled a face, "Come on, time's wasting!"

Spider-Girl: Mayday raised both hands, "I'm just saying. Do we have a bug-out plan?"

Oya: "Then don't come if you're scared," Idie hopped up from her seat, "I call Cassie! She's fun!"

Blink: "Your teleporters are your bug out plan, silly, just make sure we don't get knocked out."

Blackjack: "I'm going with Cassie as well, because I'd already ridden her. I mean her portal thing."

Oya: Idie giggled, "Sure you do."

Spider-Girl: "'Scared'?", Mayday sighed, "The awkward moment when the newbs start smack-talkin'...", she winked at Jack, "Oh, I know what you meant...", she nudged Cassandra.

Dusk: "These are our friends, Mayday!" Cassandra spoke up, looking horrified that someone might even suggest leaving them all behind. "And Jonas is part of my family! I'll go looking for them, no matter who wants to come along."

Facade: Cecilia shook her head. "Some things are worth dying for - one of them is pulling a friend's fat outta the fire. I owe Mel. Let's hit it."

Wither: "Is there anything we should know before we leave?"

General: Mayday got a very long stare from the Russian. "So next time you get trouble, ve leave you alone to die, da?" He stood. "I'll take whichever pretty girl vants to take me." He winked at both of them.

Spider-Girl: With a tut, Mayday stood aside, "Look, just be objective a second, alright? I wanna save Jess just as much as everyone else, but I won't stand and watch anyone die! So just....be careful, alright? And stop yelling at me, it's....kinda depressing."

Oya: "Come oooooon teleport us already! I wanna go on my first mission!" Idie was bouncing again. This was super exciting if she didn't think about the possible death part.

Facade: Cecilia shielded up. "Don't worry, you got me don't you? Everything'll be alright, I promise."

Blink: Clarice pulled out her cell and pulled up the GPS, "Professor? Can you give me the cords so I know where exactly I'm going?"

Mercury: "I'm afraid that's all I can tell you," Cessily told the assembled students, clenching her jaw. "You know everything we know at this point, so we'll just have to jump in blindly and hope for the best. But we've all practiced for situations like this, so remember your training."

Fabian: Fabian just gave Mayday a bit of an odd look, not quite sure what to think of how she was acting about all of this but shrugging it off. "Right then, Madripoor should be fun at least. Maybe they just went for illicit gambling and left the jet's emergency break on."

General: "Then stop suggesting ve leave our friends somevhere else to die, da? You're not exactly saying anything that makes you popular." He narrowed his eyes at Mayday. "Don't complain if you're the one telling us not to do our jobs." Apparently werewolf was a grumpy puppy today.

Facade: "Still grouchy over the bullets?" Cecilia jested to Kael. "That's alright, I'd be mad too if I had a lead salad...oh wait...I have those all the time!" She laughed. "Nevermind."

Mercury: She nodded at Clarice and Cassandra. "You'll both receive the coordinates and an automated guidance system, in case your jumps takes you astray." She handed out the small devices. "And remember, you two are our tickets back out, and depending on the state of the jet, the only hope our friends have. So watch your backs."

Spider-Girl: "Bite me, asshole.", Mayday spat back, donning her mask and double-checking her camoflage.

Mercury: "That goes for all of you." She gave all members of her team an encouraging look. "Good luck, and leave no one behind."

Fabian: At that bit Fabian glanced to Cecilia to see if she knew exactly what had done something unspeakable to Mayday's cheerios.

Blink: "Come on, drop it guys, we have to work as a team," Clarice cross-referenced the cords with a map of the area, "Half a mile out seem like a good idea?"

Oya: "I will watch the backs and fronts of everyone! Because I have to do two things at the same time." Idie nodded to herself.

Facade: Cecilia just shrugged in return to Fabian's look, wishing she had telepathy more than ever right about now. "Sounds fine by me, Blink."

Blink: "You ready, Dusk?"

General: "Keep that up and I might." Mayday got a snarl back, before Cecilia got a dirty look and he folded his arms, choosing to ignore them all and pay attention to the ones that seemed to know what they were doing. What he wasn't admitting, of course, was that he was afraid. Not even to himself. He'd been fine last mission, he hadn't cowered, he'd be fine this one too.

Spider-Girl: Mayday kept her mouth shut, looking back at the door and watching it, thinking over and over that Melati should have been there. That said, she'd noticed a few people weren't around recently.

Spider-Girl: With a short sigh, she decided it wasn't worth worrying about it, scowling at Mikael and deciding that wasn't either.

Dusk: "No, but let's do this, anyway," Cassandra replied and gave Clarice a smile.

Oya: "So what happens now? Do we hold hands or what?" Idie looked at her chosen taxi.

Facade: Cecilia frowned at the dirty look. Jesus, when had she become the non-serious one on missions? The whole cannibal thing had obviously changed her more than she'd ever anticipated.

Blink: "let's get this party started!" Clarice gave a dramatic flourish and opened up a portal large enough to walk through, "All those with me, get through there. Dusk, make sure you port your people to a sigly different zone just incase we run into trouble."

Fabian: "I am not going to be singing Kum By Ya if it comes to that." Fabian replied to Oya, cracking a grin and heading for the portal.

Dusk: Cassandra nodded, then took a deep breath, before swirling clouds of black smoke rose up around the pale girl, forming the large portal around her as she spread her arms. "Just step into the darkness," she told the others. "And hope for the best.... no refunds if we end up in Narnia."

General: Kael took a deep breath, eyeing up the pink portal and pushing forward the shift, muscles and bones creaking and snapping as he shifted into the huge-built werewolf. Shaking himself out and checking everything was in order, he headed for the pink one so that the new 'porter wasn't overloaded.

Facade: Cecilia followed behind Fabian through the portal, taking a moment to appreciate the display of power before dropping into the jungle. "Jesus it's humid!" she said, dragging the zipper down a little on her uniform.

Oya: "Oooh I won't ask for any!" Idie grinned and hopped into the portal, fro bouncing merrily.

Wither: Kevin went for the portal. Less chance of accidentally touching that way. He took a breath and closed his eyes as he went through it.

Blink: Clarice followed her group through, fanning herself, "Phew, you got that right. It's like monsoon season back home!"

Blink: *storm, not monsoon rather

General: Dropping into the jungle, he swore. "Just vhat someone vearing a permenant fur coat needs." He sniffed, then sneezed at the new, nearly too-strong smells.

General: Within moments, he was panting.

Fabian: Fabian felt like the humidity of the jungle just punched him in the stomach. "Right, so which way, teleporty guide?" He looked to Clarice, ducking under some lowhanging foliage.

Facade: "...I didn't think New York had storms in fall," Cecilia remarked. "Or are you talking about the Caribbean? 'Cause it's getting into hurricane season there. Huh...something I don't actually miss from there."

Oya: Idie raised an eyebrow at the shift in temperature. Hmm... she moved some of the warm air around her away.

Spider-Girl: Having followed Clarice, Mayday took a moment to get her bearings, wishing that her suit was a weeny bit more breathable than it was. Pulling her mask up to breathe a bit easier for the moment she headed for slightly higher ground.

Blink: "We could get you a poodle cut when we get back?" Clarice joked, before looking at her thingymajig and spinning in a circle, "Mmmm ... that way! Stay stealthy guys!"

Mercury: Her living metal physiology left her largely unaffected to the extremes of the weather at their destination, and this also wasn't the first thing Cessily noticed. "Over there!" she called out, pointed into the distance, where thick, black clouds rose up over the jungle top.

Blink: "Talking about the Bahamas, silly, where I was born," she started to pick her way through the jungle.

Wither: "Ugh. Humidity." He looked around. "Someone should set up a perimeter before we just go barging through the jungle."

Spider-Girl: "<Trees, trees, trees...>", Mayday chimed in over the radio, casting a web up and yanking herself higher, "<I'll keep a lookout from above. N-not that I can see much, I won't lie...>"

General: Clarice got a grin and a lick for that as he dropped to all-fours. "Woof." He kept up the panting, getting used to the heat slowly as he followed the pink girl silently. He was good at stealthy. "I miss Russia."

Facade: "I'd wondered," Cecilia remarked, taking in the flora and fauna with wide eyes. "Reminds me of El Yunque."

Fabian: Now this was when carrying a machete would be a good idea. Fabian trudged along with the rest, wrinkling his nose as Cecilia made him think of bugs. "It does."

Blink: "Ewww," Clarice rubbed her cheek from the lick, "My boyfriend could explode you, you know," she whispered back teasingly.

Oya: Idie quite liked it now that she'd gotten the hang of moving just enough of the heat around to cool her but not so much she started a fire anywhere.

Dusk: Cassandra's portal had formed not far from Clarice's, releasing her passenger to the hot and humid air of Madripoor. The temperatures weren't what caused the cold sweat on the girl's skin, however, who had to steady herself or risk falling over from exhaustion. "Are we there yet?" she asked.

Facade: "Hopefully this trip into the forest doesn't end the same way," Cecilia chuckled to Fabian.

General: Smoke. He could smell oily, heavy smoke. That wasn't good...hot metal too, and he doubted that was their leader. He used his claws to help push the undergrowth out of their way. "In the bad vay or the good one?" He grinned back at her, trying to ignore the increasing fear. Oh come on, Kael, you've dealt with worse...there might not even be guns involved this time.

Fabian: "I don't know, when I came back it was all right. It'd be nice if this wasn't any worse than that, right?"

Oya: "We're there," She reached to steady Cassie, "Are you okay?"

Blink: "Bad, it'd be all gooey and pink."

Facade: Cecilia nodded. "I suppose so...at least the bugs didn't have machine guns in that trip."

General: "Awwww. Sad wolf."

Spider-Girl: "<Overwatch report: there's a lot of foliage. Also, birds.>", Mayday signaled in, "<Nothing of note...unless you want a scrapbook making.>"

Dusk: Straightening herself, Cassandra took another deep breath and nodded. "Yes, just a little shaken," she told Idie, offering the girl a weak smile. "This took a lot out of me. I'm not sure if I can do that again. Not before taking a rest, anyway."

Dusk: She wiped her brow. "So this was a one way ticket for the time being."

Spider-Girl: "<Spider-Girl again: was I just right about something? I had this strange feeling...>",

General: If it wasn't for the fear, Kael would be climbing out of his uniform right now. The unstable molecules that meant it shifted with him might have been breathable...but the Kevlar was not.

Oya: "Well that's okay," Idie smiled back, "We'll probably be here for a bit investigating anyway... how far are we from where we need to be?"

Blink: "The plane does not look happy," Clarice frowned, "Facade, maybe you should go first? You can put a shield up around yourself incase anything tries to jump at you, right?"

Facade: "Is this a volunteer mission or am I being 'voluntold'?" Cecilia said, raising an eyebrow in jest. "Sounds like a plan. I can take a bullet, at least." And with that she took point.

Mercury: Cessily waited until everyone had reported in, then cross-referenced their position with the origin of the distress signal they had received not long ago. "Over here!" she called out via comm, taking point as she cut a way through the jungle by forming several bladed arms. "I can see fire in the distance."

Fabian: "That's not good news." Fabian noted into his radio to Mayday. Then he caught sight of the plane as well although nothing else but the smouldering crash. "That is not a good thing at all. I'm not getting much in the way of power signatures inside." Which was a better way of saying he wasn't getting any...so they either weren't there or there was going to be a bad discovery inside that plane.

Spider-Girl: Perching herself up high, Mayday drew out her binoculars, calibrating them and bringing them to her eyes to scan the horizon; "<Movement negligeble around the site. In case you're thinking of calling the AA, our Blackbird isn't going anywhere....>"

General: "Nyet, vhen planes look like that they tend to have the terminal sads, da? Let's hope our friends aren't trapped in that." He scratched behind an ear, picking out a huge spider that had made its home in his fur for now. Sighing, he put it down and let it scuttle off.

Wither: "Is it the jet? Are people in there?" Kevin's voice cracked a bit.

Spider-Girl: Adjusting her vision, Mayday took in the blaze, "<Heads up on Mercury - possible contact.>"

Dusk: Cassandra was pretty certain that she wouldn't be able to pull off another shadow-jump, so she made her way to the crash site the old-fashioned way. "Jonas!" she cried out the instance she saw the burning, smoking wreckage.

Blink: "Maybe ... maybe they just left the site and tried to make thier way outta the jungle?" Clarice hazarded.

Oya: Idie spied the others and helped Cassie throgh the mass of foliage, "Ooooh crap that doesn't look like it landed well...."

Facade: Cecilia made her way towards the jet, shields up as she was in the lead. "I don't see any bodies," she remarked as she surveyed the wreckage.

Spider-Girl: "<Dusk: stay vigilant, the smoke is obscuring my vision.>",

General: "You know, the biology of this place is amazing." He muttered half-to himself. "Alvays vanted to study jungle fauna...and I can't smell any...you know...anything cooked. To put it nicely. Or blood, for that matter. Just hot metal and burning oil."

Spider-Girl: "<Oh, he is just precious....and SO considerate...>"

Facade: Cecilia stiffened slightly at Kael's comment on cooked flesh. "It is a distinctive smell," she said simply

Wither: "That's good...but then, where are they? In this foliage, they can't have gotten very far."

Fabian: "So...I guess it's time to go inside the thing, huh?"

General: And then the wind changed as he moved into the clearing made by the downed plane. Drastically. And disgustingly, his mouth watered. His lips pulled back from his fangs and his ears went down. "Let me change that..." He said weakly. "It smells like the SHIELD building did vhen people exploded..."

Spider-Girl: Sitting back against the tree, Mayday swallowed, taking a few long, deep breaths. No IDs were confirmed, so there was no need to panic yet. Knowing this did nothing for her nerves, however. She sat up, clicking her binoculars on again.

Blink: ".... Oh no ...." Clarice squeaked.

Spider-Girl: "<G-go ahead, Blink?>"

Blackjack: THe second Jack got his bearings and saw the crash site, he bounded for it.

General: He dropped to all fours again, silent for the moment, moving closer. "...The scent, Spider-Girl...it's not just...hot metal any more."

Blink: <General smells dead things ...>

General: "<The vind must have changed. I can...da, vhat Blink said.>"

Facade: "Where?" Cecilia demanded, a sick feeling blooming in her gut. How many more classmates and friends would she see die? How many would they lose this time? She clenched her hands tightly.

Oya: Idie chewed her lip and moved on ahead. She could totally handle this. Maybe. Probably. X-men did this stuff all the time, right? Just not this specific... hopefully.

Dusk: "Please, be okay everyone," Cassandra muttered to herself as she braved the flames and hovered towards the wreck, the heat and brightness taking its toll on her as she approached. The thick, black smoke turned out to be an unexpected ally, however, allowing her to gather her strength as she kept to it.

Spider-Girl: "<Say again!? W-what do you mean?>", Mayday took another deep breath; now was not the time to lose herself, "<Drag them out and confirm IDs!>"

Blink: Riko .... Noriko had been on that misson ... "RIKO!" All thoughts of caution tosses asside Clarice sprinted forwards towards the wreck, screaming for her best friend.

Fabian: Fabian ducked inside the first chance he could and was greeted with a body, charred to an absolute crisp and not much that he could actually recognize. "Here's one accounted for. General, can you come here and get a scent on this one? See if you can tell who it is?"

General: He moved forwards, hoping to hell it was just the smell of fauna caught by the wreckage and not people, but he already knew the answer to that. "Blink!" He bounded after her, helping her with wreckage. "Careful, moi drug, you'll hurt yourself. It could just be animals caught!"

Spider-Girl: Mayday gritted her teeth, swearing it would draw blood; this was what she was worried about. This was why she was so nervous and paranoid, "....I hate being right...", she whispered to herself.

Blink: Clarice reached the wreckage and started to scrabble at the pieces of smoldering plane, trying to heave them off, "Riko! Riko can you hear me!? Are you there!?"

Facade: Cecilia didn't wait for an answer. She rushed into the jet behind Fabian and Clarice. "Oh Christ," she moaned, coming up a blackened body. "FUCK!" she screamed.

Oya: Idie decided she didn't want to see dead bodies and stayed outside the plane, eyes scanning the jungle.

General: Kael looked round, before heading over to Fabian with a sick feeling. He shied back from the body for a moment before crouching down beside it, ears flat.

Wither: <There's people?! They're dead?> Shit...no. Kevin stayed out of the jet, too. He paced around the perimeter of the crash site, looking for signs of someone making it out and away.

Blink: The body .... the body that Fabian had found, it couldn't be Noriko. No way would Riko have let that happen to her.

General: He screwed himself up and sniffed the body, turning it over to make sure, but... "It's...it's too charred, I can't...all I can smell is burnt flesh and clothes, there's...I-I'm sorry."

Blackjack: Oh god... oh godohgodohgod... Jack kept thinking as his stomach turned at the sight of one of the corpses through a broken window of the jet.

Oya: "How many... how many bodies are there?" Idie asked, "And how many went out on the first mission?"

Spider-Girl: "<...someone report something.>", Mayday breathed over the comm.

Mercury: "Watch out for yourselves," Cessily reminded the members of her team, even when she was already scaling the side of the smoldering wreckage herself. "Whatever you find.... please, stay safe!" This wasn't happening, she told herself, prying the side of the jet open with metal hooks. They wouldn't lose anyone else.

Facade: Cecilia swore some particularly choice words in Spanish. "<Two bodies so far,>" Cecilia remarked. "< They're burned all to hell. We're gonna need fucking dental records for this guys! Goddammit!>"

General: "<One body. Too burnt to ID, either from looks or scent.>"

Blink: "Nnnnnnng! Move darn it!" The muscles in Clarice's arms and back strained as she tried to lift a twisted piece of metal and plastic that may once have been a seat.

Dusk: Cassandra's knees sank to the ground the moment her gaze fell upon the charred carcasses. The horrified, fearful cry coming across her lips was muffled by her hands, clasped over her mouth.

Spider-Girl: Mayday shook her head, "<Body count clocks in at....f-four. Previous team numbered ten in total...>", her eyes went back to the horizon, "<...a few of you should get clear of the wreckage and....j-just get clear.>", she knew it was because it was a 'kill box', but for the life of her, she couldn't focus.

General: Kael took a deep breath, but there was no scent. He absently patted the body on the shoulder, not sure why but...needing to, and backed away. "I don't think..." He shook his head, going further into the plane, finding another one still strapped into the seat, the safety harness actually melted into the charred corpse. "...Nyet...another...another one here...five."

Facade: Cecilia was breathing heavily as she began prying back debris. "Six..." she muttered as she took in a small body. It looked like it could be one of the girls. Maybe Alison or Melati judging from the height.

Fabian: "I'm checking the back, in case someone was still suiting up or something." Fabian started to pick his way through the body of the plane hoping not to find anyone else.

Blackjack: "THere's one... there's one over here as well." Jack announced, fighting the urge to vomit at the sight of the body.

Viper: Viper could barely contain her amusement at the reactions, watching safely from her bunker. Each little worried face or hopeful question was another treasure! She switched cameras to check the view from inside the wreakage of the jet.

General: "They...not like this, not in a crash...they shouldn't..." Kael backed away from the body, his form shrinking down back into human - at least he'd be cooler, he figured blankly. "Does...does the Jet have a...a black box?"

Mercury: Seeing how the youngest member of their team was about to lost it, Cessily rushed over to Cassandra's side and grabbed the teenage girl by the shoulder. "Dusk... Cassie... we need someone to put out the fires," she told her with a firm voice. "Can you do that?" Anything to get her away from the bodies and keep her occupied.

Facade: Cecilia swallowed hard, fighting down nausea. "<I don't think....I'm calling no survivors on this guys. It looks like there was some sorta explosion.>"

Blink: Clarice succeded in moving the chair aside, finding a half crushed body underneath it, "N-noooo ...." she wiped her face to try and stop the tears, smudging ash and other unspeakable things across it in the process, "E-Eight now ..."

Wither: <Eight? There's no signs anyone got out...>

General: He needed to go home. He needed to go back to Russia, away from the death and the smells and the X-Men, find Sonata and curl up in his bed and never leave it or her again. He couldn't do this. He stumbled back, hitting a crushed part of the plane, hair sticking to his face and shaking uncontrollably.

Fabian: "Nine." Fabian came over the radio, trying to figure out who's uniform this was on the body but as he touched it it just went to bits.

Dusk: Cassandra looked up at her teacher, the eerie shine of the burning wreckage reflected off her silver face. Her lips pressed firmly together, she forced a nod. "Yes, I can do that," she assured Cessily, before slowly pushing herself up from the ground.

General: He turned, realising he was in the cockpit, and stared. "...Ten...I think I found...found Melati..."

General: Not that he could tell. The body was...was...smeared....

Blink: Clarice sat down next to the corpse she'd uncovered, wrapped her arms around her knees and started to sob quietly.

Spider-Girl: "<Spider-Girl confirming status: crash site located, bodies found. Number ten in total...>", Mayday swallowed, sitting back again and placing a hand over her hollow-feeling heart, "<Gold team presumed KIA. D-DNA results pending....>"

Blackjack: Jack had to move away, get some air not tainted by the smell of burning. Leaning against a tree he huffed, and his stomach finally caved.

Facade: Cecilia sat down heavily, leaning against the wall of the wrecked jet. "Fuck..." she breathed, sighing heavily and threading her hands through her hair. "This couldn't have been an accident," she said roughly to the others in the jet. "A distress call and then this? This was not an accident. I know it. I fucking know it and whoever did it's gonna pay, I swear to fucking God!"

Oya: Idie did her best to put the fires out with her powers, spreading the heat around.

General: Kael wasn't concentrating, form not deciding if it wanted wolf or human and his instincts not helping. Finally his half-formed muzzle lifted up and a wailing howl echoed over the crash, the only way he could really form how he was feeling, all the overwhelming hurt going into it.

Viper: Viper laughed at the threat, shaking her head. Oh how adorable! She clapped her hands together, fingers dancing over the keys at her computer terminal.

Fabian: "We're going to have to get this wreckage back with us, try to find out more." The bodies shipped to wherever they were needed and the jet analyzed, they had their work cut out for them.

Spider-Girl: Mayday stood up, her binoculars rising again to allow her another scan of the horizon, "<Suggest b-body retreival... a-and immediate bug-out. Request five-man cell stay behind and secure the wreckage.>"

Facade: Cecilia stook up, not letting herself feel any sort of grief, not when there was work to be done, not when there needed to be someone her holding things together. "They wanted our attention? Well, they got it." Her head snapped to Fabian. "Let's bag 'em then and get the hell outta here. We need to run autopsies...tests...find out what happened."

Dusk: Cassandra was shaking as she stood outside, having for force herself not to look at the destroyed plane, and helped Idie extinguish the fires. This all had to be a bad dream, she told herself. It couldn't end like this. Not like this...

Blink: "W-why ..." Clarice huffed and choked, "how come whenever I find f-family th-they get t-taken away ... w-what d-do I keep doing wr-wrong?"

Fabian: Fabian just nodded to her before slipping on back to the tail of the jet to check on his number nine again just in case there was some scrap of who it was, maybe Jimmy.

General: Kael struggled to shift back to human, stumbling out of the plane and ending up on his knees, throwing up violently before simply curling up into a shuddering pile and feeling very young and very small as he sobbed. He'd only just met half of these people but they were already family to him...why would this happen?

Facade: Cecilia swallowed hard. She'd asked herself that question a lot over the years and hadn't found an answer. "Nothing," she replied, walking over to Clarice. "These things don't happen 'cause of something you did...if you think that way you'll drive yourself insane. You don't wanna be me, yeah?"

Spider-Girl: "<Grieve later: we owe them all to get them away from here.>", Mayday said automatically, slapping herself a few times in the face to get her nerves back, "<I-is there any sign of.....weapon fire, clear damage to the outter hull on the Blackbird?>"

Viper: Viper leaned back in her seat, hitting the intercom button, "Hello my darlings, make Momma proud!" She pressed another key on her console that released the doors on the cages. "Please try to eat all of your dinner. You know how I hate leftovers."

Oya: Idie looked the plane over, or what was left of it. "Nothing that I can see..."

Blink: Clarice raised her eyes to the heavens and took a deep breath, accept the pain, move on. Let it wash over you like water, not paralyse you like ice, "I-I dunno, I think F-fabian wouldn't mind that so much?" She tried to joke.

Blackjack: Huffing and wishing he had brought a flask of water, or preferably something stronger, Jack's ears perked up when he thought he heard something buzzing from afar.

Spider-Girl: Eyes remaining on the horizon, Mayday leaned forward from the treetop, "<....heads up, possible contact: north by northeast.>", she blinked, "<C-closing rapidly!>"

Mercury: "We have to take them outside and prepare to have them transported home," Cessily said, multiple metal arms clearing pathways through the twisted wreckage. "And salvage what we can from the blackbox. This surely hasn't gone unnoticed by the local authorities."

Blackjack: "Guys... guys I think there's something really big buzzing this way!" he called to the others.

Spider-Girl: Mayday turned, scanning the area to her left as well, "<Additional contact: southeast! And another one, east dead!>"

Fabian: "I think that'd probably be a bit hard to actually identify until we get the wreckage back." Fabian admitted over the radio to Mayday. "Not much uncharred on the outside to make a guess from from what I saw." And great, now something was coming. What chance was it that it was the actual authorities.

Blink: Clarice wiped her face a final time and got to her feet, still breathing deeply to steady herself, "Buzzing?"

Spider-Girl: "<Y-you're stood in a kill-box! Disperse and prepare to engage!>"

Fabian: Actually hopefully it wasn't. He had a feeling strange people around a strange wreckage would be detainment worthy and he wasn't sure what a Madripoor prison was like.

General: Kael ticked an ear up, raising his head as he heard the buzzing too, pushing himself up and trying to swallow the sudden fear - oh. The fear didn't stay fear. There was a sudden spike of anger. "Let it come." He snarled.

Facade: Cecilia sighed. "No-one likes to see someone they care about tear themselves apart 'cause they feel responsible for something that was beyond their control." Her head snapped away and she stood up at the mention of buzzing. "Fuck...get up. I think we're in for it!"

General: He felt the same odd heat that had made him nearly rip the poor lad who'd gone for the girl back in Russia apart...and this time he wasn't so sure he wanted to stop himself.

Blink: Clarice opened a portal for them to just outside the plane, "Nasties?"

Spider-Girl: Mayday pulled her mask down, stowwing her binoculars on her belt and hitting her cloaking trigger. In a flash of white and blue, she faded from view, "<Mark your targets, watch your backs!>"

Mercury: Cessily froze. Something wasn't right. A shiver crawled up her spine. She knew that sensation. "Everyone watch out!" she called out, dropping everything she was doing and rushing back outside. "Prepare for hostiles!"

Fabian: 'Kill box' or not, Fabian was glad to be in the back of the plane and went for where the tranq guns were stored, grabbing the ones that looked like they were still at least useable.

Viper: The silvery skin of her babies was just becoming visible on her cameras and she straightened up in her seat. On all fours, the mammoth forms of the wolf and lion shaped preadators was impressive but she knew they wouldn't necessarily keep those forms. She hit record for posterity.

Oya: "What the fu-?!" Idie couldn't even finish her thought as she curled up in a ball, reacting instinctively to shield herself with ice... while a tree nearby went up in flames.

Facade: Cecilia blinked in surprise. "Oh no...not this." It was the same creatures she'd seen last year rescuing Cessily. She made several shields. "Pierce the armour! They're flesh underneath! I've seen this before!"

Dusk: "What is that?" Cassandra turned around to where the jungle appeared to become alive, falling trees forming a line headed straight for the crash site. The ground seemed to vibrate under her feet.

General: Kael was catching sight of silver flickers through the trees, form finally deciding to go full werewolf, a low, dangerous, mostly-animal snarl humming from him as he lowered himself to all fours. Here was one way to take out everything he felt...

Oya: "Pierce it with what?!" Idie was happy to remain in her igloo.

Spider-Girl: Re-appearing above one of the beasts, Mayday struck it with her fist. The lights on her armor burned blue as it vented the electricity through her wrist and into the metalic frame of the monster, disapating the liquid metal shell for just a moment.

Spider-Girl: A web string took her away before it retaliated, and landing in the trees, Mayday looked back, "<Classification: Predator-X. Remember your training?>"

Fabian: "The wreckage, plenty of sharp stuff!" Fabian callled out, starting his run from the back of the plane and taking his own advice, grabbing shrapnel in hand as well on his way.

Viper: Oh electricity! That was cheating! But she wasn't worried, she had been training her babies to shrug those annoying shocks off.

Blink: Clarice froze as the things approached, "B-but ... I can't kill," she whimpered, backing away.

Facade: Cecilia took that advice wholeheartedly, grabbed a long piece of metal to act as a spear. "Come here you little fuckers, mama's got a nice sharp spear for dinner."

Spider-Girl: <"Electricity to nullify the armor, then blades to finish the job!">, Mayday confirmed, leaping down and landing before the teams' foes, "<Blink: if you can't kill, take the bodies and bug out!>"

General: "<Nyet, I have no idea vhat the hell it is, but it's going to die.>" There was a definite snarl to his voice as he stood his ground, staring down the monsters as they became visible. No room for fear, just anger. Lots and lots of anger.

Spider-Girl: The words tasted like ash in Mayday's mouth as she charged her gauntlets with crackling electricity, "This way, kitties..."

Facade: "That's okay - they can!" Cecilia said grimly. Taking a swipe at one with her spear. "Kill or be killed it's the laws of the jungle!"

Mercury: "Nonononono..." Cessily looked mortified when she recognized the silver abominations, twisted reflections of herself. "Keep your distance! We have to evacuate!"

Blink: Noriko was ... gone, and now these things that the only way to stop them was to kill ... no. no, she wasn't going to loose her faith, not now. She couldn't .... she had to stay strong.

Wither: "Kill box? The hell are those?" He started moving, however, removing the tips of his gloves. "Someone get the armor off so I can grab it! They're attacking us. Hard to keep a distance, Mercury."

Blink: Clarice opened up a portal, as big as she could manage, "You heard the professor! Evac!"

Spider-Girl: Mayday glanced over at Cessily, "Wha-...", she snapped back to attention, dodging the collosal beast she'd hit before by barely zipping upwards on a web-strand.

Oya: "I'm fine here, thanks!" Idie liked her igloo. It had the illusion of safe.

Facade: "Hey you! Oya!" Cecilia barked. "Fire 'em up and freeze 'em! That should crack their armour!" She wasn't leaving as long as she had a say.

Fabian: "Blink, now is time to kill or be killed. Use your javelins on them if you must." He frowned as he heard Cessily's command though. "We can't, we'll lose the evidence and that's exactly what whoever sent these things are wanting!" He was finally up in the front of the plane, just needed to get out of the husk.

General: At the last moment, Kael jumped, claws biting into the shiny skin and climbing up the huge monster.

Oya: "I can't do one at a time!" Idie cowered in her safety igloo.

Wither: Kevin turned toward Idie. "Come on, we gotta go. You can cover our backs."

Dusk: "What are those things?" Cassandra asked as she floated higher into the air, wrapping herself into the protective shadows.

Spider-Girl: "You're...running!?", Mayday called over in disbelief, "We have to stand and fight! We have to stop them! Didn't we come here for Jessica!?"

Facade: "Fuck me...if you want something done right," Cecilia muttered. "Fine then. We'll see how they like this!" She shot a long spike into the creature attacking Kael.

General: Snarling, he held on for grim life as he clawed his way up to the top, before slashing and working at the armour as the thing roared at its irritating little tick.

Blink: "No! I'm better then that! I'm better then my Uncle!" Clarice screamed back, she was now angry, so angry her whole body shook with it, "I won't! I WON'T DO IT!"

Blink: She span on her heel and dove into the wreckage to start grabbing the bodies. She could bring them home. She could do that even with the angry tears streaming down her face. Even when the bodies were so damaged the limbs broke off.

Viper: Viper watched the wolf try to claw the silvery skin off. She tutted, "That won't work, silly puppy. Isn't he silly?" She patted her leg for her preadator bodyguard to rest its head there. "As if it would be so easy..."

Mercury: They already lost an entire team of students, and now those beasts threatened to take even more of them. "You don't understand, these creatures aren't like anything you've fought before!" she called, standing close by to guard the portal. "They're almost impossible to stop."

Facade: Cecilia had another idea though. "Make a portal through them," she said. "You could end this! Oh shit!" She jumped back as one took a swipe at her, catching the claws on her shield. "These things belong to those responsible! Violence can be used for good, the world's not black and white! Please!"

Blackjack: "Damnit Blink!" Jack yelled, "Then don't kill, just make sure thar doesn't kill us!" he suggested rather loudly at her.

Fabian: Fabian hissed as Blink came in the spot he was just about to leave through. "Blink, the best way to help them now is to fight now. This has nothing whatsoever to do with Nur and everything to do with the here and now!"

General: "Almost doesn't mean they are." Kael was making the monster flail as it tried to get him off - he might not be able to get the skin off, but it was distracting it for the others.

Spider-Girl: Landing atop one of the predators' backs, Mayday shocked a hole in the armor, casting a web to a damaged iron splinter and stabbing it down. To her dismay, it broke, managing only to irritate the beast into a sudden roll to remove the spider.

Oya: Idie listened to the other voices over the comm and near her and tried to pull herself together. Was she an X-man or wasn't she? Standing up, she turned to focus heat on one of the creatures - the one the Russian kid wasn't climbing all over - while doming ice over the remains of the jet.

Blink: She shook her head, "No! You don't understand! I have faith and if ... I can't break it! I just can't. I can't loose it!" She started to drag the body back through the portal. they could do it without her, they'd be fine.

Dusk: Cassandra took a deep breath and gritted her teeth. Some of her friends were gone, but she didn't believe it. What she couldn't deny that even more of her friends were in mortal danger, and she would lose them for sure if she didn't do something to help. She always wanted to be a superhero. Now was the time to do something about it.

Viper: Oh dear, they were getting confident... Time for number three. "Go and join your siblings, sweetie." She pressed another button on her console, releasing her third gargantuan preadator. She was rather amused that this one had taken the form of a rhinoceros. Oh dear... their jet was not going to survive meeting his feet. How unfortunate!

Spider-Girl: Mayday had managed to web herself away, waiting for the armor to receed off of it before webbing over a damaged treei, spinning it around and slamming it down into the weakened monster's back. She didn't stop to inspect the damage she'd caused as her attention averted to the distance - spider sense picked up something big.

Facade: "Thank you, Oya!" Cecilia cried. Well, at least one of her ideas was being carried out. "Now ice 'em up and crack the armour!"

Facade: She turned to Blink. "Is whatever God you believe in not a merciful one?" she asked. "Is there no grey at all?!" She wasn't sure how this was a problem. She was Catholic, murder was a grave sin, but somehow she didn't think she'd be condemned.

Oya: Idie swapped the heat for cold as fast as she could, using the redirected heat to melt the ice dome rather than set anything else on fire. A fine sheen of sweat covering her brow at the concentration.

Fabian: Fabian opened up his mouth to share his thoughts about greater harm with Clarice but he found himself quite interrupted...by a charging beast ramming into the jet. With that interruption he went with a swear instead as he lost his footing and barely held onto his shrapnel of choice.

Dusk: The petite teenage girl surged forward, tattered shadows swirling around her as she flew straight for one of the immense beasts. Had her heart been beating, it would have drummed inside her chest at this point. The fact that it was still didn't make this any less scary, though.

Spider-Girl: "<Third contact!>", Mayday called out, watching the third predator approach.

Blink: "There is no God! There's-" She screamed as something collided with the jet, knocking her sideways.

Spider-Girl: "Like I said...",

General: Kael grit his teeth as the thing tried to slam him into a tree to get him off, splintering it - and managing to reveal flesh. He clawed into it, making it rear and try to slam him again, but he jumped clear as it impaled itself on the tree and broke it off into the wound. The jungle shook with its roar as he hit the ground, rolling up into a panting crouch.

Wither: "There's another one?" Kevin wasn't sure what to do. "Someone give me an opening so I can grab one of them."

General: "One's injured!"

Viper: Viper applauded from her bunker, "Direct hit! You see? This is why Momma likes to watch. It is so much more fun this way!" She petted her baby.

Facade: Cecilia swore as one of the giant things attacked the jet. The time for philosophical discussions could wait, especially when her boyfriend was about to be eaten. "HEY YOU!" she cried, throwing a shield at the monster. "C'mere and fight someone who'll give as good as they get!"

Fabian: "This is <i>NOT THE TIME</i> for theological debate!" Fabian called back once he did have his air and skittered around the creature gnashing it's way further into the jet. It was huge but it was still hindered by the wreckage. He just had to avoid getting eaten by what could reach him...and get closer to stab. "I really hope your belly is soft." He went to the edge of the wreckage and darted forward, stabbing.

Blink: Clarice's head swam and she blinked slowly a couple of times before shaking her head to try and get the ringing out of her ears, ".... Uuuuhh?"

Dusk: Cassandra focused her powers and gathered the shadows to form a large black fist, striking at the beast attacking the jet and hitting it against the side of its head.

Facade: Cecilia joined up, plunging her spear in as hard as she could before sending a spike into what she hoped was the creature's eye.

Blink: She tried to roll to her feet but something was stopping her. She looked down at her leg, "... Ooh ..." Some of the wreckage had fallen loose, pinning her legs, blood was already starting to ooze through her uniform, "... Oh dear ..."

Spider-Girl: Mayday leapt onto each of the monsters, sending shocks across each one's body as she danced and flipped through the air.

Dusk: Seeing what Fabian was attempting to do, Cassandra hovered right above the creature and summoned several black tentacles, curling them around her opponent's massive neck and pulling it back with as much force as she could.

General: Kael turned to see the jet being attacked, but he had bigger problems - apparently the one he'd managed to impale was taking it personally. An inventive stream of Russian swearing left him as he rolled out of the way of a huge claw slamming down, so close the wind ruffled his fur.

Oya: The movement of Idie's iced target was starting to crack its skin and it roared in discomfort, turning to try and find the source. "Someone wanna hit that thing? Before I pass out?"

Blink: She gritted her teeth before trying to pull her leg free, no good.

Blackjack: "On it! On it!" Jack called, bounding on fours straight at it, jumping and double kicking at the head before landing again and going around it to stay away from any claws coming his way.

Dusk: "I've got my hands full at the moment," Cassandra called back at Idie, still trying to pull the creature back from the jet and keeping its head away from Fabian. "All ten of them."

Facade: Cecilia tried to help Cass pull the thing back by pushing at it with several shields. "Dammit! Don't let it get in! I can't fucking lose someone else!"

Oya: The skin shattered, revealing flesh underneath, the liquid metal skin hurrying to fill the gap.

Fabian: Fabian wriggled as best as he could to get under the creature after his initial stab. This was going to be a terrible idea but there had to be something fairly vital to plunge long shrapnel into there.

Spider-Girl: Mayday landed in the dirt, yanking part of the jet out of the geound and charging the falling, partially iced beast. Spinning around, she used her momentum to cleave through the monster with the fragment of wreckage, using it like a huge blade to shear the monster open.

Wither: Kevin went for the nearest animal and put his hands on it. "Nothing's happening!"

General: Kael spotted the shattered skin of the monster, grinning. Throwing himself up the side, his monster went for him - clawing straight into the skinless one. He laughed as the pair of monsters shrieked.

Blink: Then her brain caught up with the rest of her and she opened a portal beneather herself, dropping through and landing heavily on the ground outside, "AAAAAHHHH!"

General: "I vould say one down, da?"

Mercury: "You have to get past the liquid metal!" Cessily told Kevin, and the others, right before she drove a bladed arm into one of the creature's hind legs, feeling it pierce flesh and bone.

Fabian: Another idea came to Fabian's mind as he sliced into the thing and he went for the tranq gun he had lifted from the jet, praying it still fired and shot into the slice he had just made.

Blackjack: "Wither, they got a hard outer shell with a chewy center! Get rid of the silver then you'll be good!"

Viper: "Oh that is just outright dirty fighting!" Viper narrowed her eyes at the screen. "I would have expected much better of them with their noble patronage." She shook her head, clearly someone had been slacking at that school.

Blink: She gripped her leg just below the knee and hissed, but she could still wriggle her toes so the damage wasn't too permement, but she wouldn't be walking anywhere any time soon.

General: One down, two more to go, and the one he'd impaled was really determined to get him. Kael narrowed his eyes, bounding out of the way of another hit, the anger still propelling him and stopping him from freezing.

Facade: Cecilia herself had made a small hole in the side of the creature now...but it was enough. "I'm sorry guys, but this is gonna get really disgusting." And with that warning she stuck a shield spike in and began to drill.

Fabian: Everything was all ready disgusting forever. Fabian was sure that he would never be clean again as he continued to stab and dig, stab and dig.

Oya: Idie found a tree to lean against and gather herself. "Just let me know if I have to cook or ice anothe.... hey do you think I could cook them?"

Dusk: Cassandra flinched as liquid silver and way more disgusting bits starting to splash her. "Ewww!" She shielded her face by covering it in a shadowy mask. This still was fantastically disgusting, no less.

General: "Da, sure you can, this one vould be really-" He jumped out of the way of another slam, "-useful!"

Blink: What should she do? Should she just portal away? She was no good here ... but what if something happened to Cassie? They'd be trapped! But she was a sitting duck with her leg like this ...

Oya: "Okay... I'll give it a shot..." She straightened up again and took a steadying breath as she prepared herself for more intense concentration. This time she pushed heat at the creature's skin and steadily collected the cold air drawn away to created an ice barrier between her and it... and anyone else that might want to hide behind it.

Wither: "Find an opening, got it. That's an idea, Oya. Try it!" He was not finding an opening. He looked around to see if there was anything else to do. Blink was trapped. He dodged a kick from the animal and went to go help her. "Blink, are you okay?"

Blink: "Wreckage ... landed on my leg," she said through gritted teeth, "Not broken but ... can't walk ..."

Dusk: "Oya! Can you protect Blink?" Cassandra still struggled with the wounded beast, which seemed to only fight harder the more damage they inflicted.

Oya: "I'll try..." She directed some of the cold that way to form a protective barrier over Blink too.

Facade: The creature seemed to be waning, blood was pouring out of the hole Cecilia had made in the side and from underneath where Fabian was. "You might wanna roll out!" she said to him. "If this thing collapses you'll be a pancake!"

General: "She's concentrating on monster number two, Dusk!" Kael was too busy keeping it distracted so that it wouldn't go for the other girl.

General: "And doing a damned good job of it. Wither, can you get skin?"

Fabian: "I would much rather not be flattened to death." Squirming out all ready was getting more than a bit tight, actually. It was all he could do to inch for the edge...and going back into the jet would actually be faster and less heavy for him. "Don't let anyone head home without me." He laughed to Cecilia, crawling back to where he had wanted to escape from before.

Oya: "It's no problem, cold air has to go somewhere. All in one place is much easier than spreading it around."

Blink: The tears were starting to run down her face again, she was so useless right now ... she'd never wanted things to turn out like this. This wasn't why she wanted to be a hero ...

Wither: "Yeah, coming." Blink wasn't in immediate danger of dying so he went to go grab a handful of whatever it was' flesh.

Facade: "You think I'd go without you?" Cecilia laughed grimly. "You're coming back first class as long as I'm around - don't worry!"

General: Kael led the monster to Wither, panting harshly. It was humid and he was tiring, much more of this and he was going to drop, the adreneline was only going to be good for so long - though he did push Wither out of the way of another swipe, being careful to touch cloth.

Dusk: Already covered from head to toe in blood, guts, and other horrible bits, Cassandra decided that there was no reason to hold back any longer. "Time for some horror show," she announced, tightening the shadowy arms around the creature's neck. Once engulfed by her darkness, she opened her portal.

Spider-Girl: "Shocking...", Mayday swung around the snared monster and landed bedise Cassandra, "...hit 'em with the good stuff, sexy lady...", she muttered grimly.

Fabian: It was slow work but Fabian inched his way out, rolling as quick as he could out of the way of any limbs still flailing in the jet.

Dusk: Anything connecting the abomination's head with its torso had vanished, leaving a giant decapitated corpse and a teenage girl caught in a spray of blood and liquid silver. A massive head rolled a couple of feet, before it came to rest against the jet's hull.

Dusk: "This was just deeply unsettling," Cassandra remarked.

Wither: "Ew."

Fabian: And all of the flailing trailed off to a twitch and were done. "Whoever did that, good job!" He knocked at the side of the wreckage though. "Can I get a door?"

Spider-Girl: "Ultra combo.", Mayday swallowed, "G-good hit, Cass...."

Viper: Viper wrinkled her nose, "They are making a terrible mess, aren't they? Do you think they will clean up after themselves?"

General: The monster was slowly falling apart under Wither's touch, and Kael had to admit, it looked pretty damn badass. With a last, unhappy wail, the monster collapsed in on itself. Goopily.

Facade: Cecilia just barely managed to put up a shield to escape the worst of the blood spray. "...Nice work, Cass. Now that's the sorta thing I had in mind."

Blink: Clarice wiped her face and opened up a portal to outside the wreackage for Fabian and the others.

General: He looked around, panting harshly, to see the third one was done too, before sitting down suddenly, all the anger and adreneline dropping out from him. Nothing left to fight. Only friends to mourn.

Spider-Girl: "We're three for three...", Mayday affirmed, removing her mask and sighing, "Targets eliminated."

Fabian: Fabian gladly slid on through and had a look around the aftermath of the fight. "Well, everything is as gooey as I feel." He looked to Clarice though, frowning. "You need a patching until we get back?"

Facade: Cecilia sighed heavily. "Sound-off! Is everyone still alive!?"

Wither: "Ew, ew ew..." Kevin backed away, wiping his hands on his pants.

Blink: She nodded at him, sniffling a little.

Mercury: "Is everyone accounted for?" Cessily asked, as she finished absorbing the liquid metal covering one of the dying creatures. "Please tell me no one got eaten."

General: "Da...but...bad choice of vords...Facade..." His voice was hoarse, heavy and muffled. He couldn't cry as a werewolf, but it didn't stop his body trying.

Spider-Girl: Turning, Mayday exhaled, "Blink is...injured, minor injuries for the rest. Blue team present and accounted for. No casualties...", she knelt down to compose herself.

Oya: "Everyone that was walking when they got here is still in one piece..." Idie sank to the floor, exhausted.

Dusk: "My body is here, but I can't speak for my mind at the moment," Cassandra remarked, still looking entranced by what had just transpired.

Fabian: "I didn't see it if anyone did." Fabian answered the eating question over his radio, kneeling down to work his quasi-healing mojo on Clarice.

General: He crouched, before groaning in pain as he shifted back to human, the emotions going meant that he could feel the shift more. He knelt once he was human, hands in his lap, hair hiding his face before he wiped it.

Facade: "Good," Cecilia muttered darkly, wiping blood off her uniform. "So...I suppose now would be the time we bag everything. I suppose one of the teleporters should do that."

Wither: "I'm still here." Kevin sat down and put his gloves back on right.

Blink: With her leg back to working Clarice stood up a little shakily, "I ... I can do that ... can at least do that ..." she went to retrieve the body she'd been carrying before in what seemed like a trance.

Mercury: "Good work, everyone." Cessily nodded, her expression grim as her gaze fell upon one of the massive corpses. "I had hoped to never see any of these things again." She stepped up to it and put a hand on its side. "That there wouldn't be more."

Facade: She sighed as Fabian used his healing trick. "I'll call ahead so McCoy knows to expect us," she said. "God knows I'll be down there anyways using the decon shower."

Oya: "Looks like there is more..." Idie wrinkled her nose, "Whatever they are..."

Fabian: "I'm just going to throw myself into everything at the campus that has water. You all are going to want to avoid the pool for a while." Fabian pulled himself back up as Clarice headed back in. "And I can stay on and boost the teleporters to get everything back...more what?" Fabian trailed off a bit nervously as he heard Oya.

Mercury: Forcing her fingers into the silver hide, the young woman's expression tensed, as she forced her control on beast's silver hide and drew it into her own body. "This belongs to me, and I'm taking it back." She gritted her teeth. "I'm not going to let them harm anyone else with it."

Facade: She frowned as Clarice wandered off. "...Did I push her too hard?" she said to no-one in particular. She wasn't sure, really.

General: Kael stayed kneeling, staring blankly at the mass of goop that was one of the monsters. He'd helped, but so what? Ten of their friends were dead. Ten good people had died for nothing. He shook himself. "Does the Jet have a black box?" He repeated his question from earlier.

Oya: Idie watched the Professor, head tilted on one side. "Wow..."

Dusk: Cassandra turned away to follow Clarice, catching up with her fellow teleporter. "Can I help you?" she asked, her voice trembling. "I'm not sure if I can, but I can try, anyway."

Facade: She looked to Kael. "I'd think it would...maybe we better go look."

Blink: Clarice nodded at the other girl, her face pale under the ash and grime encrusting it, "Yeah ... the faster we're out of here ... the better ..." she said dully.

Viper: Viper watched the silver mutant, small smirk on her lips. "Oh, my dear, if only you knew..." she chuckled. "Come along, let's get some lunch before we go home, hmm?" She got to her feet and left the control room of her bunker, still recording the events, with her preadator trotting behind her.

Facade: Cecilia was about halfway up to the front of the wreckage when she realized something. "Uh, guys? What exactly does a blackbox look like? 'Cause I'm gonna be honest here, I'm a biology person not an engineer. I wouldn't know a black box from a hole in the ground."

Blackjack: "I was hoping it would be a box that was black." Jack said.

General: "The same as me then, I study cell structure, not engineering, da?"

Oya: "I think they're yellow...." Idie chewed her lip, she vaguely remembered watching a show.

Dusk: Unable to force even the faintest of smile, Cassandra merely nodded. All the blood and filth covering her face hid the tears forming in her eyes. She silently helped Clarice with her harrowing task.

Spider-Girl: Mayday shook her head, both hands fumbling with her mask as she stepped back slowly, turning back to look at the wreckage of the Blackbird, "I-it..er...", she shook herself out of her trance, "It should look like an old computer...sometimes yellow, yes."

Facade: Cecilia frowned. "Fuck me, guys...I dunno."

Wither: "Me either. I think it's small, though."

Fabian: Fabian busied himself giving their two teleporters some helpful boosting. "If our rides are up for it we could always piece by piece park this thing on the lawn or something."

Blink: "I can do that," Clarice said, "you keep boosting me ... I can."

Mercury: "I'll go look for it," Cessily told the students, already stepping back into what remained of the jet. She glanced over her shoulder. "I think Clarice and Cassie may need your help getting our friends home, yes?"

General: "That vould...probably be best..." Kael didn't trust his legs yet. "I...I'm sorry I'm not much use..."

Wither: "That's a great idea,"

Mercury: The next moment Cessily was already inside the jet, quite literally in fact, as her body collapsed into its liquid state to seep into any crack and gap she could find, searching any spot for salvageable devices.

Facade: Luckily for Cecilia a yellow box was just laying around near the front of the wreckage. "JACKPOT!" she exclaimed, snatching the thing. "All of our answers are here ladies and gentlemen!"

General: "...Ve hope." Kael finally pushed himself up, unzipping his suit enough to push it down so he could be topless for now.

Facade: Cecilia sighed. "Yeah, well...we'll have the 'how's' and all that...it's the 'why's' that're harder to answer."

Dusk: "Does that mean we can go now?" Cassandra hugged one arm over her chest, holding on to her elbow. "I'm not sure if I'll be able to make the jump, though."

Blink: "I can get us home," Clarice told the other girl, opening a portal for everyone.

Dusk: This time Cassandra did manage to bring that smile to her lips, small as it may have been, and gave it to Clarice in gratitude.

Oya: Idie scrubbed her hands over her face, moving over to join the others at last. "Home sounds good..."

Blink: Clarice tried to return it, "You did good, okay? Don't let anyone tell you different."

Facade: "Good enough at any rate," Cecilia remarked, black-yellow box under her arm. "Let's get the fuck outta here. I'm done with this place."

Wither: "Yeah. We all did a good job." Kevin walked toward the portal.

Mercury: "You all did good," Cessily said, rejoining the team, storing the jet's sensitive electronics that she had retrieved inside her pockets. "Let's go home."

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Nuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu we're all deeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeead!

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