6/29 Game: The Nose Knows

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6/29 Game: The Nose Knows

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Timeline: October 2nd

Alison: Alison was picking at the heel of her shoe drawn up under her, not really wanting to look up at the television as the news switched again to some of the footage the could show. It was less the graphic nature of the program and more the few interviews peppered in of obviously anti-mutant randoms seemingly quite pleased with what had happened.

Jimmy: "Oh come oooooon, fuckin' censor-bullshit," Jimmy whined at the TV, "Show us some heads a'splodin' already!"

Hope: Hope sat in her perch in the arm chair, arms crossed over her chest, both legs tucked under her and to the side. Not this crap again. "Heads exploding, Jimmy? You really want to see heads exploding?"

Kael: Kael was curled up on the end of the sofa, still bandaged, still in huge wolf-man form as it hurt too much to shift. Jimmy's little outburst earnt him a low, dangerous, pissed=off sounding growl.

Jimmy: "Hell yeah, I'm desensitised to everything else out there, give it twenty years and they'll bring back gladiatorial death matches on prime-time telly."

Alison: "...there were exploding heads?" Alison was concerned about that possibility now. "I thought that only happened with that attack on SHIELD..."

Hope: "Give me twenty more seconds of your crap and we'll have a gladiator death match right here!" she snapped at him.

Kael: There were some very nasty words in Russian. Not particularly understandable, but the inflectios were very obvious. "Da. There vere. Some of it vent on me. That vas fun..."

Jimmy: "Kinky."

Kael: "If you veren't there, komrad, I vould keep your mouth shut." The words ended with a whimper as he shifted again.

Jimmy: "I dunno if there were exploding heads, but they'd be a pretty shit assassin to miss the headshot."

Melati: "Is that crap still going on?" Melati muttered as she walked into the room. The lizard mutant looked even more washed up than usual. "If the program bothers y'all as well, I can punch the screen." She flopped down in one of the free chairs, lounging back while running a hand over her face.

Hope: Hope shot Kael a solidarity look before sitting back in her seat. "You are a raging asshole, Jimmy. A raging asshole."

Kevin: Kevin hovered at the doorway, shaking. He didn't want to re-live this again.

Jimmy: "I know, it takes time to perfect this level of douchiness," Jimmy looked rather pleased with himself.

Kael: Kael did not appreciate the comments, about as much as he appreciated the program in general, actually. He took a breath, though, ears flat against his head, muzzle buried in his arms. "There's douche, moi drug, and then there's you. People died. I vas shot. And I'm not sleeping right now. Shut the fuck up."

Melati: Taking a deep breath, Melati took the hand off her face and turned her head to look at Mikael and Hope. "How are you two holding up?" she asked them, her gaze lingering on the Russian's bandages.

Hope: "Holding up? My only family was nearly killed and I took two bullets instead, without powers... and Jimmy is over here acting like it's a great scene from a movie or a damn video game. Oh I'm swell." She glared. Hard.

Jessica: Having dropped off several essays and poked a couple of teachers for hints on what the next ones were, Jess wandered upstairs to drop her books in her room then back down again towards the sound of the television and voices in the rec room.

Jimmy: "People die all the time," Jimmy shrugged, but shut his mouth since he didn't fancy being werewolf boy's aperitief before dinner.

Kael: "Painfully." Kael said honestly. "I can't shift, if I do I open it all back up and it...hurts to much to try. And...vell..." He winced as some footage of him actually getting shot was shown. "...Sleep's not my friend." A large, clawed hand went to Hope's shoulder. "That and...this being my second outing with you guys and both involved dead people?"

Jessica: "Um... hi?" Jess paused in the doorway beside Kevin, "What's going on?"

Kael: "That and I've alvays had issues staying this long in form." He smiled as best he could with a muzzle. "Not so easy to hunt with bullet vounds, da?"

Kevin: Kevin snapped out of it, jumping away from Jessica. "We're watching the shooting on TV," he snapped, going to the other side of the room.

Hope: "Oh you know how I bitch at you for zapping people? Feel free to zap Jimmy. A lot." Hope shot Jess a grin.

Alison: Alison just stayed quiet and looked at the floor, not sure what to do with some of the animosity she felt in the room.

Melati: Melati bit her lip, her expression tense as she returned Hope's look. Anyone who would have expected a snappy response was going to be disappointed, however. "I'm sorry," she said, her voice unusually weak. "I should have been there."

Jessica: "I'll think about it...?" She frowned a little and sighed at Kevin's reaction. "You can go to that other doctor... Professor O'Keeffe, she'll heal you probably...."

Jimmy: "Zap? Kinky!"

Jessica: "... Okay now I really want to."

Kael: Kael didn't even think about it. A woman was upset, and needed a cuddle and had red hair. Hope was gently pulled against the injured wolf and hugged. "Ve do? I didn't know that, just got patched up and vent to bed, honestly. Maybe later." He murmured to Jessica.

Alison: Oh good Lord, and now there was weird kinkiness going on? Alison really didn't know what to say to that.

Hope: Hope just grinned and watched. Gladiator death match and she didn't have to lift a finger!

Kael: He heard Melati, raising his head to look at her. "Okay, I know I'm a big volke right now, but you'll have to be careful if you vant a cuddle too." He tilted his head at her. "Don't vorry, you veren't to know it vould happen, da?"

Jessica: Jess eyed Jimmy from her spot in the doorway and raised a hand, charging a venom blast and just watching the electricity flicker over her hand. It was very tempting.

Jimmy: "... You wouldn't?" He raised an impressive eyebrow at her skeptically.

Hope: Hope smiled and pet Kael a bit. Being shot had a way of bonding people together. "I had to use powers to get healed up. Apparently I tried to die. Probably a good idea to get healed up properly, Kael."

Jessica: "You have no idea what I would and wouldn't do." Jess cocked her head with a small smirk, aimed... and fired. She made sure it hurt.

Kael: "Probably. I'm Russian though, ve heal through wodka and bears, remember?"

Jessica: "Well I'm pretty sure Professor O'Keeffe will give you whiskey if you ask her nicely." Jess gave him a grin.

Jimmy: "Aaaaagh!" Jimmy screamed, the blast sending him rolling off the back of the sofa and crashing behind it with a thud.

Melati: Resting her head against the back of the chair, Melati let it flop to the side where Kael was sitting. "I should have been expecting it" she replied. "It's my job to watch out for you, after all. To keep you safe." Looking back at the ceiling, she took another breath.

Kael: Kael didn't really give a shit that Jimmy had got zapped. Good. He concentrated on Mel instead. "Qvestion, oh fearless leader. Is your mutation involving precognition? Or mind-reading?"

Kevin: Kevin jumped a mile, screaming himself. He backed up to the wall, breathing heavily. "Guys, stop it!"

Hope: Hope let out a good, hearty laugh at Jess and Jimmy, ignoring Kevin completely. "YES!"

Jimmy: There was some shuffling and a small groan, "... Righ' ... well, Imma just stay back here for a while ... unless y' wanna do it again?" He added saucily.

Jessica: Jess pulled a face at the tone, "Not if you're going to get some sort of kick out of it!"

Alison: "...Oh sweet Lord!" Alison couldn't hold that in, blushing furiously.

Melati: Melati merely arched an eyebrow when she saw Jimmy sent flying. "Thank you, Jess," she deadpanned, before raising her head to look over to Kael again. "No, it doesn't. And neither should it. I'm supposed to keep my eyes open for obvious threats."

Jimmy: "Awww, go on, just a lil jolt?"

Jessica: "If I do it again it will be to make sure you pass the fuck out. So it won't be a little jolt."

Kael: Kael sniffed curiously - and wished he hadn't. He tried to surruptiously bury his nose in Hope's hair. "You veren't to know, Melati. I know you feel like you should, but ve vere at somevhere that should have had tight enough security that that didn't happen." He nodded to the TV.

Jimmy: "At least I'd have gooooood dreams."

Kael: "...Shut the fuck up you uncaring bastard."

Kevin: "Guys! I came down here to tell you something. I was reviewing tapes in Ops and there was someone, a student I think, going into the records room. We're not supposed to do that."

Jessica: "If we're not supposed to, how did they get in there?" Jess eyerolled at Jimmy and turned her attention to Kevin.

Kael: "...Vait, ve have a records room?"

Alison: "I guess they have to keep things on hand for emergencies and so forth...or keep track of our classes and such?" Alison frowned though. "You couldn't tell who it was?"

Jimmy: "... I wonder if that's where they keep the security footage porn ... I gotta text Jack!"

Melati: Melati looked down at her hands, sitting slouched over in her chair. She know that Mikael was probably right.. And yet, no matter how often she got told that she couldn't have known, or not made a difference, she couldn't help but feeling that she should have tried. "I'm fed up with feeling so damn powerless," she muttered after her breath, before looking up at Kevin.

Kevin: "No, they knew where the cameras were, and kept the hood up and their head down." He held up the CD he'd forgotten he was holding until right then. "I brought a copy for review..."

Kael: Kael shifted, curling more around Hope, feeling a little less homesick as he did. His tail flopped over her leg, tapping slightly, before he cocked an ear at Mel. She got a steady look as only a wolf could give, before dropping it for now.

Alison: Alison was pretty sure she couldn't internally flail anymore. She didn't want to think about there being student on student porn in the security footage.

Melati: "Was it me, by any chance?" she asked. "Something I wander in there to get something for security."

Kevin: "No, I know when it's you. You don't sneak and try to avoid the cameras." He popped the dvd in, and thankfully shut off another replaying of the shooting.

Jessica: "Okay so I'm going to ask again.... if they're not supposed to go in there how did they get in there? Because I would hope such a room is locked."

Melati: "Fair point." Melati sat up in her chair and shifted closer to the edge of the seat. "Yeah, you need a keycode to get in."

Hope: Hope smiled at Kael and tried to offer him some comfort as she listened to the others. "Keycodes are easy to bypass."

Kevin: "See? Right here. They know the code." Kevin tapped the screen.

Alison: "So who would know the code? I'd imagine if they have it they're allowed in, right?"

Kael: Kael's ears went up as he watched the screen, concentrating on that rather than the pain as Hope was automatically nuzzled. "Da, they are, but...that's not bypassing, mmm? That's someone knowing vhat it is."

Kael: "But vhy avoid cameras if they're allowed in?"

Alison: "Maybe they had their face mask on for the night?" Alison had no idea. "What time was this happening?"

Jimmy: A bald head peered around the endge of the sofa, "'Cos they're blatently up t' something shifty, hurr durr."

Kael: "Thank you, peanut."

Melati: Her eyes narrowed as she peered at the screen. The hooded figure could have been almost anybody at the school. Except Farouk, maybe. "They keep tabs on who knows the security codes and who doesn't," Melati mentioned. "I don't recall anyone new having been given them lately."

Kevin: Kevin rubbed the bridge of his nose. "That's the point. Someone's sneaking in after everyone's asleep with a stolen code. Unless there's more than two people in this."

Jimmy: "Cap'n Obvious already ready to lend a hand here, mate."

Jessica: "Well okay but who would have any reason to get all this stuff? What's in there that they can use?"

Kael: "Vell..." He looked at Mel. "First thing is, who knows the codes? And shut up, zalupa, no one likes a smartass."

Hope: "And who is dumb enough to get caught on tape."

Alison: Zalupa sounded like some sort of foreign vegetable to Alison's ears. She looked back at Jimmy and wondered which one it could be.

Jimmy: "Za-whatta? And obviously if it's the records room, it's got our records with like ... details and shit, bet they'd sell fer a pretty penny to some of the folks out there who don't like us."]

Melati: "Our personal information, mission logs, security backups, medical files and samples... stuff like that," Melati told the others. "Maybe someone who had no idea they're there. Not all of them are obvious."

Kael: "It means dickhead. Learn ye some Russian, makes for good insults." He stuck his tongue out - bearing his fangs accidently - at Jimmy. "Alright, so if ve've established it's not us...vell, it's obvious someone vants us dead, nyet?"

Jimmy: "Except they're blatently sneaking in after something."

Alison: "Do they come out with anything?"

Kevin: "Not that I could see."

Melati: "Doesn't mean much," Melati commented. "Most of the stuff in there is just data."

Kael: "Pictures? Could they have a camera?"

Melati: "That would be one way to copy any files, yeah." She nodded, then turned her head to look at Kevin. "Do you know how long they've been in there?"

Alison: "Probably on their phone." Alison commented, sliding her foot out from under her as she was done distracting herself by picking at her heel.

Jessica: "Was it only the one time?" Jess sat down on the arm of the sofa.

Kael: Hope got nuzzled again as he watched the footage. How much information would the school have on him already? They already knew where he was, and what mutant he was...but it couldn't be that much, surely? His tail tapped a little as he thought, wrinkling his snout.

Kevin: "No, I count twice, but each time wasn't very long. I might have missed other times. I haven't gone back far enough."

Hope: "How are the codes assigned to that room? Each person individual, or one code? Anyone know? Because that matters."

Kael: Kael shook his head slowly. "I haven't been here long enough. I don't know."

Jimmy: "Blaaaaatently up t' shit, you told chrome-dome-prime and the other faculty about this, mate?"

Alison: Alison looked to Melati to answer that question. She was the person her with access, after all.

Jessica: And there went yet more of her trust for this place being safe.

Kael: Kael, luckily, was under no illusions. But he hadn't come here to be safe, he came here to make sure other people would be. How else was he supposed to make a difference?

Melati: "I know there are codes granting unlimited access for authorized staff members, and separate ones with more limited rights that get handed out to students with special privileges, such as me," Melati elaborated. "I know each time I use mine, it gets logged."

Alison: "So I guess we can just go and see who got logged that night then?" Alison asked, looking around the room to make sure she had said the sensible thing.

Hope: "So is there a way to find out what code was used? Basically what Alison just said."

Jimmy: "That would be the smart thing to do, ayup."

Kevin: "I should have thought to do that."

Melati: "No worries," Melati told Kevin, looking up at him. "The logs are kept securely, as well, so we'll have to tell someone from staff, anyway."

Alison: Alison stood up, glad to put any distance at all between her and the news. "Shall we then? How do we do that?"

Jessica: Jess thought about going to find Sebastian to ask him but then she'd probably just get distracted... even though that was tempting enough anyway.

Melati: "We can just ring up anyone with access and they should be able to tell us from their workplace," she explained. "Maybe Hank or Munroe, seeing as it's Xavier's naptime right now. Shouldn't take longer than a minute."

Kael: "Apparently it's alvays Xawier's naptime..."

Alison: "...does anyone have any professors on their phone?" She needed to get Miss Guthrie on her phone, stat.

Jimmy: "Is it ever not his naptime?"

Jessica: "I have Sebastian... but he's probably around somewhere anyway...."

Melati: "I got this," Melati told the others as she got to her feet and pulled the phone out of pocket. "I'll just call Lorna. She's usually up to date with such things, and I know she won't mind helping out." She dialed the number of the green-haired professor.

Alison: <Lorna> Out in the boathouse Lorna was on that phone before it ever finished the first ring properly. Nothing was going to disturb Ripley's nap. "Hey there, Mel, are the natives restless?"

Kael: Kael ducked his head, nuzzling Hope - and finally cottoning on that this wasn't Sonata. Fuck. "Uh. You don't mind this, do you, Hope?" He asked quietly. For Satan's sake, she was the daughter of a Presidential candidate!

Hope: "Hey we were both shot. You're fine." She patted Kael a bit.

Hope: "Oh, yeah, I have Shaw's number too. And Guthrie's... but you have to bribe her with candy."

Melati: "Hey, Lorna," Melati replied on the phone. "When aren't they, eh?" She chuckled briefly. "Are you busy right now? Because Kevin might have found a potential security leak, and we need someone to check something for us."

Kael: That got her a quiet, pleased rumble. "No boyfriends going to be mad at me for cuddling their girl? Though considering how pretty you are and how good you smell, I'd be surprised if there vasn't, da?"

Alison: <Lorna> "Right then, what do you need checked?" Lorna eyed Ripley. She would surely stay asleep while she tended business....surely. "Anything serious?"

Hope: "And Bobby... he's staff again right? Oh Johnny... might care," she patted him again.

Jessica: "I have Bobby's number too..." Jess frowned a little, "I'm going to get tea..."

Melati: "We don't know yet. Maybe just a nosy student, but better to be safe and sorry, right?" Melati stepped back to the TV screen to take a look at the timestamp. "Could you check whose security code was used to get into the record room last night? Kevin caught someone on camera sneaking in, and we have no idea who it could be."

Kael: "Johnny? Have I met him?" Not that he cared, not that much. He liked his religion. "And vould he care enough?" He kept an ear pointed to Mel, listening into the conversation.

Alison: <Lorna> Lorna sat down at her laptop and, after a few moments of pulling up the needed things, frowned. "I don't see anyone other than you, Mel."

Hope: "He dropped out. He works for my dad now, so you probably won't see him here anymore at all. He punched a guy in the face for buying me a drink once. It was kind of awesome."

Melati: Something tensed inside Melati's chest, her throat tightening and making it hard to breathe for a moment. "I... was afraid you would say something like that," she replied after a brief pause. "Are you absolutely certain?"

Kael: "So he'll probbaly do something vorse if I flirt with you. Awww. Spoil my fun." He sniffed, nuzzling her again before tilting his head, frowning as he heard Lorna's reply. The great thing about extra hearing was he could listen in on people's phone conversations.

Alison: <Lorna> "Completely. You're the only one from last night, I was in there the day before sorting grades again, I see a few logins from some other staff members for earlier this week but yeah, I don't see much out of the ordinary."

Melati: Melati lowered her head and pinched the bridge of her nose between two clawed fingers. "Yeah, thanks, Lorna," she replied. "Listen, you have to void my code immediately. I don't know how, but someone other than me has been using it."

Alison: <Lorna> "Consider it done, I'll give you your new one when I see yo-" Lorna cut off as she heard the wailing start up. "next, I've got to go but I'll notify the rest of staff as well, let me know what you find if anything."

Kael: Kael looked worridly at Melati. "Vell, that answers the qvestion of who's code it vas." He could smell the scents coming off Mel, and they didn't smell like someone hiding something.

Kevin: "Bad news? What happened?"

Melati: "Thanks again. I'll let you know once we found out anything." Melati hung up the phone and let her hand holding it drop down to her side. "The code that was used to get into the room was mine..."

Kael: "...Is it vorth me seeing if I can find a scent? I know the student's scents for this place, I could pick it out if it's a strange one, da?"

Kevin: "Shit..."

Jimmy: "Shiiiit, you didn't tell anyone it didja? Y' didn't ... like, cry it out in the throes of passion or nothing?" Jimmy looked up from his phone.

Jessica: Jess returned from the kitchen with her tea and paused in the doorway again, "This place is full of security holes...."

Melati: "I have no idea how anyone could have found out," Melati said, just as much to herself as to the others in the room. "I don't keep it written down anywhere and I'm careful never to talk about such things." Unless you couldn't keep your mouth shut while being a drunk failure again, of course...

Hope: "Isn't your roommate a telepath?"

Kael: "Nyet, no pointing fingers, moi drug, not yet. Do you vant me to check scents, Melati?"

Kevin: He spared a frustrated glare at Jess, then turned back to the problem at hand. "I like Kael's idea. We should try to find out who was there."

Kael: Kael nuzzled Hope again, once more serious. Safety of the pack, first. Then he eyerolled. School. School, not pack. Then he could flirt.

Melati: Melati looked at Hope, a frown on her face. "Sophie? Yeah, but why..." Her eyes narrowed, but she shook her head a moment later. "I mean, she's more than just a bit weird, but... no, I can't picture her doing something like that. Sure, I can see her sneak into other people's bedroom to watch them sleep, but this?"

Hope: "It's always the quiet ones you have to look out for, Mel. And she's... different." Hope shrugged a bit. "And also a telepath."

Kael: "Like I said, no pointing fingers at others here and building mistrust, da?" He gently lifted Hope out of the warm cuddle and stood up, looming hugely over the entire room. "Show me vhere the records are, I'll see if I can find a scent I don't recognise and vhere it leads. Might as vell be a little useful, mmm?"

Jessica: "We're not going to get anywhere..." Jess rolled her eyes, straightening up, "We never get anywhere..."

Jimmy: "Wow, and they call me a pessamist."

Hope: Hope bite her lip. She bit her lip hard. Nope, she couldn't say it. Nope, nope, nope. She promised Shaw.

Melati: Melati stared straight ahead for several seconds, her lips pressed into a thin line, before she eventually nodded. "Mikael is right," she said. "We won't get ahead by accusing each other. Not without knowing more, anyway." She turned to look at the werewolf-mutant. "I think that's the best idea we have so far."

Kael: Kael nodded. "Lead the vay. I don't think you did anything wrong, Melati, and until it's proved othervise, I don't think anyone else here did either."

Melati: "Also, we should keep this to ourselves for the time being," she added, now looking in Kevin's direction. "Whoever got my code and snuck in there, we shouldn't alert them we're onto them."

Jessica: Jess had a sip of her tea and sighed, he could sniff all he liked but she was sure whoever was poking around their files knew there was a feral mutant in the school.

Alison: Alison frowned, not sure that Kael wouldn't recognize all of the scents if it were a student. Who knew, maybe they'd find something in the room, though. "Lets go!"

Kevin: "Unless of course, they're here in the room."

Jessica: "Or they already hacked the security and are watching us talking about them...." Jess mused, taking another sip of her tea.

Kael: Kael tilted his head. "I'm the newest student in the room, therefore the least trustworthy, da?" He shook his head, before looking at Mel. "If I don't find a scent I don't recognise, ve know it's a student. If it's one I don't know, then it's not. The sooner ve know, the sooner ve can stop not trusting friends."

Alison: "You're not the only new student, Kael...I totally didn't do it though, okay guys?" She stood up, ready to go.

Jimmy: "So you say-kidding! I'm kidding!"

Jessica: "And if it's a student we're back to not trusting people." She pointed out quietly.

Kael: "Oh...my apologies." He flicked an ear at Jess before heading to the door. "And I just said that. Come on."

Alison: "We don't know what the person was even doing yet. You all are really fast to get paranoid, aren't you?" Alison laughed, putting on a brave smile; even she was a bit nervous though.

Hope: "We have a reason to be, Alison. We have a reason."

Jessica: "Well after all the drama of my past year and a half here... I have enough reasons to not trust people." She ran her free hand through her hair.

Jimmy: "'Cos all those fuckers out there who wanna kill us for one."

Alison: "Yeah, out there, not in here."

Jessica: "Of course not... mutants would never go after mutants."

Jimmy: "Unless they've infriltrated ... or something. Like ... black ops ninja shit."

Melati: "Just stop it already," Melati snapped, turning to accompany the others on their investigation. "There'll be enough time to argue when we know more. This here right now? That's useless bickering and not getting us anywhere."

Alison: "Sorry." Alison said quickly, ducking her head down and hurrying along with Mel.

Jimmy: "Ooh, mama spank."

Melati: "Yeah, if you wanna be angry at anyone, pick me," Melati said, quickening her step to lead the way. "It was me who let her code get nabbed, after all."

Jessica: "No one's going to be angry at you, Mel. It's not your fault whoever this is got your code. If you didn't write it down then they got it some other way but you didn't give it to them."

Kael: Kael put a hand on Mel's shoulder. He didn't need his senses to know just how...well, angry, hurt, confused and upset she was. "I vould not be angry with you. Is not your fault, da?"

Kevin: "Possibly, they've been in Ops. You can see the keypad clearly from the camera's view. Most people block it with their bodies though when they punch it in," Kevin offered, as he walked with them.

Melati: Melati didn't say anything, but turned her head to give Mikael and Jessica a lopsided, strained smile. "That might be the best explanation there, Kevin," she replied. "We should remember to check who's all been in there, too." She knew this would be much harder, as access to that room wasn't restricted.

Jimmy: "Eh, screw that sad shit Mel, either y' messed up or ya didn't, either way mopin' aint gonna do shit now, eh?"

Kael: Kael followed Mel quietly for a moment, before shaking his head, ears back again. "I have to ask - vhen I'm checking scents, don't come too close, you'll confuse it, da?" He was a little nervous...if he got this wrong, it could mean a lot of problems. It probably wasn't as simple as a stranger sneaking in but he could hope...right?

Melati: That made her chuckle. "You know what? You're right." Melati turned around to give Jimmy a slap on the shoulder. "Leave it to the peanut here to remind me of who I am."

Alison: "Do people really call you Peanut?" Alison turned to said Peanut as she asked. That had been twice that she counted.

Jimmy: "Go break someone's nose when we're done here, make ya feel right as rain."

Jimmy: "... Yes," he said sullenly.

Kevin: "Peanut." Kevin snorted.

Melati: "Are you offering?" She asked Jimmy, a predatory grin on her lips.

Alison: "...can I call you Peanut?" She knew it wasn't related to anything at all but it was a cute nickname.

Kael: "Could be vorse. Could be Goluboj."

Jessica: "If you're going to break his nose, you should sell tickets first."

Jimmy: "No! I ain't volunteering for nuffin!" He turned to the cute girl and sized her up for a moment before shrugging, "... Sure, why not, everyone else does," he sighed.

Hope: "Peanuts are evil...." Hope threw that out there.

Kael: He winced as he chuckled. Maybe he should go and get healed up, but...honestly, he was a little nervous of that sort of thing. He snorted at himself. "I hate to say this, moi drug, but are ve there yet?"

Alison: Yay! Alison clapped her hands, momentarily forgetting the tension until Kael's question.

Melati: After heading upstairs and turning a few corners, they reached the door to the record room. Nothing looked out of the ordinary. Not that she would have expected otherwise. "Right, here we are." Melati announced, taking a quick look at the keypad on the wall. "So, everyone stand back while we let Mutt-boy here work his magic nose, right?"

Jessica: Jess leaned against the opposite wall and casually sipped her tea.

Hope: Hope gave Kael a wary look. "I can heal you, you know... since that professor is on campus. I can borrow powers."

Kevin: "Yep." Kevin leant against the opposite wall, further back. Well, hope this works.

Jimmy: The hand clapping was totally adorable and worth it.

Kael: "Arf." Kael gave her a fangy grin and stepped forward, before giving Hope a wary look. "...Maybe. Ve'll...uh, talk about it." Because mutants healing scared him. Wrinkling his nose and feeling self-conscious, he got down on all fours, starting to sniff around the door and keypad.

Kael: "Any dog comments vill be ignored." He muttered, before concentrating, almost willing there to be a strange scent. There was Lorna's...Mel's...though Mel's was a little old. Definitely not her then. A newer one, but that could be anything, and he didn't know the scent well enough to place who, just that he recognised it...

Jessica: Glancing over at the door, Jess sighed and looked over at Kevin, "Are you okay? I mean... after last week..."

Kael: Another few moments ticked by. He was having a thorough investigate, though to his mortification his tail was wagging as he did. Fucking hell. Mortification aside, he concentrated hard on seperating out the scents, trying to work out if they were recognisable...finally he stood up, taking a deep breath.

Jimmy: "the butler did it?" Jimmy supplied.

Kevin: "I'm fine," he said, never taking his eyes off Kael.

Melati: "So, any lead on little Timmy?" Melati asked, watching Mikael with anticipation. "Did he fall down the well?"

Jessica: "Sorry about the pheromone thing..." she mumbled, chewing her lip. "I didn't mean to hit everyone..."

Alison: "Maybe we should go in?" Alison suggested tentively

Kael: "...No new scents. I can't tell you who it is, though I can say you haven't been in there for a vhile, so not you, Melati. But..." He looked at Mel sadly, tail down and ears back. "...The scent from last night? It's definitely someone at the school. I don't know it vell enough to recognised. I'm sorry."

Jimmy: "Simple enough then, round everyone up and get wonderdog here to give 'em a good sniff, mystery solved."

Kael: "...As much as I hate to admit it, that's actually qvite a good idea. Tedious, embarressing, but good."

Melati: "So we're back to pointing fingers again," Melati commented, letting out a sigh. "Thanks anyway, Kael. And I'm not doubting your nose here, but I'm not sure if we could really rely on scent alone. After all, whoever sneaked in here, we'll have to assume that they know about our security procedures, so they might also have taken our powers into account."

Kael: "Da...I have had someone throw pepper down to make sure I couldn't track them once." Kael pulled a face. "I could see about following the newest scent in and see vhat they looked at at least?"

Melati: "Perhaps they didn't wear their own clothes, for example." The reptilian mutant shrugged her shoulder. "What I'm saying is, we need to be careful before voicing any accusations."

Hope: "I already voiced mine," Hope shrugged. "And it makes the most sense so far."

Melati: Melati nodded. "That might be worth a shot," she said. "Before the trace vanishes." Turning to the keypad, she was about to punch in her code. "And I just remember that I told Lorna to void my access..."

Jimmy: "L-O-L," Jimmy smirked, "Phone her back?"

Hope: "She may not have cut it yet." Hope pointed out.

Kevin: "No. We should have them all voided and have staff only new ones. We should also bump up security in all areas, too."

Kael: Kael nodded. "I'm not going to point fingers at anyone, though honestly just changing clothes doesn't mask scent that much." He scratched an ear. He wasn't even going to entertain the idea of anyone specific, that only bred deceit and that was not his way. But hell knew he was going to be looking out for that scent like a bitch.

Kael: ...He winced at his own internal pun there.

Jessica: Jess sighed heavily, Kevin was back to ignoring her again. "They might already have what they need."

Alison: Alison shifted from foot to foot, not comfortable with the idea of accusations flying before they even knew why someone would want to be in there. Maybe they were just afraid they had failed a class and didn't want to face a teacher, she could understand that.

Melati: Deciding that Hope may have had a point, she entered her code anyway, only to be greeted by an error sound. "Lorna doesn't mess around," she commented. "It takes a little while to get a new code, so we'll probably have to fetch someone from staff to let us in now."

Kael: Just in case, kael lifted his nose, sniffing the varying mixed scents of the group. "And I can tell you with absolute certainty that no one here matches that scent, by the vay."

Melati: "Too bad, I was already looking forward to tossing Jimmy around for a bit," Melati remarked to that.

Kevin: "That's a relief. Let's go find a teacher, then."

Jimmy: "Tossing me what now?" Jimmy looked hopeful.

Jessica: "Out the window if you don't stop being a creep."

Kael: "Naveshat' pizdyley, zhopa." Kael half-growled at Jimmy. His temper had had enough.

Jimmy: "Mmmm, defenstration ... is tall dark and hairy hitting on me?"

Kael: "Sure, if you have enough lube and you don't mind catering to an angry Satanist verewolf."

Jimmy: "Y' a bit lacking in the tit-area, mate, for my tastes."

Melati: "Let's see if we can find anyone to help us out then," Melati said, turning to head back the way they came. She slowed down when passing Mikael, reaching out to tousle his hair. "Remind me to give you a treat for your help later."

Kael: "Na kaleni, suka." He grinned - well, wolfishly at Jimmy, liking the fact the guy had no idea what he was saying, before that turned into a happy rumble and a nuzzle-lick for Mel for the tousle. "Yes ma'am." He padded after her happily.

Jimmy: "He's difinetly hittin' on me, wierdo ... it's like he's never seen me."

Kael: That just got a dark little chuckle.

Jessica: "Maybe it's just wishful thinking, Peanut."

Kevin: Kevin couldn't help but snort at that. "Well, I should go back to Ops."

Jessica: Jess smiled a little to herself, hiding the expression with another sip of her tea. At least he wasn't completely deaf to her.

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