6/22 Game: Tony for President

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6/22 Game: Tony for President

Post by Ferguson » Sat Jun 22, 2013 11:37 pm

<Jean-Paul> Jean-Paul leaned over, giving Hope a nudge in the row ahead of him as the candidates started to file onto the stage and things were just about to be set up. "So, having fun or are you going to be desperately bored through all of this?"

<Elizabeth> Elizabeth was actually interested enough in this that she'd made sure she'd taken her pills, no alcohol and was even sitting there with a coffee so she didn't end up asleep during it. Her legs were crossed, showing off long boots; she was even in sensible clothing today a black and red suit.

<Cecilia> "Exciting, yeah?" Cecilia said, leaning over a little to whisper this to Kevin. "I can't believe we might have a mutant president!"

<Hope> Hope grinned as she turned back to Jean-Paul. "Both. Right now, I'm counting how many donuts Phil can eat before someone notices." She smoothed her skirt a bit, keeping her legs crossed at the ankle.

<Jessica> Jess stole a glance at Sebastian and reached to take his hand, eyes travelling over the stage and the crowd. There were so many people and a lot of them were talking. It was all she could do to sit up straight - she really wanted to crawl under her chair and hide from the noise.

<Kael> The leather-clad Russian was staring at the stage, frowning a little and slightly unfocused. He was completely missing any wolf features today, deciding the whole goth look might be eyecatching enough without the waggy tail, and actually interested in how American politics played out after meeting Pryor.

<Jean-Paul> "You have no idea how hard it is for me to not rush that donut table and just ruin Phil's game over there." He admitted with a laugh. "I've been here since like 5 helping set up. The catering is not speed-mutation appropriate. I could eat everything here."

<Kevin> Kevin pulled at his borrowed tie, and sat cross-legged on the chair, flipping open his sketch book and nodded at Cecilia. "Totally. I hope we do! That would be awesome...or awesomely bad. Depends on how it goes." He scanned the crowd and went back to sketching until it started.

<Kael> ...However, it had been a while since he'd gone full wolfman and chased a deer. It was starting to distract him, and he was never sure if he actually should track game at the school. Raw steak was nice, but fresh was always better.

<Shaw> Sebastian turned to look at the crowd in the auditorium, glanced back at Jessica when she took his hand. He gave her a faint smile and a squeeze.

<Hope> "Remind me not to tap into your power then, I need to keep my girlish figure," Hope told him with a smirk.

<Jessica> Jess returned the squeeze, the fingers on her free hand tapping on her purse. She'd remembered to bring patches for once and they were mighty tempting at the moment.

<Jean-Paul> "Hey, I'm always useful." Jean-Paul assured her, flasing her a quick grin. "Of course, it makes everything go by just a little bit slower I would imagine. It's a sometimes thing to steal, not an every day thing if you don't have to."

<Cecilia> "I think it'd be good," Cecilia said, very sure of herself. "Not a photograph person?" she said, indicating the sketchbook. "I wish I could draw but I'm pretty hopeless."

<Shaw> The press was here, and he studied their box and the camera setups. Drake was not far from them, talking to a redhead. Tsk.

<Hope> "I borrow it a lot actually... when I get behind on my robot. It helps me get the work done that I need to without time going by too quickly. So uh, thanks for that, by the way," She reached her hand back to give Jean-Paul a fist bump.

<Kevin> "Nah. I like pen and paper." Kevin smiled at her. "You look nice, by the way."

<Pryor> Madelyne nudged Sam to take his spot as she scouted the place and moved over to Tony, offering him a winning smile, dropping her voice. "Now that we have our arrangements don't expect me to take it easy on you up here, yes?"

<Elizabeth> "Hey JP, when is this thing meant to be starting?" She whispered over the chairs to the older student, oddly impatient tonight.

<Cecilia> Cecilia blinked and looked down at her white silk blouse and black trousers. "I...thank you," she said sincerely. Now that was a surprise. She didn't think she'd looked especially great or anything. "You too, man."

<Jean-Paul> "Soon I'm sure. They tend to take their time it seems." Jean-Paul joked back but offering Elizabeth a smile.

<Kael> Kael was also being distracted by all the scents, nose wrinkling as he eyed up a woman sitting three rows back with way too much perfume on. Possibly to cover the smell of rum from her bag. Ugh. He took off his jacket, revealing the sleeveless tee, looking smart despite the gothy leather.

<Elizabeth> "Oh good." She gave him a small smile back. "I was starting to think I'd manifest flying before they started at this rate."

<Jessica> Jess looked over at Elizabeth, catching that comment, "Hey at least that'd give the rest of us something to do..."

<Elizabeth> "Yeah catch me before I crashed." She giggle-snorted at Jess before sitting back in her seat.

<Jean-Paul> "We're still on schedule, don't worry. I figure the less we have to do here though the better. Things are going smooth when the X-men don't have anything to do, right?"

<Shaw> Perhaps sitting this close to the students had been a mistake. He suppressed a smirk. The rest of the staff in attendance was somewhat behind him.

<Kael> "You know, as a dirty filthy Commie I vonder if I should be feeling guilty about sitting in on USA politics..."

<Hope> Hope gave Elizabeth a bit of a look. Strange...

<Jessica> "You got it." Jess gave Elizabeth a grin, shifting to lean against Sebastian slightly and fidgeting with her purse some more.

<Kevin> "Uncomfortable monkey suit," Kevin mumbled.

<TonyStark> Tony flashed her a winning smile, eyes scanning the crowd. "I would expect nothing less." He found Hope in the mass of people and gave her a wave, making eye contact. "I give as good as I get."

<Hope> Hope gave Tony a bit of a wave back and a smile. "Well, when it gets started... I don't think we'll be disappointed."

<Pryor> "Well, I won't argue with you on that front." Madelyne laughed, stepping back away and taking to the crowd for a brief stop by at Sebastian. "You've brought most of the brood with you. I never thought I'd see the day when you got to play chaperone."

<Cecilia> "I like suits, actually," Cecilia admitted. Then again, she also found the smell of shaving cream and cigarettes soothing, so maybe she was weird. "It is a bit hot in here though."

<Shaw> It was moments like this he rather wished he had worked harder to get her accustomed to telepathy. Instead, he brushed his thumb over hers. Glancing up at Madelyne, he laughed. "I've played chaperone for years at the club, my dear. This crowd is just a tad... livelier."

<Kael> Ah, there was Pryor. He itched a stubbly cheek and threw a smile her way, in case she happened to look up, blowing a lock of black hair out of his face. Maybe he'd go hunt deer anyway when he got back to the school. Not catch it, just chase...his eyes went a little unfocused again.

<Kevin> "Yeah?" Kevin shrugged. "One man's prison is a woman's delight?"

<Pryor> "Well, I'll try to resist any jabs about mother ducks out with their ducklings at your expense but believe me when I tell you it is a burden. Jessica, lovely to see you again." She went through to wave and greet the other students as well.

<Elizabeth> Reaching over, Elizabeth poked Kael. "Oi puppy, no dosing off you wanted to see the capatilist politics didn't you?" She chuckled a little at the obviously distracted look on his face.

<Cecilia> "I suppose so!" Cecilia laughed.

<Hope> Hope glanced back, catching a look at Pryor. She had to have red hair too. Hope rolled her eyes and glanced back over at Phil. "7 donuts."

<Jessica> Jess flashed Pryor a smile but made no attempt to sit up straighter, quite enjoying her prop.

<Kael> His eyes sharply focused on the poker, before he gave her a grin that had the hint of a fang in it. "Oh, I vouldnt miss it for the vorld. There's just too much perfume in this hall, giving me a headache." He lied. Girls here weren't like Sonata, they wouldn't react well to what was really going through his head.

<Pryor> "Well, I hope I'm not a disappointment to you all. Enjoy the show." With that Madelyne started back towards the stage and the countdown to when the broadcast would go live started.

<Jean-Paul> "Here we go then." Jean-Paul waved to the others, heading on back to the volunteer section to set up for after, still staying to the sides of the room.

<Elizabeth> That must be Pryor the mutant candidate then, she felt alright for a politician at least. All she wanted now was for the vague level of whispers in all versions of her mind to just be quiet so she could listen.

<Jessica> "At least this shouldn't be as boring as the last time I was in a room like this... although that ended with giant bugs...." she wrinkled her nose.

<Elizabeth> Elizabeth shuddered remembering the bugs. "No more bugs, please."

<Jessica> "I will gladly second that motion." Jess nodded sagely, giving Sebastian a grin at the look. "No more bug guts in the apartment, I promise."

<Cecilia> Cecilia took note of Shaw there and raised a hand in greeting, but did not move from where she was sitting. "Looks like the show's about to start," she said to Kevin.

<Hope> Hope stayed in her seat, yawning just a bit. Why had she come to this thing again? Now JP was gone, so there went half of the entertainment.

<Pryor> The broadcast started and the moderator started off his actually rather dull speech to start the proceedings. Pryor just put on her stage smile and glanced towards Tony again. Well, lets start the show then. She just hoped the moderator would shut up long enough for her to actually getting a word in.

<TonyStark> Tony watched the others mingle with the crowd. He grinned and made a bee-line to Hope, giving Rhodes a slap on the shoulder as he passed. "Hi, Hope. Glad to see you here. Gotta go!" He sauntered back up to the stage.

<Anne-Marie> Anne-Marie stood at the back of the crowd with Senyaka, Marko, Sung and Fitzroy. Casting a brief glance at the figures of Shinobi and Stone on the left and right balconies. It was time. "Fire the first shots," she said into the radio.

<Anne-Marie> Stone's first bullet hit Pryor right through the head and his second grazed Zazel's temple but, miraculously, didn't kill him.

<Pryor> The entry wound was apparent even before Pryor started to crumble but she wavered on her heels before going down like a load of bricks and pandemonium broke out, Zazel charging over to her side.

<Hope> What the hell?! Gunshot?! Pryor was down. Hope was on her feet instantly and running to Tony before Stan or Bobby could grab her and stop her.

<Elizabeth> Elizabeth let out a yell of surprise from the load gunshots and then an inaudible scream, drowned out by the audiences sudden panic because the whispers in her mind had turned to shocked screams as well.

<Cecilia> Cecilia grabbed Kevin by the sleeve while shielding up simultaneously. "GET DOWN!" she yelped, hitting the floor, hoping the seats would provide some cover.

<Kael> He'd caught the sharp scent of gunpowder and metal and recognised it from his father's collection of guns, but that didn't click - not until the sudden red of blood and other matter flared through the scents. He stared stupidly at the blood and the body, not reacting for a moment.

<TonyStark> Tony blinked. What the hell...? He turned to see Madelyne fall. "Shit! Madelyne!"

<Kevin> Kevin yelped, his sketchbook going flying. "Was that a gun?" he asked stupidly.

<Jessica> Jess shrieked at the shot, covering her ears when the screaming from the crowd started. Dear God that was loud.

<Kael> Then his instincts took over - but he couldn't run, too many people, too much panic in the air, he was trapped - no he wasn',t that was the wolf speaking. He fought against the change, fur starting to ripple over his arms before receding, ducking down as the crowd panicked.

<Jean-Paul> Jean-Paul heard the shot and came speeding into the room, not seeing the source but seeing people all ready trying to run out away from the scene.

<Jean-Paul> He zipped up towards his schoolmates. "Where did it come from?!"

<Anne-Marie> Meanwhile Shinobi's first only grazed Rhodes and the second missed Stark by a mile. "Fire again, stick to your assigned targets," she said. Stone's shot rang true, striking Zazel through the centre of the chest.

<Elizabeth> Elizabeth was curled up on her chair, not even thinking to move from the loud noises ripping through her skull, almost sobbing as it mounted pain sending her dizzy.

<Jessica> Jess shook her head to JP's question, it had happened too fast to be able to tell. She grabbed for Sebastian to check he was alright and to make sure he didn't rush off to look for the shooter.

<Zazel> The man clutched at his chest, seemingly unbelieving that he had been shot at all until he started to lose control of his cloaking powers and his hands were red not just because of his blood. He fell beside Madelyne, for the first and last time in front of the public as his natural self.

<Kael> Kael looked up at JP, eyes unfocused, sniffing the air. The trail had been pulled about by the running people and the exact area was hard to pinpoint, but he waved in the general direction as best as he could tell. He wasn't used to tracking gunshots, but the sound wasn't one he'd forget any time soon...

<TonyStark> Tony ducked down flat against the ground as another bullet slammed through Zazel. Where was security? He was going to complain if he survived.

<Cecilia> Cecilia's eyes widened as a second shot took down Zazel. Leaving behind a red devil form where a caucasian one had once been. "We gotta get outta here," she said, body shaking as she crawled along the aisle. But where could she go? There were people screaming and running in all directions. She'd be trampled if she even left the aisle, she was sure.

<Jean-Paul> Security was streaming in more than a bit too late as they tried to hold people outside and clear the area. Jean-Paul looked up at the second shot as it took down Zazel. "This way, come on!"

<Kael> It took a moment for Kael to realise he hadn't been able to completely hold back the shift, his jaw aching from the slight snout and too full of teeth and his hands more clawed than they were. He shook himself off, forcing himself to stand up. What was he supposed to do? Maybe... "Ve need to get people calm, d-da?"

<Kevin> "Calm down, Cee. I think we should stay put."

<Elizabeth> Elizabeth curled into the space between her chair and the one in front, vision dancing now and the pain in her head making her as angry as it was making her scared. She could could hear her mom's voice now screaming at her to do something.

<Jean-Paul> At Kael's suggestion Jean-Paul made himself slow down for a moment. "Yes, we do, try to do whatever crowd control you can with security but we've got to find who's doing this as well."

<Anne-Marie> "Fire again. This time focus both of your shots on Stark." He was the priority here now that Pryor and Zazel were dead.

<Hope> Hope had ducked as she heard the gunshots, then got back up to close the distance to Tony, kneeling down beside him. "You need to get out of here!" She turned her head, and she knew. She could see the guns aimed at her dad. She must have picked up JP's power, because everything slowed down. She shifted to be in the path of the bullets, not letting them hit Tony.

<Jessica> More shots, Jess turned her head to the stage unable to help the scream as she saw Hope get hit.

<Hope> The part that she hadn't thought of, was the part were she got shot. Twice. Hope grabbed her chest, looking at the blood covering her hands. She slumped back down on the ground, somewhat aware of agents grabbing for Tony before she closed her eyes.

<Kael> Kael nodded, forcing himself to reverse the change, appearence returning to almost-normal though he could not get rid of the seething need to chase something. And then more shots rang out, more blood was added and he very, very nearly lost it, gripping the back of a seat as claws dug into it.

<Jean-Paul> Jean-Paul turned just in time to see Hope move inhumanly fast and be shot down in front of her father. "Hope! Facade, can you shield her?" Oh why couldn't theyhave a healer here?

<TonyStark> Tony reached for her only to be grabbed and pulled away. "Hope!" He struggled against the security people, but they were carrying him further away.

<Cecilia> "Yeah...yeah you're right," Cecilia said, swallowing heavily. So much gunfire...she wasn't sure how much more she could take of this.

<Kael> He grit his teeth, before giving up, pulling off his teeshirt and leathers and bundling them with his jacket, revealing...well...he hadn't worn his uniform, didn't think he needed to. Not that it mattered, a few seconds later he was shifting, bulking up, muscles changing and bones cracking as he took on his more animalistic form.

<Jessica> "We need to find the shooter before someone else gets hurt!" Jess pulled Sebastian out of his seat and towards the edge of the room.

<Kael> Then he was following JP. He wasn't going to be useful calming people down, but he was when it came to tracking and chasing.

<Elizabeth> All she wanted was for everything to stop, for silence and just make everything go away. She focused her anger at all the screaming and tried to push it out of her mind. Eyes flicking open, they glowed with an angery purple and as she stood a purple transluscent shield spread out from her body.

<Cecilia> Cecilia looked to JP. "I can do b-better...I can help her...I think." She just needed to get there. Taking a deep breath and steeling herself she leapt up, rushing towards Hope's crumpled form, shields up the entire way.

<Kevin> "Cee! Be careful!"

<Jessica> Reaching the end of the aisle, Jess paused to stop and look Sebastian in the eye, "You can freak out later, go help the security teams getting people out of here. Use that nice authoritative voice you have... and look after my shoes. I like these shoes." She took them off and held them out to him until he'd shook off most of the shock. "Yes, I'll be careful, now shoo."

<Jean-Paul> Jean-Paul nodded, trusting Cee to keep herself and Hope covered. "Good luck." There wasn't a chance to help everyone today, though, but they had things to do.

<Cecilia> Cecilia scrambled up onto the stage. "Where were you h-hit?!" she said, putting up a shield over them and tearing a piece of cloth off a nearby person to stop the bleeding. "Oh fuck me..."

<Jessica> Having rid herself of the heels (and being thankful she'd chosen trousers today) Jess climbed the wall to get a better view of the room, dropping into a balcony.

<Elizabeth> There was quiet in her head again aside from the tiny whispers she normally put up with, everything outside her growing purple shield was just perfect silence to her. There, that felt better, no more stupid screaming.

<Kael> And suddenly...shield. Where the hell had the shield come from? He looked around, bewildered at the purple - well, more washed-out grey-blue to him - only to spot Elizabeth standing up in the middle of it. He was about to yell at her to get down when he saw the eyes. Her shield? Her shield. Right. Safe...right?

<Cecilia> Bob was up there a few seconds later in ice form, taking Cecilia's hands off of Hope and applying pressure himself, dragging her off the stage. "Go! Quickly!" Cecilia said, shielding them as best she could as Bob hauled her off towards one of the exits along with a few other secret service agents.

<Anne-Marie> Anne-Marie's eyes twitched slightly as she hefted the automatic rifle she'd been issued, kicking one of the auditorium doors closed and taking aim at the crowd of mutants trying to run for the doors. Senyaka, Marko, Sung and Fitzroy followed her lead. "Fire at will," she said, pulling the trigger. The shots echoed throughout the hall as dozens were cut down.

<Jean-Paul> Well, that answered who was doing the shooting. Those were...sickingly familiar faces. "Disarm! Get people out of here!"

<Elizabeth> Elizabeth was focussing a lot of anger into her shield and, in response, it was getting bigger; not a perfect dome and, in places the surface was rippling through instability, but considering she had no clue what she was doing aside from making things quiet it was doing the job.

<Jessica> Peeking over the edge of the balcony, she scanned the crowd for people that weren't running. Well that didn't take long. Taking to the wall again, she crawled up to the ceiling while the shooters were distracted to try and get behind them.

<Kael> One of the dozens, unfortunately, was Kael - though he was lucky. Shot in the shoulder and arm, he was only clipped as he threw himself down. "Get down!" He yelled across the room, more blood causing his voice to become a snarl. "Get down, they're still shooting!"

<Kael> Thank Satan for adreneline, he barely noticed the shots, the fur hiding the blood nicely as he forced himself to keep moving. Not bothering with the stairs, he leapt from seat to seat, snarling as he headed for the shooters, jumping and grabbing the edge of the balcony.

<Kevin> Kevin flattened himself onto the floor, and crawled toward the others. "Worst class trip ever," he muttered. "Was Hope ok?" He yelled as got next to Cecilia.

<Jessica> Jess climbed across the ceiling, trying to ignore the terrified cries from the people below her and the shouts of pain as some were hit.

<Cecilia> Cecilia crouched by the stage near Kevin. "I don't know! She's been shot in the chest, I didn't have enough time to assess the damage before Bob dragged her off. If she gets to a hospital in time she might make it!"

<Cecilia> Her skin turned ashen as she caught sight of a very familiar face advancing on her with a group of also very familiar mutants carrying large automatic weapons. "Oh Jesus Christ!" she exclaimed putting shields up to protect the crowd.

<Elizabeth> Her mind levelled off at some point during the anger filled power rush and she spotted the other students. Suddenly heeled boots moving both her and her shield headed for Cee and Kevin.

<Anne-Marie> Those shields were a problem, as was the telepath. That threat would have to be dealt with right way. Her eyelid twitching slightly, Anne-Marie send a psychic blast into both of them. There, the pain should gentle them a little.

<Jean-Paul> Jean-Paul busied himself running the injured out and towards help. Soon enough, however, he was close enough to Fitzroy and swearing as he managed to teleport away before he could disable him.

<Kael> Climbing over the balcony edge, he started pushing the crowd to the doors, lucking out in that the age-old human instinct of running the fuck away from a huge wolfman serving in his favour for once. "Da, that's right, out of the scary volke's vay, good humans...vhere the hell are you..."

<Elizabeth> Elizabeth screamed as the pain exploded in her head, shields faltering as she dropped to her knee dizzy and wanting to throw up. The purple gone from her eyes, the painful screaming was back in her mind, bringing back the tears and the need to curl up on the floor.

<Cecilia> Cecilia screamed as every nerve in her body erupted in pain, dropping her shields as she withed on the floor, hands grasping helpessly at her head.

<Jessica> Reaching the side of the room with the shooters, Jess started down the wall directly above and behind them, wanting to be closer before she targeted them with venomblasts.

<Anne-Marie> Anne-Marie took aim at the fallen shield makers and the boy next to them.

<Jessica> Oh no you don't! "Hey!" Jess yelled to get her attention.

<Elizabeth> WHY WON'T YOU SAVE US? the voice screamed in her head again, her eyes lighting up like christmas lights as suddenly she was standing and running at the women through the pain and noise in every way possible at the bitch causing the screaming in her mind.

<Kael> He spotted one on the stairs going down, about to open fire on another knot. He didn't know any of the shooters, but he had their scents now, and the one he'd spotted didn't get a chance to open fire...because he suddenly had a huge werewolf hit his back with his full weight.

<Anne-Marie> Anne-Marie screamed, the shots flying upwards as she grabbed her head. She bent over slightly, panting. That had not been anticipated. She didn't have time to chase after the three of them though as they made their escape. She had other concerns.

<Elizabeth> Elizabeth launched herself at the women, eyes purple but seeing red as a fist drew back and glowed purple to swing round for Anne-Marie's face.

<Jean-Paul> Jean-Paul steamed towards Marko, trying to keep him from just charging ahead and cutting off the exits. "This doesn't make any sense! Why are you attacking mutants?!"

<Anne-Marie> Anne Marie side-stepped the blow. "Senyaka. Fitzroy. Deal with this pest and one sneaking around behind us." They thought they could sneak up on a telepath? How droll.

<Jessica> Jess dropped down from the wall while Elizabeth had the woman distracted, gesturing for the mutants to hurry and run through the exit. She jumped back up onto the wall and climbed up above the door to try and cover them.

<Elizabeth> As one of the nearest guards came running for her, she spun round another of her unfocused mental screams going out, the poor man dropped to the floor in time for her boot to swing up at his face.

<Kevin> Kevin picked up Cee and headed for the exit, as it seemed the gunmen were distracted.

<Cecilia> Cecilia came out of that attack crying. As soon as she felt herself being lifted and dragged towards the exit she began struggling. "No! We can't leave these people to die! Oh SHIT!" Sung appeared in front of them and aimed his gun at them.

<Jean-Paul> Why were these people attacking mutants? Jean-Paul wasn't getting any answers from Marko. He had a strange glassed over look as he was smashing things, nearly including him, up. "Anyone else really confused right now?"

<Elizabeth> As the gun swung round at her she yanked it from his hands and only at the last minute remembered not to turn it around and shoot the man on the floor, instead screaming again so loudly into the man's mind she made some of the escaping people flinch and tumble away from the pain in their heads.

<Jessica> Jess' eyes had been following Kevin's progress through the room and she left the wall in the instant she saw one of the gunmen heading for them, flying as fast as she could and ploughing into their attacker.

<Kael> Kael fell off the guy as Liz put him down, hands over his ears and ears flat on his head. "Owowowow-" He whined, sounding like a kicked dog, until the pain faded - though his arm was aching and he was leaving a trail of blood. Not a large one, just drips, but it made the fur on his arm spike.

<Anne-Marie> Anne-Marie continued through the auditorium. Firing into mutants left and right. Blank expression never leaving her face.

<Jessica> Jess rolled to her feet the second they hit the ground, charging up venom blasts in both fists and glaring at the gunman.

<Jean-Paul> Jean-Paul ran from Marko just in time as the mutant started using the main podium to swing at him with and grabbed for Sung's gun, getting whipped with the butt of it before his hands clasped onto it and vibrated it to pieces.

<Kevin> Setting Cee down in safety, Kevin went back to help others. Seeing an opportunity, he took off his inhibitors and went to try to drop one of the attackers from a balcony. He had to push a chair to stand on to reach, but he started rotting out the wood, hoping the guy wouldn't fall on him.

<Elizabeth> With that one down she barely paid attention to the nearby student, not when she had to find an outlet for the screaming in her head and, spotting Anne-Marie, she aimed her next scream at her.

<Kael> He spotted the woman still firing, barely paying attention to Elizabeth - blood was in his nose and on his skin and he was trying not to tear into the fallen guy. No. This wasn't right. He went to all fours, leaping after Anne-Marie, before pushing himself into a flying, snarling leap for her back.

<Cecilia> Cecilia broke away from Kevin and rushed into the hall, trying to block as many shots as she could from the crowd. There were so many though and people were dying faster than she could help them.

<Jessica> "Stay down," Jess warned the floored man, "I won't hold back if I have to electrocute you."

<Anne-Marie> Anne-Marie swung around as if she were expecting this. Which, she pretty much was. The perks of being a telepath. She unloaded the rest of her clip right into the wolfman.

<Anne-Marie> She looked over at Sung. He was in no danger. Already his abilities would be scrambling the power of people who'd pinned him down. He was unassuming, but he was still a threat.

<Jean-Paul> Jean-Paul swung what was left of the gun around to attack but there was too much more to do. "Cover me! I'm running people out to the EMTs!" Saving people was more important than fighting right now and he was the fastest for it, after all.

<Kael> Kael yelped, the sound going through the entire room, falling in an ungraceful heap into a chair and at her feet. He gasped, trying to push himself up, sudden dizziness bringing him back down. He couldn't think through the pain, not this time, whining pitiously as he tried not to squirm in pain.

<Elizabeth> The problem for Elizabeth now was some of the bullets had gone past Kael now and clipped her in several places, her anger and energy draining fast from her first real usage of potential power. Staggering a little, she aimed yet another mental scream at the other telepath.

<Kael> And now his mind was on fire. Blind, caught between going for the new threat and whining through the pain, he became a ball of instincts, dragging himself into a corner and curling, shaking as he tried to keep quiet.

<Anne-Marie> Anne-Marie had been prepared for that this time and the attack slid off her mental shields like water on a glass window. "Pull out," she said into the radio. The mission had been a partial success and Stark was long gone by now. Staying and fighting was pointless. "Go!"

<Jessica> That yelp was... very loud. She winced, cringing a little, the energy in her hands flickering slightly. Something was off. Everything kept getting louder. Her eyes went to the man on the floor at her feet. Was he doing this?! Her fear of it getting worse overrode her control and hit the alarm pheromone button hard.

<Kael> And the instinctive feral werewolf in the corner's day just got worse as a wave of completely groundless terror slammed through him. A howl of pure fear shook out of him.

<Elizabeth> The anger in her vanished as suddenly she was terrified; this was all Jess's fault she was the one trying to hurt them all! Mind reeling in paranoid fear, her mind screamed out again this time at the other student.

<Anne-Marie> The Acolytes...no, that word was not associated with them, they belonged to Stryker now, Anne-Marie corrected herself. Her team - there, that was correct - threw their final blows before making their exit, stepping over bodies on the way out and disappearing from the scene.

<Jessica> Jess yelled at the psychic blast, hands going up to hold her head but, in the confusion, she forgot to drop the charge from her hands. The result was that she passed out.

<Kevin> Kevin completely panicked and took off running for the exit, forgetting the inhibitors and his very nice but borrowed suit falling to pieces.

<Kael> If it hadn't been for the bullets in him, he'd be going for the source of the fear, the instincts telling him to get rid of it, stop it happening, and the conflicting pain and instinct was making it so hard to think - so Kael wasn't trying to. He panted and whined as he started to shake, blood pooling around him.

<Jean-Paul> Jean-Paul could feel the panic quickly building up, climbing up his throat in a disgustingly tangible way. He still ran back and forth delivering patiencts to the ambulances waiting outside but eventually it was too hard to pull himself back into the room, fear trying to force him to run the other way. "They're trying to leave!"

<Elizabeth> Elizabeth staggered back as the fear died down somewhat, dizziness sweeping over her as she fell backwards over Senyaka's body onto the floor. The reason she was so dizzy? He nose was pouring blood along with her arm and left leg.

<Cecilia> Cecilia stood among the bodies, shaking awfully, she couldn't believe this. Fear was making her throat close up and everything start to close in on her. Her blouse and pants were soaked with blood. "I k-know her...the leader. I know h-her. That's Fabian's sister!"

<Jean-Paul> "That's why this doesn't make any sense!" Jean-Paul called out. "Why would the Acolytes take out the mutants?!"

<Shaw> After he'd made his way back into the room his eyes had been drawn to Madelyne's body... but now that was Jessica. No... no, not her too.

<Cecilia> "I don't k-know!" Cecilia snapped to JP, gesticulating helplessly. "This goes against e-everything I know about them or about her p-personally!" She wrapped her arms around her frame. "I'm s-sorry. I'm sorta shaken. I shouldn't have s-screamed at you."

<Kael> There was quiet whining from under the seats as his head stopped hurting, at last making it a little easier for him to think...sort of. He knew he wasn't surrounded by enemies now, that he had friendly scents there, but he hurt and he was terrified.

<Elizabeth> The room was starting to become so quiet now with the people having ran or gotten taken from the building and there wasn't even any gunfire in the room now, so quiet. It's all your fault Elizabeth, she died because of you. Curling up on the floor, she started sobbing through her bleeding nose.

<Shaw> The panic he felt as he got closer was unfamiliar and seemed disproportionate to his earlier numb shock. Pheromones. "Jessica - Jess..." Sebastian picked her up easily, looking for somewhere to go.

<Kevin> Outside, Kevin realized he was no longer terrified out of his mind and he was naked. Boxers didn't count in public, damnit. He turned and went back, shivering partly of fear and partly from cold. "Are we all here?" He called as he reentered the destroyed room.

<Cecilia> Cecilia looked around the room. This was an a very well orchestrated massacre from the first shots all the way to the final exit. Hell, they'd even nabbed their fallen comrades before making their escape. No man left behind. "I'm alright here," she said to Kevin. In lingering pain from the psychic attack but alive.

<Jean-Paul> "I think we're all accounted for." Jean-Paul steeled himself up and ran back in, fear building back up as he was breathing the pheremones in but he still had the chance to grab some of the last few casualties they had to take care of. "Is she all right, Professor?"

<Kevin> Oh man, the fear was back. He stood shaking just inside the doorway. "Good. Is everyone alive?" Fear went through him. If someone was dead...

<Jean-Paul> Nope, he couldn't stay in any longer. Before he could get an answer Jean-Paul was pelting back outside to get the fear back out of his system.

<Shaw> She was alive at least and he held her to his chest and fought down the rising terror. Unable to speak, he just nodded jerkily.

<Elizabeth> Her head hurt now and it hadn't been Senyaka that she'd fallen over like she'd thought but another dead person. Eyes screwing shut again, she just curled up more under a nearby chair and sobbed; too afraid to do anything else while her head pounded.

<Cecilia> Cecilia looked back at Shaw. "Are you a-alright there?"

<Kael> He was still terrified. The rational, human part of him was pointing out there was no reason, from the sounds he could hear and the scents that were swimming in and out of focus, but the wolf was terrified, in pain and alternating between whimpering and growling.

<Jessica> The noise came back first or, more specifically, the ringing in her ears at least. She had no sense of where she was or what she was lying on but she hurt all over, her nerves still on fire from the venom blast. Her eyes opened a crack and she realised she was being held by someone.

<Cecilia> Cecilia turned to the two freshmen. "Oh Christ. Come out y-you're bleeding, we have to get you medical attention, both of you." She gestured for them to follow her. "Do you have a healing factor?" she asked the wolf-kid.

<Kael> The wolf didn't move, staying under the seats, if anything pushing back a little more. Go out there? Was she crazy?!

<Shaw> Looking at the stage again, he shook his head. Tony was at least alive... but Hope? And Jessica was breathing. She stiffened a little in his arms and he found his voice to whisper her name.

<Cecilia> She kept her shields up, just in case. "There are p-pheromones in the air. If we leave you'll start to feel better," she said, speaking in a calm, measured tone. Careful not to make sudden movements. "You'll be okay, I p-promise."

<Jean-Paul> Jean-Paul, once his head was cleared, ran back inside, looking to who else needed help. Jessica had Shaw, Cecilia was trying to coax Kael out, so Jean-Paul was soon at Elizabeth's side. "Come one, fresh air is going to help, can you manage?"

<Jessica> The voice was muffled by the ringing but she recognised it, turning her head just slightly so that her face was more towards him. "I swear I was careful..."

<Kael> There was a quiet whimper, a thump that spoke of his tail trying to wag as he fought against instinct. Cee. Not someone to fight, an X-Man. He struggled against the fear, pulling himself out slowly, jerkily, sniffing as he did and nearly ducking back in. Pheremones, he recognised that...

<Jean-Paul> "Of course it wasn't, not any of our faults. Can you give me your hand?" He didn't want to just sling her over his shoulder and make her panic more but the fear was edging up for him as well.

<Jessica> Jess groaned a little, "My bad... sorry everyone..." she mumbled, raising a hand with some effort into her field of vision and flexing her fingers.

<Kevin> Kevin looked around for his bracelets.

<Shaw> He staggered, but made it outside, where he had to set her down in a patch of grass and get away.

<Elizabeth> "No!" The first word coming out in a strangled yell, for a tall girl she was managing to curl up in such a small ball. "D-don't touch me, I tried to stop it, it wasn't my fault." Sobs broke up the next bit of what she was trying to say.

<Kael> He shook his head, trying again. His grandfather had worked hard to teach him English, he wasn't going to waste the lessons. "...Nyet, no healing." He managed, voice hoarse.

<Jessica> Jess was quite happy to lie down on the grass where he'd left her as the pins and needles feeling tingled its way out of her system.

<Kevin> Finding them, he put them on and went over to Elizabeth and hovered. "Elizabeth. It's me, Kevin. You're fine. We have to go now, though, ok?"

<Elizabeth> Elizabeth ignored the pair of them and took the easier option. Uncurling her body , she sprang through the pair and broke into a run, the fear from mind and pheremones driving her through the strange building until she was back outside in seconds.

<Shaw> Sebastian sucked in lungfuls of air, hoping to clear the dose of pheromones. And his shock.

<Kael> There, he'd managed to speak. He wasn't a wolf to be terrified at nothing or to snap at anyone too close, damnit. He tried to take a deep breath and whining as he did. "No healing." He repeated,
clearer this time. "Pheremones?"

<Elizabeth> Falling over something, she landed on her hands and knees in the grass and started throwing up.

<Kevin> "Well, allrighty then." Kevin followed quickly, afraid to be the last one left alone.

<Cecilia> "One of Jess' powers is pheromone release," Cecilia explained, eyeing the wounds. "We have a healer at home. Can you apply pressure on the ride back?"

<Jean-Paul> Jean-Paul moved to follow her, skidding to a hault once he was outside as well. "Elizabeth?"

<Jessica> Finally feeling more like herself, she sat up and ran a hand through her hair, shaking her head to try and get the last of the pheromones out of her hair.

<Kael> "Da..." The bleeding had slowed, his muscles slightly denser thanks to the build-up as he shifted, but he moved a hand over the worst ones. "Is...hard to...concentrate. Outside, da?" He tried to stand, swaying dangerously and deciding to stick to all-fours right now.

<Elizabeth> Choking as she finished, she leant back on her haunches and hugged herself, carrying on with dry sobs as her now darker red shirt clung to her torso from the nose bleed and arm injury, wet patch
spreading on the leg of her pants, too. "I tried, I tried."

<Jean-Paul> "Shhh, it's going to be all right." Jean-Paul didn't touch her for fear of making things worse plus...well...he wasn't exactly versed in crying woman. He had a feeling a pat on the shoulder and 'there, there' was pretty insulting, however.

<Shaw> By now, ignoring the retching and screaming around him, Sebastian sank down to the ground at the base of a tree. This was what her pheromones did?

<Cecilia> "Yeah, o-outside, it'll be better there," Cecilia said, making her way out to Elizabeth vomiting on the ground. "If you hadn't d-done what you did when you did it you, m-me and Kevin would all be dead. You did fine."

<Kevin> "You saved us. Good job!" He gave Elizabeth a smile, trying to breathe normally.

<Jessica> Pushing herself up to her feet, Jess chewed her lip, "I... um... sorry, everyone...."

<Kevin> "You saved us. Good job!" He gave Elizabeth a smile, trying to breathe normally.

<Elizabeth> She was just sobbing quietly now and trying not to listen, hating herself for the weak state she was in and wishing she could do something about it. She hadn't meant to cause everyone to die or let them die afterwards.

<Kael> Kael slowly made his way outside on all fours, immediately feeling better as he did, making it a little way away from Elizabeth (ugh, that smell was not pleasant) and flopping onto his side and pressing the worst of the wounds in his chest and abdomen. "Can...someone...get my...clothes?"

<@Jean-Paul> "Not your doing." Jean-Paul assured Jessica, sitting down between her and where Elizabeth was. "Anything life threatening, everyone?"

<Jessica> "I'll go... no one else should suffer the pheromones..." Jess headed back for the door, a little shaky on her feet but mostly okay.

<Cecilia> Cecilia ran a hand through her hair, smearing blood on her face. "We'll f-find you something....Jesus fuck," she moaned. "I'm gonna h-have to tell Fabian this...if h-he's not already seen it on TV."

<Kevin> "Clothes!" Kevin turned bright red.

<Kael> "Ow." Was Kael's helpful reply to JP's question. "Clothes are...inside...on seat, da? Othervise...not even boxers..."

<Shaw> He watched Jessica go, then retched behind the tree.

<Jean-Paul> "I can run and get the clothes." Jean-Paul replied, pulling himself back up and making a charge inside.

<Kael> Not that he was shifting any time soon, not with bullets in him.

<Jean-Paul> Soon enough he was back out, delivering Kael his clothes and Kevin something from the prep area that had been set up for after the debate.

<Cecilia> She pulled her phone out and tried to call Fabian, swearing a second later, the lines were jammed. She wrote a text 'I'm still alive' and sent it. As soon as the lines were free it'd be sent. That saved her trying to get through repeatedly.

<Jean-Paul> "...I swear I didn't give you dead people clothes."

<Elizabeth> Elizabeth was going quiet; the sobs stopping as she calmed down. Now, with just them outside, her mind seemed quieter on the hearing thoughts front but her normal background sounds were far too clear. Pushing herself up, she stumbled away from the patch of sick and sat back down again. "...sorry..." She whispered.

<Jessica> Jess still headed back inside, flying over the bodies to her seat to fetch her purse before heading back for the exit. She stopped in the doorway and leaned against the doorframe for a few moments to gather herself before stepping back outside.

<Kael> Kael moved his head to look at Elizabeth upside-down for a moment, before he gave in to the instinct. Her hand was licked before he semi-curled again. "Thank you, Jean-Paul."

<Kevin> Kevin took the clothes in silence and put them on, staring at a distant point in middle air.

<Cecilia> "It's f-fine," Cecilia said, well as fine as it could be. "We survived right? That's a s-start."

<Elizabeth> The lick to her hand made her jump, she stared at Kael as though he was a strange monster and not a student she knew. Hand wiping her nose, she spotted the blood on it. "Oh.... I'm bleeding...." Then she spotted the blood on her arm and leg. "Erm...." Mind just going blank and staring in confusion at everyone.

<Jessica> Jess' eyes paused on Kevin for a few moments, at least he seemed to be in one piece. She looked over the others then moved over to Sebastian, sliding an arm up his back to his shoulder.

<Kael> "Da...I need to eat something." Because all this blood? Was making him so damn hungry. "...Right after bullets are out. Then hunting deer. I can hunt deer on school grounds, right? Please say I can..."

<Shaw> He jerked at the contact, nearly striking her before he could stop himself.

<Jessica> Jess flinched a little at his reaction, biting her lip, "Sorry..."

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Re: 6/22 Game: Tony for President

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Re: 6/22 Game: Tony for President

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I concur with star's gifmote, this was unsuspecting.... I was hoping for a mutant president :(

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Re: 6/22 Game: Tony for President

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Re: 6/22 Game: Tony for President

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Re: 6/22 Game: Tony for President

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You people thought 'Scrawlearth was a place to come to be HAPPY!?


Tch...trust nobody.

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Re: 6/22 Game: Tony for President

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<Kevin> Kevin flattened himself onto the floor, and crawled toward the others. "Worst class trip ever," he muttered.
Well said, Kev!

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