6/15 Game: Q&A

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6/15 Game: Q&A

Post by tears~fall~like~glass » Sat Jun 15, 2013 11:06 pm

timeline: Friday, September 16th

Jean-Paul: Jean-Paul had been buzzing around the house since the early hours of the morning, far, far too worked up to actually sleep and determined that the place looked as presentable as possible. Of course, that only took a limited amount of time so, for the most part, he had just been pelting from one end of the school to the other.

Clarice: Clarice was sat on the floor in the lotus position, with a bowl of popcorn, watching JP zip passed and wondering how horrible it would be if she told him that maybe the mansion looked a little 'too clean'.

Cecilia: Cecilia smoothed down her silk fuchsia blouse and floral-patterned skirt. Was she overdressed? No, she couldn't be. They were meeting a presidential candidate, it was better to err on the side of looking nice. She took a deep breath and started down the stairs, making an effort not to look too giddy, no matter how excited she really was.

Jolen: Jolen was spread out across a sofa in black trousers and boots today, so he looked a little more presentable. However, presidential candidate or not, nothing short of a miracle would get him to wear a shirt.

Cassandra: "You look like someone should take you for walkies," Cassandra commented, a wry smirk on her lips as she watched Jean-Paul pace back and forth. Sitting cross-legged on the shallow wall leading up the entrance stairs, she passed the time by creating random shapes made of shadow in her hands.

Mayday: "Guys!" Mayday burst into the room, dress shirt and pants on, with a red ribbon in one hand and a blue one in the other, "Which of these was her colour!?"

Jean-Paul: He paused and smirked to Cassie. "I'm afraid nobody could take me on walkies right now. I'm pretty sure it would end up being flysies and they'd regret ever agreeing to it."

Kael: There was the sound of boots and then some incomprehensible Russian swearing as a certain new kid nearly got mown over by the zippy blur. Kael pressed himself against the wall, before deeming it safe to carry on down the corridor, clad in black jeans and black shirt with his hair down. "Vhat the hell is going on?" He asked no one in particular.

Cecilia: "Democrat, so blue." Cecilia answered Mayday. "Did you forget the whole red state, blue state thing in the excitement?" she chuckled.

Clarice: "I dunno, flysies sounds awesome, it's be like a real life cartoon."

Clarice: "Blue is a nicer colour on you anyways, May."

Cassandra: "Apparently we're expecting some illustrious guests today," Cassandra told Kael, letting the flock of fake blackbirds fly away, then stretched herself. "So we're presenting ourself from our best side."

Mayday: "Oh, God, I hope so..." Mayday sighed, placing the red ribbon over the side of a chair as she tied the other around her collar, "I'm really, really excited to meet her!"

Cecilia: "I know right?!" Cecilia said, letting her own excitement bleed through a little. "Do you have a list of questions?"

Clarice: "It's the mutant lady running for president! It is a pretty big thing!" She offered her almost finished bowl of popcorn around the room since people were assembling.

Jolen: "This is the lady trying to be the first mutant president, right? Just to be completely certain on who's coming."

Jean-Paul: "Senator Pryor." Jean-Paul added to Cassie's explanation and nodding to the blue answer. "You guys should come down to the volunteer center if you're that excited." He grinned to the girls, deciding that he had done enough.

Clarice: "She'd be the first mutant and lady president too!"

Kael: "Ve have a bad side?" Kael grinned, an ear flicking at the fake birds showing that as usual he still had his ears and tail. "Illustrious? Are ve talking important illustrious or-" He heard the words 'president'. "Oh. Important. Fuck. Does she like Russians? Do I look overly communistic today?"

Jean-Paul: "Do Russians even look communistic anymore? I mean, I know you guys have some problems with trustworthy elections but I was pretty sure you had fallen into capitalism pretty hard." Jean-Paul teased a bit. "I don't think you have anything to worry about."

Cassandra: "Just don't sniff her backside," Cassandra added with a teasing smirk.

Cecilia: Cecilia looked quite pleased at that idea. "Maybe I will," she said, grinning widely.

Clarice: "It's okay, just remember not to wear your 'I heart Stalin' shirt and you should be good," Clarice snickered.

Jolen: "Here's a point, am I even an American citizen? Kinda got brought here with no papers and such, so I can't even vote for the good lady, can I?"

Jean-Paul: "Well no, you'd have to become a citizen. That doesn't mean you don't get to talk to her, though."

Kael: "Nyet, that one's in the vash, don't vorry." Kael grinned. "And Putin won that fair and sqvare, the KGB told us so it must be true." He stuck out his tongue at Cassie and ran his hands through his hair. "I like capitalism. It's hard being a communist Satanist into hedonism - unless you count the whole orgy thing under 'one for all', da?"

Clarice: ".... Maybe you should not mention the satanism thing while she's here though."

Mayday: Mayday double-checked her hair in a mirror, "There is so much I wanna ask her, but I don't wanna be that person - she probably gets harassed twenty-four seven." she took a deep breath, adjusting her shirt, "Also, yeah...please no Satanism.."

Jean-Paul: "There's a Hellfire Club joke in there somewhere." Jean-Paul murmured, grinning plopping down onto the sofa.

Kael: "Awwww, vhy not? You know Satanism isn't vhat everyone think it is, right?" Kael tugged on a black-furred, pointed ear and grinned.

Jolen: "What's wrong with Kael's satanism? So far, he hasn't sacrificed anyone in the basement, has he?" he smiled over at the wolf dude.

Cecilia: Cecilia gave the new werewolf guy a weird look. "Yeah...the sort of Catholic is just gonna back away slowly now." She laughed with Mayday. "If you won't be I will. Seriously, I think I might be going a little gay for her," she joked.

Pryor: He had sat down just in time for the doorbell to ring. Abandoning her entourage for this little outing, Madelyne stepped back from the door and waited to be let in.

Kael: Kael looked up from where he'd been leaning against the wall, hands in pockets, tail wagging slightly at the sound of the door. "Think your girlfriend's here, guys." He chuckled.

Cassandra: "Why, this might be the perfect opportunity to lobby for equal treatment of pagan faiths!" Cassandra commented with an excited grin, then stretched herself and got to her feet.

Clarice: "Eep!" Clarice vanished through a portal that opened up beneath her with an echoing, "It's heeeeeeeeeer!"

Jean-Paul: And Jean-Paul was off for the door as well.

Cecilia: Cecilia yelped at the doorbell and then again at the sudden wormhole. "Ai! Uh, okay. I'm just gonna hang back a bit and play it cool, alright?"

Mayday: "Cassie, if your 'liberalism' gets us shunned or...anything else?" Mayday sighed, "...never mind...just...I dunno, put down a mat first."

Cassandra: "First!" Cassandra exclaimed, vanishing in a swirl of shadows that took her right outside the school's main entrance. "Welcome to Xavier's school for the uniquely gifted!" With a well-practiced grin on her lips, the former circus girl spread her arms and took a flourishing bow.

Kael: Kael shared a look with the spiky guy. "Am I the only one here that isn't actually that bothered about some politician poking this place?"

Mayday: Mayday slapped her palm to her face, "....I so frickin' knew that'd happen..."

Jean-Paul: Jean-Paul smirked at people being worried about the most liberal candidate they had being put off by too much liberalism. He pulled open the door, surprised to see Cassie had actually beat him to the punch.

Pryor: Madelyne couldn't help but chuckle at the sudden arrival of the rather professionally bowing girl. "Hello, thank you, I look forward to seeing the place." She nodded as the door came open. "Hello everyone."

Jolen: "I'm just interested. Want to see what type of mutant she is, you know? Whether she's obvious like us, or one of the hard-to-spot ones." Rolling off the sofa, he patted himself down before heading towards the main entrance.

Mayday: Slipping out of the lounge and to the main door, Mayday gave a little wave and smiled, simply keeping her mouth shut for now.

Cassandra: "It's such a pleasure to meet you in person, Miss Pryor!" Cassandra stood up straight and adjusted her hat, wearing her most winning smile. "We're so excited to have you here."

Cecilia: Cecilia twisted her hands nervously, following close by Mayday. She'd wait for a bit to introduce herself and put herself together, not wanting to come off as unprofessional or childish. She did incline her head politely though and smile nicely.

Kael: Kael trailed out, tail vaguely wagging, ears up as he caught the new scent. Honestly, he was curious how American politics were compared to the corrupt ones of his own country.

Pryor: "I think we can use Madelyne considering I'm invading your home today, don't you?" She gave her best smile as well as she came on into the school. "You know, when I was first told of this place I figured the building would be all frustratingly modern. I'm glad to see that isn't completely the case."

Jolen: Jolen decided to hang back a little. this visit obviously meant a lot to the girls, and he was only mildly curious about the matter. Though, he did give Madelyne a friendly smile as she stepped in.

Mayday: "Y-yeah, you could say Professor Xavier's influence is clear there." Mayday shrugged, "Ah, I mean, I know the aesthetic touches - the furniture etcetera - are things that were quite dear to him."

Mayday: She raised a finger, "Not that there aren't plenty of modernizations! Like ah...the kitchen! Is...quite...new-lookin'."

Cassandra: "I hope you had a pleasant trip, Madelyne," Cassandra said and sauntered back into the mansion to join the others. "My name is Cassandra St. Commons, former circus performer, student, and most recent member of the ranks of the living dead. You may call me Cassie, though."

Cecilia: "Sadly often mistreated or destroyed by students," Cecilia said, smirking slightly, thinking of her own coffee table dance a few days ago.

Kael: Kael smirked a little at all the nervous scents from the girls, inclining his head as the woman glanced at him.

Clarice: There was a flash of pink light in the hallway and Clarice stepped through the door, now sans popcorn, "Hiiiiiii!" She trilled.

Mayday: Mayday winced - of course, she hadn't even introduced herself before dropping the technicalities of everything ever. Her senses picked up Clarice just before she appeared, but her eyes were still on their guest, "I-I'm Mayday Parker! B-by the way..."

Pryor: "Hello!" Well, there were enthusiastic students at least. "Very glad to meet you, Cassandra. I'll have to get all of your names eventually if we're going to have a good talk...and between you and me I'm pretty sure that university furnishings are meant to be abused by undergraduates. I'll assure you neither Sebastian nor myself were perfectly saintly during that period of our lives either."

Mayday: In the back of her head, Mayday mentally noted to remind Cassie that mentioning being 'a member of the living dead' wasn't always a comfortable thing for people to hear. Or at least, it wasn't for her.

Cassandra: "At least for Sebastian's case I can attest this still is the case even today," Cassandra commented with a snicker.

Jolen: Brushing back the tangles, vines, and hair, he smiled at Kael and jerked a thumb at all the bouncing girls, trying not to act too much like fangirls for the presidential candidate.

Mayday: The words from Miss Pryor also didn't help her feel comfortable. So, that was her political idol, her crush and her mother? She sighed, muttering to herself, "Three nil, Shaw...."

Cecilia: Cecilia looked highly amused and slightly surprised. "Well, if you were close to Sebastian I'd believe it." Now this was an interesting piece of information.

Clarice: "Hello! I'm Clarice Ferguson, it's really nice to meet you ma'am," she stuck a pink hand out for a shake, "I promise I'm not like ... evil anymore or anything ..."

Pryor: "And my condolences and congratulations on being alive. I believe I recognize you and a few others among you from the Club as well...I'm sure we can keep things less stuffy than there, though, yes?"

Mayday: "I frickin' hope so." Mayday laughed dryly to herself, blushing as she realized that it was loud enough to be heard, "N-no offence, I mean! T-to...like...myself either...erm..."

Kael: "Evil? Vait, you can be evil?" Oh, people were introducing themselves. "Mikael Piper-Romenavik. One of the newest here, and wery Russian. Not a communist, though, promise, viva la capitalism and all that."

Cecilia: Cecilia nodded. She supposed she'd be getting somewhat recognizable now considering her connection to the place, that was something at least. She motioned to the rec room. "Shall we then?"

Kael: "...Most call me Kael though."

Pryor: Madelyne was laughing as well so there was no harm done there. "Kale it is then. Don't worry, Kael, there's no McCarthyism in me. Yes, lets shall. I'm pretty curious to see this place."

Jolen: Jolen looked around and realised he was the last one to be introduced. "Hallo, I'm Jolen, just Jolen. Second year here."

Kael: "Thank fuck for that. You and I vill get on fine then." Kael grinned easily, pushing off the wall and following the group.

Cecilia: "And I'm Cecilia Reyes," she said politely, figuring it was about time to introduce herself as she led the way to the rec room.

Cassandra: "Oh yes, Sebastian was so generous to recently offer me a contract to spice up things at the club, without a doubt to help alleviate some of the stuffiness by means of my show." Cassandra stepped down the hallway to lead the way. "I guarantee I'll do my best to liven up any place."

Pryor: It took a brief moment to shake all of the hands available. "And if you all have any questions go ahead and pepper away as do this."

Mayday: Mayday defaulted back to quietitude - it seemed the logical course for the moment.

Kael: "Don't say that, I have a lot of bad pick up lines disguised as political qvestions. Trust me, I got banned from politics in school."

Pryor: "I imagine I'll have a few for you all as well." Madelyne admitted as she took her jacket off.

Clarice: Clarice just ... staaaaared at the strange wolf boy.

Cecilia: "Should I just jump into the heavy questions?" she asked, raising an eyebrow. "People tend to balk whenever I do."

Jolen: "How do you make a pick-up line out of a political question, Kael?" he gave the wolf mutant a confused look.

Mayday: "'Hey, baby, wanna conserve my liberalism'?" Mayday attempted to herself, "....nah, that was really bad..."

Pryor: "He threatens a filibuster." Madelyne teased easily. "By all means, the easy questions are depressing a lot of time, joke journalists ask Tony and Osborn meaningful questions and if they bother to talk to me they ask who I'm wearing."

Kael: "Carefully. You'd be surprised how many times it vorked too. For some reason, though, Putin never called me back..."

Jolen: Jolen just started chuckling, hair vines curling up, his hand having to stifle the sounds.

Cecilia: Cecilia smirked. "I'll bet. Alright then, will the registration act be revoked if you're elected?"

Mayday: Mayday shook her head, "Tony Stark is....hardly the kind of person I'd want leading the country. The same as I wouldn't have Flash Gordon co-ordinate military deployment." she scratched her head, "And as for Osbourne....he looks like a cartoon villain."

Cecilia: "I like Rhodes," Cecilia said. "I've met Tony, too. He's fun but...err...he wasn't exactly screaming for mutant rights back when Kelly introduced the act."

Mayday: "Everyone changes their tune on that with time...." Mayday murmured, "Apparently finding out you're blood-related makes it faster(!)"

Pryor: "As such I can't promise such things. You understand the actual limitations. However I will say that I am personally against the registration act in it's current state and fully intend to support any and all calls to resubmit the act to the senate and the house as well as to the supreme court to verify if it is in fact against the constitution...which I believe currently it is."

Kael: "Serious qvestions, huh...should you get elected, vill you or vill you not have your own vodka brewed? It'll have to be something amazing to beat Putin's own brand, of course...mind you, this being America it'll probably be some kind of vhiskey, da?"

Jolen: "That moment when you wished you hadn't skipped your politics lectures just to learn better english."

Cecilia: "Fair enough," Cecilia said, knowing that was the best answer she'd get really.

Pryor: "And Tony , I will say for Tony that as far as I am concerned he hasn't supported anything truly harmful to our cause but sometimes the sane voice in the crowd isn't heard over the other voices...and I do have some problems with the people Kelly staffed his cabinet with in general." She muttered the last part conspiratorially for them.

Mayday: "What, like the guy who almost - sorry - destroyed the entire planet?" Mayday added, "Yeah, pretty much can see why!"

Pryor: "And I'd hate for the government to get any further into the production of spirits. It would kill high quality small operations and that would be a pity."

Cassandra: "I have never been that secretive about being a mutant, anyway," Cassandra remarked. "After all, what's the point of having an unique and fascinating gift when you don't share it with the world? It would be like a writer who never shares his poetry with their readers, or a musician who never plays his music for anyone but themselves."

Cecilia: Cecilia visibly cringed at the mention of Apocalypse. "Yes...well. Moving on. If you can't get rid of the registration act would it be possible to create new legislation to protect the interests of mutants?"

Mayday: Mayday raised a finger, "Cassie, Japan still sticks mutants into detention center schools just for being mutants. It's....not always so simple."

Kael: Kael raised an eyebrow, scratching a cheek. "So you're in it for the little guy. Vhat about vhen the little guy becomes the biggest bastard in the playground? In other vords, vhat about those mutants whose rights you fight for who vould rather be destructive - the Apocolypse thing, for instance, da? My apologies, Clarice, first one that came to mind."

Jolen: "Doesn't help that some mutants can't keep their secrets like me. That registration act gets any worse, and the obvious mutants who can't hide are screwed."

Kael: "And not in a good vay."

Pryor: "Which time are you referring to, Mayday, you'll have to be specific." She teased again. "Referring to Nur, this is why I am much in favour of more closely regulating foreign backers and lobbyists. I don't think anyone can argue that was in our nation's best interests after all."

Pryor: "What exactly is the difference between a mutant terrorist and a terrorist?"

Cecilia: Cecilia looked more and more uncomfortable as this topic went straight from Nur to terrorists. "Publicity," she said.

Jolen: "Mutant terrorists don't need funding to cause massive amounts of damage to people or property?" He offered from the back of the group.

Kael: "One can blow you up vith his mind, the other vith a bomb." Kael said flatly. "So vhat is your opinion on foreign mutants living in the Land of the Free?" He hadn't missed the 'foreign' mention there at all.

Cassandra: "And this is absolutely a bad and wrong thing to do, don't get me wrong, but not what I meant," Cassandra told Mayday, her voice slightly apologetic. "Of course we should be treated with the same respect as anyone else. What I was trying to say is that we shouldn't feel the need to hide what we are in the first place."

Mayday: Mayday shrugged, "I-I know there's not a real difference - to imply that is to imply that there are differences in rules needed. And to imply that is to remove equality." she hummed, "R-right?"

Cassandra: "And as Jolen said, not all of us even have the option to hide what they are, registration act or not," she added.

Pryor: "That depends on the mutant and what their long-term goals are." Madelyne pointed out. "I don't see that we have to target a portion of our population because some of them may be extremists. That would be no different than the Japanese internment during world war two or believing every practitioner of Islam should be assumed a terrorist."

Pryor: "The question is is it a greater evil to leave ourselves vulnerable for one mutant extremist or condemn everyone in that demographic to being treated as a second class citizen and I rather side with the latter being the greater evil. After all, how do you create the situations we want to avoid without that component?"

Clarice: "Nevermind the fact that the oppressed people are often driven to crime thanks to the circumstances forced on them by society," Clarice muttered, feeling a little awkward since everyone was talking about her uncle.

Kael: "Da, and Russia is bad enough at targeting the majority of a people because of a few." He muttered under his breath, before falling silent. Hell, he was a sexually promiscuous, bi, Satanistic mutant in Russia, he knew all about that.

Mayday: Mayday nodded, "Ok, that I agree with. And I understand that you need bigger chains to shackle a bigger criminal, but out-and-out assuming mutants are sub-human is wrong, yeah..."

Cecilia: "There would be less extremists if more mutants felt like they had equality," Cecilia remarked. "Extremism is often born out of anger." Christ knew she would've joined a group like the Acolytes or the Brotherhood if they'd caught her just a few years earlier.

Pryor: "Exactly, society creates the problem and as a society we must respond to these potential problems in ways to not create the problem in the first place. The issue is how a society responds to a change and, sadly, we're all very prone to move against a change rather than think out our options."

Pryor: "So I ask you, what would your first step be in remodeling how the government approaches the topic of mutants?"

Mayday: Shaking her head, Mayday piped up again, "No, conflict ends when someone decides to stop throwing punches." she sighed, "W-what I mean is, the terms are 'we will stop if the witch-hunts stop', and the witch-hunts continue to catch the people not stopping. Someone needs to break that cycle, that's all."

Clarice: "Well, more actual mutant representation would be good?" Clarice hazarded.

Mayday: "If it were up to me, I'd simply be ready to hear out more people, and I'd rally for pro-human/mutant relations, like Clarice said." Mayday agreed.

Cecilia: "I'm behind these two," Cecilia said, motioning to Clarice and Mayday and smiling a little, more than a little relieved the topic had changed.

Cassandra: "To be honest, I've never thought too much about these things," Cassandra admitted. "I feel as if most problems we face are not caused by the government, but by the people who fear what we are. Those in power simply play upon that fear for their own benefit."

Cassandra: "So, someone who wouldn't do that kind of thing would already be a huge improvement, if you ask me." She revealed a faint smile.

Jolen: "Right, I'm going to head off and leave all you lovely ladies to your talking, as, unfortunately, I can't vote for you, Madelyne." He gave the girls a half-bow and turned to go, "Have a nice day everyone."

Pryor: "Now, now, this trip isn't for winning votes, I realize most of this school isn't able to. It was lovely meeting you no matter, Jolen."

Jean-Paul: Jean-Paul was slightly concerned as to whether or not he was being called a lady.

Pryor: "The question is how to change that fear. How do you change any kind of fear?" Madelyne smiled just a bit. "That's why I like this place, you've all ready started down that kind of road. I am of the mind that one of our most important things to focus on for better relations is education."

Pryor: "People fear things that are different than they are and usually it is because they're rather ignorant of them."

Pryor: "It's a simple idea but it generally proves true time and time again."

Kael: Kael tilted his head, sitting a little ways away to listen. He might not be able to vote, but he'd be damned if he wanted to live in a world where he was a second-class monster...

Mayday: "I don't believe there's a hundred percent chance everyone will change." Mayday said honestly, "I mean, the KKK still exist, but black rights do, too. Not all mutants will be accepted by everyone, and vice versa. We can only hope to raise awareness of the importance of equality."

Mayday: She raised a hand, "On one side, for example, there's us, and on the other, mutants like the Marauders..."

Cassandra: "I don't think you can change what people fear from the top down," Cassandra replied. "These are things that have to grow from the bottom up. What you can do, however, is not stoke those fears."

Cecilia: "So little is known about mutation though," Cecilia pointed out. "There are a lot of so called 'experts.' But really there's been a startling lack of research. Wouldn't the first step to educating the world as a whole be understanding ourselves first?" She cringed again at the mention of Marauders. "And then there's everyday people and the Galactus cult, there are sick fucks everywhere, May."

Pryor: "Of course, there are always going to be those who choose to remain as fearful and ignorant as they are now. We're not wanting to brainwash the public into thinking that everyone with an X-gene is some sort of saint. That would be a lie and also be putting us on some sort of superhuman pedestal. What needs to be taught for human-mutant relations is that we are, in fact, human."

Mayday: Mayday nodded, "That's my point - you can't eradicate those people completely, it's impossible to kill an idea," she shrugged, "We just need different ideas, truer ideas," she gestured to Miss Pryor, "And there it is - the better, truer idea."

Pryor: "The science behind mutations is another thing that is very important to learn, yes, but the root of hate is generally the ability of the group in power being able to see the weaker group as not being of the same ilk as they are. The public relations you have developed at this school as X-men have started the wheel."

Pryor: "And the fact that this place is educating people that actually do care about replacing these so-called experts for the next generation is another step as well."

Cecilia: "It's the truth," Cecilia said. "We're not a separate species." She shifted a little uncomfortably at the mention of the team. "We tried."

Mayday: "Y-yeah, we're kind of a big deal, I guess.", Mayday grinned.

Cassandra: "Wise words," Cassandra remarked and smirked. "At the end of it, we all possess the same potential to be as great or as vile as we aim to be."

Cecilia: Cecilia was curious about something else though. "Do you mind if I ask you a personal question, Madelyne? What exactly are your powers?"

Pryor: "Well, I will say Cassandra has me beaten on flair but not functionality. My running mate and I share that power. I am also telekinetic and have some limited telepathy...you'll understand that the latter is off the record."

Pryor: In all honesty it wasn't nearly as limited as she let on, either.

Cecilia: Cecilia wondered if she should raise her shields and risk offending her or stay the way she was. She opted to not do anything, she'd just have to watch what she was thinking about. "We've a few of those, I can see why that'd not be something you'd want to announce."

Cassandra: "Thank you!" Cassandra grinned and bowed her head at the compliment. "And it's not that I can't be functional, too, I just happen to believe that anything done without flair and style could have been done better."

Mayday: Mayday agreed with Cecilia, "Yeah, but...well, you can see why people don't want to deal with the fear of someone listening to their brain..."

Cecilia: Cecilia just smiled tightly. "It's more than a little disconcerting."

Pryor: "It is." Madelyne admitted. "And everyone has secrets in politics."

Cassandra: "Of course, you can rest assured that your secret is safe with us." Cassandra told Madelyne. "Everyone should have some, anyway."

Cecilia: "The less secrets you have the less people have to use against you," Cecilia pointed out to Cass.

Mayday: "Privacy is still a right everyone has, long as they don't abuse it.", Mayday commented.

Pryor: "May I ask you something now?" Madelyne decided it was her turn as she looked about the school. "Why is it you all do take part in the things this school is involved in. I'd like to hear your stances."

Cassandra: "Only if you don't hide them well," Cassandra replied, shooting Cecilia a smirk, before she turned back to their guest. "I assume you're not talking about field trips and art projects here, no?"

Pryor: "I'm afraid I don't know about your field trips and art projects but feel free to tell me about them."

Mayday: Pausing for thought, Mayday looked away before raising her hand timidly, "That implies a lot. A lot that I don't think we're meant to talk about regardless.", she felt more than a little reserved about telling what was, essentially, an outsider about the X-Men.

Pryor: "I'm not asking about secrets. Keep your secrets. I'm asking about your personal views, don't worry. You don't have to discuss anything that I wouldn't know about as an outside citizen."

Mayday: "With Great Power comes Great Responsibility.", Mayday responded, "Those who can should use their ability for the greater good of all, assisting the injured, protecting the weak, but never to harm."

Mayday: She laughed nervously, "Forgive the awkwardness, we ah....trust is a hard thing to give away readilly...given our history especially."

Cassandra: "They don't earn us any extra credit, if that's what you mean." Cassandra chuckled. "And I think you'll find as many reason as students here. A sense of responsibility, the aspiration to be a role-model, the thrill and excitement, fancy costumes, being adored and admired, or the simple joy of knowing you did some good and made a difference."

Cassandra: "Most importantly, however, it's a hell of fun," the raven-haired girl added and flashed a grin.

Cecilia: Cecilia about that for awhile. Why, indeed? "Some of it is to re-pay Charles. It used to be 'cause I thought I could make a measurable difference in the world but now most days I feel more like clean-up than I do a hero. I'd say now it's a matter of principle. I want to be able to say to my children I tried to make the world better. It might be a hopeless battle but it's a battle worth fighting."

Pryor: She nodded at all of the answers. "Have you ever considered some sort of testimonials for some of your public interactions? It might help with mutant-human relations as well as mutant-mutant."

Cassandra: "Do you mean some kind of reality TV style video confessions?" Cassandra asked, tapping a finger to the side of her chin. "This could be intriguing. Maybe I should start a blog."

Mayday: "Pretty sure it's been done.", Mayday added, "It er....it didn't last long."

Pryor: "Well, not that specifically, no. Those generally are trite and trashy things but you have resources, just something interesting...now, I hear you have quite the interesting training room."

Cecilia: Cecilia frowned. "I have family that aren't entirely aware of what I do and who I associate with," she said. "I wouldn't be comfortable with them knowing...and I don't want to draw unwanted attention to them."

Mayday: Mayday looked to Miss Pryor again, "Oh? Who told you about the pool?"

Pryor: "That is your personal preference. Although I wouldn't imagine there would always be cause to put one's name to it, either. Now, Mayday, don't bluff at a telepath. Even if it wasn't any of you I got it from I am fairly certain."

Cassandra: "Oh, yes, we certainly do," Cassandra replied, turning around to walk backwards ahead of the group. "I might tell you about it, but this really is the kind of thing better experienced firsthand." She put on an impish smile. "Would you care to see it?"

Mayday: "You know, that we have the gall to be surprised when our front door gets blown up....!" Mayday sighed, "C-can seriously anyone see why I'm kinda not ok with stuff like this?"

Pryor: Madelyne just looked a bit confused at Mayday. "I can assure you I'm more than welcome in Charles Xavier's house if that will console you some."

Mayday: "It's just....it wouldn't be the first time someone said that.", Mayday rubbed her head awkwardly, "...I-I'd really prefer the faculty to be here and not just....us."

Jean-Paul: "May, relax. She's fine." Jean-Paul assured her. "Staff invited her and she's clear for everything."

Cecilia: "Sebastian knows her," Cecilia said, standing up. "Charles cleared her, that's good enough for me."

Cassandra: "Besides, what's the worst that could possibly happen?" Cassandra asked, holding up her hands. "I'm sure there won't be any maniac clown hordes today."

Mayday: Gulping awkwardly, Mayday nodded and looked away, rubbing her shoulder a little, "....mmn.", she decided on, "...s-sorry..."

Cecilia: "The worst has already happened," Cecilia pointed out. "One bad apple shouldn't spoil the whole bunch...I wouldn't run the risk if I didn't think it was safe, May."

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Re: 6/15 Game: Q&A

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Re: 6/15 Game: Q&A

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We need maniac clown hordes now.

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