6/8 Game: Splitting The Party

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6/8 Game: Splitting The Party

Post by Ferguson » Sat Jun 08, 2013 11:27 pm

<Angelina> Angel clicked the heel of her stiletto against the floor as she waited for the students to file in. She smiled and nodded, her hair bobbing with her movements until she tucked a thick ringlet behind her ear and toyed with her earring – her dragonflies, of course.

<Jessica> This was not, strictly speaking, one of Jessica's classes but she had a free period and therefore some time to kill so she figured she'd just sit in the back and watch. Maybe.

<Cecilia> Cecilia wandered in and plunked down into one of the seats in the middle of the class. Sighing heavily and letting her posture go slack. Political discussions were gonna be a piece of cake compared to biochem.

<Cassie> As Cassandra walked in and spied Jessica sitting in the rear of the class, an impish smirk instantly showed up on her face, and she pranced over to the other girl at once. "Hello, Jess," she greeted her sweetly, putting her fingertips on the table next to her. "Is this one still free?"

<Alison> Why was she here again? Alison supposed it was nice to broaden your horizons but this class didn't really seem like something for her. She took her seat, glancing around to see who else was going to be in here for the day and giving a general nod as greeting to the room.

<Jessica> Jess glanced up at Cassie and nodded, "I think so... not normally in this class..."

<Angelina> “Allora, now that we're all here, at least in body – si? - we'll get started. The election season... well since Hope's announcement it's been heating up and with Osborn going on the Stoffelis show next week... well... the only candidate we haven't discussed is the one we should discuss most, I think!” Angel picked up her cup for a sip of her sickeningly sweet coffee.

<Jessica> Jess slid down in her seat a little in fear of being targeted for questions and pulled out her notebook.

<Cassie> "Neither am I," Cass replied, taking a seat next to Jessica. "Don't get me wrong, politics are obviously important, but they're also so dry and dull they almost put me to sleep most of the time." She leaned over to the other student. "To be honest, I'm only here because of Professor Salvatore."

<Jessica> "I have a free time-slot so... nothing better to do..." She gave Cass a half shrug. "It was this or distract Sebastian..."

<Cassie> "I know what I would have picked in your place," Cass replied, giving Jessica a suggestive smirk, before she looked up and raised her hand. "Uhm, Miss Salvatore, does that mean we have to watch that show for class? Because I kind of can't stand that Stoffelis guy?"

<Cecilia> Cecilia crossed her arms and moved her feet into the empty seat in front of her. She didn't need to take notes for this and there was no-one to impress really so she might as well relax and enjoy this topic. She did enjoy this subject a great deal. "You mean the candidate that made me completely forget Stark?" she laughed. "She's great. Very admirable, not likely she'll get into office," she said mournfully. "But a snowballs chance is still a chance, yeah?"

<Angelina> "Oh yes, we'll have to... if only to heckle, Bella!" Angel continued, wondering how she got an all-female class today. “It's a long shot that she'll be elected, but if Madelyne Pryor is elected, what do you think it would mean? For mutants? For America? For the world?”

<Jessica> Jess giggled quietly, "Yeah well I already did that in his first week but it's different when he's already got a class in there..." She threw Cassie a grin.

<Laura> Laura had arrived to class early, which had proved to be a feat because she'd had to pry herself away from that Mass Effect game Mayday was teaching her about. Politics weren't exactly her best subject, especially when compared to ones that had more definite answers, and her brow furrowed as she considered the questions as well as the various chatter from around the room.

<Alison> "Well...I guess it'd be some sign of trust?" Alison ventured, not overly sure what she was even talking about but going for it nevertheless. "I mean, that isn't something all of us get."

<Angelina> "She made her big announcement, but she hasn't said what her powers are, either, and the media is starting to attack that... it makes them wonder what she's hiding and that's the opposite of building trust."

<Angelina> “Much like any minority, of course Pryor and Zazel will get the support of the majority of the mutant voters because they will feel that's the candidate that will understand them best – but is that really the case? Should I vote for a black president just because I'm black? Should I vote for a woman just because I look like this, yo?” She gave a little shimmy.

<Cassie> "I think it's more the attempt that matters, no?" Cassandra tried herself at an answer. "I mean, she's running for office because it's a right thing to do and to take a stand for us, right? That alone should be worth the effort, even though she'll never win. Which would be pretty awesome, I guess."

<Jessica> "Politics shouldn't be a popularity contest..."

<Alison> "I was more meaning if she was elected it'd be like people were more moving to that but that's less to do with her and more to do with the public...and aren't they all ready?"

<Cassie> Trailing off, Cassandra began to rethink her answer and looked down, a finger on her chin. "I don't know," she then replied truthfully. "She's a mutant, yes, but I don't know anything else about her."

<Cecilia> "No matter what she can do the anti-mutant groups will find some way to tear her down," Cecilia pointed out. "It shouldn't but it is," she said to Jess. "Welcome to America, sister."

<Jessica> "Doesn't mean it's right. It should be about policy not whether the person elected is black, white, or mutant."

<Alison> "Well, usually a person's policies come from who they are, don't they? You're raised in a certain environment you're more likely to think like those people about a lot of things."

<Jessica> "I don't think it's right to just elect someone because they're a mutant... do we even know what her political standpoint is besides the headlines?"

<Angelina> "Si, it should be, but.... yeah... not everyone overcomes the circumstances of their upbringing," she gestured and got up to sit on her desk. "The redneck mutant hatin' pigs won't change."

<Cassie> Cassandra nodded. "I think Jessica is right," she added. "I mean, should I not vote for Tony Stark only because he isn't a mutant like me? Perhaps he would make for a better president than Pryor. Besides, his butt looks really cute in those suits." She bit her lip. "But I guess now we're back at popularity, right?"

<Angelina> Angel bobbed her head in agreement with Cassie about Stark, but she had a point there too. "Pryor has served in Congress as a Democrat, like Stark... so in theory a lot of the policies are the same."

<Cecilia> "She's spoken about her political leanings more than once," Cecilia said. "The media just likes to cover her genetic status more. She's a pretty solid candidate in my opinion. I like Stark, don't get me wrong, but that being said I don't think I'd like to see him as a president."

<Jessica> "But if Pryor gets elected she's going to have an uphill struggle to make any headway with her policies... whereas Stark would actually have half a chance."

<Cecilia> "With that attitude why bother trying at all?" Cecilia said. "Why don't we just resign ourselves to being second class citizens?"

<Cassie> "I don't want to be a downer, but isn't it kind of, I don't know... counterproductive to have two democratic candidates?" Cassandra asked the group and their teacher. "The way I see it, it could be a real problem that all democratic voters split up between those two, and then we're stuck with Kelly for another period."

<Jessica> "It's not an attitude, it's a fact." Jess folded her arms. "You know that's how it is. Why fool yourself?"

<Alison> "Should what all happened while Stark was Vice President be a hint about how things would go when he would be president?"

<Cecilia> "'Cause I'm not willing to just lie down and take it," Cecilia said, raising an eyebrow. "Some things...some things are more important than winning or losing. More than living or dying. Some things just have to be done. I think what Pryor's doing is one of them. Someone has to do it and I'm glad she's stepped up to the challenge."

<Jessica> "Well okay but look at it this way. You vote for her and she doesn't win and Stark doesn't win because, like Cassie said, the democrats split. Then what? We're in a worse situation than ever."

<Cecilia> Cecilia clapped her hands and pointed at Alison. "You. I like you more and more everyday."

<Jessica> "It's all admirable standing up for mutants and making a point that they can do well in politics but there's no way she'd make it into office now that she's made that her stand."

<Cecilia> "There might be more supporters than you think," Cecilia said. "My family supports my mutation and have a lot of problems with how mutants are treated as a group. A lot of minorities might sympathize with us. Not all humans hate mutants."

<Cassie> "Now, a mutant republican candidate, that would mix things up for sure," Cassandra tossed in, before she reined in her excitement and fell back against the back of her chair. "No wait, no one would vote for him, anyway, right?" Damn, politics were hard. And still dull.

<Alison> Alison looked a bit alarmed when she got a clap. Did she say something right? Holy Jesus!

<Laura> Laura opened her mouth and closed it, leaning back in her seat as she pointed out, "The general public doesn't always hate us either."

<Jessica> "They don't always like us though."

<Laura> She nodded. "Which would mean they don't really know what they want, right?"

<Angelina> "So... maybe she would have stood a better chance if she had hooked her star to Stark's and run as his vice presidential candidate?" Angel drank her coffee, watching the students. “What if Stark wins and because of his sympathies for mutants and his mutant daughter he would appoint her to a high cabinet seat? How would the public react to that?”

<Alison> "Well nobody's going to be liked 100% of the time. I mean, my grandma still hates Black people." She looked to Angelina and Cecilia conspiratorially and added in a slight whisper, somewhat ashamed. "She calls you Darkies."

<Cassie> "I think Cecilia and Laura may have a point," Cassandra remarked, nodding with a faint smile on her lips. "I mean, the audience always seemed to love me when I worked at the circus, even though they had to know I'm a mutant. Then again, maybe they also saw me more as an exotic animal to be admired."

<Jessica> "And that makes them unpredictable and gives Pryor even less of a chance to win," Jess finished her train of thought for Laura.

<Angelina> Angel just laughed at Alison's whisper, playing with her hair.

<Cecilia> "So they're neutral or ambivalent and their minds can be swayed," Cecilia said, waving a hand. "It's not hopeless, we can still get the things we deserve without extremist measures. The problem I have is asking for those things, we shouldn't ask, we should demand."

<Laura> Laura shook her head as she commented, "Or it means everyone stands a chance to win."

<Jessica> "I think her best chance is to step back, let Stark win and then do what Angel said and the public can cram it up their asses."

<Cassie> "Well, at least we can all agree that it's going to be an interesting show," Cassandra remarked and cocked her head. "Maybe even I will finally find politics interesting."

<Cecilia> "Stark wasn't crowing for mutant rights when Kelly began his campaign against us," Cecilia pointed out. "He's not some hero, he's a politician that wants to be re-elected, just like all the others. He's no saint and if it suited him more to play the other side, he would. In an instant."

<Jessica> "Except when Kelly was elected he didn't have a mutant daughter... and was probably really drunk."

<Alison> "Maybe that is what she's doing? We can only really guess about that but it's getting her out there at least. I don't know much about politics so my guess isn't gong to be that good." Alison admitted with a bit of a shrug. "I don't think anyone in politics can really be saintlike, though, right? It's all behind the scenes give and take pretty much."

<Angelina> "Allora, he didn't know he had a mutant daughter when he was elected."

<Cecilia> "Of course Pryor's doing the same," Cecilia said. "None of them are saints, a lot of this is picking the lesser evil." She smirked. "So he only cares when it effects him. All the more reason for me not to vote for him. Too little, too late."

<Angelina> "Mi famiglia, well, my family in Italy... they didn't know I was a mutant until I came back into my father's life. But once they did... they embraced a cause they hadn't really had a reason to think about before. It's human nature. And our nature as well."

<Jessica> "Well obviously he wasn't going to shoot himself in the foot politically, that'd be stupid. It's different now. Just like it's different for Pryor. She didn't reveal she was a mutant til it suited her. So you can't call her a saint and Stark the devil for doing the same damn thing."

<Cecilia> "I'm not gay and I didn't know anyone who was until I came here but that doesn't mean I didn't support LGBT rights," Cecilia pointed out. "You can support things that don't effect you 'cause it's the right thing to do."

<Alison> "Does it really suit her? It doesn't seem to but I guess they have to have bad reports about every candidate, don't they?"

<Cassie> "To be honest, I never thought about my place in society as a mutant, either, or cared much for what other had to say about me," Cassandra explained, her fingers fidgeting on the desk in front of her. "I was something special, and to me that has always been enough."

<Angelina> "Si... they're all politicians. Everything in life is political in fact if you look at it a certain way."

<Jessica> "Well she was going to get exposed by the press sooner or later so she did it on her terms so, yeah, it suited her."

<Cecilia> "Lesser evil," Cecilia said, smiling widely at Jess. "Lesser evil."

<Alison> "She's been in elections before so that doesn't really make sense."

<Jessica> "Yeah but this is a presidential thing... people dig." She shrugged.

<Angelina> "Would we want to speculate on the nature of her mutation? Because Alison makes a good point that she's been through this song and dance before, si? Yet she never was exposed as a mutant until now."

<Kevin> Kevin tried to sneak in as quietly as he could. Late was always bad. He ducked into the nearest chair and tried to figure out what was going on. Ah the mutant president hopefuls. Right. "Well, it really isn't any of our business, is it? What her mutation is, I mean. Obviously she can hide it or it isn't a big thing..."

<Alison> She said something good again? Alison couldn't quite keep the look of surprise off of her face. She didn't suck at this anymore!

<Angelina> Angel flicked her wings and took a sip of coffee. "Aha! So! The election does matter to the other sex! Welcome!"

<Cecilia> "I'm sure we'll find out what it is eventually," Cecilia said. "It's only a matter of time. She's made a reputation of being pro-mutant. It wouldn't make much sense to hide it away shamefully now would it?"

<Angelina> "So why did she?"

<Cassie> "Hey, Kevin!" Cassandra raised her hand to give the boy a slight wave and a wry smile. "Decided to grace your harem with your presence?"

<Alison> Well, maybe she still sucked a little at this because Alison had no clue how to answer that question.

<Cecilia> "She had it right on her I.D. I don't think she was hiding it. Kinda hard to when they ask for it at places. Likely most just didn't ask 'cause they assumed someone in that position of power couldn't possibly be a dirty mutant," Cecilia smirked.

<Jessica> Jess idly wondered if Sebastian knew and decided she'd ask him later. "It's not that hard - a lot of people here have IDs reading that they're human. You just have to know the right people... like the people in charge at the Hellfire Club."

<Angelina> "She never advertised though... she never made an announcement to come out of the mutant closet. Not until she was in the running for president."

<Kevin> Kevin sputtered. "Harem..." He looked around. Oh. It was an all-girls class and. Jess. "Oh." He looked away. "I agree - maybe it was just so a part of her that she never had to say oh hey look at me, I'm a mutant!"

<Cassie> "Perhaps she's a telepath and is afraid that everyone would accuse her of secretly controlling the brains of all the senators," Cassandra suggested, putting both index fingers on either temple and wagging her head from side to side. "Which of course would be just silly, as everyone knows senators are already brain-dead."

<Kevin> Kevin laughed. "That's funny."

<Jessica> "Well if she was that'd be a good case for hiding it. Imagine all the drama if that got out."

<Cassie> Cassandra flashed Kevin a grin in response and slightly cocked her head.

<Cecilia> "Maybe she's sick of hiding and wants to make a stand," Cecilia offered, shrugging. "Maybe she's doing it for the greater good, who knows? I think it's prudent not to announce it, I don't think saying nothing equates shame, just common sense."

<Angelina> "Oh, si, there would be nothing but drama... and if she won... imagine the implications!"

<Cecilia> Cecilia waved a hand. "A couple riots on some streets, block parties on others. No different in any controversial vote."

<Jessica> "Or paranoia against mutants would skyrocket."

<Kevin> "A couple of riots? I think the nation would have a civil war."

<Alison> "Things can go either way...but I don't think a civil war would happen. People keep saying it will every time an unpopular election happens but nobody ever does it."

<Jessica> Jess gestured at Kevin to signal her agreement with that statement.

<Cecilia> "And they're not paranoid already?" Cecilia said. "They tried to infect us all with a fatal disease. They're lucky they didn't have a civil war from that."

<Cassie> "You mean the south would finally rise again?" Cassandra asked, obviously finding the idea quite funny. "Which would be quite ironic, wouldn't it? After all, aren't most of those people down there mutants themselves?" She snickered.

<Angelina> "Si, it was a human with high ties in the government who created the Legacy virus, even if the general public doesn't know this... but would they object if they did? Or would they be happy to be rid of us?"

<Jessica> "Mutants aren't going to rise up against the rest because we know that'll make us look worse than ever... but the other way around? I sure as hell wouldn't put it past them. Especially if they thought they'd been brainwashed into voting in a mutant president."

<Alison> "...hey." Alison pouted back at Cassie a bit.

<Kevin> "I think the non-mutants would love to be rid of us, professor."

<Cecilia> "We can't know until it's done," Cecilia said, shrugging. "Speculation is pointless...personally, I'd like to think that people would trust the higher powers a lot less. Though I have little faith in humanity."

<Cassie> "Present company excepted," Cassandra quickly added, sheepishly smiling at Alison.

<Jessica> "I would have thought present company rather proved your point." Jess gave Cassie a grin.

<Alison> "Not everyone in the nation is anti-mutant. Most everyone is just middle of the ground or don't really care and we've some support. I mean, that's still not going to help Pryor win but eventually it'll help us, right?"

<Jessica> "It'll help us until someone flying the mutant flag does something retarded and pisses them off..."

<Angelina> "Speculation gives you some perspective on how to plan for the future, Cecilia," she said, slicking back her wings. "Personally, while my cynical side believes Kevin is right... likely the truth is more for apathy."

<Cecilia> Cecilia frowned. "And how many flew that flag and did what they did 'cause of the precedents set by humans? Let's face it, most mutant action is retaliatory."

<Kevin> "Which would be worse, since those who do feel strongly will act while the apathetic let them take over."

<Jessica> "It doesn't matter if it's in retaliation. We want people to believe we're better we have to lead by example."

<Angelina> "This is all good, and I do have an announcement for you," she said, standing again. "One of the reasons we are having this discussion today is to help you all get your thoughts in order because next week we will have a visit from Miss Pryor herself."

<Cecilia> "We're not better," Cecilia said. "We're people just like them. I don't want them to think I'm better, I want them to think I'm human. There's a difference. I shouldn't have to prove through my actions what my biology already states loud and clear."

<Alison> "...a visit? Like...here?"

<Cassie> "You mean she's coming to the school herself?" Cassandra asked, perking up.

<Alison> What in the hell do you wear when you're meeting a presidential candidate?

<Jessica> "Well good luck arguing that point to them."

<Cecilia> "YESSSSS!" Cecilia said, grinning widely. "It's like Christmas come early!"

<Angelina> "Si. Thanks to your new engineering professore, she will be paying us a personal, private visit." She straightened her skirt and smiled.

<Cassie> Cassandra raised her hand again. "Can I prepare a show for her?" she asked.

<Cassie> "I promise it will be nothing naughty," the raven-haired girl added.

<Angelina> Angel tapped her nail against her teeth. "If she has time for it? I will ask Xavier, si?"

<Alison> Alison glanced back at the dark-haired mutant and wondered exactly what kind of shows she did. That was going to have to be something to ask about after class.

<Cecilia> "Will there be a question and answer period?" Cecilia asked, raising her hand but not bothering to wait on being called on before speaking.

<Angelina> "I believe it will be nothing but a question and answer period. She wished to visit us, and Sebastian arranged it."

<Jessica> "To make sure we all want to vote for her, I suppose."

<Cecilia> "Can this day get any better?" Cecilia laughed, extraordinarily pleased.

<Jessica> "Undoubtedly..." Jess muttered.

<Kevin> Kevin frowned at the mention of Shaw. Great.

<Cecilia> Cecilia laughed. "It never hurts to check out the competition. Who knows? Some might change their minds."

<Cassie> "Ooh, I'll have to think of interesting questions to ask a real life politician then," Cassandra announced, more to herself than anyone else. "I'll have to do my best to make sure I don't bore her."

<Alison> "I think it'll be fun. Any kind of support is nice and instead of speculating we can just ask her what we've talked about today, right?"

<Kevin> "I wonder if she's nice in person."

<Angelina> Angel nodded at Alison. "Si, bella!"

<Jessica> "I guess we'll find out..."

<Cecilia> "I'm sure she's pretty solid, you'd have to be in her position," Cecilia said to Kevin. "Now what am I gonna ask? I might have to narrow the questions down to top ten...or five."

<Jessica> "No you wouldn't... you'd get far being a complete asshole."

<Cecilia> "Well, if you're gonna be an asshole it helps to be a charming asshole at least," Cecilia laughed, still in high spirits.

<Jessica> "Like Tony Stark?" Jess raised an eyebrow.

<Kevin> "Or Shaw," Kevin added under his breath.

<Jack> "Personally I'd love to see someone like her running everything." Jack finally said from the back.

<Cecilia> Cecilia shrugged. "Like all of 'em, I'm sure. I'm not voting for her 'cause I like her personality. It's her policies and cause I'm more concerned about. I like Stark a great deal as a person. I've hung out with him."

<Angelina> Angel was close enough to hear that and glanced at Kevin. Her snicker was soft and hidden quickly by her coffee cup.

<Jessica> Jess frowned at Kevin then gave a start of surprise, looking round. "Oh you're awake..." She'd assumed he was asleep at the desk a little way over from her and Cassie.

<Kevin> "Most people vote for the person who looks the best. And who's the tallest."

<Cassie> "What do you mean with 'hung out'?" Cassandra asked, a faint smirk on her lips as she gave Cecilia a teasing sideways look.

<Cecilia> "Well then boobs will take Pryor a long way," Cecilia snorted. "Well, maybe not with the female audience but they're just jealous."

<Alison> Alison looked down at herself for a moment. Yeah, she was a bit jealous there but she hadn't really thought about it.

<Angelina> "Boobs take us all far, si?" Angel laughed and buzzed her wings as she sat back on the desk, kicking off her stilettos.

<Jessica> "They sure do," Jess nodded to Angel's statement. "I've met Stark too... before he knew Hope was his kid. He's funny."

<Cecilia> Cecilia just raised an eyebrow at Cassandra. "I convinced him to meet a group of us at the Hellfire Club last semester. It's hardly as exciting as you're thinking." She gestured to herself and laughed. "Well, I make up for it in other ways."

<Cassie> "I owe mine most of the tips I get as a performer," Cassandra pointed out with a snicker.

<Angelina> "I have met him at the club as well," she agreed with a wistful expression and a wink. "If the tallest wins, Tony has it all wrapped up, yo."

<Jack> "What if Pryor wears heels?"

<Jessica> "I chatted with him for a while at some charity thing last year... he was dodging his security detail and flirting a lot... and drinking." She nodded sagely. "I think he might have been trying to get me drunk."

<Jack> "Okay, now that is a tempting argument to get me to vote for Stark as well." Jack added.

<Alison> Looking up from her chest and wondering where all of her boob mojo was since most everyone else seemed to have it, Alison supposed she should reenter the conversation. "Norman Osborn sort of looks like a turtle. I think it's the neck."

<Kevin> Kevin vowed to never get a class with all girls again. "So, aside from how sexy men at the Hellfire Club are, what do you think will happen if Pryor makes equalization rights for mutants happen? If she takes away registering?"

<Jessica> Jess looked over at Jack, "Which part of that made it a good idea?"

<Cecilia> Cecilia smirked widely. "Obviously wherever women and booze are Stark will be there," she said. She laughed at Alison's comment. "It's also a bit disturbing how he keeps talking about 'human mechanical enhancements' I think he's trying to make the terminator."

<Jack> "But I still want to see what a woman would do in the big chair running this country. A mutant woman at that." Jack said, then thought about what Kevin said, "Like that for example, that's a good thing."

<Alison> "...wait...can we actually make terminators? Because that sounds like a terrible idea."

<Jack> "Don't we have the terminator 3 terminator in the basement?" Jack asked.

<Jessica> "Isn't one of the staff here practically one of those anyway?" Jess frowned a little.

<Jack> "Jinx, you owe me a cuddle!"

<Cecilia> "If she took away registration I'd have her babies. I don't care if it's not biologically possible, science would find a way." Cecilia shrugged at Alison. "I hope not. Makes fighting humans all the more difficult."

<Jessica> "I'm not getting up. If you want one you have to come here." Jess poked her tongue out at Jack.

<Jack> "Actually, seeing that we're all mutants, Cee, it might be possible." Jack said as he got up to make his way to Jess.

<Cassie> "You two would make for a wonderful couple," Cassandra commented and chuckled.

<Cecilia> "I know!" Cecilia laughed. "I seem to have a thing for redheads!"

<Jessica> "I'm sure Fabian wouldn't mind either." Jess slid her arms around Jack and huggled him, throwing in some pets too.

<Cecilia> Cecilia laughed and shook her head. "I don't think so."

<Angelina> "Kevin makes a good point, and something we should ask her about. Would she try to repeal the Registration Act?"

<Jessica> "Would a repeal actually pass?"

<Cassie> "I'm not exactly sure how these things work, but could she even do that all on her own?" Cassandra asked, looking around the class. "Provided she even wants to. I don't know, but I could see her keeping it to make humans feel more secure, saying we don't have to hide and whatnot."

<Angelina> "There have been arguments since the very beginning that the law is unconstitutional, and those arguments continue to this day in legal circles though not in the courts themselves... but if she were able to bring this to the Supreme Court?"

<Angelina> "If she were able to appoint members to that Court, if she stayed in office, if she won support of the liberal members of the Court? There are a lot of ifs, but there are ways to reverse the act."

<Kevin> "That would be good. But what would that do to the ones who were already registered?"

<Jessica> "It's a political hot potato... mutants in general are. No one wants to touch it... but I guess if she got in she may as well ram it down their throats."

<Cecilia> "If she gets in I hope she changes as much shit as she can," Cecilia remarked. "That law is unconstitutional and if they brought up the truth behind the movement it might make it into a war crimes trial. One can hope."

<Jack> "What about that old thing about trying to cure mutations or... wasn't there a special in the news about screening developing fetuses for the x-gene? I mean, just think how many abortions will happen just because a parent doesn't want a mutant for a child." Jack added.

<Jessica> Jess wrinkled her nose at the talk of the 'cure', giving Jack a slight squeeze.

<Alison> Alison's nose wrinkled up at Jack's comment. "There's a word for that, too, isn't there? Like screening for certain genes and only picking the ones you like?"

<Kevin> "Eugenics."

<Jack> Jack noticed all the wrinkled noses in the room.

<Cecilia> "There's no 'cure,'" Cecilia snorted. "The only way to not be a mutant is die or go through gene knockout therapy which might kill you anyways. Trask's cure and Walt's pills are all the same thing: a crock of shit."

<Angelina> "Si, eugenics, and it's already very much in action," she sighed.

<Jessica> "Trask's cure did what it said it would.... just in a round about fashion..."

<Kevin> "A real cure would be nice, though. Maybe she'll start research for a real one."

<Cassie> "That sounds horrible," Cassandra remarked and pulled her legs up on the seat of her chair, her usually cheerful mood taking a damper.

<Angelina> Angel gave Kevin a flat look. "I still believe there has to be a way for most mutants to learn control... this is what we're here for, si?"

<Cecilia> "It suppressed mutation," Cecilia said. "It didn't remove it. That's not a cure by definition, it's treatment of a 'chronic illness.' Those cures are to make mutants ashamed to live and drug companies rich. Nothing more."

<Kevin> "What about those of us who will never have control, professor? I thought that was something Doctor Summers has to deal with too."

<Cassie> "Or Jack here," Cassandra tossed in, her mood lighting up again all of a sudden. "I don't think he'll ever be able to control his super-horniness."

<Angelina> "Scott was in an accident and this is why he can't control his eyes... he has brain damage." Angel tapped her nails on her cup, reaching up unconsciously to her earring again.

<Jessica> "It wasn't perfected... we were like a test group..." Jess have a shrug, stroking her fingers through Jack's fur as a distraction. "And I can completely understand some mutants wanting the option to have no powers..." her eyes went to Kevin briefly.

<Kevin> "Ah." Kevin squirmed in his seat. "Well what about me? Or others like me? Don't we get a say in how we want our lives to be?"

<Cecilia> Cecilia sighed. "There are other options, Kevin. Find a mutant partner that has a non-organic physiology or a power neutralizer, take suppressants during 'intimate moments'...but not Trask's 'cure.' That cure will be used for more harm than good...I'm sorry to say but the needs of the many outweigh the needs of a few."

<Angelina> "Right now, the suppressants we have - like the patch - are temporary and they have their own problems," she sighed.

<Jessica> "You can't control who you fall for." Jess pointed out to Cecilia. "And you shouldn't have to just because your biology dictates it."

<Jack> "Paraphernalia." Jack said nodding sage-like.

<Kevin> "Great. I suffer because there isn't an army of people who can kill just with a touch." He flipped the hood of his jacket up. "Well, it will be interesting to hear with Pryor has to say about it."

<Alison> Alison's brow furrowed. "I think she more meant find someone to partner up with for day to day things, not really fall in love with anyone." She frowned towards Kevin, not really sure how to take him but shrugged it off.

<Jessica> Jess bit her lip, wanting to put a hand on Kevin's shoulder or do something to offer comfort.

<Cassie> Cassandra tapped a finger against her chin, Cecilia's remark having made her think. "Doesn't that description fit Professor Kincaid," she remarked. "I mean, she's made entirely of metal, right? And not too hard on the eyes, either."

<Cecilia> "I didn't say you had to," Cecilia said, raising an eyebrow. "I said there are other options." She turned to Kevin. "I think you should hold out for an option that fixes the problem without doing away with the mutation...I'm convinced there's a way to do it, it's just not discovered yet. We know so little about mutations...there's still hope."

<Cassie> "Sure, she's a teacher here, but still... well, it's just an idea, anyway." She trailed off and shrugged her shoulders.

<Kevin> Kevin shook her off. "Don't touch me."

<Jessica> Jess sank lower in her seat and stared at her desk, sighing sadly.

<Jack> "That's definitely something we can ask her next week, if she''s in office, how much research would go into mutations, and how much of that would be done in favor of mutants, instead of finding a way of targeting mutants."

<Cecilia> "I like the sound of that," Cecilia said. "We're not a disease and it's time people stop acting like it."

<Jessica> "Who's acting like it now?" Jess glanced over at her before finding another patch of fur on Jack to pet.

<Cecilia> "I was referring to the general public," Cecilia said, sighing and rolling her eyes.

<Alison> Alison leaned back now that she had a chance and went to nudge Cassie. "So what kind of shows do you put on?"

<Cecilia> Cecilia got up. "Well, as enlightening as this was I got another class I need to be at, labs and all that. So..." She waved and sauntered out. "Sayonara, suckers."

<Jessica> "Have fun doing whatever..." Jess waved her off with her free hand and huffed a little.

<Cassie> "Oh, a bit of this and that," Cassandra replied, turning towards Alison. "There's acrobatics, dancing and gymnastics, juggling, and even some magic tricks." She was obviously thrilled to be talking about her performances. "The Uncanny Dusk knows how to astound. I used to have my own show at a circus, you know?"

<Jessica> "It was a really good show," Jess put in. "We went to see it."

<Cassie> "Thanks!" She grinned at Jessica and bowed her head. "I'm happy you liked it."

<Jessica> "There were spiders! I like anything with spiders."

<Jack> "She also offered private shows, and I loved that the most." Jack added.

<Jack> "I wonder if Pryor will have a Hug A Mutie day established." Jack wondered out loud.

<Jessica> Jess giggled, "I'll bet you did." She fluffed his tail. "That will be your favourite day of the year."

<Alison> "Oh Hon I'm so jealous now!" Alison laughed, patting Cassandra's shoulder. "Can you teach some?"

<Cassie> "They weren't real, though," Cassandra pointed out with a snicker. "No spiders were harmed during any of my shows." She gave Jack a quick sideways glance and smirked.

<Kevin> "I hope not," Kevin said, standing. "Since the class is obviously over and political things are over, I'm off."

<Alison> "Aw, you're out? I've not even got to meet you properly yet."

<Jessica> Jess looked over at Kevin, "See you around... I guess I know which class not to sit in on now...."

<Cassie> "Why yes, of course!" Cassandra beamed at the new girl. "I'd love to! At the circus we often used to practice together. That was always fun, and I really miss it sometimes."

<Kevin> "I'm Kevin and I can't touch or be touched, and you are?" He asked the blonde girl he hadn't met before.

<Alison> That seemed a strange way to introduce oneself. Alison just smiled and waved though. "I'm Alison...I'm afraid my power's not really that much exciting but it's there."

<Kevin> "Oh yeah? What's your power?"

<Jessica> Jess turned her attention to Jack, giving him a small smile before she reached to pick up her things. "I think I'll go and get something to eat..."

<Alison> Alison offered him up some sparkling light's to demonstrate. "I can make sound into light so I tend to listen to a lot of music...I've been trying not to listen to music during class, though."

<Kevin> "Very pretty. Well, it was nice meeting you, Alison." He waved and turned. "See you guys next class, or actually, when Pryor comes. It'll be fun."

<Alison> Alison frowned again, unable to see that as anything but a little bit rude. "Nice meeting you, too!" But she would be truthful in saying that. Every new person met was always a nice thing.

<Jessica> She got to her feet, pushing a hand through her hair and lifting her bag onto her shoulder. "See you guys later... Think I'll find somewhere else to kill the rest of the time..."

<Cassie> "See you, Kevin!" Cassandra waved at him, before turning back to the others and the new girl. "Now that's pretty amazing!" She smiled at Alison. "I can make it dark instead." Holding up her own hand, she gave a likewise demonstration by letting a few shadows swirl around her fingers.

<Cassie> "See you around, Jessy-poo! Cassandra gave her a wave, as well.

<Alison> "...what'll happen if I put some light into it?" Alison asked, going right ahead and trying that out for herself.

<Jessica> "Bye Cass..." she gave her a wave and gave Jack another cuddle because she didn't get to do that nearly often enough now that she lived elsewhere. "See you later everyone..."

<Cassie> Cassandra watched as the the darkness playing around her hand drifted away like black smoke in the wind, then looked up at the new girl. "Well, I guess that shouldn't come as a surprise, no?" she said, a wry smile on her lips. "As the saying goes, light banishes the dark, after all."

<Alison> "Huh, cool," Alison waved to Jess as she stepped out. "Well, hopefully that works in other kinds of cases, too, right?"

<Cassie> "Well, we should try it out," Cass suggested, already excited at the prospect of getting to play around with a human light-show. "At the very least, you should be able to read in bed while humming to yourself."

<Alison> "I am the best nitelite!" Alison declared quite happily. She then looked about a bit shiftily. "Would you like to head down to the DR and mess around with powers?"

<Cassie> Instead of answering, Cassandra's response took the form of a mischievous grin forming on her lips, before she grabbed Alison's hand and began to drag her along.

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