6/1 Game: X-Termination 101

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6/1 Game: X-Termination 101

Post by Starfish » Sat Jun 01, 2013 11:32 pm

Timeline: Wednesday, August 31st

Fabian: Fabian stared at the stage, not really taking in what was happening as his brain had checked out the first half hour in. Supporting the arts was all well and good but today they had been brought to what had to be the worst acted snorefest on record. He looked to the others and dropped his voice. "Is it too late to pretend this is a performance of Rocky Horror and get some toast to throw?"

Pipeline: Mick was proving how much of a snorefest it was. Apparently he'd been too busy to sleep, and it was warm and dark and he was in a corner and...

Cecilia: Cecilia cringed at the wooden lines. "Is this what plays are normally like?" she whispered to the group. "I've never been to one before. Well, not a real one that wasn't put on by my school."

Elizabeth: Elizabeth was dozing off as well, normally she liked this sort of thing but this was just..... horrendus.....

Jessica: "Why would you throw toast?" Jess was utterly confused as she turned in her seat to answer Fabian.

Fabian: "No, no this is a travesty. I think we were brought here to learn what not to do. They should hire Howlett to add some dance numbers or something...you throw toast at Rocky Horror and a lot of other audience participation things."

Mayday: Mayday was silent, carefully hiding within her Portal hoodie and clicking away at her handheld console. Monster Hunter was happening - she decided that given the acting of the play, she'd probably just read the book. Maybe.

Cassie: "What this needs is more dancing and tumbling," Cassandra commented, having slouched back in her seat, knees pressed against the back of the seat in front of her. A curtain of black hair concealed most of her face. "I would also be contend with some clowns, as long as they juggle something dangerous. Even a mime would be an improvement."

Jessica: Jess blinked at Fabian's revelation. "Audience participation?"

Melody: Melody had been sitting next to Mick, and now her head was lolling on his shoulder as she snored gently, it was quiet and dark and there was no screaming baby, everything was going exactly as anticipated.

Cecilia: "I liked Rocky Horror way better than this," Cecilia muttered, rolling her eyes. "Maybe I should just go to the bathroom....they don't let you back in while it's still going right?"

Elizabeth: "Hey Cassie? Can we get on stage soon and show them how to do a real crowd pleasing eprformance?" Giving the girl beside her a cheeky if sleepy grin.

Pipeline: There was very gentle snoring coming from the corner, Horde hoodie with the hood pulled up hiding most of his face and only a few blond locks falling out.

Mayday: Still clicking away, Mayday glanced up at the stage, then to her friends, smiling a little before going back to her game.

Cassie: "This play is so boring, I wouldn't be surprised if they dragged you back in by force so the audience can't use that trick to run," Cassandra replied to Cecilia, before Elizabeth's remark brought a smirk to her lips. "You know, this might get us arrested."

Fabian: Mime improvement...that was a serious thing. "Yeah, there's a whole list of things the audience has for it. Maybe we can talk whoever arranged this outing into switching shows."

Melody: Mel smacked her lips and shifted in her sleep, letting out a soft "Mmmmmmmmmnnnnnngggggggg" before drooling on Mick's shoulder.

Elizabeth: "I don't know." Yawning without bothering to stifle it on purpose. "I think it'd get better reviews with our help...."

Jessica: "Sounds.... weird." She wrinkled her nose a little, turning back to the stage. She was thoroughly lost (assuming this production even had a plot) having let her mind stray twenty minutes in.

Xian: "Whoever arranged this outing should be kicked swiftly in the ass." Xi'an whispered looking around at the rest of the group.

Jessica: "Seconded. I'll even offer to use my extra strength just so they get the message."

Cassie: "At least I can say with some pride that no one ever feel asleep during any of my shows," Cassandra remarked, sitting up to look down the row at the soundly sleeping, happily drooling people.

Elizabeth: Elizabeth looked around a bit and slouched futher more in her chair, rolling the frills up on her skirt to show her stockings she pulled out a nice silver flask, sloshing with friendliness.

Cecilia: "I really like the time-warp dance," Cecilia said, lost in nostalgia. "Oh! I should take Janet to the movie! Hey Mayday!" she hissed. "Has Janet seen Rocky Horror? If she hasn't she should there's a whole song devoted to her!"

Pipeline: Mick wasn't drooling, though there were the occasional flickers of blue lines going over him, easily seeable in the dark. He frowned in his sleep as a bit of hair tickled his nose, wrinkling it.

Fabian: "Aww, have you sung that to her yet, Mayday? Because that would be brilliant." Fabian had a good chuckle at the idea, starting to forget that he should probably be somewhat quiet.

Cassie: Arching an eyebrow when she caught the silver sparkle of he small flask, Cassandra leaned on the arm of her chair, bringing her head close to Elizabeth's. "Ooh, do you think you could spare a sip?"

Mayday: Mayday snapped to attention, looking to Cecilia, "I don't know.", she whispered back, "We were gonna go and see a Star Wars marathon at the Cineplex though."

Elizabeth: "Single malt if you don't mind?" Grinning and getting the top off for a swig, skipping one day of the meds wouldn't hurt right? Handing the flask over to Cassie.

Mayday: It took Mayday another second to absorb what was intended by Cecilia with the 'song dedicated to Janet'. She sniggered a little, "I should sing that to her..."

Jessica: Jess turned her head, eyebrow raised, "You're seriously drinking right now?" Damn her powers. That was about the only way this play was getting better.

Cassie: There came an annoyed hiss from one of the rows behind them, causing Cassandra to perk up and steal a glance over the back of her seat. "Can you believe that?" she muttered. "There are actually people paying attention to this."

Cassie: She quickly grabbed the offered flask and smiled at Elizabeth. "Thank you."

Melody: Mel frowned in her sleep and snuggled closer to Mick, one arm going around his torso.

Fabian: "Did someone say drinking?" Fabian looked up hopefully, then just turned and waved at the person hissing.

Elizabeth: "More then welcome." Sticking her middle finger up over her shoulder. "You can have some if you want Jess, single malt whiskey."

Jessica: "It won't do me any good." Jess slouched in her seat. "Stupid powers."

Cecilia: Cecilia smirked. "I think the person behind me should be grateful my fro has reached the truly ridiculous stage. It's saving them the misery of watching this thing...Holy shit, there's booze? Well don't bogart it! Pass it on!"

Pipeline: Mick murmured something at the arm and shifted so that he had his head on hers, an arm going around her too. He'd missed Danger while he was at home...even if he could just...jump down a phone, it wasn't the point. "Fnrrrrr..."

Mayday: Going back to her game, Mayday grimaced - her character was not a fan of being slapped by wyvern tails - she glanced back at the others, "How long have we been here?"

Cassie: "But don't get greedy," Cassandra said, leaning across Elizabeth's seat to pass on the flask. "There isn't much to go around, I'm afraid."

Elizabeth: "Hi I'm Elizabeth, new girl and the one always carrying fags and booze, help yourselves only leave me some." Yawning and settling back as her flask got passed around.

Jessica: "Too long..." Jess ran a hand through her hair then scrubbed her face with her hands. "I wish my powers didn't make me immune to caffeine...."

Cecilia: "I lost count at the hour and a half mark," Cecilia said to Mayday, taking one of the flasks being passed around and pouring some booze in her mouth, careful not to touch her lips directly to the bottle.

Elizabeth: "I think I made 10 minutes, about the time the guy just reaching puberty had his voice crack on stage, then my giggling made me loose the plot."

Fabian: "I don't suppose we could just sneak out the fire exit or something? I mean, this is just getting to the point the Geneva Convention must surely frown on this."

Xian: "I'm with Fabian... let's get the hell out of here."

Jessica: "And get ice cream?" Jess sat up a little, a hopeful expression on her face.

Cecilia: "I'd be up for that but if I'm walking out someone has to come with me," Cecilia said. "I'm not gonna be the one asshole that walks outta the play alone."

Mayday: Shaking her head, Mayday raised a finger, "One second. I need to finish this game first...", she went back to it - at least she could say something productive was happening.

Fabian: "I would be that asshole."

Elizabeth: "Ice cream and my flask needs a refill, I shall sit through no more of this crap." Finally getting her flask back she pulled her skirt up, foot on chair seat to get it in her stocking.

Xian: "Though it is just cruel for all of us just to walk out."

Cecilia: "That's one vote. Good enough for me," Cecilia said, getting up. "Sorry, X'ian. It might be cruel to the actors...but I love myself more."

Jessica: "Well they should have thought about that before they wrote their soporific script."

Fabian: "The way I see it we're all ready being terrible audience members, we may as well be terrible audience members somewhere else."

Elizabeth: "Come on then guys, screw this shit I've seen better street performances" Starting to squeeze her way past people to get out, nearly tripping over Cormick as she went. "Fuck!"

Cecilia: Cecilia made her way to the aisle, stopping to give Melody a shake on the way out. "Hey, we're blowing this popsicle stand, wake up!"

Melody: "Mmmm .... momma, I dun wanna go l'cor st're," Mel grumbled resentfully.

Cassie: The buzzing started with a single phone, before one by one they all chimed in, relentlessly demanding the student's attention. "Someone listened to our prayers?" Cassandra mused as she pushed herself into a semi-upright position, fumbling for her phone.

Pipeline: Mick jumped awake at the sudden swearword. "I swear I'll do it next we- oh." He blinked blearily up at Elizabeth, strangel blue-on-black eyes glowing in the dark. He frowned and rubbed an eye as he buzzed gently. Oh wait. Phone thingy. Yeah.

Mayday: Mayday looked up, noticing the others on their way out, "Guys, one sec!", she hissed over, frowning a little as she looked back to her game - another twenty minutes in hell? Nope. She closed her console, reaching into her pocket for her phone - Janet?

Jessica: Jess yelped a little, hand going into her pocket as she leapt up and apologised profusely to the people around her. Hurrying into the aisle, she started to read the text.

Mayday: She looked around the group - Janet calling everyone? She smirked, hilarious as it would be it was clearly not true.

Cecilia: Cecilia jumped and pulled out her phone as it began to buzz. "Yeeessss! Thank you, Jesus!" she cried, earning her a volley of shushes.

Elizabeth: "Oh fuck, fuck, fuck fuck...."Searching for the end of her skirt in front of Melody to get her phone out of her other stocking.

Xian: Xi'an reached for her phone vibrating in her pocket. "Wow someone is looking out for us."

Melody: "Gah!" Melody started awake, smacking her head off Mick's chin in the process, "Holy shitballs!"

Fabian: Fabian frowned, flipping his phone open to read what was sent. "Or Satan really needs to take a day off."

Cassie: Cassandra jumped up and stood on her seat, turning around to the audience sitting behind her. "Please excuse my loud-mouthed friends," she said, not exactly silent herself. "But we've just been absolved. So please go on and enjoy your time in hell in silence now." She took a bow, before darting after the others.

Melody: Where was she? Who were these people? What was going on? Why was her pocket vibrating? Oh wait ... she had a cell now, didn't she?

Pipeline: "Ow fuckery!" It was only after he'd said that that it clicked they were still in the theatre. Rubbing his chin ruefully and quickly removing the arm around her. Finding a line, he quickly flickered down it to appear with the rest of the group. "Hnnrr. Th' fuck is going on?"

Mayday: "Oh, God, Cassie, less is so, so much more...", Mayday groaned softly, stepping to the opposite side of the rows of seats (and apologizing to the two or three people along the way), before clicking her phone on in the shadows to check the message.

Cecilia: Cecilia read the text and snapped her phone shut, walking slowly down the aisle, waiting for the others to cach up. "Hm, sounds ominous...well, at least it'll be more exciting than this play."

Elizabeth: Getting into the aisle she finally found her phone and pulled it out to check the text messages, ignoring the attempts to keep her quiet as she walked out high heels clicking like daggers on the floor.

Melody: She checked it and frowned, "Guess naptime's over, fuck," she stretched and yawned and clambered out of her seat, "Later, suckers."

Jessica: Jess waited in the entrance to the theatre for the others to catch up, pulling her hair up into a ponytail while she did.

Pipeline: Mick was hunched, reading the text. Huh. He locked the phone and shoved it into his jeans pocket, yawning, not bothering to be quiet as he scuffed out of the theatre. Once in the lobby, he stretched, cracking his back. "Hrrnnngh! Don't anyone else wish we could just do th' Magical Word Transformation for this shit? No, just me? Huh."

Fabian: "...so, I don't suppose anyone got a clue as to what we're being sent after?" Fabian just mumbled the words of the text to himself; emergency calls, subway, terror attack. Great, just peachy.

Elizabeth: Flicking her phone open she read the text. "So is this what we get when they need us to do the super hero stuff?"

Jessica: "Do we ever get clues?" Jess asked in reply.

Fabian: "Sometimes." Fabian shrugged, now getting out of his seat and heading for the asile, not caring at all about the shushing and dirty looks he was recieving.

Pipeline: "Sometimes. Better this way then the school blowin' or finding dead people."

Melody: "Huh? Well I guess if a train's blown or something I could walk the dead out at least," Mel muttered, stuffing her phone back into her pocket.

Cassie: "What did you expect? A giant symbol in the sky?" Cassandra chuckled and pocketed her phone again.

Cecilia: "My text was no more illuminating," Cecilia remarked to Fabian as he walked up the aisle towards her. "All I can say is this better not involve exploding people again. I've had just about enough of terrorist attacks."

Xian: "Oh how I love a vague text sending us into danger."

Elizabeth: "Something a bit better then, oi get to the sewers possible attack."

Melody: "Well ... roll them out if they're a bit dismembered."

Cecilia: "Why does it always have to be my hometown that gets flattened?" Cecilia mused to herself. "Why can't the west coast take some of the flack for a bit?"

Mayday: Mayday wandered back to the group, "Can we trust it?", she asked, "I don't mean to be 'that guy' but remember how a lot of weird stuff happened before summer?"

Pipeline: Mick hadn't even bothered to pull his hood down yet as they walked. "'Least a subway means a hellton of lines..." He muttered half to himself. "Depends if they know shit about it. If all the info they got is that, then hell. That's why we're investigatin', not on cleanup."

Jessica: "I have a theory... but you won't like it..." Jess headed for the doors to the street.

Fabian: "Subway, not the sewer thankfully." Fabian was relieved about that part. "And nobody flattens the west coast because all of the breast implants will hold everything aloft."

Melody: "You call that shit 'weird'?" Mel raised an eyebrow, "I'd stick it closer to A Serbian Film's level of fuckery."

Mayday: Slowing down, Mayday blinked, "...oh, man, I have to change if we're gonna be fighting evil!", she patted her 'Power Rangers' bag, "...you think there'll be toilets? B-but, like, clean ones?"

Cassie: "So we're supposed to go to this subway station to see if there's anything dangerous going on?" Cassandra asked, looking from one to the other. "Not that I wouldn't love this superhero stuff, but doesn't anyone find it a bit questionable how often the old man sends students into peril without supervision?"

Elizabeth: Squinting she held her phone up to the light. "Oh Subway! Thank god! Right so what do we do then?"

Fabian: "...in a New York subway? May, don't hold onto the pipedreams."

Mayday: "....Cassie, why do you say stuff like that?", Mayday cringed.

Cecilia: Cecilia laughed at that image. "Well, least it's all natural on this coast. That's gotta count for something, right?" she said, blinking a little at the change of light as she walked out of the theatre.

Mayday: Mayday simply sighed at Fabian's response. It was that or go to battle in her nice clothes.

Pipeline: "Hey, dude's in a wheelchair, he's livin' the dream through us, man."

Jessica: "He's a telepath. He's always watching."

Pipeline: "Always judging."

Jonas: Jonas walked out into the lobby of the theatre, with a horribly confused look on his face as he read and reread the text message he got on his cellular mobile telephone, or cellphone as the kids nowadays call them. "Oh, hey, whats this about a danger?" he asked the others catching up with them.

Melody: "Don't remind me, I always get changed with my eyes shut incase he's peepin'."

Mayday: Humming to herself, Mayday blushed a little. That was not a thought that ever needed speaking of. She blinked up at Jonas, "Oh, yeah...we're bein' called to fight the big-bad again(!)"

Fabian: Fabian held open the door leading to the great outdoors. "Your guess is as good as ours, Jonas, we'd best get a move on it, though."

Cassie: "I think Mick might be on to something," Cassandra commented as she tagged along with the others. "I'm quite sure there's some kind of kink involved."

Jessica: "Learn to shield your mind. Helps." Jess nodded sagely.

Elizabeth: "You guys are making just a wee bit paranoid right now, I swear if the guy is always watching I want some like telepathic defenses in my room."

Jonas: "But... what about the show? Wait, what do you mean fight? Are we going on a superhero thing? Now?" Jonas asked in confusion.

Melody: "That's just what he wants you to think."

Fabian: "Forget the show, I'm not going to risk my life twice today and I choose the subway."

Jessica: "Yes we're going to do a superhero thing now." Jess clarified for Jonas.

Cassie: "If we're in luck, yes," she told her great-grand uncle. "Or we've just been sent to rescue wayward kittens. Either should be better than enduring that play any minute longer, though."

Cecilia: "...Really, guys?" Cecilia said, raising an eyebrow. "We're all adults here and the guy lets us live in his house for free. The least we can do is check out a damn subway for him. Charles is nice - or he has been to me, at least."

Elizabeth: "So we gonna go do this in heels and nice clothes?" Looking down at the 6 inch stilletos she was strutting about in.

Pipeline: "Show? There was a - oh fuck, sorry guys, didn' mean to fall asleep. Danger kept me up." He yawned again, checking his uniform was okay - he'd gotten into the habit of wearing it under his clothes, these days. Comfy, for one.

Mayday: "It occours to me our priorities as a peer group are somewhat questionable...", Mayday smirked to the group, pushing open and holding the door of the theatre for everyone.

Melody: "Sure, why not, everyone knows super-heroes wear killer heels, you seen the latests batman movie?"

Cassie: "Cecilia is right, as long as he pays for everything, I don't mind if we sneaks a peek every now and then," Cassandra added with a snicker.

Pipeline: "We're checkin' it, Cee, but we're allowed t' complain, it stops the tension getting too much." Mick smiled at Cecilia. For all that she was serious, he liked her.

Pipeline: "...That and he's...kinda my hero. Well. All the X-Men are. Which is weird, because I'm one of them now..."

Elizabeth: "I'll just kick the badguys to death then." Chuckling and putting her phone back under the stylish black dress she was wearing.

Jessica: "Assuming there is badguys and not just rats or something...."

Pipeline: "Nuh-uh, new kid, first rule of X-Men - X-Men don't kill."

Elizabeth: "And the fun is being drained already, what about torture and interrogate?"

Jonas: "...there's rules? What's the second rule? Do I need to write these down?" Jonas asked following them... on the other side of the group away from his great grand niece. *shiver*

Mayday: Mayday paused "....go back to the part where 'killing' is implied to be 'fun'?"

Jessica: Jess raised an eyebrow at Elizabeth, cocking her head on one side and smirking a little. "I like you."

Cecilia: Cecilia bit back a sarcastic comment on the cardinal X-Men rule. "Rule #2: Watch your teammates' back."

Elizabeth: "I like you to jess." Grinning over at her room mate. "Right no no friendly fire by accident then, take aim first."

Melody: "Nu-uh, second rule of X-Club is that you don't talk about X-Club."

Pipeline: "Oh, interrogation's allowed. But we're meant t' be heroes, new kid - the hell is your name anyway? Sorry, my bad. I'm Cormick."

Mayday: "It is also occouring to me some people take things a mite more seriously than others....", Mayday sighed, scratching her head a little, "Nobody's worried? Seriously? Is this the Twilight Zone?"

Jessica: Jess giggled at Melody's input. "Worried sure but why freak out now before we know what we're walking into?"

Cecilia: "I'm always worried," Cecilia admitted to Mayday. "I just don't show as much nowadays, I guess."

Elizabeth: "Elizabeth, right so do we walk up to any found badguys and shout *STOP! In the name of love! Or is that just alittle to nice?"

Jonas: "X-Club? I thought it was called the X-Men? Also, isn't X-Men sexist? Because in social studies, apparently there were women who burnt their bras because it itched too much... or something."

Cassie: "Isn't rule number three don't get yourself killed?" Cassandra asked. "I think they added that because of me."

Pipeline: "A little fear's fine, and mostly what we do is ask them what the fuck they're doing, round 'em up if they play nice - which never happens - or beat the shit out of 'em if they don't. Which always happens." He grinned happily.

Melody: "Ugh, were you like, just dug up outt-" oh shit, he was, wasn't he? "Sorry."

Mayday: Mayday frowned at Cassandra, "Dude, too soon.", she smiled wryly.

Melody: "Itsa ... uh, pop-culture refference."

Fabian: "Try not to die is always a good thing." Fabian agreed, pulling a face. "And no worries, we're all worried. I, for one, have perfected a cool and classy demeanour." He offered up a smirk to the others for that.

Jonas: "And apparently that was something to do with womenfolk not liking being in the kitchen all day and wanted to do more than just vote... or something.. oh, pop culture, yeah, still need to catch up on that."

Elizabeth: "I can do beating the hell out of people, I have a record for it." Having a proud moment because all her school fights were now worth it.

Pipeline: "At least y' first mission's not so bad." He shivered. "I had t' find and teleport dead bodies home on the first ever one I went to...one of my mate's parents too..." He sobered a little.

Xian: "Well since my first mission was exploding people... I'm just hoping it's nothing worse than that."

Jessica: "Me too! We were clearly always meant to be roomies." Jess smiled at Elizabeth.

Cecilia: "It can always get worse," Cecilia remarked to X'ian. "Don't expect it to be going well when we're called in...more often than not we're just acting as damage control...it's far less heroics and saving the day than advertised."

Elizabeth: "Shit..... people exploded? Like magic explosions or chest burster alien style?" Elizabeth actually looking interested while she ignored the whispering at the back of her hearing.

Cassie: Turning to Mayday, she gave the other girl a smile and put a hand on her shoulder. "Of course I'm worried," she told her with a quiet voice. "We all are, I'm sure of that. But some of us have different ways to cope with that, no?"

Jessica: "Actual firey death explosions," Jess filled Elizabeth in. "Messy."

Mayday: "Cassie, some of them are serious...", Mayday whispered back, "It's not really an attitude we should promote; you're living proof that sometimes....w-well, sometimes things go wrong.", she sighed, "...look, forget it. Let's...just talk later. When we're not busy."

Jonas: Jonas made a face, "Sounds... gross, is that the word? Gross?"

Elizabeth: "Jess me and you are going to get along just fine. So what do you guys actually want me the new girl doing?" Rubbing her neck and sauntering along.

Fabian: Fabian frowned a bit, despite his 'cool and classy demeanour' as he saw the subway exit ahead with people simply pouring out of it. "I think we've found it."

Pipeline: Mick looked and the subway name on the phone and then looked up at the signposts. "We nearly there? I still get confused by American signposts." He huffed, eyes flaring a little as he found the lines and the wi-fi around the area.

Melody: "What's to be confused by?"

Cecilia: "Fuck..." Cecilia said, catching sight of the crowd pouring out of the subway. She shielded up. "Right, this is it. Everyone keep your eyes open!"

Jonas: "Hey, I'm still confused on what I should be doing. I can punch things!" Jonas added, "Very hard. And the darker it is, the harder I punch."

Pipeline: "Yeahuh, no shit, Sherlock." He pulled out the gloves to go with the uniform. "Everythin'. I'm from London, in case you can't tell. Your signposts are weird."

Jessica: "Yep... looks like it...." Jess took to the air (hooray for pants!) and flew over the heads of the people sticking to the roof of the tunnel and crawling along it as she got more inside.

Elizabeth: "I'm agreeing with the other londoner, signposts here are weird." Actually starting to worry as she saw the people pouring out of the subway.

Fabian: Fabian started down the stairs, squeezing between panicked people running in. "A bit envious of your way to getting down here." Fabian admitted to Jess.

Cassie: "Either we've found the right place, or someone down there had a really bad taco for dinner," Cassandra remarked, a frown on her face as she slightly cocked her head, watching the constant stream of people.

Jonas: "So I'm guessing if it's not us they are running away from, then it's something really bad."

Pipeline: Mick smiled faintly, blue lines flickering over him and dropping into the lines. He formed into the blue insubstantial webbing beyond the crowd in the dark subway, not making the mistake of fully forming yet, throwing Tron-loke glows on the wall.

Cecilia: Cecilia shoved past a bunch of people and followed Fabian down the stairs using her shields to divert and herd some of the crowd away from her. "Well, I think we know it's a real emergency now."

Jessica: "Everyone's envious of my awesome powerset." She crawled out into the subway and across the wall, looking around for the source of the trouble. It was noisy. Sound bounced off all the walls, the noises of the trains and the screams of the public assaulting her senses.

Mayday: Mayday was careful to stay out of the fleeing civilian's way as she made her way down, slipping her bag off and slipping over to the toilets, "Be right back!", she called to the group, hopping aside as another woman skipped past and headed away.

Elizabeth: Elizabeth swallowed, the whispers in her mind were changing to panic shouts again and she'd decided to be and idiot and drink rather then take her pills. Falling silent from the bad jokes she watched the people streaming with worry on her face.

Jonas: "Wait, where she off to?" Jonas asked, pointing at Mayday disappering, "Ew, even I know subway toilets are... gross. Hey, I used the word twice now."

Fabian: Fabian was just thankful when he reached the bottom of the stairs on into the station, looking around as it actually started to empty. "We've got to get down to the platform it looks like." He pointed to where people seemed to have been running from.

Cassie: The petite girl decided that she wouldn't bother pushing past all the people streaming up the long flight of stair, so she hovered a couple feet into the air, darkness gathering until it had completely wrapped her up. The black sphere vanished, and Cassandra reappeared in the lower levels, above the heads of the crowd.

Cecilia: "Right," Cecilia said, moving to her usual place at the front of the group, shields raised. "Guess I should go first...y'know, in case there are guns and shit."

Xian: Xi'an squeezed her way down past the people rushing out of the station. "Well this is already fun."

Cassie: "The people coming from there appear to be running the fastest and scream the loudest," Cassandra pointed out, gesturing towards the chairs leading to the lower levels. She floated close to the ceiling, while the panicked crowed slowly began to thin out underneath.

Pipeline: "Wait, where's the new girl?" Mick fully-formed in just his uniform now, the hoodie and jeans deposited back at the school. Since he'd pushed his mutation harder, he was able to do things he'd never done.

Fabian: Fabian's frown managed to become more pronounced as the people cleared out and now everything seemed far, far too quiet. "Shields up and lead the way." He nodded to Cecilia, not liking this at all.

Jessica: Jess remained stuck to the ceiling, moving a little way ahead of the group she paused to listen. It wasn't completely silent. Apart from the wind blowing through the tunnels there was... something else. She frowned, training her senses on the sound.

Cecilia: Cecilia nodded, making her way down the stairs to the platform. "I don't like this...it's too quiet."

Pipeline: He watched as Elizabeth caught up, smiling. "Oh, there. Hey. Y' wanna stick close for your first?"

Cassie: The footsteps of the last couple civilians making their way out echoed off the low, tiled walls and through the wide open space of the subway station, followed by an eerie silence.

Fabian: "Same." Fabian agreed with Cecilia as the sight of...nothing greeted them on the subway platform.

Elizabeth: "I'll be fine, I'll stay at the back out of the way mate, you go fight the good fight." Forcing a smile for him as the shouting roared in her head making her wince.

Jessica: "There's... something down here..." Jess said quietly.

Xian: "That's reassuring." Xi'an said sticking close to the group.

Melody: "Ugh, this is lame, sure we're not being trolled?" melody piped up from the back.

Viper: And they had finally arrived. Viper smirked, leaning back in her seat and propping her feet up on her table to watch the show. The tiny cameras positioned all around the area. She grinned. Dinner time, babies.

Elizabeth: Pulling her sqwiffy dress straight she followed the group carefully, once more scratching her wrist.

Jessica: "Oh no... I hear something... like buzzing.... and sort of.... skittering noises...."

Cassie: "So, what could have scared an entire crowd of New Yorkers so much that they wouldn't stop running, not even to gawk at an impending catastrophe," Cassandra asked, her feet touching the ground again as she slowly stepped forward, her soles making no sound.

Pipeline: "...X-Men are not fuckin' pest control, if it's cockroaches again I swear-"

Fabian: "...it better not be cockroaches." Fabian would turn around and run possibly if it were.

Jessica: "Not cockroaches... far too big..." She pressed herself closer to the ceiling.

Mayday: Returning in her uniform, Mayday vaulted over a ticket kisok, landing atop a vending machine and squatting down, "So, we've legit been called out on pest control before?", she snorted - her mask seemed to make her sound more confident.

Cassie: "Maybe they're mutant cockroaches," Cassandra suggested, pausing to look at the others.

Melody: "Maybe ... cockroach people?"

Pipeline: "If it's spiders, I am fuckin' outta here."

Jonas: "The X-Men were called out to kill cockroaches?" Jonas asked, his attention kept on the darkness. His eyes went wide, seeing the movement. "Those are big cockroaches."

Mayday: "My kingdom for a man amongst you cowards...", Mayday laughed, "Why is everyone scared o' spiders!?"

Cassie: "If it's spiders, we let Mayday reason with them," Cassandra told Mick.

Jessica: "Hey! Less of the spider-hate!" Jess pouted at Mick.

Fabian: "Not the time, Mayday, not the time."

Cecilia: Cecilia looked around, shields still raised, glancing briefly at Fabian and Mayday. "...Yeah, I don't want a repeat of Spider-May...I could go my whole life never seeing a cockroach person and die happy."

Mayday: Mayday looked up to where Jonas was staring, blinking at the movement herself, "...please, Jesus, let them be big-breasted swimsuit models drenched in chocolate..."

Elizabeth: With the crowd gone the noise subsided a little bit but she couldn't hear anything over it. "I don't really care spiders or cockroaches just need a way to stop them if we can't kill."

Jessica: "I can maybe throw a venom blast down there for some light...." Jess offered, igniting one in her hand.

Pipeline: "Don' mind you so much, but the eight-legged hairy bastards that look right at you? Hnnnn."

Cassie: Cassandra stopped dead in her tracks, holding up her hand to motion the others do the same. "Everyone, stay!" she told them. "Something is coming."

Pipeline: "Wait, I could-" He flared up into his Tron lines, bathing the place in a blue glow. "There."

Cecilia: Cecilia looked around. "Maybe it's another mutant? There were mutants living in the sewers...maybe some more have taken up residence there?"

Melody: "Something is comming ands they tell us to stay?"

Pipeline: "We're defence. Yes."

Fabian: Ignoring the talk of bugs, Fabian sighed as a subway car could be heard coming up the track. "Well, at least we don't have eerie silence anymore." The light shown down the track and the subway came rattling into place...along with giant creatures on top ripping the cars to shreads. Giant bug creatures. Fabian had never been quite this pale before in his life.

Jonas: "Hang on, I think I see- argh, the light, hisss." Jonas said, rubbing his eyes.

Pipeline: "Oh fuck, sorry man, I forgot." The blue dimmed.

Melody: ".... ARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRGH!" Melody shrieked like a hammer horror girl.

Cecilia: "Oh shit," Cecilia said with a great deal of venom. "Uh...fuck...do I slice them? Should I do that if they've not attacking me directly?!"

Jessica: Jess cringed at the sudden loudness of the subway train after concentrating so hard on the quieter noises and actually covered her ears as Melody added to the din. "What the fuck are they!?"

Jonas: "Look at the size of those cockroaches! They're almost as big as new york roaches!" Jonas yelled.

Cassie: "...what is that?" Cassandra asked, finally finding her voice again. Had she still had a living heart, it would have skipped a beat in that moment.

Melody: "I dunno! Kill it! Squish it! Burn it!"]

Elizabeth: "Dear fucking christ! The hell can we kill those?!" She wasn't even afraid of bugs and stuff but they were shit creepy.

Pipeline: Mick actually took a step back, the lines flickering and shutting off completely. "Y' know, some insects are attracted to noise." He said conversationally, voice deadpan.

Mayday: Taking a second to even react, Mayday shook herself into motion, leaping down, rolling across the floor and firing a barrage of web blasts into one of the approaching aggressors.

Viper: Viper laughed at their confusion. Delicious! And soon they would be spotted. She leaned forward, watching with interest.

Fabian: Bugs. They moved exactly like bugs. They creaked and they chittered and buzzed exactly like bugs. Fabian found himself taking a few involuntary steps back before he forced himself to stop. Now was not the time to pan-oh god they did move exactly like bugs! Faian visibly flenched as a few crawled down the subway cars into the tracks, heading for the platform.

Jessica: "Hey! Don't piss them off!" Jess crawled away from the group across the ceiling.

Cecilia: Cecilia took a few steps back as a few of the bugs wandered onto the platform...they had very big stingers...almost like scorpions...but the teeth were needle like and sharp...making them resemble the creatures from Alien. "FUCK IT!" she exclaimed, throwing shield directly into one. Slicing it in half.

Cassie: "Hold on, everyone!" Cassandra raised her hand and looked over her shoulder. "Let's not rush into things again. You know what happened the last time I did that. right? Maybe they're friendly."

Pipeline: Mick facepalmed. "Not any more..."

Mayday: "Ok, sure!", Mayday called over to Jess, standing up and clearing her breath, "Excuse me, lovely bugs, I apologize for webbing you but we were concerned when you tore a train to pieces(!)", she announced.

Cassie: "Well, so much for that," she added dryly, the creature shrieking as Cecilia's force-field hit her.

Elizabeth: Elizabeth backed away quickly from the carriage face screwed up and wondering were the nearest mock weapon was.

Jessica: "You have no idea how bugs work do you? You've attacked them now you're fucked." And they were swarming. That was a swarm.

Elizabeth: "Right so.....er.... how the hell do we deal with this?"

Fabian: "They just rolled in here eating a subway car. Did you just suggest they were friendly?"

Mayday: Mayday blinked behind her mask, "Oh, hey, it turns out that - just like every other sinister lookin' thing - they don't like X-Men(!)", she sighed, shaking her head at Jessica. The fact they were even having the discourse was hilarious to her. And suddenly not as she was leapt upon.

Melody: "OH MY FUCKING GOD WE'RE ALL GOING TO FUCKING DIE!" It was like that horrible monster movie nathan had made her watch, Daisyfield or whatever.

Cecilia: Cecilia backed up to the wall, they were snarling and advancing like they wanted to eat her. Clearly they weren't friendly. "Yeah, they're real friendly!" she said, throwing another shield knife into a few. "NO, WE ARE NOT!" she shouted to Melody. "WE ARE NOT DEAD. WE ARE NOT GONNA DIE! JUST HOLD ON!"

Cassie: Cassandra retreated along with Fabian, giving him a quick sideways glance. "I don't know," she admitted. "Maybe they just couldn't stand subway cars."

Xian: "Oh I fucking hate bugs." Xi'an said retreating with the rest of the group.

Jessica: "Well they don't now! You just attacked them!" Jess dropped down from the ceiling and darted across the platform, hopping onto the side of the train and crawling along it til she found a door to open.

Fabian: "Well neither can I but I never ripped one apart!" Fabian gave people he thought would hopefully be useful for this a boost, trying still to fight is instinct to run the hell out there.

Melody: "There's a fucking HORDE of them!"

Jonas: "I'm confused, are we retreating or hitting?!" Jonas asked, as he moved with the rest of the group.

Melody: "Oh my GOD! It's looking at me!"

Pipeline: Mick watched another start climbing down, rubbing his hands together. Disappearing into the lines, he dropped on top of one, flickering it to knock it out - which didn't work. "Oh. Shi-" He was dragged off, the stinger coming down, but he flickered away before it could catch him.

Cecilia: Cecilia advanced as the boost hit her, creating spikes from her armour. "I'm gonna put an end to this. Don't worry. I'll do it."

Pipeline: "Hittin', hey Elizabeth, when I said about no killin'? Bugs do not fall under no killin'!"

Cassie: "Not the time and place to argue now, children," Cassandra remarked, taking tot he air again. "Now we should only focus on bot being eaten, yes? Or eaten again, in my case."

Jessica: Finding a door, she ripped it off and crawled inside the train to start pointin the civilians to an exit that wasn't crawling with giant angry bugs.

Elizabeth: Elizabeth bolted out of the way of the one coming for her rolling to her feet with ease before darting out of another reaching claws. "Right now how do I fucking kill them!?"

Jonas: "Cassie, you stop making those horrid jokes or I'll bend you over my knee and give you the spanking of a life time, you're not too old, little missy!" Jonas yelled, right before quickly stepped forward and punched one of the bugger several feet back.

Mayday: Mayday kicked a bug off of herself, webbing it down and leaping over another's claw, "CASSIE! Too. Fucking. SOON!", she called over, dodging another leaping beast.

Cassie: "We can't let them get up to the civilians, can we?" Cassandra asked no one in particlar, while commanding the ample supply of shadows around them to form inky tentacles and black spheres to block the creature's and keep them at bay.

Viper: Viper watched the X-men dealing with her babies with interest, making notes on their different approaches to the situation. The panic was especially amusing.

Cecilia: Cecilia sent a spike into another bug's head, then another and another. "Fucking freaks," she said, scowling at the mess.

Fabian: Fabian found himself hitting the ground as one made a surprise swipe with it's stinger at him. This was far, far too close for him to be a good idea. "May, can you web them?!"

Pipeline: Mick flickered beside Elizabeth. Ugh, talk about thrown into the deep end. "Righ', what can you do? With your powers, I mean." He grabbed her, flickering her down a line out of the way of a bug that crashed into the wall as it missed them. "...Sorry about that..."

Cassie: "Yes, uncle Jonas!" Cassandra replied with an intentionally childish tone. "I promise I'll be a good girl." One of the creatures approached Elizabeth, so she quickly formed a large, shadowy fist to punch it into the nearest wall.

Elizabeth: Dress getting ripped quickly Elizabeth brought her heels into brilliant play kicking on in the face and managing to pierce one of many eyes and getting her heel stuck in the process. Having to yank it back out she was knocked to the floor by the angered creature.

Cecilia: Cecilia sliced the stinger off the bug attacking Fabian before putting it down with a spike through the forehead. "Are you alright?" she said, running over. "You look....really pale." Shit...this must be hell for him. If the tarantula in Yunque was bad this had to be a thousand times worse.

Mayday: "I can try!", Mayday called over, ducking, then leaping past another couple of attackers. She web-zipped into a gap in the numbers, firing high-pressure globs of webbing into their numbers, "I seriously don't think I have enough in me for all of 'em!"

Jonas: When Jonas punched another, he hit a soft spot, which meant his hand went right into it. The bug did not take a hole in its body lightly, and Jonas just pulled his arm back and felt absolutely grossed out by the gunk on his hand. "EW!" he announced.

Melody: "Are some of them dead yet? How many are dead yet!?" Mel shrieked, as one chased her around the platform.

Fabian: "One held is one held!" Fabian called back to Mayday, getting back to his feet beside Cecilia. "I...I'll live."

Elizabeth: Getting back to her feet she gave Cormick an disbelieving look. "Nothing I can't do anything with my mutation!"

Cecilia: Cecilia squeezed his shoulder. "You'll be fine," she said, before taking a step forward and sending several spikes in several directions to pierce a bunch of bugs. "Some more juice wouldn't go unappreciated."

Cassie: "Do we really have to kill them?" Cassandra asked, holding one of the creatures trapped in black tendrils, while it relentlessly attempted to reach the girl and eat her face. "I think they're kind of adorable, when you take the time to look at them more closely."

Jessica: Jess instructed the passengers on the train to be quiet. As quiet as possible and led them along the train to the far end, going out ahead of them to make sure it was safe. Using her venom blasts to light the way, she looked for the nearest exit.

Xian: Xi'an realized she probably couldn't do much against the bugs so she swiftly got to the train and started helping Jess get the passengers out.

Pipeline: "...Oh. Fuck. Right." Read: I've just discovered I'm a mutant but don't have a clue how yet. "Stick close, yeah? Y' can fight at least. Uh." He thought for a moment, flickered, and came back with a metal pipe. "Here. Hopefully no one'll get pissed I nicked that..."

Mayday: Mayday had captured three or four by her count, rubbing her wrist as it stung a little bit. She blinked as her Spider-Sense kicked in, rolling forward to dodge a dropping monster from the celling and leaping backwards with a flip-kick.

Fabian: "...they are the most unadorable things I have ever seen in my life." Fabian shuddered, looking around for potential weapons so he wouldn't be quite as hopeless here. He scurried away, liberating a fire extinguisher from it's place on the wall and letting loose on the nearest thing.

Elizabeth: "Thanks, but screw looking after me help the others there are still passengers trying to get out!" Pointing over at Jess and Xian with the civilians. The next moment she had another bug coming for her and she swung the pipe as hard as she could at it.

Viper: Amused, Viper made notes on the girl with the shadow manipulation powers next. She was delightfully entertaining. Unpredictable. She liked that. Now. Where was Jessica...? What was Shaw's little woman up to? Aww look at that. Herding the sheep. Right into a trap.

Melody: Oh ... yes, they were dying. She could feel the energy released by it streaming through her, she grinned and span on her heel, facing the one that was chasing her, "Burn!" She conjured up a ball of sickly looking energy in her hands and blasted it at the bug thing, it exploded on impact, raining gorey bits of carapace down on everyone, "YES! YES! FUCK YOU!"

Melody: "... Oh shit!" There were two behind that one, slathering at her, "Kill more things!"

Jonas: "I can do that! I think!" Jonas replied/

Fabian: "...Oooooh." Fabian looked at what Melody was doing. "You're getting a boost as well." He announced, feeding her more energy as he clonked one on the head with his fire extinguisher.

Jessica: Jess paused at the head of the group of civilians from the train, holding up a hand. There was a slow dripping sound from somewhere just ahead of them and she held up the light, increasing the charge. Ah. There was the driver. And were those... eggs? What was that sound now...? "Oh God... get back to the train!"

Pipeline: Mick nodded. "Sure thing." He flickered into the train as Jess and Xi'an worked on the rest. "C'mon. Hold on to each other an' me, this'll feel weird.." Once they were all holding on, he very carefuly flickered up to the street outside and then back to the platform. Oooh. Fuzzy. He hadn't had a seizure in months now, no more teleporting fifteen at once.

Cecilia: Cecilia kept a close eye on those with less offensive powers, picking off the bugs that made their way toward them or her but didn't step in unless it was needed...there was no need to make them feel redundant. "Who the hell is orchestrating this? Somebody had to have made these. These look like designer carnivores if y'know what I'm saying."

Cassie: Turning around, Cassandra saw Melody being cornered by two of the creatures. "Sorry, we have to play some more later," she told the creature caught in her shadows, before vanishing in a swirling patch of darkness.

Jonas: Jonas smashed and punched and kicked whatever bugs that came his way, most of which just got up and came back for some more. He needed more darkness.

Fabian: "The train, what?" Fabian looked towards where Jessica was, absolutely confused.

Cassie: "Here, this way," she told her former roommate, having emerged from the shadows behind Melody. inky arms curled around the girl and pulled her back into the portal with her.

Elizabeth: Elizabeth was making a hell of a go at distracting the bugs at least, nothing she was doing was doing much damage at all but it was keeping afew at a time busy from the rest. But it did mean she was slowly getting cornered by claws.

Cecilia: "What?" Cecilia said, putting a hand to her radio. "I didn't copy that. What about the train?"

Pipeline: Mick flickered beside Elizabeth. "Hey. Need a hand?"

Jessica: "Bad things, bad things!" Jess worked on pulling enough of the broken bits of train together to close the hole so she could defend the passengers inside more easily. "People inside, get them outside - more bugs incoming!"

Cecilia: Cecilia sighed. "...Well, as unintellible as that was I did get the main message: there's more bugs," she said into the radio. "So...watch-out."

Jessica: "I think we pissed them off - they have like a nest back there!" She pointed along the tracks. Instinct took over and she flooded the area around her with aggregation pheromones.

Fabian: "Oh great, more." Fabian swallowed hard. "Barricade people? I don't suppose you can seal up whatever Jess sees?"

Elizabeth: One of the claws was a near miss catching one of her dress straps and just grazing her skin. "Stop talking more fighting mate!" Looking like a right mess now as she had to dodge and move about hair every where.

Melody: "... Ooh," it was suddenly like she was at a death camp or something, so much delicious energy! "Fuck yes!" She formed another ball of energy, "Ha-fuckin-douken, bitches!" She whooped, blasting the ones behind her into meaty confeeti.

Cecilia: "I could try," Cecilia said, making her way to Jess' location. "It's worth a shot!"

Jessica: The giant bugs nearest to Jess had a moment of pause but seemed to be able to resist the pheromones. Which was unfortunate. But they weren't immune to electricity as one quickly found out when it tried to attack her.

Pipeline: Mick chuckled. "I am shit at fighting. I'm cleanup crew, I am." He tried to think as they dodged another stinger by inches. "Aha!" He shifted his arm to the insubstantial blue lines and phased it into the bug's face. Then he solidified fully. The bug shuddered and collapsed into a twitching heap as Mick phased out of it. "Result."

Mayday: Pushed through a carriage window, Mayday kicked the two larger bugs off of her, casting a web strand away and yanking herself across the floor, rolling onto her side and getting up slowly, "FYI: I am okay!", she waved at the group, breathing a little haggered as she looked back at the two irritated insects.

Cecilia: Cecilia ran up to front of the train. "...Fuck me...this is like the flood in Halo or something," she said, remembering Mayday's game. And the driver...oh Jesus..."I suppose this is the nest then! Fuck me, that's disgusting."

Fabian: "Good to hear." Fabian replied to Mayday, offering an arm up once she rolled close enough, blasting the things again wht the extinguisher to buy them a minute.

Viper: Interesting.... Viper made more notes. Teleportation and phasing. Messy but effective. She switched cameras. Where was the redhead...? Oh how adorable.

Elizabeth: "Well continue the brilliant clean up don't wait for me if you can kill the giant bas-" To busy talking she didn't notice the next claw, luckily the blunt side getting her and sending her sprawling once more.

Mayday: "Dude, good thinkin'.", Mayday patted Fabian's shoulder, stretching a little bit and adjusting her mask slightly, "Alright, stand back, 'Miss Cortez'; it's about to get bitchin'.", with that, she darted into the stunned bugs, leaping up and dropping a fist into the nearest.

Cecilia: Cecilia debated slicing the eggs...but wondered if that would just force them to hatch and give them another opportunity to swarm her. "Blender it is," she said, making a dome over the nest and closing it in on the eggs. "I crush you."

Cassie: "I hate to be such a nuisance, but do we have some kind of plan here?" Cassandra asked, using one bug that had been tied up in her shadows as a makeshift flail to bowl over two more.

Jonas: Jonas was starting to get a little tired. He needed more darkness than where they were fighting. "Cassie! THrow me somewhere dark with bugs!" he called.

Mayday: Mayday had, in the space, ended up on one's back, wrapping a web-wire across her hands and around its neck and throttling it, "There's a plan!?"

Melody: "You mean apart from 'burn everything'?" Mel asked, hurling another ball of explosive plasma at a group.

Elizabeth: The noise in her head was getting to much on top off the bugs screaming noises, she was flinching not just from the attacks now.

Pipeline: "Hey, I'm still workin' out what I can do, usually I'm stuck teleporting civilians." He disappeared, then reappeared, still phased, above the bug about to go for the fallen girl. His feet went into it and he formed up, the bug collapsing like the first, but he was already flickered and going for another.

Fabian: "What can I say? I have to get creative." Fabian snorted just a bit, almost able to ignore the stomach clinching panic for a moment.. "Burn everything sounds okay but there are an awful lot of things to burn. Can we make some kind of cage? Teleporty holding cell? Just something to get them where they can't get us?"

Mayday: "W-wait, are we killing them!?", Mayday called over, shortly before being thrown forward off of the bug she was attempting to 'ride'. She looked up from lying on her back, blasting it with webs and sticking it to the celling.

Jessica: Jess remained atop the train, defending the remaining huddle of civilians over the hole she couldn't quite close. Nothing was getting in there without her permission.

Cassie: "One dark nest coming right up," Cassandra called back, floating higher up into the air, dark tentacles spreading out to curl around as many of the creatures as she could manage to grasp. "Catch!" Wrapping them into one big, black orb, she hurled it towards Jonas, enveloping him in the pitch-black cloud, as well.

Melody: "No, we're gonna ask them nicely to stop attacking and then invite 'em around for a fucking tea party!"

Pipeline: "I'd teleport, mate, but that's too many. Y'd be picking me up off the floor." Mick said into the radio as he dropped, panting, beside Elizabeth.

Cecilia: Once the eggs were a compact cube, Cecilia released the dome and send a volley of knives into the group, shredding what was left. "Well, they won't be procreating on the subway at least!" she said, stepping off the train and running back towards the group huddled up on the platfrom. "Eggs taken care of!" she shouted, sending several knives into some of the attacking bugs.

Pipeline: "Besides, where'd I 'port them to?"

Jonas: Inside the darkness, there was shrieking and chittering, things breaking and crunching until everything ended up either twitching slightly, or just plain dead.

Mayday: Mayday ducked a claw again, "Have you ever heard of the Prime Directive!?", she called over to Melody, catching another attacker by its jaw and keeping it open with some effort.

Melody: "That's that giant robot from that movie, right?"

Fabian: "Do we see any other signs of eggs?" Fabian asked, blinking as he watched what Cassie did with Jonas. "Is that our prison chamber then?"

Pipeline: "Sweetheart, Prime Directive is all well and good but it ain't gonna help us if we're bein' used as nesting hosts for a xenomorph, now is it."

Jessica: "I think that's the only set but I can look for some more... if someone else will guard the train."

Xian: Xi'an got her last group of civilians out and made her way back to the train. She heard Jess and made her way to her. "I got them... go find more eggs."

Elizabeth: Panting she pushed herself off the floor, eyes watering as it felt like her head was splitting from all the noise. Clutching her head she struggled to her feet she couldn't just hear the panic shouts and bugs now, inside her head she could hear a women screaming... and one laughing.

Cecilia: "I didn't see any," Cecilia remarked. "As long as you guys are safe here I can go on the scouting group though and find more."

Jonas: "Cassie, get me some more play things!" Jonas called.

Melody: "Eggs? There's eggs? Fuckin' nuke 'em! I saw what happened to the girl in that movie where her stomach exploded!"

Jessica: "Okay, looking for some more..." Jess leapt up onto the ceiling and crawled along it into the darkness.

Pipeline: "Hey, Elizabeth...you okay?" Mick frowned, getting his breath back slowly. "You don't look so good." He picked up the pipe from where she'd dropped it, keeping a wary eye on the bugs that were chittering at them angrily.

Mayday: Finally having a moment to breathe, Mayday leaned on a pylon, "I'm sayin' that if this is anything like the zombie Venom thing, these might be intelligent creatures! And we're killing them?", she sighed, standing up, "It's just kin-...", she was cut short by another creature leaping atop her, "Dude, what the hell!?"

Elizabeth: "F-Fine... just hit my head is all. Just keep them off my back would you? Just till my head stops spinning." Clutching the side of her head and trying to figure out if this was real noise, the fake noise or peoples thoughts she was hearing.

Cassie: "I'm sorry, poor Mr. Skitter-Bug, but I just can't let you eat my friends," Cassandra apologized to one of the creatures, realizing that knocking them around wouldn't keep them down, and they couldn't be held indefinitely, either. So she enveloped the giant insect-like thing with her shadows and opened another pathway, teleporting either half of the monster to different places.

Jessica: "You attacked them first!" Jess called back, shoving a piece of train out of the way for those on the ground.

Melody: "They started it!" Christ! What a fucking hippy!

Fabian: Oh Jesus now Fabian was imagining there being eggsacks under his skin or something. He pulled himself together though to take a whack at the creature attacking Mayday. "Put webbing down it's mouth!"

Melody: "Let me blow it up!"

Viper: Oh they fell apart like a wet paper bag. She tutted, shaking her head. My my, what was that mad old man doing? Certainly not training them properly....

Cecilia: "After they attacked a subway car and mangled the driver!" Cecilia pointed out. "I don't care if they're intelligent or not! I'm destroying them and that's it!"

Cassie: "Sorry, I'm all out of chittering plaything," she told Jonas, swiftly floating over to him. "But I can take you where more of them are." Wrapping her arms around her uncle, she teleported the both of them right into the middle of the scuttling mess.

Jessica: "Would you be saying the same if they were mutants, Cee?" Jess asked, "Or would it not count then?" She ignited a venomblast and held up her hand to spread the light so they could search for more eggs.

Pipeline: "Can do." Mick smiled. "This ain't the nicest way to say hi to bein' an X-Man, but then I guess no missions a good first mission." He phased through another bug - before another managed to catch him with a stinger to the chest, slamming him into the wall. He struggled to breathe as he slid down the wall, winded and - from the feel of it - a couple of broken ribs.

Mayday: Mayday raised her hand, spraying webbing into the creature's mouth as advised before kicking it away, leaping to her feet and watching it stagger about before falling down, breathing harder and harder but taking in no oxygen, ".....oh, that seems so cruel.",

Jonas: As Jonas was tearing a new one on a bug, he realized something very important. *Snap!* If Cassie's basically shadow... *Crack!* and she enveloped him in shadow...*Rip!*... then that means HE was in Cassie. "Cassie! You better not be enjoying anything I'm doing in the shadows!" he called.

Melody: "Lemme put it out of it's misery!" She raised a ball of plasma.

Fabian: "But you're not dead." Fabian pointed out, pausing just enough to catch his breath.

Pipeline: However, he still pushed himself up and phased through the damn thing. "Oh hey...th' armour...ow." He didn't try to speak again, but it was clear the stinger hadn't actually got through the armour.

Mayday: Turning to Cormick, Mayday gasped, webbing her way over to him, "C-Corey! Are you ok!?", she knelt down, "Mick, Cormick, even...seriously?"

Cecilia: Cecilia didn't answer as she followed Jess along, detstroying any bug that she saw. "I'm not discussing this any further."

Elizabeth: Elizabeth ended up back on her knees clutching her head, crawling back up against the wall and out of the way by a bench hoping nothing would notice her as her eyes screwed shut, hearing and mind overloading.

Jessica: "I'll take that as a yes, then." Jess climbed up the wall to poke about above some pipes just in case.

Melody: Ka-boom! Euthanised. Messily, "... Ugh, momma needs a cocktail," she muttered to herself.

Pipeline: He gestured to the front, trying to breathe but not in a way that hurt. There was a slash and the suit would have to be binned, but the armour had mostly held. "Jus'...ribs...hit hard..." He gasped. "'N Pipeline...onna job...remember?" He smiled. "Go...check on Liz...hit her head."

Cassie: "Don't worry, I'm keeping this strictly to bug-stomping, creature smashing, limb-tearing business," Cassandra assure Jonas, keeping the both of them enveloped inside a thick, impenetrable cloud of almost perfect darkness, her form hazy and ethereal aside from faintly glowing eyes.

Cecilia: Cecilia drove another spike through a bugs head, stopping it mid-leap just inches from her head. She regarded the large teeth, "You do that."

Elizabeth: Don't spot me, don't spot me please don't spot me. Shouting the words in her head and hoping to god above the bugs would listen.

Fabian: "Can we can being asses to one another for a brief spell while we're under attack, please?" Fabian asked, cracking a creature along it's jaw with his now empty extinguisher. "Stick with productivity, how many creatures are we looking at still?"

Mayday: "Liz? You mean that other English chick?", Mayday looked back, not spotting her, "Listen, Cor-...Pipeline. Just...stay there a sec and I'll get someone over here.", she knelt down, reaching into her belt satchel for a basic bandadge and compress, "Lemme patch you up quick, 'k?"

Pipeline: Mick gave her the thumbs up, slumping a little to try and take the weight off his ribs. "Not...cut out f' this...shit."

Cecilia: Cecilia looked around. "I think most of them are near you guys...looks like there was just one main nest." she said in the radio))

Viper: There weren't all that many left... which was disappointing. But at least that was only a test group. And they'd performed beautifully. It was a shame the same could not be said for the X-men. She smirked.

Melody: Mel detonated the one going for Fabian, "One less now."

Elizabeth: She curled up a bit more, not now she didn't need this now she'd missed one fucking pill so it shouldn't be this bad!

Fabian: Oh god...he was splattered. There was bug oozing off of him. He wasn't dead though. "Thanks, Melody."

Melody: "I'd hate for you to die before we could finish leveling up your baking."

Fabian: He moved to continue the fight, back tensing up more as he could feel the bug guts squelch on him.

Jessica: "Everyone still okay?" She crawled back down the wall, looking up and down the tunnel. "Looks like there's no more eggs..."

Mayday: Pulling the bandadge tight around Cormick, Mayday knotted it, "Ok, that's my entire First Aid class mark riding on you, so don't die.", she joked with a nervous laugh.

Cecilia: Cecilia walked out of the tunnel and stepped back up onto the platfrom. "Is Mick, alright?" she asked Mayday, trotting up.

Pipeline: Mick wheezed, the closest he could get to making a sound of pain, before waving Mayday off and pointing to where he'd seen Elizabeth go. He gave her a careful pat on the head and got to his feet. "Fine." he pointed to the ruined armour over his chest and gave her two thumbs up."

Melody: "Are they all gone then?" Mel asked.

Fabian: Fabian glanced over to the few creatures that they did manage to capture. "So...what the hell are we going to do with these things?"

Elizabeth: Elizabeth zoned out entirely from the bugs and she wasn't even sure why, but for some reason the groups talking was really loud, were the bugs gone? could she open her eyes?

Melody: "Take them back for study? Though personally I'm all for a flamethrower."

Jessica: Jess crossed to look at them, "Don't know...." she cocked her head on one side, trying the pheromones again.

Melody: "Or maybe a giant fucking can of raid."

Cecilia: "Shit...I knew I should've stayed here," Cecilia muttered, looking over at the captured things. "We could kill them....I could drive a spike through the head and drag them back to the lab, perform an autopsy or whatever."

Fabian: Fabian was not going to be able to sleep at night knowing that these things were in some part of the medlab at the school, that much he knew for certain.

Viper: Oh how cute... not all of them wanted to destroy them. Pity it wasn't up to them. Viper smiled gleefully as she hit the button. Boom. Exploding bugs. Oooooh it was much more impressive outside the lab!

Fabian: Actually Fabian wasn't going to be able to sleep forever now.

Melody: "... I swear to God I didn't do ANYTHING."

Pipeline: He limped carefully over to Elizabeth, though...really those bugs were more interesting, right - the fuck, Mick. He shook his head and made his way to Elizabeth, sitting beside her - and suddenly covering both of them as there were exploding bugs. "...?!"

Cassie: Cassandra emerged from the shadows next to the others, bringing Jonas along with her. "I still think they're kind of cute," she remarked, looking at the remaining creatures. "Maybe we can take them back and tame..." And then she was splashed in bloody goo and bits of chitin.

Elizabeth: The one bug near Elizabeth exploded making her jump and curl more into a ball with a small squeak, no she wasn't opening her eyes right now if what she could hear was anything to go by.

Cecilia: Cecilia yelped and hit the dirt as the bugs exploded, her shields covered in bug guts. "Shit!"

Jessica: Jess managed to turn and cover her face in time - thank heavens for fast reflexes - but... the rest weren't so lucky she suspected. "... Well that was lovely."

Mayday: Mayday's senses kicked in to let her know the bugs were exploding. Instinctively, she covered Cormick's body with her own, holding him as the bodies around them burst open in sprays of gore and chitin.

Jonas: "Ugh, I'm sticky all over... and it smells horrible." Jonas said, waving his hands to get gunk off of him.

Fabian: "I...I..." Fabian just shook his head. He could no longer speak. Words could not express the panic and disgust he was filled with. Now that they were gone, however, he could feel that panic finally allow itself to overflow.

Viper: Viper laughed and laughed in her observation room.

Jessica: "I think I speak for all of us when I say.... 'I need a shower'."

Pipeline: Mick wheezed and tried not to cough. "Oh...fuck me...fuck this...fuck everythin'."

Cecilia: "Oh shit," Cecilia said, catching sight of Fabian and hauling herself up. "Fab? They're dead now...it's over. Please don't be upset..."

Fabian: A shower and perhaps a few therapy sessions sounded like a good thing. "...what the everloving Hell?"

Melody: "I promise it wasn't me," she assured the others.

Mayday: Mayday moved back, sitting back and shuddering at the gooey membrane all over her, "You're already gettin' to be closer to me than any other guy, Pipes.", she laughed wryly, "So...yeah, careful about that wishin'."

Melody: "Maybe ... they were ... just faulty?"

Elizabeth: Elizabeth was flinching away from the bodies protecting her because it was making the shouting in her head worse, just shaking in her little ball.

Cecilia: "I don't know," Cecilia said, laughing a little hysterically as she tried to remove some of the gunk. "I don't think it was you, Mel...I think whoever made these things wanted to make sure we didn't have a chance to study them."

Mayday: Standing slowly, Mayday shook more slime off of herself, "....I am so, so close to being sick... you have no idea."

Jessica: Jess shook some of the gunk off her hands before moving over towards her roomie. "Uh, guys, I think she's fine so just... back up before you suck up all her air, okay?"

Fabian: He was shaking but so far, and Fabian was really rather proud of this fact, the contents of his stomach had not come to be seen by any and all who were present. "So...do we have to...scrape up the bug bits to take back to the school?"

Melody: Mel looked down at herself, covered in gore, "Heh, wait till you guys have kids, you get used to being covered in shit," she shook what she could off, "I could ... animate some of the bigger chunks for study?"

Cassie: "Still better than the boring play, right?" Cassandra asked, giving the others an expectant look after cleaning the worst of the smelly gunk out of her hair and face.

Jonas: "Yuck. There's chunky goop down my shirt's back. Oh no, my shirt, think washing will clean my clothes?" Jonas asked.

Pipeline: "Hey...I have...a girlfriend...you know." Mick winked, managing to get a little more breath as he turned to Elizabeth, frowning worridly. "Hey...Elizabeth? It's over. Y' did...good. Come on, time to...go home."

Cecilia: Cecilia wondered as she took in the gunk on everyone why she didn't feel ill....strong stomach, she decided. "No, I don't think so...I think we got enough on us," Cecilia said, staying close to Fabian in case he started to look faint. He was ghastly pale.

Jessica: "Oh yeah," Jess aggreed with Cassie, "Easily." She frowned at Mick, moving over to Elizabeth herself, "I know an apartment with a large supply of expensive scotch if you're interested?"

Elizabeth: "Just..... please.... don't touch me.... and be quiet please..... why is everything so fucking loud?" She whispered even her voice shaking as she managed to speak. "Scotch.... scotch is good..."

Melody: "I think show first before booze," Cocktails, all the cocktails, ever.

Jonas: "Can we go now? The smell's starting to get to me."

Melody: "Shadow-zombie-taxi-activate?" She looked at Cassie hopefully.

Pipeline: Mick grimaced as he put a hand to his ribs. "We're not...talkin'...loud. I don't...think scotch...is a good...idea if you hit...your head, huh. Should...get yourself...seen to firs'."

Jessica: "Come on, you can even use the shower," Jess offered a hand to Elizabeth. "And you can take advantage of my quiet mind."

Mayday: Still wiping layers of goo off of herself, Mayday turned back to Cormick, "You'd have thought the freaking out and talking to herself was indication enough, but lo and behold(!)"

Cassie: "So, while we're still all cozy in the dark, anyone needing a lift home?" Cassandra asked, before she turned to look at Melody, giving a casual salute. "Aye aye, Captain Bones!"

Fabian: "...I think I would have rather stayed and watched the play, all things considered." Fabian got out faintly, taking a deep breath as he tried to get his shaking back under control. He was determined not to completely flip out until he was back in his room...even better, the shower.

Viper: Viper cocked her head as she watched the interractions after the fight was over. They intrigued her though she couldn't say she understood any of them. They were all so disappointing. So weak...

Pipeline: "Fuck this." He coughed, then wheezed in pain.

Mayday: "Hey, don't move!", Mayday stressed to Cormick, "Cee, where are you? Can you come here a sec?"

Cecilia: Cecilia slipped her hand into Fabian's a gave it a small squeeze. "You're alright, it's over now," she said in what she hoped was a reassuring voice. She turned to Mayday, "What's wrong?"

Elizabeth: She shook her head at the offered hand before forcing her self to uncurl and start standing up. "I just want to go back to my room.... no strange place bugs or shouting... scotch would be nice... but...." She rubbed her face before hugging herself.

Mayday: "The aliens broke Pipeline.", Mayday pointed at him, "His ribs are spent, he needs an emergency out."

Elizabeth: "No.... no scotch.... need my meds no more alcohol...."

Jessica: "Okay... but my quiet brain is still on offer." Jess gave Elizabeth a smile.

Pipeline: "I can...teleport...you know..."

Cassie: "Everyone gather around, because this is probably going to be a one way trip," Cassandra told the others, moving to Mick's side to hold on to him

Melody: "Taxi!" Mel waved at Cass, indicating that they should make with the black hole already.

Fabian: "That might be a bit of a strain on you right now. We've got the Cassandra express, too, you know." Fabian reminded Mick, ready to get home.

Mayday: Mayday turned to him, "Then do it, you need medical attention!", she backed off, "I'll stay back and let the police know what's going on...reluctantly.",

Pipeline: "...True. Nice t'...be teleported...for once..." He grinned. "Hey, I ain't so bad...you know...2

Cecilia: Cecilia glanced to Fabian. "I think you better get off your feet," she said, observing his shaking legs.

Fabian: "Right after we get home and I throw up." Fabian promised Cecilia.

Elizabeth: Elizabeth took one look at blackness Cassie was commanding and shook her head. "I'll walk thanks....."

Cecilia: Cecilia just squeezed his hand. "I'll stay with you tonight...fuck Walt."

Cassie: Taking a deep breath, Cassandra focused, holding out her arms to create a large enough portal for the whole group of them. "And here we go," she told the others, the shadows swirling around them, getting thicker and thicker. "Should you get lost on the way, simply follow the light at the end of the tunnel."

Jessica: "I don't need to go back to the school, thanks..." Jess shook her head, "So I'll walk too. Thanks anyway."

Melody: "That sure is comforting," Mel needed no second prompting, vanishing into shadow.

Pipeline: Mick wheezed, a little apprehensive of the shadow. It didn't have any lines and it wasn't his. He rolled his eyes. "C'mon, Elizabeth...hold my...hand if it's...better, mmm?"

Fabian: The second he felt floor underneath him Fabian made a quick rush for the toilet.

Elizabeth: Elizabeth tugged at her torn dress and sighed, arms wrapping round herself before stepping back letting most of the group disappear and breathing relief when a lot of the noise went away.

Elizabeth: "I can't.... just c-can't sorry Cormick, you go on ahead, I can call a taxi."

Jessica: "It's fine, Mick, I'll walk with her." Jess waved him off, looking over Elizabeth, "Are you sure I can't convince you to come back with me at least long enough to shower and borrow some clothes?"

Mayday: Offering the group a little salute, Mayday flicked more thick, gross goo off of her hand, "See you all later!", she called through the swirling shadows, turning and approaching the platform - no way were the cops going to believe this.

Pipeline: Mick frowned. "Y' need to get checked out, Elizabeth..." He put his hand on his ribs and then phased to the blue lines. "Here. I...flickered you...before. This...this okay?"

Jessica: "She said she's fine! Leave it alone." Jess glared at the guy.

Cecilia: Cecilia slung an arm around Fabian's waist. "Right...I think we're driving back. Well, I'm driving back," Cecilia said, noting Fabian's shaking arms.

Elizabeth: "Seriously dudes both of you head back to your homes and get yourselves sorted." I'll be fine there's a taxi rank not 2 minutes away, I just want space away from people k?" Forcing a smile for both of them.

Pipeline: "Hey, sorry if...I don't want the new girl...passing out or something from...concussion." Mick held up his hands before smiling at Elizabeth. "Alrigh', but I'll...be seein' you in...in medbay. You did good, for...for your first, not knowing what your...powers are..." He winced. "Later, both." With a salute, he disappeared down his line.

Jessica: "Well don't let any cross dressing hobos steal your shoes." Jess warned, "And you might want to tie the two ends of the strap on your dress together before you flash the cab driver too. That'll distract him."

Elizabeth: Finding a clean bit of step to sit down on she flopped onto it to check her heels and dress. "You go home and get cuddles off your lad, I'll be fine. The strap can get me a free ride anyway." Forcing another smile while trying to hide the shaking.

Jessica: Jess laughed a little, "He's working... and somehow I think even he might draw the line at bug goo. The offer of a free shower still stands if you want it... but if you don't that's fine. Be safe, okay?"

Elizabeth: "I will... no worries these heels get through bug carapaces apparently." Smiling at her roomie. "Have a safe trip and avoid the subways."

Jessica: "I will be avoiding subways for life." Jess gave her a small wave and took to the air to fly herself home. Bug free.... mostly.

Viper: Viper watched the two head back up to the street, turning her attention to the one that remained. Curious. Now... did she stay and watch the local law enforcement fail at their jobs a little more? Yes... it would be suitable entertainment for her while she planned her next step.

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