5/25 Game: Bombs Away

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5/25 Game: Bombs Away

Post by Slarti » Sun May 26, 2013 12:57 am

Timelined Tuesday, Aug. 23

<Iceman> "Okay, guys, we're coming in fast and hot and I really hate to throw everybody into this, but it sounded like SHIELD needed the help - they wouldn't be calling us otherwise." Bobby brought the jet in low and the fires on the SHIELD base were easily visible, as was another explosion, which rocketed a good fifty feet into the air. "....fuck me. This is bad." He circled the base once, looking for a clear landing strip.

<Arachne> "I suddenly don't feel safe in the jet...." Jess clung to her seat.

<Warlock> Darren facepalmed at Kyle, "Wildchild ... what happened to your uniform shirt this time?" He asked in a long suffering tone, idly catching a burning pot plant as it flew past his ear.

<Surge> Noriko was nodding off in the back seat, legs crossed and headphones falling off at the plane jumped abit. "Mmmm? We there now?"

<Husk> "Wooo! It's a beautiful day to save lives!" Paige bounced up out of her seat to get a better look.

<General> Kael was in full human form, tugging at the uniform. "And you promise this vill shift with me? I von't just...suddenly go fuzzy and have no clothing left?"

<Facade> Cecilia preemptively shielded up, just in case a rocket happened to hit them in the air or when she was stepping out of the jet. "Ready when you are, boss," she said to Iceman.

<Wildchild> "Fire... bomb... explosion, pick one!" Wildchild answered Warlock, as the shirtless SWORD agent went about lifting debris to pull an injured person out.

<Iceman> While Bobby appreciated Paige's enthusiasm, he was worried about this. The jet touched down with a jolt and he winced. "Not my best landing ever... but we're here. Everybody ready?"

<Dusk> "Can I take a wild guess what they might need our help with?" Cassandra asked, leaning forward in her seat so she could press her hands and face to the side window of the jet. "I suppose those fires aren't meant to be there, am I right?"

<Arachne> "Ready to be out of here in case it blows up next? Yep!" Jess was already out of her seat.

<Facade> Cecilia clenched her teeth as the sonic boom of another explosion rippled through the air. Two FNG's on this mission too. This was gonna suck so hard.

<Arachne> Jess covered her ears. That had hurt. "Ugh... I already hate this."

<Surge> Noriko pulled her belt off left her paperclips in the seat and stretched. "Lets go save the day again! God I've missed this!"

<Warlock> "Why is it always your shirt though? Why never your pants? It's like a trope or something," Darren hefted up the remains of a wall and pulled a face, "Don't get a stretcher, get a body bag for this one!"

<Karma> "Some hell of a first outing in the field." Xi'an said looking around at the others.

<Widow> "Can we at least pretend to stay focused for once?" Selene asked, hovering a couple feet in the air, while she directed the golems formed out of metal debris and rubble as they lifted heavy slabs of concrete.

<General> "I don't think so, no." Kael picked apart his seatbelt. "Hmm. Puppy-up now or shall I vait until someone tries to hit me?"

<Husk> Paige grabbed her kit and headed for the door. Maybe she should have told Rachel she was leaving... Well, too late to fix that. She hopped off the plane.

<General> "I don't know, I vas afraid I vould be stuck inside doing essays." He grinned at the other new kid, before sniffing the air - and sneezing.

<Facade> Cecilia unstrapped herself and held onto one of the bars for support. Preparing to put up shields as people exited the jet. It wouldn't do to have half the team blown to pieces at the get-go.

<Wildchild> "Hey! Not just the shirt. Remember India? Pants went to bits there as well." Kyle replied, picking up a second unconscious person.

<Widow> "At least our knight in frosty armor finally arrived with our backup." Selene commented, turning her head when the X-Men's jet descended to land nearby.

<Surge> "Just keep moving and try not to get shot like I did on my first field mission, gods that hurt." Checking her kit and making sure her hair was back before getting to the door.

<Iceman> "Yeah... guys, don't do anything crazy, as crazy as that is for me to tell you." Bobby waited for everybody to pile off the jet before forming a protective ice shield over it. No blowing up the jet on his watch! "Help the injured... put out some fires if you can - don't be heroes, heroes!"

<Warlock> "I was trying to forget about India, thanks," Darren stood up, "Oh hey, the cavalry has arrived."

<Dusk> "Yes, trying to be a hero only gets you eaten," Cassandra commented, wearing a wry grin on her face, as she hovered out of the jet behind Bobby and the others.

<Facade> Cecilia took a second to steel herself - you can do this - before stepping off the jet and projecting several large shields to provide cover for the team. "Don't worry, that shit lost it's shine a long time ago," she muttered to Iceman's comment as she trotted out.

<Arachne> Jess nodded to the instructions and tried to listen past the explosions and the crackling of fires for cries of help. At least heavy lifting wouldn't be too much of a problem.

<Wildchild> "Canucks?" Kyle asked Darren.

<Warlock> "... Yes, yes, absolutely, the Canucks have arrived to save us."

<Husk> Paige was already looking for medical personnel. She moved to the nearest person she could find with a smile. "I'm here to help you," she started digging the rubble away from the person to assess their injuries.

<General> Kael nodded to the little Japanese girl, concentrating and starting to bulk up as he walked off the jet, carefully so that he didn't- "Oh hey, this really vorks!" He took a moment to admire the fact he wasn't bursting at the seams. "This is awesome! No, really, you have any idea how expensive jeans can get?"

<Iceman> "What the fuck, Dare?! This is what happens when I don't come into the office?!" Bobby rose up on an ice slide and called to his team leader.

<Arachne> "Preaching to the choir!" Jess called back, moving to lift a part of wall that had fallen down over someone.

<Surge> "Polite reminder guys no water near me please? I have enough scars,” keeping near Cecilia for the shields.

<Wildchild> "Oh... hey, hello Bobby!" Kyle waved, almost dropping the poor soul he was helping.

<Warlock> "What can I say, you miss the best parties!" Darren jumped into the air, hovering to meet him.

<Iceman> "Fur face! I brought you a playmate!" He nodded to the freshman feral and met Darren halfway. "We know what's going on?"

<Facade> Cecilia winced as shrapnel from an explosion hit one of her fields. "Dammit...I'm gonna have to conserve my energy," she said to no-one in particular. "Otherwise we may be fighting with no shields at the end of all this!"

<General> Kael stopped for a moment as he finished shifting - he'd need the extra strength and the senses it gave him, grunting as his tail grew with a pop. Ow. Now pushing eight and a half feet, he moved to catch up with the rest. "I vould rather no fighting at all, da?" He murmured as he went past, voice closer to a growl, starting to shift debris.

<Wildchild> The hulking form of fluff paused and cocked his head as he dropped the unconscious bodies at the 'safe pile', and just stared at the other big furred form. "I know you?" Kyle growled at the other one.

<Surge> "What shall we get to first?" She called at Darren over all the noise.

<Warlock> "A big ass explosion that just don't know when to quit," Darren shrugged, "that's as far as we got. Mostly we're just trying to evac right now."

<Arachne> Shoving the wall back into an upright position and holding it up until she was sure it wouldn't just topple over again, she bent to pick up the person underneath, "You're okay..." Maaaaybe some pheromones to distract him from the panic....

<Karma> Xi'an rushed to a pile of rubble and started to dig out the poor guy trapped underneath it.

<Iceman> "Great-" He was cut off as another explosion rocketed skyward, shattering his ice slide and he had to recover. "Are there fucking bombs planted all over?"

<Warlock> "You guys, be careful, there's still detonations going off!" He warned the X-men ... oh hey, werewolf.

<Dusk> "Did someone leave their popcorn too long in the oven?" Cassandra asked no one in particular, floating higher to get an overview of the flaming chaos, and also get some more distance between herself and the fires.

<General> Kael stopped at the voice, blinking at...oh wow. "Uuuh. Nyet?" He sniffed warily. "Unless you've been to Russia, moi drug, I doubt it." He tilted his head at the big blond wolfman, ears forward.

<Arachne> Jess yelled at the sound of the explosion and ducked reflexively, shielding her patient as the wall fell down again. ".... Ow..."

<Husk> Paige covered her patient as debris flew over them. "This is stupid!"

<Surge> Noriko blurred over to start helping Jess giving her a hand with the poor injured person.

<Arachne> Heaving the wall back up again, she gave Noriko a smile, "Thanks... Think I'm just going to let this fall down now."

<Facade> Cecilia ducked under the bosses Darren and Iceman, keeping shields up so they all wouldn't be blown to pieces during the group huddle. "So anyplace in particular we should be trying to evac first? What's our priority?"

<Dusk> Shrouding herself in swirling darkness, black arms extended from Cassandra's floating form, wrapping around slabs of concrete and broken metal bars. Little pieces of debris rained to the ground below when she lifted the heavy wreckage into the air.

<Husk> When it was clear again, Paige got her evacuee to his feet. "Come on, we have to get you out of here."

<Wildchild> "Uhh..." Kyle was a little wary as he tried to pull his attention away from the other feral and get back to business with showing dominance..... no, of saving people. Yes.

<Arachne> "I can hear someone else... can you take him, Surge?" Jess passed off her casualty to Noriko.

<Surge> "Go for it!" Grabbing the person and dragging them out of the way quickly, trying to ignore the explosions.

<Husk> Paige got her person to the medical tent and into the hands of the actual doctors. She then rushed out to find another person to save.

<Warlock> "It just happened, there were people all over the place so we've got no clue how many or where they are," Darren shrugged helplessly.

<Widow> "Evacuating survivors and helping the injured are our priority," Selene informed the students as she joined them. "I can sense several people trapped underneath the rubble or in the lower levels. They're still alive, but the signals I pick up from some are weak and filled with pain. So we better hurry."

<Karma> Xi'an finally freed her guy from the rubble and slowly helped him to the med tent. "One down... a hell of a lot more to go."

<General> Kyle wasn't the only one. No, they had a job. People. Explosions. And shrapnel duckingohSHIT - Kael ducked just in time, arm protecting his face. "...Hi." He grinned warily. "Name's Kael, though for some reason they call me General now for some reason..." Evac now, domination later.

<Arachne> "Point me," Jess moved over to Selene, "I can hear some people calling, show me the way in."

<Warlock> "What the psychic said-" he nodded his head towards his good lady wife.

<Surge> Noriko looked around the building. "I'm going to see if there's any power to cut to try and kill the explosions!" She shouted at Selene before starting a run around the building.

<Facade> Cecilia nodded. "Alright, will do. I'll try to provide cover as much as I can as I work but I'll warn you now the explosions'll drain my energy fast. I have to conserve or we'll have nothing very quickly."

<Wildchild> "No...my name is Kyle, not Kael, has a y sound in the middle," Kyle replied to General. "And on missions, I'm Wildchild." he added.

<Widow> "I'm afraid we'll have to provide for our own way inside," Selene replied, gesturing towards a particularly large pile of rubble, engulfed by tall flames. "It appears the explosion occurred right at the main entrance, so it's blocked and impassable."

<General> "Nyet, my name - oh fuck, call me Misha." Kael said hurridly, catching a stone block before it hit Kyle. "Pleased to meet you, da?"

<Arachne> "Any windows?"

<Facade> Cecilia looked around. "Where the hell are the bombs? I don't see any hardware around or rockets," she said, a little troubled by this.

<Husk> Paige paused as she looked around, looking for signs of people. She saw a small hand under an overturned school bus. Paige ran for the bus as the hand disappeared under the bus again. Paige hit the ground and looked for the child.

<Dusk> "There is no such thing as impassable to shadows," Cassandra remarked, floating closer to the ground where her fellow students worked tirelessly to save as many as they could. "We go wherever the light cannot reach."

<Warlock> Darren stared after Cessie, then turned to his wife, "I didn't know you had a little sister," he grinned.

<Surge> Noriko was legging it around the building and finding nothing to drain at all, no detonation devices or anything. Running back round to the rest of the crew she waved at Darren and Selene. "There isn't any bombs in there! I can't feel a single source of electricity still alive!"

<Widow> Selene turned and gave the raven-haired girl wrapped in amorphous darkness an appraising look. "I see Xavier found someone to fill the school's quota of creepy, cryptic goth girls," she remarked, her eyes narrowed at Cassandra.

<Arachne> In fact... screw windows. The walls were shaky enough with all the explosions, "I'm going to go knock." She picked a spot near where the cries were coming from and did just that... with all her considerable strength.

<Facade> Cecilia nodded to Surge. "I was just saying that! I can't see where any of this is coming from!"

<Wildchild> "Da... uh, Yeah, Hello... nice finally seeing someone else better looking than them." Kyle joked referring to the non furred ones. He checked a body and growled as he couldn't find a pulse.

<General> Kael ducked around the other...wolf...dog...thing as he caught the scent of blood from some close rubble, lifting it up with a slight struggle. "Over here!" He called. "Can I have a hand? There's someone here and I don't think they're so good..." Definitely not, he could smell burnt flesh too...

<Husk> Paige reached for the little hand, but couldn't reach her. "I'm here to help you. Let's go find your Mommy. Just take my hand..."

<General> "Thank you." Kael smiled at Kyle, though it was too full of fangs to be considered a smile by anything that wasn't vaguely wolfish.

<Iceman> Bobby was putting out fires as quickly as he could, without making a bigger mess - that's when he spotted Paige from the corner of his eye. ....a kid?

<Surge> "There's nothing for me to drain and stop exploding so something else has to be causing this." Giving Cecilia a confused look before dodging off to help with the debris clearing.

<Wildchild> Kyle grabbed hold of the large piece of rubble, a low growl escaping his throat as he started lifting as well, next to Kael.

<Arachne> Having finally forced her way through the wall, Jess climbed inside and started searching for more people. "Make any sound you can! Even if it's quiet!" She called as loud as she could, "I'll probably hear you!"

<Karma> Xi'an ran to another poor guy trapped in the rubble and started to dig again.

<Husk> Paige reached for the child again as the child began screaming. The child burst into flames, giving Paige only seconds to back up before the child and the bus both exploded in front of her.

<Facade> Cecilia ducked behind a low wall from an explosion as Surge took off again, about fifty feet away there was a man who was clutching at his stomach. At first, Cecilia assumed he was injured by shrapnel. "Don't remove it! Just stay still - I can help you!" She cried, running towards him.

<Iceman> "PAIGE!" Bobby started for her, calling down as much ice as he could to contain the explosion.

<Dusk> "The dark may be my friend, but I leave being gloomy to others," Cassandra replied, revealing a grin and taking a slight bow. "Now, let me see what I can do about that shortcut." She closed her eyes and focused, the swirling shadows rising up around here, forming a pitch-black sphere in front of her.

<Facade> When she was within ten feet of him the man looked to her, his eyes wild with fear, he opened his mouth and reached out as if to say something...then was engulfed by flames.

<General> Kael got the debris shifted with Kyle's help, unconsciously echoing the growl. He looked down at the guy underneath. "...That...isn't right. Do ve have fire-based mutants here at all?" The guy was alive - just - but...smoldering.
<Surge> Something exploded near to Noriko as a bunch of walls and debris came down, ducking away from the explosion she ended up falling down. Only to stand up and see a flaming body roll past her.

<Warlock> "OUT! Everybody OUT!" Darren ordered as more explosions went off.

<Dusk> "I know you can't see anything through it, but you have to believe me that this pathway should lead right into the basement," she said, holding out her hands, black tendrils arcing from her hands towards the black sphere. "I'll try to hold it open for as long as I can manage."

<Facade> It was fortunate, Cecilia noted later, that she'd had her shield body armour up. The blast that tore the man apart slammed her into the ground and would have killed her if she'd had no shields.

<Husk> Paige pulled herself to her knees, vaguely aware of the ice in front of her. Rachel was going to kill her if these exploding people didn't. As a delayed reaction she slapped her arm a few times to put out the flames that had gotten past the ice. "Bobby?"

<Iceman> "Yeah, I'm here.... you okay, babe?" Bobby took the time to kneel down to Paige and check her arm.

<Arachne> That... was a very loud explosion from outside. But she could hear people calling so she moved towards the sound, "Coming!" She hurried along the halls and forced a door in, "Come on, I'll show you the way out..." there was one lonely guy at the back of the room, curled up hunched on the floor. "Are you alright...? Are you hurt?"

<Arachne> She reached to put a hand on his shoulder, but paused as he started laughing. She backed up, hurrying everyone out of the room as he burst into flames. "Hail Hydra!" She slammed the door on the explosion just in time.

<Karma> Xi'an got another man to the med tent and looked around at the fiery people exploding. "What the hell is happening with these people?"

<Wildchild> "Not sure, haven't seen any burny people. Don't like anything burny really." Kyle growled a little looking at the smoldering person. "Think he's still alive. Need to get him to safe area."

<Facade> Cecilia coughed heavily as she struggled to get up. "Body bombs!" she screamed, trying to warn everyone else. Her brother had been in Iraq, he'd told her once about terrorists planting bombs inside of corpses...she could only assume this was a similar thing. "The bombs are inside people!"

<Husk> "I couldn't save her.... and then she was on fire." She tried to shoo Bobby from her arm. "I'm fine." Which was a lie, but he had bigger issues. Like exploding PEOPLE.

<General> Kael reached down to grab the guy and pull him out before something - a change in scent, maybe - made him pull back. The man tried to push himself up, muttering to himself, crawling out of the wreckage and towards the students. "...Vhat does 'Hail Hydra' mean?" He looked at Kyle as he caught what the man was muttering, confused.

<Iceman> "You sure?" He checked again, then looked up to her face and helped her up. "What happened... that kid... she.... blew up?"

<Warlock> "The shit!?" Darren dropped down to Cecilia, "You certain?"

<Arachne> Jess shook her head, her ears were ringing and the people she'd got out of the room were freaking out. Jess pointed down the hall once she'd got her bearings, releasing more pheromones - probably too many considering the eyes some of them were making at her now - before leading the way to the exit.

<Husk> "I think so... or somebody set her on fire and she was under the fuel tank of the bus."

<Facade> "A guy just exploded right in front of me of course I'm fucking certain!" Cecilia coughed. "These people are not your people! We can't evac! If we let them into the medical tents one of them could explode!"

<Surge> Noriko scrambled away from the obviously dead and flaming body panting and ran back away from the building. Noticing someone crawling away from the explosions she went to help and pull them away.

<Dusk> "I'm used to blowing my audience away, but this is just a little bit extreme," Cassandra commented, summoning more shadows to shield herself from the exploding people around her.

<Arachne> Helping her charges out of the hole in the wall one at a time, Jess instructed them to wait right there so she could show them where to go next.

<Warlock> "Shit!" Darren ran his hand over his scalp, trying to think of what the best thing to do would be.

<Wildchild> "Genreal.... I think he's maybe a bad guy." Kyle told Kael. "Get back," he added, then let go of the debris, letting the thing drop on the hot body.

<Iceman> "Shit... I wonder... I dunno. Let's get you back to the infirmary tent - you can help more people there, babe." Bobby started to pick Paige up.

<Facade> "I hope you got metal detectors or something handy!" Cecilia said to Warlock. "Or else this is gonna be like 'find the explosive in the haystack'!"

<Husk> "Bobberz... you have other people to evac. I can evac myself." Plus she was still hiding her arm from him.

<Arachne> "Okay... over there," Jess pointed to the tent, "Come on..." she helped the less able to climb over the debris. One thing at a time. She could tell them about the laughing man in a minute.

<General> "But-" He didn't get time to protest as the guy was suddenly squished - and then, somehow, exploded, in a pathetic, anti-climatical way, the debris taking most of the shock. Unintelligable Russian came from the werewolf as he jumped back.

<Iceman> "You sure?" He got her part-way anyway and then dropped her on his ice slide. "Go stay not blowed-up or Rae will kill us both."

<Husk> "I am already on... thin ice in that department!" Paige grinned at her pun.

<Arachne> Jess kept herself between the building where most of the explosions were happening and her group of injured personnel to try and deflect any debris that came their way... or any more exploding people.

<Dusk> Cassandra had vanished through her own portal, which had closed behind her only to reopen a little distance away, giving way to her and another group of people she had found trapped inside the basement. "You are safe now," she told the scared survivors. "The medical tent is over there."

<Iceman> Bobby laughed despite himself and the situation. "I've taught you well in the ways of the punnage, young padawan." He gave her a salute and a wink and then he was off.

<Warlock> Darren pulled a face and radioed in to the rest of the SHIELD personel, "Fall back, we can't risk anymore of our people, leave the wounded where they are till we know what's happening."

<Warlock> "Widow, Wildchild, Iceman, we're done."

<Husk> Paige giggled at Bobby, and winced at her arm only once he was out of earshot. Right. To the medical tent! She hurried over there to wrap her arm and get back to saving people.

<Widow> Selene paused and looked at her husband. "Darren, are you sure about that?" she asked, a stunned expression on her face.

<Surge> Grabbing the guys arms she helped drag him, then he started shaking an odd noise coming from him and then just fire everywhere. Shrieking in surprise she jumped back trying to wipe the flames from her arms.

<Facade> Cecilia's eyes widened as another person burst into flame about twenty feet away. "Oh shit! Lookout!" she cried, throwing a shield around the burning man. The fire smothered, but that didn't stop him from exploding, his insides painting the entire shield bubble around him red.

<Karma> Xi'an looked around at the carnage. As people brought in victims she subtly started possessing them to make sure no bombs were among the injured.

<Iceman> Bobby halted on his slide and checked his comm. "What? ....Dare.... we can't just leave people... and I think I saw somebody blow up! Like a person!"

<Warlock> "They're all a potential risk, we can't risk loosing anyone else if they've turned them into living weapons."

<General> Kael was confused, looking around. "Done? But - oh..." How could they be sure? Any one of these people could explode. Oh...hey, he was in shock. Awesome, that'd be why he was numb about the...burny goo everywhere and the fact it was making him hungry. "No, ve need to be sure that...that they're not going to hurt any more...right?"

<Arachne> Leave them? Screw that! It wasn't safe where they were! Jess took her group away from the tent instead. "New plan," she informed them, "I'm going to build you a wall to hide behind. Wait. Here." She hurried off to go and repurpose the wall from earlier.

<Dusk> "I'm sorry, but could you say that again?" Cassandra asked, hovering closer to Darren. "That almost sounded as if you wanted us to leave the wounded."

<Surge> "These people are bursting into fire! We have to stop whoever's doing this!"

<Warlock> "That's exactly what I said, they're exploding!" he snapped, "We can't bring them out till we know more about what's happening."

<Facade> "What?!" Cecilia exclaimed. "No, Warlock, we don't have to! I just... contained one of the people exploding! We can...or at least I can still save something here!"

<Wildchild> Kyle cringed and growled, then looked at General, "Looks like I gotta get going with my team, try and save as many as you can." Kyle turned to fall back with his group, but paused and told general "When stuff isn't happening... and we see each other... I'm going to take you down." he grinned from ear to ear, before pouncing off to his team leader.

<General> Kael looked at Kyle, big green eyes going to the more experienced wolf. He didn't want to leave the wounded, that wasn't right, but living weapons - few to save the many, right? "Couldn't ve...treat them avay from the rest then? Maybe?"

<Northstar_> Jean-Paul winced as he looked at Cecilia's bubble of gore. "That is...something." There were no words for what that was. This was why he wasn't staying in one place for this for any amount of time as he gathered wounded up and made another run for the tents.

<General> He blinked back. Then his grin matched Kyle's. "...I'll hold you to that. And I'll vin."

<Iceman> "Dare... this is bullshit, dude" He shook his head and kept going.

<Arachne> Jess picked up her wall-nemesis. It was at the limit of what she could lift but she was determined to get back to her people.

<General> "Nyet, he has a point, but surely ve can just...treat them avay from the groups, da?"

<Husk> Once her arm was squared away, Paige got busy helping the overwhelmed medical team.

<Surge> "Yes but what about the ones that aren't?! Some might be but we can't just stop trying to help!"

<Warlock> "It's the only sensible choice!" Darren said as the SHIELD personel pulled back, "We can't tell who's gonna blow from who isn't."

<General> Kael blinked, before going and snagging a first aid kit, remembering the scents. "Sir...uh...I don't know who you are but...I know vhat that guy smelt like before he blew. Maybe that could help. I vant to stop people dying, please."

<Facade> "...oh fuck this," Cecilia said, scrubbing the grit out of her face and standing up, walking right out into the field with her shields up. "You fall back if you want. I'll stay and contain whoever the fuck bursts into flames! It's not a foolproof plan but at least there'll be less causalities overall!" She just had to make sure she didn't become one of them.

<Iceman> "Yeah, well, they can't hurt me - so I'm gonna keep trying at least." Bobby tried now to reach the X-Men over his comm. "Guys, if you're invulnerable or not... you know the risks and you're not SHIELD, so do what you think is right."

<General> Yeah, shock was a good friend right now...he could get hurt. He wasn't invulnerable, and he didn't know if he could move in time. Was this such a good idea?

<Arachne> There sure seemed like much more obstacles on the ground when you were carrying a wall. Jess almost fell over when the wall overbalanced her but she managed to catch herself.

<Warlock> "Unless someone blows up right next to you," it was the right call, he knew it was the right call, but he didn't feel any better about it and that was making him bitchy, "I can't make you stop, but if anything happens to your guys it's on your own heads."

<Dusk> "I'm sorry, but it looks as if I might just have to play hero again," Cassandra remarked, moving back to help those in need. "Apparently I'm unable to learn from my past mistakes." She wore a wry smile as she floated away from Darren, giving him a casual salute.

<Husk> Paige swallowed a bit, then responded. "I'm in the medical tent. They are overwhelmed with wounded. I'm not leaving. Anyone still able to... if we can scan people, we can make this a safe area and still save lives."

<Surge> "I'm staying if Facade says she can contain them then we can help in some way! We don't leave innocents behind!" She could run faster then any one here and she started using it to grab the people being brought out that were still alive and separate them out and away from others.

<Facade> The right thing is always the hardest thing to do, Cecilia thought as the Iceman spoke into the comm. So the hard way this would be then, her face grim she threw another shield bubble over a man who burst into flame, not even wincing as he exploded inside. "I never claimed anyone was responsible for my life but myself."

<Karma> "I'm trying to possess the incoming patients to make sure we don't have any sleeper bombs in the med tent." Xi'an said to Paige as she ran back into the tent.

<General> Kael nodded to the guy who seemed to be in charge, before going back into the rubble. It was the right thing to do. He found one, sniffing the person, before backing away. "Not this one. I'm sorry." He swallowed, before bounding away from the pleading injured woman...and trying not to wince at the explosion a few seconds later.

<Husk> "Thank you Karma. Keep that up!"

<Northstar_> "Isn't that how it always is?" Jean-Paul asked over the comm. "Don't worry, not dead yet." They just needed to try to maintain that and that was the tricky part. Jean-Paul deposited another load of patients with Paige and Xi'an. "And I guess I'm keeping you busy, aren't I?"

<Facade> Cecilia turned to Surge. "When you see someone burst into flames that's your first warning. I'll try to contain the blasts if you get the people around them out of harms way!"

<Karma> "Well at least I can help do something." Xi'an said as she started to focus in on another person.

<Arachne> Jess finally reached her people and stood the wall back up. Its own weight ensured it sank into the earth enough to stay up. "There you go... have a thing to hide behind." She leaned against the wall and tried to catch her breath. Then flailed as several pheromone-affected people hugged her at once.

<Dusk> "Let's just hope that getting blown up isn't that much worse than being eaten if worse comes to worst," Cassandra remarked, using shadowy constructs extending from her body to keep her distance from any survivors as she moved them. "Not that I'm eager to repeat the experience."

<General> However, the next person didn't make his hackles go up or the scents go weird, so he crouched down, blinking as a guy with wi-no, make that one flesh, one metal wing - landed beside him and helped him pull the twisted metal plate off. "Thanks...?" He blinked, before the guy just grinned, winked, put his hand on the injured guy that had been beneath it...and then helped the guy hobble out. "Merci, ami, keep it up - an' 'Lock's just doin' what's best, don' be mad." With that, he was gone.
<Arachne> "Okay... please get off me or I'm going to start electrocuting people..." Jess wriggled and attempted to climb the wall to safety.

<Northstar> "Being cannibalized twice would be quite the trick." Jean-Paul muttered into the headset before charging off again, swearing as he had to speed past debris from another explosion.

<Surge> "KK I hear ya!" Waving at Cecilia and getting started on the work, moving the people so that the medics and other mutants could sort them out.

<Arachne> She managed to escape to the top of the wall and she sat in a crouch watching them watching her. "Uh... can someone bring me more walls? Because if I move these people will follow me...."

<Facade> Cecilia grit her teeth as she contained yet another explosion that tore apart a young woman. She felt that explosion, as she always did when an impact hit her shields, just like it'd actually struck her. "Dammit..." she gasped. "Why do I keep doing this shit again?"

<Northstar> "Because you like us whole?" Jean-Paul suggested.

<Dusk> Another portal opened behind Jessica's makeshift fort, the spiraling blackness spewing out another batch of people. "As a teleporter, I can bring you anything you like," Cassandra replied, floating through as the pathway closed behind her. "Just give me a second to catch my breath."

<General> Kael helped another person, then had to back off from a girl that was giggling madly at him, bounding behind a wall in time to dodge the ensuing explosion. He decided to stay there for a few moments, panting and trying not to panic, ears back and tail tucked between his legs. Huh, some hero he was.

<Arachne> "No problem..." Jess patted the top of the wall beside her, "Take a load off...."

<Facade> "That or I'm an idiot that thinks I can actually make a difference," Cecilia noted, suppressing a cry of pain as another explosion psychomatically ripped her guts. "Dammit! Whoever did this I'm gonna strangle them!"

<Surge> Shaking off another debris dodge something grabbed her ankle and tripped her, kicking at it to free her self the thing-human got tighter and started to laugh. There was a burst of light then as she dropped a charge through him.

<Surge> succeeding in causing an even bigger explosion that sent her flying.

<Dusk> Hovering upwards, Cass dropped down next to Jess, letting her gaze drift across the burning, smoke filled field covered in debris and dead bodies. It was a horrifying sight to behold. "First insane, flesh-eating cannibals, now human bombs," she muttered, looking even paler than usual. "To be honest, this is not exactly how I pictured being a superhero would be like."

<Arachne> "I'm thinking I should maybe not have used my pheromones on them..." Jess peered down at her adoring fans, "But I had to stop them freaking out and I didn't think zapping them would have the desired result..." she ran a hand through her hair, looking at Cassie. "What did you think it would be like? They picked me up right before all that Apocalypse stuff started... so it's just been one drama to the next for me..."

<General> Kael stayed in his ball for a few minutes, hands over his muzzle to block out the scents, ears flat against his skull and shaking. He needed to get up. He wasn't a coward - what would his father think - what would Sonata think if they knew he was cowering behind a wall?

<Facade> "Really?" Cecilia said, ducking behind the wall where Dusk and Arachne were. "Obviously I'm a pessimist!" Her eyes widened as Surge was thrown back in an explosion. "Shit!" she hissed.

<Iceman> By now, ambulances were starting to arrive to help get the wounded off base, and Bobby shielded them with a wall of ice between the base proper and the triage tent. He spotted Paige in the midst of it, getting onto an ambulance with a severely burned woman.

<Surge> Noriko hit the floor like a rag doll and bounced before rolling a little way on the grass.

<Dusk> "I'm not sure," Cassandra replied, averting her eyes from the chaos to look at the other girl instead. "More capes and mustache twirling villains, I suppose?" She managed a frail smile, when she spotted something out of the corner of her eye that cut short her break.

<Arachne> Jess looked down at Cecilia, "What's that now?" Catching more movement, she turned her head, her eyes finding Nori. "Damn it!" She looked down at her fans, "You two, go and help her!" They scurried off to do that.

<Facade> She wasn't getting up. Shitshitshit! Cecilia braced herself. Well, she took that field medicine course for a reason. She timed herself and rushed out, shields to to Surge. "Way ahead of you!"

<Karma> As the ambulances arrived, Xi'an started to help to get the injured loaded in.

<Arachne> "Okay I've changed my mind. Using pheromones on them was the best idea ever."

<Surge> Noriko finally moved fingers twitching as the world span in a weird silence.

<Northstar> Jean-Paul slid to a halt against Cecilia's wall next to Noriko. "You need any help here or have you got this?" Ahha, there she was. "Need a lift to the ambulance?"

<Facade> Cecilia slid the last five feet over to Surge, putting up a bubble and checking her pulse. It was steady, she was breahting normally and there was no sign of shrapnel damage to her body. Oh hey! Movement. "Can you take her to the med tent?" she said to Northstar. "I gotta keep containing blasts!"

<Surge> "Huh?" Noriko lifted her head up enough to stare at the blurrs around her. "No no I'm fine just dizzy... help the others..."

<Dusk> Swallowed by a cloud of darkness, she reappeared right next to Cecilia and Noriko. "Oh no, Riko!" Cass shouted, fear for her fellow student painted across her features.

<Arachne> Jess's mindslaves trotted to a stop beside Cecilia and asked if there was anything they could do to help - rather eagerly because they wanted to please the object of their adoration.

<Facade> "Lie down, you're injured!" Cecilia barked. "God why does everyone try to get up!?"

<General> Finally, the shaking, whimpering form of an unhappy werewolf came out from behind the wall he'd been hiding behind, tail firmly down as he rubbed his muzzle and ran a hand through his mane. "I-is there anything I can do to help?" His voice was a lot more growly than before, his accent thick.

<Surge> "Because I'm the first aider and there's nothing seriously wrong with me, leave me here help the others!"

<Facade> Cecilia checked her pupils and listened for slurred speech before she nodded. "You're not the only one anymore...don't die." And with that she nodded to Jean-Paul and took off into the fray again.

<Arachne> The two SHIELD personnel smiled brightly at JP and Noriko.

<Dusk> "You look like you need a good brushing," Cassandra said, as she hovered over to Mikael. "Are you okay?" She managed a small smile, while picking some smoldering debris out of the werewolf's fur.

<Northstar> "What she said." Jean-Paul paused to look at the two SHIELD members, tilting his head a bit and smirking just a bit before going to his comm. "These are yours, right Arachne?"

<Arachne> "They are! They have instructions to help. Please, God, give them something to do." Jess made sure her desperation was made clear over the comms.

<General> Kael smiled - or tried to - at the floaty girl. "Da, I-I'm fine, just...not...expecting leaving people to die today." He took a deep, shaky breath, out of sorts enough that he wasn't even flirting.

<Surge> Noriko lay herself down properly as she was far enough away from the fire, on her back and getting her feet up on a bit of debris. Waiting for the damn dizziness to go away.

<Northstar> "How about you fine people go help load the ambulances, there'll be more delivered to you soon." Jean-Paul did as he asked, not trying too hard to hide his amusement as he got back to work.

<Facade> Cecilia just barely contained an exploding man screaming 'Heil Hydra!' at the top of his lung before he killed several personnel nearby. "Yeah, yeah. Sieg heil to you too, asshole." She stepped over what was left of him neatly and continued on her way. Chaos...this was absolute chaos.

<Arachne> The SHIELD agents scurried off to complete their task, each trying to do it faster than the other - and giving the other a shove whenever possible to slow them down.

<Surge> As the dizziness went she rolled to her side and stood up carefully and as another laughing idiot pulled out of the rubble on fire and headed for the med tent she threw her powers, exploding the bastard before throwing up.

<Arachne> Jess remained atop her wall, watching her other fans and gesturing more of the walking wounded over from her vantage point.

<Dusk> "Neither did I, to be honest," Cassandra replied, "but apparently it's part of the job description of being a superhero these days." She covered them both under a black shield when another flaming body exploded, raining fiery debris down on them.

<Facade> From the way some of these people were screaming Cecilia had to assume not everyone exploding had done this voluntarily....but some. "This..." she wheezed. "Had better let up soon. I'm starting to lose feeling in my chest..."

<Northstar> "Okay, guys?" Jean-Paul's voice came over the radio. "I think the back of the scene is clear of people now. Can I get a new wall up sealing it up so nobody can get out that way?"

<General> Kael did the instinctive thing of pressing against Cassandra when she did that. Couldn't help it, was automatic. "...Apparently so, I mean I knew it vasn't a valk in the park but this..." He broke off to listen to the radio.

<Arachne> "I would love to help you with that, Northstar, but I think my guys will just follow me back there and I don't want to risk them... If Iceman wants to wall them in so they can't, that'd be freaking great." Subtle, her hint was not.

<Facade> "Coming dear," Cecilia said, chuckling weakly and jogging over to the location, putting up a shield to block the exit.

<Iceman> "....huh?" He heard his name over the comm and looked up from the wall he was shoring up with ice.

<Arachne> "I'm sitting on a wall," She located him and waved, "Can you make three more so the people I have hiding here will stay put? I pheromoned them a bit."

<Karma> As the explosions continued, Xi'an helped load in more of the wounded into the ambulances. She had to hop into an ambulance with a man she was helping to control his bleeding. As it took off.

<Surge> Noriko had her hands on her knees and when her stomach was empty got back to things though decidedly more slowly this time, getting in line with the others to haul people into ambulances.

<Dusk> "I can part you from your admirers," Cassandra offered, hovering over to where Jessica perched on the wall. "Let me take them someplace else." Arms made of solid darkness emerged from her body, curling downward to wrap around the people below, pulling them through the shadowy pathway as it opened in their midst.

<Iceman> ".....yeahokey?" Bobby wasn't sure why he'd bothered anyway... much of the base was rubble by now, but at least it gave them a few hours before the structures he'd shored up completely collapsed. They could search for survivors... or do recovery...

<Iceman> He slid on over to Jess and did as she asked, but formed a cattle chute toward the ambulances for what was left of the group. "Herd 'em that way before you scuttle off then."

<Arachne> Giving Cass a smile and a wave, and pointing the rest of her slaves down the chute, Jess then flew over the structure to the back to start picking up large pieces of rubble to replace Cecilia's force field. "We need you on containment, I've got this..."

<Facade> Cecilia panted and leaned against her own shield wall that was blocking off the exit. "Right, right..." She pushed herself off and trotted off, pulling a face at the psychosomatic pain. "I know the drill, I'll get to it."

<General> Kael swallowed. Come on, Romenavik, get yourself together, you're a wolf, not a damned calf. He slunk out to the others. "Can I help at all?"

<Surge> "Hey Kael! Some of these people are heavy give us a hand getting them into the ambulances?"

<General> Kael swallowed, tail starting to tap as an ear flicked up and he nodded. A couple of people shied away from him but he ignored them, used to it, carefully lifting one of the injured. "I can do that."

<Surge> "Good cause I'm too short." Chuckling a little as she swayed before going to help with the splinting and bandaging instead of lifting.

<Facade> Cecilia gasped raggedly as she contained yet another explosion. Her shields were getting weaker, soon they'd fail, they weren't meant to take this amount of damage repeatedly. "Fuck you," she snarled, gripping her side as she continued on. "Fuck you don't let me down now."

<Dusk> "I don't know how many more I can move before the strain becomes too much for me, but I could take the worst cases straight to the nearest hospital," Cassandra offered, her shadowy form drifting above the first aid tent where the paramedics were busy loading up the injured survivors.

<Arachne> "Okay... I can't find any more ways they could get out and I can stick to walls and fly so we're probably good..." Jess dusted her hands off as she looked over her handiwork.

<Northstar> "Are we clear then?" Jean-Paul asked, running through the latest exploded area but not coming out with any survivors and a slightly singed look.

<Arachne> "As far as this exit goes, yeah..." She sighed, running a hand through her hair.

<Northstar> "Clear on my end as well, anyone else have something?"

<Facade> Cecilia leaned against the debris of a wall, legs shaking slightly. She tried to make another shield but even after several attempts they seemed more than a little flickery. They wouldn't hold long, she could tell. She sighed, one hand permanently on her side. "Negative," she said into the comm. "No contacts here anymore..."

<Surge> Noriko gave in trying to help, she'd been a waste of space in this mission and at home now, sitting down and letting on of the paramedics do their job before she threw up again.

<General> "Then c-can I suggest ve clean up and move out?" He put his last passenger down carefully and shivered, fur going on end before settling again.

<Dusk> "Looks like they blew all their powder," Cassandra remarked, scanning the chaos around them from her high vantage point. "Let's help the wounded!" She quickly descended towards the medical tent.

<Northstar> "Yes, meet up at the medical tent, I imagine other services will have things from here." Jean-Paul took to the air, soon enough landing at the medical tent.

<Arachne> Jess lifted into the air too, her own progress much slower than JP's. "I really could use a cup of tea...."

<Facade> Once the adrenaline had worn off it really hit Cecilia just how much pain she was in...it was a lot. An awful lot. She grit her teeth and began walking on shaking legs to the med tent. I will not scream... Fuck! But it hurt so badly!

<Surge> God she wasn't even that badly bruised, a small bump to the head and a few bruises! Gritting her teeth she got up, not even noticing the limp and getting back to work on the wounded.

<Dusk> Cassandra smiled when her friends gathered where she was aiding the paramedics to the best of her abilities. "Leave it to the plucky students to step up to the challenge when the mighty military heroes tuck their tails and run, no?"

<Arachne> Jess landed amidst the others and leaned against an ambulance. "Indeed..."

<General> And looking at the injured students, and the worn out ones, and the ones who'd taken the blasts...he felt really fucking dumb. All that was wrong with him was shock. He spotted Noriko and Cecilia and ducked his head, ears going flat and tail still again, before with a series of cracks and pops and painful groans he shrunk back as human.

<Facade> Cecilia steeled her expression as she made her way into the tent. "Don't get too high on yourself now," she said roughly to Cass. "We didn't save everyone." She gestured to the injured people...a few would die, she was certain of that. Burns were horrible wounds to treat.

<General> "At least we saved some. Better than nothing. Don't dwell on vhat couldn't be done." ...Maybe he should listen to his own advice there.

<Arachne> "We did our best, Cee. At least we can say that."

<Surge> Noriko forced herself along double checking bandages and giving the medics a hand restraining were she could. "We did better than the military at least...."

<Northstar> "It's impossible to save everyone." Jean-Paul muttered quietly to Cecilia. "We have to find joy where we can sometimes."

<General> "Finnish cowards who plant bombs in innocent people."

<Facade> Cecilia didn't respond to this, she wasn't pleased with much here, as much as she believed the lives they saved were worth saving. "What's Hydra? I mean other than the mythical beast."

<Dusk> "I just can't help but always try to see everything from its good side, no matter how bad things around us get," Cassandra replied to Cecilia, helping up an injured woman to guide her towards an ambulance. "Maybe we didn't save everyone, but we also could have saved even less."

<Arachne> Jess gave a shrug, "Apparently something worth blowing yourself up for... when I was in the building... there was a guy... right before he exploded he said 'hail hydra'."

<Facade> Cecilia blinked at the FNG...well, perhaps not so new after all. "...Seriously?"

<Northstar> "...Hydra doesn't sound overly Finnish." Jean-Paul pointed out. "Any information on it from the others? I mean, if they're targeting SHIELD I would imagine SHIELD would know about them."

<Arachne> "Then we better ask one of theirs about it when we can."

<Facade> "Apparently not as much as they should've if a good number of their people weren't their people," Cecilia pointed out. "I don't think some of those were volunteers by how much they were screaming but still..."

<General> Kael laughed then. "No, not Finnish, bad joke, sorry. Russians and Finns aren't friendly, ve make bad jokes about each other...that vas one of them."

<Arachne> "Maybe some weren't... who knows?" Jess gave a half shrug.

<Facade> "Well, it's real helpful that none of them survived," Cecilia said, scowling at the field and at the pain. "We could've questioned a living terrorist."

<General> "We von't now. There might have been some footage before the attack? Maybe going through their files to see vhere they had been? I don't know, just sounding ideas here...can't say I'm used to this." In his human form, minus the fur, it was easier to see how pale the Russian was, everything shaking.

<Arachne> "Somehow I don't think a military organisation is going to hand over their security footage to vigilantes."

<General> "No, I mean...security footage of this place. I'm not qvite that stupid."

<Arachne> "And this is a SHIELD base..." Jess slid down to sit on the floor.

<Northstar> "Well, I'd imagine that's when it comes in handy we've got a few people in common more or less, yes?" Jean-Paul shrugged as he went about loading the nearest ambulance. "Sure, there's confidentiality but when has that ever stopped us?"

<Dusk> With more ambulances and fire engines arriving by the minute, it soon became obvious that Cassandra had done what she could with her limited first aid knowledge, and having teleported as many wounded as her remaining strength would allow. Her skin had turned an ashen shade of pale when she rejoined the others.

<Facade> "We have insiders though," Cecilia noted, thinking of Warlock, Widow and Iceman. "They'll pass it along, I'm sure." She turned to the new guy. "Nice work holding it together out here...sorry this was possibly the worst first mission you coulda had but welcome. I'd congratulate the other girl but I don't see her around..."

<Arachne> "I think I saw her get into an ambulance..." Jess looked up at the others from her seat on the floor.

<General> "Aaaand who or vhat is SHIELD vhen it's at home?" Kael sighed, shrugging. "Never mind...I vas...I vas just trying to help..." He smiled weakly at Cecilia. "Thanks. I don't think I held it together vell at all, honestly."

<Arachne> "They're a military organisation..." Jess elaborated for the Russian.

<General> "Right. Like the KGB then."

<Arachne> "... Not quite that bad."

<Facade> "Neither did I - at first," Cecilia admitted. "Admittedly my first time was a bit weirder. Had to fight a mad scientist's personality in a mutant woman's body. At least you had a relatively straightforward one, yeah?"

<Surge> Noriko spotted the group talking and staggered over to drop to her knees for a bit. "You know for being the oldest student here I feel so fucking useless right now."

<General> "Awww, ve're not all bad, you know - oh vait, I didn't admit that out loud, did I? Shit. Ah vell, everyone knows all Russians are members of the KGB..." He laughed weakly. "I vouldn't, Su-it is Surge, right? I mean, you didn't cower behind a vall for ten minutes, whining like a lost puppy..."

<Arachne> "Oldest or been at the school longest? Because I think you're younger than I am." Jess gave Nori a pat. "And you're not useless - you didn't get cornered by horny scientists."

<Surge> "Well at the school the longest then, I've been on way more missions and made idiot mistakes today..... I'm going home having a drink and a fuck then I'm working the rest of the week in the DR for this...." Huffing and giving Jess puppy eyes.

<Facade> "Guys, guys," Cecilia teased weakly, face becoming paler and paler from pain. "Everyone knows I'm the most versatile here...there's no question who's best."

<Dusk> "To be fair, you probably couldn't have picked a worse moment to get a taste of the superhero life," Cassandra told Mikael, managed a small smile as she stepped up to him. "Well, perhaps with the exception where we waded knee-deep through cannibal left-overs." She chuckled. "As far as I'm concerned, you did well for your first time."

<Northstar> "I thought I was the senior on this mission." Jean-Paul teased. "In any case that matters not...and I think we should probably get that drink before we all have to go in for the debriefing I'm sure will come. Shall we?"

<Iceman> Bobby sighed, dissipating the ice covering the jet and thankful everybody seemed in one piece, more or less. "We need to do a head count? Everybody good? Or, you know... conscious?"

<General> "I vant a fuck. Or if I can't get that, at least some behind-the-ear scritches..." His ears shifted again, wolf ears flicking.

<Surge> Noriko facepalmed. "Sorry JP, apparently I hit my head harder then I thought."

<Arachne> "My first mission was the end of the world. Literally. Horsemen of the apocalypse and everything. If we're doing a vote on who gets the first worst day I'm going to nominate myself for winner." She looked up at Bobby, "I think Xi'an's at a hospital somewhere."

<Northstar_> "We're more or less whole." Jean-Paul answered Bobby. "Her and Paige I'm fairly certain."

<Iceman> "Yeah, Paige too." He shifted back to his usual form and ran his hand through his hair.

<Dusk> Cassandra got on the tips of her toes and leaned up, promptly giving the wolf-boy a good scratch behind the ears. "How's that for a start?" she asked, offering a smile.

<Surge> "I went into a warzone and got shot in the ribs after accidentally blowing up tanks and cars."

<Facade> Cecilia nodded. "Fine, fine...let's just get out of here now," she said. "Before I collapse from the fucking pain." She gritted her teeth hard, tears springing to her eyes as she shuffled off towards the jet. "I need a goddamn aspirin." Well, more like morphine, but that wasn't an option.

<General> Kael hummed happily, his voice losing the growl now he was mostly human but the hum definitely lower than it should have been, head tilting to her happily. "Definitely...a good start, da..."

<Arachne> "Do you want some help, Cee?" Jess offered, pulling herself up.

<Surge> Noriko held her hand up for a second as a halt before scrambling away as her inside churned and head went, getting to some nearby debris before she started trying to throw up again.

<Northstar> "I handcuffed myself to a fence and we fought nuns." Jean-Paul just smirked. "My first day was the coolest."

<Arachne> "Oh jeez... Nori...." Jess bit her lip and moved to rub the other girl's back.

<Facade> Cecilia shook her head slightly. "No, I can manage on my own," she said quickly. "It's psychosomatic. There's nothing really wrong with me."

<Dusk> "Good... and we'll see about the rest when we get back to the school," Cass added, her smile taking on a slightly mischievous edge.

<General> Kael wrinkled his nose as he smelt bile, before looking over to the small Japanese girl. Then he swore loudly in Russian and scrambled over to her, even ignoring the ear scritches, hands very carefully holding her. "Have you hit your head?" He asked quietly, remembering her being thrown by an explosion.

<Arachne> "Can someone get her some water?" Jess glanced back at the others, her hand still on Nori's back.

<Iceman> Already on the jet, Bobby started up the takeoff sequence and messaged Darren that he was getting the kids home and he'd catch up later.

<Facade> Cecilia collapsed into her seat, yelping loudly at the shots of pain. "Aw fuck! I shouldn't have done that!"

<General> "I think she might have concussion." Kael murmured to...spider...fuckit, Jess. "Ve need to get her lying down and somevhere qviet, da?"

<Surge> "Thanks Jess...." She choked before forcing down a few deep breaths. "I'll be ok..... just people exploding you know?"

<Northstar> "Oookay, on that note we're loading people up and getting on to the medbay, yes?"

<Facade> She grit her teeth as black spots went over her vision, breathing deeply. "Alright, I'm good, let's go."

<General> "You're acting like my best friend did vhen she ran full-tilt into a vall." He said bluntly. "no arguing."

<Arachne> "Okay... come on... let's get you sitting down somewhere..." Jess put one of Nori's arms around her shoulders then scooped the other girl up. "Somewhere near the loo.... just in case."

<General> Kael followed them all onto the plane, slumping into a seat next to Cassandra, head in her lap and looking up at her mournfully. Then he flicked his ears at her as a hint.

<Surge> "Thanks all, by the eight million you'd think it might be a better idea to have me with the enemy forces for the casualties by accident I'd cause." Clinging to jess and hobbling along as her limp turned into pain in her ankle.

<Dusk> Looking down at the oversized puppy in her lap, another smile found its way on Cassandra's lips. "Oh well, I think you deserved it," she commented, proceeding to scratch him behind the ears once more. "Who's a good boy?"

<Arachne> "You only hurt yourself... maybe we should just keep you at home instead." Jess gave her a small smile and helped her into a seat. "At least until you're healed up properly."

<General> And, despite himself, his tail started to wag.

<Iceman> "All right, buckle up, buttercups, and let's blow this popsicle stand." He powered up the jet.

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<Facade> "Yeah, yeah. Sieg heil to you too, asshole." She stepped over what was left of him neatly and continued on her way. Chaos...this was absolute chaos.
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