5/18 Game: Had A Dream?

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5/18 Game: Had A Dream?

Post by Ferguson » Sat May 18, 2013 11:41 pm

<Jean-Paul> Jean-Paul stopped as he saw the familiar van unloading with students both old and new. "I was just about to call and see if you guys were on the way down this way. Anyone lose their lunch in the van yet? It's not a new year until that happens."

<Cecilia> "Not yet," Cecilia remarked as she stepped out of the school van and onto the street. She smiled at her old rally partner. "Nice to see you again JP. How was your summer?"

<Johnathon> Johnathon stepped up to Jean-Paul and wordlessly stuck a spot onto him. "In case I get lost. Or drunk. Or both."

<Cessily> Cessily waved a little too excitedly at the group of students and beamed them a cheerful grin. "Hello, everyone!" she exclaimed. "It's good to see you didn't get lost on the way. Welcome to New York - to those who haven't been here before, that is!"

<Jean-Paul> "Fantastic, I stayed here and was cheap labour for campaign call centers, on break now, actually." Oh, he had been marked. "Well, I can always run this home for you whenever you need then, works out well."

<Idie> "Well when someone else is driving, it's pretty easy not to get that lost..." Idie climbed out of the van, stretching a little.

<Bruce> Following a few other students out, Bruce sighed, removing his glasses and wiping them on his sleeve as he looked around, getting a feel for the people around him though remaining silent.

<Cecilia> "Sounds riveting," Cecilia laughed. She looked at Cessily. "I think that's 'welcome home' in my case."

<Melati> "Hey, I may not always use the proper roads, but so far I've always gotten where I wanted to be," Melati remarked as she climbed out of the driver's seat, waiting for the others to get out before locking their ride.

<Bruce> "...should've shaved.", Bruce muttered to himself, making an awkward face at his reflection in his glasses before slipping them on, blinking at the silver-skinned female greeting them; he'd never seen another mutant, much less one that looked like a mutant.

<Jean-Paul> "Hey, it pays off, may get to meet Senator Pryor today after all." Jean-Paul gave a wave to the two new students that emerged. "Hey there, I'm Jean-Paul, how are you finding things so far?"

<Idie> Idie gave a shrug, "It's okay, I guess..."

<Cecilia> "Senator Pryor?" Cecilia lifted an eyebrow. She hadn't really keep up with the news in Puerto Rico, after the whole cannibal mess she'd wanted to stay as far away from depressing things as she could for awhile. "There's a new party running for president? What's their platform?"

<Cessily> "Ooh, I'm seeing new faces! That's always exciting!" Cessily clapped her hands and bounced not unlike a bubbly schoolgirl. "My name is Cessily. I think you're supposed to call me Professor Kincaid, but that makes me sound old, so we're going to leave that, yes?"

<Johnathon> He also slapped a spot on Melati. "Don't worry, I won't look when you go to the toilet."

<Bruce> Never the kind of person to speak out too much, Bruce just listened - in his opinion, that was best usually. He learned more that way in crowds. Smiling at the reaction from Professor Kincaid, he picked at his jacket sleeve a little shyly.

<Idie> "Uh, hi..." Idie gave a small wave, her attention drawn by the spot guy. "Did you just pull that off yourself?"

<Jean-Paul> Okay, one of the new people spoke, that was good at least. "We get more exciting after you settle in and everything, don't worry...and that toilet promise goes for me as well, right?"

<Melati> "Hey!" Melati glared at Johnathon, before her angry frown turned into an amused smirk. "Well, if crawling down the loo is your thing, be my guest."

<Johnathon> His eyes narrowed. "Why, you got something I haven't?" He was curious now...

<Jean-Paul> "Well, she's considerably liberal but is running as independent so...I know it's not likely but I agree with most everything she's putting forth so I might as well do what I can even if my dual citizenship is still in the works."

<Bruce> Hand into his pocket, Bruce withdrew a small notepad, scolding himself in a mumble for not thinking ahead, but jotting down things all the same. Elections seemed important, and so did the nature of the 'spot' power he'd just seen.

<Jean-Paul> Jean-Paul just gave Johnathon an amused side-eye. "It's always a question but I'd assume we're more or less the same."

<Cecilia> "Hm, what's her stance on mutants?" Cecilia asked. She was currently voting for Stark...but only 'cause she didn't really have much choice if she wanted a government that supported the mutant cause.

<Jean-Paul> "Very, very mutant friendly."

<Bruce> Bruce frowned a little, smiling soon after - he could make notes on everyone's abilities! There was so much to know already, and he'd just gotten there. Then again, at that moment the 'election' seemed to be on the agenda, "Ahm...sorry, hey.", he smiled awkwardly, "...the elections here, isn't Stark pro-mutant too?"

<Cecilia> Cecilia looked like her birthday, Christmas and the fourth of July had all arrived at once. "Get the fuck out. Pro-mutant and liberal?! Holy shit, I may have to have her babies. I don't care if it's not biologically possible - I'll find a way." This was great!

<Melati> "Eh, politicians," Melati scoffed, crossing her arms. "In the end they all do only what the big business lets them get away with, so what's the difference? I wouldn't trust either of them any farther than I could throw them." She paused, her brow furrowing. "Which I guess would be pretty far, actually, but... you get my drift."

<Johnathon> "Forget mutants, what's her stance on art? And is she decreeing the mass burning of everything Jackson Pollock?"

<Jean-Paul> "He is," Jean-Paul answered to Bruce, "but with everything that happened under Kelly you never really know what he's all ready been roped in for...but yeah, he's pro-mutant as well. You're going to school with his daughter now."

<Bruce> "...isn't it weird that Stark's pro-mutant an' liberal, and this new person - who, sorry, we English-slash-Scots have nee idea about - is the same?", Bruce asked, "And...", he looked at Jean-Paul, "Ye' wha'? The ol' senator's daughter?"

<Jean-Paul> "Stark's. You'll meet her, she's loud." Jean-Paul assured him. "So, what would the two of you like to see first?"

<Cecilia> "Who cares about Stark?" Cecilia said, waving a hand dismissively. "I mean, don't get me wrong I like him well enough as a person but I like a lotta people I wouldn't make president. Besides, she's a woman. We could have a woman in office!"

<Cessily> "In any case, it's great news that mutant issues are becoming more acceptable beyond the old and tired 'bleh, they're all evil monsters who want to steal our children and we should lock them up' routine, so I'm hoping for an exciting campaign season." Cessily smiled and nodded. "I think we should be on our way now, so we're not too late."

<Idie> "I thought he didn't have any kids?" Idie frowned a little.

<Jean-Paul> "It's...not common knowledge...best keep it quiet."

<Bruce> Bruce thought for a moment, "Oh, Stark's...Stark has a daughter? Ahm still reelin' after they voted in the bloody Conservatives back home, like.", he scratched his head, "Seems quite a scandal, really..."

<Melati> "I bet she's a bastard," Melati remarked, charming as always.

<Johnathon> "I am for Marxism anyway..." Johnathon pouted and went after professor Kincaid.

<Bruce> Snorting at the word 'Marxism', Bruce shook his head, jotting down another few notes in his pad.

<Jean-Paul> "Maybe one day, Johnathon." Jean-Paul just smirked a bit.

<Melati> "Hey, I'm allowed to say that," she quickly added with a shrug. "Am one, too, after all."

<Idie> "Okay well I'm for moving..." The conversation topic was becoming uncomfortable.

<Cecilia> "It would be a scandal," Cecilia said. "So all the more reason to vote for someone else...well, that and Stark's fucked half the country. He might have more kids he doesn't know about...better to have a person with a better reputation...or at least a better covered reputation."

<Idie> "Pfft, who cares about his reputation? People like him. It's a popularity contest."

<Cessily> Cessily held up her hand so that everyone could see it, before turning to walk down the already busy sidewalk. "Alright, everyone follow the shiny teacher!" she exclaimed, leading the way.

<Jean-Paul> "Ooooh, shiny!" Jean-Paul joked, walking along behind Cessily. "So, where are the two of you from?"

<Cecilia> Cecilia was going to point out reputation often won you the popularity contest, but then decided it wasn't really worth explaining shit to an FNG. She'd figured it out on her own and they would too...eventually. Until then they'd all have to earn their place, same as she did.

<Johnathon> "Where are we going anyway, prof?"

<Bruce> Bruce looked up at the question from Jean-Paul, "Oh, ahm...Northumberland, England. Y'prob'ly never heard of it.", he shrugged, "Bloody cold, aye..."

<Idie> "California," Idie replied, "Like you couldn't tell from my accent."

<Melati> "Ah, come on, why vote for one of those good old boys again?" Melati strolled along with the others, digging the hands into the pockets of her shorts. "I say it's about time for a woman to rise to the top. We already rule unofficially, anyway."

<Cecilia> Cecilia followed the shiny teacher, whistling 'Hotel California.' "Aw yeah, Mel, put it here. Girl's gotta stick together, yeah?" She laughed, holding out her hand for Mel to high-five.

<Melati> "Hell yeah, let 'em know who runs the show!" Melati laughed and slapped her hand against Cecilia's.

<Cecilia> "We do! We run this town, bitches!" Cecilia laughed with Mel.

<Jean-Paul> "Insert 'riding' joke here." Jean-Paul added to Mel's political commentary. "Someone else to miss the wonderful cold with me? Not that I'm terribly far away but just that little bit further south seems to make a lot of difference."

<Bruce> "...be honest, are y' actual 'Femenazis'?", Bruce asked in a murmur.

<Idie> "Feme-what?" Idie raised an eyebrow at the nerdy kid.

<Cecilia> Cecilia gave the English FNG a blank look. "Buddy, do I look like I'm Nazi anything? No, I'm just happy to see our kind represented in the government."

<Jean-Paul> "So does that mean when a gay mutant with fantastic hair is elected everyone should congratulate me?"

<Cessily> "The election season is just starting to really heat up, so aside from getting to see what Manhattan has to offer when it comes to popular sights, this is a perfect opportunity to watch the political circus in action," Cessily announced, looking back over her shoulder. "Some of the presidential candidates are scheduled to give speeches today."

<Cecilia> "Sure," Cecilia said, smirking to JP. "'Cause then it'll be you who's president."

<Bruce> "...it's a phrase for feminist on the internet...", Bruce muttered, feeling a bit silly for having had to say it. He looked up at Cessily, "S-so...this is actually an impromptu 'Citizenship' lesson?"

<Xian> Xi'an was walking as fast as she could, her shoes were meant for fashion and not exactly function though finally she saw the group and headed to the tail end.

<Idie> "Oh God that sounds really boring...." Idie rolled her eyes. Her parents would be thrilled.

<Johnathon> "And they're going to let mutants anywhere close by? Not to be too realistic, but I guess even I could make one of them kick a bucket..." He couldn't help but start thinking of some ways how he'd go about this.

<Jean-Paul> "I can't be president, not native. Maybe when I move home I'll take that step to take over the world...but people just underestimate Canada."

<Melati> Melati eyed the new student. "For your own sake, I'm just going to pretend I never heard that," she told Bruce. "This is your first day, after all. I'll give you the chance to live to see another."

<Cecilia> Cecilia really hoped Pryor was here, she eyed the new student and whispered to Mel: "She does know this is a university, right?"

<Cessily> "Everything can be an impromptu lesson!" Cessily replied, smiling at the new student. "We're merely offering you the chance to learn something new about yourself and the world we live in. It's up to you to make the best of it. Or not."

<Idie> "I thought this was going to be like a tour or something..." Idie wrinkled her nose, "Maybe some shopping..."

<Bruce> Bruce decided to remain silent, fumbling with his pen and pad, feeling awkward. He nodded at Cessily, smiling at her, at least, before casting his eyes back at the girl approaching. A latecomer?

<Melati> "Hey, even I am not so sure about that sometimes," Melati replied to Cecilia, showing her a wry smile.

<Cecilia> And the other newbie...she just scowled. She didn't have much hope there. "Yeah, the maturity levels are just skyrocketing on a regular basis," Cecilia snorted back. "I thought I already graduated from high-school, but I guess it never ends, yeah?"

<Cessily> "Oh, hello there! You must be Xi'an, right?" Cessily turned to face the girl catching up to their group. "I'm glad you found us! My name is Cessily. Just stick with us, alright?"

<Xian> Xi'an realized she had been found out and slowly smiled at the group. "Can do." She said before sighing and messing with her hair a bit.

<Bruce> Noting the peculiar name, Bruce mouthed it to himself as he read over 'Syan' in his notebook, frowning at it; was that even an actual name? He shrugged - he could always ask later.

<Johnathon> "Oh hey, hullo thar." He waved at the newcomer. She seemed nice. Unlike the other two freaks.

<Jean-Paul> "We can definitely do some shopping and the like, we've the day to do whatever you...now three want, hello there!" Jean-Paul waved to the new girl.

<Cecilia> Cecilia turned, another newbie. "Jesus fuck, how many freshmen are there? They're just popping up all over the place."

<Xian> Xi'an waved back at the stylish one. He was definitely someone she should get to know if he was game for some shopping.

<Johnathon> "I don't think you can complain as long as there are still more old students than freshmen. Seriously, how does this school even sustain itself?"

<Melati> "More fresh meat." Melati chuckled. "No offense, kid. I'm Melati, but call me Mel." She nodded at the newcomer and offered her a friendly smile.

<Idie> "Hi!" Idie gave a smile to the new person, "I'm Idie."

<Bruce> "...isn't that the point of a school?", Bruce asked Cecilia, looking completely confused, "Like, no offence but...eh?",

<Bruce> Turning to the new girl, Bruce waved shortly, offering her a wry smile also.

<Cecilia> "I'm not complaining," Cecilia clarified to the new kid and Johnathon. "I was a freshman too just last year, just noting how many there are...it didn't seem like there were a lotta people when I came." Well, that might've been 'cause half the school had been kidnapped...no need to get into that though.

<Johnathon> "Prof, not that I don't appreciate your attempts at teaching us the intricate peculiarities of the political arts, but how about an impromptu graffiti lesson?" He shook his hoodie's hood and the suspicious noise of two spray cans clanking against each other could be heard.

<Xian> Xi'an smiled once again at the now volley of greetings and smiles. They all seemed like a friendly bunch at least.

<Jean-Paul> "Aww, Cecilia, you and your second year-ness is adorable." Jean-Paul chuckled and waved his arm at the street full of stores and what-not. "And here we have good shopping, the usual comic book store for our more nerdish students, down the other way possibly the best place in the area for bagels." The last was his preference but the British guy looked like he'd appreciate the comic book shop at least.

<Idie> "Mmm bagels... I could go for one of those right now with creme cheese..."

<Cecilia> "I'm allowed to take pride in the fact I survived my first year," Cecilia chuckled, only half-joking.

<Cessily> "Uhm, maybe keep that for later, after we have split up," Cessily told Johnathon. "I don't want to risk an admonishment for encouraging dubious behavior among the students. Again."

<Bruce> Scratching his head with a pen, Bruce took in the comic book store, "...looks kinda run down, like. Old f' sure.", he hummed - comics were so-so, in his opinion. Still, nothing like a good book either. His face became concerned at Cecilia's comments, "...sorry, what even?"

<Bruce> Noting the words 'DUBIOUS BEHAVIOUR' in his pad, Bruce flipped the page - he could ask about that later, too.

<Jean-Paul> "And, surprisingly, we all did when things were said and done!" Jean-Paul added to Cecilia's comment.

<Johnathon> That was technically not a "no" from the good professor, which was as good as any "yes" in Johnathon's book. Tonight New York would learn to fear the Spot and his socio-critical commentary in...he checked the colours he had hastily grabbed when he had decided to join the trip on short notice...pink and green.

<Cecilia> Cecilia frowned a little as a chill creeped up her spine. "More or less," she said, forcing a smile.

<Bruce> "...are you seriously suggestin' a school has a mortality rate?", Bruce interjected, "I didn' see a brochure article statin' my possible demise(!)"

<Melati> "And if you want to get the lowdown on the local nightlife and where to find the best dives in town, don't miss my own tour later today." Melati tossed in, flashing fanged grin at the freshmen as she thumbed towards her own chest. "The new ones among you might need fake IDs before we can take off, but that can be arranged, too."

<Johnathon> WHY did he even have pink?...Oooooh, right, there had been that one Pinkie Pie mural he had done...

<Cecilia> "On a long enough timeline the survival rate for everyone drops to zero," Cecilia remarked to the new guy, putting on a nice smile for him. "You'll be fine."

<Jean-Paul> "...you know we're the X-men, right?" Jean-Paul asked a bit quieter than the rest of the conversation as Bruce seemed concerned. "Don't worry, you don't have to be involved in anything like that if you don't want but...yeah, once in a while things...turn badly."

<Jean-Paul> "Are you planning a Vito's night, Mel? Vito's is something you all have to try."

<Bruce> "Oh, haha, she's a comedian, too!" Bruce frowned, "Ye'h, true enough, but y' know what a' meant...", he sighed, "An'...I knew y'were but even so, is tha' mandatory? Bein' an 'X-Lad' or what?"

<Xian> "That sounds... interesting." Xi'an said with a small smile.

<Idie> "Fake ids? Not that I don't already have one bu- uh..." she looked at the shiny one. Teacher. Right. "I didn't say that!"

<Melati> Her demeanor turned more gruff when Jean-Paul mentioned bad turns, but she forced another grin when she heard the name 'Vito's'. "Why yes, of course. That's where the tour starts and ends. If we make it back, that is."

<Cecilia> "It's not mandatory," Cecilia said. "Anyone can choose not to participate though I'd recommend once you take on the commitment you don't drop it when the shit comes down."

<Jean-Paul> "Nope, you don't have to be involved if you don't want at all...but you won't get to sign anyone's body parts after saving the city or anything if not." Jean-Paul teased.

<Johnathon> "Alternatively I just stick a spot on someone who is old enough and you come crawling out of their chest once they're inside. Though it may not be the best idea to start the evening off with an Alien impression in which you are the star."

<Bruce> Jotting down a few more notes, Bruce nodded. With his 'power', it wasn't likely he'd be 'saving' anything.

<Cecilia> Cecilia slid up to Bruce. "We're not in class, buddy. You don't need to take notes," she grinned.

<Jean-Paul> "Shhh, I was having fun pretending he was a fanfic writer or something." Jean-Paul teased as he stopped at one of the shop's window display.

<Cessily> Cessily slowed her step when there appeared to be some kind of commotion ahead, a throng of people waving signs as they kept shouting at those walking past. A handful of police had positioned themselves in little distance, watching out for any trouble.

<Cecilia> Cecilia opened her mouth to quip something back but snapped it shut and turned her head at the shouts. "Riot?" she said, catching sight of the signs and cops.

<Idie> Idie's eyes went wide at all the shouting and signs, "What's up with that?"

<Jean-Paul> "Well...not a complete riot, picketers." He admitted, forgetting that they really shouldn't have brought the new students this way. "People protesting the police and the media on how they handled the Galactus Cult."

<Johnathon> "That was a clustercrap, glad I wasn't part of it..."

<Bruce> Bruce perked up, "Is it true tha' one o' yours...", he considered the rest of his sentence, "...got to 'em firs'?"

<Cecilia> "How so?" Cecilia said, raising an eyebrow. They had better be screaming for a long jail sentence in her opinion or someone was gonna get their ass slapped.

<Melati> "Nah, not enough punching, kicking, and people getting their teeth knocked out by police batons for a proper riot," Melati remarked, craning her neck to get a better look at what was going on. "Yeah, looks like people are a bit upset some of their loved ones got eaten. Geeze, how dare they be angry about that?"

<Cecilia> Cecilia looked to Bruce. "You could say that." This whole thing...why wouldn't it just die? "They have a right to be angry. They lost a lot and they'll keep losing the way the system is...there's no end to it, even when those responsible are put away."

<Bruce> "So y' could also...'not' say tha'?", he asked back, "How did it happen? He jus' went completely 'Rambo' an' offed someone?"

<Cecilia> Cecilia's lips thinned and her eyes went distant. "Someone can fill you in later I'm sure." She was not discussing this. She didn't wanna talk about it, she didn't want to think about it, she just wanted it to stay buried. It was over.

<Bruce> The landmine before him Bruce took note of, "Mmn." he nodded, leaving it well enough alone. At least for now.

<Jean-Paul> Jean-Paul kept quiet, just reading over some of the signs 'Money Shouldn't Buy Inaction', 'Serve and Protect For All', 'Justice For Our Daughter'. "People have been drifting in and out of here for this most of the summer. Maybe it'll do something."

<Cessily> "Perhaps we should take a different route to the rally point," Cessily suggested, turning around to face her students. "Some here are recognizable members of the X-Men, and I wouldn't want to force them to face any public backlash."

<Cecilia> Cecilia stared at a young woman holding a picture of another woman with similar features. 'My sister' it read. Had she seen that woman in the piles of corpses? She turned her face away. If she ever needed to temper her pride she'd think of this.

<Idie> "Uh... I don't want to get caught up in a riot..."

<Xian> "Yeah, if the newbie freshman get any say around here I second that... picketers aren't really my idea of fun."

<Johnathon> "If there is a riot I am outta here faster than you can blink with your buttcheeks, just fyi."

<Melati> "No need to wrap me in cushions, teach," Melati remarked. "It'll take a little more than words to rattle my bones. For the newbies' sake, though, I'm fine with skipping the pointing and yelling part."

<Bruce> "Agreed.", Bruce muttered, the signs were a sad enough sight, but confrontation would only make things worse if it did happen - not that the victims would think so. He glanced to Melati, "Y'really would risk it?"

<Cecilia> Being recognized hadn't really occurred to Cecilia but she supposed it was possible, though her hair was a lot longer than when she'd last been on television. "I'm all for not bringing up the past, let's get outta here."

<Melati> "What could they do to me?" Melati asked, shrugging her shoulders. "Spank me with their signs?"

<Johnathon> "Sounds kinky. Can I take pictures?"

<Jean-Paul> "Why don't we just aim for the cafe and we can nose around you newbies until we know everything about you?" Okay, so Jean-Paul was hungry and had his own motives but at least it wouldn't get them dragged in front of the picketers that might see another scapegoat for their grief.

<Bruce> Bruce shrugged, "Jus' sayin' that ye' cannae tell a woman yer sorry her child's dead an' expect her to understan'...not at first, in the least.",

<Bruce> "Food! On the other han'...", he suddenly announced, "There's a lad-sized plan..."

<Idie> "Can we get bagels? You really made me want one." Idie gave JP a hopeful look.

<Cecilia> "Have a sudden urge for croissants?" Cecilia teased JP. "Or baguettes or whatever the hell they have in Canada?"

<Cessily> Cessily guided the students into the entrance of shopping center. "Alright, try not to get too distracted by any shinies except for me, okay? We'll head right through and leave on the other side. That should take us close enough to the rally."

<Jean-Paul> "I'm always hungry and don't you mock my baguettes. Bagels are a go then?"

<Melati> Melati smirked at Johnathon. "Chances are, there probably are some like that already on the internet somewhere."

<Cecilia> "Run out the back door! Classic, Cess." Cecilia grinned, highly amused at this plan, but hey. If it worked...

<Johnathon> "I'll check google image search later on..." He would...

<Jean-Paul> He turned to the three newbies and jokingly did eenie-meanie-miney-mo. "Idie! So what is it you do?"

<Idie> Idie blinked at him, "Do? Like a hobby?"

<Melati> "Well, that's probably interesting by itself, but I think he means what's your mutant ability," Melati explained, giving the new girl a friendly grin.

<Jean-Paul> "Like a power. We're among mutants so it's always nice to share."

<Idie> "Oooh that... yeah, sorry, still getting used to the actually having powers thing..." She grinned, "I, um... make fire and ice."

<Cecilia> "Cryo and pyrokinesis," Cecilia mused. "That's interesting...so are you immune to temperature extremes?"

<Idie> Idie shrugged, "Guess so?"

<Bruce> Noting that down, Bruce stroked his stubble; cryokinesis and pyrokinesis....or was it simple temperature control? Seemed plausible. He added such to his notes.

<Cecilia> Hmmm, they had a pryokinetic and a cryokinetic but not two in one, so to speak. "What about you, English muffin?" she asked Bruce. "Gotta power you'd like to share?"

<Jean-Paul> "English muffin? I think that might stick." Jean-Paul chuckled fiendishly as he made a slightly too quick dash for the bagels.

<Bruce> "Hm?", Bruce looked up, eyebrow raised, "Please affiliate me with the Scotts - pure English are prats...", he pondered how to answer all the same, "...can I go with 'no'? It's...not actually much of a 'power'..."

<Cecilia> "What do you make flowers change colour or some shit?" Cecilia chuckled. "You wouldn't be here if you didn't have one. C'mon now, I'll tell you mine if you tell me yours."

<Bruce> "Ever read Stevenson's 'The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll an' Mr Hyde'?", he asked back,

<Cecilia> "No, but I get the idea." Cecilia said, raising an eyebrow. "So you're a specific metamorph? Nice, I create force fields. I'll leave the scientific jargon out though for now so I don't bore everyone."

<Bruce> Bruce nodded, "Pretty much tha', but every bloody time I get too upset or some bollocks. Don' usually remember what happens - tell you what though, the newspaper bloody does...", he shrugged, writing down what she'd said in shorthand.

<Jean-Paul> "We can call him a Scotch egg." Jean-Paul got out once he could talk around his bagel.

<Melati> "Oh? Which one are talking to at the moment?" Melati gave Bruce a smirk.

<Bruce> "Also?", Bruce raised his hand, "I'm a genius. Secon' t' none."

<Bruce> He looked at Melati, partly confused, partly embarrassed.

<Jean-Paul> "I don't know, my boyfriend's a genius and pretty damned cute," he got out after the second round of bagels.

<Cecilia> Cecilia raised an eyebrow. "You're also very modest," she snorted.

<Johnathon> "Aha, intellectual elite, I see." Excellent, an arch-nemesis had appeared!

<Bruce> "No, like...am actually.", Bruce stressed, "Jus' hella under-appreciated at home.", he glanced over at Jonathon, "Jus' someone clever enough to think 'Marxism' is self-defeatin'. An' they call me a cynic, ye na(!)"

<Melati> "And I thought I was running a big mouth," Melati remarked, partly to herself, as she strolled along with a smug smile on her face.

<Cecilia> Cecilia had no idea what the fuck she was. All she knew was she was brighter than the average asshole on the street...or at least she assumed so. "I always get the smug ones," she said, smirking a little.

<Bruce> "It ain' size, it's how y' use it...", Bruce tapped his head with his pen, "Then again, size helps. 'Least in my case..."

<Idie> Idie snorted and about choked on her own bagel.

<Melati> "Does that mean you have no idea how to use it?" Melati asked, giving Bruce a sideways look and not even trying to hide her grin.

<Bruce> "Does tha' mean y'wanna find out?", he grinned back.

<Melati> "I'm sure I could show you a trick or two, yeah." She raised a hand to nibble on the tip of a claw.

<Jean-Paul> "Whoever is rooming with Mel or Bruce here best be careful tonight." Jean-Paul chuckled. "Xian, how about you, what do you do?"

<Bruce> Bruce grinned, jotting down more notes in his pad; so many things to explore...

<Xian> Xi'an smirked a little. "Well my power is rather interesting. I can take mental possession of a person's body and mind."

<Jean-Paul> "...creepy." He raised his bagel to that.

<Cecilia> "Thank Christ, I got Jan." Cecilia said, sighing. She felt a chill run down her spine at X'ian's words. "Do you read minds?"

<Idie> "Awesome...." Idie stared.

<Bruce> Jotting that down, Bruce looked up at her, "What, like telekinetically? How does tha' work?"

<Xian> "I psychically overwhelm a person's mind which puts me in control of their memories, their perceptions, and their body. The best part is that when I release them, they have no idea that they were possessed."

<Jean-Paul> "...Like I said, creepy." Jean-Paul laughed. "I best stay on the good side of you for fear of being a dancing puppet."

<Bruce> "....lemme jus' clear this up; I cannit promise a' would ever forgive y' for doin' that to me.", Bruce frowned, "Nae offence..."

<Melati> "Sounds like you've had some fun with that already," Melati commented, a faint smile on her lips as she seized up the Asian student. "Like I would have in your place."

<Cecilia> Cecilia didn't like the sound of that one bit. "...I'd rather that never be done to me...I've met Jason."

<Xian> "Well I can't say I didn't try a few things out when it first manifested... but I've learned that if I keep it up for too long I get really weak."

<Cecilia> Well, not met that might be stretching it...but she'd seen him.

<Bruce> Bruce pouted, "Y'...do have an ethics class?"

<Idie> "That sounds super cool!" Idie grinned, "Everyone has awesome powers!"

<Xian> "Well it's not fire and ice, but I can't complain." Xi'an said with a smirk.

<Cecilia> "There's a mutant citizenship class," Cecilia offered to Bruce. "That and if you went around reading people I think Charles might have something to say about it."

<Idie> "Hey, fire and ice isn't that great when you're setting fire to your bed by accident." Idie pointed out.

<Bruce> "Ah, he's the gaff?", Bruce nodded, "Aye, 'Mister X' himself..."

<Jean-Paul> "There's Ethics as well, though sometimes I wouldn't say I'd call it overly ethical but I'm sure people learn something from it."

<Cecilia> Cecilia didn't have a clue what half of the things this kid was saying even meant. "He's the boss, yeah. He runs the school, he's pretty chill...maybe a little too chill at times!" She snorted, thinking of him falling asleep.

<Cessily> "I think we can all be grateful Charles is such an understanding, easy-going man," Cessily chimed in. "After all, he still lets us stay at his place for free, no matter how often we wreck it. And he employs someone like me as a teacher where no other school would even dream of hiring me."

<Bruce> Bruce raised his hand a little, "Why? Miss...Kincaid, was it?"

<Cecilia> "He lets me stay in his house so I gotta be grateful for that," Cecilia said. "He's a good guy."

<Cessily> "Yes, though you may call me Cessily, if you like," she gave the new student a friendly nod. "And why what? No one would hire me? Well, for one, I'm technically not even properly certified for this kind of job, aside from being way too young and inexperienced myself..."

<Melati> Melati leaned closer to Bruce. "I'm pretty sure I can tell why she can keep her position, however," she muttered under her breath.

<Bruce> "Y're a Professor with....no qualifications...?", Bruce scratched his head, considering this was America. He glanced to Melati, brow furrowing curiously, "...is it...something best explained 'later'?"

<Cecilia> Cecilia looked a little horrified. "The university is accredited...right?" Oh fuck she hoped so.

<Cessily> "Well, I do have a diploma, and I'm working on post-graduate studies myself, so... oh, look at the time!" Cessily quickly waved her students to follow her. "We better hurry, or we'll miss the speeches."

<Jean-Paul> "Not a lot of places will hire obvious mutants, especially places catering to people's children. And we receive accreditation, don't worry, just some finagling to some of them."

<Cecilia> "Not many places hire mutants, period." Cecilia said, getting up and following Cessily. "Best not to mention that on the application."

<Idie> "Well that's no good if you get asked for ID...." Idie picked up her drink, she would have been happier to eat another fifteen bagels then go and work it off rather than go to some boring speech thing.

<Jean-Paul> "Well, not everyone is legally registered." Jean-Paul cleared his throat and just smirked cheekily, heading off the way Cessily was leading.

<Cecilia> Cecilia leaned over to Idie. "What do you mean? My ID says I'm a pureblood, miss. I'm human, I swear!" She laughed. "The school helps with these kinds of things."

<Idie> "But... don't you like being a mutant?" Idie was confused.

<Melati> "All I'm saying is that even Xavier needs someone to polish his bald head, and I'm not talking about the one blinding you in class," Melati muttered, smiling deviously as she fell into step by Bruce's side.

<Cecilia> "'Course I do," Cecilia said. "I'm just not gonna pin a star to my lapel if I don't have to."

<Bruce> Bruce scratched his head again, considering Melati's words for a split second before nodding, "Oh. Ooooooooh.", he blushed a little bit, "...well, shit."

<Idie> "Well I'm proud of being a mutant." Idie drew herself up to her full, considerable, height, "I think it's awesome. Especially now that I actually have powers to show off."

<Jean-Paul> "Love being a mutant." Jean-Paul assured her as they walked out of the mall and into the crowd that was gathering.

<Melati> "Pretty sure most here love it," Melati remarked, looking at Idie. "And that's the proper spirit, girl." Stepping over to her, she grinned as she gave her a friendly pat on the shoulder. "I like you already."

<Bruce> "'Sall fun an' games 'til someone tears up a farm.", Bruce laughed nervously.

<Xian> "Don't get me wrong I love being a mutant, but there is loving who you are and then there is drawing unwanted attention to yourself."

<Idie> Idie looked over at Bruce, "We're in New York, dude. There's no farms here." she laughed, "And who doesn't want attention?!"

<Bruce> "People who dinnae like bein' in prison for crimes they can't stop 'emselves comittin'.", Bruce answered plainly.

<Cecilia> "Don't even joke about that," Cecilia said. "I heard one of the new students actually did." She nodded to X'ian. "I think it's a matter safety mostly...that and I would be barred completely from my chosen profession if I was registered. Pride matters little when you're unemployed or dead."

<Idie> "Or actually proud."

<Jean-Paul> "Some people have bad experiences but more or less you'll find most students are pretty proud of being a mutant." Jean-Paul assured her. "I'm afraid this is where I leave you guys, got to get back to work." He gave them a wave before slipping through to get back to the volunteers for the rally.

<Bruce> Bruce waved off Jean-Paul, "See you.", he glanced at the girls, "He ran 'cause o' yer dispute, a' bet."

<Cecilia> Cecilia waved and studied the crowd. "Well, looks like a lotta supporters for Pryor...this is great...I wonder if I can get a button?" She looked at Bruce. "I'm not arguing, man. Trust me, you'll know when I am."

<Cessily> "Oh good, looks like we're still in time." Cessily led them back out and towards the open plaza. A stage had been set up at the far end, with a crowd of people having already gathered in front of it. The whole area had been fenced off by the police, who were checking anyone trying to head closer to the stage.

<Idie> "Or maybe he actually did have work to do?" Idie suggested as she trailed after Cessily.

<Bruce> "Wheey, our first pissy statement(!)", Bruce grinned at himself, "Must be gettin' rusty at this, like..."

<Cecilia> "Alright simmer down girls," Cecilia said, raising an eyebrow. "Mommy hasn't had her coffee yet."

<Bruce> Sniffing, Bruce cocked his head awkwardly at the crowd, "So ah...refresh me; what's people doing?"

<Idie> "I don't know what the hell you're talking about..." Idie shook her head then sucked on her drink's straw.

<Melati> "Or her scotch," Melati added, giving the others a look. "What we're doing? Trying to stay awake and not causing a riot would be a good start."

<Pryor> Soon enough the red-haired woman took the podium. "Ladies and gentlemen, thank you for this kind welcome home, it's nice to have a break from Washington before I try and make the move more final."

<Cecilia> There were a lot of people in a very small space...if there was a problem she might be crushed...she stamped that thought down hard. It wouldn't do to have some sort of anxiety attack...she just hoped nobody here was wearing a lot of red.

<Pryor> She shoved her notes aside, looking out at her crowd. "As I came in today I saw something up the street just a ways away, picketers in front of a police station, disenfranchised people trying to make their voices heard and receive fair treatment under the law. That trumps anything I was going to say here before that so my speechwriter will forgive me if I go off script."

<Cecilia> She couldn't see over all these tall people. Subtlety, she created a small force field platform an inch or so off the ground and stood on it to get a better look at the candidates, listening intently.

<Pryor> "There are a lot of talks happening about mutants in this election given recent local and national incidents and new developments. I'm sure you'll all get tired of hearing about Project Sentinel or anything we'll throw out at anyone listening long enough for us to try an argue a side."

<Pryor> "The problem I see is that there isn't much faith in different voices being heard. Everyone involved in this election are old names and we've played the same game every other politician's ever played, there's no difference there."

<Idie> Idie had no trouble seeing but she wasn't especially interested. She fidgeted and sucked on her straw some more.

<Bruce> Bruce blinked, "Haway, 'Project Sentinel'?", he nudged Cecilia, "...'sthat?", he whispered.

<Cecilia> "No idea," Cecilia said, distractedly. "I've sorta been outta the loop...I didn't really stay up to date with the news while I was on vacation...I sorta needed some time."

<Cecilia> "I'll look into it later."

<Pryor> She stopped, digging in her purse for a moment which seemed to confuse a good many people who had been organizing her speeches. A moment later she held out her identification. "Not many people ask me to show this, I guess they know me and don't question I was born in this country like some of our last presidents."

<Melati> Melati stood with her arms crossed in front of her chest, her head slightly tilted as she listened intently. "I have to admit she knows how to pick her words," she remarked.

<Xian> "Whatever it is... it doesn't sound all that cuddly and fun." Xi'an said whispering.

<Melati> "Sounds like some kind of big brother crap," she guessed.

<Pryor> "I'm Madelyne Pryor and I am a mutant. If that costs me your vote then that is the informed choice you've made but these are voices that I know all too well, and I will do my best to make sure that they are heard. Thank you for turning out today and I won't keep you any longer."

<Bruce> "Whaaa...", Bruce blinked, "No friggin' chance..."

<Idie> "What that's it? 'I'm a mutant, vote for me'?" Idie frowned, "Not much of a speech..."

<Xian> "Well that's a whole different idea to unwanted attention." Xi'an said with a smirk.

<Cecilia> "YES," Cecilia laughed. "This is fucking awesome!" A mutant presidential candidate. "I am so going out to this election!"

<Melati> "Well, bend me over the bar and fuck me 'til I see stars," Melati commented, her eyebrows arched upwards. "Damn, I might actually have to follow this stupid election now."

<Pryor> "I thank you for your support and I hope very much to count on it continuing. The American people deserve to know who they are voting for or against and I have no secrets from any of you whether it be what I was born or what I lobby for in the interest of a company's profit margin."

<Cecilia> Cecilia was practically over the moon. "A real mutant president!" She dropped her shield platform and spun around on the spot, laughing. Completely forgetting herself. "I gotta tell Fabian this! Dammit, I wish he could vote..."

<Pryor> She paused for a few sniggers from the usual crowd at such things before a few more points in the speech were hit and the questions and answers session with the press took over.

<Bruce> Snapping back to attention, Bruce nodded, "Melati, was it? I will, just...give us a minute to be in awe."

<Cessily> "Oh my, that are such amazing news!" Cessily performed a little bounce as she excitedly clapped her hands. "A mutant candidate! That woman might actually become my hero."

<Cecilia> Cecilia snapped her phone shut once she'd sent the text: [There's a mutant candidate! Turn on the television!]. "I wonder if we can ask any questions?" she mused, probably not.

<Melati> "Hell, I can already imagine the kind of mud-slinging they'll have going on in this election. Even if she's got a snowball's chance in hell to get elected, this is going to be tough times for us, I can tell you that." Melati took a deep breath, her eyes still on the stage. "But it's also a chance."

<Bruce> "Any chance is a chance.", Bruce agreed.

<Cecilia> "Civil rights wasn't won in a day," Cecilia said to Mel. "Maybe it still hasn't been won entirely but what Martin Luther King did sure helped it get started. This Pryor might be the Dr.King of our time."

<Cecilia> "I have hope."

<Idie> Idie looked around at the others, "So... now that we wasted like ten minutes of good shopping time... can we go?"

<Cecilia> Cecilia eyed the group. "I'll catch up later, I wanna stay a little longer and listen to some of this." This was too good an opportunity to pass up. She could tell her kids she was here.

<Melati> "Yeah, I think I'll stick around a little longer, too." Melati said, nodding towards the stage. "I wanna see if this is going somewhere."

<Bruce> Bruce nodded again, "Second it...this seems importan'..."

<Idie> "Well... I guess I'll be in the mall..." Idie turned back towards the building in question, returning the straw to her mouth.

<Cessily> "Oh, that's wonderful!" Cessily smiled at the students. "Alright, I think we can pause the tour now and meet again in, say, one hour. Oh, and I'd like if all of you could write a report on your thoughts about what we've learned here today. Don't worry, you'll not be graded on it. I'd just like to get you to think about what is occurring at the moment."

<Melati> "And here's where we wake up from the dream again," Melati groaned, rolling her eyes.

<Cecilia> "History is occurring," Cecilia said sagely. "You got it though, Cess. Hell, I think I might actually like writing this one."

<Bruce> "Sure as hell picked a time t' move country, didn't a'?", Bruce grinned, whipping his sketchbook out again, "After you, ladies..."

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