4/27 Game: The Greatest Show Unearthed

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4/27 Game: The Greatest Show Unearthed

Post by Starfish » Sat Apr 27, 2013 11:12 pm

Timeline: Thursday, May 11th

Lorna: Lorna gave a last twist to the screws bolting down the new markers on the school grounds in place. Students seemed to have started to congregate so she straightened up from her work, tugging the sleeves down on her jacket as she moved to join the growing crowd.

Cecilia: Cecilia re-adjusted her blouse and smoothed down her slacks before joining the group of students and staff, sighing slightly. She wasn't particularly fond of funerals. They were always such a depressing affair. When she died, she decided, she was explicitly going to put in her will that no-one was to be sad for her. She'd lived as much as she could in the time she had, she wasn't going to have any mushy shit at her funeral.

Sue: Sue stood off to the side, staring at a patch of grass somewhere to the left of the memorial and holding a plushie duck to her.

Hope: Hope sat herself, away from the group, back against a tree. The last place on earth she wanted to be was this funeral, or any funeral for that matter, but particularly this one. She slid her knees up to her chest, pressing her forehead down into them. If only she could be... wait. She tapped into Sue's power and made herself invisible. Much better.

Cecilia: Cecilia came up to one of the tables that had been set up. Thank God for food at these goddamn reception things, at least it gave you something to do other than stand around and stare at everyone else. "Well..." she said awkwardly to Lorna. "This really blows."

Lorna: She found herself looking a bit wistful as she noticed Hope blinking out of sight. Well, that probably would at least help for the day and Lorna coudln't really blame her. "Truer words were never said." She agreed with Cecilia, motioning the stream of students towards seats the staff had set up earlier.

Lorna: The sky was looking omnious and Lorna hoped that Ororo could hold things off if it did start to rain without too much hassle. "I suppose I should probably get to it, huh?" She offered Cecilia a quick smile before she moved to the front.

Jean: Jean sat down with Jamie, holding his hand. It sucked that he was so quiet. And sad. Sad sucked. This all pretty much sucked. She looked around, then noticed Jack. Ooooh, pink.

Cecilia: "I guess so," Cecilia said, shrugging and leaving to take her seat. "Before it rains on our parade and this shit sandwich is truly complete."

Jean: She continued her look around, noticing most of the school had turned out - blue doctors, pink bunnies, lizard girls and all.

Lorna: Lorna took to the podium that had been set up for the occasion, sighing very quietly and forcing herself to look out at the students and staff gathered for the occasion. "Good afternoon. Today we gather to say goodbye to friends, family, Johnny and Cassandra."

Cecilia: Cecilia scanned the crowd until she found a seat next to her favourite - and uncharacteristically somber - redhead. She nodded to Fabian and sat down, giving him a faint smile as she did.

Sue: Sue let out a quiet sob and buried her face in the plushie.

Jean: At the mention of Johnny's name, she felt Jamie cringe and she looked at him, squeezing his hand.

Hope: Hope cringed at his name. She hugged her kneed tighter, clinging to her invisibility.

Cecilia: Cecilia cringed, not at the names of the dead, but at the sobbing. Great...this was going to be such a treat.

Hope: Hope twirled the ring on her finger absent mindedly. Finding comfort in it, she dropped Sue's power, opting instead for no powers. No mutations, nothing. If they didn't have powers, they wouldn't have taken her and they wouldn't have eaten Johnny.

Lorna: "Now is a time where we find ourselves looking back, trying to look at what we had done in the past few weeks and decide if we did everything we could, some of us might beat ourselves up over things we could have done differently, think others could have done things differently, but it's not the time for that."

Jean: Jean sniffled quietly, feeling a wave of guilt, and slid her arm around Jamie as he did in turn for her.

Cecilia: Indeed, Cecilia thought slightly bitter. Though as much guilt as she felt, she also knew she did more than some. That gave her some respite, though it was cold comfort.

Lorna: "I know that feeling well and I know everyone knows that kind of pressure as well but what is important right now is that, at least in my opinion, both Johnny and Cassie weren't the kind of people to put others through that kind of torment and we shouldn't put ourselves through that in their name."

Sue: Like Xavier... Sue thought rather uncharitably. All of this was his fault for collecting them.

Jean: She was doing a pretty good job of tuning out Mrs. Drake, she thought, yet she still felt terrible. Jean sniffled again and reinforced her shielding.

Lorna: "In looking back on this month the only thing we can now do is try to be the person they would have wanted us to be and not to fall in a grief they would have hated to see us in. This isn't the time of bitterness towards ourselves and those among us, I can't imagine either of them would have wanted those kind of feelings for anyone here."

Lorna: "Now is a time for mourning and rebuilding into the people they would like to see us be. I remember Johnny best working with him during the Phantom musical and one of the most important things I can say about Johnny is that he was fun. This isn't someone who would want us mourning forever even though he is a great loss in our lives."

Sue: Sue hugged her duck all the tighter.

Jean: They really needed to stop talking about Johnny, because Jamie seemed to be close to crawling under his chair.

Lorna: "Cassie was a fantastic performer but she wanted something greater for herself, to make an impact in the world she lived in, to use her skills and gifts to become a hero and if you ever needed more motivation in what you are doing I will ask you to look at the example they both have given us."

Cecilia: Cecilia's lips turned up slightly at this. It did sound like John. Unbidden the memory of him flying them over a prehistoric landscape in the Danger Room cropped up again. To think that was only months ago...

Sue: By dying? Yeah. Great example there.

Cecilia: Cecilia thought of Cass and how she'd scared the living shit out of her trying to teach her hand-to-hand...she wondered if Cass tried to fight like she'd shown her. She wondered now if what she'd taught her made any difference...it would've been nice if Kraven got a kick to the balls before he took her down.

Lorna: "So I will leave the podium to anyone else who has words to share about Cassie and Johnny by simply saying live as they would have wanted you to live, live as they would have wanted to continue to live, and don't let their loss and the fear from their loss change you into a person they wouldn't recognize. May we keep their memory with us and may they rest well."

Lorna: Lorna stepped back from the podium at that and started towards her seat, hoping that would be the last time she ever had to do that.

Jean: Wait, participation was part of the grade here? Uuuugh, noooo.

Cecilia: To her surprise (and possibly Fabian's) Cecilia stood up and walked to the podium. "Hi, for those of you don't know me I'm Cecilia I was...well, at the very least I was John and Cassandra's classmate." It didn't feel right to claim she was their friend, not when they'd never explicitly said she was one.

Cecilia: "John was..." she paused, that didn't feel right. "John once led a team exercise in the Danger Room and saved me from a virtual T-Rex by rocketing us both three stories into the air, he filled a pool full of jello so all the girls would have a space to work out their issues," she smiled slightly.

Cecilia: "He bought a golden car while on a bender," Cecilia continued. "He made up his own alias: Henry Walton." She reached in her pocket for the fake ID she was going to leave on his grave. "Which I was going to give him this fake ID for...that's the kind of person John was. He lived a lot in the time he had...and we all loved him," she said, her voice breaking slightly and sudden tears flooding her eyes.

Sue: Johnny. Sue corrected mentally, His name was JOHNNY.

Cecilia: She took a moment. "As for Cass...she brought wonder everywhere she went, the world was her stage and she was in the spotlight wherever she went. She loved life and she took it in as much as she could. I didn't know her for long...and I regret that I knew her so short a time. I never did solve the enigma that was her...but somehow I think that's what she would've wanted. Thank you."

Cecilia: She stepped down from the podium and returned to her seat, swiftly scrubbing away any tears she had and holding her head high.

Jack: Jack saw his moment, taking a breath and stepped up to the podium. "Hello." he started. "I'm going to try to keep my words brief, mostly because I couldn't think of what to say, but felt I had to say something."

Jean: Jean sat up. Piiiiink. Pink made her happy. She smiled to herself.

Jack: "I didn't know Johnny that well, we never hanged out one on one, however each and every time I was in his company... he had this knack of making you feel lucky of just being near him. He had the biggest ego known to man, which made him all the more fantastic to be around."

Cecilia: Cecilia had to bite down hard on the inside of her cheek. Jack looked like the goddamn energizer bunny and if she started laughing in the middle of a funeral someone might actually kill her. But it was so hard!

Jean: Nodding, she agreed. His ego was fantastic... but he had been really, really dense about the whole flirting thing. Silly boy.

Cecilia: Goddammit, she couldn't hold it back, not entirely. It was just so true. She sniggered a little into her hand, trying (and failing) to pass it off as a coughing fit.

Jack: "Heh, someone did mention I should do a fire related magic trick, but considering I'm already this colour, it would end up being a little tasteless. So, in honour of Johnny.... here's a flaming card trick. " Jack said, holding up a jack of hearts, throwing it into the air, it made a tiny flash of flame. "Originally that would have turned into a bird flying off, but I couldn't find one fast enough." he joked.

Jean: Jean couldn't hold in her snort.

Lorna: Lorna found herself smiling listening to Jack as well, sitting back and letting herself relax, the tension in her shoulders melting away for the moment.

Jack: "Cassandra... heh, wow, um, all I can say about her is she actually managed to train me to stay mostly faithful to one person for a small period of time, and that's saying a lot. She was amazing, she could keep people's attentions just by walking into the room. Love you Cassie..." Jack finished, walking back to his seat.

Jean: "D'aww," Jean said, squeezing Jamie's hand, since the fire had not been a happy moment for him. Distract!

Hope: The fire wasn't exactly a happy memory for Hope either. She turned her head, fixing her sight on something else and keeping it there. When would all these people leave?

Sue: Sue sniffed, drying her eyes with her palm as opposed to the duck as she made her way to the podium. She glanced at the shiny name plate briefly as she passed it, taking a deep breath in order to prevent another round of sobbing. She hugged the duck to her and looked out over the assembled students, eyes red and watery.

Sue: "I didn't know Cassie very well... we hardly talked... I wish I'd left my room more because she seemed nice... but I thought we'd have more time." she looked down at the duck. "Johnny... I knew him really well... he hated water... had an irrational fear of ducks... had an ego that rivaled the moon for size... and would still do anything to get a smile if you were sad, even if it was embarrassing... sometimes just because it was..."

Sue: "I was supposed to be here to keep him out of trouble... because, well... he mostly failed at that on a molecular level... But I was never really good at keeping him out of trouble... Never stopped him melting things, never stopped him pilfering booze or tipping cows or traumatising sheep... I just cleaned up the mess so he didn't get in as much trouble... and I'm really sorry that I can't clean this up... I wish I could..."

Sue: She sniffled again, opened her mouth to add something but gave up and just hid in the duck again before fading out of view completely. Her footsteps could be heard beating a hasty retreat to her previous position.

Cecilia: "That name plate should read 'Jonathan 'Henry Walton' Storm,'" Cecilia noted to Fabian. "Or Indiana Jones. I'll make sure on yours it says 'Fabian 'Yo-Yo Rodriguez' Manuel Cortez i Bern.'"

Cassie: The clapping of a lonesome pair of hands cut through the silence. "What wonderful words," a female voice called out from behind the rows of chairs. "Thank you for all the kind things that have been said about me - very moving indeed!" High up on top one of the many marble statues, Cassandra perched to overlook the assembled students and teachers.

Cassie: „Alas, the rumors of my demise have been greatly exaggerated." She stood up straight and tipped the brim of her hat. Strands of raven hair framed the sly smirk she wore on her lips, painted appropriately black for the occasion. „So... ta-dah?“ She spread out her arms in a grand gesture.

Jean: Uhoh, drama! Jean turned around to locate the source of the voice.

Lorna: Lorna turned around in her seat and locked eyes on Cassie. "...I think I'm actually beginning to feel old. I'm too old for this shit."

Cecilia: Cecilia stood up so quickly she knocked over her chair, twisting herself around, fists raised in a fighting stance. "No..." she said raggedly, her features a mask of horror. "This isn't happening."

Jean: The noise from the chair made Jean look back, and she righted it with her teke, then looked back to ....Cassie? She frowned, and Jamie looked... really, really confused.

Cassie: "Please excuse the flashy entrance," she said and took a step forward. Floating discs of solid darkness formed in her path down to the ground. "I considered going for a more subtle return, but how often do you get the chance to crash your own funeral? At least I didn't get the wrong one. Now that would have been awkward."

Cassie: After chuckling to her own remark, the girl's sassy grin faded, and an expression of sorrow clouded her face for a moment. Bowing her head, she took off her hat. "However, I'm sorry to hear the news about Johnny." Her voice even was sincere. "My deepest condolences."

Sue: Sue just stared at Cassie, slowly fading back into view. "What the fuck?!"

Hope: Cassie escaped... Cassie escaped and Johnny was still dead. Hope just felt sick.

Lorna: ...zombie? Lorna thought in the back of her mind but remembered that the girl had been...less than whole when found so no, it wasn't a zombie unless they went in for plastic surgery now. "Well...hello there, Cassie. I'd ask how but I've a feeling it's really long and something that will have to be put in a report."

Cecilia: Cecilia watched in absolute horror as Cassandra wandered down the aisle. She looked at everyone else's face, checking to see if they were seeing this as well...okay, it appeared it wasn't just her. That was good. "I saw..." she stammered. "I saw the body...there were no eyes...I put the sheet over the remains..."

Jean: "Shapeshifter? Telepath?" Jean staaaared at the girl.

Lorna: "Would you mind giving her a check, Jean?" Lorna tapped her temple. "Just to be sure?" They all ready had one shapeshifter snafu, after all, best not to have another.

Jean: "Um... I... guess?" Jean started to get up.

Cassie: "No, it's the one and only me," Cassandra assured her friends, taking a graceful bow as she reached the end of the makeshift stairs. "What can I say? Apparently the world couldn't get enough of me, and I've never been one to let my audience down." She cracked another grin. "So here I am, ready for my encore."

Jean: Jean went up to the other girl and poked her.

Cassie: "In other words, I'm just as clueless as everyone around here about what happened to me, even though I definitely remember dying. Quite vividly so." She laughed. "Get it? Vividly dying?"

Hope: Not funny. Hope couldn't stop her glare.

Cecilia: "I'll save the applause until I'm damn sure you're not some sorta shapeshifter or telepath here to watch me twist," Cecilia said guardedly to the resurrected Cass.

Jean: Jean poked again.

Lorna: Lorna's head tilted at Jean's poking, hoping that there was going to be some telepathy with that as well. "That's quite the trick, I will say."

Cassie: "A handshake would have done it, as well, but if you insist..." Cassandra smiled at Jean and poked her right back on the tip of the nose. "I'm happy to see you again, too."

Jolen: Jolen was hanging around at the back of the memorial thinking about things and how much he missed Cassie when he got jerked out of his thoughts to see her there. "Cassie?!"

Jean: She blinked, then narrowed her eyes and concentrated, reaching out with her telepathy. So, like, are you you or are you some psycho?"

Cassie: There's a difference? Cassie answered in her mind. "You're welcome to dig around in my mind, if you like, but don't blame me if you get lost." She took off her hat again to give her head a good knock. "Apparently getting killed in a gruesome manner and coming back to life really takes its toll on the old noggin."

Jolen: Cassie got a surpise hug off a very happy Jolen. "She smells right so she's fine, she's real. Welcome back Cassies."

Cecilia: "I know what I saw..." Cecilia muttered. "The body was mutilated...vital organs were missing...no life signs, there's no fucking way we fucked that up."

Jonas: The lean pale pointy eared Jonas stood all the way behind everything, even half behind a tree, hands in his leather jacket's pockets as he watched, not wanting to get involved. Plus... new people made him feel uncomfortable. Weird new people. The one hugging Cassie looked weird. The giant pink rabbit was super weird.

Sue: Sue continued to stare. Shaking her head in disbelief. This wasn't fair.

Cassie: "Thank you!" Cassandra grinned at Jolen and ruffled his twigs as she returned the spontaneous hug. "At least someone is happy to see me again."

Jean: Jean shrugged. "Seems legit." She didn't know Cassie that well in the first place, so she wasn't so sure, but whatever! "Um... welcome back then? I'm glad you're not a zombie."

Jolen: He smiled then as his hair vines got ruffled, some of them curling round Cassie's hand in happiness. "Of course I'm glad, your my friend and you alive not dead."

Cassie: "I would like to apologize in advance for messing up your names," she told everyone, taking a look around to study all the faces. "I remembered my own only this morning."

Mayday: Having finally kicked herself into going - and after sharing some time praying with Ichiki Hisako - Mayday approached the service area with flowers in her hands. One rose for Johnny Storm, one rose for Cassandra St. Commons. With a deep breath, and wiping another tear from her eyes on her suit sleeve, she stopped dead.

Cecilia: "It's not that I'm not happy to see you alive..." Cecilia clarified. "I'm just cautious...this is the second time someone we thought was dead has turned up, having it happen once is really hard to believe but twice? That's starting to get a bit far-fetched."

Mayday: Being a girl who was a fan of fantasy and science fiction, she always had held out hope that miracles could happen. However, she was also a great believer of science fact. She knew what was possible and what was impossible. Or she thought she did.

Mayday: "....", a response she thought fitting for the situation, shortly before falling to her knees wide-eyed.

Jolen: "Who cares if you remember names, you remembered enough to come back to us." Smiling down at the girl and giving her and extra squeeze.

Lorna: "You'll get things sorted soon enough, I'm sure. Where've you been all this time though? I hope not the morgue."

Cassie: "If it's any reassurance for you, I can promise to keep any head-nibbling to an absolute minimum," Cassandra joked, overwhelmed by a comforting sense of familiarity. "I can tell you I have no idea myself how this is possible, so colour me just as dumbfounded."

Cecilia: Cecilia stood on her toes to see over the crowd. There was a lean, pale figure standing off near the tree-line. "Who's your friend?" She asked Cassie, indicating.

Cassie: "Oh no, even though I remember waking up there," she told Lorna. "It was a dreadfully inhospitable place, and with no knowledge of who I was or where I came from, I sought out the only place I could think of - the place where I died."

Mayday: Mayday just shook her head. The whole situation was too much for her reeling mind to handle, followed shortly by her wincing as her grip on one of the flowers cut her hand, ".....oh, God this is actually happening..."

Cassie: "Now, I don't know how or why, but that's where I realized where I really had to be, so I took a little detour to pick up a friend." Turning around, Cassandra looked in Jonas' direction with a smile.

Lorna: Friend? Lorna looked over to where Cecilia was motioning towards and saw the other person. "This being said friend then....hello."

Jean: Jean stood on tiptoe as well... oh, there was the zombie! She screeched.

Jonas: Jonas cringed at the screeching, and just gave an awkward wave. "Hi."

Mayday: The scream from Jean jump-started Mayday's brain again. She stood, making her way over to the crowd and towards Cassandra - every step felt like a waking dream; "Y-you're....y-you're here. You're alive...", she glanced over at the tree, "A-and...oh, t-there's an Uruk-hai just.....chillin'...."

Jolen: Jolen raised an eyebrow at the new figure, Cassie said he was a friend so why the screaching? Instead he let go of the newly back friend and went over to check Mayday was alright.

Cecilia: Cecilia cringed as Jean screamed. "Goddammit..." she muttered, rubbing her ear. "Calm the hell down, it's just another mutant...I think." He looked like one, judging from his appearance.

Cassie: "This is Jonas," she introduced the boy, gesturing at the pale, corpse-like stranger. "I dug him up from a grave. Say hello, Jonas!"

Sue: "It's not fair!" Sue started bawling again.

Mayday: Mayday shuddered, and slumped back down onto her knees. Passing out wasn't something she'd ever done, but her brain felt like it was doing.

Jean: "See! She dug him up! Zombie!"

Jonas: This was starting to get a little embarassing, he thought, and stepped closer. "Um.. I thought I was more like a vampire." he told Cassie.

Jolen: "Hey hey, deep breaths Mayday, it's okay she's alive well smells it and back." Hands going out to try and catch the girl and help her down gently.

Cecilia: "Oh for fuck's sake," she said, observing all the drama around her. Her eyes widened slightly as she saw Mayday becoming more than a little unsteady on her feet. "Shit..." she muttered, pushing past the crowd to get to her friend.

Sue: Why did it have to be them and not Johnny?! Why did they get to come back and not him who had a family that missed him?!

Jean: This was all getting to be just a little too much, and she scurried back to Jamie, knocking over a couple chairs herself in the process.

Cecilia: "Hey, hey!" Cecilia said, kneeling down beside Jolen and studying Mayday. "You're alright, everything's fine," she said, taking her friend's shoulders. "She's alright I think," she said to Jolen. "She's just fainted, I think. Or in some sort of shock."

Mayday: Shaking her head, Mayday just let her mind blur. There was far too much going on in her head to try and make any sense of what was happening. She groped for Jolen's hand, leaning her head on it, "....'snot......not a dream. It's not right? ...not...H-Hisako said....s-she...", no more words formed as she slid down onto the grass.

Sue: Sue couldn't take much more of this. She got up from her seat and headed back towards the mansion.

Cassie: Cassandra leaned over to Jonas, her eyes beholding all the commotion around them. "Well, I think we've managed to make quite the impression."

Jolen: Catching Mayday he shifted her around so he could pick her up and put her on his lap, keeping her off the damp grass. "Er........ Think I should take her inside?" Looking down at the faint girl.

Lorna: Lorna opened her mouth up to say something to Sue but as much as she wanted to help the girl this was something that needed to be sorted as well. "Okay...so...I suppose we need to probably take the two of you down to the medlab, get you sorted out."

Cecilia: "Yeah...she's fainted," Cecilia said as Mayday confirmed her suspicions by slumping onto the grass. She looked to Jolen. "If you could put her down on the ground and put her feet on a chair that'd be great, we need to get the blood flowing back into her head. She should regain consciousness in less than a minute."

Jolen: "Okay then." Dragging a spare chair over with a vine and quickly following the instruction trying to be as careful as he could with the small girl, while trying not to think to much as it hit him what was actually happening. "Theeeeere we go."

Jean: Jean and Jamie beat a fast retreat back to the mansion as well.

Sue: Sue let herself into the kitchen, setting the duck on the counter and going to make a cup of tea. This all just proved she was making the right decision. If she hung around here she was going to go completely crackers. No one would miss her anyway. And it was safer at home. Nothing weird ever happened in Bewdley.

Cecilia: "Thanks," Cecilia said to Jolen. "That's a huge help...she should be okay..." she checked the other girl's pulse. "We should get her some juice or something for when she wakes up though...Christ, I'm glad I got all the fainting I was gonna do out before this."

Jonas: "Med...lab? Are we going to be experimented on?" Jonas asked the green haired woman, then looked back at Cassie, "This place is weird." he told her, "Can't we just go back to your place?" he asked.

Cassie: "Have you heard, we're going to get probed," Cassandra told Jonas with an impish grin. "Don't worry, though. If I remember correctly, the doctor they have here is very nice. He's big, blue, and fuzzy. Like a giant cuddly... Beast."

Jonas: What little color there was in the pale boy's face drained completely at Cassandra's words.

Jolen: "I'll grab some, Mayday's always nice to me when we talk in class so I can return the favour now." Getting up and quickly dashing over to the table of refreshments to get a good sized glass of juice before coming back, frowning a little at Cassie as his thoughts collided.

Hope: Having enough herself, Hope got to her feet and headed for the garage. This was some epic bullshit.

Cecilia: "Wish I had you in the field more often," Cecilia laughed to Jolen, a little strained but dealing fairly well with the situation. It helped to have a distraction, something to do. Cuts, burns, fainting, vomiting...these were concrete problems she knew how to treat. Resurrection? She'd rather roll in barbed wire.

Jolen: "I'm not an X'er so you unfortunately don't get me in the field haha." Chuckling back though it was tainted with the now heavy thoughts in his head, how on Earth did dead people come back to life?

Mayday: Sipping some of the juice she was offered, Mayday spluttered, coughing and sitting up as her body shuddered. She closed her eyes tight, taking a few sharp, deep breaths before looking up at the two offering her medical aid, "T-this is actually real life, isn't it!?", she blurted suddenly.

Cassie: "Don't worry, you'll warm up to the place," Cassandra assured Jonas and took his hand in hers. "I can help you find your way, as I need to rediscover so much myself." She offered a reassuring smile. " Besides, my old house is just a short jump away, in case either of us gets homesick."

Cecilia: "Last I checked," Cecilia said to Mayday a bit ruefully. "Welcome back."

Mayday: "...ok, I-I realize you may....think that sounds crazy but....", Mayday looked over at Cassandra and Jonas, ".....oh, Jesus....I-I can't...I-I can't believe it....", she sniffed, her head aching as her tears started again.

Jolen: "Deep breaths Mayday, it's reall we aren't sure how but it is." Hands on Mayday's shoulders to steady her abit while she took sips of the juice.

Cecilia: "It's a normal reaction to an extraordinary situation," Cecilia said, smoothing the other girl's hair. "Shshsh...Jolen, can you carry her to the medlab when she's ready? I'm not sure she should try to stand."

Lorna: "Don't worry, Mayday. You've not fallen into Bohemian Rhapsody." Lorna assured her, wondering if this was the time to ask for a raise next year. "How about we all get on inside before the skies finally open up?"

Jonas: Jonas was able to give a smile at Cassie's words, then looked back at the green haired woman. "Big place." he commented on the mansion.

Jolen: Nodding Jolen very carefully scooped her up into his arms, a few vines bleeding out to hold her steady. "Medlab and a decent bar of Chocolate I think."

Cecilia: Cecilia sighed in relief, nodding her thanks to Jolen again. "Yeah...we better get a move on," she said, feeling the first drops of rain on her back. "I think we're done here."

Cassie: Meeting Mayday's gaze, Cassandra raised her free hand and waved at the redhead. "I love it when I manage to sweep my audience off their feet," she remarked to no one in particular, a wry smile curling the edge of her mouth.

Cecilia: Cecilia projected a large field over the group's head as the rain began to fall. "Well, at least we won't all get soaked," she said, making her way across the lawn towards the mansion.

Mayday: Standing slowly, Mayday looked back into Cassandra's violet eyes, ".....y-you didn't even call...you're...s-such a bitch.", her expression broke into a smile, and soon after that laughter as she threw her arms around the other girl.

Jolen: "So much for carrying her then." Smiling as the gril got up and out of his arms to hug Cassie, smiling at the pair and wondering if he should come back out in a bit for the rain. "Come on girls, indoors to chocolate hugs and story telling."

Cassie: Her face lit up with a grin as she reeled from the hug, closing her arms around the other girl in turn. "I'm sorry, but I must have lost my phone somewhere." She joined in the laughter.

Cecilia: Cecilia kicked off her shoes as they became more a hinderance than a help on the wet grass, the hem of her pants getting wet as she loped towards the mansion, falling into step with Fabian. "I can't wait for Puerto Rico," she sighed, leaning against him.

Mayday: Moving back, Mayday took a deep breath before flat out kissing Cassandra. To hell with it - she was far too happy and she was about ready to explode. The tears that came shortly afterwards a credit to such.

Jonas: Jonas' mouth hung open watching the girls kiss.

Mayday: "T-this just means I miss you. I-I don't wanna...you know...", she looked over at Jonas, "...I-I mean if you two are...",

Jonas: "Uhh...I'm not even sure what we are." Jonas replied.

Jolen: Jolen just smiled and averted his eyes to give the girls some privacy for a few moments. "Does either of you need the lift or shall I give you some space?"

Mayday: Mayday blushed, "....I-I just thought that'd....g-get the words out of the....", she looked over at Jonas, "You're home. If...i-if you want. I-I swear to God, for bringing Cassie back from the dead you can just have my entire everything.",

Cassie: "Neither am I," Cassandra replied, an impish smirk having found its way onto her face. "However, if you missed me this much..." She promptly pulled the other girl closer, now taking her turn to press her lips to Mayday's.

Jonas: Jonas' eyes travelled over to the plant guy. So weeeeird. Mind you... doesn't hurt the eyes though, he thought, completely missing the second kiss between the girls right next to him.

Mayday: After a few moments, Mayday moved back, gently punching Cassandra's arm, "You're still a dick.", she snorted, approaching Jonas and kissing his cheek, "S-so yeah. Thanks for, you know....", she frowned - she had no idea; "...I-I think I'm gonna seriously go insane. W-we need to go inside, sit down, and figure out what the.....like, what the hell is...", she stumbled a little, "O-ok, Jolen? Help?"

Jolen: Laughing Mayday got scooped up easily so they could start the walk back. "Your all making me jealous with the kissing, need to go see if I can get some done later."

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