4/20 Game: Bitter End

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4/20 Game: Bitter End

Post by tears~fall~like~glass » Sat Apr 20, 2013 11:14 pm

timeline: Wednesday, May 4th

Phoenix: Quickly stepping out of the van, Rachel spotted Eddie's bike outside the abandoned railway station and muttered a curse, the smell of smoke lingering in the air. She shot Melati an anxious look and hoped they weren't about to walk in on what she thought they were. Maybe they were still in time to stop Eddie because, from the sound of it, the fighting wasn't over.

Obscure: Sue stepped out of the van, quickly cloaking herself and shielding herself too. She was going to focus on the job at hand. Get in. Find Johnny. Get him out in one piece.

Facade: Cecilia shielded up at the sounds of a fight in the station. "Shit!" She exclaimed, running for the doors. "C'mon!"

Komodo: Jumping out of the vehicle, Melati flexed the sinewy muscles in her arms and hands, the black gloves of her uniform specifically designed to allow unhindered use of her large claws. "Normally I'd say something encouraging at this point, but we have no idea what to expect, so be prepared for the worst," she said, looking at her teammates.

Obscure: Sue, refusing to accept that the worst was a possibility, made a start for the door.

Phoenix: She ran after Cecilia, ignoring how badly the building was in disrepair, as it wasn't all that high on her list of concerns at the moment. The fact that they were drawing attention to themselves hadn't even occurred to her until various red, hooded figures were flooding into the corridor into the main room, blocking the way to Eddie, who she could just barely see.

Facade: Cecilia found herself engulfed as soon as she opened the doors. "Get out of my way!" She screamed, sending shields flying in all directions. "No! We can't be too late! Not after we worked so hard! Not after all the shit I've been through!"

Venom: The figure of Eddie, far in the back of the station, stepped into the main room from his side, casting his vision into the room. A few of the hooded persons had taken notice of him, his tattered coat blowing in the low draft from the doorway. He spotted the X-Men entering, frowning a little bit, "....oh, Hope, that's gonna cost you an eyeball.", he sighed.

Komodo: Melati stopped at the entrance of th derelict building, readying herself as she spotted the robed cultists inside. "No matter what, we end this tonight!" she growled, her tail whipping from side to side. "Give 'em hell, team, but watch your backs! The only ones going down tonight are these bastards!"

Obscure: Sue sent a forcefield ram down the hall at the hooded figures, boosting herself up over their heads at the same time.

Komodo: She started down the hallway, diving right into the line of hooded guards who attempted to block their way. Some had pulled weapons from underneath their robes. "Watch out, looks like they realized forks and knives just won't cut it this time," she called, dodging a handgun shot aimed at her head.

Venom: Two of the hooded men rushed Eddie as his chitin mask rose around his head like a demonic mouth, clamping shut around his face as he blocked a stab with his arm, "You're in the way...", he twisted the arm, augmented strength easily cracking the elbow as he continued to push it down, "Stand. Aside."

Facade: Cecilia waded to the front of the group, bulldozing her way through the crowd and acting as a meatshield, taking a majority of the bullets hailing down on them to spare the others some pain.

Obscure: If they were using weapons surely it was okay to repay them in kind... Sue sharpened the edges of her rams and sent them at the figures instead.

Phoenix: Dodging a stab from a knife, Rachel grabbed one of the robed figure's arms, brutally twisting his wrist until he dropped his weapon. Using her free hand, she smashed her palm into his face and released him, moving onto the next opponent as he crumpled to the floor.

Facade: Cecilia's eyes widened as Sue sent flat planes of shields into the people around her. "What the hell do you think you're doing?!" She shouted at Sue. "You'll kill them!"

Obscure: "They're trying to kill us!" Sue pointed out. "At least they've stopped now!" She sealed a couple more inside bubbles and waited until they passed out before dropping them.

Komodo: "Take them down hard and fast!" Melati shouted, her tail taking down two of the cultists as she wrestled with another pair. "Our primary concern is to stop anyone from getting away! We can't risk some of them slip away in the heat of things and continue this horror-show elsewhere!"

Komodo: "Dammit, we're trying to put an end to all the killing, not heap more bodies on the pile!" the reptilian mutant snapped.

Facade: "And she called me a hypocrite..." Cecilia snarled, smashing her fist into a cultist's face. "I swear to God..."

Obscure: "They're fine!" Sue knocked the feet out from under another group and boxed them in.

Phoenix: Using her telekinesis, she pushed the nearest ones out of her way, trying to get through the crowd to Eddie.

Venom: Pinning an aggressor to the wall with a scythe-ended tentacle, Eddie looked down at one of the bleeding victims from Sue's attack, "That's interesting...but not quite accurate enough...", he raised his arm, morphing it into a sinister blade before he suddenly halted, feeling Rachel's influence.

Venom: "Oh you do NOT want ANYTHING that I am right now...", he growled, wincing as the symbiote in his mind started to scream in anger and fear.

Komodo: Claws cut through the air, tearing weapons apart. As those standing in her way fell to her punches, Melati made her way to Sue's side. "I know how easy it is to let yourself go, but don't give in to the temptation," she told her, finding the time to lean close.

Obscure: "They're not fatal wounds. I didn't hit them hard enough."

Facade: "They better be!" Cecilia snapped, pushing her way past several cultist and sending a small band of shield out at foot level, sending a group to the ground. "EDDIE!" She screamed, using his full nickname for a change. "Ed, you don't have to do this!"

Obscure: "If you're so worried about them why don't you fucking help them!?" Sue snapped, glaring at Cecilia and accidentally hitting her hard in the back with an invisible ram.

Venom: "CORRECTION!", Eddie roared over in response, " WE already DID!", he shook his head, turning to Rachel and approaching her slowly, tendrils snaring in a flush and swing of blades to cut and slap his foes aside, "Get OUT of my MIND, you bitch..."

Kraven: Kraven dragged himself through the hallways of the building, towards the noise. He didn't feel too much pain, he was drugged up to the brim, after all. Still he had lost quite some blood before being able to bandage himself. Hopefully the special gun he had organised on the black market would cancel out that disadvantage.

Kraven: He turned around a corner and saw the boy that had injured him that heavily earlier. He was about to attack another girl.

Phoenix: Rachel felt the brief pause on Eddie's part, her own face twisting at the screaming in his mind, as she reached out for him with her telepathy. In response to his yelling at her, she only had time to coolly think at him, more focused on the attacking cultists. Make me, you asshole.

Venom: Flexing his hands, Eddie laughed, back exploding in a mess of blades, tendrils, teeth and eyes all set on her, "Oh, I am SO GLAD YOU ASKED...", he cackled.

Komodo: "Save the anger for the bad guys, girls!" Melati snarled, dashing over fallen enemies to rush after Rachel and towards Eddie's voice. "Dammit, Brock! Step down now and I'll let you get away with a severe ass kicking!"

Kraven: He rose the gun and released a massive salvo of liquid metal sludges traveling at hypervelocity. They would penetrate the body and instantly turn brittle, breaking up into millions of microscopic needles.

Facade: Cecilia hit the ground hard as Sue's shield connected with her back and yelped as she was stepped on by several cultists. She struggled, trying to get back up as several began to beat on her at once. She screamed as her shields failed with a close gunshot to the chest, then even more as one pulled a knife..

Obscure: She hadn't really meant to do that... Sue reacted quickly and formed a protective dome over Cecilia. The dome expanded enough to allow her to stand up if she was able and Sue set about dispatching Cecilia's attackers.

Phoenix: Pushing aside the final cult members, she turned to see Eddie's black mass rushing toward her and barely had enough time to deflect some with a telekinetic shield, starting toward him.

Kraven: He released the empty liquid container and put in a new one. He shouted: "Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life: and I will dwell in the house of the Lord for ever!"

Facade: She grabbed the blade of the knife as the cultist tried to slit her throat, blood beginning to seep out as the blade sawed through the fabric of her gloves. Panicked, she brought her head forward and slammed her face into the knife wielders face, again and again and again.

Venom: Eddie's senses homed in on the projectiles too late. Snarling in pain, Eddie went down onto his knee, holding the area he'd been hit and throwing up a chitinous shield to one side, "Oh, you are g-...", he looked past the shell, spotting Kraven, "Knew you had somethin' left in you...", standing, he was taken down by Rachel's blast.

Venom: Rolling to his feet, Eddie forced himself up, casting a web into the air and yanking debris down on Rachel, "One...", he nodded to himself, leaping over to Kraven and spinning, sending a lashing tendril into his side, "...and two!"

Venom: The tiny needles in his side tore the side of his body open as he moved, making him curse aloud as he fell down again, body opening to eject the needles.

Facade: She shoved the man's limp form off her, his face a terrible mess of blood from the multiple head-butts. She gave Sue a terrible glare before running off after Mel. This would have to wait.

Komodo: "Phoenix, keep Venom contained! I'll deal with Kraven!" Melati jumped over Eddie's writhing mass, lunging towards the hunter. She had to take down their opponent before he could. Coming down hard, the claws on her hands and feet sliced through black tentacles, before she readied herself to pounce on Kraven.

Kraven: Kraven spit blood. Whether it was because of internal hemorrhaging or because of the hit he had just taken he didn't know. Anyway, he repositioned his gun and fired a salvo at the lizard girl.

Phoenix: As Eddie went down, Rachel tried to take advantage of the opportunity to push with her telepathy, however her presence in his mind was diminished as she lost her grasp. With a curse, she tried to move out of the way, focusing shielding herself from the falling rubble. "On it!" she called back to Melati, starting after the boy.

Obscure: Sue cloaked herself again and moved back to her perch above the heads of the others. "I could try and contain him..." she offered.

Phoenix: Once she was clear of being crushed, she reached out for his mind once more, responding to Sue's offer, "Cover me while I try to take him out."

Obscure: Sue pushed her field out to wrap it around Eddie's form. If she could get enough of a grip on him, she could help Mel too.

Venom: Only you are strong enough., Eddie blinked as he heard the words echo in his mind. No. He couldn't let Rachel Gray take this from him. With a roar, he let his anger take a hold, leaping onto Rachel and slamming his fist violently into her head twice before shooting a web aside, scooping a gun into his hand and firing a few shots at Sue, leaping backwards.

Obscure: Sue was safe behind her field. She wasn't sure how Eddie knew where she was given her invisibility but he had just tried to SHOOT HER. It was so on. Focusing hard, she formed a bubble and closed it in on him.

Komodo: Maybe she had underestimated the hunter's impeccable aim, or overestimated her own quickness, or counted on her armored suit and scaly hide to deal with any hit and let her healing factor take care of the rest. Regardless, Melati found her assault abruptly halted, a spray of blood rising up around her as the projectiles tore into her legs. She fell forward.

Facade: Cecilia winced as Rachel was hit. Was no-one worried about Kraven?! Ed was a secondary objective! "MEL!" She shouted, as the other girl fell. In a frenzy, she ran towards her and began to put pressure on the wounds. "How fast does your healing factor take to work?!" She cried. God, she could bleed out before it came into effect!

Venom: "Oh...that's new, Spider-Sense...", Eddie laughed to himself, glad of his ability as he cast sprays of webbing aside, finding debris of all kinds (and one or two cultists) to launch at Sue. Releasing them, he scrambled after Melati.

Obscure: Sue had to redouble her shields at the assault and curled up as things rebounded off her fields. "Bollocks to this! I'm getting the Kraven guy he won't throw people at me!"

Phoenix: Going down hard with a yelp, Rachel curled into herself and cradled her head in her hands, forcing out through gritted teeth as blood pooled in her hands from her nose, "Motherfucker!" That was the second fucking time.

Komodo: She hit the ground hard, the impact forcing the air from her lungs. In an act of stubborn defiance, she tried to swipe at Kraven even while falling, even though her strike was only a futile gesture. The sudden shock and surge of adrenalin didn't make her feel pain, and so she needed a moment to realize what the shot had down to her legs - or what little remained of them.

Venom: Leaping past Melati and Cecilia, Eddie glanced back, laughing a little, "Be a good girl and stay down, huh?", he cackled, charging after Kraven with both hands morphed into blades.

Obscure: Right. Invisible? Check. Above the heads? Check. Kraven guy.... easy target. No crazy hyper-senses for you! Bubble power go!

Kraven: He didn't even look at the girl he just had shot down anymore. Instead he reached into a backpack he was wearing and pulled out a literal handful of grenades. He pulled the pins with his teeth and threw them into the room. Then he fired at the boy that was coming for him again.

Facade: Cecilia swore, pulling some of the ties she carried to bind prisoners on mission out and fashioning them into tourniquets to bind around Mel's damaged legs. "You'll be alright," she said, grabbing her under the arms and dragging her to the side, raising her legs up onto a row of seats in the station. "I swear I won't let you die."

Komodo: Turning onto her back, she let out a snarl, facing Eddie trying to step over her towards Kraven. Standing may have no longer been an option, but she still had another pair of claws, and that was all she needed. Putting all remaining strength into the muscles of her back and stomach, she lunged upwards to dig her claws into Eddie's lower body.

Venom: Taking every horrifically wounding blast from the gunshots - and pulling himself free from Melati's claws, leaving a trail of blood and gore - Eddie leapt forward, thrusting his blades for Kraven's chest and noting the explosives just too late.

Kraven: Funnily enough, the shield the girl had put around him protected him from the blasts of his own grenades. He looked up to the girl, reached into his backpack, and the wall right next to her blew out.

Komodo: "Help the others," Melati groaned, the pain finally setting in as she pushed herself back up to look at Cecilia. "I'll be back up and running in a moment."

Phoenix: She had been about to push herself off the ground when she heard the clinking noise of something landing next to her. Her eyes widened as she realized it was a grenade, and she rolled over, bringing her hands around to cover her head from more potential damage as she shielded herself from the explosion, ears ringing from the noise and drowning out the sound of sirens.

Facade: Cecilia grabbed onto Mel as she lunged at Ed and continued to move. "STOP!" She shouted. "Are you fucking crazy?! What're you trying to do? Bleed out faster?!"

Venom: Eddie wasn't so lucky - the explosions angled away from Kraven - tore him to pieces. His healing kicked in rapidly, replacing the armored, long-coat wearing Eddie with the monstrous visage of Venom, letting out a shrill cry before lunging at his opponent, jaws wide in a hungered frenzy.

Facade: Cecilia blinked back tears at Mel and pulled out a bit of gauze. "I'll be back," she said, pressing it into her hands. "Keep pressure on the wounds - I'll be back for you!"

Komodo: There was little she could do to avoid the shrapnel of the explosions except turn her head away and hope her suit would stop the worst of it. Fortunately, Eddie had absorbed most of the damage. "As long as I have a claw left, I won't stop trying to put an end to this, Brock!" she snarled, more and more resembling an actual reptile as she crawled after him, ignoring Cecilia's plea.

Obscure: Sue yelped and toppled from her perch as the wall exploded beside her, the field around Kraven dropping as well (not that anyone could see it to know the difference - but she knew). She reappeared as she hit the ground hard and rolled.

Facade: Cecilia stood up as Mel crawled off, wiping tears away. No-one, she couldn't save anyone. She just prayed Mel wasn't wrong and her healing factor would work in time. She turned and ran back into the crowd, trying to keep as many people as she could off their backs.

Phoenix: Rachel got back to her feet, swiping at her face, as she tried to see through the smoke, attempting to spot Eddie through it and the falling debris.

Kraven: Kraven was free again and went into cover straight away. The next bigger threat should be...yes. He shot at the red haired girl. If he remembered correctly, she had some telepathic powers.

Facade: Cecilia stepped in front of Kraven's shot, taking the blow intended for Rachel, sending her flying off her feet.

Facade: She gasped as she hit the ground, her shields flickering out again. That hurt. That hurt a lot.

Venom: In a complete bloodrage, Eddie's hulking form discovered Melati following him, reaching aside and lifting a large mass of stone from the ground, holding it above her.

Obscure: Sue pushed herself up to her hands and knees. "Don't even think about it!" She sent a ram at the block of stone Eddie had raised and shattered it.

Komodo: Melati looked up to see the heavy slab of stone shatter above her. "Thanks," she nodded in Sue's direction, before facing Eddie again. "Just look at you, you fucking bastard! You'd kill your former friends!" She pushed herself forward and dug her claws into his inky hide. "Two can play at this game, sucker!"

Kraven: "Fiddlesticks..." he cursed and replaced the empty liquid container with a new one. Then he shot at the red haired girl again.

Phoenix: "Shit, Cecilia!" Rachel cursed as she made her way over to the other girl to make sure she was okay, wiping her bloodied hands on her uniform. This time she heard the gun discharge and threw up a telekinetic shield to guard them both.

Facade: She stood up, coughing and wheezing. The fingers in her right hand that had been cut by the knife were going numb but she couldn't see how badly damaged they were past the gloves and she didn't have time. "LOOKOUT!" She screamed at Rachel, bringing up a shield to protect them both at the same time as Rachel.

Venom: Roaring as Melati forced her way onto him, slicing at his bestial form, Eddie grabbed her arms, lifting her up and pulling with all his strength. Before long, her shoulders popped out of place, the flesh tearing shortly afterwards.

Obscure: Sue vanished again, "Coward!" she screamed at Eddie, hitting him from all sides at once.

Venom: His form condensing after, Eddie kicked Melati's armless form away, throwing her torn off appendages to her as he was slammed aside by the forcefield. He stood up, shaking his head and glancing over to Kraven.

Facade: Cecilia gasped and the colour drained out of her face as she saw Ed begin to tear Mel apart. "I WARNED YOU!" She screamed, throwing a shield plane right into his head. Hopefully fast enough to save Mel's life.

Obscure: Sue hurried over to Mel to try and help her, using her fields to stop the flow of blood. "Mel!"

Komodo: This time, no amount of adrenalin was enough to dull the pain, and Melati yelled out in agony as she hit the concrete and writhed on the ground, broken and helpless. Her jaw was clenched as she heard Sue's voice above her, and she forced herself to open her eyes. "Just... a flesh wound..."

Kraven: Was it already time for the final showdown? It seemed so. Kraven let out an animalistic scream and charged at Eddie, shooting his gun at him the whole way.

Facade: "We have to end this!" Cecilia said to Rachel. "Focus on Kraven! Ed's a secondary objective and not a threat unless we attack him! The sooner he's down the sooner we can help Mel. I'll go for the hunter and distract him! You do your magic!"

Obscure: Sue managed a small smile for that, "Oh Mel...." she gathered up Mel's arms and as quickly as she could, put them back against their rightful shoulders, sealing the gaps with her fields again to stop her losing more blood before they could heal back in place. "Do I have to call you the black knight now?"

Komodo: Melati managed to chuckle, despite the pain radiating from the stumps of her destroyed limbs, filling her entire body with agony. "I'll need a bad-ass helmet," she replied, forming a strained smile, before nodding at Sue. "If you really want to help me, go and kick their asses."

Venom: Form collapsing, Eddie moved as ink to where Kraven was stood, reforming behind him and running him through with a scythe blade, "To answer you? No. I'm no Hunter...I'm no Hero.", he yanked it free, turning Kraven to himself and slamming his hands into his chest, prying his ribcage open.

Obscure: "They don't need me... you do though... is your healing working?" she constructed a field over them to protect them from any attacks while Mel healed.

Venom: "I am DEATH. I am JUSTICE.", Eddie laughed, tearing his heart out, "I am Venom..."

Facade: Cecilia stopped mid-rush towards Kraven. "ED - NO!" She screamed, as the ink shot through the hunter's body. "NO!"

Phoenix: Rachel had been about to do just as Cecilia had suggested when Eddie plunged the blade into Kraven, blood splattering as his chest was forced open. She remained frozen in place as Eddie ripped his heart from the cavity. Fuck, they were too late.

Venom: Heart in hand, Eddie lifted the body above his head on several tendrils, the blood pouring down on him as his mouth grew wide, tearing into the heart like an apple. He laughed, looking around at the X-Men as blood dripped from his mouth, "What? Is there somethin' on my face?",

Komodo: "Almost as good as new," Melati assured Sue, forcing another grin as she felt her body rapidly reconstruct itself, knitting torn muscles and reshaping bones. Cecilia's yell made her look up and past the other girl's shoulder. "Hell no..." She watched Kraven go down.

Facade: Cecilia felt herself disconnect as Ed pulled Kraven's heart out of his chest and for a horrible second she thought she might faint, instead though, something else took control of her body. "Get down on your knees and interlock your fingers!" She barked at Ed. "I'm giving you one chance and only one chance to surrender!"

Obscure: Sue turned to look too, her eyes going wide. "Ooooh shit...." also ew. She shuddered and looked away again.

Facade: She watched her body operate on automatic, as though she were watching a movie, as she created shield armour over her body, two long spikes extending from the arms. "Don't make me do this Ed."

Obscure: She decided to focus on something she could do something about, "How're your legs?" she carefully wiped a smudge of dirt from Mel's cheek with her sleeve.

Venom: Dropping Kraven's ravaged corpse, Eddie finished eating the heart. All sound died in his mind as he did so, unsure even as to why he was doing what he'd done.

Venom: Reality seemed to slowly regain its sound, heralded by the blaring sirens of the police outside. He looked up at a gap in the celling, casting a web and leaping upwards with it, escaping through the breach.

Komodo: "Help me up," was Melati's reply to Sue's question, reaching out to hold on to the other girl once her arms had reattached to her shoulders. Even though the flesh was still red and raw, with no skin yet covering the regrowing muscles, her legs had almost regained their original shape.

Phoenix: Blue and red lights lit up the mostly darkened room, and a large number police officers burst in, weapons drawn, though most also paused at the sight of Eddie devouring Kraven's heart. Shaking herself out of her stupor as law enforcement appeared and Eddie made his exit, Rachel decided there wasn't much to be done about Eddie and Kraven now, instead pointing out, "We need to recover Jamie."

Obscure: Sue put her arms around Mel and lifted her, with the help of some supporting fields, to her feet. "And Johnny." Sue added to Rachel's instruction.

Komodo: "And everyone else these sickos held captive." Melati steadied herself, her fresh pair of legs gaining strength with each passing second. Her jaw was clenched as she took a careful step, but not because of the pain. "We'll deal with Eddie later."

Facade: Cecilia swore loudly as Ed ran, then swore again as law enforcement burst in. "Let's do it," she said to Rachel and Mel, her body still operating on automatic. "Let's find them and finish this."

Obscure: Sue kept her arm around Mel's waist to help support her until she found her feet properly.

Phoenix: Rachel resisted the urge to open her mouth to make a comment along the lines of what Jean had told her about Johnny, but she let it go, simply swiping at her bloodied face again as she moved away from the stunned officers, her mind searching for Jamie's, "He should be this way."

Phoenix: There were other police dealing with the cultists they'd taken out in the corridor, and she quickly moved through them, not wanting to be stopped for questioning before they could find the boy. She had to get to him for Jean.

Facade: Cecilia stepped over the cultist that'd tried to stab her. No thanks to Sue...somebody was gonna pay for this.

Komodo: "Thanks for the hand, Sue," she offered her friend a wry smile. "Guess I really needed one back there - or two." She took a look around. "Let's turn this hell hole upside down."

Scarlett: Hope was still in the dungeons of the building. Rott had been knocked out from her attack, but she couldn't bring herself to kill him. He had forced Johnny to be a killer. He had killed so many. Death wasn't enough. She wanted him to suffer like she had. Once she was sure he wasn't getting up anytime soon, she had moved to Johnny's body, laying down on the disgusting floor and holding what was left of his hand to her.

Obscure: Sue gave Mel a small grin. She felt like a weight had been lifted. They were here and they were going to get Johnny and then they could go home.

Phoenix: Blowing out a breath, Rachel was forced to breathe through her mouth as she quickly made her way through the decaying building, blinking as she picked up another familiar mind. "Hope's here."

Facade: Cecilia felt her stomach turn. "No other minds?" She said to Rachel lowly. She had known, she had known. But she didn't want to believe.

Phoenix: "Quite a few, but none that I specifically recognize other than her and Jamie," she answered as she paused at the door that was seemingly a wall. She forced it open with her telekinesis before continuing on her way.

Obscure: Sue paused at that. "But... what about Johnny?" How could they have come all this way and he wasn't here... and now they couldn't ask Kraven where he was....

Komodo: "Keep looking," Melati commented tersely, overlooking the police storming in and arresting the downed cult members.

Phoenix: "I haven't picked him up, but I'll... Yeah, keep looking," she nodded, pausing at the keycoded door and glancing back to the other three. "Any ideas on how to get through this?"

Facade: "What did I keep saying to you?" Cecilia said tersely to Sue. "What did I say?"

Obscure: "SHUT UP!" Sue glared at Cecilia. "SHUT THE FUCK UP!"

Phoenix: "Not now," Rachel snapped, "Just figure out how to get through this fucking door."

Facade: Perhaps she could be more sensitive but she didn't honestly care anymore. Sue'd nearly gotten her killed, this was her punishment. "I'll do what I like," she said following Rachel.

Facade: Cecilia eyed the door and sent a shield straight into the metal, peeling it back.

Facade: She gritted her teeth. "This is bank vault grade metal," she said tightly, tearing and twisting at the metal with a lot of difficulty. "They really made sure nobody was getting outta here."

Komodo: Melati had made her way down to to the others, her legs fully restored and covered in shiny green scales again. "Means we're looking in the right place," she commented.

Facade: Cecilia slipped through the small hole she made in the door as soon as she could. Sucking it in to get through the narrow space.

Obscure: Sue rolled her eyes at Cecilia's efforts. "Nice try." She made the doorframe invisible, isolated the opening mechanism and forced it to turn, shorting out the lock in the process.

Phoenix: While she wanted to say she already knew Johnny didn't make it, based on her own telepathy and Jamie's word, she didn't feel the need to. She'd already rubbed it in once, which she hadn't particularly meant because she'd just been annoyed and snapped. Not finding him would speak for itself. Following Cecilia through the doorway, she muttered, "There should be a staircase ahead, going down."

Facade: Cecilia nodded, taking the stairs two at a time. "Jamie?" She called. "Hope?"

Obscure: "Johnny?" Sue called, over Cee.

Komodo: Fidgeting with her comm, Melati contacted the police squad above. "You better send down plenty of medics right away," she requested. "Looks like we've found where they keep the victims."

Scarlett: Hearing the voice, Hope started to answer, but didn't. They'd be there soon enough. Then she had to tell Sue. She didn't want to think about any of that. She just held onto the cold hand in her own.

Facade: "Hope-?" Cecilia froze at the sight of a red-haired woman lying on the ground, a severed hand in her arms. "HOPE!" She said, rushing over. "Hope! Are you alright?!"

Scarlett: Alright? Did she look alright? She could tell her face was still red and puffy from crying, but no fresh tears had fallen. She just lay there. It was all over now.

Obscure: Hope! Sue hurred towards her. But where was Johnny? And why was she holding... Oh. Oh no. No. Nonononono.... "Hope....?"

Facade: Cecilia turned her over, checking her pulse. She was still breathing and nothing else appeared to be wrong...but she wasn't answering. "Hope, answer me!" She waved her hand in front of her eyes. "What happened?!"

Komodo: Melati stood in the doorway, holding on to the frame, and looked past the others at the cowering redhead. "Hell..." she muttered, claws chipping the stone wall under her tense grip.

Scarlett: Hope took a swinging shove at the person touching her, rolling back over. "Rott is in custody." She shoved at Facade to send her in that direction, away from her.

Phoenix: Letting Cecilia deal with Hope, Rachel moved to the cage next to what she assumued was Johnny's, spotting Jamie's unconcsious form on the floor. Forcing the lock on the cage, she busted the door and swung it open, crouching to check on him, freeing him from the chains with her telekinesis.

Facade: Cecilia blinked and got up, looking back at Hope only once before wandering towards the direction she'd pushed her in. The slim man she'd seen in the video with Johnny was unconscious.

Obscure: Sue took a few hesitant steps towards Hope, the tears already falling, before she stumbled and fell to her knees, just crawling the rest of the way. "No..."

Facade: She checked his pulse. "He's alive," she said to Rachel.

Scarlett: "Of course he's fucking alive. He's going to rot in a cell the rest of his miserable pathetic life!" Hope forced herself to sit up, unable to look at Sue.

Komodo: Casting another look at Sue and Hope, she turned to head over where Rachel and Cecilia were taking care of the unconscious Jamie. "Can we move him? We should get him upstairs."

Obscure: Those two words. Two words that should be said about Johnny, not about the man that did this to him, sent her into a rage. She was on her feet again in an instant. "Are you fucking happy now?!" She focused on Cecilia again, "You've been wishing for this all along! Aren't you going to say I told you so!?"

Facade: "No...I'm not," Cecilia said, her back to Sue, tears falling down her face. Unbidden, a memory of John came to mind. How he had lifted them both up and flew them over a prehistoric landscape as a T-Rex chased them. "I never wanted this."

Phoenix: "Yeah, want to help me, Mel?" she asked as she pulled one of Jamie's arms over her shoulder, casting a glance between Sue and Cecilia.

Obscure: "Liar! Ever since he was taken you've said he was dead! You wanted it to end this way! Just so you get to be right again! You don't care! You never cared about saving him! Any of you! You'd rather just sit around and talk about it or help them!" She gestured vaguely upstairs. "And now he's dead! And it's all your fault!"

Scarlett: "It's not their fault, Sue." Hope told her somewhat gently.

Facade: She wandered down the hall, taking in the multiple corpses of the victims of the cult...when a flash of colour caught her eye. Silently she went into the cell and began pulling bodies over of it. Quentin's eyes stared blankly back at her, most of his face chewed off, but his pink mohawk identifying him as the person she'd once thought as a friend.

Komodo: "Hey, now that I have hands to spare again, I'll happily lend them." Melati went down on one knee and slung Jamie's other arm over her shoulder, using her long tail to steady his body as they carefully lifted him up.

Obscure: "Yes it is! If they didn't take so fucking long to do everything-!" She cut herself off with a sob and hid her face behind her hands, fading out of view as she sank to the floor.

Facade: She tears ran down her face. "I once called you brother...I once called you friend...I'll never forgive myself for that," she whispered. "But I'll never forgive you either...I'll see you in hell."

Scarlett: "If we had just helped the police sooner... none of this would have happened." Hope hugged her knees to her chest, resting her face against them.

Facade: She closed his eyes and walked out of the cell, tears running down her face freely. "Quent's among the dead..." she said hoarsely to the others. "His body's in there."

Phoenix: "Let's get him to the van, and then clear out... Well, after the police question us, I imagine, or something..." Rachel commented as she started guiding Jamie toward the stairs.

Komodo: Melati nodded. "I guess there just won't be a happy end to this story," she muttered, helping Rachel to carry the unconscious Jamie.

Facade: Cecilia sniffed and wiped tears away as something caught her eye on the ground. There were car keys on the ground...keys to a sports car. She picked them up and put them in her pocket. John had a sports car.

Facade: Cecilia wiped her eyes. "I have broken my back from day one trying to crack this case. I have endured more horrors than any person should ever have to suffer. I lost friends, I was injured, I was traumatized but I was still out there everyday searching and searching and searching."

Obscure: Sue didn't move from her spot on the floor though she did become visible again because she couldn't control her powers anymore. All she could do was cry. Cry for the brother she'd lost and their parents who'd lost their only son.

Facade: "I looked even as people left in droves and dropped out 'cause they had better things to do," Cecilia said snidely. "I didn't kill John, the cannibals did and I did more than most. I did everything I could for him. You just bitched and complained and made my job all that more harder. Go to hell, Storm. I don't have to justify myself to you."

Obscure: "I DON'T FUCKING CARE WHAT YOU THINK YOU DID YOU SELFISH, TACTLESS, COW! GO FUCK YOURSELF!" Sue scrambled to her feet and ran for the door.

Facade: She turned to Hope and held out the key with the tiny fire extinguisher. "This belongs to you," she said quietly. She watched Sue go. "Anytime, bitch."

Scarlett: Hope took the keys, clinging to them. "She just lost her damn brother... show some tact."

Facade: Cecilia stood up and compressed her lips. "We're done here," she said to the room at large. "I'm done here."

Phoenix: Depositing Jamie's prone form in the van, Rachel turned back toward the train and let out a breath, wiping at her face with her sleeve. "I guess we should go get Johnny now..." she said quietly to Mel, "If we even can, considering the police may need it for evidence."

Scarlett: The glint from the ring on her finger caught her eyes, causing Hope to look away. "I am staying until they take Rott away. And... get Johnny out of here. But Cee... thank you. For all you did."

Obscure: Sue stopped beside Mel. "I'm going home. Someone has to tell mum and dad. I'll make my own way back. Tell Cee not to talk to me. Ever."

Phoenix: She opened her mouth to make a remark about how she doubted Cee would want to but stopped herself, closing it. The girl had just found out her brother was dead.

Komodo: Melati nodded at Sue. "Yeah, you do that," she said, her voice tense. After a moment, she added: "Oh, and Sue, stop by anytime if you like, alright?"

Obscure: Sue nodded, managing something that could have been mistaken for a smile in the right light. "Thanks, Mel..." she vanished from view again and walked away.

Facade: Cecilia sighed. "For all the good it did," she said bitterly to Hope. "...Let's get them out of here. I'll get Quent...they'll need to ID his body." She turned and went back to where he was. It seemed fitting that she put him away after unleashing him on everyone...unintentional or not.

Scarlett: "I um... can you just send the police down?" Hope glanced over at the body beside her. She couldn't leave him and she couldn't leave Rott unattended.

Komodo: She turned to Rachel. "If they take him to the morgue, too, I'll make sure to ride along this time," she announced. "No one's going to steal another of our friends' bodies. Even though I hope we finally put an end to that." Turning around, she looked back towards the entrance of the building, where the police was leading off a row of robed cultists.

Phoenix: Rachel nodded as she blankly stared at the railroad station, "In that case, I'll drive everyone back to the school once we're cleared to leave."

Facade: Cecilia stood in the doorway, the pile of bodies spilling over each other, limbs skewed and the faces twisted. Quent in the middle of it all. "...I'm sorry..." she said, hanging her head and clenching her fists.

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Re: 4/20 Game: Bitter End

Post by Ult_Sm86 » Sun Apr 21, 2013 10:17 pm

I get it.

Bitter... kinda like biter.



Johnny died.

HA! :LOL Great stuff, loved it.
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Re: 4/20 Game: Bitter End

Post by Ferguson » Tue Apr 23, 2013 9:33 pm

giving my proper reads now that the babysitting is over for a while, I am so, so happy you did the heart eating bit? Great crack all in all.

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