4/13 Game: Ninja Bsns

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4/13 Game: Ninja Bsns

Post by Slarti » Sat Apr 13, 2013 10:49 pm

Timelined Tuesday, April 26

<Jean> Jamie. She was doing this for Jamie. She kept telling herself this as she nibbled the edge of her fingernail and stared out the back window of the school van. “So are we there yet?”

<Cecilia> "Should be coming up on it soon," Cecilia remarked from her seat, her face impassive and posture poised. "...I wonder if Scholl is one of the ones I clocked at the cult bust or if someone else got that honour," she mused as she took in the seemingly abandoned estate.

<Melati> "All those fancy pants homes look the same to me," Melati commented, peering out the window as she slowly steered the van down the broad road. "Boring and sterile; must appeal to their conformist needs." She slowed when they neared one building left in the dark. "Now, what do we think of this?"

<Mayday> "It's a trap!", Mayday pipped up in her best 'Admiral Ackbar' voice, coughing a little at her throat's soreness afterwards, "S-sorry....heh...I'll be good."

<Jean> "Think of what?" Jean started tying her hair up into a ponytail, looking around in confusion.

<Cecilia> "Some have character," Cecilia remarked, thinking about the Cortezes home. "These here are McMansions, I think." She eyed the dark house. "Looks like nobody's home," she remarked, going with her original observation.

<Illyana> Illyana twirled a piece of her blonde hair, staring out the window. Oh Eddie... where was he and what had he gotten himself into?

<Rachel> Rachel snorted at Mayday's impression of Ackbar and leaned forward in her seat to catch a glimpse of the house, "Maybe he's off having dinner..."

<Cecilia> "Or he's dead in the basement," Cecilia said grimly.

<Jean> "Maybe he's dinner?" Or he was eating Jamie... She gulped.

<Mayday> Raising her thumb, Mayday offered a weak smile, "I like how we're all staying positive(!) Speaks wonders for our morale, team(!)"

<Melati> Melati gave Rachel a sideways look. "Nice," she commented,deciding to turn the van into a smaller side street. "Shall we check it out?"

<Cecilia> "It's the most likely scenario considering how this whole investigation has gone so far," Cecilia said. She shrugged. "Why not? Can't hurt."

<Melati> "Even if we don't find this guy, who knows what other goodies we might discover."

<Mayday> "Hey, no stealing.", Mayday gave Melati a little poke on the shoulder, "It's all evidence. Maybe."

<Cecilia> "Why?" Cecilia said, leaning back. "It's not like he can take it with him."

<Melati> She parked the van and switched off the engine. "I guess a map with all the cult hideouts would be a little much to ask for, no?" She hopped out of the car. "Hey, who's talking about stealing? We're securing evidence, obviously."

<Mayday> Grinning at Melati's comment, Mayday frowned a little at Cecilia, "You know, skepticism doesn't become you....", she said, genuine concern in her voice.

<Rachel> At the look, she gave a shrug. It was totally a valid possibility. Plus, she could've suggested he was busy hosting dinner in his basement. Taking a breath, she moved to climb out of the van, pushing a hand through her hair as she considered the estate. "So, where are we starting?"

<Cecilia> Cecilia stepped out of the car, shield armour up and at the ready. It'd be just their luck if this asshole had dobermans guarding the property. "I've always been skeptical, I'm not sure how you didn't notice that." Then again though, considering recent events she shouldn't be surprised that Mayday hadn't ever really had a good grasp of who she was.

<Illyana> Illyana stared at the house in the dark. She slid out of the car, taking a deep breath. "Do we think we'll actually find something?"

<Jean> Jean got out of the van, tightening her ponytail. "Why's is all dark? Can't we just, like, turn on the lights?"

<Rachel> "Yeah, let's turn on the lights so everyone can see us breaking and entering..."

<Mayday> "....oh, ouch. Just...ow.", Mayday gulped, feeling like she'd been shot in the chest after Cecilia's comment. Stepping out of the vehicle, she felt somewhat hollow, and trying to push that feeling aside just gave way to anxiety about the building ahead of them, "W-well, it's...what Rach said..."

<Melati> "I guess homes like these all come with alarm systems, so I'd say we maybe shouldn't come in bashing through the front door for once," Melati commented. "Not sure if the lack of power would affect any security."

<Cecilia> Cecilia crept up to the ornate doors and tried the door...only to have it creak wide open, completely unlocked. "...Well, this is promising."

<Melati> She took a look around the neighborhood. "This here being the only house with a power outage? Yeah, not suspicious at all."

<Melati> "So much for security," Melati muttered, peering through the gap.

<Jean> "...if there are zombies I'm so back in the van."

<Mayday> Mayday gave Melati a little nudge as she joined her up front, "What was it that cute redhead said about 'traps'?", she smirked, adjusting the dart bracelet beneath her sleeve.

<Rachel> Well, she wouldn't have just tried the front door, but she supposed that worked... As she started into the house after the others, she glanced to Jean, "Why? You don't have any brains to eat."

<Mayday> "Ssssickburn...", Mayday hissed in a low voice, giggling as quietly as she could.

<Cecilia> "No sign of forced entry," Cecilia remarked to Mel, indicating the door and flicking on her flashlight. "But whoever came in before us could've entered another way...I hate to say it guys, but it's starting to look like I'm right."

<Melati> Melati looked between Jean, Rachel, and Mayday. "Which of you was the cute one again?" she asked, before letting out a friendly chuckle.

<Melati> "Don't take this the wrong way, but I hate it when you're right," Melati whispered to Cecilia, relying on her keen senses to penetrate the darkness. "Most of the time, I end up getting bitten, stabbed, or shot at."

<Cecilia> "...I hate it when I'm right too," Cecilia muttered before slipping through the door. She might as well go first since she was the one with shields. "Don't worry, I'll go first. Bullets and knives don't effect me."

<Mayday> "If anyone else would like to break my heart, please do it now, or forever hold your peace.", Mayday sighed mockingly back, wandering to an open side room door and peeking her head inside, "Torch, spiderbug...", she murmured to herself, drawing her tiny torch out and lighting its beam.

<Rachel> Rachel looked between Mayday and Jean, offering with a slight grin, "It's totally me."

<Jean> Jean tripped over a lawn ornament and squealed.

<Mayday> Snorting a little as she registered the origin of the squeal, Mayday shook her head, "S'your gene pool, Grey..."

<Jean> "What?" She looked up, hearing her name.

<Mayday> "Nnnothin'!"

<Melati> Melati cringed, before looking up over her shoulder. "At least we don't have to waste any time trying to be sneaky any more now."

<Cecilia> Cecilia flinched and flattened herself against one of the walls at the squeal outside. "Goddammit. Quit fucking around out there!" She hissed over her shoulder. "I swear to God it's shit like this that's gonna give me a fucking stroke!"

<Rachel> "Oh... Not me..." Rachel muttered, having turned at 'Grey' as well.

<Jean> Jean used her teke to lift herself up above the grass and floated to the side wall by Cecilia. "I didn't mean to, Jesus."

<Sue> "You know if you asked nicely you could all be invisible right now...." Sue's head appeared amidst the group.

<Rachel> "That ruins the fun of sneaking though."

<Jean> Jean squealed again at the sudden appearance and her teke gave out. She landed on her ass with a thump.

<Melati> "It would make no difference with scream queen back there," Melati commented, fishing for her flashlight to illuminate the staircase indoors.

<Mayday> Throwing up the hood, Mayday paused in another side-room, checking out her alternate outfit. Granted, no mask, but the hood was a nice touch - clicking on her radio, she chimed in: <'Komodo: found a staircase here. And a pretty mirror. Want me to check upstairs? Or keep admiring this outfit?'>

<Cecilia> Cecilia crept along the hallway away from the slapstick comedy. Creepy portraits in very formal poses decorated the halls, ornate old fashioned wallpaper, oh yeah, this guy was loaded.

<Sue> "Well the talking isn't exactly the most stealthy thing either..." Her head disappeared again. "I can soundproof us too...."

<Yukio> Her jika-tabi helped her remain silent as she padded along the catwalk of an exterior balcony. Finding a vantage point, she had watched the small group enter the door. This should be fun.

<Melati> <'Checking upstairs might be a good idea,>' she radioed back at Mayday. <'Try not to get distracting by anything shiny, though. And watch your back, okay?'>'

<Cecilia> Cecilia found the door to the basement. "Betcha I find him in his sex dungeon. Creepy old fucks with way too much money always have a room that can act as a sex dungeon."

<Jean> Picking herself up, Jean scrambled to catch up to Rachel. "This place looks like the haunted mansion... like at Disneyworld..."

<Melati> "Have you ever wondered if Xavier has a sex dungeon?" Melati's question was directed at no one in particular. "If there is, I think we should totally try to find it."

<Mayday> <'Not a problem.'>, came Mayday's voice again as she crept up the staircase. Who had two staircases, anyway? Pausing on the fourth step, she carefully took to the wall, climbing up the side in the darkness slowly - creaking stairs were a problem she was ready for.

<Illyana> Illyana shuddered, wondering if Cecilia was right. If so... how many of Pietro's friends had them?

<Yukio> She silently slipped back in through a window.

<Rachel> Rachel's face found the palm of her hand, vaguely wondering if it'd be possible to claim her and Jean weren't related at all. She peered back at her cousin through her fingers, letting her hand fall back to her side as she wandered into a sitting room, commenting, "I've never been there, though this place is definitely creepy."

<Sue> "So's Disney World...." Sue muttered in response to Rachel.

<Jean> "...I like Disneyworld..."

<Mayday> As she reached the top of the stairs, Mayday gracefully slid herself around a corner, twisting around and perching herself on the wall of the first level, glancing up and down the halls. She dared not click on her light - too many corners, not enough sight; <"So, there's....a lot of rooms on this level. No contact...everything's eerily quiet.">

<Melati> Melati nodded. "Might as well get it over with," she said, positioning herself on the other side to the basement door. "If it turns out to be just a wine cellar, I call dibs on any evidence."

<Cecilia> Cecilia decided she'd rather be checking out the sex dungeon than listening to this shit, so without further ado she opened the door and started down the stairs.

<Cecilia> Cecilia frowned. "Ah, fuck..." The walls were lined with more knives and saws than Cecilia would've been comfortable seeing in a butcher shop.

<Jean> Since Jean had started down the stairs, she heard the fuck quickly. "Oh God. What is it?!"

<Jean> She stopped suddenly on a step.

<Sue> Sue bumped into Jean and reappeared in her irritation. "What did you stop for?"

<Cecilia> What was more disturbing though was there were several robes and a small altar surrounded by melted candles that were eerily still lit. "Guys...we're not alone."

<Melati> "Kinky," Melati commented, reached out to prod one of the blades with a claw. "At least we can now be sure we've got the right house."

<Jean> "...Oh God... is it Jamie?" Jean grabbed onto Sue in her flail.

<Mayday> <"Tell you what, there's some interesting statuettes in the rooms up here...also, I'm hella lonely, guys(!)">, Mayday muttered over the mic, switching on her torch and being careful where she pointed the light as she surveyed another room, <"Anything tasty your end?">

<Sue> Sue flailed right back but managed to extract an arm to pat Jean gently.

<Cecilia> Cecilia stepped up to the figure at the head of the altar and yanked hard on the robes. It was a mannequin, but what was strange wasn't that it was dressed up. No, what caught Cecilia's eye about this idol was it had a headdress that looked like the weird markings the cult left behind. "...The fuck?"

<Rachel> <"I'll be up in a sec."> Rachel offered as she decided to avoid the stuff in the basement and headed toward Mayday's position.

<Yukio> The small hooded one passed by her, crawling on the wall, and her suspicions were confirmed. X-Men. Yukio blended back into the shadows and moved toward the back stairs.

<Illyana> Illyana followed Rachel, not caring to see whatever was in the basement either.

<Melati> <"We're currently checking if there are any leftovers."> 'Melati guided her flashlight across every part of the basement.

<Cecilia> "No, Jamie..." she remarked to Jean. "Just one fucking creepy basement...well, if there was any doubt this guy was a cultist, I think this would dispel it."

<Jean> "Ew! Leftovers?!" Jean had managed to straighten up enough to join the others, though she was still close to Sue. She gaped at the sights.

<Mayday> Mayday stopped dead, glancing over her shoulder. Her senses had picked up....something. Deciding it was nothing - for better or worse - she walked down the corridor, pausing at the master bedroom door. She clicked on her radio to respond to Melati, choking a gasp and switching it off.

<Jean> "Thank God... although... should I be happy or sad he's not here?" She made a face at the altar and the... really big hat. "...are they showgirls or something?"

<Melati> <"If it's any consolation, someone was very thorough to clean up the kitchen."> Melati gave the altar a closer inspection. Her keen nose detected a hint of blood in the air, but it seemed old.

<Sue> Sue took Jean's hand, she didn't want there to be leftovers either. "If only it was that simple then we could all have a good laugh and go home..."

<Rachel> Rachel had moved slowly toward the stairwell, keeping her eyes peeled for anything of interest. She started up the stairs and cringed as the floorboards creaked underfoot.

<Cecilia> "...To be honest, I half-expected to find John or Jamie wrapped up in this," Cecilia whispered to Mel.

<Jean> "Yeah... I really just want to go home..." Jean sniffled and held on.

<Yukio> The one with the bright hair was loud. Yukio avoided her and slipped into the basement.

<Mayday> <"Sorry, I-I'm back...">, came Mayday's voice, <"I found t-the....er...t-the owner of the house...">, she gulped, taking in the sheer amount of crimson staining the white satin sheets in the torchlight, and the smell of death and decay. Wet, warm, copperlike, <"You can tell Facade she can g'ahead and ejoy being right...">, her voice shook, joke sounding more fearful than jovial.

<Cecilia> Cecilia smothered the candles with the robe. "I wouldn't get my hopes up on finding Jamie or John alive," she said to Sue and Jean. "Statistically people who are kidnapped's chances of survival go down exponentially as times passes."

<Melati> "I do every time we bust a place like this," she whispered back to Cecilia. "I'm starting to wish we'd just find anything already. I fucking hate going through this whenever I walk into one of these horror shows."

<Cecilia> "I'd prepare myself," she said to the two girls. "...I'm sorry."

<Sue> Sue gave Jean's hand a squeeze, "I really want to find Johnny and Jamie alive and well... then we can go home...." she glared at Cecilia. "I don't care about your fucking statistics!"

<Jean> "....Rachel told me he might still be alive," she whined.

<Rachel> At May's mention of finding the owner of the house, Rachel picked up her pace and started toward the bedroom, stopping just behind the other redhead in the doorway. "...Holy shit."

<Cecilia> "...Rachel might be wrong," Cecilia said quietly. "I don't want you to lose hope, but I also think it's a good idea to be realistic."

<Yukio> Talk, talk, talk. Yukio took up a strategic position and pulled something from her belt pouch. Fitting a mask over her face, she tossed the small object.

<Sue> "Well you can shut the hell up and keep your realism to yourself! You insensitive bitch."

<Melati> <"So we got a stiffie? Damn. Thank, May."> She turned to the others. "Looks like you were right again, Cee. Once more we're trailing behind whoever is offing these guys."

<Yukio> The room began to fill with smoke.

<Illyana> Illyana came up behind the two redheads, letting out a shriek. She covered her mouth to stop the sound and backed up. Maybe she wouldn't go on missions any more. This was awful!

<Sue> At the sight of smoke, Sue instinctively shielded herself (and Jean, by proxy - she didn't want to cut the girl's hand off after all).

<Melati> "And they're still here!" Melati spun around at the hissing sound, falling into a combat stance when she spotted the smoke.

<Cecilia> Cecilia backed against the wall. Luckily her shield armour would prevent whatever gas this was from entering her lungs, but she still couldn't see shit. "Fuck!" She snarled.

<Mayday> "....you know, I thought I'd be used t-...", Mayday stopped dead, shaking her head, "....t-they clean-cut the arms all the way from wrist to elbow....and there are tent-pegs pinning it to t-....", she shook her head again, stepping away before snapping back to reality, <"Komodo!?">

<Yukio> She reached into her pouch again and soon the corners of the room lit up with small but loud explosions.

<Sue> "Hang on, I think I can get this cleared up!" Sue focused her powers on making the smoke invisible. All it took was a bit of imagination after all... and then when she could sense it she could shut it up in a bubble and shove it out the nearest window.

<Melati> <"Watch out! The killer is still in the house!"> She quickly radioed back, before the loud bang made her ears ring, the bright flash causing a stab of pain in her eyes. "Gaah!" She staggered to the side.

<Yukio> Now that the X-Men were bunched up so nicely, she pulled out her small blowgun.

<Rachel> Rachel carefully placed a hand on Mayday's shoulder, attempting to guide her away from the sight. They'd have to call the police later. "We need to go help the others. The police can worry about this."

<Sue> The barrier around Sue and Jean reinforced itself with the sounds of explosions but broke her concentration on the smokey particles. She shook herself and tried again.

<Cecilia> Cecilia flinched every-time an explosion went off but with the smoke invisible she could see better and that gun wouldn't do much to her. She rushed the intruder, shields still up.

<Melati> The room appeared to spin around her, as Melati covered her eyes with one hand and waved around with the other. With her superhumanly keen senses, the flashbang had almost been enough to knock her unconscious. For now, however, she only felt as if her brain was leaking out her ears.

<Yukio> Yukio rolled to the side, vanishing into the shadows of the basement again.

<Mayday> Shrugging Rachel off, Mayday tapped her radio a few times, looking back at her, "S-sorry, I...I can't get Mel on this channel, we need to get downstairs!", regaining her footing with some difficulty as the room shook from the explosions, she looked up at the other two girls, "We need to get down there now."

<Yukio> Coming up on her feet, she sent a few darts into the room, but hissed when they bounced off invisible and barely visible barriers.

<Cecilia> Cecilia swore as the intruder slipped away and into the shadows. "Fuck me! Either that's a mutant or a goddamn ninja!"

<Rachel> Rachel looked from Mayday to Illyana, asking, "You wanna teleport us down?"

<Sue> Sue collected the smoke in a bubble around the edges as best she could and worked on closing the bubble so she could contain it because that was easier than keeping it invisible.

<Mayday> "Better idea - you two 'port, I'm going on foot.", Mayday patted Rachel's shoulder, stepping past her, "Two-pronged assault."

<Cecilia> Cecilia swore a string of curses in Spanish so foul when the darts glanced off her shields that she was glad only Mel could understand her. Snarling, she switched her focus to trying to trap the spider-like person into a dome.

<Jean> By now, Jean was hiding behind Sue.

<Melati> "Mutant or ninja, I don't care whose ass I'm going to kick!" Melati snarled, blinking a few times as she tried to force her vision to return to normal. Everything was still blurry, but at least she could see a shadow moving in the back of the room. Or believed so, anyway.

<Rachel> She gave May a salute, "Good plan."

<Sue> "Whatever she is, she's hitting my shields with something." Sue made the smoke visible again although now it was hovering in a ghostly white orb over their heads.

<Yukio> A larger flashbang flicked from Yukio's hand to the feet of the persistent one with the wild hair, exploding with a loud concussion.

<Illyana> Illyana took Rachel's hand and felt out a landing spot, teleporting them to the basement.

<Cecilia> Fucking...Cecilia snarled as she kept attempting to trap the attacker but so far she wasn't lucky and the flash-bang sent her to the ground, blind and deaf. "DON'T JUST STAND THERE!" She screamed in what she hoped was the direction of Sue and Jean. "GET OFF YOUR ASSES AND HELP ME!"

<Yukio> The two woman appeared in a flash right in Yukio's path and her eyes widened.

<Sue> "Help you do what exactly? Fall on your ass?" Sue expanded her shields and felt out the room with them.

<Melati> "I'll put a stop to that," Melati told Cecilia, taking aim at the hazy figure darting around in the back. She took off running and pounced once she had a clear angle.

<Rachel> Rachel was just as surprised to come face to face with the attacked and even more taken aback as Melati came flying through the air.

<Illyana> Illyana ported at the sight of the flying Melati.

<Yukio> She was tackled from the side, but the lizard woman only caught her in a glancing blow and her dagger flashed up and then down, aiming to cripple the other woman, not kill... but the blade skidded off her tough scales.

<Cecilia> Cecilia shook her head, the starburst effect was wearing off but her ears were still ringing something awful, she couldn't hear anything Sue or Mel said. She got to her feet unsteadily and took off after Mel, tackling simultaneously from another angle.

<Yukio> Jumping straight upward with a war cry, she pushed off of the bright-haired one, tagging her with a dart from her blowgun as she shoved her into her friends.

<Illyana> Illyana teleported back in, landing behind the attacker. She tried to pounce on her.

<Melati> Melati snarled, feeling the blade strike across her arm. She took a swing at the attacker, but only struck the air when the they leaped straight over her head.

<Jean> Jean wasn't hiding anymore, but she couldn't really see much, until Rachel was thrown into Cecilia and Melati.

<Sue> "Fucking hell! She is a ninja!" Sue aimed a field ram at the ninja's feet to try and trip her.

<Mayday> From the doorway, a silvery strand of webbing shot through the air, aimed to catch one of the attacker's hands. At the other end of it, Mayday held her left hand forward, the dot-sight on her right arm's tracer dart launcher beaming as she raised it, "Surprise, kiddies."

<Cecilia> Cecilia swore again as she grabbed air and then was thrown to the ground, Rachel's entire body slamming on her shield armour. "Fuck!"

<Yukio> These women were better than she had expected. Yukio grinned to herself and flipped backward out of range again, barely avoiding the ... spider web?

<Yukio> Just as quickly, she brought up her dart gun and aimed a shot at the wall-crawler.

<Melati> Pushed off balance, Melati badly aimed tail swipe failed to connect with her opponent, instead catching her friends right in the chest.

<Cecilia> Cecilia scrambled out from under Rachel and Mel, getting to her feet again."Would someone who is even remotely capable in telepathy do something!?" Cecilia barked. "Freeze her or some shit!"

<Mayday> "Huh, pretty swift...", Mayday released the web, leaping forward and performing a dazzling cartwheel to avoid the dart. Barely. She landed, raising the tracer dart and pulling the trigger, still baffled as to why her Spider-Sense had timed in almost too late there.

<Rachel> Rachel felt something prick her neck but didn't really have time to figure out what it had been before she was thrown into... something hard and scaly. She slid down to the basement floor and took a gasping breath, having taken Melati's tail to the midsection, staying down with her head in her arms.

<Jean> "Oh! That's me!" Jean looked for her target, but couldn't see anything but moving shadows. "Wait, who?!"

<Sue> Sue decided to just block the exit with a field now that Mayday was out of the way. "Well she's not going anywhere so take your time." Sue sat down on a field and folded her arms.

<Cecilia> If you wanted something done right... Cecilia let her vision narrow as she slammed a field into the foundation of the ground towards the ninja - a concrete tsunami.

<Yukio> The wall crawler had projectiles, so Yukio took another shot at her before deploying another flashbang. The klutz was a telepath, so she aimed a dart at her too, but hissed when it bounced from the shield again.

<Sue> "Nice try ninja lady!" Sue grinned at her.

<Illyana> Illyana was annoyed. She teleported behind the attacker, again trying to grab onto her.

<Sue> "Hmm... I feel like we're not enough of a challenge for you...." She tapped her chin with her finger while she thought about it. "What iiiiif.... we were all invisible? Would that be fun?"

<Rachel> Pulling her head up after a moment, she blinked, vision hazy and growing darker. What the fuck was this shit? Grasping at her neck, Rachel fingers brushing the dart that was still stuck there.

<Mayday> Mayday's senses clocked in almost too late again. She leapt to one side, rolling and going to reload her shot bracelet before raising her arm over her eyes as the flashbang lit the room up in a haze of impossibly bright light.

<Cecilia> Cecilia snapped her eyes shut and put her arms over her face for good measure, holding position with her shields. Obviously another flashbang.

<Yukio> "You misunderstand, women of X. My job wasn't finished. My quarrel is not with you." She sent another volley of darts, at the wall crawler and at the woman trying to sneak up - the teleporter.

<Mayday> Disoriented, Mayday somehow managed to click the tracer into place, activating the dot sight again and charging into the fray, squinting as she tried to focus on the amazingly athletic combatant.

<Cecilia> "Really?!" Cecilia said, charging again. "You could've fooled me!"

<Sue> "Your job?" Sue frowned, "What are you? Some kind of sexy ninja assassin?" Oh wait she hadn't meant to say all of that outloud.... never mind!

<Illyana> "Eek!" Illyana telepoted just in time, trying to land on top of Yukio this time.

<Melati> "Then you can stop hitting us with this crap!" Melati snarled, readying herself for another attack. "You're outnumbered and outgunned. I'd stand down, if I were you."

<Yukio> This time when she jumped out of the way, she left a timed charge on the altar, shoving the teleporter out of the way of the explosion and back to her friends.

<Mayday> "Ah! What!?", Mayday hissed, suddenly falling on her face as she realized she'd been hit twice and her senses hadn't picked up the shots. Darts. One in her neck, the other in her stomach. The explosion shot her across the room, her body - already limp - slammed against the adjacent wall, leaving her collapsed in a heap.

<Cecilia> Cecilia swore as she put a dome to trap the explosion on the altar just in time. Yelping loudly as the fire scorched her psychosomatically. "Oh my God! I'm gonna kill you for that!"

<Illyana> Illyana tried to grab onto the Yukio as she shoved her, trying to take the ninja with her.

<Rachel> ...Was she supposed to leave that there or pull it out? The explosion cut that line of thought short, and she let her head fall back to the ground, covering her head with her arms. Okay, so she was blind and beginning to panic because she didn't want to be blind. Plus, she was an open target just laying around, which made her less than useful.

<Yukio> Yukio caught the teleporter's arm, spinning her backward and breaking the hold. She let go quickly lest she be teleported herself and planted another timed charge - this time on the barred basement window.

<Cecilia> Dammit. Cecilia's attention snapped to both Mayday and Rachel - both with darts in them. "Shit! I'm coming!" She grabbed Mayday and yanked her from beneath the arms over to Rachel. Beginning to work on both. "Any disorientation?" She asked Rachel.

<Sue> Sue reinforced her shields on the side of the explosion. "Hey ninja lady! If you see any more x-men on your travels that look vaguely traumatised could you do us a favour and drop us a line?" She blanketed the others with a shield in case of more explosions.

<Rachel> "I... Well, um... Yes?" Rachel answered, unmoving. Everything was a bit disorienting right now.

<Yukio> The charge detonated, blowing chunks of stone and mortar into the room. "Until next time!" Yukio launched herself into the heart of the explosion, and through the broken window.

<Sue> "That better have been a yes!" She'd totally let her escape.

<Yukio> A moment later, two more objects bounced back into the room and the billowing smoke again filled the room.

<Mayday> "S-sss'f'ce t' s'y y'r s'll....s-s'll'n th'....d'...", Mayday sholered, eyes flickering a little as she felt a tingling fill her body, everything going numb. Somewhere in there she was thankful for it - the bruising and pain from the explosion sure to hurt a lot. Maybe even more now that a shard of mortar had entered her side. Remaining oblivious, Mayday closed her eyes, consciousness fading.

<Illyana> Illyana teleported after Yukio, trying to catch up to her.

<Melati> Melati raised both arms and crossed them before her face, shielding her head from the flames and flying debris. "Yeah, you better run, girl!" she called after her, even when she started coughing from the smoke. "Come on, let's get out of here!"

<Jean> Jean's concentration was broken by a coughing fit.

<Sue> Sue blocked off the smoke with a shield wall and located the others, getting to her feet and moving to gather them up.

<Melati> "Screw me, what the hell was that?" She dusted herself off and looked around. "Everyone accounted for?"

<Yukio> The teleporter again! Yukio turned back to her and bowed. "You are worthy playmates. I thank you for this evening."

<Cecilia> Cecilia yanked the darts out from both women but didn't throw them away - they needed to know what toxin was used. "Guys! We need to find out what toxin she used or we need to leave! These two need medical attention!"

<Cecilia> "You're gonna be fine," Cecilia said, reaching into one of her pouches and pulling out what looked like two freezies with liquid gel in them. "Here," she said, putting one to Rachel's lips. "Keeps you hydrated."

<Illyana> "I think you should come with us," Illyana told Yukio. "We can help you!"

<Melati> Melati was instantly at their side and crouched down. "Let's get them to the van. Can you stand up?"

<Cecilia> "They shouldn't move," Cecilia said, yanking Mayday up and onto a shield platform. "It could make the toxin spread faster."

<Yukio> "You misunderstand. It is I who am helping you." She then gave a jaunty salute, on the backswing tossing another small explosive smoke bomb at the teleporter.

<Sue> Sue decided to pick Rachel up with a platform and start up the stairs, "I'd say back to the van. We should call the police."

<Yukio> Wasting no more time, she jumped into a tree, vanishing into the darkness.

<Cecilia> "Can you drive or should I?" Cecilia asked Mel, starting up the stairs. "That flashbang hit you something awful."

<Rachel> Ugh... Medical attention. That was the last thing she wanted right now. "Ow!" she complained at the dart being pulled from her neck, coughing a bit from the smoke. Without looking at it, she wasn't entirely sure what was being fed to her, but she took it simply to avoid arguing, pushing herself up onto her hands and knees. She flailed as she began to move, "Put me the fuck down."

<Jean> "What the fuck was that?! Zombies and ninjas?! This is why I stopped coming on these mission things!"

<Sue> "You're not supposed to move." She told Rachel, "So lie back down before I make a Rachel sandwich with my force fields. Don't think I won't."

<Melati> "I'll be fine soon enough, but maybe you should better drive." Melati nodded, rubbing her eyes with her thumbs. "Getting our asses kicked by one girl was bad enough, I couldn't possibly deal with crashing the van, too. You get behind the wheel, I'll call the cops."

<Cecilia> Cecilia rushed towards the car, grabbing Mayday and dragging her off the shield as soon as they were there, yanking the door open one handed and shoving the other girl into a seat, buckling her haphazardly.

<Rachel> "I don't really give a shit about what I'm not suppose to do," Rachel replied, determined to get herself out, blind or not. "Also, you crush me? I don't have to be able to see you to show you what kind of sandwich I'm capable of making."

<Sue> "Not crush. Box. But fine, walk." She dropped her unceremoniously to to floor.

<Mayday> The shrapnel in Mayday's side sank deeper, blood trickling from the wound. She remained completely oblivious, eyes heavy as she slumped to one side, breathing softly, and with clear difficulty.

<Cecilia> Cecilia came up to Rachel on Sue's platform and started helping her in the car. "Call the school, tell 'em we're coming in hot," she said to Sue. "Two injured possibly poisoned." Cecilia looked back to Mayday. "Shit - make that one bleeding as well!" She said rushing back over.

<Sue> "They're not poisoned, it's probably a sedative. She wasn't after us..." Sue rolled her eyes but pulled out her phone to call the school anyway.

<Cecilia> "How the fuck would you know?" Cecilia said putting a compress on Mayday while trying to pull Rachel in as well. "Do you know what was magically put in the darts? No, so shut the fuck up!"

<Melati> After the call was dispatched, Melati turned and climbed into the back of the van, the claws on her feet tearing up the seats. She tore the first air kit from the wall and knelt down. "Right, I'm feeling a little dizzy here, but I think I can manage," she said. "If I look like I might thrown up over any wounds, just tip me the other way, okay?"

<Cecilia> Cecilia handed the compress to Mel for Mayday and climbed over the seats. "I can't drive and do this at the same time, you guys are gonna have to pick up the slack!" She started the ignition on the car. "I'm driving fast so buckle up!"

<Rachel> She hissed as she hit the ground and got herself to her feet, holding her arms out to make sure she was balanced. She hesitantly took a step, then another, stumbling a bit. She caught herself on the van, tensing at Cecilia's hand on her arm. It took her a moment to find the edge of the van, but she managed to get in and fell into the nearest seat, squeezing her eyes shut.

<Rachel> If they were shut, it'd explain the darkness, and she didn't need to freak out about being blind.

<Sue> "She said she wasn't after us, jeez..." Sue closed the van door as she started talking to whoever picked up the phone.

<Jean> "Right... because we believe the crazy ninja?! That was a woman! What the hell?!" Jean broke her silence as she tried to curl up in a seat.

<Rachel> "That doesn't mean she didn't poison me," Rachel pointed out. After a moment, she realized she had no idea who else was hit, so she asked, "Who else got stuck?"

<Cecilia> "Yeah, after she attacked us, that's real consistent." Cecilia snapped, stepping hard on the gas and peeling down the country road. "Do you also take candy from strangers in shifty vans, Sue?"

<Melati> "No worries, I've got this," Melati remarked, swaying from side to side as Cecilia took some sharp corners. Her long tail was wrapped around one of the front seats to steady herself. "Screw medical scissors." She proceeded to slice Mayday's clothing with her claw to make room around the wound.

<Jean> Jean stared at her cousin.

<Sue> "Ninjas are always women...." Sue shook her head and patted Jean as she hung up the phone. "She didn't attack us. She was trying to get out unseen. Smoke bombs and flash grenades are hardly fatal."

<Jean> "I-I couldn't get a lock on her mind..."

<Cecilia> Cecilia swung the wheel, pressing harder and harder on the gas. Swearing and ranting in Spanish the entire way.

<Rachel> Rachel slouched in her seat, slightly annoyed... mainly because she couldn't see what was going on. "Um, she put a fucking dart in my neck. I don't call that getting the fuck out unseen."

<Sue> "Well duh, we surprised her. She was trying to incapacitate us. Honestly. You people and you're assuming the worst of everyone. We're supposed to be the good guys not the fucking judge and jury."

<Illyana> "We seem to be doing a lot of that lately. Are you happy now Cecilia? We have proof it wasn't Eddie doing all the killing." Illyana commented as she rejoined them.

<Cecilia> Cecilia pounded the wheel and actually screamed in frustration, the speed dial climbing steadily. "Maldito idiota! ¿Cómo se ataca deliberadamente a nosotros tratando de salir sin ver! ¿Naciste en un granero?! No puedo creer que tenga que aguantar esto! Un mono sin cerebro me podía ayudar más!"

<Cecilia> ((Spanish: You fucking idiot! How is deliberately attacking us trying to get out un-seen! Were you born in a barn?! I can't believe I have to put up with this! A brainless monkey could help me more!))

<Jean> "No wonder we can't find people before they die..."

<Melati> "We'll worry about her later," Melati said, slapping the compress on Mayday's wound and fixating it with some tape. "For now, we're going to be damn happy that everyone is still breathing and ask ourselves how we could fail that hard."

<Rachel> She opened her mouth to reply and promptly closed it. She would not make a comment about being able to see why Mayday had broken up with the girl. She just would not.

<Melati> "And maybe feel thankful for this chick carving up all those cannibal bastards for us," she added. "Right now, I couldn't care less why she's doing it. I sure as hell don't feel sorry for these sickos."

<Sue> "I asked her to keep an eye out for Johnny and Jamie."

<Illyana> "Killing is never ok," Illyana reminded them. "We need to get back to the school and report.... and get medical help."

<Cecilia> "I'll reserve judgement until I'm sure she didn't poison anyone," Cecilia said, swinging the corner. "I'm already doing just that, unless you wanna teleport them!"

<Illyana> Illyana bit her lower lip and nodded. "I can." Sure she could.

<Sue> "I hope you'll apologise for being a judgemental bitch when you find out I'm right." Sue slouched in her seat and folded her arms. "To Eddie too."

<Rachel> "No offense, but I'll pass on the teleporting... Last time I appeared out of nowhere, I surprised someone that was trying to escape unseen by attacking some friends..." Rachel grumbled, reaching up to scrub at her eyes.

<Jean> Jean sighed, wanting to yell and argue and scream and cry about how pointless all this was. Instead she picked her nails.

<Cecilia> "Don't hold your breath," Cecilia muttered, turning onto Greymalkin lane. "So who's taking them out? Mel...maybe you should go down as well. No offense but that shit must've been hell on enhanced senses."

<Sue> "I suppose you can because you know everything so you surely know the fastest way to get to the medlab. I'm going to go and make tea."

<Melati> "What? We've enlarged fences?" Melati was speaking louder than necessary.

<Cecilia> Cecilia sighed at Mel. "Never-mind..." she said, pulling up the drive and hitting the breaks so hard they actually skidded a little. Pulling the keys out, she got out quickly and began trying to get Mayday out, motioning for Mel to follow.

<Melati> Melati nodded, steadying Mayday between her and Cecilia. "You know, I think I should head to the medlab, too. These flashbangs are hell on enhanced senses."

<Cecilia> "Good thinking, boss." Cecilia said, speaking loudly and deliberately, moving her mouth in an exaggerated manner. "Someone got Rachel?"

<Sue> "Rachel said she can get herself." Sue pointed out.

<Rachel> Feeling the van come to a stop and hearing the doors open, Rachel carefully got out of her seat and grasped for the opening, managing to step down onto the garage floor. "Because I can."

<Cecilia> Cecilia thought she was moving like a blind bat, but she wasn't gonna argue and waste time. She just continued onto the medlab with Mel and Mayday. She'd find Rachel if she got lost once that was dealt with.

<Sue> Sue followed them as far as the kitchen then peeled off and went to make tea.

<Rachel> It was probably stupidly stubborn of her, but Rachel was determined to make it to the medlab herself. Plus, she knew the school well enough that getting around shouldn't be as hard... Maybe...

<Jean> Fuck all this. Jean headed straight to her room.

<Cecilia> Cecilia sighed at Mayday's unconscious form. "Who was more your girlfriend in the end? I know you didn't think I was much of a kisser but..."

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