4/6 Game: Blood on the Dance Floor

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4/6 Game: Blood on the Dance Floor

Post by Starfish » Sat Apr 06, 2013 10:56 pm

Timeline: April 18th.

Melati: Melati parked the van in the shadow of the underpass and turned off the engine. "Here we are." She checked their position on the display of the navigation system. "The next location on our list. Old train station turned nightclub. Some of regulars reported that there seems to be partying going on even on days it's supposedly closed."

Melati: The press of a button brought up more information on the small screen. "That alone isn't too interesting, but there were descriptions of all too familiar symbols being mentioned. I guess that's still not enough to make it high priority for the cops, but wait,there's more." She smirked, looking over her shoulder into the back of the van.

Cecilia: Cecilia pulled a bit at the collar of her uniform. The large ring of dark purple bruises around her neck visible for a brief second as she adjusted it. "So I guess we're..." She frowned and cleared her throat before she tried again. "So I guess we're gonna go gatecrashing then, yeah?" She said, voice still very raspy.

Melati: "The owner apparently is one of Shaw's old business associates," Melati added, loading up the file to reveal the picture of an elderly man. "Who just happens to be among those recently expelled from the Hellfire Club for unknown reasons. That was before Shaw's head ended up on our lawn."

Illyana: Illyana cracked her knuckles a bit, glancing at the others. "Well, sounds like we'll have our hands full if this checks out."

Cecilia: Cecilia's eyes slid away from Mel's face at mention of Shaw's head. She still had trouble keeping that out of her mind at the best of times. She didn't appreciate being reminded of it.

Sue: "Is it one of the ones that the paper said is dead too?" Sue fiddled with the zips on her uniform

Melati: "That's the plan." Melati showed Cecilia a grin. "We're going to check the place out before the police decides to do its job after all, which would most likely only scare away the mice." She turned to look at Sue. "Nah, haven't heard of him yet. Guess that doesn't mean much, though."

Cecilia: "Only Donald Pierce and Paris Seville have been reported dead so until we find this old fart's body I'd say no," Cecilia remarked to Sue.

Sue: "Well I don't know the name of the owner. It could have been one of them..." Sue frowned.

Cecilia: "Seville did own a nightclub," Cecilia offered. "But Paris is a woman in this case, not a guy."

Sue: "Well what the hell ever, I've never been to the stupid club."

Pym: Hank eyed the group and decided to stay close to Melati, who seemed to know what she was doing.

Illyana: Illyana glanced between tem. "So... we are going with this one is likely alive then?"

Melati: "Right, everyone should have received their standard X-Men issue portable camera and flashlight?" Melati asked as she checked the contents of her pockets. "Remember to document everything we find, whether it may look interesting or not."

Cecilia: "Neither have I-...Y'know what? Never-mind," Cecilia said, rubbing at her throat. She wasn't in the mood to argue.

Melati: "When the cops have to make a crime scene out of this for whatever reason, we may no longer have any access to any of it, so we don't want to miss any potential leads, yeah?" She opened the door and hopped out of the driver's seat.

David: "Oh. That's what the camera was for... let me just delete a couple things..." David pulled his camera back out and fiddled with a few buttons, trying to make sure no one saw what was on it.

Illyana: "Got it." Illyana nodded. "Document, document, document."

Sue: "What we doing get evidence bags?" Sue climbed out of the van and pulled her hair back into a ponytail.

Rachel: Rachel had remained relatively silent for the majority of the ride and while Melati was briefing them, save for taking a deep breath and blowing it out before pushing the door to the van open, stepping out onto the pavement.

Melati: "Well, personally, I hope this won't be necessary and we get to drag some cultist scum out of there by the end of their hair. Or maybe even find Jamie and Johnny." Melati clenched her jaw, remaining silent for a moment. Then she turned her head. "Right, everyone ready?"

Cecilia: Cecilia slid out of the van, pocketing the camera and adjusting her hoodie that concealed the uniform. "I don't suppose it'd be alright to get a drink while we're here, yeah?" She joked to Mel.

Sue: Sue winced at the mention of Johnny's name. She'd been trying not to focus on that part. "Yeah..."

Rachel: At the mention of drinks, she finally spoke up, "I could definitely go for one."

Melati: Melati chuckled. "I wouldn't mind one either, but if we're right about our suspicion, I doubt we'd like what they've got on tap here very much." She gave Cecilia a long look, especially the mark around her neck. "How you're holding up there, Cee?"

Cecilia: "It sounds worse than it is," Cecilia replied quickly, trying to make her voice sound less hoarse and failing. "Plenty of hot drinks help."

Illyana: Illyana patted Cecilia a bit, feeling guilty. She should have been around more. She could have stopped Eddie. "I'm so sorry, Cee."

Rachel: "At least he didn't completely bash your face in," Rachel put in as she reached to pull out her own flashlight, making sure it worked.

Cecilia: Cecilia just laughed, making a sound like leaves rustling along the pavement. "You didn't strangle me. Save your sorry for something that's actually your fault," she said, not unkindly.

Illyana: "Still..." I could have stopped him. Illyana sighed and removed her hand.

Melati: "Good." She nodded. "Sorry about that. I was suspecting he might be losing it, but I never expected he'd go full psycho that quickly. Heard he got Kincaid pretty hard too when she tried to keep him from leaving. Just wish I'd been there to help somehow."

Cecilia: "No, he did destroy me last semester though in Circle Pines...granted that was an accident but still I do know what it is to have your ass kicked by him," she said to Rachel. "I feel your pain, sister. Me, you and Cess should start a club."

Sue: "Can we get a move on?" Sue muttered somewhat impatiently.

David: "This is all very Desperate Housewives, but don't you think we should be moving on with this." he motioned towards the club.

Illyana: Illyana also voted to move on. She had failed her best friend. "Yeah... let's get this moving."

Melati: "Only if you let me be honorary member," Melati remarked, checking the parking lot in front of them, before strolling off towards the entrance of the nightclub. It look pretty dead, as was to be expected for a weekday afternoon.

Sue: Sue cloaked herself in her invisibility field and moved along at the edge of the group.

Rachel: "I'll have to ask Cess if she's in," Rachel snorted at the mention of a club, adding to Melati as she trailed after the lizard girl, "Only if you bring the booze."

Cecilia: "Done," Cecilia chuckled to Mel, wandering up to the club. "They better have good music in here. If they're gonna do such depraved shit they can at least do it to something catchy."

Melati: Melati stopped when she reached the large metal door, leaning against the brick wall and trying to look unsuspicious. As usual, she failed pretty hard at that. "Yo, Rae, can you check if anyone's inside?"

Rachel: Shaking her head, she answered, "I'm not getting anything..." she glanced back to the group, "Well, not from inside."

Cecilia: "Brace yourselves," Cecilia remarked, face ashen. "Something tells me we're gonna find a whole lot more bodies."

Sue: Sue projected her field at the lock on the door and picked it. "Awesome, now let's go inside."

Melati: "Well, at least we don't have to be too stealthy then," Melati said, turning back to the door. "Cheers, Sue." She pushed it open and headed in. A set of stairs led downwards, dim, coloured light visible at the end.

Sue: "No point us letting them know we've been here if we don't have to... no fingerprints." She slipped inside.

David: "Where everybody knows your name. And they're always glad you came." David sang under his breath. "After all. Who'd be dinner otherwise."

Rachel: Rachel looked down at her gloved hands and shook her head. She hadn't thought fingerprints would be a concern when in uniform, but that might just be her...

Sue: Sue bopped David on the head with a ballshaped field.

David: "Ow. What was that for?"

Melati: "Yeah, we're still technically breaking in here, so in case this lead turns up a lame duck, I could do without being accused of breaking and entering. Again." Melati reached the end of the stair, taking only one step into the large room beyond, and stopped. "Aw hell, there's blood on the dance floor...."

Sue: "If you don't know, you're an idiot and telling you won't help you."

Cecilia: Cecilia slipped past David and Sue, shields up. "Dave...sometimes I think I like you...but then other times I wanna strangle you...I foresee this being a complicated friendship."

Cecilia: Cecilia sighed. "Well either the mosh pit got a bit too rough or someone got their throat slit..."

Illyana: Illyana peeked arond Melati, making a face. Yeah, this had been a bad idea.

Rachel: "Hey, you called it..." Rachel grimly commented to Cecilia.

Melati: "Hey, at least we didn't drive out here for a false lead it seems, eh?" Melati cautiously proceeded through the room, raising her flashlight and switching it on, as the lighting of the place turned out to be a little too subdued, after all.

Melati: "Looks like someone was in need of a hand," she remarked, the cone of her flashlight illuminating the severed limb lying on the floor. It appeared to have been neatly sliced off. Its dead fingers were curled around a gun.

Cecilia: "No offense, but I was sorta hoping we wouldn't find more murder scenes," Cecilia remarked, switching on her flashlight and startling as it fell on a severed hand. "Oh fuck me."

Mayday: "......well, this is just the worst after-work surprise ever.", Mayday piped up, having followed the group into the building a small ways behind. Dressed in her street-patrol attire, she carried a small 'Power Rangers' backpack with her, frowning behind her mask, "What up, guys.....", she managed, feeling like she was going to gag.

Sue: "Well.... if they have a gun... might not be a mutant...."

Cecilia: Cecilia studied the gun on the floor. "Glock," she remarked. "Pretty standard stuff...might've been a cop."

Melati: "Nope, don't think so." Melati stood at the bar, having followed the trail of blood on the floor. She was peeking over the counter, shining down with her flashlight. "I think I found the rest of him." She frowned. "And he's wearing one of the cultist robes."

Cecilia: "Plenty of mutants don't have offensive powers and might need a gun, who do we know that fits that description?" Cecilia said, quirking an eyebrow at the others. "S'also a possibility, just saying..."

Sue: "So... cultist with a gun had his arm cut off.... not neccessarily a bad thing...."

Cecilia: Cecilia stood up as Mel found the rest of the body. "Fuck...someone who had second thoughts, maybe?"

Mayday: Mayday took to the walls, drawing out a torch of her own and lighting the beam, shining it around, "W-well, it's decided: red is definitely not the new black(!)", she joked weakly, looking around the others, "....anyone? T-too soon? Too much?"

Melati: Melati made sure to record everything they saw with the small handheld camera. "Or someone decided they didn't want to get eaten and made filet out of him instead."

Rachel: Rachel flicked her flashlight on once more, the beam of light catching a splattering of blood on the wall, her nose wrinkling in disgust. She was so over finding dead bodies. "A dead cultist means we can't get any answers," she sighed.

Sue: "Maybe we could stake the place out..."

Mayday: Sighing, Mayday frowned and looked away, "...yeeeah, way too much there, clearly..."

Illyana: "Just more questions." Illyana was careful where she stepped, staying close to Rachel. Rachel seemed like the best bet in case of surprise cannibals.

Cecilia: "I thought it was funny," Cecilia remarked, laughing a little dryly and patting Mayday on the back.

Mayday: "I actually didn't...", Mayday confessed, sucking in a deep breath, "God, I hate this crap..."

Cecilia: A thought occurred to Cecilia then though. "...You don't suppose this is...vigilante action, right?" She said to Mel and Illyana, raising an eyebrow. "I'm just throwing shit at the wall and seeing if it sticks...it's possible right? He did leave with the explicit threat of killing anyone involved with Kraven..."

Melati: "Let's turn the place upside down." Melati returned to the others, shining her flashlight around the room. "If the cultists were using the place, they had to be meeting somewhere. Most likely a secluded room in the back. We might find out more there. Or more of them."

Mayday: Mayday looked up, "You think Eddie did this?", she shook her head, "No way.....w-well....then again...."

Illyana: Illyana covered her face with her hands, wanting to tell Cecilia to just shut up. "There is nothing to support Eddie did this," she said finally, dropping her hands.

Sue: "I can swing my field around and look for a room if you like? Might save some wandering around."

Melati: She gave Cecilia a thoughtful look. "You know, we got this lead by scanning the police reports. If anyone would be able to do the same and come to the same conclusion..."

Cecilia: "It's a possibility," Cecilia said, shrugging at Mayday. "I can't prove it, but he was explicitly gunning for them..."

Sue: "It doesn't matter who did it. That's not why we're here."

Melati: Melati gave a Sue a nod. "Sure, go ahead," she told her. "That should make sure we don't miss any hidden backdoors, either."

Sue: She pushed her field outwards to make all the internal walls invisible but keep the external ones solid.

Mayday: "....oh.", Mayday leaned back against the wall, "H-he's really gone, isn't he?", she looked over at Sue, "Kinda insensitive...", she glanced at Illyana, feeling her heart tug a little before stepping down and hopping over to her, "H-hey, you er...you ok?"

Rachel: "It could matter," Rachel disagreed as she stepped over another severed limb, squinting in the darkness to see if anything stood out to her.

Illyana: "Not really... but we can talk later, if you really want to," Illyana offered, trying to force a smile. She just wanted to go home and snuggle her husband and babies.

Cecilia: Cecilia nodded with Rachel. "Ed would be what gamers call 'a sidequest' not the main goal but still important."

Melati: Once the door leading towards the back and the hallway beyond became enveloped by Sue's field, a row of scattered bodies became visible. They lay strewn across the corridor in various positions, but none of them seemed to be moving still. All wore the familiar robes of the cannibal cult.

Sue: "Well we're not getting anything out of these guys. Where's the next place?"

Mayday: Patting Illyana's shoulder, Mayday turned to Cecilia, "Good analogy - important piece of the puzzle, but a part of a larger picture.", she looked around, "A somewhat morbid, possibly 'Dada' picture, but a picture nonetheless...."

Cecilia: Cecilia forced herself to look at the faces. "Just hold on a minute!" She said to Sue. "I wanna see if this club owner is among them. This is important!"

Illyana: "Yeah, useful speculation," Illyana spat out.

Melati: "Damn, either someone really took offense to being turned into the main course and jumped off the table to slice their way through these guys, or someone crashed the dinner party from the outside." Melati gritted her teeth and proceeded towards the door, aiming the flashlight and the camera.

David: Goddamn these people are autistic or something. And I thought we were weird. David kept his counsel to himself, instead just poking around a back corner.

Sue: "Well go and look, by all means. I'll be outside by the van." She retracted her field and headed back towards the entrance.

Mayday: "Anyone gonna make a 'lesbian-half-cocked' joke there?", Mayday looked around, "No? A-am I doing it again?", she rubbed the back of her head, glancing over to Mel, "So, an assault on the place?"

Melati: "We also have to check if there's a victim around," she reminded the others. "I doubt these fellas dressed up like this only to meet to watch the game together."

Cecilia: "There's another possibility here," Cecilia said, shining the light over the faces. "The person who killed Paris Seville and Donald Pierce is also a suspect in this. If the club owner is dead this could give us a better picture of who's responsible." She sighed at Sue. Short-sighted as usual.

Sue: "We're wasting time!"

Pym: Pym exploded off of Mel's shoulder, growing instantly in the air and landing beside her. "Why're we shouting? Why would shouting get us anywhere right now?" he asked sharply.

Melati: "Do you want to find Johnny or not?" Melati asked, turning around to give Sue a firm look. She pointed in the other direction with a claw, down the blood-splattered hallway full of dead cultist. "Because if I were in your place, I'd want to make damn sure he's not somewhere down there."

Cecilia: Cecilia felt her temper rise. "If we miss evidence that could catch the killers 'cause of you I will be pissed, Sue!" She snapped. "Christ...don't get your panties all in a bunch."

Sue: "Yes I want to find Johnny! But he's not here! There's just dead cultists!"

Mayday: Mayday approached her, "Sue, you need to focus. We're not just here for Johnny and you have to accept that. Please.",

Cecilia: "Dead cultists which might give us a fucking clue!" Cecilia said. "Which you so clearly don't have!"

Pym: Pym was about to tell Cecilia to knock it off, but Sue was not helping. "Can we not argue about something so silly?" He removed his helmet and eyed them both. "Knock it off."

Sue: "What the hell is the point of any of this if we're not looking for Johnny? And they can't give us anything - they're dead." She pointed out to Cecilia. "Dead men tell no tales. Don't you watch tv?"

Melati: Mealti wanted to point out that he might be in said cultist, but decided she had better things to do at the moment than picking a fight - which was incredibly rare for her. "Right, anyone taking this seriously follow me," she muttered, heading down the hall.

Illyana: "Guys back off," Illyana spoke up. "We can't understand what she's going through right now. Sue, we have to look for clues because they could tell us where Johnny is."

Mayday: "This.", Mayday pointed at Melati, shaking her head at Sue, "Now's not the time...", she said plainly - aimed at everyone, including herself - as she followed on.

Pym: Pym walked behind Melati, hoping Sue would figure it out. He knew she was upset and scared, ... maybe she should've stayed home? he thought to himself. He shook his head. If it was my brother, I'd want to be here.

Cecilia: Cecilia waved her hand dismissively. "Anyone who watches CSI could tell you they tell plenty, sayonara, Sue." And with that she trotted after Mel, rolling her eyes.

Rachel: Rachel decided Melati, Mayday, and Cecilia had that covered and kept her mouth shut for once, starting back down the hall with the others. They were wasting more time standing here arguing with her about it.

Sue: "Well we're not CSIs so good luck with that." she went back up to the entrance to wait, running a hand through her hair and cloaking herself in her field again.

Illyana: Illyana hurried to keep up with the telepath, not wanting to get caught off guard by cannibals.

Cecilia: "I've never liked her..." Cecilia grumbled to Mel.

Melati: "I know we've been told to be careful about leaving clues that might point back at us, but we should check if any of these guys have anything useful on them." Melati crouched next to one of the dead cultists, killed by something piercing his chest. "Phones, papers, wallets, keys, anything."

Mayday: Mayday nudged Cecilia, "Hey....", she started, cocking her head to the side, "....oh, wait...no, never mind.", she nodded to Melati, drawing her torch again and clicking it on before checking a couple of corpses herself, "On it, boss."

Melati: "Just make sure the cops have no reason to believe one of us might have gone all vigilante on these guys." She looked up at the others. "I wouldn't be surprised if some of them started thinking that."

Pym: "Too bad." Pym whispered to Cecilia. "Aye-aye, Mel."

Cecilia: Cecilia began rifling through the bodies, checking wallets for IDs. "Shout out when you find what's-his-face the club owner," she said. "Five bucks to the winner."

Illyana: "I don't even know what he looks like," Illyana countered Cecilia's offer.

Sue: Sue leaned against the wall outside, arms folded across her chest as she wondered about the merits of taking up smoking. It would sure kill the time.

Cecilia: "Mel's still got the photograph," she said, snapping another wallet shut. "Or his name will be on his ID. Either way, there's five bucks to be had here!"

Mayday: "Wow, this girl has a LaserQuest card...", Mayday raised it above her head, "...you know, for a cannibal cultist, that's pretty cool at least."

Cecilia: "...Can we keep it, Boss?" Cecilia asked hopefully to Mel, eyeing the LaserQuest card.

Rachel: "I'll take you up on that bet," Rachel said as she began carefully rifling through one of the bodies' pockets for an ID.

Pym: Pym pulled out car keys. "Volvo." super disappointed, he tossed them into an evidence bag. "Oh wow, this guy's name is RICHARD WIENER. Can you believe that? Dr. Dick. Weiner. Hilarious, truly."

Mayday: Mayday sighed, "Aww....", she bowed her head, conceeding defeat there.

Melati: "My gut tells me if we're going to find him here, he's going to be among these folks." Melati slowly stepped into the room at the end of the corridor. A large table had been prepared, obviously to prepare a meal. Some cultists were still sat in the chairs around it, some with her throats slit, others lying with her face on the plate.

Cecilia: "Was Richard Wiener," Cecilia corrected, snorting. "Now he's a stiff wiener...get it? Aw, God... I'm sorry."

Melati: "Hey' it could be evidence," she told Cecilia, looking back over her shoulder. "So... we better keep it safe then, no?"

Mayday: Slipping the card she was holding back into the pocket of the owner, Mayday reached up to the cadaver's face, closing the eyes before standing and approaching another corpse to search.

Rachel: Rachel wasn't able to resist snickering, shaking her head as she moved on to the next body, not having found anything on the first one.

Melati: Turning back around, she shone her flashlight at the head of the table, an elderly man slouched against the back of the large chair. A large circle of blood stained the front of his robe, which looked more ornate than those of the others. "Only the finest pieces for the head of the family."

Mayday: "Hm?", Mayday looked up, "What did you find?"

Cecilia: Cecilia startled at the sight of the slumped man in the chair. "He could be sleeping if it weren't for that symbol..."

Melati: She put down the camera to retrieve the tablet, loading up the file again. "Yep, that's him. Gerhard van... Ostamgen... is that how you say it?"

Sue: Sue decided to put her time to good use, walking the perimeter outside.

Melati: She illuminated the old man's lifeless face. "Owner of the club, former Hellfire member, and corpse."

Pym: "I found a Frank Gorshin..." he showed the ID to Mel. "... I'm not saying, I'm just saying."

Cecilia: Cecilia shrugged. "I'm not German, how the hell would I know?" She began going through his pockets. "I might've been at the club when he was there...funny how things turn out."

Rachel: Rachel moved to peer over Mel's shoulder at the tablet, eyeing the name and suggesting, "Maybe it's one of those names you sneeze through... Anyway, I guess we owe you five bucks..."

Mayday: Mayday scoffed, "Hell with that - I think we all deserve a morale boost in the shape of a team-leader buying a round..."

Melati: "Well, good riddance, I say." Melati stowed the tablet again. "And don't worry, I'll donate my winnings to a round of drinks for the whole team. Guess we might need one later."

Cecilia: "Amen, sister." Cecilia said to Mayday. She eyed the body. "Anything of note about this? 'Cause of death?" She said, looking at the body.

Pym: "I think my guy might've died from not figuring out a riddle fast enough." He kicked the limp foot.

Mayday: "A severe case of 'karmic retribution'.", Mayday offered.

Mayday: She glanced around, "Ok, now that was funny. Come on..."

Illyana: Illyana offered a weak smile at the joke.

Cecilia: Cecilia laughed hoarsely. "No, I got it! He ripped a tag off a mattress!"

Melati: "Doesn't look like a bullet wound to me," Melati remarked, taking a closer look. "In fact, most of them seemed to have been killed by something sharp." She leaned down, carefully poking at the cut in the robe as she pointed her light at the bloody stain. "Whatever it was, I say they didn't die slowly and painfully enough."

Mayday: Mayday frowned behind her mask, "So...a-are we thinking blades?", she thought back to Cecilia's words from earlier, "Or, say, a psychopathic, Omega-level shapeshifter with a flair for the dramatic?"

Cecilia: Cecilia sighed and took a few photographs of the people and surrounding area. "Well...they're all dead now." She pocketed the camera. "Good riddance I say, too."

Mayday: And then she sighed, "Even making that joke felt like shooting myself in the face...", she looked over at Illyana, "...d-d'you see anything here that he'd have done?"

Illyana: "No," Illyana sighed. She left out the part where she didn't think he'd attack fellow x-men either.

Melati: Melati stood up straight again, reaching up to scratch the side of her head with an edge of the camera. "I don't know... it all looks to clean for this to have been Eddie's work," she remarked. "I mean, we're talking a monstrous shape-shifter on a fucking berserker bloodlust here. I would have expected more chewed up and torn bodies."

Cecilia: "He threatened to slice my head off nice and clean," Cecilia remarked bitterly. "He can make scythes with his arms."

Illyana: "And did he?!" Illyana snapped at Cecilia.

Mayday: "But isn't he targeting Kraven specifically?", Mayday offered, "I know it's a bit of a long sh-....", she stopped dead, "H-hey, Illy, i-it's....", alright? Fine? Nope.

Mayday: She turned to Cecilia, "Dude!", she hissed, shaking her head.

Rachel: "Pfft, we totally trashed the patio and rec room. I don't think he cares all that much about how clean things are," Rachel tossed in, shaking her head.

Cecilia: "No," Cecilia said, eyes sliding coldly to Illyana. "He strangled me still I nearly passed out and slammed me against a wall. I'm just stating the facts."

Illyana: "Maybe if you weren't such a bitch he wouldn't have."

Mayday: Mayday sighed, "Oh, well if we're all doing it - he was also a total jerk about pudding cups(!)", she stood between Illyana and the others, "Illy, please.", she raised a hand, turning to them, "Guys..."

Cecilia: "Funny how most wife beaters say the same damn thing to the women they hit."

Mayday: "Oh, you did not seriously go there...", Mayday groaned, "Cee, you need to back off."

Rachel: "Okay, this is helping about as much as the argument with Sue..." she sighed, looking to Mel, "Anything else we need to cover here?"

Melati: "Right, I guess we're done here," Melati said, taking another look around the decorated back room. The cone of her flashlight briefly moved back to illuminate the thick, wooden pillars lining the back wall. For an instant, she believed to have seen some movement, but none of her superhumanly sharp senses revealed anything.

Sue: Sue boosted herself up onto a nearby roof where she could watch the door and the van.

Cecilia: "You can blame the victim as much as you like," Cecilia remarked, turning and walking off. "It doesn't change what happened."

Illyana: "Get over yourself, Cecilia. I don't like you, and I don't like anything you have to say about Eddie so keep it to yourself. The rest of us are here to investigate, not form a case against someone."

Pym: Pym considered the fact that they'd been in there for awhile, now arguing about petty things again, and Sue was still outside. "Hey! Teamwork!" He looked to Mel and Rachel. This is not what the X-Forums told advertised... Petty squabbling.

Mayday: Mayday jumped suddenly, glancing around, "D-did anyone....?", she stepped away, looking around for.....something, "...hm.", she looked over at Melati, sure she'd felt that, too. The thought left as she overheard the arguing, "We're moving out.", she stated to them, double-checking the shadows.

Pym: Pym looked around suddenly, unsure if his size was appropriate for any oncoming danger.

Melati: "So I say it's time to let loose the cops on this place. Maybe they find something that we missed." Melati picked up the camera from the table and turned to leave towards the door. She didn't even notice the spiraling shadows moving behind her. In the blink of an eye, they were gone again.

Cecilia: Cecilia kicked the door to the alley open and walked out. "And we're off," she said dryly.

Illyana: Illyana took a final look around, sighing. Oh Eddie... if it had been him... what had he gotten himself into? She turned to follow the others back to the van.

Melati: Stowing the flashlight and the camera, Melati pulled the tablet back out, careful not to step on any body parts as she browsed the screen on their way out. "Right, we have three more suspicious locations in this area of the city," she announced. "Anyone wanna make the call which one to check first?"

Sue: Finally there was movement. She considered staying on her roof and invisible. See if they even noticed.

Cecilia: Cecilia leaned against the wall, drumming her fingers on the brickwork.

Pym: Pym looked around for Sue. "Okay, so I'm assuming she's invisible, not kidnapped? Being she is in fact, an invisible woman of sorts."

Cecilia: "Who knows?" Cecilia remarked, rolling her shoulders. "I'd guess she's around somewhere."

Melati: "I can still smell her, if it's any consolation," Melati replied, looking towards the van. "Yo, Sue, you're in the car, or what?"

Pym: "I'd really like if she didn't get kidnapped when we left her alone while going into a room of blood and despair..."

Mayday: Mayday nodded, "Yeeeah, Sue is....kinda anti-social. It's er....mmn.", she looked around, "She's here. I can tell.", she tapped her forehead, "Common Sense."

Rachel: "Telepathy. She's around," Rachel replied, "Which one is the closest, Mel?"

Cecilia: "Second only to Spider Sense," Cecilia quipped. "She's around, she's just sulking."

Sue: Sue stepped onto an invisible platform and lowered herself to the ground. "Find any clues in there? Nope. Didn't think so. And I'm not sulking so shut your mouth."

Pym: Pym shot Rachel a thumbs-up and a frown to Cecilia. Turning around to Sue with as bright a smile as he could muster he revealed a picture on his camera. "Look, I found the Riddler."

Mayday: "Huh...." Mayday looked at Sue, then at Cecilia, "You know, I actually don't have a joke lined up for this? How weird is that(?)"

Cecilia: Cecilia cracked her neck. "The body of the club owner, stabbed in the chest so this fits the M.O of the Hellfire murderer....wonder who he is....I'd like to give him a medal."

Illyana: "You want to give a murderer a medal? And you are complaining about Eddie..."

Sue: "She's like that, Illy. Double standards."

Mayday: Mayday sighed, "Ok, ok, everyone needs to take a deep breath and chill their shit.", she glanced at those involved, "If you don't have something constructive to add? Shut the hell up and go home."

Melati: "Right, so we've got robed figures having popped up on a subway station's surveillance cam, smells of decomposition being reported in a residential area nearby, and a delivery truck allegedly stained with blood spotted south of here." Melati listed the choices. "Finding the truck might be hardest, and we could easily get lost in the subway, so... smell of dead things first?"

Mayday: Pushing past the group, Mayday arrived at Melati' side, "Sounds like a plan - want me to hit the rooftops? Follow the van?"

Cecilia: "...Holy shit, May..." Cecilia said, actually surprised she'd snapped.

Pym: Pym squeezed the bridge of his nose. What happened to the professionalism I read about online?

Melati: Melati looked up with a thoughtful expression. "I'd be all against splitting up in a situation like this, but you may be right," she told Mayday. "If we don't trail it, we might lose the truck. So, promise to stay in contact all the time, alright? Anyone want to accompany her?"

Cecilia: "I," Cecilia said, raising her hand quickly.

Sue: Sue impatiently paced a little, fading in and out of invisibility.

Pym: Pym sighed at that and stepped forward. "Samesies."

Mayday: Mayday frowned at Cecilia, "Alright. Fine. But no more of...this crap.", she waved her hand at the group, "You on my back, Pym in your pocket. We're traveling via the Spectacular Spider-Swing Service."

Sue: "Great so the rest of us are on bad smell or subway. Let's go."

Cecilia: Cecilia just hopped on. "Well, won't be a problem once we're off," she mumbled. "At your mark."

Pym: "I don't think these suits have pockets..." He looked to Cecilia, not wanting to ask about cleavage.

Pym: "I'll hold onto her collar." He shrunk down and did so.

Rachel: Rachel raked her fingers through her hair, sighing, "At least we're not headed into the sewers again..."

Cecilia: Cecilia sighed as Pym settled himself by her neck. "Excuse the bruising, it's been a rough week."

Melati: "Right, everyone not hitching a ride with Spider-May back into the van," Melati ordered, pointing at their vehicle. "I don't know, but I wouldn't mind finding more dead cannibals today."

Cecilia: Cecilia cringed at 'Spider-May.' "See you there, Boss."

Sue: "I wouldn't mind finding my littler brother alive and well, but maybe I'm just being picky." She got into the van, disappearing from view again.

Rachel: "Just shout if you guys need anything," Rachel called back to them, tapping her forehead before turning to the van.

Mayday: As soon as she had a firm hold on her passenger(s), Mayday cast a web into the air, leaping upwards and heading off in the direction of their waypoint, "Later on.", she waved, taking them away.

Melati: "Remember to radio in every couple of minutes," Melati said as she climbed back into the driver's seat. "And no dying or getting eaten, or I'll personally come to kick your asses, you hear me?"

Melati: She shot the others a grin, before turning on the engine and hitting the gas.

Cecilia: Cecilia squeezed her eyes shut as they lifted in the air. Christ...she hated heights. She'd forgotten about that in her haste to get away from everybody else though.

Cecilia: Too late now, she thought, holding on tighter.

Pym: Pym thought he was going to throw up as the velocity blasted into his ears. For Johnny... he thought to himself over and over.

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