3/16 Game: EXPLOSIVO

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3/16 Game: EXPLOSIVO

Post by tears~fall~like~glass » Sun Mar 17, 2013 12:39 am

timeline: Friday, March 25th

Northstar_: Jean-Paul landed a few blocks away from where they were being called to and waited for the others to catch up with him. He looked behind towards them, finishing off his traditional patrol bagel. "Bit seedy down here, got to say."

Magik: "Did you bring me a bagel?" Illyana reappeared in time to see the last of the deliciousness disappear into JP's mouth.

Facade: "Are you talking about the bagel or the neighbourhood?" Cecilia remarked, raising an eyebrow. "This isn't too far from my old neighbourhood. Of course it's a shit area, but nothing we can't handle. Guns and knives aren't exactly a threat to me anymore."

Arachne: Jess landed and ran a hand through her hair. Windy. "Anything interesting apart from the overall shittiness of the area?"

Northstar_: "The area, I know where to get good bagels." He shook his head to Illyana's question though. "None are safe around me, they're all gone I'm afraid...and I think I'd be more comfortable if this seemed more residential." Sure, there were a few converted apartments but most of this looked like shops and fronts for who knows what."

Facade: "Gangs," Cecilia remarked, eyeing the stores with bars. "Mostly. Some drug runners too I'd bet. Ah, I feel right at home..."

Magik: Pouting just a bit, Illyana looked around instead. "It's alright. I'm just glad to be back. Shady neighborhood and all."

Northstar_: "I don't suppose the cops know about any activity that's been down here that might be what we're looking for?" Jean-Paul asked, glancing over to Eddie.

X23: Laura couldn't say she was particularly worried about the area they were in, as she wasn't sure it was that bad. She wasn't entirely sure what could be so scary about some trashed buildings.

Venom: "Really!?", Eddie groaned, jumping down from his perch and shaking his head, "I thought I could go at least another twenty minutes just shadowing you guys(!)", he shook his head, shrugging, "They don't know a lot. Mixed chatter about disturbances, but this area's full of 'em, to be frank..."

Facade: Cecilia stood a little ways away from the group, crossing her arms and evaluating them. Four white people standing in a group- they were going to stick out like a zebra in a herd of deer. She looked over to a few shady looking individuals in ragged sweatshirts and pants, coughing and muttering to themselves. Never again, she thought. Never will I go back to a place like this. "Sirens are non-stop here I bet."

Venom: Turning to Cecilia, Eddie shook his head, "Actually, Fridays are surprisingly sparse of activity(!)"

Facade: She raised her eyebrows. "Uh-huh."

Venom: "No, seriously. Also, Bank Holidays."

Magik: Illyana couldn't stop herself from stealing a quick hug from Venom. She was so excited to be back on the job!

Northstar_: Jean-Paul chuckled at Eddie's protests of trailing. "I'm pretty good at taking things in, get bored of looking at the first few things I see after a little while."

Venom: Making an awkward sound, Eddie hugged his surprise 'glomper' back, "Heh, well, if this is any indication I was clearly missed.", he grinned behind his mask, giving Illyana a little squeeze.

Arachne: "Can't sneak up on someone that can hear you coming from literally a mile away..." Jess reminded casually.

Venom: "A mile, eh?", he laughed dryly, "So....can you hear me coming when I'm with my girlfriend? That's....weirdly hot."

Venom: He frowned, "....actually, that's....further than a mile. Nah, never mind. But....eeh, never mind."

Magik: Illyana laughed. "Of course you were! EW!" Illyana shoved Venom away for that comment.

Arachne: "No. It is not. It's horrible having this level of hearing and living in that school." She pulled a face.

X23: "I do not think it is that bad," Laura commented, peering around, "What is it we are looking for anyway?"

Venom: Eddie shrugged, "Could always use a collar.", he suggested, "I'll leave the awful sex pun to someone else this time, eh?", he glanced to Laura, "Basically, anything 'normal' here is probably worth checking out."

Arachne: "Yes because turning my powers off is exactly what I want to do when there's a cannibal on the loose..." Jess rolled her eyes.

Northstar_: "In that case we're going to have a busy night." Jean-Paul noted, stepping on down the sidewalk towards where the call had indicated. "Great, nothing like an empty alleyway. I guess we're on dumpster checking duty."

X23: "Well, if you do not have powers, it stands to reason the cannibals will not want you..."

Magik: "I leave the dumpsters all to you, Northstar." Illyana grinned at him.

Venom: "Complains about powers...", Eddie raised a finger to list his mutterings, "...doesn't want to turn them off. First world problems.", he shrugged to himself, "Gotta agree with 'X217' there, bro."

Facade: "I cringe to think how many times you've heard me...." Cecilia muttered, not sure she actually wanted to think about that too hard. "...If we find another body in a dumpster I will lose my shit, just putting that out there guys."

Venom: Glancing around, Eddie sighed, "....damn...I can think of...hm, surprisingly only three other things I'd rather be doing right now.", he confessed.

Arachne: "I've heard everyone." Jess assured Cee, "So you're all in the same boat. Don't worry."

Facade: Cecilia reddened slightly, though it easily could've been mistaken for cold, and began walking down the alley, shields up in case there was a surprise hobo shanking or crazy junkie.

Northstar_: Jean-Paul just shook his head, stepping on into the alleyway after a quick glance around. He didn't see anything, anyway. Stepping towards the first dumpster, Jean-Paul resolutely started to dig.

Venom: "Aw, dude...", Eddie cringed, patting Jean-Paul's back, "The sheer fact you did that just now is simply the single most heroic thing ever."

Venom: He shook his head, "God bless you, sir."

X23: Laura eyed the dumpster and shook her head. The thing reeked from where she was standing, so she couldn't imagine going through it. "I am not that heroic."

Northstar_: "After the inside of the giant inky tentacle I fear no body." Jean-Paul chuckled as he dug. "Just as long as people don't think I put it there and we can find who did it's worth it."

Facade: Cecilia stared down at the trash before making shield armour and jumping in, digging through the trash with amazing speed. "It's called 'dumpster diving' for a reason. Just...watch for needles everybody."

Magik: "I'll uhhhhh keep lookout!" Illyana volunteered, glancing around them.

Venom: Eddie pouted, "Well, if you're gonna get personal, Northstar.", he smirked, "I'll just....be over there. Securing the perimeter or somethin'...."

Arachne: Jess crawled halfway up the wall and stayed there, deciding to keep watch. She was not going digging around in trash. Especially where there might be needles.

Northstar_: "Hey now, you're not giant and inky...but just never get big enough to actually catch a person inside you...because really, it wasn't pleasant...it was gooey."

Venom: "But venturing inside people is completely ok.", Eddie sighed mockingly, "The terrible woes of us inky 'hentacle' types(!)"

Facade: Cecilia scowled at the group hanging back. "Well don't all volunteer at once!" She said, throwing out bits of assorted trash. "...Jesus Christ...and you call yourselves heroes...frightened of the big bad trashcan...I weep for the future..." she muttered as she dug.

Arachne: "Immune to drugs but not to disease." Jess called down from her perch.

X23: Peering skyward from her spot near the dumpster, Laura squinted up at the fire escape and tilted her head, eyes widening when she realized it was coming down on all of them. She dove out of the way as she called, "Look out!"

Venom_: The debris triggered Eddie's spider sense. Spotting Illyana in a position beneath possible debris, he dived forward, catching her in a lash of sable webbing and pulling her into his arms, turning away to block any shrapnel with his back.

Arachne: Jess attempted to deflect the larger objects from her spot on the wall, catching a couple and knocking them off course.

Facade: Cecilia didn't have time to move from her position inside the dumpster, so instead of attempting to move she created a dome over herself. Gritting her teeth as a good deal of the fire escape impacted on it. "Dammit..." she muttered. That hurt...that hurt quite a bit, actually.

Northstar_: Jean-Paul swore, rolling into the dumpster to avoid the clattering rusty metal as best as he could, feeling a part of the railing slice into his arm. With the pile of debris now from the giant fire escape at one end of the alleyway, tires could be heard screeching at the other side.

Magik: Illyana let out a shriek as she was grabbed, holding onto Eddie for balance, finally realizing he was shielding her from... something. Whatever it was that mad everyone shout.

Arachne: "Everyone okay?" Jess called down, creating a charge in her hand to see by.

Venom_: Spotting the fire escape falling towards him, Eddie grit his teeth, deciding that no matter how he played his next move was going to hurt him quite a lot. He crouched, tightening his armor and covering Illyana with his body as the debris crashed down onto him.

Facade: "Are you alright?!" Cecilia asked JP. Fuck! She had expected him to run away not into the dumpster! "Shit that's gonna need stitches and a tetanus shot!" She head turned at the screeching of tires. "Anyone think that wasn't a co-incidence?"

Venom_: After the horrific crash had stopped, Eddie groaned, "Faaan-fucking-tastic...", he hissed forcing his way out with Illyana in his arms, "You alright, Illy?"

Magik: "I.. yeah... I'm fine... what just happened?!" She kept a firm grip on Eddie, trying to catch up mentally. She shrieked a bit and let go of him to check him over. "Are you ok?! Oh my GOSH! Thank you... but are you ok!?"

Venom_: "....there's metal in my back,", Eddie cringed, feeling a large spike in his shoulder, "....'hurts actually.", he admitted, the area bursting into writhing tendrils and dropping it to the ground with a clang as his armor stitched itself back together.

Arachne: Jess flared the light to get a better view, moving a little closer but being very wary of all the metal.

Magik: Illyana swallowed hard. She pulled out a pair of gloves from her pocket and slid them on. "I'm going to pull this piece out so you can heal it." And that piece... and that piece... oh Eddie...

Venom_: Grunting in pain, Eddie twitched, "WHY are you doing this...", he sighed, "I-I could -OW! I could just re-form an-...agh!"

Northstar_: "I'm fine." Jean-Paul answered Cecilia, picking himself up over the edge of the dumpster. "Are you okay?"

Magik: "There. You don't want that in you! It could be full of tetnus or something!"

Facade: Cecilia grimaced a little as she extended pushed a large beam off her forcefield and climbed over the dumpster. "I have shields I'm always alright."

Venom_: After the metal was out and he was fully healed, Eddie pointed at Jess, "AY!", he shook the finger, "Literally never play Quidditch.", he turned to Illyana, "Also, how about the part where I can never get sick?"

Arachne: "What that hell are you talking about now?" Jess frowned in confusion, moving to lift some of the debris away from the others with her free hand.

Magik: "I wasn't taking chances!" She hugged Eddie just to be sure he was ok.

Northstar_: Jean-Paul picked his way quickly through the bits of fire-escape that hadn't landed in the great pile at the entrance to the alleyway. His frown deepened as he could make out taillights at the far end.

Venom_: "Because when Bludgers come at you, you're not meant to knock them into your team.", Eddie stated, matter-of-factly, blinking at the sudden Illyana attached to him, "...i-it's...totally funny."

X23: Relatively glad for her small size, Laura found herself in the horrid crevice between the two dumpsters. Slipping out from the small space, she wore a disgusted look. She may as well have dug through the trash. She forced her claws out, cutting through the metal of the fire escape to free up some room to move, starting toward the sound of tires and the light.

Venom_: Looking up, Eddie waved a little salute at Laura, spotting the tail-lights Jean-Paul had, ".....oh, this is gonna be one of those times, ain't it?"

Facade: Cecilia followed behind Jean-Paul, eyeing the slash wound. She'd make sure he went to the medlab later on. "Those tires can be slashed at your say, JP."

Arachne: "Oh yeah because that's exactly what I was fucking doing. In case you hadn't noticed there's a lot of it that didn't land on you so you're welcome, asshole."

Venom_: "The awkward moment when you make a humorous comment and butthurt?", Eddie shrugged, stepping towards the tail-lights, "Well, to hell with it...", he sighed, "Let's see what all this is then..."

Northstar_: Jean-Paul opened his mouth up to answer Cecilia, seeing slashed tires as a damned good idea. His thought was completely cut off as another problem came into fruition. "Incoming!" The windows lining the alleyway smashed out and robed figures stepped out one after the other, rushing the group.

Arachne: "What the fuck is this now?!" Jess jumped back up into the air and venom blasted the nearest robed guys to her.

Venom_: Eddie turned to Illyana, "Port!", he announced, spinning into one of the attackers and punching him clean in the face, dropping him on his back.

X23: Laura kicked out at her nearest attacker, retracting her claws for fear of killing any of the them.

Magik: "What is this?!" Illyana grabbed onto a robed figure and ported away with him.

Facade: Cecilia stepped back, shield armour still up. "Fuck me. Are we actually fighting the Illuminati?!" She said, smashing an armoured fist into one's cowl and bringing him down with a roundhouse kick. The damn fire escape had hurt her too...her shields would not hold up forever, they had to be used sparingly.

Venom_: "Don't say their names!", Eddie called over to Cecilia, swinging one of the attackers into another and leaping backwards in a flip over another, "Wait...no, I'm thinking Voldemo-ooop!", he ducked an attack.

Northstar_: Jean-Paul rushed in, trying to push as many people back as he could but more and more seemed to be coming towards them and grabbing for them.

Magik: Illyana ported back minus a robbed bastard. She split herself into two, sending an astral form to lock onto a robed bastard.

Micromax: Scott, milkshake in one hand and a burger in the other, approached the alley he heard some strange noises from. He kind of had heard people were patrolling tonight, so he had felt like paying them a visit after his late fast food run. He looked around the corner and...saw a scene from Lord of the Rings...

Venom_: Opening his mouth to say something witty about there being two Illyana's, Eddie caught a fist in the back of the head.

Arachne: "What the hell is this about?" She fired more blasts at the heads of the figures to knock them out, flashes of green light illuminating the alley in bright bursts.

Micromax: Well, his sweater and his jeans would be shreds after this, but luckily he always wore his suit underneath his street clothes, lest he'd end up naked when having to use his powers in an emergency situation.

Facade: Don'tpanicdon'tpanicthinkReyesTHINK! She slammed shield planes, taking out a group of people, only to have them replaced. "Shit! I keep hitting them but they just keep coming! We're being fucking swarmed!"

Magik: "Yeeeeeeee!" Illyana whacked her guy in the head as she moved toward her primary self to teleport.

Micromax: "Yo, what's this?", he shouted, growing massively and reaching out for one of the hooded persons that really resembled one of those hooded riders from those Lord of the Rings movies.

Venom_: Eight tendrils burst forth from Eddie's back, slamming opponents in all directions against the walls of the alleyway, turning to Scott as he dropped them, "Didn't you hear? We're playing 'Power Rangers'(!)"

Northstar_: The hood fell off of one of the men Jean-Paul was fighting. "Why the hell is there an old man out here?!" He pushed the man back into the crowd.

Micromax: "I can be Megazord!" He flicked the robed guy into a wall.

Arachne: Rapidly running out of reserves for blasts, she dropped to the ground and turned to hand-to-hand. "I don't know, why don't you ask them?"

Venom_: A bottle hit Eddie the face, ".....oh, that is just NOT okay.", he twisted his arm into a blade, stopping before hitting one of his attackers and blinking, "O-old man?", the aggressor struck him, spotting the pause.

Facade: Cecilia's eyes widened at the sight of the older man. "Wait...don't I?"

Magik: As her robed figure finally blacked out, Illyana glanced up to see who else needed help, reforming with herself.

Micromax: He kind of filled the alley out on one side now, which wasn't so great for avoiding hits, which he barely felt, but great for not letting anybody escape.

Venom_: Eddie's attacker had backed away slightly, the armored defender looking over to Cecilia, "....er....clarify?"

X23: Old men or not, Laura wasn't all that inclined to stop hitting her nearest attackers and threw a punch into the closest hooded face while trying to shake her arm free from another.

Venom_: 'We're still going to break his jaw...', Eddie smirked at the voice in his mind, "Oh, hell yeah, that's a given..."

Facade: She didn't get to finish that sentence though, or have a better look as one of the hooded figures came at her with a lead pipe, smashing it over her armoured head. "...Hope you enjoyed that," she snarled, smashing her fist right into the figure's face.

Arachne: Jess was working on incapacitating every robed figure that made the mistake of trying to take her down. She'd never been so grateful for her unorthodox education.

Kraven: Arms folded in front of his chest, a spear held in one hand, Kraven looked down upon...well, not his prey, not tonight, not yet. He wasn't too impressed with the handiwork of his disciples, but then, they had encountered unexpected opponents.

Venom_: Flexing his fist, Eddie smiled down at the robed man now clutching his jaw, "Satisfied?", he asked to....seemingly nobody. Moments later, he laughed to himself, "Well, I do my best..."

Micromax: Scott just kept on flicking the robes. "How did 'patrolling' turn into the battle of Helm's Deep?"

Northstar_: Jean-Paul took to the air and sped about the alleyway any time someone managed to latch onto him, dropping the person onto their brethren before landing to help more people out. Behind them all the van doors came open.

Facade: Psychosomatic or not- pain was pain and Cecilia was in a lot of it, but she still kept going. Afraid of what might happen if one of these people got ahold of her. "Guys, I suggest we get the hell out of here! There's just too many and I'm not holding up well as it is!"

Venom_: "You know what they say about 'Variety', 'Max'!", Eddie called over to Scott, grasping another attacker by the neck and casting him aside with minimal effort, landing him in a skip, "Insert generic 'trash' joke."

Magik: "I can teleport a few of us, but not all of us."

Venom_: Eddie nodded to Illyana, "Take the kids - us 'vets' can handle ourselves.", he nodded to Jean-Paul, "Kickin' ass, being sexy..."

Micromax: "You can leave me behind, there's not really anything they can do to me like this," said the three stories tall man. "I'll bring one or two back with me!"

Venom_: "Gigantes, you are a legend and I love you.", Eddie waved upwards.

Facade: "I can't leave," Cecilia said to Illyana. "I'm the only one here with shields. I was thinking more along the lines of we all beat feet!"

Kraven: It was only well there was such a great number of disciples. But really, they had faced almost the worst of the lot. Admittedly, there were a few of the truly bad students of this cursed university missing, like the one made from ice, or the one that could look a house into dust, but still, those power levels were too much for a mere "strength in numbers" approach. He sighed. He would have to step in, wouldn't he?

Venom_: Eddie looked to Cecilia, "You know, I....", he ducked a blow, kicking the attacker in the stomach and pushing him aside, "...I agree!"

Arachne: "I can fly, I don't need feet or evacuation." She was having no trouble continuing to take the guys down.

Northstar_: Not when they had a chance to track whoever this was, they just needed an opportunity. Jean-Paul looked around for Laura, not seeing her under the crowd. "Merde." He charged back into the crowd, fully intent on finding her.

Magik: Illyana let out a shriek as one snuck up on her, grabbing onto her. worked to shove her elbow into him, aiming down at his gonads for maximum effect.

Kraven: He grabbed an RPG-looking weapon from the floor and adjusted the sight. Which one...? Ah, how about the small girl? She could easily be dragged away. He took aim and pulled the trigger, releasing a sizzling ball of netting.

Venom_: "Hello, Spider Sense.", Eddie's eyes shot upwards, spotting the projectile, "X! MOVE IT!"

Micromax: Scott just swathed a few more robes aside as he heard a loud PLOP and saw something like an extending electric cloud shooting towards Laura. "WATCH OUT!"

Kraven: He dropped the net-shooter and moved into the shadows. This should be enough for now.

Facade: Cecilia struggled as five hooded figures attacked her at once. "NO!" She screamed. "I won't die-" she slammed her hand hard into one of their noses "-like-" a kick to the stomach '-this!"

X23: Laura was trying to throw what little weight she had into slamming the guy holding onto her against the wall. Finally free of people clinging to her, she caught Eddie's warning and turned just in time to be caught in the net, actually letting out a scream as electricity jolted through her on contact.

Magik: Free of her robe finally, Illyana caught the trajectory of the net and looked up in time to see a figure disappear. "There's somebody up there!"

Venom_: Cringing as Laura was snared, Eddie looked up to where the blast had come from; 'Kraven...', he stiffened, his back becoming a blur of tooth-lined blades and lashing tendrils, "We have waited for a LONG time for this..."

Venom_: 'What about Laura?', he was already away, a lash of webbing dragging him through the crowd of attackers and upwards to the source of the projectile.

Northstar_: Jean-Paul rushed forwards as the now-dead net started to be dragged for the van. "A little help, people!"

Arachne: "Coming!" Jess venomblasted herself free of attackers and lifted into the air to help JP.

Facade: Someone was screaming, but Cecilia couldn't see who it was still too busy with the remaining three people attacking her, one of them holding down her arms in a bear-hug. Angrily she smashed her armoured face into his. Once, twice, three times. "Kinda busy here!" Cecilia called slamming her elbow into the attacker behind her and darting for the van. "Right behind you!"

Magik: Illyana teleported between the van and Laura.

Northstar_: Two robed men came out of the back of the van, one grabbing for Illyana and the other ready to clear the way for his brethren with the net.

X23: Groggy and completely unsure about moving, Laura was vaguely aware of being dragged across the dirty, trash-littered pavement.

Magik: She kicked at the guy grabbing for her. "I don't think so Obi-Wan!"

Micromax: "Well, bugger." He kind of was stuck, too far away from Laura to help. So he shrunk a little bit, still towering over everybody, but small enough to step over people to get to her. "Laura!"

Northstar_: Thin, spidery but strong fingers gripped at Illyana's arms and tried to pull her closer.

Facade: Cecilia jumped on top of the net, grabbing onto Laura's legs and digging her heels into the ground. "I'll slice the net!" She said, extending a spike from her armour. "Just hold on!"

Northstar_: Jean-Paul kicked off into the air again, speeding forward to kick one of the men hauling the net in the chest. "Sounds like a plan there, Facade."

Venom_: Landing on the side of the rooftop, Venom glared at Kraven, every fiber within wanting to tear him apart. In a split second, he'd already lunged forward, hellish scream leaving his terrifying maw as he dived in to attack - mind blank save for one thought: "KILL KRAVEN!!!"

Arachne: Jess landed on top of the van, "Hi guys! That's our friend, can we have her back please or do I have to electrocute some heads?"

Magik: "Nooo!" Illyana flailed at him, kicking for his gonads. She created an astral form to wrap her arms around his neck, trying to knock him out like the other one.

Facade: Cecilia sliced the net with her forcefield spikes, dropping Laura to the ground. "Get up!" She said, hauling the smaller girl to her feet.

Kraven: Kraven twirled around at the dark shadow rushing towards him. It was one of the spider people. Almost faster than humanly possible he thrust up the spear, impaling him on the tip, and then kicking him back down into the alley again, in one fell swoop.

Kraven: He gave a last evil smile at Venom and waved, something stuck to his finger that looked suspiciously like the safety pin of a hand grenade...

Venom_: 'Well, don't say you didn't see THAT coming, ya damned idiot.'. Twisting in the air, Eddie landed crouched, grasping his chest and blinking, "....oh, it is just never simp-...." with that, the grenade detonated.

Kraven: Then he turned around. "Return, disciples!" The man melted into the shadows.

Facade: Cecilia slammed Laura and herself back onto the ground almost as soon as she had pulled her up to avoid the blast. Unable to create a dome, Cecilia just positioned herself over the other girl as well as she could, hoping her own armour would take the brunt of the blast. "Ow..." she whispered.

Arachne: Loud! Jess screamed and covered her ears. That hurt! She tumbled from the roof of the van.

Micromax: "Argh!" Scott had grown again in reaction to the blast, tumbling backwards into a wall and knocking out some bricks.

Northstar_: Jean-Paul had been in the air at the blast, finding him thrown a few feet away from the van, skidding to a stop near Jess.

X23: Laura had swayed when she'd been pulled to her feet and easily went down, trying to piece together what the hell was going on as she was slowly becoming aware of her surroundings once more, healing finally kicking in.

Kraven: The fools had let the girl escape! He would have to punish them later on. For now, Kraven decided to return to the temple.

Facade: Cecilia rolled off of Laura. Shield armour gone. "Okay...that better...be it..." she said, skin ashen and panting heavily. "'Cause that's...it for...any kind of quality shields."

Magik: Illyana glanced around once she was free, confused. "She did a quick headcount, realizing somebody was missing. "...Where is Venom?"

Northstar_: Pavement hurt. Pavement hurt a lot but Jean-Paul picked himself up in time to see the van start to pull away. "We need to follow!" He quickly said to the others as the robed figures were forcing their way back through the windows and running every which way into the night.

Facade: Cecilia gasped, getting her to feet. "Shit," she breathed, starting towards the direction of the van. "Shit...argh...alright slashed tires now, yeah? I dunno how accurate I'll be like this though..."

Micromax: Scott coughed heavily, rubbing his chest and shrinking down. No matter how big you were, a massive wall was a massive wall, hitting it was no fun.

Venom_: Slowly, the pieces left of Eddie writhed, black tendrils creeping together and re-stitching his body. Moments later, he sat up, scratching his head and gasping as he darted to the side, barely escaping being flattened by the van.

Arachne: Jess rolled to her hands and knees, shaking her head. Her ears were ringing. She felt the vibrations of van's engine and the tires on the street and looked up, watching it pull away. "I can't hear anything...." she looked for the others, "What happened?"

X23: Recovered, Laura quickly got to her feet and started for the side of the building, claws extended. She started up the side of the building with a snarl, fairly displeased once she'd realized what had happened. She called down to the others on her way up the building, "This way!"

Facade: Cecilia tried to make a shield knife...and failed. "Fuck!" She exclaimed. She was obviously in far worse shape than she thought. She couldn't make shields at all now...no surprise there really. She was dead tired and had taken a lot of damage.

Venom_: Eddie stood, stumbling a little and looking around, "...w-where's Kraven?", he turned at Laura's words, sticking with his gut and darting after her, "Lead it, X!"

Micromax: "Oh come on, give me a break!" Despite his complaining, Scott started to grow again, extending his enormous hand to the non-fliers of the group, wanting to give them a lift.

Magik: "Kraven!?" Illyana knew that name! She followed Laura and Eddie.

Facade: Still swearing and panting Cecilia began to scale another fire escape after Laura.

Venom_: Stopping at the wall, Eddie leapt upwards, firing webbing so he could run up the wall to the roof, grabbing Laura and lifting her up to the roof with himself, dropping her on her feet, "Find him. NOW,"

Magik: Illyana teleported up after Eddie and Laura, not about to be left alone.

Northstar_: "Here, have a ride." Jean-Paul called out to Cecilia, pulling her up as he flew up after the others.

Arachne: Seeing the movement, Jess followed them up but she had no clue what was going on - still quite unable to hear anything.

Micromax: He reached for a ledge and shrunk down again, jumping over it onto the roof with the momentum of he shrinking. He stood big enough toe simply step over from roof to roof and started to run after Laura.

Facade: Cecilia clenched her eyes shut at being lifted. "Thanks," she said hoarsely, running after Laura as soon as her feet were on pavement again.

X23: Once Eddie had dropped her, Laura inhaled deeply and started in the direction of the man that'd snared her.

Northstar_: What he wouldn't give for one of Mayday's spider trackers back there before the van had sped off. After the crash onto the pavement Jean-Paul wasn't sure he had it in him to catch up to wherever it had went but at least Laura had her nose about her.

Facade: Cecilia felt her anxiety grow more and more as they chased after whoever it was that threw that net. She had never actually fought a fight without being able to use her shields, though she had practiced without them many times. She just hoped that work paid off now...

Micromax: He followed Laura closely, wondering how a bloodhound mutation came into being in the first place.

Kraven: Kraven jumped from roof to roof, ever towards his temple.

Venom_: As soon as Laura pointed in a direction, Eddie shot away, swinging himself into the air on a zipline of jet webbing and leaving the group behind. Images of their last fight played through his head. Maybe he couldn't defeat Kraven alone, but it was better than someone else getting injured trying it themselves.

Northstar_: Calling the school on the radio to report so far, Jean-Paul caught them up to speed. "Maybe someone will be able to catch the van." He explained, keeping close to the others.

Facade: "Anybody get a look at the license plates?" Cecilia panted. "Might be useful."

Venom: 'You know, we almost died back there...', Eddie's mind was focused on the escaping hunter. Not this time. Not after all these years. 'We will return the favour...

Northstar_: "I don't think it had any on there." Jean-Paul answered Cecilia.

Facade: "Fuck me," Cecilia replied. "Well, I guess that makes sense...was worth a try though!"

Arachne: Jess lifted into the air to fly closer to Eddie, she couldn't give input to the conversation she couldn't hear.

Micromax: "Who are these people anyway? They looked like they came from a Jedi conference!"

Kraven: Kraven finally reached the end of the block and started to descend back towards street level. Yes, there was more exposure, but it would also make it harder to follow him. Just in case there was any such attempt. And then there was also the abandoned building, just in case there were any especially tenacious followers. It always paid off to be extra cautious, whether you were hunting animals, or demons...

Venom: "No you don't, you sonofabitch!", Eddie leapt down after the disappearing hunter, swinging after him and leaving sight of the group.

X23: Laura dived across the gap between rooftops and rolled, ending up back on her feet and running. Gaze glued to Kraven's back, she pulled a slight face when he disappeared from view. Regardless, it'd be easy enough to follow him and now Eddie.

Arachne: Jess swooped low after Eddie and followed him, trusting him to pick up on any danger because all she could hear was ringing.

Northstar_: This time Jean-Paul stuck to shadows, running ahead and trying to beat Kraven to the pass.

Facade: Cecilia jumped the gap between buildings far more clumsily and began to scale down the building quickly, landing heavily on the ground below and rushing towards Kraven. God, preserve me...

Magik: Illyana was quick to teleport as soon as she saw where she was going, landing in front of Kraven. Ohhh she hoped the others hurried.

Northstar_: Jean-Paul was right behind Illyana, waiting, hoping to run at him if he managed to get by any of the others.

Micromax: "Jesus." They all had split up as soon as they had noticed the running figure. That was stupid, even he knew that. He started to climb down the side of the building on a fire escape, hoping to reach the others in time to help.

Kraven: Kraven stopped in his tracks, eyeing the thing that had appeared in front of him. He would be able to take her down easily, but the problem was others would be reaching them soon...

X23: Laura hopped over the edge of the roof, using her claws against the wall to slow her descent before continuing on her chase. She wasn't particularly sure she liked the look of the abandoned building ahead of them, but... He stopped. Why was he stopping?

Arachne: Jess adhered herself to the wall above and rubbed distractedly at her ears.

Kraven: He reached into his pouch and started running at her. A moment before reaching her, he blew his special mushroom powder into her face. That should take care of her teleportation. Then he slid into the building...

Dusk: The shadows in the narrow alley began to peel away from their dark corners, congregating in mid-air as they assumed the slender shape of a young woman. "Good evening, ladies and gentlemen," Cassandra announced, baring her teeth in a wry grin, reaching up with a gloved hand to tip the hat resting on her head. "You called the nighttime express?"

Magik: Illyana coughed and hacked as she inhaled the powder, sinking to her knee.

Venom: Spotting Illyana and his foe, Eddie swung upwards, flipping in the air and diving downwards, barely missing with a slice of his arm-scythe and landing in a crouch with an audible grunt of frustration. He shot past Illyana, barely even noting the odd smell trailing Kraven.

Micromax: He ran up to Illyana and shrunk down to normal size. "Are you alright?" Stupid question.

Venom: 'She might be hurt! We should go back a-...', ignoring the voice, Venom pursued his enemy, senses kicking in just in time for him to dodge the improvised guillotine blade sliding free of the wall, hit by the tripwire he'd snagged unknowingly.

Facade: Cecilia paused in the doorway of the building. It was dark in there...and she had no idea what was waiting for her there. Digging a small flashlight out of her pocket she entered the building, glancing back at Illyana only briefly. Scott had this covered it seemed.

Magik: She coughed and hacked some more, shaking her head no.

Arachne: Jess crawled along the wall to follow the others inside, sticking to the ceiling. Veeeery dark. And the ringing wouldn't stop.

Northstar_: Well shit. That hadn't gone to plan. Jean-Paul had to run forward from his waiting spot. He skidded to a stop beside Micromax and Illyana, jumping as he saw Cassie as well. "Do you know what you breathed in?"

Venom: Rolling forward, Eddie held his hands up, catching a second falling blade and roaring in pain as it bit into his hands and shoulders. Lifting it, he tore it free and cast it aside, taking deep breaths as he tried to compose himself: "Focus...", he commanded himself.

Magik: "DEATH!" Illyana coughed out.

Dusk: Shadowy arms danced around her, keeping the teenaged girl afloat, as she took in her surroundings. Rising higher into the nightly air, she spotted the familiar shapes of her friends not too far in the distance. Deciding to take another shortcut, she vanished in another swirl of shadows, only to emerge on top of the building the others were heading for.

Micromax: "Okay, wait here." He looked up and saw a vending machine at a corner. Running up to it he hoped the few coins he had left from his dinner were enough to buy a bottle of water.

Facade: Cecilia kept her flashlight close to the ground, watching for any tripwires or holes. This guy had set up traps before, who was to say he wouldn't again? She tried to create a shield again...still no luck.

Venom: Eddie stepped forward in the dark, inwardly cursing himself for not coming up with some kind of 'spider-night-vision', or just taking the ones he'd stolen from Castle all those years ago with him. He winced, looking down at the cracking under his boot, "Shards of glass....hm.", he rolled his eyes, "Hardcore(!)"

X23: Laura didn't hesitate at the darkness of the building, glass crunching under her boots as she stormed in, coming to a complete halt. She didn't know where he'd gone. The entire area smelled of him. It was probably a good idea to voice this issue, "I don't know where he is."

Micromax: He returned, a bottle of no-name water in his hand. "Here, rinse your eyes and have a drink." He patted her back.

Northstar_: Jean-Paul was checking Illyana's face over, watching her eyes. "Death, eh? Micromax is right, afraid we can't do much else until you're home."

Venom: Stepping further into the blankness, Eddie stopped. Another tripwire? He smirked, stepping over it and slipping on the little bit of grease strategically left between it and another tripwire, "......oop.", he looked around, disturbed that his spider-sense hadn't been alerted.

Magik: Illy rinsed out her eyes, then took a swig of water, spitting it out to rinse her mouth. "Uggggggh what was that he threw at me?!"

Dusk: "Don't feel ashamed to ask for my help with anything," Cassandra said, perching on the edge of the roof, as she looked down at her friends, a smile on her lips. "I overheard this somewhat unsettling call back at the school, and it seemed like you could use another hand."

Micromax: "Erm...fairy dust?" He shrugged.

Venom: Luckily, Eddie had regained his footing so as to not slip onto any of the glass. He looked around, swearing blind he could hear....dripping....and then pouring liquid....

Arachne: Jess crawled along the ceiling, feeling her way across and trying to focus on the vibrations of the others. Their voices were now buzzing noises but still not intelligible.

Micromax: Then he looked up to the new arrival. "Oh, it's you! Thank God!" Cassandra was seriously useful at night, there was no doubt about that. "They went into the building after the crazy killer!"

Northstar_: "They're mostly inside." Jean-Paul answered Cassandra. "He ran in there but it's not sounding good."

Magik: Illyana laughed a little, then coughed again. "Well... maybe... ooohhh pretty lights!" Illyana stood up to look at the lights she saw in the sky.

Facade: Cecilia stepped over a trip wire...and then another trip wire. Fuck this guy was persistant...

Venom: "....cider fountain?", Eddie sighed to himself. It wouldn't be a cider fountain - God wasn't that kind. Or was He? Walking forward, his senses caught wind of something falling towards him. He leapt backwards, blade spawning in place of his hand as the three hung dead bodies dangled in front of him, "....woah..."

Kraven: Kraven hurriedly sneaked through the corridors of the building, at time crawling through almost impossibly narrow spaces, always avoiding his traps. And, just in case the tracker hadn't lost him yet, he dropped some of his special dust every now and then.

Venom: Standing up straight, Eddie shook his head, "Certainly has a flair for the dramatic...", he frowned, feeling more than a little sick somewhere in his mind. He inwardly kicked himself - Kraven was escaping! Arm re-forming, he stepped past the bodies, trying to ignore the smell of what he swore was gasoline.

X23: Laura was also aware of the dripping echoing through the abandoned space as she moved through the darkness, her enhanced vision not even helping her in the almost total darkness. She felt a wire give around her ankle and had enough time to wonder what that had been before an explosion ripped through part of the building, lighting the area up as the three bodies exploded around Eddie.

Venom: "...gasoline.", Eddie muttered to himself. And there were other trip-wires. And the bodies had holes in their stomachs like Kraven had given h-.....

Dusk: "Stalking crazy killers in spooky dark buildings? Sounds like an exciting way to spend this lovely night." Cassandra grinned, tipping her hat as she slightly bowed her head. "Don't worry, it's Dusk to the rescue. I'll see what I can find out, yes?" Not waiting for a reply, she vanished again, teleporting inside the abandoned warehouse.

Venom: The explosion following the tripwire engulfed the warehouse room Eddie was within in bright flames, the noise roaring through the building.

Facade: Cecilia's eyes widened as an explosion lit up further down the hall, illuminating both Laura and Eddie. Swearing, she ducked into a side hall for cover. "Shit!"

Northstar_: "Have you got her?" Jean-Paul asked Scott as he nodded to Illyana.

Arachne: Another explosion. It echoed around the space and the shock knocked her from the ceiling. She landed on something that crushed under her and hurt, curling up.

Kraven: Finally, deep down in the bowels of the building, he reached the small hole he had made himself earlier that day, which represented a direct access to the sewers. He opened the gas line that he had made very sure to reconnect as well. Then he went through the hole and closed it behind him with a cover, to which yet another tripwire was attached. A whole cellar full of gas and the lightest spark would do the rest to deter even the most persistent followers...

Northstar_: His question came right before the explosion and Jean-Paul stood up quickly, alarmed at the blast, swearing profusely as he went for the radio. "Everyone chime in."

Magik: "Fairies!" Illyana bounced a little, swatting at the lights.

Facade: Cecilia touched her radio. "Facade, check."

Micromax: He nodded at Jean-Paul. "I have he-..." Then an explosion went up. "Holy crap!"

Dusk: The darkness inside the building worked to her advantage, allowing her to easily form another portal in the middle of the large room - just to be greeted by the bright spark of a fiery explosion. Cassandra let out a yell, instinctively shielding her face, as the shadows around were blown away like black smoke in a storm.

Micromax: "Ssshh, okay, yes, the fairies, aren't they nice?" This whole thing had gone fubar surprisingly fast.

Arachne: Jess, of course, couldn't hear the radio. The ringing was back with a vengeance. She groaned a little, pushing herself up and crying out when something cut into her hands.

Magik: Illyana danced around Scott, humming as she did.

Venom: "Twice in a FUCKING day!", Eddie roared, pushing himself free from debris as the rest of his form stitched itself back together. He took haggard breaths, forcing himself to keep moving towards where he was sure Kraven was. To hell with this - he was taking that assholes' head if he could manage it.

Dusk: Layers of unnatural darkness emerged from the girl's body, instantly bending by themselves to form protective layers around Cassandra, only to be almost peeled away as the flames licked over their surface. Leaping backwards, she shadowy constructs pulled her up into the air, away from the explosion.

Northstar_: "X23, do you have any idea where he is in there? If not you guys had best get out because we're not equipped to work a bomb scene and track him down."

Facade: Cecilia came out of the side corridor as soon as she was sure it was safe. "Ed! Laura!" She hissed. "Are you alright?! Ah- Goddamnit!" She cried as something that smelled a lot like gasoline poured onto her right arm from a drum on the ceiling. "Shit!"

Venom: Forcing his way through a wall, Venom's form condensed again, sniffing and coughing at the haze of yellow-like smoke in the area. His eyes blurred, body healing the chemical damage just fast enough to keep him from ending up completely falling down. He stopped as he spotted a descending staircase...

Micromax: "Uhm, hey, Illyana? Are you...alright? What is happening to you?" He followed her around, trying to steer her away from that damn building.

Venom: "....flip a coin.", he told himself, reaching to his side to try and find anything he may have still had on his person.

Dusk: "I... I'm okay..." Cassandra took a deep breath, lowering both her arms and the large shadowy leaves that had shielded her body. "I just did not expect it to get that hot in here." This had been uncomfortably close.

Magik: "I'm dancing with the fairies! Dance with us!" Illyana took Scott's hand, pulling him along.

X23: Laura flew backwards at the explosion, crashing through a doorway and sliding across the glass-covered floor, the jagged edges cutting into her flesh. Ending up sprawled on her back, her arm came down on something metal, which clamped onto her arm, snapping through the bones. Teeth gritted, she sucked in a breath and prepared herself for the pain as she yanked hard on her arm. It wasn't coming free of the trap.

X23: Through the pain, she caught JP's question and forced out, "No clue..."

Micromax: "Erm, yes, the fairies..." He started to akwardly dance along. At least she seemed to be without pain.

Arachne: Jess moved gingerly towards the lights of the fires, turning her hands over to see the palms. Glass. There was glass in her hands. And it hurt. She started on picking it out.

Facade: Cecilia frowned as Ed wandered further towards a descending staircase. "I'll get them," she said into the radio. "Hey Ed! JP told us to regroup!" She said, walking after him.

Venom: Eddie froze at the sound of tearing flesh from behind him, turning back and pausing. "....he'll escape.", he said to himself.

Magik: "Ohhh they want to make me their queen! I need a tiara." Illyana started hunting for one.

Facade: "Yeah and we won't," Cecilia said, picking her way over. "No doubt he's got more traps there."

Venom: 'He's already gone. We FAILED. We need to do what we can., wincing, Eddie shook his head, "Good plan, symbiote.", he came back through the hole in the wall, charging past the fire and debris towards where he'd heard the flesh-tearing noise.

Micromax: "Wait, your majesty!" He hurried after her. "Uhm...why don't we step away from that big, dangerous looking building, huh?"

Northstar_: "...you take care of her." Jean-Paul just waved to Scott, starting for the building. "The police need to get to this place with their bombsquad. Nothing's going to be helped by us blowing ourselves up. Venom, can you get your cohorts down here?"

Dusk: Spark were dancing in front of her eyes, the bright light of the explosion having left her nearly blind and without orientation. She dropped to the ground, hearing the creak of wooden crates as her feet made contact. "Where is everyone," Cassandra asked, reaching out to touch another crate by her side. "Give me a second to find you, and I can get you out of here."

Magik: "Where should we look then? We need to decorate for the Royal Ball."

Micromax: "Yes, yes. See, your highness, I think there is also a problem with the shoes. You need glass ones, right?"

Arachne: Jess coughed, her senses fogged by the smoke. She couldn't risk venom blasts or stick to the wall with her hands in this state and flying in the smoke from the fires was not a good plan. She crawled carefully across the floor, leaning on her forearms rather than her hands and trying to find the way out of the building.

X23: Glancing over to her arm, she squinted at the trap through the smoke, which had caught her forearm. Judging from the smell of all the chemicals, it wouldn't be long before the rest of the building went up. Considering the situation, she extended the claws on her free hand.

Venom: "Cassie?", Eddie looked around, hearing the voice of another girl, "Hey, Cassie! Stay put and don't touch anything, alright?", he decided to find out what had happened behind the damaged door, spotting Laura, "......oh, that is just....oh, gross!"

Facade: Cecilia sighed and followed Ed. "...Cassandra..." she said, a tad surprised. "Guess you got the call then."

Magik: "Glass shoes?! Don't be silly."

Venom: Cringing, Eddie looked away; 'Oh, sure. But being torn apart and re-forming a whole body is alright?', he shook his head, "You ok, Laura?", he dared to ask.

Micromax: "Oh, okay..." That made it clear, he had no idea about foot-fashion. "Then...I don't know, how about leather?"

Magik: "Well... leather might work... But where shall we hang the ferns?"

Facade: "...Wow did both of you just charge though every trap there was?" Cecilia laughed a little. "No wonder I didn't get caught by anything."

X23: "Don't be such a wimp," Laura gasped out as she rolled to get to her feet, snatching up her arm and reattaching it as she stated, ignoring the question of whether she was okay or not for the moment, "We have to get out of here."

Dusk: Her head was spinning, but her vision slowly began to clear again, the bright spots dancing in front of her fading one by one. "Not that I'm in the mood to argue, but do you think this is such a good idea," Cassandra asked in return, looking around to find the source of the voices.

Micromax: "On....trees?" That was were ferns grow, right? He was more of a city boy.

Facade: Cecilia gasped as she put her flashlight on Laura. "Oh fuck..."

Venom: "Agreed.", Eddie nodded, offering his hand somewhat timidly, "Y'wanna....er...?"

Northstar_: "I'm hearing a whole lot of oh fucks and so forth over the radio here. Do I want to know?" Jean-Paul started in, doing a sweep for them to get them out (and, of course, for Kraven if he actually was lucky or unlucky enough).

Facade: "JP I have Laura, Ed and Cassandra here," Cecilia radio'd back. "Is that everyone inside?"

Magik: "Nooo! We can't put the ferns on the trees! That would be silly! They need to go on the walls."

Northstar_: "Arachne, do we have a location on Arachne?"

X23: Realizing she didn't really have time to reattach her arm at the moment, she handed it to Eddie as she got to her feet.

Facade: Cecilia blinked. "...No...I think she was behind me..."

Venom: Eddie turned to Cecilia, "Aha, radio...that's what I'm missing.", he frowned at the arm that was handed to him, "....oh, ha-fucking-ha, Laura...", he sighed.

Micromax: "Oh, yes, how could I have been so deluded?" He smacked his forehead. Ferns on walls, wasn't that basically mold?

Magik: "I don't know silly! Ohhh the dancing mushrooms!" Illyana took off again to dance with an invisible partner.

Facade: She looked to Laura trying to re-attach her fucking arm and Ed who'd taken an explosion to the face and Cassandra the new girl..."I'll go find her," she said turning and heading back the way she came.

Micromax: "Yes, I think it might have been mushrooms, yes...," he said absentmindedly.

Arachne: Reaching a tripwire, Jess frowned at it in her eyeline and followed it to see where it went. Grenade. Lovely. Better not try and go that way... she backed up looking for a safer route.

Dusk: Cassandra squinted and shook her head, until her sense of balance appeared somewhat trustworthy again and her senses had readjusted to the darkness around her. With a series of graceful leaps, she crossed several of the tall crates, until she landed on top of the one right next to her friends.

Northstar_: "Are those three in any shape to get themselves out?" Jean-Paul asked, then swore as one of the tripwires caught his foot as he flew through the hallway. He could see the body of a hobo falling and something leaking out on the floor in the other room. "Fast, we need out of here fast."

Venom: Eddie shook Laura's arm at....Laura... "....can you take this back?", he shuddered.

Facade: Cecilia picked back through the hallway, flashlight swerving back and forth. "Laura's arm is...detached," she said. "She's currently trying to put it back on...Ed and Cass are helping. They can walk though."

Facade: "JESSSSS!" Cecilia yelled, swearing as more gasoline spilled onto her. "WHERE ARE YOU?!"

X23: "Will you stop staring at me and move if I do?" Laura asked as she started back the way they'd come into the building.

Northstar_: "Running would be my personal choice." Jean-Paul admitted, continuing on for his search for Jess.

Dusk: "There you are," she announced, quickly glancing from one the other. Shock and surprise crept onto her face when she spotted Laura. "Oh dear, this looks... painful?" She grimaced at the other girl, biting her lower lip. "So, need a hand?"

Venom: "Oh, I am NOT helping.", Eddie pointed out, "Fuuuuck that. I'll carry Cassie, but....this?", he pointed at the arm, "No.", he thrust it into Laura's chest, "Just....fucking take it.", he frowned.

Magik: Illyana leapt onto Scott's back. "GIDDY UP!"

Venom: Glancing to Cassandra, Eddie shook his head, "She needs to stop being funny - I think I'ma be sick...", he groaned, "...that might be all the adrenaline in my everything though..."

Arachne: Damn it. She was so fucking lost. Everything smelled bad, her hands hurt, she couldn't hear and the smoke was clouding her vision. She was screwed. She coughed, trying to get enough air in her lungs to yell. "I don't know if anyone's here but help! Please!"

Micromax: "Ack!" He stumbled about, doing more of a drunk than a horse impression. Or possibly a drunk horse. "Milady, I think you may be squishing my insides with your thighs!" Why was he even putting up with this? He quite obviously was pathologically nice.

Facade: Cecilia screamed both at the sudden appearance of Jess' voice and the fact she actually tripped over the other girl. "OW!" She screamed as she hit the floor. "...Okay I found her..." she coughed into the radio. "...Be there in a minute..."

X23: Rolling her eyes, Laura took her arm and pressed it to the gaping wound as she started toward the way they'd come, taking JP's advice and running as she grumbled about how weak Eddie's stomach was. He'd just had hobos explode on him, how bad could an arm be?

Magik: "Dance with me!" Illyana hopped down, moving in front of Scott. "Dance dance dance!"

Northstar_: Hearing the screaming a few floors above, Jean-Paul zipped up that way as well. He grabbed for his phone and texted Jess's number, hoping that she had her phone on her in case his ears were deceiving her. 'What floor and what room? I'm coming up from the basement now.'

Arachne: "Oh thank God!" Jess hugged Cecilia, "You know which way's out, right? Not that way." She pointed, "There's a grenade that way. I can't hear anything."

Dusk: Cassandra hopped down from the crate and helped steady Laura, giving her a concerned look, before taking a quick glance around the inside of the building. "This place doesn't feel save," she told them, tension in her voice. "I could try to get us out of here... maybe."

Facade: Cecilia began yanking her to her feet. "Geddup. C'mon I've got gasoline all over me and this place is gonna blow any minute!" She cried. "JEAN-PAUL!" She screamed, hoping he might hear her.

Venom: Eddie nodded, "I agree with THAT.", he snapped his fingers at Cassandra, "I wanna be out of here as soon as possible..."

Micromax: He did his best John-Travolta-Saturday-Night-Fever impression. Everything to keep her away from the ever flimsier looking building that started to have flames licking out from a huge number of holes. "Guys, you have to get out of there, this thing is coming down soon!," he shouted into the radio while boogieing.

X23: "Then, go for it," Laura shrugged. She had to agree with Eddie on getting out as soon as possible.

Arachne: "You smell awful...." Jess commented, not hearing a word Cee had said. "Is that gasoline? There's fires everywhere... you're insane coming back in here. You know that, right?"

Dusk: Cassandra returned Eddie's look, before scanning the dark around them for Cecilia and Jessica. "Okay, but I can only do this once... I hope." She took a deep breath. "Where are the others? Are we waiting for them?"

Northstar_: "I've still got my radio on, Cecilia." Jean-Paul came over the radio, wincing at the screaming. "Get to the stairwell, I'll meet you there." He replied, running up and soon he could be heard zipping up the last flight to them.

Magik: "I could have daaaaaaaanced all night!" She twirled for Scott, giggling.

Facade: Cecilia began hauling Jess along. "I never left the building once I came in," she said, panting. "I never claimed to be a shining example of mental health..."

Venom: Eddie looked around, "I...have no radio. I assume Cecilia and Jess are out.", he shrugged, "....Laura - we green to exit?"

X23: "I believe JP is gathering the others," she said as she studied her arm. She made a mental note to never get caught in a trap again. "So, we're good."

Venom: "A'ight - Cassie?", he nodded, "Port us away."

Micromax: "Wooowww, great!" He clapped distractedly while looking at the building which started to crumble from the top floor down.

Northstar_: Jean-Paul saw them and didn't so much greet them as grab onto them and rush them along towards a window. "I trust you're good to get the hell out of Dodge?"

Arachne: "Ow, ow! Don't grip so hard! I'm bleeding everywhere and gas in cuts is not nice!"

Facade: "Yes!" Cecilia said. "Before I'm burned alive would be great!"

Dusk: "Very well, then, time to exit the stage." Cassandra took another deep breath as she focused, gathering her strength and courage with a determined nod. "Everyone hold on and stay tight." She took hold of Laura and Eddie, as she shadows around them began to draw near. "Showtime."

Northstar_: "Unless you'd rather I drop you you'd best hold on." Jean-Paul kicked off of the ground, heading for the all ready broken window.

Facade: Cecilia gripped on hard. "No shields! So no, I'd rather not!"

Arachne: Jess put her arms tightly around JP, not able to use her hands to help. He could fly faster and knew the way out so he was taking her out whether that was the plan or not.

Northstar_: Jean-Paul didn't so much need to know the way out as he just needed to fly straight until the way out just happened. What was left of the window shattered with them as he bolted on free of the building.

Micromax: The building finally started to collapse into itself, red flumes of fire spilling out from the cracks.

Facade: Cecilia flinched and brought her arms up to defend herself from any remaining glass in the window...it was strange but impacts on her shield felt the same as when she took them without them...no doubt she was developing an incredible pain tolerance.

Dusk: Once engulfed by blackness, the three of them were pulled through the shadowy rift, just in time to avoid the surge of flames that filled the warehouse only moments later. They were hurled through vast nothingness for an indeterminable length of time, before their unusual journey ended as they were spewed out into the night outside on the New York City streets.

Magik: "Hello peasants! Welcome to my ball!"

Venom: Stumbling out of the black miasma, Eddie slipped onto his knees, looking up just in time to see the building go up in a plume of flames, "Ho-ly shit!", he gasped.

Micromax: "Yeah, hey..." He shuffled Illyana just a little further away from the building coming down.

Northstar_: Jean-Paul sat down as carefully as he could but he still stumbled. "Well...that was...that was shit."

Arachne: Air! Fresh(ish) air! Jess took several grateful lungfuls of it. She felt rather than heard the explosion, her hearing still gone from the grenades in the building.

Magik: "Fireworks!" Illyana jumped and clapped with glee.

Micromax: "That means the ball is ending." Thank mother-frikken God.

Venom: Rolling onto his back, Eddie let his mask receed, taking a deep breath of fresh air into his lungs. His headache was pounding what little was left of his stamina out of his body as he looked up at the cloudy sky, "...well, fuck today.", he groaned.

Northstar_: "I don't know...today could have went a whole lot worse. We just thwarted our own kidnapping."

Magik: "But but but... I don't want the ball to end!"

Dusk: The remains of her portal vanished into the air, the shadowy tendrils surrounding Cassandra flaking away into the night, as she staggered forward and turned around, looking back at the burning building they had just escaped. "Always end your show with a bang," she muttered, managed an uneven smile.

Facade: Cecilia panted, stating at the explosion. "...We have amazing timing..." she noted.

Micromax: "We can have another one, tomorrow..." He sighed and slunk to the ground. "What a shit evening. Should have stayed at McDonald's..."

Arachne: Jess sat down on the pavement and looked down at her hands. Ow. She lifted her head to look at the others. "Can we go home now? I think I need a doctor..."

Magik: "But I had a lovely evening with you..." Illyana burst into tears.

X23: Laura fell from the shadows and simply stayed down, wiggling the fingers of her newly reattached arm. Well, she was glad that had worked because she hadn't been completely sure it would. Catching the conversation, she asked, "Can we go to McDonald's?"

Dusk: The next moment, her eyes rolled back into her head and she fell forward, hitting the ground as she collapsed. The air was forced from her lungs, and cold sweat clung to her face.

Venom: Eddie looked up, hopping forward and kneeling beside Cassandra, "Hey, Cassie.", he lifted her head a little, "Cassie?"

Micromax: "Yes, it was very nice." He got up again and patted Illyana on the back."

Northstar_: "We'll call ahead and make someone get us McDonalds, lots of McDonalds." Those bagels were well burned out now and Jean-Paul was exhausted. He frowned as he heard Eddie, raising an eyebrow. "What happened?"

Magik: She peeked out at him through her fingers. "Really?" She sniffled.

Facade: Cecilia stared at Laura in horror. "You just re-attached your arm and you wanna go to McDonald's?!"

Northstar_: "Hey now, that'd make a girl hungry."

Micromax: "Re-...really..." He gave Cassandra a worried glance.

X23: Laura stared back at Cecilia, shrugging a bit from her spot on the ground, "I really like their french fries."

Arachne: Jess wasn't sure she'd been answered but she lay down on her uninjured side, curling her hands carefully to her chest.

Magik: "Wheeeee!" Illyana started twirling again.

Dusk: Opening her eyes, Cassandra gaze wandered around aimlessly, until it finally focused on Eddie's face. "Thank you," she muttered, trying to keep the world from spinning. "You've been a wonderful audience."

Venom: Looking up at Jean-Paul, Eddie shook his head, "She's er...", he looked down at her words, smiling, "Hey, hey....relax, you were a real showstopper.", he grinned, eyes more gentle than they'd been all night so far, "You ok, starlett?"

Facade: "...I used to work at one in the Bronx," Cecilia muttered. She eyed both Cassandra and Jess. "...We should get back though. A couple here need medical attention and your arm should be stitched. I hope you're up to date on your tetanus shots..."

Micromax: "Illyana needs...I don't know, a strong coffee?"

Northstar_: Food, sweet Jesus did he ever need food. "Van, lets get to the van." Crap, what way was the van? Jean-Paul took a moment to think before setting out towards where they had left their ride. "Can everyone make it?"

Dusk: "Yes, I'm fine," she replied, pushing herself off the ground and raising a hand to wipe her brow, shaking her head a little to try and stop the dizziness. "Merely taxed my strength." Looking up, she managed to chuckle. "But I don't think there will be an encore tonight, even at the risk of disappointing my fans."

Magik: "Strong Maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan!" Illyana hugged Eddie from behind.

X23: With a sigh, she pushed herself up and waved off the idea of stitches, "It'll heal."

Venom: Eddie rolled his eyes, laughing all the same, "Eeeh, screw 'em.", he shrugged, suddenly jumping at Illyana's grasp, "Oh, hey! Er....erm....", he sniffed. Oh. Right. ".....ah, hello, Illy(!)"

Facade: Cecilia eyed Illyana. "...I'm getting a little creeped out by her..." Any minute now Cecilia was expecting Illyana to throw off all her clothes and proclaim herself the Lizard Queen.

Magik: "Dance with me, Eeeeedddddiiiieeeee!"

Micromax: "Yeah, let's." He followed JP.

Venom: Standing, Eddie turned to Illyana, "...ok, why don't er...why don't we go home, eh?", he frowned, looking back at Cassandra, "Hey, you gonna be alright, kiddo?"

Facade: Cecilia leaned over to Jess' face. "We're going to the van!" She said loudly and slowly, gesturing wildly. "Come on!"

Magik: "But my ball isn't over... and the Fairy Prince just arrived!"

Dusk: Her expression turned serious when she had a moment to realize what had just happened. "Is everyone else alright," she asked, giving Eddie a worried look. "Did we get all of us out?"

Arachne: Unable to hear talk of home, Jess remained curled up on her side, slowly dripping blood onto her uniform on the pavement. At the movement in her field of vision she blinked at Cee, "Say that again? I can lipread..."

Venom: "Oh, we did. Just...", Eddie shook his head at Illyana, "...chemical warfare."

Magik: She bounced away from Eddie, pouncing onto Jean-Paul. "You are a fairy too! Are you the king?! Are you my daddy!?"

Facade: Cecilia sighed, already frustrated and just grabbed the other girl's arm, dragging her along. "She can't hear us!" She proclaimed gleefully. "Now I can talk shit about her!"

Venom: Cringing, Eddie slapped his palm to his face, "Well, at least we're all in high-spirits(!)", he smiled wryly.

Arachne: "Ow ow ow! Injured arm injured arm, gas hands! Leggo!" she tried to tug herself free.

Northstar_: "...yes, I am king of the fairies." Oh God please let this be because of his ears. "Come, my child, we go to our mighty fairy chariot."

Micromax: "AKA, the van..."

Magik: "Oh oh we had a baby! Babies! I have babies!" She bounced back to Eddie, tackling him. "I need more babies!"

Facade: Cecilia let go and began laughing uncontrollably. "Chariot!" She snorted, slightly hysterically. "Hahaha!"

Dusk: "In that case..." The cheeky smirk found its way back on Cassandra's face, even when she staggered and swayed a little as she got back to her feet and steadied herself. "...I think it's time to celebrate the loss of my superhero virginity."

X23: Laura started after the others, going toward the van. She didn't quite manage to resist commenting on Jess' injured arm, "It is only a flesh wound." Wait... That was how you said that line, right? Maybe not.

Venom: "......w h a t....", Eddie's face was more red than...anything he could imagine that happened to be a sanguine shade, "....sweet jesus in heaven....", he struggled to control Illyana, "N-no! No. No touching ANYWHERE there!"

Venom: 'Something about wishing too hard a-....', he shook his head, "Not now, Sparky!"

Magik: She yawned as she felt a strong sleepy taking over, slumping against Eddie as she passed out.

Northstar_: "I am so glad I'm her fairy father and she's no interest in royal incest. She's all yours right now, Eddie." Jean-Paul smirked, hurrying to the van. Today wasn't a complete loss. They ruined their own kidnapping and, Jean-Paul had a feeling, they were closer to finding Kraven's territory if he had the chance to set all of that up.

Venom: Blinking, Eddie held an apparently passed out Illyana. ".........'the fuck just happened!?", he looked over at Jean-Paul, "Oh, piss off, you prick.", he sniggered, shaking his head.

Dusk: Nearby, she spotted something smoldering lying on the ground, and bent down to pick up her slightly demolished hat, which had gotten blown off her head earlier. She flipped it back onto her head, made sure of its proper sit, and flashed the others a bright grin. "And only slightly worse for the wear," Cassandra remarked, following the others.

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