3/9 Game: The Glittering Irish Titty Twister

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3/9 Game: The Glittering Irish Titty Twister

Post by Ferguson » Sun Mar 10, 2013 12:50 am

<Lorna> A night out, what a novel idea. Lorna liked this idea. She didn't like that she was starting a night out drinking all ready exhausted but she ad a mission for this outing and that was to be wonderfully trashed because damnit it was about time. "Take me to the rum!"

<Cecilia> Cecilia followed the charge being led by Lorna into the bar, smoothing down the acid green shirt and black skirt she'd picked for this occasion, wondering if she could use her fake ID when there were two teachers present...screw it, she was going to try this legendary green beer she'd heard so much about. "Make way! Make way!"

<Anna> "Rum?" Anna echoed, "You're going to sully today with rum. Whiskey or Guinness, Lorna. There are no other drinks today."

<Lorna> "While I intend to drink a good deal of that I won't trade in my first love." Lorna assured Anna, holding the doors for the ladies and Jack accompanying her for this happy occasion.

<@Melati> "Don't worry, mommy-in-chief, the rum is always going to be with you," Melati commented, thumbing over her shoulder. "This will be the field test of my new mobile bar." On a length of rope, she was pulling a decorated cart along. Music was playing from small speakers taped to the sides.

<Jessica> Jess was patched for the occasion and kept rubbing distractedly at the area of her stomach it was stuck to over her shirt.

<Jack> "Really don't know why you girls are so divided by the types of alcohol. I say, if it comes in a bottle with a percentage on the side, then you know it's good to drink." Jack said following the girls.

<Anna> "Aww, a man after my own heart!" Anna patted Jack affectionately. "I'm buying you a drink."

<Cecilia> Cecilia eyed Jess patting her stomach and smirked. "You shouldn't be drinking when you're expecting, Jess."

<Jack> "Score, free drink. Wait.. you mean I don't have to pay in sexy ways? Suuucks." Jack told Anna, deprived of any naughty payback.

<Lorna> "And what would you recommend off of your mobile bar, my dear?" Lorna asked, glancing over at the fare Melati had provided for their crawl today.

<Jessica> Jess frowned at Cecilia's comment and stuffed her hands in the pockets of her jacket instead.

<@Melati> "Or several," Melati added, flashing Jack a toothy grin. "And once you're fueled up enough..." She pulled a can of green spray paint from her trolley, a smirk on her lips as she waved it about. "You'll see, sooner or later we'll get you in the proper colours."

<Cecilia> Cecilia just laughed at this and walked up to Mel amazing travelling bar. "Do you have any of that green beer?"

<Anna> "I'm no where near drunk enough to consider sexy ways with a student." Anna gave Jack an apologetic look and hopped up to the bar to order drinks.

<@Melati> "Sure thing!" She bent down to pull a bottle out of her well-stocked supply. "In fact, all drinks in there are green. I added the color myself, due to the occasion."

<Lorna> "For the saint for for me?" Lorna asked, laughing and taking a drink.

<Cecilia> Cecilia picked up one of the green shots and tossed it back, savouring the familiar burn of whiskey. A few more of these and she'd be more relaxed than she'd been in weeks and after a whole evening of this she'd sleep better than she had in ages. Nothing washed away bad cannibal dreams like green whiskey. "Cheers," she coughed.

<Jack> "Not to worry,Teach, I can keep many a secret. Like the fact that Mel has a stuffed teddy with a strap on. Or the fact that someone at the school has extra, extra, extra large red lingerie."

<Jack> "So if you ever get drunk enough to get sexy with a student, I will never blab it." Jack told Anna.

<Anna> "That's some excellent secret keeping you're doing right there." Anna handed him a drink. "Good job!"

<@Melati> "Teach, with hair like that, you are the saint of the day," Melati told Lorna, slinging an arm around the other woman's shoulder, while popping the cap of her own bottle with a clawed thumb. "Just look at the two of us. Green hair, green skin. This is our day."

<Anna> "I'm Irish! My t-shirt says so! I should get some of this day too!" Anna protested.

<Lorna> "It is. To us!" There was another thing to drink to so there went more booze back.

<Cecilia> Cecilia just looked at her green shirt and dark skin. "....I'm black Irish."

<@Melati> "Don't worry, we'll have both of you turned green in no time," Melati announced, gesturing at Anna and Cecilia with her bottle, before taking another good-sized swig.

<Anna> "I'm already green. On the inside." She nodded sagely, "Also..." she stuffed a hand in her pocket and dowsed them all with green glitter. "Take that!"

<Lorna> "Mel did bring spray paint, after all." Hey, she was back in student shenanigans as well. Huzzah, she was a cool mom!

<Jack> "Hey," Jack told Cecilia, "I'm black Irish as well," the black furred rabbit with the green shirt and green pinstriped pants said. "Then again I'lll be green Irish if Mel gets her way with that spraycan..."

<Jessica> Jess flailed a little at the surprise glitter and eyed a clump that landed in her drink.

<Anna> "Don't worry, it's also edible glitter." Anna clambered up onto a stool and claimed more whiskey.

<Jack> "Huh...green glitter on black fur... it works... gotta remember that for clubs."

<@Melati> Melati sneezed as the glitter covered her and clung to her already green skin, just adding a pretty sparkle to it. "Okay, this is probably the only situation I can think of where I won't mind glitter."

<@Melati> She perked up at the term 'edible'. "Really?" Melati spread her arms. "Who wants to eat my glitter!?"

<Jack> "What about that Christmas present I got you, the glitter lube?" Jack asked Mel. "Or new years, with the glitter banner that shed glitter on everyone like an STD?"

<Jessica> Okay, edible was fine. She could drink her drink and maybe relax a little. But not too much. Jack was there. She leaned against the bar.

<Cecilia> Cecilia frowned at her now green glittery afro and sighed. "That's never gonna come out. I'm gonna have green glitter falling in my eyes and in my bed for days now." She took another shot and then another to forget the coming aggravation.

<Anna> "Glitter is awesome. My classroom says so." Anna was a fan of glitter. Probably a bit too much of a fan.

<Lorna> Sometimes with the glitter Lorna wondered if Anna wasn't Irish Paige. Her glitter wasn't pink, though, so there went that. "To glitter!" Another drink!

<Jack> "Mel, if it bothers you that much, I shall make it my life's work to destroy all glitter on your body with my tongue... after I get plastered."

<Jack> "To glitter!" Jack said, looking at his hand. "I need a drink!"

<@Melati> "Hey, how long do you think that would last me," Melati asked Jack right back, before patting Cecilia on the shoulder. "Oh, I'm sure Jack here would love to take care of that for you, too." Looking back, she showed the rabbit boy a toothy smirk.

<Anna> Anna drank to that too. "Woo glitter!" She sprinkled some on some nearby strangers too.

<Jack> "That I do!" Jack agreed with Mel.

<Cecilia> Cecilia raised an eyebrow and smirked. "But would he appreciate the kick to the family jewel's as well if he tried?"

<Jessica> Jess offered Jack a drink, "Now you can toast things too."

<Jack> "It's a price I'm willing to pay!" Jack added, then thanked Jess for the drink and drank to the toastings.

<Cecilia> Cecilia snorted and threw back another shot. "Imma big girl, I'll handle the big bad glitter on my own, thanks."

<Jessica> "You're welcome." Jess gave him a smile, casting her eyes around the bar. Everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves. It was kind of nice and she was glad for the patch because it was loud too.

<Jack> "Oh my god, what is this, this is horribly." Jack said, then drank again, "It just doesn't get any better either," he added, then drank again, "It's like drinking from a gutter." he mentioned slurping some more of the drink, "I can't drink this stuff." and he finished the glass.

<Anna> "Alcohol is compelling. It's not your fault." Anna assured Jack.

<Lorna> "To toasting!" Lorna happily drank along. "And to alcohol!"

<Jack> "It's like the bad friend." Jack said, then refilled with the same drink, "To alcohol!"

<@Melati> "That's how you know it's done right," Melati commented, revealing her fangs as she shot Jack a grin. "Yes! To all the things worth toasting to, and all the rest, too, because fuck it, it's St. Patrick's day!"

<Anna> "To alcohol!" Anna was so on board with that toast her glass was emptied. "Moar!" she waved the glass at the bar tender.

<Cecilia> "Making up for lost time, Lorna?" Cecilia laughed. "Can't say I blame you. I'd have a real problem with no alcohol and no caffeine."

<Jessica> "Story of my life," Jess smirked at Cee, taking a sip of her own drink.

<Lorna> "And to more!" Lorna fully intended to toast everything. "Oh, you haven't met me on coffee properly. First few days after Ripley ripped out I just sat and drank coffee."

<Lorna> "I have a lot of catching up to do."

<Lorna> "To Coffee!"

<Jack> "To Irish coffee!"

<@Melati> "See, this is where the whole laying eggs thing would come in handy," Melati told Lorna with a nod, before she frowned. "Not that I intend to follow your example anytime soon. I mean, you're a big inspiration for me, but... well, you get what I mean."

<Anna> "Fuck yeah! Irish coffee! We need some of that!"

<Cecilia> Cecilia winced a little at 'ripped out.' That...was not something she wanted to visualize. "Ripley? I thought you were gonna call her Maddie." Ripley?! As in Ellen Ripley? Oh God. That poor kid.

<Lorna> "Ripley Madeline Drake. It's the best of names."

<Lorna> "To my kid!"

<Jack> "To Ripley! Believe it or not!"

<Cecilia> Cecilia toasted again and downed a another shot. "To Ripley!" God help her when she enters grade school.

<Jessica> Jess drank to that, she was more than happy to see that Lorna and Illyana had survived their pregnancies. It reinforced that what happened to her mother was a rare thing.

<Anna> "Ripley is the awesomest of names! Oh! Can I take many pictures? Can I? I like pictures!" So saying, she produced a camera from one of her pockets. "Say cheeese!"

<Jack> Jack refilled, "To cheddar!"

<Anna> Anna cackled and snapped the picture, then flung more glitter at them. "Wheee!"

<Lorna> "Cheddar!" Lorna raised her glass, laughing. "Oh I am going to be absolutely drunk by the end of this day."

<Jack> "Argh! My eye! I' blind!" Jack yelled, rubbed his face, then with closed eyes, held up his drink and added, "To temporary blindness!"

<Cecilia> Cecilia threw back another green shot, slamming it back down on the table like a gavel. "Right! Time to shut-up and dance!" She declared, striding up to the jukebox in the bar, elbowing a few larger guys aside and sticking her quarter in.

<Anna> "You're not blind, just blink a lot." Anna waved it off.

<@Melati> "To Ripley!" Melati tossed back her drink and finished it in one go. "Seriously, your kid has the best of luck, to not only have one of the coolest mom's I ever met, but also all these awesome aunts." She looked at Jack. "And uncle." After another pause, she shrugged. "And I guess Bobby isn't so bad, either."

<Jessica> Jess wondered if she was going to be able to decide on a cutoff point for herself. Likely not. She got herself another drink anyway.

<Cecilia> Cecilia grinned as 'Rocky Road to Dublin' began playing. She stood in the middle of floor and began dancing an improvised riverdance with a heavy dose of tango in it.

<Lorna> "Bobby's pretty kickass all around. To Sweetcheeks!" That drink went up a bit faster and Lorna managed to finish her glass as well for that one.

<Anna> Anna laughed and clapped for Cecilia. Drinking to the toast because any excuse for more booze was a good excuse.

<Jack> "To sweetcheeks!" Another shot down. Jack blinked repeatedly. He got blurry vision, and lots of tearing. "I feel like I'm crying at how wonderful this day is getting to be. Love you girls! To girls!"

<Jack> "Or I'm crying because of green glitter in eyes. Do my eyes sparkle?" he asked, forcing to keep them open and looked at random girls.

<Jessica> Jess laughed, "Shall I get you a damp cloth or something?"

<@Melati> "Yes, to girls!" Melati quickly fumbled for another bottle to open, so she could toast along and take another drink. "Why bother? I could just lick his eyeball."

<Cecilia> "See the lassies smile, laughing all the while at me curious style, 'twould set your heart a bubblin' asked me was I hired? Wages I required! I was almost tired of the rocky road to Dublin!" Cecilia sang along, jumping along merrily as people began to gather and clap.

<Cecilia> She laughed as one of the guys who had joined in began to swing her along in a square dance swing. This was getting much rowdier than she'd anticipated.

<Lorna> "To dancing!" Lorna chugged a fresh drink and hurried out to join Cecilia. "Come on everybody! Get in on this!"

<Anna> "It's almost like being at home!" Anna cheered for this and had another drink.

<Jessica> Jess wrinkled her nose at the idea of Mel licking Jack's eyeball. That was... disgusting. She was also not drunk enough to get involved with all that dancing.

<Jack> "I wanna say yes to the cloth... but just because I'm feeling tipsy, I'm going to let the eye tonguing happen."

<Cecilia> Cecilia laughed as her dance partner swung her around. "One, two, three, four, five! Hunt the hare and turn her down the rocky road all the way to Dublin! Whack follol de rah!"

<@Melati> "Right, everyone who's got one shake their tails!" Melati laughed and bounded off to follow the others to dancing. She had to hold on to the small green bowler hat she had awkwardly balanced on top of her crest.

<Jack> "Hey, I'm a boy, it's turn HIM down the rocky road!" Jack called back to whoever was singing.

<Anna> Anna levitated her tiny self over the crowd because she wasn't going to be able to get past all these tall people otherwise, and landed in the middle of the group, joining in with the dancing almost as soon as she had.

<Jack> As Mel left, Jack turned to the blur of Jessica, "Maybe the damp cloth was a better idea." he told her.

<Cecilia> Cecilia swung around close to the crowd watching and grabbed one of the offered glasses (or rather, not so offered since the sorority girl who was holding looked pretty surprised when her Guinness mysteriously vanished) and downed it while dancing a jig. "Someone get me a shamrock!" She declared, raising her arms as a drunken cheer from the crowd rose.

<Lorna> "Jess, why aren't you dancing, get out here and dance!"

<Jessica> Jess took Jack's hand to lead him through the bar to somewhere with more light and access to water - the bathroom. "In a minute!" she called over to Lorna.

<Anna> Anna had actually had lessons as a child and set about showing them all how it was done.

<@Melati> "I may not be Irish, but kiss me anyway," Melati declared towards the people dancing around, a lewd grin finding its way onto her face. She spun in circles, holding her bottle above her head.

<Cecilia> Interestingly enough someone actually got her a shamrock in the form of a keychain. "I've been accepted by the leprechauns!" Cecilia laughed a tad drunkenly, displaying her find to Lorna.

<Jack> "Thank, you go and dance, I can figure things out from here." he told Jess, then washed out his eyes. When he looked again, he noticed it was the ladies bathroom. "Sorry girls," he called out and exited.

<Jack> The place was getting louder and louder the later it got, so much so Jack fished into his pants pocket and pulled out a small packet with earplugs. After making sure he wouldn't go deaf with the music, he waded further into the dancing crowd.

<Lorna> "Nice!" Lorna raised her glass to Cecilia's treasure, catching her arm and swinging her about for a few turns before rolling on to her next victim.

<Anna> "As Queen of the Leprechauns, I pronounce you all accepted!" Anna bowed theatrically.

<Cecilia> Cecilia laughed as she was swung around a few times. Stumbling a little as she was let go. Was the room spinning? No, it was just the people. Good, she was actually worried for a second there. She didn't think she was that drunk yet.

<Jessica> Mission accomplished as far as Jack went, Jess weaved her way through the crowd to join in the dancing, even though she was sure she still wasn't drunk enough.

<@Melati> "To magical midgets!" Melati cheered, spilling more of her drink as she threw up her arms to toast.

<Anna> "To meeeee!" Anna giggled, realising she'd left her drink and using her teke to reclaim it - spilling on many heads in the process.

<Lorna> "I can drink to that as well." Lorna laughed, choosing Melati for her next victim.

<Cecilia> Cecilia skipped over to the jukebox again as the song ended and put in another quarter. 'Rising of the Moon' began playing and soon she was off again, stepping nimbly onto one of the tables and walking catlike around the bottles.

<@Melati> Melati laughed, curling her tail around Lorna's waist as they more staggered than danced across the floor.

<Cecilia> "By the rising of the moon, by the rising of the moon. And a thousand pikes were flashing by the rising of the moon!" She sang along as she hopped along, occasionally taking a shot that was offered by someone sitting at a table she was skipping on.

<Jack> Jack dancing with random people, going from girl to girl to guy to girl to guy to whoever was touching him to get his attention. He ended up turning around and facing Jess, "Having a good time?" he asked.

<Lorna> "Dip me, my dearest Melizard!"

<Jessica> "I don't know..." She frowned a little, "Trying to... you?"

<Jack> "Well I still got my shirt on, so that means I'm nowhere near as drunk as I should be. Want me to go grab you a drink?" he asked her.

<Anna> Anna stuck her hand in another pocket - this one was full of gold glitter - and showered the patrons of the bar with it. Leprechauns had gold, after all. And she was sharing!

<Jessica> She laughed a little and nodded, "Please, that would be nice. I lost mine."

<Cecilia> Cecilia snorted at Mel and Lorna on the floor, trying to put on an offered leprechaun hat...and failing miserably. Obviously she was not built for hats with her type of hair.

<@Melati> "Everyone hold on to a lizard near you," Melati announced, again using her tail, slung around Lorna's hips, to dip the green-haired teacher.

<Lorna> Lorna, as if she were a drunk savant, somehow managed to keep her drink perfectly vertical as she was dipped, hanging onto the lizard nearest to her.

<Cecilia> Cecilia held onto her hat as she stepped down from the bar to a barstool to the floor again. "For me?" Cecilia said, smiling as the bartender gave her a green minty smelling drink. Compliments of some guy named Patrick.

<Jack> Jack had shuffled to the bar past the patrons, and asked for a pair of drinks that was stronger than normal, but still had to taste irishy. He shuffled through the crowd of dancers back to Jess, "This should help cheer us up."

<Jessica> She accepted the drink with a smile. "Thanks. How're your ears holding up to all the noise?" She sniffed the mystery drink before taking a sip.

<Cecilia> Cecilia shuffled over to Jess and Jack sipping her crème de menthe drink. "How're you guys?" She asked, holding onto her hat and shamrock keychain. "I'm getting a lot of free things today!"

<Jack> Jack dipped his tongue in his drink before smirking with, "I am well trained in the art of partying, plus earplugs helps a ton. Sometimes when it's like a rave kind of loud, then I tie the floppy pair like a pony tail."

<Jessica> "Free stuff is good," she nodded at Cee, laughing a little at Jack, "I can't imagine that at all... sounds like it might hurt though. I'm patched for the day so I can enjoy the buzz from all the green drinks too." She lifted the hem of her top to display the patch on her stomach.

<Jack> Jack fished into his pockets, then found the crumpled up silk string. He showed Jessica how he looked like with bunny ear pony tail.

<Jessica> "Awww see, now you just look sad." She stroked the top of his head.

<Cecilia> Cecilia snorted a little. "That looks like a birth control patch," she said, studying it. "So that's the 'I don't like my powers' patch, huh? I've ever seen one before."

<Jessica> "Birth control comes in patches?" Jess was a little stuck on that.

<Jack> "Only free stuff I got was glitter and a drink from Mel," Jack told Cee, while leaning into the stroke on his head. "I don't look sad... do I really look sad this way?"

<Cecilia> "Yeeeeaaahhh," Cecilia said, giving Jess a funny look. "Comes in many forms, including patches."

<Lorna> Needing a new drink, Lorna came up for air and booze from the dancefloor. "Don't worry, Jack, I think your free things are more of a late night thing so you'll probably have to wait a while for that crowd to roll in."

<@Melati> "If not, I hope you didn't forget the traditional kind," Melati commented, nudging Jessica in the side. "Might come in handy if the day progresses like that."

<Jessica> Jess nodded, petting Jack more when he leaned in. She wasn't sure she liked the look Cee was giving her.

<Jessica> "Huh?" she looked over at Mel at the nudge. "If what progresses like what now?"

<Anna> Ignoring the juke box, Anna was now subjecting the bar to a drunken rendition of an Irish folk song called 'Crabfish'.

<Jack> Jack realized something when after Cee mentioned the birth control patch, "Wait, you mean to say I don't have to spike a groupy's drink with birth control when she offers herself to me?"

<@Melati> "All I'm saying is that this is the worst possible day to skimp on your birth control." The lizard-girl chuckled, cracking a suggestive grin at Jessica.

<Lorna> "...that's really creepy sounding, Jack. I wouldn't say that outloud anymore."

<Jessica> "I'm not... what? Mel, I have a boyfriend..." she frowned.

<Cecilia> Cecilia reddened a little and turned around. "I don't know any of you."

<Jack> "What? I'm being responsible!" Jack told the green haired teacher, "At least now I know I can slap a patch on them. That makes my life way easier."

<@Melati> "So?" Melati arched an eyebrow. "Say that again after three more of these." She nodded at the other girl's drink.

<Jessica> Jess looked at her drink then at Mel and then at Jack... and put the drink down. Yep. That was the cut off point.

<Cecilia> Cecilia wanted so badly to educate everyone here but she was just too embarrassed. She knew from a logical standpoint that she would eventually have to have discussions about this and even provide it for people as a doctor, but she was a long way from being comfortable with it. "Maybe I should re-consider my choice of career..."

<Lorna> "Why's that?" Jagerbombs, this table needed jagerbombs.

<Cecilia> This minty drink wasn't too bad though, she thought. So in the meantime she ordered another and knocked it back. "...I'm too Catholic..." she explained to Lorna a bit carefully. "I'll run into a lot of issues as a doctor that I'd...have difficulty being impartial to." If not completely embarrassed by.

<Cecilia> "I actually wanted to be a scientist when I was little..." she mused. "The doctor thing came later."

<Lorna> She gave the girl a bit of a funny look as she didn't remember her being overly religious before. "Pretty sure if it's something a person needs you'll manage. To managing!" There were the jagerbombs!

<Jack> "I like scientists more than doctors. They don't scare me as much. Plus scientists are the inventor sorts." Jagerbombs! Jack grabbed one, "To managing!"

<Cecilia> Cecilia shrugged. "...I guess I'll get past the biases I was raised with. It just takes time, being lapsed is a lifelong commitment." That and she couldn't quite manage Atheism, despite her best efforts. Cecilia eyed Jack. "Really? I'd say scientists scare me more than doctors."

<Jessica> "Both scare me..." Jess tossed in, deciding she'd have to find something to do that wasn't getting drunk now.

<Anna> Having reached the end of the very rude version of Crabfish, Anna started in on another song.

<@Melati> Melati looked around, wondering where those bombs came from. "Hey, who's holding out on me here?" She frowned, trying to find the source.

<Cecilia> "So I'll scare you then?" Cecilia said, amused by this. "I'll keep that in mind the next time we're in the DR and wear a labcoat."

<Lorna> "I ordered them, take some." She raised the glass before kicking it back.

<Jessica> "Please don't ever wear a labcoat." Jess wrinkled her nose. "Or try to poke me with needles."

<Jack> "Anna, your songs should stay naughty!" Jack called out to the teacher at the bar, then turned back to Cee, "See, doctors use more needles than scientists, plus... so much more blood on doctors." Jack shuddered and claimed another bomb to console himself.

<@Melati> "Hell yeah, my favourite kind of explosives." Melati had a broad grin on her face as she grabbed one. "To the two best teachers ever, anywhere!"

<Anna> Anna grinned, pleased that her song of choice - Seven Drunken Nights - was going to be the rudest version she knew.

<Cecilia> "I have a labcoat of my own actually and a stethoscope," Cecilia remarked, chuckling. "And I've drawn blood from another student here already but if you don't wanna play doctor..." she laughed.

<Jessica> "I will venom blast you without even thinking about it. Doctors always give me bad news."

<Jack> Jack perked up at the mention of playing doctor, "Actually... that's the only kind of doctoring I like, the playful sort."

<Lorna> "Doctor talk is bringing down my birthday, people. This calls for more booze to fix you all." Oh, hey, maybe it was time for more whiskey.

<Lorna> "To whiskey!"

<Jessica> "No more alcohol for me..." Jess shook her head.

<Anna> Anna stopped singing. "What is this blasphemy!?" She dived over the crowd to the table.

<Lorna> "Fix her." Lorna laughed to Anna, gladly taking up more whiskey when it came.

<Jack> Jack tapped his jagerbomb and held it up, "To whiskey!" and downed it.

<@Melati> "You heard the woman," Melati announced, giving everyone a stern look as she pointed a clawed finger at them. "Anyone who even thinks of ruining the mood on this day will have to answer to me."

<Anna> "You need all the alcohol. Never say that sentence again." She held up a glass to the taller student. "Drink!"

<Cecilia> Cecilia grinned and tossed back another shot. "Well, each to their own. Me? I'm planning to set up a practice in Finland. After the appointment we'll go drinking. Say what you will about the Norse, they know how to have a good time."

<Jessica> Jess blinked at the glass in her vision, then at the teacher waving it in her face. Alarmingly threatening. She took the glass and did as she was told.

<Lorna> "Finland? Sounds cold as balls." Lorna observed. "You'll need more drinks to keep you warm!" That was it, she was going to have to go to that bar and just get a bottle. "I'll be back." With that she dramatically stumbled away.

<Anna> "Good girl! Now where was I....?" she wandered back to the group starting in on the chorus again and conducting. "Aaaaaah you're drunk, you're drunk you silly old fool....!"

<Jack> "Ladies... you do realize balls are not that cold." Jack said in defense of the manbits.

<Cecilia> "But free university education!" Cecilia countered as Lorna stumbled off. "...The public services in Europe are pretty amazing, at least that was my impression while I was there," Cecilia remarked mostly to herself.

<Cecilia> "But yeah, there's a lot of snow," she frowned. Hmmm...maybe not.

<@Melati> Melati looked between Jessica and Anna. "See? This is why she's a teacher and I'm not - yet." She waved her drink at the Irish girl. "She's even better at animating people to drink that me!"

<Jessica> "I suppose it depends on experience...." Jess commented to Cecilia. Her own experience of Europe had been vastly different."

<Jack> "I mean ask Cee, she's learnign to be a doctor, she'll know the temperature of balls." Jack mumbled and then got himself a bit of whiskey.

<Jessica> Jess giggled and petted Jack's head again, "It's okay. I don't get that saying either."

<Cecilia> Cecilia sputtered and coughed. "Actually my undergrad is in microbiology," she said, wiping her mouth. "I won't study medicine till I'm finished with four years of an undergrad, then four years of medical school and another year of residency and then I'll be an M.D. But I can tell you one thing. At no time in McCoy's class have we discussed that!"

<Jack> "...would you like to find out?" Jack asked Cee with a big ass shit grinning smug face.

<Cecilia> Cecilia choked on her drink and coughed heavily. "No!" She coughed, pounding her chest. Time to help Lorna with drinks! "Imma go..*coughcough* help the professor."

<Cecilia> She stumbled off towards the bar, unsteady on her feet. She just wasn't good with those sorts of jokes outside of close friends...not yet.

<Jack> Jack gave a (ono) look. "Did I say something wrong?"

<Jessica> Jess laughed hard at Cee's reaction and patted Jack, shaking her head. "No, she's just adorably shy."

<Lorna> Lorna had been waylayed from returning to the group as she had procured two bottles and was now drinking one and joining in a group sing sitting on the bar.

<Jack> "Awww, I hope someone cures her of that. Shyness is a terrible disability. Wonder if there's like a telethon or something, fight the shyness."

<Jessica> "There needs to be... alternatively we could just see how drunk we can get her and see if that helps. Alcohol is the great social lubricant anyway, right?"

<Jack> "Hehehe, you said lubricant." Jack giggled and tried to drink, but discovered the lack of alcohol in his glass. "Aww."

<Jessica> Jess laughed, "I did!" She fished a mostly full glass from the table and offered it to him.

<Cecilia> Cecilia sat down with the singing group, where conversation- especially conversation about uncomfortable things- would not be expected. She reached for an unopened bottle and downed it. "I...am a little dizzy," she chuckled, spinning in her seat. "...Has your hair always been green? Or did it change when you got older?"

<Lorna> Lorna laughed as Cecilia chugged away. "Since birth, all green all the time." She nodded and drank from her own bottle. "Imma warn you now...I'm a little drunk now."

<Anna> Anna stared in on another song - Finnegan's Wake. She was now standing on a table and conducting the choruses.

<Cecilia> "...I wonder if my kids will have checkerboard skin," Cecilia mused drunkenly. She grinned widely. "Not as drunk as I am!"

<Lorna> "I'm just really good at hiding it. I've not gotten drunk in nine months. Trust me, I'm drunk." Lorna assured the girl, laughing. "If you keep the pieces in the bag you can always play checkers!"

<Cecilia> This was, for some reason, endlessly hilarious to Cecilia. "Checkers!" She snorted, banging the table with a fist. "That's good! I like that!"

<Lorna> "If they don't line up though I guess it'd be a crossword puzzle." She frowned thoughtfully as she wondered about making all the clues.

<Melati> "Strip checkers," Melati asked, rejoining the others after having made sure her mobile bar was secure from free-loading raiders.

<Jack> Jack's ears almost pulled the silk straps loose as they shot up, and his body turned towards the bar "Someone say Strip checkers?"

<Cecilia> Cecilia just laughed harder. "Wait, wait! What's seven words across and sounds like a gun but isn't fired?" She asked, giggling.

<Jessica> Jess blinked at that and looked round too then looked back at Jack and laughed.

<Lorna> "I dunno, what?" Lorna asked, laying back on the bar.

<Cecilia> "S-h-o-t-g-u-n!" Cecilia said, snorting at her own crappy joke. "Get it? 'Cause that's the only way I'll ever find out! Hehe..." Wait...what the hell was she talking about now?

<Cecilia> "...'Cause we were talking about traits and...that made so much more sense in my head," Cecilia muttered.

<Lorna> Lorna didn't quite know what Cecilia was talking about either...which was hilarious and also deserved for her to drunkenly poke the student on the nose.

<Anna> Finnegan's Wake ended with a very rowdy chorus and lots more whiskey because the song demanded it. Next, she stared on the bricklayer's song because it was a favourite of hers and she could sing it like a story.

<Jolen> Jolen had been out all evening having a drink with some random people who insisted he was a lucky mutant because of some strange holiday, so his hair vines had blossomed appropriate shamrocks for him to enter the next bar with.

<Cecilia> Cecilia took that in stride. Nose poking, jokes that made absolutely no fucking sense, beer made all humour universal! She took another swig from another bottle. "I hope I don't pass out on the street and the cannibal finds me," she said to no-one in particular. "He might get wasted on just a leg."

<Lorna> "Noooooo worries, we've got the buddy system. Plus if you pass out we'll just put you on Mel's portable bar."

<Jessica> Jess petted an exposed bit of fur on Jack. "Are you hoping they're playing strip checkers so you can lose your shirt already?"

<Melati> Melati gave a sloppy salute. "No problem," she said. "The mobile bar also serves as a drunk taxi."

<Jolen> Spotting the fellow students he swaggered over, obviously a little drunk from the way he was grinning and throwing random four leaf clovers into the air for people.

<Cecilia> "Que podría necesitar de todos modos barras móviles," Cecilia remarked, hanging onto her bar stool for dear life. "I'm...everything's spinnin'..."

<Melati> "Hey, Treebeard, we're over here!" Melati raised an arm to wave at Jolen when she spotted him.

<Cecilia> ((Spanish: I might need the mobile bar anyways))

<Jolen> "Hey everyone!" Grinning and making his way over, using the shamrocks as bribery to get people to move out of the way. "You all having fun?"

<Lorna> "I can drink again and it's my birthday, hell yes there's fun to be had!" Lorna laughed and nodded to Cecilia. "We can put you in the wagon."

<Cecilia> Sí, sí, lo soy. Tengo cosas gratis y empieza un baile amplia barra y luego tuve bebidas con sabor a menta!" Cecilia jabbered to Jolen. "It's been fuuuunnn."

<Cecilia> ((Spanish: Yes, yes I am. I got free stuff and started a bar wide dance and then I had drinks that taste like mint!))

<Melati> "Didn't you know we're professionals when it comes to having fun?" Melati smirked and promptly shoved a bottle into Jolen's hand.

<Jolen> Laughing at Cecilia he scrufted her hair gently before giving Lorna a quick hug. "Happy birthday, Lorna."

<Lorna> "Thanks, it gets everyone out of my class today and tomorrow because I'm gonna be hungover as all hell!"

<Jack> Jack was leaning on the table, and more towards Jess with her petting, "A little bit. Bar's getting warm, plus the alcohol's really heating things up for me."

<Jessica> "Well I'm sure no one would mind if you took it off anyway. It's not like you don't have a good reason... and it's not really bare skin... plus there's more for me to pet so I won't complain."

<Cecilia> "Lo que usted no consigue el permiso de maternidad? ¿Qué mierda!" Cecilia exclaimed to Lorna. "I didn't know Charles was such a taskmaster!"

<Jolen> Taking the bottle he raised it in salute at Melati. "Can't drink much more after this mate, you know what alcohol does to me. And who could complain with Jack going shirtless?"

<Cecilia> ((Spanish: What you don't get maternity leave? What shit!))

<Jack> "Good point," Jack told Jess as he already started unbuttoning his green shirt. Jack looked over to Jolen, "Jolen! Finally another dude thatll bring more testosterone in this place!" the topless fuzzy rabbit said.

<Lorna> "Are you kidding? I get to haul a kid to class while I make people sing and dance! It's like live entertainment for her and I can sort of doze while they're practicing. Protip. There's a reason it takes me a while to get supplies. You're my cheap babysitters."

<Jessica> Jess was happy to smooth down the rumpled fur from the removal of the shirt. Even without the hypersensitivity offered by her powers, his fur was still very nice to pet.

<Jolen> "So who wants an extra large shamrock?" patting Jack shoulder with a laugh and taking a swig of alcohol.

<Melati> "You could pay us in grades," Melati suggested to Lorna, before turning towards Jack. "Hey, the reason we took you is because we thought you'd bring along enough testosterone for three other guys."

<Cecilia> "Es muy inteligente," Cecilia noted. "I'd definitely babysit for cheap."

<Jack> "Yeah, but there's... two.. three... um... five of you, I was one testosterone short." Jack told Mel, his body trying to lean in all the directions of all the petting hands.

<Cecilia> Cecilia squinted at Jolen. "Can you make four leaf ones? Quiero tener suerte."

<Cecilia> ((Spanish: I want to be lucky))

<Lorna> "Do I have volunteers? Love my Ripley but I will never take no as far as babysitter volunteers go."

<Jack> "Jolen, you know you'll have to make me a figleaf sized shamrock if I accidentally lose my pants. I don't think this place look too kindly towards nekkidness." he even pronounced the word wrong.

<Jessica> "I'm not volunteering. No offense or anything... just... mutation doesn't mix well with babies..."

<Jolen> "No worries Jack I'm here to take care of the extra's." Winking at the lad before he held his hand out, letting it shift to vines before a large four leafed clover started growing out of it for Cecilia.

<Cecilia> "I willllll!" Cecilia sang, raising a hand and nearly falling off her chair. "I'm very responsible!"

<Jack> "I try to stay away from babies, I'm too scared to discover one that's accidentally mine." Jack admitted.

<Anna> Anna crowdsurfed her way back to the bar. "More whiskey, barkeep!" She called on her way, sprawling onto the laps of some poor unfortunates at the end of her surf. "The glitter Leprechaun thanks you for catching her!" She sprinkled them with green and gold glitter and got up to fetch her drink.

<Cecilia> Cecilia took her clover with a grin, putting it in her afro. "Gracias."

<Jessica> Jess merrily petted Jack and gave up on not drinking because she was scared the tiny Irish teacher would glare at her again.

<Lorna> "No offence, Jack, but I can say for certain Ripley's not yours." Lorna snorted. "And fuck yeah babysitter!" she stood up onto the bar to celebrate.

<Jolen> "Bitte schon." smiling at the girl before turning to the others. "Anyone else? Jack do you want two to cover your nipples least the ladies swoon?"

<Jessica> "Noooo, you'll lessen the petting space." Jess puppied at Jolen over Jack's shoulder.

<Jolen> He chuckled at Jess and smiled. "You're all looking very pretty and glittery tonight."

<Cecilia> "I ain't swooning over his nipples!" Cecilia drunkenly declared, making a face.

<Jack> "Well I think you can maybe get a couple shamrocks tied to my ears." Jack said, pulling the silk straps loose and shaking his head to get his ears up and loose again.

<Lorna> "Hairy nipples just seem like a mouthful."

<Lorna> "...that was weird of me to say, wasn't it?" She raised her bottle. "To awkward talking!"

<Jolen> Laughing he got started on carefully making a thin vine of shamrocks to break off and wind round the long ears. "To awkward talking!"

<Jack> Jack spun around towards Cecilia, "How dare you not swoon over my nipples! And they're not hairy... not that much, look, it's like visible... if you just move the fur a little look, look at my manly nipples!"

<Melati> "It wouldn't be St. Patrick's day without it," Melati chimed in, raising her bottle along with Lorna.

<Jessica> Jess giggled at Jack's indigence and him trying to get Cee to look.

<Cecilia> Cecilia batted her hand at Jack, shrinking back. "Tengo un novio! Tengo un novio! I'm not interested in your nipples! G'way!"

<Cecilia> ((Spanish: I have a boyfriend))

<Lorna> Lorna just reached over and gave the nipples a hard flick. "Get them back in before they're cold and they never go away!"

<Jolen> "Oooo nipples! Jack you shouldn't I'll get all over excited if you keep showing them off!" Pretending to swoon over a stool for dramtic drunken effect.

<Jessica> Jess giggled and pounced Jack from behind, resting her chin on his shoulder and petting the fur on his chest.

<Cecilia> "Es el segundo de distancia de un titty twister," Cecilia remarked, scowling.

<Jack> Jack flinched at the flick, "It's the flickiness you got to worry about, aww, they're all excited now, thanks to you Green Teach." Jack said, rubbing the flicked one. He snuggled back into Jess and grinned up at Jolen, "If you can't stand, I got a cushioned lap right here for you!"

<Cecilia> ((Spanish: He is seconds from a titty twister))

<Jolen> Chuckling he got himself properly onto his stool. "Unfortunately Jack I'm a little big to sit on your lap, however your both more then welcome to sit on mine." Taking another swig before his face screwed up. "Right limit reached I need non alcohol now."

<Jessica> "Don't say that too loud. The tiny teacher will pounce you too."

<Jack> "She's scary with alcohol. She ninjas it right into your hand and mouth." Jack added.

<Jolen> "Plant guy remember I can only process so much alcohol at a time guys otherwise I get very very ill."

<Jessica> "Well when I said I wanted to stop drinking, she yelled something about it being blasphemous and scared me into it."

<Cecilia> "...How the hell did you survive the roadtrip?" Cecilia asked, very curious.

<Jack> "Riiight. Jess, I'm relocating to that man's lap. You'll either have to sit in mine while I sit in his, or find some other way to cuddle me. I have to defend him when Tiny Teacher comes and tries to force drink into him.""

<Jolen> "I didn't drink during it honestly." Laughing and leaning back on the bar. "I have space enough to hold both no problem."

<Cecilia> "Not even in the sauna?" Cecilia asked, concentrating hard to try and speak in English. She'd heard vague stories of drunken sauna time.

<Jessica> "Well that's settled then. I will sit in your lap if Jolen doesn't mind the extra weight."

<Jolen> "Not I got stoned which was fun but no alcohol for me, and Jess you barely weight anything even with the pretty curves."

<Melati> Behind Jack's back, Melati was already shaking the can with green spray paint. With the shirt out of the way and the bunny-boy distracted, there couldn't have been an easier target. "Like shooting drunk rabbits in a... pub," she commented, before taking aim and starting to spray.

<Jessica> Jess smiled at Jolen, "I'm sure that's not true, but thanks..."

<Jack> "Something's a tickling me," Jack said, squirming at the weird feeling and the hissing behind him. He turned, and his front got sprayed green as well. He sighed and lifted his arms. Might as well do a proper job. "Try not to miss a spot." Jack added, closing his eyes.

<Lorna> Lorna cheered as the spray paint went off. "Green bunny. To Green bunnies!" And a good, good deal more whiskey was consumed.

<Cecilia> Cecilia rolled her eyes at the lap sitting and took another drink. "Dios..." she muttered, throwing back her final shot. Oh, she would sleep like the dead tonight, which would be nice for a change.

<Jolen> "To green bunnies!" Laughing and watching the other mutant get spray before gestured Jess over. "If it makes you feel any better I can lift cars with my strength and my nervous systems works differently."

<Jessica> "Awww... but now you won't be all pettable..." Jess was very sad for this. She moved over to Jolen anyway, largely to avoid getting sprayed too.

<Cecilia> "...The green fur just makes you look mouldy," Cecilia said, making a face.

<Jolen> Picking Jess up easily he put her down on his leg glad he decided to invade this bar now. "I don't know I like the green actually it's a lucky colour today anyway." Downing the rest of his bottle for good luck.

<Jessica> "Oh I know... but paint on fur is not so good..." she leaned against him.

<Anna> Anna had found a corner and was now telling stories to a group of drunken locals, interspersed with more singing.

<Jack> Jack scratched his fingers through the fur. "It's not that bad, it's not real paint. Mel knows better to do that to me. Here, feel," jack said as he sat on Jolen's other leg, putting an arm around the guy, "It's just hair colour stuff." he added, before reaching to grab another drink.

<Cecilia> Cecilia just leaned back against the bar. Her head was quiet now, she was going to savour that.

<Jack> "To the second best holiday of the year!" Jack announced.

<Jessica> Jess reached to try the hair colour stuff feel. It wasn't so bad. More pettings. And a drink. She would stop later.

<Jolen> "To my new lucky holiday and birthdays that are on it!"

<Jack> "To Lorna!" Jack added.

<Lorna> "TO ME!" The highly inebriated teacher agreed, finishing her drink and slipping from her seat and onto the floor.

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