2/16 Game: Ice Cream Social

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2/16 Game: Ice Cream Social

Post by tears~fall~like~glass » Sun Feb 17, 2013 8:40 am

timeline: Monday, February 22nd

Johnny: Grabbing a few cups of ice cream and a couple spoons from the table of various refreshments and snacks, Johnny peered around the large room and made his way back over to Hope, offering one to her as well as a spoon. "So... Do you think he's actually coming?"

Hope: Hope took the offered ice cream and spoon from Johnny with a smile. "Thanks. I uhh.... I don't know. He said he was. I can make him feel all guilty if he doesn't."

Cecilia: Cecilia eyed the little cups of ice cream set out on the tables with distaste. Neither her nor her mother could have any. Lactose intolerance was a bitch. "<I guess most white people can handle milk,>" Cecilia remarked to her mother in Spanish, frowning.

Jessica: Jess eyed the ice cream with a degree of trepidation. She liked ice cream but it was cold and those paper cups did nothing to insulate against it. Better not. She opted for tea instead and looked around at the other students and their parents.

Johnny: He peeled the top off and threw the thing away, trying a spoonful. Ice cream was also not his favorite snack, as it had a tendency to melt quickly, but it was better than pretzels and crap. "He should feel guilty if he doesn't show. It means we wasted our time waiting around for him... Plus, it'd make this much more exciting."

Hope: Sighing contently with her mouth full of ice cream, Hope swallowed before answering. "Totally would make me feel so abandoned again. He'll have to suffer hugs. He doesn't want to do that."

Maria: "<Well, it's the thought that counts,>" Maria said, patting her daughter's shoulder. "<So when do I meet all your friends, mi hija?>"She smiled gently, looking around. "<And where are all your classmates parents?>"

Jessica: Giving her tea a final stir, she located a friendly-looking corner and went to sit in it. She'd just watch all the normal people with their normal families and maybe think of some fun activities for the old people to do when the weather improved.

Johnny: After a few more bites and reaching for Hope's arm, Johnny dumped the small cup in the trash and moved over to Cecilia, girlfriend in tow. He opened his mouth to say something and closed it when he realized her mother was right there. Instead, he gave a wide grin and greet them both, "Hey, Cee, and... Cee's mom."

Cecilia: Cecilia sighed, slightly embarrassed at the nickname. "<Most people don't really have any family,>" she said. "<We're unusual. You'll see Fabian later on and maybe Laura and Mayday if they're around...>"

Hope: Giving a sound of surprise as being pulled, Hope quickly caught her balance and kept up with Johnny. She iced her ice cream back over and gave Cecilia and her mom a smile. "Hello!"

Cecilia: Cecilia looked up at Hope and Johnny. "Hey guys," she said in English. She raised an eyebrow at 'Cee's mom.' "This is my mom, Maria. Mom this is John and his girlfriend, Hope."

Johnny: Johnny offered his hand, "It's nice to meet you."

Hope: Unable to keep back the cringe at 'John,' Hope tried to cover it up with a smile.

Jessica: She frowned a little at Johnny just butting in to that conversation. She'd have thought that was considered rude.... Mind you, Johnny had never been exactly polite but he was very unapologetic about it which was probably why he got away with it and probably had a lot to do with the giant ego.

Maria: Maria took the offered hand shyly and shook it. "It is very nice to meet you John and Hope," she said haltingly in a heavy Puerto Rican accent. "It is so nice to finally meet my daughter's classmates." She peered a little longer at Hope though than normal...she felt she'd seen her somewhere before.

Hope: "It's good to meet you too. Johnny and I already checked out the refreshment table. Xavier did a decent job this time."

Johnny: "Amazing what he can do for sleeping half the time," he joked with a smirk.

Cecilia: "For white people maybe," Cecilia said, raising an eyebrow at the ice-cream. "Even if I could eat it, who the hell wants ice cream in February? S'weird."

Johnny: "Who really wants ice cream at all?"

Hope: Hope bit back a comment about being with Hot Johnny all the time in favor of another bite. "It's delicious all times of the year. I can't help it you don't appreciate the goodness."

Cecilia: Cecilia shook her head. "Appreciation's got nothing to do with it. More the fact it gives me cramps and makes me throw up that makes me not like it. So where the hell are everyone else's families? Am I the only one who brought a parent? I mean, I knew a lot of people's parents were dead but c'mon!"

Hope: "Johnny's are around here somewhere. Tony should be here.... sometime." She eyed the door a bit.

Jessica: Jess wanted ice cream but... stupid mutation. Just like she couldn't help eavesdropping on the conversation despite being on the other side of the room. She put her tea to one side and picked up her notebook, deciding to make use of the time. Maybe she'd stop feeling less anxious in a little while and introduce herself.

Johnny: "Yeah, they're probably with my sister," he shrugged.

Maria: Maria was beginning to realize just exactly where she'd seen this red-head before. "<This girl was one of the horsemen...>" she said to her daughter, looking more than a little worried.

Cecilia: "<Mom, please! We talked about this!>" Cecilia hissed. "<Please, don't say anything about it! I'm begging you!>"

Hope: Glancing to Johnny at the tone of voices, Hope took another bite of ice cream. She should have taken more Spanish in school.

Johnny: Johnny glanced between the two as he added, "And I think I've seen a few others with their parents around."

Cecilia: Cecilia just turned to the others and smiled a completely fake smile. God, please. She was hoping not to have the fact that she was dating a former Acolyte revealed to her mother...or a number of other things. "Sorry," she said to the two of them. "So, uh, Stark will be here? That's...great."

Jessica: Okay, so her notebook page was just getting filled with drawings of various kinds of spider and not actual notes... but it passed the time. She added a few more details to her huntsman spider picture.

Tony: Tony made his way through the halls to the auditorium where this parents thing was being held, checking his watch for the time. Hm... This still counted as fashionably late, right? He shrugged as he motioned for the agents to remain outside the door, wondering how long this would take. Hearing his name, he announced with a smile, "Stark is here."

Hope: Hope smiled and shook her head at him. "Just doubled the awesome in the room."

Jessica: Jess glanced up at that familiar voice, cringed a little, then went back to her drawing with renewed interest.

Jessica: Jess glanced up at that familiar voice, cringed a little, then went back to her drawing with renewed interest.

Cecilia: Cecilia jumped at that. "Hello, Mr. Stark. Pleasure to meet you," she said, sliding on the persona she wore in the Hellfire club and turning to greet said person.

Maria: Maria looked around nervously. This man was running for president! She smiled shakily in greeting and slipped away towards the dark-haired girl drawing in a book. People like her were to be seen and not heard around people like Tony Stark.

Tony: "Tony's fine," he replied, grin still firmly in place as he made his way over to the small group, blinking as the woman slunk away, "It's nice to meet you as well..." he left it hanging.

Jessica: Jess was aware of someone coming her way from the footsteps and the shape visible in her peripheral vision. Her drawing speed slowed a little (now on one of her favourite tarantula species) but she didn't look up.

Cecilia: Fuck, she couldn't call him 'Tony' like they were close or something. So now she couldn't call him anything. "That would be my mother, Maria...she's shy...I think she's a bit overwhelmed with having to use English, she's self-conscious about it."

Cecilia: Cecilia understood why her mother left, but it irked her that she wasn't bolder. Obviously she did not inherit her self-confidence from her. "She'll come around."

Hope: "I could use some Spanish if you think that would make it easier on her." Hope offered, taking another bite of her ice cream.

Tony: "Ahh," he nodded, "Nice name. My mother's name was Maria." Looking to Hope, he eyed her a bit, "Nice to see you're still alive."

Hope: Shifting a bit awkwardly, her face flushed just slightly. "That is what you pay people to do isn't it?"

Maria: Maria sat down nearby the quiet girl. "You are a very good artist," she said haltingly, indicating the drawings. "Do you go to school with my daughter? Or do you work here?" She asked, hoping she wasn't making mistakes in her speech.

Johnny: Johnny cringed at the mention of the Valentine's Day incident and scooted closer to Cecilia.

Jessica: "Thank you..." Jess smiled a little at the compliment, finally lifting her head. "I go to school here... I just felt a little awkward with all the family stuff so I thought I'd wait a bit until the egos level out..." which probably wasn't going to happen now because the biggest one of all had just arrived.

Cecilia: Cecilia nodded to Hope. "If you think you can by all means go ahead, she'll talk your ear off. She loves meeting people who can speak our native language."

Hope: "Well I'd have to cheat and use a power, but I can. Don't want her to feel awkward." She eyed her father again, then Johnny. Traitor.

Tony: "It is. I suppose you make sure they earn their paychecks," Tony commented as he looked around, "This is supposed to be a college. Where's all the drinks?"

Hope: "They hid them when they heard you were coming." Hope took another bite of ice cream. She was nearly out. This would not do.

Johnny: Johnny simply gave her a shrug and noted Hope's almost empty ice cream, quickly offering, "I'll go get you another."

Maria: Maria offered her hand. "I am Maria. Cecilia's mother. What is your name?"

Hope: "Aww, thanks, Johnny. Please. See if they have peppermint!"

Tony: "I want one too," Tony called after the boy.

Hope: "Are you sure? It isn't a bourbon float."

Jessica: Jess took the offered hand for a shake, "Jessica... It's nice to meet you." She glanced over at Cecilia, wondering if her mother knew how well they'd gotten on at the start. "If you'd prefer... I can speak spanish..."

Cecilia: Cecilia frowned somewhat at her mother. Of course she'd pick the one person to interact with that she'd had the most trouble with. Well, this is what she got for not telling her family about that shitstorm. Now she'd just have to take her medicine and keep her mouth shut.

Tony: "Well, one of you has to know where there's some bourbon," Tony replied as he looked between the girls.

Hope: Hope rolled her eyes at him. "If you ask Johnny nicely he might go get some for you."

Maria: Maria smiled brightly. "<You speak Spanish? Oh you have no idea how relieved I am to hear that!>" She said, laughing a rare laugh. "<I'm a bit nervous speaking English. It's just good fortune Cecilia's boyfriend speaks it, otherwise I'd never get by!>"

Tony: Tony looked over to the kid, who was intently studying the labels of the ice cream cups, and considered him, debating, "Hm, maybe..."

Jessica: She laughed a little, "<I speak a lot of languages - my dad was a bit obsessive about that.>" she gave Cee's mum a smile, "<I'm a little out of practice though so my pronunciation's probably off... that and I've been taking Italian for a semester so it probably creeped in a bit.>"

Hope: "Thanks for coming, by the way." Hope tossed her empty ice cream into the trash.

Tony: He shrugged, "I had some free time."

Hope: Hope gave him a brief, awkward hug. "I'll make sure you get something to drink."

Cecilia: Cecilia kept an eye on her mother, cringing slightly as she discovered another Spanish speaker while also nodding politely at the exchanges between the Starks and Storms. "So...Tony," she said, fighting to keep her face impassive and not cringe at addressing someone's parent by their first name.

Johnny: There was no peppermint. At least he was pretty sure there wasn't any peppermint. He grabbed a spoon for Tony and looked to the ice cream again, stalling. Maybe he just wasn't seeing it.

Cecilia: "I've not seen you much around the Hellfire club in New York, I'd assume you'd show occasionally since Hope was here. It's a shame, it would've been nice to have seen you there."

Tony: Free of the hug, he raised an eyebrow, "Well, my job keeps me busy, but I imagine I can work in an appearance for you."

Hope: "Wait, I can go to the Hellfire Club?"

Cecilia: "Well, yeah." Cecilia said to Hope, surprised. "Anyone here can, Shaw's one of the school's benefactor's...but you should be a hereditary member through your grandfather, Howard." How the hell did she know this and not Hope?!

Tony: "What she said."

Hope: "Awesome! When are you going next? I'll tag along."

Johnny: "We're tagging along to what?" Johnny asked as he returned with their ice cream.

Cecilia: "Well, if you're in town that'd be lovely," Cecilia said, giving Stark a polite smile. "If you do come you have to meet my boyfriend. He's been dying to be introduced, he tells me he's been harassing Hope about it for some time."

Hope: "Hellfire Club. Apparently I'm a member.... oh yeah, you have to meet my roommate and Fabian while you're here."

Jessica: Jess eyed the other group again, closing her notebook on her pen and picking up her tea. "<If you want to go back over to Cee, I won't mind... I'm not the most interesting person...>" and she was trying her damnedest to control her powers.

Johnny: "Oh..." Johnny blinked. He supposed that shouldn't really come as a surprise, seeing as Tony was... Well, rich.

Tony: "Pretty much everyone is dying to be introduced to me," he replied with a smug grin, "However, I can stick around for a while, and you can show me off."

Hope: Smiling at him, Hope laughed a bit. "Thanks, Tony."

Maria: Maria shrugged. "<I'm not so comfortable around the presidential candidate. I'm not the sort of person who should be speaking to someone like that…>" She looked to Cecilia with some surprise that she was so boldly speaking to someone far above her in standing.

Jessica: "<Oh, I'm sure he won't mind,>" Jess gave her a smile, "<He'll like the attention. Huuuuge ego.>" She nodded sagely. "<Apparently, that's genetic.>"

Maria: Maria shook her head. "<I think they're fine without me,>" she said kindly. "<And you're very nice company>."

Jessica: Jess offered another smile for that, "<Thank you... I don't agree though. You could probably get better conversation out of a goldfish...>"

Maria: "<I don't converse with goldfish often so I wouldn't know!>" Maria laughed. "<Where are you from, Jessica?>"

Hope: "I'll go grab that bourbon for you." She kissed Johnny's cheek before heading up to her room.

Jessica: "<Originally, England... but I've lived in a lot of places.>" she gave a small shrug, "<We moved around a fair bit...>"

Cecilia: Cecilia looked to John. "So I guess you and I will end up being the dates to these Hellfire shindigs, yeah?" She smiled, ribbing him a little.

Johnny: Johnny smiled in return, "Suppose so, but it could be worse, huh?"

Cecilia: "In that pit of vipers?" Cecilia laughed. "It can always get worse. Have you been there at all?"

Tony: Tony watched Hope wander off to go get the drink and peered over at the other girl and Cecilia's mother, deciding he may as well go try to make conversation. Putting on a smile, he approached them, "Hello..."

Johnny: "I haven't been, but I've heard it's, like... really, really nice and shit," Johnny answered with a shake of his head.

Jessica: And so much for it being a friendly corner. It had betrayed her. TWICE. She looked up, "Hi..."

Cecilia: "...Excuse me for a moment," she said, walking over to her mother and Jessica. Apparently Stark had decided he was going to meet her mother whether she liked it or not. "Hey Jess, I see you've met my mother," she said a little stiffly.

Hope: Hope returned with the bourbon and blinked. She nudged Johnny a bit. "What did you do?!" she hissed at him.

Johnny: Johnny turned to look at Hope and blinked, whispering back, "Um, nothing?"

Cecilia: Maria looked up a little nervously. "Hello..." she said quietly to the presidential candidate, averting her eyes politely.

Jessica: Curses. She nodded to Cee's statement, "Mmhmm, and having a perfectly awkward conversation."

Hope: Resisting a roll of the eyes, she kissed him lightly, then pulled him over to the group. She was not going in there alone. Moving them to stand next to Tony, Hope offered him the beverage. "Kept it just for you."

Johnny: "Tony Stark," he offered his hand, taking the bourbon with his free one, "Thanks."

Maria: "Maria Reyes," Maria said, trying to curb her accent. "Cecilia's mother."

Jessica: Goddamn. Now she was trapped. And they were all standing. She felt very small. "I know." Jess replied to the introduction, taking the hand for a shake, "We've actually met before..."

Johnny: "It's a pleasure to meet you," Tony said with a smile, looking to Jess with a puzzled look, "We have?"

Cecilia: Cecilia almost groaned. She remembered the shitstorm this caused.

Hope: Hope looked to Johnny, just smiling. He didn't even remember Jess!

Jessica: She nodded, "It's okay if you don't remember, it was months and months ago. I'm sure you've met plenty of other women since then. My name's Jessica."

Johnny: Johnny heaved a sigh as he was dragged over to where Tony was, feeling about the same as Cecilia did about it all.

Maria: Maria smiled shyly in return, looking between Jess and the presidential candidate. It didn't surprise her they knew each other, they were both elegant looking.

Tony: While the girl did look somewhat familiar, Tony didn't really recall and gave a nod, "I have, though no one quite as lovely as I've met today."

Hope: "Oh go have a drink." Hope gave her dad a disgusted look.

Jessica: Jess laughed a little and shook her head. "Dreadful."

Tony: "What?" Tony blinked, "I was being nice."

Maria: Maria slid over to her daughter. "<What's wrong mi hija?>" She said softly, squeezing Cecilia's arm. "<You look upset. Is it because your father isn't here?>" She said quietly.

Johnny: Johnny snorted as quietly as possible, "I'll go get glasses. We can all have a drink."

Jessica: She smiled, "You're always nice to girls." She got to her feet, feeling better once she was standing because she didn't feel as tiny or trapped.

Hope: "Yeah... it doesn't suit you." Hope took the bourbon from him for a drink. She needed it more than him now.

Cecilia: Cecilia didn't know how to respond to that. Truthfully she hadn't been thinking of that at the moment...but it seemed a relatively harmless thing to lie about. "<A little. But that's nothing new.>"

Tony: Once Johnny had returned with the plastic cups, Tony took his and dumped the ice cream in, holding a hand out for the bourbon. "Fine. I won't be nice anymore."

Hope: "Bourbon float!" Hope laughed at him happily.

Jessica: Jess eyed her own empty cup and decided it was time for more tea, "Think I'll get another drink...."

Cecilia: "Nice guys finish last," Cecilia quoted. There was truth to that, she thought. Her father had been a good man and look what happened to him. "Best to be a little unkind at times and truthful than nice and false."

Tony: Tony dumped some bourbon into Jess' glass, "There. Now you don't have to go anywhere."

Hope: Hope just stared at her dad. She downed whatever drink was in her cup.

Jessica: "That depends who you're talking to," Jess pointed out, setting her notebook down on her seat. She blinked at the surprise alcohol. "Thank you....? It's a waste of good alcohol, mind you."

Hope: Hope took Jess' glass and drank her's too.

Tony: "Well, I'm already wasting it on her and him," he thumbed in Hope and Johnny's direction.

Jessica: "..... Well that solves that problem." Jess rolled her eyes at Hope's actions.

Hope: "It's my bourbon!" She pointed out. Though why she had it was beyond her.

Tony: "That you were saving for me."

Cecilia: Cecilia knew better than to take any alcohol in front of her mother, though she could damn well use a drink at a time like this.

Hope: "The scotch is for you."

Tony: Tony rolled his eyes, insisting, "It should all be for me."

Hope: She smiled and rested her head against him a bit. "It's all for you."

Johnny: Johnny was fairly pleased to have a drink in hand, as it gave him something to do while avoiding speaking to Tony or making a comment Tony would jump on. Plus, the drinks would likely be needed before he went to see his own family.

Jessica: Jess decided to go get tea while people seemed to be distracted and excused herself quietly before heading over to the table. She paused part way through getting her drink at the sounds of yelling out in the hallway.

Cecilia: Cecilia looked at John. "Not so big on the future-in-laws?" She joked.

Johnny: He about choked on his bourbon, giving her an alarmed look, mouth working, "I, um... Well..."

Hope: Hope stepped away from Tony as she too heard the yelling in the hall. "What the heck is happing out there?"

Tony: "Hopefully, a catfight," Tony answered. "That'd be the perfect thing to go with this bourbon."

Cecilia: Cecilia laughed at John. "Jesus, I was just kidding! It's fine if you don't like him. I don't like Fabian's father much...and what the hell is that racket?"

Hope: "Well that is Rachel's voice... maybe you'll get lucky. She's a lesbian."

Johnny: "It's not that I don't like him," Johnny cleared his throat, "It's that he doesn't really care for me."

Jessica: Jess refused to eavesdrop to answer their questions. If it was yelling it was probably none of their business. She returned to the group with her tea.

Tony: Tony considered that, eventually shrugging a bit, "Maybe."

Jessica: "None of our business," Jess pointed out.

Hope: "Then they shouldn't be yelling in a public place," Hope pointed out.

Johnny: "Dude... Is that Professor Guthrie yelling? I didn't even think she knew how to yell..." Johnny commented, glancing over to the girls.

Cecilia: Cecilia sighed. She was just glad it wasn't her problem. "Well, family visits sometimes end in family fights." Like her visit to Barcelona...Jesus.

Hope: "Wait, what?! Guthrie?!" Hope glanced at the door again. Holy crap. It was Guthrie!

Johnny: "...I really hope my family visit doesn't end like that." And it was a very real possibility, considering Sue and Mayday... Well, maybe. Depending on what their relationship status was now.

Jessica: Jess rolled her eyes, "Well I'm not eavesdropping for you, that's for sure." She sat down in her seat again and went back to her spiders.

Hope: "You don't have to. I can use your power if I wanted." She glanced back at Johnny. "I hope yours doesn't turn into a fight either... should I just stay away?"

Maria: Maria eyed the corridor nervously. "<What's wrong?>" She asked Cecilia.

Jessica: "Knock yourself out..." Jess replied, then thought about it, "But not literally, obviously. That hurts."

Cecilia: "<Nothing Mom, just a family fight, I think...>" Cecilia frowned. "Speaking of your family, John, is Mayday going to be there?"

Johnny: "What fun is the power to eavesdrop if you don't actually use it?" Johnny asked, shrugging to Hope as he answered Cecilia, "I'm actually not sure. I mean, it was planned for her to be around to meet them. It'd be awesome if she was... assuming all goes smoothly, anyway."

Jessica: "Oh I'm sure it's fine when you can turn it off at night when you're trying to sleep."

Cecilia: Cecilia did not think it was possible to feel more like a dirtbag at this time. "Yeah...it would be." Says the woman who encouraged her to have a one-night stand. I hope you're proud of yourself, said a snide voice.

Hope: "Well they stopped. Maybe they sorted things."

Johnny: "Plus, Sue might not be such a downer if May's there," he added.

Hope: "Unlikely, but you can always hope." Hope teased him.

Cecilia: Cecilia sighed. "Maybe, it might be worse though...err...do you mind clarifying to me if they're actually broken up? 'Cause that was a bit...vague." Way to go, asshole. You might've encouraged someone who was still attached to cheat. But hey, 'live in the moment,' yeah? Laughed the critical voice.

Johnny: "As far as I know, they are," Johnny nodded, "Mayday's been staying with you, right? She hasn't said anything about it?"

Jessica: Jess worked on adding details to her current tarantula picture.

Cecilia: "She said they were," Cecilia remarked, going a bit pale. "I'm not sure if they ever officially stated it, but I'm sure it was pretty clear things were over." She shook her head, "I'm never getting involved in anyone's relationship ever again. Never."

Tony: "Things generally work out better that way," Tony sagely nodded.

Cecilia: "Well, I thought it being a friend would make the general rule of 'don't get involved' less of an issue...my mistake. It's the other way around," she laughed nervously.

Hope: "I stay out of other relationships. I do well to deal with my own."

Johnny: Johnny coughed and downed the rest of his bourbon, "Speaking of my family and such, I should get going."

Hope: Hope stole a quick kiss. "See you tonight."

Cecilia: Cecilia inclined her head to John. "See you later, John." She checked her watch. "I guess we got a little while before we meet Fabian, Mom. Do you want to see my room?" Now cleared of any questionable material as of friday.

Jessica: "See you later, Johnny..." Jess gave him a wave, "Good luck."

Johnny: "Thanks, later," he waved to everyone as he headed for the doorway, somewhat dreading this meeting. If things went poorly, he was totally hiding for the duration of his parents' visit.

Maria: Maria nodded. "Si, that would be nice."

Hope: Turning to Tony, Hope liked that idea of heading out. "Well, let's go see if Kat is finished with her project for you."

Johnny: Tony held up the bottle, "But, we have a lot of bourbon to drink."

Hope: "Indeed. And Scotch in my room."

Jessica: Jess sighed a little, it was lonely as hell without Kevin around.

Cecilia: "Hope, Jessica...Tony." Cecilia said, inclining her head to each in turn. "It's been a pleasure and I hope to see both of the Starks at the Hellfire club sometime," she smiled, taking her mother's hand and squeezing it a bit hard.

Maria: Maria smiled shyly. "Beunos dias," she said, quietly to all in the room.

Tony: "I suppose scotch is a fair trade for meeting your roommate," he commented after a moment of consideration, flashing Cecilia a grin, "Yep, I'll see you around."

Jessica: "<It was nice to meet you,>" Jess gave Cee's mum a smile, "<Enjoy your stay....>"

Hope: "Bye you two, Jess." Hope took Tony's arm to lead him out.

Jessica: Yep. That was fine. Just leave her sitting there on her own... Jess picked up her tea. "Later..." she mumbled.

Maria: Maria waved at Jessica, only to be towed along by Cecilia the next second. "<Goodbye!>"

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