1/26 Game: The Most Dangerous Game

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1/26 Game: The Most Dangerous Game

Post by tears~fall~like~glass » Sun Jan 27, 2013 12:43 am

Cassie: Cassandra had to tilt her head way back to be able to look up at the treetops of the mega-flora surrounding them. "At least we've get to exercise in the shade," she remarked, squinting at the rays of sunlight shining through the canopy. "Not that it would make this place any cooler, mind you."

Cassie: "If you wanted to prove that this room has an impressive heating, well, congratulations," she added, wiping some sweat from her brow.

Mayday: "It kinda makes me think of the quote that Cortana says in Halo four.", Mayday remarked, adjusting her goggles and clicking her shot-bracelets into place, "About whether the sun feels real. Which er....it occurs to me only I know...", she laughed nervously.

Cecilia: Cecilia whacked a holographic fern out of the way. Nature. Computerized nature, but still. "I am not cut out for this Davy Crockett crap," she muttered, pulling at her uniform collar. "I don't mind the heat or humidity, reminds me of home. It's the damn mosquitoes and stickiness I hate."

Cecilia: "...Well, former home," she said. She hadn't lived in Puerto Rico in years.

Mayday: Mayday turned around, walking backwards as she showed off her modified red and black outfit, "Check it out: mine's breathable! Also, I'm foregoing the mask toda-...aah!", she smiled, tripping up and landing on her butt, "Owch!"

Johnny: "I like it," Johnny decided as he peered around the jungle, looking back to his teammates as he added, "Well, except for that stuff Cee just mentioned."

Cecilia: Cecilia snorted. "That's what you get for not paying attention," she said, offering Mayday a hand.

Jessica: Jess looked between Kat and Hope and frowned. "So... Three against four... I can't help feeling we got the raw end of the deal, here..."

Mayday: Accepting the hand, Mayday stood up, dusting off her rear, "Ok...so, what's the plan? We have to make sure we watch our 'flag', right?"

Cassie: "I feel like being back in phys-ed again," Cassandra said, while she tied her thick mane into a bushy pony-tail. "Though, I have to admit, those uniforms have a distinctive edge over my old cheerleader uniform."

Kat: "Not exactly fair is it?" Kat wiped the sweat from her forehead. It was extremely warm in here.

Cecilia: "Yeah, it's basically capture the flag, except in a jungle and with powers," said Cecilia to Mayday. "At least that was the impression I got."

Johnny: "You were a cheerleader?" Johnny asked, giving Cassie and incredulous look. Then, he glanced over to Mayday. Right, focus. She had a point. "And, yeah, someone guard our pet egg while we go get the other?"

Cassie: "Apparently we're playing some kind of game." She tried to remember what they had been told during the instruction, which hadn't been much. "So, someone gets to sit on our egg and hatch it?"

Jessica: "Not really... and with our powers we're at a bit of a disadvantage... they all have more offensive powers than we do." She put her hands on her hips.

Mayday: "Permission to come up with an awesome tactic, Captain?", Mayday waved at Johnny, "I vote Cecilia stays and defends. She has force-field level 'badass'."

Cecilia: "I'm gonna get stuck playing defense, aren't I?" Said Cecilia, a bit disappointed. She sighed, "I guess it makes the most sense. I can shield the egg."

Johnny: "Granted and agreed." He shot Cecilia an apologetic look, giving a shrug, "Sorry, but it does make the most sense."

Cassie: "I could distract people by juggling and doing backflips," Cassandra suggested, a wry grin on her face.

Mayday: Mayday frowned, "Sorry, Cee, but...w-well, it does.", she looked to Cassandra, "Cassie...I had this theory: can you create, like, shadows that look like us? Maybe we can throw off the other team?"

Cecilia: Cecilia shrugged. "Life's not fair, I'll deal."

Johnny: "I could redirect them by setting the jungle on fire..." Johnny threw in.

Hope: Hope smirked at Jess. "You're on Team Awesome. Let's go steal an egg. There's some joke about some mario game here."

Kat: Kat put her hair up into a pony tail. Sigh. It was already a matted mess. "So shall we get... started?"

Jessica: Jess laughed, "At least with you around we have more powers." She eyed the egg, "Someone should look after that."

Mayday: "That er....", Mayday looked back at Johnny, "That's actually a good plan. A-and I can stealth through, see if I can steal their egg?"

Cassie: Cassandra put on a thoughtful expression, her brow furrowed as she held up a hand. "Well, for what it's worth, I should be able to create something that looks vaguely human," she replied. "If you don't look too closely, that is. Nothing that would convincingly fool anyone, I'm afraid."

Hope: "We have all the powers." Hope reminded Jess. "Jess can you guard the egg? I think Kat and I have the best chance of stealing."

Jessica: Jess nodded, "Sure. I'm an ambush predator at heart. I'll find a nice tree to lurk in.... I quite like it here."

Mayday: With a nod, Mayday gave Cassandra a thumbs-up, "Great! It just needs to be vaguely 'human-ic'...?", she pondered the word, "...you know what I mean."

Johnny: "So, basically, you could scare the shit out of them while Mayday slips by to steal the egg, and I'll hang back a bit to try and keep them from Cee?" Johnny summarized to make sure he had it all down.

Kat: "I'll go and find it. Good thing I wore my running shoes."

Cecilia: "...And I'll just shield the egg," remarked Cecilia. "Though, I apologize in advance if I lose it," she said. "I can only maintain a shield if I'm concentrating on it and sadly, if I'm being attacked or I'm taken out that is bound to happen..."

Hope: "Right then. Kat. Let's go. Don't make a lot of noise. Stay hidden. Nothing too fancy. We have a great shot at winning this."

Mayday: "Boom.", Mayday grinned, "Cassie, can you offer secondary defence too?"

Mayday: She shrugged, "You know, not that I expect you to raise C'thulu..."

Jessica: "Good luck, you guys!" Jess jumped up into a tree and disappeared from view.

Cassie: "Now, scaring the bejesus out of someone, that's my specialty." Cassandra smirked and nodded eagerly.

Johnny: "You'll have my company," Johnny shot Cecilia a grin, "Okay, people, let's move. I want to be able to rub this in Hope's face later."

Kat: "Ok. Well, let's not delay this. Maybe we can catch them off guard." Kat cracked her neck. And with that, she took off running. She hoped Hope was right behind her.

Hope: Hope tapped into Kat's power and rook off running as well. This would be a piece of cake.

Mayday: With a nod, Mayday released a whip of webbing into the trees and disappeared into the thicket.

Cecilia: "Well, thank God you're playing to win," laughed Cecilia to Johnny. "Here I thought you'd go easy on her team to ensure you'd get laid!"

Cassie: "Well, seeing how I have my means to get from one place to another quickly as the shadow flies, I already figured I'd play a more flexible role," Cassandra remarked, shooting her teammates a shrewd smile.

Johnny: "Pfft, I always play to win," Johnny scoffed. "Far more important than getting laid."

Cecilia: "There are those who would disagree," said Cecilia, snorting and giving him a mock salute. "Now I figure we better hide ourselves for maximum ambush effect," she said, hiding herself in some ferns. Ugh...nature.

Cassie: Doing what came most natural to her, Cassandra took to the shadows, skipping from tree to tree and thicket to thicket, making sure to bend the ambient darkness around her to conceal herself as best as possible.

Hope: Hope kept running, wishing she could use Jess' hearing with Kat's phasing for optimum win. She paused every so often to listen for sound before running onward.

Johnny: He started a ways into the jungle but stayed close enough that he'd be able to get back to Cecilia, should she need assistance, and opted to avoid using his fiery form because he'd stick out. He didn't want that for once. Deciding he was a decent distance away, he reached for some foliage, hand alight.

Jessica: Jess was quite at home in the lower canopy of the rainforest. The part of her that considered her mutation to be more tarantula-y surmised that this was because tarantulas generally lived in these kinds of environment.

Kat: Kat stopped running and waited for Hope to catch up. "Should we continue straight or do you want to pick a different course?"

Cecilia: Cecilia could see the beginnings of smoke in the direction Johnny had gone. She shifted on the balls of her feet, eyes moving around and ears open for any movement.

Hope: Hope pointed at the smoke rising to the sky. "Johnny. So which way did he come from..." Hope made her best guess and headed that way.

Mayday: Pausing atop a tree, Mayday watched closely, the enemy team coming into view. She smirked, jumping away and heading around them.

Kat: Kat peered up in the sky and found the rising smoke Hope found. "Idiot. Who'd set a rainforest on fired?" Kat mumbled as she took off after Hope.

Hope: "My dumbass boyfriend." Hope called back at her, not heading directly at the smoke, but rather the way it wasn't going.

Cassie: Poking her head out between some large, intertwining roots, Cassandra's face was partly concealed by unnatural shadows, only her violet eyes sparkling in the dark patches. She looked around, trying to get her bearings or spot anyone of the opposing team.

Johnny: The wildlife around him was beginning to crackle and pop as he willed the flames to spread, and he was working his way in a line, trying to cut off any paths he could see that led to their encampment.

Mayday: Mayday paused again, flipping herself up and onto a branch, watching Johnny; "Best tactic ever...", she smirked to herself.

Cassie: She always had an uncanny sense that told her what was going on around her, particularly in places absent of light. Perhaps for the same reason, she had always felt more more comfortable, almost sheltered, in the dark than in the light. The impression she got from that jungle where almost as confusing as the wild vegetation itself.

Cecilia: Cecilia kept her eyes moving. This could work one of two ways, either they'd be stupid and go towards the fire. Or they'd be smart and not run directly to it and an ambush. She was assuming they'd do the former, but she'd been surprised by other's stupidity before.

Cecilia: At any rate chances are she'd see someone coming her way pretty soon. She just hoped Johnny got his ass here in time when they did, her attention would be split fighting two people.

Hope: Hope noted the smoke pattern, pulling up to a stop. "He's on the move. Either this is a distraction, or he's guarding their base. Given what we know about him, I am going to assume we are getting close. We need to find a back way in. While we can phase through the fire no problem... I'd rather not. Let's leave the fire alone too. Let's split up. Let them think they are winning."

Cassie: "I have no idea what I'm doing and most likely heading in the wrong direction," Cassandra muttered to herself, sneaking through the gap between two huge, fallen trees. "So far, so good."

Johnny: As he continued along his way, he placed his hand on something that definitely wasn't a tree or some plants and blinked at the scaly texture, actually turning to face whatever it was, eyes going wide. Oh, please don't let that be what he thought it was... A rush of air and low growl confirmed his suspicions, and he tried to think of what to do when looking a large dinosaur in the face.

Johnny: Did he play dead? No, it wasn't a bear. Run? Would it chase him? Shit... Scream? Yes. That one. And run. Scream and run. "Cecilia!"

Cecilia: ...Then again, it could be as much as three people if they'd left the egg guarded at their base and as little as one if they split up...Cecilia turned sharply at her name. Shit. "HANG ON!" She shouted, running towards the sound of John's voice.

Mayday: Approaching the other team's base, Mayday took back to the ground, carefully traversing the underbrush and turning, blinking at the... "...i-is that a Brachiosaurus?", she laughed, it was several! And they were all drinking water, "So cute!", she clapped, looking around to make sure she wasn't being watched.

Mayday: "...wait, if there are Brachiosaurs...", she looked back in the direction of her base.

Hope: Hope held up at the scream. Well that was new. "They will suspect you less. Can you find a way around, Kat?"

Johnny: "We're in Jurassic Park!" he called back, tearing through the dense foliage and cringing at the heavy footfalls in his wake. He twisted around to throw a fireball.

Cassie: Putting her circus training to good use, Cassandra scaled one of the tipped over tree trunks to gain a better vantage point. She reached the top just in time to hear Johnny's scream. "Well, that wasn't part of the plan, was it?" Her gaze found Mayday not too far away. And something large, green, and scaly moving in her direction...

Cecilia: She crashed through the bushes, swearing the entire way. Great, now the egg was unguarded. She'd have to deal with whatever this was fast and get back to it. "We're what?!" She yelped as she almost crashed into John. And again, when she caught sight of the dinosaur. "What the fuck?! Who programmed this?!"

Jessica: Jess heard May's voice and shifted her position to ready to pounce, keeping the egg in her sights.

Cassie: Looking back in the direction of her base and Johnny's hysteric screaming, Cassandra turned her head to see that she was so close to the other team's base. Torn between making a run for it or helping her teammates, she hesitated for a moment, chewing on her lower lip.

Cecilia: She took off after John, running alongside him and using her shield as machetes to wood chipper through the dense foliage. "Take to the air!" She yelled at John. "Get us out of here!"

Kat: "We got this. Let's just keep going." Kat grinned over at Hope. How much worse could it get?

Mayday: Mayday jogged on, skidding to a halt as she saw the egg of the enemy team, and spotting nobody guarding it. She looked around, slowly approaching it, honing her senses on the surrounding area.

Hope: Hope nodded and pointed Kat in the best direction to get around the fire. She went the opposite direction.

Johnny: Johnny let loose a burst of flames to knock some trees over to buy some time, reaching for Cecilia and doing exactly as she suggested by taking to the air. "What do we do about the egg?"

Jessica: Jess narrowed her eyes on May. Just a liiiiiittle closer... She was like a coiled spring, just waiting for someone to press the button to release all that energy.

Kat: Kat was nervous about splitting up. But she assumed that Hope knew what was best. She kept on running, hoping she didn't get surrounded by fire.

Cecilia: "What do we do about the dinosaur?!" She fired back, tensing as they flew up high. God..."We can't move it, can we?" Don't look down!

Mayday: Shrugging, Mayday knelt down, picking up the egg, "....right. Easy. Apparently...", she shrugged, whipping herself up a web-sack and throwing it over her shoulder, turning to leave.

Cassie: Concluding that the obvious answer was to exploit the distraction provided by the hostile fauna and her flailing teammates, she decided to go for the enemy's egg, quickly plotting a route that would take her from cover to cover. The next moment, she launched herself off the tree-trunk, rolled on the ground as she landed, before leaping from rock to root to bush.

Jessica: And Jess left the tree, at high speed, hitting May in the stomach and taking her down. "Nope!" She rolled off her and snagged the egg from her back.

Johnny: Think, think, think... They needed a plan. Oh! "Think we can direct it at the other team? Sort of... herd it or something?"

Hope: The ground beneath Hope's feet began to shift in a steady pattern. Something was wrong. She looked up just in time to see a dinosaur. Not just any dinosaur. A T-rex.

Cecilia: "Yeah," said Cecilia, squinting at the ground. "There!" She said, pointing at Hope's tiny form approaching their base. "I think I know who to set it on, she should keep it busy, right?"

Cassie: Skidding to a halt when the fight between Mayday and Jessica broke out on the clearing in front of her, Cassandra scrambled back into the shadows, curling them around her as a concealing curtain.

Mayday: Mayday spun at the hit, twisting around and webbing Jessica's back, "Long as we're not pulling punches!", she shot a web off to her back, catching a fallen log and forcing it at her enemy.

Kat: As Kat kept running she felt the ground began to shake. She slowed down and began to look around. Was it an earthquake? She looked up. "Oh for the love of fuck." She found herself directly in the path of a dinosaur. Time to RUN.

Jessica: Jess ducked the log and rolled to her feet again, "Hey! I can still get broken bones!" She returned fire with a venom blast.

Hope: Without much hesitation Hope shifted into Lizard form, hoping she could communicate with it as well as she had Curt.

Mayday: Spider-Sense made it easy for Mayday to dodge the blasts and still approach, cartwheeling and flipping past shrubbery while lifting and throwing projectiles with her webs.

Johnny: Johnny nodded, "I think I can get behind it... Use the fire and stuff. Now, the egg? Should I drop you back off there?"

Cecilia: Cecilia laughed as she saw the dinosaur come directly at both Hope and Kat. "Nevermind. Looks like he found them already... we should get back to base. Or I should. Drop me off?"

Jessica: Jess picked her moment then leapt straight up into the trees again, Egg tucked securely under her arm.

Mayday: Two strong blasts of glistening webbing followed Jessica, strapping onto her back, "Aw, come on, get back here!", Mayday taunted, yanking the other girl down, "I just wanna borrow it, Jess!"

Cassie: Right, so they were actually punching and shooting at each other. Which was kind of understandable, considering they were super-heroes, and apparently fighting each other was considered good form in that field of work. Still, this was Cassandra's very first lesson at the new school, and hitting each other was one of the few things you definitely didn't learn at the circus.

Cassie: Unless you were part of the sideshow clown show, that was.

Hope: Lizardy Hope grinned and climbed up the back of the T-Rex, shifting back to her human form. Thank GOD for uniforms. "Onward, Stormegeddon! Find that egg!"

Kat: Kat watched Hope transform into a lizard. She prayed that this would be a good distraction. She took time to hide behind a tree. She peered around the tree and saw Cecilia. Hmmm. Time to try and follow her.

Jessica: Jess fought against the tug with her flight powers, firing another venom blast at May and pulling the webs from her back as she vanished back into the canopy. "Can't have it. Mine."

Johnny: "Of course," Johnny nodded as he lowered them to the ground, releasing Cecilia, "I'll stay within yelling distance in case you need help."

Cecilia: "Sure," she remarked, stepping down and dropping into a fighting stance. Sweet, sweet ground! You were a Godsend!

Mayday: Rolling to dodge the blast, Mayday left the long web strands hanging from Jessica's back, roping herself up into the trees after her, "Well, if you're gonna do this the hard way...."

Hope: Hope poked and prodded Stormeggon a bit to direct him toward where she thought the enemy base was. "Ohhhh Johnnykins! Come out come out wherever you are! I got us a pet!"

Jessica: Jess pulled the webs off her uniform, crawling though the canopy with the egg. The confrontation by a mutant with a similar power set had sent the production of her alarm pheromones into overdrive and she tried to calm down enough to get control of that back.

Johnny: As he burned his way through the brush, he grinned and called back, "We're not taking in strays!"

Kat: Kat darted through the trees, keeping an eye on Cecilia. Out of the corner of her eye she saw Hope riding the dinosaur. "Of course, she'd get her way. Even here." Kat chuckled.

Hope: Target located. She directed the pet in the opposite direction. "Oh yes we are!"

Cassie: Taking a deep breath, Cassandra decided that she had to do something. She would face this challenge the same way she had overcome any unforeseen problem in the past - improvising. Looking up at the canopy, she made out where Jessica was. The shadows closed around her as she teleported...

Mayday: Landing on a branch, Mayday sprinted after Jessica, leaping upwards and raising a fist, bringing it down against Jessica's back.

Jessica: Jess yelled and slipped off the branch, catching herself on a lower branch and using her sticky powers to keep the egg in her other hand, just by her fingertips. She pulled it back to her then dropped back to the ground.

Cecilia: Cecilia could hear a lot of crashing around from the dinosaur, so that wasn't helping anything. "Goddamn Jurassic Park sims..."

Cassie: "You only own what you can keep," Cassandra remarked, cracking a toothy grin as she emerged from a shadowy vortex right behind Jessica. She lost no time to snatch the egg from the other girl's hand. "Thanks for holding this for me." She promptly disappeared in the dark portal again.

Johnny: Johnny refocused his attention on the fire, pulling it closer to their camp and wishing he'd had time to completely encircle the camp. Well, maybe if he tried really hard he still could. Then, he could hope really, really hard for Mayday and Cassie to come back with the egg.

Kat: Kat ran forward. She could see the egg. It was just laying there... unprotected. She sprinted forward as fast as she could and swooped in to take the egg.

Mayday: Mayday dived after Jessica, flipping around and delivering a downwards kick into her, "Sorry, but you haven't really left me much choice!"

Cassie: Reappearing at their own base, Cassandra already felt the elated rush of victory - when she noticed that she had left her portal empty handed.

Hope: Hope shifted powers and put out Johnny's fire as she turned her ride in his direction.

Jessica: Jess turned on reflex, catching May's leg and sending a venom blast directly into her. "Can't dodge me now!" She snatched up the egg again and ran back for cover.

Cecilia: Cecilia turned just in time to see Kat diving for the egg. "Oh no you don't!" She exclaimed, creating a shield dome around the egg to protect it.

Cassie: "That went differently in my mind," she remarked, realizing that the egg had not made the trip through the dark portal with her.

Kat: Kat phased through the shield that Cecilia just through up.

Kat: She reached the egg, and held it tightly in her arms.

Mayday: Mayday hit the ground, rolling and catching Jessica's leg with a web, yanking her down, "Bite the dust, Jess!", she hissed at the pain from the blast, feeling both burned and a little bit dizzy.

Cecilia: Shit, phasing, I forgot! Cecilia snarled, dropping the dome. She'd have to think of something else. She advanced on Kat, shield armour up.

Johnny: Johnny inwardly cursed Hope's powers. This was a waste of his time. He needed to know what was going on with his team and called to them, "What's going on?!"

Kat: Kat knew she couldn't hold on to the egg and fight Cecilia. She took off running in the opposite direction, away from Cecilia. She ran like a dinosaur was behind her.

Jessica: Jess rolled at the tug, throwing another blast at May and running again.

Cassie: Looking around, she tried to find out where the rest of her team was, noticing at the same time that the nest which had been holding their own egg was empty now. "Something is definitely not going according to plan here," Cassandra remarked, before taking off in a sprint.

Mayday: The blast didn't take long to kick in, causing Mayday to drop down on a knee, "Aw, come on, Spider Powers...", she sighed, forcing herself back up and dodging another blast by leaning sideways, "Cassie!", she called out, webbing herself into the air to follow Jess again.

Johnny: Someone had to be close enough to hear him. At least, he hoped someone was. Someone on his team, that is.

Kat: Kat was running, as fast as she could holding on to the egg tightly. She was weaving through trees, trying not to stay in a straight line.

Cecilia: Cecilia swore and chased after Kat. "You're not getting away so easily!" She yelled, throwing shield knives into the trees in front of Kat, sending them toppling down. Hopefully she'd startle and lose concentration. Multiple incoming objects were hard to protect against.

Mayday: "Egg hunting!", Mayday called at....whoever it was - Johnny? It sounded like Johnny, "Be right baaaack!!!"

Cassie: All she had to do was follow the screams of students and the roaring of prehistoric beasts. "On my way," she shouted back, diving into the shadow cast by a huge tree, only to pop out of the thicket not far from Mayday.

Jessica: Deciding on a different tactic, Jess flew straight up through the trees and stopped about ten feet above the canopy. Right. Now she could catch her breath. She hugged the egg. "Don't worry, Egg. I've gotcha."

Hope: Hope shifted powers again to communicate with her team. <How are you two holding up?>

Kat: "What the fuck. Are those KNIVES?" Kat had to be a bit more careful in her running. Somebody was throwing knives up at her.

Cassie: "Just for the record, I just found out the hard way that the eggs apparently can't be teleported," she informed anyone who wanted to hear it.

Mayday: Webs firing upwards, Mayday sling-shotted herself up, through the canopy and to Jessica's level, webbing the egg in her hands and throwing it downwards, "Laaateeerrr!!!", she laughed, falling back down as gravity took its toll on her.

Jessica: <I have the egg still, but May's around by our nest so I'm scared to land. Cassie tried to teleport out with it but it didn't go through her portal..... FUCK! Damn webs!> She dove after the egg.

Cecilia: Trees were falling all around Kat. It was only a matter of time. But Cecilia wanted that egg back now. Concentrating she gathered energy and sent a plow-like shield into the ground just in front of Kat, bringing up Earth like a shockwave. Let's see her avoid that.

Hope: Hope prodded her dinosaur to the last place she heard Johnny. He needed to be a snack for her pet.

Kat: <I have the egg. There are knives. Cecilia is chasing me. Help!>

Mayday: Mayday shot a web onto Jessica's back, pulling herself onto it and grabbing the girl in a bear hug, "Fly me to the moooon, Jess!", she grinned, only half thinking through her plan...

Hope: <On my way!> Hope prodded Stormegeddon again. "Onward my friend! We have an egg to defend! Yeehaw!" She spurred him onward, nearly falling when he took off running in the direction Kat had gone.

Jessica: <May threw our egg! I don't know where it is.> "Okay." She replied to May, grabbing onto her and flying straight back up again.

Kat: Kat felt the earth begin to shake. She wrapped both arms around the egg, and rolled out of the way of the flying dirt. Cecilia wasn't playing around.

Hope: <Kat, you have to hurry. Jess lost the egg. We just have to get the one you have back before they can find ours.>

Cecilia: Cecilia came up on Kat like a tank, shields up and ready to rumble. "End of the line!" She barked, rushing at her fallen form and sending a kick her way, fairly sure Kat was solid now.

Kat: <I'm trying, but hello! Flying dirt. Falling trees. Back up would be great.>

Cassie: Watching Jessica and Mayday's scuffle, she concluded that she was way out of her league in this struggle. Instead, she retreated into the cover of darkness, quickly scanned their surroundings to intercept whoever had made off with their own egg. She noticed Kat approaching in the distance, making her way to their home camp.

Mayday: "Aw, geez....", Mayday sighed, wrapping herself around Jessica's frame and gripping her tightly, "You crash, we both crash!", she webbed a wire between her hands and raised it around Jessica's neck, "I'm cruise-control now!"

Mayday: She gave Jessica's left side a nudge with her thigh, "We DO still have a celling!"

Kat: Oof. Kat felt the blow of Cecilia's kick. If that was how she wanted to play... well so be it. She anticipated another kick coming her way, and phased through Cecilia's leg. She hopped up. Fight or flight. Right. Egg. Flight.

Jessica: "Who said anything about crashing?" Jess burst through the canopy again. "I was thinking I'd just throw you away..." She removed one hand from May and charged a venom blast, "After I make sure you can't just web yourself back onto me again."

Mayday: Mayday blinked, "Nnnope!", she decided, moving around and kicking off of Jessica, webbing her back and dragging her down also, "I think someone needs grounding, young lady!"

Hope: Stormageddon roared as he and Hope approached the home base. "Shit... Kat?!"

Cecilia: Cecilia swore as the second kick went right through her, throwing her off balance. She quickly turned the fall into a controlled roll and was up in a flash, chasing after Kat. "You'll tire eventually! And when you do, I'll be there!"

Cassie: Appearing in swirling shadows right above Kat, the raven-haired girl lashed out with arms of solid darkness. "Tinker, tailor, soldier, sailor," she chimed, her teeth exposed in an impish grin as she aimed for the egg. "Rich man, poor man, beggar man.... thief!" Her inky tendrils snatched at the trophy.

Jessica: Jess fought against the web easily with her flight powers. Mayday was a lot lighter than anything she could carry after all. "You're going to need help for that, May."

Kat: "Oh shit. Where'd you come from." Kat dodged out of the way as Cassie appeared from the shadows. "I don't think so."

Hope: Hope shifted to Lizard and told Stormy to eat anyone who got close. She shifted back and tried to find Kat.

Jessica: Also, now she had a dangling May. She peeled the web off her back, "Hmmm.... slingshot is a good idea. I think I'll have a go." She spun may around on her web.... then let go.

Mayday: "Aww, crap.", Mayday mumbled awkwardly, hanging from Jessica as she dangled over the forest, "Johnny! Cast Firaaaaggaaaa!", she winced suddenly, being pulled through a tree's branches.

Cassie: "Aren't you a slippery one," Cassandra asked, chasing after Kat and trying to grapple or trip her with the shadowy tendrils. "If you want to play cat and mouse, I'd love to get my purr on."

Mayday: Mayday gasped as she felt herself suddenly get dragged and launched. She curled into herself, slamming violently through the branches of several trees before opening her eyes to fire a web, slinging herself down to the ground.

Cecilia: Cecilia fought down some residual panic as the ink-like tendrils came down from above...this was reminding her uncomfortably of another sim...She threw another shockwave towards Kat's side, hoping she wouldn't really see an attack coming from the side well.

Jessica: Once she was free of May, she dove straight down for the egg again. At least everyone was far from it for a bit. She picked the egg up and hugged it. <I have our egg back.>

Hope: Hope shifted to Johnny's power as she saw Kat in the distance. She took aim and fired fireballs at the two chasing her.

Mayday: With several grunts, Mayday landed and rolled against the floor, hitting her head badly against a tree trunk and rolling onto her back.

Johnny: Johnny had returned to their camp, cursed at the lack of egg, and headed back into the jungle toward the other camp, firing at May's order.

Kat: The shockwave from Cecilia's latest blast knocked Kat down. She felt the egg loosen from her grip. She reached out to grab it back as she shook the dirt from her face.

Cecilia: Cecilia swore again and threw up a shield just before a fireball hit her. FUCK. That burned! "HEY!" She shouted, in the general direction it came from. "That fucking hurts!"

Hope: "Well you can go take your chances with Stormy if you prefer." Hope fired again, trying to draw her away from Kat.

Mayday: "....p-pain...", Mayday sighed, sucking in a sharp breath as she sat up and crying out as she tried to put weight onto her left hand. She looked at it, frowning at the bruising, "W-well...you ain't broken, so that's...kinda good...", she sighed, standing up with real difficulty - her suit tattered and torn, and her body ridden with bumps and bruises.

Kat: "Success." Kat mumbled. She grabbed the egg and kept running... away from the flying fire that was apparently now coming in her direction.

Cassie: Cassandra's eyes widened when she noticed something fiery and bright quickly rushing right towards her. "Oh dear..." Scrambling to a halt, she pulled all constructs back to her and shaped them into half-sphere. The fireball struck the makeshift shield, its flames washing over the dark surface.

Jessica: Jess returned to the canopy with her egg-baby, deciding it was much safer with her, and kept her eyes on her team's nest.

Johnny: "Sorry!" Johnny called to his team, throwing another blast in Jess' direction and one in Kat's. He was going to burn the entire jungle down if he had to.

Cecilia: Cecilia sent more shields flying at the trees near Kat. Sending them toppling down towards her. "Help me, Cass!" She yelled, snarling at the psychosomatic pain. These fire attacks really put her out.

Hope: Hope knocked out the oncoming fireballs, tsking at Johnny. "Now now..."

Mayday: Mayday tried to tense her left hand, wincing at the pain in it, "Oh, stop it. You're not even broken...", she rolled her eyes at her wrist, jogging back ot the fray and casting a web with her good hand, pulling herself upwards.

Cassie: The solid darkness tore in places, crackling and twining as it was forced back into nothingness by the brightly burning flames, but Cassandra had managed to block the attack. Although now she felt dizzy, struggling to keep her balance. "That was... not very... nice," she panted.

Jessica: Come on, Kat... Jess hugged the egg to her, protectively.

Kat: Kat was hurdling the trees that Cecilia was throwing down. She narrowly missed one as it hit her in the head. Wait. She could see the blue teams's nest. She was close. Just keep running.

Hope: "I accept your surrender!"

Cecilia: Cecilia could see Hope where she was on top of that dinosaur. "Nothing personal," she gasped, clutching her sides. Her skin burned! Well...maybe it was. She threw a shield into the flank of the dinosaur. Time to start a rodeo!

Mayday: With great effort, Mayday managed to swing her way over to Cassandra with one hand, landing beside the other girl, "You alright?", she asked, tending to her team mate."

Hope: Stormy roared and charged to eat people.

Jessica: Hearing movement, Jess looked towards it, spying Kat on the approach. And she had the other team's egg! Excellent!

Cecilia: "Hey! HEY! OVER HERE!" Shouted Cecilia, trying to draw the dinosaur into chasing her and vicariously, Kat.

Kat: Kat was very near her team's nest. She was almost there. And she still had the egg. She turned on full speed.

Johnny: Johnny took off after Kat in a burst of flames, body igniting as he flew towards her, burning anything in his way. Between him and the dinosaur, he should be able to grab it... Almost there...

Cassie: She gave Mayday a quick sideways glance and nodded. "I just got the wind knocked out of me," Cassandra assured the other girl, even though looking paler than usual as she took a deep breath. "Using my talents like this... it's not something I'm used to."

Jessica: Jess jumped back down to her nest in time for Kat to arrive so that both the eggs were in place and they could score the point.

Kat: She ran into the nest, and tossed the egg at Jess. "Here. You take this."

Cecilia: Cecilia slammed shields at the dinosaur while she ran, leading it towards the other team. "C'MON! COME HERE, HERE'S SNACKS!"

Johnny: Johnny snatched the egg from the air.

Hope: Hope took off after Johnny, putting out every fire she could.

Mayday: Mayday shook her head at Cassandra, "T-that er...doesn't look like a winding...", she knelt down beside the ebony haired girl, "...did Jess hit you with one of her venom shots?"

Jessica: "Damn it, Johnny!" Jess fired a venom blast after him.

Hope: Hope shifted to Lizard form and told Stormy to chomp Johnny. The T-Rex ran for him.

Kat: Kat had collapsed to the ground after running all that way, only to watch Johnny take the egg in mid-air. "Damn you Johnny!" Kat got back up, and took off after him.

Jessica: Jess crouched protectively over her egg. They were not going to lose it.

Johnny: Ha! He'd gotten their egg back! Twisting around in the air to avoid the blast as well as the dinosaur, he yelled to his team, "Get their fucking egg!"

Cecilia: Cecilia turned her attention to the front, where she was running. Huh, she'd come to the other team's base. "GANGWAY!" She yelled, running straight at Jess with her shield armour up, tackling her.

Hope: Hope switched powers again and went to tackle Johnny.

Mayday: Looking up, Mayday spotted Johnny, "Aw, hell, can I even do anything with one damn hand?", she drew out a dart from her back, planting it into her right-hand shot bracelet and aiming it at where she could just spot Jessica, shooting a blinking red tracer onto her leg.

Jessica: Jess grabbed up the egg and curled around it. She was not going to let go of it. They would have to pry it from her cold dead hands. Sticky powers for the win!

Mayday: "Aaaand hopefully that will make enough noise to get heard by the scary monsters...", Mayday shrugged, going back to Cassandra.

Kat: Kat ran back to help Jess. She found Cecilia tackling her. She dived and started kicking at Cecilia. She wasn't going to lose this. Not now.

Cassie: "No, I'm not hit." Cassandra insistently shook her head. "I simply exerted myself a little too much. Don't worry about me, I'll be alright. You go and stop the others. We're not losing because of me, yes?" She looked at Mayday urgently.

Mayday: With a nod, Mayday offered a small salute, "Stay good, I'll er....be back shortly.", she released a web, returning to the combat slowly.

Cecilia: Cecilia lashed out a shield just inches from Kat's face in a flash. Faster than she'd ever pulled up a shield before...by God. She was getting much stronger, stronger than she'd been last semester at any rate.

Kat: Kat took a deep breath and threw a punch at Cecilia. Her shield seemed stronger than before.

Jessica: Jess decided that enough was enough. She curled around the egg, holding onto it with both hands and sticking her feet to the floor. She was now an immovable object.

Cecilia: Took the blow with her armour and began focusing her attack on Kat. While the punches and kicks she was throwing probably wouldn't land she was more hoping she'd force Kat to stay phased so she couldn't continue to attack. Hopefully that'd buy time for someone on her team to come and help.

Mayday: Mayday leaned against a tree, pulling out her remarkably undamaged PDA and locking in on the tracer she'd stuck to Jessica, knocking up its signal frequency so it would emit a sharp, high-pitched sound, "Huehuehue...", she smiled, "Check me out, not being useless with one hand!"

Cecilia: She attacked aggressively though, throwing boxing punches at Kat that Jess had shown her and mixing in jabs she'd done in fencing. "Let's dance!" She laughed wildly.

Johnny: Easily avoiding the tackle, Johnny weaved through the trees and moved higher, leading Hope on a chase in an attempt to buy his team more time.

Cassie: Taking a deep breath, Cassandra was determined to prove herself useful. Unfortunately, with the direct approach pretty much ruled out and her options dwindling, the situation clearly called for more improvisation. Scanning the immediate area and trying to gauge what was going on, she mustered her reserves and teleported once more.

Hope: Hope kept up with Johnny, trying to overtake him. He was so not getting away.

Mayday: Once the tracer was at its highest pitch, Mayday stepped out of cover, sprinting over towards Jessica and calling to her, "Hey, Jess! Can you hear that?", she teased, stopping a few feet before her.

Kat: Kat was having a difficult time staying solid. Cecilia was putting up a tough fight, and she couldn't really get a punch or kick in. "Can't hide behind your shield forever. Come out and put up a real fight."

Jessica: Argh! What was that sound?! Jess looked around. Was it coming from her? She looked over at May, eyes narrowing again. "That's cheating!"

Johnny: He was so getting away. Looking over his shoulder, he shot her a smug grin, "Can't keep up?!"

Cassie: Appearing right by Jessica's side, she simply stood next to the other girl and the trophy she was guarding. Cassandra made no move to attack, however, or take any other aggressive action, for that matter. No, she just stood there.

Hope: Thinking fast, Hope calculated carefully then teleported in front of Johnny.

Mayday: "So's your face!", Mayday chimed back, "...er...that er...hm...", she shook her head, "It was bad. anyway, gimmie that egg or I'm gonna have to keep hitting you until you do."

Cassie: "Hello," she said, hands clasped behind her back, while see-sawing back and forth.

Cecilia: Cecilia snorted. "Where's the fun in that?" She threw a hard kick at Kat's midsection. Ha, she wasn't landing anything. But she was occupying her and forcing her back.

Mayday: Mayday stepped up to Jessica, "It might get really bad. I only have one hand, so it'll probably be kicks..."

Jessica: Jess shook her head, "Nope. Not letting go of it." She curled tighter around it. She really really wanted to cover her ears. That sound huuuuurt.

Kat: Kat backed off of Cecilia to help Jess out. Kat came up behind Jess' attacker and grabbed at Mayday's arms.

Cassie: "I suppose you won't just hand that egg over to me if I ask nicely, no," Cassandra asked, looking down at Jessica.

Mayday: "See, that's a real shame...", Mayday sighed, raising her wrist and releasing a blast of webbing into Jessica's face.

Johnny: ...Wait. She wasn't behind him. He let out a shout of surprise when his girlfriend appeared in front of him, crashing into her because he didn't have enough time to change course, trying to keep a tight hold on the egg. He called out, "A little faster, guys!"

Jessica: Jess bowed her head to protect her face. "Still not going to let go."

Hope: Hope opened up a Portal to her nest in her stomach and shoved Johnny through. The egg couldn't teleport but he sure could!

Cecilia: Cecilia snarled as Kat left to help Jess, making a sandwich with Mayday between them. "Sorry," she said, throwing a shield at all three of them, sending them rolling like bowling pins.

Johnny: Johnny went tumbling into the nest with an 'oof' and quickly got back to his feet, informing them, "Hope has the egg!"

Mayday: Mayday's senses picked up the shield approaching, instinctively causing her to leap upwards to dodge just in time - at least her enemies weren't as fast.

Cassie: "That's what I thought." Cassandra nodded. "Well, I found out the hard way that I can't teleport the egg, so that's obviously not going to be an option." A mischievous smirk curled the corner of her mouth. "What I still can teleport, however, is you."

Hope: Hope fell from the sky, grabbing the egg and shifting powers just in time to take off flying for her nest.

Cassie: And having said that, she promptly engulfed both of them in a blanket of thick darkness, mustering her last strength to take both of them as far away as possible, leaving the egg unguarded.

Kat: Kat rolled back onto her feet and jumped on top of Jess hoping to create another shield. To keep her safe.

Jessica: Jess yelled as the shield hit her, but still didn't move from her spot.

Johnny: "Cee, get their egg and run back!" Johnny ordered, keeping his eyes peeled for Hope. He'd have to hold her off.

Hope: Hope shifted to Sue's power so she could invisible herself and fly.

Cecilia: Cecilia walked up to the two girls. "I guess I can fix this," she said, creating a shield between Kat and Jess to force Kat off. "It's harder than it looks, Johnny!"

Mayday: With an awkward landing, Mayday spotted the egg alone, "....wow.", she hopped over to it, scooping it up and casting it to Cecilia, "Go for it!"

Cecilia: Well, it was hard when you weren't actually trying to hurt them.

Johnny: Well, he hadn't been able to encircle their camp, but he could encircle theirs. Focusing on the entire area, he began to raise the temperature, knowing it'd likely make it miserable for everyone because it'd already been hot as fires began to spring up.

Jessica: "Noooo!" Jess reacted on instinct, turning and putting both hands on Cassie, venom blasting her with enough force to knock her out before running off into the trees. She needed to get back to the egg!

Kat: "Seriously. SERIOUSLY." Kat tried to get eyes on Cecilia so that she could chance her. Johnny's ring of fire wasn't making it easy.

Hope: Hope rolled her eyes at Johnny making the target easier for her to spot. She swooped down and picked up a rock, then went back up, throwing the rock at one side, hoping he'd take the bait.

Mayday: Mayday cast a few globs of webbing from her wrist in Kat's direction, each catching fire as it passed through the flames, "Mayday used Ember!", she grinned.

Cassie: The venom blast wasn't even needed, Cassandra already falling over by herself when they emerged someplace else in the jungle. Utterly exhausted, the treetops kept spinning above her, as she fell into the thick growth of leaves.

Johnny: An easy target was exactly what he wanted, and he wasn't about to move, even if people were pelting him with rocks.

Cecilia: Cecilia was breathing heavily, but she kept her shields up. There was no way she was gonna hold out a lot longer, slowly she turned and began jogging back to their base.

Hope: Hope had to shift powers due to the heat, but she dove for the nest, feet first to take out Johnny as she landed. She put out the fires around her as she did so, just in case it failed.

Kat: Kat screamed in pain. She wasn't prepared for the fire that Mayday sent her direction. Kat became more alert, and took off for the fire. Time to try fire phasing. Luckily as she starting to phase, the fires extinguished. She spotted Cecilia running at a slow, jogging pace. It was on.

Cecilia: Fire, fucking fire. Cecilia scowled and created a dome to smother a small area of fire so she could slip through and go back home.

Mayday: With a shake of her head, Mayday darted after Kat, her enhanced stamina being hard-pushed as she raised her good hand to web the other girl's back, "Hey, Kat, don't you want some payback?"

Johnny: Exactly what he'd been hoping for... Johnny reached around to grab one of her legs, swinging her around and sending her off-course. Hopefully, that knocked the egg loose, and he could grab it...

Jessica: Jess held her side as she ran through the trees, the impact of Cee's force field had hurt quite a lot and she was so frustrated to have lost the egg after taking a hit like that. It hurt to breathe while running this fast so, instead, she resorted to flying.

Kat: As Kat ran for Cecilia, she felt the burning of the burns. This sucked, but she wasn't going to let the red team win. She could hear Mayday taunting her. It wasn't going to work.

Hope: Hope kicked him, keeping the egg secure. Football with the guys was good for something. She shifted to Jess's powers, blasting him with a venom blast.

Johnny: "I hate you," Johnny got out through gritted teeth.

Hope: "You love me." Hope ran for her nest.

Mayday: Mayday gave her web a yank, not entirely sure Kat hadn't simply phased through it as she turned, spotting Jessica and raising her hand, pelting her with a few web globs and reaching for her PDA again, hitting the 'transmit' button on her tracer dart, "...er....i-is it still attached?", she wondered.

Cecilia: Cecilia turned at the sound of Mayday's voice...and saw Kat right behind her. Snarling she threw another shield shockwave in front of her, sending Earth flying everywhere and darted into the jungle.

Johnny: "Not right now I don't," Johnny replied, going for the tackle.

Hope: Hope let him but only because it would land her in the nest. "If you wanted me, you could have just said so."

Mayday: "H-hey, wait, where's Cassie?", Mayday wondered to herself, sliding her PDA away and taking off in a sprint after Kat again.

Jessica: Jess shrieked at the sound. It was still attached. But now she didn't have to worry about losing the egg so she was able to find the tracer and remove it, throwing it away and venom blasting it for good measure. Now. Egg. She zeroed in on Cecilia and gave chase.

Kat: Kat felt part of Mayday's web get clogged with dirt on her back. She kept running, in the direction that she hoped with after Cecilia. She finally brushed the dirt out of her face. There she was. There was Jess. "Tackle her together?" She yelled at Jess.

Johnny: "I shouldn't have to say so. You should already know I do," he rolled his eyes, trying to pry the egg from her grip.

Jessica: "Hell yes!" Jess put on a burst of speed and dived for Cee.

Hope: Hope grinned and kissed him instead. "Always." It was easy to keep the egg with Jess' sticky powers.

Cassie_: "On my way," Cassandra muttered into the empty air, her breath shallow as she struggled to sit up again. Cold sweat had formed on her forehead, and she could feel it underneath her clothes, giving her skin goose-bumps.

Kat: Kat dived. She felt her body collide with Cecilia and Jess.

Mayday: Mayday leapt into the air, casting a web and swinging upwards and artfully onto Jessica's back again, "Heeeyooo!", she wrapped her legs around the flying girl, "Wanna g'ahead and not drop me this time? You're a terrible driver(!)"

Cassie_: Stumbling to her feet, she took a look surround, the jungle looking blurry in front of her eyes. Occasionally, some of the trees would tilt this way or that way, along with the ground. "Gee, stop shaking the place," she said, staggering in the direction of the most noise.

Jessica: Jess didn't even think about it, just putting a hand on Mayday and unloading yet another venom blast into the girl.

Johnny: Johnny briefly returned the kiss, despite how inappropriate it likely was at the moment, and scowled when he couldn't pull the egg loose. Ugh, he didn't want to lose. He'd never hear the end of it... On the other hand, he could claim a consolation prize...

Kat: Kat jumped out of the pile and dove at Mayday knocking them both away from Cecilia and Jess.

Jessica: Threat neutralised, Jess dove for the egg, her attention solely focused on that goal.

Cecilia: Cecilia shouted as she was thrown down, but she was quickly fighting back. Punching at both her attackers. "I will not be beaten so easily!" She shouted, angry.

Mayday: With a hiss, Mayday fell from Jessica, slapping into Kat and being brushed aside as she landed face down, completely out for the count.

Jessica: "You can't beat me hand-to-hand, Cee. Not yet." Jess made a grab for the egg.

Hope: Hope kissed Johnny again then smiled up at him. She couldn't shift powers without risking his strength overpowering her. Her team would just have to hurry. "You look sexy in uniform. Sexier without it on though."

Kat: Kat woozily sat up. She channeled all of the adrenaline left in her body and went over to Jess to help her get the egg from Cecilia.

Cecilia: "No, but I can try," she said, raggedly. Punching hard. She might go down, but she'd deal out as much pain as she could before then.

Jessica: Jess dodged and grabbed Cee's wrist, twisting her arm behind her back in one fluid movement. "I'm faster than you." She said into her ear.

Johnny: "I suppose you don't look too bad yourself..." he admitted, somewhat tempted to give up... except that'd be quitting... He didn't quit.

Cecilia: Cecilia cried out at the arm twist, tears springing to her eyes. "Yeah, but I'm indestructible," she hissed, throwing a final shield into Jess from the side, hard. Before crumbling from the pain.

Kat: Kat wrestled with Cecilia for the egg. She could feel it start to come loose.

Cassie_: "Oh, hey there, little green guy," Cassandra greeted the small reptile that popped out of the thicket in front of her. It stood on two legs, its hands in front of it, and tilted its head as it kept looking at the mutant girl. "You don't know the way by any chance, do you?"

Kat: Kat watched as Cecilia succumbed to the pain. Kat picked up the egg. "Well, guess you won't need this will you?"

Jessica: Jess let go of Cee when the shield hit her and stumbled to catch her balance. Now she was bruised on both sides. Lovely. But they had the egg. "Run!"

Hope: Hope laughed at Johnny. Screw the game. But she had to keep that egg or she'd have to deal with angry Jess. She'd rather make it up to Johnny. "Why can't we keep Stormageddon?"

Kat: Kat mustered up the rest of her strength and ran full blast back to the nest.

Jessica: Jess flew behind Kat to provide cover and because now it would really hurt to run.

Kat: She arrived out of breath to see Hope and Johnny macking on each other. "Seriously guys. Get a room. Oh and I got the egg."

Johnny: "Because he's a hologram?" Johnny suggested as he kept his hold on the egg, adding after a moment, "Though, that is a badass name. Likely because it's starts with Storm."

Cassie_: On the way back to their camp, Cassandra intercepted the runners of the opposing team. Not intentionally, though. In fact, she was running at full speed, completely ignoring anyone around her, screaming and flailing aimlessly. A huge horde of vicious, small reptiles was close behind her.

Cecilia: Cecilia crawled over to Mayday's form, gasping. "Ah, fuck. Are you alright?" she shook her. Shit, she was passed out.

Hope: "Why do you think I suggested that name?" Hope kissed his cheek, trying to keep him distracted so he wouldn't go for Kat.

Kat: Dodging Cassie as she randomly ran into them, Kat asked, "So where should I put this Hope?"

Johnny: "You should hand it over to the angry dinosaurs behind you," Johnny answered with a grin.

Jessica: Jess landed beside Kat, holding a hand to her ribs and wincing. Ow. That fucking hurt. "Nest."

Hope: "Hurry! Nest! Don't listen to him!"

Kat: Kat jogged over to the nest and set the egg down. "There. Finally."

Johnny: Johnny tried extremely hard to wrench the egg from Hope's grasp as they continued to approach, vaguely wondering what had happened to his team. Though... Was that Cassie in the horde of approaching reptiles?

Kat: Kat put her body in between herself and the egg, just in case Johnny tried something funny.

Hope: Hope had a smug look. "We win!"

Cecilia: Cecilia turned Mayday over like she'd been shown in Field Medicine, checking her pulse. Seemed fine and she was breathing. "Fuck..." she muttered. She'd be feeling this tomorrow.

Johnny: "Pfft, you have to have both eggs to win, genius."

Kat: "Thank God." Kat sat down, still in front of the egg. She was exhausted. At least she didn't have to hit the gym for a while.

Hope: "And we do. Look where you are, sexypants."

Jessica: "We do have both eggs, dumbass." Jess sat down where she stood.

Cecilia: Cecilia lay back down on the ground. "I just rest here...two, three...ten minutes tops. Okay, twenty...and then I'll get up," she said hoarsely.

Johnny: Scowling down at where he'd landed, he let out a curse and got up, moving toward where he thought he'd seen Cassie. He'd get her and go collect the other girls while he inwardly fumed. "Cassie, you alright?"

Jessica: "Team awesome wins the day!" Jess threw her hands up in a cheer then flopped back into the leaf litter.

Cassie_: With the last ounce of her strength, Cassandra had managed to scale one of the larger trees with the aid of a hanging vine. Perched on top of a large trunk, she peered down at the angry horde of dinosaurs. "That's not very nice of you," she scolded the little vicious things, pelting them with tropical fruit that hung nearby. "Mistaking me for food..."

Kat: "Go Team Awesome!" Kat echoed Jess' cheer and fell backwards to stare at the ceiling of the jungle.

Hope: Hope smirked at her team but said nothing with Johnny still there. "Where are the others?"

Jessica: "My ribs hurt... I think I might be bruised..." she unzipped her top to prod her skin experimentally. Yep. "Ow..." she glanced over at Hope. "That way..." she pointed.

Kat: "They are over there somewhere. At least thats where they were when Mayday fell slightly out of sorts... Bright side. At least we can stay out of the gym for a few days."

Johnny: Hearing her voice, he heaved a sigh, ordering, "Hope, find Cassie. She's over there somewhere. I'm going to get May and Cee."

Cassie_: "Oh, don't worry about me," she called back, hearing the familiar voices. "I'm fine." Cassandra grinned sheepishly, the exhaustion plainly visible in her face. "Just about to get eaten by little misbehaved critters, that's all."

Hope: She winced at Jess, dropping the powers. "Ouch... you alright?" Was the computer supposed to signal their victory? She followed after Johnny to check on the others. "Going to go check on them... sure thing." She turned and went the way Johnny indicated.

Jessica: "I'm fine... being bruised is just unfamiliar to me... I'm hard to damage." And immune to painkillers. Something she was sure to regret later on.

Cecilia: Cecilia stared up at the canopy of leaves, this reminded her of something...but it was an old memory...Puerto Rico, maybe?

Kat: Kat frowned. They had won. Why hadn't the computer announced it? Why were they still inside the jungle?

Kat: "Don't worry Jess. We will just have to drink tons of alcohol later... to numb the pain and all."

Hope: "Cassie?" Hope called out, then shifted to Lizard form to force dinosaurs out of the area.

Johnny: He stormed through the jungle in the directions he'd heard the other girls say they were in, irritably shoving vines and limbs out of his way. "Cecilia? Mayday?"

Jessica: Jess groaned, "I'm immune to drugs and alcohol...."

Cecilia: "Here!" Cecilia yelled hoarsely from her spot on the ground. "May's with me!"

Kat: "We can still try." Kat needed something to numb the pain that her body was now showing. Her burns felt like they were still on fire.

Cassie_: "Up here!" Cassandra waved down from her high vantage point, a relieved grin slipping finding its way onto her face. "Ah, my knight in shining scales!" When the coast was clear, she somersaulted off the branch and landed by Hope's side, only slightly unsteady anymore.

Jessica: "Well, you can get drunk by all means... I'll just do what I always do and make tea..."

Hope: Hope shifted back once Cassie was on the group, shaking her hair out. Oh she was going to sleep all afternoon at this rate. "You alright?" She checked Cassie over.

Johnny: Johnny rushed over to the pair, glancing them both over as he asked, "Is it okay to move her? I can carry her to the medlab and help you up..."

Kat: Kat sighed. "You don't happen to have any of that cream the Katniss gets to put on her burns in The Hunger Games do you? These burn. Bad."

Cecilia: Cecilia rolled over and got up, slightly stiffly, but otherwise alright. She didn't show much signs of outward pain, really. She was used to it with the problems the shields gave her. "Yeah, I think so...we need to get her there. She's been passed out over two minutes..."

Jessica: Jess shook her head, sitting up and re-zipping her uniform, "Don't worry, the Doc'll see you right."

Cecilia: "I'm fine," she said, waving him away. "Help her."

Cassie_: "I suppose those," she replied, brushing some strands of wayward hair out of hair. "I must say, I may be used to a rigorous training regimen, but this here certainly is something different."

Kat: "I think Doc's got bigger things to deal with than my burns. I hope Mayday has woken up." Kat slowly stood up and fixed her uniform by tearing off the burnt parts.

Johnny: Johnny bent over to carefully slip his arms under Mayday's prone form, cradling her to him, "I'll stay with her until you feel up to... Well, getting up..."

Hope: Hope laughed and patted Cassie's back a bit. "We need to head on back to my team's nest. I'll go find Johnny, May, and Cecelia if they aren't back yet."

Jessica: "Well, in the circus, people probably weren't trying to kill you every week." Jess gave Cassie a smile, "May'll be fine. I just venom blasted her out..."

Cecilia: Cecilia frowned, she was bent over slightly but she figured that up was enough. "I'm standing, I think that's all you can ask for, really. Just go, I can make my way back...slowly."

Cassie_: "Alright, good luck with that." Cassandra raised her hand to wave at the other girl. "If you don't mind, I'll sit by the others and work on not falling unconscious."

Cecilia: She straightened herself, wincing at the pulling of psychosomatic burns. "Goddamn," she said. "Fire hurts the worst. I'd rather take a bullet anyday, but fire? Never."

Hope: "Do that." Hope smiled and pointed Cassie in the right direction before taking off to find the others.

Johnny: "Sorry about that," Johnny apologized and started to carry Mayday. Then, he realized he had no idea where the door was located and called out for Danger to end the program.

Cecilia: Cecilia sighed as the foliage faded away. "Right, off to my room," she said, making her way slowly to the doors. Fuck, fuck, fuck...every step hurt. But her face remained stony. She didn't like showing pain.

Cassie_: As she had made her way back to the rest of the group, that cheeky grin had already returned and was lighting up Cassandra's face. "So, judging by how tired and sore I'm feeling, I suppose we must have won, no?"

Kat: Kat headed toward the door. She needed a long shower. A very long shower.

Jessica: Jess laughed, "You wish." She got to her feet, running a hand through her hair.

Hope: "Shit is she ok?" Hope caught up to Johnny with Mayday.

Johnny: Johnny blew out a sigh as he started toward the door with Mayday, scowl still plastered on his face as he shook his head, "I don't know. I'm going to find out though. I'll catch up with you later."

Cassie_: "And thus my hopes are crushed." Cassandra sighed dramatically as she flopped down in a soft pile of leaves. "In that case, can I be victor by effort? I may not have made much of a difference, but it surely wasn't for a lack of trying."

Jessica: "You got the egg out of my sticky hands using your brain. That's something to be proud of even if it did get you venom blasted straight after..."

Cassie_: "Though, I suppose if one were to grade my performance, saying there's still room for improvement would be generous," she added, smiling sheepishly as she tilted her head and ran a hand through her hair.

Hope: Hope stopped dead in her tracks at his face and tone. "Ok..." She shifted a bit then made for her room. Shower first!

Jessica: Jess decided it was time for a shower and a cup of tea. "I'll see you guys later..." she headed for the door, waving over her shoulder.

Kat: Kat headed up to her room. She'd let Hope have the shower first. She just wanted to lay down. "Later guys."

Cassie_: "See you!" Cassandra waved at the other girl, before exhaling with a sigh and letting herself fall back, catching herself on her outstretched arms. "So much for my first official class at Xavier's. I'll say there aren't many school that have you flee from vicious dinosaurs on freshman day."

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