1/19 Game: DARE

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1/19 Game: DARE

Post by Ferguson » Sun Jan 20, 2013 12:15 am

<Fabian> Fabian rolled out onto the sidewalk and up to the bar door as happy as anything, practically dancing along the way. "Oh dark and seedy bar of the velvety booths, how I have missed you of late. Thrill me with your questionably stained fabrics and your cheap booze."

<Jessica> "Are you sure you haven't been drinking already?" Jess eyed the back of Fabian's head.

<Adam> "...And the fact you never ID..." Adam followed in, back to wearing his weird and wonderful clothes again, Bit asleep in a tiny sockhat in his coat.

<Hisako> "I am only here to help you all get home." Hisako explained, nodding with authority, "Who knows what mysterious people could be lurking in such a place; it is so..." she looked at Fabian, "Seeding?"

<Clarice> "You don't need drinks to be happy," Clarice declared cheerfully, gently hitting Fabian over the back of the head with a foam sword she'd bought from a street vendor earlier.

<Cassie> "So this is Xavier's local dive," Cassandra asked, pausing for a moment to take in the bar's front. She arched an eyebrow and smirked. "Handy."

<Pym> Pym followed Jessica in and frowned the bar. "I'm not really a drinker. I'm not entirely sure what I'm doing here."

<Cecilia> Cecilia rubbed at her neck where her omega tattoo was as she walked up to the bar. "Maybe I shouldn't have gone for halter neck...this really stings.." But she couldn't face pulling another shirt over her pierced ears...so she just had to suffer. Pulling at her skirt, she marched into the bar. Ah, yes, and the 'come fuck me' heels were certainly popular with the patrons tonight. Maybe she should do this more often.

<Jessica> "Don't worry, Hisako, I can't get drunk no matter how much I consume. Everyone will be going home in one piece."

<Hisako> Hisako pouted as she took in the bar, "It smells bad. And it's too dark." she shook her head, "It looks like a pit..."

<Fabian> "I'm perfectly sober, I'll have you know." Fabian laughed, like he needed booze to be this fabulous. "Seedy, it means sort of questionable. Yep, this would be our dive for all occasions. "Regretting so many piercings at once? I'd offer to speed the healing process along some but I'd worry about how that'd turn out."

<Cassie> "Yes, exciting, isn't it," she asked, turning her head to look at Hisako.

<Pym> "Further up north east there is much worse looking bars than this." he said to Hisako. "By the way, I'm Pym." he put his hand out for a shake. "Hank Pym."

<Jessica> Jess laughed, "It's a bar, it's supposed to look that way. I'm almost certain you won't catch anything."

<Clarice> "I don't drink, it's against my religion, we've got plenty of sober-sitters for this outing," she waved her sword, "Yargh! I'm going to plunder the peanuts, who's with me?"

<Cecilia> "It's alright, mi amor," she said, rubbing at the ear a little. "I'm a big girl, I can tough it out. But thanks for the thought."

<Adam> "Iiii won't be getting drunk unless my Triffid comes in later. Meds. Need watching." Adam was playing with an elastic band. "Only un-salted, un-chilli'd kinds, Clari!"

<Hisako> Looking at Hank's hand, and then to his face, Hisako smiled a little bit, "Ichiki Hisako." she offered him a little bow before going about her business, glancing to Cassandra, "I should have bringing gloves..."

<Cassie> "If it's any consolation, I've slept in worse looking places, so quit the whining," Cassandra told everyone, strolling up to the entrance.

<Hisako> "That isn't very flattering also." Hisako murmured, following Cassandra inside.

<Adam> "Not having mine. My glubs."

<Jessica> Jess giggled, "That makes two of us, Cassie." She headed for the bar to get a drink for herself.

<Clarice> "Yargh! I woulda thought you've be all about your salted nuts," Clarice teased, poking Adam with the sword, "Think I should go back and buy the bubble-gun?"

<Pym> "Ah." He didn't take the lack of hand shaking too seriously. "I think I'm going to stick to ginger ale. Or perhaps cream soda."

<Adam> Adam giggled back at her and blushed a little. "Actually more into my vegetables, if you must know..."

<Clarice> "Nuts are like vegetables, they grow."

<Cecilia> "...Why come to a bar if you don't plan to drink?" Mused Cecilia, shrugging and taking a seat at the bar, remembering to cross her legs carefully. Damn skirts. "Whiskey, straight."

<Adam> "Only if you treat them right - oh no, we are not going to have this conversation!" Adam laughed, blushing again. "Shutup."

<Clarice> "To mock those that get hammered, obviously."

<Pym> "Aren't bars places to socialize? I can't imagine being drunk is a requirement. Or to drink at all, even." he replied to Cecilia.

<Cassie> "Listen to Cecilia, for she talks sense," Cassandra announced with a chuckle. "And whether you plan to drink or not, this is a night to be merry, so at least try to act the part."

<Fabian> "Bars are hilarious sober." Fabian laughed at the idea. "I mean, I prefer a bit of drinking but I'm not against doing them sober. Speaking of which, drink orders, people, first round's on me."

<Clarice> "Fruit juice, per favor?"

<Adam> "I can't drink, but I like coming here, it's fun - and Clari's right, taking the piss of drunk people is fun." The Irishman plonked himself down, flicking a neon dread out of his face. "Tomato juice, Fabulous!"

<Cecilia> Cecilia raised her glass to Clarice. "I wish you luck with that." She looked at Pym. "No, but I don't mind cutting loose every once in awhile. Each to his own I suppose though," she shrugged. "Cheers, Fab," she said raising her glass that she'd already got. "You can get the next if you like."

<Jessica> "I don't get the choice. I'm stuck sober." She pointed at herself, "Designated driver."

<Pym> Thanks Fabian." he said with a pat on his back.

<Cassie> "Thanks, Fabian," she said. "Simply a beer will do." Cassandra opened the buttons of her coat.

<Hisako> Unbuttoning her coat, Hisako looked around the bar, her eyebrow raising skeptically as she took a seat and slid her coat off, revealing the black dress beneath complete with a bright gold sash around her stomach, "...they have sake here?" she asked the group.

<Fabian> "Vito has a little bit of everything, I'll see what I can do." Fabian promised, giving the group a little salute before heading up to the man of the hour to get said drinks.

<Pym> Pym suddenly recognized the song playing over the surround sound stereo of the little bar. "My therapist said not to see you no more, she said you're like a disease without any cure she said that I'm so obsessed I'm becoming a bore. Oh ya think ya so prettyyyyeeeeeee..." he sang a long.

<Cecilia> Cecilia took a seat with the group, drink in hand. "Here's to a lovely night," she said, tossing back her drink. "I've needed this badly. Life's been pretty hectic."

<Hisako> Hisako blinked at Hank, looking to Cecilia, "You seem well in Lehnsherr-sempai's classes?"

<Jessica> Jess took off her own coat and sat down. She still wasn't a fan of heels but the dress she was in looked better with them.

<Cassie> Slipping out of her coat, Cassandra revealed the black shirt and purple tights she was wearing for the occasion, complete with laced boots. She dropped her coat onto the bench, then turned to reveal an exhilarated smile at Cecilia's toast. "Hectic, and full of changes."

<Cecilia> "Hm? Oh yeah, actually that's really improved with my cousin's tutoring and finally figuring out that the problem was my school didn't bother to teach me grade twelve math," she shook her head. "No, I'm talking about the rally I'm organizing with JP."

<Hisako> Taking her drink, Hisako raised it, "To....self betterment." she nodded, speaking moreso to herself as she sipped it, "A rally? For mutants, yes? I have seen things around about this."

<Cecilia> "Well not so much for mutants, though that is part of it, I guess." Cecilia said, knocking back more of her drink. "JP and I are organizing a rally to spread awareness on the recent murders of those mutants. You remember that body, Hisako, right? I'm trying to make sure this doesn't happen to anyone else."

<Adam> Adam pulled off his coat, revealing that while his dreads were the usual green and black with goggles and headband, he was actually quite smart and good-looking - if still gaunt - in black turtleneck and black jeans with boots. And, of course, the ever-present black gloves. He picked up his tomato juice. "To endings - and new beginnings! Did you know I'm graduating this semester?"

<Cassie> She raised the bottle to her lips and took a deep swig. "I'd also like to thank you all for the invitation," Cassandra added. During the last week, she had found herself spent more and more time among Xavier's students, and less time with her peers at the circus.

<Jessica> Jess smiled at Cassie, taking a sip of her own drink. "You're welcome."

<Hisako> Hisako nodded to Cecilia, smiling at Adam and Cassandra, "I remember when I came here. I found it quite hard to understand a new place, but people seem nice." she shrugged a little, "Some of them."

<Pym> "I would agree." He said to Hisako. "I've... screwed up a couple of times. But I think every one around here is pretty forgiving and genuinely good."

<Fabian> "We're always good for more company out drinking." Fabian laughed as he returned for that and started passing out the requested drinks. "But yeah, they can definitely use some more help preparing for that thinger, too, yeah, Cee?"

<Jessica> "We need to be forgiving, otherwise we couldn't ask for it ourselves once in a while." Jess gave Hank a small grin.

<Cecilia> "And I have screwed up epicly so here's to fucking up spectacularly!" She laughed, raising her glass again. "Yes, we could," said Cecilia. "Thanks for filling out a couple of those forms, it was very nice of you, I would've done them myself but, well, biochem paper..."

<Adam> Adam gave Hisako a happy smile - one that seemed to be on his face a lot more often these days. "We're a family for those who don't have any. I was a right little shit when I got here, and I've...screwed up badly a few times, but they've always had me back. I love this place...and the people in it, even if I don't get on with everyone."

<Adam> Adam giggled at Cecilia. "I don't think anyone could screw up as epicly as I have. Seriously. There's a reason I've only recently got reinstated as an X-Man."

<Hisako> Hisako paused, raising her eye at the glass in her hand and at the one Fabian had presented her, ".....who's is this?" she blinked, "...w-why am I drinking this?" she blushed a little, leaving the glass and reaching for the one she was handed.

<Cecilia> "When you throw someone down the stairs and pitch a paperweight through your window come talk to me," said Cecilia, smirking. "Unless you have worse?"

<Adam> "Much, much worse." Adam nodded. Then hesitated. "Much worse." He said quietly."

<Cassie> Cassandra took a seat at the table they've picked, sliding down the bench to make room for the others. "Mutant murders," she asked, glancing about warily. "I think I've heard of those when we came into the area. Spooky stuff, no?"

<Fabian> Oh God, had he come back during weird kum-by-yah time? Fabian was grateful enough for the stance but still, weird. "I told you all I was getting drinks for everyone, not my fault you're impatient."

<Clarice> "Oh gosh, we're not having a competition, this is meant to be happy time," she booped Adam on the head, "Cheer up!"

<Jessica> "Hey I forgave you for the stairs thing." Jess pointed out to Cecilia.

<Adam> Adam pretended to gnaw on Clarice's hand. "Am happy! Hasa boyfriend, sorta, maybe..."

<Hisako> Hisako looked up at Adam, "You. You are....Adam K-...Killder?"

<Cecilia> Cecilia frowned, was this why Mayday was so hostile towards him last mission? "Well, it's never too late to change things, as I've learned." She grabbed a shot from the tray, time to get wasted and not have awkward conversations with people she hardly knew. "You saved my life, you're hardly that bad."

<Fabian> "Cee, most everyone's had worse...though it's good you avoid the tantys." He teased her a bit as he slid into his seat. "We need greasy food, too, don't we?"

<Pym> Hank sipped his ginger ale and tapped his hands to the crumby No Doubt song. What is this, 90's night? he thought.

<Adam> "Kilduff, and yes, yes I am." He smiled at Hisako. "And I have made it up, that's why I'm back on the team. I'm in a good place, both people, mental and health-wise, and I'm even graduating my classes! I did a good."

<Cecilia> "Less stress for you, Fab," she smiled. "That's a good enough incentive for me at any rate."

<Clarice> "I vote nachos, if you're offering, Fabsy."

<Cassie> "I could do with a little something," Cassandra replied to Fabian's suggestion, "I haven't had time to eat all day."

<Adam> "Can I have plain chips? That's...uh...fries for you American weirdos. No sauce or anything, not in a flavour mood, the juice is as exciting as I can take today."

<Cecilia> "Wings," said Cecilia. "I don't care I've got a partially white shirt on. Wings are happening."

<Jessica> "I ate before I came out... supposed to be trying to have regular mealtimes. I made a few promises over new year that I'm trying to keep."

<Hisako> "Actions speak louder than words." Hisako nodded, "I asked a lot about the past of the X-Men, interesting things." she commented, looking to Adam, "Also, your special name does not fit."

<Fabian> Fabian gave another salute and was up again to get the food orders.

<Adam> "X-Treme? Yeah, tell me about it." Adam snorted. "Past things, huh. So you know about me and the stupid things I did? Promise I'm not a bad guy and I'm definitely not a psychopath. On meds and everything."

<Cecilia> Cecilia got up. "Christ, I feel bad he's just getting up all the time, Imma help." She drained another shot and followed Fabian to the bar.

<Fabian> Fabian, of course, was using each trip to the bar to exchange shots with Vito as well so there was no need to pity him, much. "Cee, tequila shot?"

<Hisako> Hisako sipped some of her drink, smiling at the warm taste and then at Adam, "Extremis." she smirked, "You should have named Extremis."

<Cassie> "Oh, I'm always interested in hearing about all kinds of past X-Men stories," Cassandra said, sitting up straight with the bottle in front of her, cradled between her hands. "Especially now that I pester people about first-hand recounts of their adventures."

<Cecilia> "You have to ask?" She laughed, taking the shot in one go. "Thanks." She picked up some of the food. "Thought I'd help you out a little."

<Pym> "I like Extremis. I like Ultron too." he said with a smile. "I've always liked that name... Ultron."

<Adam> "...Extremis? That's...latin, right? Only Latin I know's church-latin." Adam rubbed the back of his neck and gave the new girl a nervous look. "You might not like mine."

<Clarice> Clarice batted Adam away, "You and Jolen then?"

<Adam> "Uh huh. He stopped me asplodin' people and...and stuff." Cue another blush.

<Hisako> Giggling a little at Hank, Hisako nodded, "Latin, yes: we can talk..." she looked at Clarice, then back to him, "After..."

<Hisako> Turning to Hank, Hisako raised her glass, "What is Ultran?" she asked curiously.

<Clarice> "Well that's ... good?" Exploding people was always a good thing to stop.

<Jessica> Jess sat back in her seat, crossing her legs and just listening to the conversation happening around her.

<Fabian> He held his shot up and raised it to both of them before downing his. "So...now you know why I always take the orders. You know my secrets Cecilia Reyes."

<@Quentin> In the back hall where the bathrooms were located, the exit-only door opened just enough for Quentin to slip in. He shut the door behind him, hands free of course, and immediately took notice of the crowd. Good crowd. He thought to himself.

<Cecilia> She smiled back. "I'm flattered, truly." Oh, hello warm drunk feelings, how are you today? "And I got my buzz, this is gonna be a great time."

<Adam> "Yeah, had a night terror of my memories coming back and...I didn't wake up good, he kinda...well, we talked a lot. We need to talk some more, I think." He cleared his throat, still watching Cassie. "So...you're new?"

<Fabian> "You should be, I'll have to come up with more secrets just to keep myself interesting." Fabian fake-groused, grabbing up some of the orders and another shot.

<Cassie> "That depends on who you ask," Cassandra replied, smiling faintly as she shifted in her seat. "Some people know me longer than others, after all." She leaned forward, resting her chin on her hand. "Around here, though? Yes, I'm quite new."

<Cecilia> Cecilia grabbed another shot as well and the rest of the orders. "You'll always be interesting to me, I doubt I'll ever be able to predict you!"

<Jessica> "Cassie worked at a circus. We saw her show - it was awesome." Jess smiled at Cassie.

<@Quentin> As he stepped out he greeted a regular of his with a nod. He noticed the song change and realized it must be the dated 90's satellite radio station again. Favorite radio station. I must be making some kind of an influence. he thought with a smirk.

<Hisako> With a little smile, Hisako tilted her head slightly, "It is a shame I missed this circus..."

<Fabian> "That's the idea." Fabian laughed and clicked one of the plates she was holding with his shotglass before downing it. "Good to know I'm as successful as I think." He smirked, leading the way back to the table.

<Cassie> Cassandra returned Jessica's smile and gently bowed her head. "Why thank you," she told her. "And that's true, I came into town with the Cirque Bizarre - you may have seen the adverts all about. And if you haven't seen our show yet, then shame on you, and do so at once."

<Cecilia> "Always," agreed Cecilia. "I take tips too," she said to the table, smirking. "Enjoy."

<Adam> "That's kinda cool. Never been to a circus." Yeah, no bringing the mood down and mentioning his off-colour moments. "I might do, if Jolen wants to go - don't really...do crowds alone."

<Fabian> "No fair, you'll get more tips than me. I knew I should have broken out the short shorts." Fabian put the plates down and took his seat again. "So, we're on the circus?"

<Cecilia> She placed the orders down and sat down, taking her second shot of tequila at last. Soon she'd reach drunkvana and that would be something.

<@Quentin> His mind began to comb through the thoughts of others, his smirk widening to a grin as he realized who he may be in the presence of. "Hmm..." One of them was drunkenly stuck on skinny dipping in the back of her mind. He liked those images. "Very nice."

<Cassie> She grinned, raising her bottle. "There's still time to catch it," she assured Hisako. "If you like, I can show you around."

<Pym> Pym got a ginger ale refill and smiled to Cecilia who looked like she was getting attacked by the alcohol she was drinking. "Hitting it rather hard, no?"

<Jessica> "I'd never been to a circus before either. It's totally worth going, if only for the food." She grinned. "I think I'll go dance."

<Cecilia> "You should've seen me at Halloween," she smiled at Pym. "I could barely walk! And I woke up with someone unexpectedly the next morning!" She laughed. "Poor Kevin."

<Hisako> With an enthusiastic nod, Hisako smiled at Cassandra, "Please, it would be good." she sipped some more of her drink, glancing at the bright haired boy in the crowd suspiciously.

<Fabian> "We had a good time Halloween, even if Slepnir got a bit squished."

<Hisako> "His hair is colourful..." Hisako remarked.

<Cassie> "We're striking tents at the end of the week to move on to the next town," Cassandra announced, rolling the bottle between her fingers. "Which, I guess will be the latest possible time where I'm going to explain to our managed that I'm not going to extend my contract." She smiled sheepishly at the assembled students.

<Jessica> Jess raised an eyebrow at Cecilia's comment. No. She wasn't going to ask. Her imagination was enough. Probably wrong. But enough.

<Clarice> "Who's hair?" Clarice frowned.

<Adam> Adam muttered something about Traskland and Halloween only being awesome because he got sweets and looked up at the hair. "Huh?"

<Cecilia> "You say that as though we did more than drunkenly cuddle," she said, raising an eyebrow. "I would've paid to see Lukas' face when you told him what you did to his horse toy."

<Fabian> "I was leaving it to the imagination...but yes, his face looked like all of the violated childhood I could ever hope for."

<@Quentin> As his eyes darted around and found his regulars, being sure to exchange with them, his mind stayed in the thoughts of the group he recognized from the television.

<Fabian> "And are we seriously staring at weird hair? Don't we have enough of that at the school?"

<Clarice> "I don't see any weird hair, then again, I'm naturally purple so maybe I'm desensitized?"

<Cecilia> Cecilia looked around. Pink hair? Ah, there. She also drunkenly raised her glass at the pink hair guy. "Guess someone's finally beaten me in the hair department, kudos to him!"

<Hisako> "I think it looks quite an interesting colour." Hisako explained, shrugging and going back to her glass, "I would never change my hair..." she stroked a hand through her own.

<@Quentin> He noticed some glances and went into their thoughts. Why would they be looking at me? he wondered. He didn't sense any serious telepathy in the area. But he caught a glimpse of Jess and smiled. It was definitely them.

<Adam> "Ffft. Your mate looks like he wears a squid on a regular basis, that's nothing." Adam tugged on one of his neon dreads happily. "Oooh! Chips!"

<Fabian> "And here I thought it'd be a good idea if you had purple liberty spikes. They could be an added weapon in your kendo." Fabian picked up a bit of Hisako's hair, flipping it about as if it were it's on deadly weapon.

<Jessica> Jess wandered away from the table to the dancefloor to try and clear her mind of thoughts of hallowe'en. She'd much rather focus on thoughts of Christmas. That had been great.

<@Quentin> He noticed the track change to "I Like Big Butts" and he rocked his head back and forth to the beat while he began to strut through the hockey-fanatics in the bar, pulling in closer to the group. "Oh baby, I wanna get witcha, and take yo pictua! My homeboys try to warn me but that but you got makes m-m-m-me so horny!"

<Cecilia> "Nothing can compete with the afro," said Cecilia, fluffing her hair jokingly. "I have all of the 70's on top of my head, natural too. Can't beat that." She turned though at someone singing the dreaded song.

<Hisako> Hisako slapped away Fabian's hand suddenly, "H-hey! It is rude to touch somebody like this!" she blurted, taking a deep breath.

<Cecilia> "I have heard that one directed at me one too many times for it to amuse me anymore," she muttered, taking another shot.

<Adam> "Pleeeaaase don't tell me someone's actually using that to pick up...please?"

<Fabian> "...deep breaths, Hisako, deep breaths." Fabian laughed. "I luckily never even thought about it...mainly because I've no problems with lying."

<Cecilia> "I fucking hope not," said Cecilia to Adam. "People always tried that one back home and it usually ended with someone's drink in their face."

<Hisako> With a shudder, Hisako laughed a little at Fabian, "Also, American music is horrible." she hated the track playing, and made it clear on her face.

<Jessica> Jess didn't care what song was playing, she was just enjoying the dancing with the other people in the bar and trying to keep her pheromones in check.

<Adam> Adam smiled at Hisako and took the tiniest sip he could of his juice. "You should come down to my club. You...like rave and techno stuff?"

<Fabian> "It really is." Fabian nodded to Hisako. "Something we can definitely agree with." He raised his drink to that.

<Hisako> "My bands you have probably never heard: I like Yousei Teikoku, 2NE1, Kyari Pamyu..." Hisako listed, "You know these? Maybe Maximum The Hormone?"

<@Quentin> He shifted his way over to Cecilia and tapped on her shoulder s he finished rifling through her mind to get her name. "Cecilia, if you gave me a penny for my thoughts I©d have just one penny, because i can only think about one thing right meow and that©s you."

<Clarice> "... Maximum the Hormone?"

<Hisako> Stopping dead, Hisako looked up at the man above Cecilia. Asking for another man's woman - he had pink hair, and was clearly insane.

<Cecilia> Cecilia turned around sharply, eyes narrowed. "...How the hell do you know my name?" She asked suspiciously. "And who the hell are you?"

<Fabian> "...Excuse you?" Fabian arched an eyebrow at the punk looking man apparently hitting on his girlfriend...and apparently knew her.

<@Quentin> "You seem like you enjoy yourself, like you know how to have a good time. Lemme tell ya, if what I had for you in my pocket was a trip? It'd be going to the moon and back." He waggled his brows.

<Adam> "No, but now you've told me the names Imma listen to them. I need more inspiration for my next album anyway and I like the Japanese so...whoa, creeper alert."

<Cecilia> Cecilia frowned. "Oh hell no, if it's your 'you know what' I am so not interested. I have a boyfriend."

<@Quentin> "You do?" He looked around at the faces. He pointed to Fabian. "That one. He's alright."

<Clarice> Clarice couldn't help it, she blurt out laughing at the guy with the hair, "Oh gosh, does that ever work on anyone, like, ever?"

<Hisako> "...あいつはクレイジーです。..." Hisako giggled under her breath, shaking her head.

<Cecilia> "Better than you," she said, thinking of the lake. "Far better. Now piss off. I don't want anything to do with your dick."

<Hisako> ((Translation: 'That Bastard is crazy'))

<Clarice> "Hey, buddy, if it's small enough that it fits in your pocket, you can keep it," Clarice gigglesnorted.

<@Quentin> He turned to Clarice with a wink. He smiled at Cecilia's comment. "The lake was fun, but I promise you what I have is far superior."

<Cecilia> Her guts dropped. "...What did you just say?" She hissed, eyes wide.

<Pym> Pym kept quiet and just stared.

<Hisako> Hisako laughed, loud and high-pitched, raising her hand to her mouth before coughing and looking back at the pink haired man, "...you want me to get rid of this baka?"

<Adam> "...Oh wow." Adam narrowed his eyes at the guy. "Stalker or telepath, but you're real fuckin' creepy."

<@Quentin> "I said the lake? With the skinny dipping and all that? Or the little Christmas Vacation and meeting your cousins family? That's great. That's blanket stuff. That's comfy cozy. I'm going to show you something that might just rock your world. Give you a kick in the pants." He sent an image of the drug into her mind.

<Cassie> Cassandra leaned back in her seat, raising the bottle to her lips to take another careful swig as she watched the stranger that had suddenly approached them. "A fan of yours," she asked the students around her.

<Clarice> "I could port him off the pier, cool his creeper passions?" Clarice suggested.

<Fabian> Fabian stood up from his seat and found himself wishing yet again he was taller. "So...you're some kind of telepath, hmm?"

<@Quentin> He spun to Adam. "I don't like this song." He never was a fan of A-Ha. Suddenly Vito was changing the station to the current Billboard hits. "Much better." He looked back to his current project.

<Cecilia> "No, it's fine, I can handle him," said Cecilia, recovering from the shock very slowly. "I've dealt with far worse in my time. This one's mine," she said to Hisako. Staggered though as she was hit with a telepathic image. "Mutant?" She whispered.

<Hisako> "A rude, unwelcome person." Hisako muttered to Cassandra, "....a-and...you are a mutant, aren't you?"

<Hisako> She was aware the music had changed the moment he'd said something, "Psychic?"

<@Quentin> Quentin put his face dangerously close to Cecilia's face. "Mutant? Better. I'm mutation realized." He flashed the image of the drug into Hisako's mind next. "Clever girl." he said to her.

<Jessica> Jess looked over at the others, hearing the tone changes in their voices and her eyes going to the guy with pink hair. She excused herself from the guys she was dancing with and returned to the table, eyebrow raised at Mr. pink hair.

<Cecilia> He took that right out of my mind. No, God. That was mine! That was personal!. "Don't go into my mind again or you will regret it," she grit out.

<Fabian> Fabian put his hand on the man's shoulder and started to pull him back. "Okay, you, my friend, are drunk and need to step back."

<Adam> Adam's eye twitched. His irritation level was starting to spike, mostly because this guy was fucking with his paranoia something bad. He took a deep breath, remembering the calming exersize he'd been given. "You're reading the wrong people. If you have any common sense, you'd know we of all people don't take so well to that."

<Hisako> Hisako stood up, "Leave us alone." she stated, eyes fixed on the pink haired man.

<Cecilia> "You're also an asshole," she added. "Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to the ladies room before I throw my drink in your face and get kicked out, good evening." She said, slamming her empty shot down. "Thank you, Fabian."

<Cassie> "Maybe he just wants to show off his talents," Cassandra suggest. "As I did when we first met, remember?" The edge of her lips showed a crooked smile. "Perhaps he's interesting in joining this club himself, no?"

<@Quentin> "You're right." He held his hands up. "I apologize to everyone!" He shouted with a smirk as Fabian pulled him away. "I realize I've made a mistake assuming she was single. I apologize. Imagine, sir." he took Fabian's arm off his shoulder.

<Clarice> "Yeah, there's showing off and then there's just being a creeper."

<@Quentin> "If I had gone further with my moves without checking the facts first?" He assured him with a unwavering smile. "I'm quite sure there is room for forgiveness."

<Pym> Pym wasn't about to argue with a telepath, but he noticed suddenly his drink and everyone else's getting refilled. He shrugged and sipped. "Seems reasonable, guy was mistaken and over confident."

<Cecilia> "Watch my stuff," she said to the group. "I'll be back in a minute. I just wanna take a moment or I will hit this guy." And with that she waltzed off to the bathroom, pissed off and very shaken. That was hers! Her memory...that was so personal! How could he just do that. No...no. She wasn't going to cry, not here.

<Hisako> With a frustrated deep breath, Hisako sat down slowly, eyes still fixed on the man in Fabian's grasp, "...I should have beat him with a glass..." she muttered, "Looking inside a girls mind? Hentai..." she spat, cutting her eye at Hank.

<Jessica> "And poking in people's heads. That's not okay." Jess sat down, watching Cee head off and wondering if she should go after her.

<Fabian> "Exactly how drunk are you?" The guy was coming off as a joke. "You're going to stay here until she comes back and apologize, yes?"

<Cassie> "I say give him a break." Cassandra chuckled. "Creepy? Maybe. Then again, not everyone can be skilled showgirl like I am." She held up a hand and grinned with a hint of pride.

<@Quentin> "Of course." He said with a nod.

<Adam> "And fucking creepy." He took a breath. "There's showing off and then there's going into people's minds. I hate to say this but I wouldn't have taken that well...I uh...I don't like anything in my head. Possession is a horrible thing, trust me."

<Adam> "...That and voices are one of the reasons I take meds. I'd prefer not to have something I wasn't sure was real in there."

<Fabian> "Sit down." Fabian jerked his thumb to one of the spare chairs before heading to the bar to order their stray a coffee.

<Pym> "I had to use Rachel to find Hope when I left her shrunk in the green house. The only way to locate her was to go into her mind without permission." He said to Adam.

<Cecilia> Cecilia turned the faucet shakily, breathing heavily. She couldn't believe it. That was her memory, hers and Fabian's and no-one else's. And now everyone knew because of that pink-haired fuck. "I should beat his ass into the fucking ground," she hissed.

<Pym> "I had to use Rachel to find Hope when I left her shrunk in the green house. The only way to locate her was to go into her mind without permission." He said to Adam.

<Jessica> "You left Hope shrunk in the green house?!" Jess stared at him.

<Cassie> "I agree you might have to work on that entrance, though," Cassandra added, leaning onto her crossed arms. "The first impression is everything, after all."

<Pym> "... We got her out." He promised.

<Adam> "Yeah, that's people you know. Doing it to strangers? That's something else." Adam kept a steady glare at the pink-haired guy, a gloved hand twisting the elastic band.

<Jessica> "That's so irresponsible!" Jess managed not to flail at him... barely.

<@Quentin> "My circle is far less tense than you guys. I saw you all and recognized you from the television and lemme say, ... I wanted to be as cool as you guys. You're the ideal mutants, y'know?"

<Hisako> Hisako raised her glass to Adam, nodding at him and sipping from it again, watching the pink haired one carefully still.

<Cecilia> When she was sure she wasn't going to be sick she made her way back to the table. "Hi," she said hoarsely, frowning hard as she took in the pink haired guy at one of the seats. "The fuck are you still doing here?! I told you to piss off! Haven't you embarrassed me enough?!"

<Adam> Adam raised a thin eyebrow. "Protip. Don't. Read. Minds."

<Adam> "Fab said he had to stay to apologise to you."

<Cecilia> "It better be the best goddamn apology I ever heard, that memory was VERY personal."

<Hisako> "Or do not be a seedy hentai..." Hisako scorned.

<Jessica> "You okay, Cee?" Jess asked gently.

<Clarice> "Just accept it so he can creep off, Cee," Clarice was still giving their new 'friend' many suspicious looks.

<@Quentin> "I assure you, Cecilia, I meant no harm. I was merely trying to impress a very famous group of mutants. As I was just explaining, you guys are the coolest x-genes in the country. I wanted to blow you away. Apologies are endless from me."

<Fabian> Fabian returned, plopping the coffee down in front of Quentin. "You good now, Cee?"

<Cecilia> "NO!" She exclaimed to Jess. "I'm not! That was one of my most intimate memories and now EVERYONE knows! I am most certainly not alright!" She said, distraught. "Hmph," she frowned. "Fine, whatever. Just...leave me alone now."

<@Quentin> He stood to give a quaint bow to the lady. "In fact, I am willing to eradicate the memory from my own mind if you'd request it."

<Cecilia> "I'm fine," she said to Fabian. Though she looked pale. "...That's not possible? Is it?" She asked pink hair hopefully.

<Hisako> Hisako shook her head, "My grandmother says it is hard to fix stupidity..."

<Cassie> "I guess that will involve more drinking, and haven't you had enough already," she asked with a doubtful smile.

<Adam> God, what if the guy was going through his head now? What if he was rifling through all the memories? He scratched the inside of a scarred wrist, suddenly, desperately needing to get away and shower. "Genes do not make cool." He muttered.

<@Quentin> He closed his eyes and took in a deep breath. After a moment he smiled to her. "Done." he said quite confidently.

<Clarice> Ugh, bowing and weirdly formal speech was not endearing her to him.

<Jessica> Jess gave her a sympathetic look and patted Cee's shoulder. "We don't know any details, just take a breath and relax."

<Hisako> Shaking her head at Jess, Hisako mouthed 'no' to her.

<Cecilia> No doubt he's just stored it in his head to do God knows what with later. "...Well, fine, whatever, thank you."

<Fabian> Ugh, way to remind her everyone knew about it despite any details lacking. Fabian took his seat anyway, keeping an eye on Quentin just in case. He wasn't impressed with the guy but everyone made a drunken ass of themselves once in a while. "Well, you're here now anyway."

<Cassie> "It's not like I never blundered an introduction before," Cassandra remarked, swirling the remaining contents of her bottle. "Haven't we all?"

<Cecilia> "You don't know, but he does, did, I can't tell," she muttered quietly to Jess. "I need another drink, I am going to get completely trashed if only to forget this shit," she said, taking another shot. God that burned!

<@Quentin> "I'm Quentin Quire." He said, suddenly standing up to shake Fabian's hand, Quentin's drink spilling into his own lap. "Oh shit!" He reached for napkins to try and pat it out and swore to himself some more.

<Jessica> "I'll get you something, what would you like?" Jess got to her feet.

<Hisako> Raising her hand, Hisako announced, "Didn't do it." regarding the spillage.

<Fabian> "...Fabian Cortez." He was getting less and less impressed...though that coffee probably burned.

<Cecilia> "Something hard," she said. "No girly fruity drinks, I hate all that shit. Fuck pina coladas." Ah yes, and the liquor was hitting now.

<Pym> Pym reached for the paper towel rolls and passed them to Quentin and shook his hand. "Hank Pym. Call me Pym. I screwed up a lot too when I first got introduced. Invaded a mall with bugs."

<Hisako> Hisako lifted the bottle of warm sake and poured herself another glass, "I'm ok for a drink."

<@Quentin> Quentin winked at Pym and looked to Fabian, finally shaking his hand. "You ever unintentionally drag your own good name through the mud? I have to say... it's as exhilarating as it is embarrassing."

<Jessica> Jess giggled, "Okay, something mind numbing coming up." She headed for the bar again.

<Adam> Adam took a deep breath. "It's not the bungled introduction, it's...it's...it's the creepiness of it all, the invasion of privacy and...and everything. It's one thing to be an ass, another to...go through someone's mind without permission, you know? Some of us have things we don't want bought up or complete strangers knowing o-or-" Okay, calm, calm, remember to breathe...

<Cassie> "Cassandra," she introduced herself. "And not nearly as famous as the rest of this table."

<Cecilia> Cecilia barked out a laugh as pink hair or whatever his name was dumped his drink on his crotch. "Ah, I'm feeling better already!" She snorted, edging a little closer to Fabian.

<Adam> Adam didn't want to introduce himself, keeping his head down as he rubbed his nose.

<Fabian> "My good name remains unsullied as much as I can manage it." This guy was a joke. He could only hope he wasn't this much of a twat sober. "So what was it you wanted?"

<Hisako> Hisako followed suit with Adam, eyes fixed on her glass.

<@Quentin> He reached over to shake her hand as well. "Charmed, I'm sure. Do you all come here regularly? I have not seen the faces but then again I'm not a frequent townie."

<Jessica> Jess returned from the bar with a bottle and a few glasses and set them down, "Will this do the trick, Cee?"

<Cecilia> "I take it you dislike people reading your mind too?" Whispered Cecilia to Adam, grimly and drunkenly. "Yes, thanks, Jess." Sweet, sweet booze. Take away all the bad memories.

<Cassie> "If it doesn't I can spill another drink on him, if that would make you feel better," she offered, showing Cecilia a crooked little grin.

<@Quentin> "What did I want?" He pushed his shades down and looked Fabian in the eyes. "I don't want for much. Just some good company. Some money to make by. Some people to be happy with my services."

<Hisako> "Perving on people's personal thoughts is a bad way to make friends with them." Hisako explained to him, sarcastic smile adorning her face, "But good try(!)"

<Adam> "I have a lot of issues with the voices in my head. And a lot of memories I don't want people seeing. Plus I got possessed by a complete fuckin' psychopath on my first week here who had a habit of blowing up his hosts. It's a sore point."

<Hisako> Hisako pointed at Adam, "Also, nobody likes selfish deebags."

<Cecilia> "Jesus, fuck," said Cecilia. "Yeah, I don't like people going into my head either. This is sadly the second time it's happened here. Both times personal things were brought up." She knocked back her drink.

<@Quentin> "I hate to admit it but... thought I am often the picture perfect model of awesome... sometimes even I must fail." he said to Hisako. "I am sorry you see me as selfish, what would you like me to do to change that?"

<Cassie> "Services?" Cassandra arched an eyebrow, a lewd grin creeping into her expression. "I'm not sure many here would swing that way."

<Fabian> "I really hope that's not the kind of services he means."

<Hisako> "Go away and let us be happy?" Hisako offered as a suggestion, "I know men like you. They are pathetic."

<@Quentin> He laughed, hard and loud. "Noooo, no. The reason you mistook my initial behavior for rude is probably because of the confidence I have. Confidence brought on by my very own services." He ignored Hisako's comment for now.

<Adam> Adam reassured himself by rebuilding the shields in his head carefully and painstakingly, still scratching at his wrist. "Doesn't happen to me often. I uh...I tend to get a little stabby with people that pry. Though...not so much these days." Get through them, fucker - actually, no, don't, I'm trying to be good tonight. I wanna go home...

<@Quentin> "Well... let's reword that. My initial behavior WAS rude because of how over confident I AM." He laughed again.

<Cecilia> "I sure hell don't want your 'services,'" said Cecilia, she'd never been a mean drunk before. But now...she was quickly on her way to shitfaced and hostile. "Just because I'm black and have a skirt on doesn't make me a hooker."

<Hisako> Shaking her head, Hisako glanced to the door, thinking up an excuse for wanting to leave.

<Pym> Hank looked to Jess and made a cut-her-off gesture with his hand.

<Jessica> Jess waved a hand at Hank. Cee had earned the right to punch the guy in the balls as far as she was concerned.

<Pym> Hank sighed and returned to his ginger ale, listening in to the conversation.

<Cecilia> "I know allll about you people," she said, pointing a shaky finger at him, her voice dropping into her Bronx-Caribbean accent. "White guys that are looking for a little 'island fun.' Well you won't get any! I'm not easy and you don't disrespect me! I am so sick of looking at your smug face right now. Why are you here? Why is he here?!" She demanded of the table.

<Hisako> "I asked him to leave." Hisako defended herself, looking smug and sure of herself.

<Fabian> Fabian snorted. He was easily better than this twat. "Cee, it's just a drunk asshole."

<Jessica> "Apparently he's trying to impress us with his assishness." Jess supplied.

<@Quentin> He looked to Fabian and then to Cecilia. "Should I let her punch me or something?" he inquired with a shrug. He looked to her with wide eyes. "Because I found myself in a complex series of events and after the dominoes fell this is where I landed." He explained to her.

<Hisako> "Says the man who poked the dominoes in the first?" Hisako laughed dryly, "Can anybody else hear this?"

<Jessica> Jess raised an eyebrow at pink hair. "Stop talking in riddles."

<Cecilia> "Fuck your dominoes," said Cecilia bitterly, not getting the reference at all. "What do games have to do with it? What do you want from us?"

<Adam> Adam took a deep breath. Moodswing, he was good at recognising them now, a hand going into a pocket and fingering the cigarette case with the smiley face on it. "I think you should leave, Mr Quires." He said softly, keeping his eyes on the table. "Before you create more of a scene than you have."

<Clarice> "Oh he's not gonna, he's being a drunk poopy-head," Clarice sighed, "I vote we head outside and have a sword fight," she poked Adam with her foam blade.

<@Quentin> "I'll have a foam sword fight." He said with a grin. "That sounds really exciting."

<Cassie> "Why, I like a good riddle," Cassandra remarked, resting her chin on the palm of her hand. "Don't hold that against me, but that reminds me of myself. Just a little, perhaps."

<Cecilia> "If he doesn't I will!" Cecilia spat, standing up. "You don't fucking go in my head and take my memories and yell them out for everyone to hear! I should kick your ass!"

<Hisako> Hisako grinned slyly, "Doukan desu..." she said back to Clarice.

<Hisako> ((Translation: 'I agree'))

<Jessica> "You are not invited." Jesss narrowed her eyes at pink hair.

<@Quentin> "Ah, ..."

<Hisako> Standing, Hisako took her bottle and approached Cecilia, "Reyes-san; outside please?"

<Cecilia> "Guys can we just go?" She said, grabbing her things and throwing on her jacket. "I ALWAYS get the asshole! What is wrong with me?! Jesus, he's not going away. I just wanna go! YES thank you, Hisako! Let's go!"

<Adam> Adam kept his eyes on the table. He wanted the guy gone, or him home, whichever came first and easiest. Fuckit, he'd been happy just now. He didn't want fighting. Hail Mary, full of grace... He could do this, he just had to stay calm, ignore it, then he'd swing back again.

<Hisako> "Gomen..." Hisako said to everyone, taking her coat from the table and leading Cecilia outside.

<@Quentin> He looked to Fabian. "She said she always gets the ass hole but..." he pointed to himself and then to Fabian. "I'm not... but...what?"

<Hisako> ((Translation: 'Sorry'))

<Jessica> "This is your fault," Jess told Quentin, getting to her feet again and picking up her coat.

<Clarice> "There's a park nearby, we can have our sword fight there, and I'll buy pizza for the winner!" Clarice offered, trying to cheer everyone up.

<@Quentin> "Well... obviously."

<@Quentin> He noticed at that exact moment Vito's bar began to play the Bodyguard theme. "Oh real nice."

<Pym> Pym frowned at them. "Public drunkenness?" Guess I'm a puss...

<Fabian> "You were being an ass. I would suggest you do something to make up for it and tone your drunken behavior down because you're coming off as a joke." Fabian stood up, stepping away to go with the others.

<Adam> Adam stood up, still fingering the cigarette case, scooping Bit up and pulling his coat on, the sleepy rabbit opening an eye and cooing gently before nosing into him. Without acknowledging the guy, he turned and followed the others. See? He'd be okay.

<Cassie> "Well, I guess we can consider the mood spoilt," Cassandra remarked, finishing her drink with a final swig. She looked around for another to find its way to her, only to notice that everyone seemed to be leaving already.

<Cecilia> Cecilia leaned on a lamppost. "I acted like a fucking moron," she said to Hisako, spitting on the ground. "I've had too much to drink...Do you think I should apologize to that guy? He was a dick but...I dunno I've been an asshole too in the past.."

<Clarice> "No, he was a creeper," Clarice suggested.

<Jessica> She pulled her coat on and her gloves before following the others outside. "No, you shouldn't. He doesn't deserve it."

<Fabian> "Everyone has a bad drunk night." Fabian sighed as he caught up to them. "If he makes it up to us then fine."

<Cecilia> "No, no, but people thought Fabian was a monster too at first," she said. God she felt sick. Too much too fast and running around screaming didn't fix things. "I've not been good either before...maybe I should try to give him a chance..."

<@Quentin> "I-..." He followed them out and frowned. What do do... what to do... He didn't like this scenario at all. He was better than this. Stupid. He ran inside, made sure the entire tab was taken care of (good kids it seemed it was).

<Cecilia> "And you were drunk and angry with me the first time, Clarice, and Eddie almost killed me...but we're fine now...I should try."

<Jessica> "Fabian didn't poke around in people's private thoughts for kicks. That's never okay, Cee."

<Adam> "Nnnno, no you really shouldn't." Adam wrapped his arms around himself.

<Hisako> Hisako shook her head, sliding on her coat and drinking from the sake bottle she'd made off with. The warm sensation pushed her over the edge of drunk, "Reyes-san, don't be stupid. He was a filthy heeennntaaaiii not even attractive."

<@Quentin> Running back out he tried to catch up. "Wait, I'm sorry!" he tripped on a cracked piece of pavement and went down hard. "oof!"

<Hisako> She turned around, "He is following...." she snorted, "And he is falling!"

<Fabian> "...I think I did worse things than poke around a person's mind." Fabian reminded Jess with a bit of a laugh. Aaaaand then he was down. "Seriously?"

<Cassie> Cassandra grabbed her coat off the bench, then slipped out of the booth. Quickly slipping it on, she took another look around the bar, before following the others outside into the cold.

<Cecilia> "...God, I must be really drunk if I feel sorry for him..." she said, frowning at pink hair's sorry form. "Here," she said, drunkenly leaning over and trying to help him up.

<Pym> Pym went to assist Cecilia lift the pink-haired fart-face.

<Hisako> Shaking her head, Hisako giggled immaturely, turning around and continuing walking, "Bakkanooooo...."

<@Quentin> "Ow, oh wow, thanks." His glasses were severely damaged. "Damn those were expensive."

<Jessica> Jess folded her arms. She wasn't very forgiving and the cold wasn't helping her mood.

<Cassie> She was just in time to see his pink-haired head taking a dive towards the concrete, unable to swallow a chuckle.

<@Quentin> Realizing it was Cecilia, he froze. "I-... thank you for helping me." he said to her. "You know, I can get you all a cab or two to the park if you want to get there?"

<Cecilia> Cecilia, unlike Jess, was once very Catholic though. It was more in her nature to at least attempt to forgive (though it didn't always work that way). "You'll be fine," she said. "Things can be replaced. Quentin, right? Sorry, I'm plastered right now..."

<Jessica> "We don't need a cab. We have transportation." And she really wanted to be in it right now.

<Cassie> Closing the buttons on her coat, Cassandra stuffed her hands into its pockets and met up with the rest of the group. "That looked painful," she remarked, looking down at the drunken guy.

<@Quentin> "It's alright, I was sort of messed up when I came in. I have a confidence level of an elephant in the same room as a bunch of lemurs. That is to say, I often find myself bumbling about."

<Cecilia> "Jess," she said, impatiently. "We've all made mistakes. We were talking about that earlier...obviously this guys an idiot...but we all are sometimes. Just give him a chance, alright?"

<Cassie> "We noticed," she remarked, offering a wry smile.

<@Quentin> He nodded to Cassie. "It was. Not as painful as reform school nuns hitting you with a ruler for saying a dirty word but... it's up there."

<Fabian> "So, to the park then?" Fabian asked, ready to get underway now that things seemed to be more or less calming down. "So what were these 'services' you were talking about anyway."

<Jessica> "If I thought he was actually sorry I'd consider it." And if she wasn't freezing her ass off.

<Cassie> "And remember it's too cold to ask any of us to sneak off into a dark alley with you," she added to Fabian's question.

<@Quentin> He cleared his throat and looked to Fabian. "It's just a bit of a performance enhancer. Safer than the juice you'll see MLB players using and not your normal drug that is peddled 'round these parts." He admitted.

<@Quentin> He stopped and tried to get Jess to look him in the eyes. "You're the one who was on the TV pretty recently with Cecilia... something with bugs in a mall right? You were awesome. Can I just say that? I've seen you a couple of times."

<Pym> Pym thought about the websites he had seen and chuckled as he imagined Quentin scrolling through them. "That's how I found out about these guys. Fan sites and news media coverage."

<Jessica> Jess blinked, "Um... thanks...?"

<Cassie> "By comparison, I was found by them," Cassandra tossed in.

<Cecilia> "Oh...well thank you," said Cecilia, holding her stomach a little. Fuck she felt ill. "...You coulda just said that to me instead of coming in so strong..."

<@Quentin> "You ever see those people who freak out and start kissing basketball players? Or people who jump on Bustin Jieber's car?" he shrugged. "That's me."

<Jessica> Jess wondered if she was having a pheromone incident and eyed the others for signs. "Well... please don't do that. I might freak out and zap you."

<@Quentin> "By the way, Bieber has got to be a mutant. Am I right?" He nodded vigorously to Jess. "Will do."

<Adam> "...Performance enhancer?" Adam remembered his time with the Brotherhood, when they'd fed him drugs. He could remember how he'd felt on Kick, and after he'd left, when he'd gone cold-turkey off it without realising he'd even been given it. Yeah. Performance enhancer. "You're a drug dealer, then."

<Fabian> "Performance enhancer?" Fabian asked, wondering if something was about to put his power out of business.

<Cecilia> "What exactly are 'performance enhancers'?" Said Cecilia, trying to lean against Fabian. "...Like steroids?"

<Jessica> "I'm no good to you with that nonsense," Jess shook her head, rubbing her arms a little to keep warm.

<Cassie> "You have interesting hobbies," Cassandra commented. "I don't play basketball, however. Which I guess should leave me a little relieved right now."

<@Quentin> "Yeah. Well... yes to both. But not your stereotypical drug dealer." He smiled to Cecilia. "You ever see your mutant ability at its fullest potential? This drug does that. Safely. It's like shaking up a bottle of soda and ripping it open. But none of the mess."

<Fabian> Fabian slid his arm around Cecilia, still a bit curious. "So it is trying to put me out of business."

<@Quentin> "You? How so?" Turf wars?

<Adam> "Aha. So what'll it do to someone who blows people up as their mutant power?" He shook his head. "Can't see how that'd be safe."

<Fabian> "That's what my power does. In a way, anyway. I doubt this stuff burns you out, though?"

<Cecilia> "...I have actually," she said, frowning. "One of Fab's talents lies there...my power is very dangerous at high levels though..." She thought of the force field spikes and knives...not so good.

<Jessica> "I'm immune to drugs." She gave him a small smirk, "I'm no fun at parties. Fabian works on me though."

<@Quentin> "Obviously they shouldn't take it. Just like people with cardiac problems shouldn't take PCP. I don't deal to just anyone. I have specific customers. With specific needs."

<Adam> "Heh." Adam just smirked then, eyes on the pavement."

<@Quentin> "Burn you out? Brother do you see me burnt out yet?" He smoothed out the wrinkles in his jacket and quickly went over his hair with a comb.

<Cassie> Cassandra looked between Quentin and Fabian, a curious expression on her face as a slight frown furrowed her brow. "Well, I for one can pride myself to have always delivered an honest performance," she said. "Free of enhancements and safety ropes."

<Cassie> "I take some pride in that, and wouldn't want to disappoint my future audience," she added.

<@Quentin> "Did you know The Age of Steroids was left out of the MLB hall of fame? Do you know why? No one wanted to admit that they met the cap on their game. No one wanted to admit it was physically impossible to be even better. Where are we now? It's rampant. Everyone wants to be better. Isn't that what evolution and mutation is about?"

<Adam> "No."

<Pym> Pym perked up at that. "Actually he's right. My brother follows sports-ball. That's the general consensus among a lot of fans. And actually, evolution and mutation is reaching the highest potential in order to survive. If that means performing better than another species, so be it."

<Pym> "Survival of the fittest and so on."

<Jessica> "Depends on your definition of better. And I'm going to say it again - drugs don't work on me. I'm as better as I'll get."

<Fabian> "I'm all ready fantastic but hell, how much are you asking for it, might be fun for an evening laugh."

<@Quentin> "For tonight? I need to make up for some things. Free for the next 24 hours. Refills included." he looked at his watch. "Starting.... now."

<Cassie> "I've always seen it as about enjoying the game with the cards that fate dealt us," Cassandra revealed.

<Cecilia> "Is it safe?" Asked Cecilia, looking at Fabian though, concerned.

<Fabian> "We'll have a look at it at least." Fabian shrugged, looking expectantly to Quentin.

<Pym> "If fate is real, then you could argue that Quentin being here is a card to be dealt and therefore you have an opportunity to play it." Pym said pragmatically. "Chemical based drugs are cleaner than natural drugs, Cecilia, but they can have longer lasting damaging effects. However, performance enhancers are not exactly LSD. I'll try one."

<Adam> Adam looked between Fabian and Quentin, wanting to say something, but not knowing what. "Yeah, you know what, I'm going home, if drugs are being brought out. Seeing as I'd be on the 'not allowed' list anyway, and hell, the last time I got given those things I ended up ki- going nuts." He blurred a little. "Have fun."

<@Quentin> Quentin frowned to Adam. "Your loss, my friend. My window of opportunity is open for 24 hours." He looked to Pym and Fabian passed them two samples. "Body weights included, you should feel effects for a few hours."

<Jessica> "See you later, Adam... Think I'll stay to keep an eye on everyone..."

<Adam> "Hey, Quentin, you just told me that people like me wouldn't be allowed it. I'm a hemotokinetic - that is, I control blood. Ever seen what happens when that shit gets super-heated to vaporization point?" He spread his fingers in a mimicry of an explosions. "Boom. Night, kids, have fun." He kicked up into the air, eyes going red. "I was until he showed up." With that, he blurred back to the school.

<Cecilia> Cecilia peered at Fabian's sample. "...Do you think that's safe, mi amor?" She asked, holding onto him still. "If it's like heroin or something...then, hic, maybe not so good."

<@Quentin> Taken aback he couldn't help but shake his head. "I had no idea."

<Fabian> "We'll have a look at it in the lab and consider things." Fabian shrugged before pocketing the stuff. "You have a card, Quentin?"

<Cassie> Cassandra watched Adam leave, before she turned back to look at Quentin and the others. "In case we're looking for guinea pigs, not it," she announced, eyeing the sample.

<Fabian> "You mean you don't want to see if you can be your own eclipse?" Fabian teased. "Might be a good welcome to the school."

<@Quentin> He took out four and passed them around. "I'll use a card this evening, though I usually would just show you where and how to contact me." He tapped his temple. "Learned my lesson on that one, tonight."

<Jessica> Jess leaned against a lamp post and covered a yawn. Sleeeepy. "Can we walk or go inside or something before I pass out?"

<Cecilia> "...Shit," muttered Cecilia, running over to one of the bushes and throwing up. "Fuck, shit, okay...I'm good guys...I think-" She threw up again. "Right, this time I'm sure..."

<Cassie> "If it ends up making me that fat, all the more reason not to risk it," Cassandra replied with a chuckle.

<Fabian> "...How much did you have?" Fabian asked Cecilia, going to follow her to help her out there. Ugh

<Pym> Pym took the sample and slipped it into his pocket. He felt himself go queasy as Cecilia began to yak. "Ugh... No... I have to le-..." he too bent over into a bush and threw up. Foamy and hot from the ginger ale in his stomach.

<Pym> "Oh... man... sorry. I don't do well with yakking."

<@Quentin> Quentin raised an eyebrow at the kids who were throwing up. "Wowzers."

<Jessica> Jess wrinkled her nose... then yawned again, "Pleeeeease can we go inside? I hurt..."

<Cassie> "Gee, I'd say the night reached its height," Cassandra remarked, her laugh sounding way too amused in light of the other's plight.

<Fabian> "Shall we just head on home?" Fabian asked, pulling a face. Well, this had been...a night.

<Cecilia> "A lot," she said to Fabian, stumbling against him. "I must've downed close to a bottle..."

<@Quentin> "If any of your friends or companions want to know where I'm at, pass it along. Free taste for all of you for the next day. Alright?"

<Jessica> "M-m-my bad..." Jess said through another yawn.

<Cecilia> "Can I...¿Podemos ir a casa ahora?" She mumbled to Fabian. "...¿Puedo dormir con usted?... Please?"

<Cecilia> ((Spanish: 'Can we go home?' and 'Can I sleep with you?'))

<Pym> Pym finished and quickly ate a mint. "That was gross." He hobbled past Cecilia and Fabian and headed away from the group. Time to go sleeps...

<Fabian> "Si y si." Fabian assured her, putting his arm around her and starting to the car. "We're heading on home, anyone with us? It's been...well, maybe not good to meet you, but yeah...well met." He absently waved to Quentin, getting Cecilia to the car.

<Jessica> "God, yes. Somewhere warm! I'm driving, you've all been drinking." Jess hurried to the car.

<Cassie> "Shall I accompany you back to the mansion," Cassandra asked, stepping up to their car. Her breath clouded in front of her mouth.

<Cecilia> "Yo no tengo un bolso si vomito vamos a ser expulsado..." said Cecilia, drowsily. "I'm sorry if that happens..."

<Cecilia> ((Spanish: I don't have a purse if I throw up we might get kicked out.))

<Fabian> "Cee, it's our car. Nobody's going to kick you out of our car."

<@Quentin> He waved to Cecilia. "Feel better! Sorry again!" He waved to the rest too, unsurprised when only one or two of the hands returned the wave.

<@Quentin> Well, Rome wasn't exactly built in a day, right? he thought to himself.

<Cecilia> She blinked. "Oh...fuck...no inglés...my stomach hurts too much..."

<Cassie> "It was certainly interesting to make your acquaintance," Cassandra called back, raising a hand to wave back at the pink-haired guy. She turned back to the others. "Well, at least you guys seem to have a talent for attracting the strangest individuals."

<Jessica> Jess turned the heat on full once she'd taken the driver's seat and pulled the door closed. Needed warm now!

<Cecilia> Cecilia leaned her head on Fabian. "You're so nice...I'm so glad you aren't an asshole..."

<Jessica> "He is an asshole. He's just better at it." Jess tossed in.

<Cecilia> "No...no...he's great," said Cecilia quietly. "He's mi heroe."

<@Quentin> As Quentin walked away he shook his head. These guys are almost more trouble than they're worth...

<Jessica> "Mmhmm, that just proves my point right there." Warm enough that it was safe, she pulled out of the parking space and started them back on the way to the school.

<@Quentin> He thought of Cecilia's lean body and began to relive the memory of the lake stored in her head. "Good eats." he said to himself.

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