1/5 Game: Tag, You're DEAD!

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1/5 Game: Tag, You're DEAD!

Post by tears~fall~like~glass » Sun Jan 06, 2013 12:16 am

timeline: Tuesday, January 5th

Jean-Paul: "We should play a game." Jean-Paul announced now that he had planted himself behind the snack bar and had become very acquainted with the chocolate covered pretzels. "We've got the run of the house and nothing to do until classes start up tomorrow, may as well enjoy, yeah?"

Jamie: "Last day of freeeeedoooooooom!" Jamie called as he ran into the room, telescope held high over his head like a staff.

Illyana: "A game! Yes! A game! Please!" Illyana was desperate for adult interactions after being cooped up with newborns all holiday.

Kevin: Kevin shrugged. "Depends on the game." He started sketching out a caricature of Jean-Paul stuffing his face like a squirrel with the pretzels.

Cecilia: Cecilia nodded from her place on the couch, nibbling on some popcorn. "Sure, I'm game, what would you like to do?" She asked, rubbing her eyes a little. Goddamnit, she was still having trouble with the time change...

Jessica: "What kind of game?" Jess glanced up from her book and her doodles of spiders.

Melati: "A drinking game," Melati asked, perking up and looking around among her fellow students. "Gotta ring in the new year properly, after all, and make the most of our last day of freedom before the daily grind starts up again."

Jessica: "That's not as fun if you can't get drunk." Jess reminded her, shaking her head.

Illyana: "Yeah I still can't drink. That's torture!

Cecilia: Cecilia eyed Mel and nodded, though she wasn't really looking forward to starting anything at the moment. She'd been enjoying the vacation. "Hey, aren't we suitemates now?" She asked the lizard-like girl.

Melati: "But it'll be fun for me," Mel stated as a matter of fact.

Jean-Paul: "I'm still not quite back up to par from actual New Years." Jean-Paul admitted with a laugh. "And you can always drink while we play anything, Mel...unless we play hide and seek. We don't need you passing out in a trunk or something."

Melati: "Aw come on, I only did that once," she defended herself. "Granted, I was the one seeking, but at least you can't complain that you were found too soon."

Melati: She looked at Cecilia. "Are we? Wicked." She balled her hand into a fist and held it out to the other girl.

Illyana: "OH! Oh! I have pictures!" Illyana dug in her bag and started passing around a stack of pictures of the twins. "Peter and Catrin." She handed them off to be passed around.

Jessica: Jess didn't like thinking about who she currently shared her bathroom with. She shook herself and went back to drawing the spiders she liked best from her book.

Kevin: Kevin gave Jessica sneak peek at the drawing. "How about a card game? Not strip poker - I can't play that."

Cecilia: Cecilia snorted and returned the bro-fist. "Well, it'll fun until all five of us want to use the shower at the same time...I have no idea what Charles was smoking when he decided that was a good idea...but whatever it is, I want some."

Jessica: Jess looked at Kevin's sketch and snorted. "Lovely," she whispered back.

Melati: "I think Ms. Kincaid has it all hoarded up in her office, though." She turned to give Kevin a thoughtful look. "You could, if we put you in a giant hamster ball."

Jean-Paul: Ahha, pictures were coming. Jean-Paul flipped through the baby pictures. While he liked Illyana and Pietro well enough all babies sort of looked like potatoes to Jean-Paul. At least they were cute potatoes, though.

Kevin: "Giant...?" He shook his head. Sometimes he wondered about the sanity of his fellows. "I don't think so."

Melati: "Oh, cool, lemme see." She stepped over and leaned in to take a look at the picture.

Cecilia: Cecilia eyed the pictures being passed around. "They're very...cute, Illyana." Well, they would be, right now they sort of looked like their heads were all squished. Huh...

Jamie: Jamie looked up from shoving a deviled egg in his mouth, "Giant wha?"

Illyana: "Thank you. They keep us busy, that's for sure."

Kevin: "They're very cute, Illyana," he said grinning at the pictures. Kids were so cute when they were that small.

Jessica: Jess smiled at the pictures but didn't take them to look through. "Congratulations."

Melati: "Anyway, I wouldn't worry about that, Cee," she said. "I'm not the bathroom-hogging type. Unless I'm taking a bath, but unless you mind, I don't care about people walking in, anyway."

Jamie: ...Now there was talk of babies and naked people... He was so confused. "Giant naked babies?"

Jean-Paul: "Yes, giant naked babies. The game is to run from giant naked babies."

Jamie: "....."

Jessica: Jess looked over at Jamie, "For a PI in training, your listening skills are deplorable."

Jamie: "But..." Jamie pouted immensely, "There's food..."

Cecilia: Cecilia passed Illyana's pictures along and made a face. "Ugh, you use the tub? You're braver than I am. I've never really liked baths, it feels too much like bathing in my own filth," she admitted.

Jean-Paul: "Hey, there's our game! Strip tag...with the strip being optional for those of us who have a good excuse not to."

Kevin: "I don't think there's enough room in here to do that."

Jean-Paul: "We can play through the whole school, I'd say that's big enough."

Illyana: "I guess I should get up and get active... I have baby fat to lose..."

Jamie: "Uuuuummm... If I take my jacket off, I multiply with the slightest bump..."

Jessica: "Do we strip first or when we get tagged?"

Jean-Paul: "When tagged, makes it more challenging I'd say."

Cecilia: Cecilia raised an eyebrow. "I am not taking off my clothes for anybody," she remarked "...But I guess I could get into tag."

Kevin: "I er...I'll keep score."

Kevin: "Oh, hey. Plain tag. I like that."

Melati: "Can I start off naked, or is that optional, too?" She looked at Cecilia. "Hey, getting filthy can be fun. Seriously, you're missing out. Guess you've never shared a bath then, too."

Jessica: Jess hugged Kevin's covered arm carefully.

Jean-Paul: "Oh come on. It's strip optional...you just all know Jamie and I'll be the ones cleaning up at this game."

Cecilia: Cecilia reddened. "Uh...no, I haven't...ever. That's awkward." Cecilia liked her privacy.

Jamie: Jamie held up a fist for Kevin to pound. "We can be not nak... Wait, I'm doing what?"

Jamie: That thought hadn't occurred to him. He would be awesome at this...

Jessica: "Awkward or fun?" Jess raised an eyebrow at Cecilia with a smirk.

Illyana: Illyana reached over and patted Cecilia gently. "I won't be stripping if that makes it any better."

Jean-Paul: "All you'd have to do would be hit a few things and there'd be dozens of you to catch anyone. You'll kick ass at this." Jean-Paul explained to Jamie.

Jamie: "Oh. My. Goodness." Jamie's eyes got bright with excitement. "You're right! I'm it!"

Cecilia: Cecilia frowned and shoved more popcorn in her mouth. "Mmf."

Melati: "So, how's that gonna work, anyway?" She stepped over to the table, which had been stocked with a great selection of food and drinks, and reached for a cooled bottle of beer.

Jessica: Jess laughed and gave Cee a small playful shove, "Oooh lighten up."

Jean-Paul: Well, that was enough of a warning for Jean-Paul. He was off running like a shot in order to avoid Jamie.

Jean-Paul: Then he was back to get more pretzels and he was off again.

Jessica: "Are we playing already?" Jess abandoned her books and pencils and jumped up onto the ceiling.

Cecilia: Cecilia jumped up and ran after Jean-Paul to escape the current conversation. "Wait for me, JP!"

Melati: "Hey, are we starting already? Who's it?" Melati looked around.

Jamie: "Hey! No fair! I can't run that fast!" Jamie stomped his foot twice really hard to duplicate himself and took off in three different directions.

Illyana: Illyana teleported to sit next to Kevin. "So how do we keep score?"

Jamie: One of the Jamie dupes tagged Mel since she was just standing there and skipped over to Illyana and Kevin and tagged them too even though they weren't playing.

Kevin: "Well...actually. I just had a thought, so I'll play too." Kevin shook his head. Maybe he could catch Jess somewhere private. He gave Jessica a significant look and putting his sketchbook down, took off, neatly avoiding Jamie's tag.

Jessica: Jess waved at the dupe from her spot on the ceiling then crawled off and out the door, grinning at Kevin.

Jamie: Jamie fell over onto the couch as Kevin slipped out of his way. "Oof!"

Cecilia: Cecilia tore down the halls, ducking into one of the side halls and peeking around the corner for any oncoming dupes. So far so good though.

Illyana: Illyana tagged Jamie neatly, then teleported away.

Jamie: The other dupe was trying in vain to shimmy up a column in the hall to get up to Jess.

Melati: "Hey, wait, what?" She blinked upon getting tagged. "Dammit! Am I it now? Wait, does that mean I gotta take something off now?"

Jamie: "Naked lizard!"

Jamie: The dupe on the couch rolled off and ran to pants Mel.

Illyana: Illyana reappeared, eying the rest of her classmates.

Jessica: Jess laughed at the dupe's attempt to catch her. "Aww, that's adorable. I almost feel bad."

Jamie: The real Jamie frowned as he looked around for Jean-Paul and Cecilia. No. Fair!

Melati: "Oh hell, don't say you didn't ask for it!" She put down her beer and started taking off her shirt - when someone behind her pulled down her pants. "Hey!"

Jamie: "Good! Now help me dooooowwwwn!" This dupe was afraid of heights and was stuck at a crevice in the wall.

Jessica: This only made her laugh harder, "I'm not falling for that!"

Melati: Unable to see thanks to the shirt covering her head, Melati hobbled down the hallway, pants around her ankles. "Imma gonna get you all!"

Jamie: The dupe started whimpering and trying to keep from crying

Illyana: "Awwww Jamie!" Illyana fell for it. She tried to go help.

Kevin: Kevin dashed down the hall at random, and went up a back staircase. He was safe for now. Maybe he should go to the medlab to grab a patch...

Cecilia: Cecilia frowned from her hiding spot in the side-hallway. It seemed nobody was looking for her, which was good in that she might win, but also bad in that it was no fun. "Those idiots," she muttered. And she couldn't even use her shields to turn invisible! This was actually really sad.

Jamie: High-up dupe was going to reach for Illyana's hand to get down and ended up falling on top of her, screaming the whole three feet.

Jessica: Jess continued her safe passage across the ceiling and out of sight.

Illyana: "AHHHHHHHHHHOWWWWWWWWW." Illyana winced as she fell back with Jamie, unable to keep her balance.

Jamie: Real Jamie jumped around a corner, "Ah ha!" ...No one was there. Dang!

Jamie: "Sorry..." Dupe gave Illyana puppy eyes and stood to help her up.

Melati: A loud curse came from the hallway as Melati faceplanted. Her tail swished about and knocked over one of the decorative tables, while she rolled around clumsily and tried to free herself of all the annoying pieces of clothing.

Illyana: "It's fine." Illyana gave him a smile and took the offered hand to get up.

Jamie: Dupe helped her up, tagged her, "You're it!" And ran off.

Illyana: Illyana teleported to get in front of the dupe, trying to tag him again.

Jamie: Dupe jumped in fear at the sudden Russian, screaming like a girl.

Jessica: Jess crawled into the space between the top of a cabinet and the ceiling and lurked there. Saaaafe.

Cecilia: Cecilia snorted as Jamie, jumped around the corner in the hallway across from where she was hiding. "Hehehe..." Slowly she crept towards him, then, with lightning fast reflexes, squeezed his sides and took off running towards the backdoor. "Haahaha! Gotcha Dick Tracy!"

Melati: Finally uninhibited, Mel scrambled back to her feet. "Am I still it? Dammit, where's my beer?"

Illyana: The screaming made Illyana have a fit of giggles. She was terrifying!

Jamie: Jamie squealed at the tickle, sounding like a girly Pilsbury Dough Boy and flailed in a circle until he found his bearings and chased after Cecilia, "I'm gonna get you!"

Jean-Paul: "I've got your beer, Mel!" Jean-Paul called out, stopping to hover just a bit away from her. "Have to catch me to get it since you're it."

Jamie: Dupe dropped to the floor and scurried under Illyana's legs and tried to run off.

Cecilia: "Like hell you will!" She laughed, shoving the backdoors open and grabbing some snow as she rushed around the deck. "You're very clumsy Detective Tracy!" She said, throwing a snowball at him.

Illyana: Illyana tagged the dupe then teleported upstairs.

Jamie: Meanwhile, the other dupe was carefully creeping the halls, searching for Kevin and Jess. "Come out, come out, wherever you fornicaaaaate..."

Jamie: "Ack!" He collapsed onto his stomach at the tag.

Jamie: "Am not!" He ducked the snowball, but still managed to get hit, resulting in another dupe. "Ah ha!" He grinned at his dupe and they both took off after her, the dupe jumping to tackle her to the ground.

Kevin: Kevin peeked around a corner. "Who said we were doing that?!"

Jessica: Jess was not coming out. She liked her hidey-hole. Nice and squished in safe between the cabinet and the ceiling.

Jamie: "I did?" The dupe jumped towards Kevin when he poked his head out, "Where's your gal friday?"

Cecilia: "Shit!" She exclaimed as the dupe tackled her into a snowdrift. "Dammit, okay, you win, Detective. Fair and square...you're not gonna make me take anything off now, right?" She teased, wiggling her eyebrows.

Kevin: Kevin tagged either Jamie or a dupe and took off again. Jess was not trying to find him, apparently. Nor was he sufficiently far enough away to not be bothered when they did meet up.

Melati: Sometimes, you've had to prioritize, even if that meant forgetting about your beer - which didn't happen that often for Melati, but this was an exception, dammit. Crouching low to the ground, she scurried down the hallway on all fours, sniffing the air to get the other's trail.

Jamie: "Not unless you don't want to, baby cakes." He wiggled his eyebrows at her until Jamie came up to absorb him back in with a frown. "Sorry..."

Jamie: "Hey! I thought I was it!" The dupe frowned at being tagged, but took off after Kevin anyway.

Illyana: Illyana teleported out behind Cecilia for a sneak tag.

Cecilia: Cecilia just laughed. "It's fine, really. Don't worry, I'm nowhere near as mean as people seem to think." She stood up brushing the snows off herself, a wicked grin on her face. "Well, I guess I shouldn't skip out on the rules." She pulled off her sweater and tied it around her waist.

Cecilia: "Sorry, that's all you get. I got a boyfriend," she smiled.

Jessica: The sounds of people were moving further from her location so, with no small degree of caution, she slipped out of her hiding place and crawled down to floor level again.

Jamie: "I know," he pouted. "He hates me..."

Jean-Paul: Jean-Paul just laughed and went to running again...he should take everyone's beer!

Kevin: "Jess!" Kevin hissed as he finally lost the dupe or was it Jamie? "Are you here?" He looked into a room. Nope.

Melati: "You can run, JP, but you can't hide," Mel said, hot on his trail as she barged through the mansion.

Jamie: Jamie pounced at Illyana, "Tag!"

Jessica: Jess heard the whisper despite being some distance away and crawled back up the wall to go searching in that direction. It was safer to be higher up.

Jamie: "Aaaand, you're welcome, madame Cecilia."

Illyana: Illyana teleported at the last second, reappearing just to the side. "Miss!"

Cecilia: Cecilia frowned. "Wellll....that's because you followed him around and kept calling him a terrorist when he'd reformed...that and it was sort of a bad time for him..." She said, thinking of Lukas and Clarice's kidnapping. Yeah...not a good combo. She yelped as Illyana appeared out of nowhere behind her. "GAH!"

Jamie: Jamie spat out the snow in Illy's direction.

Jean-Paul: "I don't need to hide, I just need to run!" As if to make his point the snacks bar got violated yet again as he stormed through.

Kevin: Kevin ducked into the room as Melati came running by.

Jamie: "Weellll... He always speaks in code. That's what terrorists dooo."

Cecilia: "Thanks, Detective." She smiled, yeah the guy was a little weird, but at least he was nice. That was a quality lacking by so many. She frowned at the next. "You mean in Spanish? Or Catalan? That's cause he's from Spain. English isn't his first language."

Cecilia: "He's not a terrorist anymore. Trust me, I'd know."

Melati: "Hey, I've been here before," Mel remarked as she ended up in the rec room again.

Illyana: "Who is a terrorist?" Illyana was baffled.

Cecilia: "Nobody anymore," said Cecilia, a little upset at that.

Jessica: Jess squashed herself close to the ceiling as Melati tore past below her. Yay for sticky powers! She continued along the ceiling, "Keeeeeviiiiin....?"

Jean-Paul: Jean-Paul popped out, waving Mel's glass at her again as he gathered more of the drinks. "I'm half tempted to drink allll the drinks now."

Kevin: Kevin poked his out of the door. "Jess?"

Jamie: "He speaks Latino. That's code. Duh."

Melati: "Oh yeah, please do," she called after him. "I'm sure I'll get you when you start running into walls."

Jessica: "There you are!" she grinned, dropping from the ceiling and landing in a crouch.

Jean-Paul: "...that doesn't always happen!"

Jamie: "But it happens often enough," called the dupe as he jumped out of a corner in front of JP.

Melati: "Ha, got you cornered!" Melati came up running behind Jean-Paul when one of the dupes blocked his way, going for a tackle.

Kevin: Kevin walked out of the room and closed the door. "I don't have a patch so...tag." he blew her a kiss and took off. He headed toward someone yelling.

Jessica: "Ooooh I'm gonna get you!" But first... bye pants!

Jean-Paul: "Nooooo!" Jean-Paul attempted to fly up towards the ceiling but it was difficult to do so while juggling all of the drinks he had claimed.

Cecilia: Cecilia gave Jamie a very odd look and took a moment to reel in her sudden anger before responding. "First of all, it's not 'Latino.' It's Spanish or Catalan. Secondly, it's not a code. It's just a language you don't understand, clearly." She crossed her arms. "Obviously you need Spanish lessons..."

Jamie: "I know Spanish! Queso is so yummy."

Melati: There was a big pile up as Mel managed to grab Jean-Paul's legs, sending both of them tumbling right into the Jamie in front of them.

Jamie: "...Er. Delicioso," he corrected.

Jamie: The dupe fell flat on his back and looked up at the pile on top of him. "Nakedness. I'm not yet."

Jean-Paul: Drinks went flying at that and Jean-Paul attempted to pick himself up as well as he could. "So...do I lose two articles of clothing or just one? Are we counting all Jamies as it or just the original?"

Cecilia: "Queso es muy sabrosa," she corrected. "Wanna try that with me?" Okay...this guy was not all too bright...there was no need to feel offended. Don't take it personally and who knows? Maybe she could teach him something.

Cecilia: ((Spainish: Queso is very tasty))

Illyana: Illyana bopped Jamie on the head gently. "Whack! Bad Jamie!"

Jamie: Jamie frowned and sucked in the next dupe before he said anything offensive. "I didn't do anythiiing."

Jessica: Liberated from her trousers, Jess flew down the hall in search of Kevin.

Kevin: "Oh, hey guys!" Kevin watched the tableau before him of Melati, Jean-Paul and a dupe. He tagged everyone before running off.

Jamie: The dupe licked some spilled beer off his hand. "Counting us as what?"

Jean-Paul: "Three it is." Jean-Paul decided and promptly stripped down to his boxers and took off again.

Jamie: The dupe scrambled to try and make JP trip by catching his ankle, but failed. "Damn!"

Jessica: Jess paused by the heap of people, "... Wow what did I miss?"

Melati: "Oh no, not the drinks!" She tried to save as many as possible before they all spilled out onto the floor. "Huh, what?Again?" Looking up, she blinked in confusion. "Ah, whatever, we knew it would come down to this." She took off the rest of her clothing.

Jamie: "Fun times!"

Jessica: "Which way did Kevin go?"

Jean-Paul: "Nudity is the point!" He laughed, running circles of the room before taking off towards the sound of more people crashing about. "You missed wonderful times...so who hasn't actually been tagged?"

Jessica: "I don't know if Kevin has. He got me... the bastard."

Jamie: "I tried to tag him," yelled the dupe.

Cecilia: "Oh! By the way..." Cecilia walked up to Jamie Prime and tapped him lightly, so as not to create more dupes that would embarrass him. "Usted lo son!" She laughed, taking off back into the house. "And su casa del árbol es muy agradable!"

Cecilia: ((Spanish: You're it! And your treehouse is very nice!))

Melati: "We could go for the teachers if we can't find any more students playing," Mel suggested. "Which might get us suspended, mind you. Or a pass on our next class. Depends on their tastes and who's tagging them, I guess."

Jamie: "I'm an orphan! Not a son! And I'm not wearing anything biodegradable!"

Jessica: "Everyone should go and get Kevin now," Jess decided, "Seems like he's the only one." She headed off to look for him.

Illyana: Illyana took off in a teleport for the house too.

Cecilia: "Learn Spanish!" Said Cecilia. "I said, you're it! And your treehouse is very nice! Jesus, am I gonna have to teach you everything?!" She snorted, running around the kitchen island.

Jamie: Jamie stood there, mouth agape in shock as she ran off. "That's private!" After a minute, he collected himself and took off after her and Illyana.

Noriko: Noriko had only just finished unpacking from her Christmas trip with Ankka and was now wondering out into the corridors. She wanted to know what all the bloody racket was about.

Jessica: "Keeeeeviiiiiin?" Jess called, wandering the halls. "I forgot where I left my trousers!"

Melati: "Hey Nori, welcome back to school," a naked lizard girl shouted as she ran past.

Jean-Paul: "Well then, he must join us." Jean-Paul charged off in search of Kevin, sure that he could hunt him out soon enough since it didn't exactly take him long to run through the place. "Hello Noriko, what to play tag? It's strip tag even." He stopped to show off his boxers.

Noriko: "Why are we running?!" Nori shouted, giggling and jogging to catch up with Melati.

Noriko: "Wait strip tag?!" Looking disbelievingly at Jp.

Melati: "Yep, and I got you!" She grinned, looking over her shoulder as she gave Nori a light swat with her tail.

Noriko: "Hey!" Speeding up enough to tag Melati back, she giggled and skidded to a halt to zoom back off in another direction.

Cecilia: "It is?" She said, dodging flailing hands. "I slept there last semester after I ran away, sorta..." She frowned. "I haven't been back there since and if you say I can't go anymore, I won't. Sorry, Detective...I didn't mean to mess with your stuff. I swear I didn't touch anything."

Jean-Paul: "Guess you're playing then, best get rid of some clothes!" Jean-Paul took off again, laughing.

Noriko: Noriko chucked her jumper in her room as she ran back past it, speeding up to get away from Melati.

Illyana: Illyana took up her former seat in the living room with a bowl of snacks. Screw running!

Jean-Paul: Jean-Paul gave Illyana's shoulder a poke as he came through for snacks again as well. "That's either cheating or brilliant."

Jessica: "Kevin? If I take off more clothes will you help me find my trousers?" Jess tried.

Jamie: Jamie frowned, thinking that over. "Well... I guess that's okay then?" He chased after her in circles. "Just don't tell anybody about it!"

Illyana: "Both?" Illyana offered Jean-Paul.

Melati: "This is why I love college," Melati commented as she took a break in the rec room to stock up on something to drink and snack on. "Any excuse to lose your clothes will do."

Cecilia: "...But everyone already knows about it...you can see it from the house...especially with all the leaves gone..." Well, this was gonna be a downer for Jamie. "But I won't tell anyone anyways, if you like. It's your hermit place."

Jamie: Jamie gasped in shock, "But! It's my secret spy fort!"

Jessica: "I'm going to do it in hope!" she called, pausing to unbutton her shirt so she could strip to her underwear.

Kevin: "How did you lose them in the first place?" Kevin asked, coming up from the medlab, hoodie's pocket stuffed with a patch and an overly large amount of condoms. Sometimes, he really hated Dr. Summers. That man could see through any excuse 'Strip tag my ass', he'd said handing over a handful.

Noriko: Noriko had reached the rec room and eyed the occupants carefully. "Rec room is safe area?" She stayed right by the door just in case.

Cecilia: "Well not so secret anymore I guess...sorry..." said Cecilia. "Guess you might have to find a back-up hiding place, yeah?"

Jessica: "Hey!" She hugged him, carefully. "It's strip tag... I took them off when you tagged me.... also tag."

Jamie: "But... But... It's peeerrrrfeeeeect!"

Jamie: A dupe ran into the kitchen, saw Jamie, got wide-eyed and ran out again. "Hey, wait," Jamie called after him.

Jean-Paul: "Both." Jean-Paul agreed, grabbing more snacks.

Cecilia: Cecilia eyed everyone running around in various states of undress...while she had only tied her sweater around her waist. "Apparently I'm still a prude..." she muttered.

Melati: "I don't know," Mel replied as she turned to Nori and smirked. "Think we're playing fast and loose with the rules here. So you better be on your guard."

Jamie: Jamie shrugged, "I'm fully clothed, too."

Cecilia: "Please stay that way," said Cecilia.

Noriko: Noriko eyed them, carefully, and sidled into the room. "Tag me and I zap you all." She quickly went to grab a snack bowl and retreated.

Kevin: "Aha. Kevin took off his hoodie, and pulled up his shirt, sticking the patch to his ribs. "Ok. I am good to go."

Melati: A frown showed up on Melati's face as she gave one of the Jamie's a thoughtful look. "You know, that's something I've always been wondering about," she mused. "If Jamie's dupe appear with the same stuff he's currently wearing, does that mean if I gave him a bottle of beer and bonked him on the head, I'd then get two bottles of beer?"

Jessica: "Excellent!" Jess pounced him. Screw tag.

Noriko: "That would be brilliant, if it did work, however I'm sure he'd soon get concussions."

Jamie: The dupe blinked at the naked lizard. "Um. No? At least... I don't think so. We don't have a million cell phones."

Cecilia: "Imma get some chocolate pretzels," announced Cecilia. "Time out," she said, making a 't' sign with her hands and walking to the rec room.

Kevin: "Do you think the others gave up?"

Jessica: "They're all in the recroom so probably?" She loved her hearing sometimes.

Jamie: Jamie followed her into the room and saw both dupes there. "Ah ha!" He got in a pounc-y position and jumped at one, then the other. "Phew. I was getting a headache."

Jean-Paul: "So why do you not come out naked?" Jean-Paul asked the dupe in question. "Maybe if you really concentrate you could make those million cell phones.

Melati: "I've always dreamt about getting rich by punching people," she remarked and flashed a grin.

Jamie: "...I... Hmm."

Cecilia: "Because magic," teased Cecilia, laughing.

Kevin: "Good. So...my roomies shouldn't be in the room."

Jamie: "Pffft. Magic isn't real. Just like that language you said... Catalina, or whatever."

Jessica: "Nope." She grinned, leaning to kiss him, "And half the work is already done!"

Misty: Misty eyed the large building as she stepped out of her squad car and started up the steps to the front door, taking a deep breath. She ran through a mental checklist of what she needed to cover here and reached to ring the doorbell, waiting for an answer.

Cecilia: "Catalan," corrected Cecilia. "And yes it is real. Aquest és el català. This is Catalan," she translated. "People from Catalonia speak it. Look it up."

Noriko: Noriko dropped down on a chair and got comfy, more then happy to munch on crisps in the corner. "Ooooo, Melati, guess what? I remember Wilbur now!"

Jamie: Jamie jumped at the doorbell, "I'll get it!"

Jamie: He ran down the hall and flung open the front door, "Who goes there," he shouted loudly. Oh... Cops. And a pretty one... He blushed and gave a small giggle, "I mean... Hi..."

Cecilia: Cecilia peered around the corner at the front door...and instantly went pale. "Oh fuck," she muttered. Oh hell no. Why were they here?! What did they want?

Cecilia: "Guys, get your clothes on the cops are here!" She hissed at the group in the rec room.

Jean-Paul: Maybe that would be more students? Jean-Paul hurried for the door and found...not what he wanted to greet in his boxers. "Oh...hi...I'm going to just go put some clothes on." And, with that, he was dressed faster than he ever had managed before.

Misty: As the door opened, she focused her attention on the boy and gave a slight nod, "Hi, Misty Knight. May I come in?"

Misty: She blinked. Had there just been another one...?

Jamie: Jamie puffed up his chest to make himself seem more manly and stood aside, "Of course, of course! Come in! Welcome to our humble abode!"

Illyana: Cops? Illyana felt a sinking feeling in the pit of her stomach. She shoved a chip into her mouth.

Jessica: Jess' eyes widened, police were here? Damn it! Foiled again! "The police are at the door..."

Noriko: Noriko went to the front door (luckily clothed) and looked at the women. "Can we have some ID first please? We have issues with random people coming in here now."

Jean-Paul: Jean-Paul was back the second he was dressed. "It's okay, Noriko. She was who responded to the light display thing...Officer Knight, wasn't it?"

Jamie: "Aww, I'm sure she's fine. I mean, look at how pretty-- I mean, official she looks!"

Noriko: "I don't care how official anyone looks. My kidnapper looked bloody official too!"

Kevin: "Police? I've gotta hide." Kevin backed away. "Shit they found me. Nononononono..." He wavered back and forth across the hall way.

Cecilia: Cecilia slipped away from the front door via the rec room, ducked back into a side hallway, ran up the back stairwell and positioned herself just above the group in the foyer, hidden at the top of the front staircase. She was afraid of the police still.

Jessica: "No, no, Kevin..." she grabbed his shoulders to make him face her, "She's the officer from the thing at Christmas, I recognise her name. It's not about you."

Misty: "Yes," she nodded to the now-dressed one and flashed her badge for the sake of settling that issue.

Jamie: "See? Official!"

Kevin: "Are you sure? Go check for me."

Illyana: Another chip was shoved into Illyana's mouth.

Jamie: "What can we help you with, Officer?"

Jessica: "Can I borrow your hoodie for that?" She gestured at her state of undress.

Noriko: "Thanks, you can come in now, and what thing at christmas? What did I miss?" Rolling her eyes at Jamie, she pulled the door open for the officer. "Jamie, pull your eyes up a bit."

Jamie: "My eyes are up! She's just so... pretty," he murmured.

Jean-Paul: "How do you miss us all talking about finding a body now?" Jean-Paul teased Noriko, picking up a bit due to a bit of nerves and hiding random bits of clothes and such.

Cecilia: Oh thank Christ this wasn't what she thought this was about, it was that terrible Christmas field trip. Still though, she wasn't going to interact with the police if she didn't absolutely have to. She flopped onto the floor, head on her knees. Still listening to the conversation downstairs.

Melati: "Hello, officer," Mel said, joining the others. Naturally, she hadn't bothered putting on any clothes. "Need help with anything? Just for the record, whatever it is, it wasn't me, alright?"

Kevin: "Yeah. And my jeans." He took off said item and handed both to her. When she had gone, Kevin slipped away, going into flight and hide mode. A nice cop was one thing, but a careless oh hey I recognize that kid on the wanted poster was another.

Jamie: "And whatever it is, I can probably help with," he chimed in. "I'm a private investigator in training!"

Jessica: Jess gave him a worried smile, pulling the hoodie and jeans on then wandering down the stairs towards the voices. "Hey.... what's going on?" She ran a hand through her hair.

Noriko: "I believe the memory loss and leaving school before Christmas might have helped, and I only got back yesterday! I'm not psychic, JP, just blinky." She giggled at JP and batted his arm.

Misty: Stepping into the entryway, Misty looked between the gathered students, gaze ending up on the lizard girl. Right. She didn't want to know what had been going on here. Glancing around again, she started, "It's about the body that was found..."

Jean-Paul: "Nobody has to be psychic to catch up on gossip and the like now. We do have the internets, you know. We're modern people up in here." He snorted at the batting.

Cecilia: "Yes, yes...what about it?" Muttered Cecilia from her hiding spot as the Officer's voice drifted up the stairs, motioning with her hands.

Noriko: "I didn't have internet while I was away. I was trying to spend time with Ankka and get my memory back, so there."

Jessica: Jess stuffed her hands into the pocket on the hoodie frowning a little before pulling out the handful of condoms. She rolled her eyes. Jesus, Scott. She put them back in there. "Do you know who it was?"

Melati: Melati walked about to collect at least her boxers and a shirt. "Yeah, no shit that was going to make some waves. Heard it was really messed up, eh?" She wiggled back into some clothes. "Can we offer you anything? Food, drink, lost underwear?"

Jean-Paul: "And by that you mean you were shagging in the sauna too much to catch up on things." He snorted again as he heard Mel's offer. "Yes, make yourself comfortable and we can get you anything you like. I'm afraid you've come during our welcome back celebration so things are a little...askew."

Cecilia: Cecilia wondered if she should be trying to find a teacher. After all, in her life experience, nothing was 'off the record' with cops and with more and more students milling around and yapping there was a higher chance that someone would let something incriminating slip.

Misty: "No, and no thank you," Misty shook her head, continuing, "We don't have an identity yet, however there's more information available, as the autopsy's been completed."

Noriko: "JEAN PAUL!" Noriko shouted, sounding horribly shocked by that and blushing until her cheeks clashed with the newly-dyed, bright, blue hair.

Jessica: "Like what?" she glanced back towards the stairs, hoping Kevin wasn't freaking out somewhere.

Misty: She blinked at the outburst and looked around the room again, continuing, "It was a woman, approximately your age."

Cecilia: Cecilia felt her stomach drop. She knew it. There was no reason for the cops to be here unless they were here to arrest someone. They didn't just come to update witnesses on a case.

Melati: "Well gee, isn't that uplifting," Mel remarked. "And did she have a run in with one of those vicious downtown urban bears?"

Jessica: Jess wrinkled her nose a little. "Why are you here telling us this?"

Cecilia: Wait...no...they were talking about the victim, not the perpetrator. Cecilia instantly felt stupid...but still it didn't explain why they were here...something else was still going on...

Misty: "Not exactly." She sighed, "She's not exactly the first victim we've found in the same state. In fact, she's the thirteenth."

Illyana: Illyana choked on her drink. 13 victims?!

Jessica: "Thirteen? Thirteen! How is this not all over the news?"

Noriko: "The hell? 13 victims?" Noriko's eyes widened, anime-style, at the officer.

Jamie: Jamie was standing as close to Misty as he could without her thinking he was too strange and taking notes diligently in his Dick Tracy notebook. "Are they all the same type of person when identified? Or does the killer not have a pattern?"

Jean-Paul: Jean-Paul kept his mouth shut though his surprise was apparent on his face. He just sort of shook his head at Jamie, not wanting to think about the fact there was even such a thing as a serial cannibal.

Cecilia: Cecilia closed her eyes and sent a small prayer- as if prayers meant anything, which they did not- to the families of those poor people. She knew all too well what it was to lose a family member to murder.

Melati: "And here I already thought the new year was off to a peachy start," Mel commented, fetching herself a fresh bottle before flopping down in a free chair. "So, those thirteen unlucky ones, they all fit into some kind of pattern? I mean, you wouldn't be here if they didn't, right?"

Misty: "It's being kept quiet due to the nature of the crimes." That probably wasn't something she should be sharing, as she could only imagine one of them going on about a cover-up. "All of them have been cannibalized and have markings carved into the remains."

Misty: After another glance around the room, she added, "They were all mutants as well."

Jean-Paul: "Oh...shit."

Noriko: "That is gross, sick, and disturbing..... I thought mind-wiping was bad enough..."

Illyana: Illyana's hands shook as she reached for her phone to text her husband. She needed to snuggle babies. Fast.

Jessica: Jess' hands closed on the fabric of the hoodie. She was glad she at least had the smell of Kevin around her, it was reassuring.

Cecilia: Cecilia stood up and began walking down the stairs at the words 'they were all mutants as well.' "And I suppose that's not been reported because people wouldn't give a shit, right?" She said coldly, entering the room. "Or worse, they'd actually give this sick fuck a medal."

Jamie: "Ewww..." Jamie cleared his throat and continued writing. "Varying ages and genders?"

Jessica: Jess turned to look at Cecilia. Wow. Wow. "Cee... there's no need for that..."

Misty: "It could go either way there," Misty admitted with a nod, looking to the one taking notes, "Yes."

Jamie: "Any known power set that they're sticking to... um... devouring?" Ick, ick, ick!

Noriko: Noriko rubbed her arms and stepped back a little bit, remembering the nightmares. "Not everyone hates mutants, Cee. It's not like everyone in the world wants us dead or cured. There are some humans fighting for equality."

Jessica: "I'd rather think it's being kept quiet so people don't freak the hell out about a cult... and because it's kind of disgusting..."

Cecilia: "Well that's just great," she said, voice dripping with sarcasm. "When a human dies it actually matters, but when thirteen mutants get offed it doesn't even hit the six o'clock news. Typical. I would be surpised but considering my life experiences, I know all about Missing White Woman Syndrome."

Jessica: "Cecilia, not everything comes down to race..." Jess about managed not to roll her eyes.

Jamie: Jamie's eyes went wide at Jess, "It's a cult?! More than one person?!" Caallllmmm... He cleared his throat again. "What's your take on this, Officer Knight?"

Noriko: "No one wants to just shove on the news there's a cannibal running around, no matter the choice in victims. It'd scare people stupid."

Jessica: "You see? Just like that." She pointed at Jamie.

Jamie: "Like what? No one said it was a cult. It's just one person."

Cecilia: Cecilia didn't bother even justifying that with an answer. No, not everything came down to race. But you'd be absolutely stupid to think it didn't matter. "Or it could've sent out a warning," she noted. "Alerted mutant women, maybe prevented some deaths. But hey, I'm not an expert here." She shrugged, laughing.

Illyana: "Isn't that what she's doing? Alerting us?"

Jessica: "That's what it sounds like to me." Jess nodded to Illyana.

Noriko: "Or alerted the person doing it to hide the bodies more carefully so less chance of evidence was found. I'm pretty sure there's a good reason, as Illyana's pointing out, she's alerting us and not everyone."

Jean-Paul: Jean-Paul decided that he needed to take a seat as he took in the fact that this was a thing. "Cee has a point...but I imagine there is at least something more to it than that. It just works hand in hand with Missing White Woman Syndrome, sadly."

Jean-Paul: "I don't think they were really wanting to hide it too badly considering how she was just...out there." Jean-Paul cringed at the memory.

Misty: "There's not any specific pattern when it comes to the mutations, no," Misty answered. "There's no conclusive evidence as to whether it's one person or a group yet." Well, there was, but she wasn't about to share that. She moved on, "I am here to provide some forewarning."

Cecilia: "You'd do better to bring this to the media," remarked Cecilia.

Jamie: "So... Do you know who the people are yet that were...eaten? Were they reported missing? For how long?"

Melati: "Well, thanks for that." Melati nodded, before taking a sip from her beer. "It's always good to know someone is out there who'd find you delicious."

Jessica: "If you want to create a mass panic," Jess muttered to Cecilia's comment.

Cecilia: "Why would there be mass panic?" Said Cecilia. "Most of the population isn't a mutant last time I checked."

Misty: "Because no one likes the idea of cannibals."

Jessica: "Yes. That."

Jamie: "The cannibals do."

Noriko: "Personally, I think you'd be a little too tough to eat, Melati." A very nervous giggled escaped her.

Jessica: "That depends on the kind of eating though, right Mel?" Jess gave a small grin.

Illyana: "It's not funny...." Illyana replied to Pietro's text.

Jean-Paul: "Thank you for letting us know...I know you didn't really have to do that." But, then again, Officer Knight probably recognized some of the school's population as it was so she probably also knew about some of their extracurriculars. "Is there any way we can assist the investigation?" He may as well ask to find out.

Noriko: Noriko couldn't help the extra giggle at Jess. "Melati would be tough, you'd be crunchy, and I'd probably leave everyone a bit shocked about the taste."

Jessica: Jess laughed, "Now you're catching on."

Misty: And the jokes were where she decided she had done her job. "Other than being careful, nothing comes to mind at the moment," she shook her head, gesturing to the door, "I'm afraid I'm going to have to go, however..." Misty pulled out her notepad and scribbled her number on it, handing it to Jamie, "If you need anything or have any information, feel free to call."

Jessica: "She does not mean a date, Jamie." Jess muttered to him.

Cecilia: Cecilia walked off into the kitchen as the conversation degraded into sexual innuendo and tasteless jokes. Her piece had been said, staying would just annoy her and press all her triggers into assholeland and she was trying to turn over a new leaf. "Officer," she nodded as she left.

Melati: "Aw, come on, now I'd actually feel insulted if no one tried to eat me." Melati chuckled dryly, before looking back at Detective Knight and giving her nod. "Yeah, much appreciated, officer."

Noriko: "Woooh! Give the number to JP, otherwise you'll be doing Jamie for sexual harassment."

Jamie: Jamie gawked at her then grinned broadly, "Yes ma'am!"

Jessica: Jess laughed at Nori and shook her head. "It's funny because she's serious."

Jean-Paul: "Have you met Jamie? He'd probably explode of embarrassment thinking about that."

Misty: Giving a nod to the group, she headed out the door before she couldn't contain the roll of her eyes. With that taken care of, she could get back to actually working.

Noriko: "I know, it's why I made the joke." Despite sticking her tongue out and giggling, a hint of anxiety could still be heard in her tone.

Cecilia: Cecilia returned with a can of soda, snapping the tab. "Well...that went well..." she said flatly.

Jessica: "I should go and dig my boyfriend out of hiding now..." she ran a hand through her hair again, "And comfort him."

Cecilia: So Kevin also disliked the police....well, at least she wasn't alone in her paranoia. "Nice to know I'm not the only one that doesn't like the boys in blue much."

Noriko: "Yeah.... I'm gonna go cling to Ankka and Clarice again and be grateful it was the mind-wiping people that got me instead..."

Jean-Paul: Jean-Paul just looked a bit confused at Noriko before shaking his head. "Good luck, yeah, it went better than I expected either. Makes me nervous each time I see a cop but at least they work with us."

Illyana: "I'm going to go snuggle my babies..." Illyana teleported out.

Jamie: "I liked her," he declared brilliantly.

Jessica: "You only have something to fear if you're doing something wrong." Jess pointed out, heading for the stairs.

Cecilia: "When it's convenient, yes." She agreed with Jean-Paul. "I don't think we should ever assume they're our allies, but I'm willing to help them out if need be." She rolled her eyes at Jess. "Of course," she said, flatly.

Noriko: The lights flickered above her for a moment before she started wringing her hands, staring at the floor as the smile faded because she was thinking too much.

Cecilia: "Liked her or liked her low cut blouse?" Snorted Cecilia to Jamie.

Jamie: "She was wearing a low cut blouse?" he asked with a frown.

Jamie: "...No... Her eyes were really pretty," he swooned.

Jean-Paul: Jean-Paul smirked at the eye-rolling. "It's nerve-wracking all the same...plus cannibals." He chuckled at Jamie. "You're adorable, you know that?"

Cecilia: "...I can't believe I'm saying this but I've decided I like you, Jamie."

Jamie: "Thanks!" He frowned then, "...I think?"

Melati: "Yeah, I'm happy we kept him," Melati remarked, taking another sip.

Jamie: "Really? You didn't before? I thought everyone liked me except Fabian..."

Cecilia: Cecilia arched an eyebrow. "Well...no, actually I assumed you were a little special and didn't think much about you...and you did bring that on yourself, pal. Learn Spanish."

Jamie: "I already said that I know Spanish! Queso is delicioso!"

Jean-Paul: "...I don't think you were wrong about the special portion but we can like him anyway."

Noriko: "I hope he doesn't know Japanese as well...." Lights still flickering, she raised an eyebrow at Jamie.

Cecilia: "Tienes un montón de trabajo por hacer," laughed Cecilia to Jamie. "Detective."

Cecilia: ((Spanish: You have a lot of work to do.))

Jamie: "I don't eat tentacles... Sorry."

Jamie: "I am a detective," he beamed.

Noriko: "…You are a very, very, very special detective, Jamie." She patted him on the shoulder and started down the hall, a trail of flickering lights following her as she went.

Cecilia: "Yeah, but you remind me of Inspector Gadget more than Dick Tracey," said Cecilia, flopping onto the couch with her soda.

Jamie: "If only I were stretchy like that..."

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