11/24 Game: Metallica Mutt

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11/24 Game: Metallica Mutt

Post by Starfish » Sun Nov 25, 2012 12:17 am

Timeline: December 14th.

Northstar: Jean-Paul adjusted his jacket, not overly impressed with their garb for infiltration but it would get the job done. "So this is the place, yes?" He asked the others with him. It looked shady but, well, that was to be expected he had a feeling.

Venom: "Looks about cliche enough.", Eddie answered him, arms folded as he inspected the area for ambush points, "Call me paranoid, but I don't exactly trust our source of intel..."

Komodo: (( It is nighttime. The air is cold and it is snowing lightly. The location the captive mercenaries revealed led the X-Men to a shunting yard with lots of parked wagons. They were also given a time at which the group of operatives was supposed to meet up with their colleagues to hand over the material they were supposed to acquire. ))

Facade: Cecilia fiddled with the hooded sweatshirt that was over her uniform, smoothing it down yet again to cover her nerves. "Well, if this goes bad at least you've got me. I can soak any fire that might come our way." Even though she didn't particularly like to...

Facade: "And you're paranoid, Ed."

Wither: Kevin fiddled with the scanners on the instrument panel in the jet. "[It looks clear enough guys.]"

Venom: Eddie sighed, "That's if you can see them.", he started looking around at the parked vehichles and checking them for any movement, "Who the fuck meets in a shunting yard, anyway?". He didn't even gratify Cecilia with a response for the moment.

Wither: "[Bad guys, Venom.]"

Pipeline: Cormick rubbed his hands together and then stuck them into his hoodie, the snow dusting the top of his beanie. Bouncing a little on the balls of his feet to keep warm, he checked lines and fidgeted with his hearing aid, hidden by his hair. "Thrall's balls it's cold."

Spot: Johnathon made a surprisingly good figure in his suit, his head shaved and wearing sunglasses at night. All his spots, except the one he had left on the plane, were shifted under his uniform, which again was hidden bellow the suit.

Hope: Hope grumbled from her seat on the jet. She should be down there, not hiding on the plane.

Komodo: "Looks like you are getting close to where you're supposed to be," Melati said over the radio, monitoring the team from the jet's control panel. "Watch out, will you? If those guys we caught weren't lying, someone should come out from one of the wagons to greet you any time soon."

Venom: "W-was that a Warcraft joke?", Eddie turned to Cormick, wearing a bemused expression, "Fan-freakin'-tastic - we have an MMO specialist where a telepath should be.", he joked, clicking on his radio, ["Aye, Captain. Awaiting contact."]

Komodo: "Yeah, we've got movement on the infrared," she pointed out, tapping Kevin on the shoulder and pointing at the screen.

Spot: "Breaker breaker, this is Charlie Echo Colon, do you copy?" he said into his microfone.

Venom: Eddie shook his head, glancing around, ["Direction of contacts?"]

Northstar: "We'll give a good reception, don't worry." Jean-Paul assured Mel, rubbing his hands together and waiting for a sign of movement from the train cars.

Pipeline: Luckily the uniform under his jeans and hoodie kept him form being too cold, but still. "Haha, Ven, it was, don't knock it." He smirked.

Wither: "[Cut the chatter, someone's coming.]" Kevin watched the figure on the screen.

Hope: Hope moved to see the screen better. Ugh, she wanted to be on the ground.

Komodo: "Right ahead, you should see them shortly," Melati relayed. "Keep it tight, and someone feel free to punch Spot on the arm for me."

Spot: He was sad no one had mentioned his very convincing Top Gun impersonation. He had spent a considerable amount of his time in studying American popular culture in regards to artistic value since his return in an attempt to catch up with valuable ART TIME!

Venom: Adjusting his coat, Eddie stood up straight, looking up and spotting the approaching figure. He stepped towards them, stopping between them and his group, remaining silent.

Komodo: (( Three figures clad in thick winter coats emerge from one of the wagons, light shining from inside while the door is open. They don't try to hide th rifles hanging from their shoulders. ))

Facade: Her sorry attempt at humour falling flat, Cecilia focused at the task at hand. Trying to get ahold of her mounting nervousness. "Show time," she muttered, taking in a sharp breath at the rifles. "Oh fuck me..."

Venom: And then Eddie caught sight of the other two. And their weapons. Automatic rifles, possibly Kalshnikovs, Eddie noted mentally, as they approached. He glanced back at the team, smirking a little and mouthing 'showtime, kids'.

Spot: "Look at them, they're basically swinging phalluses around. Nobody is impressed, you corporate pigs!" The lest part was mouthed directly at the people approaching them, though it was doubtful they would be able to read it from the distance.

Pipeline: Guns. Well, what did he expect? Mick let out a breath. Their uniforms would help, if there was any trouble. Just had to remember that. But goddamn was the cold making his bad foot ache. "Gentlemen." He nodded to them, sunglasses hiding his eyes.

Northstar: Well, at least they outnumbered them. Jean-Paul started to step up a bit towards them. "About time you headed out here, beginning to freeze our asses off."

Komodo: "Careful, guys, looks like they brought friends to crash the party in case it goes sour," Melati said, leaning over the sensor screens. "I can see four more on the infrared, taking position on the wagons at ten, one, and three o'clock. Looks like they're keeping overwatch."

Venom: Eddie cut his eye at Jonathon, facepalming before turning to the approaching men, still maintaining silence as he watched them, biting his lip at the sound of Mel's warning.

Facade: Cecilia eyed the guns. High powered rifles. These guys certainly didn't fuck around. "You certainly know your equipment," she said, fighting to keep the tremor from her voice.

Spot: He walked up and stood next to Jean-Paul, doing his best "silent and tough" impression. Which admittedly was kind of hard, being a spindly thin kind of guy.

Pipeline: ["Copy that, watching the lines. I can see 'em."] Mick rubbed his nose, hiding his mouth as he muttered.

Wither: "Or they could be waiting for a signal and they'll just attack anyway. Doesn't seem like they know we're here, though..."

Pipeline: Not that he kept that sight up for long. Had a habit of tripping over things if he did.

Facade: Cecilia kept Mel's warning in mind. Ready to bring up her shields at a moment's notice if need be. But didn't risk responding and tipping the armed men off.

Guards: The man's breath clouded in front of his face as he looked around the group in front of him. "Right on time," he said. "Where's Clarke? I thought he led this bunch of losers."

Northstar: Jean-Paul's eyes went back to the possible places for those four other people to be. If worse came to worse he knew he could charge them but he'd rather avoid that as long as possible. "Clarke? That idiot? You're joking."

Pipeline: Wonder why neural pathways show up as green...? Eh. "So, we get this over'n done with before we lose our balls?" Mick grinned a little despite the nerves. "Guy couldn't make a decent cuppa, let alone lead."

Spot: "Clarke is of no interest to this transaction anymore." He adjusted his collar in a way that said 'You don't want to know. There were weasels involved.'

Facade: "Clarke's indisposed at the moment," said Cecilia, smiling coldly. "But we should be more than enough for you guys."

Guards: His theeth glistened in the dim light cast by the distant floodlights. "Weasels, eh? Yeah, you can never be too careful about little pests in this business. You're back from Circle Pines, right? Got anything good for us then?"

Facade: "Always the best," said Cecilia smoothly. Glad she'd spent time in the Hellfire club. At the rate she was going there she was becoming quite good at bullshitting.

Venom: Eddie smirked a little, well, that explained the lack of Clarke adiquately enough for anyone! He glanced at Jean Paul, gesturing his head at the speaker.

Guards: "Good. Why don't we head inside then?" He nodded in the direction of the wagon they had come from. "No need to stand in the fucking cold all night."

Pipeline: "Jesus, thought you'd never offer. Please tell me you got some kinda hot drink..."

Wither: "Should we take out the others while they're inside?" Kevin asked Komodo. "Silently?"

Facade: Cecilia's eyes narrowed suspiciously but she'd gave a stiff nod anyways and began following the men into the wagon.

Northstar: "We've got what you're looking for." Jean-Paul assured them, moving to head on inside.

Spot: He made sure to always stay behind and a bit to the right of Jean-Paul. Especially since that meant he would have somebody in between himself and the people with guns.

Guards: "Always do," the armed man replied, his colleagues moving to flank their guests as they turned back towards the wagon. "How's Smith's leg, by the way? Still whining abut that bear trap he stepped into?"

Northstar: "When does Smith ever stop whining?" Jean-Paul asked, snorting a laugh.

Facade: Now that sounded like a trap right there. "I wouldn't know. Never listened to his bitching very closely. Or anyone's for that matter."

Venom: Following the group, Eddie stretched, eyeing up one of the men who gave him an awkward look before winking and smirking at him. The armed man blinked and looked away hurriedly, much to Eddie's amusement.

Guards: The man joined in with the laughter. Until he suddenly stopped, his smile fading from his lips. "Strange, and here I thought dying two weeks ago would have shut him up." The three men instantly aimed their rifles.

Spot: Johnathon made a mental facepalm. Even he could notice a leading question when he heard one.

Pipeline: Mick's eyes narrowed behind the sunglasses at the question - and at being flanked. Hands still in his pockets, he played with what looked like a USB stick. "Well fuck." He said quietly.

Venom: "Aw.", Eddie stopped as the shy man suddenly aimed his weapon, "Ok, ok: you got us....we're here on a secret mission...", he slowly reached into his pockets, withdrawing a Dairy Milk chocolate bar.

Komodo: "Oh, crap, we just fell for the oldest trick in the book," Melati muttered, darting for the jet's controls and hopping into the seat. "Hang on tight, everyone!" She blasted the engines, sending the floating aircraft zooming forward with a roar.

Pipeline: The tiny object was switched on, and suddenly he had lines everywhere. Oh, the joys of a walking wifi signal booster, and the bad things it could be used for.

Venom: "We have finally perfected the ultimate chocolate: a million times the chocolatey goodness of the original Dairy Milk...", Eddie grinned awkwardly at the rifle-bearing men, glancing at Cecilia.

Northstar: Jean-Paul wasn't too bothered about it, however. They couldn't exactly ignore the statement, after all, so either way would have been a loss. In another second he was at speed, and disarming as quickly as he could.

Spot: Instead of the facepalm he decided to simply, and very slowly, lean on the wall next to them, seemingly just brushing against the wall with his bare hand, but instead leaving a quite big spot on it, craftily hidden by the bad lighting.

Facade: Cecilia threw up a shield. "I FUCKING knew it," she snarled.

Komodo: "Take them out, hard and fast!" Melati yelled at the radio, while steering the jet across the train depot at a dangerously low altitude. "Quick, we gotta block their communications."

Pipeline: Mick suddenly disappeared into blue lines, flickering behind one of the guys JP disarmed, hands grabbing his wrists and forcing the guy onto the ground. A flicker later and the guy was out cold. "On it."

Spot: "Dispose them into the plane?"

Pipeline: Another guy got Mick landing on him. "Fuckin' wifi!" But it had done the job, luckily.

Northstar: Jean-Paul clocked the nearest one with his own rifle. "Anyone want their uniforms to keep going in?"

Wither: "Are you going to ram the building with the jet?!" Kevin screamed closing his eyes. The were getting too close.

Wither: "On it." Kevin fiddled with some switches. "They should be jammed."

Venom: Eddie leapt upwards and over Cecilia's sheild just before it closed around the group, with an artful flip, he landed on the shoulders of one of the men, shooting a web for another and dragging his weapon from his hands and using it to club another.

Guards: The armed guards didn't mess around, opening fire from their positions. "They're moving too fast," one of them yelled. "I don't have clear target," came another.

Hope: "I'm going to be sick." Hope had to sit back down. She did switch to Eddie's power though, just in case of fiery death.

Facade: Cecilia slammed a force field hard at some of the men's head level. Perhaps with a little too much force than necessary. And threw up another, sending bullets riccocheting back at the men. "Shit!"

Northstar: Well, the firing pinpointed the locations of the others. Jean-Paul charged up there as well, ready to clear through people.

Pipeline: Mick looked up, flickered behind one of the hidden guards and straight-punched him in the face as he waited for the fuzziness of too many flickers to fade. As soon as it did, the guy had his gun stolen and was knocked out.

Komodo: Melati slammed the engine controls, causing the jet to violently decelerate, kicking up snow on the ground below, until they hovered right about the meeting place.

Venom: With a smirk, Eddie blocked a punch, slamming a counter into the aggressors jaw and turning his gun on their partner, who dropped his own before Eddie introduced him to the weapon's butt. He crouched as the Blackbird screamed into view, hovering ominously above them. "Swish, swish!"

Facade: Cecilia was breathting hard, panic threatening to overtake her. Guns! Why did it have to be guns! She slammed a final field into a group of attackers. Smashing them into the ground. "All contacts down here!" She called.

Pipeline: ["Think we got 'em all."] Mick leant against a wall, taking off his sunglasses and wiping an eye.

Spot: Johnathon decided that he was an artist, not a fighter, and thus would stay at the sidelines until the more violently inclined people had had their fun.

Northstar: Jean-Paul threw rifles through Spot's spots, running back to most of the people. "Are we clear?"

Komodo: Melati hit the switch to lower the ramp, already out of her seatbelt and on her feet as the jet touched down on the free field amidst the train wagons. "Right on, team," she radioed to the others on her way out. "Great work."

Venom: Taking apart the last sidearm he'd picked up, Eddie cast the pieces aside and approached the ramp, "Nothing fancy, really.", he shrugged.

Komodo: "Might not have gone as planned, but at least this approach was the more fun one, eh?" She smiled at her teammates on the ground, leaning out of the ramp. "Everyone unhurt? Did we get the lot of them?"

Pipeline: Mick flickered back. "Right, well. That went like every single movie ever..."

Komodo: "As long as we're still standing and they don't, I file that a mission success." She turned to look over her shoulder. "Good job blocking their comms, Wither. With a little luck, they're still none the wiser we're on to them."

Spot: "It was kind of anti-climatic, to be honest." Said the guy that didn't take down one single guard.

Facade: Cecilia eyed one of the men she'd slammed into the ground. Christ...she'd hit them a lot harder than she thought..."Think I need to be more careful," she muttered. Obviously the PTSD was making her jumpy...unreliable.

Wither: Kevin followed Mel. "So that was good. But I think we definitely alerted people that we're here..."

Venom: Eddie patted Cecilia's shoulder suddenly, "Hey, could have been worse: could have been lasers!"

Komodo: "Hey, this was only the warm up, so wait with the complaining once we're sure no more bullets will come at us tonight," she told Spot, while bending down to search the man who apparently was the group's leader. She pulled a radio from the pocket of his jacket.

Facade: Cecilia flinched at the sudden touch. "Sorry..." she muttered. "It's...just my crazy. Not you. Sorry..."

Komodo: "Maybe we did, maybe not, there's not way to change that now," she said to Kevin, playing with the electronic device. "All we can do now is move quickly and stomp shit hard."

Northstar: "Ready to move on in then, Boss?" Jean-Paul asked Mel, glancing back over the area. "I think they'll notice us now either way."

Hope: Hope was relieved to be on the ground, grinning a bit. "Hopefully no more flying is needed."

Pipeline: Mick toed one of the unconscious men over, who apparently wasn't all that unconscious. A quick flicker saw to that.

Venom: "Hope! Thank God, someone who can hold their own down here finally!", Eddie smirked to her, "I was begining to think the geek and the artist were the cavalry - scary thought is scary."

Spot: Johnathon pulled his spot off the wall and let it vanish under his sleeve again.

Komodo: "I doubt they're base is right here," Melati said, looking around. "Still too populated. Besides, nothing showed up on any of the jet's scanners." She glanced down at the unconscious guards. "Now, we can either wait until one of them come back to his senses and hopes he spills the truth quickly."

Komodo: She held up the radio, smiling in Mick's direction. "Or we call home and see where it takes us."

Facade: Cecilia eyed the wagon. "Should we have a look at what's in there?"

Hope: Hope laughed and gave Eddie a bit of a shove. "Well the calvary has arrived. And I must say, it is dead sexy."

Spot: "Let's get Farouk, he can make them talk. He just has to sit on them..."

Venom: Eddie scoffed, "How does Johnny compete against your ego, Hope? His cock must be huge...", he grinned, shaking his head at the shove.

Hope: "Well actually...." Hope just grinned, leaving it at that.

Facade: Cecilia coloured a little at this exchange. Gawd..."Right, so are we done flirting here or are we actually going to get down to business?" She said, getting to the point.

Pipeline: "Hey, fuck you Venom, geeks can be badass as well."

Venom: At that, Eddie just blinked for a moment, "Fantastic....", he mused, "Sparky, you absolute ledge.", he looked over at Mick, shaking his head, "You earn Prestige Class, kiddo."

Wither: Kevin looked around, feeling lost without his high-tech cameras. "We should get moving. Let's tie up these guys."

Northstar: "Anyone good at getting people to wake up then? Because we'd best get moving I'd imagine."

Spot: "Post-battle coitus, a standard behaviour in human society, some great pieces of art there, especially the paintings..."

Facade: Cecilia pulled some ties from her pockets and began restraining some of the unconscious men to keep herself busy and not focusing on her nervousness...or the flirting for that matter. "I got kicked out of the MET before I got to that section of paintings," she said, trying to joke a little.

Pipeline: Mick took the radio, smirking a little. "Time to play ring-a-roses, guys, everyone hold on to each other and to me or I'm gonna either leave you behind or knock you out." He tested the line...yeah, strong enough for all of them, so long as he wasn't exotic.

Northstar: Jean-Paul looked back, then smirked when he caught on. "Perfect, lets get going."

Komodo: "Right, you've heard the man," Melati announced, gesturing in Mick's direction. "Pipeline's got a lock on their radio signal, so we gonna ride that straight to the party."

Venom: Eddie cast a few blasts of webbing at the K.O'd men before joining the link of arms, "....erm, wait, what's the nature of the kid's power?"

Hope: Hope made a face. She switched to Pipeline's power to avoid the nausea. "Alright, I'm good to go."

Komodo: She looked around, making sure her teammates had tied up the downed guards properly, before hitting the button on her sleeve to put the jet on autopilot. Its engines flared up as the machine followed its instructions to move into a standby position.

Northstar: Jean-Paul grabbed the hands nearest to him. "We're going on a ride. I remember that much."

Spot: "Excellent, I wanted to try this out for a while now. I think it will give me a completely new perspective on some of my works. Like the cellphone tower of Babbel."

Facade: Cecilia wandered after Pipeline. "Lead on, trailblazer."

Wither: "I don't like this." Kevin grabbed the nearest person's hand.

Komodo: "Everyone hold on tight to your asses, we have no idea where this will drop us out," she said, holding on to the others, who did the same with Mick and Hope.

Facade: Cecilia gripped the hands closest to her. Surely crushing them.

Pipeline: "Something like that. Right. Hands and arms inside the wiring." He clicked on the radio, caught the line and after making sure everyone was holding on. There was the build-up of blue lines, slowly to make sure he had everything, and suddenly they were nothing but electronic datapackets.

Venom: Eddie's wince was audible, "Watch it, Reyes.", he muttered.

Komodo: (( Teleportation time! Everyone is transported to a wooded area. There are train tracks on the ground, but it doesn't look like they've been used in ages. Up ahead is a rocky hillside, with the tracks disappearing inside a tunnel, its entrance blocked by a massive metal door. ))

Facade: Cecilia gasped as she was reformed from 1's and 0's into a solid person again. "God that is terrible..."

Spot: "Brilliant!," he pronounced breathlessly.

Wither: "I"m gonna be sick." Kevin collapsed into a heap on the ground.

Hope: "So glad I switched powers." Hope shuddered a bit, feeling sympathy for the others.

Facade: "Right behind you, Kevin," said Cecilia, holding a hand to her mouth.

Pipeline: "Hard to be sick when you didn't have a stomach." Mick let go of who he was holding on to and dusted himself down as the lines faded. "Right. This is where the line ended, so the other radio will be here somewhere."

Venom: Eddie fell to his knees after the teleportation, wincing a little as he felt a residual current run through him, "Jesus that stings! Someone could have fucking said it was electrical!", he hissed, hand twitching with current, "Bloody 'porters..."

Komodo: "Bingo I say, motherfuckers," Melati remarked, quickly looking around to gain her bearings after they had rematerialized. She nodded in the direction of the tunnel that lay ahead of them. It looked as unremarkable as any large hole in the ground, if it weren't for that massive wall of metal blocking their path.

Komodo: "Everyone ready to stick their cocks into the hornet's nest," she asked, giving the others a quick smirk.

Pipeline: "Fuck you, I'll let you walk next time." Mick muttered. "And always for you, Komodo." He winked at her.

Spot: He took a look at the door. "I can slip a spot underneathe?"

Facade: "I wonder who lives here?" Muttered Cecilia, recovering from the disorientation slowly. "Looks pretty shady. So it's either our place or some backwood's survivalist's hideyhole."

Venom: "Next time I AM walking.", Eddie complained, dusting himself off and taking a moment to absorb the forest-like area they'd appeared in, marking the dissues train tracks ending with a large metal wall within a small cave enterance.

Wither: "I should have stayed in the...what the hell kind of saying is that?" Kevin staggered to the side and heaved.

Hope: Hope just shook her head. "So now what?"

Pipeline: Mick shook his head at the people being sick. They'd been datapackets, surely they wouldn't have even felt any movement...eh. One of those things, maybe psychosymatic? He brushed it aside and regarded the metal.

Facility: "Sir, we've got an alert on our perimeter sensor," one of the assistants said, approaching the man in the lab coat. "What, are you bothering me because of those damned wild hogs again," Harkin replied, grabbing the offered tablet computer.

Venom: With a stretch, Eddie approached the wall, "Good news: it's not spewing bad guys at us like most things do nowadays.", he glanced back at Hope, "Progress, methinks."

Hope: "If you just jynxed us, I will kick your ass later." Hope promised him.

Facility: He arched an eyebrow at the surveillance images. "No sir, I'm afraid not," the assistant said, earning him another stern look. "I can see that," Harkin replied. "Well, looks like our brave knights finally showed up to rescue their sleeping silver princess."

Venom: "Only if you promise to call me a 'naughty boy'.", Eddie sniggered back at her, "Orders, K'?"

Facade: Cecilia tapped the metal. "I could dent it with a forcefield at the very least...but that's probably going to trigger an alarm..." she said thoughtfully.

Facility: "Alert everyone for immediate evacuation," Harkin ordered, handing the tablet back. "We abandon Theta lab." The assistant blinked. "Just like that? Shouldn't we let security deal with them?"

Wither: Kevin straightened up. "Can we knock off the sexy banter? It's not a good time for it. Also, I'm sure they know we're here by now. I saw a camera before I heaved."

Spot: "So, I guess we just wait until they open the door on their own, then?"

Facility: "Don't fool yourself," Harkin replied. "They'll delay them, at best. Still, order them to buy us some time. Engage the defense grid."

Venom: "Tell you what: you get yourself three or four years of being a superhero, then we'll talk 'Appropriate Mission Banter'.", Eddie smiled at Kevin sarcastically.

Pipeline: Mick adjusted the beanie, frowning at the wall. "See, this is where havin' lasers would be real useful."

Hope: Hope laughed and grinned. "It's always the time for it. Takes the edge off."

Facade: "I prefer bad humour myself," noted Cecilia to Kevin. "But as long as it's not directed at me and doesn't effect things getting done who cares?"

Komodo: A rumble could be heard from behind the door. "Well, guess we've gone unnoticed long enough," Melati said. "Any ideas how to take that door down? Or shall we just knock?"

Hope: "What do we say if they answer? Want to buy some cookies? Just knock it down if we can is my vote."

Venom: Eddie gestured at Hope, "Thank you.", he rolled his eyes - kids today, eh? He turned back to the door as the sound hit his ears, feeling his Spider-Sense flare up, "Oooooh: something's pissed off..."

Facade: Cecilia thought a moment. "I once cut glass with my forcefield. I could try that here..." She said to Mel.

Spot: "I don't think we really have to break it..." He walked over to the door and checked how it was locked.

Facade: "Or try to break it down, either way."

Wither: "It's metal so I can't break it down...literally."

Komodo: The next moment two large cylinders pushed out of the door near the top of the tunnel. They spun for a moment, until small gaps appeared on their surface. "Scramble;" Melati yelled, right before the gaps started spewing fire and lead.

Spot: Spot luckily was too close already, standing right underneath the revolving guns, though kind of being pinned against the door by that fact.

Spot: "Ack!"

Facade: Cecilia created a dome shield around herself and the general area to block some of the fire. Sending some of the bullets riccocheting back. "Dammit."

Venom: As the barrels appeared, Eddie threw up his arms, manifesting his crest-emblazoned shield of barbed flesh and bone as lead pitter-pattered on it, "Always with the bloody bullets!"

Spot: He started to shuffled towards the left.

Hope: Hope had thought fast and borrowed Facade's power and had a shield up to help, though she struggled with it. She needed more practice with those powers.

Wither: Kevin hit the deck and scrambled behind a large rock. "This is not good."

Venom: "Permission to break the toys?", Eddie called to Melati over the hail of bullets.

Facade: Cecilia looked nervously at Hope. It wouldn't take long for her to drop the shields if she wasn't used to the psychosomatic pain. She hoped desperately Hope had spent some time around Sue before her.

Facility: "Security system active," the assistant informed Harkin, the sirens and warning lights flaring up around them. Workers were rushed about as they followed the evacuation procedure. "The handlers are on their way to intercept the intruders, engineering's drones are backing up."

Pipeline: Mick swore, blue lines flickering - and got the very disconcerting feel of bullets going through a mass that wasn't quite there. "Ohgodohgodthatfeelshorrible-" His voice sounded buzzy and disjointed.

Facility: "Very good," Harkin replied, giving a nod. "Time to pack up then." The assistant gave him a questioning look. "What about the mutant specimen, sir?" Harkin paused, a thoughtful look on his face. "The Kincaid girl?"

Wither: "If someone shielded me, I could dissolve a large hole for them to drop into?"

Pipeline: "Could - someone take them out - I can't come back properly with bullets in my lines-"

Spot: When he was no longer standing right under the guns, he threw a big spot right above them, where it just stuck in the air. The he put another one on the wall and poked through it, the upp part of his body now hanging above one of the guns.

Facility: A moment later Harkin shrugged dismissively. "Leave her," he ordered. "She's of no more use to us. Those X-Men are undoubtedly here because of her. Maybe they'll won't bother pursuing us when they get what they want."

Venom: Eddie backtracked along to Kevin, keeping his jet-black sheild raised above his head, "Alright kid, let's go!"

Facade: "Or I could just do this," said Cecilia, extending her shield forward and slamming it into some of the guns. Crushing them.

Pipeline: There were little electrical zaps around them and they were vibrating, but apparenlty weren't doing anything more than stopping him solidifying.

Spot: He pushed a spot over the gun's nozzle, the bullets now coming out of a spot in his palm. He aimed it at the other guns, taking them out one by one.

Venom: "...or....not?", Eddie lowered the sheild timidly, looking up at the crushed turrets, "Hm. Check out Facade being all clever!"

Facade: "Thank you, I try," said Cecilia wryly. "No need for anyone to get too close to lead when I'm around."

Wither: "Ok!" Kevin scuttled forward and removed a glove and slammed it into the ground in between the non- crunched guards, dropping them into a hole. "Ok - that was the most non-fun I've had ever.

Hope: "I definitely need to schedule a training session with you." Hope smiled at Facade.

Spot: He came back out of his spot, taking it with him. "What's next?"

Komodo: Melati was too busy dodging large caliber bullets to contribute much to the turrets' destruction. Not that she could have offered anything but clawing at them, anyway. "Nice job, girls," she said, wiping her brow and watching the smoldering wrecks.

Pipeline: "Removing the bullets? Please?"

Facade: Cecilia shrugged at Hope. "Sue's my cheat sheet. I guess I could be yours and Hisako's."

Venom: Eddie looked at Kevin, stepping back a little, "No offence, bud, but....well....", he shrugged, looking to Mick, "You hit?", he called over to him.

Komodo: "I can tell you what," she told Spot. "We pry a hole into that thing with everything we've got, then you chuck one of your portals through."

Pipeline: The mass of blue lines with bullets in the netting just...blinked at Eddie. At least, it looked like it did. "...Yes. I am."

Venom: "Woah: check out 'Tron' over here.", Eddie approached him, "W-what even is all that?"

Spot: "Excuse me, they are spots. I have them trademarked, you know?"

Komodo: "Ah hell!" Melati rushed to Mick's side. "This... what the hell happened?"

Pipeline: "It doesn't hurt. Just feels very bad and if I solidify, I'll have bullets in me and I don't even know if I can." He tried to stop panicking. "I tried to 'port when the guns went. Just before, I got hit. And...it's stopped me moving."

Facade: Cecilia walked over to Pipeline and knelt down. "I'm not a doctor yet. But I did take some first aid...Can I help in any way?" She asked, concerned.

Hope: Hope approached too, not sure if she could help either. "Any ideas?"

Wither: "We could try removing the bullets." Kevin put his glove back on.

Venom: Eddie nodded at Kevin's suggestion, "You feel pain in that form, 'Piper'?"

Facility: "Sir? What about the prototype?" The assistant looked expectantly at Harkin, who was packing his suitcase. "I'm afraid it's unsuitable for evacuation. it would not fit through the tunnel?" Harkin nodded, looking back at his assistant. "An acceptable loss."

Pipeline: A network of blue lines that made up a hand pinched the bridge of his nose. "Just...reach in and...and take them out. It's not like I'm anythin' more than a load of...well...I don't know. And I'm not hurtin' so...no?"

Facade: "Is that even safe?" She asked. "If it's lodged in there it might be the only thing holding an artery together."

Facility: He smiled and adjusted his glasses. "Besides, what better way to conduct a field test for our latest product? Have the handlers prepare it for release before they retreat."

Wither: "Oh, for heaven's sakes!" Kevin reached in and plucked out a bullet and dropped it on the ground. "Are you dying?"

Facade: Cecilia placed her hands on Pipeline. "I'll try to remove them if you like. I have steady hands."

Komodo: "it's not like we've got many other options at the moment," Melati remarked, looking back over her shoulder at the damaged door.

Facade: Cecilia blinked at Kevin. "CAREFUL DAMMIT!" She barked.

Pipeline: "Ain't got arteries like this, 'Cade." Mick shrugged. "Just...you know..." Cecilia's hands began to sink into Mick's shoulders. "...Do that..."

Facade: Cecilia nodded. "Alright," she said, getting to work. "Just tell me if I'm hurting you."

Pipeline: "Thank you!" He nodded to Kevin. "Yes, like that, and I will if I come back with them in and this is starting to make me feel like I'm going to seizure so...hurrying up, please?"

Venom: Eddie smirked, "Penetration? Sexay(!)", he snorted, turning back to the metal wall, "Riiiight: anyway, breaking and entering - yes? Yes?"

Facade: Cecilia worked quickly, sweeping her hands through Pipeline. "Quiet, Ed."

Spot: "Yes."

Pipeline: He tried not to twitch too bad as the hands made his form flicker, a couple of lines breaking and reforming. "Oh fuck me that feels so weird."

Hope: Hope laughed at Eddie. Totally helped the stress level!

Facade: "Trust me," she said wryly. "I'm pre-med."

Komodo: There was an unpleasant screeching and rumbling noise when the damaged door started to open, sparks and wreckage flying from the destroyed turrets. Voices could be heard from beyond the widening gap, as well as the cones of flashlights.

Wither: "We've got company. Again."

Komodo: "We've got company," Melati informed the other, before barging off to intercept whoever came their way.

Hope: "Show time everybody." Hope switched to Eddie's power again.

Pipeline: "Trusting, trusting - right, you got all of them? Can I come out of the wires now?" So...partial-form. That was...interesting.

Spot: He just threw a few spots into various places and then vanished through one himself.

Facade: "I think so," she said, doing a few sweeps to make sure. "We'll find out soon enough, huh?"

Venom: Eddie stepped forward, billions of jet black tendrils coated his body in his trademark armor, "Alright, ladies and gents: let's rock."

Komodo: Melati was greeted by a bright flash and searing heat, her instincts the only thing that made her avoid the unnaturally bright flame from the guard's large weapon, its shine illuminating his fire-proof suit of armor.

Wither: "Flame throwers? Really?!" Kevin ducked behind the large boulder again. "This sucks."

Facade: Cecilia created another dome over herself so Pipeline could get his bearings without taking fire in the process. "You good to go?" She asked.

Pipeline: "Yup. Cheers." Mick took a deep breath, the blue lines fading slowly as he carefully brought himself back and feeling for anything that shouldn't be there. "...Okay, no, think you got them all. Thanks, Facade." He gave her a smile while he waited for the fuzziness to go, then bought himself fully back.

Venom: With a little yelp, Eddie rolled backwards, whip-lash of webbing slashing into the breach and tripping one of the oncomming enemies, "Shit: flames. Why flames? Why today!?"

Komodo: She crashed into another, kicking away the large, backpack-fed rifle, before slashing her claws into the guard's chestpiece. To her surprise, the armor proved thick and tough enough to give even her claws some trouble. But nothing that a kick to the head couldn't solve.

Hope: "Why the hell is Johnny not here." Hope muttered, seeing the fire.

Pipeline: Patting himself down, he took a deep breath. "...Flamethrowers? The fuck." He regarded them. "Right. Glad this ain't my best hoodie. Shall we?"

Venom: "My power's useless with fire, Hope!", Eddie informed her, jumping high on a zip of webbing and slamming a fist into one of the pyro's heads as he tried to fire a blaze upwards.

Hope: Switching plans, Hope tried Facade's power again, putting one of the enemies in his own force field. Well it had worked when Sue did it to her.

Spot: Some more spots turned up, and from one of them Spot appeared, right behind one of the guards with the flamethrowers, disconnecting the hose.

Facade: Cecilia created a shield-like construct and began advancing towards the attackers. "Let's see them try to punch through this!"

Komodo: The deafening sound of rapid gunfire echoed through the tunnel, the muzzle-flash revealing the tracked drones wielding those weapons, slowly rolling down the tunnel to meet their attackers with machine-like stoicism.

Venom: Eddie smirked at Jonathon's manouver, dodging a blast of flame with a jump-roll and uppercutting the disarmed man into the air, "Combo points? 'kay thanks!"

Facade: Cecilia stared at Hope trapping an attacker in a dome. "DON'T DO THAT!" She yelped. Thinking of her own shooting dome incident.

Venom: Looking up, Eddie winced at the sight of the drone tanks, "Oh, boy: EMP anyone!?"

Hope: "Eh he'll be fine once he passes out." Hope assured Cecilia.

Komodo: "Guys? Johnny Five is alive - and he's packing heat!" Melati dodged the hail of bullets, trying to remain between the guards and the drones.

Spot: Johnathon just sat behind one of his bigger spots. Who needed a shield if you had spots? Especially spots that redirected the fire of, say, incoming military drones, right back at them? And the first one went up in flames.

Facade: Cecilia didn't get a chance to argue before one of the flamethrowers got turned on her. Quickly she brought up her shields...but GOD. She could actually feel the fire. "AAIIIEEE!" She screamed, the psychosomatic pain hitting her like a ton of bricks.

Pipeline: Mick decided to take a leaf out of Spot's book, flickering behind guards and 'porting entire parts out of their flamethrowers and then knocking them out - and then spotting the drones. Swallowing, he started flickering so that he wasn't in the same spot for more than a few seconds.

Hope: Once Hope's guy fell, she sent a dome flying at the one hitting Cecilia.

Venom: With a flick of his arm, Eddie morphed it into a sinister blade, dodging bullets and leaping high before impaling one of the drone vehichles, jumping free as the internal circuits fried.

Komodo: Fortunately, the drones proved not nearly as smart as their movie counterparts, unerringly shooting each other apart in friendly fire. Melati wrapped her tail around the hose of a guard's flamethrower, using the additional leverage to hurl the whole man into one of the machines.

Facade: Cecilia writhed on the ground, dropping her shields. "AAHHH!" She cried. "IT'S HOT IT HURTS GOD! IT HURTS!"

Hope: Hope stepped in front of Cecilia to block her from any further attack.

Venom: The screaming got Eddie's attention: he turned towards Cecilia and darted to her side, "Hey, snap out of it: there's literally nothing there!", he tried to stop her moving around, "Calm down!"

Pipeline: ...Then an idea occured to him. He slipped back into the wires, just a webbing of blue lines, and passed his hand through a drone - sure enough, it juddered to a stop and shut down. Of course! He was just a mass of electrical datacurrents!

Facility: One of the guards in the rear touched the side of his helmet, before holding up his arm. "Alpha Team, retreat," he ordered. "Broken base! I repeat, broken base!" The armed guards began to steadily retreat, the drones moving up to cover them.

Spot: Oh great, now he had to be a hero. He appeared behind the flamethrower guy that was attacking Facade and ripped out his tubes to. When the guy turned around, he hit him in the face with a stick he had picked up. It didn't really work too well.

Komodo: "We gotta push through those suckers and find the professor," Melati reminded the others, her clawed hands peeling off the armored covering from one of the machines, before she dug her hand right into the circuitry, sending sparks flying everyone. The drone died twitching.

Venom: "Hope, can you take care of her?", Eddie looked up from Cecilia: "I think it's time for a Bunker Rush: Venom style."

Hope: "I got her. You go be useful." Hope knelt down with Cecilia. "Hey hey. You're ok. It's gone."

Facade: Cecilia came out of that sobbing. "It's p-psychosomatic!" She cried. "I c-can feel every hit my shields take! Bullets feel like stinging n-nettles. But this f-feels like all my skins been peeled off!"

Hope: "I know. But it's gone." Hope tried to pat her soothingly.

Facade: Cecilia moaned and dragged herself up to her feet, stumbling a bit. "Fight through the pain. Fight through it," she muttered. "I can feel it...I can feel it...every hit..."

Venom: Standing and rushing towards the base, Eddie's form became a mess of tendrils, reforming as Venom in his more bestial state. With a roar, the monster banked for the first security door it found, charging into it with every ounce of its strength.

Pipeline: Mick felt bullets break his lines, looking down as he caused another drone to shudder and smoke. Then a spout of flame went through him, solving that problem but oh god did it make him feel sick. Knocking the man out, he breathed out and reformed.

Hope: Hope smiled at her. "That's the sprit. And I'm right here with you."

Spot: He picked up a few of his spots again and sent them into the tunnel entrance. Then he proceeded to follow the retreating guards, popping out from one spot after the other.

Spot: Sometimes he felt like a wack-a-mole.

Facade: Cecilia reformed her shield armour. How the hell was Hope not feeling the psychosomatic pain? Great, another person who could use her powers better than her. "Let's go," she breathed raggedly, chasing after the remaining guards.

Northstar: Jean-Paul landed nearby Cecilia, just taking a moment to catch his breath as he flew off again. "I think we're just about clear. Do we have a place to search?" He asked over the radio, watching as more people fled the area.

Komodo: "Yeah, that's right, you better keep running," Melati called after the retreating guards, before looking back over her shoulder. "I think Venom is already ahead of us."

Pipeline: ...A couple of seconds later, he leant over and heaved, feeling the fuzziness descend. Oh no you don't, it's just linked to powers, just need to not do that for a while.

Northstar: Jean-Paul gave a salute and charged after Venom, ready to cut down on their search area. "Anything yet, Venom?"

Venom: Everything that stood in Venom's way was torn appart. And Eddie himself couldn't help but mentally laugh at the fear-filled guards, trying in vain to stop the demon visage of Venom destroying everything in its path. "CESSSYYY!", it called out in a distorted, mocking tone, "We're HEEERE, Cessy!", noticing a cluster of guards covering a door, the beast charged it, smashing through.

Venom: ["We have found something!"], came a distorted voice over the radio channel, ["'Laboratory....important..."]

Mercury: "Please, no more," the silver girl whimpered, curled up into a fetal position, barely maintaining a human-like shape. "Why do you keep doing this to me?" She didn't dare open her eyes, merely wincing at all the noise, loud despite the thick glass isolating her from the world.

Spot: Well, now. Johnathon figured while Eddie was buy reinterpreting the thing from the black lagoon or somesuch, he could look out for...oh hey, that was her, wasn't it? Though the last time he had seen Cessily, she hadn't been in a tube, he distinctly remembered a lack of tubes. "I found her."

Northstar: "I'm right with you then." Jean-Paul replied, flying faster until he saw Venom and heard someone murmuring. "Cess? Oh now that is weird as hell." Tube, literal tube.

Spot: He really felt horrible for it, but he couldn't resist knocking on the glass. "Hello?"

Facade: Cecilia tore through the halls after the group. Slamming fields into anything that moved. Every step agony. "GOD! It's feels like my skins peeling BACK!" She hissed, tears streaming down her face.

Venom: Ok, I'm taking this gravy-train back - in your box, Symbiote. Venom's form reverted as he rushed for the room he's heard a voice from - in a flash movement he dropped the two men trying to strike from behind the group, stepping past Jonathon, "Cessilly! It's Eddie, we're here!", he looked around, "How the fuck do I open this damn thing?"

Mercury: Voices. They sounded familiar. A spark of hope flared up in the girl's chest. Opening her eyes halfway, Cessily slightly turned her head, looking at the blurry faces on the other side of the glass tube. "You're... not him," she said, blinking. "Johnathon? Eddie?"

Hope: Hope kept up with Cecilia, feeling bad for her. But now wasn't the time. She switched to Eddie's power again.

Facade: Cecilia almost slammed into Eddie. "Let's try this!" She said hoarsely. Slamming an armoured fist into the container.

Spot: "Ha, she noticed me first!" He made an L shape on his forehead towards Eddie.

Wither: Kevin realized that there was no more battle noise. He poked is head out from behind the rock. "Hey! Don't leave me!" He scrambled after them. He so needed to learn how to be a bad ass at some sort of martial art - his power was useless in fights.

Mercury: The mere sight of her friends brought some strength back to her body, weary from the daylong ordeal. "Just because... you're the last person... I expected to come find me," Cessily replied, managing a faint smile.

Venom: Eddie stepped to one side as the force-field hit the container, "....that erm....hm.", he looked at Cecilly, "We're getting you out of there.", his mask reverted, showing his confident smile, "How about you start being useful, 'Spotted Dick'? Find a bloody release lever."

Facade: Cecilia slammed another fist into the glass wildly. Spidery webs of cracks appeared but it didn't budge easily. "FUCK!" She shouted. "It's bulletproof or something!"

Pipeline: Mick wiped his face and followed the others, the numb feeling fading back. "Hey, Cecilia, come on, deep breaths." He said soothingly. He looked into the tube. "Professor Kincaid?"

Spot: "Hey, that's not fair! I help people...unless they are fat cat members of the fascist patriarchy!"

Northstar: "Can you get a spot in there?" He asked Jonathon. "Or maybe I can vibrate it apart?"

Facade: Cecilia slammed her fists repeatedly into the glass. "BREAK YOU MOTHERFUCKER!" She screamed. "For God's sake Hope, HELP ME!"

Pipeline: Mick actually stepped back from Cecilia at that point. "Hey, no breakin' the glass, you might hurt her."

Mercury: Cessily reached out to touch the surface of the tube, her face lighting up with rekindled hope as she recognized all her friends. "Over there..." she nodded in the direction of one of the panels. "I've seen him... push that button..."

Spot: "Also..." He gave Eddie a smirk. "I actually CAN get a spot in there..." He slid a finger along the edge of the tube, ans a big black spot, like ink, started seeping in. His other hand just rubbed another big one on the floor next to them.

Hope: "Yeah... Cee wait just a minute."

Spot: "Someone may have to pull her out, she looks weak."

Facade: PTSD was obviously in control here. Cecilia had no control over herself anymore. She was operating on instinct only. She breathed heavily. Her vision was tunneled. But she didn't hit the glass again. "I am gonna kill everyone I see in a minute," she snarled, eyes wild.

Hope: Hope moved to the panel, trying to figure out what to push. "What if I push the wrong button?!"

Mercury: She looked down at the black spot forming underneath her feet. "I guess... that works, too." Cessily managed another smile, trying to push herself through the portal.

Venom: "I'll do it.", Eddie stepped past the group, "Get Reyes outta here.", he approached Cessily, "Come here, you: I got ya."

Wither: "Facade, come on. We'll go call the jet." Kevin said hearing the conversation as he arrived.

Hope: Hope took Cecilia's hand. "Come on. We're going to the jet."

Pipeline: Mick took another step back. Yeeaaah, anger issues alright.

Komodo: Covering the large hallway in front of the lab, Melati kept watch, looking out for any reinforcement that decided to try their luck anther time. The whole installation seemed oddly calm, however, save for the blinking lights of the alarm and the dull sirens. The crest on her head stood on edge. Something wasn't right.

Facade: Cecilia jerked her hands out of Hope's. "Don't touch me!" She snapped. "I'm not going anywhere. Not while there's guns in the area. I'm the only one experienced with force fields here! I'm not totally useless!"

Hope: "No you aren't. But we need you to keep the jet safe."

Mercury: "They took... parts of me," Cessily said, leaning into Eddie's arms as soon as he head pulled her free from that dreadful tube. "I can.. still feel them." She held on tightly.

Spot: "Uh, folks, I still got a spot left on the jet. We can just extract right here and now..."

Facade: Pipeline and Eddie were looking at her like she was insane. Hope and Wither were patronizing her. This was not at all what she needed. "It's fine where it is, it's an inanimate fucking object, people are what matter. Not the jet." She looked away and focused on Cessily. Fuck leaving.

Venom: Eddie held Cessily just as tightly, lifting her up into his arms, "It's alright. I'm gonna get you home, ok? We're gonna keep you safe.", he looked at Jonathon, "Can you tunnel us? You got the range?"

Wither: "Ew, professor. Good idea, Spot. We can catch up to where they have the rest of the professor and take it..them...whatever back?"

Hope: "That might be a good plan." Hope eyed Facade. She needed air... and fast. Maybe a sedative.

Mercury: "One is still here," she said, looking up, fear in her wide eyes. "It's... changed. It's angry now. Hungry." Her grip on Eddie tightened. "It's coming here."

Northstar: "That does sound a good deal faster" Jean-Paul pointed out. "Wait, one what?" Now he was confused.

Venom: "Game faces, people!", Eddie called to the group, "Spot - get me a portal, I'm taking her to the jet.", he looked at Cessily, "It's alright, ok? We're gonna take care of this."

Hope: "Facade, go with her. Keep her safe. You can do that better than anyone."

Komodo: "Guys? I don't want to be the downer to rain on that hearty-feely reunion, but I'm afraid we're not in the clear now." Melati took a few steps back, sniffing the air. There was a thumping noise in the distance, rapidly coming closer. "There's something headed our way."

Spot: "I have a feeling this is rapidly turning into a mess. Like Campbell's soup..." He put a big spot on a wall and took a quick peeop through. Yep, the jet. "We're read for take-off."

Facade: Cecilia grit her teeth. Reeling back in the fight or flight instinct that was hitting her like a fucking brick. Goddamn it. HOLD IT TOGETHER, REYES. "I'm needed here. You do what you have to. I'll do the same," she said, voice hoarse and eyes a bit less wild.

Pipeline: Mick breathed out, eyeing up where the thumping was coming from. "Let's do this, huh."

Venom: Eddie carried Cessily through the portal quickly, "There we go: remember this old thing?", he asked her, trying to calm her nerves and finding a seat, setting her down.

Mercury: "We can't leave it here," Cessily told the others, her expression pleading. "We can't allow it to go free."

Venom: "It won't. It won't.", Eddie assured her, "Calm down, babe: we'll take care of it. Just....calm down.", he tried to calm her.

Northstar: "Okay, whatever that is it sounds big." Jean-Paul admitted, hovering towards the noise.

Hope: Hope smacked her forehead with the palm of her hand. She couldn't focus on the mission when she was more worried about Facade flipping shit and the girl wouldn't go to the jet and chill.

Komodo: A chilling roar echoed through the deserted hallways, causing Melati to steel herself for whatever it was that came for them. "Right, let's finish this," she said, looking around for her teammates.

Hope: "Now or never guys."

Venom: "Cessily, I need you to focus: what are we dealing with?", Eddie asked her, "We need to know what it is."

Wither: "Is it the only piece, or are there more, and shouldn't we have kept professor here to I don't know? Reabsorb it...but it might be too big for that?"

Spot: "I am not entirely sure we have the kind of power to take out something big and massive, folks..."

Hope: "I'm pretty sure we don't. We could contain it... but then what?"

Komodo: "Oh. Shit." Her eyes widened when she saw what burst through the doorway, tearing up the sheets of massive steel as if they were mere paper. At some point the creature may have been some kind of canine. Or an alligator. Probably both, and more, blended together by mad, unrestricted science.

Pipeline: "Fff. Have you seen the X-Men in action? They took out that ink thing and that was the size of a building!"

Northstar: Jean-Paul swore, flying up higher to get behind the creature. "What the hell is this!?" He asked, more than a bit alarmed now.

Hope: "Powerset matters, Pipeline." Hope swore when she saw what Mel did.

Wither: "We're gonna die." He stared at the thing heading right for them.

Facade: Cecilia shielded up. "I am not gonna die. NOT here. Not like this!" She snapped. "Just stick together!"

Komodo: It nearly filled the entire hallway, the all too familiar silver skin reflecting the dim lights of the alarm. A long tail swished behind its back, agitated, as it stalked closer, its massive claws digging into the solid ground.

Komodo: (( http://media.comicvine.com/uploads/1/10 ... ator-x.jpg ))

Komodo: "I've no idea what it is, but I can tell you what it's going to be really soon," Melati replied, charging to meet the large creature head on.

Pipeline: "...Could we jus' see if it needs a good forever home? No? Right..."

Spot: "...ewwww..."

Northstar: Jean-Paul ran up the back of the thing, using his speed to hit as hard as he could. "Anyone have a good idea on how to take this thing down?"

Northstar: "...that doesn't involve me flying into it?"

Facade: Cecilia readied herself. "Want me to go back to the jet now?!" She laughed a bit maniacally, charging the thing head on with Mel and slamming her fields into it's head.

Wither: "I could try to uh...kill it..." Kevin removed his gloves.

Komodo: She barely managed to dodge the swiping tail and the slashing claws, pouncing on the mutated animal's thick neck. She cut into the metal skin, her claws slicing deep, but it felt like trying to tear apart jello, the shiny surface reforming almost instantly.

Wither: "Or would that kill the professor?"

Spot: "I don't know, do we have explosives? Explosives would help!" He just slipped into one of his spots and came out of the one that was as far away from the...thing as possible.

Hope: Hope was trying to think. This was a massivly bad idea. Did it breathe? "Does it breathe? I can suffocate it."

Wither: "We could try, Hope."

Facade: Fields were doing shit against this damn thing. It was just too fucking huge. Worse, her blows were actually bouncing off. " My shields aren't doing anything!" She yelled. "If you try to suffocate it I'll back you up!"

Hope: "Let's do it, Facade!" Hope put sheild around the thing's head.

Northstar: Jean-Paul was getting the feeling that this was going to involve him flying into something gooey again. "Someone make a hole, I'll fly in, vibrate it apart."

Pipeline: "If it's anythin' like the professor, probably not." Mick frowned, looking around for anything useful. "...Anyone got magnets?" He frowned. Metal. Electricity. He looked around for wiring and found plenty.

Komodo: "Its skin... it's the same as Cessily's," Melati called back at the others, still trying to avoid getting trapped inside the thing's maw. Her one hand lost grip. She caught a glimpse of her claws, the blood on their tips. "But it's just that... skin! It's flesh and blood underneath!"

Facade: Cecilia made a more streamlined shield tight across the creature's face. "Shields deployed!" Now if it fucking worked that'd be great.

Venom: Eddie reappeared, his mask reforming as he joined the fighting, "Cess gave me the boss codes!", he called to the others, "We need to get past the exoskelleton!", he nodded at Melati, "Yep, you got it!"

Hope: "Well it can't bite us. Time to skin a... I don't know what it is."

Pipeline: Ripping them out, he held the sparking ends away from him. "Hey - all those who dislike electricity, step back - it's metal, righ'?"

Komodo: "Don't mind me, just zap away," Melati called back, dancing around the beast's head to distract it from her teammates.

Facade: Oh fuck. Electricity. She braced herself for shocks on her shield. "Right go for it!"

Wither: Kevin backed up even further.

Venom: Hearing Mick's warning, Eddie stayed well back, "Juice 'em, Pipeline!"

Hope: Yeah, this was going to suck. Hope just kept her shield focused.

Northstar: Jean-Paul flew out of the way, giving Mick space to work.

Pipeline: Mick flickered in, ramming the wires deep into the thing's fake skin - then screamed as the current slammed through him, falling back and disappearing into the wires as his lines disintegrated.

Facade: This thing was not dying. Cutting off it's fucking air wasn't doing anything and what's worse it sent that shock right back at Pipeline. "Mick!" She shouted. "GODDAMNIT," she hissed. "I think it's time for drastic measures!"

Komodo: Melati ducked away just in time, shielding her face from the bright sparks as the surges hit the rampaging beast. It let out a deafening roar, stumbling and twitching backwards through the hallway. Its metal skin was roiling and bubbling, gaps forming to reveal bare flesh.

Pipeline: A few seconds later, he fell back out, panting for breath and hitting the floor, smouldering slightly. "...Ow. Okay. Not sensible. Metal go zap. Ow ow ow." He was flickering, lines flaring and fading as his eyes burned brightly, but relatively okay. "Did you know metal conducts when you have your hand in it?"

Spot: "Touch the flesh, Wither!"

Venom: Eddie ducked for cover, glancing out and spotting the openings, looking to Kevin, "Go for it!",

Pipeline: He decided staying where he was was a good idea."

Wither: "On it!" Kevin slapped both his palms on the exposed flesh and held on for dear life as the thing reared up with a scream pulling him off his feet.

Komodo: Unlike the mutant it was built from, however, the creature's biological nervous system allowed it to recover rapidly, even with the metal skin incapacitated. It prepared to rush forward, when its eyes widened, a screech coming from the depths of its throat. Kevin's touch was decaying the exposed flesh and blood.

Facade: Cecilia took a deep breath and backed up a little. "Right, okay...." She was gonna have to do something she'd never tried before. She focused hard, her vision tunneling. And threw a shield directly into the exposed flesh. Cutting right into it.

Komodo: "Hold fast," Melati called out pouncing on the whipping tail as the beast struggled.

Wither: He held on for dear life, changing his grip as soon as what he was holding onto disintegrated.

Northstar: "That's disgusting." Jean-Paul pulled a face as he still hovered, waiting in case he needed to do anything more.

Facade: Hopefully that'd help Kevin out a bit. "Kevin, tell me if you want another!" She barked.

Venom: Eddie jumped over cover, transforming back into Venom and slamming into the other monster, holding it still.

Komodo: It howled, the forcefields cutting deep, while Kevin's touch overloaded even its fast-acting regenerative abilities. "It's dying," Melati gasped.

Pipeline: Mick rolled out of his way, twitching and jerking a little as the electricity played havoc with his power. Damnit for having an ability that relied on electrical current. Oddly, though, it wasn't throwing him into a seizure... "Death of a thousand scratches..." He muttered, sitting back against a wall.

Wither: "Yeah, just not as close to me, please - also...can someone scoop up the professor's metal uh...stuff?"

Venom: Venom seemed to blink, "Are we going to kill this?",

Facade: Cecilia threw another at the thing's throat. Hoping to bleed it out. "Kevin keep going!" God, it had to die. It HAD to!

Komodo: The monstrous beast twitched, a gurgle escaping its throat, as it collapsed onto the ground.

Northstar: Jean-Paul was quick about scraping up metally bits, pulling a face at the gooey nature of it all.

Mercury: "I'll handle that myself." Without anyone having noticed, Cessily had gathered enough of her strength, allowing her to make way back through Spot's portal. She stood in the hallway, leaned against the doorframe, slouched over as she looked at the wounded animal.

Northstar: "Hey there, you're more than welcome to it." He let what he had back to the ground near her so she could reabsorb it.

Facade: Blood oozed out of the creature's body, pooling on the floor. Cecilia collapsed down on her knees. "Ow...okay, that really hurt...."

Mercury: "They took something from me," she said, stumbling towards the fallen creature. "I'm taking it back." She dropped to her knees and held out her hands. As soon as she touched the silver skin, it started to merge with her metallic form. Bit by bit, all of it was torn from the dead beast.

Spot: "I nominate this moment as the scariest fight of the year, for your information..."

Hope: "Also grossest."

Venom: Venom stood straight, , form reverting and mask receeding, "I....Jesus Christ...", Eddie approached Cessily, putting his arm around her, ".....I'm sorry, Cess....God."

Wither: "Is it dead yet?"

Hope: Hope knelt down with Cecilia. "Are you ok?"

Facade: Cecilia shook her head, breathing hard. PSTD triggers, pyschosomatic burns, a full on fight or flight freakout, her rage problem coming to a full head, giant mercury monsters...this wasn't a good day. Not at all.

Venom: Eddie shot Kevin a scowl - was sensitivity a dead thing?

Mercury: "You have no reason to feel sorry," Cessily told Eddie, raising her head to show him a faint smile. "Only the people who did this should. "

Facade: "I fucking threw that right at it's jugular," said Cecilia, gasping. "It had better be dead...cause that's...about all I had left..."

Northstar: Jean-Paul did a run of the place, looking for any signs of anyone else. "I don't know about you lot but I'm ready to get out of here."

Wither: Kevin let go and kicked at the ashy remains as he stepped away. "It's dead now..."

Venom: With a gentle smile of his own, Eddie nodded, "Alright. Sure.", he thought back to his encounter with Antivenom months ago, "Yeah...I know that feel. Come on, gorgeous - let's get you outta here, eh?"

Komodo: "i hope so," Melati commented, examining the flayed corpse. "We should come back to torch the whole place, just be save." She turned to look at the others. "But first, let's get the Professor out of here. And the others."

Facade: Cecilia breathed heavily. Her skin...it still hurt like a motherfucker. "Everyone's alright?" She asked to the room at large.

Pipeline: Mick pushed himself up, the lines still flickering over his skin and fading a little every time he stepped over a line. "Ooooh, I feel weird...is that everything?"

Facade: "Anybody...need first aid???"

Mercury: Feeling much stronger already, Cessily still gladly accepted any helping hand. She leaned against Eddie's arm.

Hope: "I'm just ready to get home." She wanted a long, hot shower.

Venom: "Let's get you home.", Eddie smiled to Cessily, "Spot: can we get a poetal?"

Komodo: "I'd say you look as if you needed it the most," Melati remarked, giving Cecilia an encouraging smile as they made their way back to Spot's portal. She made sure both she and Mick kept up.

Facade: Cecilia hauled herself up. "It's psychosomatic...I'm not actually injured...it just feels like I've been burned with a flamethrower. It'll go away...in a few hours." Well...maybe more than a few hours in this case.

Spot: He collected all of his spots that were still lying around and mashed them together, producing quite the big one.

Spot: "Here we go."

Komodo: "When we get back, all of you earned yourself the biggest party I've ever thrown," Melati tossed in, looking down into Spot's portal. "I'm serious, people. I'm damned proud of all of us."

Pipeline: Mick gave Mel a tired grin. "I...get beer again?"

Northstar: Jean-Paul ducked through the giant spot, flopping into his seat and digging for some of the snacks he had stuck under there for after the fight. "I could do with a party, we could even come back and torch it as part of our party?"

Facade: Cecilia sighed, rubbing her eyes. "I'm going to bed when I get back... I'll wake up once the holidays have started." Truthfully, she could do without this entire month. Or the last month...hm...

Hope: "Best parties involve fire."

Komodo: Grinning, she put a hand on Mick's shoulder and gave him a squeeze. "You get whatever the hell you want, sexy," she told him.

Venom: Eddie settled Cessily down on a seat, "There you go, chick.", he smiled, "Alright, we're set to go: helm? Warp One.",

Facade: Cecilia sat down in her seat. Hissing slightly. "Goddamnit..."

Wither: "Good to go." Kevin settled into his seat and checked flight paths. "We have clear sailing right back home. "Professor - what that all your uh...pieces? Or are there more?"

Pipeline: Mick couldn't help the slight blush as he pulled off his crispy beanie, or the grin as he put his arm around Mel. "I'll hold you to that."

Mercury_: Cessily gave everyone a heartfelt smile, before she curled up in her seat, pulling her legs tightly against her chest. She could not describe how relieved she felt. She also could not explain with words why she cried silently.

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Re: 11/24 Game: Metallica Mutt

Post by steyn » Sun Nov 25, 2012 3:42 am

Sad I missed this :(
Especially seeing that I dusted Japh off to help find Cess! :bawl
Awesome game you lot

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