11/17 Game: Pretty, Witty, Bright

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11/17 Game: Pretty, Witty, Bright

Post by Starfish » Sat Nov 17, 2012 11:51 pm

TImeline: Sunday, December 6th

Jean-Paul: Jean-Paul took a seat on the benches, feet swinging idly as he looked around the room. "Is...is it often that they set up such a stage in here?"

Clarice: Clarice frowned deeply as she thought, "I ... don't ... think so?" She hazarded.

Sue: "Uh... you know the answer to that as well as I do.... I'm gonna edge my bets on a no..." Sue eyed the stage warily.

Mayday: Mayday blinked at it, too, "....this, to be clear, is not what I meant about starting a band.", she assured Sue with a smirk.

Jean-Paul: "But you've been here the whole time." Jean-Paul looked a bit confused at Sue but, well, he didn't have any memory about this so that was probably right. Were those confetti cannons?

Mick: Mick shrugged. "Eh, if they wanna give a special announcement or we get a guest lecturer in, sometimes. Doesn't happen often though."

Remy: Remy sat close to Clarice, arm draped over her shoulder. "No idea, mon amis. Remy's still pretty new here."

Clarice: "Guest lecturer? Isn't it a bit late to have family planning come in?" She giggled.

Melati: "Maybe they're already replacing Ms. Kincaid," Melati remarked as he flopped down on the bench.

Remy: "Well, I say pretty new. Been here since summer, guess dat isn't so true now, oui?" He frowned at Mel. "Hope not. Would rather have her back, mmm?"

Sue: Sue pouted, "I hope not.... and anyway, wouldn't they do that in the lecture hall?"

Jean-Paul: "I don't think the lecture hall could have taken the new lights with the stage." Whoever this was had come with quite the set up, that much was true.

Melati: She gave the others a look. "Guys, I wasn't serious. Geeze." She put up her feet and rested them on the seat in front of her.

Mayday: "Well, whatever it is, I hope there's music involved.", Mayday smiled, she glanced over at Melati, "I knew you were joking, by the way."

Clarice: "Me too, isn't there this like ... biiiig operation to try and get her back? I saw signs up on the school post it board ..." she itched her cheek, the pink blotches were now big and bright enough that she couldn't hide them with makeup, so she had to put up with looking like a dalmation at a rave.

Jean-Paul: "Yep, Freckles is right. Hopefully the first of those moves out soon, wanting to help out."

Melati: "You can count on me to wreck some shit before I give up on finding the teach," she said with a nod. "She's pretty cool, and easiest grades in the whole school, so I'll be damed if I let anyone write her off."

Mayday: Mayday frowned, "...it is pretty weird that she's still gone...", she looked around the others, "Has anyone talked to the Trask followers about her? She was there, right?"

Remy: Remy was happy about this. "Can count me in, I like Ms. Kincaid." He smiled, then nodded to Mayday. "Ami, y're sittin' with two."

Clarice: "I saw that Jimmy had signed up to it even, it must be serious to drag him into any sort of danger," Clarice shrugged, "She was with Jean-Paul when he got taken, so presumably," she itched her cheek again and leant her head on Remy's shoulder.

Jean-Paul: "Followers?" Jean-Paul asked, momentarily confused. "She wasn't there, not in the neighbourhood. She was on the bus on the tour but after everything she wasn't at the neighbourhood."

Mick: "Well I signed up." Mick slumped, hands going behind his head, L'Cie tattoo on show. "Hey, with Clarice outta commission I'm the only 'porter we got. Easist way t' get in there and out."

Sue: "You're not the only teleporter, there's that Jonathon guy..." Sue mumbled, pulling at a thread on her jeans.

Clarice: "I'm not outta commission, I'm just ... tempremental right now, 'porting wise," Clarice stuck her tounge out at Mick.

Melati: "Looks like you'll just have to pull some double duty, eh?" She grinned as she leaned over to give Mick an slap on the shoulder. "Seriously, though, you're right about that."

Melati: "Yeah, I think I'll rather hoof it back to that commune place before you see me jumping into one of Jonathon's holes," she remarked, thumbing at her chest.

Sue: "Well getting into the commune place should be easy enough once we're at the place... just getting there..."

Mick: Mick gave Mel a grin. "Good job I love bein' Tron, huh." He stretched out, flopping over her lap - just because. "Pet meee..."

Melati: Melati arched an eyebrow. "Just wait until after class before asking me to rub your belly, though," she remarked, before skritching the guy's head with her clawed fingers.

Remy: "T'ink Remy prefers walkin'." He muttered under his breath, kissing the top of Clarice's head.

Mick: Mick grinned up at her innocently.

Jean-Paul: "Why is it difficult getting there?" Jean-Paul asked, confused at that. "And I imagine if Freckles isn't back Jonathon isn't really back either, yeah? Though maybe pregnant Russian woman, Illyana." He took a moment to get to the name but he made it eventually.

Sue: ".... She's pregnant. You can't make her teleport us that far!"

Mick: "Ooor you know, y' can all actually depend on the guy who's here an' reliable?"

Clarice: "I think she can only get about now via wheely chair, it's twins she's got after all, she might break water on the misson or something, Awkward."

Sue: "She's about to pop anyway."

Jean-Paul: "She doesn't have to go on the mission, she's just a ride. Anyway, it's not exactly far, we've got cars and a jet."

Mayday: "Not to scare anyone, but with teleporting, d'you ever get the feeling you might not form on the other side properly?", Mayday asked, turning to Clarice, "N-not to scare you, but....imagine..."

Melati: "And lap-Mick here," Mel pointed out, pointing down at the boy.

Remy: "Oui, Cormick's right - dere's no reason to put a pregnant woman out when dere's a perfectly good teleporter right here, mmm?"

Sue: "Yep, May... all the time..."

Mick: Mick snorted at Mel. "Plenty of times, but it's never happened. Too quick t' think about it, really."

Mayday: Mayday shuddered, "One half there, one half here....", she squirmed, "Like in the Star Trek movie with the teleporting accident....", she turned to Sue, "How scary would that be!?"

Clarice: "Well, I make wormholes I think so I'm not sure it's an issue there," Clarice shrugged at the other girl.

Howlett: Straightning his ensemble, Howlett looked in at all of the little lambchopish students. Oh, they looked so young, bless them. Well, they were all business talking, he knew just what they needed; a little joy!

Sue: Sue wrinkled her nose, "Horrible!"

Melati: "I can do one better," she tossed in, shooting Mayday a fanged grin. "Are you really sure it's you who pops out of the other side? Maybe it's just a copy and the real you drifts in the void between dimensions for all eternity." She shrugged. "Or becomes Cthulhu's bitch."

Mick: "And I convert y' to electronic input - bloody hard t' have anything go wrong, believe me."

Mayday: "B-but what if it switched off half way?", Mayday insisted, "Honestly, I'm always so careful when you spawn portals, Clarice. How you're so comfortable is awesome."

Sue: Sue slid her arms around May and cuddled her.

Mick: Mick looked at Mayday. "Sweets, it don't work like tha'. I mean I dunno how Clarice's work, but it can't just...turn off. It's impossible."

Clarice: "Unless ... what's that one with all the egypt stuff? There's wormholes in that right?" Clarice pondered for a moment, then shrugged, "I don't think I can close the portals if there's something in transit ... what you have to worry about is if I opened a portal inside yoooooou, asplode! Kaboom!"

Mayday: With a smile, she leaned her head on Sue's shoulder, "Web powers might be kinda lame sometimes, but at least they're safe."

Sue: "Stargate?" Sue looked over at Clarice.

Mick: "And with me, there's always electrons an' flowing current, don't matter where you are. I can't drop people, it's impossible."

Melati: "Remind me of that when I've eaten bad chili again," she said, pointing at Clarice. "That should come in handy then to get rid of it."

Mick: "Can knock 'em out, but I can't lose anythin'."

Clarice: "Hey, if I ever got pregnent, what colour would my stretchmarks be, do you think?" Talking about Illyana got her wondering.

Howlett: A great booming voice sounded as James Howlett came through the doors all splayed hands and fabulously bouncing hair. "Hello, my darlings! Welcome to my stage."

Sue: ".... Ewwwwww Mel!"

Mick: "What the fuck is that."

Clarice: ".... Are those pink, sequined pants?"

Mayday: Mayday's eyes shot over to the stage, "Oh, they are so sequined pants..."

Melati: "Oh... lordy..." Melati's eyes widened as she trailed off and just stared at the stage.

Remy: "... Merde."

Clarice: "... Wow, he looks like Abba!"

Sue: "... I'm scared... hold me..."

Jean-Paul: "Holy hell it's James Howlett." It was a wonder the gay could have ever been closeted in Jean-Paul as he recognized the man in front of him and felt a spazm of fannish glee go through.

Clarice: "Who? Should I remember him too?" Clarice looked suddenly fretful.

Melati: "Well, I've heard stories," Mel remarked, unable to take her eyes off the stage even while she leaned down to pick up her bag.

Mick: "I have no idea, Clarice." Mick sat up off Mel's lap, staring at the guy. "Never seen him before in my life."

Jean-Paul: "James Howlett? I've never met him, I'm just a fan." Jean-Paul shrugged, trying to not look like he wanted to rush the stage for him to sign something.

Melati: "Yeah, I think he was before our time." She pulled out a six pack of beer and held it up. "So, am I keeping this to myself, or are there any takers?"

Howlett: "Look at your faces! You look like tiny, tiny babes I could just eat you up! Now, how are you all feeling today and I want the truth! I've heard about some of the things that have been happening recently."

Howlett: "And I used to teach here so you can tell me anything; I've heard it all."

Sue: Sue glanced at May and leaned to whisper to her, "He's not getting less scary..."

Mayday: "....is he replacing Miss Kincaid?", Mayday sank back in her seat with a wry grin.

Melati: "Too sober and about ready to punch something," Melati called back towards the stage, while opening a can of beer with her clawed thumb. "Working on problem number one, though." She smiled and toasted at the way too cheerful teacher.

Clarice: Clarice raised a hand, always willing to join in even if she was slightly terrified of the pants, "... I feel blotchy?"

Mick: Mick silently held his hand out to Mel for a beer. He wasn't going to try doing this sober. "Uh. Stunned. Definitely stunned."

Remy: Remy stared a little bit. Just a little. "Ami, Remy's French and he's never seen anything like dat."

Melati: Melati pulled anther can out of her pack and handed it to Mick.

Howlett: "Blotchy? That's a terribly way to look at things!" He motioned for Clarice to come down to the stage with him. "My dear, you are sparkling, not blotchy! Sparkling!"

Clarice: Wait ... he wanted her to go down? Clarice blushed at being singled out but got up anyways, "My skin's all blotchy while it turns back to normal though," she explained.

Melati: She barely managed to stifle a snorting laugh when Clarice got called down. "Come on, Clarice, what are you waiting for?" Mel wore a smug grin. "Go play with the nice teacher and his fantastic pants."

Jean-Paul: Jean-Paul looked to Clarice and found he never had been more jealous of her than now. He wanted to share a stage with James Howlett!

Clarice: "... Infact I'm pretty sure your pants are the same colour as my natural skin tone, sir."

Howlett: "Your skin is sparkling because your delightful pinkness is coming back through. Enough with this sir business and I'm not a professor here anymore so you can call me James, my dear, James." He waved her up still and he would continue to do so until she was right by him.

Howlett: "Well, you may have to live up to my pants but I assure you; you'll be able to do so."

Clarice: ... Green Tara, preserve and defend me ...

Sue: "It's a trap!" Sue warned.

Mayday: Mayday glanced at Sue, "I get it.", she whispered, giggling a little.

Sue: Sue gave May a grin.

Clarice: "My pinkness is pretty delightful," Clarice agreed warily, joining him.

Remy: Remy sat back, folding his arms and raising an eyebrow at the man. He was already distrustful of him. No one should be that ... well ... gay.

Melati: "Am I the only one who wonders if Clarice tastes like berries?" Melati looked to the others, while taking a sip from her can of beer.

Sue: Sue blinked at Mel's question then giggled. "Not anymore."

Howlett: His arm automatically went around his new pink friend. "Clarice, yes? Why don't you tell me about yourself, what else is going on in your life other than sparkling pink?"

Jean-Paul: "She does have berry lipgloss" Jean-Paul supplied to Melati's question.

Melati: She frowned at the other girl. "Do you mean she doesn't taste like berries any more, or you don't wonder about that any more? Because you know something I don't."

Sue: "No Mel... I mean you're not the only one wondering anymore."

Mayday: Mayday felt embarrased for Clarice, "If I was up there, I think I'd melt....", she flushed at the idea of it,

Sue: "I'd be invisible by now for sure."

Clarice: "Umm ... nothing much?" Her cheeks were going steadily redder, "G-getting ready for Christmas?"

Howlett: "No, no, tell me what makes you fantastic, Clarice!"

Melati: "Looks like I'll have to find out for the benefit of us all then," she said a frown on her face.

Howlett: "Don't worry, everyone's going to get a turn at this so you just get the honour of going first."

Melati: "Wait what? Did he just say everyone has to get up there?" She looked slightly unsettled when she turned towards the others.

Mayday: "Oh, God...", Mayday grabbed for Sue's hand, "...I might literally catch fire."

Remy: Remy, keeping an entirely straight face, leant over. "She tastes good." He murmured. "Rosy. And Remy ain't settin' foot on dat thing."

Sue: "I thought that was Remy's job?" she looked between Mel and the stage. "I'm not doing that."

Clarice: "Oh?" Well, that was easy, super-hero mode ago, "Well, the fact that I'm the Astounding Blink and have kicked bad-guy booty all over the continent would be pretty high up on the list, si-James."

Sue: She closed her fingers around May's hand, "I can make you invisible too?"

Mick: Mick snorted. Yeah, he wasn't going up there for love nor money. He wondered if he could get away with turning his hearing aid off and claiming deafness...

Clarice: "That and I'm gonna be a vet," she nodded.

Mayday: Mayday shook her head relucantly, "...no, we should be supportive. I-it's for the best, I'm sure.", she smiled, looking up at Clarice, "See? Clarice is ok."

Howlett: "That's perfect!" She got a fond, fond hug for doing so well to boot. "Give your audience a bow, my dear and choose our next star!"

Jean-Paul: Jean-Paul sat back, gladly applauding Clarice and Howlett.

Sue: "... I'm not getting hugged by that.... no way...." Sue shook her head and faded out of view.

Melati: Melati chuckled and raised the can to her lips again. "Woo! Go, Astounding Blink!" She cheered, raising her beer high into the air.

Jean-Paul: "What's wrong with being hugged by James Howlett?"

Remy: Despite his misgivings, he did applaude his girlfriend, a fond smile on his face.

Clarice: .... N'awwww, hug. She hugged back, he wasn't too bad despite the pants, "Umm ... I think Jean-Paul might beat me with a stick if I don't pick him," she gave a tiny, evil grin and leant in, "He's a fan."

Sue: "He's scary!"

Melati: "Come on, Jean-Paul! Time to have a glitter-off with your idol!" Mel grinned as she made her tail give JP a light swat on the behind.

Jean-Paul: "He's fantastic." And he got to go meet him now? He ran to the stage faster than he had since coming back from Circle Pines. "Hello!"

Clarice: Clarice made her way off stage and back to her seat, blushing furiously and burrying her head in Remy's shoulder, giggling.

Remy: Remy wrapped Clarice up and kissed her, grinning. "Proud, ma chere." He murmured, kissing her again. "But if y'd picked me, dere would have been words, non?"

Howlett: "Hello!" James greeted back and then found himself not being the initiator to the hug that happened there. "Well, we all ready have an answer to the same question as before, you're not timid whatsoever. Have a seat, pork-pie and hmmm, may I see the little lady who keeps disappearing perhaps?"

Mayday: "Sue?", Mayday looked to her side, "Come on, be a sport...", she smiled, starting to get into the little thing they were doing now that Clarice had done it.

Clarice: "I think Jean-Paul might have had words if I hadn't picked him," she giggled.

Sue: "But... I don't... I'm fine, really...." Sue's face appeared, though slightly transparent. "Promise...."

Jean-Paul: "I'm also delightful." Jean-Paul informed James, laughing and taking his seat alongside the others again though he still wanted back on the stage.

Howlett: "Oh my dear, why are we being shy? We're among friends here, aren't we?"

Clarice: "Come on Sue, it's not that bad, look at how happy it made Jean-Paul."

Melati: "I think a little medicine might not hurt, though," Mel remarked, pulling another can from her pack and holding it out for Sue.

Melati: "That's right, Sue, don't you want to be made happy, too?" Her smile was deliberately creepy.

Howlett: "If you're too shy you could always bring one of your friends down with you now." He suggested, trying to tempt her down.

Sue: "I'm always shy..." she eyed the beer and wrinkled her nose. "If it doesn't have three letters in it, the first being g and the last being n. I don't want it."

Mayday: Mayday leaned on Sue, "Come ooooon, for me? Pleeeease?"

Clarice: "Should I warn Reed to watch out, Jean-Paul?" Clarice smirked over Remy's shoulder at her best friend.

Sue: Sue frowned, "Only if you come with me..." she told May.

Jean-Paul: "You mean you don't know?" Jean-Paul leaned in to pig whisper. "That's Dr. McCoy's territory."

Howlett: "Come on down, now, the more the merrier!"

Mayday: "I will!", Mayday nodded, standing up and pulling on Sue's arm gently, "Come on, let's go."

Clarice: "Ooooh? Ahhh, what could have been, Jean-Paul," Clarice mock sighed, "You'll just have to make sure you never wash that shirt again."

Mick: Mick yawned. Fff. So you had to look timid to be called down? Right. He flopped back on Mel's lap. "Beer me."

Sue: Sue got up and walked down with May, still mostly transparent.

Jean-Paul: "Alas, we could have taken the world by storm." Jean-Paul nodded, laughing and sitting back up.

Mayday: Mayday practically skipped up to the stage with Sue in tow, "Hi.", she waved at James Howlett.

Clarice: "Do you think if we applauded we'd scare her off?"

Melati: Glancing down, she arched an eyebrow and put on a wry smirk. "Very well," Mel said. "One beer, coming up, fresh from the tap." She raised her can to her lips, took a generous swig without swallowing, then bent down to let it flow directly into Mick's mouth.

Howlett: "Come on, splenda dearie, we want to see all of you now." He smiled warmly to Sue, patting both of their shoulders as he stepped behind them so the others could see the girls better. "You know, since I've got two I'm going to have you tell each other why you're fantastic."

Mick: Mick was...well...surprised...wow...but that didn't stop him taking the beer, eyes closing and a happy little sound escaping him.

Mayday: Mayday flushed bright red, "O-oooh....erm....", she turned to Sue, "...you wanna go first?"

Clarice: "D'awwwww, that's cute," she caught Mick and Mel out of the corner of her eye, "... and that's kinda gross."

Sue: "But... I'm not fantastic... I'm boring..." Sue forced herself visible.

Howlett: "Nobody ever realized how exciting they are by claiming to be boring all the time now. Mayday, get to work my dear."

Melati: Melati let her long lizardy tongue flick out and lap the spilled beer from Mick's lips, before she sat up again. "Only because you make yourself boring, sweetheart," she told Sue.

Jean-Paul: "I wish I had never seen that." Jean-Paul had to agree with the kinda gross.

Melati: "What you need to do is run up there, take that stage like a motherfucker, and flash the goddamn wold your tits," she advised.

Mayday: "A-alright...", Mayday took a few deep breaths, "When we first met, I didn't really like talking much because people scared me...I was always worried that nobody would like me 'cause I'm a huge geek.", she looked at James, "Huge."

Clarice: "... Oh gosh, you're not planning on doing that are you?" She covered Remy and Jean-Paul's eyes, just incase.

Mick: Mick just sorta...stared at Mel for a moment, bright red, but not moving. Then he grinned. "Best kinda beer, mate."

Howlett: "Oh sweetheart, I love geeks, even more than that furry blue teddy bear in the medlab loves his twinkies."

Remy: Remy laughed, taking Clarice's hand away. "Ma chere, dere's only one girl I'd be watchin' anyway."

Clarice: Clarice poked her tounge out at Remy.

Jean-Paul: "Mel, you should absolutely do just that." Jean-Paul nodded, laughing. "It'd be pretty damned awesome."

Mayday: Mayday looked out to the others, "Well, it was Jean-Paul who convinced me to try and be sociable, and Fabian who helped me feel comfy drinking and going to parties. Then....well, I always admired Sue...", she looked back at the blonde, "And she was my first kiss..."

Melati: Melati flashed Mick a half-smile. "There might be more where that came from," she replied, before looking at Jean-Paul. "What did you think I planned on doing?" She grinned.

Sue: Sue blushed herself invisible again.

Clarice: "D'aaaaaawwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!" Clarice could be heard cooing and clapping that from the stage.

Jean-Paul: "Point...you should use Howlett as a pole."

Mick: Mick wasn't concentrating on the stage at all, returning Mel's wink with one of his own. "I'll hold y' to it."

Mayday: "Hey!", Mayday poked Sue, "I'm not done!", she smiled, "Y-you made...well, make me feel like I'm just the best person ever. You're sweet, you're sensitive, and....well....you really like me for me.", she squirmed on the spot shyly herself, "...you're amazing because you make me feel like I'm worth so much more than I ever thought I was.", she blinked a tear away.

Mayday: "Oh, my God....there I go crying.", she sniffed, still beaming.

Melati: "And boom, instant diabetes," Mel remarked.

Sue: "But... but you are awesome...." Sue protested. "Really..."

Mick: "Huh?" Mick blinked from where he was on Mel's lap, looking at the stage. "...Oh man. Man."

Remy: "I don't know, dat's kinda sweet." He smiled a little and held Clarice a little tighter. "Oui, chere?"

Howlett: Well, there you go, he had created a moment. "My dears, you can both be." He still had it. "Now, would you like a turn to talk, Miss Cellophane my dear?"

Jean-Paul: "That...was frigging adorable." Jean-Paul had to admit, laughing and settling back in his seat. Normally this all was a bit touchy feely but he couldn't bother to care because it was James Howlett.

Sue: "I um... I don't really.... public speaking isn't my strong suit...." her hand tightened on May's.

Melati: "You could also do a dance," Mel called out.

Howlett: "That doesn't matter, just tell us what Mayday's strong suits are. This isn't public speaking, this is just a chit chat amongst friends...the dancing comes once we're through this, I promise."

Mayday: Laughing at Melati's comment, Mayday squeezed Sue's hand back, "It's ok.", she sniffed, "R-really....just focus on me, ok? You don't have to do this...I'll understand."

Melati: "...drat, there's seriously going to be dancing, isn't there?" She frowned.

Mick: "Yeah. More beer?" Hey, he could be hopeful, right?"

Jean-Paul: There was going to be dancing...yessssss! Jean-Paul couldn't contain his excitement.

Sue: "But... they're all looking..." And she was staying invisible whether she wanted to or not. She chewed her lip, "You said all those nice things about me... but I was only doing what anyone would... you're shy but you're also smart and funny... and pretty... and everyone should get the chance to know you..."

Clarice: "Oui," Clarice snuggled Remy, "Oooh, dancing!"

Melati: "Sure thing," Melati replied, grabbing another can. This time, she simply dropped it onto Mick's stomach, before looking down to meet his gaze. "What? The first one was free. The rest you gotta ear yourself."

Mick: "Awww." Mick grinned, pushing the beer open with a thumb. "Now how am I supposed t' do that, Mel?" He took a long drink. He thought about Danger for a moment but...well...yeah, that wasn't going to happen. She was waaaay out of his league, never mind being AI...

Melati: "Oh, I'm sure I can think of a few things," Mel replied, leaning back in her chair, while her long tail lay draped lazily across Mick's legs.

Mayday: <Mayday> Mayday shook her head, pulling Sue a little closer, "I'm not so great...", she blushed a little with a smile

Sue: Sue nodded, "Yeah you are."

Mayday: With another few tears, Mayday shook her head - screw it: who cares if someone saw them? She pulled Sue close and planted a kiss on her lips.


Mick: "I dunno, in public or in private? 'Cause I got a tricked out car in the garage that needs a spin or two..." He murmured to her, smirking a little. Okay, awkward as hell and - oh god, was that two girls kissing? Oh eeeew. He tried not to pull a face and simply didn't look at the stage.

Mick: ...Not like he didn't have a good view where he was with his head on Mel's lap...

Sue: She blinked a little in surprise - the shock also forcing her out of the invisibility but it didn't prevent her from returning the kiss.

Melati: A good deal of beer got spilled as Mel tossed up her arms and cheered for the kiss. Not to mention Mick landing on the ground because she promptly jumped up from her chair.

Howlett: He was a teaching marvel, he staged lesbianism! It was perfect. "Thank you very much girls. When you're done call someone else down. We've still got three people to get through until we can get to the singing and dancing."

Mick: Mick actually squeaked as he hit the ground, managing to save the beer. "Hoi!"

Jean-Paul: Jean-Paul applauded that as well. "You get it, May!"

Remy: Remy laughed, clapping, before relaxing back and giving Clarice a kiss on the cheek. "Adorable, non?"

Mayday: Mayday backed off, still blushing and smiling, "...we're still on stage.", she reminded Sue, "E-ahm....let's....yeah.", she gestured off stage.

Clarice: "Totally!"

Sue: Sue blushed furiously and nodded, "Um... you pick who's next..." she mumbled.

Mick: Ugh, dumped on the floor for two girls kissing. My life.

Mayday: "Erm....maybe.....ah....Mel?", Mayday shrugged.

Clarice: "Reptilian boobiez incoming," Clarice covered her eyes.

Sue: Sue gave May's hand a squeeze and headed back to her seat, pulling her along.

Mick: Mick picked himself off the floor, before deciding fuck it and taking a mouthful of beer, grabbing Mel and returning the favour. "Hold y' to it."

Melati: "'Bout time, bitches!" Melati emptied her beer, crushed the can between her claws, and tossed it to the ground, before striding off towards the stage. Halfway down she turned around, walking backwards as she clapped her hand. "Come on, show some respect for the Magnificent Mel here!"

Howlett: "Thank you again, my little pear tarts!" He applauded them and nodded to Mel. "Ahh, our fierce dragon!" And she was fierce as well, obviously another person to show how this was done with.

Clarice: Clarice rolled her eyes but started to clap for her roomie anyways.

Mick: Mick cheered before dropping back into his seat, a slightly goofy grin on his face. Score? Maybe? Please?

Mayday: Once sat down, Mayday clapped for Melati as she stepped up, quickly going back to holding Sue's hand, "Thanks so much.", she whispered to her.

Jean-Paul: Jean-Paul, meanwhile, was arching an eyebrow back at his roommate. "You okay back there?"

Sue: Sue smiled, leaning against May a little, "You're welcome. I'll thank you properly later." She gave a grin.

Mick: Mick grinned at JP. "Yup. Absolutely fine." He took another mouthful of beer.

Jean-Paul: "Because it looks like you got floored there for a moment."

Melati: Melati was already dancing when she hopped up onto to the stage. It wasn't pretty. "Are yoooouuu reeeaaaady to be liberated," she sang at the top of her lungs. It wasn't pretty either.

Howlett: Well, his lesson had hit home here. Perhaps he wouldn't even need to worry with the last two gentlemen.

Mick: Mick wasn't taking his eyes off Mel, grinning around the beer can. "Oh yeah, but I'm good. Didn't lose any beer."

Howlett: And, as she was trying so hard dancing he decided she could use some help so soon enough he was dancing along with her.

Clarice: "Noooooooooo!" Clarice laughed, covering her eyes but still peeking out from between her fingers.

Jean-Paul: "...I sort of want to rush the stage and join in." Jean-Paul was terribly tempted.

Mayday: "Oh, I am so being lead vocals...", Mayday facepalmed at Melati on stage, giggling. "This is worse than....anything. Ever.", she was in stitches by the end of her sentence.

Melati: "On this sad side city streeeeeeet!" Melati flashed her teeth as she gave Howlett a wide grin, dancing side by side. "Woohoo, butt bump!" She bumped her hips against his.

Sue: Sue giggled too, "Can we be liberated from her terrible singing? Is that an option?"

Remy: Remy chuckled. "D' girl's got good lungs at least, oui?" He clapped along.

Melati: "And now, air guitar solo!" Jumping into the air, she landed on her knees, the stage shaking from the impact, and began jamming to an inaudible tune.

Mick: Still smirking, Mick reached up and turned the hearing aid off. He could still hear, but it was half as terrible.

Clarice: "She sounds like Friday after we frontlined her," Clarice was laughing hard now at Mel.

Mayday: Mayday shook her head, "I don't even.", she explained aptly. Reaching for her iPhone, she started recording the dance, "This is hitting Twitter."

Howlett: "Booty clap, Sugarplum." He gladly returned the move, fanning his hands over her as she launched into her solo. "You other two lads may as well join is as I believe our Karma Chameleon is ready for the after party."

Remy: Remy laughed again. "Non, ami, she can hog d' stage all she likes, Remy's not gettin' in d' way of dat limelight."

Sue: Sue giggled again, "I'm sure she'll thank you for this later."

Melati: Soon after Mel was already back on her feet, wildly dancing up and down the stage. "Rumpa, rumpa, rumpa, hey, hey!"

Howlett: "Don't be shy now, sugarcrepe." He was all ready motioning Mick and Remy on down.

Mick: What? Oh hell no. Mick slumped down in his seat.

Sue: "Yeah go on, guys, you don't have anything on me and May for shyness and we did it."

Melati: "Thank yoooouuuu, New York!" She tossed up her arms, posing on the edge of the stage. "Thank you and good night." Of course, the flashing wasn't forgotten, as she pulled up her shirt before jumping down of the stage.

Clarice: Clarice laughed and got to her feet, pulling Remy up after her, "Come on, past time you showed me you moves, Mon CÅ“ur."

Sue: Sue blinked then cheered loudly for Mel and applauded, laughing.

Remy: "Oh, I'm not shy, chere - wait, non, Remy didn't agree to dis-" He was being dragged. Dragged!"

Mick: Mick, on the hand, just grinned at Mel.

Melati: Seeing how Remy was already being handled by Clarice, she aimed straight for Mick. "Okay, leave the other dourball to me," she said, barging over and landing in the seat next to him.

Mick: "Don' you dare, mate, I ain' goin' nowhere near that stage!"

Melati: "Alright, now get you nerdy ass up there, will you," she insisted, putting her hands on his back and shoving him up from the bench. "Oh, believe me, you will."

Jean-Paul: "Oh come on, Mick, why're you being all standoffish?" Jean-Paul was up ready to go back down, motioning for Mick to come with him.

Howlett: "Everyone down, we'll finish up and we'll start in on the fun portions! I may even have to nip off for a bit to raid the costume closet. I heard that Lorna kept my hoopskirts!"

Mayday: Mayday looked to Sue, "We should get up there. And do the Gangam Style dance."

Mick: "Hell no-" He dug in his heels. Last resort, he could teleport. "Ain't nothin' gonna make me go down there."

Melati: She leaned in, putting her mouth close to his ear. "If you go down there now, I'll give you a one-on-one close combat training session," she whispered. "And you pick what I wear for that." She almost sat back, before quickly adding. "And yes, nothing is one of the options."

Mick: "..."

Mick: "...Fine. This once."

Clarice: "Hoopskirts! Ahahaaa!" Clarice succeded in dragging Remy down.

Sue: Sue shook her head, "Noooooo I don't dance when people can see if I'm sober!"

Remy: Remy paled at the mention of hoopskirts. "Oh merde ..."

Jean-Paul: "Hell, it's just a stage." Jean-Paul didn't see why people wouldn't want to come down anyway. He was back on it as soon as he could.

Howlett: "This is the perfect venue to start!" He decided to tell Sue. "Remy, Mick, the same question as your classmates got. This is Reverse-Shade throwing, so get to throwing."

Mayday: Shaking her head, Mayday stood, handing Sue her phone, "Record this at least.", she grinned, dropping the phone in her hands and dashing over to the stage.

Sue: "I can do that!" She smiled, hitting record once May was in place.

Mick: Mick let Mel manhandle him down to the stage, muttering to himself. "Fuck, uuuuh..." This had to be the gayest thing ever. "I'm...uh...well...ffff. I'm awesome. There."

Clarice: "Reverse-what?"

Melati: "Come on, guys, don't be shy!" Melati fished for another beer, leaning back in her chair. "We even got Sue to loosen up."

Remy: "Look, Remy don't need to stand on a stage an' be made to feel better, ami, he's already good."

Howlett: "I don't believe you." Howlett replied to Mick. "You at least have to be convincing."

Mayday: Mayday wandered off to the side of the stage to set up the sounds - she'd seen it done before, and mixing software wasn't as hard as BIOS coding, "Hey, does everyone wanna dance?" she called out,

Mick: "Look, I can play a mean game of Warcraft, I'm pretty damn cool, I know what I'm good at and I'm absolutely bloody amazin' at it. I also hate bein' told to make myself sound special when actions do it better. You wan' me to 'convince' you I'm awesome? Ask aroun', I ain' bragging my shit, mate."

Jean-Paul: "Shade, you know, when a person reads another, insults kind of thing." Jean-Paul shrugged to Clarice. "I'd say it's applicable anyway."

Clarice: "Ooooooh, I gotcha, and Remy's awesome 'cos he's my boyfriend and I only like awesome people," she wrapped herself around his arm happily.

Remy: Remy grinned. "Dere you have it, ami. Remy don' hafta say a word."

Howlett: Howlett didn't look the least bit impressed with Mick or his attitude at the present. "My dear you seem irritated about something. This is about having some fun, making some people feel lighter after horrible experiences."

Mayday: Mayday stepped back onto the stage, "I thought you guys were hardcore!", she called to the group, "Coming?"

Howlett: "Some don't love who they are and this is simply a way to help some who may have trouble there. I hope that those of you who do need to perhaps consider that can feel more comfortable talking to their peers now? And of course you can always talk with me as well, I'm just a short drive away."

Howlett: "Now, lets just relax and have a good time. I believe music was mentioned." He made his way over to the sound system...and soon enough selections from West Side Story came on.

Mayday: "Wow.", Mayday giggled, "West Side Story? Really?", she shook her head, "So many bad memories from high school."

Mick: Mick sighed. "He doesn't get it, huh." He sat on the edge of the stage and carried on drinking his beer, smirking as he watched the others.

Melati: "Yo, teach!" Melati held up her hand. "Just tell me when I should go and roll a keg in. That might help."

Jean-Paul: "You mean you don't feel pretty, and witty, and bright?" Jean-Paul laughed, ruffling Mayday's hair up and gladly joining into the dancing thwat was going on.

Jean-Paul: He did afford a glance to Mick, wondering what on earth was up with his attitude.

Clarice: Clarice laughed and put her arms around Remy's shoulders, swaying in time to the music.

Jean-Paul: He might not remember everything but he was pretty sure that wasn't how he remembered Mick anyway but he didn't know what he could do about it, however.

Mayday: "Hey!", Mayday grinned at Jean-Paul's surprise ruffling, trying to recall her steps for the music number by going over them slowly.

Sue: Sue filmed the dancing shenanigans on May's phone and cheered her on.

Howlett: The confetti cannons went off and the lights were now going. Howlett sat back and smiled at the students that did seem to be enjoying themselves. If only all mutants were this happy to be this happy in their own skin.

Clarice: "Argh!" Clarice jumped at the cannons and then giggled at the confetti, "Wheeeeeee!"

Jean-Paul: Jean-Paul couldn't help but charge through the confetti, giving a good cackle as he managed a short flight.

Mick: Mick was happy in his own skin, alright. He was just happy in his own skin without being bothered. He smiled as he watched the others, happy to sit where he was and drink his beer.

Mayday: Mayday ran about under the falling paper snow, jumping around in it like a child in the rain.

Sue: Sue smiled to see May so happy and followed her movements with the camera on the phone.

Melati: "Aw, someone must have told him I like big things that go boom," Melati remarked, smiling up at the confetti rain. She put up her feet, leaned back, and sipped on her beer.

Clarice: Clarice watched Howlette and his amazing pants go past, "... Oh that reminds me, I need to catch up with Drag Race on netflix," she mused before turning back to Remy and nuzzling him.

Remy: Remy nuzzled back, before tipping Clarice's head up and kissing her gently. "Later, ma chere." He kissed her again, slow-dancing with her under the raining confetti.

Howlett: "Thank you everyone again for a great time, I'll be here all week!" He applauded the students and joined in on their dancing celebrations, boldly singing along.

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