How it Could have Ben

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How it Could have Ben

Post by tears~fall~like~glass » Tue Feb 05, 2008 1:34 am

Ben walked out onto the patio. It was about midnight and he couldn't sleep. He'd been thinking about everything from the stress of school to the stress

Ben stood on the stone slabs and looked around, taking a deep breath of the cool air that was allowed in through the screening windows.

Rachel ran a hand through her hair, careful to keep her balance. Looking up from her spot on the railing, she squinted through the dark. Who else was out here this late?

"Hey, Ben," she said once she realized who it was.

Ben was startled at first until he remembered the voice. "Rachel!" He said, glad to see her. He was in his pajama pants (and jsut his pajama pants) so while it seemed cold to his shirtless torso, he suddenly felt considerably warmer. He grinned at her and hinted at her to come over with the tilt of his head.

She shook her head, grinning, "You can come over here. I was out here first." Yeah, she really didn't want to get up. This spot was cozy now, and everywhere else would be cold.

Ben laughed. "Never say no to a pretty girl." he said to her. He came over and decided to have fun with her. He leapt up and landed perfectly balanced on the railing beside her.

"How're you this evening?" He asked her suavely.

Rachel gave a half shrug, "Fine. Kinda tired, being around midnight and all. You?"

"I can't sleep anymore." Ben said, realizing he shouldn't use his abilities to impress. He crouched down beside her and looked her into the eyes. "So of all the places, why're you out here?"

"Can't sleep? Why?"

"I don't sleep much ever, but lately I've just been up thinking." He nodded and frowned. "I know what you mean though, it seems everywhere you go 'ound here there's no privacy."

He smiled genuinely and winked. "Lord forbid we're ever alone. Even from you telepaths." He laughed and nudged her to show he was just kidding.

"Hey!" Rachel nudged him back and smirked, "Some of us don't have balancing skills, so if I fall on my ass, it's your fault." She glanced at the ground, "Thinking about what exactly?"

"Well.." Ben smirked. "Why don't you read my mind and find out." He laughed. "I mean it, try it."

She raised an eyebrow, "Seriously?"

"So very seriously." Ben said.

Rachel took a breath ang glanced over at him before closing her eyes and going into his mind.

Ben tried to concentrate on things like school stress, or his mother and his step-father, trying hard not to let her see how he actually had a crush on her. How he imagined at night kissing her lips and holding her tight, ...Then again he had no idea how this worked...

She sucked in a breath, blinking, as she processed everything she'd saw. "So...?"

"So..." Ben said. "...You see the part about the... uh?"

"...The part about me?" she knew that's what he was talking about, but still...hearing him say it would be nice.

"...Yeah." Ben said. "Yeah that part..." He got very red in the face. is blushing burned terribly obvious in comparison to his white irish skin.

Rachel gave him a smile, snickering a little. "It's okay..."

"It is?" He said, turning to her and being sure to look into her eyes. "You're eyes are ...I know you probably won't get this, but they're powerful."

"Umm...thanks, and yeah. It's cool." She glanced at the ground. Oh god, now her face was starting to feel a bit warm.

"I'm sure you saw this in my head, but I've liked you since I walked into this school..." He said softly.

"Yeah, I saw. Well, wasn't trying to, but yeah..."

"...You ever uh...sorta...share the same..." He didn't know how to word it. He was terrible at this stuff.

Rachel brushed some hair out of her face as she chewed on her lip, "I...umm...well, yeah..."

Ben's heart started to beat strangely. "You ever...think of making a move..." he asked her.

Taking a breath, she looked back over at him for a moment. Okay. Think. Thinking before she did things was good. Rachel leaned over and pressed her lips to his, pulling back after a moment, "..Um..Just did?"

Ben's jaw dropped. "I'm glad you did that..." He grinned widely. "It would make what I'm about to do a lot less weird." He pulled her close and pushed his lips against hers and pulling her tightly to him.

"Sitting on the railing isn't working very least not for me. My balance isn't as good as yours..." she said, pulling away a bit.

"We wanna go somewhere...else?" Ben asked her.

Rachel pushed herself off the railing and glanced around. "Out here's fine...just not on the railing...against it though..." she trailed off, smirking.

"I think I like that idea..." he said. He hopped off and extended his hand to help her down.

She grabbed his hand, leaning back against the railing and pulling him closer. How the hell did she just now notice he was shirtless?

Ben pulled her close and looked into her eyes. "I see you're noticing my bare chest." He smiled. "Took ya long enough."

Rachel wrapped her arms around him and rolled her eyes, "Well, I'm just a bit tired and slow..."

Ben chuckled and began to go in for another kiss. I wonder if she reads my mind while I kiss her? Ben thought to himself.

she sent, kissing him back.

Ben his head. He kissed her again and began to move to her neck.

Rachel tilted her head for him, "No. Anything else, yes."

Ben stopped and looked up at the tree line. "You ever go web-slinging on a night like this?" He asked her, knowing perfectly damn well the answer.

Rachel trailed a few kisses along his jaw, stopping to follow his gaze to the trees. "Can't say I have. Why?" Her gaze flicked back to his. Heights were not her thing, or had she not told him that?

"Well...I think maybe you said once you were afraid of heights." Ben said. "But...what if I promise you I won't drop you...and all you need to do is close your eyes and hang on tight."

"Oh, so you do remember." She chewed on her lip as she thought it over, " long as you don't drop me, and I don't have to look down..."

"You don't even have to look up." Ben smiled as he pulled her close, aiming his wrist towards the trees. "I'm gonna count to three." He indicated for her to hold him tightly.

Rachel took a breath and looked at the ground as she tightened her grip on him and squeezed her eyes closed, "Okay..."

"first..." Ben webbed her palms and stuck them back where they were. "One-" Ben ran forward, leaping into the air and allowing the web to pull them up and into the air. "WHOO HOO!" He cried out, holding onto Rae tightly as he twisted, rolled, and flipped up and above the trees.

"Ew...this stuff feels sooo gross, and you said you'd count to three!" Her face screwed up. The webbing came off right? Well, she assumed it did. Ben messed with it all the time, and he never seemed to have issues with it.

Ben laughed and kept her close as he came near the City.. "Wanna see the most beautiful view of the city?" He said into her ear as the wind whistled by them.

She grinned at his voice right next to her ear. "That'd involve opening my eyes wouldn't it?" Yeah, okay, this was worse than Remy and his stupid walls.

"Not neccessarily." Ben web up to the highest building he could, slinging up to the highest level.

"Now." He stuck to the wall and gripped tightly. "Look out, not down, not up...just out."

Squeezing her eyes shut more tightly, Rachel shook her head, "Really don't think I can..."

Ben leaned in and whispered into her ear. "Trust me." He held his hand out and pointed to the moon waning in the distance behind the city's skyline.

Rachel cracked an eye open to see where he was pointing before the other eye slowly followed. "Wow," she looked around, focusing on not looking down.

"It's one of my favorite views." Ben said softly. "Y'know...when I'm not drunk."

"It's nice..." she swallowed. Fuck! Why the hell did you look down? "Just really high up." Did her voice just go a pitch higher than usual?

"Don't worry." Ben said. "We'll gonna go back down right now." Ben smiled and kissed Rachel one more time. Then he let go, dropping down from the glass building. He held onto Rae while he began to pick up speed.

"Shit..." she mumbled, burying her face in his shoulder and squeezing her eyes shut again, resisting the urge to use her teke. She'd be okay. He wasn't gonna let anything happen to her.

Ben shot a strand of web out right before they hit the ground, hollaring loudly as he pulled them up. "I haven't done this in a while, sorry!" Ben said to her while laughing.

"Yeah, no problem..." Gonna die. "What's so funny? 'Cause I don't find this all that amusing."

"Just that..." he chuckled as they glided at a safe level above the ground. "I haven't gotten that close to a real fall in a while ha!" He giggled and directed them back to the mansion.

"Oh, that doesn't make me feel better," she shook her head, her stomach dropping with each swing.

"You're safe." Ben said confidently. "Let's go back to the mansion..." Ben said. "You can decide on what we do next." He snuffled into her neck and breathed her in.

"Well, for me, I'd say hurl as soon as I'm back on the ground, but that's no fun., sleep?" she asked. "Not...well..." Nice job. "I'm kinda tired."

Ben roared with laughter. "Don't worry, I know what you mean. I'll let you sleep don't worry." He landed gently on the grass beside the back entrance to the mansion. "So...I'll see you again, later?"

"You could...well, come with me, if you want? ...Like, just to sleep...I..." she trailed off with a frown. Words seemed to be failing her at the moment. "You know what I mean."

"I know, and I don't even read minds." Ben said. He held her close and kissed her again.

Rachel kissed him back and went to move her hands but... "Uh, Ben?" she pulled away a bit, "I'm...uh...webbed to you..."

"Oh yeah..." Ben remembered. "...Well...believe it or not...only hot water seems to get it off... and you gotta rub it in..."

She raised an eyebrow at that with a slight smirk. Hot water and rubbing. Hmm... Bad mind! Out of the gutter! "So, how's that gonna work? Can't really move..."

Ben realized what it sounded like he was implying. "Oh!" He shook his head. Idiot. "Okay, just use your teke to tear the webbing. You're gonna have to wash your hands with hot water for like...ten minutes though."

Rachel gave him a quick kiss before focusing on her teke and breaking the webbing. "This won't hurt you will it?"

"Like if I tear my hands off?"

"...Not...much..." Ben said "Just...don't count to three..."

"I should just cause you didn't earlier," she poked his tongue out at him and pried one hand off, then the other.

"Yeeeow!" Ben yelled like a cat. "That...didn't hurt." He winced, a tear forming under his eye.

Rachel held her hands up, "I'd touch you, but I don't think you want to go through that again. ...Neither do I really."

"Yeah...let's just..." Ben smiled. "I'm gonna go take a shower." Ben said, leaning in to peck her on the lips.

Rachel bit her lip to keep back a comment, "See you later, then?"

"Oh yeah." Ben nodded.

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How it Could have Ben

Post by Ult_Sm86 » Tue Feb 05, 2008 1:36 am

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How it Could have Ben

Post by Feuerstein » Tue Feb 05, 2008 3:40 am

Originally posted by Ult_Sm86
Garden hose

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