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Re: What if...? DoFP

Post by Svartfreja » Tue Dec 17, 2019 7:12 pm

<Warren> Warren sat in a chair trying to relax. He was still having trouble getting over how murderous his other side had been. He'd never been that unhinged before. It worried him.

<Pietro> Pietro had done his best to stem the bloodloss but he was missing his speed so much right now. Viper's blood pressure was dangerously low - almost unreadable and fluids would only go so far to fix that. If their powers weren't down, her healing would sort everything out no problem at all but there was no telling how long it would take for them to come back up and time was running out.

<Pietro> He didn't want to leave her in case her condition deteriorated further so he went to one of her stations and pulled up a screen to locate some help, calling Warren's room.

<Warren> Warren stared at the screen buzzing in his room before going over to it. "Uhmm hello?"

<Pietro> "Warren! I need your help. Can you come to Viper's lab? It's urgent." He glanced over at her as a monitor started beeping an alarm, "Damn it! One sec!" he disappeared from view.

<Warren> "Uhmm... yes?" Warren was so confused about what was going on but he got dressed to head to the lab.

<Pietro> He heard the reply while he was dealing with the latest emergency and hoped Warren knew to run. Any time his speed decided to kick back in it would be awesome. "Don't you dare! No one knows how anything around here works!"

<Warren> Warren managed to get to the lab pretty quickly. "Uhmm what the hell?"

<Pietro> "Questions later. He waved a hand at a chair, indicating for him to sit, "How do you feel about blood donation?" The beeping stopped which was good but not good enough for him to relax.

<Warren> Warren moved over to the chair to sit down. "What? I guess I don't mind? What's going on?" He finally noticed Viper. "What the hell happened to Viper?!"

<Pietro> "Humans, Sentinels, a bunch of guns..." he gathered the necessary items, hoping he could get this done without her blood pressure tanking again.

<Warren> Warren just stared at one of his old teachers. "O...okay. And you needed me cuz our blood types match?" He didn't even know his own blood type.

<Pietro> He nodded, "She's lost a lot of blood and the bleeding hasn't stopped yet..." really he needed to get the bullets out before they did more damage but that would be far too dangerous in her current state.

<Warren> "Uhmm okay..." He held his arm out for Pietro to start the transfusion.

<Pietro> Pietro prepped his arm, deciding to transfuse directly from him to her for speed. "Just enough to stablise her blood pressure, okay? Then we'll stop."

<Warren> "Yeah that's fine." He winced a little at the needle poking into him. Warren hated needles. "I can't really do more than that though... I'm not a healer." He frowned.

<Pietro> "I know. We should really get one of those..." He sighed, prepping Viper's arm and getting the transfusion going. He finally sat down, pulling off the gloves and throwing them to one side before running his hands through his hair, "Now we wait."

<Warren> "Or maybe just a doctor?" He shrugged a little. "I mean it wouldn't surprise me if Viper was but she does stuff like whatever you two were doing..."

<Pietro> "Yeah she has medical knowlege but it doesn't do any good when she's the patient." He frowned, "My wife's a doctor but... I don't want to involve her right now..." because she'd be mad as hell.

<Warren> "Uhmm... okay?" He frowned a little. Weren't doctors always supposed to be up to helping people like this? Wasn't that their thing?

<Pietro> "She's with our son and the Shaws... if I go there, then this gets a lot worse before it gets better."

<Warren> Warren just shrugged a little. "Okay? So why were you two getting shot at?"

<Pietro> "Because she decided it would be a good idea to steal a Sentinel."

<Warren> "SHE WHAT!?!?!" Warren stared at Pietro. That needed lots of explaining.

<Pietro> "Apparently it was broken so she decided to dismantle it and take it home... that's all I got out of her when I went to get her."

<Warren> "If she wasn't so damn smart I'd say she was an absolute idiot..."

<Pietro> "We did get the Sentinel..." he added, "And then she got shot because she pulled me behind her."

<Warren> "Still..." He sighed a little. "I guess it will be worth it then?" Warren really didn't know what to say.

<Pietro> "Hopefully..." he glanced at her again, casting his eyes over the monitors, "But I'd rather not have that be at her expense."

<Warren> "Yeah... I don't know what the heck we'll do here without her. This place is pretty fucking weird."

<Pietro> "Yeah and I'm pretty sure there's more of it we haven't seen..."

<Warren> "It wouldn't surprise me. I wouldn't be surprised if there's more to our rooms than we've figured out."

<Pietro> "Well not my family's room... I got bored."

<Warren> "You sure? Viper's got mad skills at hiding shit."

<Pietro> "And I have superspeed and no sleeping." He got up to check the monitors again. "I even found all the cameras."

<Warren> Warren stared at him. "There's cameras in our rooms?"

<Pietro> "There's cameras everywhere. Best not to think about it too hard."

<Warren> "This place is so weird...." He sighed. "I guess I shouldn't be surprised."

<Pietro> "I don't think she watches them," he laughed, "I think it's just for security... but she does have a paranoia streak a mile wide so she might have gone slightly overboard."

<Warren> "I mean hey I guess it works out some ways and is weird in others. I mean if she wasn't we wouldn't have a safe place to hideout."

<Pietro> "Yeah and she wouldn't have tracked down Hope and I wouldn't be here..." her blood pressure was finally tracking back upward.

<Warren> "Yeah she's been doing a pretty good job of tracking people down and rescuing them. If it wasn't for her, I wouldn't have Heather back." It hurt him to think about how he'd just given up on Heather still being alive.

<Pietro> "Well... she's stubborn. Not really one for accepting defeat so... let's hope that works out well for her."

<Warren> "Yeah, hopefully she won't go and get herself shot again. I don't know how I feel about the whole Sentinel thing though..."

<Pietro> "If it helps to combat them then it's a good thing but having her brain in the conversation about it would probably make everything go a little faster."

<Warren> "Yeah, I'm sure she's already got some plans for it." He shrugged.

<Pietro> "Probably... but she hasn't had time to share them yet."

<Warren> "Yeah getting shot does that..."

<Pietro> "We just have to keep her stable til her healing kicks back in then she'll be fine..."

<Warren> "Alright, I'll just sit here and be a juice box then." He gave Pietro a shrug.

<Pietro> "Her blood pressure is picking up so it shouldn't be too much longer..."

<Warren> "Alright, I wasn't trying to complain, just wish I could do more."

<Pietro> "Yeah, you're not the only one. As soon as my powers are back up I'll get the bullets out... don't want to risk it right now. It'll take too long."

<Warren> "Yeah, hopefully the bullets didn't hit anything too important..."

<Pietro> Pietro decided to not mention where he'd found holes when he was applying pressure bandages. "Well she's still with us so... nothing too dramatic...."

<Warren> "Yeah that's good. Any idea how long until your powers come back...? I've only got so much blood." He frowned, wishing he could do more.

<Pietro> "No idea. It's different for everyone... plus they're always messing with the formula we think... having a Sentinel to study will definitely help there..." he frowned, checking Viper's blood pressure again. It was still low but it was stable enough. "I think we'll probably be alright now until her powers come back up..."

<Warren> "Alright, that's good then." He gave Pietro a weak smile. "I'm starting to get a little light headed."

<Pietro> He returned the smile and moved over to disconnect their blood supplies from each other. "You should probably sit for a while... I can go and get you a snack...?"

<Warren> "Yeah, I'll definitely sit here. I think if I stand I'll pass out." He smiled a little. "Uhmm sure?"

<Pietro> "I won't be as fast as usual but I'll be as quick as I can," he promised as he put everything away. "It'll help with the light headedness."

<Warren> "Sugar right? Don't they give you cookies after donating blood?"

<Pietro> "Cookies and orange juice," he nodded, "Sound good?"

<Warren> "Sounds perfect." He shook a little. The light headedness was going away slowly but he was colder than usual.

<Pietro> "I'll be right back then," he headed out of the lab, leaving Warren with the still unconscious patient.

<Warren> "Yeah alright..." He didn't know what to do now.

<Pietro> Viper lay still in the bed but as her blood pressure ticked back upward she started making small sounds of discomfort.

<Warren> Warren winced a little at the sounds. Pietro shouldn't have gone to get him stuff. "Hey Viper, you're back at base you'll be okay."

<Pietro> His words did nothing to ease Viper's apparent discomfort and her heartrate increased a little on the monitors.

<Warren> "Pietro!" Warren called and tried to get up, unsteadily. "Its okay Viper, calm down we're trying to help you."

<Pietro> Pietro heard the shout as he reached the door to the main part of the lab and hurried a little faster the rest of the way, "What's the matter?"

<Warren> "I don't know. The monitors are making noise and she sounds like she's in more pain..."

<Pietro> Pietro set Warren's snack down on a small table and pulled gloves on to go and investigate what was going on. He moved the blanket aside to check her injuries, peeling back one of the bandages on her chest. He was somewhat surprised to see the end of a bullet poking out of the hole it had made and making steady progress the rest of the way out. "... Huh."

<Warren> "Huh?" Warren stared at Pietro, ignoring the snack. "What?"

<Pietro> "She's healing... but it's too fast to be her own mutation..." he moved other bandages out of the way so that the remaining bullets could work their way out without getting caught and causing Viper more pain.

<Warren> "Uhmm..." Warren was even more confused now. He managed to get back into his seat without passing out.

<Pietro> "Some healing mutations can be shared by blood... the effect is usually temporary on the recipient... but it seems like your mutation might fit that category... I'd have to run some tests to confirm it but... the evidence kind of speaks for itself."

<Warren> "Oh... uhmm that's good then. Looks like we won't have to wait for your powers to come back to fix the problem."

<Pietro> "Yeah, that's great news," he smiled, "Hopefully she'll recover quickly then no one needs to know and be mad at anyone."

<Warren> "Uhmm who would be mad?" He gave Pietro a confused look.

<Pietro> "Tiny Russian." He replied, "She has a temper and it's terrifying. Never make a teleporter mad at you."

<Warren> "I try my best not to make anyone mad..."

<Pietro> "That is a good philosophy to live by," he nodded sagely.

<Warren> "Especially not when they can kick your ass." He opened the drink and took a small sip.

<Pietro> "Or teleport you into a volcano."

<Warren> "That sounds terrifying...." He stared at Pietro. "Maybe you should not do things to piss off people that can do that."

<Pietro> "That is always the plan.... but sometimes circumstances screw you over..." he pulled a face.

<Warren> "Yeah, seems like the world likes to screw mutants over left and right."

<Pietro> "Well.... and I've been known to make decisions some people find questionable at best...."

<Warren> "You should stop doing that. It's not good for your health unless you enjoy being a charcoal briquette."

<Pietro> He laughed, "It's a work in progress. Hard to always be the good guy when the world's ending."

<Warren> "Yeah..." Warren was reminded of what he'd done to get Heather back.

<Pietro> "The way I see it at the moment... we're in a war. Whatever we can do to protect the people that matter to us, we should do it and not feel that bad about it. Of course, I'd rather non-violence but sometimes that's not an option," he shrugged a shoulder, "I do the bad things so my wife and children are safe. We all have our reasons. If we survive all of this then it was worth it."

<Warren> "Yeah I can't argue that with you... I did some pretty terrible things to get Heather back." He frowned.

<Pietro> "And you got her back... judge yourself on the outcomes.... it's not ideal, I know... but we're in too much shit to be idealistic right now."

<Warren> "Yeah... I've been trying not to think about it..."

<Pietro> "Hey, whatever makes it easier. I doubt anyone here is gonna judge you for it."

<Warren> "Yeah me neither. We've all had to do sketchy stuff to get here..."

<Pietro> "Then I wouldn't worry about it too much," Pietro gave him a smile. "Just be happy you're alive and Heather's safe and leave it at that. All the rest is just... noise."

<Warren> "Yeah, that's the fun part." He shrugged. "So.... a Sentinel?"

<Pietro> "Yeah.... don't worry though, we removed the power core and the gps in the field. It's totally safe."

<Warren> "That's good at least." He shrugged a little. Warren wasn't too concerned, Viper wouldn't have done it unless she had a plan.

<Pietro> "So now we just need to study it in detail and see what we can do to take them down. Pretty sure that'll be a fun project for all of us nerds." He gave Warren a small grin, "How're you feeling now, by the way?"

<Warren> "Still a little light headed but I'm okay. How's she doing?"

<Pietro> "She's stable... there's no telling when she might wake up though... you don't have to wait here."

<Warren> "Alright, I guess let me know if you need me again." Warren grabbed the snack and got up carefully to head out.
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Re: What if...? DoFP

Post by Svartfreja » Fri Mar 20, 2020 5:00 am

<Cessily> "How many more did you get?" Cessily asked, having to make another arm to hold all the bags Mel kept on passing down to her, trying to keep the bottles inside from clanking around too much.

Melati> "Enough to not need to come back anytime soon," Melati replied, pulling closed the manhole cover before climbing down the rusty ladder.

<Cessily> "As if that would last you longer than two days," Cessily remarked as she looked over their supplies. "Ok, where to now?" she asked Mel, who studied her tattered map in the near dark of the sewer tunnel.

Melati> "This way," Mel replied, holding out her arm. "I think."

<Beth> Beth requested a change of speed as they neared the city outskirts. It had been a while since she'd been so close to this many minds and she didn't want to overwhelm herself.

<Sue> Sue slowed the speed of her fields and lowered them enough that Beth could use her telepathy on the world beyond. She didn't like being that vulnerable but they were invisible so the chances of them being in actual danger were pretty low.

<Cessily> "You think we'll find anything more interesting than a bunch of stolen booze?" Cessily asked, hauling most of their supplies while trusting Mel to lead the way.

<Melati> "Well hopefully because, unlike you, I can't just turn off my sense of smell."

<Beth> It was weird not to be searching for specific information as she let the surface thoughts wash over her. Way more complicated really. She closed her eyes to the distractions around her and started sifting through the thoughts for signs of mutants hiding in the city.

<Sue> Sue waited patiently in the silence, keeping her eyes open for any signs of Sentinels or birds that she didn't want splatting into her forcefields.

<Melati> "I just don't know how you can hope to find any mutants by just wandering the sewers," Melati said, while she let her senses guide them through the near total dark. "Even if there are any hiding out around here, what are the chances we'll just stumble upon them?"

<Cessily> "If they evaded the Sentinels thus far, pretty close to zero, I'd say," Cessily replied, following close behind Mel. "I hope more that they'll be the ones who discover us, you know?"

<Sue> After a long silence during which she guided them through the city's outskirts, Sue finally spoke. "Anything?"

<Beth> Beth frowned, "Not sure..." She felt around for Sue in the air beside her, "Go this way." She used Sue's arm to gesture. "Want to take a closer look."

<Sue> Sue pulled her field in the direction indicated, "You nearly got my boob, there."

<Beth> Beth was glad she was invisible because she felt an epic blush heat her face, "Maybe next time I'll just shove the directions at your brain..."

<Melati> "If you want us to get noticed, maybe it'd help if I started singing loudly?" Mel suggested, looking back over her shoulder and trusting in Cessily's ability to see her grin in the dark.

<Cessily> "Thanks for the offer, but I'm sure we're making more than enough noise already," Cessily replied and thumbed at the rattling supply pack behind her back. "And I'd prefer not to draw any unwanted attention."

<Beth> Someone wanting to be noticed was an anomoly so she dipped a little deeper into that mind, "Hold on a sec, think I have something... maybe."

<Sue> "No problem, there's a flock of birds over there I was worried about navigating. Now we can just wait for them to bugger off."

<Melati> "If we turn left here, we're heading away from the city centre," Mel pointed out as she stopped at an intersecting tunnel. "I guess if I was a mutant trying to hide down here, that's where I'd want to be."

<Cessily> "Then let's try our luck there," Cessily said and stepped past Melati with a snicker. "When it comes to living in the sewer, I trust your instinct."

<Beth> "Ewwwww....." Beth muttered to herself, sending Sue more accurate directions. "You're not going to like this..."

<Sue> "There's not a lot of things I like at the moment so what's one more?" She shrugged, then wrinkled her nose, "Okay I'm going to suggest forcefield trousers."

<Beth> "I'm totally with you on that." Because if they went home traipsing sewer all over the place, Viper was going to be mad as hell when she woke up.

<Melati> "If it wasn't for my booze in your bag, I'd trip you into the sewage," Mel replied, giving Cessily a playful shove as they continued deeper down the dark, narrow tunnel. "I just hope Cassie will be able to pick up our signal down here if we draw the wrong kind of attention."

<Beth> "Okay..." Beth, looked at the streets below them, "Somewhere around here.... wanna have a sneaky peek?"

<Sue> "It's not that sneaky but I suppose there's no one around...." she brought them to ground level and started invisibiling bits of pavement, "Shall we play hot or cold?"

<Melati> "Assuming there are really any mutants hiding out here, how do we know we're not scaring them off?" Mel asked, peeking down any intersecting pipe they came across.

<Cessily> "I guess we don't," Cessily replied. "But I had hoped that's where our charm and the fact we're obvious mutants comes in. So, just keep looking out for anything unusual, I guess."

<Melati> "You mean like this?" Mel had stopped, her head tilted back to look upwards, the clear sky now visible where the tunnel ceiling had just been.

<Beth> "Scalding!" Beth informed Sue as she hit the mutant jackpot.

<Sue> "Yay! What do I win?" Sue went to peer down the hole she'd made. "I win a Mel!" She made herself and Beth visible at last and waved at the green skinned mutant below.

<Melati> Mel held up her hand until her eyes had adjusted to the change in brightness, blinking at the waving figure above.

<Cessily> "Is that..?" Cessily asked, having joined her in staring upwards through the invisible ceiling.

<Melati> "Sure looks like it," Mel replied, the grin growing bigger on her face.

<Cessily> "Hey guys!" Cessily shouted, waving with both arms, careless about who else might notice them.

<Beth> "Well now we have to find a manhole..." Beth looked around, deciding to direct her thoughts at Mel, <We can't hear you but if you can find a manhole we can fix that.>

<Melati> <Got it.> Mel thought as clearly as possible. "There was a manhole not far where we came from," she told Cess, grabbing her by the strap of her backpack to drag her along. "We can climb up there."

<Melati> After about half a minute of backtracking, they reached the opening in the ceiling, and Mel reached up to pull down the metal ladder, letting Cessily climb up first before following her.

<Sue> Sue pulled the field off the ground and back up over herself and Beth just in case while she followed the other woman. "This was a brilliant idea. I'm a genius."

<Beth> "I'm sorry, who's the genius?" Beth laughed, "I seem to recall this being my idea, miss anti-social crazypants."

<Sue> "Details," she waved a hand dismissively, bumping into Beth when she stopped walking at the manhole. "I'll get that. You'll break something."

<Beth> "Yep. Absolutely." Beth nodded as she watched the manhole cover pop up courtesy of Sue's forcefields. "I think demolishing a building by accident would defintely draw some unwanted attention."

<Cessily> "Thanks!" Cessily exclaimed as the cover got lifted up and moved out of her way. "I'm so happy to see you guys!" She poked her head out of the hole, a beaming smile on her face. "Well, if I could see you, that is, but you know what I mean."

<Cessily> She climbed out of the hole and got out of the way so Mel could climb up, as well.

<Melati> "I forgot how good non-sewer air smelled," Mel said, the cover popping back into place as soon as her tail was out of the way. "Thanks for not letting us stumble around down there any longer."

<Sue> Sue, still invisible, flung her arms around Mel, "I don't care how bad you smell! I missed you!" After a moment, she dropped the field to make herself and Beth visible again.

<Beth> Beth gave them a smile and a wave, "This is the first time I've seen her smile since she tried to strangle Viper."

<Melati> "Hey, Sue." Melati laughed and returned the hug. "Great to see you." With Sue still clinging to her, she looked at Beth and smiled. "You too, Beth."

<Cessily> A high-pitched squeak preceded Cessily stretching two long silver arms around all of them, pulling everyone into a tight embrace. "I'm so happy you found us!"

<Beth> Beth laughed, returning the hug, "Well we were looking... I decided it was time I went outside so I thought I'd bring a badass survivalist with me just in case... but I could only find Sue.... Ow!" She rubbed at her head where Sue had smacked her with a force field.

<Melati> Mel chuckled. "So, tried to choke Viper, eh?" she asked Sue, looking at her with raised eyebrows. "Guess we're not so lucky and you succeeded with that."

<Beth> "Sebastian talked her out of it," Beth explained, "Viper wasn't even mad." She shrugged, "Which is good because Sue broke a lot of her bunker when she broke in."

<Sue> "It was shooting at me!"

<Melati> "Wait, bunker?" Mel looked between Sue and Beth. "Is that where you've been hiding out? Ooh, please tell me you broke into Viper's place and took her stuff."

<Sue> "I broke in," Sue nodded, "It was winter and I was cold and I found it so I broke in and decided to hang out there until the sky stopped shitting out snow."

<Beth> "Then Viper ruined it by bringing the rest of us there," Beth gave Mel a small grin, "You have no idea how huge this place is. We couldn't have stolen everything in a year."

<Melati> Mel gave Sue an approving grin. "Couldn't be prouder of you," she said, squeezing her shoulder. "You turned into a hardcore survivalist."

<Cessily> Cessily smiled and reached out to touch Sue's arm. "I'm just happy you all found a safe place." She looked at Beth. "That sounds pretty great, actually."

<Cessily> She turned to Mel, then looked back at the other two. "We've been keeping on the move most of the time, always hoping to find any more mutants and help them to safety wherever we can. Thanks to Cassie we managed to move a lot of them out of the country."

<Beth> "Viper's looking for other mutants too. She's happy for them to stay in the bunker - there's a shitload of room... but if we want to help bring this ridiculous government down, she's letting us work on that with her too." Or she would be if she wasn't still unconscious.

<Sue> "I'm not her biggest fan, for obvious reasons, but even I have to admit that the bunker is pretty fantastic... and there's so many people there, it's starting to feel like home."

<Cessily> "I guess we're in no position to be picky about who helps us," Cessily said, looking at Mel, who reacted with a subdued growl.

<Melati> "I don't have to like her to admit she can be useful," Melati replied. "And as long as she doesn't stab us in the back, I'll be happy to ignore her."

<Sue> "Well so far she seems to be all about the helping. Of course, I try to have as little to do with her as possible."

<Beth> "She helped undo what the government did to Greer.... and she helped Warren get his wings back," Beth felt compelled to defend the woman, "And right now she's working on a project with Stark and Maximoff to nullify the Sentinels' ability to track us. The first test went okay....ish."

<Cessily> "Well, sounds great to me!" Cess smiled at Beth and Sue. "So, you don't think she'd mind if we stayed a while? A bunker should make for a much better base of operations than whatever rat-infested hole we've been able to find out here."

<Melati> "We have means to contact Cassie, but we try to rely on her only for emergencies," Mel added.

<Beth> "I'm sure she wouldn't mind. She's been collecting people herself," Beth smiled, "We'll take you back with us and you can shower and get a change of clothes before we show you around."

<Sue> "And maybe you can tell Cassie about it and she can visit!"

<Cessily> Cessily let out a sigh of relief. "Yes please, I'd do anything for a shower right now." She gave Sue a grin and held up her hand, showing off the device strapped to her wrist. "I can contact her when we're there, then Cassie should be able to track my position and teleport right to us."

<Melati> "Looks like I stole just enough booze to properly celebrate later," Mel added, patting the backpack full of bottles.

<Beth> "There's already a crapton of booze but I'm sure no one'll complain about more," Beth laughed, "As for tech... best to use that above ground when we get there and then get Viper to integrate it to her systems later so you can use it inside."

<Melati> "Oh believe me, we'll need more," Mel replied, while Cessily nodded.
<Cessily> "Sounds reasonable," she agreed. "Best to get going then. I can contact Cassie once we've found a secure spot, preferably in the dark to make it easier for her to find us."

<Sue> "Alright then," Sue enclosed them all in the safety of her fields and rendered them invisible, "Let's get going so we can get the sewer off you."

<Beth> Beth nodded, "Yes... because that is rank." She shuddered a little, "There's a lot of former staff and students from the school there... but I'll let you find them yourselves."

<Cessily> "Really? That's great! I can't wait to meet everybody." Cessily chuckled. "And I'm sorry. Though, I guess we could at least leave our dirty boots here. We can always get new ones."

<Beth> "We already talked about forcefield trousers," Beth assured her, "But feel free to take them off and leave them behind."

<Sue> "Yeah I can fling 'em out no problem. Some poor sod'll find them later and wish they were dead."

<Melati> Cess and Mel both kicked off their dirty boots, followed by Sue ejecting them from her forcefield. "Thanks for the lift," Mel said. "Much easier to get around like this, especially when people tend to freak when they just see you."

<Sue> "It's the best way to travel. Don't get rained on, don't get spotted by anyone. You could be naked and no one would know. Only down side is birds."

<Beth> "I can brainwhammy the birds out of the way but for that she has to drop the field... it's not ideal," Beth laughed a little, "But I'm pretty sure, as a pair, people would have a really tough time taking us down."

<Cessily> "Yeah, I think I prefer this to skulking around the sewers," Cessily said. "It's pretty easy sneaking almost anywhere when you can go all liquid and take any shape." She laughed. "As long as you're willing to get dirty, that is."

<Melati> "Yeah, I think we all can do without a detailed list of all the places you've crawled into," Mel remarked.

<Sue> She giggled, "I don't know... there could be some really interesting places on that list... but maybe not for innocent ears." She gave the invisible Beth a pat.

<Beth> "Pfft," Beth replied, despite the fact she was blushing again. No one could see! They didn't have to know.

<Cessily> "Hey, all I'm saying is there's no shame in turning into a silver earthworm if it means avoiding Sentinels," Cess replied.

<Melati> "So you're really working on a way to stop them from tracking us down?" Mel asked.

<Beth> "Yeah. Viper tested it herself a few days ago... I guess she didn't think anyone else was expendable enough to send instead."

<Melati> "So, how did it go?" Mel asked again. "Because I'm kinda sick of always having to watch out for these things."

<Beth> "Maximoff said the device worked well enough so they're working on a way to make it more efficient and smaller... but Viper's been out of comission since."

<Cessily> Cessily turned towards Beth's voice with an invisible frown. "That sounds like there are still some issues then," she remarked.

<Beth> "Oh the issue isn't with the device... there was another thing... but I'm not allowed to say... also we're not telling Jess that Viper's still unconscious.... or that anything happened to her at all."

<Cessily> "Alright, we'll keep that in mind," Cessily assured her, nodding even though no one could see it. "If there's any way I can help, just let me know."

<Melati> In the meantime, Mel rummaged through an invisible bag for an invisible bottle of booze. "Well, I'm certainly game when it comes to spreading some anarchy," she said, popping the lid once her hunt had been successful.

<Beth> "You're going to be a hit with all the kids, I'm sure," Beth laughed, "Especially Thomas. He's a terror."

<Melati> "Ok, now I'm actually a bit scared." Mel chuckled. "You sure you don't want me to find another nice rat-infested hole to sleep in, Cess?"

<Cessily> "Sorry, but there's nothing that could keep me from that shower," Cess replied and laughed.

<Beth> "Aww they're great," Beth assured her, "Miriam misses Carol like crazy though. They went on vacation or something..." she shrugged, glad to see the familiar tree canopy coming up on them, "Anyway, if you need more reassurance about whether or not you can trust Viper, ask Maximoff how she ended up in the weird coma thing she has going on."

<Sue> Sue lowered the fields and made them visible again once they were on the ground and moved to open the hidden door to let them inside.

<Melati> "No worries, your word is good enough for me," Mel replied as she stepped through the concealed entrance, making sure to memorise as many details about the area as possible, in case she had to find it again on her own.

<Cessily> "Thanks," Cess told Sue as she followed Mel. "Let me contact Cassie, so she can find us before we head further inside." She pressed the covered button on her wrist. "Hopefully it shouldn't take her too long to follow the signal."

<Sue> "Well, how about I take Mel to a shower and Beth can wait with you?" Sue suggested, "I'll take the booze off your hands too - if Beth does it there'll be shattered glass and sadness everywhere."

<Cessily> Cessily chuckled. "Sounds like a good idea," she said and unstrapped her backpack, entrusting it to Sue's forcefields.

<Melati> "Sounds like a great idea, because it means it get to have both booze and shower," Mel commented and followed Sue.

<Sue> "I knew you'd be on board," She linked arms with Mel and waved over her shoulder at Beth and Cess.

<Beth> "Well... my mission's accomplished for the day... wonder what I should do now..."

<Cessily> "You're always welcome to come along when Sue shows us around," Cessily offered with a smile as she peeled off her dirty clothes.

<Beth> "I could do that... for now though I'll make some coffee."
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Re: What if...? DoFP

Post by Svartfreja » Sun Mar 22, 2020 8:46 pm

<Shinobi> It was so nice to just be a tourist, walking hand-in-hand with his lo- his Carol - and enjoying the sights. There were some amazing sights on this mountain, that's for sure, even if it was windy as all hell.

<Carol> Carol had braided her hair in defence against the wind but she was wondering why she bothered because the wind was determined enough to toss it around that a lot of it had escaped. Still, the views were pretty amazing and her company wasn't whining about the hike so that was a bonus. Also the mountain had probably the best name ever.

<Shinobi> Obi shoved his hand through his hair for the thousandth time and squinted up at the clear sky, dotted with fat puffy clouds. How far was it to the top?

<Carol> Carol brushed her own loose hair out of her face and looked over at him with a grin, "Need a hat?"

<Shinobi> "Yeah, that would have been a good idea wouldn't it?" He laughed, shaking his head and tossing his hair right back out of his eyes.

<Carol> "Not sure it would help... the wind might decide it likes the hat and steal it too." They were lucky the weather was nice though, no clouds hiding the mountain and making them damp. Just the nice salty air blowing in off the ocean. Even if it was blowing with enthusiasm.

<Shinobi> "Well, in that case there's only one thing to do." He pushed it back again and kept his hand on his head to hold his curly dark locks in place. "Got a razor?"

<Carol> She laughed, "If I'm not allowed to shave my head, neither are you."

<Shinobi> "Cut is fine, just... why would you want to be bald?"

<Carol> She shrugged, "It's an attractive idea when tiny babies are yanking on your hair... and I kinda was for a while before."

<Shinobi> "Kinda, but... not really though, right?" Obi gave up and just let it blow.

<Carol> "It was like.... energy instead of hair... you could see it but it wasn't really.... there..." she frowned, "It's hard to explain... plus it made it really obvious when I was mad as hell..."

<Shinobi> "Yeah, I never really knew if that was more alien or... mutant." He looked around before he brought this up, since the conversation was taking a turn for the dangerous.

<Carol> She shrugged helplessly, "Me either... whatever the space bugs did. I never did get officially tested... kind of made assumptions based on having powers but, who knows? Maybe it's all alien."

<Shinobi> His nose wrinkled at the words space bugs making him look more like his father than he would like if he'd known.

<Carol> She poked the wrinkled nose, "Maybe I can ask one of the nerds when we get back. They have to know."

<Shinobi> "For science," he said, without much enthusiasm, and laughed, nipping at her finger.

<Carol> "They made me an inhibitor... SHIELD probably knows too... or maybe not anymore.... Fury seems the kind of guy to destroy all that stuff when he knows the world is going to hell." She shrugged, "Whatever, I don't care."

<Shinobi> "Yeah, if he's smart I hope he had time to ditch everyone's files..." Including his. Obi hadn't been captured long enough to really know and he didn't intend on finding out.

<Shinobi> Taking her hand, he started back up the trail, letting the wind whip his hair.

<Carol> "Fury always knew more than he was letting on. He's like a super spy... I feel like if he and Viper were on the same side the world would be screwed."

<Shinobi> "Couldn't get much worse, at least across the pond at home," he observed.

<Carol> "Depends how you look at it. No one would have any secrets ever. And no one could hide." That was creepy. "They are never allowed to meet. Ever."

<Shinobi> He didn't see it as much of a problem since Fury was just as likely to be dead than alive. "We'll take it as a sign of the true end times then." He squinted out across the visible seawater.

<Carol> She laughed, "Seems like the sensible idea." She gave his hand a squeeze as they walked. This was nice.

<Shinobi> The squeeze made him grin and he returned it, bumping her shoulder with his. "Since when have we had sensible ideas?"

<Carol> "Really really alarmingly rarely for two smart people."

<Shinobi> "There are different kinds of smart after all."

<Carol> "Apparently, otherwise all the geniuses we know would stop being dumbasses." She glanced at him, "Seriously, we know way too many stupid geniuses. It's an epidemic."

<Shinobi> "Well, let's hope it's not contagious." He gave her a grin.

<Carol> "That would suck. We only have one that thinks first...." She shook her head, "That would result in many explosions I'm sure."

<Shinobi> "I'm not so sure any of them think first," he said, smirking at her sideways.

<Carol> "You don't think Viper thinks first? That woman's basically a robot. Logic is her thing."

<Shinobi> Obi had a healthy wariness of Viper, and he suspected it was genetic. "Exactly. Robots are creepy."

<Carol> "Says the spawn of a robot," she bumped him with her shoulder and laughed.

<Shinobi> Obi chuckled, scratching at his eyebrow.

<Carol> "Does that mean I win?" She teased with a grin, then frowned. Something was off... She turned her frown toward the sky and the energy source she was sure she was picking up.

<Shinobi> "I mean technically... test tube and all, but-" He noticed she was looking up. "What?" Obi squinted in the sunlight, shaking his hair from his eyes. There was... something? It seemed to be moving. Fast. "Is tha-"

<Shinobi> The impact came before the roaring sound, the ground opening up nearly at their feet. There was no time to phase.

<Carol> "Obi!" Carol reached for him but he was out of range and behind a wall of debris and dust in an instant. She took to the air before the dust settled, hoping that Obi was okay as she took aim at the Sentinel and fired a blast.

<Shinobi> His training took over just a second too late and he hit the ground hard, phasing partially into it and scrambling back to the surface with white spots dancing in his vision.

<Carol> The Sentinel dodged the blast - they could be annoyingly maneuverable in the air. She didn't want to get too much closer but... she had to draw fire.

<Shinobi> This time he looked up in time to see it making another pass, and the flash of fire that had to be Carol. Before the next blast hit the ground near him Obi was able to phase and dive out of the way.

<Carol> After that blast, Carol made her decision and charged for the Sentinel, powering another blast to fire when she was closer. Now she had to hope it didn't have friends nearby.

<Shinobi> His powers were absolutely useless in an air battle, especially one moving that fast. Now that he was phased, he was able to get closer to the battle, but unarmed he was little help. Obi looked around. The few other tourists were running for their lives.

<Carol> If the government was paying attention, this Sentinel would be programmed to summon help if its facial recognition identified her. She was just going to have to break it first. She fired another blast before impact then decided to just pull it apart.

<Shinobi> A flash of something small at the corner of his vision pulled his attention. Was that orange?

<Carol> That problem dealt with, Carol headed back toward Obi so they could get the hell out of there before more showed up.

<Shinobi> It was too small to be a child, he thought, but he couldn't tell exactly what it was. Phasing through some brush, he tried to cut it off and get a look.

<Carol> "We've gotta go!" she yelled as she came in to land. Not wanting to crash into him, she landed a little way off and ran the rest of the way..

<Shinobi> "Agreed!" Obi stopped short and so did the cat, who crouched and then puffed up to twice its normal size. "Whoa! Hey there!"

<Carol> Aaaand too late. She pulled up short and threw up her hands to protect herself from several blasts directed at them from the approaching group of Sentinels. "Fuck! Obi!" When she lowered her hands, however, she was surprised to see a dome of energy formed protectively over them.

<Shinobi> "Carol?!" He turned back to her voice, forgetting the cat for a moment, then looked upward in shock. "Uh... the fuck?"

<Carol> "Let's not question the weirdness that just saved your life and the cat you're way too interested in..." She closed the distance to him and wrapped her arms around him, "We've gotta go before whatever this is stops."

<Shinobi> "We can't leave him!" He gestured at the hissing orange cat.

<Carol> "Well it doesn't look like it wants to come with us!" Though she supposed she didn't have to worry too much about it scratching her up, she was going to have her hands full with Obi and Sentinels chasing after them.

<Shinobi> A blast struck the dome and rippled across the surface and the cat sprinted for them. Obi bent down, pulling Carol with him, and scooped up the wriggly creature.

<Carol> "Well okay then..." she felt the blast on some weird detached level but she didn't have time to examine that right now. Securing her hold on Obi, she took to the air and the dome receded. "Gonna need to go fast so... phase us if it makes it easier for you to breathe." Without further warning, she took off as fast as she was willing to go with passengers.

<Shinobi> Obi didn't have time to swear, phasing them all as the cat protested at the top of its lungs.

<Carol> Jeju wasn't a very big island so in no time at all they were out over the sea. When she felt like they'd lost their tail, she slowed to a more reasonable speed and turned to check behind them. No sign of angry robots so far... "You okay?"

<Shinobi> "Just great!" He pulled the cat into a more secure position against his chest and it wriggled a few times and then stopped yowling. "Are you okay?"

<Carol> She nodded, "Yeah. Of course I am," she gave him a small smile, "I'm always fine." She closed her eyes and bowed her face into his neck, relieved he wasn't hurt.

<Shinobi> Well, he knew better than that, but he didn't say so. Instead, he turned his head toward hers and tilted in the best approximation of comfort he could do from his position.

<Carol> "Well..." she sighed, "They know I'm here now so.... what do you want to do?" She lifted her head after a moment, "We can go back to the hotel and hope they don't come looking or go back to the bunker..."

<Shinobi> "Maybe we can get our stuff?" It had been hard enough to buy her something without her noticing that he didn't want to leave it behind.

<Carol> She nodded, "That should be okay..." How long could it take? Get in. Get out. Easy.

<Shinobi> "Okay, good..." The cat had settled in, although its claws were buried in his shirt.

<Carol> Carol flew them back to the island at a less terrifying speed. It sucked to cut their vacation short but it was better to be safe than sorry.... and if the government thought she was hiding out in Korea then so much the better.
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