Whatif...? The Sentinels Won

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Whatif...? The Sentinels Won

Post by Svartfreja » Wed Dec 03, 2014 3:00 am

The year is 2021 (current ingame year is 2017). The liberal, mutant-friendly, government is out and the anti-mutant jerks have seized control again. Sentinels are everywhere, a global phenomenon and mutants are losing the battle. With their numbers dwindling, last resort pacts are made and the X-Men and what remains of the mutants employed by SHIELD have joined with Hydra to preserve their mutual mutant interests.

Living underground, literally, with all the technology and resources Hydra can provide, under the watchful eyes of Viper. Small groups are taken on weekly raids to retrieve intelligence on their enemy or rescue potential targets before they Sentinels can get to them.

Where possible, X-men and SHIELD are housed together so that they can live in their own communities and families with children are provided teachers for schooling. Artificial windows are positioned throughout the halls of the base so that they could almost forget they were underground and daylight lamps keep them healthy. Mealtimes are staggered and communal affairs in the cafeteria and everyone is expected to do chores around the base, whether that be lab work, cleaning or cooking.

People Who Are Still Alive: (We'll add to this list if people wanna join in ¬.¬)

Clint and Natasha Barton (and small child Katarina)
Carol Danvers
Bobby and Paige Drake (and Ripley - Age 5)
Pietro and Illyana Maximoff (and the twins - Age 5)
Christopher Nord
Anna O'Keeffe (in a coma)
Jessica and Sebastian Shaw (and Miriam - Age 3)
Shinobi Shaw
Hope Stark
Susan Storm
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Re: Whatif...? The Sentinels Won

Post by Svartfreja » Wed Dec 03, 2014 3:02 am

This space is for those people with couples (or even single peoples) that need to keep track of how they got to Hydra and who is still alive, in what state, and how they feel about it for before they start instances. Makes it easy for referal later ¬.¬ Small synopsis size things please, edit this post if you're able or send it in pm to me and I'll put it in :)

Carol Danvers: Has resigned herself for working with Hydra, despite it making her skin crawl and offending her law abiding sensibilities. She works as a pilot, going out to make pickups of supplies or refugees and, occasionally, acting bodyguard or enforcer for Viper.

The Drakes (Bobby, Paige, Ripley and The Bump): Hanging out with Hydra since the early days of the trouble with the Sentinels, a very pregnant Paige works in the medical centre and has taken over largely sole care of Ripley for the past six months as Bobby has been stuck in his ice form since an altercation with a Sentinel messed up his powers.

The Maximoffs (Catrin, Illyana, Peter and Pietro): Considered the merrits of surviving alone but decided that there is safety in numbers and the resources of Hydra would be extremely useful in continuing work to disable the Sentinels. Pietro works in the labs on this project and continues his efforts to map the mutant genome, having brought all of his work with him to prevent it falling into enemy hands.

The Shaws (Jessica, Miriam, Sebastian and Shinobi): They tried to make it on their own out in the world, surviving and evading the Sentinels with the help of money, connections and technology. This tactic was successful for around three years until they got caught in an ambush by Sentinels and Sebastian was injured severely trying to protect his family. Jessica felt the impact of the attack over their psychic link and through her own ability to sense emotions and has not recovered from that entirely. This prompted a change in plans as Jessica was reluctant to leave him and they couldn't guarentee his recovery. They found an old Hydra base after almost a week of searching and contacted Viper to collect them.

Susan Storm: Works in the labs for Viper, gradually being given more responsibility there as she is showing promise. Also takes trips out with teams for supplies owing to her natural talents for stealth.
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Re: Whatif...? The Sentinels Won

Post by Svartfreja » Wed Dec 03, 2014 3:02 am

<Viper> Viper sat on a bed in the medical centre, watching the nurse stitch up a particularly deep gash in her arm that she'd sustained on her latest recon mission. Damned Sentinels messing with her powers - she shouldn't need stitches at all. She did, however, have souvenirs.

<Hope> Leaning against the door frame, Hope sipped on her coffee and watched Viper. "Well. She does bleed," she commented in mock surprise.

<Viper> Looking up from inspecting part of the exploded Sentinel in her lap, Viper raised an eyebrow at Hope, "I suspect you do too."

<Hope> "Wouldn't know," she smirked, moving on into the room. "You alright?"

<Viper> "I'm fine... and I'm sure your concern is not for my wellbeing." She watched Hope approach.

<Hope> "Two for two." She plopped down on a spare hospital bed.

<Viper> "So, you came to see what I brought back with me and didn't let my underlings take?" She tossed over part of the pile of components, "They have upgraded their power supply, the explosions are quite dramatic now."

<Hope> "Exactly," Hope smiled, catching the part tossed to her and examining it. "Because it needed upgraded."

<Viper> "They seemed to think so. Perhaps for better range but their firepower has greatly increased also. I will have to upgrade my own shielding."

<Hope> Swearing under her breath, Hope sighed. They were getting stronger while she was getting weaker. "There has to be a way to stop them for good."

<Viper> "If there is, it would take more numbers than we currently have at our disposal."

<Hope> Aware of that, Hope nodded curtly. "Yes." And with no real way to increase those numbers either. Sighing, Hope ran her fingers through her hair. "Any new ideas?"

<Viper> "Several." She glared at the nurse until she hurried up applying the bandage then slid off the bed and on to her feet, gathering up the blackened bits of robot, "Walk with me."

<Hope> Immediately on her feet, Hope joined Viper.

<Viper> "I have had some thoughts how to solve our numbers problem and I recall you being something of an accomplished student of robotics. Am I right?"

<Hope> "Absolutely. Born with a knack for it... had quite the teacher." What was she going to do? Build a robotic army of her own?

<Viper> "Good." Viper led Hope to a lab, keying in a code to open the door. It was empty of personnel but full of shiny new equipment. "A gift for you."

<Hope> Christmas! Hope just grinned and stepped into the lab, looking around at all the equipment.

<Viper> "I am going to give you a project, if you will accept." She set her bits of Sentinel down on a table, "I would like two things. One; a sustainable number of robotic personnel at our disposal, and two; a way to commandeer some more when the mood takes us."

<Hope> Mind already working, Hope nodded. "I'm on it. And is there a coffee pot in here?" She glanced around the room.

<Viper> "Of course. In your office." Viper gestured to the small raised room off to one side of the lab, "There are personnel files on your desk for review so that you can put together a team to help you. I find it is useful to have people to shout at when you are frustrated even if all they do is stand around and bring you coffee the rest of the time."

<Hope> "I think we differ in that I won't be shooting my team," Hope smirked, moving toward the office to investigate it.

<Viper> "Oh darling, I only do that when it's their fault... and never fatally." She had quite a remarkable record there.

<Hope> "Doesn't make it any less painful," Hope added, poking her head out from the office door, grin in place. "So you know where to find me now. Hey there's even a bed!" Score!

<Viper> Viper waved a hand dismissively, "If it didn't hurt, they wouldn't learn their lesson," she paused, "If you intend to live here, might I suggest you put in a regular order with the kitchen for meals."

<Hope> "You mean coffee doesn't count as a meal?"

<Viper> "Generally no..." Viper raised an eyebrow, "I would rather you didn't pass out from malnutrition whilst building me an army."

<Hope> "Oh don't you worry. You'll have your army soon enough." Hope ducked back into the office to review staff files.

<Viper> "Good," Viper smiled, "I will look forward to seeing your prototype. Now, if you'll excuse me, I have a few upgrades to see to."

<Hope> "See ya!" Hope called out, already deep into the first file.
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Re: Whatif...? The Sentinels Won

Post by Svartfreja » Fri Dec 05, 2014 8:22 am

<Carol> It was fun trying to land a helicopter underground, watching it open up beneath you was pretty cool too. Though she would never admit it, because it went against everything she stood for, working with Hydra did have its perks. She glanced over her shoulder to let her passengers know they were about to land before starting the final descent.

<Bobby> Bobby tended to stay near the surface, since fewer people wanted to be that close to the outside world and the possible danger of the sentinels. Today, he was outside the complex entirely, but in a form most would never notice. The helicopter was interesting, and he spotted Carol inside, but he quickly realized she wasn't alone.

<Viper> Below, on the helipad, Viper watched the transport arrive and kept an eye on a holographic screen to make sure there were no surprises breaching her perimeter. Collections delivered straight to the base from the air were always potentially problematic. That's why she sent the best pilots.

<Jessica> Jess' eyes never left Sebastian's face through the whole trip, her arms wrapped around their daughter protectively. The voice telling them they were about to land barely registered.

<Shinobi> Left holding the dog, his eyes were on Jess, but he looked up at Carol Danvers' voice. Certain situations certainly made for strange bedfellows.

<Bobby> He sensed several warm bodies inside the chopper, but couldn't tell who it was of course. Since there were no teams out today, at least to his knowledge, that meant these could be refugees. He swirled around the aircraft as an icy breeze, then descended along with the machine.

<Carol> There was barely a bump as they touched down and Carol shut everything off before she unbuckled and moved back to open the door for them and help them out. "There's a team standing by to take him to the infirmary."

<Viper> As it was now safe to do so, Viper approached the helicopter, gesturing the medical team forward also.

<Bobby> The green hair didn't bother him anymore, and so he reformed just behind Viper. "What's going on?" His voice creaked and echoed eerily.

<Shinobi> He took Jess' elbow. "We're here, time to go," he said, sparing a glance down at Sebastian.

<Jessica> Jess startled at Shinobi's touch, releasing Miriam from her lap and fumbling with the straps to free herself from her seat. Miriam went to the opening door and peeked out at Carol's hip.

<Viper> "We received a distress call a few hours ago from a base we used to operate out of so I sent Carol to go and collect some friends... it is good you are here," she glanced at Bobby, "I'm sure she'll be glad to see a friend."

<Bobby> "Who she?" Carol was still in the way, but then he saw the little girl and frowned.

<Shinobi> He unbuckled himself and Sharky scrambled to his shoulder. "Miriam!" Stopping her from trying to climb out herself, he picked up the little girl and climbed out of the chopper.

<Bobby> "Oh..." Fuck...

<Carol> Smiling at Miriam and giving her a small wave, Carol turned to their unconscious passenger to unstrap him so that he could be moved. Frowning a little when Jess didn't move despite being free of restraints. It had been something of a battle to get her into the thing in the first place so at least she seemed to like it now...

<Bobby> He moved in front of Viper. "I'm not what she'd want to see... not anymore."

<Viper> "Oh she will," Viper assured him, gesturing the medical team to go forth and do their damned job of getting Sebastian onto the stretcher.

<Bobby> "Doubt that..." He shifted, the ice creaking, and turned to watch Shinobi with their daughter. She was so big now... Bobby looked away.

<Shinobi> "Come on, let's let the people help dad, okay?" He bounced the little girl on his hip and tried to shush her crying for her parents.

<Carol> Carol adjusted the orientation of the stretcher inside the helicopter and pushed it to the door so they could slide Sebastian from one to the other then went back for Jess, practically picking her up to get her onto her feet and steering her to the door. It was at the door when she met resistance, "We need to make room for the staff, you can go with them but right now you have to get out." She did pick her up then.

<Bobby> It got his attention back, when Carol carried Jess from the chopper, and then there was the little girl, who was wailing now. It bothered him, more than he could show in his current form. "What happened to her?"

<Viper> "Their message said that they had been attacked by Sentinels and Sebastian had been injured while protecting them. I suspect Jessica felt it through their link. He has not regained consciousness. So, physically, she is fine... mentally, unlikely."

<Bobby> "Fuck," he muttered, then remembered the little girl. "I'm no help to them. Paige would be better, or Hope..."

<Shinobi> Miriam was crying harder, and she kicked him in the side and arched her back. Shinobi set her down and she slid to the ground, flailing. Sharky slithered down and reformed into a corgi, nuzzling the little girl.

<Viper> "Talk to her. She will need a friend that can empathise... you two were close friends, yes?"

<Carol> Managing to catch those sticky hands before they tore her bird, Carol got Jess out and set her down on the ground, blocking the way to the door with her body. "Make it fast, guys," she instructed the medical team.

<Bobby> "Yeah, well, that ain't me anymore." He ran both hands over the top of his head in a habitual gesture he still hadn't lost.

Miriam> "I want moooooooommmmmy! Not you! Not you! Mommy!" She pushed away from her brother and the dog. "Daddy!"

<Bobby> Oh, for fuck's sake. "Jess! Jesus Christ!" His voice carried in the hangar, even though it was hollow and strange. "Take care of your kid!"

<Jessica> Jess froze. The voice was so familiar, even if it was distorted. She turned away from the helicopter and stared across the hangar, hardly reacting when the toddler impacted her legs and clung to them except to rest a hand on her head.

<Bobby> "Yeah, there you go. Now look down!" At least it was a distraction while they brought old Sharky out on the stretcher. He looked... well, like he'd gone ten rounds with a Sentinel and lost.

<Jessica> The shock had knocked her out of the fog a little and she shook herself, looking down at her daughter for a long moment before crouching to pick her up and hold her.

<Viper> "And you didn't think you'd be any use," Viper smirked.

<Bobby> "Oh, fuck off, snake." He returned the smirk, but stayed where he was, watching Jess cuddle the little girl.

<Shinobi> He had noticed Bobby Drake, but Sebastian had his attention as the medics carried him by on the stretcher. He licked his lips and swallowed, looking between Jess and the stretcher, then went to Jess.

<Jessica> The movement of Shinobi caused Jess' attention to shift again and she gave him a slightly tremulous smile, "Thank you..." she owed him lots of those for these past few days.

<Carol> Pushing a hand through her hair, Carol headed over to join Bobby and Viper, "That was a trial and a half."

<Bobby> "The fuck happened to him?" He was distracted by the stretcher as it went by, then back to Carol. "And her?" He waved an icy hand at Jess and the baby... well, she wasn't a baby anymore. Fucking time.

<Shinobi> Shinobi nodded and gave her a faint smile. After a moment, he put his hand on her shoulder.

<Jessica> Jess slid an arm around Shinobi for a hug, eyes on the stretcher as it rolled out of the hangar.

<Carol> "Sentinels." Carol glanced at the stretcher too, "Couldn't really ask questions because Jess isn't taking it so well... From what I managed to gather in whispers with Shinobi, she felt everything that happened to Sebastian while they were trying to get Miriam to safety - who is actually adorable, by the way, when she's not shrieking her head off."

<Bobby> "Yeah, wouldn't know... haven't seen her for... years." Bobby shifted his weight with more creaking of ice. "Any of them. Fucking telepaths..."

<Carol> "Well neither had I until today," Carol pointed out, "It'll be alright..."

<Bobby> He snorted, the sound coming out garbled, and shook his head. "Yeah, right."

<Carol> "I'm an optimist," Carol patted his shoulder, "Just like I'm sure we'll find a way to fix you up.... eventually."

<Viper> Having decided she'd left enough time, Viper headed over to see Shinobi and Jessica.

<Bobby> Bobby stared blankly at Carol, then stepped back and away.

<Shinobi> Still in the somewhat uncomfortable embrace of his stepmother and sister, Shinobi was the first to spot Viper coming and tried to get Jess' attention.

<Jessica> Jess felt it more than saw that he was trying and looked up, taking in the appearance of the woman. She looked exactly the same and it was so reassuring.

<Viper> "Welcome home, Jessica," Viper smiled at all three of them. "I am sorry it took these circumstances to bring you here."

<Jessica> Jess nodded, "Yeah... me too..."

<Shinobi> He moved from one foot to the other. "Viper..." he said by way of greeting and bobbed his head.

<Viper> "I have had them make up rooms for you, I can show you where they are... unless you'd prefer to go straight to the infirmary? It will take them some time to get him situated in a bed, however."

<Shinobi> After a while of uncomfortable silence it was clear Jess wasn't going to answer. "Um... maybe..." He looked at his sister, who was clinging to Jess, but looking tired. "If she would go to sleep, we should go to a room, then see father later?"

<Jessica> Jess looked down at her daughter and nodded assent to Shinobi's suggestion, "Okay..."

<Viper> "Alright then, follow me." She turned to head for the door.

<Bobby> He watched the entire exchange from afar. Sleep was another comfort he was now denied.

<Shinobi> "Coming." Forced into taking the lead, he left his arm around his stepmother and followed Viper.

<Jessica> Jess allowed herself to be steered out of the room, eyes finding Bobby again and watching him until she couldn't turn her head far enough.

<Carol> "You should go say hi."

<Bobby> "The fuck I should." He turned away, kicking at the floor.

<Carol> "Bobby..." she caught his arm, knowing it would do no good if he really wanted to leave, "She's going to need people. Why do you think she came here of all places?"

<Bobby> "Yeah, well, like I said, she's got Paige, or Hope..." He jerked his arm away. "Fucking look at me - like I can help her."

<Carol> "You can talk to her - let her know she can talk to you. How's she going to feel if you just ignore her or avoid her? You want to make this worse? Suck it up. Don't act like you're the only one that's lost in all of this. We've all suffered."

<Bobby> "Says the walking goddamn microwave."

<Carol> "For all the good it did me." Carol dropped her gaze to the floor for a few moments to pull herself together, "Try. We all owe it to each other to do at least that."

<Bobby> "I'll take that under consideration." He started off across the hangar and dissolved into vapor.

<Carol> She glared at his retreating back for a moment or two after it disappeared before muttering 'ass' under her breath and turning for the door inside.
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Re: Whatif...? The Sentinels Won

Post by Slarti » Sat Dec 06, 2014 3:19 am

<Phil> It wasn't good news that brought Agent Phil to the Drake residence at the Hydra/SHIELD base. He knocked quickly and let himself in when he heard a soft voice tell him it was open. "Paige?" He moved into the room, shutting the door harder than was necessary. "What happened? Are you alright?"

<Paige> Glancing up from the book she was reading, Paige tried to smile a little, though her face was rather pale for her. "I'll be fine. I'm just stressed I think. It's no big deal. They just sent me to bed as a precaution."

<Phil> Not having any of that, Phil sat down on the edge of the bed beside her and felt her forehead, examining her a bit for himself. "And the baby?"

<Paige> Smiling, Paige giggled just a little. "The baby is fine too. Though I could use some ice cream..." She moved to get out of bed, but was quickly stopped.

<Phil> "Stay there. I'll get it." He got up and moved from her, returning quickly with a bowl of vanilla ice cream with sprinkles. "Couldn't forget the sprinkles."

<Paige> "Sprinkles!" Paige took the bowl happily, using the spoon to dig out a delicious bite. She happily sampled it. "Thank you!"

<Phil> Laughing himself, Phil sat back down on the edge of the bed. "Where's Ripley? She's usually attacking me with some kind of creature by now."

<Paige> "Oh, she is still in school for awhile longer. I was going to get her on my way home, but they kind of shooed me down here." She made a face before taking another bite of ice cream.

<Phil> "Don't worry about that. I can get her for you. Maybe someone can watch her tonight? Like the Maximoffs? Give you some rest?" He brushed her hair back from her face under the guise of checking her temperature again.

<Paige> Nodding, and blushing despite herself, Paige agreed with his plan. "It's actually probably a good idea. I can't chase her around. Well... not supposed to."

<Phil> "I'll make sure it's taken care of," he promised. "How are you holding up? You doing okay?"

<Paige> It was a standard question. Everyone asked it. Phil asked it every time he saw her, which had been more and more often the longer Bobby was gone. Bobby. Paige couldn't remember the last time she had really spent any time with him. She choked on her sob as she shook her head no. "No. I'm not ok." She looked up at him through her tears.

<Phil> Shit! "Paige! Shit, what's wrong?!" He moved to sit more beside her, wrapping her in his arms for a tight hug. "Is it... Ripley?" Of course not, but maybe he could get her thinking of something else.

<Paige> She took her time, leaning on Phil until she could control herself enough to speak. "I miss him. And she misses him. And he's... he's not the same, Phil."

<Phil> Well that was a given. He played the counselor part though, further questioning her. "What do you mean?"

<Paige> "I mean..." she wiped her face a little. "He makes me cry. Which, I do like, all the time so it's... it's whatever. I don't even care. But when Ripley cries? When she can't understand why he's here but won't come home? Why she can't see him? When he snaps at her too? I just... I can't." She covered her face with her hands.

<Phil> Glaring where she couldn't see, Phil squeezed her a bit. "So tell him."

<Bobby> The he in question was still in vapor form, and had lingered around the hangar for a while, before the remains of guilt drew him to follow Sharky's carcass to the infirmary, where he watched them work on the man. It was there that he learned they'd had another patient today. Paige.

<Paige> "I can't tell him! He'll just get mad!" She tried wiping her face again. "I don't know what to do anymore. It's... so bad, and so hard, waiting for him to show up. And then when he does? It's like we all walk on egg shells so we don't set him off. And the baby?" She placed her hands on her stomach after setting the ice cream aside. "What if he got mad and accidentally froze me or the baby? Or Ripley?"

<Phil> "You know Bobby would never do that, Paige," he reminded her gently. Why was he defending this ass again?

<Bobby> It was faster to travel through the water pipes to get to her.

<Paige> "Yeah... My Bobby wouldn't. But that's not my Bobby." She swallowed, wiping her face again. "What do I, Phil?" She looked up at him.

<Phil> Sighing, Phil rested his forehead against her's and placed a hand on her stomach. "You do what's best for Ripley and this one. They are what matter. If this situation is stressing you out to the point where it's endangering them? You need to change it."

<Bobby> He misted out through the shower head and traveled into the living room of their quarters. Then he saw it and the temperature of the room crashed.

<Paige> Paige let out a shout of surprise as she went from comfortable to freezing.

<Phil> Quickly getting to his feet, Phil looked around... but was baffled that there was nobody. "The hell?"

<Bobby> The air around Phil crystallized and hardened, then a whirlwind lifted him from his feet and flung him into the far wall.

<Paige> "Phil!" Paige screamed, trying to get up, but pain in her stomach stopped her. She winced and leaned back. Help. She needed help. How did she get help?

<Phil> Phil was unable to move, every part of his body stinging and burning at the same time.

<Bobby> A shape formed in the middle of the room, but it wasn't human. "You! You stay the fuck away from her!" The voice echoed and cracked and popped.

<Paige> "Bobby..." Paige all but cursed his name. Pain or no pain, her training kicked in and she got up, moving to check on Phil. Well... waddling to check on Phil.

<Bobby> "Get away from him!" He summoned the water in the air to lift Phil again and fling him to another wall, knocking the framed photos from the wall.

<Paige> "Stop it! You're going to kill him!" But she backed up quickly, tears escaping when she got to the wall.

<Bobby> The harsh laugh that echoed in the room was no more human than his shape. "Now you got the plan." Shifting through the water in the air, he nearly teleported to the man. A tendril of ice shot out and caught him around the throat, dragging him up the wall, nearly to the ceiling.

<Paige> And she'd be next. Fear flooded Paige. She grabbed the lamp and threw it at Bobby. "He didn't do anything! Be mad at me!"

<Phil> Fighting for his life, Phil struggled against the ice, trying to get it off of his throat.

<Bobby> The lamp froze in midair, crystallized, then shattered. The shards swirled around the human man, faster and faster.

<Paige> A step forward brought Paige so much pain she had to kneel down. She couldn't save Phil. She had just been reminded of why. Of why she was there to begin with and not at work. What fight she had left vanished. "I'm so sorry, Phil... I'm so, so sorry." She covered her face with her hands. She couldn't watch this.

<Phil> Phil tried to kick and squirm; anything to get himself free.

<Bobby> The man's clothes were shredded and the warm blood on his skin started to freeze.

<Paige> "Bobby please... she begged, sobbing into her hands. "Just stop. Please."

<Bobby> The begging, crying voice pulled at something and the whirlwind slowed.

<Paige> "Bobby please..." she kept sobbing and repeating, resting her head against the wall.

<Bobby> Paige. As suddenly as it came, the rage melted away. The ice evaporated away and Phil dropped to the floor. Bobby reformed into something more human and looked around at the destruction.... and down at Paige. "Oh... fuck."

<Paige> Hand resting protectively on her stomach, Paige looked at Bobby through her tears. What had happened to her husband?

<Phil> Phil lay lifeless on the floor, unable to fight for his own life any longer.

<Bobby> "You're... you're better off with him anyway." He shook his head, sharply as if to clear it.

<Paige> "I wasn't with him! He was just checking on me!" She half yelled, half screamed, half cried at him.

<Bobby> "Still... he's... m-more..." He couldn't touch her, and he'd touched Phil entirely too much. At least the man was still breathing. "Sorry. I'm sorry, Paige." Bobby exploded into vapor again.

<Paige> "NO!" Paige screamed, reaching for the vapor. "Don't leave me..."

<Bobby> It was better this way, he told himself, and filtered through the door cracks into the hall to get help for them both.

<Paige> Breaking down again, Paige sobbed, begging him to come back. "BOBBY No! Please!" But there was nothing there.

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Re: Whatif...? The Sentinels Won

Post by Svartfreja » Sat Dec 06, 2014 6:36 am

<Paige> It wasn't the male doctor's fault. Not really. But Paige screamed bloody murder, at the top of her voice. "GET AWAY FROM ME! STAY AWAY! WOMEN ONLY! GET AWAY!" She threw the closest object at him, sobbing into her hands as he fled.

<Jessica> The loud noise startled Jess from her semi catatonic state and she slowly turned her head toward the sound. She knew that voice... didn't she...?

<Paige> Paige lay back on her bed, sobbing while her alarms beeped and beeped. A male nurse tried to come in, and was immediately met with a pitcher thrown at his head. "I SAID KEEP OUT! WOMEN ONLY!" Didn't they understand?! Bobby was going to kill them all!

<Jessica> Jess stepped out of the way of the fleeing nurse as she inched along the hallway. She'd decided she did know that voice. "Paige...?" Her voice was hoarse from disuse and she cleared her throat.

<Paige> She looked up through her tears. At least it was a woman. She blinked. A familiar woman. "Jess?"

<Jessica> Jess hurried the rest of the way to give Paige a hug, already sobbing before she'd even got to her.

<Paige> Paige reached out for Jess, pulling her tightly into a hug and sobbing against her.

<Jessica> Jess held and was held by Paige, crying just as loudly. The medical staff gave the room something of a wide berth for a bit. "I can't believe you're okay!"

<Paige> "I'm not ok! I'm not, I'm not," she continued to sob. "Bobby just tried to kill Phil. I'm supposed to be on bedrest, but I'm more upset now than ever. I can't do this! I can't fucking do this!"

<Jessica> Jess didn't know which piece of information to respond to first so, instead, she grabbed Paige's wrist and pulled her from the bed, taking her to the room where Sebastian lay still unconscious. "He's been like this for a week now."

<Paige> "NO! GET HIM AWAY! BOBBY WILL KILL HIM TOO!" Paige screamed, backing away quickly from Sebastian's still form on the bed.

<Jessica> Jess blocked Paige's retreat, "He's already seen him... and I'm not really sure that he's not dead... at least the parts of him that matter..."

<Paige> "You don't understand!" Paige pushed Jess to get past her, desperate. "Bobby has lost his mind! He will KILL him if I'm around him!"

<Jessica> "Calm down..." Jess caught Paige's shoulders, working to calm her using a combination of pheromones and her empathy - something she'd perfected raising Miriam in a warzone. Not that she could focus under the neverending questions about why daddy wasn't waking up to do it for her now.

<Paige> "You don't understand. You don't understand." Paige covered her face. "He will kill him if I'm here. You have to let me go!"

<Jessica> "Shhh, he's not here, Paige. He doesn't want to see me..." that much was obvious when she arrived now that she'd had time to think about it. "You're safe here and so is Sebastian."

<Paige> "He is in the air, Jess. he is watching me. Nobody is safe." She shuddered, wrapping her arms around herself.

<Jessica> Jess pulled Paige close to her and hugged her, "If that was so, he'd already be here. He's not, you're okay... shhhh..."

<Paige> "Jess. I just watched him attack Phil. For being next to me. Stop telling me it's ok when it's not! You don't know him anymore. He isn't Bobby." She shook a little as she clung to Jess. "Please... not this room. Not this room. Not with him."

<Jessica> Well she was less hysterical so it was working, "Okay... we'll go somewhere else just... not too far away, okay? I don't want to be too far from him..." She stroked a hand over Paige's hair and down her back like she did with Miriam when she was frightened.

<Paige> Paige nodded vigorously. "Not far. Just.... not here. Not here. Anywhere but here. No men. No men. No males. No boys. None." She shuddered a bit, relaxing slightly when she was allowed out of that room.

<Jessica> Jess nodded and steered Paige to a nearby empty room, "Tell me what happened..." she seized on the chance to think about something other than what had happened to Sebastian.

<Paige> "Bobby got... stuck. Somehow. About 6 months ago. I mean... bad stuck. He can't go back to human form. He just... started pulling back from us. More and more. Today..." She swallowed, closing her eyes. "Phil came by because I collapsed at work. And well," she gestured at her stomach. "Obviously somebody was concerned about me."

<Jessica> "Of course he was concerned... anyone would be..." Except apparently, Bobby. "Is Phil okay now?"

<Paige> "I don't know. They took him into surgery. Bobby just lost it. He was going to kill him. I mean it Jess. He laughed about it." She hid her face with her hands. She was scared of the one person she shouldn't have to be afraid of. Again. "Why does this always happen to me?"

<Jessica> "I've been asking myself the same question lately..." She put her arms around Paige again and held her tight, "We should have come here at the start..."

<Paige> "You should have." Paige clung to her, maybe snuggling just a tiny bit, grateful for human contact. "I'm scared he's going to kill me too. That he thinks me and Phil..."

<Jessica> "He would never hurt you, Paige. I don't know what's happened to him but I know that for certain. You and Ripley. He loves you. He'll do whatever it takes to protect you."

<Paige> "Jess... you aren't listening. He isn't Bobby anymore." She sighed. "So what's happened to you guys?"

<Jessica> Jess wouldn't believe that until she spoke to him herself so she shelved that for now, withdrawing from Paige at the question and hiding her face behind shaking hands. "Sentinels..."

<Paige> "That's what got Bobby," she told her softly, looking at the floor. "That's what got everyone."

<Jessica> "He... he stayed behind with Widget so that I could get away with Shinobi and Miriam... Widget... he's in pieces," she broke down into sobs again but was determined to at least get the rest out, only managing the part that had done the majority of the damage, "I felt everything they did to him..."

<Paige> "I'm so sorry, Jess," Paige hugged her again. That was awful too. She had no more words.

<Jessica> She rested against the other woman, working hard to try and pull herself together. It was sad but it was easier to do when she didn't have Miriam with her to take care of.

<Paige> "I just hope he doesn't try to kill you too," she shuddered at the thought.

<Jessica> "Bobby? Well he didn't try to when we got here... Maybe he's just lashing out..." she put her arms around Paige for a proper hug.

<Paige> "I know... but like, I was with a girl before. I don't know where his mind will go." She clung to Jess tightly, relaxing bit by bit.

<Jessica> Jess gently stroked Paige's hair, falling into a long silence and trying to think. What had happened to everyone here? They were as safe as it got but they still weren't whole.

<Paige> "I miss my husband," Paige finally sobbed out, crying on Jess as she held her.

<Jessica> "Me too..." Jess whispered, giving her a small squeeze, "Has Viper tried to help Bobby?"

<Paige> "I'm sure she has. Hope has tried. They can't figure out what they did to him to get him stuck. They've tried so many things..." She sighed. "Maybe you can get her to try again? I know she likes you."

<Shinobi> At the very least, he'd gotten Miriam to eat lunch, but when he returned to the medical area it was very apparent something new was going on when he spotted Jess and... "What's.... hey, I remember you." Miriam shifted in his arms to look over at the pregnant blonde.

<Jessica> "Yeah, I-... oh..." she attempted a smile for her daughter but the weight of Sebastian's condition and prognosis came crashing down on her again and she paled a little.

<Paige> Blinking in surprise, Paige pushed down her panic. "Hello."

<Shinobi> "Hi. Paige, right?" He let Miriam down and she ran to her mother.

<Paige> "Yes. That's right. Shin... shini... Shinobi?" She tried, backing away from Jess nervously.

<Jessica> Jess gave Shinobi a look of alarm for what felt like a betrayal right now before bending to pick Miriam up. Noticing Paige's discomfort, Jess reached a hand out and took the other woman's giving it a squeeze, "It's okay."

<Shinobi> Flighty blonde. He caught the look from Jess. "What? Is..." He turned to look down the hall toward his father's room. "Is he worse?"

<Jessica> Jess shook her head, he was the same and so was she.

<Shinobi> "Oh... okay." He looked between the two women and then even at the toddler for a clue. She waved at him.

<Paige> "I um. I should um. Get back to bed. Bedrest and all that..." Paige edged toward her room.

<Jessica> Jess gave a further boost to the calming pheromones and empathy, focusing on Paige rather than Miriam and Shinobi. "It's okay, Paige."

<Paige> "Then I need... I need a chair." She sighed, wincing a bit.

<Shinobi> "Oh, I can-" He looked around and located one, dragging it over for her.

<Paige> "Thank you," she gave him a grateful smile, sitting down in the chair carefully.

<Jessica> Jess set Miriam on her feet but kept hold of the toddler's hand, afraid she'd wander off into her father's room. "How do you feel? Apart from the obvious..."

<Paige> "I'm... alive." Paige finally settled on the word, running her fingers through her hair.

<Jessica> "And the baby?" She cast her eyes over the other woman, "Must be due soon...?"

<Paige> "The pain is lessening.... I think we're ok." She rubbed her stomach a bit. She glanced around at the others once she was sure she was ok again. Her eyes rested on the child. Mommy Paige kicked in. She smiled at her. "Hello, Miriam. You probably don't remember me. My name is Paige. I have a daughter about your age. Ripley." Paige didn't want to think about her due date where Bobby wouldn't be there.

<Miriam> "Hi!" Miriam smiled at Paige, digging in her pocket for a candy that had much lint stuck to it and offering it out. "Candy?"

<Jessica> Jess blinked at her daughter's offering then looked up at Shinobi, "Where the hell does she find this stuff?"

<Shinobi> He scratched at the back of his neck. "I gave her that one..."

<Jessica> "Uh-huh..." Jess feigned a disapproving look but smiled at him almost immediately afterwards.

<Paige> Paige's heart melted a bit. She took the offered candy with a smile. "Thank you so much, Miriam."

<Miriam> "Is okay, I got more," Miriam said, matt-of-fact-ly then plonked down on the floor to peek under the furniture in the room.

<Jessica> Jess let go of her hand since she seemed perfectly happy to stay there.

<Shinobi> "Well, she ate lunch, so I thought it was..." Well he wasn't going to mention he'd given her more than one. He shrugged at Jess and smirked.

<Jessica> Jess laughed for the first time in the last week, it didn't last long but it was something... then she saw the smirk.

<Shinobi> He realized his mistake, eyes wide, and pressed his lips together to blank his expession. The resemblance wasn't something he could help, after all.

<Paige> Paige was totally oblivious, hands on her belly with a soft smile. The baby was totally fine. He or she was kicking.

<Jessica> She gestured Shinobi to her, tearing up a little but trying to hide it. "Do-" she cleared her throat, "Do you know if it's a boy or a girl?"

<Paige> Paige shook her head no, a sad smile on her face. "We wanted to be surprised."

<Shinobi> Uncomfortable, he nonetheless went over to her, moving past the skittish blonde.

<Jessica> Jess wrapped an arm around Shinobi and pulled him against her side in a half hug, "Do you still want it to be a surprise?"

<Paige> "I...." Paige looked down at her stomach. "I'm just ready for it to be over, honestly. I'm tired of doing this alone."

<Shinobi> He rested his hand on her shoulder, watching Miriam look behind the door.

<Jessica> "You're not alone, Paige," Jess assured her, "Even if Bobby-," she sighed, "I'll help you."

<Paige> "I know I'm not completely alone... but really I am. I have to make all the decisions for Ripley and about the pregnancy. Hope will help if you twist her arm, but she tries. Phil..." she swallowed hard. "Phil was the biggest help. I doubt he'll stick around after today."

<Shinobi> He tried to remember if he knew who Phil was, but failed. Miriam was still behind the door, and he hoped she wasn't eating something, or picking her nose.

<Jessica> "I will help you," Jess said again, "I need to do something... it may as well be this," she offered her as close to a smile as she could manage.

<Paige> Paige smiled weakly. "Thank you, Jess."

<Shinobi> Something would be nice, perhaps helping him with Miriam? He started to move to the door to haul her out when he noticed movement at the top of the door. Oh, that's what she was doing. "Miri!"

<Jessica> Jess looked up, startled by Shinobi's yell and then she laughed. Hard.

<Paige> Paige looked up, horrified. What was with all these children mutants?! "How... oh my!"

<Shinobi> "She does that..." He moved over underneath the girl, who was giggling and crawling over the wall near the ceiling.

<Jessica> "She loves to climb... just like me at her age." Jess watched her, "She's fine, Shinobi, she won't fall... and if she does she'll land on her feet like a cat."

<Paige> "That's... remarkable really. I always wanted a useful power. I hate mine."

<Jessica> "Your power is useful," Jess reminded her, "I'm not bullet proof... but you can be. I'd give anything for that..."

<Paige> "My power is gross," Paige pointed out.

<Jessica> "So what? It's super useful. Useful trumps everything else."

<Paige> Paige laughed a little. "Not really, but thank you."

<Jessica> "It doooooes," Jess argued, "And I don't think your powers are gross, I think they're cool... I bet Viper thinks they're cool too. Like a snake..." she looked up, "What noises do snakes make, Miriam?"

<Paige> Paige shuddered a bit. "I don't like snakes," she whispered.

<Shinobi> His own powers had helped them escape, he supposed. He airwalked to Miriam's level and laughed when the little girl turned and hissed at them all. It was a very dramatic hiss.

<Jessica> "Yeah! That's right!" Jess applauded her daughter, "Snakes are badass," Jess told Paige, "You're badass."

<Paige> "I'm a fatass..." Paige argued, shuddering at the hiss.

<Jessica> She sighed, deciding to suck it up and repeat the words Sebastian had told her so many times, "You're not fat, Paige. You're pregnant. And you're still beautiful..."

<Miriam> "Yeah!" Miriam agreed, then 'Ssssss'ed at Shinobi again.

<Paige> "Well if you see my husband, please remind him that I'm 8 months pregnant with his child. Might do some good." Paige pouted in her chair, sulking a bit.

<Jessica> "I'll do that," Jess assured her, absolutely serious, "And I'll kick his ass."

<Shinobi> He knew where those words came from, and it made him smile a bit, but decided to hiss back at Miriam and phase partway into the wall to entertain her.

<Paige> Smiling a bit, Paige nodded. "Thank you. Just... be careful ok? If he doesn't seem himself, get out of there."

<Jessica> "If he does anything remotely threatening I'll blow his ass up, maybe it'll snap him out of it." Zappy powers were useful.

<Shinobi> Miriam's high pitched giggles covered some of their conversaion, but he caught the gist and looked over at Jess questioningly.

<Paige> "That would probably just make it worse."

<Jessica> "I'm not giving up on him," Jess stubbornly refused to believe she'd lost them both.

<Paige> "I'm not saying that. I'm saying... really... take it easy. Carefully. If I hadn't been able to get through to him... Phil would be dead."

<Jessica> "I'm not going to go in there swinging," Jess rolled her eyes, "I can do tact."

<Paige> "I just don't think you are grasping how different he is."

<Jessica> "I haven't spoken to him, he just yelled at me across the hangar to take care of Miriam... he's still in there somewhere." She looked up at her daughter who was patting the ceiling through Shinobi's phased arm and giggling.

<Paige> "Somewhere," Paige agreed, yawning.

<Shinobi> He grabbed Miriam and phased her through the wall, popping out the other side. She giggled and squealed happily, but then he realized which room he'd taken them into.

<Jessica> "You should get some..." Jess trailed off, realising where Shinobi had gone with Miriam, "Oh no..."

<Paige> Paige was already trying to get out of her chair, oblivious to the fact that there was distress. "Goodnight," she yawned, waddling toward her bed.

<Jessica> "Night..." Jess replied, distractedly, the intended offer to keep her company forgotten as she headed for the door herself.
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Re: Whatif...? The Sentinels Won

Post by Svartfreja » Sat Dec 06, 2014 7:22 am

<Christopher> Chris laughed a little to himself, in just a few years he'd gone from one of the wealthiest people in America to hiding out under an overpass with other homeless people. He heated up his hands on a trash can fire and wondered to himself when he would have to move again.

<Sue> Supply runs were the most boring thing ever but she was very very good at them. Some small part of her still protested stealing but they had to eat and they had more mouths to feed than ever these days. Stolling back to her transport with her haul in a bubble and cloaked in an invisibility field, Sue took the scenic route through hobotown and did a double-take. Her head cocked on one side, she slowly approached the vaguely familiar hobo still invisible.

<Christopher> Chris picked up his bag and dug through it to find something to eat or drink. He didn't want to beg from any of the other hobos. If he could, he'd rather give them some of his own supplies but he knew he couldn't.

<Sue> Sue tried to think of a way to announce her presence without alerting the other hobos, there were prices on mutant heads. Carefully, she leaned to see into the bag and lowered an invisibility field over the contents.

<Christopher> Chris almost jumped, but he knew better than to draw attention to himself. Which student, which one was it that could turn things invisible. "Sue?" He whispered.

<Sue> Sue made an item visible as an affirmative then formed an arrow on the item to direct him to somewhere it was safe to talk.

<Christopher> Chris got the idea and quickly packed up all of his stuff and started off towards where the arrow pointed to. "Please don't be some crazy ass new sentinel."

<Sue> Sue lifted herself up on a disc and carried herself to the location ahead of him, setting herself and her supplies down but keeping the supplies cloaked. She made herself visible again and smiled at him when he came into view.

<Christopher> "Damn and here I thought I'd never be this happy to see one of my students." Chris smiled. "I'd hug you if I didn't smell so horrible."

<Sue> "Pfft, I've smelled worse," Sue went to give him that hug.

<Christopher> Chris gave her a careful squeeze, he wasn't glowing so he didn't have much power so he knew he wasn't going to hurt her. "God it's good to see a familiar face. Are you doing okay? Staying safe and warm?"

<Sue> "Better than okay. Got a nice safe place to hide out in... there's a bunch of us there actually. I'm on a supply run." She took a step back from him and gave him another smile, "We're not that far from the helicopter if you want a ride..."

<Christopher> "Welp either I'm screwed or I'm not going to be cold tonight. What's life without a little risk?" He gave her a warm smile, "Lead the way, oh invisible saviour."

<Sue> Sue laughed, "I promise it's safe there just... don't freak out." She gathered up her bubble of supplies and set off again.

<Christopher> "If it's not sentinels I'll take whatever it is." Chris took a drink from a bottle of rust colored water.

<Sue> "Even Hydra?" She wrinkled her nose at the sight of the water.

<Christopher> "They fighting those mechanical bastards? Then sign me up. I haven't had more than a protein bar in two days cuz of those fucks..." Chris sighed at the realization of how far he'd fallen.

<Sue> "Don't worry, we'll feed you up and get you back into shape and then you can go smash them with everyone else."

<Christopher> "Good thing I like green I guess. Anyone else I might recognize when we get there?"

<Sue> "Yeah," she nodded, "Carol's there, Clint, Natasha, Bobby, Paige and their kid... Pietro, Illyana," Sue counted them off on her fingers, "Hope's there too..." she chewed her lip.

<Christopher> Chris' felt his heart skip a beat. "Yeah...? That's good, glad everyone's safe."

<Sue> "Yeah..." not everyone but she wasn't about to burst that bubble. "Oh here we are." Though the helicopter was invisible, Sue's powers allowed her to sense it and she opened up the door to the visible interior, "Mission accomplished and I found a friend," she announced to the pilot.

<Christopher> Chris gave the guy a slow wave hoping that he wouldn't get shot for some crazy reason. "Yup friend please don't shoot me. Though I heal pretty fast."

<Sue> The pilot gave a nod, waiting for her to get into the helicopter with the supplies and shut the door behind her and her friend then started the takeoff. "We're not that far out," Sue told Chris, taking a seat and buckling up.

<Christopher> "Guess I do still have some luck left in these bones." Chris smiled and got comfortable in his seat and buckled in.

<Sue> "Looks like it," Sue smiled at him, "When we get there you'll have a couple of weeks to settle in... then she'll give you a job. She keeps all us former X-men together so we have friends nearby.... it's nice of her, really."

<Christopher> "Sounds like a fair trade. It'll be good to feel useful again." Chris was all smiles, he wasn't going to be cold, he wasn't going to be alone and for once in the past three years he didn't feel like people were trying to screw him.
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Re: Whatif...? The Sentinels Won

Post by Slarti » Sat Dec 06, 2014 7:45 am

<Bobby> He lost track of time in the large complex's water system. It was easier this way. Better. There was no alternative.

<Hope> Hope couldn't find Bobby inside the complex, so she headed into the pipes, zipping around and searching for a hiding Bobby. That little shit should be there somewhere.

<Bobby> Sensing an invader in the system, he fled, traveling almost instantly from one end of the complex to the other, then out through a drain to vapor.

<Hope> She would never admit it was difficult, but damn if it wasn't. Hope gave chase, managing to find the drain he fled from and followed him.

<Bobby> He was ready for the intruder, and the temperature of the utility room dropped to dangerous levels in a split second. The metal of the walls and pipes protested and cracked.

<Hope> Hope popped out of the vent and reformed, staying in ice form. "Drake?! Where the fuck are you?!" She looked around, staying on alert. He had just tried to kill Phil after all. He was not to be trusted.

<Bobby> "Leave. Me. Alone." The pipes screeched the words from his manipulation of the water molecules ripping the metal apart from inside.

<Hope> "After the shit you just pulled? Like hell!" Hope worked on raising the temperature. "Come out like a man, Drake! Or have you forgotten how to be one?!"

<Bobby> The pipes shrieked and cracked, the water inside already frozen.

<Hope> "Coward! Face me, dammit!" She glared at the pipes.

<Bobby> Since she wasn't leaving, he reformed into something spidery in the corner. "Fuck off."

<Hope> "You attack Phil. Nearly kill him. You leave your wife terrorized and probably sent her into early labor...I think the one you are angry with is yourself." She solidified, reforming into Hope with her uniform on. "What the hell, man?"

<Bobby> "I said, fuck off!"

<Hope> "Unfortunately, I promised to help look after your fucking family, you asshat. So fuck yourself. I'm here to do just that." She crossed her arms over her chest.

<Bobby> "How's that? By coming there to... what exactly? You can't do anything to me." His ice clicked and creaked with each word and slight movement.

<Hope> "I can remind you of who the fuck you are supposed to be. And how you need to go fix your fucking marriage before your fucking kid is born. So stop feeling sorry for yourself and man up." She glared at him.

<Bobby> "There's nothing to fix. Not anymore."

<Hope> "Don't be Lorna."

<Bobby> There was a long silence. "Fuck you. Get out."

<Hope> "You heard me. Don't. Be. Lorna! You owe Paige a fucking conversation before you end your marriage. So fuck yourself. Get over yourself."

<Bobby> "I'm over all right." His laugh was harsh and crazed. "The best thing I can do for Paige is to just fucking finish disappearing."

<Hope> "You know... you once liked to point out when I was being a selfish brat. Guess what, Drake? You are being one right now. This isn't about you! You have a family." She tried to raise the temperature of the room again. "If you ever loved her, you'll think about her and those kids before yourself."

<Bobby> "What do you think I'm doing?!"

<Hope> "Thinking about what is easier for Bobby."

<Bobby> The silence in the room creaked.

<Hope> "That's what I thought. You know how I know? She's never ONCE wished that! You'd know that if you spent any time with her whatsoever instead of feeling sorry for yourself."

<Bobby> "What is wrong with her?" There was another long silence. "I was checking on Shaw and I heard she was sent to bed... never even..."

<Hope> "Bobby... she's too stressed. She's put on that brave face for so long, but I see it when she thinks nobody is looking. She's exhausted."

<Bobby> "I went to check on her, but I saw him..."

<Hope> "It's Phil. He was doing what Phil does. He was being a nice fucking guy! Checking on YOUR wife because nobody would have thought you'd go check on her Mr. Self Absorbed."

<Bobby> "He was... he was touching her, a-and it just..." Bobby pulled himself back into human form, but stayed in his corner. "He was touching her, and I lost it."

<Hope> "Was he fucking her?" Hope asked, slightly concerned that maybe Bobby had been justified.

<Bobby> "No! No... he was just..." He paced a short circuit, running both hands over his head. "Maybe he was hugging her..."

<Hope> "Then maybe you overreacted," she told him gently. "It's not too late to fix this. I mean, clearly you still love her."

<Bobby> This time the laugh was almost hysterical. "I don't know what I am or what I feel anymore. A lot of times it's nothing."

<Hope> "You attacked a man hugging your wife. I'd say there's something there. So instead of hiding and moping by yourself... why don't you try going home at night."

<Bobby> "I can't control it, and I can't touch her..." Bobby moved out a little closer to Hope. "He can."

<Hope> "So have this conversation with her? I'm not saying it's normal. I'm saying you owe her a conversation." Hope took a step toward him. "And are you really going to be happy if she's with someone else? Does she even want someone else?"

<Bobby> "I don't know." He reached out an icy hand toward her. "Happy's relative. The longer I stay like this, the harder it is to remember what it really feels like."

<Hope> Hope immediately iced over, poking his hand with her iced over one. "Sounds like an excuse to me."

<Bobby> The poke made him smirk and he slowly moved to brush his fingers over hers.

<Hope> Smirking back, Hope let him. Her mind clicked. What if she could design something to help him out?

<Bobby> He looked at their hands, smiling a little. "I miss it, Hope."

<Hope> "I can understand that, Bobby. We'll find a way. There has to be a way. You can't be like this forever." She squeezed his ice hand as best she could. "Bobby... I just had an idea."

<Bobby> "Yeah?" He took her hand in both of his, savoring the contact, as weird as it still was.

<Hope> "Turn her to ice. Not you. Her. What if Paige used her power to turn to ice. All you'd have to do was keep the room cold enough to keep her frozen." She placed her free hand over his. "I know it's not the same. But it might work." If she wasn't being hysterical. And yelling. And fearing for her life. Details.

<Bobby> He stopped and looked up at her. "What? No. T-t-the baby!?"

<Hope> Hope grinned. "Well. You still care. Annnnd she is going to pop soon anyway. Then you can test it out."

<Bobby> That sounded... crazy. He shook his head, but the idea he could touch his wife again... "She's never going to forgive me..."

<Hope> "She forgave you for killing people in X-force. Maybe she will now too," Hope shrugged. "I don't know. I'm not the one dumb enough to get married in the first place. Commitment and love and devotion and shit. Not for me. I leave that up to you."

<Bobby> Bobby almost managed to laugh, but it quickly soured. "Yeah... for the good it does us. I saw the Shaws."

<Hope> "And don't you know that if Shaw were awake and just not able to touch his wife, he'd still want to spend every moment he could with her? Hmm? Come on, man." She took her hand on top of his and fist bumped his chest gently. "All I'm asking is you try. And if she says leave, well, then you know how she feels."

<Bobby> "Are you trying to guilt me into being better than a guy in a coma?" He shook his head, but he was still smiling.

<Hope> "Yes. Yes I am." Hope grinned at him.

<Bobby> "Might work." He sobered again. "How's Phil?"

<Hope> Hope grew very serious again. "When I left... he was in surgery. If I get back I can go heal him."

<Bobby> He nodded. "Okay. Then go. Fix him up. I'll... think about it. Okay? I can do that."

<Hope> "Just think quickly will ya? Sooner rather than later?" She pulled him in for an ice hug. "I am not cut out for this emotional shit."

<Bobby> "Yeah..." He held onto her tightly.

<Hope> "I promise. If she says fuck off, I won't say another word." She hugged him back, feeling sorry for him, but missing hugs herself.

<Bobby> "Okay, it's a deal." Still, he didn't let her go for a while.

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Re: Whatif...? The Sentinels Won

Post by Slarti » Sat Dec 06, 2014 8:43 am

<Hope> Hope found herself back in the medical lab at some point. Paige had cried herself to sleep, which Hope could tell because the blonde's eyes were still red even though she was asleep.

<Hope> Satisfied that she was okay and the baby wasn't coming, Hope made her way over to Shaw's bed. She found and chair and plopped down, kicking her feet up on the bed at the foot of it. "Well. Isn't this a predicament?"

<Shinobi> Jess and Miriam seemed settled in the room, and he just couldn't stay. Shinobi paced the halls of the underground compound for a while, but eventually found his way to the medical facility.

<Hope> "I thought you were indestructible?" She moved him a bit with her toe. "Seems those are the ones they take out first." She sighed, crossing her arms across her chest. "Well, you may have been right about Drake. He went apeshit today."

<Shinobi> He heard a voice coming from his father's room and sped his steps. If they'd done all this only for him to die now...

<Hope> "Too bad you weren't here to kick his ass," Hope laughed and nudged his leg with her toe again. "I mean... It's time you woke your ass up."

<Shinobi> Rounding the corner, he recognized the voice now. "That's what I keep telling him."

<Hope> Hope jumped a bit, quickly getting her feet down from the bed. "Shinobi." Damn the likeness was uncanny.

<Shinobi> "Hope." He bobbed his head at her, smirking at the feet. "Just don't let Jess see you do that."

<Hope> "What is she gonna do? Whack me?" Hope smirked a bit. "Don't give her any ideas."

<Shinobi> "She'd probably use that electric zap." He moved over to the opposite side of the bed and looked down at his father's face.

<Hope> "Damn. I hate those. I use them back on her. She doesn't like that at all." Hope glanced over at him with Sebastian. "I didn't know you guys were all still alive."

<Shinobi> "We were doing fairly well." He looked up at Hope. "He," Shinobi, nodded at Sebastian, "Managed to bribe and bully enough people into keeping us all in hiding. It worked... until suddenly it didn't."

<Hope> She nodded her understanding. "Tony was able to keep me safe for awhile. Then it didn't matter how much money or influence he had."

<Shinobi> "Yeah," he sighed. "About a week ago, the sentinels found us. He told me to take Jess and Miriam and go."

<Hope> Hope nudged Shaw a bit. "Always the damn hero."

<Shinobi> "I would have never called him that."

<Hope> "With her? And that kid? Yeah. That's the adjective I'd use." Hell with herself too. She hit him again just a bit. Heal dammit. Heal. Wake up!

<Shinobi> "Yeah..." He watched her smack him with a frown.

<Hope> Hope leaned down to his ear. "Scotch. Boobs. Tony in a nighty!"

<Shinobi> "Are you trying to wake him up or scare him further into hiding?" He couldn't help it anymore and laughed.

<Hope> Hope couldn't help herself and laughed with him. "He'd want all of that. It's perfect blackmail opportunity. And... and yeah." She choked back a sob. Just one. She tossed her hair and leveled her eyes at Shinobi. "So yeah. I guess we just wait for him to heal now."

<Shinobi> More than a little surprised by the show of emotion, he met her eyes and studied her face. "Yeah," he said, a muscle ticking in his jaw as he looked down at him again. "I never thought I would miss him. Strange, huh?"

<Hope> "Considering I thought he was a spy sent to steal all my ideas? Yeah, I get that." She picked up a tissue to wipe away a bit of drool from his face. "Really... he's kind of the lucky one. We have to deal with this, but he's just taking a good nap."

<Shinobi> "If he's there at all." He sighed. "Jess felt it... everything they did to him. She doesn't think he's in there at all anymore." Looking back up at Hope, he smirked. "I thought he abandoned me. I hated him."

<Hope> "I hated him too!" Hope grinned at him. "Then he turned out to be an actual decent guy. The bastard. How dare he." She poked his head a bit, too scared to try and go inside it. Nope. She didn't want to know.

<Shinobi> "How dare he," he repeated, chuckling a little.

<Hope> "Exactly," Hope actually laughed a little. She took Sebastian's hand in her own, sighing and getting comfortable. "He's in there. He has to be in there. Has to."

<Shinobi> Eyes narrowed, he watched her. "You would know, wouldn't you? You duplicate powers."

<Hope> She blinked a bit, face flushing. "Yeah. I do."

<Shinobi> "The sentinels took his, but they came back... they had to have come back. He's healing..." Shinobi pulled up a chair and sat down across from her. "It was worse, as hard as that may be to believe. You would know, if he's there."

<Hope> Hope shifted uncomfortably. "Just because his powers are there... doesn't mean anything."

<Shinobi> "So they are there?" He looked between the two, questioningly.

<Hope> "Yes. I can feel his powers. They are there."

<Shinobi> "And?"

<Hope> "His powers are there." Hope restated.

<Shinobi> "He's a telepath. So you can't tell if there's still a mind in there?" He shook his head. "If not, all this is a waste and Jess will never let him go. If not, she should have left him to the sentinels. Maybe that's why they left him there..."

<Hope> Hope stared at Shinobi a bit, then at Sebastian. "I can't... not yet... please. Just... I can't know yet. If he's really gone.." She shook her head.

<Shinobi> Shinobi huffed, sitting back in the chair to stare at one of the quietly beeping monitors.

<Hope> "Shinobi... I just got him back. Just... give me a couple of days. Please. Then I'll take a look."

<Shinobi> He pinched the bridge of his nose and squeezed his eyes closed.

<Hope> Falling silent, Hope left him alone. She wasn't ready to say goodbye. Plus, a few days might give him time to heal enough. Just enough.

<Shinobi> "What use is this Sarkissian witch if she doesn't even have any healers here?" Arms crossed, he watched Hope hold Sebastian's hand.

<Hope> Oh. Right. That was her. She shifted uncomfortably.

<Shinobi> "Jess was so sure, so absolutely certain, that Viper would be able to help." He shook his head, biting the corner of his lip to let out a wry snort.

<Hope> "I can try. I'm really not very good. But maybe..." she shook her head. "I can try."

<Shinobi> Shinobi looked at her, puzzled.

<Hope> "We have a healer... but she's ironically in a coma. I can do bodies... but not minds. Just the body." She closed her eyes, shifting and trying to concentrate.

<Shinobi> "Oh..." He sat up. "Well, that's something. It's a start." Shinobi fell silent, not wanting to distract her.

<Hope> It was the most challenging thing she had attempted to do. She focused in on his organs, trying to repair any damage to the heart first, then the lungs. She worked her way out until a drop of blood fell from her nose, jerking her back a bit as she dropped the power, shaking. She pressed the base of her thumb to her nose to catch the blood.

<Shinobi> "Are you all right?" He saw the blood and got up to circle the bed and get her a tissue from the box near the head of the bed. Crouching beside her, he handed over the tissue and studied her face.

<Hope> She nodded a bit, pressing the issue to her nose. "There's... so much damage. I'll have to go back in. After... after a break." She swallowed, looking down at him.

<Shinobi> After a beat, he nodded as well, then smiled slightly. "Thank you for trying. I knew it was bad... that much is obvious, but..." He shrugged and got her another tissue.

<Hope> She smiled, taking the second issue. The thought occurred to her to tap into a self healer, but she dismissed the thought, which surprised her. She watched Shinobi carefully, hiding her smile behind the tissues. "Thank you. No need to thank me. I care about him too, remember?"

<Shinobi> "I know you do." They were still very close, with him crouched beside her chair, one hand on the arm to balance himself. He smirked up at her. "Damn him, for making us care."

<Hope> She laughed just a little, nodding. "Yes. Damn him." She took the tissue away. "Is it still bleeding?"

<Shinobi> "No..." He raised himself up a bit to see, then took the tissue from her hand. "You've still got some-" It was only after wiping her nose he realized what he was doing and his hand froze. Shinobi met her eyes. "I'm... a little too used to dealing with the three year old?"

<Hope> She couldn't help but smile. "A skill which came in handy today."

<Shinobi> "Well, it's reassuring to know they're valuable skills at least." He laughed and started to give her back the tissue, then thought better of it and took the other from her as well to throw them away.

<Hope> She breathed a little once he was gone, shaking her head a bit, which still felt a bit light. "Thank you." She watched him as he moved, though not entirely sure why.

<Shinobi> Shinobi caught her expression and the head shake and came back. "Are you sure you're okay?" This time he bent to get a look at her face and then made an annoyed sound, grabbing the arms of the chair to turn it to face him. "You look pretty pale."

<Hope> Hope sucked in a breath. She was pretty sure the paleness had nothing to do with the healing. "I um," she cleared her throat. "Yes, I'm fine. Just overextended myself. It's not the first time. It'll pass." She moved her hand to the arm of the chair before she realized his hand was there. Not going to be the first to pull away, she left it there.

<Shinobi> He looked down at her hand over his. After a beat, he smirked at her. "So, even Starks have limits?"

<Hope> "If you tell anyone, I'll deny it," she smirked back at him. "All heresay."

<Shinobi> "Of course. It's good to have deniability." Shinobi met her eyes, still amused, then let his gaze travel her face. It paused at her lips before snapping back to meet her green eyes again.

<Hope> "Naturally," she agreed, swallowing hard as her breathing sped up slightly. Her eyes were locked onto his brown ones only briefly. She looked away first, but that didn't help her. She only became acutely aware of how close they were and how his hand felt beneath her's.

<Shinobi> He moved his hand a little, brushing his thumb over her fingers and tilting his head to get her to look at him again. Shinobi licked his lips and sucked in a breath at her expression.

<Hope> Those eyes. Hope looked back at him, moving her other hand to rest on top of his other one on the chair. She was definitely lightheaded, but from her powers or from him, she wasn't sure. She leaned in just a bit to him.

<Shinobi> It took him a little by surprise, but he wasn't questioning it. Letting go of one hand, he cupped her jaw and stroked his thumb over her cheek and lower lip. He grinned.

<Hope> His grin was contagious. She kissed his thumb as it passed her lips, smiling at him.

<Shinobi> Shinobi sank down on his knees and moved closer to her, threading his fingers back into her hair to tilt her head. After another look at her eyes, he kissed her.

<Hope> It took some self control for Hope to slowly slid her fingers up his arm to his shoulder as she returned his kiss.

<Shinobi> He moved his hand to the back of her head, guiding her closer. She tasted exciting and the tinge of copper almost made it better. Growling a bit into the kiss, he slid his other arm around her waist to drag her chest to his.

<Hope> He found no protest from her. She slid to him, wrapping her arm around him, the other sliding easily through his hair and to the base of his neck.

<Shinobi> The kiss went on and on, until finally he broke it to catch his breath and rested his forehead against hers. His hands still caressed her back and neck and he grinned.

<Hope> Hope smiled back at him, stroking his cheek. "Wow," escaped before she could stop it, mentally kicking herself.

<Shinobi> He chuckled darkly, but gave her a squeeze. "Well of course."

<Hope> Her face flushed just slightly, bringing a bit of color back to her face. She smiled and kissed him again, though kept it short. "I didn't expect otherwise," she assured him, smirking.

<Shinobi> "Neither did I." Shinobi raised an eyebrow and ducked back in to extend the kiss. When they again broke apart, he leaned back just enough to take in her face. "I took care of your paleness. I have skills everywhere today."

<Hope> She bit her lower lip as she grinned, bopping his nose with her finger. "Apparently you do. Do you think we should take those skills somewhere that nurses and doctors don't frequent?"

<Shinobi> Drawing in a breath, he straightened up. She was right, they were in his father's room. He looked over to the bed and his expression sobered. "Yeah..."

<Hope> Hope took his hands, pulling him gently toward the door to distract him.

<Shinobi> And distract she did. He gave her a wolfish grin and let her lead him out. "Do you have a plan, Hope Stark?"

<Hope> "Nope," she admitted, smiling at him and leading him toward her quarters. "I like to see what happens."

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Re: Whatif...? The Sentinels Won

Post by Slarti » Sat Dec 06, 2014 9:16 pm

<Jessica> Jess had taken to wandering around at night, exploring her new home while Miriam and Shinobi were sleeping. Once Shinobi returned from his walk, she went out. She was well practiced at sneaking out of places without waking people so she wasn't worried about disturbing them. She found herself in a training hall, flicking on some lights and looking around. Roomy.

<Jessica> She found a gymnastics section in a corner and trailed a hand over the equipment as she inspected it then she took off her shoes and hopped up onto the balance beam.

<Bobby> No matter what he'd told Hope, was wasn't ready to see Paige. Not yet. Just... not yet. Bobby didn't return to the pipes, however, instead wandering throughout the complex in vapor form. He didn't sleep, not anymore.

<Jessica> Jess hadn't been in a gym in a long time but it all came back to her, doing a series of moves along the beam and back again.

<Bobby> Hydra and SHIELD were still active all night, but it was more of a skeleton crew after midnight. The sound coming from one of the lesser-used gyms got his attention and he followed the disturbances in the air.

<Jessica> After she'd got her fill of the beam, Jess moved over to the uneven bars and had some fun on those too. It felt fantastic to be doing something that wasn't sitting down or cowering in some hole somewhere.

<Bobby> Once he was in the room, he stayed, watching her move over the equipment. It'd been so long since any of them had just been able to screw around in the DR, or... anywhere.

<Jessica> After a flawless routine, Jess performed a textbook landing and grinned, feeling proud of herself for remembering that stuff and enjoying the rush of endorphines from the use of her muscles.

<Bobby> It was good to see her smile, too. Still, he hung back, willing to watch.

<Jessica> She looked around the room for the next thing that took her fancy. Oooooh they had kendo supplies. It had been far too long since she'd held a sword. She headed over to pick up one of the practice swords then moved out into the center of the mat to go through movements. She enjoyed her kendo training, it allowed her to yell and let out some rage.

<Bobby> Maybe this would be a good place to start... to work on what Hope talked about, especially the guilting part. Bobby reformed near the door and waited for her to finish.

<Jessica> Jess could go for hours but she spotted him during a turn and paused in motion, lowering the wooden katana slowly. "Bobby..."

<Bobby> "Hey, Jess." His voice was hollow, but not as harsh as the last time he'd seen her.

<Jessica> "Bobby..." she didn't care that he was a giant icecube, she dropped the katana with a series of hollow thuds and ran to him to fling her arms around his shoulders.

<Bobby> "Jess-" He started to fend her off. "Whoa! No- you can't touch me!"

<Jessica> She stopped just short of him, hurt and confused, "Why not?"

<Bobby> Bobby was backed up against the door, both hands up and ready to dissolve before she made contact. "I'll... hurt you, babe. Just... don't. Please... back up."

<Jessica> She did back up a few steps then sank down onto the mat, legs crumpling beneath her as she let out a heavy sigh. "Figures the one person I could actually use a hug from can't hug me..."

<Bobby> Relieved she gave up, he shifted his weight, the ice creaking. "I can't hug anybody... haven't been able to touch-" his voice cracked. "Yeah. Sorry."

<Jessica> She sighed again, looking up at him, "I'm sorry too... I saw Paige earlier... all pregnant and everything... Miriam gave her candy... and then she climbed up onto the ceiling and did snake impressions."

<Bobby> "S-she's okay?" He was letting the rest of that statement go for now.

<Jessica> "Paige?" Jess nodded, patting the mat beside her, "She's alright... shaken up but fine and so's the baby... she misses you though..."

<Bobby> "Good... that's..." He shook his head, looking warily at the pat. "I'm sorry about Sebastian."

<Jessica> Jess looked down at her lap, "Yeah... we... we should have come here sooner..."

<Bobby> He snorted, the sound coming out distorted.

<Jessica> "Don't..." she flopped back on the mat, pressing the heels of her palms against her closed eyes. "Pride goeth before a fall and all that... I know... but we'd been doing okay til last week...."

<Bobby> "What happened?" He finally moved over to her and sat on the mat, still a good distance from her, but closer. It was something.

<Jessica> "We got caught out... they herded us like sheep... There was a place where we could sort of get into and hide if Shinobi phased us in but we knew they wouldn't leave... so Sebastian decided to draw them away with Widget..."

<Bobby> "Motherfucking sentinels... they did this to me. Broke my off switch." He was freezing part of the mat and the plastic cracked. "So he saved you guys."

<Jessica> Jess nodded, dropping her arms to the mat, either side of her head, "Yeah... trust him to pick now to decide to be a hero." She looked over to him, "Maybe Viper can find a way to fix you..."

<Bobby> "Yeah so far that's been a big fat goose egg." He picked at the mat. "He was just protecting his family." Like he should be doing. Dammit, Hope.

<Jessica> "He can't protect us anymore..." she bit her lip, fixing her gaze on the ceiling again. "Part of me is missing... I can't stand it, Bobby..."

<Bobby> "I know..." He shook his head. "Viper's been fucking useless for me, but she likes you, so maybe..."

<Jessica> "Maybe I can convince her to help you too... I told Paige I'd try... and I promised her I'd help her if I can... Need to do something that isn't staring at Sebastian sleeping because I'll probably be doing that forever otherwise..."

<Bobby> "I told Viper Paige would be able to help you more than I could. I'm kind of ... broken, babe."

<Jessica> "Makes two of us, Bobby..." she looked over at him again, "And Paige isn't really in a condition to help me right now... she's hurting too..." she watched him sadly, feeling bad for both of them.

<Bobby> "Yeah... I know." He closed his eyes, not that it would be easy to tell. "Things are all fucked up."

<Jessica> "I wish I could hug you..." she reached a hand toward him as far as she dared toward the cold. "Think it would make both of us feel better..."

<Bobby> "I almost killed Phil... I didn't even recognize Paige for a while there... I haven't seen my daughter for a week." He thought about that. Maybe it was longer. "I'm not even human anymore."

<Jessica> "Only almost," Jess reminded him, "He's okay... And you're still human, you can still feel in there or you wouldn't be hurting so much right now."

<Bobby> "Almost. Like Shaw's only almost dead?" he snapped.

<Jessica> And her gaze went back to the ceiling as she bit down hard on her lip, "Except you can apparently still be a jerk about him."

<Bobby> "Not the fucking point. Phil could be fucked up for life, so almost doesn't count for much. Takes more than a pulse for life." He laughed bitterly. "And I got a lot less than a pulse right now as far as that goes."

<Jessica> "You think you have to tell me that? You saw Sebastian when we got here and I told you what happened. I felt every little bit of it. Do you have any idea what that's like? To feel all of that and still be walking around afterwards? I feel like that should be me lying in there!" Jess didn't remember getting to her feet but she found herself glaring down at him. "At least Paige is healthy and walking around!"

<Bobby> "That's all we fucking do is share our shit stories! Everybody is fucked and this whole world is fucked and it's just a matter of time before we're all like him, or me!" He didn't need to get to his feet, he just shifted and dissolved, reforming in the center of the room.

<Jessica> "So what? You're going to just give up? Abandon everyone you love and who loves you and go hide in a hole somewhere? Then what, Bobby? What's your big master plan after you burn all your bridges? I'm offering to help you. You're my best friend, for God's sake - I love you like family and all you're doing is taking it out on me. What the hell will that get you!?"

<Bobby> "I tell you what it'll get you. The fuck away from me."

<Jessica> "If you hate it around us so much why don't you leave?!" Her temper boiled over and she lashed out with a highly charged venom blast, her hands going up to cover her mouth the second she realised what she'd done. She hadn't been entirely serious when she told Paige she'd just blow him up.

<Bobby> He exploded into shards of ice and snow, then swirled around her.

<Jessica> Jess shrieked at how cold it was, curling up to try and protect herself as the shards of ice ripped her clothes and skin, "I'm sorry! I didn't mean to! You know I didn't!" So cold... "Bobby... don't give up on everything..."

<Bobby> The storm intensified, centered on her, for just a moment longer. Realizing what he'd done, he pulled back... and fled.

<Jessica> Jess remained where she was, curled in a defensive ball on her side in the middle of the mat, unconscious and bleeding.

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Re: Whatif...? The Sentinels Won

Post by Svartfreja » Sat Dec 06, 2014 9:29 pm

Jess had no idea how long she was lying on the floor in the training room, there was no way to tell passage of time in this underground fortress. There were sounds, however, of movement in the building so it was some sort of time for waking up. She thought about Miriam and Shinobi waking up without her there and tried to move but everything hurt.

Viper was on her morning rounds of her territory, checking on various trouble spots throughout the complex. The lights in the training room caught her attention and she went to investigate, picking up the pace when she realised who it was lying in a pool of blood. "Jessica! What happened?"

She blinked her eyes open and tried to focus them on the face surrounded by green, "Viper?"

"Yes, it's me," she put a hand on Jess' shoulder to stop her from trying to move, "Your wounds are superficial but they are many, you have lost a lot of blood. Lie still."

" 'Kay..." Jess closed her eyes again, "Bobby and I had sort of a difference of opinion on whether or not he was being a pillock."

"I see." Viper sent a message down to the infirmary for a team.

"He's being an ass... a huge ass... you can fix him, can't you? Please say you can..."

Viper frowned, truthfully she thought he was more use in his current state but it did seem to be causing a number of people some distress, "I can try." She glanced up as the medical team came in, fortunately they had a team based on the training level because accidents happened.

"Thank you..." she gave Viper a grateful smile, groaning when the team picked her up to put her on a stretcher. Wow that was a mess on the floor. "Sorry about the mats...."

"It's quite alright," Viper assured her, "I will accompany you to the lab and see you put in a room near Sebastian."

Jess smiled at her, "Thanks... can you tell Shinobi where I am, too?"

"Of course. After you are taken care of." She walked alongside the stretcher, "I will take another look at Bobby Drake's case this afternoon and see if I can get anywhere." There had been quite a bad turn of events lately so maybe it was time to properly try to fix it.

Jess reached and took Viper's hand, giving it a squeeze, "Thank you... I really appreciate it... everything... I don't know how I'm going to repay you..."

"You needn't worry about that, Jessica. This is your home, you are always welcome with Hydra. Rest now, you will feel better soon," Viper placed Jessica's hand back on her abdomen and moved away to let the medical team examine her injuries. "I won't go far."

"Okay..." Reassured by Viper's presence, Jess finally allowed herself to pass out fully again and so ignore the pain of the staff cleaning and dressing her wounds. Bobby owed her one hell of an apology.
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Re: Whatif...? The Sentinels Won

Post by Slarti » Sun Dec 07, 2014 5:12 am

<Bobby> After his talk with Jess, he did manage to make one stop before he went to see Paige. Staring down at Sebastian Shaw motionless in that bed, he tried to decide if he felt anything about it. The IV line fed into a vein on the inside of his elbow, and Bobby could feel the water in the line, the water in his blood.

<Bobby> It took more than a pulse to be alive, he'd told her. He felt Shaw's pulse. Weak, but steady. Maybe it would be a mercy... The water flowed through his body in small waves and it was almost hypnotic.

<Bobby> A sound in the hall made him startle, and when he looked back at Shaw he saw the light, frosty condensation on the saline bag. "No...Nonononononooo!" This was what he was afraid of, this was what he told Hope. The guilt was instant and overwhelming and he quickly restored the man's temperature.

<Bobby> He could have killed him. He could have killed Jess... Phil... Paige. Every time he tried to push them away, he was losing more of himself, and Hope... Maybe she was right and he had to pull himself back from this. He had to try.

<Bobby> Checking on Shaw a last time, he went into the next room and watched his wife's sleeping face. So beautiful, his Paige... Grabbing a chair, he picked it up and placed it in the back corner of the room and sat down.

<Paige> Unfortunately for Paige, she didn't sleep very soundly anymore. Some time after Bobby arrived, a tiny human moving inside of her knew daddy was close by. The movement of the baby woke her, and she groaned, trying to get comfortable again. She sat up to try and reposition herself, not realizing she wasn't alone.

<Bobby> He was still, just watching her and trying to tell himself he could do this, that he'd never hurt her... but he just couldn't be sure anymore. When had she gotten so big...

<Paige> Paige carefully turned, trying to stuff a pillow into awkward places to make the terrible hospital bed more comfortable. It was during this struggle that she froze. She wasn't alone. Slowly, her eyes moved to the corner of the room with Bobby sitting silently. While her composure stayed in place, her heart rate instantly increased.

<Bobby> Knowing he'd been spotted, he wasn't sure what to do. There was a long, uncomfortable silence, and his ice creaked.

<Paige> "I didn't let any other males near me," she blurted out, immediately regretting it and know how stupid it sounded.

<Bobby> "Wha?" Confusion seemed a good way to start this then.

<Paige> "I thought... it might..." Set you on a psychopathic rage. "Upset you again. If they were near here."

<Bobby> "Oh... no." Was that a lie? He wasn't sure. "H-how's P-p-phil?"

<Paige> "I don't know," she answered softly. "I haven't been updated." She looked down at her hands in front of her. "How.. how are you?"

<Bobby> "Sorry. I'm sorry is... pretty much how I am."

<Paige> "Me too," she told him softly. She dared to look back up at him.

<Bobby> The silence stretched on. "A-are you okay?"

<Paige> "I'm always better when you are here," Paige told him as she glanced at her own machines. Heart rate was back to normal. Blood pressure dropped to normal. She was ok with that. "I miss you. All the time."

<Bobby> Habit forced him to swallow. "Even... even when I'm like this?" Bobby looked at the machines too, not sure what he was seeing.

<Paige> "I'm not pretending that it isn't challenging," she started, trying to sit back up. In some ways, that was more challenging that her marriage. She had to pause her talk to get settled again. Now where was she? Oh yeah. "I'm not pretending that it isn't hard and difficult. But without you at all?" She stopped herself. Clearly it didn't bother him to be away or he'd have gone home more.

<Bobby> "But I'm... not me." He was freezing the chair, and tried to rein it in. Watching her struggle to sit up and knowing he was carrying his baby and he couldn't help her, couldn't touch her...

<Paige> "If that were true, I'd be dead already," she managed to tell him, speaking very softly and carefully. "You haven't been yourself... but you're still my Bobby. My Bobby is here somewhere. And I need him." She gave him a pleading look.

<Bobby> He was quiet, fighting with his emotions, but something that sounded much like a sob escaped finally.

<Paige> "Bobby?!" Paige wanted to get to him. All the obstacles in her way hindered her from even getting out of bed. Maybe if she threw a sheet over him she could touch him. Like a giant ice bag. She struggled again, trying to get up and test her theory.

<Bobby> "Wait-" Bobby realized what she was doing and got up, terrified she'd hurt herself, or he'd hurt her trying to help. "Just... stay. I don't want to hurt you. Please, baby?"

<Paige> She bit down on her lip, hard at the nickname. She nodded wordlessly and lay back down. "But you'll stay this time?"

<Bobby> "Yeah... I'll stay." He settled back into the chair with a creak and screech of metal.

<Paige> "Bobby... I...." she stared at him for a moment, gathering her words. Finally, the perfect words came to her. "I... Paige Elisabeth Drake... promise to be true to you in good times and bad... in sickness" she choked on her sob a bit. "And in health. I will love you and honor you all the days of my life."

<Bobby> "Paige..." He looked at the floor, curling up in the chair.

<Paige> "Bobby..." She snuggled into her pillow, wishing it was him.

<Bobby> "I love you... I... of course I love you, but it's just hard and... and..." Bobby put his forehead on his knees. "I miss you... so much."

<Paige> "I miss you too... all the time. I know you're scared... I'm scared too. I can't do this without you." She tucked a strand of blonde hair behind her ear.

<Bobby> "I'll try... okay? I promise. I want my life back a-and the more I stay away... the more I forget who I am, so... just... I'll try h-harder. Okay?"

<Paige> Her face just lit up with this news. "You will!?"

<Bobby> "Yeah." Her bright smile made him ache in a familiar way. "I will..." He tried to smile, though he knew it would still look... wrong. "It'll be h-hard, a-a-and I don't sleep anymore, so I need to do... something. Just ... I want to be there, and I wanna see you and Rip." Mostly to himself, he nodded.

<Paige> "But you'll be there when we're awake. And that's the important thing. Being there. Being a family again. She misses you too." She rubbed her stomach a bit, settling her hand where the baby was kicking. "And this one hasn't stopped moving since it heard your voice."

<Bobby> He didn't know what to say to that, and looked away, into the hall. "Maybe, I dunno... I can get some insulated gloves or something..."

<Paige> "With all the brilliant minds here? I think they can come up with something to help," she reasoned, wishing he could feel what she felt. "But you just being here? That's enough for me."

<Bobby> "Let's hope..." Bobby tried the smile again.

<Paige> Paige smiled back at him, closing her eyes. "Crap buddies. Always."

<Bobby> "Yeah, babe... always."

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Re: Whatif...? The Sentinels Won

Post by Slarti » Mon Dec 08, 2014 6:53 am

<Shinobi> He didn't see another option aside from leaving Miriam with Viper, but he reasoned he would be in the next room, or at the very least, just down the hall. She was barely awake and cranky, wanting to see her mother, and then, of course, she started crying for her father again as well. Finally, he got her calmed enough to go see Jess.

<Jessica> The noise down the hall had disturbed her first, the sound of her crying child picked up even in all the chaos by her sensitive ears so she was awake when Shinobi came into the room, curled up on her side as it was the only place it didn't hurt to lie on - it had received minimal damage because of how she'd tried to protect herself from Bobby's attack.

<Shinobi> Shinobi looked into Sebastian's room as he went by, and stopped at her door. She was huddled on her side, with her back to the door, so he circled the bed to see her. "Are you awake?"

<Jessica> She blinked her eyes open, still struggling to focus her vision, and nodded. "Yeah... barely..." She offered him a small smile.

<Shinobi> What he could see of her was covered in bandages, and he crouched down to see her. "Viper said it was Bobby Drake who did this to you?"

<Jessica> Jess nodded, "It was... but I started it..." she sighed, "We were having a conversation and he said something that hit a nerve... things got out of hand."

<Shinobi> "Maybe," he started carefully. "This place may not be as safe as you think. If he's this unstable and just allowed to run free."

<Jessica> "He's not himself... he can't touch anyone, Shinobi... not even a hug or anything... and he's been like that for months. Anyone'd be a little testy after that time... But Viper said she's going to try to fix him so maybe he'll get better soon."

<Shinobi> "Mmm." He rested his elbows on his knees and looked her face over.

<Jessica> "I'm okay..." Jess assured him, reaching to flick a lock of his hair that had fallen in front of his eyes, "He didn't mean it... just like I didn't mean it when I blew him up. I did that first."

<Shinobi> "You blew him up?" He supposed he shouldn't be surprised, but his eyes widened before he could stop his reaction. Then, he looked down to his clasped hands.

<Jessica> "Electricity does that to water," she gave a small amused smile at his reaction, "Why so surprised? Didn't think I had it in me?"

<Shinobi> "Oh, no, I knew you did." Shinobi got up and located a chair, pulling it up to her bedside.

<Jessica> "In fairness... I didn't know I was going to do that. I know I joked to Paige but I didn't really mean it... it just sort of... happened..." She'd lost control.

<Shinobi> He leaned on one arm, covering his mouth with his hand and looking at the head of the bed. "Of course."

<Jessica> "Is... is Miriam okay?" she chewed her lip, glancing at the door, eyes tracking up to the ceiling just in case.

<Shinobi> "Yeah, she's frightened and doesn't understand why she can't see you." He looked at her since she wasn't looking at him now. "She's with Viper."

<Jessica> Jess' eyes dropped back down to Shinobi's face. "... I won't tell Sebastian if you don't."

<Shinobi> He snorted and looked away.

<Jessica> "She'll be fine... Viper raised Broo... did you know that? He called her mother..." Though it was rather a weird relationship.

<Shinobi> "That's not what I'm worried about."

<Jessica> Jess gave him a confused look, studying his profile and trying not to read his emotions with her powers, "What is it?"

<Shinobi> Shinobi decided to change the subject, shaking his head. "I didn't have the chance to tell you. I ran into Hope Stark."

<Jessica> "She's here? Is she okay?" The distraction worked.

<Shinobi> He smiled to himself. "She is." After a moment, he went on. "She went in to see Sebastian."

<Jessica> Jess chewed her lip, knowing how close Hope and Sebastian were - she was like another daughter to him. "I should go and see her..." when she could stand up.

<Shinobi> "Yeah, she's upset about what happened to him, obviously." He shifted his weight in the chair. "She said..." Should he tell her this? But she needed to know at some point, didn't she? "She said his powers are back."

<Jessica> The effect on Jess was immediate, the calm and hopeful demeanor she'd been projecting vanished with that news and she seemed to shrink a little under the thin blanket. His powers were back but she still couldn't feel him inside her head. Was he really gone?

<Shinobi> "I'm sorry, Jess." He licked his lips.

<Jessica> She nodded, hiding her face in her pillow and unsuccessfully attempting to stifle the sob that escaped.

<Shinobi> He slid the chair closer to her and tried to take her hand.

<Jessica> Jess let him take her hand and she clung to it like a lifeline. What the hell was she supposed to do now?

<Shinobi> "It's a good news, bad news situation," he said, unsure what to do other than sit here and hold her hand. After an awkward moment, he noticed the tissue box and used his free hand to fetch it.

<Jessica> Jess couldn't see any good news in this but she accepted the tissues though what she really wanted she couldn't have. It wasn't fair.

<Shinobi> "The healer from the school is here, but she's in a similar condition to Sebastian." He cleared his throat. "Hope used her powers to try to heal him. It did help. She stabilized him more, and she says she'll keep trying, but, well, it made her nose bleed."

<Jessica> "She shouldn't push so hard... she might damage herself for nothing..." She hid her face in her pillow again, wishing she could roll over. She was giving up, she could feel all the optimism she'd clung to slipping away.

<Shinobi> "She said she would try to use his telepathy in a few days."

<Jessica> Why did he have to tell her that?" She lifted her head from the pillow to look at him, the expression on her face distraught, and shook her head.

<Shinobi> Brow furrowed, he stared back in confusion. "Why not? We need to know. Don't you want to know?"

<Jessica> She shook her head again, "No! Of course I don't want to know!"

<Shinobi> "Why not?" He simply didn't understand. "Jess, if he's... gone..."

<Jessica> "You let Hope heal his body! What do you think is going to happen if his mind is gone, Shinobi? Someone will have to make the decision to let someone else kill him all over again!"

<Shinobi> "Yes, exactly! If his mind is gone, then he is gone, Jess. There's no reason to just... prolong it."

<Jessica> "It's not that simple..." She did roll over then, and it hurt a lot but she didn't want to look at him anymore. It was more painful to see how much he resembled his father right now. "I can't do it... I can't make that choice... I don't want to believe he won't come back..."

<Shinobi> "You may need to." He sat back in the chair.

<Jessica> Jess smacked the tissue box off the bed behind her, sending it right at him. She didn't want to hear that either. "Shut up."

<Shinobi> Shinobi looked at the box, rubbing his fingertips over his lips. "No one else can do it, Jess."

<Jessica> "I'm not ready." She snapped, "I lose everyone I love sooner or later... Sebastian was around the longest... I thought maybe I'd get to keep him..."

<Shinobi> He didn't have an answer for that.

<Jessica> It hit her then that she had a lot to lose now. So many people here that she cared about and some of them were already broken, maybe beyond repair. Her mind started working, planning her next steps, she was going to have to find some way to distance herself... maybe she should just leave. But they'd only just arrived...

<Shinobi> She was so quiet he became more concerned. "Jess?"

<Jessica> "I need to sleep..." She wanted to be alone.

<Shinobi> "Do you want to see Miriam?"

<Jessica> Jess shook her head, "No... well... I do... I just don't want her to see me like this..." And it would hurt to have her climbing all over her.

<Shinobi> "All right, I'll keep an eye on her and take her to get some breakfast." He sighed and ran both hands through his hair.

<Jessica> "Thank you, Shinobi... I really appreciate you looking after her..." she glanced over her shoulder at him, "Can... can you send Viper in here though? Please?"

<Shinobi> "Of course," he said, picking up the tissue box as he stood. Circling the bed, he held the box back out to her, trying to catch her eyes.

<Jessica> She took the box but avoided his gaze, "Think I'll ask her for an inhibitor cuff and a sedative..."

<Shinobi> "If that's what you wish," he said, staying in place and willing her to look at him.

<Jessica> He wasn't leaving. Why wasn't he leaving? Her eyes slowly tracked up to his face but only briefly before they wandered to the corner of the room. She hoped she didn't look guilty, why should she? Her plans were for the benefit of him and Miriam.

<Shinobi> Shinobi's eyes narrowed. "Jess, I can't replace Sebastian and I certainly can't replace you and your daughter needs you."

<Jessica> Did he somehow know what she planned? No... how could he? He was probably just frustrated because he'd had to basically take care of two helpless children all week. "I know... I'm sorry... I just need to be more together... I don't want this to affect her too badly..." she sighed, "Bring her by this afternoon... I should have recovered some by then..."

<Shinobi> He'd learned how to read both her and his father fairly well over the last few years, so he knew when she was deflecting. "I'll do that," he finally said, still watching her with a tilted head.

<Jessica> Jess waited for a moment or two to see if he'd leave now. He still didn't. "Don't make me throw the tissues at you again because it'll be used ones this time."

<Shinobi> Sighing, he maneuvered around her tissues and took her hand again, giving it a quick squeeze before he turned to go.

<Jessica> She caught up his hand again before he could pull it free entirely, holding it between both of hers, "I really am grateful, Shinobi... for everything. I'll find a way to make it up to you."

<Shinobi> "It's okay," he said with a faint smile. "I just want you to take care of yourself, and Miriam." Perhaps one more reminder wouldn't be remiss. "You know how I grew up, and I don't want to see that happen to Miriam."

<Jessica> "It won't... there are a lot of people around to make sure I don't drop the ball on that one." But she was still going to grow up missing one parent and Jess knew all too well what that was like.

<Shinobi> He nodded, squeezing her hand in return. "Okay. Get some rest then, and you'll feel better."

<Jessica> She settled down again, releasing his hand and offering a smile back, feeling victorious. "See you later."

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Re: Whatif...? The Sentinels Won

Post by Slarti » Mon Dec 08, 2014 6:56 am

<Hope> After a rather long night, Hope had gone to sleep on her own after Shinobi left. The morning brought aching muscles, which she was able to power up and heal away with ease. She was putting off going into her lab where she'd be stuck for the rest of the day, so to delay herself, she went to the cafeteria for breakfast. All the family units usually sat together to eat, which meant finding an empty table was challenging.

<Hope> Nevertheless, Hope slid into an empty seat at a small table, coffee in hand. Coffee. She inhaled the aroma and closed her eyes. Everything was right in the world. She had coffee.

<Shinobi> Waking up to Viper and the news that his stepmother was now in the medical facility too had been the start of a stellar day for Shinobi. Miriam had yet to really stop crying, and clung to him with her sticky little hands and feet. She needed breakfast, or at least the effort, and he needed coffee after seeing Jess, so they ventured into the cafeteria.

<Hope> The screaming child caught Hope's attention. She slowly turned to look, blinking as she saw Shinobi with what looked like a baby female Sebastian. She shuddered a bit. Uncanny. She took a sip of her coffee again. Wait. Was that Miriam? Baby Shark? She narrowed her eyes and did some math in her head. It had to be Baby Shark.

<Shinobi> "Come on, Miri, you need to eat something." More whining. "At least drink some milk?" He shifted her on his hip to scrub his free hand through his hair, though he only made it worse. "Chocolate milk? We can do that." There was a pause, a tiny nod, a sniffle, and she buried her face in his neck.

<Hope> Hope sighed. Damnit to hell. She set her coffee down and crossed the cafeteria to them. Awkwardly, she glanced at the child. "Hello Ba-Miriam." Her eyes shifted to Shinobi. "Do you need help?"

<Shinobi> Attempting to get his own coffee one-handed, he half turned at her voice. "Hello again," he said with a bright smile. "You're the best thing I've seen so far today." Miriam turned to look at Hope.

<Miriam> "Your hair is pretty..." She let go of her brother to reach one hand toward the red strands.

<Hope> And it was like looking into Jess' eyes on a tiny human. Creepy. But cute. Hope grinned at the double compliments and moved forward so that Miriam could touch her hair. "Why thank you. Yours is beautiful too, Miriam." She braced herself for hair pulling, but was once again aware of just how close she was to Shinobi. "And good morning yourself," she told him softly.

<Shinobi> "Good morning," he said, leaning close to help both himself and Miriam. "But I hope your morning has been better than mine."

<Miriam> "Thanks!" She giggled and petted her hair, playing with a lock and pulling her own dark curls over her shoulder to compare.

<Hope> Hope was highly amused by Miriam and watched her for a moment before she realized what Shinobi had said. "Why? What happened? Is it him?"

<Shinobi> "Oh, no," he rushed to say. "He's the same, better, even. More stable. It's Jess..." Shinobi cast a side eye at Miriam, hoping she was well distracted with the hair.

<Hope> "What happened? Is she alright?" Hope hoped her hair would continue to distract the child.

<Shinobi> "She will be. The... man of ice had another episode last night." He gave her a meaningful look, attempting to not say his name, but Miriam was singing to herself now and finger combing her hair and Hope's together.

<Hope> Hope winced. "Do I need to do something about this?" She held out her arms to Miriam, offering to hold her.

<Shinobi> "Why? So he can try to-" Shinobi stopped himself and shook his head. "She'll be fine. I saw her and she's awake, just weak." He moved over to let Miriam climb from his arms to hers, finding himself in sort of a strange three-way embrace. "Weak, and lost a lot of blood," he said quietly into her ear.

<Hope> She gave him a questioning look. He can try to what? Now wasn't the time. She held onto Miriam, tickling her with her red hair. She nodded at Shinobi, understanding. "I can go by there later."

<Shinobi> "Thank you." He watched his little sister, thoroughly distracted by the miracle of red hair, and smirked, reaching over to flip one of her curls himself.

<Hope> Hope smiled at Shinobi. "Shaws love red hair."

<Shinobi> "Absolutely. What's not to love?" He grinned at her and turned to get the coffee and milk.

<Hope> "The soul." She tested his ginger knowledge as she snuggled the child just a bit.

<Shinobi> Surprised, he laughed and looked over his shoulder at her. "Souls are overrated."

<Hope> Laughing, Hope grinned over at him. "Yes. Yes they are. I have a table... if you wanted to, like, sit there."

<Shinobi> "Yes, we'd love to. She likes you." He picked up the cups and turned to her.

<Hope> God only knew why. Kids didn't like her. They had a mutual understanding there. Maybe Ripley had softened her. Damn Bobby. "Yeah, I see that." She turned to lead him back to her table with her precious coffee, which wisely, nobody had touched.

<Shinobi> He carried the cups to the table and then ruffled Miriam's head for a moment and went back to get the girl some dry cereal.

<Hope> While she waited on Shinobi, Hope found a peppermint in her pocket. She offered it to Miriam. "These are my favorite."

<Miriam> "Thanks!" She took the candy and struggled with the wrapper. "Shi'obi gives me candy when mommy isn't looking," she whispered.

<Hope> Laughing, Hope brushed the girl's hair back from her face. "Well. I will keep peppermints on me. Just for you."

<Miriam> She grinned up at the redhead, nose wrinkled and showing most of her front teeth in an expression much like her father's.

<Shinobi> "There you are. Cereal with marshmallows. You like marshmallows." He sat down and picked up his coffee.

<Hope> Hope swallowed hard at the smile, forcing one in return for Miriam. "There you go. Everyone loves marshmallows." She gave Shinobi a genuine grin at his coffee. "Now that, is something we have in common." She picked up her own to take a sip.

<Shinobi> "Just one thing? I think there's more." He sipped his coffee, then made a face. It was potent.

<Hope> "Tons." She relaxed in her chair, trying to get the child to eat. "We should uh, talk about that. Sometime. Soon."

<Shinobi> "Oh?" He looked up from his contemplation of the tar in his cup.

<Hope> "Yeah." Hope left it at that. She didn't really want to have the talk, but figured it was a better idea than her usual wait and see method.

<Shinobi> Now he was curious, and he put his cup down to lean on the table and study her face. "I see..."

<Hope> "Just to you know, make sure everyone knows where everyone stands about events that transpired." She shifted a bit. Thankfully the kid was eating marshmallows and not listening to them.

<Shinobi> "Aaah." Now, he got it, and scooted his chair a little closer, the legs scraping over the floor. A glance at Miriam told him she was occupied and marshmallows were food, right? "And where do you think everyone stands?" He smirked. "Although I don't remember a lot of standing."

<Hope> "That depends entirely on your intentions," she told him, smirking at that memory too. "Very little, in fact."

<Shinobi> "My intentions?" A grin spread slowly across his face and he slid his hand over to place it on top of hers. "I thought I had the very best of intentions."

<Hope> She turned her hand over to lace their fingers together. "I thought so too. It's just been awhile since I did anything... even remotely... exclusive or serious with anyone."

<Shinobi> His eyebrow twitched up. It wasn't exactly what he'd meant, but he was willing to go with it. "I've... well, I've had very little opportunity for it, ever, actually."

<Hope> "Yeah... so it's whatever." She shrugged, playing it off casually.

<Shinobi> Shinobi tilted his head, a smile playing at the corners of his mouth. "Do you want that? Something... exclusive?" He squeezed her hand, enjoying the contact.

<Hope> "I wouldn't be opposed," she told him, smiling sweetly.

<Shinobi> He smirked, not sure he bought the sweet and innocent act. "We do seem... well suited." His thumb stroked over hers. "Evenly matched."

<Hope> "Which is a rarity for us both," she reasoned, squeezing his hand.

<Shinobi> "My thoughts, exactly." Shinobi grinned, tilting his head down to catch her eyes again.

<Hope> She smiled back at him, "Well. That was easier than I thought it would be."

<Shinobi> He laughed, then tsked. "Are you saying I'm easy?" Shinobi remembered his sister and looked over to the little girl. She was arranging pieces of cereal into patterns on the table.

<Hope> "Well I didn't have any trouble," she teased him, leaning over to kiss his cheek.

<Shinobi> "Well you're especially skilled." He turned his head and gave her a surveying look, then a quick kiss to the lips.

<Hope> Hope laughed again, smiling at him and taking another sip of her coffee. She could get used to this, having breakfast with a sexy guy.

<Miriam> After eating another piece of cereal, she looked up at her brother and the red lady. Then, she puckered up and made a kissy face at them and giggled.

<Hope> Laughing, Hope kissed Miriam's forehead. "You're cute, missy."

<Miriam> "I knoooow." She giggled again and stuffed a marshmallow into her mouth, then offered them both sticky pieces of cereal.

<Hope> "Oh... thank you." Hope took the cereal with a bit of a face. "Yummy..."

<Shinobi> "Mmm," he pretended to eat his so Miriam would go back to her bowl. "Sorry, she's..." Shinobi frowned a bit as his thought took a turn that she was working on becoming an orphan.

<Hope> "She's three," Hope finished the sentence for him. "I've had to deal with kids here. It's fine."

<Shinobi> "She's three, yeah," he laughed a little and rubbed the back of his neck, then held out his hand for the sticky cereal she'd given Hope. "I can get rid of that for you."

<Hope> Hope slid the cereal into his hand. "Thanks," She gave him a genuine smile.

<Shinobi> "My pleasure," he smirked, hiding the cereal in his pocket for later disposal. "So, what are you doing today?"

<Hope> "I have to work. You interested in robotics?" She took another sip of her coffee, studying him.

<Shinobi> Eyebrow raised, he gave her a droll look that he immediately realized probably looked far too much like his father.

<Hope> She smirked, tucking her red hair behind her ear. "Good. I could use the help actually. I'm working on a project that could turn the tide of this war."

<Shinobi> "Is that so?" He put his coffee back down again, intrigued. "I've picked up a bit over the last few years, when we had time... I'd love to help." The hair caught his attention and he reached over and traced the lock of hair. "Absolutely."

<Hope> A good chill ran through her body. "Yeah... um... do you want to drop Miriam off to play with the other kids?"

<Shinobi> "That would probably be good for her, wouldn't it? I didn't think about that there were other kids here." He looked over to her. "Miri? You want to go meet some other kids? I'll still be really close, okay?"

<Miriam> She stuffed another piece of cereal into her mouth and nodded. "Yeah!" he sprayed a little around the food.

<Hope> Hope laughed a little, watching them. "Yeah, the childcare center isn't far from here. Wait till you see my lab." She grinned.

<Shinobi> Getting up, he started to clean up after the girl, only now realizing she'd arranged pieces of cereal to look like a spider. He snorted and shook his head, looking back up at Hope with a playful leer. "Oh, I can't wait... to see all kinds of things."

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Re: Whatif...? The Sentinels Won

Post by Svartfreja » Mon Dec 08, 2014 5:13 pm

<Carol> Rescue missions were an extreme rarity and that made them special. Carol always brought her a-game to those kinds of things and this was no exception. She had a small team of a mixture of Hydra and defected SHIELD agents to command - people she knew she could count on to get the job done. Their landing was undetected and they went in dark, Carol was wearing a power inhibitor because it messed up the Sentinels ability to detect her that way.

<Carol> They neutralised a number of guards and took down the security net. Someone was going to notice the dark spot on the grid sooner or later but at least they wouldn't know where in the building the intruders were when they sent people to get them out. It gave them more time. Her team split up to sweep the place for prisoners.

<Cessily> "Why do you keep doing this?" She didn't expect an answer to her muttered question and, like all the times before, she wouldn't receive one. "What else do you want from me?" The people in protective gear ignored her pleas and continued their gruesome work in silence, as they always did.

<Cessily> Cessily sank against the transparent wall of her confined prison and closed her eyes, relishing the brief moment in which she wasn't subjected to any experiments or examinations. "Please..." Maybe talking to herself was futile, but it was the only thing reminding the young mutant she was still a human being.

<Carol> Carol smiled when the lights went out, the other team had found the generator. Emergency lighting was much more preferable when you were sneaking up on people. She signalled to her team that they would head to the basement level, raising her weapon again and sweeping room by horrifying room. They were experimenting on mutants. She didn't even feel bad about shooting the scientists on this mission.

<Cessily> A chilling scream tore her out of her brief respite. Someone was in great pain. Not that this was anything unusual in a place like this. There was always some poor soul screaming somewhere. This time, however, something felt different, and Cessily didn't need to hear the sound of gunshots to know that.

<Cessily> Masked men wielding rifles stormed past her holding cell and disappeared through the fortified door. The scientists interrupted their work and looked at each other. Then an explosion rocked the entire room.

<Carol> More gunshots echoed from beyoned the door then a grenade rolled into the room exploding with a bang and a bright flash of light, followed instantly by a different team of armed men. The scientists didn't even have time to run. The door swung open again and Carol walked in, "Upper levels are clear, they're holding position to keep our exit..." she trailed off, as her eyes fell on the contents of the containment unit her team was opening.

<Cessily> Cessily's eyes widened when she saw the figure emerging from the smoke, her hands pressed to the transparent barrier between them. She couldn't believe it. The first person who would finally listen to her, and now she couldn't bring forth another word. Not that she had to, as the look on her shiny face said more than she ever could have, with silver tears rolling down her cheeks.

<Carol> One of Carol's team looked between her and the girl in the tank, "You know her?" Carol nodded and hurried forward, moving the others out of the way to open the door herself and pulling Cessily to her as soon as she had. She could hardly believe it was happening and she kept expecting to wake up like she always did but not this time.

<Cessily> Even with Carol's arm around her, Cessily didn't dare to believe this was really happening. Too often had she dreamed of this moment, only to wake up to cruel reality. "Carol..." Her voice came as a quiet sob. "Don't let this be a dream, please..."

<Carol> Carol held her close, silently praying the same thing, "We're getting you out of here, don't worry..." she looked round at her team, "Check the other labs." She watched them file out before turning her attention back to the silver woman in her arms, "You mobile?"

<Cessily> Cessily nodded while wiping the tears from her face. "I have no idea how long I was stuck in there," she said, looking back at the small containment chamber, "but believe me, there's nothing that will keep me here one moment longer." She forced a smile. "Even if I have to slither all the way out."

<Carol> "If you couldn't walk, I'd carry you," Carol smiled back, taking her sidearm from her uniform and offering it to Cessily. "Stay behind me, okay? I don't want them getting anywhere near you again."

<Cessily> Even though she still wasn't very fond of guns, the weapon in her hand provided some amount of reassurance she was very thankful for. "I know you would," Cessily said, wasting a second to steal a kiss from Carol. "Don't worry, I'll make them regret it if they ever touch me again."

<Carol> "Not if I get there first." She led the way out of the lab, regrouping with her team and a handful of mutants from other labs, "Okay, let's get out of here before reinforcements show up." She took point on the way up the stairs too, still keeping her weapon raised in case of lingering security.

<Cessily> Cessily stayed close by Carol, covering the other woman's back while the rest of the team brought up the rear. "I wish I could be of more help, but I'm afraid I didn't get out much, so you probably know the place better than me by now." She kept the gun lowered, but ready to aim and shoot at a moment's notice.

<Carol> "Don't worry about it," Carol was glad to find the rest of the team free of trouble and picked them up one at a time on the way to the exit. "We're parked outside."

<Cessily> "What about the others?" Cessily asked, while keeping an eye out in every direction. "How are they? I mean..." She bit her lip and looked at Carol. "How... how many of us are left?"

<Carol> "Hard to say... We don't know what happened to everyone but we're looking... I guess that's how we found you but I hadn't even dared to hope..." she punctuated that with a shot at a sneaky security guard that was too close to their helicopter. "That was probably the last one but he definitely called this in so get in quick." She hurried to the pilot seat herself to get them moving as fast as possible.

<Cessily> Cessily climbed into the back of the helicopter and strapped herself in, while convincing the team's medic that she didn't need any help and urging them to check on those made of flesh and blood instead. "Don't worry, I don't plan to stay any moment longer than necessary," she assured Carol.

<Carol> Carol smiled over her shoulder as the rotas whirred to life and the last remaining agents hopped inside the helicopter and pulled the doors closed. Activating the cloaking mechanism, Carol got them in the air and whizzing back to the base, contacting the other end as she did so, "Mission complete. No casualties on our side... tell Viper I owe her one."

<Cessily> Cessily turned her head. "Viper?" She looked at Carol in disbelief. "Are we talking about the 'I run an international terror organisation' kind of Viper? The same who wanted us all dead not long ago?"

<Carol> "Three years is a loooong time," Carol replied, "Jace, Adam, Kyle and Andy there are former SHIELD Agents, everyone else here is Hydra... well, we all are now. It's preferable to be alive than with SHIELD now..."

<Cessily> Cessily let that sink in for a moment, before responding with a humourless laugh. "Guess rampaging murder machines bring the strangest bedfellows together."

<Carol> "Yep," Carol laughed, "It's not so bad there though. All the former X-men are sort of in their own community, almost like being at home. SHIELD has their own neighbourhood too... but don't go there if you can't hold your alcohol."

<Cessily> "Sounds wonderful." A tired smile formed on Cessily's lips. Only now did she begin to realize that this was really happening, that she would never have to see that place again. "Believe me, right now, anywhere but here sounds like paradise to me."

<Carol> "We're safe there - lots of security and we're so deep underground that the Sentinels can't scan for us. It's as close to permanent safety as we get these days... when we arrive, you'll all be given medical checkups to make sure they didn't do any lasting damage to you and then they'll show you where you can stay. A couple of weeks of regular meals should see you back to a healthy weight and then you'll get jobs."

<Carol> She'd given this information so many times, she wondered if it showed, "If you don't like your jobs, you can request new ones, provided you have relevant experience... sometimes, though, you get lucky and we decide we need more of something so there are training opportunities around. Julie over there's training to be a pilot... I teach that class." "I don't reccommend it," Julie tossed in, "She's mean."

<Cessily> Cessily laughed and gave the young woman an encouraging smile. "That only means she cares enough about you that it would annoy her if you got yourself killed," she provided helpfully, before leaning closer to Carol. "I knew we'd make a real teacher out of you someday. You didn't kill any of them yet, did you?"

<Carol> Carol shook her head, "My pilots have the best track record in the unit - my way works."

<Cessily> "And they're probably the most stressed, too," Cessily tossed in and snickered. "But that's okay. That's what you have me for, after all. I just hope you didn't leave too much work for me."

<Carol> "I'm not a horrible boss, I swear..." Carol protested her innocence. "She's not," Julie defended, "Just a tough taskmaster." They were drawing near to the helipad now and the ground beneath them started to open up as Carol put them in a hover.

<Cessily> "I know you're anything but horrible," Cessily said, wearing a soft smile as she looked at Carol. "You've kept them alive." She rested her head back against the wall of the helicopter, before adding quietly, "Thank you for that."

<Carol> Carol smiled to herself as she landed the helicopter, switching things off so that medical teams could get to them and take the new arrivals down for their tests. Carol unbuckled herself and turned off the inhibitor cuff on her wrist before going to get Cessily. "I'm assuming you don't want any medical tests?"

<Cessily> Cessily opened her belt and got out of her seat. "Only if you can think of any that would work on me," she replied, handing Carol back her gun. "Besides, no more tests for a while please."

<Carol> Carol put the gun back in its holster and took Cessily's hand instead, "Then we'll skip that part and I'll drop all this stuff off so we can talk."

<Cessily> Cessily squeezed the other woman's hand, before wrapping her arm around Carol's waist. "The sooner you get me to a hot shower and a clean bed, the more I'll love you."

<Carol> "You can use my shower... and you can sleep in my bed if you want to..." she chewed her lip as she took off all her equipment to return it to the locker, "I... want to apologise..."

<Cessily> "Apologise?" She gave her girlfriend a puzzled look, before shaking her head. "What for?" She couldn't imagine what Carol could have felt guilty for.

<Carol> She finished putting the last piece away and turned to look at Cessily, "I couldn't stop them from taking you... I should have done more... gone back sooner... I... I thought you were dead all this time..." she bowed her face into her hands, trying to stifle the sob.

<Cessily> "Carol-" Cessily broke off, the former counsellor at a loss of words. What could she say? The silver girl reached out and wrapped both arms around Carol, pulling her into a close embrace. "Don't say that," she pleaded. "Don't even think that. It wasn't your fault. You couldn't have done anything to prevent this."

<Carol> Carol wrapped her arms around the other woman, bowing her face into her neck and holding on tight as though afraid she'd disappear. "I can't go through that again..."

<Cessily> "I'm back now." Cessily sobbed into Carol's uniform. The last hours came crushing back in on her. She was right. She was out of that place. Out of that cell. Nothing could get her back there again. She hugged her girlfriend tighter. "I won't go away again. I promise."

<Carol> They stood like that in the hallway for some time before Carol managed to pull herself together. She straightened up, running a hand through her hair, "Okay... let's go somewhere with less foot traffic..."

<Cessily> Cessily smiled, keeping their fingers intertwined. "And more showers." She leaned forward to press a kiss to Carol's lips, then stood back again. "And a bed."

<Carol> Carol smiled back, pulling on Cessily's hand as she set off at an almost-run, "I hope you still don't get tired."

<Cessily> She laughed, for the first time in... she didn't even know how long. "I could tell you - but I hope you want to find out for yourself."
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Re: Whatif...? The Sentinels Won

Post by Svartfreja » Tue Dec 09, 2014 1:05 am

<Jessica> Jess was feeling much better after her nap, some of the less deep cuts seemed almost healed over already, the bandages gone. She gently probed them with the ends of her fingers, frowning slightly. Had Hope been in here or was this something else? After a few attempts she got the attention of a nurse and asked them to go and get Viper.

<Viper> Viper didn't usually like to be disturbed while she was working but she'd make an exception for Jessica. She headed down to the infirmary as soon as she'd put away her things. "Is something the matter?"

<Jessica> Jess showed her healing arm to Viper, "Did you do this?"

<Viper> "Ah... yes. I thought it would be better for you to be mobile as soon as possible so I took advantage of your temporary reprieve from your powers. If you like, I can give you another dose now - they should all fade and the deeper ones will be much less noticable." She half turned to go back out of the room.

<Shinobi> Miriam was enjoying her time with the other children, and since Hope had other duties she needed to attend to, Shinobi decided it was time to check on his stepmother. It would probably be best to have a look before bringing Miriam in, all things considered.

<Jessica> Jess nodded after thinking it over, "Yeah... I think that'd be a good idea... for Miriam."

<Viper> Viper inclined her head in acknowledgement, heading out into the hall and finding a Shinobi, "She is awake."

<Shinobi> "Excellent news." Even is she was wearing a cuff, she would be able to hear him here, so any other commentary would need to wait. He passed Viper and knocked lightly on her door frame before he entered. "Feeling better then?"

<Jessica> Jess nodded, running a hand through her hair, "Looking better too, see?" She showed her arm, "Viper's gone to get more drugs."

<Shinobi> He knew Hope hadn't been to see her, so he blinked in surprise and took her arm before he thought better of it. "Well, that's remarkable, isn't it?" Running his fingers over some of the faint scars, he wondered what else that woman kept up her sleeve.

<Jessica> "Well she is a genius. People forget she can be a genius at good things because she's usually trying to blow stuff up..." Her fingers curled at the tickle of his on her skin, "Though I suspect she did it so she didn't have to keep hiring new people when there were accidents in labs..."

<Shinobi> One corner of his mouth twitched in amusement. "Likely." He spotted the curl of fingers and took her hand to give it a squeeze. "Anyway, I'm glad she has decided to put the benevolent side of her genius to work."

<Jessica> "Me too..." she returned the squeeze, looking up when Viper came back into the room. She hadn't heard her coming.

<Viper> She took in the handholding but didn't say a word, going to Jessica's IV with the prepared syringe, "I'm told it tingles."

<Shinobi> He watched this quietly, wondering if she really would be able to do anything to help Sebastian.

<Jessica> It did feel tingly... itchy. "I'm glad I was asleep for the last time..." she squirmed a little.

<Shinobi> "Are you okay?" Still watching, he looked between the two women.

<Viper> "Having had some experience with rapid healing, I know it can be uncomfortable the first time." Viper offered, the closest thing she got to empathy was explanation.

<Jessica> "It's itchy..." Jess' nose wrinkled and she squirmed some more then sat on her hands so she wouldn't give in to the compulsion to scratch.

<Shinobi> "You look like Miriam," he observed drily, now more amused than alarmed.

<Jessica> "You try being itchy all over and not looking like a hyper three year old..." Jess squirmed some more.

<Viper> "It will pass soon... I would offer to give you another sedative but I think you would rather be out of here soon. I know how you hate hospitals."

<Jessica> "I do hate hospitals." Jess nodded, "I'll be alright..."

<Shinobi> "She's playing with the other children, by the way. It looks like she's made a few little friends." He decided to attempt a distraction, again.

<Jessica> Jess managed a smile, "Yeah? That's good." It was good for Miriam here, "She's settling in already..."

<Viper> Assuming she was done, Viper turned to leave.

<Shinobi> "Yeah, she is." Noticing the green-haired woman was preparing to do a vanishing act, he called to her. "I was wondering if you'd had an opportunity to further look into the other patient we brought you."

<Viper> She raised an eyebrow, eyes going to Jessica before they settled on Shinobi. "I have, as a matter of fact."

<Shinobi> "Well, that's good, yeah?" He decided to move closer to Jess again, giving her an encouraging smile. "This genius that Jess was just praising would be put to good use."

<Viper> She glanced at Jess again, "Unfortunately, some things can not be aided by my genius alone."

<Shinobi> "I see." He glanced at Jess, who was being quiet and staring down as if fascinated by her own kneecaps. "So, what is your suggestion?"

<Viper> "That we wait and see. He is healing well, physically at least." She gave Shinobi a look that said she was well aware how that was happening.

<Shinobi> "His healing abilities do seem to be functioning again," he said, returning the look with a smirk.

<Viper> "Yes they seem to be." Viper agreed, "But... he may still not wake."

<Shinobi> "Or, he may." His eyes slid sideways at Jessica before he gave a look just as meaningful back to Viper. "I realize brain injuries are tricky, but healing is one of his abilities."

<Viper> "Physical damage, yes. But, as we have learned from the healer Hope has been duplicating, there is a possibility of psychic shock. There is no timeframe on when this will end... or even if it will," she shifted her gaze to Jessica, "Time is all we have."

<Jessica> Jess bit her lip, drawing her knees up to her chest. At least she wasn't so itchy now.

<Shinobi> He sighed when Jess curled into herself, giving a nod of acknowledgment to Viper. This conversation could always continue later, after all. "Thank you."

<Viper> She inclined her head in acknowledgement, "You are welcome. You know where to find me if you have further questions." She cast her eyes over Jessica a final time before she turned and left, there was nothing she could do for the woman.

<Shinobi> "Well," he said after she left. "Are you feeling well enough to get out of here?"

<Jessica> Jess nodded, distractedly peeling off bandages. She was almost completely healed. "That stuff is amazing..."

<Shinobi> He kept to himself the observation perhaps they should give it to Sebastian as well then, and nodded. "Good then, I'll get a nurse to get that IV out of you."

<Jessica> Jess waved it off and extracted it herself, having had enough of them by now to remember the procedure. "Let me just..." she started taking off more bandages, lifting edges of clothing to get at some of them. "Huh... I hope there are spare clothes in our room..."

<Shinobi> Since he couldn't stop her, he grabbed a tissue for the new spot of blood on her hand. He'd spent rather a lot of time cleaning up bloody women lately, he mused. "I believe there's a change or two left... but we should get more from your friend, yeah. Miriam goes through clothes like crazy."

<Shinobi> Shinobi noticed a bandage on her ribcage and started to help her, then thought better of this and simply pointed it out. "There's one... there."

<Jessica> Jess twisted to look, chewing on her lower lip as she peeled that one off too, "Any more?" She lifted the back of her top so he could check her back with one hand while patting down her legs with the other because she'd be able to feel them through the thin trousers.

<Shinobi> Shinobi leaned over the bed to see her back, feeling awkward, and even more so when he saw a bandage. "Yeah, I've got it." He carefully peeled it up and off.

<Jessica> "Thanks..." she sighed, "Hang on..." she sat down on the bed pulling the sheet over her legs so she could pull the trousers down and pull off the bandges on her legs.

<Shinobi> He couldn't turn his back quickly enough, and stared at the wall that adjoined his father's room.

<Jessica> Task completed, she put the trousers back on and stood up, "Okay, now we can go." She pushed a hand through her hair, looking down at her bare feet.

<Shinobi> "Want me to try to find you some shoes?" He faced her again and moved closer just in case she was unsteady.

<Jessica> She shook her head, reaching to rub the top of his arm, "It's fine... not like we're out in the world with broken glass everywhere now."

<Shinobi> "True," he said with a slight chuckle. "Do you want to see Sebastian before we go? I can help you get back to the room and go get Miri."

<Jessica> She shook her head, "He won't know I'm there..." she glanced out at the hall, "I think I'll go for a walk... I'll meet you back at our room..."

<Shinobi> "You don't know that." He frowned, watching her face.

<Jessica> "But I do... his powers are back, Shinobi.... they're back and the link is gone. He won't know whether I'm there or not... maybe he's not even there."

<Shinobi> "Okay." Shinobi gave a slight shake of his head and sighed, starting for the door. First she couldn't be separated from him to even take care of her kid, now she didn't want to see him. Whatever. "I'll go get Miriam then."
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Re: Whatif...? The Sentinels Won

Post by Svartfreja » Wed Dec 10, 2014 4:32 am

<Jessica> Jess had been out for hours, her earlier walk had taken her to where the former SHIELD personnel lived and, after a time with Miriam, she'd gone on another walk back to that place. They had alcohol, lots of alcohol. It was nice to drink and laugh and forget, even if it was only for a little while but, as she neared her new home, it all came rushing back.

<Jessica> She undressed, pulling on an over large t-shirt (probably one of Sebastian's or Shinobi's, she couldn't tell in the dark) to sleep in. She sat down on her bed, the alcohol in her her blood making the room feel like it was moving but she still didn't want to get into that bed alone.

<Jessica> Instead, she got up and contemplated waking Shinobi before she decided that would be unfair, she'd just lie down next to him for a while until she stopped feeling so hopeless and then she'd go to bed.

<Shinobi> He felt the dip of the bed but it wasn't enough to truly wake him. Chasing after Miriam was tiring, after all, and it'd been hard week. Mumbling to himself a little bit, he buried his face in the pillow.

<Jessica> She smiled when she settled down, she'd missed the feeling of the warmth of another person beside her. She curled up on her side, resting an arm over him, and closed her eyes. She wasn't going to sleep, at least that wasn't her intention but she was tired and the booze in her system was making her drowsy anyway. She moved a little closer to get comfortable, resting her forehead at the back of his neck.

<Shinobi> After a slight shift to get comfortable, he slept on, oblivious. Miriam had crawled into bed with him often enough over the last year.

<Jessica> The bit of awake that remained, assumed this meant he was awake and didn't mind the company so she snuggled closer, pressing her face against his back and enjoying the warmth and contact.

<Shinobi> Miriam seemed... bigger, which dimly registered. Hope? He made a questioning noise.

<Jessica> Jess gave him a small squeeze in response, she just wanted a hug.

<Shinobi> Suddenly, he was aware this wasn't Miriam, and it certainly wasn't Hope. Startled, he rolled away and stared at her blankly for a moment. "Jess?"

<Jessica> Jess was pulled out of her semi conscious state by the reaction but it took a moment for her brain to catch up and all she could manage was a confused look.

<Shinobi> "Are you okay?" He leaned closer to see her better in the dim light and caught the scent of alcohol. "You're drunk."

<Jessica> She nodded, turning her face into his pillow, "I don't want a lecture... being drunk is nice... I forgot..."

<Shinobi> He sighed and flopped onto his back, a safe distance from her.

<Jessica> "I just wanted a hug..." she complained, "Can't sleep alone..."

<Shinobi> "I hug you... I can hug you... but this is... weird." He frowned at the ceiling.

<Jessica> "You were asleep..." She reached out to try and coax him closer. "Please... I'm just lonely..."

<Shinobi> Confused and uncomfortable, he stayed where he was but gave her a wary look. "I think you just need to sleep it off."

<Jessica> Jess shook her head, "It won't help... I'm not feeling lonely because I've been drinking, it's the other way around..." She rolled onto her front and tried not to cry with frustration.

<Shinobi> "I understand that part." Since she turned away, he rolled onto his side and touched her back.

<Jessica> And that small gesture did make her cry. "I can't do this, Shinobi... I'm so scared... I don't want to be alone..."

<Shinobi> "Well you aren't exactly alone, but I know what you mean." He rubbed her back slightly, wondering if he should just start carrying tissues on his person at all times.

<Jessica> "I don't know what I'm doing... I can't just decide to do things without talking to him first..." they'd argued so much about it when he'd done that to her.

<Shinobi> "There's nothing to decide right now. Not really." He looked over toward Miriam's side of their small suite of rooms, but everything was quiet.

<Jessica> "That's not what you said this morning..." Jess reminded him.

<Shinobi> "What I said this morning was for later... for the future..." Once Hope got up her nerve to look in Sebastian's head, he didn't say. "Right now, he's still healing. He looks... better."

<Jessica> "Future is too close..." she sniffed, turning her head to look at him, "I want the past back..."

<Shinobi> "You want father back," he said, putting his head back down on the pillow. He sighed. "So do I."

<Jessica> "I can't lose him again... I don't think I can survive..."

<Shinobi> "I know it has to be difficult, more so for you than anyone, but you'll just have to give it some time."

<Jessica> "And how am I supposed to know how much time is enough?"

<Shinobi> He shrugged.

<Jessica> She groaned and hid her face in his pillow again.

<Shinobi> "Hope... she said she would check in a few days. She just needs time to recover first." And brace herself, he knew. Shinobi gave her back another rub and squeezed her shoulder.

<Jessica> She sighed, reaching an arm out in the vague hope that he might give her a hug.

<Shinobi> He shifted closer and gave her an awkward hug.

<Jessica> She returned the hug gratefully, shuffling a bit closer for comfort. "Thank you..."

<Shinobi> Nodding, he just held onto her, shifting a little to get comfortable again.

<Jessica> She closed her eyes, "Can I stay here? Is that okay...?"

<Shinobi> "We both need to get some sleep. Miriam will be up soon." He frowned.

<Jessica> "I know..." she sighed, somewhat reluctantly shifting so she could get up, "I'll go..."

<Shinobi> He let her go, but moved to sit up as well.

<Jessica> She pushed a hand through her hair, rolling to a sitting position and swinging her legs over the side of the bed to put her feet on the floor, "I might need a minute..." the movement had made the room start to spin somewhat.

<Shinobi> "Don't get sick." Shinobi reached over to steady her, and since now he was quite awake debated if he should tell her something. He did know her history, after all.

<Jessica> "I'm okay..." She reached and took his hand to give it a squeeze, "Just dizzy..."

<Shinobi> "This may not be the best time, but while I've got you here," he started, returning the squeeze. "Hope and I... well, we've decided to give it a go."

<Jessica> Jess looked at him over her shoulder, sure the incredulity showed on her face, "Really?"

<Shinobi> "Yeah." He half smiled. "We seem to get along ... much better than the last time we met," he added with a soft laugh.

<Jessica> "Well I imagine the fact you haven't tried to assassinate anyone recently has helped there..." She lifted the back of his hand to her cheek and hugged his forearm briefly because it was kinder to her than leaning over to hug him.

<Shinobi> "Most likely," he agreed and leaned his head against her hand, watching her face in the semi-darkness.

<Jessica> "I'm glad you're making friends... you and Miriam..." she kissed the back of his hand before releasing it and getting to her feet. "It's about time you had friends."

<Shinobi> "Yeah, there are other mutant kids, and she wouldn't stop babbling about them. She got to show off." He flopped back onto the bed.

<Jessica> She smiled, "It's good... she needs friends her own age... God knows I suffered for not having any..."

<Shinobi> "Yeah," he repeated, jaw cracking with a yawn. "And look what it did to me..."

<Jessica> "Hooray for not raising a potential sociopath(!)" Jess quietly cheered.

<Shinobi> Shinobi managed to laugh quietly.

<Jessica> "I'll go to bed now... try and get some sleep..." she yawned, herself. "Maybe the alcohol in my system will help with that...."

<Shinobi> "It's always worked in my experience." He yawned again, giving her a mock wounded expression at the contagion. "We both need sleep," he repeated.

<Jessica> She nodded, pushing a hand through her hair as she made her way back to her bed, "See you in the morning... 'night, Shinobi..."

<Shinobi> "Good night, mom," he added the nickname as an afterthought, and rolled onto his side.
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Re: Whatif...? The Sentinels Won

Post by Slarti » Wed Dec 10, 2014 4:54 am

<Chris> Chris was happy to finally have a real food and not survive off his healing factor. He'd gone through the line and gotten a plate of food, he was still waiting to get assigned to his new job in the compound.

<Hope> Hope had worked several days with Shinobi in the lab. She had quickly grown used to his being there. Today was no exception. While Shinobi went to check on Miriam, Hope made her way to the cafeteria. She shuddered a bit as a familiar powerset brushed her mind. She had felt it over the past few days, but she had shrugged it off, thinking it was nothing. She glanced around the cafeteria. Surely it was just a similar set. It couldn't be Chris.

<Hope> Chris was dead.

<Chris> Chris fiddled with his food slightly, he knew hope was there but he hadn't gone looking for her. After they broke up and all of the crazy things happened he didn't know how she would feel about seeing him. He missed her even more now that he knew that she was still alive.

<Hope> Shaking her head, Hope got a fresh cup of coffee from the line and began looking for a table. She paused as she spotted an all to familiar form. She checked the power set again. It was him. The coffee dropped from her hands, splattering on the floor.

<Chris> The fork scraped his plate slowly and moved the food around back and forth. He slowly took a bite, still enjoying every taste he got.
<Hope> Hope made her feet move toward him until she was standing in front of him. "Chris?"

<Chris> Chris looked up at her and couldn't hold back his smile. "He...hey red."

<Hope> The nickname tugged at her a bit. When was the last time he had called her that? "You're alive?" Shock was still on her face as she stared at him.

<Chris> "Y...yeah just barely." Chris tried to hide his mixed emotions of seeing her again after so long. "Sue told me you were alive. Glad to know you've been safe."

<Hope> "Always am," she reasoned, shifting her weight uncomfortably. "They um. Put you to work yet?"

<Chris> "Yeah you are." He smiled. "You're just too awesome for that aren't you?" Chris got up to actually stand face to face with her. "No, not yet. I... I missed you Red." He looked away for a minute. "Sorry... you know I'm the emotional wimp."

<Hope> She sighed and pulled him into a hug. After all the death they had endured, she was glad this one was fake. "I'm glad you made it okay."

<Shinobi> Miriam was doing well, playing with the other children, and telling them all about spiders. So, he was free to meet Hope for lunch. He walked into the cafeteria, looking around for her, and spotted her... and a guy.

<Chris> Chris hugged her back. "I'm really glad I was wrong. They killed so many mutants I met... my hopes weren't very high anymore. You missed my badass beard, it was getting pretty long."

<Hope> "You had a Duck Dynasty beard?" She leaned in to smell him. "At least you bathed." She laughed, dropping her arms.

<Shinobi> While he didn't think much of it at first, as he got closer she seemed to... sniff him. Shinobi's step faltered.

<Chris> "Yeah I'm all clean and squeaky fresh now. I coulda passed for Jep I bet."

<Hope> Hope laughed and shook her head a little. "So what have you been doing? How'd you make it?"

<Chris> "I've been running.... Hadn't eaten much in the last year, thank god for healing factors right?" Chris had missed her more than he thought he had, so much more.

<Hope> She winced a bit. "I'm sorry... I should have tried to find you."

<Shinobi> Deciding he was being a tad ridiculous, he caught up to them and put his hand on Hope's back. "Hey, sorry... didn't mean to be so late.
<Chris> "You didn't know I was alive. It wasn't your fault ba..." He cut himself off, she wasn't his girlfriend anymore. Then Chris was interrupted by the new guy. "Oh uhmm." Damn... looks like I'm definitely out of the picture. "I'll be around Hope, enjoy your lunch."

<Hope> "Hey!" Hope leaned up to kiss Shinobi's cheek without even thinking about it. "You aren't late. You remember Chris right?"

<Shinobi> "Oh..." Oh! And now he recognized him. "Yeah, you were a... teacher, right?" And her ex, the one his father would rant about. Shinobi slid his arm around her waist. "Good to see you."

<Chris> "Yeah." That hurt, a lot more than he would admit. "I was the art teacher, I'm sure I'll see you guys around." Chris left his meal, mostly untouched and started to head back to his room.

<Hope> "Yeah... see you around, Chris..." Hope watched him leave, shifting her weight into Shinobi a bit. That had been... really weird. And awkward. And weird.

<Shinobi> "I'm sorry... did I?" Interrupt something, he didn't finish. "Because that seemed... awkward?"

<Hope> "I don't know what that was about. Apparently he was a hobo for awhile... maybe he just forgot how to interact with people?" Hope offered. She'd have to go check on him later.

<Shinobi> "A hobo?" He looked over his shoulder at the retreating former teacher. "Wasn't he the one who lived in a trailer at the school in Boston?"

<Hope> She swallowed a bit. "Yeah. But hey. Lunch time." She smiled, taking Shinobi's hand. "And it smells like hamburgers."

<Shinobi> "Can't beat a good hamburger, unless it's with cheese." He squeezed her hand and leaned in, giving her a quick kiss on the lips.

<Hope> Hope smiled as she kissed him back. "I hope they have fries." She gently pulled him toward the line.

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Re: Whatif...? The Sentinels Won

Post by Slarti » Wed Dec 10, 2014 4:58 am

<Bobby> Paige was sleeping again, and he was restless, so Bobby vaporized and wandered the halls near her room. That was how, just days before, that he'd learned about what he'd done to Jess. So, he was surprised when he saw her up and around and looking... well, tired, sad, but uninjured.

<Jessica> Jess paced the halls of the medical centre, trying to work up the nerve to go and sit with Sebastian. She didn't know if she could do it now, knowing his powers were back and being unable to feel him in her mind was hard. She looked in on Paige but found she was sleeping so she didn't have that excuse either.

<Jessica> Eventually, she found a chair and dragged it out into the hall, stopping it opposite the door to Sebastian's room before sitting down on it. She'd just wait there.

<Bobby> And people thought he was nuts. Now fully intrigued and working up the courage to apologize, he stayed to watch her.

<Jessica> Jess drew her knees up to her chest, hugging them and resting her heels on the seat of the chair. She stared at the door of Sebastian's room for a long time before she got up and opened it then retreated to her chair. There. Now she could see him. He looked more like himself thanks to Hope's healing treatments but he still wasn't there. She bit her lip and looked away down the hall. Maybe she should have left the door closed.

<Bobby> Had something changed that he wasn't aware of? Entirely possible, since he was not at his sharpest at the best of times and mostly felt disassociated from... everything. Still, he drifted into old Sharky's room to have a look.

<Jessica> She curled up tighter, feeling chilly all of a sudden. She glanced at the room again, praying for some hint of a change.

<Bobby> He looked fine. Well, not fine but like himself, mostly. Definitely better than he had the last time he'd seen him. That memory jolted him, shifting the air in the room.

<Jessica> The creak of the door startled Jess and she stilled, holding her breath and staring at it. Why was that moving? Her eyes shifted left and right to check the hall.

<Bobby> Distracted, he didn't realize what he was doing. Shit. Fuck. Shit. He almost killed Jess and then moved on to Sebastian, and they had a little girl. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck!

<Jessica> Jess' vision tracked up and down the hall again before she tried calling, her voice cracking a little bit with nerves, "Hello...? Is someone there....?"

<Bobby> Startled by her voice, he mentally shook himself and looked back to the hall.

<Jessica> Nope. Of course there wasn't. She sighed, scrubbing her face with both hands before running her fingers through her hair. Okay. That was enough draughty hallway for one day. She unfolded herself and got to her feet.

<Bobby> He moved back into the hall, still watching.

<Jessica> She picked up her chair to take it back to where she got it, then remembered the door and went to close it again, "I'm sorry..." she mumbled.

<Bobby> She was leaving, so if he wanted to talk to her he needed to hurry up and pull his shit together. Reforming behind her, he cocked his head. "No, that's me. Sorry."

<Jessica> Jess shrieked in surprise, leaping up to the ceiling of Sebastian's room and charging a venom blast all at once.

<Bobby> "Oh yeah... you do that." He had almost forgotten about the ceiling thing. "You still look like a cartoon cat." Holding up both hands, he tried to look as normal as possible considering he was a block of ice. "I come in peace?"

<Jessica> Jess reduced the charge but didn't let it go completely and she stayed on the ceiling, "I'd believe you if you hadn't been all nice before you tried to kill me last time."

<Bobby> "I-I really am sorry... I know... was trying to be funny and all, but I fucking fail at that these days. But yeah... I'm sorry." He let out a sound that sounded like a creaky sigh and looked down the hall. "I... d-didn't know it was that bad until like two days later when Viper cornered me..."

<Jessica> Jess cocked her head at that, Viper had told him off? That was... sort of nice of her... and funny. "I, um... I asked her to look into your... situation again... she's going to... don't know if she told you..." She let the charge go at last and slowly lowered herself from the ceiling, though she felt a little cornered inside the room. She did, however, subconsciously position herself between Bobby and Sebastian.

<Bobby> He noticed that. "I'm not going to hurt him, Jess." Not intentionally.

<Jessica> "You didn't think you were going to hurt me either, did you?" She countered, "And you've never liked Sebastian... I didn't mean to attack you either... I don't know why I did that... well... I do but it wasn't your fault... and I'm sorry for that."

<Bobby> "I deserved it." He moved into the room and looked her over. "Viper fixed you up."

<Jessica> She nodded, tucking her hair behind her ear and shifting uncomfortably. "She gave me some drugs to make me heal fast... itched like crazy but they worked..."

<Bobby> "She gonna try them on him?" Bobby gestured toward the bed, wondering about what she'd said about Viper helping him.

<Jessica> "Hope's doing that..." she glanced at the bed only briefly, the pain clear on her face. "Viper said she can only heal the physical body.... have to wait for the rest.... wait and see..."

<Bobby> "See if he wakes up," he nodded, slowly circling around her to see old Sharky, since he was the only thing really interesting in the room other than her.

<Jessica> Jess watched him, chewing her lip, "His powers are back..." she looked down at the floor, "I can't feel him..."

<Bobby> "So... what? Brain damage?" He looked between Shaw, who looked bruised and drawn, but certainly alive, to Jess. "He like Jason?"

<Jessica> Jess shrugged helplessly, "I don't know... I don't think I want to know... Hope's said she'll look with his powers... but I'm not ready to know what she finds..." her eyes wandered over Sebastian's body but avoided his face.

<Bobby> "Too bad we ain't got any telepaths left..." He shrugged, the ice creaking. "Well, better ones than him."

<Jessica> "Yeah..." she felt a little stab in her chest as she thought about how much she missed the silly redhead she spent so much time shopping with. Biting down on her lip, she looked away again, "I can't... I can't be in here anymore..." she retreated to the hall again.

<Bobby> He watched her escape, and after a last look at her husband he followed her. "I saw Baby Shark... she's cute. Big." Bobby attempted a laugh, though it sounded like crushed glass grating. "Time flies."

<Jessica> "Yeah... she's great... she likes Paige... and she's making friends at school... she, uh... she can climb walls too..." she pushed a hand through her hair.

<Bobby> "I heard. Rip thinks it's awesome." The time he'd spent with his own daughter was awkward, but he told Paige he would try. Try he did then. "Everybody loves Paige..."

<Jessica> Jess offered a smile, "Good to know she's making the right friends... Shinobi's making friends too... this place is good for them..."

<Bobby> "Yeah? I've only seen him once or twice... he seemed, well, surprisingly normal." Bobby snorted. "I was surprised to see him. I mean, more surprised than the rest of you... and him... n-not that it's not good to see you... I mean, considering..." Apparently he could still babble.

<Jessica> "Why did you think we'd abandon him somewhere? He's family, Bobby... just like you and Hope are family to me. He knows the big secret about his parentage now though... we waited until we thought he was ready... he took that surprisingly well."

<Bobby> "Oh yeah?" It was surprising, and while he normally wasn't good at hiding his reactions, he was especially terrible now.

<Jessica> "He was understandably upset that we'd kept it from him but... other than that it went alright. He could have left... I'm glad he didn't. I don't know how I would have gotten through this last week without him."

<Bobby> His laugh was rusty "Sharky junior, huh?"

<Jessica> She laughed shook her head, a sadness on her face, "He's his own person... he just looks like him sometimes... and says things he would say... but I suspect that's because he's spent so much time with us the last three years."

<Bobby> "I guess..." Bobby decided he owed her this, especially since he might not be long for the world. "I was wrong about him," he said, nodding toward the door of Sebastian's room.

<Jessica> Jess looked down at the floor, balling her hands into fists, and nodded. "Yes..."

<Bobby> "So, I'm sorry... all things considered looks like he was doing a better job taking care of his family than I am right now." He shook his head, mouth running ahead. "Which is kinda what Hope told me when she guilted me into coming back."

<Jessica> Jess looked up then, "You were going to leave?"

<Bobby> He stopped talking. "Oh. Well... yeah. No. I dunno. Thought about it." He fiddled with the chair rail on the wall. "I haven't really been here for months..."

<Jessica> She looked away down the hall, "You can't leave... not when there's still a chance you can get your life back."

<Bobby> "Is there?"

<Jessica> "There's always a chance as long as you're alive, conscious, and willing to try... and Viper's going to look into it again for me... so stay... please... for me... and for Paige and Ripley because we love you and we all need you to stay..."

<Bobby> He looked into Sebastian's room again. "Yeah, well, I told Paige I would. That I'd try... it's like... the more I stayed away the worse I got. I guess hanging around in the water pipes ain't good for your sanity."

<Jessica> "It doesn't sound like it'd be that comfortable either," Jess' nose wrinkled, "And boring... and lonely..."

<Bobby> "It is lonely... and boring, although at the time I didn't notice how much time was passing. It's... weird." He looked back at her and attempted a smile. "Different state I guess. Time loses meaning."

<Jessica> "I think we should ban you from the pipes unless there's an emergency." Jess determined, "Make you be around people."

<Bobby> This time his laugh sounded slightly less forced. "Probably a good plan."

<Jessica> Jess' eyes went to the door to Sebastian's room again, "I think... I should get some food... maybe... um, can you show me where? Because I've sort of been eating down here and I didn't find the canteen on my walk around yesterday...."

<Bobby> "Sure, I can escort ya, babe." He looked at the door himself, then back to her questioningly.

<Jessica> She passed him and went to close the door softly, now he had some privacy. She pushed a hand through her hair, pointing down the hall, "This way?"

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Re: Whatif...? The Sentinels Won

Post by Slarti » Wed Dec 10, 2014 6:25 am

<Chris> Chris laid back on his bed. He was sure that he should be talking to someone about what he could do to help, but seeing Hope with someone else had been more painful then he thought it would be.

<Chris> His fist tapped the wall lightly, slowly but surely getting stronger as he built up energy. The purple glow that he hadn't seen in a long time back. "Just a day full of things from my past."

<Hope> It had been a long day, but Hope knew she had to talk to Chris again. Something was off there, but she was sure it was nothing that couldn't be settled with a good conversation. It took just a little asking before she was directed to Chris' room. Oh this could go one of two ways. Horribly... or horribly. She sucked it up and knocked.

<Chris> "Enter." Chris wasn't going to get up for anyone, they could deal with him laying in bed and glowing, maybe he would let off a heat blast into the ceiling to make it too hot for anyone to stand.

<Hope> Hope let herself in, closing the door behind her. "Hey..."

<Chris> "Oh, uhmm hey, sorry about before." Chris leaned up so he was sitting facing her. "I should have figured you moved on."

<Hope> "It's been years, Chris. We were broken up before we disappeared too. Have you seriously been waiting all this time?" And suddenly, she realized that she kind of had. She had dated a few guys in the compound, if you call one dinner a date. But until Shinobi showed up, she hadn't had a relationship since Chris.

<Chris> "No, just, never mind. Sorry, Hope." Chris ran his fingers through his hair. "It was rude of me to just leave but I just couldn't. I'm sorry Red." He sighed and got up. "This is the first time you get to see me healed without all my body modifications huh?" Chris faked a laugh as he tried to change the subject.

<Hope> The change caught her off guard. She smiled just a little, actually looking at him. "Yeah... first time since... well.. yeah." She shook her head a bit. "And yeah, that was really rude and awkward."

<Chris> "Yeah, sorry, you know I can be an ass." Chris returned her smile. "You look good." He couldn't help but stare a little, it had been years since he'd seen the woman he loved.

<Hope> "You are definitely an ass." She smiled a bit more though. "Thank you. I do well down here. No sun to hide from."

<Chris> "You haven't changed at all have you." Chris laughed a little.

<Hope> "Not really, no," she laughed with him. "I've always been comfortable with who I am."

<Chris> "Cute? Awesome? Evil?" Chris gave her a smirk.

<Hope> "All of those can be summed up into Stark." She smirked at him, crossing her arms across her chest.

<Chris> "Forgot cocky." Chris shook his head a little and just sat down. "I'm sorry Hope, I'm happy you're doing well."

<Hope> "I'm fine. It's you I'm worried about." She sat down next to him on the bed.

<Chris> "I'll live, adjusting's going to be tough, but I'll survive. It's better than hiding from those bastards. Had a few close calls... But I survive as always I guess."

<Hope> Hope placed a hand on his shoulder. "And that's the important part."

<Chris> "Glad to see still care." Chris put his hand on hers then remembered what he'd seen earlier and pulled away. "Sorry, old habits."

<Hope> "Yeah." She agreed, getting up to moved to the other side of the room. "Habits." She shoved her hands in her pockets, kicking her foot a bit as she leaned against the wall.

<Chris> "I missed you Hope." He sighed and stared down at his feet. This wasn't the place and he had no right to have this conversation with her, but he still loved her and he couldn't get over that fact.

<Hope> "I..." she stared down at her shoes. She should leave. She was with somebody else. She shouldn't even be there, talking to him. "I might have missed you too."

<Chris> That actually caught Chris completely off guard. "Yeah? And here I thought you'd never miss this dumbass."

<Hope> "Come on Chris. You were a huge part of my life for a long time. Of course I would miss you." She gave him a look.

<Chris> "You're the one who ended it R...Hope." Chris frowned, he shouldn't have said that.

<Hope> "You're the one who wanted to get married. Does it look like I'm marriage material?"

<Chris> "Obviously I thought you were...." Chris looked over at his jacket for a minute, he still had the ring he tried to give her. "But apparently I wasn't worth your time." He laid back on the bed staring at the ceiling to try and ignore how much that hurt.

<Hope> "You knew from the beginning I didn't want to get married and have kids! And what happens? You knock me up, go get drugged up and kidnapped, I lose the kid, then you think that's a great segue to propose!" She pushed herself off the wall. "Yeah, not worth my time my ass. You can't stop feeling sorry for yourself long enough to do anything."

<Chris> "Look who's talking! I tried to make that right! I tried as hard as I could to fix the biggest mistake of my life. It broke me knowing that I had let you down so massively. I almost let those bastards kill me... more than once. At least then I wouldn't have to think about what I put you through! I never wanted children either Hope, I just wanted to make you happy!"

<Hope> "You looked like a freaking monster!" She blurted out, immediately regretting it.

<Chris> "I was a freaking monster.... all those people I killed. I can still see their faces! I expected you to be there for me to help me and you just left me, when all the shit hit the fan you ran away and left me broken..."

<Hope> "And once again... I'm not wife material! A wife would have stuck around!"

<Chris> "Sure I wasn't good enough for your time miss god of the world Hope Stark." Chris got up and glared at her. "You said it yourself I looked like a freaking monster. Was that all I ever was to you? A pretty face that could fuck your brains out?"

<Hope> She reacted before she could think, her hand coming up and slapping his face. "Fuck you!"

<Chris> Chris caught her hand after it contacted his face and he pulled her into a kiss. The memory of how all their old fights went made him react on instinct alone. He quickly came to and pulled back a little. "I... I'm sorry." Though he didn't let go of her arm.

<Hope> Stunned, Hope stared at him, aware that she had not kissed him back. She jerked her hand out of his grip, but couldn't back up as she was already backed up to the wall. "If that's what you really think, then we have nothing else to talk about." She told him calmly.

<Chris> "You know it's not, I thought what we had was special enough to ask you to marry me.... I still love you Hope, that's what happened this morning." Chris didn't move away from her.

<Hope> She swallowed hard, licking her lips a bit before speaking again, carefully. "I'm with Shinobi now. Remember him? Shaw's sort of son?"

<Chris> "Never heard of him..." Chris swallowed hard to try and keep his composure.

<Hope> "Oh. Thought you had." She looked down finally.

<Chris> "I don't think I can stop loving you Hope... It hurt thinking you were dead, that I wouldn't be able to fix my mistakes." Chris gently put his hand on her cheek.

<Hope> She closed her eyes, summoning up her nerve to move. She had to. She put her hand over his, trying to move his hand away as she looked back up at him. "We all have mistakes we regret."

<Chris> "As long as we're still alive we can do something about that. Everyone deserves a second chance right Hope?" Chris let her move his hand away but his eyes locked with hers and it was easy to tell they were watering.

<Hope> "Yeah. Everyone deserves a second chance." She moved sideways to get some more space, running both hands through her hair as she did, finally able to breathe.

<Chris> "Guess dying kinda screws that doesn't it...." Chris backed away from her, something kept telling him to fight for her, but he didn't want to upset her.

<Hope> "We aren't dead yet," she pointed out, crossing her arms across her chest.

<Chris> "Yeah, but you thought I was." He shot back having trouble not smiling at her.

<Hope> "You thought I was too," how was that even an argument?

<Chris> "Yeah, made me give up for a while."

<Hope> "Well. I'm not dead yet." She headed to the door, pausing. "I'll see you around, Chris." She looked over her shoulder at him.

<Chris> "Don't... Y..yeah okay." Chris knew he had no right to ask her to stay.

<Hope> "Don't what?" She asked, turning just enough to face him.

<Chris> "I don't want you to go...." He told her the truth. "It was hard to keep going without you Hope."

<Hope> She sighed, struggling with the decision more than she'd ever admit. "I'm not far. Don't do anything stupid, Chris." She went for the door again.

<Chris> "You know me better than that Hope." He followed her to the door so that he could shut it behind her.

<Hope> "Exactly why I said it," she pointed out, looking up at him once more.

<Chris> "You're still as beautiful as I remember..." Chris sighed. "Bye Hope."

<Hope> "You're..." she stopped herself from finishing the sentence. "Bye, Chris."

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Re: Whatif...? The Sentinels Won

Post by Slarti » Wed Dec 10, 2014 6:48 am

<Hope> After her fight with Chris, Hope needed time to be alone. While she probably wasn't likely to get that, Sebastian's room was quiet and empty. She had made the mistake of healing him while standing up. When she reached her limit, her legs gave out.

<Hope> Hope collapsed on the floor, swearing and dropping the power. Her arms shook as she pushed herself to a sitting position and shoved herself back against the wall. Once propped up, she rested her forehead in her knees, ignoring the blood dripping onto her pants. Fuck it.

<Shinobi> After telling Jess he would check on Sebastian, Shinobi had taken the opportunity to stop by the cafeteria and get a snack, then take a walk, all before performing this duty. He needed time away from his stepmother and sister, just sometimes. Hope was the last person he'd expected to see in his father's room, especially curled up against the wall. "Hope?"

<Hope> She jumped at his voice, looking up at him. "H-hey." She tried to force a smile. A thought occurred to her that she should probably get off the floor, but that wasn't going to happen. She wasn't moving.

<Shinobi> "You healed him," he realized, going to get her some tissues. "Are you okay? Should I get anyone?"

<Hope> She laughed, despite herself. "I'm the one they would call. I'll be fine." She held out a shaky hand for the tissues. "I have to push the limit if I'm ever going to get stronger."

<Shinobi> "Good point," he said with a laugh and slid down the wall to join her. "On both counts."

<Hope> She slumped against him, pressing the tissue to her nose and closing her eyes. Not exactly how she had wanted to end her day, but at least he was there. They weren't fighting. He wasn't accusing her of only being with him for sex, and he wasn't proposing. Content, Hope just stayed where she was. "I'm always right," she muttered to him.

<Shinobi> "Of course you are. You're a Stark." He chuckled and slid his arm around her shoulders, pulling her into his side and kissing her temple.

<Hope> "You know it." She smiled softly, looking up at him. "I went to check on Chris."

<Shinobi> "Oh?" He felt a little tentative about this now, since he'd tried to remember everything he'd ever heard about Christopher Nord. Most of it had been from his father, however, and he looked up to the man on the bed.

<Hope> "It... didn't go very well." She wiped her nose, trying to see if it was still bleeding.

<Shinobi> "I'm sorry," he said, attention drawn back to Hope as he leaned down to see her face. "You... that is from using the healer's powers, right? Not from him?"

<Hope> "Chris would never hit me. Rather... I might have slapped him..." She cringed a bit. She had to tell him the rest. She didn't want to, but she had to.

<Shinobi> That made him laugh a little, surprised. "Did he deserve it?"

<Hope> "Absolutely!" She laughed with him, but it didn't last long. "He... well..." Damnit this sucked. "He kissed me after I slapped him."

<Shinobi> "Oh." He frowned a little, blinked, tried to affect a calm he didn't feel. "Did you slap him harder?"

<Hope> "If a slap got me kissed, I wasn't about to slap him again," she reasoned. "Just to say it... I didn't kiss him back."

<Shinobi> Shinobi nodded, swallowing hard, and looked back at the bed.

<Hope> Hope fell silent too. Maybe she shouldn't have told him.

<Shinobi> "Thanks for telling me." He looked at her quickly, then back away to the framework under the hospital bed. "Hope... I know who he is," he said carefully, slowly. "And what he was to you. If you would prefer... to be with him, now that he is here..." Pausing, he chewed his lip. "I would understand."

<Hope> There it was. An out. A chance. Chris still loved her. She could easily walk back into that room. She could fit right back in where they had left off. But did she want that? Hope stared at the beeping monitors, willing Sebastian to wake up and tell her what to do.

<Shinobi> Shinobi looked down to his right hand in his lap.

<Hope> "Shinobi... I..." She trailed off, running her hand through her hair. "I broke it off with him before everything went to shit. The problems are still there." But did she want to pick up those problems again?

<Shinobi> He stayed quiet and nodded once to let her know he was there. There, and listening, and staring.

<Hope> "I'm kind of... happy." She admitted, but thought she should clarify. "With you." She could sort out her feelings about Chris later. She didn't even know the guy anymore. They had been apart for a long time. Maybe she had changed after all.

<Shinobi> Startled, he looked over at her, searching her face. "Yeah?" He raised his hand, tracing his fingers over her cheek and brow. "I'm happy with you. You have made things... much better."

<Hope> She grinned at him, pulling him in for a quick kiss. "Yeah. I feel the same way." She rested her forehead against him to steady herself.

<Shinobi> "Good." He smiled, still stroking her face, his eyes on hers.

<Hope> "I'm glad I told you. I didn't want to hide anything, but I didn't want it to be a big deal either." She looked away to check the tissue. Positive that it was no longer bleeding, she set the tissue aside and looked back up at him. She smiled when she saw him again.

<Shinobi> "I appreciate it," he said, shifting closer to pull her against him. "People keep too many secrets. I've had people hiding things from me... well, all my life."

<Hope> "I don't do secrets." She wrapped her arms around him better. "I'd rather be honest and get everything out in the open. Like that I think you're incredibly sexy." She kissed the tip of his nose.

<Shinobi> "Well, who wouldn't?" He grinned and urged her into his lap, tilting his head and lowering it to catch her lips.

<Hope> Hope laughed, but it was cut off by his kiss. She ran her fingers up through his hair, pulling him closer to her.

<Shinobi> The kiss was fantastic, but it was the talk of secrets that made him pull away. Out of breath, he kissed his way to her ear and stopped, holding her tightly. "Hope..."

<Hope> "Shinobi..." She nuzzled him gently.

<Shinobi> "To be honest," he started, swallowing, trying to reason it out in his head. It was difficult, since feelings were getting in the way. "You should know... do you know? Do you know what I am?"

<Hope> "Shinobi..." She kissed him softly. "Yes. Yes, I know. Sebastian told me. But do you want to know what you are? You are an amazing man." She kissed him again.

<Shinobi> His breath caught, but soon he smiled and laughed, relieved. "Of course he told you.” He sighed. “I think I'm the only one who didn't know, after all."

<Hope> "I'm treated like family," she reminded him, stroking his cheek gently. "And if I had known you didn't... I would have told you. Probably in a rather blunt manner."

<Shinobi> "Probably so," he said with a soft snort, covering her hand with his. "Years ago, I would have deserved that kick in the ass."

<Hope> "Years ago... you totally did," she reminded him. "But now?" She sighed, content. "Now I'm just glad you're here."

<Shinobi> "Coming here was the best thing we've done, no matter what happens." He looked up at the bed again. "This is his best shot, and you..." The grin he turned back on Hope was bright. "Let's just say I never expected it, but... well... you summed it up well. Wow." He laughed.

<Hope> She laughed at him and smiled, kissing him again. "Yeah. We'll do everything we can to save him. I'll make sure of that. And you..." She closed her eyes, pressing her forehead against him. "You make this damn hole liveable."

<Shinobi> Deciding for now, they had said everything that needed to be said, he nodded in agreement and closed his eyes as well, wrapping his arms around her more securely.

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Re: Whatif...? The Sentinels Won

Post by Svartfreja » Sat Dec 13, 2014 6:51 am

<Christopher> Chris was moving about the hangar helping the people without super strength move heavy equipment around. He wanted to earn his keep somehow until he was given a job to do, so whenever he saw something that needed done or someone that needed help he jumped in. The hangar opening distracted him from the work pretty quickly and from thoughts he was trying to keep in the back of his mind. "Wonder what this one is, people or stuff."

<Greer> The helicopter descended through the opening in the ceiling and touched down in the hangar, as soon as the sounds of the engine and rotas died down, there could be heard sounds from inside the helicopter. It sounded like they had a wild animal in there and, after a particularly loud roar, a huge tear opened up in the metal and an orange and black-striped ball of rage escaped her confines.

<Christopher> "What in the holy hell is that...." Chris just stared for a second before going into protect mode. He gave himself a few good hits to the leg just for the extra energy boost and took off after what he assumed to be a tiger. "Wait... why, that can't be." He tried to get closer to tell. "Tigra?!" Chris yelled out, he had to be sure before he attacked.

<Greer> Scents of blood, gun oil and medical grade disinfectant were making her crazy, as were the shouts of fear from the Agents she'd narrowly avoided. They said they were helping! Where was she?! And then a voice cut through the chaos and she paused, coiled ready to pounce on the team that ran in to try and subdue her.

<Greer> The inhibitor cuff she'd had on on the helicopter was a mangled piece of metal on her wrist, obviously chewed into submission, her fur was dirty, her clothes were almost non existant and her eyes were no longer green but had the clouded over appearance of traumatic blindness, the scarring around them making the cause more apparent.

<Greer> She scented the air, her back stiff and tail swishing angrily from side to side. She knew that scent.

<Christopher> "Hey! get the fuck away from her!" Chris yelled at the agents trying to keep them alive and her unharmed. It was definitely his ex-wife. He never thought he'd be so happy to see her. "Tigra, it's me, Chris." He nailed an agent with a dialed down force blast. " I said leave her the fuck alone, you're just scaring her and going to get yourself killed."

<Greer> Tigra's posture remained stiff and defensive but the movement of her tail turned to an uncertain thumping on the floor rather than the angry swish. She sniffed again, picking out the scent easier now that he was closer and turning her head towards him, "Chris?"

<Christopher> "Hey there stripes." Chris tried to keep his tone upbeat and playful. If he didn't calm her down, there could easily be a blood bath that he couldn't stop. "I'm not gonna let them hurt you Greer, I promise."

<Greer> Was it a trick? She backed up a little, her ears picking up movement to her right. She turned and snarled at the culprit.

<Christopher> "Next person that moves towards her I'm breaking their leg!" Chris slowly moved towards her. "It's me this time, I swear. You can claw the living shit out of me, if you want, just calm down. I'm not going to hurt you."

<Greer> She nodded, her tail tapping behind her found her the helicopter and she turned and scaled it quickly. She felt safer high up.

<Christopher> "Man... you know I suck at climbing." Chris sighed and moved up next to the helicopter. "Think you can do me one more favor and come down? We can go to my room just you and me I promise."

<Greer> She thought about it, crouched in her defensive position on top of the metal bird. There were so many terrifying smells and sounds around her and, without her eyes, she had no idea which way to run. She nodded, moving toward the sound of his voice nervously, "I don't.... I can't see..."

<Christopher> "Slide on down, I'm right under you. I'll catch you and even carry you to my room if you want. It's been a long time, babe, we've got a lot of catching up to do right?" Chris got ready to catch her when she was ready to go.

<Greer> There was a screech of metal as she used her claws to slow her fall, tumbling into Chris' waiting arms. "I can walk... just go slow..."

<Christopher> "Slow as you need." Chris gave any agent that dared too close a glare letting them know he would destroy them as he led her to his room carefully. "You're safe here. You just scared the hell out of all of them. Bet ya twenty bucks a few pissed their pants." He laughed a little, something he hadn't done in a while.

<Greer> Greer wrinkled her nose, "Yeeeeep..." she took his hand, hers now resembling human hands again instead of paws, "Where are we?"

<Christopher> "Somewhere underground. It's a refuge for mutants. Basically the only safe place left for us." Chris gave her hand a gentle squeeze. "I was forgetting how beautiful you were babe, musta been why you showed up huh?" It took a lot out of him to try and distract her from any fear she might have, his old emotions resurfacing. The scaring around her eyes only adding to the mix, he was going to kill whoever did that to her.

<Greer> "I don't know... I was in a box... then there was lots of noise... then I wasn't in a box... and then I had an inhibitor cuff on... and then I was in another box... only that one wasn't as strong so I broke it..." She pulled at the mangled cuff on her wrist until it gave way then she threw it to the floor.

<Christopher> "I won't let anyone put you into a box. You just can't shred anyone, deal?" Chris rubbed her hand gently with his thumb. "We're almost there, then we can sit down and talk."

<Greer> "I'll try not to... but no promises if they wake the beast... and she's a light sleeper these days."

<Christopher> "How 'bout I break their bones for Tigra, that sound good?" Chris carefully stopped her when they got to his room. "Alright here we are casa de Nord." He opened the door slowly and helped her into his room, guiding her to the bed so she could sit down.

<Greer> Greer climbed up onto the bed and curled up, "I've missed beds..."

<Christopher> "Yeah I know the feeling." Chris carefully sat down next to her. "Not four star digs, but it's warm, has food, beds, and warm showers. You missed hobo-me. Bet you woulda mistaken me for a grizzly before I got here."

<Greer> She laughed, the sound feeling strange in her throat and coming out as more of a purring growl, "I could still smell you, even under layers and layers of grime."

<Christopher> "Hoborific grime. I was startin' to look like one of the duck dynasty guys." Chris got comfortable on the bed, giving her some space for now. "If you want, I can find a gal to help you get a shower later."

<Greer> She shook her head, "I don't want anyone unfamiliar right now... I don't know what I'd do to them if something spooked me..." she lay down, enjoying the softness of the matress and sheets. "I'm sorry if I'm dirtying up your bed at the moment... I'm sure I'm filthy..."

<Christopher> "Dirty it up all you want. You've been through hell, enjoy yourself." Chris laughed a little. "Just keep the fleas to yourself, kay?" He kept his voice light and playful so she'd know he was just teasing her.

<Greer> She hissed in mild offence at the fleas comment, "Are there any girls here that I know?"

<Christopher> "Uhmm Sue is here did you know her? And uhh Illyana?" Chris chewed his lip a little. "I haven't really been venturing out of my room." And he really didn't want to tell her why.

<Greer> "I know Illyana a bit... I don't remember a Sue..." she turned her face towards him, her blind eyes doing a fair impression of searching his face, "Why not leave your room? You hate not doing stuff..."

<Christopher> Damn, why did she have to know me so well? Chris thought, freezing up for a minute. "The truth? Avoiding an ex that ended badly, Don't really want to see her kissing all over her new boy."

<Greer> "Oh..." Greer felt a little stunned by that information, though she shouldn't really be surprised. "Well... at least I won't have that problem ever, huh?"

<Christopher> "Didn't date anyone after me?" Chris felt a little special, but it made him slightly sad too. He didn't want her to be alone.

<Greer> "Even if I did... I wouldn't have to worry about seeing them with anyone now...."

<Christopher> "Shit.... I've only gotten better at getting my big ass foot in my mouth." Chris carefully placed a hand on her cheek. "Hey don't get too down yet okay? We'll let the docs take a look at you when you're ready maybe they can help you."

<Greer> "My own healing can't fix it... they waited too long..." she turned her face into his hand, "I'll get by..."

<Christopher> "Like I said, don't give up yet. I thought it was hopeless before Sue found me hiding out. But this place is pretty awesome."

<Greer> She nodded, nuzzling his hand with a quiet purr, "I'll wait and see... if I feel up to it... I don't really want to be poked with any more sharp things..." And the idea of being in a sterile smelling environment again made her hackles rise.

<Christopher> "When you're ready. And if you want I'll be there with you." Chris smiled at the sound of her purr, it was like old times again.

<Greer> "I'd like that..." she chewed her lip when she realised what she was doing, withdrawing from him, "Sorry... forgot..."

<Christopher> "It's okay. You've been through a lot, we all have. I'm not going to abandon you because of things that happened in the past." Chris pulled her into a gentle hug. "You need someone you can trust right now, and I'm going to be here for you." He also remembered what Hope had done to him when he needed her most.

<Greer> She crawled into his lap and curled up there, "Do you think you can get me some clothes in a little while?"

<Christopher> "I'm sure I can manage to get you something." He snuggled her. "Never thought we'd be like this again." Chris admitted to her even though he was enjoying the cuddling.

<Greer> "Neither did I... I missed it a bit though... especially when I was cold in that box..." she felt around for the blanket and pulled it over her, concentrating hard to force her body back into its furless human form. It had been so long.

<Christopher> "Been a rough few years huh? You wouldn't believe what you missed while I was teaching." Chris rested his head on top of hers.

<Greer> "They pushed my healing limits so far... tried seeing how long they could wait before reactivating my powers... that's how this happened..." She gestured vaguely towards her face, "So yeah... it's been rough..."

<Christopher> "Yeah.... got a similar experience." Chris squeezed her tightly remembering what had happened to him before he was released on the Alaskan citizens. "We'll get those bastards back, just got to bide our time for now and survive."

<Greer> "Surviving should be easy for us though, right?" she offered a small smile, "For me, the tricky part will be not walking into walls and furniture."

<Christopher> "Maybe I can find some scrap metal and make you a badass blind person cane." Chris laughed a little.

<Greer> "That would be cool..." She felt something then, or rather didn't, and curiously felt over his chest then followed the line of his neck to his face, "... Did hobos steal your bling?"

<Christopher> That made him laugh harder. "No, like I said I know what you went through.... being tested on." He sighed, this was going to be a lot harder to tell to her than anyone else. "I had a pretty massive drug problem that got me into trouble before all this sentinel crap."

<Greer> Greer sat up, her blind eyes wide, "Chris! Why?"

<Christopher> "Was dumb. Found something that bypassed my healing factor. Really fucked me up... Only got worse from there." He ran a hand through his hair.

<Greer> "Oh Chris..." she wrapped her arms around him, "You're okay now, though?"

<Christopher> "Yeah, took them a while to fix me up. The drugs weren't the worst part." Chis took a deep breath, memories of what was done to him and what he'd done still vivid in his mind. "Didn't hear about the cities being devastated in Alaska before all this, did you?"

<Greer> "There was something on the news but I was trying to avoid that stuff... didn't want to get sucked in to all the crazy again, you know?"

<Christopher> "Yeah, that was your crazy ex-husband." Chris went pale as he started to feel sick. "Whoever was making the drugs was looking for mutants to experiment on. I was... well, a monster."

<Greer> She hugged him tighter, "I'm so sorry, Chris... If I'd known..."

<Christopher> "Yeah, lost all my bling and my ink. That probably was the better part of it." He hugged her back. "You wouldn't believe how hard it is to take a piss when your fingers are claws...." Chris tried to lighten the mood, but wasn't doing so well.

<Greer> "I think you'll find I do...." She nuzzled him, gently, "Decided not to get it all redone?"

<Christopher> "You don't have a penis." Chris laughed. "Took me a while to get better and then we were fugitives."

<Greer> "No, I do not... which you have never complained about before," She shifted in her seat in his lap, "Think I'd like that shower now..."

<Christopher> "Maybe I like penises now?" Chris laughed a little. "Uhm... I'm sure we could figure something out."

<Greer> "Just show me where the bathroom is and put the shampoo somewhere I can find it... I'll manage... I'll just have to go over everything twice to make sure all the dirt is gone..." She carefully lowered her feet to the floor.

<Christopher> "Yeah we can manage that." Chris helped lead her into the bathroom and showed her where everything was a few times over. "I can wait by the door in case you have any trouble."

<Greer> "Which side of the door are you going to stand on?" she threw a smile in his general direction.

<Christopher> "Wouldn't you like to know." Chris chuckled.

<Greer> "Well, I was just going to say.... if you're going to stand on this side, you may as well help me yourself... but only if... if that's okay with you...."

<Christopher> Chris leaned up against the door for a second. "I can help you if you want me to. Just don't want things to be awkward, Greer."

<Greer> "It'll only be awkward if one of us over thinks it," she pointed out before taking off what little she was wearing, "It's not like there's anything here you haven't seen before..."

<Christopher> "Yeah, but it.... Well guess it hasn't been a while." He didn't notice that she had taken her clothes off until he was part way through the sentence. "You know I over think everything."

<Greer> "I do," she laughed a little, turning on the water, "By 'one of us' I meant you. You don't have to help, if it's too much... just... well, watch and tell me when I miss a bit... every guy's dream, right?"

<Christopher> "I can help hand you things. Make sure you don't fall." Chris stayed leaned up against the wall, trying not to stare. "Warm enough?" He tried to make small talk.

<Greer> "It's warmer than a hose, so it's fine," she closed her eyes, turning her face into the water and enjoying the feel of it.

<Christopher> "I bet." Chris was doing a pretty good job of not staring at Greer. "I used a stream when I could find one. I smelled pretty rank."

<Greer> "I can imagine, better than you'd think - you remember when I lived out in the wild with the other ferals for a while?" She ran her fingers through her hair then reached tentatively for the shampoo, afraid she'd knock it over and then she'd never find it.

<Christopher> Chris moved over to hand her the shampoo. "True, but I don't think I lived much more luxury than that."

<Greer> "Thank you..." she offered a smile in the direction she thought his face was, before starting the awkward task of getting the shampoo from the bottle, in the right quantity, to her hand and then onto her head all by feel. "It's better here though... there's hot water and everything."

<Christopher> "Yeah, I might have just sat in the shower for a few hours when I took my first one." Chris helped guide her hand to her hair so she wouldn't get soap in her eyes. "Here. Better?"

<Greer> She smiled, soaping up her hair and inhaling the smell of the shampoo. It was the simple pleasures she'd missed the most locked up in that box. Once her hair was free of bubbles, she scrubbed her face with her hands, "Okay... time to get all the dirt off my skin."

<Christopher> "This'll help." Chris got Greer a washcloth. "Hope you don't mind smelling like me." Chris was back to the small talk.

<Greer> "When have I ever minded that?" she chewed her lip, "Got the soap?" She took the cloth though she had no idea where to start.

<Christopher> Chris gave her the soap, "You're still beautiful Greer. Don't care what they did to you."

<Greer> "Thanks..." she blushed a little, starting to wash the grime off her skin with the soap and the cloth. "I'm sure you still look good too...."

<Christopher> "Even without my bling?" Chris laughed a little. "And here I thought that's how I got you in the first place."

<Greer> She laughed too, shaking her head, "Nooo that was just an added bonus," she carefully followed her legs down to her feet, making sure she got every inch, the water was turning a lovely shade of blackish grey but she couldn't see this.

<Christopher> He helped to steady her when she washed her legs. "We'll have to get that vision back for you so you can choose which looks better."

<Greer> "I'm sure you're very handsome as you are... but your appearance has nothing to do with me anymore." She carefully went over every inch of her skin with the cloth, moving her hair out of the way and turning her back to him, "Did I get it all?"

<Christopher> "Just missed one spot." He took the cloth and got it for her. "Sorry, just reliving the glory years a little I guess."

<Greer> She shook her head, "It's okay..." she caught his hand so she could follow his arm up and find his face then leaned over to kiss his cheek.

<Christopher> "Hey now." Chris blushed red, knowing she'd feel his cheeks heat up. "That's ridiculously not fair." He looked up to the ceiling trying not to stare at her naked body.

<Greer> She laughed, moving back under the water to rinse off, "I was just saying thank you."

<Christopher> "If you say so." Chris bit his lip. "Tease." He laughed a little and had to adjust himself. And this was what I was trying to avoid.

<Greer> "It was just a peck on the cheek... it shouldn't be that easy... even if I'm naked."

<Christopher> "For a guy that hasn't gotten laid in three years, standing in front of his gorgeous ex-wife.... You must think I went gay." Chris grinned a little, this time actually staring.

<Greer> She laughed again, "I didn't think you'd want me like that anymore... seen it all before and everything... nothing special... now even less so..." she felt over the shower until she found the control that would shut off the water.

<Christopher> "Just cuz I've seen it doesn't mean it's not special. You're still gorgeous. We just wanted different things back then." Chris shifted a little but still helped her out of the shower and got her a towel.

<Greer> She wrapped the towel around herself, "I used to wonder if we could have worked it out somehow..."

<Christopher> "Maybe..." Chris hesitated a little, maybe they could work things out. "I know I've always been pretty stubborn." His hopes were starting to rise a little, he did still have feelings for Greer. That much was obvious by how he protected her from the agents.

<Greer> "Yep... and I'm unpredictable..." which wasn't entirely her fault, the feral wasn't very forgiving. She stepped back to the shower to wring the water out of her hair.

<Christopher> "Feral side mad at me for leaving...?" Chris hung his head a little. "Though I'm guessing you weren't too happy about it either."

<Greer> "We were both pretty mad... but I can let it go..." She looked down at her bare feet, "Uh... have you got something I can put on? Just for temporary?"

<Christopher> "Yeah, I was going to ask if you wanted to borrow something of mine." He opened the door and ducked out quickly so he wouldn't let in too much cold air and came back after a moment with something for her. "Think she'll ever forgive me?"

<Greer> "I guess that depends.... you know she's more about deeds than words..." She pulled the shirt on then used the towel to wrap up her hair so it wouldn't drip everywhere.

<Christopher> "Well then I think I should get brownie points for rushing in to save the day." Chris smiled a little. "I'm sorry I wasn't there to protect you sooner...." His self destructive nature showing in the second comment.

<Greer> "Well you left... can't protect me when you're not there..." She headed for the door, "There wasn't much hope for me when it went bad anyway... my job..."

<Christopher> Chris sighed, "I'm sorry Greer. I should have stayed and we could have talked shit out." Now he felt completely responsible for what happened to her.

<Greer> "It probably wouldn't have helped... it's okay..." she offered him a small smile, feeling her way back to the bed to sit down.

<Christopher> Chris sat down with her again. "It took me a long time to get past missing you. Took someone else to fill that void, guess that didn't work out well either." Chris feigned a laugh.

<Greer> Feeling chilly under the light shirt, she shifted back into her furry form, curling her tail around herself, "I'm kind of curious to meet this person."

<Christopher> "I'm sure you'll bump into each other eventually." Chris was slightly scared at the thought of those two bonding.

<Greer> "How will I know if it's her?" she reached up to start gently toweling her hair.

<Christopher> "If that's an attempt to get me to introduce you to her I'd rather not..." Chris watched her for a moment."Greer...?"

<Greer> "I'm just curious..." she smiled a little, cocking her head on one side at the questioning tone, "Yeah?"

<Christopher> Chris started to say something then decided against it. "Nothing, ya know curiosity killed the cat."

<Greer> "It's okay, cats have got nine lives."

<Christopher> "Damn, kinda wish I was a cat now. I've just been scraping by the skin of my teeth."

<Greer> She giggled, "The healing factor's a cheat code, you'll do just fine without the fur and claws."

<Christopher> "Yeah claws look better on you than me. I looked pretty monstrous..." Chris smiled at her giggling. "Forgot how cute you could be babe."

<Greer> She shook her head, "You didn't, you just wanted to ignore it."

<Christopher> "Maybe." Chris absently ran a hand down her tail.

<Greer> Her tail curled and swished at the contact, "Maybe, my ass."

<Christopher> "Your ass is definitely cute." Chris kicked his shoes off and pulled his feet up on the bed to get comfortable.

<Greer> She made a rude noise and swatted him with her tail, "So... I guess I should let you call someone now..."

<Christopher> "Yeah, don't really know who I should call but I can figure something out. Sorry, hard not to just sit here and flirt like I used to...." Chris didn't want to call anyone yet, but she was right, he should probably make sure she wasn't in trouble.

<Greer> "Well I was just thinking I probably need to get my own room or something, right? Just... tell them no one that smells of doctory stuff..."

<Christopher> "Yeah I'm sure they can handle that. If not, I can just ask them where they want you." Chris chewed his lip contemplating whether or not to say anything. "Think we can talk more later? I missed it a lot more than I realized until now."

<Greer> She nodded, "Sure... I just need to get somewhere I can get familiar with... gonna take me a while before I want to leave though so someone'll have to bring me food...."

<Christopher> "I can do that if you want. Be like old times. Sucks that all this had to happen to get us to talk to each other again...."

<Greer> "Yeah..." she chewed her lip, "It'll get better though..."

<Christopher> "Yeah, shit'll be back to normal in no time. You want to take a nap while I figure out everything for you?"

<Greer> "Sure..." she crawled into the middle of the bed and curled up, "Might be the best sleep I've had in a while."

<Christopher> Chris pulled the blanket up over her. "I'll find something to do if you're still asleep when I get back."

<Greer> "Okay..." she smiled a little, "Thanks, Chris... I appreciate this..."

<Christopher> "My pleasure Greer. " He leaned down to give her a kiss but stopped himself. "I'll be back in a little bit. Maybe I can get an early meal for you too."

<Greer> "Meat, lots of meat." She sensed his closeness and pulled him down for a hug. "You know what I like."

<Christopher> Chris hugged her back gently. "If it's not still mooing take it back?" He teased.

<Greer> "Exactly," she grinned fangily and kissed his cheek, "See you later... don't be too long, okay?"

<Christopher> The kiss made him blush a nice shade of red as he pulled away. "Get some rest Greer, I'll be back I promise."
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Re: Whatif...? The Sentinels Won

Post by Slarti » Sat Dec 13, 2014 7:25 am

<Paige> With Ripley having a sleepover with the twins, Paige was definitely bored. She had cleaned up their living space entirely, put the clothes to be laundered. Toys put away and fresh sheets on the bed completed all the cleaning that needed to be done. With no kitchen, it seemed to take hardly no time at all. Then she was stuck. Nothing to do.... and she was alone. She swallowed and looked for a blanket.

<Paige> Maybe she could watch a movie or something.

<Bobby> He needed to go home, so he did, remembering in the hall that he needed to act more human. Shifing from vapor to his human ice form, Bobby realized he had no keys and so he had to knock on his own door. Well, fuck. After a moment, he did so, remembering at the last minute -- Shave and a haircut...

<Paige> The rhythm of the knock caught Paige's attention more than anything. She dropped the blanket and made a dash for the door. She smiled as she knocked back twice before answering it. "Hey babe!"

<Bobby> The answering knocks made him laugh, and he grinned when she opened the door. "Hey hey, babymomma!"

<Paige> Laughing, Paige rubbed her stomach a little. "Baby daddy, it's a good thing you're here. Your baby baby is excited!" She moved aside to give him plenty of room to get inside.

<Bobby> Her hand on her belly caught his attention and he locked up for a second, then shook himself and went inside. Wow. She'd been busy. "Look at you... it's all clean!"

<Paige> "Yeah... Ripley wanted a sleepover with the twins. I didn't know what else to do with myself," she admitted, closing the door behind him.

<Bobby> He wasn't sure if he was relieved or disappointed that Ripley wouldn't be home tonight, then decided it was for the best. "Sorry... I lost track of time."

<Paige> "What do you have to be sorry for? You're here." She eyed the blanket she had dropped. Well this sucked. She assumed the position to reach down and pick it back up.

<Bobby> Bobby winced the whole time she slowly moved down and then back up. The ice creaked as he shifted uncomfortably. "Yeah... for all the good it does you."

<Paige> "Bobby..." she started, sighing and easing down onto the couch. "Don't. Just... don't."

<Bobby> "Sorry..." He shuffled again.

<Paige> "We're both alive and we're together. Most here don't even have that much." She covered herself with her blanket, settling back on the couch to rest.

<Bobby> "I know," he said quietly. After a few minutes of consideration, he formed an ice chair to sit down a safe distance from her.

<Paige> Silence filled the room, filling it with an awkward stillness. Paige hugged herself a bit, struggling with what to say. "So um. How was uh, how was your day?" Why was it so hard to talk to him?

<Bobby> "Fine... I did some stuff... like, for Viper, I mean. Job stuff." He was at least useful for that. "I-I-I see you, um, cleaned..."

<Paige> "Some... stuff?" Paige questioned, but figured it wasn't something she wanted to know. "Yeah, I uh, I cleaned. Don't tell my doctors. I'm still on leave."

<Bobby> "Don't... well you know what you can do and what you can't, I mean, but.. just be careful, yeah?"

<Paige> "It's hard to just sit. I guess that's why you don't stay all night. Staring at walls can only last for so long."

<Bobby> Bobby frowned and looked at the wall, then down at the floor. She was right and he just needed to shut up.

<Paige> "I took lots of breaks... does that make it better?" She offered.

<Bobby> "I'll take less breaks... does that make that better?" Bobby only looked at her briefly.

<Paige> "You're here when I go to sleep... and usually when I wake up. I can't really ask for more."

<Bobby> "I'm trying, Paige..." He was squirming now.

<Paige> "I'm not complaining!" She told him, getting frustrated, and putting her hands over her face.

<Bobby> "Oh! Oh..." And now she was upset. Oh, shit! Was she crying? "I-I-I'm sorry, babe... it just... I just... fuuu...er...udge."

<Paige> There was no point in hiding her tears, as she was used to crying multiple times a day. "I have to pee," she sighed, trying to push herself up and escape the blanket at the same time.

<Bobby> He got up before he could think better of the attempt, then stalled. Well.. maybe he could help with the blanket... Bobby snatched the nearest, smallest edge and pulled it away from her.

<Paige> Paige jumped a bit, slightly surprised she didn't pee on herself. "Well um.. Thanks!" She smiled at him.

<Bobby> "You're welcome," he laughed, despite himself, then moved aside so she could go to the bathroom.

<Paige> It took way longer than a normal trip to the bathroom, but Paige finally reappeared from the bathroom. "I bet I'll be back in there in about, hmmm, ten minutes," she laughed.

<Bobby> "Okay," he laughed, hoping it didn't sound too creepy. "Well, I'll still be here."

<Paige> "Well good!" She laughed, making her way back to her seat. "Have you um... have you... well." She tucked a bit of hair behind her ear. He sounded in a good mood... right? "Have you seen Sebastian?"

<Bobby> "Yeah, a couple days ago. Hope's been healing him, and he looks... better." Bobby returned to his ice chair.

<Paige> She twirled a bit of her hair nervously, chewing her lip at the same time. "Yeah? I haven't been to see him... since..." since Jess forced her in there and she about punched her to get out of that room.

<Bobby> "Well, yeah... I know you always liked him. He was... is your friend." Her expression broke his heart, which both surprised him and didn't.

<Paige> "But you never liked him. So I wasn't sure." She fiddled with her fingers a bit, pretending to be interested in the corner of her blanket.

<Bobby> No, he didn't, but he'd tolerated him for years and let him be in his wedding, after all. "You wanna go see him? Let's go see him." He rolled his head toward the door.

<Paige> She immediately started crying again, nodding and smiled. "Yes I want to go see him!" She wiggled her way back out of the blanket to get back to her feet.

<Bobby> "I hope this is the better kind of crying?" He totally wasn't sure at all anymore.

<Paige> Paige nodded, laughing a little as she wiped her eyes. "Don't worry yourself with the tears. Seriously. Everything makes me cry. Everything." She waved him off a little, heading to the door.

<Bobby> "Lint? Does lint make you cry? Dust bunnies? Crayons?" Bobby dissipated his ice chair and opened the door for her, since that was about all he could do.

<Paige> "Awww crayons...." that did start her up again. "Ripley is so cute with her little crayons and her coloring book, coloring pictures of me looking like a whale."

<Bobby> His mouth fell open. "Not, like... an actual whale, right?"

<Paige> "Well noooo, but I'm huge!" She gestured to herself.

<Bobby> "It's all baby, baby." He shook his head, noticing the halls cleared for them on the way to the medical area.

<Paige> "Your baby baby," Paige giggled at him, longing to reach out and touch his hand.

<Bobby> The giggle made his heart melt, but unfortunately it was in the figurative sense. Soon, they reached their destination. "Well, no lurking Jess outside this time..."

<Paige> "Jess has been lurking?" she asked, hopeful to run into her again.

<Bobby> "I found her just sitting outside his room the other day." He shook his head, still regretting what he'd done to her. Now at Shaw's door, he opened it, and it creaked ominously.

<Paige> Paige waited nervously, resting her hands on her stomach. "Is it safe?"

<Bobby> "What do you mean safe?" He laughed. "He's not, like, naked or anything."

<Paige> "Well that's not... I don't know! I would hope he's not naked," she laughed, moving to enter the room.

<Bobby> Bobby grinned at her and took a position at the other side of the bed. "See, all covered, in that real flattering hospital gown." He cocked his head and actually looked at the occupant of the bed. "He looks better... but, kinda... fuzzy."

<Paige> "Oh Sebastian..." Paige's heart broke a bit. She went into doctor mode, checking his monitors and vitals.

<Bobby> "Jess was... well, she wasn't optimistic, let's put it that way." He crossed his arms, watching both Paige and the still man.

<Paige> "Mmm I can see why..." she told him as she flipped through his chart.

<Bobby> "That bad, huh?" Bobby looked up at Paige with a sympathetic wince.

<Paige> "It's not great," she admitted, closing the chart. "If he wasn't getting an extra boost of healing..." she trailed off, swallowing hard. She looked down at Sebastian with a sad expression. "The least I can do is shave his face. Maybe his wife would come see if he didn't look like a mountain man."

<Bobby> Bobby wasn't at all sure how he felt about this.

<Paige> Paige just happened to look over at him, possibly for approval.

<Bobby> He finally noticed the silence and looked up at her.

<Paige> "Or you could order an intern to do it. You can order them around right?"

<Bobby> "If you wanna help him..." He shifted uncomfortably, then nodded. "At least you wouldn't nick him or anything... it'd be better if it's somebody who... well, you know, cares..."

<Paige> She gave him a soft smile. "Thank you, Bobby."

<Bobby> "Hey, he's your cookie, you can..." Well, watch him crumble was kinda morbid, wasn't it? He shook it off. "I promise not to draw any penises on his face when you're done."

<Paige> Laughing heartily, Paige wished she could kiss her husband. "I can shave him tomorrow. How about we go for a walk today?"

<Bobby> I'm only mostly dead. I feel fine. I think I'll go for a walk. Shaking his head again to clear that thought, he smiled. "Sure, let's go."

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Re: Whatif...? The Sentinels Won

Post by Svartfreja » Sat Dec 13, 2014 7:54 am

<Pietro> Pietro liked building things, he was good at it. And he was almost done, just a few more big pieces and tightening some screws and then it would be ready for programming. He'd been at it for a few hours, checking and rechecking everything was in the right place before he connected them.

<Illyana> The life of a glamorous agent brought Illyana back home after her mission. She didn't have to go out on many missions, spending the rest of her scheduled hours as a nurse in the medical lab, but when her skills were needed, she went. Today had been rough, but they all made it back home.

<Illyana> She did manage to run a brush through her hair after her debrief. Feeling halfway presentable, she went to find her husband in one of the many labs so they could collect their children and have dinner. Her stomach rumbled just a little, causing her to shh it. She was hungry. The first lab was a no. Second lab was a no. She paused at the door to the third one. Bingo!

<Pietro> Pietro looked around for Hope, wondering if she wanted to do the honours of fastening the last piece so she could say she did some work... nope. Nowhere in sight. Her loss. There was, however, a blonde in the doorway. Was it lunch time already?

<Illyana> Illyana smiled at her husband, moving across the room to wrap her arms around him. "Hello Peeto."

<Pietro> He finished tightening the last screw then returned the hug, "Hey," he pressed a kiss to the top of her head, "Look what I built today."

<Illyana> Smiling still, she looked over at his project, snuggling into him. "It's amazing! You did this all by yourself?"

<Pietro> "Yes... because it's faster." He gave her a squeeze, "How was your day?"

<Illyana> Her smile dropped a little. Knowing better than to hide that fact, she leaned up to kiss him softly. "We all came home. So it went well."

<Pietro> "Good," he rested his forehead against hers, glad she hadn't lost anyone today. "So.... lunch?"

<Illyana> "Actually, sweetheart... it's dinner time." She stroked his cheek gently. "But yes. I am very ready," she told him, smiling.

<Pietro> "It is? Damn... totally lose track of time with no windows."

<Illyana> "If you could keep track of time, what would you need me for?"

<Pietro> "Being my beautiful wife and mother of my kids, duh," he bopped the end of her nose with a finger.

<Illyana> She laughed again, taking his hand in her own. "And I do that job so very well," she added.

<Pietro> "You do! Which is good because I'd be terrible at it... I wouldn't look nearly as good in that uniform, for a start."

<Illyana> Illyana struck a pose for him, grinning. "I think you'd look fabulous! You're a great superhero."

<Pietro> "I'm a better scientist," He wrapped an arm around her and gave her a squeeze.

<Illyana> "And an even BETTER husband," she assured him, keeping close. "I think we need ice cream and cake for dessert today. What do you think?"

<Pietro> "You know I'll never say no to either of those things - they're full of sugar." He looked around for Hope again. Nope. "Seems like my boss left already... guess I'm allowed to clock out."

<Illyana> "I deem it ok!" She laughed, pulling him gently toward the door.

<Pietro> "Woohoo! To the cake! I want dessert before dinner... and after dinner... maybe also during dinner..."

<Illyana> "I'm also going to require three desserts then. Otherwise that's not fair," she gave him her very best cute pouty face.

<Pietro> "You can have all the dessert you can eat and I will eat what you can't. There will be no leftovers." He was so hungry now that he thought about it.

<Illyana> "I like this arrangement!" She laughed, moving so she could take his hand and swing it as they walked.

<Pietro> "Me too, I get so much candy!" He caught her on an upswing and twirled her, "If only I didn't have to share all the candy with another speedster..."

<Illyana> Illyana twirled gracefully for him, falling back into rhythm with him. "But a very cute speedster. Who loooooves her daddy."

<Pietro> "Because her daddy spoils her rotten and is ashamed of himself for it," Pietro nodded sagely.

<Illyana> "Should never be ashamed of spoiling her... when she behaves." Which wasn't all the time.

<Pietro> "I just can't say no to her... it's a willpower thing. I have none."

<Illyana> "Oh yes you do!" Illyana laughed, tickling him. "You told me no until I wore you down!"

<Pietro> "... That's completely different," He squirmed, tickling her back, "I was trying to avoid jail."

<Illyana> "You didn't think I was pretty enough," she teased, laughing and squirming.

<Pietro> "You were so pretty... still are," he caught her around her arms and lifted her off her feet, spinning her around. "I'm glad you wore me down."

<Illyana> "Me too!" She wrapped her arms around him, kissing him again happily. "I love you so very much. I can't imagine my life without you."

<Pietro> "I can't imagine mine without you either," which was why he hated when she went on missions.

<Illyana> She rubbed her nose against his. "Good thing we don't have to imagine it."

<Pietro> "Yeah..." even though, lately, it was hard. There was a lot of bad news coming in from everywhere.

<Illyana> "Everything alright?" She asked, brushing his hair with her fingers.

<Pietro> He nodded, catching her hand to kiss her palm, "I just worry about you."

<Illyana> "I know," she told him softly. She moved closer to him, closing her eyes and breathing him in. "I don't like it either. But we all have a job."

<Pietro> He wrapped his arms around her and held her tight against him, "I just wish yours didn't involve going out there."

<Illyana> "Me too," she admitted in a whisper. "I don't know what to do about that though. I'm pretty sure she wouldn't send me if she didn't have to. It's only select missions I'm sent on." She took her time, not caring if anyone saw them in the hallway.

<Pietro> Pietro didn't care either - plenty of couples hugged in hallways these days, largely because they didn't want their children to see them distressed. "There has to be another way..."

<Illyana> "I'm not talking to Viper..." Illyana told him quickly.

<Pietro> "Then I'll talk to her, it's not like she can shoot me if I piss her off - she'll miss.... which would probably piss her off more..."

<Illyana> Illyana bit her lip a bit. "I don't want you being shot at either," she reminded him.

<Pietro> "I can dodge a bullet, no problem," he waved it off, "I have matrix powers."

<Illyana> A wrinkled nose greeted him. "Well. If you are sure you will be ok..."

<Pietro> "I'm positive... besides, she needs my brain, it's no good to her splattered on a wall somewhere."

<Illyana> She shuddered a bit. "I guess you're right."

<Pietro> He cuddled her, pressing a kiss to her temple, "Don't worry about me, Illyana. I'm as safe as it gets."

<Illyana> "Of course I'm going to worry about you. I'm pretty sure that was one of our vows," she teased him, smiling.

<Pietro> "Well... maybe not specifically but I get it. It just means we love each other."

<Illyana> "Very much so," she confirmed, her stomach rumbling to remind them of where they were headed.

<Pietro> Pietro looked down and laughed, "Someone's doing impressions of me."

<Illyana> "I used my powers a lot," she explained, laughing.

<Pietro> "Then let's get the kids and have some food as soon as possible."

<Illyana> "Do we have to feed our children?"

<Pietro> "I'm pretty sure we'd be called bad parents if we didn't?"

<Illyana> "Darn," she took his hand playfully. "Good thing we like them."

<Pietro> "Yes..." he nodded, starting down the hall again to take her with him, "Besides, if we went without them, they'd just teleport in anyway."

<Illyana> "And run all around us demanding to know why they didn't get dessert first too." Illyana sighed. "They are your children."

<Pietro> "You can't blame it all on me... that's not fair," he pouted.

<Illyana> "Oh but I can!" She laughed. "When they are good, they are my children. Bad... yours."

<Pietro> "Well that's just not fair at all," he picked up his wife and put her over his shoulder, "I think we'll have to talk about this in greater detail."

<Illyana> "HEY!" She laughed, struggling a bit. "I can walk on my own!"

<Pietro> "Nope!" Pietro grinned, checking the length of the corridor before securing his hold and making a quick dash to his own lab.

<Illyana> "EEEEEEEK!" Illyana squealed a bit, holding onto him.

<Pietro> He set her down in the office then opened the blinds to the lab, "Surprise for you." There was still a lab beyond but the walls were no longer visible. They were buried under a layer of drawings, all of the twins in a kind of timeline with the odd picture of Illyana.

<Illyana> "Ohhhh wow." Illyana stepped away from her husband to get a better look at the pictures. "Did... you do all these?" She asked, looking back at him.

<Pietro> "Yeah... over the years, you know?" He moved to stand just behind her, "Good to have reminders why I do these things when I feel like giving up..."

<Illyana> "I get it," she told him softly, pulling his arms to wrap around her.

<Pietro> He obliged, resting his cheek against her head, "So, even when they're bad... they're still pretty awesome. I don't mind if you say they're only mine then, I'd take them over anything any day."

<Illyana> "Awwww I was just being silly!" She kissed on him a bit. "I love you. And them. With all that I am."

<Pietro> "I know," he gave her a squeeze, "But I wanted you to see anyway."

<Illyana> "I'm glad you showed me." She squeezed him back as best she could from that angle. "It's my new favorite place."

<Pietro> He smiled, "You can come here any time you like." He loosened his hold on her, "Let's go and get some food now."

<Illyana> Laughing again, Illyana shook her head. "You and your stomach!" Hers seemed to rumble on cue.

<Pietro> "I'm thinking of yours too," he leaned down to kiss her, "Come on."
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Re: Whatif...? The Sentinels Won

Post by Slarti » Sun Dec 14, 2014 5:17 am

<Hope> At first, Hope was in disbelief of the news on the television. There was no way that anyone could have gotten through the bodyguards and the secret service. But there it was, looping on all the news channels as the country watched in disbelief. Tony Stark... assassinated.

<Hope> Unsure of how long she wandered around the base, Hope found herself back in the medical lab at Sebastian's door. She slid her black ballet flats off of her feet and held them with two fingers at her side. Crossing the room, she dropped the shoes to the ground at the foot of the hospital bed, curling up in the chair beside it.

<Hope> For sometime she was silent, resting her elbow on the arm of the chair and her chin on her fist. Eventually, she found the words to tell Sebastian the terrible news. "It happened again. Someone else is dead."

<Hope> The first tear didn't bother her too much, but the second one got wiped away. She looked down at her fingernails, touching and playing with them just a bit. "They got Tony." She fell silent again, finally glancing up at him. "I don't know how this is ever going to be okay."

<Hope> Wiping away another stray tear, annoyed with it, Hope sniffled. She put her cheek back on her fist, resting her arm on the arm of the chair again. "And you're just... there. They got you too. They get everyone. Sooner or later."

<Hope> She stared at his still form, shifting to press both hands to her face. "I should have saved him. I should have been with him." She played with a bit of her red hair, feeling even guiltier. "I should have been with you too."

<Hope> "Either one of you two would be better at this project than me." Her hands dropped to her lap limply. "But you're the only dad I have left... which means I'm really an orphan now. Again. For real this time." She choked on the words as the sobs began. She climbed on the bed, careful of the wires, and lay her head against Sebastian, crying against him.

<Shinobi> It wasn't lost on him that he spent more time checking on Sebastian than his own wife, considering he'd once hated the man and plotted to kill him. When he heard a familiar voice in the room, however, he stopped outside the door.

<Hope> Hope could do little else other than just cry. She knew Sebastian probably couldn't hear her anyway, but dammit, it was the closest thing she had. He was always a bit more of a dad than Tony was, but now she really didn't have either of them.

<Shinobi> It wasn't Sebastian, because his monitors still beeped regularly. He wanted to go to her, but perhaps she wanted to be left alone. In the end, he sighed to himself and went in. "Hope?"

<Hope> She sat up a bit to look at the door, at who was talking to her. "Tony's dead," she whispered.

<Shinobi> "Oh." Once again, as one of the weapons who'd once been sent to kill him, his reaction now surprised him. "I'm so sorry, Hope." Moving into the room, he brushed her hair back from her face.

<Hope> "I wasn't there... I wasn't there to save him. The only blood family I have and I wasn't there!" Her hands shook as she fought to try and regain some form of composure.

<Shinobi> "I'm sorry," he repeated, looking over to his father for help that wasn't coming. "Considering the current state of affairs, you couldn't be with him, right?"

<Hope> "That's why I'm here and not with him. I can't even go to his funeral!"

<Shinobi> "I know." Shinobi wasn't sure what to say, so he just kept stroking her hair and holding her.

<Hope> "You don't have to do this," she told him softly.

<Shinobi> "But I want to, so I will," he smirked slightly. "Although, I may suggest you get out of Sebastian's bed at some point."

<Hope> Hope glanced down, realizing she was indeed in his bed. Or on it. Face flushing in her dilemma, Hope carefully slid down to the cold floor. "Yeah..." She flipped her hair back over her shoulder as she looked up at him. "You want to be here while I'm a blubbering wreck?"

<Shinobi> The floor wasn't exactly what he'd intended, and his alarm showed when he dropped into a crouch beside her. "We do have chairs," he reminded her.

<Hope> "Chairs are overrated." She mumbled, trying hard not to cry again. She touched his cheek, biting down on her lower lip. "Thank you..."

<Shinobi> "Of course," he said, deciding to just join her for now. Carefully, he levered himself to the floor and curled himself around her.

<Hope> It was all she needed to hold onto. "It's dangerous around me, Shinobi. And this isn't an emo, woe is me. This is serious."

<Shinobi> That made him snort. "Now you sound like Jess."

<Hope> "Yeah well, we used to agree on that." She wiped her face a bit. "Maybe it's just part of being a mutant. Or, or something. Or maybe she and I both have a target on us, and Sebastian is only alive because they canceled each other out."

<Shinobi> He glanced up at the bed, though all he could see was a rumpled blanket and the side of his father's motionless hand. "That makes me worry that I overbalanced that equation then, since I wouldn't call that exactly living."

<Hope> "No... but he's still breathing. He's still here... I don't know about mentally. I... I could look. I should look. I'm just scared to know." She rested her head against Shinobi, calmed by the close contact.

<Shinobi> "Well, don't do anything that will make you feel worse." He rested his head atop hers.

<Hope> "The outcome has the chance of going either way," she pointed out. "On one hand, I could still have someone I consider family. On the other... I could be..." she cut it off. She wasn't totally alone, but she was close.

<Shinobi> "I know... I do know, what it's like, to be an orphan."

<Hope> "Eighteen years.... for eighteen years I hope for him. Prayed for him. Begged for him.... and I lost him in less than ten. I'm back to being an orphan."

<Shinobi> "I remember years and years of not knowing, and then when I did know, of learning to hate him." Shinobi closed his eyes.

<Hope> Hope fell silent for a moment, thinking. Shinobi was the first person who could trump her in this department. It felt... wrong. "I can look. I will look for you," she offered, pulling away enough to where she could look at Shinobi.

<Shinobi> He searched her face, reluctant. "Only if you..." Finally, he just nodded. This was their best chance, after all.

<Hope> Hope nodded, glancing back at Sebastian. It was time to know. One loss or two. Better to lump it than stagger it. Hope took a deep breath and leaned her head back against the bed. She first tapped into his power. It had been awhile since she had used telepathy. She was immediately flooded by a rush of thoughts from the people around her. She winced, grabbing her head as she tried to focus.

<Shinobi> Not quite prepared for her to do it quite yet, he blinked in surprise and froze in place, not wanting to distract her. He tightened his own mental shielding, although he was far from expert at that particular talent.

<Hope> She was able to focus in quickly. Thankfully Shaw wasn't the best telepath. She only picked up the closest doctors and nurses. They were easy enough to tune out. She felt Shinobi's mind and quickly moved on from it. She settled on Sebastian, scanning the surface. She couldn't tell either way. She pushed into his mind.

<Shinobi> He tried to stay as quiet as possible, attention torn between her face and looking up toward the bed, though there was nothing to see there. Nervous, he ran both palms over his thighs.

<Hope> The mind felt vast, like an empty room. Hope kept pushing, struggling with it. All at once, she saw a house. Small, white... strange. Then she heard her name. She heard her name loud and clear. There was no mistaking it. She opened her eyes with a jolt, dropping the power and jumping back a bit, hitting her head on the rail of the bed. "Ow..." she rubbed the wound carefully.

<Shinobi> "Are you okay?" He was expecting to see blood again, checking her nose. Looking between her and the bed again, he smoothed her hair back. "What happened?"

<Hope> "He said my name." She dropped her hand to place it on his. "He said my name."

<Shinobi> "He did?" He took her hand, grinning brightly now. "He's... there?"

<Hope> "Well he said little Stark. Who else calls me that?!" She asked, somewhat excited... until her name brought her back to reality. "Except... yeah... now..." She tightened her hold on his hand. "Put some scotch in his IV. He'll wake up. His body is probably in shock without it."

<Shinobi> "That would be you," he laughed, getting up from the floor and assisting her up. "If he recognizes you, then he must be okay. Well, relatively." Shinobi leaned on the bedrail and looked closely at his father's face. "So, maybe you can hear me?"

<Hope> "Maybe? I don't know. He knew me though. I knew that much." She pushed off the floor, getting to her feet to poke Sebastian a bit. She eyed him suspiciously. "How much did you hear, old man?"

<Shinobi> "I'm sure he heard the bit about the scotch if nothing else." Shinobi shook his head and laughed again, relieved. Maybe things would work out okay.

<Hope> "He'll probably bitch about me not putting it in his IV," Hope reasoned, looking down at Shinobi.

<Shinobi> "I would gladly listen to you complain all day, father," he admitted, shaking his head and giving Sebastian a more thorough assessment.

<Hope> The cringe was visible. Father? She tried to hide it quickly, but was pretty sure that was not something she would get used to. She started to protest on that argument statement, but realized it was true. She'd give anything to hear Tony yell at her just one more time. Hope had to find a chair. Fast.

<Shinobi> Distracted, he gave Hope a wide-eyed expression and moved to catch her. "Hope?" He wasn't sure if it was delayed reaction from using Sebastian's powers, or... he realized what he'd said.

<Hope> The deep breaths were almost enough to stop the tears. Almost. Vaguely aware that he was touching her, Hope wanted to explain. But he knew already. She looked down at the floor, taking a few more breaths to try and stop those tears. She stared at her toes, counting them. She was not crying again damnit. Nope. Nope.

<Shinobi> "I'm sorry..." She was close to breaking down, and he knew exactly why. Shinobi drew her close to his chest and folded both arms around her. "It's okay."

<Hope> "Not your fault," she mumbled against his chest, holding onto him tightly. It wasn't okay either, but she didn't argue that point. She just cried.

<Shinobi> "I know." He just sighed and held her, bowing his head to rest his nose and mouth against her hair. As badly as he felt for her, for himself, there was at least more than a flicker of hope.

<Hope> At some point, the sobbing ceased, giving way to staggered sniffles as she listened to his heartbeat. She snuggled into him a bit better, definitely calmed by his being there. "You smell good," she blurted out.

<Shinobi> He laughed. "It's called showering, but thanks." Shaking his head, he kissed her forehead.

<Hope> She smiled a little, looking up at him again. "I should probably do that."

<Shinobi> "I could help you with that," he offered, raising a suggestive brow.

<Hope> She smiled a little brighter. A distraction would be nice. She nodded, leaning up to kiss him softly. "I need all kinds of help."

<Shinobi> "Aren't you lucky then that I'm the helpful sort." He smiled and gave her another kiss, then glanced at the bed. "We'll be back to see you later, old man." And to tell Jess the good news.

<Hope> Hope's heart softened a little at the different name for Sebastian. She wrapped her arms around one of Shinobi's, nodding a bit. "I'm very thankful for you."

<Shinobi> "And I'm thankful for you," he said, taking her hand to lead her from the room.

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