What if...? Zombies!

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Re: What if...? Zombies!

Post by Svartfreja » Sun Dec 09, 2012 5:56 am

Carol: Carol glanced over at Bobby as they flew back towards the house. "So. Is this your first time in a helicopter?"

Bobby: "No... when I did my pilot training I went up in one a couple of times." He still wasn't sure how he felt about them, since they weren't as enclosed as a plane. Leaning a little, he looked out.

Carol: "Oh that's right! You're not completely useless," she grinned, "I'm sure it beats being carried around by me, huh?" It was so weird not to have the chatter, she was trying to ignore the silence.

Bobby: Bobby shot her a smirk. "Hey, I have a real license and everything... not that anybody's checking now." Looking at the controls, he decided they were familiar, but not exactly the same... he might be able to figure it out. Or crash it trying.

Carol: "Real? What do you mean real?" she laughed, "Real private or real military?" She glanced at the countryside below them as they flew.

Bobby: "Private. Wasn't even the school training program... I went to a private airfield and learned, got my license before the registration act went through." He stopped himself from poking at a gauge and fiddled with his headset, sitting back.

Carol: "Aha, easy mode." She teased, "No supersonic jets for you! At least not military grade. I know your school has some fancy plane." She set the controls and shifted in her seat.

Bobby: "Yeah, well, what I'm certified for and what I did fly at the school were two different things. Blackbird. Chuck got an old one and got it... a bit upgraded, we'll say." He looked over at her again with a smirk.

Carol: "Mmhmm, that's what I said. Fancy plane. Give me an F22 any day..." she shook her head. "Not big on passengers. That's like... responsibility for lives that I don't want..."

Bobby: "Well, and then we had Darren, who could turn into a plane, so..." He'd been off the pilot list after X-Force, so... yeah.

Carol: "That is... so creepy. I hope someone told him that's creepy." she wrinkled her nose.

Bobby: "All the time, babe," he laughed, then shot her a grin. "Especially when somebody had to pee in him."

Carol: ".... Oh God. That is so many levels of wrong." She squirmed a little in her seat. "I can't even-..." she shook her head. "Ew..."

Bobby: His grin just spread at that.

Carol: "Ugh.... you're an ass. Why did you have to tell me that?!" she gave him a shove.

Bobby: "What?" Bobby laughed, rolling with the shove. "It's true!"

Carol: "I don't care if it's true! I don't want to think about that! It's gross! And now it's all in my head! Seriously! Why would you do that?!" She flailed.

Bobby: Now he was all-out cackling. "Yeah it's gross! We told him that every time! I think the team could be separated by who would absolutely not take a piss, and who'd get a big gulp before the mission."

Carol: "Oh my God! Stop, or so help me I'm going to land this thing and kick your ass!"

Bobby: Bobby hadn't laughed this hard in days, and it felt fantastic, he had to admit. "Oh, as if. Like you could catch me to try!"

Carol: "I totally could!" That was a challenge! She decided she was going to land and kick his ass.

Bobby: He gave her an amused glance, still laughing. Was she serious now?

Carol: She glanced back at him, "If you can run faster than me I'll be impressed." Suitable landing sites were a fun guess with all the snow. "Here. Hold this." She grabbed his hands and put them on the controls.

Bobby: "Who said anything about running?" Wait... "You're serious?" He took the controls, but winced. The fuck? "Carol..."

Carol: "Just don't move it too much." She opened the door, unhooking the buckles and climbing out. The downdraught was a bit of a surprise but she caught herself and set about melting the snow out of the way.

Bobby: "Are you on crack!?" Why were all the women he knew crazy? He had problems with the 'don't move' part as well, considering she'd just climbed out of the moving chopper. There were zombies down there!

Carol: Her head appeared again somewhere level with the floor, "There are cows."

Bobby: "Cows?!" He felt his voice had gotten higher.

Carol: "Yeah, you remember cows? Four legs, horns, moo a lot... produce milk? There's some... do you think we have space for cows?" She got back into her seat and took back control while she moved in to land in the space she'd made. "Also, would you mind leaning out of your door there and telling me whether or not we're level and when we're on the ground properly?"

Bobby: "I guess we do? But we can't keep them in the house!" Bobby looked at her as if she had turned into one of those cows, but unstrapped to check outside. There really were cows... worried ones, in fact.

Carol: "Well obviously we can't keep them in the house," Carol rolled her eyes, "But I've been thinking... if we're going to be there a while and survive properly we need to think about getting livestock or growing our own food.... Not that I have the slightest idea how to look after cows."

Bobby: "Well I meant keeping them outside might be dangerous... they might be zombie bait." Bobby rolled his right back. "And don't look at me - just because I'm from the Midwest doesn't mean I know check or shit about cows."

Carol: "Well if we can't keep them in the house and you don't want to keep them outside the house where should we put them? On the moon?" Once they were down she climbed back out again, "Hi cows!"

Bobby: Bobby followed her out, and yep... cows. "I hope the bull isn't around, though I could use the male companionship."

Bobby: He then thought about this.

Carol: Carol looked over at him, an odd expression on her face as each emotion battled for supremacy. Amusement won. She cracked up.

Bobby: "Yeah, yeah... I just meant too many women..." He waved a dismissive hand and snorted, giving up. "Anyway..." The cows had retreated to the fenceline and he noticed something - dead cows.

Carol: "Mmhmm, too many women. You want some big manly company..." she giggled again, glancing around the field. The cows seemed to have done alright for themselves all things considered. Though normally they'd be in a barn by now probably.

Bobby: "Hush." Bobby poked out his tongue at her and walked through the squelchy ground to a heap of decayed fur... and clothing. "Wow." It was a dead cow, but the cow hadn't met its maker without taking somebody with her.

Bobby: A trampled human corpse lay half under the large animal.

Carol: "Whatcha lookin' at?" Carol said right into his ear as she peered over his shoulder, hovering right behind him.

Bobby: "Gah!" He jumped sideways at Carol's seeming teleportation and slipped in the mud. He recovered, but not before stepping into the ribcage of another human corpse. "Ga-ah-ah!"

Carol: "Okay slip-and-slide." She grabbed the back of his belt and lifted him off the floor, "Before you step on someone else. Don't want you tracking lungs into my new helicopter."

Bobby: "Thanks?" Bobby flailed, then realized that was a bad idea. "Put me down?" He asked it nicely, because well... "Before you damage something Jess likes." He winced. "Please?"

Carol: "Okay but only if you don't step in anyone else." She set him down away from the gore.

Bobby: Recovering his dignity after that was nearly impossible, but Bobby tried. "So," he started. "Cows..."

Carol: "Mmhmm. Cows. Doesn't have to be these cows specifically.... but I think cows are a good move. Or at least... cow."

Bobby: "I don't disagree, actually." Bobby warily watched the cows watching them. They looked a little thin and scruffy, but otherwise like your average cows. "Seems like we'd have to build some kind of enclosure though..."

Carol: "Yeah... there might be some stuff around we can use.... or like a barn nearby we can keep things... like chickens too. I miss fresh eggs..." she sighed.

Bobby: "I've been thinking... we could get those boxcar things from a railyard. Well, you and Rogue could. They're steel. Make a... well like a outer perimeter wall. Nothing undead and walking could sneak up on us then."

Carol: "Yeah.... it'd be worth a shot... if we're really serious about keeping that place long term we should fortify it properly. Not just the house but the space around it too..." She sighed at the half eaten cow. Poor cow.

Bobby: "Yep... especially since we're not having any luck with SHIELD." He sighed and ran a hand through his hair, frowning when he realized it was long enough to tangle from the wind of the chopper.

Carol: "We're obviously not looking in the right places... I've been thinking we should try and hit up the more remote bases maybe not even over here...." She frowned too, "You need a haircut. Badly."

Bobby: Bobby made a face at her and ignored the comment, shoving his hands into his pockets. "More remote, yeah. It's a good idea, but... I'm not really, um, comfortable leaving Jess alone for long periods. Not now."

Carol: "Well... you don't have to come with me. I can go on my own or... I guess I could bring Rogue." She frowned, not sure about that idea herself.

Bobby: "Rogue would be good, or maybe you could take the new girl if you trust her." He started to move toward the cows.

Carol: "Honestly, I don't know if I trust either of them at this point in time..." she ran a hand through her hair. "Never been exactly fond of telepaths..."

Bobby: "Some of my closest friends are... were... telepaths." Bobby edged a little closer to a cow who seemed less concerned about his presence. "Rogue's ... well, I know you've had a bad first impression of her, but she's my closest friend still alive."

Carol: "She threatened me with no gloves a couple of days ago... like right after you and Jess got shot. I found your cheetos and she got all weird.... I can't trust her when she can just throw that threat around like that..."

Bobby: "She did?" Bobby turned so quickly the cow shied back and bumped one of its comrades.

Carol: "Yep. She said she'd strangle me or something and then added that she wasn't wearing gloves right now. Which... not cool. At all."

Bobby: "No... it's not." He frowned, then sighed. "And for the record, you can have some cheetos."

Carol: "Well thanks... I didn't really want them when I found them and it kinda freaked me out that she would threaten that over cheetos... So now I'm thinking I should just... not." She wrinkled her nose.

Bobby: "I scared the shit out of her, I know, and she's been avoiding me... but I didn't know she was that bad." He sighed and ran both hands through his hair this time, grinding the heels of his hands into his eyes. Jeez, Anna.

Carol: "Yeah... she was like... obsessive cleaning crazy when I went back downstairs after I left you with Jess."

Bobby: "Well, that's not so weird... the cheetos thing is plenty weird though." The cow was giving him the eye now, but not running away. Probably since it had figured out he had a pulse.

Carol: "She was scrubbing the blanket when I came down... and like... wouldn't stop even though it wasn't really working. We suggested she leave it to soak and got told that wasn't productive. Eventually though we got her to stop for coffee. Then we just burned the blanket."

Bobby: "Blanket?" Bobby held a hand out for the cow, still a good yard away from her... just in case. He vaguely remembered a blanket... "The one I had?" Oh, shit.

Carol: She nodded, "Yeah... well I assume so... had your blood on it."

Bobby: "Greeeat." He stopped cow baiting to grind his knuckles into his eyes again.

Carol: "Yeah so... crazy is crazy... just so you know...." She chewed her lip, eyeing the cows. "I hope they last long enough for us to build a fence."

Bobby: "Yeah... well if we hustled, we might be able to get up something in a few days. Especially if you and Rogue both worked on it."

Carol: "Yeah... maybe we could get one of those crate thingers and then put some cows in it while we build the fence... I mean, it wouldn't take that long... not really..."

Bobby: "Nope. I say we saddle up and hustle us some cattle." He made a face, thinking about it. "I suppose I could maintain an ice fence for a couple days. They may not like it, but better than being zombie chow."

Carol: "Yeah... well anything is better than that and it's just temporary. Once you built it it'd pretty much keep itself up - temperature's low enough." She looked over at the helicopter, "One thing at a time though."

Bobby: "Yep, one thing at a time." Bobby reached for the cow again, and this time made contact when it didn't shy away, laying a hand on its shoulder. "Doubt Bessie here will like getting picked up and flown either..."

Carol: "Yeah but I don't know what to do about that... unless I got the container first and herded them into it..." This was going to take more planning.

Bobby: "Probably better than getting surprised cow shit all over you." He grinned, gently patting the shaggy cow.

Carol: She laughed, "Oh yeah, anything'd be better than that."

Bobby: "Darren really hated it when people did that." Bobby's grin spread.

Carol: ".... Bobby!" She hit him with a concussive energy blast - just hard enough to make him stagger.

Bobby: The cow bolted with a startled moo and Bobby yelped, though he was still laughing. "Oh you know I had to, babe!"

Carol: "You did not! Oh God, the mental images!" She covered her face with her hands. "Bobby Drake, you're an ass!"

Bobby: Bobby was still laughing, and took the opportunity to retreat back to the chopper, where hopefully he'd be safe from more love blasts.

Carol: Carol sighed and stomped after him, "Bye cows! I'll be back!"
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Re: What if...? Zombies!

Post by Slarti » Mon Dec 10, 2012 3:56 am

<Rogue> Rogue finished whittling the end of her homemade arrows and stood up to try and aim it at the tree she'd picked as a target. She needed a ranged weapon of some sort. Sure, picking up street lamps and swinging them like baseball bats was awesome, but not always practical. And, this kept her away from the house for longer periods of time as she worked on making the bow and arrows. She frowned when it shot a bit to the left of where she was aiming.

<Bobby> It didn't keep her very far away from the house though, which meant Bobby found her easily. Kicking through the snow, he couldn't be assed to use his abilities to get to her faster, besides, kicking snow was kind of fun. A distraction, anyway. "You missed, babe." He paused. "Unless you were aiming for the ground... bad grass! Get that grass!"

<Rogue> Rogue sighed, but couldn't help but give him a mock frown for his teasing. "Ah ain't never used one o' these b'fore. Gimme a break." She went to retrieve her arrow to try again. "Tha grass does deserve a beatin' though... How dare it show up in winter."

<Bobby> "It's the little grass that could, poking up through the snow like a brave toaster." He watched her get her arrow and come back, trying to catch her eye. She'd been avoiding him.

<Rogue> "Those're two completely different stories. Ya know that, right?" She took her stance again, squaring her shoulders and letting out a slow breath before shooting. ...Well at least she actually hit the tree that time... "Damn."

<Bobby> "I know, I just like to see you give me that look." Bobby hadn't really gotten it though. Raising a hand, he peppered the trunk of the tree with ice daggers.

<Rogue> Rogue huffed out a breath and went to retrieve her arrow again, frowning at the ice in the tree. "That's gonna make it harder f'r me, ya know. Mah arrows might break on those things."

<Bobby> Bobby shrugged and dissolved the ice. "Problem solved."

<Rogue> "Thanks." Rogue moved back and took aim again. "How ya feelin'?"

<Bobby> "I'm fine. Caught up on sleep, so I'm really fine," he added with a chuckle, moving closer to her. "How are you?"

<Rogue> "Fine. Been workin' on figurin' out how ta not get so close ta tha brain munchers." She let the arrow fly and knocked off a limb. "Ah cain't get used ta this thing."

<Bobby> "I had to learn how to shoot one of those back in boy scouts, but... yeah. They're hard." Bobby sighed and looked up at the clear sky. "Anna..."

<Rogue> Rogue yanked the arrow from the limb and kicked the fallen stick in frustration before heading back to him, "Bobby." She looked over her bow and arrow, trying to see if maybe she carved them funny.

<Bobby> Fine. He put his hand over hers to stop her bow inspection. "I'm sorry I scared you, but I'm really okay."

<Rogue> Rogue looked down at his hand on hers then finally looked at him. "It's ok. Ain't y'all's fault."

<Bobby> "So are you okay?" Finally she was looking at him. Good.

<Rogue> "Yep. Peachy." She gave him a really bright smile then turned back to inspecting her bow. "Why?"

<Bobby> He raised a brow. "Oh, no reason... other than that you've been avoiding me and apparently going all Lady Macbeth on a blanket..."

<Rogue> Rogue shrugged and took aim again. "Ah was in shock. Ah ain't invincible ta that." She shot the arrow again.

<Bobby> "No, none of us are, but that doesn't explain why you've been avoiding me." Bobby moved in close behind her.

<Rogue> Rogue stiffened as she felt his presence closer than she would like. "No?" She moved away to retrieve the arrow, relaxing once she came back to shoot again, further away from him than she had been when she left. "Okay."

<Bobby> Bobby rolled his eyes skyward and took a few steps in to close the distance, setting his hands on her upper arms to turn her around to face him.

<Rogue> Rogue stiffened at the touch but let him turn her. She kept her eyes trained at a tree over his shoulder. Normally, she would look at the top of his ear, but it was covered by hair too much like Sam's. "Yeah?"

<Bobby> "Look at me." He frowned.

<Rogue> Rogue clenched her jaw and moved her eyes to his. Also like Sam's. Thankfully, not quite, but close enough. "Yeah," she repeated.

<Bobby> Bobby met her eyes, trying to read them beyond her annoyance. "I'm not going to leave you, Anna."

<Rogue> "Ah know. Ya right." She took a breath and stepped back far enough so his hands wouldn't reach her arms anymore. "Ya won't."

<Bobby> He crossed his arms, watching her.

<Rogue> "Ya a smart guy, Bobby. Ya know exactly why Ah've been avoidin' y'all."

<Bobby> He did? "Pretend I'm really dumb then."

<Rogue> "Ah won't let ya leave me. So Ah'm leavin' you."

<Bobby> "Come again?" Bobby was getting the picture by now, but it was so ludicrous it couldn't be right.

<Rogue> "Ah'm breakin' up with you."

<Bobby> Or maybe it could. "The hell?"

<Rogue> "Ah ain't physically leavin'. But emotionally, Ah'm out."

<Bobby> "You..." he started, then stopped. He shifted his weight, scratched his nose, shifted again. "You know it's not that easy, right?"

<Rogue> "Ah do. But Ah've done it b'fore. Just gotta recalculate things a bit since it's different this time."

<Bobby> Bobby started to ask, but closed his mouth. After a moment, he tried again. "Don't."

<Rogue> One of her eyebrows arched in question, "Don't?" Part of her wanted to ask 'Don't what?' Make him say it. But instead, she settled for, "Why not?"

<Bobby> "Because I need you." He was frowning, worried now, and moved in close again.

<Rogue> Rogue broke eye contact then, "Ah'm still gonna make sure ya safe. Ya don't hafta worry 'bout that."

<Bobby> "That's not what I mean, Anna. I need you, my best friend." More worried now, he took her hands, trying to take the bow so she couldn't hide from him anymore.

<Rogue> Rogue held tight to the bow for a minute, then let him take it. "No ya don't. Y'all're gonna be fine."

<Bobby> "You're all I have left too... the only one who really knows me from before." He set the bow aside, propping it against a tree, and before he could think better of it, caught her in a tight hug. "Please, Anna..."

<Rogue> "There is no more b'fore, Bobby..." She was caught off guard at the hug and stiffly returned it. "Ya have someone else who can know ya now."

<Bobby> "Y-yeah, yeah there is. Of course there is." It freaked him out and broke his heart at the same time and he held on, turning his face toward her.

<Rogue> Rogue's eyes closed and she tried to not let him in. "Like what?"

<Bobby> "You were my best man for a reason, Anna." He stroked her hair, feeling himself choke up. "You and me, since the day we met, you've been my best friend... I can't lose what I was, who I was before everything went to shit."

<Rogue> He broke her. She laughed at the memory of being kidnapped to Vegas and the horrible Elvis. Her stiff hug relaxed a bit. "Everythin' went ta shit tha day Rae went missin'. That was 'b'fore', too."

<Bobby> "Well, yeah," he chuckled a little, squeezing her tighter and closing his eyes. "But I kind of meant the zombies, Dollface."

<Rogue> "But nothin' got better b'tween then an' now, Bobby..." She bit her lip, "Nothin's been better f'r me since Sam died. Then Ah dragged y'all down when Rae got kidnapped. Y'all should treat me like Ah'm tha plague."

<Bobby> Though she had a point, he just sighed and kissed her cheek, then pressed his to hers to whisper in her ear. "That's the part of before that doesn't matter anymore."

<Rogue> "Which part? Sam, Rae, or me draggin' ya down with me?"

<Bobby> He smirked. "That last part. I was a big boy; I made my own decision to go there. And we did get Rae back... hopefully she got out and her and Josh are somewhere safe." He gave her another squeeze. "And Sam... he wouldn't want you to be alone either."

<Rogue> Rogue sniffed, trying not to think about it. "Sam was from a big family. He thought even a dustmite shouldn't be alone."

<Bobby> "Yeah, well, you and me are only kids... so we gotta stick together, right?" Bobby caught the sniff and shifted to hold her closer, petting her hair.

<Rogue> "Bobby... We're closer ta thirty than twenty. We ain't kids anymore... B'sides y'all don't need me."

<Bobby> "Not what I mean and you know it. We're family... and family doesn't abandon each other."

<Rogue> "Hence why Ah'm gonna make sure ya protected."

<Bobby> He sighed and just shook his head, turning to kiss her cheek again and staying there, eyes closed. "I won't be if you leave me alone."

<Rogue> Rogue sighed also, her frustration echoing his. "Ah have to."

<Bobby> "Why?" Against his will, his voice cracked again.

<Rogue> Rogue's eyes closed at the crack in his voice. "B'cause. If Ah don't..." She took in a deep breath, trying to still her nerves. "If Ah don't," she tried again, "mah heart won't last."

<Bobby> "I don't understand..." Bobby pulled back to see her face, searching her eyes.

<Rogue> "All Ah see when Ah look at you... Is Sam." She looked down then, not able to look at him. "Ya look more an' more like him every day. An' b'sides that, ya treat me like he did. Which makes mah heart feel like it could take flight... Until Ah realize ya don't mean it." That was harder than she expected it to be. "At least... Not like he did."

<Bobby> It made him pause, then sigh. Jess was right. She was right, and it broke his heart. "Anna..." Bobby had no idea what to say.

<Rogue> Rogue shrugged and stepped back from him. "Ah didn't know until ya pointed it out ta me. Don't worry 'bout it."

<Bobby> "I... feel something too. It's always been there, in a way." He closed the distance again and touched her face, cupping her cheek. "How could I not, when we've always been so close..."

<Rogue> Rogue frowned, confused. "Ah don't understand." She fought to not pull away from him again. Why was he toying with her?

<Bobby> Bobby sighed and stroked her cheek, then let his hand fall. "Anna, you're beautiful and funny and of course I've always wanted you... I'm not stupid. A-and... I've always thought it could be something more than that too." He swallowed.

<Rogue> Rogue frowned at him harder. "If ya sayin' this ta spare mah feelin's, don't."

<Bobby> "I'm not." Bobby returned the frown. "T-this... all is as hard for me to say as it was for you, believe me."

<Rogue> Rogue took a deep breath and met his eyes. "Y'all don't have anythin' ta lose. Ah ain't gonna break you an' her up, so don't worry 'bout that."

<Bobby> He nodded once, an almost-smile on his face, then looked down. "I do love Jess... but you're... just as important to me..."

<Rogue> Well she definitely hadn't expected that. Maybe more like 'I do like you a lot. But not near how I feel about her'. So she wasn't sure how to respond to that. "Bobby..."

<Bobby> "So... I love you, too... a-and I can't lose you," he said, biting down on his lip when his voice cracked again. "Not after Lorna..." His eyes filled and he covered his face with a hand, trying to wipe them away and hide the emotion.

<Rogue> Rogue bit her lip and reached up hesitantly, to take his hand away from his face. "So don't lose me."

<Bobby> Bobby just stared at her. "Jess..." He paused to clear his throat and sniff back the tears. "She told me she wants the baby to have my last name."

<Rogue> "That ain't a bad thing..." She frowned, "Is it?"

<Bobby> "No... but I told her I'd give her my last name too..."

<Rogue> Ah. "Then let me go..."

<Bobby> "She wouldn't tell me yes... or no," he chuckled, shaking his head and confused.

<Rogue> "But ya want to. So let me go." Why wouldn't he?

<Bobby> "I do..." He swallowed hard. "Because... well, it's the right thing to do after what's happened..."

<Rogue> ...That was the only reason? "Okay." She took a deep breath and looked skyward. "Would ya want to if she weren't pregnant?"

<Bobby> "Maybe... I-I d-don't know." Bobby hated to admit it, because... Jess did deserve more, and he did love her. "Not this fast anyway..."

<Rogue> Her stomach did a flip, making her feel sick, but she had to ask this question. "An' what 'bout me?"

<Bobby> He sighed and looked at her. "It'd be you, Anna."

<Rogue> She looked at him then. "It would?" Rogue licked her lips, "But Ah cain't give ya a family."

<Bobby> Bobby shrugged one shoulder at that. "It's... not a good world now for kids." He swallowed hard. "I'm going to do everything I can to keep Jess and the baby safe, and I love both of them, and I'm gonna do my damnedest to take care of them and make them happy... but it's going to be hard..."

<Rogue> "It's not that hard. Ya a great guy..." She chewed on the inside of her cheek and looked over at her bow leaning against a tree, "But ya gotta let me go."

<Bobby> Lips pressed together, he didn't hide it this time when he teared up.

<Rogue> When he didn't do anything, she looked back at him. "Bobby..." Rogue cupped his cheek in her hand. "Ya cain't have both o' us. An' y'all're an honorable guy. It's one o' tha things Ah love 'bout you."

<Bobby> Unable to hold her eyes any longer, he looked away, staring off into the snowy woods.

<Rogue> "Bugsy..." She let her hand drop. "Ya know Ah'm right."

<Bobby> It hurt... intensely. "I'm sorry."

<Rogue> "Why are you sorry? Ya have nothin' ta be sorry f'r."

<Bobby> "For hurting you." He sighed and scrubbed at his eyes. "For always saying I never want to hurt anybody, I always do." Just like this would hurt Jess...

<Rogue> "This ain't ya fault. You didn't hurt me. Ah hurt mahself. Like always." She sighed and stepped in to give him a hug, kissing his cheek. "Ah'm sorry f'r hurtin' you."

<Bobby> Why was he always losing the women he loved? Always hurting them? Always failing them? Bobby held her close and turned his face to hers, nose to nose. Green eyes.

<Rogue> Rogue's heart thudded against her chest as she looked at him. Blue eyes. She wasn't destined to have anyone stay with her. That was why she had kept them at a distance for so long.

<Bobby> It was a bad idea. He knew it was, but... "I'm sorry. Just... just remember I love you, too." Leaning in, he hesitated once, then kissed her.

<Rogue> Rogue's eyes opened wide at the kiss, but slowly fluttered closed and she kissed him back. Her heart was pounding harder as she hesitantly brought her hand up to his hair. Goodbye kiss. So he was letting her go then. Good. But it was so nice and his lips were so soft.

<Bobby> Bobby threaded his fingers through her hair and closed his eyes, hoping she understood and trying to put his feelings into the kiss.

<Rogue> Rogue pressed closer to him, deepening the kiss only a little, taking advantage of the one real kiss they would ever share. She tightened her hold on his hair for a brief moment, then pulled her hand away to cup his cheek, breaking the kiss with a sigh. Keeping her eyes closed, she relished the leftover tingly feeling on her lips.

<Bobby> With a sigh of his own, he took her face between his hands and kissed her forehead, giving her a small, sad smile.

<Rogue> She opened her eyes to meet his, returning his smile. "Don't f'rget what we had, Bugsy."

<Bobby> Bobby just shook his head, watching her give him that look for just a bit longer. Then he let go, backing up a couple of steps to run his hands through his hair then push them in his pockets.

<Rogue> Her heart broke as he stepped away and she let him see it on her face. But only for a moment. She shrugged one shoulder and gave him another smile. "Ah hope she changes her mind. F'r y'all."

<Bobby> "Thanks..." He cleared his throat. "She can't know about this. She trusts me, and... maybe I don't deserve it, but..." Frowning, he looked down.

<Rogue> "Ah hadn't planned on tellin' anybody... If she finds out, Ah won't be able ta cherish it anymore..." She felt her eyes start to water and looked away from him. "Ah... Ah ain't felt like this since Sam. An' it's not a good thing... 'Cause it's just hurtin' both o' us."

<Bobby> He smiled again, until she started to cry. "Yeah... I'll... go. B-back inside. Guess we can't protect each other from each other... but I'll keep you safe, too."

<Rogue> "Ah'm sorry," she said again, lamely. "Ah didn't mean f'r it ta happen." Rogue shook her head, "Y'all keep Jess an' ya baby safe. Don't worry 'bout me."

<Bobby> "Yeah, it doesn't really work that way and you know it." Bobby gave her a nod, then turned and walked away.

<Rogue> Rogue watched him walk away, holding her breath until she knew he was out of ear shot. Then she took in a deep, shuddering breath and went to retrieve her bow, but ended up sliding to the ground, clutching it while silent tears fell from her eyes.

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Re: What if...? Zombies!

Post by Slarti » Mon Dec 10, 2012 7:11 am

He wasn't deaf, so he heard her crying. Turning back would do nothing but prolong things now, so Bobby kept walking. The snow crunched underfoot, and instead of heading back to the house, he followed the treeline to the north.

This was a hell of a mess. Kissing her had probably been the worst thing he could have done, for her. For him, though it broke his heart to see her like this, it affirmed he'd made the right call. Jess needed him more, and he loved her. She was a new beginning for him... and she was carrying his baby.

Anna was just as broken as he was.

Losing track of how far he'd walked, he turned back and checked for the house. It was still well within sight, but the little outcropping of trees where he'd talked to Anna was blocked from view. She'd be okay. Physically, she always was.

Not yet ready to go back – he knew he was annoying Jess with his hovering – he cut into the trees, picking out a path. The idea to fence this area off was a pretty good one, he thought. Even though they hadn't had a lot of shuffling corpse traffic in the area, it was good to be prepared.

Most people would find the cold uncomfortable, but the only thing that bothered him was the wind – it kept tossing his hair into his face. Brushing it back for the tenth time, her words came back to him. Sam. He looked like Sam. It was the fucking curly hair. Well... the hair was part of it, but at least it was a part he could do something about.

Experimentally, he iced his fist and formed a razor-sharp blade, thanking Laura for the inspiration. Lifting his shaggy blonde curls with his fingers, he guessed a good length and sheared. The hair fell to the snow, bits clinging to his clothes.

Impromptu haircut complete, he ran both hands through his hair again to shake out the loose pieces, then bent over and rubbed – hard. He was pretty sure it looked like shit, but the curls were gone.

That was when he heard it – a soft moan. By now the sound was unmistakeable and he shifted to ice, turning in a complete circle to look for the threat. None came.

He started walking again, slowly. The creaking of his ice form and the crunch of the snow underfoot made the moan rise again. This time it was almost unbearably loud and he was glad for this form. Still, the instinct to cover his ears kicked in and he stopped in place. What the fuck was this?

Sean. Ducking, he checked the skies as the sound died out, then rose again, then fell. Oh shit, if this was another concerted attack, they were fucked, and he was out here in the middle of nowhere. Seeing nothing, he started back for the house and was brought up short.

There, half propped against a tree, was a mangled, legless, gnawed corpse. How it was even making sounds was beyond him, but it was. The moans were weaker now, but it clearly heard him. Its unhinged jaw clacked and he gagged, again on reflex.

“Jesus, they made a mess of you...” Bobby straightened up and moved closer. He couldn't even be sure it was Sean, but who else would it be? Bending a little closer, he tried to make a positive identification, but it was impossible. “Sorry, man.” The corpse gurgled and the head swung forward on loosely attached cords, falling over from its own weight and thudding against the exposed ribs. “Ugh.”

Shaking his head, he popped the ice claw again, skewering the creature through the eye. It slumped and he snapped off the ice and left it. Time to go home.

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Re: What if...? Zombies!

Post by Svartfreja » Tue Dec 11, 2012 1:56 pm

Jessica: Jess lined herself up at the end of the longest corridor in the downstairs area. She'd spent a large part of her day doing this and it was still fun. She couldn't help wonder how much more fun it would be with ehanced strength. But anyway... she pushed off the wall with her good leg and whooped, laughing, as she travelled the length of the corridor on the office chair, spinning a little with the momentum too.

Rogue: Rogue climbed in through her bedroom window and sat there for a long moment, her legs hanging from the sill, bow clutched tightly in both hands as she stared blankly at the floor across the room. Why did he have to confess how he felt, too? That just made it harder. And then the kiss. She sighed and put her face against the window frame, closing her eyes. She did love the kiss. But she hated what it meant.

Jessica: She bumped into the wall at the far end, managing to spin herself so it was the back of the chair that bore the brunt of the impact with an impressively loud bang. She cringed. Whoops! Oh well. She turned back around to repeat the trip in the opposite direction.

Rogue: Rogue's eyes opened, hesitantly, at the sound from downstairs. Now what? She hopped down from the ledge and got an arrow ready in the bow, just in case, and then began making her way downstairs. She stepped into the path of Jess' chair as she came to the bottom of the stairs and she caught it quickly with one hand. "What tha hell? Was that bang you?"

Jessica: Jess squeaked and flailed as the chair was stopped suddenly and she almost fell off it. She blinked up at Rogue, "Oh hi!" she grinned.

Rogue: "Hi..." She arched an eyebrow at her. "So... Was that loud bag you? Or do Ah need ta shoot a zombie in tha eye?"

Jessica: "Bang? Oh... yeah... that was me..." her grin turned somewhat sheepish. "Sorry."

Rogue: Rogue relaxed a minute amount at the fact that there was no zombie in the house, but not fully since she was standing looking down on Bobby's current girlfriend. He loved them both, he had said. She had made him choose. So now she had to respect that choice. "It's okay. It just startled me."

Jessica: "I've been messing around all day. Chairs with wheels are way too much fun." She span her chair slowly.

Rogue: Rogue frowned, "Are y'all feelin' alright?"

Jessica: "Probably?" She leaned her head back to look up at her even though the chair was slowing down with her back to the other woman. "I might have had too much caffeine? Or maybe it's the painkillers? I don't know... but whatever it is, everything is terrific fun."

Rogue: The painki--- Shit. Rogue spun the chair so Jess could see her and she knealt down to be eye level. "Jess... Ya shouldn't still be takin' those. Shoulda only taken one, maybe two doses."

Jessica: "But it hurts...." she pouted, "And I'm soooo boooored."

Rogue: "Jess." Rogue pinched Jess' lip a bit so she would suck it back in. "It will kill your baby."

Jessica: She whined a little at the pinch, "I haven't taken that many..."

Rogue: "Ya were only supposed ta take two. Total." She reached down to Jess' ankle. "Ah'm gonna turn it off. Ya gotta flush out ya system or ya baby'll die. It's too tiny ta handle tha amount y'all can. An' if y'all're this loopy, ya baby's brain is probably dyin'."

Jessica: Jess just stared at her, a mixture of horror and disbelief on her face. That couldn't be true... could it? She did know she didn't want her to switch the inhibitor off because then she'd be in a lot of pain again.

Rogue: "Jess. Ah ain't gonna do it without ya permission 'cause it ain't mah place, but Ah am tellin' ya right now, these painkillers are not good f'r it."

Jessica: "But... but it hurts..."

Rogue: "That's what bein' a parent is, Jessica. Sacrificin' yaself f'r ya child."

Jessica: And that hurt more. She bit her lip, bowing her head and squeezing her eyes shut. She wasn't going to cry. She'd lost both parents that way. "O-okay..." she managed to force out.

Rogue: Rogue flipped the switch to turn off the inhibitor then took it off of her. "Good. Now if ya keep ya wounds clean, it won't hurt near as much."

Jessica: "I have a hole in my leg..." Jess reminded her, "No amount of clean is going to stop that hurting any time soon..." She had been good about changing the dressings after all. It wasn't like she had anything better to do.

Rogue: "Ah know ya do. Ah pulled tha bullet out, remember?" Rogue licked her lips and her heart skipped a beat, not expecting to still taste Bobby's kiss there. "Ya hafta live through tha pain gal. Downfalls o' bein' pregnant."

Jessica: "Seems like there's more downsides than upsides..." Her leg throbbed a little because of the awkward position she was sitting in and she shifted slightly, the buzz already gone.

Rogue: Rogue's jaw clenched at that, resisting saying that the upside was she got to keep Bobby. She stood up and handed the inhibitor to Jess. "Only when ya bein' a pessimist."

Jessica: "I'm in pain... it's hard not to be a pessimist... things keep going wrong..." she scrubbed her face with her hands and sighed heavily. At least with her powers on she could fly.

Rogue: Rogue's lips pressed together in a thin line. "Like what?" She managed to make it sound like she partially cared, but she wasn't able to fully keep her irritation out of her voice. Things keep going wrong for her?

Jessica: "People keep getting hurt or killed.... or leaving... and the ones that are left don't get along very well...." she fidgeted with her hands a little.

Rogue: "Ah get along fine with people. So Ah don't know what y'all're goin' on about." She turned to head for the kitchen. "Any requests f'r dinner?" She had to cook. Needed to keep herself busy.

Jessica: Jess shrugged halfheartedly, "Whatever you want...." she left the chair now that she could fly, though it was still a bit of a strain on her leg. "And you don't fight with people anymore... but it doesn't mean you like it."

Rogue: "Ah don't fight 'cause Ah don't need ta. Despite popular belief, Ah don't like ta fight with people. Ah'm just stubborn is all."

Jessica: "That's not what I mean..." she sighed. "I mean you don't like the situation..."

Rogue: "Which situation?" Rogue frowned over her shoulder at her, then went to the deep freeze to get out some chicken breasts to make a marsala.

Jessica: "I mean me and Bobby... that situation." She lowered herself into one of the chairs in the kitchen, stifling a yelp from the pressure on the wound.

Rogue: Rogue's shoulders stiffened and she closed her eyes, taking a steadying breath, while keeping her back to Jessica. After a moment, she turned around with the chicken breasts in her arms. "He's happy. Why wouldn't Ah like it?"

Jessica: "Because I'm not Lorna?" Jess shifted to try and relieve the pressure, "Because I'm not you?"

Rogue: Rogue laughed, "B'cause it's change." She shook her head, "Ah've always taken a long time ta adjust ta change." She stuck the stopper in the sink and filled it with hot water to start thawing the breasts.

Jessica: "How long is it going to take you to adjust to this?" Her tone made it clear she wasn't buying it.

Rogue: "Ah'm adjusted."

Jessica: "Are you sure?" She frowned, "Not going to avoid us anymore?"

Rogue: "Ah'm avoidin' everybody, if ya hadn't noticed. Not just y'all."

Jessica: "So.... that's a no?" She leaned and elbow on the table, proping her head in her hand and watching Rogue. "You dodge questions a lot.... you do it more than I do."

Rogue: "Yeah, well, Ah didn't have a dad ta protect me from tha bad o' tha world'r teach me how ta stay away. Ah was alone."

Jessica: Jess raised an eyebrow, "You think that was protecting me? I sure as hell don't. When he died I was completely alone. Sure I could kill people in pretty much every conceivable way but what good is that when you don't know where you are or where you're supposed to be going? I didn't even know how to hold a proper conversation with someone. You have no idea what that's like."

Rogue: Rogue shrugged, "At least he took care o' ya."

Jessica: "He fed and clothed me and made sure I had an education.... but it wasn't like a lot of other families..."

Rogue: "But it was a family." She frowned, "How in tha hell did we get on this? Ah'm makin' chicken marsala f'r dinner."

Jessica: "No... it was more like a partnership.... at least when I was older... before that it was like... teacher and student... and I got in trouble a lot. I was never very good at doing as I was told... not until after he died..."

Rogue: She pulled out a pot to start making the sauce. "What kinda pasta ya want? Angel hair, fettucine, or regular spaghetti?"

Jessica: She shook her head, "Whatever you want..."

Rogue: "...Y'all're gonna be eatin' it an' y'all're tha one that's pregnant. Gotta make sure ya get what ya want'r tha baby may reject it."

Jessica: "I have no strong feelings one way or the other... what I really want is marmite. And we don't have that.... and fresh eggs..." She slumped forward to rest her head on the table.

Rogue: "Marmite?" Rogue frowned, confused, "What's that?"

Bobby: "It's black mold you put on toast," he offered, deciding to break the ice instead of hovering in the doorway.

Jessica: Jess opened her mouth to reply but yelped instead, in surprise, sitting up again.

Rogue: Rogue's back and shoulders stiffened instantly and she focused harder on the sauce, refusing to look at him. "Sounds disgustin'," she managed to make her voice sound normal even if her body language was far from it.

Jessica: "It's made of yeast... don't make it sound disgusting..." she turned a little in her seat to look at him, her eyebrows going up.

Bobby: Bobby came into the kitchen, an apology to Jess on his lips until she looked at him. "Looks that bad, huh?"

Jessica: Jess just laughed by way of response.

Rogue: Bad? Something looks bad? She whirled around, worried look on her face, expecting him to be injured and finding his hair gone instead. "Needs a bit o' shapin', but it'll do."

Bobby: Giving Anna a nod, he went to the table and sat down beside Jess.

Jessica: Jess fluffed up his bad haircut with a grin, "You should have let me do it."

Rogue: Rogue turned back to the sauce. Maybe it was true for men, too. The getting a haircut after a rough emotional time strategy. He seemed fine now.

Bobby: Bobby grinned at Jess and ran his own hand over his head. "I'll let you fix it, how's that?" He leaned over and gave her a kiss.

Jessica: She returned the kiss and smiled, "It'll do."

Rogue: "Any requests f'r type o' pasta ta go with tha chicken marsala Ah'm makin'? Jess said she didn't care. Ah only asked 'cause Ah didn't want her ta puke it back up."

Jessica: "If I'm going to throw up I don't think it'll be the pasta's fault..." she offered.

Rogue: Rogue shrugged, "Ya pregnant. If ya throw up, it'll be tha baby's fault."

Bobby: "I'm good with whatever you want," he answered, watching Anna's back. "I could just shave it all off, start over."

Jessica: Jess wrinkled her nose, "Please don't..."

Bobby: "No? I could shine my bald head? Sleep in chairs like Xavier?"

Rogue: "Why cain't anybody make up their freakin' minds? Why's it always gotta be mah decision? Ah ain't in a decision makin' mood t'day, damnit," she grumbled under her breath and went to the pantry to fetch all three types of pasta.

Jessica: Jess giggled and gave Bobby a shove, "You can't have any wheely chairs. They're all mine."

Bobby: "Oh yeah? Where's your wheely chair? I wanted to steal it later." He slid his arm around Jess, watching Anna again. "Plain spaghetti is fine."

Jessica: "I left it at the bottom of the stairs..." She put the inhibitor on the table. "I got told off today."

Bobby: "You did?" He made a face and picked up the inhibitor, confused.

Rogue: Rogue came back out with all three boxes, "Ah got it. It's fine." She made her way back to the stove, grabbing another pot for the pasta to boil in.

Jessica: "Yeah... so no inhibitor..." she frowned a little.

Bobby: "Well, guess I don't have to carry you to the potty at least," he smirked.

Jessica: "Uuuuuugh...." she groaned and faceplanted into the table again.

Bobby: Bobby rubbed her back soothingly, still watching Anna.

Rogue: Rogue made a face at the bathroom comment, confused about it, but continued with the pasta, feeling Bobby's eyes on her. After a bit, she couldn't stand it anymore and turned her head just enough to see him. "Any dessert requests, Jess?"

Jessica: "No... well... no... we don't have apples..." she huffed.

Bobby: Bobby looked away, back to Jess. "Craving apples and black mold? Mmm."

Jessica: "It's not black mold! It's not even black. It's dark brown, you know." She prodded him in the chest without lifting her head from the table.

Rogue: Rogue turned back to the pot, sprinkling some salt in with the noodles. "Ah can make a run ta find some real quick. Ah'm sure there's some somewhere... Whatcha wantin'?"

Jessica: "Apple turnover?" She lifted her head a little.

Bobby: Bobby stiffened a little when she suggested leaving. "I, uh... found Sean... by the way."

Rogue: "Well, if Ah cain't find apples, Ah'm sure Ah can find a pre-made turnover somewhere." She gave Jess a small smile over her shoulder, "Come spring, we'll plant an apple tree."

Rogue: Rogue stiffened at Bobby's words, "...What?"

Jessica: "They'd be all moldy by now..." she wrinkled her nose.

Bobby: "Outside... back behind the house, in the woods..."

Rogue: "You stay-- What were y'all doin' in tha woods?"

Bobby: "Patrolling..." He shifted and met Anna's eyes for only a moment before looking down to his hands on the table. "Thinking."

Jessica: Jess frowned, "He was still out there? How had he not got back to the house?"

Bobby: "Well, he didn't have legs..." he frowned, nose wrinkling. "Or arms."

Jessica: "Ugh... Poor Sean...." she flopped back onto the table again and covered her head with her arms.

Rogue: Rogue's eyes closed and she took a breath before turning back to check the sauce. "Did ya take care o' it... Him?"

Bobby: "Yeah, I took care of him." He sighed and went back to rubbing Jess' back, toying with the ends of her hair.

Rogue: "We should bury him."

Bobby: Bobby looked back up to watch her back. "There wasn't much left... I'm not even positive it was him... although it kind of had to be..."

Rogue: "Should still bury 'im." She pulled her gloves off and stuffed them in her back pocket, taking her ring off to put on her necklace, then putting her hair up in a messy bun before going to pull the chicken from the hot water so she could prepare it.

Bobby: He had to fight the urge to get up to play with her hair and tease her into a better mood... they couldn't do that now. Not anymore.

Rogue: "Would want it if it were me. He was one o' us. An' whether it really is him'r not ain't tha point." She got out the cutting board and a knife, starting to slice up the chicken, hands moving without her brain telling them to, not thinking that this was the wrong prep for chicken marsala.

Jessica: "We can do that later..." Jess offered.

Rogue: "Still should be done."

Bobby: "Yeah, yeah we can do that... tomorrow. Daylight." He sighed and put his arm around Jess again, scooting his chair closer.

Jessica: Jess leaned against him and slid her arms around his waist. "Yeah... when we can see what's coming..."

Rogue: "Speakin' o' daylight... Cecilia an' Mayday goin' ta tha school... Ah'm gonna go too. Ah want mah bike back."

Jessica: "They already left... days ago..." Jess frowned.

Rogue: "Ah know. Wasn't gonna go with 'em. Them leavin' just got me ta thinkin'."

Jessica: "That we need even less people in the building?"

Rogue: "That Ah want mah bike."

Jessica: "It can't wait til they come back?"

Rogue: "Ya really think they will? 'Cause Ah don't. Ah want mah bike."

Bobby: Bobby chewed his lip, eyes closed, unsure what to say.

Jessica: "Of course I think they will. They're going to be fine and they'll come back here... May talked about getting the jet too."

Rogue: "Ah'll be gone two days, three at most. Ah can fly there in an hour'r less. Why're y'all so danged worried?"

Bobby: "Because there's less and less of us every day... you shouldn't go alone." He finally looked back up at her.

Jessica: "If you can't figure that out I can't help you." She sighed, releasing Bobby and shifting in her seat.

Rogue: Rogue laughed, "No? Who else'd risk their life f'r mah baby?" She shrugged, tossing the chicken chunks into an empty pan and sprinkling seasonings on them.

Bobby: "I know Vic got you that bike, but it's not worth dying for..."

Rogue: "No, Ah got me that bike. He gave me tha car that Ah built from tha ground up."

Bobby: Bobby sighed. "Still..."

Jessica: "It doesn't matter! It's just a bike!" It was the truck all over again. She got up from her chair, faster than her leg appreciated.

Rogue: Rogue forced herself to stay quiet, biting her cheek instead of speaking. She had Bobby. Rogue needed her bike. She needed her outlet.

Bobby: "Jess, baby, be careful." He started to get up too to catch her.

Jessica: "I'm fine..." she took the weight from her leg with her flight powers. "I'm going to go and lie down for a while..."

Rogue: "Want me ta wake ya when dinner's ready'r just bring some up to ya?"

Jessica: "I'm not going to sleep." She headed out into the hall, "Just call me down... I'll hear it..."

Bobby: Bobby slid his hands into his pockets and watched her with a frown. "You okay?"

Jessica: "I'm fine..." she repeated and headed for the stairs.

Bobby: "I'll come up in a sec, okay?"

Rogue: "Ah'll try ta get ya a turnover, sug." She chewed her lip nervously, knowing that Bobby was hanging around behind. Rogue pushed the chicken around in the skillet with a spatula, making sure it was all cooking through.

Jessica: "You don't have to..." even though she knew he would anyway. She sighed.

Bobby: The tension in the air was super fun, and he sighed too, heading over to Anna to watch her cook. He leaned on the counter, staying a couple feet away.

Rogue: Rogue's chest was tight and she stiffly transferred the cooked chicken to the pot full of sauce. "Thinkin'?"

Bobby: "Well yeah, of course." He glanced toward the stairs, aware Jess could hear them. "Don't go. Just... at least wait a few days, until Carol is done with the cow thing..."

Rogue: Rogue's eyes closed and she let out a sigh. "Ya said y'all'd let me go."

Bobby: "Well not on a potential suicide mission." He watched her face, wanting again to touch her and comfort her as he'd always done.

Rogue: "It ain't. Those things cain't touch me. Ya know that."

Bobby: "Well, Cecilia might be able to, or who knows what mutant zombies could be hanging around there..."

Rogue: She finally looked over at him, reaching out hesitantly to touch his face, "Ah'll be fine. Ah'm always fine, remember?" She let her hand drop and turned back to the cooking. "But Ah'll wait 'til Carol gets done so Jess doesn't have a miscarriage from tha stress."

Bobby: Bobby sighed, sad smile back in place. "Thanks... It'd make me feel better if you had backup." This... was going to be so awkward for a while. "I, um, better go check on Jess."

Rogue: "Yeah..." She belatedly noticed the noodles were boiling and went to turn them down and clean up the mess. "Dinner'll be ready in 'bout fifteen...Ah'm gonna eat in mah room, so just let me know when y'all're done an' Ah'll come clean up."

Bobby: "You don't have to do that. I can do dishes, believe it or not." He just watched her again for a few moments.

Rogue: "Ah want to. Ah need ta keep mahself busy... Things bein' what they are an' such." She pulled a noodle out to test, "Go check on ya gal..."

Bobby: Bobby heaved a sigh and nodded, rubbing his hand over his bad haircut again. Not sure what else to say, he turned to go.

Rogue: "An' have her fix ya hair..." Cutting his hair didn't change how she felt. He looked less like Sam, but she still felt the same. She thought she had the feelings because of the hair... "Ya look like a bad troll doll." That gave her a thought, "If Ah rub ya belly, can Ah make a wish?"

Bobby: It made him laugh and shake his head. "Rubbing my belly just makes my leg kick - like a dog." Giving her a cheeky grin that was only partially forced, he left her to her cooking.
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Re: What if...? Zombies!

Post by Ferguson » Tue Dec 11, 2012 8:16 pm

<Lukas> Running for the truck, Lukas threw himself into it and yanked the door shut. He gripped the seat and took a few deep steadying breaths.

<Fabian> Fabian took off again, knuckles white as he drove away and cut down a few more zombies until the herd was long behind them as they stumbled after. "...so...we're not going there again."

<Lukas> Lukas let out an almost hysterical noise. He buckled himself in and ran both hands through his hair, then covered his face ", god, no."

<Fabian> "...you're still okay, right?" Fabian asked, looking over a bit warily as he did.

<Lukas> The hysterical noises continued as he nodded.

<Fabian> Fabian started laughing, leaning back in the driver's seat and joining Lukas in hysterical noise time.

<Lukas> It took a little while but eventually Lukas' noises settled down. He lifted his face from his hands and wiped at his eyes. "Fabian....I think I'm experiencing a mental breakdown."

<Fabian> "You weren't expecting to get out of this sane, were you?" He asked, laughing more because the very idea of that was funny. "I think we need to find a place safe enough to pull over for a while. I'm in no shape to drive."

<Lukas> " To be honest, I wasn't expecting to make it out of there alive," he shrugged. The idea of some rest sounded wonderful ", times like this are when you wish our little party was bigger than two."

<Fabian> "Maybe we'll get lucky sometime and find hot hitchhikers." Fabian smirked over to Lukas but had to be honest, too. "I didn't really either. Guess we're better at this than we give ourselves credit for?"

<Lukas> "Man all our luck had better stay towards keeping us alive. We need all the help we can get if this proves anything," Lukas sighed ", we...were lucky."

<Fabian> "...okay, yeah, luck does play into it some. There's some skill to it now though." He let another nervous laugh pass, looking for a place to pull off the road.

<Lukas> Lukas nodded a bit ", can't spend as much time killing zombies as us and not get good at it." He looked out at the deserted road ", Fay....can we take a nap?"

<Fabian> "It's either that or go insane." Fabian announced, pushing the back windows to the cab open. "This look like a good spot to you?

<Lukas> "Good as any these days," Lukas sighed and climbed through the cab window. Once through into the back, he started pushing and burrowing the blankets.

<@Fabian> Fabian glanced around, deciding that this really was as good of a place to stop as they had found so far. He grabbed two of his guns, sliding them through the cab window before climbing back himself.

<Lukas> Kicking his shoes off without untying them, he put them close by. He tucked himself under the blankets and curled himself up tight.

<@Fabian> Planting himself on the mattress in the back alongside Lukas, Fabian watched out the windows, rifle still in hand.

<Lukas> Closing his eyes, Lukas clung to his pillow. He was slowly relaxing and the more he relaxed, the closer to a breakdown he got.

<@Fabian> "We're going to want to move again soon." Fabian admitted, sighing and leaning against the side. "They're not going to get here fast but they'll be making their way here."

<Lukas> Lukas squeezed his eyes shut tighter ", I know. I know, I just.....give me a bit. Please."

<@Fabian> "...you okay?" He glanced over to his friend, frowning.

<Lukas> A soft laugh ", no. I..I was almost eaten. Can feel it gripping my leg still."

<@Fabian> "If it makes you feel any better you've definitely not got a hand on your leg." He reached over, patting his back.

<Lukas> He leaned into the touch and pulled his pillow tighter.

<@Fabian> "We're going to be fine." He assured him, turning to face him better.

<Lukas> Rolling over to face him, he watched him. He looked away and then buried his face in his pillow.

<@Fabian> Fabian looked at that for a moment and sighed, flopping down beside him. "If we're killed by zombies because I'm not keeping watch we'll haunt the others."

<Lukas> Lukas nodded and relaxed a bit more. He settled and squirmed closer to Fabian.

<@Fabian> "And if you breakdown on me that would really, really suck."

<Lukas> Not saying anything, Lukas buried his face in Fabian's shoulder ", sorry."

<@Fabian> "It's the zombie apocalypse, I'd be more worried if you weren't close to having a meltdown."

<Lukas> He nodded ", yeah....I can honestly say I thought I'd hold it together better than this."

<@Fabian> "I figured I'd be worse...I'm not exactly meant to be a hobo survivalist. What we need is more people that we can trust."

<Lukas> "The people we thought we could trust were all nuts. All we have is each other," he pulled the blankets over his shoulders.

<@Fabian> "Well...we always knew that, didn't we?"

<Lukas> Lukas nodded and looked out the window over Fabian's shoulder.

<@Fabian> He glanced out as well, glad that for now there wasn't anyone there. "We've got a while still."

<Lukas> "I know," he through the blanket over Fabian's shoulders as well, ducking under them and hiding.

<@Fabian> "Get some sleep, yeah?" Fabian glanced down into the blankets, making sure the bit around him wouldn't mess up with taking a shot.

<Lukas> Sighing, he rolled away and wrapped around his pillow again. "Can try."

<@Fabian> Fabian shifted too, leaning against him. He could at least shoot zombies from here and it'd help.

<Lukas> Taking the comfort where he could, he leaned back against Fabian.

<@Fabian> "We're going to be okay...life might suck though."

<Lukas> He nodded and held on to his pillow ", it's okay."

<@Fabian> He nodded, smiling. "Yeah, it's okay."

<Lukas> "You know.....I hope we find someone soon. Getting lonely," he snorted.

<@Fabian> "...yep, because this is as far as we go, buddy."

<Lukas> "Still not gonna give in to the propositions," Lukas asked as he started relaxing to sleep.

<@Fabian> "Maybe one day, you're just going to have to hope things get worse."

<Lukas> Lukas murmured and fell asleep against him.

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Re: What if...? Zombies!

Post by PanicSwitch » Wed Dec 12, 2012 12:15 am

<Mayday> Still panting for air, Mayday turned around, holding the door still with her arm and a leg and drawing her machete. She slid it through the door handles and backed away as the horde outside banged against it in rage.

<Mayday> "I knew I should have taken the damn window....", she sighed.

<Cecilia> Cecilia began moving as many heavy objects as she could against the doors, which mostly consisted of random appliances scattered about the department store. "Well, that escalated quickly..." she muttered.

<Cecilia> She looked around, drawing her own machete as she did. "Couple dead zombies on the ground, we're not the only ones that've been through here," she said. "Keep your...well, I don't need to tell you..." she whispered hoarsely.

<Mayday> Mayday smiled, "Y-yeah....thanks.", she nodded to Cecilia, "I erm....I think I'll leave the machete there.", she looked back at her weapon, a little saddened to leave it behind, "Seems to be holding them: maybe we can close the security shutters from upstairs.", she slipped her .32 pistol into her hands, "You have a weapon still, right?"

<Cecilia> Cecilia nodded. "I got Vera," she said, patting the shotgun on her back. "A pistol." Tap to the hip. "A knife and a machete. Also got an axe in the car, but I didn't bring it. And if all else fails I've got my forcefields. So no need to worry 'bout me," she chuckled humourlessly. "I'm always packing heat."

<Cecilia> She looked around. "Looks like we can find a replacement weapon for ya pretty easy here, and some other useful shit...stay close." And with that Cecilia began to creep slowly into the store, machete held ready.

<Mayday> With a grin, Mayday followed, sneaking carefully behind her with the snubnose ready, "Are you ok carrying all that? This bow's kind of a pain sometimes...", she adjusted it on her back, rolling her shoulder before raising her weapon again.

<Cecilia> Cecilia nodded. "I might be short but I'm compact, strong. This is nothing compared to what I'm used to carrying. I was on foot for three months before all this...Came outta the Bronx..." She frowned and began grabbing things off the shelves as she talked.

<Cecilia> Batteries, aspirin, energy bars all went into the bag. "Jesus Christ, check this out!" She hissed, eyeing a large spool with chain metal on it. "I gotta get some of this." She began unraveling it quickly. "Do you see any bolt-cutters? We could use some of those."

<Mayday> "Yeah? Hm...", Mayday nodded, "...before all this I was really into games. Used to love 'Left 4 Dead' and stuff like that. Sue and I....", she felt like an arrow had hit her in the heart, "...Sue was....really....", she slowed down, stopping at her own reflection in a shop window and hardly recognizing it.

<Cecilia> "This Sue was a close friend?" Asked Cecilia, busy with the chain. Must be, since they were travelling hundreds of miles just to bury her. "I never had a game console, I grew up real poor. Was born in a slum...it's helped a lot though in the past few months. At least I know what it's like to rough it. Most people were still crying about indoor plumbing in the first week...not I. Not I."

<Mayday> Mayday approached the chain, "Yeah...Sue was. I...thought I had a little thing for her....", she shrugged, "...'guess we'll never know. Excuse me.", she placed a hand on the chain.

<Cecilia> Cecilia raised an eyebrow. "Huh, didn't peg you for a lesbian...well, shows what I know," she shrugged. It didn't really matter to her. Actually it was probably better she was. Then at least there was no danger of her inviting strange men along with them.

<Cecilia> She smirked a little. "Watch this," she said. And in one fell swoop, cut the chain with a small forcefield, quickly gathering it up into a loop and putting it in her backpack. "If we see a zombie I can show you even better. Those fuckers never see me comin'!" She laughed.

<Mayday> The redhead blinked, "Er....ok, next time warn me before you almost take my hand off?", she smirked back at Cecilia, "Maybe if we can find a crowbar around here I can replace the machete..."

<Cecilia> "Sorry," she said, sheepishly. "I get a little bit too excited at times. Too much fire and not enough water, my mom used to say." She moved into another aisle and eyed the bolt-cutters on the wall. "Should be some crowbars around here..."

<Cecilia> Cecilia looked around again, unsettled. "Are you...not getting a good feeling here? 'Cause I'm not. It's too quiet...we haven't run into any undead in here...I get the feeling I'm being...watched..."

<Mayday> Mayday nodded, slowing down her search and stroking the revolver in her hand, "....keep your eyes open.", she watched the aisles carefully, as if expecting something.

<Cecilia> Cecilia nodded and began walking closer to the ground, machete at the ready...hehe...that rhymed. "Always," she agreed. She jumped as a metallic rattle sounded a few aisles behind them. "Goddamnit," she muttered. "This better not be that fucking horde or I'm gonna lose my shit."

<Mayday> "Shh.", Mayday stepped past her, raising her weapon and moving to see over the aisle. There was a loud, raspy breathing coming from the corner, followed by something leaping up and onto the celling, "....that....is gross."

<Mayday> She primed her weapon as the zombie on the celling observed them, a lash-like tongue dripping with some thick, goo-like substance as its waxed over eyes flicked between the girls and the surrounding area.

<Mayday> "....erm....it looks....", Mayday wasn't even sure if there was a word for it, "Get your gun."

<Cecilia> Cecilia was already reaching for Vera even as Mayday said it. "Fuck me hard . Do you think we can just...back away..." ShitshitSHIT. It was a mutant one!

<Mayday> Mayday's eyes narrowed as it seemed to follow them, crawling on the ceiling, "I....am gonna go with no...", she glanced at the back of the shop, "Wanna make a break for it? I can take this....guy? I-is it a guy?"

<Cecilia> "Hell no, I'm not just fucking off while you take on this...thing..." She muttered. "Shall we do the classic fake-out? You lunge at him from the front while I slam him with field from the side?" Oh God...it was drooling slime...that was so fucking gross.

<Mayday> "Yup.", Mayday answered, stepping forward and lunging, releasing a spray of webbing for it's eyes. The mutant zombie screeched a little and used its tongue to block the blast, dissolving it, "Aw, acid spit!? How the hell!?"

<Cecilia> Well, Cecilia had been expecting it to lunge so she could knock it out of mid-air...not for it to stay put and spit acid. "I must crush you," she said in a fake Russian accent, changing her tactics and slamming a field into the thing, hoping to squish it against the ceiling.

<Mayday> Ducking a spray of acid-vomit from the zombie, Mayday raised her gun and pulled the trigger twice, blasting a hole in its forehead. The body dangled loosely against Cecilia's forcefield, "And the beast is dead...", she sighed.

<Cecilia> Cecilia released the shield and let the thing drop all the way to the ground, splattering bit of zombie gunk in the surrounding area. Luckily she wasn't close to the impact zone..."God damn that was disgusting..." She looked up at Mayday. "Since you're up there, do you think we can leave through the window? I'd rather not try the front door-"

<Cecilia> The sound of screeching metal, following by the loud bang of opens being forced open echoed across the floor. Followed by hundreds of shuffling footsteps. "Oh hell no!"

<Mayday> "Well, there goes the door!", Mayday darted to the door, opening the shutter controls and pushing the button down. Her eyes shot to the scene of zombies stalking into the department store after them, her breathing increased as one or two of them spotted her waiting for the shutters to go down.

<Cecilia> Cecilia rushed towards the entrance as the shutters came down. Hm, it was time for one of her favourite games. "Now you'll see why my last group called me the 'Grim Reaper'!" She laughed, sending out a forcefield plane towards a group of zombies at head level. Slicing into the foreheads perfectly and leaving a pile of undead on the floor.

<Cecilia> She took down another with her shotgun as she slide tackled another on the floor, the blast taking off the zombie's head in a violent explosion. "You good?!" She called.

<Mayday> Mayday jumped a little, "Woah, holy shit...", she finished lowering the shutters, stepping back and looking to the back of the store, "That…err….that was pretty badass - but we should probably get outta here..."

<Cecilia> "I subscribe to Badass Weekly," said Cecilia dryly. "But yeah, we should book it. Wanna give me a lift? Or do I have to make a ramp?"

<Mayday> "Wait, what?", Mayday raised an eyebrow, "You wanna go through the roof?", she looked up at the plasterboard celling, "....you think we can?"

<Cecilia> "I don't think, I know . My shield can slice cars in half, it just takes a lot of energy. I got enough right now, so why the hell not?" She said, approaching the other girl. "Unless you like wading through undead. Then you're more than welcome to see me take out more zombies in creative ways," she said. "Just...don't drop me. I'm not fond of heights."

<Mayday> With a sigh, Mayday holstered her gun, "Yep. Ok, we'll do it your way. She knelt down, grabbing Cecilia's legs and lifting her up with relative ease, "Proportionate strength! Has it's perks!"

<Cecilia> "You're pretty useful in general, Anansi," said Cecilia, gripping her tightly and trying not to think of how high up she'd be. "Ready?" She said, peeling back the ceiling's plaster with a drill-like shield. "Should see the sky any minute now!"

<Mayday> Mayday looked to the mesh covering the door as the horde mainstray realized the shutter was coming free, "I don't mean to rush you, but Hastega, damnit!"

<Cecilia> Cecilia didn't bother for preciseness at that. She just slammed in the force field knife as hard as she possibly could, making rubble explode outwards and onto the roof. A huge hole was left in the ceiling. "Gogogogogogo!" She yelped.

<Mayday> With a strained grunt, Mayday launched Cecilia up and outwards, following with a web and a spring-jump onto the roof herself as the horde broke through. She stumbled onto the rooftop, sitting down and sighing, "Jeeeeesus!",

<Cecilia> Cecilia was laughing though. "Goddamn! I said God. DAMN !" She run a small circle, chuckling. "I haven't felt this good in months! I'm telling you, it's nice to be kicking ass for a change instead of running 99% of the time!"

<Cecilia> "YOU HEAR THAT YOU ASSHOLES!" She screamed down at the horde. "You're my bitches now!" She laughed and sat down beside Mayday. "Damn, it's nice to have company. Keeps me sane, we kick ass more than we run… I like this...I never realized just...how lonely I was before..." She smiled. "We work well together. We're ruthless when we need to be and we agree on a lot of shit. I don't feel like this was a mistake at all."

<Mayday> Mayday couldn't help but laugh, "I-I....feel the same.", she giggled, smiling at Cecilia and risking leaning on her shoulder with a soft breath, "...thank you. For....you know, the whole....", she shrugged, "Thanks."

<Cecilia> Cecilia didn't push her away, as she might've normally. "No problem, sister." She smiled. "I gotta good feeling about this. Like things are gonna look up...maybe I'm stupid but you never know. We might get by. Just don't get bit or I'll have to kill ya..." Cecilia looked sad at that. "I'd rather we avoid that..."

<Cecilia> And this was the downside of having a group. Getting attached to people who would eventually die and leave you alone...maybe she should've been more of an asshole to this girl...

<Mayday> "I get bit, do it.", Mayday nodded, sitting back up, "Ok? Promise, right now.", she held her pinky finger up, "I know a 'death-pact' seems a bit morbid, but...."

<Cecilia> "No, it's not," said Cecilia. "It's...the right thing to do...the chances of being immune are next to nil...and I don't want to become one of those things..." She held up her pinky finger. "I swear if you're bitten I'll do it. Without hesitation and as quickly as I can."

<Cecilia> "...You're not gonna start calling me 'Reaper' like my last group, right? 'Cause I think I need a cowl if you do."

<Mayday> Mayday shook her head, still giggling, "They used to call me 'Spider-Girl', back when I was with the X-ers....I wonder what they'd have called you, though?",

<Cecilia> "'Crazy Bitch'?" Laughed Cecilia. "And 'Spider- Girl '? Who the fuck picked your name? That's sorta insulting, you're what- eighteen? Nineteen?" She snorted. "If someone called me 'Shield-Girl' I'd kick their ass."

<Mayday> "I thought it was kinda cute! The Spectacular Spider-Girl....", Mayday mused, "I was even planning a super awesome costume!"

<Cecilia> Cecilia raised an eyebrow. "I've seen you put an arrow through a zombie's head at 100 paces. How is that cute ? Puppies and bunnies are cute. We, my friend, are badass and thus require badass names." She stood up and hefted her shotgun. "Shall we hit the car and do a drive-by shielding on those zombies by the door?...I hate those things," she said coldly. "I want them all gone."

<Mayday> Mayday nodded, "Unless you could.....I don't know, crush them all in a cube?", she grinned darkly, "Zombie jam. Badass...."

<Cecilia> Cecilia grinned maniacally. "I shouldn't want to...but I sorta do...I just hate them so much...every arrow, every blade, every bullet and every shield I put in them…I pretend I'm doing it to the ones that killed my family," she admitted. "I have no sympathy for zombies. I just want them gone...maybe when we get ahold of some of this tech you're talking about we can go hunting for them? Y'know, international zombie hunters?"

<Mayday> "Sounds like a hell of a plan...", Mayday agreed, standing up, "You know, now that you mentioned it, 'Spider' seems like a cooler name...", she offered her hand to Cecilia, "We could be, like, the 'Black Arrows' - professional Zombie hunters."

<Cecilia> "Yessss!" Exclaimed Cecilia. "Saving mutants and humankind alike! Curing this plague one bullet at a time!" She laughed. "Spider and..." she thought a moment. "...Not 'Reaper'...that's too dramatic...I don't want to be the harbinger of death and humans gave me that name...I know! 'Facade.'"

<Cecilia> "Facade and Spider of the Black Arrows!" She laughed. "Dammit, I can't wait to get out there. We gotta purpose now! We're not just surviving . We're pro-active!"

<Mayday> Mayday laughed, looking down at the shambling horde below, "Hahaha....we need leather jackets...", she looked over at Cecilia and threw up her hood, "So, Facade; shall we go?"

<Cecilia> "We shall," said Cecilia, readying her shotgun. "Head for the truck and we'll turn around and show all those undead at the door that they picked the wrong mutants to screw with."

<Mayday> Nodding at that, Mayday jumped to the edge of the roof, "I'll grab the car and pull it around, ok?", she leapt off of the side, swinging down to the truck on a string of webbing.

<Cecilia> Cecilia watched as Mayday went after the truck. Eying the horde at the door. One well placed shield could cut down most of them and save another survivor a lot of trouble...Hell, it was her obligation , having the power to do something to stop this. Who else but them? The government had failed, the military had failed. There was no law now but the law of might...and that wasn't a world Cecilia wanted to live in.

<Cecilia> There was a chance to take back some of the world though, they could do more than just survive, they could fight back. A prospect that Cecilia found far more appealing than running, freezing or starving to death. She'd rather die on her feet...
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Re: What if...? Zombies!

Post by Svartfreja » Wed Dec 12, 2012 3:51 am

Jessica: Jess was not lying down. She was sat on the window ledge, wrapped in the duvet that she'd pulled off their bed and cuddling her spider as she stared out the window that she'd de-barricaded.

Bobby: Coming through the door, that was the first thing Bobby noticed and he bit back a comment. JP was still out there, and who knew how many other mutant zombies. Instead, he went over to the window to join her. "You feel okay?"

Jessica: She frowned and have a half shrug. "I don't know..." She rested her head against the glass.

Bobby: "You don't know?" He sat on the edge of the sill, staying clear of her wounded leg. "Then who does?" he half joked with a nervous smile.

Jessica: She held up the spider by way of an answer then shrugged again. "What are we doing, Bobby?"

Bobby: "What do you mean?" He was honestly confused, and a little worried. If she'd had the inhibitor off... she still couldn't have heard them outside in the woods - could she?

Jessica: "This place... trying to stay together... what's the point? No one cares..."

Bobby: Bobby felt a little bad for being relieved that's all she was worried about. "I wouldn't say that... and I care, babe. You care." He got up to carefully pick her up without hurting her leg, and resettle her in his lap.

Jessica: "But no one else does... everyone keeps leaving... it's like it doesn't matter... they don't get it and I don't understand why..." she huffed, fidgeting a little in his lap to get comfortable again.

Bobby: "Rogue... well, she will come back. She cares. She's just... well, she's screwed up, but you know that." He kissed her temple and finger combed her hair. This was better.

Jessica: "She doesn't care enough to not suggest Cecilia and May won't make it back here..."

Bobby: "Babe, as much as I hate to say it, we might be better off if Cecilia doesn't..."

Jessica: "You know that's not the point, right?" she frowned at him.

Bobby: "...Mayday's a smart girl, so as long as Cecilia doesn't get her killed I bet she would come back." Bobby wasn't entirely sure what the point was then.

Jessica: "She promised she'd come back, Bobby... so she's coming back."

Bobby: "She'll come back," he just agreed and wrapped his arms around her to hold her, shifting to get more comfortable.

Jessica: "You don't believe that though..." she frowned and cuddled her spider to her, snuggling into the blanket. "I'm sure everyone else thinks it's stupid..."

Bobby: "I don't know. I hope she will... maybe if Rogue and Carol go, they can make sure she's okay."

Jessica: "But then there'll only be three of us here... and I'm useless right now..."

Bobby: "I guess the only other option is if I went with Rogue, but I don't want to leave you like this." Bobby petted the spider, resting his head against hers.

Jessica: "But then there's still going to be only three of us left... and I don't want you to go either. I don't want anyone else to leave..." She closed her eyes and tried to relax. "Whatever way you look at it... the more people leave, the more vulnerable we are..."

Bobby: "Yeah, I get that, but I don't think anybody should go too far alone either." He frowned at that, realizing Carol was probably alone right now, unless what's her face went with her.

Jessica: "She shouldn't go at all... what does she need a bike for? She can fly faster than it'll ever go, it's not like the bike can carry more stuff... I just... what's the point?"

Bobby: "It's sentimental. She's attached to it..."

Jessica: "It's just a bike..." she frowned, "It's not worth going all that way back there... At least May had a good reason..."

Bobby: "Well... you still have the bike Danny gave you." Bobby's eyes were closed now too and he cuddled her close.

Jessica: "The bike goes faster than I can fly," she pointed out, "And I escaped the school on it... I kept it so I could keep my independence. You know I was thinking of leaving before... I didn't want to become a liability and things changed so now I'm still here..."

Bobby: "But you don't have any attachment to it? I mean, you had feelings for Danny, so it's normal to want to keep something like that, if you do. Rogue's just... well, really attached."

Jessica: "I didn't want to keep it in the first place... when we broke up I wanted to send it back but he refused... so I got stuck with it. I didn't want to waste it so I kept it and then all this happened... It's reassuring to have it there but I probably wouldn't miss it much if it wasn't... and she obviously didn't miss her bike much or she'd have gone to get it months ago."

Bobby: "Ah. Well, yeah, but she was crazy months ago. The, uh, Essex thing." He sighed.

Jessica: "And then she got better and came here and then went away again... and then came back. She could have got the bike when she went. Why didn't she do that? Why is it suddenly a thing? Why can't she just wait?"

Bobby: "Well, I imagine you heard her - she's going to wait a while now." Bobby chewed his lip and stiffened at the sudden memory of her lips on his. He never should have kissed her. All this was why she was going after the bike. It was his fault. Great.

Jessica: "She's not going to wait a while... it'll be a few days at the most til Carol's finished with her fence. And then we'll still be in the same position."

Bobby: "I don't know. There's nothing we can really do but the best we can, I guess." He forced himself to relax again, realizing his words covered pretty much the whole situation. He slid his hand beneath the duvet to her belly and squeezed his eyes closed, kissing her temple again.

Jessica: "Why is everything so hard?" she huffed and cuddled close to him, moving one hand to rest on his but keeping tight hold on the spider with the other.

Bobby: He huffed softly. "To keep things interesting." Turning his hand, he laced their fingers together.

Jessica: "I don't want interesting... I want stress free... and happy..." She nuzzled his shoulder gently.

Bobby: His heart clenched and he smiled softly. "You make me happy."

Jessica: She smiled back and turned her head to press a kiss to his neck. "You make me happy too... except every time you talk about going somewhere. Then I just worry..."

Bobby: "Then I won't go anywhere I don't have to." He made the decision with a nod of finality and squeezed her.

Jessica: "You promise?" she lifted her head to look at him, "I feel safer when you're here..."

Bobby: Bobby met her eyes and held them for a long moment. "I promise," he finally said, tilting his head down to kiss her.

Jessica: She smiled, feeling a little better for it despite the guilt of having to extract such a promise. She returned the kiss, wrapping her arms around him and settling against him properly.

Bobby: It felt right, and he smiled into the kiss and held her close as he deepened it.

Jessica: Jess inwardly cursed her injured leg and the lack of painkillers in her system as she shifted, her breath hitching at the twinge of pain. She ignored it in favour of the distraction.

Bobby: He'd noticed though, and moved to support her leg, breaking the kiss to nuzzle her nose and mouth.

Jessica: "Stupid leg..." she muttered, "Spoils all my fun..."

Bobby: "Nope." He nipped her lip. "Because after dinner, I'll have you for dessert." Ducking his head to drop kisses on her throat, he grinned. "Who needs apple turnovers?"

Jessica: She closed her eyes, tipping her head back to give him better access to her neck, "I do... and I would love for you to have me for dessert... or as an appetiser... but I don't think my leg agrees..."

Bobby: He made a mental note to really try to find some frigging apples, and moved to her jawline. After a few more moments of kissing and nosing, he paused. "Well, you just gotta let me do all the work."

Jessica: She laughed a little, "You say all the right things..." She turned her head to catch his lips again.

Bobby: "Mmhm," he mumbled, grinning again.

Jessica: Jess tossed her spider onto the dresser and put her arms back around his shoulders, she smiled, resting her forehead against his. "I love you..."

Bobby: "I love you, too." He didn't hesitate - he'd made the right decision. Scooping her back up, he carried her to the bed. Whether she ended up someday with his last name or not, this was where he wanted to be.
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Re: What if...? Zombies!

Post by Svartfreja » Tue Dec 18, 2012 8:06 am

Carol: It was dark and long past the time when she should have gone inside but she was so close to done... At least with this little inside the fence fence. She'd stolen bits of fence from farms all across the country to make a pen for their cows, for there would be plural cows because she didn't want them to get lonely. Really they needed a barn but she didn't think she could just steal one of those a wall at a time. It'd be awkward.

Carol: However... still a potential project if she got bored. She picked up the last piece of fence from her once glorious pile and stood it up in the remaining gap, forcing it into the ground. Done! Woo! She couldn't resist the cheer.... and then she heard the moans. Ooooh shit. The gap in the main fence was still pretty big - she'd run out of daylight to be fetching more giant crates to fill it with.

Carol: Sneaking towards it, she lifted into the air and slowly peered over the top of the fence. Well fuck. That was a lot of zombies. What to do... Get Bobby.

Bobby: The crashing sound from the window brought Bobby to a sudden stop, but he was so far buried under the covers that he couldn't tell what was going on. "The hell!? Jess?"

Carol: There was a flash of green light and then mind numbing pain. Carol yelped, "Fuck! Jess! That hurts!"

Jessica: "Carol?! What the hell!?" Jess pulled the blankets up to shield herself.

Rogue: Rogue jumped out of bed at the yelling from Bobby and Jess' room, flying at top speed down the hall and knocking the door in. Oh shit. Immediately, she turned around. This would have merely been normally awkward a few days ago. "Sorry," she mumbled.

Jessica: "Oh my God what the hell is going on!?" Jess looked between the two women that had obviously both skipped lessons on knocking.

Rogue: "Ah thought y'all were bein' attacked."

Jessica: "Only by crazy people!"

Carol: "Noooo! By zombies!" Carol pointed out the window.

Bobby: Carol? And Anna?! "Zombies?" Bobby found his way to the head of the bed without exposing Jess and popped his head out, hair standing on end. "What the fuck?" He scrubbed his hand over his mouth and shot a glance to the doorway at Anna.

Carol: "Yes. Zombies!" Carol flailed the pointing hand at the window now, "There's like... a lot..."

Rogue: Rogue heard Bobby's voice become less muffled but she didn't turn around still. "Ah'll help, Carol. They're busy..." Damnit.

Carol: "No no no. Everyone's helping. I'm not even kidding. There's hundreds of them..." She looked out of the window. They'd made some good progress across the lawn by now. "Fuck!" Carol headed for the door to go get some guns.

Bobby: "Hundreds?" Bobby decided decency be damned and got out of the bed to look out the window.

Rogue: "What?!" Rogue turned to cross to the window also, trying not to notice Bobby's nakedness on the way there. "Shit."

Jessica: "I'm going to wake Jean...." Jess slipped out of bed and grabbed her robe, putting it on and tying it before flying out into the hall.

Bobby: And sudden Anna. He jumped at her voice so close and his obvious state, hands going to cover himself as best he could.

Rogue: Rogue didn't let herself look at him, even in the face. "Ah hope all mah practice paid off..."

Bobby: "Me too, Dollface." He shifted to ice, solving his main problem, and slid out the window.

Carol: Carol reappeared on the landing, with many guns, and bumped into Jess on the way out of Jean's room. "Woah! Hi... here." She pushed a handgun and some ammunition into her hands. "You are staying inside."

Jessica: "But-"

Carol: "Do not argue with me. You're injured and pregnant... and naked under there. Stay inside."

Jessica: Jess frowned and huffed a sigh, "Fine..."

Carol: "Good girl." Carol patted her on the head then hurried back outside.

Jean: "So there's lots?" Jean came out of her room a little ruffled, but armed to the teeth, and followed Jess back into the room she shared with the guy and got a glance out the window. Oh, shit... there's lots..."

Jessica: "Yeah..." Jess chewed her lip, taking a seat on the window ledge. At least they had a good view from here...

Rogue: Rogue flew down the hall, grabbing her bow and arrows and flew through her window to join Bobby and Carol outside. "Shit," she repeated.

Carol: Carol landed beside Bobby and attempted to make an assessment of the numbers. Too many. That was all she got out of that. "Okay so.... This is a problem... we should bottleneck them somehow..."

Bobby: Bobby had no trouble taking down the first ten or so who were closing in on the house itself as Carol landed. "I can with ice walls... cut them off."

Carol: "Great. Do that..." She lifted into the air again. "I'm going to try and thin them out a little..." She dropped the gun bag in favour of her energy blasts while aiming wasn't an issue.

Bobby: "Right..." Bobby decided the easiest way to do this was from above, and there was only one way to do that. Before he shifted, he looked up to their window and saw Jess and Jean. With a small smile, he dissolved into vapor.

Rogue: Rogue looked over at Bobby, wishing she could figure out how to turn her powers on for him so she could help with the ice. Then she focused. She pulled out an arrow and started firing, forcing herself to breathe so she could at least wound them.

Carol: Carol fired indescriminantly at the horde below her, the gaps she created being filled rapidly with just as many. This was insane! How were there so many?!

Jean: Jean carefully picked her shots from the window ledge, making sure to keep clear of Carol and Rogue. "Does it hurt your boyfriend if I shoot through him?"

Jessica: "This is bad..." Jess couldn't believe what she was seeing. She checked the sky overhead for fliers. At least her night vision was pretty good. "Uh I don't think so? Not if he's vapor... probably won't even notice..."

Bobby: The snow on the ground was starting to rise, forming into ridges, then walls, which continued to grow, cutting the corpses off from the house. The walls hardened and solidified into ice.

Carol: Carol landed on top of one of the walls, "This isn't working well enough. I'm going to plan B."

Bobby: Bobby wasn't in a form to ask what plan B might be, but from his omnipresent position, he could see more were heading their way.

Jean: "Good, because, like, it's all misty and shit out there, so I have no idea if I'm hitting him or not." Jean looked throught the scope again and blinked, realizing what she was seeing. "Some of those biters look the same..."

Carol: She flew back to her bag, searching through it for the smaller bag. Aha! She flew back up.

Jessica: "The same?" Jess frowned, "May I?" she nodded to the scope.

Jean: "Sure..." Jean unwrapped the strap from her forearm and handed over the rifle. "It's, um, weird."

Jessica: Jess peered through the scope, checking out what was left of the faces of several zombies. "Oh holy shit... it's Jamie..." She yelped as the sounds of several explosions cut through the air and almost dropped the rifle. Sticky powers were useful.

Jean: "You know him? ...but, like... what?" Explosions were nothing new to her, so aside from a slight jump, Jean didn't react, just taking the rifle back.

Jessica: "He's a mutant... it's his power.... injuries make him duplicate... Damn it!" She got up, "I need to tell them..."

Jean: "Wait, didn't Carol tell you to stay here?" Jean lowered the rifle again to look at her questioningly.

Jessica: "I only have to be close enough that they hear me." She decided she should at least put some trousers on and went to do that, swapping her robe for a jumper too. "I'll be right back."

Jean: "Nooo, I'm a telepath, duh!"

Bobby: The explosions did catch Bobby off guard, the force of the blasts and the heat destroying some of his work and distracting his consciousness.

Jessica: "Rogue and Bobby are immune." Jess pointed out. "I'll be fine - they can't reach me anyway."

Jean: "Carol's not! ....not if I can get through her shields anyway..." She started to try.

Carol: And that was a distraction she didn't really need. She remembered to let go of the grenade she'd just pulled the pin out of though so that was something.

Jessica: Jess frowned, sitting back down on the window ledge. She hated this. So much.

Jean: "Uggggh, she's fighting me! Stop it, bitch! I'm trying to help!" Some of them are mutants! If you hit them they'll multiply!

Carol: Damn it! Stupid telepath distracting her! What could she possibly want that was more important than the zombies trying to eat them?! She pushed her back out.

Jean: "She won't let me... I can't force it without getting her killed." Jean frowned and took aim, firing off a shot over Carol's head and taking out a zombie behind her.

Carol: Was she shooting at her now!? Rude! She'd get her later. Carol went back to bombing the zombies with her grenade supply.

Jessica: Jess frowned. "Guess I get to go outside now then." She climbed out of the window and flew down towards Rogue.

Rogue: Once Bobby had put up the ice wall, she flew up to shoot over it, able to get closer now. "Carol! Let me borrow ya zappy-ness!"

Carol: Carol ignored that request, only responding by tossing several grenades at the horde.

Jessica: "Rogue!" Jess called when she was close enough to be heard.

Rogue: Rogue spun in mid-air, eyes wide, "What're y'all doin' down here?! Get back inside! Bobby would die if he lost y'all!" But not me. Not the time, damnit!

Jessica: "I know, I know, I'm going! I just wanted to tell you that a lot of them are dupes of Jamie..." Jess lifted up just high enough to peer over the wall. That sure was a lot of zombies... at least Carol seemed to be enjoying herself.

Bobby: Bobby had his own problems, luckily, and hadn't seen Jess yet. Reforming on the makeshift wall Carol had been building from shipping containers, he could see there were more zombies straggling in from the road.

Rogue: "Shit... Does that mean... Is one o' 'em him. 'Cause that would suck." She looked around for the mistiest area, "Bobby," she yelled toward it, "Don't hit tha normal Jamie!"

Jessica: Message delivered, Jess turned back for the house. Halfway back, she let out a shriek as a flying zombie tackled her out of the air and onto the roof. Several solar panels were damaged by the impact but they were the least of her worries right now.

Rogue: Rogue heard the shriek just as she was starting to aim at another zombie, Jess safely heading back. She whirled around and let the arrow fly, hitting the zombie in the neck.

Jessica: Jess lay on the roof in shock for several seconds before pushing the corpse off of herself and sitting up. Ow...

Rogue: Rogue flew at her top speed to Jess, scooping her up from the roof and moving her away from the zombie, just in case. "Are ya alright?!"

Jessica: "I'm fine...." she cast a glance at the roof, "The solar panels, not so much..."

Rogue: Rogue followed her eyes, "Shiiiiit."

Carol: Carol was making some kind of progress at thinning the numbers, she glanced over towards the house, wondering why things weren't getting occasionally skewered with arrows anymore.

Rogue: "Ok," she put Jess down, "Go check on Jean an' get ya pregnant self someplace safe. Inside preferrably. An' we'll deal with those later."

Jessica: "Yeah yeah, I'll be a good little girl and stay inside from now on..." she rolled her eyes.

Rogue: "It's not that we know ya cain't handle yaself, Jess. It's that we don't know how tha baby would do."

Jessica: "Oh please stop using that on me." She shook her head, heading back to the window.

Bobby: Too far away to hear all the chaos, Bobby decided while he couldn't do this close to the house, if ever there was a time to let loose, this was it. After a moment to focus, he froze everything.

Bobby: From the steel wall, to the road and beyond, the zombies stopped in their tracks, some snapping off their feet as momentum carried them forward. These fell only to shatter on the hard ground. Trees froze and split, cracking as loudly as Jean's rifle reports.

Carol: The sound caught Carol's attention and she looked over, "Holy shit..."

Bobby: The wave of murderous ice went on and on, as far as the eye could see and trees started to break at the first gust of wind.

Rogue: Rogue flew over and took the arrow from the zombie's neck and stomped on his head, just to make sure he was dead. She flew back to Carol's side and started shooting again, ignoring the cold and the ice breaking in the distance.

Carol: "Oh there you are." Carol went back to blasting the remaining zombies.

Jessica: Jess grumbled as she climbed back inside, careful to stay out of Jean's line of fire.

Rogue: "Flyin' zombie. Took out tha solar panels." She ran out of arrows and jumped down off the wall to start retrieving them from the felled undead.

Carol: "What? Really? That sucks..." Carol scowled, taking it out on some more zombies.

Rogue: "Bobby havin' fun?" She pulled an arrow from one zombie and turned to stab it through another's eye.

Carol: "Well he just nuclear wintered a bunch of everything so... I guess?"

Jean: She was running out of ammo herself, so after a glance to Jess and a warning, she pulled out a butane torch and clicked it on.

Jean: Just as she did so, she noticed the flickering of the lights in the room behind her. "That's not good..."

Bobby: Satisfied he'd taken care of a lot of the problem, Bobby turned back toward the house to take in the battle. Most of the zombies were down, it seemed.

Jessica: "Yeah... zombie took out a few solar panels using me as a missile..." Jess pulled a face, sitting down on the bed and seriously debating just trying to go back to sleep.

Jean: "That's... really, really not good." Deciding the others seemed to have things under control now, Jean climbed out of the window and closed it, starting to barricade it as best as she could since Carol had crashed through it. "What about the freezers?"

Jessica: "Guess they'll defrost? Or not since pretty soon the inside of the house will be the same temperature as outside...." She lay down and curled up.

Jean: "Defrosting is, like, bad... because then it'll go bad! I know there's not lots left but we should conserve what we have!" Jean gave the older girl a disbelieving look and used her teke to shove a bureau in front of the window.

Jessica: "Well I'm afraid to do anything because apparently everything I do lately is endangering the baby so good luck with that."

Rogue: Rogue laughed, "Ah noticed." She shot another zombie through the cheek with an arrow she'd retrieved and turned to see Bobby, "Ya girlfriend almost got herself killed."

Bobby: "What?" Bobby reformed into a more human shape and stared at Rogue, then up to the window... which was now closed and blocked. "What the fuck happened?!"

Carol: Carol looked over at that too, "They okay in there?"

Jean: "Um, yeah, way to be really productive in pouting." Jean shook her head, ponytail swishing, and shouldered her rifle to go downstairs.

Rogue: "Flyin' zombie. He's dead now. She's fine. Prob'ly has a bruised butt though from landin' hard."

Jessica: Jess groaned and rolled onto her back to stare at the ceiling. Now she felt bad. She sat back up again, running a hand through her hair before flying after Jean.

Bobby: "But she's inside now?" He looked back to the room again and didn't notice the creature until the zombie reached up and wrapped a hand around his ankle.

Rogue: "Yeah, inside with Jean, Ah'd guess." Rogue startled when Bobby did and stabbed her bow through its ear. "Gross."

Carol: Carol blasted a couple more with slightly more force than was necessary, splattering them a little.

Bobby: "Speaking of gross..." Bobby made a face at the mess Carol made, kicking off his hanger on and giving Anna a smile of thanks.

Carol: "Hey, it gets the job done..." Carol gave a shrug.

Rogue: Rogue jerked at the spray of guts. "Thanks..." She gave Bobby a smile back, then turned away from him to pick off a few more stragglers.

Bobby: Finishing off a few more himself, Bobby fenced the rest into a convenient kill box of ice for the ladies. "I guess I should check on her - them."

Jessica: "Go right ahead, we can handle the rest." Carol waved him off.

Rogue: "Don't believe me then?" She looked at Carol and gave a nod, "Yep. We can."
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Re: What if...? Zombies!

Post by Svartfreja » Tue Dec 18, 2012 10:02 am

Jessica: Rather than empty out all the freezers, Jess decided the most sensible thing to do would be to pack as much food into the chest freezer as possible and carry it outside. So that's what she was doing. The rest... well they'd just have to work that out.

Bobby: Sure enough, it was dark inside, and after checking around Bobby went to where the noise was. There, he found Jean packing things from the refrigerator and Jess going out the back door. "Careful, there might still be some of those things out there."

Jessica: "I can manage one or two... or six. Have some faith." She shook her head, "Just need to drop this thing on their heads." She lifted the freezer and turned it to get it out of the back door.

Bobby: Bobby just watched, a slightly pained look on his face. It was so easy to forget how fucking strong these women were... "That'd do it all right," he agreed, trying to look around her for trouble and then following her outside.

Jessica: Jess put the freezer down against the wall and frowned at it. She felt like she should make it more secure or something but what was the point? It wasn't like there was anyone else around to steal from them.... She glanced over at Bobby, "You okay?"

Bobby: "I'm fine," he said, scanning the area, then looking her over. She seemed okay... and she was carrying freezers, so she had to be. "I heard you might have had some trouble though."

Jessica: "Oh... yeah... probably have some solar panel stuck to me somewhere..." she gave the back hem of her jumper a small shake and sure enough a few shards fell off into the snow. "I'm okay... Rogue got it... I could have handled it but I didn't really get the option."

Bobby: "Shit, Jess..." Forgetting he was still in ice form, he gave her a rather frosty hug, then realized what he was doing. "Oh... sorry..."

Jessica: "It's fine... I don't get cold now, remember?" she gave him a small smile and returned the hug regardless. "It was my fault, I left the house after Carol told me not to but someone had to point out the zombie dupes..."

Bobby: "Well, that's a good thing since... well... fuck, the solar panels?" Bobby sighed and squeezed her. "Plus if I shifted... Jean probably wouldn't appreciate the view." He wrinkled his nose at her, leaning in closer.

Jean: "Noooo, keep your ass to yourself, thanks!" Jean called from inside the house, still sorting through the fridge.

Jessica: Jess laughed a little and kissed his cheek, "Yes, the solar panels were a casualty.... We can probably replace them somehow if we can find some more on another building. In the mean time we'll just have to camp out. I think there's a normal fireplace with a working chimney though so there's that..."

Bobby: "Yeah, there's that." Letting go of her, he turned and frowned at the freezer. With a shrug, he raised a hand and built the appliance its own little ice cave to keep it nice and chill.

Jessica: Jess gave him a smile then headed back into the house, "I need a shower... and we should probably switch rooms."

Bobby: "Probably a good idea, while we still have hot water." Bobby nodded, looking down and noticing her tracks in the snow. Bare feet. Scooping her up, he carried her back to the door. "Crazy woman."

Jessica: Jess rolled her eyes, "I don't get cold! What's the point of putting shoes on? It just wastes time... Also I fly, in case you forgot." She poked her tongue out at him. "Someone's just jealous." And she was definitely taking advantage of that hot water while she could because she hadn't been able to take a proper shower in days with her injured leg.

Bobby: "You could still step on something when you aren't flying, babe! You're not all thick-skinned like Carol and Rogue... you could even step on a nail and get tetanus. Then where would we be?" Bobby set her down inside the door and started to barricade it.

Jessica: "I'm pretty sure it'd hurt less than getting shot." She countered, leaning against the wall. Her leg did hurt much less now though.

Bobby: Finishing the job, he found a towel and secured it around his waist before shifting. "Yeah..." Bobby moved in closer to her and laid a hand on her leg. "You okay? Really?" His voice was soft, though Jean seemed to be preoccupied still.

Jessica: She nodded, "Yeah, I'm alright... frustrated at everyone telling me what I can and can't do all the time," and by 'everyone' she meant 'Rogue', "but otherwise fine..." She took his hand and gave it a squeeze.

Bobby: "I just want you to be safe, baby," he said, licking his lips and giving her a slightly hurt look.

Jessica: She shook her head, "It's not you... I know you're just worried... and you don't make me feel guilty for being frustrated..." she reached a hand up and cupped his cheek, "I just need to be allowed to do things that aren't sit on my ass all day. It's incredibly boring... and soon enough I'll be stuck doing that mostly anyway."

Bobby: Bobby tilted his face into her palm and kissed it. "So Rogue." Of course... she was the one who'd told him, after all. "I think you should... and you do some stuff. Well, you did, before you got hurt. But Carol can teach you to fly..."

Bobby: At a crash and curse from the other side of the room, Bobby looked over to Jean and stepped back from Jess. "I'll get that for you." She was struggling with a large cooler, and her teke apparently hadn't been enough.

Jessica: "She can and I'm sure it'll be fun... but I like to cook and Rogue stole my kitchen out from under me." Jess frowned. "Are you sure you don't want me to get that?"

Jean: "Oh look, chivalry's not undead." Frustrated, Jean stepped back from the cooler and retied her ponytail, giving Bobby a doubtful once-over.

Bobby: Bobby gave them both looks and reopened the back door. After checking for zombies, he created an ice slide back to the fridge and skidded to the cooler. Kicking it onto the slide, he gave it a shove and followed it out the door, looking over his shoulder and poking out his tongue to the ladies.

Jessica: Jess laughed, "Show off!" she called after him. "Be careful not to lose your skirt, twinkle-toes."

Jean: Shaking her head, Jean finished off her ponytail and picked up her weapons, using her teke to more easily jump the ice on the floor. "He's aaaall yours." Giving her a sympathetic pat, Jean went back upstairs.

Jessica: Jess waved at Jean, "Thanks for the help." She eyed the wall beside her then decided she was going to climb it to test out her leg.

Bobby: Showing off had always been one of Bobby's great joys in life, so he was smiling to himself as he repositioned the cooler next to the freezer and built up another bank of ice and snow around it.

Jessica: Jess crawled across the ceiling and poked her head out of the doorway. "Make sure we can still get them open when we want food..."

Bobby: Realizing the voice was coming from above him, Bobby hit the deck with a most unmanly squeak. Flipping to his back, he lost his towel.

Jessica: Jess laughed, highly amused, "Your face!" She dropped down, landing lightly and going over to him. "Priceless."

Bobby: "If you weren't hurt, you'd be down here too about now." He narrowed his eyes playfully, sizing her up.

Jessica: "Ooooh them's fighting words. I'd like to see you try." She put her hands on her hips.

Bobby: It was really, really tempting now... Bobby debated it, then remembered how terrified he'd been just a week ago.

Bobby: "There're other things I'd rather try," he said, picking himself up and reclaiming his towel. Not bothering with covering himself, he stepped up to her and tangled his hand in her hair, kissing her deeply.

Jessica: The kiss took her by surprise but she returned it eagerly, wrapping her arms around him. They'd been very rudely interrupted by zombies and now they'd been dealt with they could get back to the fun stuff.

Bobby: He walked them back inside the door and closed it, putting her back to it to trail kisses over her jaw and down her neck. Fun stuff indeed, and now that he was back in his proper form, adrenaline was carrying him ahead. "You mentioned a shower, I believe?"

Jessica: She closed her eyes, leaning her head back against the door, "Mmhmm, I did..." she murmured, not really feeling like moving now though.

Bobby: Noticing she wasn't so interested in that shower now, he grinned against her skin and nibbled her earlobe, kissing below her ear. "I'd say some hot, slick... water would hit the spot about now, yeah?"

Jessica: "Probably.... but if you keep that up I think I'll just forget how to walk up the stairs." She trailed her fingers lightly over his skin.

Bobby: Deciding her touch would feel even better upstairs... and away from Anna's possibly prying eyes, he scooped her up again. "Problem solved!"

Jessica: She laughed, sliding her arms around his neck and pulling him down for a kiss before they went anywhere.

Bobby: Bobby had no problems returning the kiss, though now he didn't have his hands free. Not fair. Breaking it off, he nuzzled her nose and headed for the stairs.
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Re: What if...? Zombies!

Post by Svartfreja » Tue Dec 18, 2012 8:34 pm

Carol tossed another couple of bodies onto the bonfire and huffed. This was taking too long. She should have just thrown them into space... in the general direction of the sun... The fire was a good way from the house and downwind to preserve the contents of their stomachs but being this close was unpleasant. She wrinkled her nose and backed up a bit.

Jess landed a little way away and swallowed over the wave of nausea. Ugh. This was a bad plan. "Hey..." she managed to get out after a few false starts.

Carol let out a shout of surprise and lifted some way into the air before turning to see who it was. "Oh... hi..." she slowly lowered back down to the ground, "Shouldn't you know not to creep up on people?"

"Yeah, sorry... kinda hard not to when you have to fly out here." She gave an apologetic look and ran a hand through her hair, "I, er.... I'm sorry for venom blasting you in the face last night..."

"Oh it's fine... totally reasonable reaction... and like... it hurt but it was nice after the shock wore off. Energy boosts are always good." She smiled, casting a glance at the bonfire. "Uh was that all?"

"No... not really..." She wrinkled her nose.

"Yeeeah... let's go somewhere else for that... come on..." She lifted into the air again and led the way to somewhere safe from the smell and the sight of the bonfire. She landed and flopped down in the snow, actually taking notice of what Jess was wearing now. "Huh... the uniform looks good on you."

"Thanks... I think?" Jess sat down too. "My most comfortable trousers got a bit chopped up when I got shot so these are actually the next best bet... there's a surprising amount of give."

"Yeah, they're good that way. They need to move well 'cause we have to do everything in them..." she smiled, "So what else?"

"We... have no power...." she sighed, "I was hoping maybe you had some ideas on how to fix that..."

"Yeah... I don't know... I'm not an engineer..." she frowned, running a hand through her hair, "Buuut... I might have seen some more buildings with them around on my travels so I'll see what I can cobble together... there's gotta be somewhere that has an instruction manual, right?"

"Got to be." Jess agreed with a nod. "I'll help you if you find something... I need things to do..."

"Getting a little stir crazy, huh?"

"I was bad before I was shot. Now it's worse..." She put her face in her hands, "I feel like I might throttle someone in frustration just to change things up a bit..."

"Oooh that's not good..." Carol gave her a sympathetic pat. "I'm not going to volunteer for strangling but if you ever feel like shocking someone you're welcome to aim at me. Like I said, it's nice."

"Really?" Jess raised an eyebrow.

"Yeah... it's like... well, I absorb the energy... so there's a bit of a rush... kind of like adrenaline I guess... plus I should practice absorbing direct energy more instead of just the ambient energy... especially for emergencies."

"Okay then... that sounds like a good plan. You should be around more when I talk to Rogue. I think it'd really help."

Carol laughed, "Oh wow, that bad? I'm sorry... I could try talking to her?"

"Don't, I do not want to be responsible for shattering the peace that seems to be reigning between you two right now." Jess shook her head, "I have enough crazy to deal with."

"Okay okay, I promise..." Carol held her hands up. "But look... if you need to get out for fresh air or space or whatever, just come and find me and I'll sneak you out. I can handle the yelling I'll get later and I promise to take good care of you."

Jess raised an eyebrow then glanced around, "... Can we do that now?"

Carol thought about it for a brief moment then shrugged, "Sure! Why not?" she grinned and offered her hand to Jess after getting to her feet, "Let's go and dig you up some sanity points."
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Re: What if...? Zombies!

Post by Slarti » Tue Dec 18, 2012 8:56 pm

D: sneaking away for shenanigans!

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Re: What if...? Zombies!

Post by Svartfreja » Tue Dec 18, 2012 8:58 pm

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Re: What if...? Zombies!

Post by Svartfreja » Fri Dec 21, 2012 6:04 pm

Bobby: She wasn't here. She just wasn't. Bobby had checked everywhere, including the roof and the immediate grounds, and now he was beyond concerned. Jean and Anna hadn't seen her, though Anna had been sure to throw in a dose of snark with her response, so now, he paced.

Carol: Carol landed in the snow, rather ungracefully because she misjudged her speed and her center of gravity with all the books she was carrying and ended up sprawled across the ground surrounded by the, now very soggy, text books.

Jessica: Jess laughed and landed beside her, "Good job on the landing there. You could win awards for that."

Carol: Carol rolled onto her back and sat up, glaring a little but unable to keep the amusement off her face, "You're just jealous you can't crash like that."

Bobby: Hearing the commotion outside, Bobby burst through the front door. It had been unbarricaded for a while now, while he considered his options for a search. The sight brought him up short though - Carol and Jess and she was okay. Laughing, in fact.

Bobby: Flooded with relief, he sagged back against the doorframe, hands over his face. What the fuck?!

Jessica: Jess helped Carol to her feet and moved to pick up some of the books before she saw the movement by the door. She paused and looked over at Bobby then glanced at Carol.

Carol: Carol's eyebrows went up and she hurriedly gathered the rest of the books and beat a hasty retreat.

Jessica: "Coward...." Jess muttered, shaking her head a little before she headed over to the door. She pressed a kiss to Bobby's cheek as she passed him, "We went to the library." she offered by way of explanation and left it at that.

Bobby: Barely holding his shit together, the kiss made him cringe. Bobby slid down the doorframe, forcing himself to stop panting, to just calm down.

Jessica: Jess set the books down on the table and sighed, going back to him and crouching beside him. "Bobby..." she took his hands and gently moved them from his face.

Bobby: Jaw clenched, he glanced over at her once, looked her up and down to make sure she was really okay. Looking back down, he kept his gaze on his hands, wondering why they were blurring.

Jessica: She slid her arms around him and gathered him up for a hug instead, nuzzling his hair. "Hey... I'm okay... I was barely an hour..."

Bobby: Bobby hugged her tightly. "I think I spent most of it looking for you."

Jessica: She returned the hug just as tightly, stroking his hair and back comfortingly, "You didn't notice Carol was gone and put two and two together?" she asked gently.

Bobby: "I noticed Carol was gone, but it could have meant a lot of things." Bobby turned his face towards her, sniffing back the last of his tears.

Jessica: She nuzzled him again and kissed him softly, "I'm sorry... I should have told you I was going..."

Bobby: He licked his lips. "Why didn't you?"

Jessica: She sighed a little, "I didn't think you'd let me go..."

Bobby: That made him pull back to look at her. "Whaaat?"

Jessica: "After the last time I went into town? Why would you?" She glanced through the open door to the yard then looked back at him. "I don't know..."

Bobby: "Jess... I-I'm not a jailer... or your f-father, I-I'm..." This was now upsetting him for an entirely different reason. "W-whatever I am to you..."

Jessica: "No, I know... I know... but you wouldn't have been happy to let me go, would you?" Jess' tone was cautious, she didn't want to upset him but she couldn't help how she felt.

Bobby: "I'm the one who took you out before," he pointed out, pulling away from her to get up. They needed to close the door to conserve what little heat there was in the house.

Jessica: "I know you did...." she stayed on the floor, sitting down properly and leaning against the wall, "But then I got shot...."

Bobby: Closing the door, he put his back to it and slid to the floor. He'd barricade it later. "Which was a ...whole thing, a-and I know I freaked out. I'm still a little freaked out... but I trust you, and I trust Carol ... and Rogue."

Bobby: He sighed and let his head fall back against the door with a thud. "But I guess you don't trust me."

Jessica: "No... Bobby..." she crawled over to him and put her hand on his knee. "That's not what this is about..."

Bobby: Bobby moved enough to look at her hand and raised an eyebrow, but otherwise... he was too drained now to defend himself.

Jessica: "I'm just... I'm so sick of being shut up in this house and I feel guilty all the time for wanting to do anything but stay shut up in this house..." she removed her hand and sat back against the wall again. "It's not your fault..." she added, wanting to be sure he was clear she wasn't blaming him.

Bobby: He was quiet for a while, and felt the loss when she withdrew. Damn it, why did he always have to get attached? Why did he need people? "I... don't want to hold you back. I just want you to be safe... as safe as things get nowadays."

Jessica: "I know that..." She put her face in her hands, "I just... I feel like people are forgetting that I can take care of myself. I'm perfectly capable of doing that - pregnant or not. I know my limits. I know what I can and can't do and I know my body.... I'm so tired of being told that everything I do is bad for the baby...."

Bobby: Bobby frowned, trying to remember when he'd done that. He probably had, but... "I know you're tough... and a hell of a lot stronger than me..."

Jessica: "Knowing it and letting me use it are two different things, Bobby... I'm not mad at you.... I don't want this to become a thing... that's why I haven't talked about it..."

Bobby: Not knowing what to say, he drew up his knees and stared at them.

Jessica: "I'm sorry..." she sighed heavily and got to her feet, going to pick up the books again. She'd tried.

Bobby: And there she went... and he still wasn't entirely sure what he'd done wrong other than care.

Jessica: "I'm going to go into the office and read for a while...." she mumbled, hugging the books to her as she walked away.

Bobby: So... that was it. Working his jaw a few times, he curled up, hugging his knees to his chest to cry.

Carol: Not hearing any raised voices, Carol tried the door, pushing it open a little way before realising there was more resistance than there should be. It was open enough for her to poke her head inside so she did that. "Oh... uh.... sorry...." whoops....

Bobby: Oh, of course. His humiliation now complete, Bobby got out of the way of the door, keeping his back to her as he headed for the steps. "No problem, Carol... just barricade the door behind you, yeah?"

Carol: "Uh... sure... are you okay?" She stepped inside and closed the door, putting her books down on the floor to get to work on the barricade.

Bobby: "Fuckin' fine," he muttered, mounting the steps. They'd just moved into another room... he'd have to get his bag and find another. The thought made it more real, and he bit down hard on his lip.

Carol: "You don't sound fine.... why aren't you yelling at me for kidnapping your girlfriend?" She propped the usual things up against the door and secured it.

Bobby: "Can't kidnap the willing, especially when I'm the thing she's trying to get away from." He wasn't sure why he'd stopped. Maybe to delay the inevitable.

Carol: Carol raised an eyebrow, "That's not why we went... we went because she was going crazy in this house and I offered her an out for a while. Think she just got caught up in the moment. It's my bad, really." She picked the books up again, "Hmm.... I have to dry these out somewhere..." Somewhere with space...

Bobby: "Yeah, yeah, crazy because as she told me, she can take care of herself and she doesn't want me to do it." Not that he'd been able to protect her that day in the town anyway. He still woke up from nightmares about what those men could have done to her...

Carol: "Did she say that or did you just infer it? Because you shouldn't jump to conclusions." Carol pointed out, moving to the open living area and looking for places to put the books. "She likes you a lot Bobby... she's just not a fan of the huge guilt-fueled paranoia trip she gets sent on every time she makes the mistake of having any length of conversation with Rogue."

Bobby: Rogue. He turned around, watching Carol putz around the living room. "...Rogue?"

Carol: Carol nodded, "Uhuh." She stood in the middle of her collection of books, stretching her hands out over them and using her powers to try and dry them out faster. "She keeps telling her stuff is bad for the baby and freaking her out except last night it just pissed her off a little... or a lot." she gave a shrug.

Bobby: Bobby rubbed his face tiredly. "Of course. Of course she did..."

Carol: "So.... you see that it's not you now? Gonna stop being silly?" She looked over at him.

Bobby: He gave her a sour look and came back down the stairs. On his way by her to the office, he detoured long enough to hip check her. Hard.

Carol: Carol laughed and shook her head, "You're welcome." She waved him off and went back to drying the books. Never had a successful relationship in her life and here she was relationship counselling. Never would have seen that coming.

Bobby: Knowing she'd had to have heard the entire conversation, Bobby went into the office, pausing just inside the door to watch Jess for a moment.

Jessica: Jess sighed and looked up from the book she was flicking through. "I'm sorry, okay?"

Bobby: "Why didn't you tell me Rogue was still giving you shit?"

Jessica: "Because it wouldn't make any difference... not to the situation with me and her.... but it would put even more strain on your relationship with her." She looked back down at her lap.

Bobby: "Well, no... it's kinda relevent," he sighed. Bobby slid into a seat beside Jess and put his arm around her, pressing a kiss to her cheek.

Jessica: She leaned against him, "But it's always the same stuff... I feel like all I do is complain about her and I'm so frustrated... I'm tired of it - you must be too..."

Bobby: "I think... I think she's trying to get under your skin." He ran his fingers over the fabric of the SHIELD uniform. "She, uh, told me she was in love with me. The other day."

Jessica: Jess closed her eyes, "Well.... it's nice to know I'm not crazy..." And it was actually. "Is that why things have been all.... tense with you two?"

Bobby: "Yeah," he breathed, nuzzling her hair as he put his other arm around her. "I told her I wanted to be with you."

Jessica: "That's reassuring..." She sighed and settled against him properly, turning her face into his shoulder, "I didn't mean to upset you..."

Bobby: "I know I can be a little... overprotective, especially after what happened, but I don't want you to think you're a prisoner, or that I don't want you to get out." Bobby held her, relieved.

Jessica: "Stop... I know..." she slid her arms around his waist. "I love you and I know you worry about me... I'm not asking you to stop - that'd be stupid... I just need space sometimes... I feel smothered and it's not your fault I'm just not used to any of this and there's all that guilt and everything.... it's a lot of pressure to be under..."

Bobby: "Okay." He was quiet for a few moments. "Plus, remember, I told you not to listen to Rogue. Bitch be crazy."

Jessica: "Well that's easier said than done..." she sighed, "She's just always... there... I don't have anywhere I can go for space..."

Bobby: "Yeah... I know how that goes. And she stole your kitchen." He chuckled a little, playing with her hair. "She might be a little more scarce now... after I told her we couldn't..." Bobby sighed. He did love Anna, but... she wasn't who she once was, was she?

Jessica: "You shouldn't have had to tell her that.... she should have figured that out herself by now... she doesn't have any respect for me, Bobby... she treats me like a child..."

Bobby: "Yeah, she kind of does that... I, uh... when we're alone, she acts like she always has and we're good, and it's easy for me to forget things are different."

Jessica: "Just don't forget about me and the baby... that's all I ask..." She cuddled into him as best as she could.

Bobby: "When you were gone, one of the first things that crossed my mind again was you just left me... that I scared you off." He held her close and rested his hand on her stomach. It was getting bigger, seemingly every day - their baby was alive and growing.

Jessica: "Bobby... I wouldn't..." she lifted her head and looked at his face, cupping his cheek with her hand. "I would never do that to you... I couldn't..."

Bobby: He smiled and kissed her softly. "Well, there you go then. I couldn't forget you, or the baby."

Jessica: She smiled, climbing into his lap and curling up. "I'm really sorry I scared you... I didn't mean to..."

Bobby: "I know," he said, getting comfortable with her. "Just next time? Could you tell me?"

Jessica: She nodded, "Yeah.... I think I can manage that..." she sighed heavily, "But I draw the line at asking for permission."

Bobby: He laughed. "Like I'd really want for you to ask permission, please... but, maybe, sometimes you could ask me to go along..."

Jessica: Jess gave him a smile, "I'll think about it... it would be nice to have some time actually alone once in a while... you know, before I can't run anymore..."

Bobby: Bobby closed his mouth on his first response that none of them should go out alone... since he did. Fuck. "I get that..."

Jessica: "I can't be afraid all the time, Bobby... and neither can you. You know I can handle it - I can fly for heaven's sake and I'm immune to bites. I got shaken up before... if I don't confront it now it'll come back to bite me in the ass later when it matters..."

Bobby: "Yeah." He couldn't quite resist the urge to hold her closer, the little panicky voice in the back of his head warning him he'd lose her, just like Lorna.

Jessica: "If I do go out on my own, I promise I won't go far... no towns... just.... breathing space..." She snuggled into him, "I don't want to be a hermit..."

Bobby: "Okay." He stroked her hair, resting his chin on top of her head and staring at the book she'd been reading without seeing it.

Jessica: She smiled a little, closing her eyes and enjoying the contact. "The door locks, by the way," she mumbled after a few moments of silence.

Bobby: "Does it now?" He sighed, closing his eyes. What to Expect When You're Expecting. One thing was for sure, he never knew what to expect.

Bobby: With a little smile, he moved, putting his fingers under her chin to tip her face up to his. He admired her, tracing over her features with his eyes and fingertips. Finally, he kissed her.
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Re: What if...? Zombies!

Post by Svartfreja » Sat Dec 22, 2012 8:59 pm

Jess peeled the cover off her bike and ran a hand over the metal and the seat. She'd missed it... She took the keys and moved the bike out onto the road before climbing on and starting the engine. She had to hand it to Rand Industries. They made a sturdy product. Checking everything was secure and that she had her sword in easy reach, she headed off down the road.

She had no set direction in which to go because she had no specific reason for leaving. She just wanted to go somewhere that wasn't there and just be by herself. It felt so good to have the air rushing past her at speed. The snow didn't bother her as much as it should have and she just drove for a long time before she remembered her promise not to go too far.

Seeing a building along the road up ahead, she remembered her other promise of no towns and slowed down. Well... it wasn't technically a town. Just a gas station. How dangerous could it be? Pulling to a stop, she kicked the stand down and turned off the engine. The first thing she saw was a dog. It ran up to her yapping excitedly and almost got sliced in half in her surprise but she stopped, put the sword away and bent to pet it.

The fur was soft and warm and the dog was super happy to be petted. She laughed and sat down in the snow, letting it half climb on her in its excitement. She giggled and turned her head away as it licked her face and fussed it some more. She froze as she heard movement in the store and turned to look - there was a man standing in the doorway. The dog successfully licking her face snapped her out of it and she hurried to get to her feet.

"Max, you are the worst guard dog alive. What if she'd been a zombie, huh?" The dog trotted back to him looking a little sheepish and sat down on the small deck. "Sorry. I didn't mean to sneak up on you."

"Oh, um... no... it's fine... I should have been listening better..." She eyed him warily, adjusting her stance. "Is it just you in there?"

He glanced over his shoulder at the store, "Yeah, just me and Max." he patted the dog on the head. "He's not as useless as I tell him he is." he offered a smile, "Are you alone too?"

"Um... yes and no... I, um... Just getting some fresh air... part of a group..." She ran a hand through her hair, "I should, er... get back..." she thumbed over her shoulder to her bike.

"Just like that? You say you're part of a group then walk off and leave me on my own? That's not very nice..." He frowned, "My name's Joe, now you tell me your name."

She sighed, "It's Jess... now I really have to go. I've been gone too long."

"Wait," he took a step towards her, "Do you know anywhere that has food left? We're running low on supplies and hunting with a gun is dangerous."

"I... no... but I can ask... I'll come back tomorrow..." She started for the bike, "I promise. You'll have to trust me." she waved over her shoulder.

"Yeah, sure...." He frowned and headed back inside, Max barked a goodbye and followed him.

Sighing, Jess headed for home. Now she just had to work out how to ask where was good for supplies without asking where was good for supplies. Damn her conscience.
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Re: What if...? Zombies!

Post by Slarti » Sat Dec 22, 2012 9:15 pm

Oh, Jess... you silly, silly girl.

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Re: What if...? Zombies!

Post by Svartfreja » Wed Dec 26, 2012 10:25 pm

Jessica: Jess was as happy as she could be at this point in time. A grateful Joe had given her some supplies he had left from hitting up the import store and fresh eggs from some chickens he was keeping in the basement of the store. So now she was sitting quietly in the kitchen dunking fingers of toast that had been spread with marmite into a soft boiled egg.

Bobby: What was that smell? Following it through the dim hallways of their cold house, Bobby halted in the kitchen doorway, just watching Jess eat... something. He had found the source of the smell.

Jessica: Jess was aware that Bobby was there but she ignored him in favour of finishing her snack. Her tummy was happy for a craving satisfied and now she had tea too! Today was awesome.

Bobby: Bobby wasn't trying to be quiet, so he was fairly sure she was ignoring him. Okay? He came into the room and leaned over the table, looking into the bowl, at her face, back to the bowl, back to her face.

Jessica: Jess raised an eyebrow at him, "Yes. It's food. Did you forget what it looked like?"

Bobby: "It's... well, you ate it all, so yes, it must be food." He leaned in and gave her a fast kiss, then smacked his lips as he sat down. "But I just saw Carol and Jean... did you eat Rogue?"

Jessica: She laughed and gave him a playful shove, "No I didn't... even though I could totally take her."

Bobby: "Oh, I believe you could at that." He wrinkled his nose at her and tipped the bowl to look at it again. "Where in the hell did you find eggs? Are you smuggling chickens? Is Carol hiding them?"

Jessica: Jess shook her head. "I... did a favour for someone and they gave me eggs... and treasure." She sipped her tea.

Bobby: "Someone?" Bobby let the bowl rattle back to the table and looked around, spotting the jar of marmite on the cabinet. He cackled. "You found your mold!"

Jessica: "I was given it," she corrected. "As well as the eggs... it was just going to be eggs but then I saw the marmite." She smiled, taking another drink of tea. "So I just had the best lunch ever."

Bobby: Bobby leaned onto the table, resting his chin on his hand. He stared at her. "Given it by whom, exactly?"

Jessica: She put her tea down and shifted, "Okay... don't get mad... I just... when I went out yesterday I went a bit far... completely unintentional I just wasn't paying attention." She sighed, "Anyway... I found a gas station and there was the most adorable dog... and his owner..."

Bobby: "Okay, here's the thing..." Bobby rubbed his eyes, vigorously, buying himself some time to not yell at her. "Starting a sentence with 'don't get mad' pretty much immediately has the opposite effect. It's kind of a thing. Really."

Jessica: "Sorry..." she curled up a little in her seat, chewing her lip, "I was careful..."

Bobby: "Jess... don't..." He sighed, looking at her body language. "I'm not trying to yell at you... I believe you were careful, otherwise you wouldn't be here." That thought made him wince, though.

Jessica: "But you're still mad..." she hugged her legs to her and peered at him over the top of her knees.

Bobby: "I'm not really mad, baby, just... I wish you'd told me sooner." Bobby frowned at her big doe eyes and stared at the jar on the counter.

Jessica: "But if I told you yesterday then I would have felt bad about going back and I promised..."

Bobby: "Well if you'd told me, I could have gone with you as backup. A guy and a dog? He's by himself? Where?"

Jessica: "He's at a gas station about an hour away.... and I was fine... I didn't need backup..." she frowned a little.

Bobby: "I... okay, I know in theory you don't need protection from one guy and a dog." He looked back at her. "But what if he was lying? And he had a whole bunch of guys?" He cut off, ready to say and you just never came back...

Jessica: "I'd have heard them... Bobby... have some faith in me, okay? I'm here, aren't I? I came back..."

Bobby: Bobby closed his mouth on a retort. After a moment of thought, he continued. "You're more than competant, but any of us can get surprised."

Jessica: "Except me when I'm paying attention," She pointed at one of her ears. "You can't sneak up on me." She frowned, "Well you can when you cheat and become vapor but that doesn't count."

Bobby: He rubbed his hand over his face and gave up. She was just like Anna about things like this. "Okay."

Jessica: She prodded his forehead with her finger, "Stop. Worrying."

Bobby: Bobby gave her a withering look. Why did he always have a thing for hard-headed women? "So, this guy? He's human, I guess? He doing okay where he is?"

Jessica: "Yeah he's human... and for now he thinks I am. He's okay holed up where he is but they were running out of food so I gave him a map of some places Carol said were still good." She moved off her seat and into his lap.

Bobby: Lap Jess distracted him, as always, as he settled her in and held her. "Yeah, that's the advantage of being able to pass." He played with her hair, deciding to ignore for now that she'd told Carol and not him.

Jessica: "It is a nice advantage," she snuggled into him, "Stops you getting shot."

Bobby: "Most of the time." His hand brushed over her leg.

Jessica: "I'm fairly sure they'd have been less violent at us if they didn't know we're mutants." she put her hand on his, "And it's healed now... a lot faster than I expected but I'm not complaining."

Bobby: "Like when they shot me in the head?" He smirked at her, not buying it. If he hadn't been a mutant, he'd be dead and... well... by now she would be too... after they'd had their fun.

Jessica: "Well maybe... I don't know... I think we'd have been less sure of ourselves if we weren't mutants..." she shook her head, "I don't know. But that's not the point. The point is I'm fine and it's one guy and a really cute dog called Max - the dog not the guy. The guy is called Joe."

Bobby: "He cute too?" He smirked.

Jessica: Jess raised an eyebrow at him before settling against him again and giving a half shrug. "I suppose he's not hard on the eyes, if you like that sort of thing."

Bobby: "Hmmmph." Bobby gave her a raised eyebrow in return.

Jessica: She giggled and cuddled him. "Don't worry. I'm perfectly happy with you - you have nothing to worry about."

Bobby: He'd mostly been teasing anyway, but the news did make him smile a little. Craning his neck down, he playfully nommed on her neck, making snorfling sounds. "Good, that means I don't have to mark you as my territory or anything."

Jessica: She wrinkled her nose and squirmed, "Ewwwww that's not a pretty mental image there."

Bobby: He laughed and kissed her neck, moving up to her lips. Thank God she was safe after her little adventure.

Jessica: She kissed back, sliding her arms around his neck and turning more towards him. Breaking it off, she rested her forehead against his, "Can I go back tomorrow?"

Bobby: "I'm not going to tell you no, but my Jewish mother instinct says 'be careful, bubbala,'" he said, finishing with a bad female falsetto.

Jessica: She laughed and ruffled his hair, "I love you."

Bobby: He smiled and gave her a squeeze. "Good, because I love you too."

Jessica: "Even though I drive you crazy? That's good to know." She snuggled into him and shifted in his lap to get more comfortable.

Bobby: Deciding to stay quiet for a moment, he just held her. Finally, he licked his lips before he started. "He knows you're part of a group, right?"

Jessica: She nodded, "Mmhmm, I told him that when we met... mostly because I wanted to make it clear that people would miss me if he shot me and that they'd be pissed."

Bobby: "Good plan." He considered this for a moment. "We've asked just about everyone else to come here... so long as we don't think they're nuts. Well, aside from Cecilia."

Jessica: "Yeah.... but he doesn't know we're mutants... I thought maybe I'd tell him and see how that went..."

Bobby: "Yeah." Bobby frowned, still thinking. "Maybe it would be best if you did have some backup for that? I mean... he could be a FoHer for all we know."

Jessica: "He's one guy, Bobby... if he reacts badly, I'll just pheromone him or zap him into submission and leave..."

Bobby: Bobby resisted the urge to point out that she could have done that in the dollar store as well.

Jessica: "I'll be alright..." she stroked his cheek gently with the back of her fingers. "I promise."

Bobby: He closed his eyes and smiled. "You could take Carol..." he had to try one more time, after all. "I didn't mean it had to be me."

Jessica: "Mmm.... She might jump him... and that would be awkward..."

Bobby: Bobby laughed. "Hey, they might both like that development. You can just sneak away if that happens."

Jessica: "Annnnd steal the dog?" she gave him a hopeful look.

Bobby: "I like dogs," he agreed with a grin.

Jessica: "Yay!" She hugged him tightly, "Free dog! I've never had a pet, you know."

Bobby: "I've had dogs... they're fun." He chuckled. "So see, that works out for everybody."

Jessica: "It does! ... But only if Carol jumps him... I'll have to instruct her to do that."

Bobby: "Well, better him than me. I've seen the way she looks at me sometimes." He sniffed in mock offense. "I'm not just a piece of meat."

Jessica: Jess laughed again, "Aww, if she tries anything, just shout and I'll come and rescue you."

Bobby: "Bad touch, bad touch!"

Jessica: She giggled some more and tickled him.

Bobby: "Ba....not bad touch!" He squirmed, but it was hard to escape someone in your lap.

Jessica: She turned towards him, sitting astride him to tickle him better. "Bad touch or good touch?"

Bobby: "Very good." His hands went to her hips and Bobby grinned, brushing his nose against hers.

Jessica: She grinned back, ceasing the tickling in favour of setting her arms loosely around his shoulders instead before leaning into kiss him.

Bobby: Bobby returned the kiss, sweetly and teasingly.

Jessica: She smiled into the kiss, adjusting her weight slightly in his lap and tightening her hold on him. She didn't care if Rogue walked in.
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Re: What if...? Zombies!

Post by Slarti » Fri Jan 04, 2013 6:36 am

<Bobby> "Knock, knock, Dollface?" Bobby wasn't sure just walking into her room was a good idea, so he did indeed knock, hot mug in hand. He may be immune to cold, but he definitely felt the heat.

<Rogue> Rogue turned her head underneath her mountain of blankets to where the door would be if she had x-ray vision. "What?" She was too cold to pretend it didn't piss her off to be frozen. And it was Bobby on top of that. Sigh.

<Bobby> He took the muffled, unintelligible response as an invitation and opened the door. They'd been keeping the place just warm enough to keep the pipes from freezing and keep them... well, most of them... from being miserable.

<Bobby> Clearly, Rogue was on the miserable list. "...you in there?" he addressed the pile of blankets on her bed.

<Rogue> "Depends." One word answers were her forte when angry with him. "Why?"

<Bobby> "Because I have hot chocolate." Bobby moved around the bed to where he thought the voice was coming from. Leaning over, he tilted his head to try to identify parts under the blankets. ...nope.

<Rogue> That made her actually contemplate things. After a long silence, she shuffled to the edge of the blankets, which happened to be the ones at the foot of the bed. Her eyes peeked out from the mountain at him. "Prove it."

<Bobby> Okay then... her voice was coming from down there now, so that had been her ass instead of her head. He moved down there instead and held up the mug with a questioning, cheesy grin.

<Rogue> Hot chocolate was from the gods right now. She scurried to sit up and take the mug. As soon as her multi-gloved hands wrapped around it, she put her face over it, letting the steam warm her and she looked as content as a cat with fresh cream.

<Bobby> Laughing softly, he watched her, sliding his hands into his pockets. "A bit cold, huh?"

<Rogue> "This. Sucks." She turned her face, eyes closed so that it could warm up her cheeks. "Why'd Johnny leave again? Make 'im come back..."

<Bobby> "Because he's Hope whipped. So I wondered why you'd been making yourself scarce... I guess I should have checked sooner to make sure you weren't a Roguesicle."

<Rogue> "If Ah were normal, mah toes'd've fallen off by now." She took a long drink of the hot chocolate. "Why're ya tryin' ta butter me up? Ah thought we were steerin' clear o' one another..."

<Bobby> "I'm not allowed to just be nice?" His eyebrows rose, but her dramatic announcement made him smirk. "It's not that cold, babe."

<Rogue> "That's just not part o' tha agreement's all..."

<Bobby> "We have an agreement?" That made his eyebrows climb higher still. "Who got the sense of humor in the divorce?"

<Rogue> "Seein' as how Ah never had one, y'all brought it inta tha marriage, that'd be you."

<Bobby> He laughed, shaking his head.

<Rogue> "So, what's tha real reason ya brought hot chocolate?"

<Bobby> "Jesus, woman! To be nice!"

<Rogue> "Hey! Don't y'all yell at me! Ah'm already cranky!"

<Bobby> Bobby closed his mouth and mumbled an apology. "I wanted to check on you, and yeah... figured I'd see if you wanted to get out. Maybe we can fix this solar panel issue."

<Rogue> Rogue gave him a frowny-pouty face as she drank down the rest of the hot chocolate. "Ya got somebody else ya need ta check on. Didn't figure y'all'd check on me anymore after we had that talk." She took a deep breath and shuffled her way out of the covers. "New solar panels'd be nice..."

<Bobby> "I have checked on her, but she's out with Carol." Bobby helped her detangle the blankets. "Why would I not check on you, Anna? ...I care, we just can't..." Yeah, he was probably making this worse.

<Rogue> Rogue shrugged noncommitally. "'Cause it's easier ta just pretend we don't exist 'less we hafta."

<Bobby> He sighed. "Do you just want me to go?"

<Rogue> "No," she said quietly. She didn't. It was hard to be around him, but it was hard to be without him, too. "Please don't."

<Bobby> "Good, because I probably wouldn't have anyway." He put on a cheeky grin for her.

<Rogue> Rogue gave him a small smile and stood up, clutching the mug with both hands still so that she kept them busy. She just wanted to hold his. "Where can we find solar panels?"

<Bobby> "Couple towns away. It probably won't be enough, but it'll help and we can get more later. Carol and Jess got some books on how to hook 'em all up."

<Rogue> "All Ah care 'bout it heat. Lights an' stuff like that? Don't care. Ah need ta be warm."

<Bobby> Bobby started to say something, then thought better of it. Picking up one of her blankets, he slid it around her shoulders.

<Rogue> Rogue tensed a bit as he put the blanket on her, not able to breathe as she watched him. Why was this so hard? The end of the world should be hard in other ways. She bit her lower lip and her grip tightened a bit on the mug. "Thanks," she mumbled.

<Bobby> "I don't want to make this worse for you... but I don't want to lose my friend either," he said softly and backed away from her, eyes back on the corner of the bed.

<Rogue> "Doesn't it make it worse for you, too?" She thought about what she said and laughed at herself, "'Course it don't. F'rget Ah said it."

<Bobby> "I don't like that I upset you just with my presence..."

<Rogue> "Ya don't." She frowned, "Or... ya do... But it ain't..." Rogue huffed, frustrated. "Ah don't like ya gal. She don't like me. Ya love her. Ya like me. It's a rough pill ta swallow."

<Bobby> "Well... I think it's not so much she doesn't like you as she thinks you really don't like her and... think she's not good enough for me..."

<Rogue> "Nobody is. Not even me. Lorna was." She took a deep breath and set the mug down on her desk. "Sorry. Ah know that's too hard a topic..."

<Bobby> Bobby chewed the inside of his lip, completely unsure what to say to that.

<Rogue> Rogue chewed her lip again, too. "Ah'm sorry... Nobody's gonna be as good as her. Nobody's gonna be as good as Sam either." She sighed and went to hug him. "Ah cain't help tha way Ah feel."

<Bobby> "I know." He returned the hug, arms sliding around her for a tight squeeze. Quickly, he kissed her temple and let her go. Nooo, this wasn't hard for him at all.

<Rogue> Rogue slowly stepped back from him and pulled the blanket from her shoulders. "Ah guess we gotta go then... Keep things strictly business..." But she had a question first, "Does she know?"

<Bobby> He cleared his throat. "She thinks you hate her guts, or something. She feels guilty for wanting to help out, like during the attack of the zombie Jamies, and that she can't do anything right in your eyes."

<Rogue> "She doesn't think 'bout what she's doin' could affect tha baby. So on that front, yeah." She put the blanket on the bed and went to pull on her boots. "But that ain't what Ah meant..."

<Rogue> Rogue stood and turned to face him, taking a second, and a deep breath, before looking at his face, "Does she know how we feel 'bout each other?"

<Bobby> "I think... she's immune to so much stuff she doesn't think about it, yeah..." He paused, licking his lips. "I told her... and I told her I told you I wanted to be with her."

<Rogue> "...She knows that ya love me an' she's okay with it?"

<Bobby> Bobby looked away at that.

<Rogue> "Ah see. She don't know. Or is it that ya don't an' ya just said that so Ah'd not feel as bad?"

<Bobby> "It's not the same."

<Rogue> "What?"

<Bobby> "I do love you, Anna, you know that." He swallowed, looking her over and remembering the kiss. "If things were different... but they're not and I'm in love with Jess."

<Rogue> "There's no if's in this world. Not anymore. An' Ah do know that, yeah. Ya always have. Ah'm like tha annoyin' sister ya never had."

<Bobby> He rolled his eyes. "You are, but it's more than that and you know it." Bobby sighed and moved away from her. "I'm sure anything I tell you isn't going to make you feel any better, so it doesn't matter."

<Rogue> "Ya right. Sorry. Ah ain't annoyin' all tha time." She crossed her arms, trying to make herself small. Wishing she could go back in time and stop Sam from leaving their bed that morning. Then she wouldn't have any of this to worry about. "We should go..."

<Bobby> His sigh got louder at that. She was certainly annoying when she did things like this. "Yeah, let's go. We can at least fix the heat if nothing else."

<Rogue> "F'r tha record? Ah don't hate her. Ah hate her with you."

Bobby> Bobby just stared at her. "What do you want from me, Anna? You want me to tell you if Jess wasn't around I'd be with you? I have!"

<Rogue> Rogue blinked in surprise and stared at him. "Is that supposed ta make me like that she's with ya more? 'Cause it does tha opposite, ya know..."

<Bobby> "Well and you basically just told me you hate that I'm happy! This world sucks and my wife is dead and she's the only thing that makes me happy, [/i]especially[/i] when you're being a crazy, jealous bitch!"

<Rogue> "That ain't what Ah meant an' ya damn well know it!" Now she was flustered though and didn't know how to express what she meant so she flailed a bit and turned away from him with a noise.

<Bobby> "When I found out she was running off on her own because of guilt from you at first I thought it was a misunderstanding - just because you were really concerned. I hoped to God you weren't intentionally trying to drive her off because you're jealous."

<Rogue> Now she was beyond stunned. "What?!"

<Bobby> "What what? I'm speaking fucking English!" He was beyond pissed.

<Rogue> Oh no he did not just cuss at her! "Are y'all outta ya cotton-pickin' mind?! Ah've been stuck in here under mah mountain o' blankets tyin' ta keep warm after savin' her ass from tha zombie that killed our heat!"

<Bobby> Bobby checked himself somewhat. "I know you did that, and I'm grateful, but constantly telling her everything she does is bad for the baby - maybe you're right, maybe not - but it's making her crazy and if this drives her away from me-" he cut off when his voice cracked.

<Rogue> Rogue's eyes narrowed and she stepped up to him, getting as much in his face as she could without levitating. "Ah do that for you, Bobby. Ah make sure that she doesn't do anythin' ta endanger that baby 'cause Ah know she don't think sometimes. An' Ah know that if ya lost it or her y'all'd lose yaself. An' Ah. Damn. Near. Told her. Tha same. Fuckin'. Thing."

<Rogue> She shoved him a bit, "So don't you dare stand there an' tell me that mah lookin' out f'r y'all's family is gonna tear it apart. Don't. Even. Try it."

<Bobby> The shove took him off guard and he took a few steps back from her. "I don't have to try... she already wasn't telling me things because she didn't want to come between you and I and our friendship. There can only be two of us in this relationship, and it's gonna be me and Jess."

<Rogue> "What things?! There ain't nothin' that Ah've done that's bad, damnit! Ah avoid both o' y'all like tha plague so Ah can make sure nothin' happens that can get misconstrued!" Her hands balled into fists at her side and she stepped back from him. "Go. If ya only want her an' ya never wanna make our friendship work again, go."

<Bobby> He didn't know what to say to her. "This... is just going to keep happening. You don't like her, so you don't have any tact, and she's always going to get upset by that. I do love you, Anna, but I can't keep doing this... and I have to put her first." Unable to meet her eyes, he nodded to himself, then went.

<Rogue> Rogue stood her ground, entire body on fire with her nerves standing on end. Once she thought he might be far enough down the hall, she kicked her boots off as hard as she could and dove under her blankets to let out a muffled scream to release some of her anger. Once the weather got warmer, she'd go for good.

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Re: What if...? Zombies!

Post by Svartfreja » Sun Jan 06, 2013 10:25 pm

Jess decided, despite the danger of TMI, she would bring Carol with her on her next visit to Joe at the gas station. They went there in one of the trucks Carol had collected, Jess giving directions so they didn't get lost.

"Gotta say I'm impressed," Carol commented as they drove, "You went all this way without even noticing?"

"Yep. This is where day dreaming gets you."

"You're lucky that's all it got you." Carol frowned over at her.

"Yeah, yeah, I know. I've heard this all from Bobby. The last thing I need is another lecture about being more careful. I might just punch you."

"Alright," she held her hands up, "I'm just saying... there's dead people walking around and whatever..." she shook her head, taking the wheel properly again to follow the bend in the road. "But then again, you're super lucky. Immune to bites, got a boyfriend, immune to cold... and now you accidentally find what must be the only other living person within a hundred miles of the place. That's pretty impressive. If you could bottle that and sell it you'd be set for life."

"Yeah... it's a shame." She patted Carol's shoulder. "On the plus side you won't have to explain to Bobby why you've put me in a juicer."

Carol laughed, "Oh God, can you imagine? That'd be the most bizarre conversation ever."

"It would! And hazardous to your health too probably."

"Oh for sure." She nodded in agreement, "But totally worth it for the look on his face... maybe I'll suggest it as an idea later just so I can still enjoy that."

Jess giggled and gave her a playful shove. "You're horrible!"

"I know, it's part of my charm!" She threw her a grin, "Not everyone can be nice all the time. It'd be so boring. And what is the point of getting to know people if you can't use it against them later?"

"I agree! But not everyone gets it or finds it funny... I pissed a lot of people off that way without meaning to."

"Well that's their problem for not having any sense of humour. If you can't laugh at yourself then what can you laugh at?" She peered out of the front windshield, "This it now?"

Jess smiled, glad someone was on the same page, then followed her gaze, "Yeah that's the place."

"Awesome... is there supposed to be a dog on the roof?"

Jess raised an eyebrow, "Um... not usually?" She chewed her lip. Something was wrong. "Stop the car..." Jess was out of the door before Carol had even fully complied with the instruction. "Joe?!"

Carol pulled the hand break and got out of the truck too. The name Jess was calling made her pause, chewing her lip. He would be called Joe. She sighed, running a hand through her hair and following Jess, joining in with calling.

Jess hurried to the store at the gas station, sliding to a stop in the doorway and dodging the lunge of a zombie, neatly unsheathing her sword and slicing off its head in one fluid motion. "Joe?!"

Carol came to a stop just behind her, opting for using her handgun instead of powers to clear the zombies in the store. Head shots took them down quickly and she stationed herself in the doorway to guard in case any more showed up because of the sound.

Jess moved towards the door at the back of the store, "Joe? Are you okay?"

"I'm okay! Door's jammed!" Joe gave it a push from his side but there were a few piled bodies in front of it. "I was trying to make sure they didn't get the chickens. Is Max okay?"

"Yeah, he's up on the roof..." Jess pulled the bodies away from the door so he could get out and helped him over the corpses. "What happened?"

"Don't know... woke up to Max freaking out. I guess he smelled them or something. I got him up on the roof not long before they came across the field over the street..." he ran a hand through his hair, "Good thing you showed up."

"Yeah..." She stowed her sword away again as she reached the door. "See any more?"

"Not yet but they're probably coming..." Carol glanced over her shoulder, "Hi."

"Uh... hi?"

"Joe, Carol. Carol, Joe." Jess introduced them to each other. "She came to lend a hand... we kind of have an offer for you today but we have to tell you some stuff first."

"Shall I go get the dog because that'll take care of one of those things." Carol offered.

"No, I'll go... he knows me. Might pee on you."

"... Ew." Carol wrinkled her nose. "Yeah, you go. I don't want to get peed on...."

"Remind me not to hand you the baby before he or she is potty trained then."

"... If you value your life you won't hand it to me at all."

Jess laughed and moved out from under the awning, "Duely noted. I'll make sure to tell Bobby too."

"Don't worry, I can do that." Carol waved a hand dismissively, "Then he'll know I'm serious."

Joe watched the exchange with a slightly bemused expression. It was so weird to have normal conversation just happening in this new world. It was like it didn't even matter that there were a load of twice dead people in the store behind them. Then he just stared as Jessica lifted off the ground entirely unaided and landed on the roof. "Holy shit... you're a mutant?"

"Yep. We both are." Carol gave him a smile. "Everyone that lives with us is... except you, if you accept."

"Accept?" He blinked at her.

"Yeah. We came to ask if you wanted to move in with us - it's safer to be in a group... plus you have chickens and I really want some..." she grinned. "Also you're a guy which is a rare thing and Jess seems to like you so you get my vote and you didn't try to shoot me in the face or kill me in some other horrible fashion so you're already better than most other people that are staying with us."

"Oh... wow..." he scratched his head, "Totally didn't see that coming..."

Carol laughed, "Surprise!" she looked out across the street, "Better think fast." A much larger horde of zombies were shambling through the snow towards them now. "I'll handle these, Jess can help you pack."

Jess landed with a frantic Max and waited for Joe's nod before going to put him in the truck. Joe went to get the chickens. Carol took off, using her energy blasts to knock the zombies back. In a flurry of activity, Joe's things were packed up and tossed into the bed of the truck, by which time the horde was beyond managable even with Jess helping Carol.

"So... this is bad, right?" Carol glanced at her, blasting a few more away from the truck.

"Yep." Jess agreed, slicing off several heads at once on their other side.

"Okay... okay... hit me with that zappy thing you do and I'll clear a space then you get out of here. I'll catch up."

Jess nodded, putting the sword away and hurrying to put her hands on Carol's shoulders. "Are you sure about this? Because I know it hurts you."

"Yep. I'll be fine. Give me all you got." She took out a few more zombies that tried to sneak up on the truck.

"Alright... you asked for it..." Jess closed her eyes and focused as much energy as she could, releasing it through her hands and straight into Carol. Afterwards she felt a little woozy. Maybe too much? She felt an arm around her and realised it was Joe steering her towards the car.

He bundled her in and closed the door behind her then hurried to get in the driver's side, "Jess, you have to wake up a bit - I need directions!" he called, as he opened the door. Moments later, he yelled and swore - a zombie had chomped down on his arm as he'd reached to pull the door closed behind him. However, they were still not in a safe place so he shifted the gear into reverse and backing down the road as fast as the snow permitted. Once they had space, he turned the car around and kept driving.

Jess shook the haze away as they drove, eventually getting herself together enough to ask him to stop the car. She got out and went around to his side, opening up the door and clearly horrified by the state of his arm. "Oh God... Joe... I'm so sorry!"

"Yeah... it's bad..." he eyed it, turning to get out of the car. "Well never mind. It was going to happen sooner or later..." He flailed a bit at the surprise hug. "If I hadn't met you, Max would suffer now but you can look after him for me." He scratched the dog behind the ears.

"I wish we could have gotten you out in one piece..." She was half watching the sky for Carol.

"You did your best," he gave her a small smile. "You can just leave me here."

Carol landed a little way off, instantly seeing the bite. "Damn it! This sucks!"

"It does a bit..." Joe couldn't argue that point. "I was just telling Jess you guys can just leave me here..."

Carol chewed her lip. "Want me to leave you the gun?" She checked the magazine before offering it to him. "So you don't have to become one of them."

He shook his head, "Not that I like the idea of consuming human flesh... I just don't think I could do that."

She nodded understandingly, stowing the firearm back in her belt. "I get it... I'll come back tomorrow and look for you."

Joe eyed her for a moment then gave a nod. "Thanks. You don't have to do that but... I appreciate it." This was easily the weirdest conversation he'd ever had and not one he'd hoped he'd have to have. "Sorry this couldn't have ended differently..."

"Oh hey, it's not your fault." Carol gave a shrug, "We'll take good care of your dog, I promise... and the chickens. No one's eating them." She gave Jess a meaningful look.

Jess held her hands up, "I was mostly vegetarian before all of this. You want to talk to Rogue about that. She's the danger."

"I will talk to her." Carol affirmed. Moving to shake Joe's hand, "It was nice to meet you. You seem like a good guy..."

"Thanks... you too." He flailed again as he got another hug from Jess. "You take care, okay? Raise that kid and all that jazz."

Jess nodded, moving towards the car once Carol tugged on her arm. It was awful to just leave him there. She watched him through the rear window as they drove away then moved to sit with Max on her lap and cuddle him for the rest of the drive home.
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Re: What if...? Zombies!

Post by Slarti » Mon Jan 07, 2013 2:38 am

I would have had Carol shoot me in the head instead of just dying horribly ><

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Re: What if...? Zombies!

Post by Svartfreja » Fri Jan 11, 2013 4:25 am

Jessica: The truck skidded to a stop, narrowly avoiding the other cars Carol had liberated. Jess covered her eyes and eeped. "Jesus! Could you possibly try not to kill us?! We already had one narrow escape today!"

Carol: "Sorry!" Carol cringed, "Misjudged my speed... it's been a while since I drove." She opened the door and climbed out. "I'll get the chickens... you go inside with the dog and make tea or whatever it is you want to do..."

Bobby: Well, that sound was hard to miss. After his fight with Anna, Bobby had exchanged glares in the hall with Jean and headed downstairs. He closed the book on solar energy and went to the door.

Jessica: Jess climbed out of the truck carefully, Max followed and trotted around the immediate area having a good old sniff of everything. "Come on, Max..." Jess headed to the front door.

Bobby: He could hear the voices, and some woofing, so by the time Bobby had the door cleared and opened he had a good idea what was going on. He opened it and stepped outside.

Jessica: Jess laughed a little as Max jumped up to say hi to Bobby, tail flailing side to side in his excitement. New people! "Look, we have a dog now! And chickens."

Bobby: "Whoa!" The hairy mutt pounced him and he automatically scratched behind his ears, petting and talking to the excited dog. "Chickens too, huh?" He looked up from the slobbery canine greetings to Jess, then around. He noticed Carol... and nobody else.

Jessica: Max slipped by Bobby and ran into the house to go and sniff all the things. Jess sighed and moved to hug Bobby, "He got bit..."

Bobby: "Shit, Jess... I'm sorry." He returned the hug, holding her tightly.

Jessica: "There were so many... and Carol asked me to give her a boost... so I did but I gave too much so Joe came out to help me...." she sighed. "Carol's going back tomorrow so he doesn't wander around as one of them..."

Bobby: "Ugh... he just stayed?" Her words really sank in and he pulled back to look at her. "You're okay, right?"

Jessica: "Carol offered him her gun..." she nodded, "I'm okay... kind of tired but otherwise fine." She gave him a small smile. "Could use some tea..."

Bobby: "Okay." He returned the smile, kissing her and pulling her in for another hug while he stroked her hair. The fight with Anna replayed in his mind as he took her hand to lead her inside.

Jessica: "The worst part is, he was totally okay with the fact we're mutants." She squeezed his hand and hugged his arm while they walked.

Bobby: Bobby sighed, shaking his head. "Figures..." He knew this was inappropriate, but... "So poor Carol didn't get to have her way with him, I gather."

Jessica: "Nope... but, you know how she is... all business... I think she's disappointed but it's hard to tell." She frowned a little.

Bobby: "Well, we'll know when she starts eying me like a lambchop again," he said with a grin. This whole no electricity thing was so irritating, and to think the problem could have been solved was frustrating. They stopped in the kitchen, with Bobby jumping a little when the dog reappeared, pushing between them.

Jessica: "Heeey," Jess crouched to fuss Max, glancing up at Bobby. "Speaking of eyeing you like a lambchop... you seen the other two today?"

Bobby: "Yep. Unfortunately." He dropped down to pet the dog as well, laughing at the wriggling, licking mutt. "Okay, I see why you wanted the dog. He's pretty awesome!"

Jessica: "He's adorable!" she smiled at him and fussed Max some more, "So... unfortunately? What happened? Jean try to brain you with a lamp?"

Bobby: "I think Jean heard me fighting with Rogue," he sighed, catching a flailing paw.

Jessica: "And then tried to brain you with a lamp?" She raised an eyebrow, "What were you fighting about? It wasn't me again was it?"

Bobby: Bobby chewed his lip, keeping his attention on the dog. "Nah, she restrained herself to glaring."

Jessica: "So... it was about me?" she sighed, "I'm sorry, Bobby... what did I fail at now?" She rubbed Max's head and got up to actually see about making that tea.

Bobby: "Nothing. It's not your fault she's jealous." He ruffled the dog's ears and followed her, Max frisking along at his heels.

Jessica: "I hate that it's messed things up with you two though..." she frowned, "I don't want to cause all this trouble."

Bobby: "I... just want her to be the same Anna she was before, but she's not." He sighed, sliding his arms around Jess from behind.

Jessica: She leaned back against him, "Well none of us are going to be the same after all of this... and she'd been through hell before it started."

Bobby: "I know... and getting her back, after everything... I dunno." He nuzzled her hair.

Jessica: "I get it..." she turned around and wrapped her arms around him. "But look.... she was gone for a long time... and I suppose if things had been normal still when she came back it would have all been fine and she'd be all settled and happy and not cranky-mc-bitchy all the time... but the world went to hell instead and now all this stuff has changed and she's pissed because she has some sense of entitlement or something."

Jessica: She sighed, "It's not your fault, Bobby... you've been normal and nice and trying to help her feel welcome... we all have... But I don't think she wants to fit otherwise she'd try to just let it go instead of making a massive thing out of us being together. She should be happy you're still here...."

Bobby: "We've always had a weirdly close relationship in a lot of ways, and yeah... I guess with... well, with Lorna gone... she thinks it should be her." He kissed her forehead, arms around her waist.

Jessica: "Mmhmm..." she nuzzled him, "And she can't come out and tell you to leave your pregnant girlfriend because that would be a horrible thing to do... so she's just going to make me crazy instead." She kissed his cheek, "But too bad for her I'm already crazy and warned you in advance."

Bobby: "I like your crazy." He grinned.

Jessica: "My crazy is impressive." she poked the end of his nose and turned to finish making the tea. "And also adorable. What's not to like?" she grinned over her shoulder.

Bobby: He smiled to himself as he watched her, finding a chair and reaching to pet Max again. He really should tell her... clear the air before Anna said something and he'd have to explain himself. "Once upon a time, if things had turned out different... it could have been her... so that's what has made this hard. It's hard for me to accept the woman I care about is... so different. Or gone completely."

Jessica: "I get that too... I don't think she's gone, I think maybe just hiding under all the angry because she's scared... sometimes it's easier to be angry and lash out than accept stuff has happened that you don't like and have no control over. Believe me, I know..."

Bobby: "Well... I told her, again, I'm with you, even if that means we can't be friends anymore..."

Jessica: "I'm sorry... that's kind of a sucky ultimatum..." She stirred the tea carefully. "I hope she comes around... maybe it's just a time thing..."

Bobby: "If it is, she's had PMS ever since she got here." Max jumped up to rest his front feet on Bobby's thigh, so he scratched the dog's ears.

Jessica: "Well she hasn't really been trying to integrate herself... I think maybe we should just let her have her space and go about our business and if she wants to be involved then she'll come down and try and if she doesn't she doesn't and that's that... but it's not your fault, okay?"

Bobby: "Well, I'm definitely not going anywhere near her for a while. I took her hot chocolate and tried to get her to go out and help me get solar panels. She's freezing her ass off. You should have seen the pile of blankets in her room."

Jessica: "So she'd rather fight with you than make herself more comfortable?" Jess shook her head, picking up her tea and taking a sip. "There is no logic there. Maybe the cold is affecting her brain. Take Carol with you instead... or send her to warm up captain crazy pants."

Bobby: "Or... we could send captain klutz to admiral crazy pants and you could go with me to get the solar panels?"

Jessica: "That works too... what do we do about Jean? Send her in to referee? Or make her popcorn?"

Bobby: "Both." He nodded, cooing at the dog. "Right, boy?"

Jessica: Max cocked his head on one side and whined, "I think maybe he doesn't want to be left with all the crazy... It's okay, we'll bring you back something good too." She put her tea down to cuddle him. "He can sleep in our room, right?"

Bobby: "Sure," he chuckled, watching her with the dog. Once again, watching her, he was sure he'd made the right decision. "He just better not take my place."

Jessica: "Aww never... unless I want intelligent conversation." She grinned at him.

Bobby: "Haaaahaaaa." He reached over to tickle her side.

Jessica: She giggled and squirmed, swatting at his hands. "Love yoooou!"

Bobby: Max, excited by the activity, bounced in place and woofed. "Love you too, but you're mine!" He slid off the chair to tickle attack.

Jessica: "Eeeep! Max, save me!" She curled up giggling and tried to protect herself. "Noooo!"

Bobby: "There is no salvation!" He tickled her mercilessly and cackled. Once he worked his way close to her, he planted a kiss on her stomach and hugged her around the middle.

Jessica: Jess laughed and stroked her fingers through his hair. "You're ridiculous.... buuuuut I suppose it's part of your charm." She gave him a smile, "When did you want to get those solar panels?"

Bobby: He closed his eyes and enjoyed the contact. "It's a large part of it, yes," he agreed. "Whenever. Probably should wait until tomorrow since we're burning daylight now."

Jessica: "Okay, tomorrow it is. And then everyone will be warm and comfortable again and less cranky.... what shall we do in the mean time?"

Bobby: "I'm sure we can find a way to kill some time." He looked up at her with ruffled hair and a big grin.

Jessica: "Oooh promise?" she giggled, "We should probably distract Max first."

Bobby: "We can find him a bone." He realized how that could sound and made a face. "A meaty one." Another face.

Jessica: She laughed, "Or we can find him a Carol. Might be less awkward to explain later."

Bobby: "Yes! Or that." He planted another kiss, this one to her chest just above the swell of her breasts, and got up. "Come on, boy, let me introduce you to the other hot blonde!"

Jessica: "And I'll meet you upstairs," She scratched Max behind the ears and kissed Bobby softly before turning for the door.

Bobby: "You aren't the right species for each other, but you'll still be a match made in heaven!" He led the dog to the door to find Carol.
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Re: What if...? Zombies!

Post by kladyelf » Sat Jan 12, 2013 10:13 am

Y'know I've wondered with these sort of "end of the world" stories why nobody raids libraries and council offices for maps and general info about the community and surrounds? (eg: gleaning from local publications who has/produces vital materials and/or runs self-sufficient homes, or who has the truly impressive collection of medieval sword-y stuff etc.) Or are things set up differently in the US?

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Re: What if...? Zombies!

Post by Svartfreja » Sat Jan 12, 2013 10:17 am

They have raided a library and they're living in a self sufficiant home ¬.¬ the solar panels got busted though.
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Re: What if...? Zombies!

Post by Svartfreja » Sun Jan 13, 2013 11:33 am

Jessica: Jess petted Max's big shaggy head on her knee while she looked over the map and other items they were supposed to be bringing with them on their field trip.

Bobby: "Okay, we all set?" He patted Max and pulled up a chair. "We're gonna end up with kind of a hodge podge mix of panels, but whatever works."

Jessica: "I think so..." She moved Max off her lap so she could get up and pack everything back up again. "You ready to leave?"

Bobby: "Ready whenever you are." He gave her a playful smack on the ass when she rose. "Have I mentioned how hot you look in that uniform?"

Jessica: She yelped and giggled, "Nooope... at least not today?" She frowned a little, "Carol has though." She shook her head. "We should do something about that before she gets handsy with the wrong people." She finished stuffing everything into the bag then picked up it and her sword.

Bobby: "Wow... Carol's switching teams? She can't have you." Bobby got up and hugged her from behind, resting his chin on her shoulder and his hand on the small bump in her belly. "Mine."

Jessica: She nodded, "Yes. Very yours. I'm not switching teams. Ever." She turned her head and kissed his cheek, "As for Carol, I don't know... maybe it's desperation talking." She gave a half shrug. "Aaaaanyway, that's a problem for tomorrow. Today we have bigger fish to fry.... damn I miss fish."

Bobby: He smiled and caught her chin, turning her face back to him and moving in for a real kiss. "Mmm, well," he said, after he broke it off, "Guess we could look for some occupied creeks, but I don't like the idea of eating a fish that might have been nomming on a zombie."

Jessica: She wrinkled her nose, "Yeah nor me... but if the fishies are okay then they're probably safe to eat... At least I think... don't they always say that the rivers are ecosystem markers or something?" She wished she'd paid more attention in general biology instead of just the bits she actually was interested in.

Bobby: "Yeah, but they might still have the chemical in their systems... that's why you can't eat the fish where I'm from. Mercury." He sighed and let her go, adjusting his own uniform. "I think we're probably safer avoiding mister fishy fishy, actually."

Jessica: "Weeeeell... I'd be fine...." She reminded him, poking the end of his nose. "Immuuuuune!" She grinned, shouldering the sword and the bag and heading for the door, Max trotting hopefully at her heels.

Bobby: "Hey, Maxie boy, you better stay here." He bent to pat the dog's side on his way to the door. "Maybe you can go keep Rogue company. Jean might try to castrate you." Bobby began the process of unbarracading the doorway.

Jessica: Jess set her things down again and crouched to give Max a very apologetic fuss and a cuddle, "I'm sorry, we can't take you with us but we'll be back soon..." She led him to his basket and got him to lie down in it. "Good boy... see you later..." giving his head another pet, she returned to her things. "He looks so disappointed..."

Bobby: "Of course he does. He's a dog." Bobby put on his own puppy dog eyes for emphasis. "See? You'll be fine, boy! Stay. Guard the house!" He opened the door, pleased when the dog didn't bolt for it.

Jessica: Jess gave Max a wave before stepping outside, "That look makes me feel sooooo baaaaad...." She kicked at some snow. "We need to get him some stuff to chew on or play with or something..."

Bobby: Closing and locking off the door behind her, he chuckled. "We'll add doggie toys to the looting list then." They needed more room than was available in his truck, so he headed for one of the giant models Carol had carried off.

Jessica: "I'm sure he'll be super grateful." She smiled over her shoulder at him as she tossed her things onto her seat and went to pick up the broken solar panel to put it in the back of the truck. Never hurt to have a comparison model, right?

Bobby: Watching women throw around things twice their size never got old, so he watched her before he climbed in the cab. Firing up the engine, he checked the gas and listened to the diesel engine roar. No sneaking up on the zombies in this thing. "Ready?"

Jessica: She climbed in beside him after stuffing the bag behind the seat and closed the door behind her before leaning to kiss his cheek. "Ready!"

Bobby: The ride was uneventful for the first dozen miles, which was a good thing. The area around their little home was still fairly clear of zombies. Those few who heard the truck and staggered onto the road met with tire, ice, or zap.

Jessica: Their first stop loomed ahead of them, Jess double checked the map. "Okay so... there should be a turn on the left somewhere... this'd be a lot easier if we could see where the roads are..." She shifted in her seat.

Bobby: "Oh, how I long for GPS." Which sadly wasn't working anymore. Bobby leaned over the wheel, squinting at the road as if he could will the turn into sight. Between the curves in the road, the thick woods and the snow on the ground, it was tricky.

Bobby: Oh, wait! "Shit, almost missed it!" As it was, the truck skidded slightly and glided sideways when he took his foot off the gas and started the turn.

Jessica: Jess curled up in her seat, sticking her hands to the door and dash. Not good! "Can we not do that again?!"

Bobby: "Believe me, I don't want to, but brakes on ice are of the bad!" He downshifted and kept the truck on the road.

Bobby: "Whoa! Zombie!" The creature didn't pose much of a threat, however, since its legs were crushed and buried under the snow. Its arms made a messy half snow angel on the roadway as it struggled to rise up to look at them.

Jessica: "Okay. Okay. I get that. But I'm really not good with cars. And maps. And swerving. All at the same time." She closed her eyes and took a deep breath.

Bobby: "I know, I'm sorry." He ran over the zombie's head with a wet pop and shot her a quick, sheepish grin. This road was even more narrow and winding, and the snow was disturbed by countless human footprints...

Jessica: She cracked an eye open and attempted to calm down enough to take in their surroundings. "I don't know whether I hope they're zombie footprints or alive people footprints... when was the last fresh snowfall?" She uncurled and checked by her feet for the map.

Bobby: "A couple days ago, I think." He was trying to concentrate on the road, but soon the private drive opened up into a field, occupied by a small log cabin and several outbuildings. There had been a massacre, and recently.

Jessica: "Woah... okay... so this is fresh..." She put the map back on the dash, shifting in her seat to look around some more. "I think maybe we should just stop here... with the car facing the main road..."

Bobby: "Good idea." He ducked his head to look at the roof of the building. There were the solar panels Carol had spotted on her flyover, but... why were there so many zombies? ...and some of that blood was still fresh enough to be red, frozen and crystalized.

Bobby: Bobby made a large circle in the clearing, the truck bumping over the uneven ground, and the zombies finally noticing them.

Jessica: Well... they had their work cut out already. Jess reached for her sword, "At least this breaks up the monotony..." She opened her door and climbed out.

Bobby: "Never a dull moment," he muttered as she got out. Cutting the engine, he jumped out and shifted before he hit the ground, already freezing the first few creatures that had caught up to them.

Jessica: Jess beheaded a couple that came close to her then took to the air to deal with some more. "So I guess they were zombie footprints..."

Bobby: "Guessing so." Bobby made quick work of several more corpses, noticing they had come from the woods behind them, drawn by the truck on the driveway. "Great..."

Jessica: "Oh don't worry, it's not like we get tired very fast and you're immune and they can't reach me.... look at them trying - it's funny." She hovered tantalisingly close to the zombies' fingertips (or what was left of them). "I'd feel sorry for them if they weren't trying to eat me."

Bobby: He made a face and flash froze the creatures beneath her. "Don't tease the zombies!"

Jessica: "But it's fuuuun... And I was going to put them out of their misery eventually. I was just using them to prove a point." She swooped low over another group, hacking more heads off.

Bobby: Grumbling to himself, he pushed his worry aside and waded into the battle. The zombies around the truck were a problem, especially if they climbed on or under it, so after picking off several creatures, he walled the truck into its own little ice fort.

Jessica: The numbers eventually seemed to be thinning and Jess landed at last, "Okay so... how are things on your end?"

Bobby: "Clearing's almost clear." He was heading toward the house, using an ice slide to avoid the clog of bodies. The closer he got, the less he liked it. There were frozen entrails... bones... bodies too mangled and eaten to even reanimate.

Jessica: Jess sliced off the heads of the last few on her side and slicked the blood from the blade before lifting into the air again to follow him. "... Holy shit."

Bobby: Looking at the house, the source of the fresh meat was obvious. The front door and one of the boarded windows were smashed in. The inside of the house was dark and ominous.

Jessica: Jess held her sword ready at her side, stopping just by Bobby's shoulder. "Need a little light? I think I can risk it in here..."

Bobby: He wanted to tell her no, but... dammit. After a long look, he nodded. "Hear anything?"

Jessica: She shook her head, "Not at the moment... hard to hear much over your ice." She raised her free hand, starting with a small charge before intensifying it little by little just to be sure it didn't come back to her.

Bobby: That just intensified his frown and he brought up his arm to block her, edging ahead of her to shield her. "Hey! Anybody in there! Alive or dead?" He glanced at her and tried again. "If you're alive, it's okay," he called. "Stay put, but knock on something, or yell."

Jessica: A thud further in made her pause and raise the sword a little, tightening her grip.

Bobby: "Okay, so that was either a really smart zombie or a person." He called out again and got another thump in response. "Guess we get to clear the house then?" He shot her a weak, worried grin.

Jessica: "I guess so... you take point, I'll keep the light high for you and watch your ass." She gave him a grin and a wink.

Bobby: Bobby gave her a slightly more real grin and headed inside. The living room was obviously clear, though they checked behind the sofa and in the closet.

Jessica: Jess followed behind him him, keeping an eye on the door and listening for sounds as best she could over the creaking ice. She kept her right hand held high to spread the light as far as possible.

Bobby: The light was helpful, since all the windows were boarded, save for another in the kitchen that was smashed inward. That room was clear as well, but the hall was another story. A decayed, skinless, earless horror was clawing at a door at the end of the short hallway. "...ew."

Jessica: "Don't ew, freeze it dead!" Jess prompted, wrinkling her nose.

Bobby: Bobby did so, and the zombie listed forward into the door, its arms snapping off at the elbow.

Jessica: ".... Now you can ew. Ew." She was so glad they didn't have to clean that up.

Bobby: "Yeah..." The other doors were closed as well, and he checked them quickly. All locked, so whatever was in there could stay for a while. Once at the door, he kicked the corpse aside and quietely ewed again when it shattered onto his boots. "Yo... whoever's in there! We took care of your company. It's safe."

Jessica: "Promise..." Jess added, "Everything is twice dead and no longer threatening." She couldn't hear any more shuffling outside in the snow so that was a safe enough bet.

Bobby: A woman's voice answered finally, hoarse and hesitant. "Why would you help me?"

Jessica: "Um... because it seemed like a good idea at the time?" Jess gave Bobby a shrug, "And because apparently once you decide to be a superhero it's hard to get out of the habit..."

Bobby: The woman didn't have an answer for that, so he exchanged another look with Jess and shifted his weight, creaking in the confined space. Behind the door, he heard the scrape of furniture moving and finally the knob turned.

Jessica: Jess smiled at the woman, "Hi." She waved the hand with the light because she figured waving the sword would be a bad idea.

Bobby: The dirty, bloody woman gasped at first the light, then the man made of solid ice and slammed the door again.

Jessica: Jess winced, "That's fine... you don't have to say thank you or anything... prejudice apparently survives the apocalypse better than people..." she sighed.

Bobby: "You're mutants!" The woman announced this from behind her door, then opened it again, just a crack, to look them up and down.

Bobby: "Sure are," Bobby replied. "The mutants who saved your ass from getting munched."

Jessica: "We're not going to hurt you... you don't have to be scared of us..." she was so frustrated by this reaction but she tried not to let it show.

Bobby: Bobby was getting irritated, squinting at the door to see beyond it. This woman was alone. "You the only survivor?" When the woman stammered out that she didn't know, Bobby turned to go back the hall to check the rest of the house.

Jessica: "Am I okay to put the light out?" Jess wondered aloud, "Kind of stuck otherwise... hands are full..."

Bobby: "I don't need it," he called, battering open another bedroom door with his shoulder and going in. The door slammed shut behind him.

Jessica: Jess blinked, the light going out. "Bobby...?" She edged towards the door he'd gone into, "Are you okay?" She glanced back at the woman.

Bobby: "Fine," he called, then there was a crash. A pause. "Still fine!"

Bobby: The woman finally edged out of the door. "There were a lot of them outside... you really got them all? How many of you are there?"

Jessica: "We got all the ones we could see but we can double check on the way out for any stragglers," she gave the woman a smile, "There's just me and him here - more back at our house. We're on kind of a field trip." She glanced to the door again, "Try not to break anything!"

Bobby: "Just two of you..." The woman reached up to her throat to pull her scarf tighter.

Jessica: Jess nodded, "Yeah... but we're not exactly helpless.... are you cold? If you have a fireplace I can help get one started up for you..." She eyed the scarf.

Bobby: "It's winter..." The woman's eyes tracked past Jess's and into the living room. There was a body already half in the fireplace.

Jessica: Jess nodded, "Yeah..." she followed her gaze, "I suppose I should offer to move the corpse too?" She finally slid the sword away and went to do just that, prodding it with her foot a couple of times to make sure it wasn't going to get up and surprise her.

Bobby: The woman followed her, jumping at another crash and a muffled fine from Bobby, who'd clearly found a way into another room.

Jessica: Jess rolled her eyes and shook her head, hauling the corpse out of the fireplace and tossing it, rather unceremoniously, the full length of the hall and straight out into the snow. Then she crouched to put some wood and paper in the fireplace, using a spark to get the paper to catch light.

Bobby: Behind her, the woman collapsed onto the sofa.

Jessica: Straightening up and dusting off her hands, she turned to look at the woman, "It'll warm up in no time." She offered a smile, "You feeling okay?"

Bobby: "They're all gone... aren't they?" She looked up at the strange blonde in the strange uniform.

Jessica: "I... um... I'm not sure... Bobby's still looking... but... they might be..." she chewed her lip, "Look... if... if you want... we could take care of you... take you back with us..."

Bobby: The woman stared at the fire, her eyes blank.

Jessica: Jess moved to sit beside her, putting a comforting hand on her shoulder. "I'm sorry..."

Bobby: Quickly, the woman pulled a small revolver from the layers of her clothing. Without looking at Jess again, she pressed the muzzle to her throat and pulled the trigger.

Jessica: Jess screamed, both from the shock and the noise, covering her ears with her hands and scrambling to her feet.

Bobby: The gunshot pulled Bobby from the last room, though he had to kick down the door when the lock stuck. "What the fuck?! What happened?" He skidded to a halt when he saw the mess in the living room.

Jessica: Unfortunately Jess couldn't hear the question and her attention was more focused on the mess on the sofa at the moment. How could she just do that?

Bobby: Bobby looked out the door, and the coast looked clear, but that shot could draw attention, so he walled off the doorway and smashed windows with ice. Without thinking, he went to Jess. "What happened," he tried again, reaching for her shoulder.

Jessica: Jess yelped at the surprise touch and reacted instinctively with a venom blast before jumping straight up and adhering herself to the ceiling which caused another shriek and a backwards shuffle away from the splattered brains. Oh God this was not a good day!

Bobby: The surprise zap caught Bobby off guard and he dropped like a rock to the floor, creaking.

Jessica: Jess saw the movement and dropped back down, "Oh Fuck! Bobby? I'm sorry! You surprised me! I can't hear anything..." she hurried over to him.

Bobby: "Uuuuuugh, I hate that." He was still twitching a little as he sat up and shifted. Not sure if that made it better or worse, he realized he was in a puddle of blood and scrambled away from the sofa. "GAAAAAH!"

Jessica: Jess glanced back at the sofa like she didn't know what was there but, of course, she did and wished she hadn't looked again. "You are not allowed to freak out! You weren't sitting right next to her!" She gestured at the blood splatter on the side of her face.

Bobby: "Jess... babe..." He managed to get up and grab her in a hard hug. Letting her go enough to grab a mostly clean throw blanket from the other end of the sofa, he wiped her face and tried to clean her up.

Jessica: Jess stood as still as she could while he did that and clung to him. "I was trying to tell her we'd take care of her..."

Bobby: Bobby glanced over at the corpse again and saw the gun in its limp hand.

Bobby: "I'm sorry... that's fucking crazy." He made sure he was facing her when he spoke so she could read his lips. She was shaking like a leaf and he hugged her again, stroking her hair. "I shouldn't have left you alone with her..."

Jessica: "Can we go outside, please? I need to go outside..." she moved back a bit to look at his face.

Bobby: "Yeah, okay." He kissed her forehead and dissolved the ice at the door, first just enough to peek outside. It was still clear, so he led her outside, then formed a pillar of ice to lift them to the roof. "Well... there are the solar panels..."

Jessica: Still shaking uncontrollably, Jess sat down on the roof, scooping up the clean snow and using it to try and wipe the blood from her face and hair. She wanted it gone. "That was... horrible... so horrible..."

Bobby: Bobby sat behind her, pulling her into his lap to hold her and help her clean herself up. "She just... whipped it out?"

Jessica: Jess felt his mouth moving but still couldn't hear much but mumbling over the ringing in her ears. She turned her head, "Huh? Bobby... I can't hear, you have to look at me..." Uuuuugh it was on her neck.... She decided she needed to remove the top half of the uniform for the cleaning to be effective and set about that, setting the katana down beside her first.

Bobby: "Oh... right." He twisted to face her better, eyebrows lifting when she started stripping. Catching on, he took the jacket to scrub the blood away with snow.

Jessica: Jess scrubbed her neck with the snow, just grabbing handfulls of it until she felt like she was clean enough. She was now soaking wet and still shaking but at least all the blood was gone. "I'm okay. I'm okay." She wasn't sure whose benefit that was for but repeating it over and over would hopefully convince her of it.

Bobby: "You are." He caught her chin to make her look at him. "You're okay." Working his way out of his own jacket, he wrapped her up in it and pulled her to his chest.

Jessica: Not that she needed the warmth... but it was nice right now. She curled up against him and took several steadying breaths, closing her eyes. The shaking lessened somewhat and she lifted her head enough to nuzzle his neck. "Are you okay?"

Bobby: He just nodded and held her, stroking her hair until she calmed down. Why the fuck would that chick have waited behind that door all that time, then blown her own brains out?

Jessica: "Okay..." she sat up, blowing out a breath, "I guess I should get the panel from our roof to see if they match up..." She turned and wrapped her arms around him for a hug first. "In a minute..."

Bobby: Laughing softly, he gave her a hug and a kiss. "Can you hear me now?" he tested.

Jessica: She nodded, "Yeah... still a bit muffled and ringy but I can make out words..." She ran a hand through her hair, glad that when she pulled it away it didn't come with bits of brain.

Bobby: "Good." He smirked a little at his own private joke and handed her back her own uniform jacket, now dry. Looking out over the edge of the roof, he spotted a couple straggling corpses and dropped them with narrowed eyes. "Let's do this and get home then."

Jessica: She pulled her jacket back on and zipped it back up, retrieving her sword and putting it back in its place. "I'll be right back..." she flew down to the truck to fetch the bag of tools and the broken solar panel. If the ones on the roof were the same size, it would be completely awesome because she really didn't fancy doing this all over again somewhere else.

Bobby: Once she was safely back on the roof, he nodded, shifting back to ice. "Me too." Creating an ice slide, he slipped off the roof and back inside the house.

Jessica: Jess dug around in the bag for the right tools to disconnect the solar panels after she was sure the broken one wouldn't slide off the roof and get more broken. She didn't want to know why he'd gone back in the house. Nothing would induce her to do the same. She was going to see the inside of that house for weeks every time she closed her eyes.

Bobby: Bobby went straight to the sofa, but couldn't bring himself to look at the ugly wound that tore the woman's skull in half. Instead, he picked up the revolver and clicked open the cylinder. Empty. He flicked the spent casings onto the floor.

Jessica: She shook it off and removed the closest panel carefully, turning it over to check the fastenings on the back and compare it to the one they'd brought along.

Bobby: Sliding the gun into his belt anyway, he checked her over quickly. No bites, no wounds... nothing. Picking the blanket up off the floor again, he covered her corpse and stared at the spreading red stain for a moment. With a sigh, he went to check the kitchen for supplies. May as well not leave things to waste.

Jessica: Aaaand they weren't the same. They weren't. That was.... bad. Because now they had to do this all over again. She kicked the solar panel that they couldn't use off the roof and hid her face in her hands, curling up where she sat and leaning against the chimney.

Bobby: In the midst of checking the kitchen cabinets, he heard the noise from outside and went to check. Leaning out the front door, he looked around for trouble, then called up to her. "Jess, babe? You okay?"

Jessica: "It won't fit..." she replied, obviously crying by now. She took a deep breath and tried to calm down.

Bobby: Bobby cursed, lengthily and creatively. Finally, he sighed. "We can take them anyway... maybe we can figure out how to rig it up..."

Jessica: "If it doesn't work we'll have to do this all again tomorrow..." She crawled to the edge of the roof and peered down at him, "I can't, Bobby..."

Bobby: "Yeah," he looked up when he heard her voice get closer. Bobby didn't really know what else to say, so he sighed.

Jessica: She climbed down the wall, pausing a couple of feet from the ground and sitting back against it, running her fingers through her hair. "The next place isn't that far away.... how many kinds of solar panel can there be? We were just... really unlucky this time..." she hoped. She reached out to him.

Bobby: "Not completely unlucky." He caught her hand and pulled her up to hold her. No way was he parking them on the ground when there could be zombies around. "There're supplies in the house and we can check the garage and shed."

Jessica: She wrapped her arms around his shoulders and held on tight. "And then go and check the next place and hope to hell we don't have to go through all this again..."

Bobby: "Yep, exactly," He sighed and nodded, resting his head against hers. "Or we say fuck it for the day and make Carol and Rogue go out tomorrow."

Jessica: "That. We can do that. Please we can do that?" Her puppy expression was impressive. She would apologise to Carol later but she was not doing this again.

Bobby: "Oh, I vote for that all right." He was impressed, and gave her a tired laugh and kiss. "First we better finish off what we can here."

Jessica: She nodded, hugging him tight. "I can't see that again... I'll explain to Carol... it's okay..."

Bobby: "If she complains too much, tell her you'll rent me out to her for an hour." He smirked at her, wrinkling his nose.

Jessica: "She'll know that's a lie..." She sighed, kissing the end of his nose. "I will think of something... no whoring... from anyone." She looked back at the roof, "I'll go get our stuff... you pack what's in the house because I'm not going in there again."

Bobby: "Okay," he laughed and gave her a quick kiss. "They have some radio equipment... short range trucker stuff, not that stuff like SHIELD had. It's been pretty useless anyway. And some food and other stuff. Looks like they had electricity too up until the last day or so..."

Jessica: "I guess the zombies took out their power too... but a radio sounds like a good idea." She headed up to the roof for their things.

Bobby: Telling her to be careful at this point would just earn him a dirty look, so he went back inside and found bags and boxes to pack up their finds. After a few trips to the truck, the house was bare of useful supplies, including ammo for that damned gun.

Jessica: Jess collected the tools and the broken panel, returning them to the truck then deciding to go and check out one of the other buildings. She knocked on the door, "Helloooo? Any zombies in here that were late to dinner...?"

Bobby: Hearing her, Bobby shook his head and joined her. "No response is a good response." The building was zombie free, luckily, as were the other two. Gas was always a good find, and there were containers of that.

Jessica: Jess helped load up everything else that was useful into the truck whereupon she climbed back inside, closed the door and buckled up. Safe. At least until they started moving.

Bobby: Climbing in the cab himself, Bobby shifted and let out a long, loud sigh. Draping his forearm over the wheel, he started up the noisy truck and shot Jess a tired grin. "Next stop is tea and hopefully Carol nuked the hot water tank today. For once, even I want a bath, preferably with company."

Jessica: "That sounds like a really great idea." She smiled back at him, resting her head on the headrest behind her for a moment before reaching to pick up the map again. "Hooooome..."

Bobby: Whistling a familiar Paul Simon song under his breath, he shifted and started out, but they hadn't gone far down the winding drive before he caught sight of one of those late zombies shuffling up the road. "Oh, hell no," he said, making a disgusted noise in this throat as he ran it down. Homeward bound indeed.
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Re: What if...? Zombies!

Post by Svartfreja » Mon Jan 14, 2013 10:32 am

"Okay, try it now!" Carol called down from the roof, "I think I figured it out... maybe..."

"Right..." Jess ducked back inside and tried the light switch. Aha! "Power! We have it!" She headed back outside and flew up to the roof to hug Carol.

"Eeep!" Carol was surprised by the hug and toppled off the roof and into a snow bank. "Well that was fun." She giggled, "You're welcome, I think?"

"That was supposed to just be a hug but I guess it was my turn to misjudge my speed in my enthusiasm." Jess sat up, "Ooooh snow-cave!"

"Like the Batcave only cooler.... wait." Carol frowned, "That wasn't supposed to be an awful pun but whatever, I'll take what I can get."

Jess laughed, "You do that a lot."

"What? Open my mouth and have words come out without any kind of plan for where they're going?" Carol nodded, "It's a problem..."

"It's funny." Jess offered her a smile, looking around at the high walls of snow.

"It's funny 'til it gets me punched in the face." Carol corrected, staring up at the sky because she couldn't be bothered to sit up. "So... now that we have power, what are you going to do?"

"I was thinking that first I'd take a shower... and then I'd do laundry."

"You are so boring."

"Well someone has to be responsible..." Jess gave a shrug, "It may as well be me... I'm not going to be going on any field trips for a while."

Carol frowned, rolling her head to look at her. "Are you okay?"

Jess looked down at her, "Not even a little bit." She sighed, "I don't know how I'm supposed to deal with that..."

"Hug?" Carol offered, reaching up to her.

Laughing a little, Jess settled back down in the snow and returned the hug. "You're military right? How do you deal with that stuff?"

"Well..." she huffed, "Before we would have had counselling to help with that... they usually encourage you to talk about it and confront it... so probably that. I'm sorry, Jess, I wish I could be more helpful but... with my background, talking about feelings is, well... it's hard."

"You never talk about yourself." Jess lifted her head from Carol's shoulder to look at her, "Why not?"

"Because it doesn't matter anymore? All of that stuff is in the past - there's no one left that knows me so why bother?"

"But all that stuff made you who you are... don't you want to remember those people?"

"Not really... because if I remember them then I remember how they died and how I had to shoot a lot of them. I don't want to think about that. It's a lot easier to just focus on surviving at the moment. Maybe years from now if I'm still alive and the world is less zombies and more actual infrastructure I'll think back on it but right now I can't afford to think about it too much. Need to stay in one piece."

Jess frowned and lay back down, "Okay, I get that... but I'd like to know more about you, when you want to talk about it. We've all been living together for months now, seems stupid not to try."

"The whole family thing is important to you, huh?"

"Yeah... especially now with the baby and everything. But it's nice to feel like you belong somewhere. I hope you feel that way at least."

"Well I'd be lying if I said I'd thought about it... but I guess it's okay to belong here for a while. I don't know about being part of your crazy family, though... we'll see."

"That'll do for now." Jess smiled and gave her a squeeze. "I like this snow-cave.... want to try and build an igloo?"

"... Hell yes."
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Re: What if...? Zombies!

Post by Svartfreja » Wed Jan 16, 2013 10:56 am

Bobby: He didn't wake up alone as often as he had during the first days, but it was still a fairly regular occurance. Bobby sat up and ran his hands through his hair as he looked around the room. Her spider was there, but she wasn't in the bathroom.

Bobby: Windowsill was empty too, and her inhibitor anklet was beside the sad little plush spider. Getting up, he stretched and searched for pants. She was probably doing some crazy late night cooking or drinking her tea.

Jessica: Jess was doing none of those things. Actually she was sleeping. Cozy and comfortable and safe. And high up.

Bobby: After yawning and stretching and shuffling his way around the kitchen and then checking the doors and boarded windows out of habit, Bobby still wasn't alarmed, but it was ... weird. Maybe she was with Carol or Jean?

Bobby: He passed the open linen closet door and started to close it out of habit... until he heard breathing. Looking inside, he could sense a heat source, but where ... was... it? "The fuuuuck?"

Jessica: Jess stirred a little at the voice and grumbled, shifting and curling up again.

Bobby: Bobby was still staring at the ceiling. He blinked, but the heat source... the Jess-shaped heat source was still there. He flicked on the light and just kept staring. Sheets stuck to the ceiling... were they webbed? "Oh... my God..."

Jessica: Jess whined a little as she woke up. Briiiiight. She pulled some of the blankets in her nest over her head. Better. "Turn the light off...."

Bobby: "Jess... honey..." Bobby paused, rubbed his hand over his face, started again. "You... you know you're on the ceiling, right?"

Jessica: "Huh?" She pulled the blankets off her head, "Ugh... bright... turn it off..." And really close.... wait.... "Hang on... did you say ceiling?"

Bobby: "....I sure did." He turned the light off anyway, but went into the large closet. "What are you doing?"

Jessica: "Sleeping....?" She looked for the exit and crawled out of it by sticking to the ceiling. "...Where am I?"

Bobby: "You... are in the closet," he said, looking up at her. "Literally."

Jessica: She frowned, "I don't remember coming in here at all..." she dropped from the ceiling then looked up at where she'd been. Her mouth dropped open. "What the hell is that?"

Bobby: "That's what I was about to ask you." He looked between her face and the ... nest? Ew! "Are, uh, you feeling okay?"

Jessica: "I... don't... know...." she dropped her gaze and looked at him instead. "Did I...?" she nodded towards the nest.

Bobby: "I, um, assume." He looked from her back up to the nest. "It's got, like, webs, Jess... I didn't even know you could do that." Trying to be less squicked and more comforting, he reached for her and slid an arm around her.

Jessica: "I.... I can't do that..." she put her arms around him and turned her back to the nest.

Bobby: Bobby gave her a hug, eyes trained on the nest. She was just starting to show, and the bump of their child pressed into his stomach. "Nobody else could have..."

Jessica: "But... but...." she glanced at it, "I can't.... I've never...." She pulled back from him, her hands sticking a little to his clothes.

Bobby: He caught her hand and peeled it from his red sweatpants. "Well..." Leaning close, he inspected the palm of her hand. There were little whitish... fibers... "Jess..."

Jessica: "What...?" she stared at it, "I don't..." she lifted her hand, charging a venom blast, hissing a little as some of it came back to her along the fibers. "What is happening to me?"

Bobby: Bobby blew out a breath and hugged her closer. "I dunno, babe... powers evolve..."

Jessica: She dropped the charge in case she hurt him and wrapped her arms around him again. "I don't like it..."

Bobby: He didn't either. It was creepy, and it made him wonder if she was about to wrap him up in a coccoon and eat his head. "I know. My powers changed... well, several times." He stroked her hair.

Jessica: She shook her head, "Noooooo you don't understand...." She looked up at the nest again, getting anxious and heading for the hall. "I need tea..."

Bobby: Bobby gave it a last look too before he followed her. They really needed to get rid of that thing before anybody else saw it.

Jessica: Jess set the kettle down once it had water in it and stared at it while it heated up. This was.... potentially bad.

Bobby: Jumping up to sit on the counter, he watched her. "Talk to me, babe."

Jessica: "I don't know what to say...." She went to get the mugs, putting the tea bags in then resting her hands on the counter and staring at them rather than looking at Bobby.

Bobby: "So.... you've never done anything like this before?" Obviously, duh. Still... "Um... so the only thing different now..." He chewed his lip. "Maybe immunity to the cold isn't all you got?"

Jessica: "But... I don't... what am I supposed to do with it? I get new powers and blackouts? That doesn't sound good, Bobby..." she pulled her hands away from the counter, fine threads like a sheet clung to the tile and hung in the air between the counter and her hands. She stared, eyes wide.

Bobby: Bobby couldn't help himself - he jumped back off the counter. "I-i-it's okay! It's just... I mean, your mutation is kind of... buggy? So it's just webbing... like Miles." Or Ben. He cringed.

Jessica: "Yeah.... except he could control when it came out....." She pulled her hands back until the strands broke and backed into the middle of the room, afraid to touch anything else.

Bobby: "Maybe it just takes practice?" Bobby followed her and took her hand, looking at her palm again. It didn't look weird, so he turned her hand over and kissed it, not wanting her to freak out.

Jessica: "Practice? How am I supposed to do that? It's not like Miles'... it doesn't even look the same.... It's all... wrong...." She looked at their joined hands and chewed her lip, not wanting to separate them now.

Bobby: "Maybe... you're a different kind of spider?" He smiled, but he was only half kidding.

Jessica: "I am... I already know that..." She frowned, "The other spider mutants that the school had... all threw webbing out... like your traditional spider... build a web, catch a fly... the whole thing.... but not me..." She glanced at the kettle. "I'm like a tarantula.... an ambush predator... Set a trap and wait... and I'm fast..."

Bobby: This wasn't making him feel any better about the whole eating his head thing. "So.... tarantulas don't make webs?" Which spiders ate their mates? Holy shit, he wished he remembered.

Jessica: "Some do.... but it's like this..." she pulled her hand away. It was like a finely woven net. "Their spinnerets are more... well... I don't like the word primitive... but that's the word.... and some don't have any at all... but they did experiments because tarantulas still climb really well... and some species secrete webbing from their feet... like this.... so they don't fall and hurt themselves...."

Bobby: "Well... I guess that's your answer?" Bobby tried to keep his face smooth. "You could already climb, so maybe you already did this, but you just didn't notice?"

Jessica: "I don't know... I just.... I've never dealt well with new powers... the last time I got a new one-" she cut herself off, saved by the kettle.

Bobby: "I've dealt with new ones a lot," he said, not detered. "Sometimes, they've kept me alive. The last time you got a new one what?"

Jessica: She carefully poured the tea, setting the kettle back down just as carefully and slowly pulling her hand away. No webs! Phew. "I... killed someone... it was an accident but... it happened..."

Bobby: Bobby blinked. "I'm sorry." He sighed and drummed his fingers on the counter.

Jessica: "I was scared... I couldn't control it... and it hurt me too back then..." she charged a venom blast, watching the energy flicker over her hand. "Not anymore though... unless it gets conducted back...."

Bobby: The energy was electric, and just that made him wrinkle his nose, but he nodded. "Yeah, I get it.... the webs though? Doesn't hurt, does it?" He really hoped not... and if it was his fault...

Jessica: She shook her head, "No, they don't hurt... but I don't know what makes it do that...."

Bobby: He took her hand back and looked at her palm, pressing on the center of it with his thumb.

Jessica: Jess raised an eyebrow at him, "What are you doing?"

Bobby: "I don't know," he huffed. "Trying to make you squirt?"

Jessica: Jess blinked at him then laughed, "Did you think about what you were going to say before you said it?"

Bobby: Bobby paused and bit his lip, a grin spreading across his face. "I rarely do."

Jessica: She laughed again and leaned to kiss him. "Well I'm glad because it makes you adorable."

Bobby: He returned the kiss, still fighting a laugh and losing. "I'm glad, but I'm still just trying to help." Bobby let go of her hand and embraced her.

Jessica: She hugged him tight, possibly a little too tight. "I know... and I appreciate it...."

Bobby: "You... are really strong." Bobby patted her, making a face. "I've told you that, right?"

Jessica: She blinked at him for a moment then loosened her grip on him, "Sorry...." she gave him a sheepish grin.

Bobby: "I like it." He leant in and kissed her nose, moving to hug her again, with less death grip. "Look... since it popped up now it's probably because of the baby... so I bet it'll go away afterward."

Jessica: "I... really hope so...." She sighed heavily, resting her head on his shoulder. "I don't even know what use this is supposed to be..."

Bobby: "Maybe to help you protect the baby?" He shrugged and swayed in place with her to unheard music. "You... you really can't remember making that... n-nest?"

Jessica: She shook her head, "No... I don't remember at all.... and I don't know how it would help... I can already stick to things perfectly well...."

Bobby: Bobby thought about it, playing with the ends of her hair while he did so. "Sooooo, maybe it was for what you were doing... like... er, nesting?"

Jessica: "Well... I did feel kind of safe in there.... and photosensitive..." She wrinkled her nose.

Bobby: Closing his eyes, he fought down the creeping, crawling, freaked-out feeling. "Well... maybe we should just... I don't know... find somewhere else? For you to feel safe?"

Jessica: "I don't know of any other rooms that have the same criteria as that one..." She remembered there was tea and turned around to pick hers up.

Bobby: "Our room is safe, right?" Since she'd turned her back, he scrubbed his hands over his face. "Maybe... the closet in there? Or... I dunno."

Jessica: "I don't know if there's space in the closet... but I guess we can try." she sighed, "I'm sorry... I tried to warn you I was crazy...." She attempted to make light of the situation.

Bobby: "It's not quite crazy... shit happens with us, I get that." He sighed. "Maybe you can web our bed to the ceiling?"

Jessica: "I don't know if they can take that kind of weight.... beds are heavy...." She sipped her tea carefully.

Bobby: "I was mostly joking, but I guess we could try it out." Bobby figured he could try her tea and took a sip himself.

Jessica: "I don't know.... I didn't realise I'd built that... I don't know why I did... maybe we should just... keep an eye on it for now?"

Bobby: "The thing in the closet? We should probably take it down before anybody else sees it, because it's just kind of...." he leaned over and kissed her forehead. "Well, kinda creepy."

Jessica: She shook her head, biting her lip. "I'm sorry...."

Bobby: "It's not your fault," he said, giving her another kiss. "We're mutants, and we're screwy. It's just kind of how we are."

Jessica: "I don't want to weird anyone out... but what if I just build another one? I obviously can't stop myself if I don't know I'm doing it..." Ugh. She could never catch a break. There was always something.

Bobby: "I don't know, but we can try it anyway." He shrugged and took a long drink of the tea before moving around and spreading his fingers over her belly. "I know the house is pretty safe, but I'd still rather you be with me instead off off in some other room."

Jessica: "I know... I want to stay with you... I do... but I don't know how to stop myself doing that again... I think it's the enclosed space... and it's warm and dark..."

Bobby: "We'll figure something out, okay? Like if we have to build you a better closet in the corner of the room or something... put a little heater in there..." What was he saying?

Jessica: Jess put her tea down and hid her face behind her hands, moving to pace instead, "This is insane... I'm insane... I don't know what's happening to me!"

Bobby: Bobby watched her, tilting his head and agreeing silently. "It's... you can't help it."

Jessica: "That doesn't make it better! It makes it worse! I can't trust myself!"

Bobby: "You didn't hurt anybody, or yourself, so it's fine," he assured her, finally stepping in front of her to stop her pacing.

Jessica: She did stop and looked up at him, "But what if I did?"

Bobby: "Why would you?" He put his hands on her upper arms and gave her a kiss.

Jessica: "Because I can't stop it happening... If this... if this is some kind of instinct... to protect myself... the next step up is attacking anything else that enters that nest or the immediate area. That's what happens."

Bobby: "That's why we keep you in our room then." He nodded, putting his unease aside. "We'll figure something out."

Jessica: "Bobby... I'm scared... I don't want to hurt anyone..." She slid her arms around his waist and stepped close to him, resting her head on his shoulder.

Bobby: "You won't," he said, kissing her temple through her hair. "You can't do anything to me that'll stick, and I'll keep you from hurting anybody else." Plus most of the people left were invulnerable, so hey.

Jessica: "I hope you can...." she mumbled against him. "But can you stop them looking at me like I'm crazy?"

Bobby: "I can," he said, squeezing her. "If we get rid of the nest in the linen closet and make you a new one in our room."

Jessica: "Well I hope that's enough... really..." she turned her face into his neck. "Let's go back to bed...."
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