What if...? Zombies!

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What if...? Zombies!

Post by Svartfreja » Sun Sep 02, 2012 5:03 pm

It's the end of the world as we know it!

No... really!

The zombie apocalypse is here! Onoes! Run for your lives!

These zombies are fast and some of them have super powers! How will our hapless students and teachers cope? Will anyone survive? Will they stay and fight to defend their home or run away to find a safer location?

That's up to you!


All welcome. Choose which of your characters survive and which ones get bitten to become part of the zombie horde! Mutants with powers that don't involve actual brainpower will retain use of those powers as zombies, though their control will probably suck big time. What fun! One bite is all it takes to become a zombie and no one is safe. How will you survive?


Carol (NPC)

Confirmed Zombies

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Re: What if...? Zombies!

Post by Svartfreja » Sun Sep 02, 2012 5:36 pm

Jess yawned and stretched, rubbing her eyes a little as she rolled over and propped herself up on an elbow to check the time. Ugh. Three. That was not a number she liked to see followed by two zeros. It was far too early to be up. Running a hand through her hair, she sat up and swung her legs out of bed, putting her feet on the floor and glancing to the window. She blinked and got to her feet moving to look outside. What the hell...?

Was she still asleep? Maybe she shouldn't have gone to bed after a Walking Dead marathon... now she was seeing things. It was one of those times she was glad she was immune to drugs when her brain could do this all on its own. She shook her head at herself, turned to pull a robe on then headed down to the kitchen for some tea. Tea would make her forget all about that.

Except it didn't. About halfway through her drink she glanced out of the window again. Okay. So... maybe it wasn't in her head? Maybe there really was a crowd of people making their slow shambling way across the lawn... Was there protocol for this? Who did she go and get? She carefully set her mug on the counter and headed back for the stairs. She didn't want to die in her pyjamas...

On the way back through the entrance hall, she hit the alarm button.
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Re: What if...? Zombies!

Post by Svartfreja » Mon Sep 03, 2012 7:24 am

Jessica: Jess burst into her room, ignoring the horrible sound of the alarm for now and focusing on getting clothes. She wasn't sure what to do beyond that but that was enough of a plan for now.

Hope: Hope sat up, her hands covering her ears at the alarms. "What the hell?"

Jessica: "Hey! Get dressed. You'll want to be dressed." Jess threw a pair of Hope's trousers at her.

Fabian: Fabian was still up, frowning up at the ceiling as he walked from the kitchen as he heard the alarms start. "Oh what fresh hell is this?"

Hope: Hope grumbled at her but got her clothes on. "What is going on?"

Jessica: "There are zombies on the lawn." Jess informed her, pulling a top on and running a hand through her hair. "Actual zombies." She pulled her tattered backpack from under her bed.

Hope: "So go find Johnny and tell him to burn them." Hope whined at her.

Jessica: Once she'd stuffed her few important belongings in there, she put it over her shoulder and peered out of the window again. They were closer. Much closer. "I don't think you understand," She pulled Hope out of bed and turned her to face out the window. "I think even Johnny might struggle."

Fabian: Fabian's question to what fresh hell this actually was was answered as he saw the closest one shuffling by the window he stepped out near. His reaction was swift and quick, duck down and fucking hide until he had a better exit strategy or at least was fairly sure said zombie wasn't about to burst through the window.

Hope: Hope just stared at the mass of zombies outside. She had to get to Johnny. She ran for the door.

Jessica: Jess also hurried for the door to get other people up. There was just no sane-sounding way to do this so.... "There are zombies on the lawn. Actual real fucking zombies! Get the hell out of bed!" She yelled down the halls.

Jessica: Hearing movement behind several doors, she headed back downstairs to look for something she could use as a weapon. And to shut the noise off so she could hear where there were zombies.

Fabian: "Good to know I'm not hallucinating then." Fabian admitted, creeping away from the window to double back and go for the key cupboard by the garage. If there was one thing that was going to be good at battering zombies here it'd probably be the school van.

Hope: Hope couldn't find Johnny and she was freaking out. "Johnny!? Where are you?!" She ran up and down the hallway, trying to find him.

Jessica: Jess found a metal standing lamp and decided that would do, breaking it down to a more swingable size. She headed back to go and find Hope. "Hope, come on, we need to get out of here."

Hope: "I can't leave without him!" She couldn't just leave him to die.

Jessica: "I don't hear his voice," she pulled Hope's hand to get her back down the stairs.

Hope: "Then is he still asleep1?" Hope struggled with Jess. Of course - he'd sleep through a hurricane, let alone a siren.

Jessica: "He won't be - Sue'll get him, he's her brother. We'll find them later." She resorted to picking Hope up and carrying her down the stairs.

Hope: "JESS!" Hope screamed at her, still struggling against her.

Fabian: Fabian was rushing for the garage when he saw the sight of Jess carrying Hope down the stairs. "You forgot to gag her. They're going to hear that."

Hope: "Like they won't hear the alarms?" Hope glared.

Jessica: "We'll find them later!" she repeated, startling a little at the appearance of Fabian. "Help?"

Fabian: "The alarms aren't delicious things they can eat." Fabian informed her, diving into the kitchen and ransacking it before hurrying back. "Garage, I've got the van key."

Jessica: "Right. Come on." She hauled Hope down the hall with them. "Seen anyone else?"

Fabian: "Not yet." Fabian admitted with a shake of his head. "I imagine most everyone's upstairs...but we've got teleporters so we should be able to get people, yeah?"

Hope: "Not if they are all dead... or bitten." Hope pointed out.

Jessica: "If you're going to be negative you're not allowed to talk anymore." She told Hope, setting her on her feet once they reached the end of the hall with the garage door.

Hope: "Not my fault I'm the only realist." She shrugged a bit.

Fabian: "You're a teleporter by proxy, let us remind you." Fabian's eyes rolled slightly, rushing for the door and stopping to listen for any...shuffling.

Hope: "Yeah but unless there is a teleporter on the other side, it's a one way ticket."

Jessica: Something got knocked over in the garage and Jess frowned, listening to it roll away. "I'll go first..."

Fabian: Fabian was not about to stop someone from willingly taking point here.

Jessica: Very carefully, Jess turned the handle and pushed the door open a crack to peer into the garage, half-lamp weapon held ready.

Sean: Peeking down the hall, Sean's eyes were wide ", guys....guys don't kill me." He called out quietly and held his hands up.

Jessica: "Shh!" Jess hissed, before turning her attention back to the garage, stepping inside. There was something in there...

Fabian: "Sean?" Fabian looked back. Excellent, someone who can scream a zombie to pieces and fly. He was sticking with his roommate here.

Hope: "Hey Sean." Hope ran her fingers through her hair. She rubbed her forehead a bit. She should go now while Jess was distracted. She glanced back at her friend.

Jessica: There was one in there. She closed the door behind her.

Sean: Waddling closer, Sean was gripping his shirt, eyes wide ", what....the hell....happened?" His voice was a low hiss.

Fabian: "...zombies." Fabian admitted quietly, gripping the keys to the van.

Sean: "I know but....how," he tugged at his shirt.

Jessica: Holy crap they moved fast once they saw you! Jess dodged and swung her weapon down on its head hard. One mashed up skull later and it wasn't moving. There were more milling about by the exit but none ventured inside yet. She pressed the button to make the garage close just to keep them out for now before opening the door. "Okay, we're good."

Fabian: Fabian frowned, opening the door again to look out. "We'll be working on the how when we're not surrounded."

Jessica: "There's some outside the garage so.... just get in the van and I suppose driving over them is good..."

Hope: "I hope whoever drove it last filled it up." Hope looked behind her again. He'd be ok right? He had to be. She moved toward Jess.

Fabian: "That was my plan pretty much." Fabian admited, charging for the van once Hope was moving.

Jessica: "I'll follow you... I have my bike. When you're ready I'll open the garage...."

Sean: Once the van was opened, Sean dove in and curled up as close to the ground as possible ", this is just not the same as last time.....they want to eat me! The last ones just wanted to beat me to death."

Jessica: "How is that not the same?" Jess eyed him.

Hope: Hope took her seat and checked the van for more weapons. "Well... not much we can use."

Fabian: "I know, I don't approve of variety here." Fabian admitted as he got behind the wheel. "I'd rather something try to beat me than try to eat me, personally. That B helps things immensely."

Sean: "Being eaten is much more pants pissing than being beaten to death," he glared.

Fabian: With that, Fabian fired the van up and floored it. There might not be too many weapons inside but outside was a giant fuck-off van.

Jessica: Jess got the door for them then hurried for her bike as the sounds of zombies crashing through the windows of the mansion reached her.

Hope: Hope cringed at the sounds and fastened her seat belt. "Drive on, Fabian!"

Jessica: Jess tore off down the driveway on her bike - which drew a lot of attention from the zombies and meant that the others could see just how fast they moved when they saw food.

Fabian: Fabian did not need any second bidding to speed off, plowing into a line of zombies near the garage door. "I cannot believe that just happened."

Sean: Sean peeked through the window and pouted ", the others?"

Hope: "Those two have you believe that everyone got out ok." Hope glanced over at Sean. "But it's unlikely anyone else made it out." She stared out the window.

Fabian: "Please, I wouldn't have you believe that at all. I'm just getting my ass out of zombie buffet station."

Jessica: Jess swerved to avoid another group and whacked a couple with her half-lamp as she went past. She pulled to a stop by the gates and pulled them open for the van speeding down the drive towards her.

Sean: Sean winced and tugged at his shirt again ", oh god....."

Jessica: Gates opened, she got back on her bike. She had no idea which direction to go now.

Fabian: Fabian wasn't thinking too hard about directions. He was driving pretty much by impulse. "So...New York...avoid or go to? Because, as much as I hate the country, I'm leaning towards avoid."

Jessica: "We need weapons." Jess called through the van window, driving alongside.

Hope: "Avoid. Stay away from people. If we find shops, we should stop and carefully raid, but other than that? We need to find a place to lay low." And get some weapons.

Sean: "Canada.....wilderness and colder weather," he nodded. "They'll freeze once it gets colder."

Fabian: "Unless we're dealing with white walkers, who knows." He cringed but turned north. The closer they got to there the more small hunting stores they'd come across, too.

Hope: "Anyone have an idea of what we're dealing with exactly? Besides the obvious?"

Jessica: "I can't handle the cold. Cold is bad." She tossed in. "Try the radio."

Sean: "Fabian this isn't Westeros," Sean looked around at the others.

Fabian: He turned the radio on, catching his breath and looking along the road. "So, I think the crowd is thinning."

Jessica: "Looks to be.... I can go and scout ahead for somewhere to pull over so we can make a plan?" she offered.

Hope: "Probably a good idea. We're going to need to find a store before it gets too raided."

Sean: "We're going to have to learn to survive in the wild....."

Fabian: "Oh fuck me." Fabian frowned as he realized that. Well, everything was just going to suck.

Jessica: "I know how." she said before speeding off to find somewhere.

Hope: "Ditto." Hope sighed and rubbed her forehead. "And if we can get me a damn weapon I'll be infinitely more useful."

Sean: "I can bust heads with my voice," Sean nodded sagely.

Fabian: Fabian sighed. "Hope, I'm the least armed person here. I think you can relax...because we're definitely getting as many damned guns as we can."

Jessica: Jess found a spot that looked safe enough and flagged the van down when she saw it coming.

Hope: She patted his shoulder. "Just stick close to me. Fabian with the assist!"

Sean: Sean shifted in his seat and wrinkled his nose.

Fabian: Fabian didn't like the idea of pulling over at all but he did so, keeping a sharp eye on their surroundings. "So, north as soon as we get weapons and food seems to be the general consensus. Anything else?"

Jessica: "I don't know how comfortable I am with the idea of north... we'll need to get supplies. Warm clothes... I don't do well in the cold..."

Hope: "We'll bundle you up. North is much safer right now. Less people. We can disappear into the wilderness."

Hope: "We also need to stock up on gasoline, medical supplies... everything and anything." Hope looked over for Johnny and felt a stab when she realized he wasn't there.

Jessica: "I don't think you're getting how much of a problem it actually is but fine we'll try... we need weapons too. Anyone know anywhere? Guns are fine but swords would be better."

Hope: "If we find a hunting store, a crossbow would be kick ass. And quiet."

Fabian: "A hose, that way we can siphon off gas on the road then." He nodded at Hope's weapon suggestion. "So I guess for now we linger, maybe figure out what it is we're really up against. Don't know the weaknesses for certain just yet."

Jessica: "Well blugeoning them over the head seems to work well enough." She gave a shrug.

Hope: "Double tap.... always double tap." She shuddered a bit, rubbing her arms. She didn't want to kill people again, but if they were already dead, did it count?

Sean: Sean sighed and looked out the window ", shoot them in the head. Destroy the brain."

Jessica: "Okay so. We need supplies but we can't go into the city... is there a map in the van? We could look for a smaller town nearby instead...."

Fabian: "It's the standard." He chuckled. Huh, well, that probably shouldn't be funny anymore. "For now this is a fairly secluded spot." Fabian started digging for a map. "If not we'll hit one soon enough...So, where do we stand on doubling back?"

Jessica: "Doubling back? You mean... back to the school where there's probably still hundreds of zombies?"

Hope: "Maybe... maybe once. Just to see...." Maybe he had gotten out after all. But maybe it was a stupid idea.

Jessica: "We're not going back there without weapons."

Fabian: "In the morning. They would have probably shuffled on into town the other way. There'd be a good deal of medical supplies there. Raiding our own home before hitting the road in earnest would be easier than hitting a place we don't know as well first."

Hope: "Fair point... and... a chance... to... bury..." Hope didn't finish the sentence.

Jessica: Jess ran a hand through her hair and looked at Sean.

Sean: He looked at her ", Fabian makes a point. I can bust heads pretty easily. Any stragglers shouldn't be a problem."

Jessica: She sighed, "Alright... but we'll need to sleep and wait for daylight..." she glanced around again.

Fabian: "Probably should set up a watch." He frowned, still glancing around.

Hope: "Take it in shifts." Hope suggested, though she wasn't sure she'd sleep at all.

Jessica: "I'll do that... I'm probably the best equipped anyway..." she tapped her ear. "And I'm done with sleeping anyway... I woke up at three this morning which is late for me..."

Sean: "I'm....going to have to take a nap," he nodded.

Jessica: "Make the most of me before we get so far north I'll want to sleep all the time." Jess advised, climbing up onto the roof of the van.

Hope: "Which means if I use your powers I'll be useless too." Hope sighed.

Fabian: Fabian sighed, leaning back in his seat to sleep. "Isn't there enough to complain about without starting the bonus round on Z-day here? We're going to have one hell of a day tomorrow more than likely."

Hope: "Let's just get some sleep while we can." Hope shifted to get comfortable.

Jessica: Jess sighed and settled down on the roof, listening for the sounds of movement. She didn't want to think about tomorrow.

Sean: Sean curled up and snuggled into a ball.
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Re: What if...? Zombies!

Post by Svartfreja » Tue Sep 04, 2012 6:23 am

Jessica: Jess slowed down as she passed through the gates to the school, glancing around at the lawns strewn with bodies. So far none familiar so that was something she supposed... She checked her mirrors for the van then sped up a little once more.

Hope: Hope was not excited to be driving the van, but she kept up with Jess fairly well. She glanced to sleeping Sean and Fabian in the back. Yeah, Fabian was so driving tonight. Once they reached the mansion, Hope parked the van and hopped out.

Bobby: The ability to encase your house in ice and magnetic bubbles was handy. Bobby stood on the balcony of the boathouse and looked down at the zombies - fucking zombies! - pawing at the ice walls.

Lorna: "You think you can freeze them out? I mean, freeze dried zombie can't do much, right?" Lorna asked, hovering off of the ground some as she watched the zombies shuffling through. "This is...I thought we were done with the undead."

Bobby: "Well, I can, but they just seem to keep coming. We should try to figure out what's going on, get to the mansion now that it's daylight." He sighed, puffing out frost. "I bet this is Teagan's fault. Somehow. It just has to be." He was only half kidding.

Jessica: Jess ran a hand through her hair, glancing over the grounds. "I'll take a look around...." she lifted into the air to get up to the roof.

Hope: "Be careful." Hope called out, manually locking the doors to the van to keep out zombies. She swallowed hard then started for the mansion, tapping into Jess's power so she could zap any lingering undead.

Jessica: Jess landed on the roof and walked around the edge of it to get a full view of the grounds. The boathouse was clearly visible.... and surrounded. Did that mean there were people in there that were still alive? She hoped so... She decided to go and check.

Hope: Hope headed for the kitchen first. Food was a priority. She went through the cupboards, pulling out foods that could be easily taken with them. As an almost afterthought she also grabbed the can opener.

Johnny: Johnny had incinerated the zombies in the kitchen when they'd ventured out of their hiding spot in favor of finding food in the pantry. He couldn't say hiding from rotting corpses all night did anything for his appetite, but he supposed food was a necessity.

Sue: Sue really wanted tea but she wasn't sure about leaving the pantry yet.... or making the door invisible. And now there was movement. She clung to Johnny, eyes widening.

Hope: Hope grabbed plastic grocery sacks and started bagging up the groceries. She eyed the muffin tin which had held cupakes and muffins in her aftermath of losing Johnny once. There was no time for breaking down again. She angrily opened another sack.

Bobby: After a brief discussion, Bobby and Lorna bid each other to be careful and he shifted to ice and then quickly to vapor to go check out the mansion and look for survivors. While Lorna wasn't defenseless in her state, she was a little slower than usual, so holding down the fort seemed safest for her and the baby.

Johnny: He managed to get a hand into Sue's eye-line and let off a few sparks at the rustling. He could take care of the problem...

Sue: Sue bit her lip and let him go so he could move to the door.

Jessica: Jess landed on the lawn, wrinkling her nose a little at the smell. Ew. She squinted at the boathouse in the distance, looking for signs of movement that wasn't dead people.

Johnny: Johnny opened the door as silently as possible and stepped out of the pantry, fully prepared to roast another zombie. Instead, he froze. That... couldn't actually be her, could it...?

Bobby: Traveling across the lawn, just a little above head height, Bobby dehydrated a few of the zombies who crossed his path and halted. That wasn't a zombie.

Bobby: Bobby swirled around Jess in the form of a cold mist, giving her the once over. Warm, human.

Hope: Hope paused when she heard the panty door open. She took a steadying breath, arming her blast before turning suddenly to face... not a zombie.

Jessica: She sucked in a breath at the sudden drop in temperature and hugged herself defensively. "Bobby....?"

Bobby: He needed telepathy right about now. He reformed in front of her. "Jess! You're okay?"

Jessica: Jess hugged him before she even thought about how much that was going to hurt, "You're alive!"

Bobby: "So are you!" He pulled back to zap a jawless bloody woman who came screaming toward them. "What the fuck is this?"

Jessica: "I don't know... the radio didn't enlighten us either..." She took out another runner with a rock - super strength and a good aim were almost as awesome as a gun. "Please tell me you're not the only one..."

Bobby: "Lorna's back at the boathouse... luckily one of them broke the window and woke us up so we had time to, well, fortify. The electricity is out... no cell service... we didn't know what was going on. We decided to wait for daylight before I came over... considering."

Jessica: "I woke up and saw them out the window... I thought I was seeing things." She shook her head, "When I realised I wasn't, I raised the alarm but... I could have done that sooner..." She glanced back at the school, "Hope, Fabian, Sean and me got out... I don't know about anyone else..."

Bobby: "Fuck." Bobby looked around, cursing that the zombies didn't really stand out to his thermal vision.

Jessica: "We can't stay here... it's not safe." She ran a hand through her hair, turning when she heard a noise some distance off to look for the cause. "We came back for supplies and to see if there was anyone else..."

Bobby: "No... fuck." Bobby spotted the cause and took care of it. "Let's... check the mansion. Lorna's okay where she's at." He turned to wave at the boathouse.

Jessica: She nodded, "Okay..." She hugged him again, hissing a little at the cold but just glad he was alive. "Now I'm glad we came back."

Johnny: Johnny opened and closed his mouth a few times, looking back toward the pantry and back to Hope. Nope, he wasn't seeing things...

Bobby: "Me too, babe." He gave her a grin and turned toward the mansion. "I'm kinda....unbiteable, so I can take point."

Hope: "Johnny..." Hope dropped Jess's power and closed the distance between them, going for the biggest hug and kiss possible.

Jessica: "Oh good, they can all use you as a meatshield instead of me now..." she gave a grin back, walking alongside him. "I don't suppose you know if there are any useful weapons in this crapheap?"

Sue: Sue edged a little closer to the door at Johnny's hesitation then squeaked and flailed to maintain her balance at surprise Hope.

Johnny: He returned the kiss and hugged her tightly, peering over her shoulder to make sure there weren't any zombies approaching.

Hope: "You're alive." Hope got out, burying her face against his chest. "I thought you were dead. Jess made me leave without you, and I thought you were dead."

Sue: "Of course he's not dead, he's got me." Sue spoke up.

Bobby: "I think we're the weapons, babe." Bobby headed for the kitchen door. "But we might have some baseball bats around..."

Johnny: "I think you have that the wrong way around," he rolled his eyes.

Hope: Hope didn't care. She pulled Sue into the hug too.

Jessica: "Well I was kind of hoping we weren't just it... not all of us have the range..." she paused at the sound of voices, recognising them and hurrying the rest of the way. "Johnny!" She joined the hug.

Sue: Sue eeped.

Johnny: Johnny was quite enjoying this hug. There'd be even more enjoyment if his sister wasn't involved, but hey... He grinned widely anyway, "Living people!"

Hope: "I have Fabian and Sean in the back of the van too. Have you guys seen anyone else?"

Jessica: Waaaaaarm. Jess was also enjoying the hug. She squeezed a little before letting go. Tea. Tea was an essential supply.

Sue: Sue gasped for air and leaned against the wall, "No more hugs! That's my quota for today!"

Bobby: Bobby wasn't up for shifting to a biteable form, but he nodded hellos to the students. "You guys seen anybody else?"

Johnny: He shook his head, "Not really. We found a spot to hide out for the night."

Jessica: Jess set about making tea while they were just standing around...

Sue: Sue nodded to Johnny's statement.

Hope: "Can somebody pack up the rest of the food? I need to grab some things from my room." She really didn't want to leave Johnny again, but this wasn't the time for that. This was the time for action.

Sue: "I'll get it..." Sue nodded, "Jess, if you're making tea I'd love a cup..." She headed back into the pantry to collect things, various packages floating out seemingly of their own accord and landing on the table.

Jessica: Jess 'mmhmm'ed and took out more mugs.

Johnny: "I don't think now is exactly the time for a cup," Johnny sighed. "We're sort of in the middle of not being infected..."

Hope: "But you can heat the water instantly." Hope reminded Johnny. She squeezed his hand, then tapped into his powers for the journey to her room.

Sue: "You've been over here too long." Sue called from the pantry, "There's always time for tea!"

Bobby: Bobby just nodded at the tea drinkers and poked his head out of the kitchen door. "I'll go check things out since they can't do much to me."

Johnny: "Then, I guess I'll stay with the crazies..."

Jessica: "Weapons," Jess reminded him, "I would like something sharp... if the internet still works we could look somewhere up to investigate on the road."

Sue: Sue smacked Johnny over the head with a forcefield as she stepped out of the pantry with every box of tea that remained.

Hope: Hope returned with a duffle bag and a smile. "Fabian can stop whining about being unarmed." She patted the bag gently.

Johnny: Johnny started through the kitchen to gather some basic supplies that Hope may have missed.

Bobby: Bobby stalked down the hall toward the staff quarters, wincing when he made enough noise to attract a creature, which tackled him from a side hall.

Bobby: Its teeth closed around his arm with a crunch and nails scrabbled against the ice of his side and chest. He was so startled when he saw its face he didn't react for a moment.

Jessica: Jess heard the noise and abandoned the tea to see what had happened.

Bobby: His fur was slick with blood and he wrestled with the larger man until his arm snapped at the wrist and he pulled free. "Fucking hell!" Scared and traumatized, he flash-froze the former doctor. "Sorry Hank..."

Jessica: Jess pulled up short behind Bobby and stared, her hands going up to cover her mouth. "Oh God.... are you okay?"

Johnny: He moved to follow Jess and came to a sudden stop as McCoy crumbled.

Sue: Sue took over tea making duties, having no desire to investigate further.

Bobby: "I guess so?" He regenerated the rest of his arm and made a face at Hankdust. From across the mansion, the noise had attracted attention. Running and garbled, inhuman screams echoed. "Well, fuck..."

Johnny: His face twisted a little at the sounds, and Johnny shifted into his fiery form to be on the safe side.

Jessica: Jess turned this way and that as separate sounds of movement each attracted her attention. There were so many....

Hope: Hope was right behind Johnny, unwilling to lose sight of him again. She almost regretted it when she saw what was before her. She shifted to his firey form also.

Johnny: "So... I guess we just found everyone...?"

Jessica: "I hope not everyone..." Jess charged up a venom blast.

Sue: Sue turned invisible and calmly sipped her tea. One thing at a time.

Bobby: "Sounds like..." Bobby dehydrated the first one who appeared, flying down the hall with a buzzing of wings and spraying acid along the wall. "Ew!"

Jessica: Moving away from the others to avoid getting accidentally frozen solid or incinerated, Jess moved into close combat with the zombies. Her venom blasts did seem to effect them so that was good. But her fists worked better.

Hope: Hope fought from where she was, heating up zombies until they collapsed from their insides melting. This was barbaric! These were her friends!

Johnny: In order to take care of some on his own, Johnny went off in his own direction as well, only to come face to face with Miles. Man, he didn't want to do this... It'd been sort of justifiable when it'd been people he didn't know, but it was Miles. He hesitated.

Jessica: Jess downed a couple with a powerful kick and a punch before stopping completely in surprise, barely managing to dodge the attack. Laura... She couldn't do to her what she was doing to the others that she didn't know...

Jessica: She took out more while she dodged Laura's attacks but eventually, with a pained expression, she got behind her and snapped her neck - trying to be as gentle with her limp form as she could.

Bobby: "They're not themselves anymore! This isn't mind control or shit - they're fucking dead! They're all messed up!" Bobby called to the others, just before a crack of thunder sounded as a white-haired banshee incinerated him with lightning.

Jessica: "Bobby!" Jess didn't know how to deal with that on top of Laura...

Johnny: Bobby's words processed, and he finished off Miles with a burst of flames. He startled at the thunder, turned, and fired at the professor as well.

Sue: Sue walked out into the hall, invisible, and tried to pull herself together. She concentrated and, one by one, heads of zombies started exploding.

Johnny: Johnny flinched as he caught some of the spray from an exploding head.

Jessica: Jess backed up into a wall and tried to shield herself from the splatter, sliding down to the floor and pulling Laura's body to her. This was horrible....

Bobby: Bobby was having trouble himself with pulling together after the lightning attack. He finally swirled up into a cloud of cold mist.

Sue: When the zombies were mostly headless corpses, Sue made herself visible again and went back to the kitchen to get Jess' tea.

Bobby: Before shifting back into form, he formed thick icy walls to bock off the room they were in and the access to the kitchen. "Ugh... that should hold for a while. Give us time to... whatever."

Sue: Sue stopped in front of Jess and crouched down, holding out the tea to her.

Jessica: Jess didn't respond, holding Laura in her lap. She felt more than a little responsible for this.

Bobby: Bobby grabbed a throw blanket off a chair and wrapped it around his hips. He shifted back to flesh and winced at the bodies littering the room.

Johnny: Johnny was in a bit of a daze himself as he considered the carnage around them.

Sue: Sue chewed her lip, "I'll just... leave that here for you...." she set the tea down beside Jess and patted her shoulder a little before straightening up again and shooting Johnny a helpless look.

Bobby: "Everybody... okay?" He ran his hand through his hair and looked at the survivors. Hope had gone to Johnny and everyone was dazed.

Johnny: "If alive counts as okay..." he managed, catching the look from his sister and pulling himself from Hope to approach Jess.

Sue: Sue headed back to the kitchen to organise the supplies better. If she focused on that she wouldn't have to think about the zombies. Why was it always zombies?

Bobby: "Well, yeah, considering..." He nodded, heading for Jess and her ragdoll himself. "Hey... it wasn't her anymore."

Johnny: Johnny opened his mouth but closed it. What Bobby was saying was much better than what he'd had planned...

Jessica: "This is my fault..." she stroked Laura's hair back from her face. "I should have looked for her..."

Bobby: "It's not. Nobody expected... zombies, for fuck's sake."

Jessica: "But I saw them first... and I didn't do anything right away... and then I left her here...." she lifted her head to look at him, "I left her!"

Bobby: Bobby didn't have anything to say to that at this moment, so he sighed again and looked at Johnny with a half shrug.

Johnny: "You did what you thought you had to..." Johnny tried and gave a shrug himself at the look.

Sue: Sue hummed to herself as she separated the canned goods from the boxes of crackers and dried foods. It was like packing for camping! She carefully piled up the tea too. "Ooops..." she knocked a can off the table and chased after it as it rolled across the kitchen floor and bumped down the steps into the pantry.

Jessica: Jess sniffled, nodding and bowing her head again, holding Laura to her. "I'm so sorry..."

Bobby: "I'm sure she knows..." He'd never had the chance to tell her he was sorry as well. Sorry about X-Force and what he'd asked her to do. Bobby sighed again and sat down next to Jess, sliding his arm around her shoulders.

Sue: There it was! Pesky can! Ew. Kidney beans. She should have just let it roll away to be forgotten. They were nasty anyway. Sighing, she bent to pick it up... and screamed as a hand closed on her shoulder.

Johnny: Johnny was heading for the kitchen before he really had time to process what he could potentially be running in on. All he knew was that had been Sue...

Sue: Sue had only made it half way out of the pantry, she lay motionless on the floor in the doorway.

Jessica: Jess didn't move except to tighten her hold on Laura and curl into Bobby.

Bobby: "Fucking-" Bobby started to pushed himself up off the floor, but stopped at Jess's reaction.

Johnny: "Oh my god..." he breathed as he slowly backed right into another zombie. He let out a screech himself and flailed, heating the area around his attacker until the thing combusted.

Bobby: Bobby watched Hope rush into the battle as well, finishing off Johnny's attacker. "Jess... we really should move, babe"

Sue: Sue twitched on the floor and slowly uncurled an arm to push herself up.

Jessica: Jess nodded but made no effort to do so.

Bobby: "Watch out guys, she's..." Bobby trailed off and shifted his arm under Jess's shoulders. "Come on, babe. Let Laura go and let's get up."

Johnny: His eyes widened as Sue began to move. Maybe she was actually okay... Every fiber of his being screamed that she'd become zombie food, but he wanted to hope that nothing had happened to her.

Sue: Having righted herself, she stumbled out into the kitchen and turned towards Johnny. It was plain to see that Johnny's instincts were right - there was a large bite wound in the side of her neck and her eyes were lifeless. She launched herself at him.

Jessica: Jess bit her lip and closed her eyes, taking in a deep breath. She gently lay Laura back down on the floor and let Bobby help her to her feet. "I'm a horrible friend..."

Johnny: Remembering what Bobby had said, Johnny squeezed his eyes closed and looked away as he incinerated her. Once he was sure it was over, he peeked at the scorch mark. Had he really just done that to his sister...?

Bobby: "No you're not. You helped her by ending it." Holding Jess and the blanket was awkward, but being naked in front of several students would be too.

Jessica: Jess nodded and leaned against him. She wouldn't have had to end it if she'd just made sure she was safe...

Johnny: He was vaguely aware of Hope going on about something, but none of it was really registering.

Bobby: Great, Jess had gone all Barbara from Night of the Living Dead. Realizing he wasn't the only one in the naked party and that should be the least of his worries, he put the blanket around Jess and led her to the kitchen.

Johnny: "I... I-I... Sue..." he stuttered, vaguely gesturing to the floor.

Jessica: Jess let herself be steered around, trying to get control of her thoughts and her emotions. She was shaking now and she wasn't sure her control would be good in this state. She sat down and put her head in her hands, focusing on her breathing. What Johnny said took time to filter through.

Bobby: "I know. I'm sorry, man." Pretending it wasn't weird to address the problem of a zombie apocalypse while naked in the kitchen with another naked dude, Bobby cleared his throat. "Right. We need to get that food together... we can make it to the boathouse. We already got it fortified."

Jessica: Jess shook her head, "Sean and Fabian are in the van... we came back for supplies... we can't stay here...." She sniffed, wiping her eyes with her palms, her hands still shaking noticably.

Bobby: "Okay... well... we can move the van around, load up stuff from here and the boathouse... then get the fuck out."

Jessica: Jess nodded, slowly getting to her feet, "I need a coat..."

Bobby: "I'll get it. I... should check the mansion anyway. When you guys are clear."

Johnny: Right. Focus. He went to gather some of the things but paused to look down at himself. Oh, yeah... He recalled Curt saying he kept spare clothes around just in case and showing him the ones in the kitchen. He moved to collect them from the cabinet and pulled some pants on. They weren't exactly his size but better than nothing. Now to collect their supplies...

Jessica: "I need other things too.... left in kind of a hurry... no clean clothes..." she blushed a little. She didn't want other people going through her underwear!

Bobby: "That's probably the least of your worries right now." Bobby tried to not look down at himself.

Jessica: "That's easy for you to say. We're going back to your house." She took another deep breath to steady herself and headed for the door. "I'm okay... really..."

Johnny: As an afterthought, he offered the trousers to Bobby.

Bobby: "Nah, keep 'em, Sparky." Bobby shifted back to ice. "I'm not letting her go off by herself."

Johnny: "Buddy system," he managed a weak grin, glancing over to Hope, "We'll meet up with you at the boathouse."

Jessica: Jess had already wandered into the hallway. She had found the tea and bent to pick it up, wrapping her hands around the mug and taking a careful sip. It was amazing how quickly that helped. She shuffled on towards the stairs.

Bobby: "Sounds like a plan." Bobby gave Johnny and Hope a salute and followed Jess as she did her own zombie shuffle. This was going to be a long day.
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Re: What if...? Zombies!

Post by puppygirl » Tue Sep 04, 2012 12:59 pm

I can't help but think that the teleporters have taken their favourite people to some empty, tropical island and are waiting it out :shifty

You suckers :cracked Teleporters rock!
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Re: What if...? Zombies!

Post by steyn » Tue Sep 04, 2012 2:59 pm

You know what's the most disturbing thought? Jack as a zombie. His instincts will take over and it'll be reverse necrophilia!

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Re: What if...? Zombies!

Post by Svartfreja » Tue Sep 04, 2012 4:48 pm

That is terrifying! The stuff of nightmares, Steyn! D:
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Re: What if...? Zombies!

Post by Svartfreja » Tue Sep 04, 2012 7:21 pm

Lorna: It might be disturbing, but Lorna had gotten a bit of a rhythm down when it came to squeezing zombie heads with a forcefield. She was relunctant to break the ice barrier to let anything through to decapitate them in more traditional means but this was still highly effective.

Jessica: Jess felt much better for being dressed in something she knew she could hit things in. The x-men uniform was comfortable and would keep her safe from the cold... and it was almost like wearing proper leathers. She tied her hair back and checked that her most important belongings were secured on the back of her bike.

Bobby: Lorna wouldn't be happy about leaving Millie behind, but sadly a convertible just wasn't fit for zombieland. He threw all the gas cans he could find in the garage into the back of the truck.

Jessica: Waving the others off in the van - they were going to wait at the gates, Jess looked over to Bobby. "Ready?"

Lorna: "I squish your head." Lorna was sure this was just sick of her to do but it was a way to distance herself from what she was actually doing so that worked. She left the headsquishing for a moment, making sure she had gathered all the supplies that would be useful from the boathouse.

Bobby: "As I'll ever be." A few weapons had been found in the garage, and he threw those in as well before getting into the cab.

Jessica: She nodded, climbing onto her bike and revving the engine. This was not going to be easy.

Bobby: "You sure about that bike, Jess?" Bobby shifted as he started his engine. Scott's uniform felt... not right. "Doesn't offer a lot of protection."

Lorna: A bag full of knives would hopefully go a long way. Lorna shifted it on her shoulder along with spare cooking supplies and clothing. The baby supplies was a strange thing to lug about and Lorna had cut most of it out. She just hoped it was enough. Travelling light was pretty key at a time like this.

Jessica: "I can fly if I have to, Bobby. I don't want to get into a car unless I absolutely have to..." she pulled a face, "Zombies are enough for my nightmares right now without adding any more accidents..."

Bobby: "Okay." He nodded to her and hit the garage door open. "Well then, let's roll out, Autobots."

Jessica: Jess headed off ahead of him, taking the express route over the lawn. She took out any lingering lawn ornament zombies as she passed them.

Bobby: Bobby followed, keeping his distance to give her room to move. It looked like Lorna had taken out most of the zombies right outside of the boathouse... in a really gross way. Impressive.

Lorna: A few more heads were squished as Lorna made her way down, seeing non-shuffling zombie motion through the ice.

Bobby: With a pop like a rotten melon, the head of a zombie off his rear fender exploded and Bobby took a moment to pause and marvel as he ran around the front of the truck to dissolve the ice covering the front steps.

Jessica: Hearing movement inside the house, Jess worked on keeping a path clear. She picked up rocks to take out the zombies that were trailing her. Nailing them right between the eyes.

Lorna: Lorna was hurrying down to meet him once she saw the ice start to give way. "Who've you met?"

Bobby: "Jess, Johnny, Hope... there are others in the van out front waiting. Not many." Bobby started to grab the supplies to help her load up.

Lorna: Having the pregnancy waddle was not helpful in getting places quickly but Lorna did what she could, bubbling them just in case. "Anyone definitely a zombie?"

Jessica: A rock whizzed right by Bobby's head and got another zombie that was attempting a sneak attack.

Bobby: "I did a quick search of the mansion... didn't find anybody else. Some cars are missing, so some more could have gotten out." He wasn't going to list all the dead he had encountered. "Sue... she just got attacked while we were gathering stuff up. Hank, Angel, Laura, Miles."

Lorna: Lorna slammed the door to the truck closed, taking a deep breath. "Right...do we have a plan?" She asked, sounding slightly hopeful.

Bobby: "Not really... other than get away from here... mansion's overrun." He threw the last of the bags and boxes into the back of the truck and looked around. Jess was keeping the coast pretty clear.

Jessica: Jess pulled to a stop beside the truck, "They want to head north. That's about as much of one as we have right now." She threw another rock at a runner, "I think I got most of them..."

Lorna: "North is good." She nodded, leaning back in her seat. "What do we have in ways of supplies?"

Jessica: "We cleared out the kitchen... got some blankets and medical supplies but we'll probably need more... and weapons."

Lorna: "We can probably raid some gun and hardware stores along the way, auto stores for supplies to keep us running. I grabbed the tool kit from the kitchen."

Lorna: "And knives, lots of knives."

Jessica: "I would like a sword, personally." Jess tossed in, hurling another rock at a shambler before it spotted them.

Bobby: "I still say we're probably the best weapons there are, but more can't hurt." Bobby went around and got back into the truck himself, leaning over and grabbing Lorna's hand for a squeeze. "You and junior okay there, Dee?"

Lorna: "I'm sure I can give a try at making one once we're in a good place for a stop." Lorna half laughed. Who would think there'd be a practical time to make a sword. "Yeah, we're good." She smiled, a bit strained but all the same, and squeezed his hand back. "And yeah we are but not everyone is quite as made for this as we are. Plus it never hurts to have a fallback."

Jessica: "Well everyone needs to feel like they can protect themselves and not everyone has ranged powers... or the kinds of weird training I have... though I doubt this is what my dad had in mind when he had me learn these things..." she frowned.

Bobby: "You never know." Bobby looked past her and cursed at the shadows emerging from the woods. "Looks like we better move. Got more company coming."

Jessica: "Yeah..." she sighed, looking back over at the school. It wasn't like she'd never had to abandon a home before but... She pulled her gaze away and revved the engine again. "The others are waiting at the gates for us."

Lorna: "Joy, joy." Lorna groused at the company, a few choice knives coming out of the bag and ripping through the undead behind them. "Lets get going."

Bobby: Bobby started the truck and shifted it into gear, giving Lorna and Jess a strained smile before heading off for the front gates.

Jessica: Jess gave the building one last look before heading off too and overtaking them. It had been nice while it lasted.

Lorna: "So...anyone grab a copy of The Zombie Survival Guide?" Lorna attempted to joke, glancing over at Bobby as they took off.
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Re: What if...? Zombies!

Post by Svartfreja » Tue Sep 04, 2012 7:23 pm

So they're on the road now! Instances can be played at camps as they make their way north. Brr. Chilly!

There'll be some foraging missions too - but don't let your guards down! Zombies can be anywhere!
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Re: What if...? Zombies!

Post by Svartfreja » Wed Sep 05, 2012 1:07 pm

Jessica: Jess had been told to sleep so she had. Well tried. She'd managed something that would probably just be considered a nap before waking up from a nightmare with a start. Once she'd satisfied herself that she was actually awake, she slipped out from under the blanket, making sure not to jostle Fabian too badly and went to take up a position on top of the van and watch, bringing a spare blanket with her.

Bobby: Bobby saw the flash of movement from the van and tensed, then relaxed when he saw who it was. The night was cold enough that the windshield was fogged from their breath and he evaporated the water for the dozenth time. Glancing at Lorna sleeping under a pile of blankets and coats, he leaned over and pressed a kiss to her hair before getting out of the truck quietly.

Jessica: She looked over to the truck when she heard the door, moving an arm out from under her blanket and lifting it so that her hand was up in the air before charging a venom blast to see by. "Oh... hey..." she gave a small smile when she saw Bobby's face illuminated by the green light.

Bobby: "Hey! Yeah, I'd prefer to be able to feel my face. Otherwise... there'd be drooling. It wouldn't be pretty." Bobby let one corner of his mouth droop and rolled his eyes back. Realizing that looked a little too zombiesque, he stopped and formed an ice pillar beneath his feet.

Bobby: When it reached a comfortable height, he stepped onto the roof of the van with her and sat, dismissing the ice.

Jessica: "It's okay, I wasn't going to zap you just to see who it was..." She shifted a little and held the corner of the blanket up in offer of sharing. "Can't sleep?"

Bobby: "Well, I wasn't trying really." Bobby didn't really need the blanket, but he figured he could help keep her warm. Besides, the contact was nice, considering. He took the corner and scooted in beside her, wrapping the blanket back around them both. "How about you?"

Jessica: "I tried... but apparently a day of nightmares wasn't enough to keep them out of my head for the night..." She sighed, shifting to get comfortable again and leaning against him.

Bobby: "Yeah, I hear you there." He sighed, then just sat and listened to the silence and their breathing. "Fucking zombies. Zombies." He shook his head.

Jessica: She startled a little at his sudden outburst, turning her head to look at him. She wasn't sure what to say to that however so she went with: "Are you okay?"

Bobby: "I'm as okay as everybody, I guess." He glanced at the truck. "Better, really, since I got my family out."

Jessica: She nodded, biting her lip a little and glancing over to where Johnny was. "Yeah... I suppose I should count myself lucky now that I don't have any..."

Bobby: "There is that." Bobby leaned against her and put his arm around her to give her a squeeze. "But you've got us and we've got you, so that's family too."

Jessica: She nodded, squeezing her eyes shut and resting her head against him. "It's not really the same... but thank you for saying that..."

Bobby: "I know, but it's something." They sat quietly again and he tipped his head back to look up at the stars.

Jessica: Jess quietly lifted a hand to wipe her cheeks with her palm and sniffed, shifting again.

Bobby: Bobby turned to look at her, smiling a little and giving her another squeeze.

Jessica: She gave a weak smile back and slipped her arms around him for a hug. "I'm supposed to be done with crying..."

Bobby: "Aren't we all." He stroked her hair lightly, watching the woods around them for movement. "It's... I can't say everything will be okay. But we'll try, yeah? We'll all do our best to stick together and survive and figure things out." Bobby blinked, feeling like crying himself for everyone they couldn't save or couldn't find.

Jessica: She nodded, resting her head on his shoulder and keeping her arms around him, she liked it when people stroked her hair - it helped to calm her down a lot. "Surviving I know I can do..." she heaved a sigh, "Who'd have thought my crazy life would be useful for something?" She turned her head a little, offering a small smirk.

Bobby: "Hey, maybe your dad was prepping for the zombocalypse all along." He shrugged a little against her.

Jessica: "Maybe... who's to say...?" She lifted her head and kissed his cheek, giving him another tight hug. "I'm glad you're okay."

Bobby: "Likewise, babe." Bobby smiled again, then looked past her at the treeline.

Jessica: She opened her mouth to reply but stopped and turned her head to follow his gaze, listening intently. Something was moving out there, she could hear the leaf litter rustling. It didn't sound like a rabbit or a squirrel. Something bigger.

Bobby: "It's... something hot. So it's alive." Bobby whispered, squinting. "Can't really make out the shape with the trees."

Jessica: She realised she'd been holding her breath and let it out again in a sigh of relief, relaxing. "Oh thank God..." She ran a hand through her hair. "We could go and look..."

Bobby: Bobby made a face at her and looked at the woods again, blinking to adjust his eyes between his normal and thermal vision. "It's big enough it's either a person or... well, a sasquatch? Bear?"

Jessica: "Then we should check because a bear is definitely as dangerous as a zombie..." She uncurled and removed the blanket.

Bobby: "Ugh. Where's a telepath when you need one?" Bobby stood and shifted to ice, creating a slide to the ground.

Jessica: Jess lifted into the air and flew a little way towards the trees before landing lightly on the ground, listening again. She moved cautiously towards the sound.

Bobby: "Be careful," he hissed, sliding to catch up to her. He wasn't nearly as quiet as she was, however, and the heat patch in the woods morphed shapes, a head coming up and turning toward them.

Jessica: Jess waved a hand dismissively at him, creeping towards the source of the noise. She could hear a heartbeat now - quick. Not a bear... a prey animal. She smiled, pushing energy into her hand, it wouldn't see the green light but she would see it.

Bobby: As he got closer, he shifted back to quieter flesh and blood. Now he recognized the shape, an ear flicking toward them, tail raised as the creature poised to run.

Jessica: Jess turned her head to look at Bobby, giving him a grin. She turned back to the deer, adjusting her posture to non-threatening.

Bobby: Bobby shrugged, huffing out a silent laugh. The deer picked its way through the underbrush as they watched.

Jessica: Jess stood still and watched the deer. She'd have liked to touch it but she didn't want to scare it away. She glanced at Bobby again, it was a shame the others were missing this.

Bobby: Bobby looked around again, unable to shake the creeping feeling that this was too peaceful and nice and something must be about to happen.

Jessica: Jess couldn't help creeping a little closer to the deer now that it was more at ease with their presence.

Bobby: Making a hissing noise, Bobby motioned at her to stop. The hell, crazy girl?!

Jessica: Jess frowned at him. It was a deer. What was it going to do? He was being silly.

Bobby: Bobby rolled his eyes and followed her, shooting another glance around their perimeter and back at the truck where Lorna slept.

Jessica: Slowly, so she didn't startle it, Jess reached out a hand to the deer and waited to see if it would come over. She wondered about using her pheromones to see if they'd work on animals that weren't spiders.

Bobby: The deer's ears swiveled forward, then back. After staring at them for a long moment, the deer blinked and turned, bounding away with its white tail high.

Jessica: Jess dropped her hand and turned to Bobby again, smiling brightly.

Bobby: Bobby shook his head and grinned, holding out his hand for her. "Come on, nature girl. Let's get back to the van."

Jessica: She took his hand, keeping the charge in her other to light their way back through the trees. "Don't even try to pretend you don't think that was awsome too."

Bobby: "Okay, okay, it was pretty awesome," he chuckled, watching her grin in triumph as they made it back to the vehicles.

Jessica: She let the charge go and hugged his arm, still grinning. "I knew it."
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Re: What if...? Zombies!

Post by Svartfreja » Fri Sep 07, 2012 3:21 am

Zombies. It was both amazing and terrifying how fast they multiplied. Jess stood on a roof, watching the undead mill around the town below, searching for food. They hadn't seen her, she'd been careful about that - she'd had the training after all, she may as well make use of it. Stealing a glance over the edge of the roof, she checked the path to her target. Okay, so it wasn't, strictly speaking, an essential. But, to her, it was. The further north they travelled, the more useless her hands became and very soon it would become dangerous to use her venom blasts - she could feel it.

She'd said it multiple times. They'd had to expect her to try. And so, it was, with no small amount of delight, that they'd finally hit a location with a potentially useful building. Jess made her way across the rooftops as silently as she could, making her way towards the kendo school. Of course, the building taught other things too but she wasn't as interested in those.

The roof was her safest option again and she forced the door as quietly as she could, slipping inside and crawling up onto the ceiling for the added protection it provided. She paused at the entrance to the stairwell and listened for any sign of movement inside the building. There was a lot of movement outside but, as far as she could tell, nothing inside the walls. Tentatively, she pulled the door open, stealing inside and listening again as she pressed herself close to the ceiling.

Silence. She let herself breathe again, dropping to the floor with barely a sound and looking around. Now she just needed to find an office or something. One by one, she checked the rooms. Storage closets, kitchen, staffroom, classrooms... Ah.

The smell alerted her first. There was something in this room. And it was definitely dead. But as to whether or not it was still able to move... There was only one way to find out. She turned the handle very slowly and carefully until she was sure the latch was open then she kicked the door open and jumped up on to the ceiling and waited. Nothing. Except that the smell was worse now there was no door in the way. She gagged a little and dropped down to the floor, venturing into the office.

The source of the smell was obvious and she had to steady herself with a hand on the doorframe. The body of a woman lay on the floor - the head cut clean off. There was a bite mark on her wrist. So the place wasn't completely unscathed. Wedding ring... So that must be her husband beside her. Though he was unbitten, he seemed to have not wanted to carry on without her and committed ritual suicide.

After taking a few moments to compose herself, Jess wandered out to one of the other rooms and picked up a sheet. Returning to the office, she placed the sheet on the desk before picking up the katana that lay on the floor and cleaning the blade, sliding it back into its sheath. Next, she bent to remove the tanto from the body of the man, cleaning that too and setting it in its sheath beside the katana. Finally she unfolded the sheet and spread it over them, at least they were together.

Taking both blades from the table, she headed for the hallway, closing the door behind her and making for the stairs again. However, she had no intention of leaving town just yet. First she would see to it that some zombies paid the price.
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Re: What if...? Zombies!

Post by Slarti » Fri Sep 07, 2012 5:19 am

Hmmm, great minds think alike? :toothy

Get 'em, Jess! She could have gotten her two jawless, armless pets right there. :shifty

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Re: What if...? Zombies!

Post by Svartfreja » Fri Sep 07, 2012 6:14 am

Jessica: Well... so far so good... Jess pulled to a stop outside a pharmacy and looked around. It was hard to hear over the engine of the truck following her but she couldn't hear any shuffling...

Hope: Hope hopped out once they pulled to a stop, keeping her ear out for sounds of movement.

Bobby: Bobby squinted, not seeing the heat of anything living... but that didn't rule out the dead. He sighed and got out of the truck.

Jessica: Looking up and down the street, Jess decided to go for essentials first which meant camping supplies. She headed for a likely looking building.

Bobby: "You think people are here but hiding, or you think that everybody is... y'know?" Bobby tried to decide if shifting would attract more attention from the noise of his ice creaking or not.

Hope: "I don't know why anyone would hide in the city, but people are pretty stupid, so really either is likely." Hope ran her fingers through her hair.

Jessica: "I don't hear anything... like at all... so it's hard to say. If I hear any heartbeats I'll let you know..." It was weird to not hear anything. Even the wildlife seemed to have gotten the hell out of there.

Hope: "They are the smart ones." Hope shot Jess a look with a sigh.

Bobby: "Well... I don't think we're planning to set up residence." Bobby went up to the door of the store and looked thought the windows. No movement. He laid a hand on the door latch and froze the metal, breaking it as quietly as he could.

Jessica: "Nope... just to take what we need..." She poked her head inside the store and listened again. Still nothing... "I think we're okay..."

Hope: "I'll stand guard." Hope volunteered.

Bobby: Bobby gave Hope a nod and followed Jess inside. He didn't see anything and she didn't hear anything, so ... hopefully. "All right, I'm thinking find some bags first so we have something to put everything else in?"

Jessica: She nodded, "Yeah... we should try to find some as waterproof as possible..." She looked towards the back of the store, "I'm going to check the other rooms just to be safe...."

Bobby: "Okay." It was a hardware type store, so not a lot in the way of food, but plenty of everything else. He moved toward the checkout and found some of the reusable bags. There were plenty of candy bars and beef jerky around the checkout too.

Jessica: Jess frowned a little. What was that sound...? She slowly drew her sword, moving to the door in the back and listening. Hmm....

Bobby: Two bags now filled with junk food, he shoved them outside the front door and checked on Hope.

Hope: Hope gave Bobby a salute that all was clear out front. She took the bag and loaded it up for him.

Jessica: She tried the door. Locked. Buuuuut no match for her strength. She let out a shout of surprise as a cat yowled and shot out of the room behind the door then laughed a little. "You're welcome, cat!" she called after it.

Bobby: The sound made Bobby jump, but the cat darted past him on its way out the door. "Careful... it's never the cat."

Jessica: Jess shook her head. Like she hadn't seen any zombie movies. She flicked the light on in the room. "Oh. Well hi." That was more than one zombie. Was whoever shut them in there hoping they'd eat the cat?! She took out the two at the front when they rushed her with a single swing but she didn't have a lot of space after that so she backed up into the store.

Bobby: "Told you!" Bobby was already moving for her, but he couldn't frost it without getting her, not at this distance. "Move! I'll get him!"

Jessica: What did he think she was trying to do?! She jumped straight up and stuck to the ceiling, pressing herself as flat against it as she could. She felt the fingers of the zombie brush against her back as it tried to catch her.

Bobby: "Fuck-" Bobby shifted to ice and tackled the zombie as it nearly jumped after her.

Jessica: She now considered it a good thing she'd had the wherewithall to pick up both blades, drawing the smaller one and throwing it with deadly accuracy right into the forhead of zombie number four as it finally caught on to the commotion and followed its friends out into the store. She crawled across the ceiling a little way then dropped down to the floor.

Bobby: Bobby only wrestled with the zombie for as long as it took to freeze him, which was only seconds, but it was long enough for another to come up on him from behind. He heard more than felt the crunch as the thing tried to bite into his neck.

Jessica: "Why would anyone keep them in a room?! How did they even get them all in there?!" Jess beheaded another one. "What the fuck is wrong with people!?"

Bobby: The thing was rapidly losing teeth as it snapped at his throat and he finally got a grip on it to throw the thing away from him and freeze it. From across the store, he felt a wave of heat as Hope joined the fight. "People suck!"

Jessica: She retreated back to the ceiling, her senses confused by the sudden and rapid temperature shifts. She still managed to take out a couple more despite being upside down. Eventually they stopped coming.

Bobby: Now just annoyed, Bobby barged into the back room to check for stragglers, cursing under his breath. He kicked open a bathroom door only to be rushed by a zombie that couldn't have been more than five years old. "GAH!"

Jessica: "Bobby?!" Jess hurried after him, still in her safezone of the ceiling.

Bobby: It was a kid! A kid zombie! It was ... so incredibly wrong. And what was worse, by the ragged pink t-shirt and the remains of a blood-matted blonde pigtail, it had once been a little girl. "Fucking-fuck!"

Bobby: It was just as vicious as the rest though, snarling and trying to climb him, biting and ripping at Scott's old uniform.

Jessica: "Damn it, Bobby! She's already dead!" She dropped down and slashed at the zombie-child, watching it crumple to the floor before looking at him. "Are you alright?"

Bobby: "I-I'm fine..." Bobby shook it off, taking a few steps back from the blackened blood splash. "They just left their kid... locked her in a bathroom and left her like that!"

Jessica: "What else were they supposed to do?" she asked gently, cleaning the blade carefully before sheathing it - she didn't hear anymore movement - so she could give him a hug.

Bobby: "They couldn't... if they couldn't help her, I mean, couldn't they end it for her?" Bobby couldn't stop staring at the girl's dirty blonde hair. "Not just leave her..."

Jessica: She wrapped her arms around him tightly, "If it was you in their place... do you think you could do that?"

Bobby: "I don't know... but..." He shook his head. "I couldn't just leave her like that." Bobby gave her a squeeze and pulled away, jaw set.

Jessica: "Well... let's hope you never have to make that kind of choice." She shook off the sleepy feeling from the hug and patted his upper arm. "Come on, we still have shopping to do..."

Bobby: "Yeah." Bobby found a plastic tarp and covered the little girl's corpse, before looking around the room for anything useable.

Jessica: She watched him for a moment before moving back towards the store area to retrieve her other blade and continue gathering supplies. They still had to visit at least two more stores and she dreaded to think what other surprises lay in wait for them there.

Bobby: He knew he couldn't let thoughts of that child zombie distract him, especially since his family was alive and needed him.

Bobby: Finding a couple of heavy-duty toolbags and backpacks, he found the automotive section and shoved some crowbars and oil into a bag - had to keep the cars running. And crowbars were good weapons. Lorna would probably make them into epic zombie-killing javelins or something.

Jessica: Jess located the camping supplies, picking up tents and sleeping bags and other useful things like lanterns and loading them into a cart for fewer trips to the front of the store. She also located camping stoves and some gas refills for them to keep them going for a while. It was a good thing, she thought, that she was stupidly strong or she'd have to call Bobby to help her lift these things.

Bobby: Shooting a glance at Jess and at Hope who'd returned to her lookout post, he nodded to himself. They weren't doing so bad, considering. He found tools, more gas cans, spark plugs, fuses... he had no idea what Jess needed to maintain her bike though.

Jessica: Jess wheeled the cart out to load things onto the truck, organising everything so it fit properly and left enough space for the food shopping they were also going to do.

Bobby: The automotive section was extensive enough to have a counter, so after taking his bags to the door, he went back and vaulted onto it, pausing to peer into the dark room behind it.

Jessica: "Think I have about everything... few spares too," she called over, locating some patching kits in case of holes in tents. She tossed those into the cart before moving towards where he was.

Bobby: "What's your bike?" He jumped down behind the counter and started searching through the books beneath it. Most of this stuff was online now, so he was fucked there, but old guys liked books.

Jessica: "It's kind of experimental - Danny gave it to me..." she bit her lip. She had been trying not to think about what might have happened to him. "Rand Industries designed..."

Bobby: Yeah, that wasn't going to be in the books then. He went for the ballpark and tried to find the newest designs, going back and pulling a few things off the shelves. Ooo, flashlight! Sweet! He put it to work as well, shining it around this back room.

Jessica: She shook her head a little, wandering off to browse incase she saw something she'd forgotten that they might need.

Bobby: The scraping sound alerted him first and as he went around a long aisle of shelving he found the source. He frowned and shined the light down, then down again. The legless horror was pulling itself toward him, unable to make a sound louder than a gasp. Most of its face was gone, the tongue hanging loosely against its neck.

Jessica: Jess heard the sound too and looked over, "Bobby? Everything okay there?"

Bobby: "Oh yeah, peachy." Bobby just watched. It was impossible to tell if the thing was once male or female, once a husband or wife, father or mother. Now, it was just a broken killing machine. His mouth twisted. Funny how he'd been called much the same.

Bobby: Freezing the thing, he sighed and shouldered his bag, going back out to meet Jess. "We done here?"

Jessica: She nodded, "Yeah I think so..." she turned for the door with the last few things, "Now for the food..." She offered a small smile.

Bobby: "There better be twinkies," he said with a nod, bringing up her rear.
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Re: What if...? Zombies!

Post by Svartfreja » Fri Sep 07, 2012 7:07 pm

Jessica: Jess shifted a little and rubbed her hands together, flexing her fingers. Cold. She hated the cold. She curled up again, pulling the blanket more securely around her.

Johnny: Johnny hadn't moved much since he had plopped down to take his turn watching for creatures. He wasn't really sure how observant he was being, but he imagined it was hard to miss a decaying person rushing to rip your face off. He made a slight face at the thought of it.

Jessica: After a while of trying to warm herself up, she gave up and got to her feet. Blanket and sword held to her, she shuffled over to Johnny and plopped down behind him, wrapping him in the blanket too.

Johnny: He startled, tensing at the sudden presence of someone behind him. Once it processed that zombies weren't likely to try tucking him in, he relaxed slightly and peered over his shoulder. Jess. Right. He turned his gaze back to where he was supposed to be looking.

Jessica: She slid her arms around him and rested her chin on his shoulder. Waaaaaaarm. Better. "Sorry for sneaking up on you..."

Johnny: "It's fine," Johnny mumbled, vaugely wondering how heavily Hope was sleeping at the moment. If she came looking for him right now, he likely wouldn't have to worry about zombies killing him.

Jessica: "I had to move... it was come over here and warm up or be unable to move at all within half an hour..." she cuddled him a little and shivered.

Johnny: "Ah..." He didn't realize it was that cold, but he heated the area around them slightly.

Jessica: "Mmm thank you..." she closed her eyes, enjoying the warmth. After a little while she asked: "How're you holding up?"

Johnny: He heavily sighed at the question, shoulders slumping a bit, as he shook his head, "I've... been better..."

Jessica: She shifted around him to sit more beside him, leaning against him and keeping an arm around his shoulders. "If you want to talk..."

Johnny: Johnny leaned back and rested his head against hers, "I don't know what there is to say."

Jessica: "Whatever you want to say," She gave him a gentle squeeze.

Johnny: He paused to think for a few moments. "Everything sucks."

Jessica: She sighed, "Yeah... it really does..." Jess slid her other arm back around him for a proper hug.

Johnny: Johnny finally shifted to wrap an arm around her as well, giving a weak squeeze. He added, "You'd think there'd be more of us still around..."

Jessica: "Well... maybe there are and we just haven't found them yet?" She rested her head on his shoulder, "There were a few cars gone when Bobby and I went to get his truck before we got Lorna..."

Johnny: "Possibly... or maybe they're... y'know..."

Jessica: "Maybe... but I'd prefer to try and stay positive..."

Johnny: "Yeah, well... I suppose I can manage that," he forced a grin.

Jessica: She gave him another tight hug, "Just don't withdraw from everyone. That'll be enough for now..."

Johnny: Johnny scoffed, "Pfft. Me? Anti-social? Never."

Jessica: "Good." she kissed his cheek softly, "That'd be awful."

Johnny: "I know. There could never be another lively party."

Jessica: "Yeah... and we need something to look forward to." She settled against him again, pulling her sword into her lap. "Maybe in the next town we can find some alcohol so at least some of you can take your minds off this for a while..."

Johnny: "Probably not the best idea, but I guess I wouldn't say no to some drinks..." he sighed.

Jessica: "There'd still be two sober party members," she pointed out, "And we can handle it if we get wanderers... one night off would be okay...."

Johnny: "I guess, but what if we get a horde or something?"

Jessica: "I'd hear them coming before they got here."

Johnny: "And all of us but two would be drunk."

Jessica: "Bobby can filter it out, so can Hope if she uses his powers. So then there'd be four. More than enough to drive out of here or protect the camp."

Johnny: He simply nodded.

Jessica: "I'd swear you all think I can't plan ahead properly." she smirked a little and bumped him with her shoulder.

Johnny: He rolled his eyes, "It's not your planning skills I'm worried about. I'm more concerned for my precious face."

Jessica: She giggled, "I'll make sure your face stays pretty, I promise."

Johnny: "Good," he stated with a genuine grin.

Jessica: "I was trained for this, Johnny..." she leaned against him again, "Not this specifically, I don't think... but survival..."

Johnny: "That's handy..."

Jessica: "Yeah... so far..." she nodded, "But it's frustrating... the further north we travel, the harder it gets... pretty soon I'm not going to be much use to anyone..."

Johnny: "Hope or I could just follow you around. Warm the area."

Jessica: "While I'm sure that'd be lovely, it's not going to leave you two with much alone time, is it?" she glanced at him, "It's fine..."

Johnny: "Well, I suppose I don't have to follow you to do it," he shrugged.

Jessica: "It's fine, Johnny... I'll manage..." somehow. "It's nice that you and Hope still have each other... and Bobby still has Lorna... I don't want to mess that up."

Johnny: He shrugged, "If you haven't yet, I doubt you will."

Jessica: "Well things haven't really been settled enough the past few days for it to become an issue... but that's only a matter of time." She sighed, "I've been thinking... maybe I should just stay here or go south... and let the rest of you carry on north..."

Johnny: "No."

Jessica: She tilted her head to look at him, "It'd make more sense..."

Johnny: "No, it'd suck," he corrected.

Jessica: "If I stay I'm just going to be a burden on everyone..."

Johnny: "I don't think anyone else is trained to survive. You won't be a burden."

Jessica: "Of course I will... what use am I going to be when I'm too cold to even stay conscious? You don't know what the cold does to me... none of you do..."

Johnny: Johnny smirked, "Hence the offer to keep you warm."

Jessica: "You can't do that all the time... and it's not fair of me to let you try...." she frowned a little. "You have to sleep sometime..."

Johnny: "I don't mind as long as it keeps you around."

Jessica: "And what about what Hope thinks?"

Johnny: His smirk grew, "She can help."

Jessica: She raised an eyebrow, lifting her head from his shoulder and turning to look at him, "With that look on your face I'm afraid to ask what you're suggesting right now..."

Johnny: "I'm surprised it's taken you this long to catch on."

Jessica: "Well pardon me for thinking you'd never make that kind of a suggestion given the reaction last time and our situation..." she rolled her eyes a little but smirked back.

Johnny: "And I thought you knew me better than that," he teased.

Jessica: She laughed softly and prodded him in the ribs, "She'd never go for that anyway."

Johnny: "I know. Such a joykill sometimes."

Jessica: She giggled, "Well you can dream...." she cuddled him again.

Johnny: "Yeah..." he heaved a melodramatic sigh, "But it's not the same."

Jessica: "You'll just have to try and win her round. I could cheat but I think I'll get in trouble for that later..." she grinned.

Johnny: "Yeah, that's probably not the best idea."

Jessica: She shook her head, "Nope." She gave him a squeeze, "And also we'd have Sean and Fabian wanting to join in probably... and we'd traumatise the rest."

Johnny: He made a slight face, "I'll pass on those two."

Jessica: She laughed, "I thought you would."

Johnny: Johnny nodded and glanced around, "Think our shift is about up?"

Jessica: "I don't know... I don't really keep track... tend to stay up all night anyway... If you want to get some sleep..."

Johnny: "Well, I don't know about sleeping but lying down would be nice," he replied. "Haven't really been sleeping well since... yeah..."

Jessica: "Okay... I guess I'll leave you to it then..." she withdrew her arms from around him and moved to gather her blanket.

Johnny: "I am capable of multitasking," Johnny pointed out, flopping back once she'd pulled her blanket away.

Jessica: She frowned a little, "You're... not going to Hope...?"

Johnny: "Not yet," he answered. "Plus, I don't want to wake her up."

Jessica: "Oh... mind if I steal your warmth for a little while longer?"

Johnny: "Of course not," Johnny shook his head.

Jessica: She smiled a little and settled down beside him, tugging the blanket back over him too. "Thanks..."

Johnny: "No problem."

Jessica: She curled close to him and rested her head on his shoulder, watching his profile for a while. "Johnny..."

Johnny: Johnny glanced over at her, eyebrow going up, "Hm?"

Jessica: "I'm really glad you're okay..."

Johnny: He gave a small grin, "Yeah, me too."

Jessica: Jess smiled slightly before shaking herself and shifting again. "We'll be alright, you know..."

Johnny: "I hope so."

Jessica: She chewed her lip a little, wondering if she should say what she wanted to say or if that would actually manage to make him withdraw. She decided against it for now, turning her face more into his chest. "Try to get some sleep."

Johnny: "In a bit," he assured her.

Jessica: "Okay...." she curled up some more, making sure her hands were under the blanket. "If you need anything just ask... definitely owe you for this."
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Re: What if...? Zombies!

Post by Svartfreja » Sun Sep 09, 2012 1:21 pm

Jessica: So... more supplies. Jess sliced the head off a zombie as she drove through the small town on her bike. And alcohol. She'd promised Johnny, after all.

Bobby: Bobby followed, swerving around the zombie and looking over at his passenger. To say it was awkward was an understatement.

Fabian: "So...your truck...It's...something." Fabian decided that was compliment enough for the truck in question.

Bobby: He chuckled. "It's old, yes, but I've had the engine rebuilt. It's in good shape. It's a classic." Bobby reached over and fondly patted the dash.

Jessica: Another runner lost its head as she turned to do another circuit of the town.

Fabian: "Don't you worry about hop-ons?" Fabian asked, glancing back at the bed of the truck, just imagining zombies making the leap. "Good on the engine though. I'm a bit nervous about the van breaking down on us."

Bobby: "Nah, not as long as I can see 'em." Bobby raised a pointed brow at Fabian. "That's why I tried to pick up parts and shit... the van probably is in worse shape, despite appearances."

Jessica: Looping around, Jess pulled up alongside the truck, "I think we're good!" she called through the window then pointed to where she was going to park up for their foraging run.

Bobby: Bobby saluted and followed, parking not far from her and squinting to look around. No body heat... not even small animals. It was... weird.

Fabian: "Yeah, but it's great for ramming zombies head-on still." There was nothing quite like driving a huge battering ram. Oh good, there was Jess to fix some of the awkward. "Good, should be pretty quick." He checked his guns, pleased with thiem as he stepped out.

Jessica: Running a hand through her hair after slipping the keys in her pocket, Jess looked up and down the street. "It's kind of disheartening when we don't see any signs of life..."

Bobby: "It really is..." Bobby sighed and headed for the grocery store, looking inside before freezing and breaking the lock.

Fabian: "Screw it, less movement I see the better."

Jessica: She sighed and moved into the store, keeping her ears open for any sounds of movement.

Bobby: "Less movement we see of living things though, means we might really be it... means humanity really is fucked... means the end..." Bobby took an opposite position to Jess and signaled to her he'd check this side.

Lukas: There was the frantic sound of running footfalls coming down the street. Panicked breathing and huffing.

Fabian: "...that might not be movement but it makes me just as nervous." Fabian admitted, not so fussed about the end bit but a bit more concerned about that noise possibly being their end.

Bobby: Bobby turned back to the door, surprised.

Jessica: Jess turned too and headed straight back outside, sword raised ready to swing.

Fabian: Fabian leveled his gun, wishing that the noise wasn't coming from the direction they were supposed to be going.

Lukas: Within moments the sight that greeted them was pretty comical, in an end of the world kind of way. Running down the street was Lukas Laufeyson, holding his helmet out in front of him. On the helmet was the severed head of a zombie, clearly still moving and trying to eat him. Not that it was having much luck.

Fabian: "...what the fuck?" That was...that was the most ridiculous thing that Fabian could have come up with imagining what was coming.

Jessica: Jess lowered her sword a little and stared, ".... Lukas?"

Fabian: Oh, wait, things to shoot. Fabian got right to that once he recovered from...whatever the hell was going on there. "I...don't think I can just hit the head here."

Bobby: Unfortunately, the distraction of the panicking goat boy outside allowed one of the undead to get the jump on Bobby in the store.

Jessica: "Are you going to shoot it or shall I get it?" Jess asked.

Fabian: Oh, shit, really things to shoot. Fabian fired at the nearest zombie, wondering if they were smart enough to lay this sort of trap or just had followed Lukas's screaming. "Lukas! Did it bite you?"

Bobby: The thing jerked Bobby off his feet, teeth gnashing and long dirty bad manicure scratching. It knocked the wind from him before he could shift forms.

Lukas: Hearing his name, Lukas looked up and then started running towards them, voice a high pitched noise more than a voice, "What the hell has been happening?! I can't get it off of my helmet without it trying to bite me! No I haven't been bitten, I'm wearing solid leather and armor!"

Jessica: Jess headed back into the store to look inside, "Bobby!"

Fabian: "Drop the helmet and I'll shoot the head! Jessica, you've got Bobby?" Fabian asked, now envious he couldn't snap up such protection.

Fabian: As Jess headed in Fabian cut over to catch up with Lukas.

Lukas: Lukas threw his helmet down, jumping away from it.

Bobby: Bobby, however, wasn't as lucky. The woman's teeth tore into his throat, blood freezing as it spurted out across the aisle. He and the dead woman froze in place, a tableau of mayhem.

Jessica: Jess took out another runner coming to a stop looking down at Bobby. She dropped the sword and covered her mouth with her hands. Oh no...

Fabian: Fabian fired, sending the head spinning on the helmet's horn. As it slowed in it's spin the tip of the horn slipped through the eye socket, the head sliding down as far as the horn would allow. "Well...that's something."

Lukas: Lukas pouted hard at the helmet and poked it with his toe, "I....think I might need a new helmet." He looked up to Fabian and opened his mouth, then heard a commotion from where Jess had run to.

Bobby: Bobby panicked, pushing the corpse away from him and not caring that it tore apart as he did so. He clamped a hand to his neck and looked up at Jess, icy eyes wide.

Jessica: "Bobby..." Jess' own eyes were filling with tears.

Fabian: "Nonsense, consider it decoration to instill fear." Fabian frowned, turning to where Lukas was looking. "Oh what fresh hell is this going to be?" He motioned for Lukas to follow him, making his way over.

Lukas: Not having to be told twice, Lukas moved behind Fabian. He held his hand out and formed his spear, "It would just drip juices on me and infect me somehow, I just know it."

Fabian: "Fiiine, we'll rake it off with a stick la-oh shit, Bobby." Fabian took aim, keeping back just in case Bobby melted. "So...is it possible for him to melt and purge this kind of thing?"

Bobby: "I don't know... I'm... going to have to find out?" Bobby looked at his own blood all over the floor and then up at Jess. "If I can't... please take care of me? A-and Lorna and..." He wisped into vapor.

Fabian: "...I am way uncomfortable with this." Fabian admitted, really wishing they didn't have a potential zombie that could just go into vapor.

Jessica: Jess nodded, bowing her head and squeezing her eyes shut, balling her hands into fists.

Lukas: Eyes widening, Lukas held his spear up and watched the older man, "Shit do I hope he can purge this..... because that's not a reassuring power for a zombie to have."

Bobby: A cold mist descended on the room, swirling around.

Fabian: "...I really don't like this. I think we should seriously consider running."

Jessica: Please be okay... Jessica's hands started to glow green as she charged up a venom blast just incase.

Lukas: Lukas watched and grimaced.

Bobby: The mist moved to the grocery store's freezer section, finding plenty of water there to take up.

Jessica: Jess lifted her head, watching the mist travel. "You two should wait outside..."

Fabian: "This is potentially a giant ice zombie that can reform after probably anything. We should all be leaving."

Lukas: "We should all bend over and kiss our asses goodbye because if he turns, we're boned."

Jessica: "I have enough bio electricity to blast him apart again if that happens so I can run then." She pointed out.

Lukas: "He can reform from anything! We could inhale bits of him then," Lukas flailed a now glowing green hand.

Bobby: Having realized this himself, Bobby reformed in the back room. He stood still, staring at nothing for a moment as he braced himself. In this form... he felt fine. It must not affect him. The extreme temperature was too much for the ...virus? alien microbe? whatever?

Jessica: "Which is why you should go and I should stay..." Jess frowned, they were both hopeless.

Fabian: "And Lukas can snap his fingers and turn him into an apple. Actually, that sounds like a great idea. Just as long as he doesn't have teeth I am okay."

Bobby: "All of you get out!" He called from the back of the store, voice sounding... wrong, even for his ice form. "I don't know what's going to happen when I try to change back!"

Fabian: "You see, even the vaporous possible zombie should be apple can tell I'm right."

Lukas: Hearing that, Lukas looked at Fabian, "Run?"

Jessica: "Bobby..." Jess chewed her lip, letting the charge get reabsorbed for now, "What should I tell Lorna?"

Fabian: Fabian nodded, backing up towards the truck and nodding for Lukas to follow him.

Lukas: Nodding and moving back to the door with Fabian, Lukas eyed Jess a bit. Looking to his best friend, he opened the door slowly after checking outside.

Bobby: He concentrated on filtering his system, replacing his molecules one more time before he shifted. He realized he could see the others through the glass doors, since the shelves had been ripped away.

Jessica: Jess looked right back and waited to see what happened next.

Fabian: Fabian swore, ducking down and working on the truck to hotwire it. "Come on, come on! Start!" After a few tries it it roared to life. "So...I don't know about you but I say we get the hell out of here."

Bobby: His hand went to his throat, but of course that wound was gone. He waited too, then shifted his weight.

Jessica: "Bobby...?" she tried, "Are... are you okay?"

Bobby: Bobby considered this. His heart was pounding, he felt like he might faint, he was sweating...

Lukas: Lukas jumped into the passenger's seat and closed the door behind him. "Should we feel bad?"

Fabian: "Potential vapor zombie, Lukas." Fabian explained, passing him a gun and pulling away.

Lukas: Taking the gun and nodding, Lukas looked out the window as they pulled away.

Jessica: Damn them for just leaving. After all their talk. Cowards. Though she had told them to leave... "Bobby... talk to me..."

Fabian: "Okay, we need to find another place to get the supplies...probably should go a bit away from those two though. Did you see a place while you were running through?"

Lukas: "Too busy trying not to be eaten by my helmet," he wrinkled his nose, "Though there probably was another convenience store close by."

Bobby: Fighting a wave of dizziness, Bobby lost his balance and reached out, hand slapping against the glass to keep himself upright.

Jessica: "Bobby, say something... please..." She took a tentative step towards him.

Fabian: Fabian nodded, driving to the closest convenience store he could find. "Right, I'll go in, you deal with the fuel once I get the pump flipped on inside." Fabian took a deep breath before opening the door and making his way inside for supplies.

Lukas: Lukas nodded and climbed out, spear in one hand, gun in the other and eyes surveying their surroundings.

Bobby: He looked up at her, mouth opening and closing once. "I... think I'm having a good old-fashioned panic attack."

Jessica: Talking. Talking was good. She ran across the store and pulled him into a hug.

Bobby: Bobby was too exhausted from his self-filtering exercise and brush with undeath to care he was naked. He put his arms around her and buried his face in her neck, laughing on the edge of hysteria. "I'm okay. I think I'm okay."

Fabian: Pumps now going and loads of supplies stuffed into his bag, Fabian rushed back to the car. "Give them a drive-by?"

Jessica: "Oh thank God," she was more than a little relieved to hear that. She hugged him tightly, not really bothering to think much beyond that.

Bobby: "No shit... or whoever made us crazy fucking mutants." He blew out a breath and finally pulled back from her, then realizing he was... happy to see her.

Jessica: Jess bit her lip, turning her head to hide her blush. "I'll go and get your pants..."

Lukas: Lukas was filling the car up as Fabian came running back, nodding and grinning wickedly.

Bobby: Bobby quickly shifted back to ice. "Er... forget it. They have goo on them..."

Fabian: Fabian loaded the truck up, jumping in and taking off again. "You may want to ready the gun...just in case." He cringed, driving towards them.

Jessica: "We can probably find some more..." she offered, looking back at him. "Are you alright now?"

Bobby: He did follow her back to the spot though, and saw his blood and the zombie bits. Ew. Bobby picked his jeans up long enough to find his keys and wallet, then dropped them with a noise. "I'm fine... as I'm gonna be, I guess."

Lukas: "I hope he didn't change but I'm so glad we're not in there right now," Lukas checked the gun and sighed.

Fabian: "Same, we'll find out soon enough." Fabian agreed, slowing just enough to call out the window. "Undead or not?!"

Jessica: She bent to pick up her sword, "I can't even tell you how glad I am that you're okay..." she reached a hand out to pat him but stopped. Ice. Not a good idea.

Bobby: "What'd you do to my truck, fucker!" Bobby made a horrified sound, realizing Fabian was driving his baby, and his keys were in his hand.

Lukas: "Hey! We tried to escape the threat of vapor zombie!"

Jessica: He may not be a zombie, but Bobby was obviously still a threat to Fabian. Jess cleaned her sword and sheathed it before casually wandering off to browse the store.

Fabian: "And get supplies, ride back with Jess if you're not undead!" Fabian just gave a wave, deciding that dead or not Fabian was getting the hell out of Dodge and simply driving off.

Bobby: "..." Bobby watched them drive off in his truck and made another noise, though this one was more of a whine. "Got bit, stole my truck, no pants... fuckin' a..."

Lukas: Cackling and waving out the window, Lukas grinned at Fabian, "Wanna have 'yay we didn't die' makeouts in his truck?"

Jessica: "Well we'll have to find you some pants if you're riding back with me..." she looked over at him, "Unless you'd rather I was asleep and trying to drive at the same time?"

Fabian: "I'm sorry Lukas, the zombie apocalypse has yet to turn my interests that way."

Fabian: "...we should, however, find more people and try to have an orgy."

Lukas: "That still involves possible sword crossing and you vetoed that that time at Ankka's cabin with Remy."

Bobby: "Pants it is," Bobby nodded, giving Jess a quick, embarrassed smile.

Jessica: She smiled back, inclining her head towards another section of the store, "Come on, I think I saw some clothes back here, they'll do for now."

Fabian: "That'd be because that was all ready the creepiest sauna in the world...especially with the parents."

Bobby: "Any pants in a storm." Bobby followed her obediently to find himself some clothes.

Jessica: "I'll leave you to it... I have a promise to keep..." she wandered off to look for booze for Johnny.

Lukas: "Well I'm going to keep trying," he looked at him and smiled, "It is good to see you again though."

Fabian: "Yeah, I'm glad you're not dead or undead." He grinned over at his friend. "And we got to steal a truck!"

Bobby: Bobby found some super stylish red sweatpants emblazoned with what he was sure must be the mascot of the local high school. A perky cardinal was stitched on the hip and he made a face at it before pulling them on. A pair of knockoff Crocs and a novelty t-shirt that read 'keep calm and party on' finished off his winning look.

Jessica: Jess found a few likely looking bottles and set about packing them so that they wouldn't get too badly knocked about once she'd secured them on the bike.

Bobby: He wandered back to Jess and struck a pose.

Lukas: "Nothing more awesome than stealing a truck," he grinned.

Jessica: Jess blinked, then burst out laughing, "You look fabulous!"

Fabian: Fabian had to nod, glancing back to see if Bobby and Jess were on their way out of the town yet. "You don't think they had a late reaction zombing, do you?"

Lukas: Lukas looked behind them, "I dunno, maybe Jess pounced naked Iceman...."

Fabian: "...I don't want to drive back to see that."

Bobby: "Oh, I know, girlfriend." Bobby gestured at the bike. "Guess we can't carry much on there anyway, but tell me you got a bottle for me too. I need it after this."

Jessica: "Assuming you like all things cake flavoured and vodka-y? Yes." She smiled, "But now I'm going to forever miss the internet and camera phones because this image should be shared with the world..." she gestured at him. "For the t-shirt alone if nothing else... but that whole ensemble... just... wow..."

Bobby: "I make this look good," Bobby put some swagger into it.

Lukas: "So....where are we headed to?"

Jessica: She laughed again, picking up the booze and moving to slip an arm around him now that he was fleshy and not freezing again. "You just keep telling yourself that."

Bobby: "Oh, no telling required. You know it too." He certainly didn't mind the contact after his brush with death, but he was also ready to get back to Lorna. "We about done here?"

Jessica: She nodded, "You said it already, can't get a lot on the bike... I guess we'll have to come back tomorrow or something to get actual supplies..." she gave him a squeeze.

Fabian: "Back to the others for now. They're just a bit north of here." Fabian answered. "Welcome to the survivors group, it's definitely better than being surrounded by tons of zombies."

Lukas: "I've spent the past several days surrounded by zombies. It sucks."

Bobby: "And next time, I'm bringing backup that doesn't steal my truck." He nodded, then leaned over and gave Jess a kiss on the cheek. "Thanks for not leaving me, babe."

Jessica: She paused and looked at him, "Bobby, you're one of my best friends... how could I just leave you when there's a chance you'd be okay?" she gave him a small smile, "I may be a pessimist a lot of the time... but I know how to keep the faith."
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Re: What if...? Zombies!

Post by Slarti » Thu Sep 13, 2012 5:55 am

<Lorna> Lorna perched in her bubble, floating a bit up so she could keep watch and very glad that she wasn't seeing any zombies around from her vantage point. "Looks like we're going to have a quiet day, got to say that's pretty welcome. I figured we'd have some trouble since you guys ran into some in town."

<Bobby> "Yeah, but really, with all the noise we made there in town we didn't attract that many. Maybe they stayed in town." Bobby sorted through the supplies stashed in the back of his truck, pausing to squint up at her. Straightening up, he shaded his eyes with his hand to have a look himself.

<Lorna> "They've probably found a better store of people to nibble on than us. We're a pretty small group...we just haven't ran into anyone else." she shrugged. Something had to be feeding all those zombies and it wasn't them and Lorna doubted they were cleaning out the taco bells. "We're lucky so far."

<Bobby> "Yeah, so far very lucky." He rubbed his throat and gave her a pensive smirk. "I mean, we found Lukas, so there have to be other survivors."

<Lorna> "Yeah...who would have thought that helmet would be a life saver...that reminds me, have you scarred them for life for taking the truck yet? I about shit myself when they got back first."

<Bobby> "Not yet. I can understand why they did it, but fuckin' a." Bobby patted the top of the cab, shifting to sit on it and watch Lorna float. "Sorry I gave you a scare. Hell, gave me a scare."

<Lorna> "Well...I guess we know you can get bitten and it be more or less okay...don't be doing that any time soon though." Lorna laughed, lowering herself down to the cab and having a seat since there were no zombies to see.

<Bobby> Bobby shuffled over to cozy up to her, sliding his arm around her shoulders. "How you doing? I mean really?"

<Lorna> "To be honest? Being pregnant here isn't all that different than being pregnant anywhere else...it's when I am ready to stop being pregnant that I'm worried about."

<Bobby> "Yeah... I know. Nobody here knows anything beyond basic first aid..." If there were any complications, they'd be fucked. "And no Google. I guess we could hit a library or a book store? Get some of the scary book with the photos instead of the cartoons?"

<Lorna> "And then we have a baby to contend with while hiding from zombies." That's what Lorna was really worried about. She had managed to convince herself, at least, that women had managed to deliver in strange and inhospitable conditions before but not too many people have tales of newborns in the zombie apocalypse to go off of.

<Bobby> "That's where we have an advantage though... nothing could get through one of your magnetic fields to get to you and her..." Bobby sighed and kissed her temple, laying his hand on her belly to feel the baby move. "We find someplace secure... all we have to do is make sure we have food. It's not like water will be a problem."

<Lorna> "Yeah, you are a pretty reliable source for that." She chuckled and put on a smile. She wasn't going to stop worrying about it but she could at least look like she was.

<Bobby> "Like a regular faucet." Bobby smirked, cocking his head to consider that. "Didn't mean it like that, but...hee."

<Lorna> "You're the best to have in a zombie apocalypse." Lorna assured him, reaching over and ruffling his hair. "It's that 'someplace secure' that's going to be the trick."

<Bobby> "Yeah..." Bobby wrinkled his nose at her ruffle and pulled her close. "Malls never work."

<Lorna> "No, they're way too big, too many openings. Maybe a post office or something like that but that's still a lot of glass entrances in a lot of cases."

<Bobby> "Someplace that started out secure would be good, yeah. Bank? Small school?" He sighed, kicking at a gas can. "Wonder if these zombies can float or swim or whatever."

<Lorna> "I'd say it all depends on how many holes they had put into them at the time." Lorna smirked, one of her knives waving jokingly in the truck. "Bank would be good. When all else fails we can start herding zombies to the vault."

<Bobby> "Agreed. Jail would be good too... not a big one... that could be full of zombie prisoners and fuck that, but like a county lockup?" Bobby heard the knife rattle and gave her a mock-worried look.

<Lorna> "Knifey likes holey zombies." Lorna explained at the mock-worried face, patting the knife through the glass. "Yeah, just as long as the place had a back door as well in case we needed to get out of there in a hurry."

<Bobby> "Yup, or a back window, considering. Courthouses and stuff might work." He looked around. "I mean, we're getting further and further from the city, with less people upstate."

<Lorna> "Yeah, less zombies to worry about and some pretty solidly built buildings to be had really." She nodded, thinking over the things that could be found in any given town. "A courthouse would be pretty good, solid old buildings, usually has a good spot to watch everything from, too."

<Bobby> "Exactly." He gave her a squeeze. "You see, things aren't so bad after all."

<Lorna> "Hey, we've thought we've been wasting time preparing for this for a long time. Turns out it was handy. Things aren't too bad at all."

<Bobby> "Romero was right," he said with a nod. "Well, except for the running part."

<Lorna> "Yeah, the running part really sucks. I mean, I can fly and all so that's basically a big fuck you to zombies but there's only so fast a person can waddle."

<Bobby> "We really are lucky. Maybe the mutants really will inherit the world after all." It was a huge relief to him that she was a total badass.

<Lorna> "Does that make us 'The meek'? I can never remember that bit. Anyway, I don't think it fits." She grinned, stepping down into the bed of the truck. "We'll just have to sweep up the corpses and rebuild eventually. That'll show them."

<Bobby> "Well, at least we've got a jump start on repopulating the Earth." Bobby hopped down as well, giving her a playful swat on the rear.

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Re: What if...? Zombies!

Post by Svartfreja » Sat Sep 15, 2012 1:16 am

Jessica: Jess glanced at Johnny as they headed into town. This wasn't strictly speaking an essential mission buuuuut... "We'll land on the roof, in my experience that's the safest option..."

Johnny: "Higher ground is generally good," Johnny agreed as he followed along. He'd just be sticking to his plasma form this time, as it was also a good thing. Safer. They couldn't get his brain if their faces melted when they tried to bite him.

Jessica: "Yeah, and if we use the door up there they're not getting in the same way we did and they're less likely to notice us..." She landed lightly and moved towards the fire escape door. "So we'll just have to deal with any residents...."

Johnny: "Even if they do notice, it's not like they're that hard to deal with," Johnny replied, slightly amused that he was going in through the fire escape.

Jessica: "Well for you," she nodded, leading the way with her usual approach of crawling along the ceiling. She pushed the door at the bottom of the stairs open and listened.

Johnny: "Then, you should just follow me."

Jessica: "Well I'm safe up here... unless there's one that's freakisly tall..." She turned her head slightly. "There's movement downstairs in the shop area..."

Johnny: "Or there's some that can jump really high," he added as he attempted to peer around the door. Maybe he could see what she was hearing without alerting them...

Jessica: Jess pointed down the hall to the door that would take them out of the apartment and down the stairs into the ground floor pharmacy. "We need to go down there...."

Johnny: He looked to where she was pointing and shrugged, starting that way, "Sounds easy enough."

Jessica: She followed him, keeping the the ceiling and listening for any other sounds of movement from elsewhere in the building.

Johnny: It was quiet. Eerily quiet. Well, for him anyway because not everyone could possess superhuman hearing. Regardless, it was creepy. He suppressed a shudder as he glanced around, taking in the state the building was left in.

Jessica: Jess pressed herself close to the ceiling to expand her field of view. Waving a hand at Johnny, she pointed to the stock room.

Johnny: He blinked as he caught sight of the flailing and leaned to look. It was a room. What was so important about that? He was sure his confusion showed.

Jessica: She frowned at him then whistled. Sure enough, zombie owner came barreling out of the stockroom towards them.

Johnny: "Gah!" Johnny startled, throwing a fireball at the zombie's head.

Jessica: "If you weren't such an idiot you wouldn't get surprised like that all the time." She dropped down to the floor.

Johnny: "Says the one who was safe on the ceiling and can hear everything."

Jessica: "I waved and pointed! After telling you upstairs that there was something down here! Anyone else would take the hint!"

Johnny: "You could've been waving and pointing at something else!" he protested as he carefully stepped over the headless corpse.

Jessica: "What the hell else is there to point at?" she rolled her eyes. "Honestly, you make me ashamed to be blonde."

Johnny: Johnny looked over his shoulder at her, eyebrow going up.

Jessica: She caught the look and raised an eyebrow right back at him, "What?"

Johnny: "Oh... nothing..."

Jessica: "I dye my hair," she supplied, "But, obviously I can't keep doing that now so I may as well come clean..."

Johnny: "I figured as much when you said blonde..." he replied, "I was just trying to picture it."

Jessica: "Well you won't have to try in about an hour..." she moved around to find the right aisle.

Johnny: "Also, to dye it in the first place, you had to be ashamed before me..."

Jessica: Jess shook her head, "No... hiding." She picked her way over the contents of a few fallen shelves before she found the shade she was after. "I started dying it before my dad died... he told me to..."

Johnny: "Ah... And you just never went back after he died?"

Jessica: "I couldn't see the point... and there must have been a good reason for him telling me to do that so..." she gave a shrug. "But now it's the end of the world so whatever he was hiding me from is probably not a problem anymore..."

Johnny: He nodded, briefly glancing over the boxes of dye before deciding he should likely make sure there weren't any other zombies. After a few moments of searching, he commented, "I'm not sure you'd be as hot blonde..."

Jessica: She blinked over at him as she held the boxes and wondered if four was enough. "Um... thank you?"

Johnny: Johnny shrugged, "I guess we'll find out."

Jessica: "Mmhmm..." she chewed her lip, it'd be fine. "Dad said I look like my mum..." She moved back towards the door to the upstairs.

Johnny: "Then, I can't imagine she looked awful..." he replied, trailing after her.

Jessica: She smiled over her shoulder at him, "I don't really remember what she looked like anymore..." she poked her head into a few rooms until she found the bathroom then she dropped the boxes in the sink and went to look for a clean towel.

Johnny: "You, apparently," Johnny supplied, debating whether he was supposed to follow her into the bathroom or not.

Jessica: "Apparently..." finding the towels, she took out three and moved back to the bathroom, placing them on the corner of the bath before moving to start mixing the dye.

Johnny: He decided to hang out in the doorway, glancing up and down the hall. No signs of shuffling...

Jessica: "You could help by mixing some of these..."

Johnny: "I'm on fire," Johnny pointed out, "And making sure we're not eaten."

Jessica: "There's nothing else in the building, I'd hear it coming before it got here anyway... but if you're not going to help I'll just close the door..."

Johnny: "I'd be naked if I changed so I could help..."

Jessica: She picked up one of the towels and held it out to him.

Johnny: He changed and took the towel with a sigh, quickly wrapping it around his waist, "Now I just feel like we should've brough the booze for some sort of party."

Jessica: "You remember that I can't get drunk, right? It'd be a very one-sided party..." she held out one of the boxes to him. "But I suppose we'll qualify for naked party shortly..."

Johnny: "Well, yeah, but I can... You'd be, like... designated flier..."

Jessica: "That's the most boring job ever. No one wants to be the only sober person at a party..." Having mixed two of the four thoroughly enough, she moved to take off her upper layers.

Johnny: Johnny decided he'd just start mixing those other two now. It gave him something to do besides stare... because he wasn't really supposed to be staring. "True, but someone has to be."

Jessica: "It's always me...." she sighed, plunking down to sit on the toilet seat while she worked on applying the dye to her hair.

Johnny: "Look at it this way... You're not the one doing something stupid."

Jessica: "There are advantages to getting drunk..." she frowned, "Well kind of..."

Johnny: "Of course there are," he said as he finished his mixing, not exactly sure what to do now.

Jessica: "I only got to experience that once..." she turned in her seat a little, "You can help dye my hair if you want?"

Johnny: "But then I'd have to look at you, and Hope would kill us."

Jessica: "You're looking at my head. Exactly how harmful is that supposed to be?" she raised an eyebrow at him.

Johnny: "That'd be what I'm supposed to be looking at, if I were to look."

Jessica: "Well then, get to it." she nodded to one of the bottles.

Johnny: "If I die, it's all your fault."

Jessica: "You're not going to die," she rolled her eyes, "You're helping. As long as you keep your hands to yourself she can't be mad at you."

Johnny: "I'm pretty sure she can be mad if she wants to be," he replied, moving over to where she was sat and focusing on her hair.

Jessica: "Then don't tell her?" she shrugged, "She doesn't need to know everything."

Johnny: "I suppose that's worked out well enough before..."

Jessica: "It has... and anyway, doing this on my own properly would be a nightmare..."

Johnny: "So, I... What? Just rub it in?"

Jessica: "Just make sure it covers all my hair from the roots all the way to the ends."

Johnny: "Well, I'll try my best..." Johnny had never dyed hair before.

Jessica: "It's really easy, I promise." She gave him another smile.

Johnny: He simply nodded and pulled on the gloves that came in the box, making a face at the consistency of the goop.

Jessica: She sat in silence as they both worked on coating her hair in the dye, shivering a little because of the cold. Once they were done she picked up one of the other towels to wrap around her shoulders and keep her warm while she waited for the dye to do its job.

Johnny: Johnny caught the shivering and heated the room slightly, looking for a trashcan as he peeled the gloves off, "Now, we wait...."

Jessica: She nodded, "Yep..." peeling off her own gloves, she got up to have a look at the shampoo in the shower, popping the cap and sniffing it. Nice.

Johnny: He decided this was the part where he went to check the hallway again.

Jessica: Jess sighed, poking around the bathroom while she waited for it to be time to wash out the dye. When it was about time, she turned the shower on, glad that the water was working and hot. She tossed the towel she'd been hiding under at a corner and removed the rest of her clothing carefully before stepping into the shower. It felt so good.

Johnny: Johnny wandered out into the hallway and peered each way, debating whether it was smart to explore or not. He could possibly find something useful, or he could possibly find something that would try to rip his face off. Decisions, decisions...

Jessica: She ran her fingers through her hair, shampooing it a few times until it felt like the dye was all gone and the water was running clear by her feet then she found the conditioner and got to work on that too.

Johnny: Since the shower was still going, Johnny decided he would explore. He tossed the towel back into the bathroom and closed the door, taking his fiery form before starting down the hall.

Jessica: Finally she was done and she shut off the water, reaching for the third towel to dry herself off. She towelled her hair a little, moving over to the mirror and wiping away the fog to look at her altered reflection. She didn't look like herself anymore... but then, she'd thought that when she'd first dyed it black.

Johnny: He stepped into a room and froze. Right. Zombies... Maybe he could just slip back out without them noticing...

Jessica: Jess pulled her clothes back on again, her wet hair dripping on the floor. She frowned and wrapped it up in the towel as best as she could to keep it out of the way while she looked for a comb or something. "Johnny?" she called through the door.

Johnny: Uuugh... So many zombies! The whole sneaking thing had not worked at all. Damned creaky floorboard. He shot a burst of flame as he stumbled out into the hallway, barely catching the sound of her calling his name. He called back, "Just a minute!"

Jessica: She opened the door and poked her head out into the hall at the sound, "Are you okay?"

Johnny: "I will be momentarily!"

Jessica: She moved out into the hall properly and cautiously made her way towards the sound of his voice.

Johnny: There was one there, there, and over there. They all got incinerated. So, exploring had obviously been the wrong choice.

Jessica: "You, uh... get bored?" She wrinkled her nose at the smell of burnt flesh.

Johnny: Johnny managed a slight grin after the last of the small group was taken care of, "A little..."

Jessica: She smirked a little, "Think you can help me dry my hair? .... After I find a brush so it doesn't look like a bird's nest..."

Johnny: He eyed her hair and debated, "I'm assuming by dry you don't mean turn it black again..."

Jessica: "Yes... please." She headed back to the bathroom, pulling the towel from her hair as she walked and running her fingers through it a bit.

Johnny: Johnny warily eyed her hair, blinking as he tried to adjust to the change. "Well, it doesn't look totally awful..."

Jessica: "Thanks..." she finally found a brush and ran it through her hair a few times. "I don't look too weird, right?"

Johnny: "You won't in a few hours," he assured her as he focused on drying her hair. Bobby would be far more suited to deal with water.

Jessica: While Bobby's powers would work better, Johnny's were warm. She ran her fingers through her hair and shook it out to let the hot air get at it better. "I'm kind of dreading the reaction when we get back..."

Johnny: "People dyed their hair all the time at school," he pointed out, "I'm sure it'll be fine."

Jessica: "Yeah..." she sighed, "Okay, I think it's dry...." she ran a hand through a hair again. "Thanks..."

Johnny: "No problem," he replied, "So, we're good to go now?"

Jessica: "Yeah... unless you think we should pick up some things while we're here?"

Johnny: "That's what I was going for while you were busy, but yeah..."

Jessica: "Well come on then, let's have a look around and do some shopping downstairs before we go."
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Re: What if...? Zombies!

Post by Slarti » Sat Sep 15, 2012 4:53 am

Okay, I gotta say Johnny cracked me up in this one... him and his bad decision to go poking around. ><

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Re: What if...? Zombies!

Post by Svartfreja » Tue Sep 25, 2012 5:16 am

Jessica: Jess was curled closer to the fire that she probably should have been but it was warm there. Warm was nice.

Lorna: Lorna floated down from the van from her watch, making her way towards the fire and hoping that there was food still left over for her to pick at...or maybe coffee. Fire-brewed coffee would be excellent right now.

Jessica: Jess glanced up as Lorna headed over, offering her a smile and shifting position.

Bobby: Bobby grinned at Lorna and gave her a kiss. "Deee, we haaave cooooffeee."

Paige: Paige yawned and stretched out in front of the fire, crossing her feet at her ankles. She absent mindedly rubbed her arm a bit.

Lorna: "Yesssss!" Lorna gave Jess a wave as she plopped down for coffee, giving Bobby another kiss. "The warm, nectary liquid of the gods must be in me now."

Jessica: "Well you can all keep your coffee as long as you don't try to make me drink it."

Paige: "But it's warm and delicious." Paige protested.

Bobby: "Want any, Paigey?" He was still stunned they'd found her. "After all, you're our surprise guest of the day."

Jessica: "And very strong-tasting." Jess pointed out, "Messes me up."

Lorna: "Pshaw, I wouldn't give anyone else coffee to drink if I can help it." Lorna assured Jess, sucking down her first drink.

Paige: "That does sound good..." Paige glanced over at Bobby... all three of him.

Bobby: Bobby poured Paige a cup and stepped around the fire to hand it to her before returning to his place next to Lorna. "Well, the beans were delicious straight out of the can tonight too. Mmmboy."

Paige: Paige hugged on her cup a bit, sipping on it. She rubbed her forehead and eyed those around her.

Lorna: "Mmm, beans, the tootiful fruit." Lorna was ready for her beans, too, now that she thought of it as she leaned against Bobby.

Jessica: Jess laughed, "We're going to have to get more creative with what canned things we can find."

Lorna: "We need more spam in our life?"

Bobby: "Paigey, you sure none of your candy stash made it along with you?"

Paige: "I might have already eaten it all..." She flashed him a weak smile.

Jessica: "Oh God, no. Not spam. Anything but that." She shook her head. "I'd have to be desperate."

Bobby: "You okay?" Bobby slipped his arm around Lorna and squinted at Paige. She looked warm to him, but the fire was messing with his vision.

Paige: "Yeah, just need to go tinkle." She set her cup down and headed off to the woods.

Lorna: "I'll definitely eat the spam. Spam is hilarious and pretty good burnt, actually. It has to be burnt though." She assured Jess, now wishing she had some spam on hand for coffee and beans time. "Pai-well, nevermind, she's gone. We really need to be implimenting the buddy system with such things... but at least it's quiet here as far as zombies go."

Jessica: "Well I can listen out for her, it's fine... heard worse things." she shook her head.

Bobby: "Mmm, pee-pee patrol." Bobby watched her heat signature disappear into the nearby trees. "So, want some beans, Dee?"

Lorna: "I want all kinds of beans." She agreed readily, making grabby hands for them.

Jessica: "At least they're kind of good for you... protein and vitamins in there."

Bobby: "Yup, good for baby, too." Bobby gave her belly a pat.

Lorna: "Any bean in a storm right now." She nodded, grinning and eating away.

Jessica: Jess giggled, "I'll see what I can find to make something like a stew next time we go out."

Paige: The itch on Paige had been a zombie bite. She lay down and took her last breaths, and within minutes was up again... and hungry. She shuffled toward the smell of the living.

Lorna: "We should steal ourselves some good big coolers and you can freeze things up for us for later." She nodded to Bobby, planning between bites. "At least we don't really have to worry about water supplies much, eh?"

Jessica: "We really should look for somewhere to hole up for the winter too... Not going to be safe to sleep out in cars, not for everyone."

Bobby: "Nope, no worries about water with me around," he agreed, glancing at Jess. Oh yeah, her thing with the cold... that would be a problem.

Paige: Paige shuffled out of the woods and toward the first person she saw: Lorna.

Lorna: "We still have to be prepared to be mobile, though. That's a damned if you do, damned if you don't situation there."

Jessica: "Yeah..." she frowned, glancing up, "Hey... Paige...?" she didn't look right.

Bobby: "I still think that county jail idea isn't so bad... it'd already have facilities and be strong." Bobby didn't notice Paige's return until Jess said something and he looked up too late.

Lorna: "We'll have to find one that isn't too many rooms, too much to keep watch on, but the upstairs would be nice to keep better watch as well, just as long as we're not about to get trapped but yeah, something solidly built and it'd meet our needs."

Jessica: Jess' eyes widened, "Lorna, look out!" she jumped up, dropping the blanket and running around the fire.

Paige: Paige moved quickly at Lorna, wanting to eat her. She sank her teeth into Lorna's flesh as she collided with her.

Lorna: Lorna swore, the knives jutting out to make a veritable pin-cushion out of her once friend even before she could pull herself up.

Bobby: Lorna was between him and Paige, and though he tried to freeze his former friend in her tracks, he hesitated for just a split second when the knives thunked home.

Paige: Bloody Paige sank down, gurggling on blood as she died... again.

Jessica: Jess came to a stop behind Bobby, hands over her mouth.

Bobby: "Lorna!" He grabbed her and pulled her away from Paige, who'd gotten way too close for comfort. "Lorna, are you okay?"

Lorna: Lorna looked down, seeing the chomped down teeth in her arm as she lifted said arm up. "Go get the gun, Bobby."

Bobby: "No, Lorna... nononono... she didn't-" Bobby turned her around to the fire to get a better look.

Jessica: "Oh God...." She sat down where she stood.

Lorna: "Bobby, there is a zombie hanging off of me. Paige is hanging off of me. Freeze me, gun, whatever, just as long as it's quick."

Bobby: Bobby took care of Paige quickly with a grimace. "I-I c-can't, Lorna!" His hand went to her belly. "Fuck, what about the baby?!"

Lorna: "Whatever's in me is going to be fed right into her....and you'd best stand back." She patted his hand with her okay arm.

Jessica: Jess managed to get to her feet, approaching Bobby with caution, "Bobby..."

Bobby: Bobby shook his head, blinking away tears. "Lorna..." He wasn't leaving her. Hand still on her belly, he leaned in and gave her a kiss.

Jessica: Jess bit her lip, crossing her arms over her stomach, not sure what to do.

Lorna: "And this is why people shouldn't hide bites, huh?" She kissed him back, taking his hand and giving it a squeeze before sliding away. "I don't want to be coming after anyone, Bobby, so you either kill me now or you trap me somewhere and break camp and get as far away as you can."

Lorna: "But you know I'm as good as dead, right?" Her voice failed at the question, causing her to suck in a deep breath while she still could do such things.

Bobby: Nononononono, not her! "God Lorna... I can't.... not again." Bobby was pleading with her and still close. He knew she was right though, and already the bite was looking foul... black. Her temperature was rising, too. "Fuck, it's too fast..."

Bobby: Finally he took a deep breath as well and took her head in both hands. "I-I love you. I'll always love you. I'm so sorry." He was crying in earnest now.

Jessica: Jess looked away to give them what little privacy was available. This was just awful.

Lorna: "I love you too, Bobby. Live, okay?" She asked, still managing a smile while they cried.

Bobby: "I'll... try," his voice cracked on a sob and he gave her one last kiss. Closing his eyes, he pressed their foreheads together and as quickly and painlessly as he could froze her, brain first. It only took a second for her heart to stop as well.

Jessica: Jess ran a hand through her hair, biting down on her lip again and reaching a hand out to Bobby's shoulder in what she hoped would be a comforting gesture.

Bobby: Bobby didn't even feel the hand as he gathered his wife into his lap, stroking her hair. I'm so, so sorry. It wasn't supposed to end this way... After everything they'd been through...

Jessica: She gave his shoulder a gentle squeeze then moved to go and get the blanket she'd been curled up under.

Bobby: It wasn't until the second or third poke that he realized Lorna's belly was still in motion. Bobby gasped, for a brief moment hoping the baby was alive... but... even if she was... "Oh God. Oh...fuck me!"

Jessica: Jess looked over, pausing in shaking the bits of ground from the blanket. "What? What's the matter?"

Bobby: "T-the baby!" Bobby put his hands over the bump as the thumping grew stronger instead of fading.

Jessica: She dropped the blanket again and hurried back over to them. "Bobby... I don't think they're supposed to do that..."

Bobby: "No.... no, no, no..." He pulled Lorna's layers of clothing aside. They could see the marks of the tiny hands pressing outward. Fingers curled into claws as if trying to dig out.

Jessica: "Oh God... is that...? Bobby..."

Bobby: "I-I can't do this... I can't! I just killed my wife! I can't..." The tiny fingers kept digging, one hand brushing his and punching outward. "Fuck!" Bobby scrabbled away backward.

Jessica: Jess yelped and took a step back too, "Well then... then I'll do it..."

Bobby: Bobby was in shock, hearing nothing and seeing only those little hands and feet scrabbling, trying to tear through Lorna's flesh.

Jessica: Jess steeled herself and charged up a venom blast as she stepped over to Lorna's body. She carefully aimed at where the movements were concentrated and fired.

Bobby: The movements stopped, and Bobby wasn't sure if it was better or worse. His family was truly dead now. Crawling back to Lorna's body, he bowed his head and sobbed.

Jessica: Jess lowered her hand and went to pick up the blanket again. She put the blanket around his shoulders and sat down beside him. "I'm sorry, Bobby..."

Bobby: He drug the corpse into his arms and buried his face in the crook of her neck, dampening her hair that he'd loved so much.

Jessica: She rubbed his back comfortingly and just let him cry, drawing warmth from the fire.

Bobby: Eventually, Bobby stopped, just long enough to gather Lorna and stagger to his feet. The blanket slipped off and he looked around, blinking. "Thanks," he told Jess, voice rough.

Bobby: Then, he turned toward the woods from where Paige had come and started walking. It wasn't long before they disappeared from view.

Jessica: Jess sighed and looked over to Paige's body. She got to her feet and moved to clean up the body, burying it away from the camp. They'd have to tell the others in the morning.
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Re: What if...? Zombies!

Post by Scumfish » Tue Sep 25, 2012 2:59 pm

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Re: What if...? Zombies!

Post by puppygirl » Tue Sep 25, 2012 7:01 pm

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Re: What if...? Zombies!

Post by Svartfreja » Wed Sep 26, 2012 12:41 pm

Bobby: Dawn was just rising over the treeline when Bobby staggered back to camp. The fire - more specifically, the heat from the fire - had drawn him back. Long ago, his body temperature had fallen to match the environment. It matched the dead, and as such he was invisible to them.

Jessica: Jess looked up from the flames when she heard the movement then rose from her seat. "There you are... I was beginning to get worried." She pulled her blanket around her and walked over to him.

Bobby: Bobby didn't acknowledge her, his eyes fixed on the fire. He moved slowly but steadily toward it. If it was hot enough, if there were no moisture, then maybe it would be the end for him. He could be with Lorna. Lorna and Maddie. ...both of them.

Jessica: "Bobby....?" She reached a hand out to his shoulder.

Bobby: Easily, he evaded her, just a slip of his shoulder toward the ground. He was coated with dust now. It was the dust of their passing when he had stripped their bodies of water. They were nowhere close to her home, nor his, so he'd done the next best thing and scattered the remains of his wife and daughter near an oak tree by a stream.

Jessica: She bit her lip, withdrawing her hand, "I saved you some breakfast... the others have gone into town... I told them what happened..."

Bobby: The fire was close now, pouring light into a world of darkness. Just a few more steps and it would be over.

Jessica: "Bobby?" She frowned a little, stepping close to him again, "Bobby... say something...."

Bobby: He caught her arm with an unintellible moan and stared into her eyes for a moment. Letting her go, he kept moving toward the fire.

Jessica: "Bobby..." okay that was creepy and worrying. "Just stop... please..." She moved in front of him.

Bobby: Stop? Why should he do any such thing? Yet he did it and looked at her.

Jessica: Okay so he'd stopped. Now what? She chewed her lip, "Come and sit with me...?"

Bobby: Cocking his head, he asked what he'd been wondering all along. "Why?" Why had this happened? Why was his wife gone? Why was his child gone?

Jessica: "Because you're scaring me... please..." she held out her hand to him.

Bobby: Scaring... "I'm sorry," he said, almost automatically. He'd never wanted to scare anyone. Bobby stared at her hand, then reached out and took it.

Jessica: She closed her fingers around his hand and tugged him away from the fire, throwing the blanket around his shoulders at the same time.

Bobby: It was a little surprising to feel warmth again, and when he finally looked at the source he recognized her face. Bobby frowned. "Jess?"

Jessica: "Hey..." well that was an improvement. "You need some tea..." She steered him to where she'd been sitting and pushed him down.

Bobby: He fell in a sprawl of limbs from her prodding, but his eyes were still fixed on the fire. "My family....'s just..." His brows wrinkled. "Gone."

Jessica: She nodded, rearranging the blanket around him and going to get that tea. "I know... I'm sorry, Bobby..."

Bobby: "Thanks," he said it automatically. For another moment, he stared, then quickly snapped back to himself. He looked around the fire. "Where's everyone? Where's... Paige?"

Jessica: "I told everyone else to go and clear out the town for supplies... figured we should move on as soon as we can..." She held out the tea to him. "I... burried Paige last night..."

Bobby: Bobby took the tea with a nod. "Thanks... again." He sighed and scrubbed his hand through his hair. "When we found her... I thought it was so improbable - like a miracle." He snorted bitterly.

Jessica: "I know... we all did...." she sat down beside him and hugged her knees. She didn't know what to say. It seemed ridiculous to ask if he was going to be okay or to tell him everything would be fine.

Bobby: "I guess... if we ever find anybody else we should fuckin' strip search 'em." Bobby shook his head and took a drink. It was hot... and did help.

Jessica: "Yeah... probably..." she moved an arm from around her legs and put it around his shoulders. "If we find anyone..."

Bobby: He had nothing to say to that, staring into the fire again.

Jessica: She chewed her lip, "Bobby... what were you thinking?"

Bobby: Blinking a few times, he turned his head just enough to see her. "What?"

Jessica: "When you came back here... you didn't say anything... you were just... walking towards the fire...." she glanced at him then focused back on the ground at her feet.

Bobby: Bobby looked back at the fire himself. He sighed. "I... wasn't really." Pulling his legs up, he curled into himself. "Wouldn't have worked anyway..." he muttered.

Jessica: "Oh Bobby...." she put her arms around him and hugged him tightly.

Bobby: He dropped the tea and hugged his knees tightly, finally breaking down again into wracking sobs.

Jessica: Jess tucked the blanket around him and rocked him a little, stroking his hair gently. There wasn't a lot else she could do or even that she could think to do.
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Re: What if...? Zombies!

Post by Svartfreja » Fri Oct 05, 2012 3:21 pm

Jessica: Cold. It was always so cold these days. Especially at night. She cupped her hands and blew into them to try and keep herself warm. Even being sat by the fire wasn't really helping and it was fogging her senses even more. She sighed and got up to walk around a little, glancing over to Bobby to check he was alright.

Bobby: Though he was supposed to be on watch, Bobby realized he had been staring at the same bit of crumbling rest stop wall for a very long time. It was so easy to get lost now, after... He sucked in a hard breath and blinked repeatedly, shifting his weight and forcing himself to alertness.

Bobby: The noise that'd broken him from his trance was Jess moving around by the fire. He didn't need the fire, so he sat at the edge of its light on the hood of his truck.

Jessica: Jess did a circuit of the camp before coming to a stop near Bobby, "Hey..." she said softly, not wanting to startle him.

Bobby: "Hey." He wasn't startled, but only because she'd already stirred him. The truck creaked under his weight as he shifted again and a night bird took flight nearby.

Jessica: "I don't think I'm going to be able to do this much longer..." she pulled her blanket tighter around her and took a few steps closer, leaning against the truck herself.

Bobby: That made him look at her, brows creased in confusion. More or less, that was the one thought that had repeated in his mind for the last four days. I can't do this. I can't do this. Why bother? Why go on?

Jessica: "It's getting too cold..." she elaborated, "I'm going to be more of a liability soon..." She gave him an apologetic look.

Bobby: "Oh." Bobby cleared his throat, realizing his voice sounded rusty, and tried again. "Nah, you won't be..." He tried a smile, realizing she was bundled up against the cold while he was just in a t-shirt and jeans.

Jessica: "You say that now... but I haven't started falling asleep everywhere yet... give it time, that'll get old fast..." It was awkward trying to hold onto the blanket and stop her fingers seizing up at the same time, she fidgeted.

Bobby: "It's... going to be cold everywhere this time of year." His voice still sounded rough, hoarse. Clearing his throat again, he noticed her discomfort and scooted over a little, patting the warm spot on the hood his ass had occupied.

Jessica: "Yeah..." she climbed up beside him and curled up under the blanket, hugging her legs to her. "Well... anywhere north anyway..."

Bobby: "North of what? I'm from the Midwest, babe, and it'll be just as cold there. Anything aside of the south will be... and we're a long ways from there." Or Nevada, where Lorna was from. Geoffrey, if he was still alive, would never know. He pushed aside the thought. Bobby put his arm around her.

Jessica: She rested against him for a moment, then shifted to share the blanket with him, even though he didn't need it. "North of the equator?" she offered, heaving a sigh.

Bobby: She needed his heat, as ironic as that was, and the contact was nice, so he held her closer. "You're thinking of leaving the group, aren't you?"

Jessica: "I've been thinking about it for a while..." she rested her head on his shoulder, "But there's never really a good time to bring it up..."

Bobby: "There's never a good time for anything anymore." He sighed, closing his eyes for a moment and enjoying her warmth. "I... would rather you didn't go."

Jessica: She bit her lip, shifting a little, "I don't want to go, Bobby..."

Bobby: "I... there's nothing left," he paused to breathe, then realized he'd told it to himself so many times now he was numb to the concept. "Not for me, but... even though you're not my students - haven't been for a while, I still protected you all... and she would want me to keep protecting you."

Jessica: "I don't need protecting... I can take care of myself, you know I can. We've talked about this..." she lifted her head to look at him, "And as much as you might want to, you can't protect me from the weather..."

Bobby: "No, but what I meant..." He sighed, looking out over the empty road. "I'd go with you. But I feel like the others... they may not really need me, but it gives me a purpose at least."

Jessica: "Oh...." she uncurled and slid her arms around him, "You don't have to do that... I'd be alright..."

Bobby: "I know, but... I owe you. So much. When I couldn't..." That did earn him a stab of grief and he quickly shut down that line of thought.

Jessica: She shook her head, giving him a gentle squeeze, "You don't owe me anything..." she frowned slightly, lifting a hand to turn his face towards hers, "I don't do these things because I want something in return."

Bobby: Bobby tried to smile. "I know. It's just... we do these things for each other. It's part of that family I was talking about." His words only hitched slightly at the word family and he swallowed. "And you don't leave family behind... or let them go off by themselves."

Jessica: "I'd be endangering everyone by staying... myself most of all... I stand a better chance leaving and heading south where it's warmer..."

Bobby: "We can find you better clothes. Real thermal gear and not the stuff you're wearing, or even the uniforms." Bobby twisted to look at her bike, parked not far from the fire. "And you could ride with me instead of on breezy there."

Jessica: "I don't... don't do so well in cars..." she bit her lip, dropping her gaze, "And I don't want to leave it behind..."

Bobby: "We can fit it in the back end." He sighed, leaning his head against hers. "I promise I'm a good driver?" It was lonely now, without Lorna in the cab to talk to, so his request wasn't entirely unselfish. He wondered if that was bad, and if he'd be punished for this as well. "It'd be warm at least."

Jessica: She sighed, thinking about it. It wouldn't be the same as before, he'd survive a crash... "I... guess that'd be okay...." she said eventually.

Bobby: Bobby let out a breath and gave her a tired smile. "See, I can keep you plenty warm."

Jessica: Jess gave a small smile back, "For now, anyway..." She looked away, curling up as a cold wind blew through the camp. She dreaded the onset of snow.

Bobby: Moving again, he pulled her closer and took her hand from the blanket - it was cold. Bobby wrapped both of his hands around hers and tried to make the smile bigger for her. "Nah, we'll just get lots of blankets. Fill up the cab."

Jessica: "How're you supposed to drive if we fill the truck with blankets? Moreover, where are you going to sleep?" She didn't protest being drawn closer, shifting enough to lean into him but not dislodge the blanket.

Bobby: "Well, your side, anyway." He moved enough to see her face, then made an annoyed noise and reached up to brush her hair aside. Better. "I figure I'll sleep where I always have." He shrugged one shoulder. "Besides, I'd have to be in the truck to help keep it warm for you."

Jessica: She turned her face into his hand at the gesture before she could stop herself and blushed a little. "You don't... don't mind?"

Bobby: "It'd help, right?" He noticed the blush, but decided it didn't matter.

Jessica: She gave a half shrug, "Probably... I don't know... This is kind of a unique situation...."

Bobby: "Well, I guess we'll find out." He sighed, relieved. Their little group could stay together a bit longer; he could still try to watch over them. Best of all, the horrible silence of the cab of the truck could no longer whisper to him. You can't save them.
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Re: What if...? Zombies!

Post by Svartfreja » Sun Oct 07, 2012 6:55 pm

One week later-ish.

Bobby: The cab of the truck was silent but for Jess's breathing. It was soothing to have her there, if only in the moments between wakefulness and sleep when he could forget everything that had happened. But right now, he was awake and painfully aware that it wasn't Lorna who slept beside him.

Jessica: Jess shifted in her sleep then woke with a start, sitting up and looking around before she saw Bobby and remembered where she was. She relaxed again and ran a hand through her hair.

Bobby: Bobby rolled his head to the side, reaching up to steady his makeshift blanket pillow and smiled a little. "Sorry," he whispered. "Did I wake you?" The light was dim, between the overcast sky and the frost coating the windows of the truck.

Jessica: She shook her head, "No, it wasn't you..." she covered a yawn and attempted to stretch in the small space.

Bobby: "Nightmares?" There was no real reason to keep his voice low, but he did so anyway. "Seems pretty quiet tonight, but it's nice to get a break from guard duty." Not that he could see outside at the moment, but if Jess didn't hear anything alarming, they had to be okay.

Jessica: She nodded, "Yeah..." she curled up again, "It's ridiculous the things that still bother me given... well... all of this..."

Bobby: He huffed softly, smirk in place for just a moment. "Want to talk about it?" Bobby rooted around in the seat himself to face her. "Seems since we're both awake now?"

Jessica: She sighed, "I don't know... Sometimes I think I want to... but then I think about how horrible that'll be... kind of puts me off..." she wrinkled her nose a little.

Bobby: "Yeah... I get that." He echoed her sigh and stared off at the pattern of frost on the windshield. It almost made a face, and he looked away.

Jessica: Jess shifted to lean against him, resting her head on his shoulder, "It's mostly the memories... A lot of bad things have happened..."

Bobby: "Recent suck brings up old suck," he nodded, moving to put his arm around her and settle her against his chest. It was warm, he had to admit, and there was no way she could claim it wasn't.

Jessica: She nodded, crawling a little way into his lap to get more comfortable before settling against him. "Yeah... but that never really went away... not since that Apocalypse stuff on the highway...." She closed her eyes, "I was okay before that..."

Bobby: "That was bad," he agreed. Though this was far, far worse. The warmth and comfort of having another living being this close again was making him drowsy, content. They'd gotten more comfortable with each other each night they'd spent together in this little truck cocoon. "I've thought I was okay lotsa times. But it never really goes away I don't think. We just... get used to it."

Jessica: "Yeah... but that... it... I saw some things and everything was just... I'd managed to kind of forget about how awful it was to be in a crash and.... after... and then it was all back in my head... and I can't make it go away anymore... I've tried..."

Bobby: "The one and only crash I've been in? Car got t-boned by a semi on my side. I should have been dead." Bobby tipped his head back to rest against the cold back window, lost in memory.

Jessica: Jess slid her arms around his waist and turned her face into his shoulder. "That's what happened to us... hit my dad's side..."

Bobby: "My powers saved me. Saved my girlfriend too," he snorted. "She dumped me for it. Like a week later, the day I got outta the hospital." Bobby shook his head, mouth twisting in both remembered sadness and humor. "Think I dodged a bullet there though."

Jessica: "If she dumped you for saving her life she's obviously crazy so I'd have to agree." She nodded.

Bobby: It made him smile and he looked down at her, for the first time realizing she was practically in his lap, draped over him like a blanket herself.

Jessica: She sensed the movement and lifted her head a little, looking up at him. "I told you your powers are better than mine."

Bobby: "It's funny." He tilted his head, suppressing a smirk and studying her face. Part of him wondered if he should be embarrassed, but he wasn't. He wondered if he should feel guilty, but he didn't. Not really.

Jessica: "What is?" a slight confused frown creased her brow.

Bobby: "It's the end of the world and I'm a hot water bottle." A grin crept across his face and he giggled once.

Jessica: She grinned back and snuggled into him, "You're a very good one."

Bobby: "I'm glad." Bobby closed his eyes and put his arms around her, letting his head drop to rest his cheek against the top of her head.

Jessica: "I really appreciate this, you know..." she mumbled, letting her eyes fall closed again, "You're a good friend."

Bobby: "I appreciate it too," he said, relaxing back into the seat and piles of blankets cushioning the bench.

Jessica: She smiled slightly, "Then I guess we can call it even for this, hmm?"

Bobby: "Mmmhmm." He nuzzled her hair sleepily and sighed, not caring it stuck to his stubble and tickled his nose. It felt like being home again.

Jessica: "I'll stop talking now so you can sleep... promise..." she turned her face into his neck and nuzzled him gently.

Bobby: "S'okay," he said, then gasped at the contact at his throat.

Jessica: She wasn't sure if that was good or bad and she tensed slightly, waiting for a more definitive reaction.

Bobby: Realizing she had stopped and stiffened, he touched her chin and awkwardly craned his neck back to try to see her face. "Sorry, you just surprised me."

Jessica: She lifted her head from his shoulder, "No... it's my fault..." she was getting too comfortable maybe. There was a line somewhere and she wasn't sure if she'd crossed it or not but she was certainly close to it.

Bobby: "Was a good surprise." Bobby smiled, cupping her cheek with his palm and tracing over her chin with his thumb. "Not too many of those left these days."

Jessica: She smiled slightly, feeling a blush heat her cheeks, her gaze drifting between his eyes and his lips. "That's, um..." she took a steading breath, "That's good..."

Bobby: He sucked in a breath through his teeth, then blinked. "Is this your... uh, thing?" Bobby widened his eyes at her in what he hoped was a meaningful way. "Because if you're not meaning to... um..."

Jessica: She bit her lip, "I don't... I don't think so.... It's hard to tell..." Of course it was that... they were in a confined space and she was nervous. What else was it going to be? "I'm sorry...."

Bobby: "There's nothing for you to be sorry about." It was nice, he decided, to be reminded he was alive. He licked his lips. "I don't want you to feel like you have to do anything, just because we're here like this."

Jessica: She shook her head, "I don't... That's not... don't think that..."

Bobby: "'Cause, I wasn't trying to... I'd never take advantage of that."

Jessica: "I know," she offered a small smile, "You're a good man, Bobby... that's why I like you so much..."

Bobby: "I try." He returned the smile. "You don't have to use the... the pheromone thing on me anyway. I like you too... and we're both adults here." And we could die tomorrow.

Jessica: "I try not to use them on people I actually care about..." she assured him, "Otherwise how am I supposed to know who my friends are?" She shifted in his lap.

Bobby: She wasn't helping his wavering resolve in the slightest by moving around. "Exactly." He just looked at her in the dim light, feeling his pulse speed up.

Jessica: She chewed her lip a little, studying his face and wondering if she should just move back to her corner and hide under the blankets. "Bobby.... I don't know how else to say this... but... if you want anything that I can give you..."

Bobby: "You," he repeated, stroking her face.

Jessica: She smiled, slowly closing the gap between them and catching his lips for a kiss - something she'd thought about doing on more than one occasion. It felt... great to finally have permission.

Bobby: He returned the kiss, fingers sliding into her hair to cup the back of her head. Eyes squeezing closed, he enjoyed the moment. They were alive in this awful dead world - they may as well get some pleasure out of life when they could. He pulled her close and smiled against her mouth before he deepened the kiss.

[[Time Passes]]

Jessica: She smiled at him, withdrawing her arms from around him and reaching a hand up to stroke his cheek softly and run her fingers through his hair.

Bobby: Rolling his hips one more time, he returned the smile. "Warm now?"

Jessica: She laughed a little and kissed him again, breaking it off to nod, "For now." She reached for one of the fallen blankets to pull it over them and trap the heat.

Bobby: Bobby smirked and worked his arms beneath her to flip them on the narrow bench seat. The movement broke their connection, making him groan, but the disappointment faded.

Bobby: She was gorgeous, the dim white light setting her hair aglow. And, she was alive. Now he needed to keep her that way, do what he couldn't for his family. He blinked back tears and bit his lip, hiding his reaction by straightening the blankets over them.

Jessica: She cuddled close to him and pressed a kiss into his shoulder, nuzzling him a little before lifting her head slightly to look at him.

Bobby: After finding another blanket to pillow under his head, Bobby stilled, holding her close and blowing out a long breath as he stared at the roof of the truck. He caught her watching him and the corners of his mouth curled up.

Jessica: She smiled again, settling back down and resting her head on his shoulder. She let the silence stretch for a little longer before finally breaking it, "Do you think anyone heard?"

Bobby: He snorted. "Probably, if they were doing their jobs and watching." He shifted, smoothing his hand over her arm and stroking her soft skin. "Hopefully they weren't watching watching..." Bobby made a face and glanced at the windows.

Jessica: She laughed, "Oh that'd be so creepy... but it wouldn't be the first time..." she tickled him a little with her other hand.

Bobby: "Ugh." He still laughed though, squirming a little in place at her tickling. The laughter died and he listened to their breathing. "We'll, uh, just have to make sure the windows are really covered. N-next time."

Jessica: She lifted her head from his shoulder again, "There's going to be a next time?"

Bobby: "Do..." He paused and licked his lips, trying to read her face. "Do you want there to be a next time?"

Jessica: She looked away, chewing her lip as a light blush coloured her cheeks. "Bobby... I didn't even think it was right of me to want a this time..." she sighed, "But... as it's on the table..." she turned her face back towards his, "Yes, I'd like there to be..."

Bobby: "Okay." Bobby brushed her hair back and stroked her cheek. "Look... I'm not gonna lie. I love-" His voice caught, and he closed his eyes for a moment. "I love my wife."

Jessica: She nodded, turning her face into his hand, "I know... that's okay... I'm not expecting anything more than what this is..."

Bobby: He shook his head. "I love her, but I care about you, too. You're sweet and caring and a good friend... and we're alive... and it's, like, the end of the fucking world." Bobby raised up and kissed her. "I've never really been the kind of guy to just fuck around, so this... it still means something to me, Jess."

Jessica: She bit her lip, bowing her head onto his shoulder because she didn't know what to say to that. "You don't have to... feel obligated..."

Bobby: "I don't... not in a bad way, anyway." He petted her hair, thinking about her past. But she said she wanted him, wanted a next time, so... "I think we'd make good partners, you know... watch out for each other. Take care of each other..."

Jessica: "Bobby... I'd do that anyway, you know that right?" she didn't lift her head. "I stayed for you... I didn't expect anything in return for that..."

Bobby: "I know. You've been doing it, since..." He sighed. "Trying to check on me. I've noticed and I appreciate it. Is it that hard to believe that I care about you too, and this..." Bobby shifted to nuzzle the top of her head, "this is something we both want?"

Jessica: She lifted her head again, deciding to be honest, "... Yes." she chewed the corner of her lip, "It's not you... and it's not because I don't think we're friends or whatever... I just... I don't know if I deserve it... and I don't want to mess up and make things worse for you... I'd never forgive myself..."

Bobby: "Jess," he sighed again. "You deserve more than me, 'cause I'm pretty well fucked up right now, but I do care about you already and... I don't want to be alone." He had to look away then. "You can't mess anything up, believe me."

Jessica: "You won't be alone... I promise..." she gently turned his face back to her, "If you're sure this is what you want."

Bobby: Bobby nodded at her with a faint smile, his hand coming up to cover hers.

Jessica: She smiled back and closed the distance between them, kissing him softly.
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