What if...? Another Zombie Apocalypse!

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Re: What if...? Another Zombie Apocalypse!

Post by Svartfreja » Mon Nov 09, 2020 6:51 am

<Jessica> Outside was cold but it was quiet... ish. Jess was sat at the fire pit in the yard with a blanket and a hot cup of tea, taking a break from kitchen duty. At least it wasn't snowing at the moment.

<Shaw> Sebastian felt like he had spent a tremendous amount of time sleeping of late, but at least it had made him feel better. Physically, at least.

<Shaw> Dressing for the day by midday in his son's spare clothing, he closed his eyes and tried to sense his wife in their link.

<Jessica> Jess closed her eyes and inhaled the warm scent of the tea, wrapping her hands around her mug. Tea was awesome. She sighed, then frowned a little as she felt something. Sebastian? I'm outside if you're looking for me. There's fresh coffee in the kitchen.

<Shaw> He smiled to himself. Perhaps the rest had been more beneficial than he'd thought. I am. Thank you, koibito. He started for the kitchen.

<Jessica> I'm by the fire. She had a sip of her tea and settled back in her seat. Cozy.

<Shaw> It was good she'd pointed that out because the link hadn't given him a clue. I'll be there shortly. Why did everyone wish to be outside?

<Jessica> Bring another blanket and then we can share two! She sent him warm feelings hoping her good mood would help him.

<Shaw> Sebastian stopped at the kitchen door. I shall, he sent, echoing her feelings and hoping it worked.

<Shaw> He fetched his own coffee, wondering if perhaps Monet was right. Do you need anything else, love?

<Jessica> If we had wine... She missed wine so much.

<Shaw> Sorry, the cellar is fresh out. He smiled and fetched the blanket, heading outside to find her.

<Jessica> Damn. We should go shopping. Get you a less hobo-y wardrobe while we're at it. Wanna play hookey?

<Shaw> Already part way to where he saw the fire smoking he laughed aloud. Yes, most definitely. Do you think Armani is still open?

<Jessica> "If they're closed they'll be sorry!" She called, hearing the laugh and knowing he was close enough to hear her. "We'll leave them a terrible yelp review!"

<Shaw> He came around the end of the bench and gave her a grin. "They will rue the day," he chuckled, bending to give her a greeting kiss. "Hello, love."

<Jessica> "Hello," she smiled, opening her arms to him and the blanket too. "Get in before I get cold."

<Shaw> Sebastian slid into the seat beside her and held his coffee out of the way as she tossed the blanket back over them. He settled the other blanket over their laps.

<Jessica> She smiled and leaned against him, "Ah, much better." She had a sip of tea, "So, how are you today?"

<Shaw> He made himself comfortable and set the steaming mug on his knee as he wound his other arm around her. "Better, I think. And you?"

<Jessica> "I'm having a day off from kitchen time.... well really we're on strike but we thought we'd wait to see if anyone figured it out."

<Shaw> "So you're already playing hookey." He kissed her temple, then leaned his head against hers. "Now I need a job so I can strike as well, I suppose."

<Jessica> "Pretty sure you can get whatever job you want." She gave him a grin.

<Shaw> "Perhaps I should apprentice to that Maria girl," he chuckled.

<Jessica> "I'm sure she'd love that," she snuggled against him, "She'll like you. Tony's her sort-of dad in the other reality, you should tell stories."

<Shaw> "I'm sure she has plenty of stories of her own." Sebastian closed his eyes, enjoying the moment. Finally, he sighed. "I wonder if Tony is alive."

<Jessica> "Now, that sounds like a really good project." She shifted to look at him, "If you want to look for him then let's do that..."

<Shaw> Sebastian looked at her, setting his coffee aside to touch her face. "I think I might, but I have another project that's far more important right now."

<Jessica> "I'm not a project, I'm your wife," she booped his nose, "And I will help you with whatever you want."

<Shaw> He grinned. "I know you're not." His head tilted and he looked at the fire. "Perhaps that's been a part of my... emotional whiplash, shall we say?" Sebastian gave her a side glance and looked down to consider it.

<Shaw> "I made finding you a project to keep myself sane, and when the feat was accomplished I couldn't believe it was true."

<Jessica> "And I suppose that I made it worse with my own coping mechanism..."

<Shaw> "It is the apocalypse," he observed, looking back up at her with a faint smile. "I suppose we're all allowed our own breakdowns."

<Jessica> "Of course we are..." she leaned to press a kiss to his cheek, "And if there's anything I can do to help, just ask."

<Shaw> Sebastian sighed and brushed his fingers through her hair. "I'm sorry I've been... not myself."

<Jessica> "It's okay..." she turned her face into his hand, "Really... This has been hard for everyone... some are better at hiding it... others got exhausted doing that...."

<Shaw> "Or, both, for variety." He leaned in to give her a soft kiss.

<Jessica> She returned the kiss, wrapping her free arm around him, "It's going to be okay now. We're back together... Miriam's okay... Michael's okay... Viper's... weird but at least she's alive. Our family is safe... so now we can find everyone else we love and make sure they're safe too."

<Shaw> "I believe that sounds like a good plan, after we strengthen our link again." He smirked. "I had Monet check my telepathy. I thought I might be broken."

<Jessica> "Really? Why?" She gave him a worried look.

<Shaw> "Because I couldn't feel you."

<Jessica> She turned to put her tea down so she could hug him properly, "I love you..."

<Shaw> "And I love you." Sebastian slid his other arm around her. But until today, I could barely sense you. It's still... unreliable.

<Jessica> Is there anything I can do to make it easier? She turned her head to press a kiss to his cheek.

<Shaw> Apparently my abilities are unaffected, but the link is... frayed. Sebastian smiled a little at the kiss and nuzzled her. Monet offered to assist in its repair, if necessary.

<Jessica> We don't need her help. We can handle this. It's just time...

<Shaw> I agree, koibito. I'm aware of the ulterior motives in her meddling. Sebastian pulled back just enough to see her face. We can handle this.

<Jessica> We can. We can handle anything together. And Monet could fuck off with her ulterior motives. She had no chance. She has no idea who she's up against.

<Shaw> Sebastian grinned, baring the teeth that earned him his nickname. "It's wonderful to be together again." He took her hand and kissed it.

<Jessica> She smiled back, turning his hand to kiss his palm, "I love you so much."

<Shaw> "And I love you." His expression softened and he shifted a bit sideways to slide his arm back around her and pull her against his chest, urging her to rest her head against him. "So, did I tell you I stole Charlemagne's sword?"
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Re: What if...? Another Zombie Apocalypse!

Post by Svartfreja » Mon Nov 09, 2020 6:52 am

<Pietro> The lab was quiet for the first time in several hours because Harvey was on the naughty step - aka outside chopping firewood because he was terrible at staying on task today. Heather had taken his spot and was also helpfully keeping the lab warm while James monitored power levels around the house and kept a portion of his consciousness in the security system.

<Pietro> It turned out that Viper was terrible at reminding him to take breaks so Pietro was relying on his stomach for that... which was a bit of a bad idea because it was always hungry and he'd learned to tune it out. Oh well, maybe the virus problem would be solved super fast if none of them slept or took breaks.

<Pietro> He liked super fast.

<Monet> Monet landed on the front walk and smoothed down her hair before heading to the door. Sebastian and Jessica were on the mend, so he was too and didn't need her anymore. Pietro did. So here she was.

<Monet> She stared up at the large mansion and was torn between a desire to go back to be near Sebastian just in case and the desire to be away from him. But she was here now and would at least see how they were getting on before deciding to stay or go back.

<Harvey> Harvey felt the impact on the icey pavement in a distant way and decided he should check who it was. A slightly slushy head appeared in the snow. It probably would have gone unnoticed but, as he recognised the person on the path, he decided to say hi, "Oh hey! Pietro said you might show up - they're in the lab."

<Monet> Monet recoiled in disgust at the head near her. "Oh, oui? Merci. You may go back to lurking now. Far away from me, s'il vous plait."

<Harvey> "I'm chopping firewood so it's warm in the house! You're welcome!" The head sucked back into the snow.

<James> James informed those in the lab that Monet had arrived and unlocked the front door, turning on the lights in the entrance hall. He really hoped the talk of solar panels wasn't just talk.

<Monet> Monet arched an eyebrow at the snow for a moment then turned back to the door just as the lights shone through the windows. "Ah. Merci, James," she murmured and opened the door. "Honey, I'm home," she called into the vast foyer as she shut the door behind her. Harvey had said they were in the lab, so likely to not hear her, but it was common courtesy to announce one's presence.

<Pietro> Pietro had to carefully put some things away before he headed up the stairs to greet Monet, opening the door just after she'd called out, "Hey, how was your flight?" He offered her a smile as he walked across the foyer. "Want some coffee?"

<James> "You're killing me, man!" James complained from one of the intercoms on the wall. He didn't mean it but still.

<Monet> Monet smiled at Pietro and walked up to give him a kiss in greeting. "Bonjour, amant. My flight was uneventful, gratefully." She smirked at James' voice, "Is it really so much trouble to power the coffee pot, cher?"

<James> "No, not really... I'm just being a brat..."

<Monet> "You know that once Pietro is able to get the mansion powered by other means you might be a bit sad at not being as needed as you are now." She was still grinning and let it come across in her tone. "Speaking of, how are things on that front, amant?"

<James> "I'm useful for other things than being a glorified generator, thankyouverymuch!" James protested. He could science as well as anyone!

<Pietro> Pietro offered his arm to Monet before walking with her to the kitchen, "Viper's working on adapting the power systems but the tricky part is going to be the hardware - Carol assures us she knows where she can get some... I decided not to ask too many questions."

<Monet> Monet took the arm as she chuckled at James' 'outburst'. "I believe that to be the sensible choice, mon cher." She smirked as she looked up at him, "And on the personal front? Have I been much missed?"

<Pietro> "Of course you have," he smiled at her, putting his hand over hers on his arm, "I was expecting to have to wait a lot longer for you to join us here... I'm glad I didn't have to."

<Monet> "What can I say? I like to go where I am needed and wanted." She smiled and kissed his shoulder. "I did make a stop in Boston before coming here, though. Moved Charlemagne's sword somewhere safer."

<Pietro> "You can keep it here if you want to," he offered, opening the door to the kitchen and holding it for her.

<Monet> "And run the risk of Viper finding it?" Monet barked a short laugh at that thought. "Cher, that is the sword used in the coronation of every French king since Charlemagne passed it on. There is no way in hell that I want her to have it. It is now mine."

<Pietro> "I think it's going to be hard trying to get her out of the lab so you probably don't have to worry." He moved to put the coffee machine on, "Plus... wasn't she in Boston with it the whole time and left it behind? If she wanted it she would have reminded Sebastian to pack it."

<Monet> Monet conceded to that point and sat at the table while Pietro made the coffee, "I suppose you're right on that front." She looked around the kitchen, "So, you do remember that I don't cook, oui? Heather is available for that, I assume."

<Pietro> He laughed, "Oh God. Never say that to her face." He shook his head, "She'll cook if she has to but actually, Viper cooked dinner last night."

<Monet> That earned him another laugh, "Oh? And was it edible?"

<Pietro> Pietro nodded, "Yeah... she's a surprisingly good cook. Apparently she got a lot of practise making not so good ingredients remarkably edible during the war and rationing."

<Monet> "That would make sense, oui." She arched an eyebrow at him, "I do not think I have ever had a need for my poison resistance until now."

<Pietro> "She's not going to poison anyone," he gave her an amused eyeroll.

<Monet> "I would not put anything past her, Pietro. And you shouldn't either."

<Pietro> He shrugged a shoulder, "The Shaws trust her... so does Carol. I trust their judgement."

<Monet> "Pietro," she said as calmly as she could manage, "she is the one who blew up the school."

<Pietro> "Yes, and my father made me experiment on my friends. We've all done things we're not proud of."

<Monet> Monet gave him a flat stare, starting to get irritated. "Oui. I remember. One of those friends was mon chat."

<Pietro> "I know... but you're missing my point." He poured some coffee for them both and set one of the cups in front of her, "She was working for Hydra then. We don't know what orders she may or may not have had. But she's not working for them now and she can help so I'm willing to let her... and she needs us as much as we need her. It's not going to benefit her any to bump us off."

<Monet> "All I am saying is that you need to watch your back. Do not trust her and you should be fine."

<Pietro> "There's always someone watching in this place," he took a seat beside her, "Most of us don't sleep."

<Monet> "That doesn't reassure me that you will not trust her, you realize." Monet took a drink of her coffee and watched him over the rim. "Speaking of sleeping. This may surprise you to learn, but if you are sleeping in your room, I would not feel comfortable joining you in that bed."

<Pietro> "It's pretty hard to sneak things by me," he reminded her gently, before taking a sip from his own cup. He sighed at the mention of the room he'd shared with Illyana. "Actually... I locked the room up... the twins' room too... It's not like I'm short of other rooms to sleep in...."

<Monet> Monet reached out and placed a comforting hand on his wrist, "Non. But I did not want you to assume I would be so callous as to expect to sleep with you in the bed you shared with her. Or sleep in the same bed with you at all now that there are extra beds to choose from."

<Pietro> "Monet, if you weren't there with me, I wouldn't bother trying to sleep at all."

<Monet> "Should I take that as a compliment or a simple statement of fact?"

<Pietro> "Both," he replied easily, wondering if she'd want him to elaborate.

<Monet> Monet took another drink and watched him, expectantly.

<Pietro> That was a look that said, yes. She would like more details. He sighed, "You know my mutation means it's hard for me to sleep... I used to take pills... but then they stopped working.... but I'd stopped sleeping a long time before that because of everything that had happened with Kraven and my father... nightmares, you know?"

<Pietro> He glanced at her before focusing on his coffee, "Since all that... letting myself dream has lost all of its appeal... and all this zombie mess hasn't helped matters..." he shook his head, "But what it has done is make it hard for me to get enough calories so... sometimes I have to sleep now.... not fond of it. Definitely less fond of it alone."

<Monet> "Oui, I was aware of the mutation aspect of it." She tilted her head and thought for a moment, "I could block your nightmares if you like? Or at least attempt to, anyway." Monet wasn't sure any of what he said was a compliment, though. He could sleep in a bed with anyone with how he had explained that.

<Pietro> He shook his head, "There's enough nightmare inducing stuff going on to make my brain spit out plenty more even if you did manage to block them... I don't need you to do that. Just be there..."

<Monet> "Well, I am here, so if you want me in the same bed, then I will be there as well. Contrary to popular belief, I do not like to see my friends suffer."

<Pietro> "Just your enemies then?" He teased with a grin.

<Monet> Monet laughed and nodded once, "Just my enemies. Although, I do not like to watch that happen, necessarily. It does depend on the type of suffering, after all."

<Pietro> "Do I need to ask you to leave Viper alone until she hooks up the power and cures the zombie virus?"

<Monet> "Non," she implied with her tone that she was less than happy about that answer. "I shall keep my promise to Sebastian to not harm her. I did tell her that I would personally see to it that she suffered if she harmed him, though. I could not let her think she had free reign to do so."

<Pietro> "She hasn't shown any inclination to harm anyone... well except Harvey but that's totally normal."

<Monet> "I would be all for her harming Harvey. I might even help if I felt so inclined at the time."

<Pietro> He laughed, "He just gets bored. He's not as bad as he lets on." Pietro had another sip of coffee, "Do you want to come down to the lab or shall I show you where I decided to try sleeping? Or I can show you which room Viper chose so you know where to avoid."

<Monet> "Why don't you show me what the two of you have been up to with your crazy assistants first. I have been insanely curious as to what you could have found." She smirked as she took another drink. "You can show me the bedroom later."

<Pietro> "Okay, then," he got to his feet, going to pour two more cups of coffee to take down to the lab for Viper and Heather. "We're not that far in at the moment because most of our time so far has been on prepwork for the power supply and trying to organise the lab... also it was freezing down there so it took a while before Viper could help with any of that."

<Monet> Monet did not hide the fact that she enjoyed watching him move about the kitchen. "Well then I am excited to see the beginning stages of what is surely to be a promising venture."

<Pietro> "I hope so... at the very least, it'll give us something to do. Who knew a zombie apocalypse could be so boring?"

<Monet> "I did. But then, I don't have to be afraid of the cretins, so I'm certain the adrenaline rush is entertainment for the ones who do have to fear them."

<Pietro> "If I had to still sleep in the wild I'd have to worry but I don't anymore." He collected his own mug after juggling the other two and headed for the door to go back toward the lab.

<Monet> Monet reached out to take one of the mugs from him as she rose to follow him. "Non, you don't," she smiled, genuinely happy she had run into him that day. "And how are you doing back here then? Better?"

<Pietro> He smiled in thanks when she took one of the mugs from him and opened the kitchen door to lead the way back to the lab, "It's... hard to be here... if I think about it... but I'm trying to focus on the task at hand..."

<Monet> "Well then I shall help make sure you stay focused on something else when you need to take breaks from the 'task at hand.'" Monet shrugged one shoulder, "I am sure it will get easier, cher. The hurt will never leave, but it will get easier to stay here. And we won't be here forever, either, so you have that to look forward to."

<Pietro> "Yeah..." he frowned a little, "Although theres a lot more room here... everyone could have their own rooms...."

<Monet> "That's true. But that isn't always the most important thing, n'cest pas?"

<Pietro> "No, I know... but I think comfort would be nice for everyone... it's up to them, obviously.... but XU students and staff have always been welcome here."

<Monet> Monet pushed open the door to the downstairs with her foot and held it for Pietro to move ahead of her. "Oui. It is entirely too kind of you to offer such a thing and I'm sure more than one of them will accept."

<Pietro> "Well it's that or this huge house just sits here not doing very much.... seems stupid to just let it go to waste...." He stepped past her and paused on the stairs, waiting for her to catch up as James shifted the lighting from the foyer to the stairway and lab corridors.

<Monet> "If that is your wish, as I said, I'm sure some will happily take you up on moving. And how would you do with the sounds of children's laughter in the hallways again? Would that be too painful for you?"

<Pietro> "I don't know... but I'm sure it can't be worse than the silence...."

<Monet> If Monet had a free hand, she would have touched him. "Oui, cher. It will warm your heart to hear at the same time as it might pain you. But the warmth will make it better for you, I would hope."

<Pietro> "They might not want to come, of course... but it'd be nice..." he offered her a smile as he stepped into the lab, "Who wants coffee?"

<Heather> "Yes!" Heather pushed away from her desk, the wheels on her chair carrying her all the way to the door where she held out a hand for the cup full of yum.

<Monet> "Bonjour, Heather," Monet looked down at her and smiled. "Having fun today?"

<Heather> "I'm working! So yes!" She smiled, taking a deep inhale of the coffee. Mmmmm.... she wheeled her way back to her desk.

<Pietro> Pietro set the other mug down beside Viper and very carefully tapped her on the shoulder because she seemed to have hyper-focused herself again.

<Viper> The tap startled her and she looked round, "Oh... what time is it?" There was coffee... she offered Pietro a smile, "Thank you..."

<Monet> Monet gave Viper a flat stare, "Viper," was all the acknowledgment Monet could muster at the moment and she walked over to Heather's workstation. "What are you working on, then?"

<Pietro> Pietro gave Viper a smile, "You're welcome... figured it was time for a break..." he went to get his coffee from Monet.

<Heather> "At the moment we're working on deconstructing the virus into its component parts... well, I am. Pietro is busy being distracted by boobs," she gave Monet's chest a nod.

<Pietro> Pietro affected an innocent look and pretended to be looking at everything else in the lab.

<Monet> Monet smirked at Heather's nod and looked over at Pietro, highly amused at his face. "I didn't realize my breasts were that distracting in comparison to curing a virus that causes people to rise from the dead."

<Pietro> "She can work without supervision," Pietro argued, "Now, if it was Harvey..."

<Monet> "Harvey would be distracted by my breasts also?"

<Heather> "Probably. He hasn't seen boobs in a while."

<Monet> "Remind me to keep completely covered whenever he's around, then."

<Heather> "Might want to shower in a bathing suit..." Heather turned back to her work and set her coffee down. "He has his shower trick... it's his only joy these days."

<James> "And mine!" James' voice came from the wall, "Because I get to make him sorry."

<Monet> "Oh, yes. I have heard the result of that through the bathroom wall at the cabin, I believe. He did it to Rogue and Robert while they were showering together. She is quite loud when startled and apparently can only say one word when found like that. 'Naked!'"

<Heather> She laughed, "Yeah, I heard about that. He can't help himself - it's his party trick. I'm sure he's eagerly anticipating Viper taking a shower."

<Viper> "I might ask Pietro to run me back to the cabin for that now..."

<Monet> "So long as he does not leer or try to touch without being asked, I am quite comfortable in the nude. Vanity Fair loved me," she smirked. "So I'm sure it's nothing he hasn't seen if he ever had access to it."

<Heather> "Oh no, he's very well behaved... He is technically a doctor. He's seen boobs in a professional capacity." Heather did hate that she often felt compelled to defend the idiot. "He can admire you from afar and keep his mouth shut. He has a strong self preservation instinct."

<Pietro> "In which case, your showers might be safe, Viper," Pietro toasted this sentiment with his coffee.

<Monet> "But mine won't be?" She smirked at Pietro, "At least from him, anyway. You, on the other hand, I wouldn't mind not being safe from."

<Pietro> "They'll be safe unless he wants me to drug him and leave him in Antarctica."

<Monet> Monet laughed and reached out with her free hand to run her fingers down his arm, "You would do that for me? I'm touched. Would you consider doing it without him violating my showers?"

<Heather> "Unfortunately, we need his brain.... and who else would we make chop all the firewood?"

<Monet> "James," she suggested. "Or Pietro. He could get it done in half the time, after all."

<Pietro> "We all look at problems in different ways... and have different specialities. Having a bunch of brains helps..." Pietro gave her an apologetic look.

<Monet> Monet sighed, "I did not think you would say yes, but I had to try." She smirked, "Maybe one day."

<Heather> "Much as I hate to admit it, I'd miss him if he wasn't here."

<Monet> "That's a disturbing thought. Why would you ever miss him?"

<Heather> "We've worked together since before Pietro was born. I'm used to his antics..."

<Monet> "Being used to something and missing it are entirely different creatures. Do you not agree?"

<Heather> "That depends on the subject... Harvey's just... always around. He may be frequently a pain in the ass but he's a reassuring presence."

<Monet> "So he would be your Jason, then? And here I thought fire and water were best kept separate."

<James> "That's why everyone's always surprised when she says something nice about him."

<Monet> Monet smirked at the speaker system, "Electricity and water don't mix well, either."

<James> "Yes. And I take great pleasure in reminding him of that."

<Monet> "I think that's the only reason I haven't tried to get rid of you also."

<James> He couldn't give his reaction the full theatrics that it deserved so he had to make do with a very dramatic gasp, "You wound me!"

<Monet> "You tried to wound me. I think it's only fair that I would want to dispose of you as well."

<James> "In my defense, I didn't know who you were and we were defending Pietro's work."

<Monet> "I still say that you could have just asked."

<Heather> "They took my instructions far too literally. I suspect because they were half asleep."

<Monet> Monet smirked and arched an eyebrow at Heather, "Or because they're boys masquerading as men."

<James> "I can hear you, you know!"

<Heather> Heather laughed, "She knows, she's winding you up."

<Monet> "Oh, you can? I really had absolutely no clue, whatsoever." Monet turned her smirk to Heather, "He is quite amusing to bait."

<Heather> She nodded, "One of the reasons they're fun to keep around. The comedy writes itself."

<Monet> "So it would seem." Monet turned back to the room at large, "Now that I am here, do not expect Pietro to be working as often with the rest of you. I plan to make sure he gets several breaks a day."

<Heather> "If you have to pick him up and physically drag him from the room, go right ahead. He's terrible at remembering to take breaks."

<Pietro> "I don't think we need to go quite that far!" Pietro's eyebrows rose in alarm.

<Monet> "Oh believe me, chere, I will do just that if needs be. But, as Pietro just said, I'm not certain I'll ever need to resort to that." She spared a smile for him. "Beyond that, I'm not one to force sex."

<Heather> "Just as long as you remember he needs to eat too...." Heather reminded her, "I figure if one of them is getting regular nagging about eating the other will by proxy." She nodded between Viper and Pietro.

<Monet> "I do not forget his need for eating. It would be cruel of me to ask him to expend that many calories without letting him take a break to replenish them." Monet had no desire to comment about Viper. She was still a non-entity.

<Viper> "I suppose I'm going to be on cooking duty?" Viper sipped her coffee, "Not that I mind... I just like to know what I'm expected to be doing."

<Heather> "If you want the food to be edible, yes.... unless Monet cooks."

<Monet> "Monet does not cook."

<Heather> "Then you're it." Heather told Viper. "Harvey used to cook... but he got out of the habit. You might be able to retrain him if you get desperate."

<Viper> "Am I allowed to threaten dismemberment with sharp objects?"

<James> "Yes! Of course!"

<Monet> "Please do that. And follow through."

<Viper> "I doubt it'd leave much of a mark..." but it might be satisfying nevertheless.

<Monet> "Very likely not. But you're smart, you can figure out something other than sharp objects and dismemberment that would be more permanent in nature."

<Viper> Viper raised an eyebrow, "My, my, was that a compliment?"

<Heather> Heather looked between the two women then at Pietro, "Ooooh do I need to light someone on fire?"

<Monet> "Non. It was a statement of fact. You have a high IQ." Monet smirked at Viper then looked back at Heather, "Try it and you will be in the same category as Harvey in my mind."

<Heather> She pouted, "So close!" Oh well there was always next time.

<Monet> "And yet, so far."

<Heather> She sighed, "Well, I suppose I should get back to work..."

<Viper> "I should be able to assist soon. I'm almost done."

<Monet> Monet finished off her coffee and turned to Pietro, "Would you like to get back to work, also?"

<Pietro> "What are you going to do with yourself if I do?"

<Monet> "Unpack," she shrugged. "Or maybe go back to retrieve my sword to hide here."

<Pietro> "Maybe get some supplies for snacks?" Pietro suggested hopefully, "Talking about cooking made me hungry."

<Heather> "Everything makes you hungry."

<Pietro> "Not the point."

<Monet> Monet arched an eyebrow at Pietro, "If I run across anything, oui. But I am far from being your errand girl and refuse to become such."

<Pietro> "Well if you're going by the cabin anyway..." Pietro shrugged a shoulder, "I mean, I can go.... but then I have to leave you here with the crazy pe- ow." Heather had smacked him over the back of his head.

<Monet> "I am not going to the cabin. I am going to retrieve the sword from where I have hidden it."

<Viper> "If you're expecting her to be magnanimous, I think you might be barking up the wrong proverbial tree..." Viper sat back down at her work station and set her coffee down within reach to continue working.

<Monet> Monet shot a look in Viper's direction, "You are correct. I will do nothing to help you, specifically."

<Viper> "Well, I don't need your help so that's perfectly fine. But I think Pietro was asking for it." She picked up a soldering iron to finish wiring her project.

<Monet> "And I did not say he would not get it."

<Viper> "Hence my comment."

<Pietro> Pietro decided now was a good time to distract Monet, "Okay, let's show you where all the good rooms are so you know where to unpack to...." he gently took Monet's shoulders to steer her toward the door.

<Monet> Monet let Pietro turn her away. For now. "Bien. Or you could just show me your room," she smirked up at him. "Shall we?"
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Re: What if...? Another Zombie Apocalypse!

Post by Svartfreja » Mon Nov 09, 2020 6:53 am

<Shaw> Coffee cup in hand and feeling more than useless in hovering near his wife in the kitchen, Sebastian decided to investigate the possibilities of that girl from the other reality.

<Shaw> Following Jessica's directions, he found the room she had camped out in and knocked on the door.

<Maria> Maria was surprised by the knock but her technology told her who was on the other side, "Come in," she called, shoving some of her screens out of the way so she could give Sebastian most of her attention... probably.

<Shaw> Sebastian opened the door, brow raised at the tech inside. "Hello, how are you?"

<Maria> "I'm alright," she gave him a smile, "How about you?" She pulled her feet up onto the bed and crossed her legs.

<Shaw> "Surprisingly well, considering." He took a sip of his coffee and gestured at the displays. "This is quite impressive."

<Maria> She looked at her screens, "Eh, I'm a walking battery like my moms," she shrugged and gave him a grin.

<Shaw> "I do know a very small bit about your world, but obviously, you are advanced beyond us." He moved further into the room to inspect a screen. "Definitely so now," he snorted.

<Maria> "Um...." She chewed her lip, "I don't know... well... maybe a bit... but this is mostly Kree tech... with some of my daddy's.... but I think he stole the idea from Viper a bit... or she stole it from him... I don't know. They're confusing."

<Shaw> "Oh, trust me, this is all quite confusing," he said, waving his mug and giving her a toothy grin.

<Maria> "The zombies? Or me? Is it me? I'm sorry. Mom says I talk too fast like I ate fifty pounds of sugar.... or crack.... depends how mad she is.... do I need to slow down?"

<Shaw> Amused and reminded of some of the perkier students at Xavier's, he leaned against a desk. "No, you don't need to slow down."

<Maria> "Okay good because that's really hard." She grinned, "So did you want something? Want me to watch Miriam? Or build something? Wanna play with the cow? She likes to lick people!"

<Shaw> "I'll... pass on that last offer altogether." He took another sip of coffee. "Do you know who I am?"

<Maria> "It's like being licked by a giant cat!" She giggled, "But she loves to be petted." She nodded to the question, "Sure, I know who you are."

<Shaw> "I exist in your world, but from what I've heard I'm... a great deal less friendly." Sebastian smirked and cocked his head. "That would be a difficult cat to keep in the lap."

<Maria> "Yeah but you're nice so it's okay," she smiled, "People are different here. I know that."

<Shaw> He was nice. Sebastian decided he would need to share this revelation with Jessica later. "Yes, indeed. However, like your version, I'm an engineer."

<Maria> "Like my daddy!" She grinned. "I like building stuff with daddy."

<Shaw> "Yes. Tony Stark here is one of my closest friends." He gave her another smile.

<Maria> "Really?!" She bounced a little where she sat, "That's cool! Does your version do superheroing too?"

<Shaw> "No," he responded, amused at her bouncing. So very different from Hope. "Here, he is the President."

<Maria> Her eyes grew huge, "Oooooh! That's fancy! But I think the superheroing is probably more fun."

<Shaw> "I wouldn't say I've done much of it, but my wife enjoys it."

<Maria> "Jess is a good superhero!" Maria agreed, "People like her."

<Shaw> "Indeed. I'm quite fond of her myself." Sebastian smirked and took a sip of coffee.

<Maria> Maria giggled, "Mom says she's the team den mother."

<Shaw> "That... is a fairly accurate assessment."

<Maria> Maria grinned, "Guess she's the same everywhere.... does your Jess throw food? I like going to her house."

<Shaw> "She does enjoy lobbing things at my head from time to time," he laughed.

<Maria> "Jess and David throw food all the time. It's messy at their house at dinner time." She nodded sagely, "Super fun though!"

<Shaw> Sebastian was glad that his Jessica didn't often throw things, then. "That sounds like a tremendous amount of cleanup."

<Maria> "She likes cleaning... and Mom says they have Jen well trained... but she's not a puppy."

<Shaw> "We have a dog, of sorts. You've seen Sharky, I assume."

<Maria> "He's so cuuuuute!" She bounced again, "I want one!"

<Shaw> "They're quite rare, but Sharky loves attention, so I'm sure he'd be happy to play with you." And Sarkissian had best not start producing them again.

<Maria> "I like playing with him! And he's super good at guarding the chickens from Thomas," she nodded sagely.

<Shaw> "He would be good at that, yes." Sebastian took a sip of coffee and shifted his weight. "I was wondering, perhaps if you're working with any projects on which I might be able to assist you? There's little else for an engineer to do here, at the moment."

<Maria> "Um...." she pulled her screens back, "Pick one?" She offered, gesturing to them, looking somewhat sheepish.

<Shaw> Sebastian grinned, and set down his cup to move closer to the girl. The solid light screens were similar to some he was familiar with, but fascinatingly alien as well. "Are these all different projects, my dear?"

<Maria> "Yep... Mom says I have an attention span problem." She nodded sagely.

<Shaw> "Is that a fact," he deadpanned, then smirked at the girl.

<Maria> She grinned, "Daddy says its fine for geniuses to have lots of projects at once because then we don't get bored and obnoxious.... Mom says he's always obnoxious."

<Shaw> "Well, I for one agree with your daddy." Sebastian gave her a genuine grin at that. "If you don't have at least ten projects running at once you're just wasting time, yes?"

<Maria> Maria nodded, "Yeah because when one makes you mad you can work on the other ones until you're not mad anymore."

<Shaw> He watched her with a bemused expression, thankful this girl did not require scotch to operate. "Precisely." Sebastian chose a screen at random. "Could you show me this one?"

<Maria> Maria pulled the screen out from the group, translating the text from Kree symbols to english. "I figured with so many people around and having to go for supplies so much we should have ways to communicate with the ones not here... like with Pietro going to New Hampshire... anything could happen."

<Shaw> "Agreed, and that is an excellent idea." Sebastian tilted his head to read, eyes tracing the lines of the diagrams. Her thought process was familiar, yet alien, like her tech. Fascinating. "Let's get to work, then."
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Re: What if...? Another Zombie Apocalypse!

Post by Svartfreja » Mon Nov 09, 2020 6:54 am

<Rogue> Rogue loved flying with only Bobby as a passenger. No need for a trash can since cold didn't bother him and high winds weren't a super huge issue. She grinned at her boyfriend as the cabin came into view, "One hot shower f' two, comin' right up! Ah can hardly wait."

<Carol> Carol was busy with her collection of solar panels. She had constructed a new shed to store them in and was hoping it would also work for transportation... but she had to organise and secure them first. Effort...

<Bobby> Bobby had always liked to fly, although he typically did it with the aid of a jet engine, so this was a new experience. "And hopefully no Harvey!"

<Rogue> "Oh no." She winced, "Please no Harvey."

<Rogue> Rogue gave him a squeeze and landed within walking distance of the cabin. "We'll just hafta either give him a show'r make sure he's otherwise occupied."

<Bobby> "If Pietro is here..." Bobby laughed. He liked Harvey, but not in the shower. Her comment made him laugh as he found his feet. "There's no business like show business."

<Rogue> "Like no business Ah know," she stood on her toes to give him a quick kiss.

<Carol> Carol heard the voices and poked her head out of her solar panel shed, "Well, hi!"

<Rogue> "Hey!" Rogue jogged over and gave Carol a hug. "How y' feel 'bout a couple o' extras f'r a night?"

<Carol> "I'm sure we can fit you in somewhere," she laughed, returning the hug, "Joe might not appreciate it since he just got his bed back but he'll deal."

<Bobby> "Awww, poor bastard. We can always make do. I mean, we do sleep in a car."

<Rogue> "We really just want y' f'r y'r hot water," she grinned.

<Carol> "It's one night, he'll be fine on the sofa. At least he won't be on the floor this time..." she returned the grin, going to hug Bobby too, "I'm sure he'll be pleased you're on his side though, Frosty Knickers."

<Bobby> "Duh, brah code, brah." Bobby grinned and returned the hug.

<Rogue> Rogue couldn't stop the laugh at his surfer dude and lightly smacked him on the arm with the back of her hand, "Oh hush."

<Carol> Carol laughed too, "Well let's get you guys inside and you can say hi to everyone else. Usually Maria would be out here by now but I guess she's very involved in her new project."

<Rogue> "Ooh, new project? Also, coffee, maybe?" Rogue looked hopefully at Carol as they started walking to the door.

<Carol> "Coffee is a given." She nodded sagely, "Maria's working on some tech to make it easier for everyone to communicate when we're separated doing whatever.... I think she's worried because Pietro's in New Hampshire right now and you guys are driving all over...."

<Bobby> "Good plan. I was worried as hell about that before... no way to stay in touch." Bobby slid his arm around Anna as they headed for the door. "Speaking of, how is Jess doing?"

<Carol> "Oh she's doing great... except for that part where she and Joe went on kitchen strike. That did suck."

<Rogue> Rogue was practically vibrating with excitement at the thought of coffee. "Kitchen strike? That's a thing?"

<Carol> "Apparently they were feeling underappreciated.... or Joe was and Jess talked him into going on strike. She's a terrible influence."

<Bobby> "She can be that," he laughed, glad she seemed happier here. "So who cooks? I know it's not you."

<Carol> "Greer and Chris helped out... but Greer secretly hates cooking anything."

<Rogue> "Godzilla!" She laughed, "Ah don't remember him bein' that great a cook when we were... Whatever we were."

<Bobby> "I don't get it," Bobby said, shaking his head. "I know waaay too many girls who've done Chris for my own sanity."

<Carol> "He's better at grilling stuff but he does okay - he was raising two kids in the wilderness for a year. He had to learn something." She opened the door to show them inside, "Hey, we have visitors! Where's the welcoming party!"

<Rogue> "Hey now. We never did... It."

<Bobby> Bobby wasn't sure that improved things. "Good to know?" Still stood. He gave a dramatic shiver.

<Rogue> "Baby," she turned and gave him a kiss, "You an' Sam only. Ah promise."

<Bobby> "Okay, okay," he laughed, never one to turn down a kiss. They paused at the cabin door to enjoy it.

<Carol> Carol gave Rogue a sympathetic pat as Jess came down the stairs to say hello, Miriam on her hip. "Well there's two of you..."

<Jessica> "I think Astrid and Thomas might have eaten Joe... or they buried him under a sea of blankets."

<Rogue> Rogue ignored the pat as she deepened the kiss a bit, enjoying being on the threshold of an actual house.

<Carol> "Probably tied him up and gagged him too," Carol agreed, heading for the kitchen and coffee.

<Jessica> Jess laughed, crossing the living area to follow her, "I guess this welcoming party is getting ignored for some canoodling so she'll make herself some tea."

<Bobby> Bobby was enjoying the kiss, but then he heard Jessie's voice and started to extract himself, arms still around his Anna, to greet her. He paused. Miriam.

<Rogue> Rogue groaned her displeasure, but understood why he did it and turned her head to smile at Jess. "Oh." That was a kid. A Miriam kid. "Wh- Bu-"

<Bobby> "Jessie! M-Miriam!" Bobby was shocked enough to be without words.

<Carol> Carol was already making coffee in the kitchen so she wasn't in a position to save either of them. She was however in a position to bribe Miriam with fruit.

<Jessica> "It's about time!" Jess laughed, setting Miriam on the counter beside Carol to eat her fruit and going to hug Bobby.

<Rogue> Rogue blinked at the Miriam and walked over to Carol with a questioning look on her face. "When... Where... How?"

<Carol> "Um... about a week ago I think... when were you guys last here?"

<Rogue> "A little over a week..." She glanced over her shoulder at Bobby, "Right, Bugsy?"

<Carol> "Right..." she nodded, "So when Pietro and Mo went to New Hampshire to get stuff to poke Bobby with Mo thought she sensed something in Boston so they went back to check. Found some clues and a Widget.... then Obi and I went back again with Monet to look around some more... found Viper, Miriam and Sebastian."

<Rogue> Rogue blinked at Carol. "...And... Sebastian." She stared at her for another moment and debated tearing the house apart to find him or running far away to stop herself from doing just that.

<Carol> She nodded again, "He's working on Maria's project with her and Viper's in New Hampshire with Pietro and Monet.... not sure who I feel more sorry for there."

<Bobby> "Babe!" Bobby grinned, excited on Jess' behalf, and went to her for a hug. "You got your big bad shark back!" He reached for Miriam's head to ruffle her hair. "And sharklet! That's great!"

<Jessica> "Yes it is!" She gave Bobby a squeeze, "I owe Viper so much for taking care of them both..."

<Rogue> Rogue's face screwed up in displeasure at Bobby's excitement about Shaw. "Jess, know where Joe hides th' booze? Ah'm gonna need some t' deal with y'r husband."

<Carol> "Monet drank all the booze with Joe." Carol supplied. "But I think Viper had some emergency scotch... not sure if it went with her to Pietro's house though...."

<Rogue> "Fuck."

<Carol> Carol covered Miriam's ears and gave Rogue a reproachful look.

<Bobby> Bobby was less thrilled about Viper, but he was used to overlooking that one by now. "Awesome!" He pulled back from Jess to raise his brows at Anna's reaction. She hated Shaw, yeah... but... The brows furrowed at her outburst. "Babe!"

<Rogue> "What?!" She winced when she remembered there was a kid in the room. "Sorry, Jess." Rogue moved to sit at the table, slumping into a chair.

<Jessica> Jess waved it off, "Pretty sure she's heard worse from Viper in the last year just not likely in english...."

<Bobby> Bobby watched her turn away to sulk and chewed on his lip. "Yeah. Still, sorry about that."

<Rogue> "Coffee almost ready?" She wanted to drink a cup of normal coffee, shower, and get the heck outta Dodge.

<Carol> "What's the matter?" Carol asked, looking between Rogue and Bobby before glancing at the machine. It was almost done. She turned to take some mugs down.

<Bobby> Bobby shrugged, then went to hug Miriam, delighted the girl remembered him.

<Rogue> "Shaw is mah second least fav'rite person's all."

<Carol> Carol blinked at her, pausing mid-pour on Jessica's tea-water, "Why?"

<Bobby> "But still... it's good news." He took Jess' hand and gave it a squeeze, picking Miriam up and settling her on his hip.

<Rogue> "Not now. Ah'd blow th' house up if Ah talk 'bout it." Rogue's nose wrinkled and she turned to look at Bobby, "It's great news f'r tha people who do like him. An' Miriam is amazin' news." Her face softened as she looked at him, holding a kid who obviously liked him. She had missed seeing him like that.

<Jessica> "Yeah it is..." Jess smiled, deciding to ignore the Sebastian hate. She was used to it. "Viper decided to work on the virus once she heard Pietro's lab was still viable so he's up there helping her get settled in and used to his crazy security team."

<Carol> "And I'm collecting solar panels so James can work instead of powering their equipment."

<Bobby> "Yep, you sure are!" Bobby giggled along with the girl and picked up some more fruit for her, more than thrilled to play with the little sharklet.

<Rogue> Rogue's smile widened and she stood again, moving to Bobby, needing to touch him. She cupped his cheek and leaned over his arm that held the fruit for Miriam to give him a kiss. The coffee pot beeped and she jerked in surprise and excitement. "Coffee!"

<Jessica> "Yes, coffee is happening. Just keep your nasty bean water away from my tea." She accepted the cup Carol offered her with a smile.

<Bobby> Bobby returned the kiss, a little startled by her changing moods, but soon enough she was off after the coffee.

<Rogue> Rogue levitated up to get a mug and landed with a thunk back on the floor so she could pour herself some of the steaming nectar of the gods. "Why can't there be love f'r both tea and coffee? Ah have room f'r 'em both in mah heart." She leaned against the counter and inhaled deeply the scent wafting from her mug, eyes slipping closed in pleasure.

<Jessica> "Viper drinks both... I just avoid coffee because my senses are crazy heightened. I don't know how Sebastian stands it... but then he's not fond of tea so...."

<Rogue> And her mood was souring again. She took a whiff of her coffee, which didn't help, so she turned to look at Bobby jostling Miriam again, which did. She smiled at him and took a drink, instantly screwing up her face as the liquid touched her tongue. That tasted horrible.

<Jessica> Jess was getting dizzy from all the mood shifts herself and tried to balance them out a little with her empathy.

<Carol> Carol saw the look on Rogue's face just in time to stop her taking a sip from her own coffee. She eyed it suspiciously, "What's that face for? Thomas put frogs in the coffee pot again?"

<Bobby> "I just want a bottle of Mountain Dew that isn't stale," Bobby lamented, making a face for Miriam.

<Jessica> "He found a new place to put his frogs. Starts with Mo and ends in oes..."

<Rogue> Frogs?! Rogue's face changed again and she peered suspiciously into her own mug, "No?" She looked over at the pot and sloshed it a bit, "No frogs. Just..." She frowned and tried another swallow. Still gross, though, so she set the mug down with a sigh.

<Carol> Carol had to laugh at Thomas' new location to hide his favourite things and took a sip of her coffee. Tasted fine to her. Yay frog-free caffeine. It was the little things....

<Rogue> Rogue stared at her coffee on the counter with a sad frown and moved away from it to sit at the table. Maybe it just tasted funny and she should let it cool off a bit first. "So, how's this newfangled contraption Maria's buildin' supposed t' work f'r communication purposes, then?"

<Bobby> Bobby was busy with Miriam and trying very hard not to think about Ripley and he and Anna's conversation on the road. Things were looking fishy, however.

<Carol> She shrugged, "Hell if I know... ask the two geniuses building it."

<Rogue> She laughed at Carol, "An' here Ah thought y' might keep tabs on y' genius not-daughter."

<Carol> "Hey, as long as she's on the property and under supervision I assume she's fine."

<Rogue> Rogue made a face. She would not call Shaw 'supervision'. At least not good supervision. "So then maybe she'll tell me later."

<Bobby> "Guessing freaky alien tech since she's from that freaky hole in the universe." Bobby made a face at Miriam, which showed his general feelings on that and made the kid laugh. Win-win.

<Carol> "Well and the alien dna," Carol added, "I bet I could get some freaky alien tech if I wanted it."

<Bobby> "Wait, Shaw's an alien?" That would explain a lot.

<Rogue> Kid laughter made her laughter bubble up again and she turned to watch Bobby with Miriam. "Ah wonder what we're all like over there." She looked at Carol, "Or if we never crossed paths over there. How weird would that be?" She blinked at Bobby's question, "No wonder."

<Carol> "No, Maria..." she blinked at Bobby, "She's a quarter Kree genetically."

<Bobby> "...maybe I'm a girl over there. Real life Elsa?"

<Carol> "Didn't we google you that time when we had their portable fold out lab in the school?"

<Rogue> Rogue grinned, "You googled yourself in an alternate reality? How did Ah not know 'bout this?" Maybe the coffee was cooled enough. She pushed away from the table to go try it. Nope. Still nasty. With a pout, she poured it in the sink and rinsed her mug.

<Carol> Carol watched the coffee go away, "... Why would you do that to coffee?!"

<Rogue> "It was nasty?"

<Carol> "Mine tastes just fine and it came out of the same pot so there's obviously something wrong with you."

<Rogue> Rogue scoffed, "There is nothin' wrong with me." Although, she had just absorbed Bobby. "Maybe Bobby's psyche's taken' over mah tastebuds is all. He hates black coffee."

<Jessica> Jess turned her head toward the door when she heard a muffled yell, "... I think I should go and save Joe from the terrible twosome before they actually do eat him." Jess put her tea on the counter and headed back toward the stairs.

<Bobby> "You're aaaall mine," he told Miriam, who giggled, not looking up when he heard Anna. "Maybe? Coffee's nasty, but i mainly hate it when it's hot."

<Carol> "Would you prefer a coffee popsicle?"

<Rogue> Rogue laughed, "Maybe. But th' room temp didn't taste good either." She shrugged, "It's alright. Ah'll try again t'morrow. Maybe he'll be gone by then." For now though... "If you're gonna keep playin' with tha kid, Ah'm gonna go shower by mahself."

<Bobby> "I can't leave her all awwone," he said in a faux pout, then grinned. "Unless you want to go with me to find papa shark to return her?"

<Rogue> Rogue's eyes narrowed at him, "Y' really think it'd be a good idea f'r her t' see me an' her dad in th' same room?"

<Carol> "They're probably in Steven's old room - that's where Maria hangs out when she's not playing with the animals or the kids... or I can watch Miriam. I'm not completely useless."

<Bobby> "On second thought..." Bobby got up with Miriam and started for Carol. "Pass the kid!"

<Carol> Carol set her coffee down and took Miriam from Bobby, "I like this one. She doesn't have claws or sass."

<Rogue> Rogue barked a laugh at both of them, "Carol, you like mah sass. It's th' same as yours." She gave Bobby a playful leer and held out her hand to him. "Ready?"

<Carol> "It's cute when it's not coming out of your kid when you're trying to get her to eat her dinner."

<Bobby> "I'll second that one," he laughed in answer to Carol, then took Anna's hand. "Ready and willing, Dollface."
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Re: What if...? Another Zombie Apocalypse!

Post by Svartfreja » Mon Nov 09, 2020 6:54 am

<Bobby> With Anna in the shower for realsies, Bobby took a moment to find Jess. He looked in the first place he could think of - the kitchen.

<Jessica> Jess was in the kitchen cleaning up after the kids had been fed. Feeding time at the zoo didn't quite seem to cover it with those three. She sighed and sat down at the table at last with a cup of tea.

<Bobby> "Hey hey, Jessie." Bobby spotted Jess at the table and grabbed a chair, swinging it around to sit backwards and prop his chin on the back. "Alone at last? At least until I showed up," he laughed.

<Jessica> "Feels like the first time I've sat down all day. Greer's getting the kids all bathed and in bed so I've clocked off for the day." She gave him a smile, "So if you want anything you can get it your own damn self."

<Bobby> "Duly noted." Bobby rested an arm on the table and started fiddling with a nick in the wood. "So, that mean I need to talk to myself, too?"

<Jessica> She leaned back in her chair, pretending to think about it, "Hmm... I think I can manage some talking. Just nothing that involves me getting off this chair."

<Bobby> "It's a deal." Bobby smirked and gave her a wink.

<Jessica> "So did you want to chat about something specific or are you just wanting to gossip?"

<Bobby> Bobby licked his lips and picked at the table. "It's Rogue. You saw how she was earlier..."

<Jessica> Oh serious talk time. She sat up and wrapped her hands around her mug to keep them warm. "Well, I more felt it than saw it..."

<Bobby> "What exactly did you feel?" He looked up at her, employing the sad eyes.

<Jessica> Jess frowned as she thought back. Unless the emotions were particularly strong, it was always a struggle to backtrack and unpick them. "She's kind of.... up and down?"

<Bobby> "Uh. Yeah." Bobby sat up, scooting the chair a little closer to Jess. "She's... hella up and down."

<Jessica> "Did something happen to you guys?" she asked carefully, taking a sip of her tea.

<Bobby> "No? I mean, zombies, but nothing more than usual. And me and her have been fine." Bobby paused and grinned. "Congrats on the return of your shark, babe. I'm happy for ya."

<Jessica> She smiled, "Me too... Monet was weird about it but we all know she's jealous," she gave a shrug, "Anything else weird going on? Or just her mood?"

<Bobby> Bobby nodded, then sighed. "She's gotten sick a couple of times. Like, from gross zombies." He chewed his lip. "And suddenly she loves Spam."

<Jessica> "Loves spam and hates coffee... she got your psyche rolling around at the front of her brain?"

<Bobby> "Well, yeah, actually." Bobby screwed his face up to think about this. "But the Spam thing was before that."

<Jessica> Jess frowned, thinking through the information. "Well, you know her best... what do you think is up with her?"

<Bobby> "Um..." Bobby glanced around to the door again and lowered his voice. "Random nausea, mood swings, weird-ass taste changes? I'm wondering if she's pregnant."

<Jessica> "It's always a possibility..." Jess nodded in agreement, "Have you talked to her about that?"

<Bobby> "Yeaaaaah, that didn't go so well." Bobby rubbed at the table. "Her powers make it, uh, a touchy subject." He paused to consider that statement. "No pun intended, for once." Waving a hand, he continued. "She's always said she can't have kids because of her powers, but..." He shrugged.

<Jessica> "Can't or is afraid to? Because they're very different things... I know about being afraid... enhanced stregth and immunity to drugs will do that to you. I'm sure Carol had similar fears... Greer too."

<Bobby> "Can't. That she'd absorb the baby. She was worried about it with Sam. I figured her powers would see the baby as part of her and wouldn't attack it, but she always said no. Like, aggressively no."

<Jessica> "Well that doesn't mean that she can't physically get pregnant. There's no real reason to think she couldn't... the only way to be sure is to do a test... or ask Maria if she can scan for that."

<Bobby> "Yeah... a scan might be easier." He made a face. "From a distance. Far, far away..."

<Jessica> "So you want Maria to scan her without asking her permission?" Jess raised an eyebrow.

<Bobby> "That's bad, right?" Bobby wasn't entirely sure right now. "But if I bring up a test, she'll probably deck me into vapor and bolt."

<Jessica> "So... enlist allies that can take the hit... or just bring Maria with you. She has enough Carol in her brain to not want to do anything awful in front of her."

<Bobby> "Like murder the father?" He winced, still not totally sold on this idea. "So you think we should stage an intervention?"

<Jessica> "Well I wouldn't use that word... but yes." She sighed, "We just need to be careful how we say things... which is going to be hard for you, I know."

<Bobby> Bobby gave her a wounded look, then shrugged.

<Jessica> Jess laughed, "Just... play the conversation in your brain before you say the thing. It takes practise... but I have faith in you."

<Bobby> "...who says I don't already do that? I mean, sometimes." Bobby parked his chin back on the back of the chair. "You think Carol would really be okay with this? It's really, really a terrible idea."

<Jessica> "You know how she works, right? She's not that complicated. If she can help, even if it hurts her a lot she'll do whatever it takes. Getting hit in the face is easy. She'll help."

<Bobby> Bobby blew out a long breath. "Okay, I'll think about it. I just don't want her to freak the fuck out, but I know she will."

<Jessica> "Bobby, the first time I found out I was pregnant, I hid under the bed. Freaking out is allowed."

<Bobby> "Yeah, Dee and I were kind of in shock..." He shook off those memories. "The worst part though is if I'm wrong. Then I put her through that for nothing."

<Jessica> "But if you're right..." Jess reached to take his hand, "Then there are other things to think about..."

<Bobby> He licked his lips and squeezed her hand. "Yeah, no kidding."

<Jessica> "If there's anything else I can do to help, let me know... even if it's only attempting to modulate the initial emotional response to avoid any punching or bolting."

<Bobby> "Thanks, babe. I might take you up on that." He glanced back toward the door. "I'll have to think about it. I mean, we need to know, but she's... more fragile than she likes to let on."

<Jessica> "Everyone is... and that's okay too. She has a lot of people she can lean on."

<Bobby> Bobby gave Jess a smile and popped up from the chair to give her a quick hug. "What'd I do without ya, Jessie?"

<Jessica> "You'd figure it out," she returned the hug, "You're not stupid."

<Bobby> "Yeah, the jury's still out on that one." Bobby kissed her cheek and laughed.
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Re: What if...? Another Zombie Apocalypse!

Post by Svartfreja » Mon Nov 09, 2020 8:31 am

<Bobby> Showered and rested, Bobby could only hope that Anna's current good mood would save his ass later on.

<Rogue> Rogue floated up to kiss Bobby on the cheek, then back down to keep walking beside him. "When do y' wanna go back t' tha tank? After lunch'r dinner?"

<Bobby> "Yeah, beats foraging for our own, right?" Bobby took her hand and gave it a squeeze. He couldn't have eaten if he wanted to, because his stomach was in knots.

<Rogue> Rogue gave him a weird look and bumped his shoulder with her own, "Y'alright there, Bugs?" They stepped into the living room on their way to the kitchen and she smiled at Carol and Jess. "What's cookin' good lookin's?"

<Carol> Carol raised an eyebrow at Bobby then smiled at Rogue, "We're just gossiping."

<Bobby> "I'm fine," he said a little too quickly, but shot her a grin that was probably the most unnatural in existence. Bobby gave Carol a wide-eyed look.

<Rogue> "Well alright then." She laughed and shook her head. "Not sure there's much gossip t' be had in th' apocalypse, but have fun with it." Rogue turned back to Bobby, having tried to ignore his weird grin, but caught the wide-eyed stare. "Y' sure y' alright? Sugah... Are y' 'bout t' faint?"

<Jessica> "Clearly you've forgotten how much gossip a large collection of mutants can generate," Jess picked up her tea for a sip.

<Bobby> "No, I'm good." He cleared his throat and shifted his weight. "Um, soooo, have y-you seen Maria today?"

<Rogue> "Ah thought we were goin' t' tha kitchen f'r a drink?" She reached up and checked his forehead with her wrist. What the heck had him so off today?

<Carol> "Yeah, she's just feeding the chickens and she'll be right in. Did you want her for something?" Clearly he hadn't talked to Rogue about this yet so this was going to be a whole lot of awkward.

<Bobby> "Babe," he started, catching her hand and holding onto it. "I-I've been worried about you for the last few weeks..."

<Rogue> "Me?" She laughed, "Why? Ah'm fine." Oh no. The zombies again? "Bobby, Tha zombie didn't get through mah skin. It cain't, thanks t' Carol over there. Ah'm okay. Ah promise."

<Bobby> "It's not that zombie." He licked his lips and looked at Jess and Carol, then back to Anna. "You've been getting sick."

<Jessica> Very carefully, Jess reached out with her empathy to keep everyone's emotions on an even keel.

<Rogue> "So? Ah got sick at Wal-Mart when tha head crumbled in mah hand, too." She shuddered at the thought of it. Gross. "This ain't exactly a new thing."

<Bobby> "Yeah, but... I just thought it might be a good thing, since Maria has access to medical tech, for her to do a scan. Just to make sure you're okay."

<Rogue> "A scan." Her voice was quieter than she thought it would be. Point for her. "Ah don't need a scan, Bobby. But maybe you do."

<Jessica> Oof that wasn't a good sign. Jess focused most of her attention on Rogue as Carol stood up beside her.

<Carol> "How about everyone gets one?" Carol suggested.

<Bobby> "T-that s-sounds like a good idea. We've all been living rough for... a long time." Bobby looked at her, knowing the quiet tone was not a good sign.

<Rogue> Everyone gets one? Rogue laughed, but it was missing its normal warmth. "Uh huh. So... Am Ah t' believe this is an ambush?" She yanked her hand from his and looked from Bobby to the two women, pointing at both of them, "That he brought y' in t' try an' persuade me?"

<Jessica> Jess got to her feet after setting her tea down, directing all of her calm at Rogue now, "He's worried about you... don't you want to put his mind at ease?" She glanced toward the door as it banged, signalling Maria's return from her chickeny errand.

<Bobby> "Babe. It's not an ambush." He didn't pursue her hand but he did lean to force her to look at him, trying to meet her eyes. "I love you, and I just want to make sure you're okay."

<Rogue> "Ah love you too, Bobby. An' Ah need y' t' hear me." Rogue took a breath and put her hands on his face, "Ah. Am. Fine. Genuinely. Fine. An' this is wrong of you. Ah'm sure th' only reason Ah'm not tellin' y' t' fuck off right now an' leavin' is 'cause o' Jess's hoodoo. Which is also wrong."

<Jessica> "I just want you to stay long enough to listen... and for that you need to be calm. Everyone does. So we can think with clear heads instead of just reacting... Come and sit down...."

<Rogue> "Ah'm fine standin', thanks." She crossed her arms and moved to put her back against a wall. No one could come up behind her this way as it seemed the whole cabin was in on this. "Reactin' is how Ah've stayed alive, Jess."

<Jessica> "I know that... but no one here is trying to hurt you..."

<Bobby> "Well, I knew you wouldn't take this well." Obviously. He was hoping she didn't decide to snap his head off while she had it. That always sucked. He was a little relieved when she backed away and ashamed that he was, but Anna was unpredictable. "You know that no one here is the enemy."

<Rogue> "No. 'Course not. But apparently y' think Ah'm one."

<Carol> "No one thinks you're the enemy..." Carol shook her head, "Why would you say that?" She looked over to the doorway as Maria appeared.

<Bobby> "Of course you're not!" Bobby was already getting frustrated, which wasn't going to help anything. But damn.

<Rogue> "B'cause y' won't let me be mahself. An'," she looked directly at Bobby, "y' don't trust me." And then Maria came in. "An' y' bring mah not-not-kid int' this? Really?!" Rogue clenched her jaw, wanting to cuss him out but refusing to do so in front of Maria.

<Maria> "What have I been brought into?" Maria looked between the adults in confusion.

<Bobby> "Won't let you be yourself? What that does that even mean? I'm well aware that our mantra is 'I'm fine,' and ignoring everything else, but goddammit."

<Rogue> "Her!" Rogue threw her arm out in a gesture towards Jessica. "Ah'm waaay more calm than Ah would be an' Ah know it. That's what that means, Bobby." He didn't even touch the not trusting her part which made her shake her head and look away from all of them. She should have known better.

<Jessica> "I already explained why I was doing this..." Jess reminded her patiently, "Come sit and listen. No one's going to do anything you don't want...."

<Rogue> "That's a lie. Somebody's already done somethin' Ah didn't want. An' Ah also don't want t' sit. Already said that."

<Carol> Carol sighed, "Rogue, he's worried about you..." she gestured at Bobby, "Don't you want to set his mind at ease? If you're so sure you're fine what's the harm?"

<Bobby> "It has nothing to do with trusting you and everything to do with wanting to make sure everything is copacetic, babe!"

<Rogue> "So y' can't trust me when Ah tell y' Ah'm alright, but y' c'n trust some o' our friends t' corner me int' goin' t' see a doctor? Oh wait, those don't exist in th' apocalypse."

<Carol> "Actually, they kind of do... Harvey and Heather are both MDs... And I'm pretty sure Viper could look you over just as easily," Carol pointed out, "But rather than bother them, we could just make use of Maria's fancy alien hardware there...."

<Bobby> Bobby gave Carol a wide-eyed look for the Viper comment. That wasn't helping!

<Rogue> Rogue arched a very high eyebrow at Carol. "Viper? Really?!" No pheromones in the world would could keep her calm for that suggestion. She still missed her bike and car. Not to mention Rachel. "An' Ah ain't lettin' any kinda fancy alien anythin' be near me. Good ol' fashioned doctors'r just fine, thanks."

<Maria> "I can scan you from over here..." Maria mumbled, "It doesn't hurt... I already scanned not-mom a bunch of times..."

<Carol> Carol nodded, "Yeah - she fixed my powers for me... I told you about that... She's training to be a medic... or she was before she was here..."

<Rogue> "Ah said no."

<Jessica> "Would you agree to Heather?" Jess suggested, "I know you're not Harvey's biggest fan...."

<Bobby> "She's not going to do it now out of sheer stubbornness," he observed, crossing his arms. "This was a shit idea."

<Rogue> "Ya want me t' pee on a fuckin' stick so damn bad, Bobby?" She saw Maria out of the corner of her eye and winced at cursing in front of her. "Fine. Get me a danged stick." Her heart felt like it was slowly ripping in two. "Y' don't trust me just like Sam didn't trust me. Ah'll pee on th' stick, Ah'll help y' find ya kids, then y' don't hafta deal with me anymore."

<Rogue> She flew as far away from Bobby as she could and still be in the room before she sank to the floor and put her head on her knees. Shit idea indeed.

<Jessica> She was getting a headache from managing the emotions in the room but Jess was still doing it.

<Carol> "If you're serious about peeing on something, I can go out and get a bunch right now...." Carol offered.

<Bobby> "It's not about trust, babe." Bobby just watched her, hoping he hadn't fucked this up beyond repair. "If... it's at all a possibility, we should know sooner instead of later."

<Rogue> She lifted her head to look at him, letting him see how hurt she was. "It's not. But fine. Whatever." Rogue looked at Carol, "Go f'r it. He seems t' want me to so badly, why not?"

<Carol> "It's better to be sure one way or another..." Carol told her softly, going for the door, "I'll be back in a few..."

<Rogue> Rogue pushed up from the floor and didn't even look at Bobby as she passed him, heading for the kitchen to get some water. Hadn't they just gone through this?

<Bobby> Bobby closed his eyes and looked at Jess, and then Maria. "Sorry about all this, kiddo."

<Maria> Maria gave a shrug, "It's okay... lotsa people are weird about the alien thing... even my moms sometimes and they're half Kree and all Kree.... Mom thought I was crazy for going to Hala to ask for help with stuff and Mommy's not even allowed to go back there without special permission...."

<Bobby> He fled to Jessie's side of the room. "Thanks anyway," he said to the girl. "It's not the alien thing, hon. It's just... she's mad at me."

<Maria> "But... you're just worried about her..."

<Bobby> "Yeah, but she doesn't see it that way." He gave Maria a sad smile and flopped onto a chair by Jess.

<Rogue> Rogue stopped in the door to the living room. "Ain't mad. Hurt. Betrayed even. But ain't mad." She sat on the floor again and leaned her head on the wall, refusing to look at Bobby. "Thought you'd know th' difference by now."

<Maria> Maria looked round at Rogue's voice, "Why're you hurt? Maybe ganging up on you was a stupid plan... but it comes from a good place..."

<Rogue> Rogue laughed and she realized it felt as hollow as it sounded. "'Cause he should know me better'n that, sugah. An' that hurts."

<Jessica> "He was worried you'd bolt and refuse any help at all... that's why I'm here... he knows you well enough to know that running would be your first instinct..."

<Rogue> "Ah don't. Need. Help!"

<Maria> Maria flinched at the outburst, "How do you know if you don't check?" she asked quietly.

<Bobby> "I know why you're upset, but I thought it was worth the risk." He turned toward where Anna now sat at the door. She looked so miserable and he swallowed around a lump in his throat. "If you can't forgive me for this... I get it." He realized his own voice sounded a little disconnected.

<Rogue> Rogue felt ice shooting through all of the nerves in her body at his words and she squeezed her eyes shut tight. "Is it, though? Is it worth what we have?" She felt sick at the thought that he was willing to risk them just to try and prove her wrong.

<Bobby> He ran his hands through his hair, then pressed the heels of his hands into his eyes. They stung, and he swallowed again. "I dunno, babe. You gotta know this hurts on my end too."

<Maria> Maria frowned, "I don't get it..." she looked to the door, sensing that Carol was coming back.

<Rogue> Rogue gave Maria a watery smile, "Be grateful." She looked up and saw Bobby hunched over, then she swiped angrily at her eyes and stood, putting her back to him. "How? 'Cause Ah don't feel like Ah've done anythin' t' cause you pain. Have Ah?"

<Carol> Carol landed on the deck and let herself back into the cabin, pausing in the doorway to the living room when she found a Rogue.

<Rogue> Oh good. Carol was back. Rogue turned to her and held out her hand expectantly. She was ready for this to be over and to go back to the tank.

<Bobby> Bobby was not going to argue with her, not in front of so many people. He listened to Carol come back and sat up to watch them, rubbing his face before he let his hands fall to his knees.

<Carol> Carol put a bunch of boxes in Rogue's hand because she'd decided it would be a good idea to get a few brands just in case...

<Rogue> Rogue's eyes went wide at the plethora of them and brought her other hand up to catch the ones about to fall. Shit. She swallowed hard and looked over at Bobby before turning down the hall toward the bathroom. She never thought she would get to do this and now it wasn't a 'get to' it was a 'have to or else'. Rogue felt like she couldn't breathe and like the hallway was leading her to a gas chamber.

<Jessica> Jess decided to manage that anxiety before her own brain gave up for the day. She definitely didn't have the wherewithall to manage an anxiety attack.

<Bobby> Bobby reached for Jessie's hand. "Thanks, babe. I know this has to be hard on you." He swallowed. "I want to go be with her, but I don't think she wants me around right now."

<Jessica> Jess managed a small smile for Bobby and gave his hand a squeeze, "There's a joke about you watching people pee in there somewhere..."

<Rogue> Rogue dumped the boxes in the sink and stared at them for a long time. She only needed one, right? And why didn't Bobby come with her? This was his stupid idea in the first place. She had no idea what to do here...

<Carol> "If you want, I could check on her...?" Carol offered, "So far she's been the least mad at me... well and Maria but who can be mad at her?"

<Maria> Maria grinned, "I'm adorable!"

<Bobby> That made him laugh a little. "If you want to, Carol." He thought about it for a minute, then let go of Jess to stand up. "Nah, I'm a big boy, and she can't actually kill me. I'll just come back," he said with a shrug, starting down the hall.

<Rogue> She plucked the one that said it showed the results earliest in the cycle and ripped the box open to read the directions. Rogue made quick work of the actual process of taking the test, moved the rest of the boxes to wash her hands, then sunk down with her back against the door to wait the allotted two minutes. She didn't want to admit it, but she was terrified.

<Carol> Carol shrugged and went to make some tea for Jess because she was totally earning it.

<Bobby> Bobby stopped outside the door and took a deep breath. He knocked softly. "Hey, it's me."

<Rogue> Rogue jerked at the knock, not having expected it. She shifted to be against the wall, "It's open." She was surprised he had come and didn't bother to hide it, or her fear, in her voice.

<Bobby> He opened the door and came into the small room, closing the door behind him and sliding down it to sit on the floor. After a moment, he moved just a little closer and offered her his hand.

<Rogue> Rogue took a deep breath as she stared at his hand. Finally, she took it and shifted to be able to put her head on his shoulder. "Ah hate that y' did this t' me."

<Bobby> "I'm sorry." He turned his head to kiss the top of her head and sighed, tipping his head to rest his against hers.

<Rogue> "It said two minutes, but Ah don't have a timer... So Ah guess y' c'n look whenever y' feel like it. Ah already know what it's gonna say an' y'r th' one who wanted me t' do it anyhow."

<Bobby> Bobby pressed his lips together and restrained a sigh. "I-" He started, then stopped. Maybe it was best to not say anything at all until they knew. Then, she could tell him she'd told him so and he'd apologize and she'd either forgive him, or she wouldn't. If she didn't... His breath hitched and he covered it by reaching for the test stick.

<Rogue> Rogue sat up as he reached for the test stick, not even wanting to see the negative on the stick. She should be fine about this. Numb to it. But it still hurt anyway.

<Bobby> He closed his eyes, counted to thirty. By then, he figured a couple of very awkward minutes would have passed. When he opened his eyes and tilted the stick, he sucked in a shaky breath.

<Rogue> She felt her stomach clench at his breath, almost like someone had punched her and ripped it out all at the same time. "Ah've never been th' type t' say 'Ah told y' so,' Bobby... C'n we just go home now?" All she wanted to do was curl up under her blanket and cry.

<Bobby> "Anna..." He had to pause to clear his throat, moving closer to her and holding out the test in an unsteady hand. "It's positive."

<Rogue> "That's not funny," she barely heard herself, so she wasn't sure if he heard her or not. Rogue glanced at the stick and brought a hand up to her mouth as she sucked in a shaky breath of her own. "That's... Ah'm..." Now she really wanted to cry.

<Bobby> "Y-you're pregnant, Anna..." Bobby blinked back the moisture in his eyes and slid his arm around her shoulders. Holy fucking shit.

<Rogue> "Fuck..." She turned and wrapped her arms around him, needing the security she knew he had always been for her. Now what? And why now? Why not before? Why not Sam? Rogue squeezed her eyes tight at that thought. That wasn't fair to Bobby. Or to herself. But she would have loved to have been able to keep Sam with her somehow. Her eyes felt hot, but she refused to let the tears fall. "What do we do?"

<Bobby> He pulled her close and kissed the top of her head, breathing her in. "We'll figure it out." He'd been through this before, after all. "I love you, Anna." He was excited, and terrified, but mostly he was emotionally wrecked right now.

<Rogue> "Ah love you, too." She pulled back to look at him, "An' don't do that shit t' me again, damnit!"

<Bobby> "I don't want to, but maybe listen to me?" He met her eyes, wanting to kiss her.

<Rogue> "Maybe you should listen t' me?" Although, that didn't help her argument right now. Rogue took a deep breath, letting herself calm as she met his eyes, then she smiled, "Ah'm pregnant?"

<Bobby> The expected explosion didn't come and he owed Jess all the tea left in the apocalypse. "You are," he whispered, returning the smile.

<Rogue> "This is so not how Ah pictured this moment." She laughed shakily and the tears won out. "Bobby, we're gonna have a baby. Ah'm gonna be a mommy."

<Bobby> "You're gonna be a great mommy, Anna," he said, ramping his expression up to a grin and raising a hand to wipe her tears with his thumb.

<Rogue> Rogue crawled into his lap and smiled at him. "Ah love you. Ah'm sorry Ah'm addin' t' y'r brood."

<Bobby> "I'm not. I mean, the apocalypse puts a huge-ass kink into everything but I'm having a baby with my best friend and the woman I love." He gave her a soft kiss. "What could be better?"

<Rogue> That kiss made her feel better, so she kissed him again, letting her lips linger like she was using him to breathe. "Wanna go tell th' masses?"

<Bobby> He kept giving her small kisses and brushed their noses together. "Sounds good, babe."

<Rogue> This was going to be embarrassing... But she could do it. She had him. Rogue looked down and put a hand over her stomach. And it. "Wow... Who knew?"

<Bobby> Bobby refrained from telling her that he did and set his hand over hers. "Well, we have been busy..."

<Rogue> She smiled as his hand covered hers. This could be okay. Rogue looked up to meet his eyes. "Like rabbits." She gave him another soft kiss and stood, holding a hand down to him. "C'mon then. They prob'ly think Ah killed ya."

<Bobby> He took her hand and popped up. "I told them not to worry since it wouldn't take." Bobby gave her a grin and another kiss as he opened the door, picking up the pee stick because he was totally showing off the proof.

<Rogue> Rogue covered her eyes with her hand as he picked up the stick and she groaned. "Ah peed on that!"

<Bobby> "You sure did!" He cackled and took it with him.

<Rogue> Why did that make her smile? She should be mortified! Instead, she was laughing along with him. Dreams came true sometimes for people like her, which was pretty nice.

<Bobby> With one hand on hers and the other holding the stick, he announced himself. "I'm not dead, and we have news." Bobby stopped in the living room to see Jess flopped on the sofa with the other two in attendance. "You okay, babe?"

<Jessica> Jess merely groaned in response.

<Rogue> Rogue squeezed his hand, feeling like she was going to be sick.

<Rogue> "Y' sound how Ah feel, Jess..."

<Carol> "When you don't feel like you're gonna throw up on me I'll carry you upstairs..." Carol promised, patting her as she turned her attention to Bobby, "The news isn't that you're not dead?"

<Rogue> "Ah'd say that qualifies as 'nough news f'r tha day? Right? That's good, yeah?"

<Bobby> "Noooo, I had an 'and' in there. I'm not dead and we have news." He tilted his head to look at Jess. "Sorry..."

<Jessica> "Oh no, you peed on a stick. What did the stick say?" Jess wasn't letting her chicken out.

<Rogue> "Far as Ah know, they don't talk... So nothin'."

<Jessica> "I'm fine, I just have a migraine. Give the news so I know I'm not suffering for nothing."

<Bobby> "They do too talk." He waved the stick and held it up for Anna to be forced to acknowledge it.

<Rogue> "Gross," she grumbled at him. "Ah peed on that," she told him again. He was totally going to make her say it, wasn't he? She was going to vomit. "We're pregnant?"

<Jessica> Jess had to cover her ears at the sound Maria made on hearing this news.

<Maria> "EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! BABY!" She bounced across the room to huggle Rogue and Bobby, picking them both up.

<Carol> Carol laughed, "Congratulations!"

<Bobby> Bobby slid his arm around her and beamed. "See, that wasn't so hard!"

<Rogue> Rogue did not enjoy being picked up, but Maria was her not-not-kid, so she tolerated it. "Okay. That's... Thanks." She gave Bobby a wavering smile, "Speak f'r y'rself. You've always known y' could have kids."

<Jessica> "I'm happy for you," Jess smiled at them once Maria had set them down again.

<Bobby> Holy shit that kid was strong! Bobby wasn't sure how to feel about that one either, but he laughed it off. "Actually, I didn't... for a while there, buuuuut Hank was wrong. So, it happens."

<Rogue> "Yeah, but that was 'cause o'... Nevermind." She took a breath once she was back on her own feet. "Ain't important." Rogue looked at Carol, "Got a crib we c'n borrow?"

<Carol> "I can build you one?" Carol offered with a small shrug, "Or we can find a really expensive one somewhere..." Maybe Pietro knew where they could get a nice one... but she wasn't sure how to ask that without making him sad.

<Bobby> Bobby hated to be the party pooper but that was still months away. "Designer crib!"

<Rogue> "Um. Ah just meant somethin' safe f'r th' baby t' sleep in so it ain't rollin' 'round willy-nilly in th' tank... But we got a while."

<Carol> "You're planning to live in the tank with a baby?" Carol blinked at her. "That's crazy talk."

<Bobby> "Well, I'd hope by then we'd find a better spot." He chewed his lip, lost in thought.

<Rogue> "At least it's shelter? Ah mean, cain't exactly plan much past t'morrow with th' state o' th' world like it is, right?"

<Carol> "Sure you can. When you get Bobby's family together again you come back here and stay with us." Or to New Hampshire but she hadn't brought that up yet. "In the mean time, stay in touch."

<Rogue> "Are you crazy? There's not near 'nough room f'r that..." She glanced up at Bobby, worried about that now. Where would they all go?

<Carol> "We're working on that." Carol waved it off, maybe now was good, "I was thinking we could probably move up to Pietro's place if he was up for that...."

<Bobby> Bobby whistled. "I mean, he has room..."

<Carol> "And soon he'll have power - that's what my current project is."

<Rogue> "But it's freezin' up there..." Not to mention no privacy. She shuddered at the thought of Harvey coming in while she showered again.

<Bobby> Electricity was a powerful temptation.

<Carol> "It's freezing here too," Carol pointed out, "His house is okay though... it's weather proof and there'll be heat when we get the solar panels installed. It's a viable option... and the cold means no zombies."

<Rogue> "Yeah, don't know if y' noticed, but Ah don't go outside here."

<Carol> "Who needs outside when you have a massive mansion to run around in? If you wanna play in the snow just poke someone who doesn't get cold. You got a bunch to choose from." She reached into her pocket for the communication device Maria had made for her, "In the mean time..." she offered it out.

<Bobby> Bobby took the device. "Just like having a phone again." He frowned and passed it to Anna. "Maybe you better keep it then..."

<Rogue> Rogue laughed and took it. "Yeah, you don't get t' touch this. Like, ever. Except f'r emergencies. An' then only if y' can't get me t' do it f'r whatever reason."

<Carol> "It's a little bit Kree tech and a little bit cellphone... when Maria and Sebastian work out how to make them work without the alien stuff I'll drop by with a replacement and we can swap - I can't break that one."

<Bobby> "You can't, but I probably can. She gets to keep it!"

<Rogue> "He'll find a way. Ah promise. Even if it's not him directly. It'll break."

<Maria> "Please try not to break it..." Maria's nose wrinkled, in a fair imitation of her mom, "Kree tech is something I'm still learning how to fix...."

<Rogue> "He won't break it, sugah, 'cause Ah won't let 'im have it. Ever. Promise."

<Maria> "Okay... want me to show you how it works?"

<Rogue> "Sure thing, sugah. But... Ah think Ah need a nap first. Ah'm drained." Rogue squeezed Bobby's hand and looked up at him. "Ya wanna lie down with me f'r a bit?"

<Maria> "No problem! I'll be in my room building stuff." She smiled brightly before going back to checking her screen to make sure Jess was okay. She seemed to have dozed off.

<Bobby> "Sounds like a good plan. You need your rest and we've had a day." Also, he was right. Haha.

<Rogue> "Alright, sug. Ah'll find you or send someone t' getcha." She reached out and gave Maria's hand a squeeze, then Rogue turned back to Bobby. "Ah do not 'need mah rest'. Don't you start doin' that t' me already. Dang."

<Carol> Carol sighed and bent to lift Jess from the sofa, "Try and keep the noise down so she can sleep off the migraine you gave her," Carol muttered to Rogue and Bobby as she passed them on the way to the stairs.

<Bobby> "Okay, maybe I need the rest then. I had a near-death experience after all." He gave her a grin, then snorted at Carol.

<Rogue> "Alright y' big baby," she tugged him down the hall, "C'mon then."
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Re: What if...? Another Zombie Apocalypse!

Post by Svartfreja » Mon Nov 09, 2020 8:32 am

<Pietro> Pietro sat up and stretched, blinking his eyes to adjust them to normal vision after so long staring into a microscope. What time was it? Probably time for a break. He looked round at the others in the lab still working and wondered if he should say something... maybe not. The sudden noise might make someone break something.

<Pietro> He pushed his chair out and got to his feet, heading out into the corridor and picking up a flashlight so he didn't have to bother James. Once he was up into the main part of the house he tapped into his speed and gathered some firewood before lighting a few fires in the upper part of the house to warm it up and going in search of Monet.

<Monet> Monet heard the fires crackle to life and rose from her seat to go see what shenanigans the elemental children were getting up to now. She opened the door of the sitting room and stepped into the hallway, smirking at a blur moving around. "Bonjour, cher. Are you alright?"

<Pietro> He slid to a stop in the hall when he heard the voice and had to backtrack a bit to Monet, giving her a smile, "There you are."

<Monet> She smiled back, amused at his backtracking. "Oui. Here I am." Monet held out her hand to him, "You were looking for me then? What can I do for you today, mon amant?"

<Pietro> He took her hand, raising the back of it to his lips to kiss it, "Actually it was more what I can do for you... I was thinking you might be bored and I realised I can do something about that."

<Monet> Monet's smile softened as he kissed her hand. That gesture always made her a bit giddy, though she would never admit it. "Is that so? What is it that you intend to do, Pietro? Shall we retire to the bedroom for a while?"

<Pietro> "Well we could... but then I'd never get any work done..." he gave her hand a tug, "Come with me, I want to show you something."

<Monet> She rolled her eyes, but smirked, knowing he was right about that. "Alright. You have peaked my interest." Monet fell into step beside him, adjusting her hand to rest more comfortably in his. "Did you finish the solar panels, then?"

<Pietro> "Viper's still working on it but I think Carol is mostly done with installation so it's less noisy upstairs now... not that I need to tell you that." He started up the stairs with her and gave her hand a small squeeze. "I know James'll be relieved to go back to just monitoring the security feeds."

<Monet> "I am quite relieved that the installation is nearly over. It was difficult to find a place to get away from the ruckus created by it." Monet's head tilted in question, "Where are we going?"

<Pietro> "It won't be a surprise if I tell you," he replied with a small smile, leading her up to the next floor and then along a hallway.

<Monet> Monet arched an eyebrow, amused at this game, "I could just force your brain to slow down enough to find out..."

<Pietro> He pouted, "That's cheating...."

<Monet> That made her laugh and she squeezed his hand, "I have no desire to cheat. Nor to slow your mind because I know how much that pains you. Your secret is still safe."

<Pietro> "Woohoo!" Though it didn't really matter now as they'd reached the end of the hallway, "You don't have to wait much longer anyway..." he opened the set of double doors.

<Monet> Monet smirked at him then turned her attention to the room and her eyes lit up. "Mon Dieu..." She floated inside and did a small circle to try and take in everything. "C'est magnifique, Pietro." Slowly, she raised up to look at the seemingly endless cases of books on the second level. "Truly, this is remarkable. I have not seen any like it since Paris."

<Pietro> "I can't take all the credit... My father was something of a collector and this was his favourite house so he stored everything he valued here so that includes the library. I figured there has to be something in here you haven't already read... maybe." He closed the doors behind them once he was inside to keep the heat from the fires inside and looked up at her with a smile.

<Monet> "I can honestly say that I am in awe." She looked down at him, then floated down to be beside him on the ground. "I am certain I will find many things that will fill my time in here. Merci, Pietro."

<Pietro> "You don't have to thank me for this," he told her softly, "The way I see it, I'm doing the world a great service - we can't have your magnificent brain turning to mush."

<Monet> Monet reached up to touch his cheek, smiling softly, "You are too kind to me. And to my magnificent brain. Of course I must thank you." Her smile turned a little playful, "I was taught manners, after all."

<Pietro> He laughed, "Well then I suppose you should use them so you can make sure to remind everyone else what they are." He lifted his hand to hers on his cheek and turned his head to kiss her palm, "There is something else in here you might like to accompany your reading."

<Monet> So many simple gestures made her smile these days and Monet wasn't quite sure what to make of that. "So I am now to become Miss Manners," she asked him with a smirk. "Oh?" Monet let her gaze drift from his face and around the room, "Que?"

<Pietro> He shifted his hold on her hand to lead her to one of the reading areas and opened a hidden panel in the wall revealing some glassware and a selection of bottles.

<Monet> "Oh, Pietro," she smiled, "you certainly do know the way to my heart." Monet looked up at him, "Whatever will I do with you spoiling me like this? A girl could get used to such attentions, you know."

<Pietro> "You're a guest in my home, it's the least I can do to make your stay bearable," he gave her another smile.

<Monet> "Darling, I think this is more than 'bearable.' This is more on the level of 'comfortable.' Almost as if you're trying to get me to stay longer than I had planned," she gave him a coy smile. "Is that the case, Mr. Maximoff?"

<Pietro> "I'm sure I couldn't make you do anything you didn't want to already," he replied, his face the picture of innocence.

<Monet> Monet smirked, "Non, of course not. But it doesn't hurt to be bribed, you know."

<Pietro> "And how are my bribing skills?"

<Monet> "They aren't bad," she murmured, watching her fingers as they ran over his shoulder. "They could use a bit more flattery to sweeten them, though."

<Pietro> "So if I said I'd like you to stay for longer than you had planned... that would help?" He stepped a little closer to her, tilting his head to catch her gaze.

<Monet> "I have always liked it when a man is direct in what he desires from me, oui." Monet lifted her eyes to his, "What is it that you want, Pietro Maximoff?"

<Pietro> He swallowed, dropping his gaze briefly to take her hand, "I want you to stay here with me... I'm not expecting exclusivity or anything... I know you don't want that... but if you can stand to be here and you're not bored... stay?"

<Monet> Monet tried very hard to make her smile soft, but he was incredibly adorable at the moment, which made it a challenge to keep the amusement from her face. "Darling, I would be honored to stay here with you. And if you did want exclusivity, I would not be surprised. You do recall how I became exclusive with Jason, oui? With him catching us in bed together? So, as it happens, stranger things have occurred."

<Pietro> "I'm not going to pretend for a moment that I'm remotely comparable to Jason, let alone in your eyes."

<Monet> Monet broke eye contact and looked down. "Non. Jason was incredibly special to me." She took a breath and looked up again, "But that does not mean that you are not special as well. Making you feel less than that was not my intention for bringing him up. Forgive me."

<Pietro> He shook his head, "You didn't... I'm just saying... I'm not making any assumptions about what this is between us..." He gave her hand a small squeeze before he released it in case she wanted to move away. Talking about Jason for her was probably as painful as talking about Illyana was for him.

<Monet> She caught his hand again and brought the other up to touch his face, "And neither am I. But I do want you to realize that all you need to do with me is tell me what you want and you might very well get it." Monet gave him a soft smile, squeezed his hand, and let go to turn to the hidden array of alcohol. She pulled down two glasses and chose one of the bourbons, pouring a good measure for both of them.

<Pietro> "What about what you want? You never ask..." he accepted the glass from her and inhaled the scent of the liquid inside. Ah he'd missed the good stuff.

<Monet> "I do not, you are right." Monet waved her own glass under her nose, eyes closing in ecstasy at the aroma. She took a small sip then opened her eyes to meet his. "I do not ask because I generally either take what I want or buy it. The only exception would be men. I am a strong woman, as you well know, but..."

<Monet> Monet lowered her eyes to her glass, "Since I was sixteen, I generally do not do well when men do not want me around, so I do not ask anything of them."

<Pietro> "Well, since we've already established that I want you around, you have nothing to lose...." he raised his free hand to her chin to gently lift her head and get her to look at him again, "So ask away."

<Monet> "I believe you have found the one thing that I do poorly, Pietro." She swallowed hard, but forced herself to meet his eyes, staring for a long moment as she tried to fight her instinct to not say anything. Not speaking was what kept her safe from Marius for the most part. Why not others as well. "I want for you to want only me. I want to be the only woman who your thoughts drift to and who makes your eyes wander from your work."

<Pietro> He gave her a soft smile, shifting his hand to caress her cheek with the backs of his fingers, "Have I shown any inclination to look elsewhere?"

<Monet> "There are not many women around these days, so non not yet."

<Pietro> "Why would I look anywhere else when you're right here?"

<Monet> Monet searched his face, trying to find some sign that he was just saying what she wanted to hear, but couldn't find anything. A hesitant smile tugged on the corner of her mouth, willing her to be happy with his words. She set her glass down on the bar and slid her arms around his neck. "I believe you actually mean that."

<Pietro> "Because you know I don't say anything I don't mean..." he set his own glass down to put his arms around her waist and draw her close.

<Monet> "And you know that neither do I." She lifted to hover just enough to where she wouldn't have to crane her neck to meet his gaze. "I also never do anything that I do not want to do. And I do want to stay."

<Pietro> He smiled, leaning close to kiss her deeply. It was probably futile that he hoped she hadn't noticed his eyes well up before he closed them.

<Monet> Monet couldn't help the soft sob as his lips met hers and she held him tight, enjoying the rawness of the moment as much as she was able, kissing him back with emotion instead of pure lust for the very first time.
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Re: What if...? Another Zombie Apocalypse!

Post by Svartfreja » Mon Nov 09, 2020 8:32 am

Sleeping in a real bed had been easy the first few nights in the house - her healing had left her physically exhausted and her mind was tired from working in the lab. But now that her healing was finished she found that she was having trouble sleeping. What little sleep she did get was full of nightmares again and she found herself in the lab at all hours.

Tonight was looking like it was going to be another one of those nights... but at least she didn't have to disturb James to light the way to the kitchen now that the solar panels were installed and working. She got out of bed and got dressed, not bothering to fix her hair beyond finger-combing it a little on her way to the door. Coffee. She needed it.

Once she was in the kitchen she opened the cupboard with the coffee only to find the packet was nearly empty. Unacceptable! Also... wow they went through a lot of coffee. She shouldn't be as surprised by this revelation as she was. With a small grumble, she started opening other cupboards to find where the rest of the coffee supply was hidden.

She finally found the hidden coffee, sharing its home with some tea. The particular brand seemed to be following her and she reached into the cupboard to take out the packet, inhaling the scent of the leaves within. She closed her eyes at the memories the tea evoked and sighed, setting the packet back where she'd found it and picking up the coffee.

"Do I need to sign you up to tea-sniffer's anonymous with Heather?"

The voice from the intercom startled her and made her drop the coffee. Fortunately not yet open. "How long have you been watching?!" She glared at the device on the wall.

"I'm always watching." James turned up the creep factor.

"Well then, at least you could make yourself useful and keep me company." She crouched to pick up the coffee and went to add it to the machine.

"What do you think I'm doing?"

"I meant outside of the wall... in person." She rolled her eyes, taking down two mugs, "I'm assuming you drink coffee?"

"I don't need it but I can drink it..." James extracted himself from the electrics but left a portion of his attention in the security system so he wasn't completely slacking off. He sat down at the table in the kitchen and realised he missed the days when there were cookies or cake just sitting there for whenever someone wanted a snack.

Viper joined him at the table while they waited for the coffee to brew and sat in silence staring at the wooden surface, unsure what to talk about.

"So... can't sleep...?" James asked, unable to take the silence for very long himself. It felt weird to be out of the electrics and he fidgeted.

Viper shook her head, "It's not a new problem... Usually I just work..."

"You're going to the lab after this?" James wrinkled his nose, "I wouldn't."

"Why not?" She raised an eyebrow at him.

"Because, right now Heather and Harvey are in there doing the thing where they pretend they don't like each other when they and everyone else knows that's bullshit."

"Ah... yes, that sounds annoying..." she frowned, "What would you suggest instead?"

"We go to the other basement that's more fun and drink something that's not coffee."

"You don't think it's fun in the lab? ... Current situation notwithstanding."

"Eh... I was more of a build it lab kind of person. Can't do that with a microscope. But you like building things so if I can help there, let me know."

"I've... had a few ideas, actually... perhaps we can talk about it while we investigate this other basement of yours." She pushed her chair out and got to her feet.

"Instead of coffee?"

"It'll still be here later," she shrugged a shoulder.

James decided he was okay with this and got to his feet, pushing both chairs back under the table before leading the way out of the kitchen via a different door and down the stairs beyond.

Viper stopped beside James at the bottom of the stairs and blinked when the lights came on, waiting for her eyes to adjust. When they did, she could hardly believe what they saw. The wine cellar was enormous.

The silence was enough to tell him he'd probably done a good thing and he grinned, "I'll just let you take it in. I'll be right back with some essential supplies." He headed back up the stairs.

Viper remembered she had feet and started walking the aisles. There was quite the selection... Oh hello. She found a vintage she was particularly fond of and extracted a bottle, dusting it off.

"Find something you like?" James asked as he returned with two glasses and a corkscrew.

"I think so..." she turned back to him with a smile, holding up the bottle. "And I think I'm going to like you."
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Re: What if...? Another Zombie Apocalypse!

Post by Esynthia » Fri Nov 20, 2020 2:34 am

Rogue: Rogue sat cross-legged on the roof of the tank, staring at the stick in her hand. It was the third one she'd taken. All of them had been different brands. All of them had the same result. Positive. Part of her was over the moon with pure joy, but the majority of her was absolutely terrified. What would they do with another baby? With a preganancy? Not to mention, would she be able to even touch her child? Their child?

Bobby: Bobby took care of the last of their little curious visitors (fucking zombies), and started back to the tank, noticing Anna immediately. Oh no, she looked worried. It was time for the hourly swinging of the moods.

Rogue: Rogue flopped back to lie on the roof, staring at the darkening sky. Slowly, she brought the stick into her line of sight and narrowed her eyes. Maybe she had read them wrong? Her other hand groped around beside her and brought another of the used tests up beside the first, eyes flitting between the two.

Rogue: No real way to read it wrong when the test spelled it out with an actual word, though. 'Positive' the little window said. But the little window didn't know her or her powers. This shouldn't be possible.

Bobby: Anna fell out of view and he had a moment of panic, then realized she wasn't being pulled down to her death by corpses. She was just being dramatic. He picked up his pace a bit to get to her, then second thought it. Maybe the murdery mood had kicked in?

Rogue: She frowned in thought and set the two used sticks on the roof beside her then sat up to grab the bag that held more unused ones. Which one next? And would she even have time before Bobby got back? Rogue pulled the sack into her lap to dig through but looked up to check her surroundings before burying herself nose-deep in the multiple boxes. And there was Bobby, so the answer to one of her questions was 'nope.'

Rogue: Rogue scooped up the used sticks and stuffed them in the bag, hoping he wouldn't quite know what she was doing. She should be excited, right? He would want her to be excited. Not feeling like there had to be a mistake in the tests.

Bobby: He could hear her shuffling things around now and debated the options. Carol had brought back a fuck ton of tests and they'd brought them all back with them for some reason, so he wouldn't be shocked if she'd decided to take them all. Lorna definitely had.

Rogue: Rogue dropped the bag into the tank through the open sunroof, wincing when she heard some of them fall out onto the floorboard. A hand went to her abdomen as she watched Bobby approach. Did he really want a fifth kid? Or was he just pretending to be happy to make her feel less awful? This whole ordeal had thrown everything she ever thought she knew out the window.

Bobby: He heard a little of that, too. Yup. Must have been the tests. By now he was close, so he gave her a bright grin and grabbed the top of the utility rack to pull himself up and thump onto the roof beside her. "Hey, babe!"

Rogue: "Hey yaself," she gave him a small grin and leaned in to give him a kiss. "Did y' get all o' our unwanted guests?" Rogue should know if his demeanor was forced or not. She should know him almost better than she knew herself. And yet, she still had no clue.

Bobby: "Ayup, all gone." Bobby cupped her jaw and lingered, stealing another kiss. She was twitchy. Usually, he knew how to fix that, but who knew now. "The area seems pretty clear for now if we wanna spend the night and move on in the morning."

Rogue: Her heart felt a bit lighter when he kissed her a second time. Maybe it would all be okay, after all. "Ah think that might be good. Might give us some time... We ain't really talked 'bout things." Rogue chewed her lip and didn't want to meet his eyes, not wanting to risk seeing any kind of disappointment in them.

Bobby: "Yeah, everything has been kind of a blur today," he said, chuckling a little and sliding closer to pull her into his lap. "You okay?"

Rogue: Rogue settled into his lap and leaned against his chest. "Ah'm fine, Ah think." Her nose wrinkled and her mouth screwed itself crooked as she finally looked in his eyes. "Are you?"

Bobby: Bobby grinned. "You're fine? Come on, babe, we gonna play that game" He shook his head and gave her another fast kiss. "I'm good." Being right tended to put him in a good mood, after all. Plus... Bobby slid his hand to her flat stomach and his smile softened. "Really good."

Rogue: "Ah figured sayin' that was better'n sayin' Ah didn't know." Her own features softened and she looked down at his hand, bringing hers up to cover his. "Y're just good 'cause y' were able t' get th' gal who cain't get pregnant, pregnant..."

Bobby: "It does seem to be my idiot savant skill, doesn't it?" He grinned again, but leaned his cheek against her forehead. The nice thing about the cabin visit was at least they were clean and he'd had a chance to shave.

Rogue: And that brought her rapidly to one of her main worries. "Y' sure y' want a fifth? Like.... Beyond a shadow of a doubt sure?"

Bobby: He sighed. "Babe, I'm not gonna say this is an ideal situation, since, y'know, apocalypse. But, the idea of having a baby with you? Absolutely, Anna." It was always possible he didn't have any other surviving children, too, but he wasn't going to think about that.

Rogue: "Yeah? It won't drive y' nuts t' have five kids from three dif'rent - very dif'rent moms?" Rogue pulled her head back so she could look at him. She was scared, but she would be okay in whatever he decided. "Ah c'n go away an' raise it if y' want."

Bobby: Considering two of them were dead? "Um, no?" Bobby met her eyes again, but blinked at her offer. "No!" He tightened his hold on her and tried to lower his voice. "Babe, please... no. I don't want that."

Rogue: She shifted in his lap to put her hand on his face, "Bobby, Ah don't want it either. Ah was just offerin'." It did ease a bit of her fears, though, and she gave him another smile for it. "Ah love you an' Ah wanna stay with ya, but Ah'd go if y' couldn't handle it."

Bobby: "I can handle it, Anna. We'll just have to be careful... zombies and all. And if we give up on driving the tank to the farm and just go check it out we might be able to get settled faster."

Rogue: "Well, th' zombies'r another worry entirely, sugah." Rogue kissed him softly and decided to wait on the rest of her fears for the moment. "Y' right. We should do that. If y' wanted to, we could go t'night even. Ah think gettin' them settled is more important than restin' right now." Her thoughts were circling like water down a drain and she wanted something good to focus on besides her fear of the baby.

Bobby: "I think it can wait another day." He sighed. "Maybe it's selfish, but I kind of just want it to be us tonight. We can just enjoy a little bit of peace." Hopefully.

Rogue: Rogue let out a sardonic laugh about that. "Peace? What th' heck is peace? Ah don't even remember anymore." She brought her hand back to her stomach and looked down at it. "Th' last child Ah touched was Cody. But we were both kids then. An' Ah still put him in a coma he never woke up from. What if Ah cain't touch our baby?" She shook her head and looked up at him, "That's not peace. Ah don't have any kind o' peace right now."

Bobby: "Babe, what if you can? You don't know. I can touch you, obviously." Bobby illustrated this with a kiss to her forehead. "Who's to say that it wouldn't extend to junior? He or she is half of me, right? And it'd just... logic would follow that your own child could be immune to your powers."

Rogue: Rogue gave him a flat look, "Y' really think Ripley'd be immune if y' covered her in ice?"

Bobby: "Well that's different, babe," he said, annoyed she was unaffected by his argument yet completely unsurprised. "If I covered her in ice? That's outside of me. But she's immune to cold, like me. We've never pushed it, but... fridge magnet."

Rogue: She felt his annoyance and shifted uncomfortably in his lap. "Y're not immune t' me, Bobby. Y' just don't pass out... Most times. But when y' do, y' really do. Ah'm scared, okay? Ah'm just..." Rogue sighed and shook her head. "Y' just don't get it."

Bobby: "I get that you're scared, and I know that this stuff is unpredictible, but my entire point is that we don't know. But, we have Pietro, and his people, and we're not in this alone."

Rogue: "Really? 'Cause Ah feel like Ah'm stranded on an island. Always have where mah powers're concerned. No one understands 'em. Nobody. Not even Hank, who was th' smartest man Ah ever knew." Rogue propped her elbows on her lap and buried her face in her hands, trying to figure out how to tell him the other thing. "Ah don't know how t' be pregnant. Ah don't even know what's gonna happen..." She felt useless. She was a woman, so she should know what to expect.

Bobby: He slid his arms back around her. "Babe, I don't know how to be pregnant either, but nature kinda predicts what will happen. We're just gonna have to figure things out as we go with your powers."

Rogue: That made a tiny laugh bubble up inside of her and she leaned against him as her shoulder shook. "Ah'd hope y' don't know how t' be pregnant. That'd be a whole dif'rent level t' y'r mutant abilities."

Bobby: "Yeah, one that I do not want." Bobby grinned, happy he'd distracted her for the moment. "I'd have questions for you, too, if you knocked me up."

Rogue: "Ah'd have so many questions f'r th' both of us," she grinned back. Rogue shifted in his lap so that she could wrap her legs around his waist and her arms around his neck. "Speakin' o' questions... Ah'm sorry Ah got mad 'bout yours."

Bobby: "Here's to no surprise mpreg." He laughed, his hands resting on her hips and giving them a squeeze. "It's okay, Anna. I knew no matter which way I pushed it wasn't gonna go well, but I'm just glad it's all worked out in the end." Bobby smirked and gave her a quick kiss. "Buuuuuut, maaaaaaybe, just maybe, next time, we can... not come so close to the drama edge?"

Rogue: Rogue's eyes narrowed as she considered his request then it tilted slightly to the side, "Y' think there's gonna be a next time?"

Bobby: "Well I don't mean a next pregnancy..." The corner of his mouth quirked up. "Although, you never know..."

Rogue: She just rolled her eyes at that, "Uh huh. Y're super fertile." Rogue chewed her lip and looked down at her stomach. "Bobby? Do y' think..." She took a breath, risked a quick glance up at him, then looked back down again. "Do y' think Ah'll be a good mama?"

Bobby: "Yes, Anna, I do." He moved his hand, turning it to cover her belly. "You're a good person, you love people with everything you've got."

Rogue: "But Ah've also got a temper an' Ah ain't one f'r stayin' put." She frowned, "Sam an' Ah had so many fights 'bout that. He wanted t' have secure roots. Ah've never felt comfortable lettin' moss grow. That makes f'r not th' best parent..."

Bobby: "Babe, it's the end of the world, so staying put may not work anyway. I think we're just gonna have to go with the flow."

Rogue: Rogue made a face, "Do y' regret y'r non-proposal at all? 'Cause Ah'm thinkin' y're stuck with me now."

Bobby: "Um, no." He tipped his head until she met his eyes. "I'm never gonna regret that, Anna. I love you. We've been orbiting each other for years, babe, I'm happy we finally stuck."

Rogue: "Yeah?" She ran her hands through his hair and smiled at him. "Good. Ah love y', too. Even when y' make me so mad Ah could snap y' in half." Rogue leaned in and kissed him softly. "So, since Ah ain't never been pregnant an' y've at least gone through watchin' a few pregnancies... What do we do now?"

Bobby: "Please don't snap me in half. It's not fun." Bobby wrinkled up his nose, then happily accepted the kiss. "Well, we don't do anything, really. The baby does all the growing work all on its own."

Rogue: "But... Ah thought Ah had t' like take vitamins'r somethin'? Ah mean, not like those're easy t' come by, but figured you might know what was in 'em so we could at least try t' supplement mah diet. An' then there's th' whole thing 'bout what th' hell am Ah gonna do f'r clothes?!"

Bobby: "We might be able to find the vitamins, but not everyone takes them. They made Paige barf. Clothes we won't have to worry about immediately." He hand slid beneath her shirt to the skin of her belly and he started to work his fingers beneath the waistband of her pants.

Rogue: It was Rogue's turn to wrinkle her nose. She did enough barfing as it was. The wrinkle straightened out, bringing a grin back to her face as his hand moved along her skin. "Ah'd be lost without you, y' know." He always did have a weird calming effect on her. "Think Ripley'll be okay havin' another baby brother'r sister...From her Auntie Rogue?" That made her nose wrinkle all over again. Weird.

Bobby: "I think Rip is like us... she's seen enough weird shit in her life to not judge, and she already loves you, so of course she will." Bobby flattened his palm on her stomach. "Good thing I'm hard to kill then, right?" He gave her a wink.

Rogue: "Just so long as she doesn't think it's real incest. 'Cause that'd teach her all kinds o' stuff we don't want her t' learn yet." She smiled and put her hand over his. "Danged near impossible. Thank God f'r y'r powers." Rogue brushed her thumb over the back of his hand. "Ah'm still scared, Bobby. But, Ah think, so long as y' stay patient with me Ah'll be okay." She looked down at their hands, "We'll be okay," she corrected.

Bobby: "I know you're from the south, but I'm not," he laughed, shaking his head. "She knows we aren't really related, Dollface." He smiled and moved just enough to give her a soft kiss. "We'll all be okay. We just have to stick together."

Rogue: Rogue gave him a mock frown and thumped the back of his hand. "That ain't how all Southerners do. Or even most f'r that matter!" She gave him another kiss, lingering a moment longer than he had before she pulled back. "So, Ah'm thinkin' if it's a boy, we name it Remy." Rogue was quite proud of the straight face she was able to keep.

Bobby: Bobby's head jerked back fast enough to give himself whiplash. "Like hell we will!" He narrowed his eyes at her poker face.

Rogue: His reaction was enough to break her down and she cackled. "That'll teach y' t' say Southerners practice incest."

Bobby: "You are evil," he snorted, shaking his head and moving his hand to her side to graze his short nails over her skin.

Rogue: "Now, sugah, if Ah were evil, Ah'd say we should name 'im Nathaniel." She felt the goosebumps rise under his nails and she shuddered with a grin. "But Ah ain't evil. So Ah also won't suggest Bill either."

Bobby: Bobby's expression ran the gamut of disgust at these suggestions. "You're just a little evil," he offered, tickling her more aggressively.

Rogue: That pulled a squeak from her and she squirmed against him with a giggle, "But Ah could also suggest Rachel'r Elizabeth! Those're sweet ones, right?"

Bobby: Bobby smiled slightly at those. "They are." He smoothed his hand over her side again and around to her back, pulling her against him. "Maybe we can talk about names later, too. Go inside? Celebrate our good luck?"

Rogue: It made her smile that he was still happy about all of this. "Ah like that y're callin' it good luck." Rogue kissed him softly and brushed his hair back. "Yeah, Ah think names c'n wait an' Ah c'n focus on bein' not so evil f'r a while. Ah c'n just focus on lovin' you instead."

Bobby: "Now I like the sound of that. Of course it's good luck, Anna." He gave her a firmer kiss and pulled her closer, sliding over to the hatch.

Rogue: "That remains t' be seen. It's a combination of us." She nipped at his lip and held him tighter, helping him get to the hatch a little faster with her flight propelling them.

Bobby: "And we are one hell of a combo." He laughed at the flight to the hatch and helped them get inside without any incident, landing on his feet.

Rogue: "We pack a mean one, two punch," she grinned as she floated herself to her own feet. "This baby's gonna be a real ass kicker if we ain't careful."

Bobby: "Well that's a good thing to be." He let go of her to pick up her bag full of tests. "Gonna take them all?"

Rogue: Rogue felt her face flush and she looked away, "It's just hard t' believe is all..." She looked back at him with just her eyes, "Y' upset with me?"

Bobby: "Why would I be upset? That's a totally normal reaction, babe." He picked up the spilled tests and stuffed everything into the bag to toss it into a seat.

Rogue: "It is?" There was another thing she'd had no clue about. "Ah thought y' might be upset 'cause y' might think mah denial'd mean Ah don't want our baby."

Bobby: "It is," he assured her, turning back around and reaching for her. "Dee took... all the tests. It's a shock, especially when you aren't trying for it. I get it, Anna. Nothing to worry about."

Rogue: That made her feel so much better and she stepped into his embrace practically sagging with relief. "Good. Ah was real worried 'bout that. Though, Ah guess Ah've been worried 'bout just 'bout everythin' really..."

Bobby: "Yeah," he chuckled, pulling her tight against him and moving them to another seat. He parked himself and brought her down with him. "That's pretty normal too, though."

Rogue: "Normal f'r me, yeah. Ah always worry 'bout everythin' anyhow." Rogue looked at him for a long, quiet moment, just enjoying his gaze on her face. She smiled softly and cupped his cheek, thumb brushing over his skin. "We made a miracle happen, Bobby," she whispered, feeling her emotions start to get caught in her throat.

Bobby: "Normal in general, for pregnant." He frowned, thinking about this. "Imma blame my worry streak on the inner Jewish mom voice." The frown faded at her tone. "We did, Anna," he said, bringing his hand up to brush over her cheek and smooth back her hair.

Rogue: Rogue leaned into his hand and closed her eyes to just breathe and try to get her emotions under control so she wouldn't cry. "Ya mom woulda been so happy 'bout this. Ah loved her so much, y' know?"

Bobby: "She loved you, too, babe." He took in her face, tracing her features with his eyes.

Rogue: That made her smile grow a little and she opened her eyes to let him see how happy that made her to hear. "Do y' think everybody's happy f'r us? Th' people we've lost, Ah mean. Ah hope they are..."

Bobby: "I'm sure they are, babe, zombie apocalypse notwithstanding." He grinned and jiggled her on his knee.

Rogue: Rogue giggled and shifted on his lap to press her chest against his. "Don't make these bounce too much. Apparently they're supposed t' hurt at some point? Ah remember Teej complainin' 'bout that."

Bobby: "Yeah, probably. It happens, but not to everyone, from what I gathered." He smirked. "Soooo, we should take advantage of the time we've got when they don't, right?"

Rogue: "Well seein' as how nothin' hurts me, they'll likely be fine. But Ah'm nervous 'bout that too. 'Bout how mah body'll react dif'rent than others." She grinned back and nipped at his lip. "Ah think Ah'll take advantage of any time Ah get with you when we're alone. 'Specially if we're gonna add four kids t' th' mix t'morrow."

Bobby: "Well, in that case, we better get started." Bobby pursued her after the nip, gathering her up and sliding off the seat to lightly plop her onto their makeshift bed.

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Re: What if...? Another Zombie Apocalypse!

Post by Slarti » Fri Dec 11, 2020 7:05 am

Rogue: Rogue was so glad she'd had Bobby drive because she could not tear her eyes away from the hilarity and horror that was strewn around the streets of Memphis. There were ripped banners hanging loosely from almost every building, some of them in near ribbons with how torn they were. From the weather or from the masses of zombies, who knew?

Rogue: She could tell they were nearing Graceland because there were deflated balloons littering the ground along with a few corpses that were very evidently wearing tourist memorabilia from the gift shop across the street. "Bobby," she spoke in a hushed whisper, not wanting to ruin the moment with sound, "Ah think there was some sort o' impersonator convention happenin' when everythin' went t' pot..."

Bobby: "...y'think?" Bobby was fascinated by the scene around them. "Wooooow..." The tank was rolling along slowly as he weaved through the crashed cars, corpses, junk, and the rare zombie. He took his foot off the gas entirely when a young elvis missing an arm lurched into their path.

Rogue: Rogue's eyebrows went up at the young Elvis. "Ah think it's safe t' say Elvis is definitely dead."

Bobby: "Nope. Elvis is undead, babe." Bobby laughed, shaking his head as the zombie tripped over another corpse in the road and faceplanted.

Rogue: Rogue laughed and rolled her eyes, "Yeah, yeah, yeah. He ain't alive." She sat up a little higher in her seat to see if the zombie would get back up or give up on life, but then they were past him before he had fully gotten back to his feet.

Rogue: "So, Ah know we thought Graceland'd be a safe place t' stash th' tank an' come back to with th' kids 'til everybody gets sorted, but do y' really think it will be with all this havin' happened?"

Bobby: The King was shambling after them, and he saw movement further back as more of the creatures of the mid-afternoon started crawling out of the busted storefronts. "I dunno. I guess we'll just have to see what it's like by the museum?"

Rogue: "With any luck, th' gates an' fences are still up so they c'n keep 'em at bay if nothin' else." She pointed to his left down the road a fair bit, "There! That's th' edge o' th' fencin'!" Rogue beamed at Bobby, "Y' ever seen th' home o' a king, sugah?"

Bobby: "Uh, no," he laughed. "No kings, and especially not this king, 'cause he's uncomfortably close to country music and I don't do country music, babe." He leaned to look in that direction.

Rogue: "Elvis is th' King o' Rock an' Roll, Bugsy! How c'n y' not like him? Ya even got married by Elvis th' first time, just in case y' forgot."

Bobby: "No, we got married by a fake Elvis, because it was funny, not because I liked Elvis." Bobby looked back to Anna and poked out his tongue.

Rogue: She stuck her tongue out right back. "It was funny, but Elvis is awesome. His songs'r classics! Ah'm so shocked y' don't like him. Ah ain't sure we c'n be t'gether anymore..."

Bobby: "Well I don't hate him, and yeah I get that he's... the king," he laughed. "Just not my favorite." Bobby turned on his sad blue puppy eyes. "Are you suuuure about that?"

Rogue: Rogue's face screwed up and she tried hard to ignore the puppy eyes, but it really wasn't possible and he knew it. "Dang it! Those always work on me when it's yours." Her eyes went a little wide in terror, "Ah hope our kid doesn't get that trick! Ah won't be able t' tell it no!"

Bobby: "Bwahahaa! Damn, you're onto my diabolical secret, babe! How else do you think I ended up with so many kids? Irresistable." He snickered to himself as he started for the fancy looking fencing walling off the leisure suit king's abode.

Rogue: "Y' better only use that power on me then or Ah'm really outta here. 'Cause that's just wrong. Powers like that should only be used f'r good." Rogue's grin grew as she saw the gate was still intact. "It's so beautiful! Ah've never gotten t' go inside. Just seen it fr'm out here. Ah'm kinda excited..."

Bobby: "Only you, Anna Banana." He batted his eyes at her with a shit-eating grin, then turned his attention to the big white mansion. "It is pretty awesome," he admitted. "Looks... quiet?"

Rogue: Rogue gave him a mock glare, "Better be." She unbuckled and pulled her legs up to sit on her knees as if that would get her closer, quicker. "Ah'm sure th' gate's electric, but Ah c'n do a manual override since electricity ain't really a thing outside o' th' Danvers' cabin."

Bobby: "And Pietro's house." He checked the rear but their stragglers were still straggling several blocks away. "Okay, just be careful, babe." Bobby brought the tank to a halt by the gate.

Rogue: "Ah'm pretty sure usin' an element type bein' don't really count." She leaned over the large console and pressed a quick kiss to his cheek before she opened the sunroof and flew out. Rogue flew over the gate and scanned the immediate area, then went to work slowly pulling the gate open. It wouldn't do them any good if she broke it.

Bobby: Bobby pouted behind the wheel. "I don't count."

Rogue: She looked up to make sure he was good to drive through since the gate was almost open and gave him a quizzical look at the pout, but since it was cute, she laughed once her confusion had been conveyed. And then the gate was open and ready for him to pull through. She put the quizzical expression back in place when he drove past.

Bobby: He turned the vehicle around so they could make a quick escape if necessary and hopped out to help her close the gate. Or, probably more realistically, to hover while she did it. So, Bobby turned to look at the house, eyes narrowed as he searched for any temperature fluctuations.

Rogue: Rogue smiled when he came up to 'help' and turned around once she had it closed, brushing her hands off on her thighs. "So, what was th' pout for? 'Cause Ah kissed y' cheek instead o' y'r lips?" She moved to stand in front of him, looping her arms around his neck, "'Cause Ah c'n totally make up f'r it."

Bobby: He'd pouted? For a split second, Bobby was lost, then he remembered and put it back on. "You insulted my elemental brethren." His hands went to her hips and he turned on the sad eyes again.

Rogue: "Oh no. Not those again..." She melted into him and lifted on her toes to press her lips to his. "Ah didn't mean it. Ah just meant that James shouldn't count as electricity. He just... Is? Electricity?" Foot-in-mouth really was an STD.

Bobby: "Soooo, I'm just water?" Bobby sniffled, then smirked. "Like Harvey!"

Rogue: Rogue gave him the most horrified look she could manage. "NO. Nothin' like Harvey." She shuddered in his grasp. "Harvey's... Ugh."

Bobby: Bobby laughed. "Harvey's my bro, babe! My brother from another mother!"

Rogue: "Harvey busted in on us while Ah was naked, Bobby..."

Bobby: "Yeah, he did that to me, too, and now he knows not to ever do it to you again." He shrugged. "He's a good guy. Just... weird."

Rogue: "He seemed way too excited t' stick 'round when Ah kept tryin' t' get 'im t' leave." She arched an eyebrow at him. "He's more'n just weird. He's perverted."

Bobby: "Maaaaaybe, yeah, probably." He snerked. "Anyway, I was just joking, babe." Bobby leaned in and gave her a quick kiss.

Rogue: Rogue grinned and stole another kiss. "Good." One more kiss for the road and then she stepped back to look at the mansion and the grounds. "...Wow."

Bobby: "Wow covers it," he agreed, keeping her hand. "Should we take the grand tour? See if there are any lurking Elvii? Or, like, tourists." He turned to her with an excited face. "Dibs on any good Hawaiian shirts!"

Rogue: That made her laugh and she gave his hand a squeeze. "Ah promise t' hold down any zombie tourists so y' c'n steal their shirts."

Bobby: "Awesome! I knew I loved ya for a reason, Anna Banana." Bobby checked outside the fence and spotted their buddies catching up. "Maybe we should head for cover?"

Rogue: "Glad t' know y' just love me f'r mah strength." She followed his gaze and nodded. "Let's go see if we c'n find th' king anywhere." Rogue started jogging towards the house, tugging him behind her. "An' maybe a bed somewhere else?"

Bobby: "Noooo, for being my accomplice to rob the dead!" Bobby laughed and chased after her. "A bed fit for a king?"

Rogue: "A bed fit f'r a king an' a queen. Ah ain't lettin' y' be in that bed alone, y' know." She got to the front door and frowned when it was locked. Of course it was, but... "Ah don't wanna break th' door t' get in. Then it won't be good t' keep things out while we're in that bed..."

Bobby: "Hmm. Back door? Side door?" He snapped his fingers. "Employee entrance!"

Rogue: "Or we could shimmy down th' chimney," she grinned. "It is almost Christmas after all."

Bobby: "Ho ho ho?" He spun her around by their joined hands and tackled her to shake like a bowl full of jelly.

Rogue: Rogue squealed and giggled, happy to be shaken. "Ah'm sure Ah'll have th' belly t' pull that look off soon enough, so why not?" She nipped at his lip when his shaking led her to be in the right spot for it.

Bobby: He returned the nip with a kiss, breaking it off after a moment with a smirk. "I could always grow the beard for it."

Rogue: "Ah do like it when y' get a l'il bit o' scruff... But Ah ain't so sure Ah'd like a full on Santa beard. Ah wouldn't be able t' see y'r gorgeous face!" To emphasize this, she brought both hands up to stroke his jaw lines and gave him a pout.

Bobby: "Gorgeous, huh?" Bobby batted his lashes and laughed. "I think that's my line, babe." He did enjoy her hands on his face though and pulled her closer.

Rogue: Since her hands were already there, she used them to guide his face down to hers, giving him a soft, lingering kiss. "Y're th' perfect man an' y' damn well know it. Gorgeous fits."

Bobby: Bobby smiled into the kiss, resting his forehead against hers when they broke apart. He closed his eyes and held her close. "Love ya, Anna Marie."

Rogue: Rogue's eyes closed and she breathed in the smell of him, glad that today it didn't seem to bother her. "Ah love you, too, Bobby. Always."

Bobby: He kissed her forehead and then looked around. "Maybe we can hold that thought until we get inside?" He was kind of surprised they hadn't had any visitors yet, other than their friends outside the gate.

Rogue: "Y' mean where it's warmer an' there are likely t' be tourists wearin' Bobby Drake approved fashion?" She grinned up at him. "Yeah, let's see if th' employee entrance is open. Ah'm sure it's 'round back somewhere..."

Bobby: "That too!" He brightened up and grabbed her hand, this time dragging her around to begin the search for another entrance.

Rogue: Rogue let him drag her and she tried to keep her laugh quiet, just in case there were unexpected guests lurking around somewhere. "Or, what 'bout th' garage? Ah bet Ah could get th' door up without breakin' anythin' like Ah did with th' gate."

Bobby: "Oooh good call. This is when it would have been handy to be on the stealth teams instead of the beating things to death teams..." Bobby paused at the corner of the landscaping to peek around to the side of the old house. "So far so good..."

Rogue: "At least y'r power lets y' go stealth mode when y' absolutely need to." Her eyes went a little wide at what she just said, realizing he could take that as a suggestion. "Not that y' need to right now. Or ever."

Bobby: He looked back at her. "I know how much you hate it when I do that. Sooo, only if we have to, 'kay?" Bobby squeezed her hand and kept leading her in their not-at-all sneaky creep along the shrubbery. "Also, if I froze a lock to get in on a side door it'd be easier to block off once we're in, yeah?"

Rogue: "Thanks, baby. Ah 'preciate that." She smiled at him and squeezed his hand back. Her nose wrinkled as they approached the pool, "Bloated Elvis alert. Eww..."

Bobby: "Uuuuuuugh, the wet ones are the worst." It was face down and still twitching, getting a little too excited when it must have heard their voices.

Rogue: "Think y' c'n just freeze it fr'm here? Ah really don't wanna get close 'nough t' smell it..."

Bobby: "Yup." Bobby concentrated for a moment and soon they heard the crackle of freezing water.

Rogue: Rogue very visibly relaxed and leaned into him to kiss his cheek. "Y're th' best. Thanks, sugah." A frozen, chunky zombie was much preferable to a water-logged odorous zombie.

Bobby: "Y'welcome," he drawled back, grinning. The pool had enough water that it was taking its time to freeze, so there was still crackling going on. He scanned the area to make sure they weren't attracting attention, then kept going around the building.

Rogue: She rolled her eyes at his drawl, but secretly loved it when he mocked her accent, so couldn't keep the grin off her own face. "Oh, Ah bet that's it!" There was a trellis fence that blocked the view of what looked to be a path to a door. "Maybe?"

Bobby: "As good of a guess as any," he said with a shrug, swinging around so they could see into the narrow alleyway before they ventured down it. "Heeeere zombie, zombie, zombie..."

Rogue: "Don't do that. They answer y' now..." She shook his arm a bit, nervous that he was still in the lead.

Bobby: "Well, sometimes they do..." Bobby frowned, wishing his zombie radar was more predictable. He swung to look at her. "My eyes okay?"

Rogue: Rogue's head jerked back a little, preparing for the eyes that ...weren't there. "Yeah, thank goodness. So, s'at mean there ain't any close or just that y' got better control over that part?"

Bobby: "Fuck if I know, babe." He gave her a reassuring grin and started down the alleyway toward the door. Definitely a service entrance, with some cigarette butts and water bottles kicked to the side. "I don't, like, feel anything weird..."

Rogue: "Then maybe we're fine f'r now? Ah mean, Ah know th' grounds are fairly big, but right inside th' house should be okay? 'Less y' new zombie king self is malfunctionin'." Rogue wrinkled her nose, "But just in case..." She stepped in front of him and pounded on the steel door to see if anything was attracted to it from the other side.

Bobby: "I don't wanna be their smelly king!" Bobby gave her an astonished look when she tackled the door. "Super subtle, babe."

Rogue: "If anythin's in th' room beyond, we should know now, right?" She put her finger to her lips and her ear to the door. After listening for a moment, she shrugged, "Ah don't hear anythin'. Do you?"

Bobby: He closed his eyes for a moment to listen, then opened them and started to shrug. The whispers started the moment before a weight slammed into the other side of the door.

Rogue: Rogue jerked back when his eyes changed. "Shit!" And then the slam against the door made her jump again, "Shit!"

Bobby: "Shit!" He couldn't help it, jumping at her jump. "Guess we've got company after all!"

Rogue: "C'n y' at least tell how many?" She pressed against the door to hold it closed, just in case, trying to avoid looking at his eyes in the process. Puking because of the father of her baby's eyes was not a memory she wanted to have.

Bobby: "More than one? ...less than five?" He hoped. Shooting a glance over his shoulder, he turned back to her. "Trade me places. I got a plan."

Rogue: Rogue did not like the sound of that. "Ah'm th' tank in this relationship, damnit. Y'all got th' long distance powers." She grudgingly moved behind him anyway, though.

Bobby: "Yeah, exactly, so I don't want you between me and them." He braced his shoulder against the door as it thumped, vibrating from the other side. Bobby set his hand against the steel door and concentrated. The ambient temperature immediately began to fall.

Rogue: That confused her even more until she started to get colder. She stuffed her hands in her pockets and backed up a small step, waiting for him to do whatever it was he was doing so she could go toss some zombies around.

Bobby: The metal began to creak and the thumps slowed down. He looked over at Anna with a big cheesy grin.

Rogue: Oh no. Ohh no. Rogue flew away as fast as she could without injuring him from the take off and landed behind a bush, retching up the remains of her lunch.

Bobby: Bobby was at a complete loss for a moment, then blinked. Oh. Where was a mirror when he needed one? He moved his hand to the lock and shifted to ice. After a moment, he shifted back and quickly kicked off his boots and peeled off his shirt and jeans, dropping it all in a semi-neat pile.

Bobby: If he did this really fast, she'd never know. Bobby shifted to ice and exploded into vapor, vanishing into the cracks around the door.

Rogue: Rogue stayed on her hands and knees with her eyes closed, just trying to breathe, after her stomach was empty. Memory she didn't need or want? Check. She brought her wrist up to press against her mouth, then wiped it off slowly. After what felt like an eternity, she felt like she could sit back on her heels without the bushes making her feel like she was on a tilt-o-whirl.

Bobby: Okay, so there were six of them, and two more behind the next door. Since he didn't have to worry about a warm fleshy girlfriend getting hurt, it was much easier to flash freeze every gross organic thing on the first floor. Hope there were no houseplants.

Bobby: Back at the side door, he reformed and flipped the lever on the deadbolt. The door opened with an ominous creak that made him wince. Yeah, he sucked at stealth.

Rogue: Rogue heard the creak and pushed herself up, took a slow, cleansing breath, and flew around the corner to find a pile of Bobby clothes. She cocked her head as she stared at it for a moment, then cocked it to the other side to stare at the door. "Hey there. Lose somethin'?"

Bobby: "Nope! They're... right there!" He pointed at the pile and stepped out, shifting back to nekkid and grabbing his shirt. "Zombies are gone," he cheerfully announced, watching her from the corner of his eye, which he hoped was blue again. "Are you okay, babe?"

Rogue: "Mmhmm. Hungry 'gain, though." She was also hoping his eyes were blue again, but wasn't taking a chance to check just yet. "Think it's safe t' say baby Drake didn't get y'r zombie mutation. Otherwise, Ah'd probably not get nauseous 'bout that... Right?"

Bobby: Bobby knew better to question how she was hungry after barfing up her guts less than five minutes ago. His nose wrinkled as he jumped back into his pants. "I really hope not... I mean, unless it makes him - her? - immune or something."

Rogue: "All Ah know is it likely ain't invulnerable since that ain't mah real power. So maybe it ain't heir t' th' zombie throne 'cause it ain't y'r real power either?" Rogue did lament the fact that his naked body was being covered back up and let him know it with a heavy sigh.

Bobby: He looked up at her sigh, confused, then caught what she was looking at and smirked. "Hey, baby, we'll have time for that later... in the jungle room." His Elvis was terrible, but hey, he tried.

Rogue: She had to laugh at his terrible impression, but gave his ass a quick grab as a reward for trying. "We gotta find it first, y' majesty." Her stomach growled and she put a hand over it, "But maybe some peanut butter b'fore that?"

Bobby: "Doubt there're any nanners left, but surely there's peanut butter." He shook his ass for her and stomped into his boots, holding out his hand for her. "Ignore the zombiecicles."

Rogue: "At least they won't smell?" She took his hand and let him lead her inside. Rogue was almost giddy at the fact that she was standing in Elvis' house. "This is so excitin'! Did y' find th' kitchen already?"

Bobby: "Yeah, it's kinda over this way." He nodded toward a hall, closing the door behind her so they wouldn't get any surprise visitors.

Rogue: Rogue hovered above the floor because she wasn't sure she would be able to stop herself from bouncing if she was on her feet. "Ah'm starved. Ah really hope there's somethin' salvageable in there." They pushed through the swinging door and Rogue stopped to stare at the awful flooring. "Wow... An' here Ah thought Elvis woulda had classy taste."

Bobby: "...you saw those leisure suits, right?" Bobby didn't have the option of hovering, so he just clomped along, avoiding bits of grossness left by the zombie tourists. None of them were wearing Hawaiian shirts. He'd checked.

Rogue: "Well.. Yeah. They were gaudy, sure, but at least they matched?" She gave his hand a squeeze and let go, flying up to check the cupboards. "Peanut butter, peanut butter... Where would they keep th' peanut bu- Ah ha!" Rogue pulled a jar out from the very back of a cabinet and checked the date. "Ew. It's five years old. Think it's still good?"

Bobby: "I'm kinda shocked there's anything in these cabinets at all... figured it's all for show in here." He looked around at the wood-paneled room. Man, his parents' house in St. Charles looked better than this. "Does peanut butter even go bad?" He held out his hand for the jar.

Rogue: "Ah'm sure it c'n go rancid. Just like peanuts can." She lowered down to hand it to him. "Maybe they keep this in here t' show guests what peanut butter Elvis preferred?" Rogue went to look for other things to eat while Bobby checked the peanut butter. Of course the rest of the place was empty.

Bobby: "But does it count as a foodstuff or a condiment? Or both? Because condiments never go bad." Bobby unscrewed the lid and took a sniff, debating the notes of nuttiness and... oiliness. The oil was kind of pooling in the top of the jar and he considered this.

Rogue: "Food stuff... Ah think. Pretty sure th' distinction is in how it's prepared? Or maybe what's used t' preserve 'em?" She sighed and came back to him, looking hopeful. "Well?"

Bobby: "Fuck if I know." He turned the jar and watched the oil roll around, then looked around and tipped the jar to let it dribble out onto the ugly carpet. Once the oil was gone, it smelled worse.

Bobby: Bobby licked it anyway.

Rogue: "Y' couldn'ta done that in th' sink? Now th' carpet'll stink." Rogue licked her lips as she watched him lick the peanut butter and raised up to the balls of her feet, trying to look inside the jar. "Weeellll?"

Bobby: "The carpet already smells like dead people, babe." He closed one eye and set the jar on the counter, flipping the lid toward the sink. "This tastes like dead people, too."

Rogue: Rogue's eyes went big and her jaw clenched as she watched the promising jar be set aside. She swallowed hard and sniffed, trying not to cry. It wasn't fair! She was hungry! And the peanut butter sounded so good! "Oh," was all she managed to croak out before her eyes got blurry.

Bobby: "I'm sorry, babe, I mean, there has to be peanut butter, but maybe it's in the gift shop? Or, they keep it in the employee kitchen area?" That seemed reasonable, and she was gonna cry. Bobby rushed to her for a hug. "We'll find it, Anna."

Rogue: "It's not fair," she mumbled into his shoulder as she clutched the back of his shirt. "Th' dead people get all th' good food! Ah'm just hungry! Why'd they hafta go an' do this?!"

Bobby: "Shhh, babe... I know." He winced. Crying girls always scrambled his brains, and this was no exception. "We'll find the peanut butter, promise." He hoped. But this was fucking Graceland! There had to be peanut butter! Bobby stroked her back and kissed her hair, working to get the nasty oily nut taste from his mouth at the same time.

Rogue: "But what if this peanut butter was fine until y' poured out th' oil?" Rogue sobbed into his chest, "Y' ruined th' carpet!"

Bobby: The carpet? What the fuck?! "The carpet was ruined by whoever designed it." Bobby cast an eye over the geometric horror. "I think the oil was hiding the rancid nut juice underneath..."

Rogue: She sniffed again and bit her lip, trying to stop crying. "Are y' sure? Maybe it needed th' oil t' taste good?"

Bobby: "I think it was just too far gone, babe." He gave her a little squeeze, still stroking her back. He could still taste it himself. There was no amount of oil that would help that.

Rogue: Rogue hiccuped when she tried to take a breath and pulled back to look at him, eyes slightly hopeful again. "Do y' really think they have some in' th' employee area?"

Bobby: "Absolutely," he grinned. Holy fuck he hoped so. "Let's go find it, yeah?" Bobby moved back enough to catch her hand and lead her awaaaay from the bad peanut butter and evil carpet.

Rogue: She gave him a watery attempt at a smile and sniffed. "Do y' think we c'n find th' jungle room first? Should get y' outta that wet shirt."

Bobby: Wet... shirt? Bobby looked down. Wow... that was a lot of tears. How was she not dehydrated? "Nah, your peanut butter is more important. I can dry it out. S'not like I can get cold." He gave her a slightly manic grin.

Rogue: Rogue felt her lower lip wibble and she bit it quickly. "Ah was," she took another hiccuping breath. "Ah was just tryin' t' make up f'r gettin' it wet... Do y' not want to anymore? Do y' not want me anymore?"

Bobby: Oh. Oh, fuck. "Nooo, babe. That's not-" Shit. Normally, he'd just kiss her about now, but he had rotten peanut breath. "Anna," he started, rubbing his hands over her arms. "I always want you, but you said you were hungry, right? So let me take care of you..." Bobby lowered his voice to a rough whisper, his eyes on her mouth. "And then I'll take care of you..."

Bobby: After he made sure there were no fucking zombies. Once was enough for that mistake.

Rogue: All she could do was nod while he talked, working on paying attention to his words so they would get through to her brain. She shouldn't be this upset about peanut butter. Or the fact that he wanted to feed her. But she was anyway. A small smile finally graced her lips when he let his voice get husky and she giggled. "Okay. Ah'm sorry..." Rogue stepped in to hold him again, burying her face in his neck. "Ah'm really sorry."

Bobby: "Nothin' to be sorry for, babe. Let's go find that staff kitchen, or break room, or wherever the Elvis elves worked..." He gave her a tight squeeze and then found her hand to tug her back into the hall.

Rogue: "Elvis elves," she laughed and shook her head. "That's bad. But Ah love it." Rogue kept her eyes wide open as they went through the various parts of the old mansion, in awe of the fact that they were walking where Elvis once had. "Do y' think they even have one here? It might be across th' street where they keep th' planes."

Bobby: Bobby really hoped the fuck so. He stopped dead in his tracks to stare at some giant peacock windows in the living room. "And people always said me and Dee had bad taste..." The dining room was disappointingly fancy-schmancy, and contained no peanut butter.

Bobby: He started to step over a frosty zombie, then paused and led Anna around it. When he did, he spotted a small room with an unmarked door. It seemed to be carved out of an unused end of the hallway. Huh.

Bobby: When he prodded the door, it swung open.

Rogue: Rogue actually liked the stained glass peacocks, but kept her mouth shut about it. It might make her cry again if he made a weird face at her or something. She smirked at being led around the zombie, "What? No coat t' lay over th' zombie puddle?" Oh, they were moving again. She poked her head around the door frame and blinked at the dark interior. "No windows. Gotta be somethin' they wanted tourists t' keep out of."

Bobby: "I guess I could have used my shirt." He grinned at her and sniffed at the interior of the room. Dust. Taking a step inside, he saw banks of computer screens. "Aha, security hidey hole!" Turning to face her, he saw the shelves.

Bobby: Shelves stacked with toilet paper, cleaning products, and all the other crap people tried to keep out of view. Personal belongings of the poor bastards on apocalypse duty was there, too. Aaaand, snacks! "Stale Doritos!"

Rogue: "What?! No way!" She bounced over to the shelves to see what she could find. Pretzels, jerky, and nutella, oh my! Rogue squealed when she found the half-eaten jar of nutella and scooped it up to hug to her chest. She grabbed the jerky and flopped into the computer chair, letting it spin while she opened her treasures.

Bobby: Thank fuck. Bobby watched her spin with a grin and then reached for his own prize.

Rogue: Rogue tossed the lid of the nutella onto the desk and dug into the jerky bag. She took a sniff of the piece she had pulled out then promptly dunked it in the nutella and took a giant bite. The noise that came out of her was close to the ones Bobby could elicit from her and she was not ashamed.

Bobby: Bobby stopped chewing the extra chewy Dorito in his mouth, eyebrows shooting to his hairline. Welp. Whatever made her happy.

Rogue: She gave him a big grin and held out the chocolate covered cow strip. "Want some?"

Bobby: "I'm good, babe. Thanks." He held up a triangle of cardboardy orange goodness.

Rogue: That made her grin grow even bigger, "Make sure t' savor those, sugah. Don't know when we'll find anymore." She definitely was savoring her treat, but she was almost half-way through the bag before she even realized it. "...Guess Ah was hungrier than Ah thought?"

Bobby: "Oh, I am. They aren't gonna last much longer anyway." He was considering just licking off the nacho dust and flicking the chips at zombies. "Well, you are eating for two."

Rogue: "That's still super weird t' me." She put her hand over her stomach and looked down at it. "How am Ah pregnant? This baby means everythin' t' me..." Rogue closed up her snacks so she could force herself to save some for later and gave him a smile. "Have a thanked y' for it yet?"

Bobby: That... was a new one. Don't panic, Drake. Bobby returned the smile. "You're welcome, babe," he said, tacking on the last part to stop his voice from going up at the end.

Rogue: Rogue set her food aside and went over to him, looping her arms around his neck, "Whaddya say we go find that jungle room now so Ah c'n show y' just how grateful Ah am that y' were able t' give me somethin' Ah've always wanted."

Bobby: He grinned, relaxing and sliding his arms around her waist. "Let's clear the house at, like, warp speed, now that we're all fueled up, and then we won't have to worry about any interruptions in that jungle room, yeah?"

Rogue: "Ah'll take upstairs, you take downstairs?" Her fingers played in his hair, giving a gentle tug to the longer ends for encouragement. Not that he needed any. "Meet back here in five minutes?"

Bobby: Every single one of his protective instincts said no, but realistically he knew there was nothing in this house they couldn't handle. "Sounds good, babe." He leaned down and brushed their noses together, then gave her a soft kiss and lingered.

Rogue: Lingering kisses sounded better to her than zombie duty, so she pressed herself closer to him for another. She didn't actually need the jungle room. It had just sounded fun. Right here worked just fine, too.

Bobby: "Babe," he mumbled against her mouth. "We're not doing a great job," he paused again for another kiss and his hands slid down to her ass. "With that splitting up thing..."

Rogue: Rogue massaged his scalp and shrugged one shoulder, arching her back to fit more of herself into his hands. "Overrated," she murmured between kissing and nipping at his lower lip. "Don'tcha think?"

Bobby: Bobby was inclined to agree, but... zombies. There was one solution. "Scared of the dark, babe?" He stretched out one leg to hook the edge of the door with his foot.

Rogue: "Not when y're here," she whispered as her mouth moved along his jaw. "Should we lock it in case o' smart zombies?"

Bobby: "Sneaky damn zombies." Also, in the dark she wouldn't see if his zombie radar went off. Bonus. He balanced against her and flipped the door closed with his toe, plunging them in darkness. "It's like seven minutes in heaven... with zombies. And Elvis."

Rogue: "An' hopefully longer'n seven minutes?" Her tongue found the edge of his ear and she pulled the lobe into her mouth for a quick suck. "Elvis makes me hot. C'n y' cool me down?"

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Re: What if...? Another Zombie Apocalypse!

Post by Esynthia » Sat Dec 12, 2020 8:41 am

Rogue: Rogue stood in the middle of what should have been the kitchen of Paige's parents' house, but it looked more like something you would see in a haunted gore house. Her hands were both protectively held against her abdomen, watching Bobby with a careful eye. He hadn't said much of anything when they showed up to the farm in a complete shamble, no one to be found anywhere on the property who was still living. Including the kids.

Rogue: None of this should be happening. If it was a nightmare, they needed to wake up. Now.

Rogue: She glanced over to the collapsed wall and noticed the sun was slowly starting to turn the sky gorgeous reds, oranges, and pinks. It didn't seem like it fit with the carnage surrounding them. Finally, she took a careful step towards him and reached out a hand slowly, touching his wrist with her fingertips. "It's gonna get dark soon, Bobby." Rogue kept her voice soft and quiet, but even that much volume seemed wrong here and she winced, apologetically.

Bobby: Bobby jumped at the touch and pulled away. He was staring at a toy. It was one he recognized, from Boston. A stuffed Yoda that Ripley had loved nearly to death. Melody had taken it over, hauling it everywhere in her little chubby toddler fist.

Rogue: Rogue dropped her hand just as slowly as she'd raised it and stood watching him for a little bit longer. Her gaze fell on the Yoda, too, and she hesitated. He would want it later, she was almost sure. But maybe for now, at least while his eyes were so fixated on it, she should leave it alone.

Rogue: Her hand went back to her stomach and she took a steadying breath. She could feel that this was going to be a turning point for them and she was scared of the way it would likely go.

Rogue: Rogue's eyes closed as she fought the tears that wanted to fall for his babies and their baby. Now was not the time and not the place. He couldn't focus on anything outside of them right now, so she had to. With that thought, she turned and started surveying the area for any threats and possible shelter.

Bobby: He was aware of Anna moving behind him and that he had to snap out of it. Whatever had happened here had happened months ago. He'd never heard back from his in-laws after they told him about Paige, and he'd assumed it was because of the power grid failures, but...

Rogue: She went over to the large kitchen table and made a face at it. One and a half legs were missing, but it might work to hold up the rest of the wall. Rogue picked it up easily by the two remaining legs and held it up to eyeball it against the wall. It wasn't ideal, but it would do.

Rogue: She flew up to try and set it on top of the buffet that was still standing, leaned it carefully against the wall, and flew backwards slowly. And it fell to the floor with a loud clatter, kicking up dust and debris that made her cough.

Bobby: Jumping again, Bobby turned and cleared his throat. "Babe, stop." His voice sounded rough, distant to his own ears.

Rogue: Rogue was waving her arms in front of her to clear the dust, but stopped when she heard his voice. She did move to lay the table on its face so it wouldn't fall again, but she did leave everything else alone. "Sorry..." She stuffed her hands in her bomber jacket pockets and moved to sit on the floor beside it, knees pulled up to her chest on instinct to keep her stomach protected.

Bobby: "It's... not that." He shook his head and moved slowly to her, crouching next to her. "We should get back to the tank." Bobby's voice was still oddly calm and he knew it wasn't a good sign.

Rogue: Rogue shook her head, "It's gonna get dark soon. Dark means cold. An' Ah'm tired, Bobby. Growin' a person's takin' a lot outta me. Ah need t' sleep." She gave him as much of a smile as she could muster and brought a hand out to touch his cheek with her fingertips. A barely there touch like the one on his wrist. Just in case he didn't want her to. But she needed to touch him. To prove to herself that he was still here for now.

Bobby: "...stay... here?" He looked around the ruined place, not sure he could for several reasons.

Rogue: "Or somewhere close." Rogue stuffed her hand back in her pocket to keep it warm. "Ah'm tired," she repeated, "an' Ah know y' need time. So if y' wanna go back t' th' tank in y'r special way y' do, Ah'll meet y' there t'morrow."

Bobby: His head jerked back in shock. "I'm not leaving you here alone!" It came out loud in the empty place.

Rogue: She winced at his voice carrying for what seemed like miles. "It was just a suggestion, sugah."

Bobby: "I know." Bobby lowered his voice with a grimace and dropped onto his ass beside her, unable to think further. "Sorry."

Rogue: "Don't be." Rogue watched him for a long time before she finally got up and went to retrieve Yoda. She sat back down next to him again, carefully cradling the stuffed doll in her hands. "We should see if we c'n find them... Or... Ah should. Y' shouldn't hafta do what needs doin'." She hated saying it out loud, but she couldn't just leave those poor babies to walk around as zombies.

Bobby: Bobby could only look down at the toy in her hands. He pressed his lips together and closed his eyes, hands curling into fists as he fought for control.

Rogue: She brushed dust and ash from the doll's ears and then hugged it to her, bringing her knees up again. Rogue rested her cheek on her knees and watched Bobby again. "There's nothin' Ah c'n say t' help, but..." She closed her mouth, not even sure why she bothered saying anything. There was nothing to say.

Rogue: Her eyes closed and she squeezed the toy to her chest. Her heart was broken, too, but she knew it didn't count. Not to him. Not right now. So, she should just keep quiet until he was ready to say something first.

Bobby: "I know," he said quietly, scooting closer to her across the filthy floor to wrap his arms around her. Anna had always been the one he could share his raw emotions with in his worst times. Right now, he knew he should be feeling more, but he supposed he was still in shock.

Rogue: Rogue shifted so she could lean her head against his and then reached up to rest her hand on his cheek. They were both reeling in this horrible nightmare and she was glad that at least they still had each other. His arms around her helped to cement that fact for her. "Ah love you. An' Ah'm here."

Bobby: Bobby closed his eyes. "Love you, too, Anna." They couldn't just stay like this all night, but for the moment he had no desire to move. He shifted closer, pulling her and the toy into his lap. "I'm glad you're here." She was all he had now.

Rogue: She turned in his lap so she could wrap her arms around him, holding his head to her shoulder. "Always." Rogue lifted her eyes to look at the sky through the holes in the ceiling, begging God for some kind of good to come from this for him. She was terrified of what he would do or become if there wasn't any. At least she knew what signs to watch for if he did eventually start to spiral.

Rogue: Suddenly, she felt something come hurtling towards them and Rogue ducked to the side quickly and caught it with one hand. She pulled back from Bobby enough to hold it in her palm between them, staring down at the small rock with a frown. "What th' hell?" Rogue peered around his shoulder at the window it had likely come through and her eyes went a little wide. "We got company, sugah..."

Bobby: "Fuck!" Zombies didn't throw rocks! Bobby flattened her to the floor beneath him. Unable to hear anything outside, he met her eyes in the near darkness. "Goddammit, can't catch a fuckin' break..."

Rogue: "Hey, maybe this is a good thing?" She wriggled her arm out from where he had her pinned and threw it back out the window. "Maybe they thought we were zombies an' didn't wanna get close. It's gotta be humans. Humans mean shelter." Rogue hoped that her throwing the rock back would let them know they weren't zombies if that really was the case. Otherwise, Bobby was right. This was so not the something good she had been asking for.

Bobby: "Humans can also mean trouble," he pointed out, feeling pessimistic at the moment. "Stay down." Bobby shot her a look. "Please, just to humor me?" He moved off of her and shifted to ice, creeping off to find a spot to look outside. No way was he gonna pop up in the window to get his face shot off, ice or not.

Rogue: Rogue pressed her lips into a flat line, and crossed her arms under her chest, staring at the hole in the ceiling. The only reason she was staying put was because the kids were dead. She hoped he knew that. Jerk face.

Bobby: He found one of Anna's poorly covered holes in the wall and moved in behind the flipped dining room table to look outside for heat signatures. At least three people, on horses. Mmmkay.

Bobby: Once again proving he wouldn't have made the cut for the stealth team, a bullet splintered the already destroyed wall above his head at the same time he heard the report of the rifle. Bobby hit the deck and looked back at Anna.

Rogue: Rogue completely forgot that Bobby had begged her to stay down and flew straight up into the air the second she felt the bullet coming, making sure it bounced off of her and fell harmlessly to the floor. This place might not stay standing if things kept trying to destroy it. "Looters go home or get buried," called a deep voice from outside the house.

Bobby: "Fucking-" He was a nanosecond from shifting to vapor and ending these assholes when he heard the voice. Anna's theatrics were also enough to give him a panic attack and he looked between her and the darkness outside. Standing up, he held up both hands and braced for the shot. "I'm not a looter! The Guthries are my in-laws! I'm Paige Guthrie's husband!"

Bobby: Now he heard talking outside, but since he didn't have enhanced senses he had no fucking clue what they were saying. "Anna, please," he hissed at her over his shoulder.

Rogue: Rogue's heart felt like it was gripped in a fist at his words, but knew if he hadn't said it, they would have shot again. It was true, after all. She swallowed hard and slowly lowered back down to the floor, picking Yoda back up to cradle to her. She heard the horses start towards them and she sat down beside the table again.

Rogue: "Paige is dead, son! Her husband likely is, too! Now I'm gonna give ya to the count of ten t' get lost!" Rogue clenched her jaw, but forced herself to sit still. He wanted to handle it, fine, he could handle it. And if the stress of watching another man of hers die killed their baby, so what?! She glared a hole into the back of his head.

Bobby: "I know Paige is- what about Thomas and Lucinda?" Bobby knew his voice sounded off in ice form but he wasn't prepared to shift to his more killable form. "What about... t-the k-kids?" His voice cracked and he swallowed from habit. "Ripley, the twin girls... Melody and Elizabeth."

Bobby: His voice had become more strained as he listed their names, hoping this guy was a local. "There was a baby, too, Zachary..." Bobby choked, pulled himself together. "P-please... tell me what happened. I-I'm their father, I swear..."

Rogue: Rogue's glare faded and she closed her eyes, turning her head away from the scene unfolding in front of her. There wasn't anything she could do to help. She was an outsider to all of this. One hand slipped down to her belly and she chewed her lip.

Cyrus: The leader of the group held up a hand, stopping the forward movement, and he stared at the strange creature through what should have been the window. After a long moment, he slid off his horse and walked to the hole in the wall, "What'd you say your name was?"

Bobby: Bobby took in the man's face. He looked like a farmer. The same kind of people as Paige's family, probably around her parents' age, too. "Robert Drake. I go by Bobby," he said softly. "If you're not gonna shoot me, I can change back to normal."

Cyrus: "Bobby Drake. I'm Cyrus Morgan. Folks call me Cy." He slung his rifle over his shoulder and stepped close enough to put his hand through for a shake. "I've heard a lot about you, son. Sorry about your wife. She was one hell of a lady."

Bobby: "She... was, sir. Thank you." Bobby shifted back and shook the man's weathered hand. He vaguely recognized the name. "You live on the next farm, right?"

Cyrus: "I do. A few of us have gathered there. Strength in numbers and all that, y' know." Cy peered in at the woman huddled on the floor, but didn't say anything about her yet. If she didn't cause any trouble, she wasn't any of his business. "Speakin' of numbers..." He took in Bobby's face and narrowed his eyes, not sure how to break the news to this poor kid. "You asked about your sprouts."

Bobby: Bobby noticed him looking past him to Anna. "Hey, it's okay," he told her, still not entirely sure that it was, but willing to give this guy the benefit of the doubt for now. He held out his hand to her to get her up. "She went to school with me and Paige," he told Cy.

Bobby: The mention of the kids made Bobby's head snap around. "What happened here? W-what happened... to t-them?" He swallowed, fighting to keep his shit together.

Rogue: Rogue took Bobby's hand up and gave this Cy character a nod in greeting. "Hey there. Thanks f'r not killin' him." Yeah, she went to school with them. Right now, she felt like that's all she was. A school mate.

Cyrus: Cy's eyebrows raised a little at the girl's small belly bump and then at her accent. "Another Southerner. Good to have ya home, even if y' don't originally come from Texas." He took a deep breath and looked between the two of them. "Ripley and Zach are stayin' with us. We haven't been able to get in touch with our grandkids, so my wife's taken to mothering 'em a bit."

Bobby: Bobby kept her hand and gave it a squeeze, watching the guy eyeball her. He would never get that cult of the south thing. He was from the midwest, but did that count? Nooo.

Bobby: "R-Rip and Zach? So they're okay?" Bobby blew out a relieved breath, but was terrified to ask about the others. "Um... so w-what happened h-here?"

Rogue: Rogue's mouth went dry when Cy mentioned the two kids, bringing the hand holding the Yoda down to be able to touch his hand with both of hers. She wasn't as interested in what happened here as she was in where the other two babies were, but that was his job to ask when he was ready to hear.

Cyrus: Cy frowned at how pale the both of them just got and wasn't quite sure what he should or shouldn't say. But, this was his kin, so he deserved to know. "Maybe the lady should sit down first? It might be a bit much for her in her condition."

Bobby: Bobby shot a look at Anna, then back to Cy. "She's tough." He gave her hand another squeeze. It wasn't hard to guess what had happened to the ones who weren't with this grizzled old dude and his wife. Unfortunately.

Rogue: "Mah condition? Ah ain't a shrinkin' violet."

Cyrus: At that, Cy shrugged and met the other man's eyes. "There was an attack on th' farm. When things started gettin' colder, people started making raiding parties. You can guess that a few of them were killed for trespassing, but they weren't killed proper. So we had a run of fresh zombies for a while. And with th' raiding parties on top of that... It all kind of came down on this farm all at once. The perfect storm, so to speak..."

Cyrus: He took his hat off and held it in both of his hands, "The twins didn't make it. I'm awfully sorry t' be th' one to hafta tell y' that."

Bobby: Bobby nodded, swallowing. "I guess Thomas and Lucinda?"

Cyrus: Cy shook his head slightly, "Only Ripley and Zach. She did good gettin' him safe. When all this started, we all set up contingencies with each other. Escape plans and what not." The ghost of a smile crossed his thin lips, "She thought you were dead. She'll be really happy to see ya."

Bobby: He didn't want to lose it in front of this guy, but he had a death grip on Anna's hand. "Thank you, so much, for taking care of them."

Rogue: Rogue's eyes were watery and she had to try twice before any voice came out. "C'n we go see 'em now? Please? If it ain't too much trouble?" Her own grip was tight on Bobby's hand, the feel of his fingers the only thing reminding her that she had to keep standing.

Cyrus: "Anybody around here would do th' same. We're all family, so to speak." Cy settled his hat back on his head and gave a small nod. "Don't be surprised if your boy doesn't know y', though. Babies memories aren't great."

Bobby: "I never... got to meet him. Things went bad before he was born, and I was working for SHIELD..." Bobby cleared his throat, but these people had to know, after all. "I was part of the team trying to stop things from getting worse..."

Cyrus: "Ah. Well. Must not've had enough manpower to get the job done then." Cy clicked his tongue and gave a quick nod of his head. "Nothin' you can do about it now though. C'mon then. Maybe we can even get a meal in your bellies before you take off." He looked at the girl again. "Seein' as how you're eatin' for two, you definitely need it."

Bobby: "Thank you, sir. We have a... truck thing. We can follow you?" Bobby licked his lips, taking another look around the ruined house.

Cyrus: "A truck...thing? Sure, son. If it can cross pastures, you're welcome t' follow." Cy mounted back up. "We'll wait here for ya."

Rogue: Rogue gave the man a tight-lipped smile and tugged Bobby away from the wall so they could head back to the tank. "Y' okay, sugah?"

Bobby: "You'll see," he told th farmer and nodded as they turned to pick their way out of the wreckage. "I'm..." Bobby sighed and when they were out of sight turned and pulled her into a tight hug. "Not fine, babe."

Rogue: Rogue held onto him and took a deep breath, closing her eyes to try and let this all sink in. "Ah know." She wasn't even surprised when he didn't say their normal line. "Small mercies, though? Rip and Zach are alive an' seem t' be healthy from th' way he was talkin'."

Bobby: "Yeah," he breathed, closing his eyes and burying his face into her neck for a moment. "Thank fuck for small miracles," he mumbled.

Rogue: Rogue pressed a kiss to his ear and slipped her hand between them to touch her belly. "We're good at findin' miracles, Bobby."

Bobby: He raised his head to smile at her, moving his hand to rest over hers. "We are. Love you, Anna." With his other hand, he reached up to brush his knuckles over her cheek and tuck her hair behind her ear.

Rogue: She turned her head towards his hand, but kept her eyes on his, "Love you, too." Rogue bit her lip, fighting tears. "Let's go save th' rest o' our family from grandmotherly smotherin's."

Bobby: What was left of it. "Sounds good." Bobby saw the tears in her eyes and gave her a soft kiss, lingering for just a moment before he pulled back and took her hand to start back to the tank.

Rogue: Still clutching the Yoda to her chest, she squeezed his hand and gave him a smile. "It's gonna be alright in th' end. Only place t' go from here is up."

Bobby: "Maaan, you gotta jinx it?" Bobby shook his head as they approached the vehicle, keeping an eye open for zombies. Everything seemed clear though. He squeezed her hand. "I hope you're right, Dollface."

Rogue: "Ain't Ah always, Bugsy?" She gave him a coy smirk and opened the driver’s side door. "Let's chase some horses, zombie apocalypse style."

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Re: What if...? Another Zombie Apocalypse!

Post by Esynthia » Sat Dec 12, 2020 8:47 am

Bobby: It seemed that no matter what was going on around him, Zachary could sleep through it. That was fine with Bobby, since he was stuck inside the flying tank with his kids. Two of them, anyway. The third was outside, in Anna's belly, which was still something of a shock.

Ripley: Ripley, who was more her mother's daughter every day, was looking out the window. She turned back to look at him. "I think I see some lights down there."

Bobby: Bobby carefully moved to her spot, trying not to shift the weight of the tank suddenly. "That might be it... Uncle Pietro's house. You remember it, right?"

Ripley: Ripley nodded. After a moment, she spoke again. "But Peter and Catrin are gone, like Melody and Elizabeth..."

Bobby: "Yeah, baby, just like that." Bobby slid his arms around Ripley and pulled her into his lap to watch out the window.

Carol: Okay nearly there... don't break the tank. Don'tbreakthetankdon'tbreakthetankdon'tbreakthetank. She adjusted her hold on the not terribly well-balanced vehicle as they slowed down to free a hand to melt a landing zone in the snow. At least it wasn't snowing right now... even if it was thinking about it.

Rogue: Rogue saw Carol's energy out of the corner of her eye and shifted more of the weight onto her so that Carol didn't have to worry about holding her half up with only one hand. "Ready, gal? Front end down first so we c'n ease th' landin' f'r th' babies inside." The two babies that should have been four. But two was more than they thought they had and it had been a joy to be able to be with them at Graceland for a while.

Carol: "I know how to land a car," Carol reminded Rogue with an amused smirk, pausing in her melting of the snow to check the progress. The water she'd melted slid away from the ground and the path cleared a little better, a channel starting to form toward the front door. "Awesome, Harvey's awake." She put her other hand back on the car so she could shift out from under it.

Rogue: "Ah know. Ah'm sorry. Ah'm just anxious is all... We've only got th' two of 'em left." She wasn't sure she wanted to say anything about or to Harvey, especially since her hormones were already being toyed with because of the turmoil from the past month. Rogue slowly walked herself backward by her hands so she could grab the rear just as Carol got herself out from under. "Ready?"

Carol: "I've been ready for the past half hour..." she hated carrying cars. But they'd left her trusty trash can back at the cabin and she was pretty sure Jess had hidden it.

Bobby: "Okay, let's buckle up for landing." Ripley gave him a look.

Bobby: "Do you really think Auntie Roguey is gonna drop us?" Bobby assured her he didn't, but Ripley still rolled her eyes when he buckled her in. Yep, all of Lorna's sass in a little package.

Bobby: With Zachary in his car seat - still asleep - Bobby parked himself beside Ripley and made a show of putting on his own. The girl rolled her eyes again.

Rogue: "At least y' weren't carryin' it alone," she sassed back at Carol. "Buckle up in there," she called loudly, hoping it permeated the thick walls of the tank. "Okay, gal. Take 'er down."

Carol: "I carried a car with a hyper active part-kree and feral child bouncing around in it. You don't want to play this game with me," Carol assured her with another smirk, "I'll win." Finally, the tank was back on the ground and she raised a hand to wave at Harvey as Heather came outside behind him with blankets for the kids. "Thanks for the assist," she gestured around at the no-snow.

Havery: He shrugged, "It was that or Heather was going to get James to blow me up again."

Rogue: "Ah vote f'r that option!"

Harvey: "You are biased. You don't get to sa-heeeey!" Harvey rubbed the back of his head where a ball of snow had impacted it.

Heather: Heather wiped her hand off on her pants and held the blankets out to Rogue, "I don't know if they feel the cold but, just in case..." she nodded to the kids in the tank.

Rogue: Rogue took the blankets from Heather with a smile, "Thanks, sugah. They do as far as we know." She opened the door to let Ripley run out and gave Bobby a bittersweet smile. She climbed in to unbuckle the sleeping Zachary from his car seat and cradled him to her chest, leaning in to give Bobby a kiss. "Home sweet home? Not what we had in mind, but it's still good, right?"

Bobby: "It's still good," he assured her, grabbing the back of her head to hold the kiss for a moment. When he broke it, he gave her a faint smile and unbuckled to jump outside and help her out with Zach.

Rogue: Rogue tucked the blanket from Heather tightly around Zachary and passed him to Bobby then hopped out herself. She gave another smile to Heather, tried to ignore Harvey, and turned to Carol, "Thanks again, gal. Bobby wouldn't stop frettin' 'til we called y' t' come help."

Carol: Carol smiled, "No problem. Let's get you all inside and then we can figure out where to put the tank for the winter...."

Harvey: "I've got it," Harvey assured them, "Pietro's got you guys rooms all set up. Heather can show you where."

Bobby: "Frettin'?," he parroted. "It's called concern, babe." He gave Carol a tired smile. "Thank you. I just... appreciate it." Bobby cuddled his son close. The baby stirred and then settled again and he caught sight of Ripley, who was already heading inside.

Carol: Carol watched Heather trail after Ripley, "... We should save her. She has no idea what she's getting into."

Rogue: Rogue shrugged a shoulder and smiled at him, "Yeah, frettin'." She watched Heather follow Rip, too, and laughed, "She's gotta learn sometime. When better'n th' first day?"

Bobby: "Save which one?" Bobby laughed a little, careful not to wake the baby.

Rogue: "Ripley don't need savin' from anybody. Li'l ass kicker that she is." She smirked and looked at Zachary, still sleeping peacefully against his father's chest, and put a hand to the small swell of her belly.

Harvey: "She pretends she doesn't like kids, it's all a lie... don't tell her I told you." Harvey confessed as he shifted more snow, "But you should probably go save her anyway."

Bobby: "For real, Ripley can hold her own. I don't think you ever met Lorna, but Rip's more her than me." Bobby noticed Anna's gesture and gave her a soft smile as they headed inside.

Carol: Carol had to laugh when she got inside, apparently they didn't have to worry too much as Ripley had been cornered by Thomas, Astrid and Miriam.

Bobby: "It'll be good for her to have other kids around... kids closer to her age." Since her sisters were gone and her brother was still a baby. He and Pietro had another thing in common now... lost twins.

Rogue: Rogue stepped in to put a hand on Ripley's shoulder, "Hey, guys, why don'tcha let us get settled in f'r a bit an' let'er figure out things? Maybe a bath?" She wrinkled her nose playfully at Ripley who gave her a stink-face back. "Bath, sugah. Hot water'll feel amazin'. Ah promise." She slid her hand into Ripley's and tugged her away from the ambush. "Where're we stayin' then?"

Pietro: Pietro appeared at the top of the stairs, "Come on up, I'll show you... you three should go check out the kitchen. Someone might have been baking." Their eyes lit up and Ripley's ambush party ran off toward the kitchen to investigate.

Bobby: "Hey, dude," Bobby saluted Pietro on the way up. "Good to see you again. Thanks for the place to crash."

Pietro: "No problem," he gave Bobby a smile, "Not like space is a problem here..."

Rogue: Ripley pouted towards the kitchen, but Rogue shook her head and picked her up to set on her hip to fly up the stairs. "Ah promise there'll be more. We gotta get settled first, baby."

Pietro: "Don't worry," Pietro assured Ripley, "I already rescued some for you."

Ripley: Ripley perked up at hearing that, "Thanks, Uncle Pietro!" She wriggled on Auntie Rogue's hip who put her down with a laugh. Rip then ran straight for her uncle's legs and gave him a big hug. "I'm sorry about Peter and Catrin..."

Pietro: Pietro crouched to return the hug, swallowing the lump that rose in his throat, "Thank you." Yep. This was just as hard as he thought it would be. Maybe worse.

Rogue: Rogue bit her lip and looked at Bobby with a grimace. She held her arms out for Zach and nodded at Ripley, hoping he got the hint that it was his turn to deal with that. She had no clue what to say about it. Rip was just trying to be sweet, after all. She was hurting, too. They all were.

Bobby: Bobby handed the baby over and went to put his hand on Ripley's shoulder to steer her away from Pietro. He met his friend's eyes and gave him a sad smile. Once Rip took the hint, she turned back and clung to him. "How about that bath, then baked goods?" After a few moments, Ripley nodded and he smoothed back her green hair.

Rogue: Rogue settled Zach against her chest and brushed his sleep-sweat drenched hair from the cheek that had been lying on Bobby's shoulder. "Thanks, speedfeet. We really owe ya. Promise Ah'll even try t' get along with Harvey." She looked down the hallway now that they were at the top of the stairs. "Where to?"

Pietro: Pietro straightened up, gesturing for them to follow him, "I set up a room for the kids directly across the hall from you but there's room for them in with you if they want to hang out in there until they're more comfortable," he explained, "There's plenty of spare blankets if you want to build a really awesome fort."

Bobby: "Thanks, man." Bobby had to laugh at Anna's jab at Harvey. "He just has to stay out of the plumbing, and I already told him that much." Ripley unpeeled herself to go look around the room, immediately finding the window to look at the blizzard kicking up outside.

Pietro: "We've all talked to him about it so don't worry. He's not so bored these days either so that helps," he managed a smile. "You can relax. No surprise company in your showers."

Rogue: "If Ah weren't so touchy 'bout mah skin bein' exposed, it wouldn'ta bothered me. Much." She took a breath and forced herself to not get worked up since it might wake Zach. "Do y' have any kinda baby monitor so we c'n put him down an' then go say hi t' everybody else?"

Pietro: "Yeah... well there's two options. There's James or an actual baby monitor..."

Rogue: Rogue frowned in thought and looked at Bobby, "Whaddya think? Ah think a traditional one'd be fine? 'Specially with all th' people with enhanced hearin'?"

Bobby: "Yeah, they're all good backup. You know Jess can hear a baby cry from like a mile away," he chuckled.

Pietro: "You have two mothers with enhanced hearing to race to the crying baby in question." A baby monitor seemed to appear in his hand, "Here you go. I'll try and round everyone up if you want... or we can leave that til dinner and you can just see who you find in the living room."

Rogue: Rogue laughed as her hair whipped around her face without Pietro seeming to move at all. "Thanks, sugah." She shrugged with her face so she wouldn't disturb Zach, softly bouncing him to keep him from stirring. "Ah'm gonna leave that up t' you menfolk while Ah go make sure li'l miss takes a bath."

Bobby: "Menfolk?" Bobby laughed and gave Anna a light swat on the ass as she went to get Ripley. He took the monitor from Pietro. "Maybe we'll get settled and then come down?"

Pietro: "Take your time. There's no rush," he gave Bobby a small smile, "James announces house-wide for mealtimes so don't have a heart attack or anything..." he started for the door, "He also knows how the baby monitor works if you can't figure it out - just prod the intercom system."

Rogue: Rogue found Ripley still by the window and she gave her a small smile, "Help me put y' brother down then let's see 'bout that bath an' some cookies. Whaddya say, angel?" She was rewarded with a small smile and Rogue took her hand to lead her to where Pietro had set up the crib.

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Re: What if...? Another Zombie Apocalypse!

Post by Esynthia » Thu Dec 17, 2020 7:22 am

Rogue: Rogue's eyes opened and she frowned as she lay still, trying to determine what she just felt. Her hand went to her stomach which had grown enough that she was pretty much wearing only borrowed men's pajama pants and had been for a couple of weeks. There it was again! A smile lit up her face and she rolled over to Bobby, showering his face with a flurry of kisses to wake him up.

Bobby: Bobby flailed a little, his arms going to fend her off, then sliding around her when he realized it was just Anna. "Whu? Was I snorin' 'gain," he slurred, giggling a little at all the kisses.

Rogue: "No," she laughed and shook her head, crawling to straddle him, sitting up straight and still once she got there. Rogue frowned in concentration again and then felt it again. She nearly squealed and dove for his hands, pressing them against her stomach. "It moved!"

Bobby: That cut through the fog. That, and his hot pregnant love suddenly on top of him. "The baby moved?!" Bobby let her move his hands over her small bump, his eyes trying to find hers in the dim light from the bathroom.

Rogue: Rogue nodded enthusiastically and rolled off of him to lie back down on her back, hoping that would encourage the baby to move again. She closed her eyes to try and focus on what she had felt before so she could guide his hands. Aaand... There! Her eyes flew open, "Did y' feel that? Like it’s rollin' around a bit?"

Bobby: He rolled onto his side, partially sitting up to feel her belly. "Hooooly shit." Bobby had felt this before, of course, but he knew she hadn't. Definitely not in herself. It'd never lost its awe. "That's... amazing, babe." He grinned. "We made a little person."

Rogue: "We did!" She felt the laughter bubble up inside her and her hands left his on her belly and went to his face. "We made a tiny person! An' it's real!" Rogue sat up enough to press her mouth happily to his.

Bobby: "It is," he mumbled, laughing and returned the kiss. "Love you, Anna Marie." Bobby moved his hand on her skin a bit, chasing the tiny movements.

Rogue: "Love you, Bobby Drake." Rogue sighed, happy to feel his tickling touch on her stomach, and settled back into the pillow. She winced a bit and shifted her hips to try and figure out the new feeling that had happened. The baby was still again, so maybe it just laid on a nerve or something.

Bobby: He frowned at the wince. "You okay, babe?" Bobby laid back down beside her, his hand still resting on her stomach although he hadn't felt anything else.

Rogue: "Yeah, Ah just think may... Ouch." Ouch? Her face contorted in pain and she instinctively rolled to her side and pulled her knees up. "No," she managed breathlessly through clenched teeth. "Ah'm not."

Bobby: "Y-you're not? Ouch what?" He bolted upright and sat on the edge of the bed. "What's hurting, babe?" He rubbed his hand over her back.

Rogue: Rogue's head was swimming and she let out a sob. No... Please no. Her hands were in clenched fists at her stomach and she was afraid to move, not wanting to make it worse, but she knew it was already too late. Tears were hot in her eyes from the amount of pain she was in and the terror from knowing why. "It had skin," she choked out. "It was stretchin'."

Bobby: "Whaaat?" Those statements meant nothing to Bobby in the panic of the moment. "Imma get the docs, okay? We'll be okay, babe." Fuck fuck FUCK! Bobby tried to keep his voice calm and slid off the bed, squeezing her shoulder. "I'll be right back."

Rogue: He left and she rolled enough to be lying on top of her pulled up knees, face buried in the pillow so she wouldn't wake the kids with her sobbing. She could feel the warm blood pooling around her feet, the pain that felt like someone was trying to rip her stomach open from the inside, the languid stillness of a womb in her mind. They weren't going to be okay. It was too late for that.

Bobby: Why was Pietro's house so damn big?! And dark, and he couldn't see in the dark. That would have been a handy power as he crashed into a few things and debated shifting to vapor to get to the lab faster.

Bobby: Soon enough, he was there and slammed into the door before he opened it. "Fu- A- Rogue! Help!"

Harvey: Harvey tipped backwards off his chair in surprise and looked at the doorway upside down, "Wha- Motherfuckerthathurt. What happened?" He got to his feet.

Heather: Heather caught the papers Harvey had nearly dragged with him when he toppled over and pushed them back onto the desk, turning to look at Bobby.

Viper: Viper didn't look up from her microscope because she was probably the last person he wanted help from... but she listened.

Bobby: Bobby fought to catch his breath and speak past his panic. "R-Rogue. The baby. She's... s-something is wrong. Super wrong."

Harvey: Harvey exchanged looks with Heather and dove into the nearest tap to get to Rogue faster.

Heather: "Tell me exactly what happened." Heather moved to the back of the lab, an area no longer used, and pulled out some boxes to gather things they might need.

Viper: Viper sat up in her chair and looked between Bobby and the door in two minds.

Bobby: "S-s-she... it was m-moving." Bobby took another breath to try to get the words out. "E-everything seemed fine... then all of a sudden she said it hurt and started crying... something about its skin..." He shook his head.

Heather: Heather nodded, "Her powers..." she picked up a few more items and headed for the door, "Harvey's already with her but there's not much he can do without help so let's go."

Harvey: Harvey exited the plumbing in the en suite and flicked lights on to see what he was walking into, "Rogue?"

Rogue: Rogue's sob choked in her throat and she tried to be very still. Where was Bobby? Why did it hurt? With effort she was able to turn her head enough to speak. "Here," she forced out around another sob.

Bobby: Bobby just nodded and moved past her to hold the door. "The kids are in there... Rip didn't want to sleep in another room yet... so I-I'll have to get them out... in case..."

Viper: Viper slid off her chair and followed them in silence on the way back to the room.

Harvey: "How're you doing?" He moved around beside her, "Bobby's on his way back with Heather," he kept his voice low because kids and attempting to not stress Rogue out further.

Rogue: "Ah don't know. Take th' kids out, Harvey. Please." Rogue swallowed hard and took a shaky breath. She wasn't used to pain.

Harvey: "I'll get them out when there's someone here to sit with you, they're still sleeping right now." He reached to rub her back over the blanket, "They'll be here soon." They better be.

Rogue: Rogue hissed through her teeth at the touch. Even though it was through the blanket, it was too close. But she couldn't pull away from it, either.

Bobby: Bobby turned back to say something to Heather and spotted Viper. As much as he wanted to snap, now wasn't the time.

Harvey: "Rogue, do you mind if I have a look under the blanket?" He was going to look anyway but it was better to ask first...

Rogue: "There's nothin' t' see," she mumbled. "Just blood."

Viper: Harvey: Oy. "That's what I want to check on..." he looked at the door in the hope that someone would appear before gently lifting the blanket.

Rogue: Rogue turned her face back into the pillow when she felt the covers being lifted from her. Closing her eyes helped but also made it worse. Her arms stiffened around her middle, where they were trapped between her knees and her stomach, trying desperately to keep hold on her baby.

Bobby: Fucking finally, they were there. Pietro's house was too big. He opened the door and saw Harvey and Anna on the bed. The room smelled of blood and he felt his stomach drop. "I-Imma get Rip," he mumbled, heading for his daughter before she woke up to this chaos. She'd already seen too much in her short life.

Harvey: Harvey shared another look with Heather before moving out of the way for her and going to get the baby. "We can take them to Pietro. He won't mind."

Heather: Heather took Harvey's place on the bed and, after applying gloves and with well practised hands, slipped a blood pressure cuff on Rogue's arm. "Rogue, I need you to talk to me. Tell me exactly what you're feeling. I know it's painful but it's important..."

Rogue: Rogue heard Bobby's voice and was glad they were taking the babies out. Too much had happened and too much was happening right now. She wasn't sure she would be able to focus on helping if they woke up with questions. Someone else was speaking to her and she forced her mind out of the still womb and turned her head again. Through bleary eyes, she saw Heather. "What?"

Heather: She gave Rogue a soft smile, "Tell me what you're feeling. I need to know." Once the children were gone she started moving the blankets aside and accepted the towels Viper brought in with a quiet thank you.

Rogue: "Like..." She took another shaky breath and closed her eyes tight, trying to focus past the pain. "Like an extra in Alien 'cept from th' womb instead o' th' chest." There were no words that could describe this pain in a medical way. None. She knew them all and none of them worked.

Heather: "Okay... and besides the pain... do you feel anything else? Any lightheaddedness?" She gently tried to get Rogue to uncurl as she spoke.

Rogue: It was really hard to think past the pain. Every time she tried, she realized she would rather feel the pain if she had to choose. Rogue felt Heather trying to straighten her out, but she couldn't. She even tried to help, but it was like she was stuck like this. Her jaw was clenched and she took a slow deep breath and forced herself to roll onto her side at least. "Th' womb."

Bobby: Rip was drowsy, but she was no fool. She knew something was up, but settled quickly enough with uncle Pietro after he promised to come get her as soon as he could. On the way back, he ran a shaky hand through his hair. It was getting too long again and starting to curl. "It's bad, isn't it?" he asked Harvey quietly.

Harvey: He couldn't really lie to the guy... for one thing, he was terrible at it. "It's not looking good... I'm sorry..."

Heather: "Okay... does your mutation stop pain management from working?"

Rogue: "Ah'm not supposed t' feel any pain." After much effort, she was able to uncurl her knees from her chest a bit.

Bobby: "Yeah," he sighed. "Figures." Bobby shook his head and took a deep breath before he went back into the room. He looked at the bed and swallowed, moving over to crouch by the side of the bed and reach for Anna's hand.

Heather: "Right... but if I gave you something would your mutation clear it out so fast it wouldn't be worth it?" While she spoke she was already taking out syringes, vials and, just in case, an inhibitor they kept around for emergencies.

Rogue: Rogue felt fingers around hers and looked towards the owner with her eyes. Bobby. He shouldn't be here for this. He shouldn't have to see this. "Ah'm so sorry," she managed as the tears started again. Heather's voice cut through her consciousness and she blinked. "Ah, um, Ah have an extremely high resistance t' things."

Heather: "Then you tell me when you feel it working, alright?" She gently prepped Rogue's arm then filled the syringe. "Sharp scratch..." The things you said from force of habit... she rolled her eyes at herself.

Bobby: "You don't have anything to be sorry for, babe." Bobby gave her a tense smile and squeezed her hand. He was absolutely useless here, but he'd done this to her.

Rogue: "Nothin' c'n pierce... Ah need..." What did she need? She needed to not know what the inside of a womb felt like. Of her womb. Her eyes searched for Bobby again. "Y' shouldn't... Y' need t'..." Rogue's eyes were burning and she closed them before the tears could fall again. "Mah powers."

Viper: "You'll need the inhibitor. The needle won't pierce her skin..." Viper clarified, keeping her voice low like the others to hopefully not cause too much freaking out.

Heather: Heather sighed and reached for the cuff, "I hate these things..."

Bobby: Bobby's head jerked toward Viper, but the woman was right. "Me too, but use it," he said, voice rough.

Rogue: She winced at Viper's voice, body tensing again, but there was nothing she could do to protect anyone right now. Rogue's fingers tightened on Bobby's hand. "Ah don't." Maybe turning her powers off would be a good thing. Another reason she wished there was some sort of cure.

Heather: Heather clipped the cuff into place and slid the needle under Rogue's skin, slowly starting to push the pain relief, "Say when... we need you conscious... Don't mind Harvey..."

Harvey: Harvey had now donned gloves and was working on maneuvering Rogue onto some dry towels with Viper's help. This was going to be a long night.

Rogue: Rogue involuntarily tried to jerk away from the people touching and grabbing her, but didn't have the strength anymore. The world was starting to swim in colors and she squeezed Bobby's hand tight. "Stop. Stop. Ah don't like that. Stop it." Not being in control of her mind and body was terrifying her. And drawing her into the womb in her psychic plane.

Rogue: Tears were streaming down both sides of her face as she weakly shook her head from side to side. "Stop please."

Bobby: "An-" That time, he barely stopped himself. "Dollface, it's okay. They're helping you, babe. I won't let anyone hurt you." He moved with her, trying to help and keep her focused on him while Harvey and fuckin' Viper moved her. God, life was weird.

Heather: Heather paused with the drugs for now, watching Viper and Harvey for moments in between checking Rogue's vitals the 'old fashioned' way. "Keep talking to her," she told Bobby, "Comfort her while we do what we need to do..."

Viper: Viper took the blanket off one of the children's beds because it was dry and put it over Rogue to keep her warm and so she couldn't look down and see what was going on.

Rogue: Her head stopped moving so she could focus on Bobby's face, but she couldn't see him. Just the outline of him. The rest was foggy and a blur. "Bobby... Ah'm so sorry. Ah did it..."

Rogue: A heavy weight fell onto her chest and she sucked in a quick breath, trying to get it off without letting go of Bobby's hand. Which ended up just pulling the blanket up over her shoulders, causing her to growl in frustration. First she killed her baby, now she couldn't even take off a fucking blanket?! "Fuckin'... Thing..."

Bobby: "Nothing to be sorry for, babe. Just... listen to me, 'kay? That's just a blanket. You gotta just try to be still, and we'll be okay." Her eyes looked unfocused and he wasn't sure if it was the drugs and pain or something worse. Bobby shot a worried look at Heather, and at the other two near the foot of the bed.

Heather: "I'm not worried, yet," Heather told Bobby, "She's doing okay..."

Harvey: Harvey had different concerns at the moment as he was peeling off Rogue's sodden clothing. He would rather it be Heather working beside him and Viper at the other end of the bed but it was probably better this way around because Heather had a less abrupt bedside manner.

Rogue: "Too heavy." Her shoulders wiggled again and she whined when she closed her eyes, immediately opening them again. "Y' need t' go..." Rogue squeezed Bobby's hand to get him to look at her. "Ah don't want y' t' see this. Please."

Bobby: He nodded at Heather, then looked back to Anna. "Nooo, babe. My place is here with you." Bobby kissed her fingers, then leaned in to kiss her sweaty forehead, too.

Heather: "Shh, he can't see anything, sweetheart. That's what the blanket's for... and you need to stay warm, okay?" Heather looked to Harvey for an update.

Harvey: Harvey shook his head, they didn't have the right drugs to help this along either so it was all up to Rogue with as much assistance as they could give her. Fucking apocalypse.

Rogue: "Not that. Yes that, but not that. He needs t' go. Make 'im go." She was suddenly in pain all over again and she clenched her jaw tight to muffle the scream that wanted to come out. All she wanted to do was curl back up into a ball. Like the psyche had been.

Heather: "If you were in his place, would you leave?" Heather countered, "Let him be here for you..." it might be a stretch to use logic here but she was going to try because maybe it would result in enough confusion that it'd work anyway.

Bobby: "He, who, babe?" She was out of it, so he wondered if she even knew she was talking to him.

Rogue: "You! Don't watch this. Y' already lost two... Don't watch," she begged as her head shifted back to him. "Go."

Bobby: Oh. Bobby frowned and leaned in close to whisper in her ear. "I'm not watching, but I'm not leaving. Anna, I love you. I'm staying with you."

Rogue: Rogue's breath hitched in a sob and then the pain came again. Her hand clenched on his and she pushed up to her elbows as she cried out, wanting the pain to stop. After a moment, she fell back onto the pillow and took her hand from his, pressing the heels of her hands into her eyes. "Ah'm so sorry, baby. Ah'm so sorry."

Harvey: Sometimes, Harvey really questioned his decision to go into doctoring. Today was one of those times. At least he had a quiet and competent assistant. He worked quickly and tried not to think too hard about things as he passed off the tiny bundle to Viper and another waiting towel. Where was she getting all of these?

Viper: Viper wrapped the towel out of sight and decided it was time to get some fluids for everyone and allow herself a moment to school her features before she came back.

Bobby: Feeling less than helpless, Bobby looked at Harvey and Viper questioningly and swallowed when he realized what they were doing. "It's okay," he said, trying to convince himself, too, as he bent back to Anna. His eyes were stinging but now was not the time.

Bobby: Part of him wanted to go after Viper and demand she give him the baby... who knew what the fuck she could do to it. But then... she was just as stuck here as the rest of them now, so what was the point?

Rogue: It wasn't okay. She was a monster. Rogue brought her hands down and slowly opened her eyes, realizing finally what just happened. "Where is he?" She pushed to her elbows again and looked at all of them in turn through her tears. "Where is he," she asked again, a little more panicky.

Heather: "Rogue, you need to listen to me right now... you're not finished yet," she swallowed, keeping her tone as measured as she could, "He... will be brought back to you but you have a little more to go before you can hold him..." she glanced at Harvey, "Just a little longer..."

Bobby: "Listen to Heather, babe." He? Bobby looked at Harvey questioningly at Anna's assertion. "W-we'll get to see him.." Which he honestly wasn't sure he wanted to, but Anna was panicky, so he'd do it.

Rogue: "Ah don't want to." She laid back down and shook her head, "Ah don't want to. This is a nightmare an' Ah wanna wake up. Ah don't wanna do anything else."

Heather: "I know... I know..." Heather rubbed Rogue's leg soothingly, "But you have to do this... you need to..."

Harvey: Harvey gave Bobby a very small nod at the questioning look. The whole thing sucked.

Bobby: Bobby closed his eyes. How did Anna know? Her powers? How did the baby know what it was?! Opening his eyes with a sigh, he sat on the bed beside her in a slightly less awkward position. "Would it help her to lean against me?"

Heather: "It might," she nodded, "Let's try and sit you up a little bit..." she addressed Rogue, "Lean against Bobby, he'll help you... the rest of the way..."

Rogue: What rest of the way? What in the world was she talking about? Their baby was dead. What more did the world want from her? Rogue let them manipulate her until she was leaning against Bobby.

Rogue: The feel of his arms made her feel safe and she was about to start crying until another pain happened. Her fingers dug into his forearms as she struggled to sit up and push against the pain. And just as suddenly as it came, it was gone, and she sagged against him again.

Bobby: Bobby wanted to cry himself as he held her, kissing her through her hair and trying to whisper encouragement and comforting words to her. He had no fucking clue what he was saying.

Harvey: Harvey wanted his assistant back but she was busy so he had to deal with the next part himself, covering the bowl to examine once he'd cleaned up a little.

Rogue: All Rogue wanted was for everyone to go away and leave her with Bobby by themselves. She felt sticky from the waist down, woozy from the waist up, and like she was in a cocoon of her own making from head to toe. She winced and tried to roll on her side to curl into Bobby more and hide from everyone else. She wanted to hide from even him, but he wouldn't leave when she told him to.

Viper: Viper liked Pietro's house. It had useful stuff like dumb waiters and little wheely trollies for when you had too much to carry for one pair of hands. She came back with a basin of warm water, fresh dry towels and some washcloths. She also had a full tea pot, mugs, sugar and milk. She put her hand on Harvey's shoulder and gave it a gentle squeeze in silent offer to take over.

Harvey: Harvey was glad for the reprieve and the appearance of tea. Sure, he didn't need to drink it, but sometimes the act was comforting. First though... the contents of the bowl while Viper cleaned up.

Heather: Heather gave Viper a grateful smile for the appearance of the trolley. "Ah, just what all the doctors would have ordered if they'd been asked..."
Bobby: Greeted with the absolutely absurd image of Viper with a cart of tea and other shit, Bobby opted to ignore her, tightening his arms around Anna and murmuring to her quietly.

Rogue: Rogue tried to focus on her breathing but all that did was remind her of the fact that her baby wasn't breathing, so she tilted her head back to look up at Bobby, focusing on the stubble growing under his chin. "Ah love you. Ah'm sorry."

Heather: Whipping off her gloves, Heather took charge of the tea, offering some to Bobby and setting a heavily sugared cup down beside the bed for Rogue. "For the shock," she clarified, "You don't have to like it but it might help..."

Viper: Viper methodically worked to clean Rogue up in silence while Harvey started gathering all the soiled towels to dispose of. They'd need to move Rogue to a different bed when she was ready.

Bobby: Bobby needed something else for the shock, but he just nodded at Heather. "I love you, too," he whispered, tipping his head sideways so he could almost see her. "You don't have anything to apologize for. I'm just glad you're okay."

Rogue: Rogue frowned at him. He didn't get it. She rolled as much as she could towards whatever it was Heather was talking about. "Ah like tea. So long as it's got sugar, Ah ain't gonna complain." The problem was, could she sit up to drink it? And then, would she keep it down?

Rogue: Rogue belatedly realized she was feeling warm wet between her thighs again and started to panic until she looked and saw the wet cloths Viper was holding. Which should be cause for panic as well, but for now, she wasn't going to question it.

Heather: "Yes, there's sugar, it'll help to stop that horrible shakey woozy feeling you have right now." She crossed the room to collect some pillows to help prop Rogue up. "When you feel up to it, we'll get you some clean clothes and a fresh bed, alright?"

Rogue: She nodded numbly and forced herself to push up for the pillows. Rogue weakly reached for the inhibitor. "C'n this come off yet? Ah need mah powers right now."

Heather: Heather put her hand over the inhibitor, "I would love to say yes... but I want you to keep it on for a few days. You'll need to be on some painkillers while your body comes to terms with what's happened and dosages will be easier to manage without having to factor in your powers. Is that okay?"

Harvey: Harvey cleared his throat so he didn't startle anyone by suddenly talking, "We'll also need to do a scan at some point to make sure everything's progressing as it should..."

Bobby: Well, he'd said something wrong. Bobby ran his hand through his hair and sat up a little more, still staying behind her for support.

Viper: Viper had cleaned up as best as she could given the general state of the sheets, other towels and Rogue's remaining clothing. She slid a couple of fresh dry towels under her so she could stay cleanish and tucked the blanket properly around her legs to keep her warm. Then she took off her own gloves and went to get her own cup of tea.

Rogue: Rogue glared at the inhibitor then at Heather. "You don't get it either." She rolled away from them and closed her eyes. Just make it go away. She needed to put him in a box and make him go away.

Heather: "Then explain it to me..." Heather said gently, "I can't help you unless you tell me what's the matter."

Rogue: "Y' cain't help me. Ah gotta do it mahself." Rogue curled up slowly, wincing at the pain the effort to do so brought on. There was no way in hell she wanted to say out loud what she needed to do.

Bobby: "Babe, if you need the drugs, can your powers wait?" He was guessing what she was talking about now, having put the bits together. She'd absorbed a baby. Her own baby. His baby. "Or... if you took it off for a while, would that help? And then you can put the inhibitor back on so they can give you some meds?"

Rogue: "Ah shouldn't even need th' drugs! Ah shouldn't be in any kind o' pain!" She buried her head in Bobby's pillow since that was where she was now. None of this should have happened though. She shouldn't have been able to touch Bobby, she shouldn't have been able to get pregnant. And now look what had happened to them.

Heather: "I've often found..." Heather said softly, "That mutations that dampen pain or make a person resistant to injury work just fine on injuries... less so on internal pain from health complications. Pain is your body's way of telling you that something is wrong. If you can't feel it you don't know something needs fixing..."

Rogue: "Fine. Just... Go away." She bit her lip and realized belatedly that she could bleed now. Rogue licked it off bitterly. "Please," she added, hoping it would make them leave faster.

Heather: Heather exchanged another look with Harvey before getting up.

Harvey: "We'll get another room set up for you and come help you move over there in a little while... if you need anything - more painkillers, food, whatever... just press the intercom and James will let us know." Harvey put the last of the used towels on the trolley with the other things they were going to have to get out of sight and started for the door.

Bobby: Bobby rubbed her back as she hid, a little wary she might lash out at him, too, at any time. He looked up at Harvey and Heather and gave them a helpless shrug. "Thank you... for everything. We'll... I-I'll let you know..." If and when she fell asleep he'd go talk to them. He gave them a faint smile.

Rogue: Rogue was torn between rolling further away from Bobby or pushing back into him, so just stayed still. And then what Harvey said registered. "Ah need mah son," she said quietly. Alive.

Harvey: Harvey paused at the door and looked at Viper, "Uh..."

Viper: "I'll get him..." Viper put her tea down. She'd get that when she came back up.

Bobby: "I'll go with." He wanted to keep an eye on Viper, and this seemed the best way. "Can you guys stay with her for a minute until I get back?" He rubbed Anna's back again and leaned to kiss her shoulder.

Harvey: Harvey looked at the pile of laundry he was trying to push out into the hall and pulled a face.

Heather: "I'll stay here..." Heather pulled the other end of the trolley to get it over the threshold and into the hall. "Unless you want me to deal with that?"

Harvey: "Noooo, I've got it..." Harvey shook his head. No bonfires in his snow playground!

Rogue: "Ah'm fine," she said numbly, not even moving when Bobby's lips touched her shoulder.

Heather: "I know. But I'm staying for Bobby's peace of mind anyway," Heather told her. Her tone was soft but firm.

Bobby: "I know. We're always fine." He sighed and got up to follow Viper.

Rogue: "Yeah..." But what else could she be? She had to be fine for everyone else.

Viper: Viper led the way back down through the mansion to the kitchen in silence. She wasn't sure what she was supposed to say and the sort of things she used to say would probably not be appropriate... or maybe he would expect that and appreciate it in a weird way? Ugh. People were still confusing.

Bobby: The fuck did he have to say to the woman who helped kill his first wife and his friends and made him homeless? Bobby kept his eye on her as they trailed through the dark house in awkward silence. Then, he cleared his throat. "T-he zombie... thing," he swallowed, willing the catch in his throat away. "W-was the b-baby dead o-or..."

Viper: Viper stopped walking and bowed her head a little as her eyes closed and she took a breath to steady herself. Of course he would ask... but she wasn't ready. After a moment, she cleared her throat and decided to try and answer the question and any follow up all at once, "He is dead..."

Bobby: Bobby opened his mouth to question her further, but then decided he didn't want to know. Instead, he just nodded.

Viper: She was relieved that he didn't ask anything else and carried on walking... not as fast as she wanted to because she wanted this to be over as fast as possible but...

Viper: Finally they reached the kitchen and she went to the door to the cellar but paused, "Wait here..."

Bobby: "Why?" His eyes narrowed in suspicion. Granted, she'd already had time to take samples or do fuck knows what to the baby, but he certainly wasn't gonna just let her swan off alone when he was right here. "I'm coming with you."

Viper: Uuugh. Xavier's children would never trust her. She didn't blame them but it sure was a pain in the ass. "Fine..." there was no point in arguing. She opened the door and started down the steps into the darkness. She really needed to talk to Pietro about installing a light at the top of the stairs for people that didn't heal fast.

Bobby: Nothing like following a terrorist into a dark basement during a zombie apocalypse to retrieve your dead son. Bobby rubbed his eyes and tried to focus on not just throwing himself down the stairs.

Viper: Viper flicked the first set of lights on at the bottom of the stairs, going to the table that she and James had set up down there for their 'wine tasting' evenings. On it sat a small box with a tiny blanket-wrapped bundle inside.

Bobby: He looked around. Wine cellar. Huh. Bobby was trying to not look at the box for as long as possible, but finally moved in and looked down. So small. He winced, closing his eyes and clenching his fists.

Viper: Viper gently lifted the bundle from the box, "Would you like to hold him? .... You don't have to...."

Bobby: Bobby wasn't sure he wanted to, but Viper holding his child made him want to punch things. Possibly her. "Yeah," he ground out, moving awkwardly to take the infant. "It, uh, would be better if I j-just take him to her."

Viper: Viper nodded, passing him the baby, "I understand... I know none of you want me here..."

Bobby: The baby weighed nothing. It was hard to tell he was holding a child, and all of Anna's hopes and dreams. He sighed. Paige had miscarried, more than once, so this wasn't a new situation for him. Unfuckingfortunately. He gave Viper a look for the guilt trip.

Viper: She blinked at him, not sure what that look was for. "Do you need a moment or are you ready to go back up?"

Bobby: "I'm ready." He licked his lips and started to speak, but instead shook his head and started for the stairs.

Viper: She watched him most of the way up to where she knew the kitchen lights would reach before she turned off the lights and followed him up.

Bobby: Creepy. Bobby paused at the top of the stairs and waited for her to come up.

Viper: She closed the door behind her and pushed a hand through her hair, "I'm sorry this happened to you and Rogue..." she told him, "I would offer to help with anything you need but I know you don't want my help... the offer is there anyway..."

Bobby: A little surprised, Bobby blinked. "Thanks." He frowned, glanced down at the bundle in his arms and then quickly away. "I-I do appreciate the help... earlier." Swallowing, he decided to leave it at that and turned to go back to Anna.

Viper: She nodded, "I'll... leave you with Heather and Harvey and go back to the lab..." Then they didn't have to see her anymore. She'd just hide there. "You don't need an escort back to your room."

Bobby: Not sure what to say, Bobby just gave her a jerky nod and started back.

Viper: Viper followed him out of the kitchen but they split up at the stairs, she crossed the hall to take the stairs down to the lab. She was wishing, not for the first time, that she'd had access to her own lab instead of borrowing someone else's. There was so much more she could have perhaps done to help.

Bobby: Outside the bedroom door, Bobby took a deep breath, still unwilling to look too closely at the bundle in his arms. He closed his eyes for a moment, then went in. Anna was still curled in a ball. "Thanks... for staying with her," he said.

Heather: Heather gave him a small smile, looking behind him briefly for Viper. She guessed she'd probably gone into hiding so she went to pick up the abandoned mug, before she left, "I'll go and make a start on a fresh room for you both and knock when it's ready..."

Rogue: Rogue tensed a bit at Bobby's voice, afraid to look towards him. If he was back he either had their son or... She didn't want to think about the other option. She sniffed and pulled a hand out from under the pillow to swipe her eyes with the heel of it. "Could y' check on Rip and Zach, too? Let 'em know Ah'm okay? An' everythin's fine. If they're still awake..." Her voice was small and rough, so she hoped Heather heard, but couldn't bring herself to say it again if she hadn't.

Heather: "Of course I can," she gave the lump on the bed that was Rogue a small smile, even if she couldn't see her, "Rest now. If you need anything else at all, don't hesitate to let one of us know. Doesn't matter what time it is. We don't sleep."

Bobby: Bobby nodded at Heather and waited for her to clear out and close the door before he went to the bed and sat on the edge. "Anna," he started, his own voice rough.

Rogue: Rogue finally let go of her control and felt the hot tears stream down her face. She slowly pushed to sit up, still not able to look at Bobby. "Ah'm so sorry," she managed in a whisper. "Ah didn't mean to."

Bobby: "Babe, I know. It's not your fault." He looked at her, still clutching the tiny bundle to his chest. "This... kind of shit happens, to everyone. Not just mutants. I get it... your powers, but that's not something you can control. It's just... it just is."

Rogue: She finished settling herself against the pillows and finally looked over at Bobby. Rogue saw he was holding a small bundle and her breath caught in her chest and she gnawed on her lower lip. He was so ...tiny. "Is... Does..." She wasn't even sure what she wanted to know. Everything? Nothing? He was real. Carefully, she raised a shaky hand to pull back the blanket with one finger. "Did... Can..." She still couldn't figure out which question would be the right one.

Bobby: Bobby gave her a sad smile and scooted closer. "You want to hold him?"

Rogue: Her eyes jerked up to Bobby's face, terrified. "Ah don't know that he'd want me to. Ah did this t' him..."

Bobby: "Not on purpose, Anna Doll. You love him... you're still his mother." He tried to give her a reassuring smile, blinking back his own tears.

Rogue: Rogue let out a shaky breath and then nodded. "Ah do. Ah love 'im so much..." She held out her hands, not sure how to hold something so tiny. He fit in just one of Bobby's hands. "What happens now?"

Bobby: "I know you do." Bobby carefully moved over, offering her the bundle. "We just... keep going, yeah? It's... what we do..."

Rogue: Rogue held him tenderly and had to set him gently in her lap so she could look at him. Slowly, she unwrapped him and counted his fingers and toes, then wrapped him back up and just stared at him. "He's real..."

Rogue: She laid her head on Bobby's shoulder, still looking at their baby lying on her legs. "What should we call 'im? How do we b-" her voice caught and she took a second to try and regain her composure, "How do we bury him?"

Bobby: "I'm sure... the others... t-they'll help." Bobby closed his eyes and took her hand. So small and thin, with transparent skin and overlarge eyes, Bobby couldn't look for too long. "What do you want to call him?"

Rogue: "We never got t' talk 'bout names... Didn't have time."

Rogue: She closed her eyes, too, but had a hand resting over the baby's tiny legs to make sure it didn't go anywhere. Not that it could. One hand was wrapped up, warm, in the hand of the man she loved, the other was exposed and cold, touching the baby she had wanted so badly and then killed. The juxtaposition of them made her throat constrict. Was she ever meant to have happiness in its entirety?

Bobby: "No, but... d-do you want to give him a name?" He wasn't sure if it made it better or worse. Once, Paige's had been early. The other time, the pregnancy was further along, like this, but the hospital just called her 'Baby Drake,' and that was that.

Rogue: "He's in mah head, Bobby... He needs a name." She opened her eyes and lifted her head to look down at the tiny baby again. Rogue studied his features for a long moment and the ghost of a watery smile graced her lips. "Henry Owen." She brought a finger up to trace the shape of his cheek. "He looks like mah daddy... An' Ah'd like t' think Hank coulda saved him. Maybe. He saved us enough times."

Bobby: "Henry Owen it is, then," he said, unable to see a resemblance to anyone. Bobby turned his head and kissed her temple. "Maybe he could have... coulda quested for Twinkies for him..."

Rogue: That made her smile and she turned to look in Bobby's eyes for the first time since she'd felt their baby moving. "Ah hope he's okay. If not, Ah know he'll take good care o' his namesake." Rogue chewed her lip for a minute as she studied his face. "Ah'm sorry Ah cain't be a mom..."

Bobby: "Anna, babe, I told you, it's not your fault." He leaned in and gave her a soft kiss on the mouth, then pulled back to look at her. "I love you, and I'm sure he'll be well taken care of..." wherever he was.

Rogue: "Ah love you, too." She knew they would never agree about her blaming herself, so she let it drop for now. She didn't have the energy to fight with him. Rogue looked back down at their baby, "Should his last name be Drake even though we ain't married?" That was something she'd never thought about before, but if he had a first and middle, he might as well have a last name, too.

Bobby: "Do you want it to be?" He shifted enough to watch her face as she stared at the dead child. "I'm okay with it, or we can use yours. Or add yours..."

Rogue: "Ah'd like it if he had y'r name." She looked back up at Bobby with a small smile. "Ah'd like t' think that if th' world were dif'rent Ah mighta had it at some point. Maybe in some alternate universe."

Bobby: "Okay. Henry Owen Drake." He sighed and brushed his finger over the tiny hand. After a moment, he looked back at her with an answering smile. "Might still be someday, in this world, if ya want..."

Rogue: For the first time since she started feeling the pain earlier that night, she felt color come to her cheeks. "Ah think that's up t' you an' Ripley whether y' want me'r not..."

Bobby: "Of course I want you, and Ripley loves you, too." He grinned, glad he'd given her something to think about other than this nightmare. "I might have a hard time finding a ring, buuut..."

Rogue: "Don't y' dare propose t' me right now." She was smiling at the thought of it, but couldn't fathom it at the same time. Not with the corpse of their child in her lap.

Bobby: "Nooo, that's not what I meant. Not now. I'm not that bad at romance, babe," he laughed a little.

Rogue: "Y're still better at it than me." A thought occurred to her. "Ah gave th' seal o' approval f'r both Lorna an' Paige's rings, but Ah cain't give y' a seal o' approval f'r one f'r me. Who y' gonna get t' do that?"

Bobby: "Ripley. So watch out." He gave her a wink.

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Re: What if...? Another Zombie Apocalypse!

Post by Esynthia » Thu Dec 17, 2020 7:27 am

Jean: She had to pee. Again. Jean had to use her teke to keep herself from overbalancing as she put Jamie's mother's heavy cookware away. The zombie apocalypse hadn't changed things much in BFE Kansas, which had made it the perfect destination when things started to go to hell on the east coast.

Jean: Getting here had been an adventure. They'd lost some dupes along the way, but they'd made it, just as she was realizing that she'd missed her period. At first, Jean had chalked it up to stress, but she had gotten off the pill not long after their wedding. Great timing.

Jean: Jean straightened back up with a groan and leaned against the kitchen counter. In a moment, she'd have to float to the bathroom, but right now she was exhausted and the baby was kicking and her back hurt and OMG stop kicking!

Jamie: Jamie kicked the edge of the concrete back step with the side of his boot, trying to knock enough snow and muck off to at least step in the door and take them off. He knew better than to traipse that through the house. Not only had his mom taught him better, but Jean had a thing about pig shit. Wonder why? It wasn't like she ever had to deal with it.

Jamie: Finally, after absorbing the tenth dupe from kicking, he grumbled and just opened the door, taking one off to step into the kitchen, then the other while balancing on the socked foot on the mat. "So, I think we may have another round of piglets soon!" He set the boots on the tray just inside the door and leaned against it once he closed it.

Jamie: Jamie grinned at his beautiful wife and reached up to rub his palm in a circle on the tip of his nose to warm it up. "You look so beautiful, Jeannie."

Jean: Jean heard Jamie coming in as he made plenty of noise. It was a good thing zombies were rare and they'd built fences and walls, and booby traps and Jamie himself was a one-man militia to watch out for the undead.

Jean: She'd always retained her sense of which Jamie was Jamie Prime, along with their link. She turned slowly to face him, her hand on her huge stomach. "Flattery is what got us here," she smirked, rubbing her belly and feeling a foot strike her palm.

Jamie: Jamie's grin grew into a full-on smile and he padded the short distance to lean down and kiss her. "Flattery gets me everywhere. I learned that with you a long time ago, babe."

Jamie: He popped down into a squat and took her belly between his hands to give it a kiss as well. "And how are you today, munchkin? Mommy keeping you nice and cozy?" He looked up at Mommy from where he was and smiled, "She's okay, right? And you're okay? We're still doing good here?"

Jean: He was absolutely right, since all her irritation melted away when he kissed her stomach. Jean ran her fingers through his messy hair. "Well, she - or he - is on my bladder, so I have to pee, but otherwise I think I'm just having those fake contractions."

Jamie: "Oh! Well, here!" He stood and carefully scooped her up, bridal style. "You should stay off your feet to make those stop. To the bathroom!" Jamie gave her a grin and headed towards the master suite. Full grown mama pigs were heavier than Jean. Not that carrying those every day was a thing. Shut up. Link. Not that she's a pig. EVER. Shit.

Jean: "Jamie!" Jean giggled when he scooped her up. "I can float, you know," she protested, but in truth she'd never get tired of him doing that. She looped her arms around his neck and snuggled into him, even though he was still cold and smelled kinda sweaty and live-stocky.

Jean: Her giggles intensified when she felt him panic. "Mama pig, huh?"

Jamie: "What?! No! No, you're not that! I'm pretty sure I didn't think that at all. EVER." DAMMIT. SHUT. UP. Jamie cleared his throat and gave her a weak grin and a chuckle. "I love you?"

Jean: "You are so lucky I love you, too," she giggled, shaking her head. After a moment, she gave a delicate oink in his ear.

Jamie: Okay, that tickled. His head twitched on his neck as he laughed. "You totally would make a super cute pig, though. You would be the pinkest pig who ever pigged." Jamie nudged the bathroom door open and lifted the lid to the toilet with his foot before setting her gently on her feet in front of it. "Your throne, your majesty."

Jean: "Like Miss Piggy, but with red hair?" She snerked a little and played with his hair. As he set her down, Jean took a moment to balance herself, hand back on her stomach as she stifled her giggles. "I think I can take it from here, thanks."

Jamie: "Ew, no. She's horrible. Like, the most diva who ever diva...ed. Awful pig. I bet she never gets laid." He looked from her to the toilet and back again. "Okaaaay... But if you need help wiping, just yell," he slowly backed out the door, hand on the knob. "I'llmakesuretosendoneofthesheepinsteadofme," Jamie rambled out hastily with a bright grin, then shut the door before she could make out his one long word.

Jean: "Also that'd make you a frog," she pointed out absently, already occupied looking at herself in the mirror. Holy fuck she was huge. Due dates were kind of hard to calculate with no medical help, but she felt like she could pop any moment.

Jean: Just a moment later, she caught what he was saying and his amusement with himself. You never know, I might like that!

Jamie: "Frogs become princes," he called through the door and went to flop on their bed, exhausted from the long day. What did pigs become? He stared up at the ceiling fan that was only good for collecting dust until he could figure out how to run the generator for more than necessity electronics and power. Sure was dirty. Pigs got dirty. Hmm. Yeah, he had nothing. If you like sheep, then I think I may have to throw my mom's Bible at you.

Jean: Wool gets me hot, she responded, smirking to herself. Her prince was still trying to think of a better comeback when Jean finished a few minutes later and waddled out to slowly sit down on the edge of the bed.

Jamie: Jamie grinned at his bride and sat up to help her sit down. "All better, babe? Do you need to lie down for a bit? I can rub your feet." Or other things. But he didn't want to say that out loud in case she was in too much pain.

Jean: Sometimes, Jean wondered if he really couldn't remember she was a telepath, or if he just wanted her to think that. "My back hurts," she complained, lying down onto her back and rolling onto her side to face him since that was the only position that was reasonably comfortable now.

Jamie: "Then your back is what I will rub." He wiggled his fingers and shook his hands at his wrists to warm them up a bit since they were still a bit cold from outside. Jamie reached up under his own shirt to test the temperature on his stomach and he jerked back. Yeah, no. Over her clothes for now. He gave her a soft smile and laid down to snuggle close, reaching around her stomach and rubbing soft circles on her lower back.

Jean: Jean cuddled in close to him, her arm around his ribs. She brushed her nose against his. It was still a little cold, too, so she kissed it. Their link was a little dampened so that he wouldn't suffer (as much) from her mood swings and bizarre aches and pains, but since she was pretty comfy right now she removed the buffer to share her contentment.

Jamie: Jamie felt a warm wave of happy flood his brain and he grinned at her, stealing a kiss when she pulled back from his nose. "Ya know... I think we've got a pretty good set up here. Way better than anybody in Boston, for sure. We could totally ride this thing out for the rest of our lives just like this. Whaddya say?"

Jean: "What if everything goes back to normal and we don't know, because we're in the middle of nowheresville?" She returned the grin. "Isn't there a movie like that?"

Jamie: "Ha! Yeah! Blast from the Past! Great movie." He sighed dreamily and worked his way up her spine. "Man, I miss movies."

Jean: Jean did, too, but Jamie's fingers were magic and she groaned. Sooo good, she sent, forgetting all about lost cinema.

Jamie: "They were, weren't they? What was your favorite?" Jamie kissed her again. "Better yet, what was your least favorite?"

Jean: "Huh?" She had completely forgotten they were talking about movies and gave him a blank look and a blink until he hit a particularly sore spot and she made another embarrassingly pornographic noise.

Jamie: Oh. Oh he liked that noise. Jamie grinned and worked on that area some more. "Yeah? You like that, babe?"

Jean: "Yeeees," she hissed, meeting his eyes and suddenly very ridiculously turned on. This was how she got in this situation to begin with!

Jamie: "Good. Because I can totally do this allllll niiiight loooong." His grin ramped up as he worked out the knot. "I bet I could even work on it while you sit on my lap."

Jean: "I bet you could," she giggled. When she tried to move to make that happen, though, she remembered that she was as graceful as a turtle on its back right now. Then, the baby kicked her in the bladder. She winced.

Jamie: Jamie's grin changed meaning and his eyes lit up. He shuffled down the bed a bit to press dozens of quick, gentle kisses to where he'd felt the baby moving against his abdomen. "Hey, sweet baby girl. Daddy loves you! You're going to be so spoiled!" He paused and narrowed his eyes in thought. "Well... For the apocalypse anyway. But you won't know the difference, so it's okay!"

Jean: "Still might be a boy," she said, smiling down at her husband. "I can't really tell. I just get... something. So, like, I know there's a mind there, but it's still growing." Jean shrugged one shoulder and ran her fingers through his dark hair. Closing her eyes, she pulled him into the loop, letting him feel the baby as she did.

Jean: The baby was active now, kicking and squirming around in the small space. He knows your voice, she pointed out. Not even in the world yet and you're getting the kid all excited before bedtime.

Jamie: "Of course she does. She loves my voice just like Mommy. Isn't that right, ladybug?" He kissed at the lump that he hoped was a head and not a butt. Jamie ran his palm over Jean's belly and smiled softly up at her, "You feel that all the time? That's amazing!"

Jean: "I'm magic," she giggled, opening her eyes to look at him again. Jamie was going to be a wonderful dad, and despite her nervousness about this whole thing she knew there was nowhere else she'd rather be. She played with his hair, running her nails over his scalp. It was getting long again, and crazier than usual. Y'know, I read dark hair is the dominant gene. She gave him a pout in ginger.

Jamie: Jamie's eyes drifted closed at the nails on his scalp and he edged his neck longer minutely to press into them. "Well, if it's anything like most babies, it's going to be bald at first, so we don't have to worry about that just yet." His hand on her belly slid down over her hip and to her thigh, rolling onto his back, and gently urging her on top of him after he scootched up to be even with her head again.

Jean: "I wasn't bald," she protested. Of course, her mom had red hair, too. It was best not to think of her parents though... Jean gave herself a sad, which took a moment to shake off, with help from her hot husband's wandering hand. At least her family had been able to see them married before the world went to shit.

Jean: She appreciated the thought when he moved, but uncomfortable! Jean wriggled until she managed to sit up, straddling his hips. This worked nicely too, since she could run her hands over his chest and stomach.

Jamie: Jamie smiled up at her, propped himself up on both of their pillows, then reached around to continue to massage at that one spot on her back that made her groan. "I'm so glad you're not bald. Your hair is... Mmm."

Jean: "Well yeah, not now! But I meant when I was born! My mom said my hair was red." Her hair had grown almost to her ass, so she mostly kept it in a braid nowadays. She was game to repeat that groan and gave him a little wriggle, too. "My hair, your eyes," Jean decided with a nod. "Prettiest baby ever."

Jamie: "My hair, your eyes." He wriggled, too, and pressed harder into the knot with a grin. "Or just your hair and your eyes." Jamie's one hand stayed on that knot while the other moved up to massage right under where her bra pressed a line into her back from how heavy her breasts had gotten. Which, he was totally not complaining about. He'd never been a boob man, but damn.

Jean: Her eyes closed and she reached for the hem of her shirt. She thought she looked huge and ridiculous, but she knew he found it hot, so hey. Jean would allow him his masculine pride. Especially when he grinned at her like that. "Nuhuh. My hair, your eyes, your smile." She peeled off her shirt.

Jamie: Jamie beamed at her, letting his eyes take in every single inch of his gorgeous bride, growing their baby inside her. "You're so beautiful. I didn't think it was possible for me to find you more perfect until you became a mommy." He flicked his eyes up to her face, "I can't wait until I can watch you hold our baby. Sweat drenched and beaming with joy."

Jean: Jean was way less confident about her abilities there than he was, but hey. A lot of pain and gross came before the happy part. Don't ruin the moment, Jean. She smiled, feeling herself redden a little at the adoration in his eyes. "Thanks," she said, happy that he was happy, and more than willing to share those feelings with him.

Jamie: He felt himself blush a bit. "Sorry, was that too much?" Jamie's smile hadn't faded any, though. "I just love you so much. I'm the happiest man in the apocalypse."

Jean: "I love you, too." Jean reached for his face and trailed her fingers over his scruffy cheek. "We've been so lucky. We have each other, and the farm, and the baby." Her nose wrinkled. "Just... kinda scared, y'know?"

Jamie: "Well, sure, but that's normal. I mean, we're being thrown into a new situation on top of another new situation. But we've dealt with worse." Jamie turned his head to nip playfully at her fingers. "Listen, there are so many things that could go wrong. But, there are just as many that could go right. Right?"

Jean: "Yeah..." She giggled when he nipped at her and tapped his nose. They'd made preparations, as soon as they realized she was pregnant. She trusted him, but she wasn't one of the cows. Or pigs. Her own nose twitched and she decided to put aside her worries.

Jamie: Jamie's hands moved around to her belly and he cupped it gently. "We've got everything under control, babe. You, me, and baby makes three. Plus all the rest of me's makes a whole lot more!" He gave her a goofy grin. "Now then. Let's see if we can turn those fake contraction things into a more pleasurable type of contraction, hmm?"

Jean: "It definitely does," she giggled, shaking her head. "That was probably the worst come-on ever." The baby was still awake and wriggly and she looked down at his hands on her stomach.

Jamie: "Babe. When have you ever known me to give you a good come on when you're already straddling me?" He gave her an incredulous look. "It's like you've forgotten who you married!"

Jean: "Was it the dupe with the better lines?" Jean tilted her head to consider this.

Jamie: "Must've be--HEY!" He lifted his hips to raise her up just enough to make her bounce. "Dupes are me! They're my lines!"

Jean: Bouncing felt weird, since there was a lot more of her to bounce than usual. Jean reached behind her back and unclasped her bra, shrugging out of it. "Mmhmm, you were saying?"

Jamie: Jamie's mouth stopped moving the second her bra was off. He slammed it shut, but couldn't stop from staring. And dammit, he was her husband! He shouldn't have to! "They're so big..." Smooth, Madrox... He mentally smacked his forehead, but still couldn't tear his eyes away.

Jean: Jean smirked. His eyes were about as big as her tits right now. She glanced down at them, pretending she'd just noticed. "Yup, and it's all your fault," she said with a nod.

Jamie: Jamie got a naughty grin and finally slipped his eyes up to her face. "Go me. I done good, kid."

Jean: "Well," she said, losing her straight face into a giggle at his expression. "Better take advantage of the bonus boobage while it lasts then." Jean gave a little shimmy.

Jamie: "I think you're the smartest woman alive and I'm so glad you let me marry you." He sat up, shifting to not press too hard against her belly, and gave her a hard kiss, hands moving to explore the product of his making. Niiiice.

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Re: What if...? Another Zombie Apocalypse!

Post by Esynthia » Fri Dec 18, 2020 7:50 am

Rogue: Rogue stared at the ceiling, lying on what felt like an autopsy slab covered in a floral blanket to make it less terrifying. But she was still terrified. "Ah don't wanna do this... Ah just wanna go back t' our room... An' never come out again."

Bobby: "Babe, we have to make sure that you're okay. You could get an infection, and I can't lose you." Bobby gave her hand another squeeze. "Rip can't lose you. Zach can't lose you."

Rogue: "Zach wouldn't know any dif'rent." She turned her head to look at him. "You an' Ripley'd be okay. Y' got each other."

Bobby: "Don't argue with me about this, please, babe?" He leaned down to kiss her and whisper in her ear since Harvey was still clanking around with gathering equipment. "Do it for me, Anna?"

Rogue: Rogue closed her eyes and gathered what little inner strength she had. "Ah'd do anythin' for you, Bobby. Y' know that." She opened her eyes to look at him and brought her hand up to his cheek. "Ah made y' a promise. Apocalypse proof."

Bobby: "That's right. Apocalypse proof." He smiled, giving her another quick kiss. "So we gotta make sure that you can hold up your end of the bargain."

Harvey: Harvey finally appeared with a power cable and a bottle of conductive gel, "Sorry! We misplaced the gel... rolled under some cabinets. Sneaky." He sat down on a wheely chair and rolled over to the back of the machine to plug the cable in the back and then into the power outlet.

Rogue: Rogue gave him the ghost of a smile and stole another kiss before he stood back up. She needed him right now and she knew he needed her, even if she didn't like it right now. She felt like she had failed him. Failed them both. And she was so not ready for Harvey to be poking at her. "So... What do Ah do?"

Harvey: "Unbutton your pants and pull your top up a little... then brace yourself because this'll be cold..." he held up the bottle of gel.

Bobby: Bobby had to let go of her hand for her to adjust her clothes, so he watched Harvey. "That stuff is gross. Too bad I can't warm it up for ya."

Rogue: Rogue made a face, moving her clothes out of the way. "Ah don't like cold..." She shot Harvey a warning look, "An' keep y'r skin t' y'rself."

Harvey: Harvey held up his already gloved hands, "Skin is covered!" He adjusted his chair and the screen so Rogue and Bobby couldn't see said screen then applied the gel.

Rogue: Rogue hissed through her teeth and squirmed a bit. "So what're y' lookin' f'r exactly?"

Harvey: Harvey spread the gel around with the ultrasound wand, turning the screen on, "Just making sure everything's where it should be and nothing's where it shouldn't be."

Bobby: Bobby gave Harvey a look. Well that was helpful. He knew why, but telling her would be tricky for sure.

Rogue: Rogue gave Harvey a look. "Mah baby is dead. Ah think that's somethin' where it shouldn't be."

Harvey: Harvey decided to just pay attention to what he was doing rather than answer that one. Safer. He was in kicking range. Then he cocked his head at the screen, moving the wand a little to get a better view aaaaand dropped it in surprise. He scrambled to catch it again.

Bobby: "You okay there, dude?" Bobby leaned to look at Harvey, frowning, and tried to see the screen. Not like he'd really be able to tell what the fuck he was seeing, but he hoped Harvey was just being a klutz.

Harvey: Harvey looked up at Bobby, "Uh... maybe?" He put the wand back against Rogue's skin and tried to find where it had been before.

Rogue: Rogue jumped a little at the clattering. "Whatddya mean 'maybe'? What's wrong?"

Bobby: "He was saying maybe he was okay, not you," Bobby covered, glancing at Harvey, then back to Anna with a reassuring grin he in no way felt. When she looked away, his eyes were back on Harvey.

Harvey: Harvey frowned at the screen for a long time then he slowly turned the volume up on the monitor.

Rogue: She knew better than to believe the grin on Bobby's face, but let him think she did anyway for his own sake. And then she heard it. Her eyes lifted to Bobby's face very slowly.

Bobby: Bobby swallowed, looking first at the side of the monitor and then between Harvey and Anna. He met Anna's eyes as they listened to the sound of a fast heartbeat. "Um..."

Harvey: Harvey turned the screen to face them and pointed at what he was seeing, "That... is another baby..." Harvey was grinning like an idiot now, "You're still pregnant!"

Rogue: Rogue pushed up onto her elbow and stared at the screen in confusion. "How?"

Harvey: "Best guess? Twins..." Harvey checked the tiny printer for stock and moisture levels and took a few snaps of the surprise critter.

Bobby: "Twins..." Bobby closed his eyes. Holy shit. "I-I mean, it's not out of the question since I... t-they run in my family..."

Rogue: Rogue looked from the screen to her belly, then looked up at Bobby, terrified. "Ah cain't do that again." She felt the tears threatening and she laid down, pushing the heels of her hands into her eyes to try and make it stop.

Bobby: That she could be about to lose another baby hadn't even occurred to him until now and he squeezed her arm, smoothing her hair back. "Harvey?"

Harvey: Harvey held out the printed pictures to Bobby, "Well at the moment you're wearing an inhibitor so your powers aren't going to effect anything. If you're okay with keeping it on... problem solved. If not? Then we'll figure something out."

Rogue: "If Ah leave it on, Ah'm like a super conductor when it comes off... Ah cain't do it f'r long stretches."

Harvey: "Then we will figure it out. But, I hate to say it... we might need to use Harvey's brain and Magnus' research to make it work. Are you going to be able to stomach that?"

Bobby: Bobby took her hand again to distract her. "If it keeps her safe? And the baby?" He frowned, but he'd already swallowed down his feelings to thank Harvey once. "So long as you guys are always there, too... to make sure she's not doing anything shady." He looked at Anna questioningly.

Rogue: Rogue squeezed his hand and shook her head, "Ah don't see what would work... Short o' figurin' out a way t' get rid o' mah powers..."

Harvey: "You are thinking inside the box. In this house there is no box."

Bobby: "The box is a lie?" Bobby attempted to smile at Anna again to cover his own nervousness. "I trust you and Heather, because I trust Pietro, but... Harvey. So, yeah..."

Rogue: "Except that Ah had th' smartest man Ah've ever known try t' come up with some way t' control them an' he couldn't without mah puttin' mah best friend in a coma. Which means Ah'da killed somebody else." She took a slow breath and waved the wand away from her stomach, pulling her shirt down to wipe the goo off. After another breath, she sat up and swung her legs off the side. "Ah'm sorry, Bobby."

Harvey: "We don't like pessimism in this house! Give us some time to get our brains on the problem. And, really... if you trust us, you should trust Harvey. Our past isn't exactly shiny and golden either." He turned off the machine and wiped the end of the wand.

Bobby: "Well, I've known you guys longer. And Pietro. Humor me." He moved to catch Anna's hands before she could bolt, placing himself in front of her. "We can give it a shot? Right?"

Rogue: "Ah know all 'bout y' past. Mayhem was a damned good friend o' mine." She shifted her gaze to Bobby and shook her head, "What's th' point? In th' end, it's either you, me, or th' baby. Rip an' Zach need you. Th' baby cain't survive without me, but cain't survive with me, either."

Harvey: "Rogue the point is that you're giving up before giving it a chance. You could have this baby. Give us some time to work on it. Give us a time limit if that helps... but let us try. We can solve this..."

Bobby: "So what are you even saying? You want to terminate it? Right now? Or... are you talking about something more permanent?" His hands tightened on hers. "I need you, too."

Rogue: "No, o' course not!" She brought her free hand up to his face. "Ah just... Ah need some time t' think. This is all so much... Too much..." Rogue lifted to her toes and gave him a kiss, then looked back at Harvey. "Th' 'point' is that every chance Ah've had? Has failed. Horrifically."

Harvey: "Take one more. Where's the harm? If we fail... nothing changes. But if we succeed? You have a happy healthy baby. Isn't that worth the risk?"

Bobby: Bobby was in agreement with Harvey, but knew that he was about to inadvertently set Anna off. "Just... like you said. Take a little time to think about it, babe. Please?"

Rogue: "Where's th' harm? Seriously? Do y' even hear y'self when y' speak?" Rogue closed her eyes and took another breath, squeezing Bobby's hand the whole time. "Fine."

Harvey: Harvey decided now was a good time to not hear himself speak and started to tidy away the ultrasound machine.

Bobby: "No, no he doesn't. Just like me," Bobby said, pulling her attention from his water bro. "Okay," he said, pulling her into a hug.

Rogue: Rogue buried her face in Bobby's chest and clung to him. There was no good outcome here. Hope was not something that existed in her anymore. Not about this.

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Re: What if...? Another Zombie Apocalypse!

Post by Esynthia » Sat Dec 19, 2020 4:16 am

Viper: Viper found that, since she had gained functional emotional responses to things, she frequently disliked the places her mind went to. She knew far too many bad things. Things that now made her ashamed. But the latest thing... that had made her feel a lot of other things.

Viper: The night Bobby had come running down to the lab in a panic seemed to have shook something loose in her brain. Something that had been poking at the back of her mind for weeks now as she worked on the virus. It was so obvious now she was frustrated with herself for not seeing it sooner but also somehow glad. Because now? Now she had to tell them.

Viper: She had to tell all the people that already wanted her as far away from them as possible some very bad things that were surely going to make them want her gone. And she didn't think she would survive that.

Rogue: Rogue hesitated at the door to the lab, shifting on her feet as she stared at it. James had told her exactly where she could find Viper when she had asked, which was handy, but also creepy. She didn't want to thank the woman who had killed her best friends and made her bike and Bel Air be lost for eternity.

Rogue: But here she was, about to thank a terrorist. Because if it weren't for her, either she or Bobby would have had to deal with the extra problem that having a miscarriage brought these days. She balled her fists, straightened her spine, and opened the door. Rogue took another moment to stare down the stairs before taking them slowly one at a time. "Viper?"

Viper: Viper heard the voice and stiffened, wondering if she could pretend she wasn't there. If anyone looked they might not notice her because she was, in fact, hiding in one of the side labs. She decided to stay quiet and backed up a little further into the lab.

Rogue: Rogue paused halfway down the stairs and listened, trying to hear which direction to head when she got to the bottom, but didn't hear anything at all. "Viper," she repeated, "Are y' here? James said Ah could find y' here... Which, Ah prob'ly coulda guessed anyway, but... Yeah."

Viper: Damn his static ass. She sighed heavily, "I'm here..." she called out from the lab, "Did he tell you I'm alone?" Usually people liked to talk to her with a chaperone... unless they were threatening her. She frowned.

Rogue: "Ah, um... Ah didn't ask?" She headed toward the sound of Viper's voice. Rogue took a deep breath when she got to the door of the room Viper was in. "C'n Ah talk t' y' f'r a minute?"

Viper: She nodded, suddenly feeling cornered and unable to help her gaze dropping to Rogue's wrist to look for the inhibitor. "Can I help you with something...?"

Rogue: Rogue arched an eyebrow and looked down where Viper was. Oh. She held up her hands and then stuffed them in her bomber pockets. "Ah come in peace." Even though she shouldn't. "Ah just wanted..." Her emotions were still raw and she felt the heat start to hit her eyes and she stopped to breathe and look around a bit. "Thanks," was all she managed to get out without turning into a blubbering mess.

Viper: Oh. That was unexpected. The only people that ever thanked her for anything were the Shaws. "There's nothing to thank me for... I did what anyone would have..."

Rogue: Rogue shook her head silently, still unable to speak just yet, and walked over to look at something on the wall, trying to get her focus elsewhere. "Y're not 'anyone', though."

Viper: She blinked, even more confused now. "I'm not?"

Rogue: "Y're a terrorist who killed mah best friends. No. Y're not."

Viper: Viper shook her head, "I'm not that person anymore..."

Rogue: "In our heads y' are. No matter what, y'll always be th' person who killed mah best friends an' ended th' first place Ah'd ever been able t' call home." And she was starting to get angry. Hormones were definitely still wonky. Rogue took a breath and brought a hand up to rest on her stomach again. She had to stay calm. What if something happened to this baby, too, because she got worked up?

Viper: She sighed, turning away and nodding a little, not really wanting Rogue to see how much that hurt. "I understand why you feel that way... but I am trying to do what I can to atone... I know it won't ever be enough... I know none of you want me to be here... but I have nowhere else to go... we are on the same side now..."

Rogue: Rogue lifted herself carefully to sit on a stool on the opposite side of the room from Viper. "We may be uncomfortable with y' bein' here, but we're not murderers." ...On purpose. Rogue bit her cheek hard and took a shaky breath. "We know there's strength in numbers an' we're not gonna send y' out t' fight th' zombies off all by ya lonesome. That's what's called 'cruel an' unusual punishment' an' we try t' avoid that."

Viper: "I survived alone for a year with a child to look after. I'd survive... I'm good at that... I wouldn't blame any of you..." She found an old notebook and turned a few pages for something to do. "I didn't want to come back to the cabin. I knew I wouldn't be welcome... and I know you and yours have killed people like me before. Three of your team are in this very building."

Rogue: Rogue finally looked up at Viper, completely unashamed of what she had just said. "Y're right. So then y' should know if we wanted t' get rid of y', it would be a pretty simple task. We got rid o' enough o' you t' know what we're doin'."

Viper: "I expected you would..." she looked over her shoulder at Rogue, "Even Jessica hasn't forgiven me for the school. As I said... I wouldn't blame any of you." She was on more familiar ground now. It was probably a bad thing that she felt better having her life threatened.

Rogue: "So then y' should believe me, as th' leader of th' group y' just mentioned, when Ah say that we ain't comin' after y'."

Viper: She turned to face Rogue properly, "Good... because you're going to need me."

Rogue: Rogue barked a laugh at that. "Ah think that's a stretch. Ah 'preciate what y' did... We both do. But b'yond that, we're gonna be just fine."

Viper: Viper shook her head, "This has absolutely nothing to do with your current condition." She folded her arms across her chest, "How much do you remember of Nathaniel Essex from when he was in control?"

Rogue: Rogue's eyes narrowed and she crossed her own arms under her chest. "What? Why? How did y' know 'bout that?"

Viper: "Don't change the subject. I know a lot of things you'd be surprised I know. Answer the question. It's important."

Rogue: "Gimme somethin' specific. Ah cain't pull up things sometimes without somethin' t' anchor it to."

Viper: "Alright. Virology. How much do you know?"

Rogue: That made her nervous and she stood, unable to sit still, hands moving protectively to her stomach. "Ah ain't a genius, but Ah r'member enough... Have y' figured out a cure? We need t' find a way t' test it."

Viper: Viper shook her head, "No... We are very far from a cure... but I know now the origins of the virus..."

Rogue: "Whoa. Really? That's huge... Where'd it come from? C'n it be used t' try an' find some kinda vaccine'r antidote?" She knew those were just fancy words for 'cure' but she couldn't contain herself. This could all be fixed with the origins found.

Viper: "In theory..." she sighed, wondering if she'd ever been that hopeful about the future. Probably not. "The problem is where it came from... it is an engineered Virus. The work is very familiar...."

Rogue: Rogue felt the color drain from her face and she sat back down, heavily. "...Did Ah do it?" This was bad. How would she tell Bobby? She was the reason two of his kids and his wife was dead.

Viper: Viper sighed, "I need you to know something else... What my deal with SHIELD was... so you need to listen... but, yes... the work... it has his signature." She wanted to be gentle because the woman was delicate... but there was no good way to say any of this. Ideally she'd have help but... timing. It never worked out for her.

Rogue: "Ah know enough 'bout it. Ah'm with Bobby, remember?" Rogue took a slow and deep breath and nodded. "Somethin' 'bout research'r somethin'. Right?"

Viper: She nodded, "Yes... but not many people know what my research was." She leaned against the table behind her, resting her hands on the surface. "Hydra... they are obsessed with immortality... I never intended to help them with their goals but... healing mutations were something of a hobby of mine... I... well, I suppose you could say I... collected them..."

Viper: Her fingers curled unconsciously around the edge of the table, "The variety interested me... so I studied them... After I left Hydra, I gave my research to SHIELD because I wanted it to be in safe hands... it seems they weren't as safe as I'd hoped."

Rogue: Rogue had no words. None. She stared at Viper, eyes wide in shock. "Nothin' is ever safe from him... Her. Whatever." She licked her lips and took a breath, "So... Essex stole them. Do y' know when? Any kind o' ballpark timeframe'd be good."

Viper: Viper shook her head, "There's no way to know... if the people we know that worked for SHIELD don't know then there's no one left we can ask... I was with the Shaws for a year before this all happened. That's more than enough time..." She sighed, her tone brightening a little, "So. At least it's not entirely your fault. We can share the blame."

Rogue: Fuck. Her head fell into her hands because that seemed like the safest thing to do with them at the moment. Throwing things and punching Viper needed to not happen. "Do y' think..." She so didn't want to ask this, but knew it was important, "Do y' think he's alive?"

Viper: Viper thought about it for a moment, "The man is a cockroach. Of course he's still alive." Especially if he'd released this virus on purpose... but why? For fun? Or was it intended for something else?

Rogue: "Fuck!" Throwing things ended up happening when she swiped a book to the floor from the table she was sitting next to. It made a satisfyingly loud noise. The one job she didn't do right had come back to bite her in the ass so many times. This was why they had gone after him in the first place. "What have y' figured out b'sides where it came from? Any locations?"

Viper: Viper shook her head again, "I have been out of the game for two years... a month is a long time in the underworld. And now... there are no resources. No intelligence communities to mine for data, no Hydra, none of the technology I used to use for this..." she sighed, "I can figure this out... but I need time... Being able to pick Nathaniel Essex's brain would help, however..."

Rogue: Slowly, realization came over her and her eyes went wide again. "No... Y' cain't... Ah'm not..." Rogue gripped the edge of the table but let go when she heard the metal creak. "Ah don't know that that's a good idea right now," she managed relatively calmly considering. She needed Bobby. Now.

Viper: "I doubt it'd ever be a good idea..." Viper commented, "But we're very short of options..."

Rogue: "Ah need... Ah need some time t' process this. Ah don't even know how much Ah could remember without lettin' 'im take over again. If any o' him is still left at all..."

Viper: She nodded, "Take the time you need.... we're not going anywhere... However we end up doing this... It isn't my intention to endanger you or anybody else. If it happens that you can't access his memories without harm to yourself then... we'll manage without."

Rogue: "It ain't that it would harm me..." Her hand went to her stomach again. "What would he do if he knew? He haaaates me. An' he's fascinated by Bobby. Us havin' a baby? He'd try t' kill it. Or study it. Or somethin'."

Viper: "You don't consider that to be harm to yourself?" Viper asked her, curious, "I would."

Rogue: "No. That's harm t' mah family. Not me." She frowned, "Why?"

Viper: "You don't think that's the same thing?" Viper cocked her head on one side. People were still confusing. Emotions were no help at all.

Rogue: "No, Ah don't. Th' fact that it would hurt me emotionally ain't what his initial purpose would be. That'd just be a bonus t' him." Rogue shook her head and closed her eyes. "Ah don't ever think 'bout harm comin' t' me. It never bothers me. But if y' touch th' people Ah love, Ah kill ya." She opened her eyes again and met Viper's flatly. "Y're one o' th' lucky few."

Viper: Curious... "Tell me... were you like that before you absorbed Carol's psyche?"

Rogue: "Yeah. That's how Ah got her psyche. Not carin' what happened t' me."

Viper: "You two are very similar... that's why I ask.... especially on this topic..."

Rogue: Rogue shrugged one shoulder, "Maybe it's why she stuck in mah head so long."

Viper: "Perhaps... your mutation is fascinating..." if she'd had her own lab she'd love to study it. Oh well. "Anyway... think about it... tell who you need to tell..."

Rogue: "Ah need t' talk t' Bobby. He needs t' know..." How she was going to tell him, she had no earthly idea. But she needed to. "What would y' need from me b'sides tryin' t' reach in f'r his psyche?"

Viper: "A little bit of trust?" she suggested, "I know I have no right to ask... but it really isn't my intention to endanger anyone here. As I said... we're on the same side. I already left Hydra and turned myself over to SHIELD. I was prepared to be locked away. I'm trying... I can't undo what I did before but I can try to make things better now."

Rogue: Rogue watched Viper for a long time before finally nodding. "Ah trust that y' wanna end this as badly as we do. We c'n be on th' same side f'r that at least."

Viper: "For the rest it will take longer..." she offered Rogue a small smile, "I can live with that for now..."

Rogue: "That may be all y' ever get. Don't get y'r hopes up, gal." Rogue looked to the door and then back at Viper, "Who else knows 'bout this?"

Viper: "So far only me... I haven't figured out how to tell anyone else yet..."

Rogue: "Good. Let's just keep this b'tween us f'r th' moment. At least until Ah tell Bobby. He needs t' hear it from me. An' Pietro might need t' hear it from him." She winced. "Well, guess we're 'teammates' of a sort f'r a bit. Buckle up, chickadee. This is gonna be a wild ride."

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Re: What if...? Another Zombie Apocalypse!

Post by Esynthia » Mon Dec 21, 2020 6:11 am

Jean: Jean's backache was getting worse, not better. She wasn't surprised, since the baby seemed lower now. The books she'd read said that was common right before delivery. It was sort of a relief, but also terrifying.

Jean: Unable to sleep, Jean curled on her side and tried to go into her own mind to block the pain as she had blocked it time and time again for Jamie. She'd already closed that part of their link so he could function.

Jean: The pain was interfering with her focus and she whined, opening her eyes to stare at the falling snow outside. Of course it was snowing.

Jean: Behind her, Jamie was asleep. She really didn't want to wake him. He needed his rest since taking care of the farm fell to him, and his dupes.

Jamie: Jamie grunted and rolled over onto his stomach, mumbling something about goose hats. His hand slapped at the bed until he found the end of Jean's hair then he pet it and started to snore softly.

Jean: She heard his sleepy grumbles and smiled to herself, rubbing her hand over her belly and feeling the presence of the baby inside. Daddy's silly, but we love him. Right? They hadn't picked a name, since they couldn't tell the sex of the baby, but Jean sort of thought it might be a boy.

Jean: The tug on her braid made her want to scoot back against him, let him wrap himself around her and hide from the pain for a while in his dreams.

Jamie: As if on cue, Jamie rolled onto his side and snuggled against her back, spooning her with a happy murmur. Her hair was in his face and he nommed some of it while mumbling about teaching goats to race.

Jean: Jean closed her eyes and slid her hand into his. She'd gotten a lot better at controlling their link over the years, so she let his calm mind soothe her. Trying a breathing exercise, she willed herself to relax. His warmth pressed against her back felt good.

Jean: For a while, she was able to drift with him. Then, she realized the pains were coming in waves, and the waves were getting closer to gether. Fuck. Jean waited for the contraction to pass and carefully scooted away from him and slowly sat up.

Jamie: Jamie was suddenly a bit chilly and burrowed under the covers until they were over his nose. He breathed in, got a nose full of blanket, and snorted it out before flopping onto his stomach again. "Purple fried grackel fudgy ham," he grumbled and shoved his head under his pillow.

Jean: The fuck? Jean looked over her shoulder at him for a moment before she levered herself up and snatched a blanket from the end of the bed to wrap around herself on her waddle to the bathroom. Halfway there, she had to pause as another contraction made her feel like her pelvis was trying to remove itself from her body.

Jamie: Jamie frowned under the pillow and wiggled his hips a bit. "Bad duck. Dun bite."

Jean: She bit down on her lip until it passed and continued on her trek. After lighting a candle in the bathroom, she leaned against the sink and stared at her flickering reflection in the mirror. This sucked. Before she had time to contemplate how much it sucked, she was wet.

Jean: "Oh, shit," she whispered, then nearly found herself doubled over with the next contraction. She cried out, not sure if it was in her mind, or aloud, or to Jamie.

Jamie: Jamie flailed and the pillow flew off. "What?! What happened?" He realized that Jean wasn't in bed and he scrambled to get out and find her. "Jean? What hap-" His nose wrinkled as he stepped in wet and he slowly picked up his bare foot, looking down at it. "Did you not make it, babe? That's okay. I can clean it up! Don't worry about it!"

Jean: "Don't- It's not that." Jean braced herself against the sink and let herself slide to the floor. She was trying hard not to cry, and this was just starting. There was no way she could do this.

Jamie: Oh? Then wha- Oh. Ohh. Okay. Right! They could do this. "Okay, babe. Okay." Jamie crouched down and slid one arm behind her back and the other under her knees. "We've gotta get you nice and comfy." The baby is coming! The baby is coming! ...Not Paul Revere, Madrox. Breathe. He took a deep breath and held it. Out, now! Breathe out! It came out of him in a whoosh. "Bed? Couch? Pillow fort?"

Jean: A flicker of a smile crossed her face. "Pillow fort sounds awesome, but bed?" The contraction had passed, for now, but she could feel... wetness. "Sorry for the... you know..."

Jamie: Jamie gave her a nervous smile. "Hey, that's what's supposed to happen. I'm totally okay with cleaning it up later." He set her gently on the bed and held her upright with one arm while the other reached over her for his pillow to add to hers.

Jamie: "Okay, just lie back. Nice and easy. We've got this, Jeannie. You're strong. You're beautiful. And I'm knowledgeable enough in calving that I can totally deliver something without hooves. Especially something as precious to me as our baby." He brushed a stray hair from her face and kissed her forehead. "Do you need anything? Water? A stick to bite down on?"

Jean: Jean didn't even have time to argue about the hoof comment when another contraction started and she gritted her teeth against the pain. She looked up at him with tears already spilling from her eyes. Water? Weed? horse tranquilizers?

Jamie: Jamie grimaced and took her hand. "Um. I dooon't think those would be a good idea. The baby has to be awake to help with being born and stuff... So... Yeah." He kissed her again and then moved away once the contraction seemed to have passed to grab some towels to be able to clean her and the baby up. Keep her dry, too. Right. Dry means warmer. Dry is good.

Jean: She watched him move around the darkened room, shifting carefully to try to get comfortable. Jean remembered reading that getting up and walking could speed things up, but right now she didn't think she could. Water then? And can we light more candles or turn on the generator or something? The dark was creeping her out.

Jamie: Generator! Yes! Duh! "Yeah! I'll, um, be right back." He ran back to kiss her again, dumped the towels on his side of the bed, and rushed out to throw on his boots. Generator. How could he not think about that. Warm is good. Generator creates power. Power can make things warm. Idiot.

Jamie: Jamie slipped on some ice on the step and promptly fell on his ass. The dupe helped him up, brushed him off, and sent him back inside. Jamie Prime gave the dupe a nervous smile, "Thanks." He watched the dupe head for the generator and he went back to Jean. Water! He spun on his heel the second he got to their door and went to get a glass of water for her. Snacks? No, probably not the best idea. Later, though. For sure.

Jean: Telepath breathing wasn't helping. Since Jamie was off making noise, probably giving dupes jobs, she decided to see if walking would help. She struggled to sit up and slowly rotated to slide off the bed and stand. She didn't trust herself to float.

Jean: Once upright, she frowned at the dark spot on the bed. Jean touched the wet, slimy surface and it wasn't just the clearish fluid she'd read about... "Fuck."

Jamie: Jamie kicked the fridge shut and juggled the bowls and cups and gallon of water in his hands as he headed back to their room. He stopped in the hall when the lights came on and nodded. "Good job, Jamie." Continuing down the hall, his panic started to rise a bit when he felt Jean panic. "Jeannie?" Jamie rounded the corner to the door and frowned at her. "Why are you up?"

Jean: Jean looked up. She hadn't gotten far after her discovery and the lights confirmed it. "I'm... bleeding."

Jamie: His heart started racing even faster, if that was possible, but he forced himself to stay calm externally. Jamie set everything on the dresser and went to her. "A little bleeding is totally normal and not unexpected. I mean... Your vag is stretching out to push something out of it. It can happen." He ran his hands down her arms and gave her a gentle kiss. "But since you are, you probably shouldn't be moving around much."

Jean: "A little, yeah, but..." Jamie was a terrible liar, and she was a telepath. With both of her hands on her rock hard stomach, she gave Jamie a worried look and leaned against him.

Jamie: Jamie gave her a weak smile. "Whatever it is, we'll fix it. Everything's going to be fine. There haven't been any problems yet. Can you still feel her?" One hand slipped down to cover hers while his other arm pulled her into a hug. He rested his cheek on the top of her head and closed his eyes. It may be harder than they anticipated, but they would be able to handle whatever it was. Right?

Jean: "Yeah..." Jean closed her eyes and tried to calm herself. It was impossible. "I think he's asleep, but he's there." After a moment, she intertwined their fingers.

Jean: The moment of peace didn't last long. Another contraction came on and she cried out, pressing her face against his chest and feeling another trickle start down her leg. Jean's legs gave out.

Jamie: Whoa! Jamie fumbled and caught Jean right before she hit the floor, hoisting her up carefully under her arms and then shifting to pick her up. "Okay, Jeannie," he murmured, "it's all gonna be okay." It would. Because they were together and they could handle anything together.

Jamie: Jamie laid her on his side of the bed since it was dry, pressed another kiss to her forehead and moved to try and get a look at what they were dealing with. If her contractions were this close together, he should be able to see something, right? All he saw was...pink? He tilted his head with a frown. Not a baby head or even baby feet. Wrong color pink. What the fuck was that?

Jean: She loved his optimism, but wasn't so sure. And, she knew he wasn't either. Jean stared at the ceiling while he checked things out. He was confused. Oh, shit. "What? What is it?"

Jean: Struggling to sit up, as if she could see something even if she could, she tried to see his expression. "Jamie?"

Jamie: "W-well... I'm... I'm not sure?" There was a lot more blood than there should be for sure, but he still wasn't sure what he was looking at. He looked around and snagged one of the towels near him, gave her a quick glance to make sure she wouldn't be surprised by the touching, and got to work trying to mop up some of the blood to see if maybe that was why he didn't know what it was.

Jamie: The towel was soaked in his hands and he felt his mouth get dry. "Um. It's blocked." Once he was sure the towel was out of his line of sight and it didn't look too bloody, he sent her an image of what he was seeing. "Do you know what that is?"

Jean: "Blocked?!" Her voice came out loud in the quiet room, but Jean couldn't keep the hysteria from showing. "What do you mean, blocked? It's not a drain!" The image from his mind was not comforting and another contraction was coming and oh, God... "Nooooo...." she wailed, losing control of her shielding. It was too much!

Jamie: ACK! Jamie doubled over, nearly putting his face in the bloody towel. He wiped his hand on his pants and tried to scramble it around to find hers. "Squeeze my fingers," he grunted out. He couldn't breathe the pain was so intense! Breathing was important! "Breathe, Jeannie!"

Jean: Jean was breathing, but she hadn't even realized she'd lost control of her shields. It hurt, like the worst cramps of her life, with an added pressure that made her want to cry, so she did.

Jean: She found his hand and crushed it in her grip.

Jamie: Jamie's right eye twitched at the added pain on his hand, but at least it distracted him from the pain in his abdomen. What the hell. He looked up as the dupe who fixed the generator rounded the corner. He looked as pale as Prime felt. "Yeah, yeah, I know." He held out his other hand and absorbed the dupe without question. Didn't help, but at least there was one less of him in pain.

Jamie: He looked over Jean's knees to her face and it about broke his heart to see her in that much pain. "Okay, um... I need to be able to focus, babe. Can you shield, like, a teeny bit?"

Jean: "I- what?" Jean relaxed, marginally, and pried her fingers off his, finally realizing she'd lost control. "Fuck, I'm sorry," she cried, for a different reason this time to add variety.

Jamie: "It's okay, baby. It's okay. Promise." He gave her a smile and squeezed her hand gently. "It's all okay." Jamie then lowered his head back to try and work again. "Um... Okay, so, I'm going to try and, like, un...block it? It's probably going to feel super weird."

Jean: Looking down, all she could see was her knees and his dark hair. Not nearly as fun as all the other times she'd seen that view. She let her head flop back against the pillow. Jean's wedding ring hadn't fit for the last month, so she wore it on a chain around her neck instead. Wrapping her fingers around it, she closed her eyes and tried to focus on blocking his end of the link. "Maybe I should break it..."

Jean: Whatever he was doing felt super weird indeed, and painful, but not unbearable. Yet. "Maybe I am a pig..."

Jamie: "Noo, don't do that. Just... focus on trying to breathe and block just that teeny bit is good." He peeked up at her and grinned, "I like having you in my head." Jamie ducked down again and she had bled more in just the short second he took to look at her. Shit. "Not a pig. No hooves." There was enough blood for it, though. Shitshitshit. He couldn't get it to move out of the way without more blood gushing.

Jamie: "Jean..." He held the towel to her and took a breath to fix his face before looking at her. "I think I might have to do a c-section." He had training in stitching. He had been a vet tech for a few months. But... That was animals. Not his wife. FUCK.

Jean: "Not a pig," she repeated, still trying to block the link, or break it, or something, before the next contraction came. His words finally sank in. "What?! Don't we need... real medical shit for that?"

Jean: Jean struggled to look at him again and he was pale. There was blood smeared across his cheek. Her tears spilled over her cheeks. Jamie... I'm scared...

Jamie: "I've got some training. And I can MacGyver the shit outta stuff, so it'll be okay..." He wiped his face on his shoulder and moved to sit next to her so he could lean down and kiss her. "I know, Jeannie. I am, too. Not gonna lie." Jamie did his best to smile at her and kissed away her tears. "I'm going to take really good care of you, though. You're both going to be just fine. I love you."

Jean: Jean's lip quivered and she bit down on it, giving him a jerky nod. Of course he couldn't lie, she could feel him. He was terrified, but trying to hold it together for her. I love you. Her free hand scrambled to find his as she felt another contraction come on. "I can't!" She screamed, losing herself again.

Jean: The lamp beside the bed rattled and a picture fell from the wall across the room.

Jamie: Jamie's jaw clenched so hard he thought he might crack a tooth. He managed to give her both hands just before he doubled over in pain with her. "Jeannie," he growled. Not because he was upset or anything, but that was the only way he could get any sound out with this amount of pain coursing through him.

Jamie: "Breathe. The books said... To breathe." It helped him remember if he reminded her, so bonus. He heard the picture fall but couldn't look over, eyes trained on her face. He knew which one it was. He also knew that if things were rattling and falling that this was bad. He had to get a grip. "Listen to my voice, Jeannie. Focus on something else. Anything else."

Jean: The books were full of shit! She thought she might black out, but if she did she'd take Jamie with her. It felt like she was being ripped in half and now she could feel the blood soaking through the towel.

Jean: Panicking, she jumped to the astral plane. Her body went limp.

Jamie: Jamie felt her panic and her pain and then nothing. "Jeannie? ... Jeannie?!" He shook her a bit and his heart pounded so hard that he thought it might burst through his chest. Focus, Madrox. FOCUS! He shook his head and blinked fast, trying to see through the tears. Baby. The baby needed him. He could focus on Jean in a second.

Jamie: He jumped up and ran to the bathroom, digging under the sink for his dad's old straight razor. Fuckfuckfuck. FOCUS! Jamie swallowed hard as he stared at the blade in his hand. He had no way to sterilize i... Fire. Shit. He scrambled for the old book of matches over the toilet he knew his mom kept for when his dad stunk up the place.

Jamie: Jamie forced his breathing as calm as he could make it, struck the match and ran it along the blade until the flame was about to burn him. He dropped it in the toilet and ran back with the blade, being careful to not slip in the wet from Jean's water breaking. Though, he could use help.

Jamie: He got back to her side and stomped his foot twice. One of them immediately went to sit on the bed, pulling Jean's head into his lap while the other grabbed the fresh towels. He held a shaky hand over Jean's lower belly and swallowed hard again. FOCUS! "I love you, Jean. I'm so sorry."

Jamie: The blade pierced her skin and blood started pooling. There was already so much blood. Where was it all coming from?! FOCUS!

Jean: For a moment, she didn't even realize what she'd done. Outside of herself, she could see exactly how much blood Jamie'd been hiding. It was alarming, but though she knew she should be terrified, she wasn't. She watched her husband cry, watched him scramble to the bathroom and back, watched the dupe stroking her hair as her fist still gripped her wedding ring.

Jean: Now was not the time to distract him, she knew this, but couldn't help herself. In this form, she was detached, the connection to her body muted, like her connection to him, unless she concentrated. I love you, too, she told him, watching the blade draw across her belly.

Jean: She could feel the minds of the dupes, so much like her husband's, and she could feel the baby. He was growing weaker, just like her.

Jamie: Jamie wiped at his eyes with his wrist. He had to be able to see. He halted just as he finished the cut and looked up to Jean's face. "Jeannie?" He looked frantically at the dupe who was holding her and he shook his head. She hadn't moved. Prime's head fell and then he got to work again. She would want him to save the baby if he could.

Jamie: Jamie tossed the razor on the bed, took a deep breath, and reached inside his wife to try and get their baby out. The dupe with the towels was shifting from foot to foot and Jamie whipped his head around to snap at him. "We're nervous enough! Stand the fuck still!"

Jean: Of course I want you to save the baby. He's us... together.. She watched the dupe stop fidgeting and Jamie's hands were in her stomach. There was no coming back from this. She knew that now. In the back of her mind, she felt something stir.

Jamie: Jamie closed his eyes. Jeannie... I can't do this without you. He wiped his nose on his non-bloody shoulder and froze when he finally felt his hands around their baby's middle. The dupe with the towels stepped up immediately and Jamie Prime slowly pulled the baby out. "It's a boy," he choked out when he set him in his dupe's arms.

Jamie: He wasn't trying to stop his tears now and he looked over at his wife's face. "We have a boy, Jeannie," he whispered.

Jean: Yes, you can. She looked at the baby, wishing she could touch him. As it was, she could feel his mind. Weak, but there. I know, I see him. Told you so.

Jean: Jamie's mind was far less delicate than their son's, so she channeled all her energy into touching him while she could. Jean gave him a mental caress.

Jamie: He took a shuddering breath as he felt her and gave the best one he could back, but then he focused on sewing her back up. He got some fishing line from the tacklebox in the closet and one of his mom's old sewing needles. Focus. Just stay focused. One task at a time...

Jamie: Once things were properly closed up, he took a dry towel and gently wiped what he could from her belly. He looked up at her, slightly defeated to see that her face hadn't changed, then looked at their baby again.

Jamie: Jamie took their son in his arms and went to sit by Jean's head. The dupe sitting with her held her hands for her and Jamie Prime set the baby on her chest, the dupe using Jean's hands to hold the baby still. It seemed so tiny and weak. Jamie kissed his wife's forehead and moved to get the razor so he could cut the umbilical cord. "You told me so," he murmured in agreement. "Pick his name, Jeannie."

Jean: Jean wished she could feel her son, if only once. With a flash of fire behind her eyes, she drew a deep breath, now back in her body. Terrified of suffering that pain again, she was amazed that she was numb now. Shock, she supposed. She looked up at both Jamie and his dupe, seeing matching teary expressions.

Jean: She looked down at the top of the baby's head as he snuffled and tried to figure out how to cry. Dark hair, just like his father. "Jack," she whispered, unsure where she'd gotten the idea. When she tried to tighten her hands over his soft, damp skin, her fingers wouldn't obey.

Jamie: Jamie gave Jean a watery smile, "Jack. I like it. Another J name." The dupe helped her hold Jack close and Jamie Prime leaned in to rest his forehead on hers, bringing a hand up to cup her face. "Please don't leave me, Jeannie... I need you." He closed his eyes to keep the tears from falling and gave her a lingering kiss. Stay with us.

Jean: She was trying, but her powers weren't obeying her any more than her body. Jean tipped her head back to press her lips to his. Jack let out a weak cry and she almost managed to laugh against his mouth. I don't want to leave my boys. But, she couldn't fight it much longer. I'm cold...

Jean: The fire that had been a part of her life since the day she'd linked their minds wouldn't come. Her tears spilled over her cheeks and Jean Grey Madrox breathed her last breath.

Jamie: There was a flickering in his mind that felt like a neon light going out and he tried to shake her gently and keep her with him, but then the light was gone. Not even the outline could be felt anymore. The warmth and love he had felt since she rescued him all those years ago vanished in a single breath.

Jamie: Jamie's hands balled in Jean's hair and the dupe leaned over them both, both of them sobbing and trying to bring her back. The dupe who had cleaned up Jack sat on the end of the bed and buried his face in his hands. Jamie Prime shook himself when he felt Jack squirm under him and he sat up and wiped his eyes.

Jamie: He looked down at their son on her breast and wished he could have seen her holding him happy and sweaty like he had pictured. Carefully, he scooped up the tiny bundle and held him to his chest, still sitting next to his wife. "I love you, Jean," he murmured, then turned his face into his son's trying to get some strength from the knowledge that this baby boy needed him.

Jean: Jean was gone, but something else was now at work in her shell.

Jamie: Jamie cradled his son as the baby started to build up to a wail. Jack knew his mother was gone, too. He had probably felt her in his mind just like Jamie had. Jamie rocked him and murmured a lullaby that his mother used to sing to him while he walked around the room in aimless circles.

Jamie: The dupes were still crying, but Jamie Prime couldn't. He had to be strong for this tiny thing that now relied on him. He could cry when Jack was asleep.

Jamie: Wordlessly, the dupe at the end of the bed started mopping up what blood he could, cleaning without thinking, just like Prime had started walking without thinking. The Jamie holding Jean in his lap didn't want to move, though. She looked like she was sleeping and he wanted her to stay that way. If he moved, if he shifted her out of his lap, she would be gone.

Jean: The thing multiplying in Jean's brain didn't know that the warm creature holding it so carefully was its host's husband. Nor would it care. It was meat.

Jean: Jean's white fingers twitched.

Jamie: The dupe reached for Prime's comb in the nightstand and slowly started to comb out the tangles from Prime's blood covered fingers. The cleaning dupe took the towels and tossed them in the bathtub. One of them would have to burn them later. One of them who wasn't afraid of fire. If Prime could find one.

Jamie: Speaking of Prime, he had found a wall and slid down, clutching the baby between his pulled up knees and rocking side to side. It wasn't supposed to be like this. None of this was supposed to happen this way. "Shh, Jack. Shh. Daddy's here. All of us." At least there was that. Never a shortage of hands to help out.

Jean: Jean's body was dead, but things were never that clear cut for a telepath, especially one like her. She didn't think she was on the astral plane, but she didn't know where she was, other than everywhere and nowhere. She could feel Jamie's grief, but couldn't find her way back to his mind. She could also feel something else building in the room, something wrong.

Jean: The dupe combing her hair was oblivious to the creature taking over her corpse. Jean could see it happening, could see a chain reaction of tragedy to end in the death of everything she loved. Nope! Fuck that!

Jean: Dead eyes opened and Jean did the only thing she could think of. Her clawlike hand grasped the dupe's and her head jerked to the side to snap at his wrist. From her place outside of her body, Jean found the fire again and her corpse on the bed convulsed in the phoenix's flames.

Jamie: The dupe screamed and Jamie Prime's head whipped up. What. The. Fuck?! Prime passed Jack off as carefully and quickly as he could to the cleaning dupe and sent them out of the house. Shit, to the other edge of the property, even. Jamie stomped his foot and another dupe popped up. They ran to pin Jean's arms, Prime only hesitating for half a second before grabbing her wrist.

Jamie: The dupe who had been holding her head had wriggled onto the floor, clutching his wrist in pain. ...If he turned zombie right now... Fuck. Jamie hit the side of his head on the headboard twice and one went to try and drag the bitten dupe out while the other one dug through Jean's nightstand for the fuzzy handcuffs.

Jamie: "Fucking... HURRY UP!" The dupe fumbled the cuffs and nearly dropped them as he crawled through the blood-soaked sheets to try and cuff Jean's wrist.

Jean: That hadn't gone as planned. Jamie! So sorry! Helpless and exhausted, Jean's flames died out and the zombie was free.

Jean: Snarling and twisting in his grip, the zombie fought for freedom, snapping at Prime's face. The stitches holding her abdomen together snapped from the strain.

Jamie: The dupe at the other arm pinned it by sitting on it, then jerked her head still by holding her hair as tight as he could manage. "Anytime, guys!" Prime snarled at the dupe, "Shut up! We're trying!" Between the two of them, they managed to get that one arm cuffed to the frame and Prime scrambled over his now undead wife to try and figure out what to do with the other one.

Jamie: He grabbed the blindfold from his side table and used that to tie the other wrist to the post of the bed. "FUCK! What the hell?!" He took a second to close his eyes and breathe, hoping Jack was okay still. He didn't want to think about the fact- "You gotta, Jamie. Or one of us does. But that's still you. It sucks, but it has to be done." Prime looked up at the dupe who had handcuffed Jean and sighed. He was right. Fuck!

Jean: If she could reassure him, she would. Jean knew Jack was okay, since she could sense him and the dupe. The storm outside stopped him from leaving the house, but he'd barricaded them into a downstairs room.

Jean: The zombie was fast learning the portion of Jean's powers it could still use. The bedside lamp and headboard started to shake.

Jamie: "Shit!" All three Jamies jumped back at the same time. "Okay... Hand me the, um, the razor." Fuck! Why? Why couldn't things just stop when they were supposed to stop?! Jean's eyes weren't Jean's anymore, so maybe it would make it easier? Nope. Because it was still her face. And killing zombies was always gross, nevermind when it was your wife. He took the razor and swallowed hard.

Jamie: The dupe holding her head still with her hair gave him a quick nod and Prime dove in, sticking the razor through her eye until he felt it hit bone. Then he promptly turned and hurled into his trashcan.

Jean: The zombie's thrashing ended and the vibrations in the room stopped.

Jean: In her blank white room, Jean watched her husband suffer. This... sucked.

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Re: What if...? Another Zombie Apocalypse!

Post by Svartfreja » Wed Dec 30, 2020 2:18 pm

Carol: Carol had confidence in her internal GPS. It was awesome at getting her where she needed to go... but when you hadn't been to a place before, the back-up of an actual GPS was nice... also the ability to speak Chinese. Maria couldn't actually speak Chinese but her alien tech was able to translate. Carol really wanted that alien tech.

Maria: Maria checked her map again and slowed down a little, "Nearly there, not-Mom... assuming the coordinates are right anyway..."

Carol: "I don't know why they wouldn't be..." Carol stuck her hand in her pocket to pull out the hand-drawn rough map of the area from the air that Viper had provided them. She'd even drawn the logo for the farm on the back. But Winter made things tricky.

Maria: "Well they can't both be wrong..." she gestured between her map and the one her not-Mom held. "We can probably figure it out between the two, right?"

Carol: "Yeah, we're smart people... well, you are..." she gave Maria a small grin, "Probably get all that geniusness from your dad."

Maria: "Not all of it... some of it's for sure Mom... so you..." Maria smiled back as they descended toward the ground. They were close enough to walk now which was probably more polite when you were strolling onto someone else's property.

Carol: "I really hope there's no zombies... I mean... seems pretty rural so... chances are good..." It was definitely warmer than New Hampshire though so the zombies probably weren't all little immobile ice sculptures here. One way to find out... she pitched her voice to carry, "Helloooooooo? Anyone home?"

Hope: The moment someone entered the airspace, Jarvis began alerting Hope and David of the intruders. Within seconds, they had determined that it wasn't mutant zombies flying in, but that didn't necessarily mean they weren't hostile. Wordlessly, she and David moved to intercept.

David: David took point to allow her to stay concealed, not bothering to try and figure out who it was before marching out to meet the intruders.

Maria: Maria's tech alerted her to the presence of other tech and she paused to check what it was as Carol continued forward.

David: He walked out toward the intruders, weapon ready. "Hello." He said flatly, unable to see who it was yet.

Carol: Score! Not zombies! And also not speaking Chinese! Double win! "We come in peace..." Carol said, then heard Maria giggle behind her, "Shut up!" she hissed over her shoulder. Now was not the time for alien jokes. "We're looking for somewhere...."

Maria: Maria kept the rest of her giggling to herself and said 'hi' to the tech she found. The programming was so familiar it was way too tempting not to.

David: Something deep within David clicked and he lowered his weapon. "Danvers?"

Jarvis: Jarvis responded positively to Maria's prompting.

Carol: Okay... that was... good? Bad? Weird. It was weird. Next time Viper sent her on a wild goose chase she was going to ask more questions. "Yeah?" She replied. "We're looking for this place..." she held up the map and turned it around to show the emblem Viper had drawn on the back.

Maria: Maria was happily talking to the AI she had found, entirely distracted from the mission now.

David: A grin crept across his face, moving much closer. "You found it Danvers. Who the hell...." it clicked. He knew who.

Carol: "Awesome..." waaaaaaait. She knew that voice. "David?" She leaned to peer through the bushes, lifting a little into the air.

David: With a little wave, David grinned. "Guilty."

Carol: David was promptly tackled from the air and flattened on the ground.

Maria: Maria looked up at the sound of an impact. Huh... where did her not-Mom go?

David: Certainly glad he couldn't die, David gasped for air as he was tackled.

Hope: A crossbow arrow flew through the air, landing inches away.

Carol: "We didn't know it was your farm!" She gave him a small squeeze before letting him go and sitting up, plucking the crossbow bolt out of the ground and raising an eyebrow at it. "Someone else here?"

Maria: Maria's energy fields activated instinctively at the perceived threat and surrounded herself, her not-Mom, and the person she was with, in glowing blue transparent walls.

David: "My job was to protect her. Guess she does that for me now." He laughed a little.

Carol: "She missed! You should fire her ass." Carol tossed the bolt to one side, "Hope, you dumbass! Stop shooting at the bullet proof one! You know it just pisses me off!"

David: He cringed visibly. "She doesn't miss." He told Carol softly. That shot was intentional.

Carol: "What, she's firing warning shots? Or was that supposed to be 'hi'?" She tapped on the energy cube around them, "Maria, it's okay..." she called to the girl.

Maria: Maria frowned a little but dismissed the energy cubes and asked the AI if it was safe instead.

David: He leaned in close to Carol, whispering, "Careful."

Jarvis: Jarvis assured her it was safe from hostiles.

Carol: Carol raised an eyebrow at David. He knew who he was talking to, right? She got to her feet and offered him her hand.

David: He took the offered help with a thanks, watching the bolt go zipping back to where it came from.

Carol: "Oh, I was supposed to give whoever I found here that I recognised this..." she put her hand in her pocket and pulled out another sketch. This one was of a European kingfisher. Viper drew them a lot. She offered it to David.

Maria: "Jarvis says it's safe..." Maria informed them, starting toward the building she could just about see the top of.

David: David did a double take not at the kingfisher but at Maria. "How do you know Jarvis? Who are you?"

Maria: "Davey!" For the second time, David was flattened.

Carol: "Oh yeah... I should have warned you about that..."

Carol: Still funny though!

David: He flailed, making an unmanly sound.

Carol: "This is Maria... remember that portal with the other reality? She's from there... she knows her you... the one that's married to her Jess?" Carol refreshed his memory.

David: He nodded a bit, patting the kid. "Well. At least Morgan will have someone to play with for a bit. How long are you here for?"

Carol: "Well, that's up to you... Because I'm pretty sure I'm supposed to go back at some point and tell Viper you're alive... wait for her to stop crying... and then bring her here."

Maria: Maria got up and pulled David up with her then carried on toward the house like nothing happened.

David: He went happily, glancing back over at Carol. "Well. She's welcome of course." He was worried about finding out who else was alive.

Carol: "She needs some good news... she's having a hard time...." She put her arm around David as they followed behind Maria. "Who's Morgan?"

David: "Uhhhh right. Um. Hope's daughter.... Was a bit of a shock."

Carol: Carol blinked, missing a step, "Hope has a kid? Since when? ... I mean... who's the dad?" She tried to keep the internal flailing internal.

David: "Since uh... huh..." How old was she? "She's 4." He was a good grandpa damnit. "The world kind of went to hell around the time she found out. Right after.... well." He cringed." After she and the kid broke it off."

Carol: "And he... doesn't know?" She knew he didn't because he would have for sure said something by now buuuuut…

David: He shook his head. "No... and probably best if he doesn't, truthfully. She's...." He whispered very softly. "She's not the same, Carol."

Carol: "... A lot of people aren't..." she sighed, "This thing... it's kind of broken a lot of people we thought were indestructible... Others have kind of been... weirdly resilient..."

David: He shook his head. "After their link was cut, she..." he trailed off some, trying to figure out how to tell her without telling her the details around the kid. "He was what kept her... stable." He looked around nervously.

Carol: "Not going to say I'm surprised about that..." she chewed her lip, a nervous habit when she didn't want to say something. "How bad is it?"

David: He just shot her a nervous look. "Bad." He punched in the code to let them into their building.

Carol: Carol watched Maria bounce on inside and paused, grabbing David's arm to stop him following, "Are you okay?" He was acting weird... which wasn't odd in a zombie apocalypse but it was freaking her out because David was generally ridiculous when he wasn't in work mode and super stoic when he was. This was neither.

David: He nodded. "We're fine here... just. Watch what you say. She's not alright. We avoid triggers."

Carol: "Right... someone should tell that to Maria..." She winced at the squeal from inside.

David: He winced too, hoping it was a good squeal.

David: The building was a small compound of sorts. It had been the warehouse for his farm, but it had easily been converted into a safe haven for the small family to live in. David's Red Dragons lived in a nearby settlement, keeping the immediate area patrolled and clear of zombies and predators. In the crazy of the fallen world, they had created an oasis of calm around his ancient home.

David: The entryway where they entered showcased that mix of industrial with home warmth as it opened up into a huge sitting area with incredibly comfortable furniture and stylish decorations that were characteristic of the style Hope would have chosen years ago. David had chosen all of it, hoping to draw that part of her back out.

Morgan: The squeal had emitted from a smaller room off to the left, where a warm light shone into the entryway. Inside, a tiny redheaded, Japanese 4 year old was showing off her latest robot to her new friend. "His name is Sushi. I want him to help make me sandwiches."

Maria: "Sushi sandwiches?" Maria offered with a grin, "I can help! Want me to help?" Her mommies would be so proud she'd remembered to ask for permission to help! She pulled up a holographic screen from her arm band and scanned the little robot, only then remembering to translate the text from Kree glyphs to English.

Morgan: Bouncing up and down, Morgan nodded. "Yes!" She pointed at the screws on the back panel and unscrewed them with her mind, then levitated them into her hand so they could open the robot.

Maria: Yay! Helping! She took a seat in the air and got to work with her new friend.

Carol: Carol watched them for a moment. At least if she was helping the kid she would be staying out of trouble... "Nice place..."

David: He grinned, nodding a bit. "Thanks. Was my warehouse. Made a great place to hide."

Carol: "I bet... the cabin's been good to hide out in too... nice and out of the way... but, man, it was a pain in the ass to get to... Maria fixed my powers though so at least getting around is easier now."

David: "This used to be my equivalent of a cabin in the woods," he laughed, looking upstairs at the security room where Hope was already back on duty, watching all her screens and scans. "Without her mind, we wouldn't have half of this technology."

Carol: "Yeah... thanks to Viper we got Pietro's place on solar... so I know that feeling..."

David: He nodded, looking back at her. "Sounds like a lot of them are alive then?"

Carol: She sighed, "Some... a few big holes though... and for the longest time there was just three of us in the cabin... then Maria showed up. That was a weird morning..."

David: Laughing, David nodded. "I'd imagine so. Glad to hear some are still out there. Hard to get news like that."

Carol: "Well I can catch you up or I can go and get Viper and she can do it..." Carol offered, "But... she's different... so I should definitely warn you about that first."

David: Now he looked concerned. "Different how? What's happened to her?"

Carol: Carol chewed her lip, not really sure how to approach this one. "Uh... she... feels stuff now... and I don't think she likes it much..."

David: He furrowed his brow, processing that. "Well. She's always been welcome wherever I am. So. Get her here please? Whenever. Just..." he glanced up the stairs at where Hope was now cleaning a gun as she worked. "Not the kid."

Carol: She nodded, "Sure, I can do that... I can do that right now if you want... I'm pretty sure she's probably pacing a hole in the floor waiting for me to get back and tell her what I found." She dropped her voice in case Hope could hear them, "What do I tell him?"

David: "She's alive I guess. But not interested in visitors?" He shrugged a little. It was complicated. "Anything to keep him away from here."

Carol: "So... nothing." She was okay with that. Did that make her a bad person? Maybe... "I'll go get her... I'll come back as soon as I can but I'll probably have to go slower on the way back here... pretty sure I can't talk her into a trash can."

David: "We're not going anywhere. Morgan has met you and Jarvis will clear you for entry, so if we aren't here, come on in. Make yourselves at home." Then it clicked. "Wait. Trash can?"

Carol: "They're so much easier to carry than a car!"

David: David laughed, patting Carol on the shoulder. "I'm sure they are."

Carol: "I'll be back... uh... you mind watching Maria for a while? She's harmless... and nine. It's complicated. She'll tell you when I'm nearly here. She always knows."

David: He shrugged. "It's good for Morgan to have someone to play with. No problem at all."

Carol: "Maybe sometime I can bring Astrid... they're around the same age..." But she might talk about Obi so she'd have to have that talk first. She pulled David into another hug, "It's really good to see you."

David: He hugged her back. "Same, Danvers. Glad you're in one piece."

Carol: "Was that ever really in doubt? I'm indestructible, remember?" She gave him a gentle squeeze and pressed a kiss to his cheek before stepping back from him and turning for the door. "Back before you know it."

David: With a laugh, David waved. "Same basically."

Carol: "Maria?" she called, "Stay here, I'm going to get Viper."

Maria: "Okay, not-Mom! I'll be good!"
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Re: What if...? Another Zombie Apocalypse!

Post by Svartfreja » Wed Dec 30, 2020 2:19 pm

Maria: "Not-Mom's back!" Maria announced, beating Jarvis by several seconds.

Carol: Carol hadn't even landed yet, she was circling the farm as she slowed down and letting her passenger look around. She finally set down outside the former warehouse and put Viper on her feet. "You gonna be okay?"

Viper: Viper paused in adjusting her hair and clothing to think about that question, eventually shrugging. "I have no idea... I hope so..." At least it was warmer here. Stupid New England weather.

David: David looked up, surprised. And.... nervous? Why was he nervous? It was Viper for crying out loud.

Morgan: "How'd you do that?!"

Maria: "My daddy says it's 'freaky alien gps'." Maria nodded sagely.

Morgan: Morgan giggled and poked Maria. She didn't feel like an alien.

Maria: Maria giggled and poked back, not sure why she was being poked in the first place.

Carol: Carol headed straight to the door to go inside, pausing as she opened it because Viper hadn't followed her, "Pretty sure he's not gonna bite you..."

Viper: "Hope might..."

David: David smirked, watching the children a little, then headed to the door to greet Carol.

Carol: "Sorry we took so long. She wanted to do some 'shopping' before we left," Carol gave David a smile, moving aside so he could see Viper where she still stood somewhat awkwardly. "I don't know what she found but it's been making some interesting in-flight noises." She shrugged the backpack off her shoulders.

David: He raised an eyebrow, glancing to Viper. Shopping for what? "Good to see you again," he smiled a bit.

Viper: Viper didn't know what to do or say. She was feeling a bunch of things all at once and it was confusing her. She bit her lip, after a moment, taking a tentative step toward him before running the rest of the way and pulling him into a tight hug.

David: He smiled softly, then wrapped her in a tight hug, squeezing her and keeping her pressed against him.

Viper: She pressed her face into his neck and inhaled his scent, almost to check he was real. "You're alive..." and she was crying again but for all different kinds of reasons than usual.

David: He couldn't stop the slight chuckle and scoff. "Did you really think it was that easy to kill me off?"

Viper: "You're right where I was hoping you'd be..." She loosened her hold enough to step back from him so she could see his face. "I didn't think I'd ever see you again..."

Carol: Carol decided to go inside with the bag and check on Maria to give David and Viper some privacy.

David: He smiled a bit, nodding up briefly toward the control room where Hope was. "Had a job to do. Still doing it."

Viper: "Always keeping your promise..." she returned the smile, reaching up to cup his cheek in her palm. "And now I hear there's a new generation to look after."

David: David gave her a more genuine grin. "She calls me Papa. Not to brag, but I might be the coolest grandpa ever." He slipped his hand over hers.

Viper: "Well, of course you are... but I see a distinct lack of other grandpas for her to compare you to," she reached up to rub her cheeks with her other hand, the ghost of her customary smirk on her lips. "Does Hope mind that I'm here?"

David: He gave her a mock angry look at her jab, but softened a bit to shrug. Who knew with Hope these days. "You're always welcome where I am. You know that. Just... I don't know how much Carol told you. But she's not in a great place and hasn't been for years. So we avoid triggers. Like Shinobi. Michael. Whatever he's going by. The kid."

Viper: "Michael... and Carol told me. What can I talk to her about? Or rather, who...?" She needed safe topic boundaries because she didn't know how well her new emotional self would cope with a crazy Hope firing on all cylinders.

David: "Anyone and anything else pretty much. Stay away from like, death and the kid and you'll be fine. When in doubt, talk about how smart Morgan is."

Viper: "So I won't talk about my week where she can hear, then..." she sighed, pulling David back to her for another hug, "Before that it was going... not well... but it was going..."

David: He held her tightly, sighing a bit. "I'm glad to see you're alright."

Viper: She laughed bitterly, "Oh, I'm miles from alright... but this is helping." She turned her head to press a kiss to his cheek, "I missed you so much..."

David: He smiled softly and nuzzled the top of her head a little. "I missed you too."

Viper: "I learned something recently..." relatively speaking anyway. "Something I think you'll like."

David: "I'm listening....." He looked down at her.

Viper: "I... I needed some help identifying the things I feel now... so Sebastian helped me..." she bit her lip, lifting her gaze to meet his eyes, "I love you..."

David: He blinked in surprise, only years of training keeping more emotions off his face as he processed that.

Viper: He wasn't saying anything. Why wasn't he saying anything? Was it too late now? After all this time had he finally given up on her? She bit her lip and took a step back ready to flee when he broke the news to her.

David: Reflexively, his grip tightened on her when she tried to move, his brain flailing to catch up, but unable to. So. He kissed her.

Viper: Oh. Maybe this was good news? After a moment of surprise, she kissed him back, sliding her arms back around him as her eyes closed.

David: After a moment, David rested his forehead against hers and just held onto her. "How?"

Viper: "How...?" She echoed, confused by the question as she shifted to gently nuzzle his cheek.

David: "I didn't... you didn't... how?" he turned to kiss her temple.

Viper: "How is it I have emotions now?" She guessed, "I'm not sure... we think it was probably the removal of the psychic blocking technology Hydra implanted in my head..."

David: He nodded, processing that. "More reasons to hate them," he decided.

Viper: She shook her head. "No... I was broken when Hydra got hold of me. You know that... SHIELD, I suppose, damaged the right parts of my brain badly enough that they had to heal and, for the first time, I was in a healthy environment for that... Safely with the Shaws for a year, in a loving home... and then I had to be a parent to a small child for another year... a truly terrible year..."

David: He blinked at that. "I think we have some catching up to do."

Viper: Viper nodded, "Could we perhaps do that inside? And with a little of the surprise I brought for you?"

David: He nodded, smiling and taking her hand. "Come on. You need to meet Morgan too."

Viper: She gave his hand a squeeze, "I do.... how do you like Maria?"

David: He grinned a bit. "She's fun. It's been nice having her around."

Viper: "She's a handful... but you can't keep her. She's working on something with Sebastian and it's good for him to have her around."

David: "I'm contractually obligated to say Stark Tech is better."

Viper: "That's why Sebastian's been working with her..." Viper explained, "In her reality, she calls Tony 'dad'. So I suppose it's like having a Stark around that doesn't require scotch to function."

David: David laughed. "How is he doing?" He asked, taking her into the kitchen, which had a bit more privacy than the living area.

Viper: Viper rescued her bag on the way through the living area and set it down on the counter to unpack the treasure. "Better now... I was worried about him for a while... myself, too."

David: He plopped down at the table, running his hands through his hair and watching her. "So.... what did I miss?"

Viper: "The first year on house arrest was utterly boring and designed to torture me." She lifted a bottle of wine out of her bag and set it on the counter. "Corkscrew?"

David: "Third drawer," he told her, watching her with curiosity. "I'd imagine so."

Viper: Acquiring a corkscrew, she opened the bottle and let it sit to breathe. It really needed to be decanted but that might be asking too much. "Sebastian was in Belarus when the virus hit..." she continued, "Jessica was extra busy with stressed out clients... so I was left in charge of Miriam."

David: He nodded, reflecting back on his own horror of being trapped with a pregnant Hope. "So they got trapped where they were?"

Viper: "Yes... so I broke into Sebastian's lab to make sure we could be safe if they somehow got inside.... And then they did." She found some glassware and set two glasses on the counter. "Jessica, displaying her usual terrible habit of heroism, told me to take Miriam and go."

David: David sighed. "Of course she did."

Viper: "She locked me in Miriam's room and refused to open the door so I had no choice... we were supposed to meet up later but... I was late and she wasn't there." Viper sighed and focused on slowly pouring the wine, "So then it was just Miriam and I... for a year."

David: He winced a little. What a rough year that would have been. "I'm sorry." Guilt washed over him.

Viper: "We survived... I tried to teach her things... she started calling me mama..." which she was still doing. "Then, somehow... Sebastian came home."

David: "And Jess?"

Viper: "We found she'd taken the tank... or someone had... so we decided we'd try to track it. It gave us something to do, anyway... We had tracked it to Tennessee and we were going to attempt communication with whoever had it... but we were attacked and our equipment was destroyed."

David: He sighed, nodding. "Any trace of her after that?"

Viper: "Well... after that is when things started to get somewhat better." She picked up the glasses from the counter and brought them to him, offering him one. "Which was rather welcome because Sebastian and I were both in terrible shape. He had been shot and I had a roof fall on me."

David: He stared at her, taking the glass. Had any of them not been through hell? "Thanks," he watched her, blinking a bit. "Who shot him?"

Viper: "The same people that destroyed our equipment." She took a seat, "So we were hurting and suffering with hypothermia too. I wouldn't recommend it."

David: David nodded, processing all the information. "No, it sounds miserable."

Viper: "So...." she nosed the wine and took a small sip. "We were trying to decide what to do next... and who should appear? Monet, of all people. Followed shortly by Carol," she dropped her voice, "And he who shall not be talked about. Apparently there was quite the group living in Carol's family's cabin and, during a trip to Pietro's house, Monet sensed Sebastian's mind."

David: That made him smile. "I'm glad to hear so many are alright." He took a small sip of the wine, savoring it.

Viper: "For obvious reasons, I wasn't really thrilled with the idea of living in a very full cabin surrounded by Xavier's children who all have a good reason to hate me... and with the news that Jessica was also there it made things more complicated with Miriam... So, when they mentioned Pietro's labs were still operational... I decided to start working on this virus problem."

David: David took another sip, thinking he recognized the taste of the wine. "Any progress? And Hope will be glad to know Jess is alive."

Viper: She gave a half shrug, "I suppose that depends on your definition of progress... I know where the virus originated."

David: He definitely knew this flavor. He took another sip, smiling. "Where?"

Viper: Viper sighed. So far she'd only told one other person and she had just as much to lose. "Nathaniel Essex... and... me..."

David: He cringed at that news. "How?"

Viper: "The research I gave to SHIELD... it was my pet project on healing mutations... somehow Essex got his hands on it... it's why they come back..."

David: He nodded, mulling that over and sipping his wine. "Too bad Hope didn't kill that fucker years ago."

Viper: "I told Rogue before I left... as it is... we're as much to blame for this as each other... but if she can access his memories, she can help to fix it." Or Essex's psyche would overwhelm her again and they'd have bigger problems.

David: "Nah. Essex did this." David was adamant. He reached across the table and took her hand. "You didn't cause this."

Viper: She offered a small smile and gave his hand a squeeze. "Regardless... I need to fix this... I will have to go back to work on it... I just.... needed a break. I always feel better when I'm here... so I sent Carol to see if it was still safe..."

David: "Breaks are a great idea. I'm glad you came here." He smiled, giving her hand another squeeze. "Perfectly safe for you here."

Viper: She returned the squeeze, "I didn't know if you would be here... I hoped... but so many horrible things have happened to me lately I was beginning to think my good luck had run out..."

David: He smiled softly again. "I understand. I brought Hope out here right before all of that. It was a retreat for her. My team came with us, so we were able to establish a stronghold right off."

Viper: "I'm just glad you're in one piece and not craving brains or whatever it is vegan hipster zombies eat."

David: David laughed, taking another sip of wine. "Same. And same about you of course. I just... Kind of figured you'd be ok. You're a survivor."

Viper: She nodded, looking down at her wine glass for a moment, "For a while there... I felt like giving up."

David: His eyes darted in the direction of that command room. There'd been plenty of that to go around. He looked back at her, squeezing her hand tightly. "I'm glad you didn't."

Viper: "Sebastian refused to let me." She squeezed back, "I was... very lonely for a long time... even after he came home and we ended up at the cabin with everyone... no one really wants me around. They don't trust me... I don't blame them for it... but I'm not that person anymore..."

David: "You know you're wanted here," he told her softly. He also owed Sebastian big time. "You should let Sebastian and Jess know she's ok though... but... then you can be here. As much as you want. Anytime you want. Hope can add you to Jarvis' system as an approved person so you won't even need a code."

Viper: "I will, however, need a taxi." She got up from her seat and went to sit in his lap, sliding her arms around him. "I wish I didn't have to leave..."

David: He smiled, nuzzling her. "It's alright. You know where I am. And whenever someone can bring you out here, you can be here."

Viper: "I'm sure Carol won't mind..." She snuggled against him, "And it seems Maria has found a friend here too... Do you think sometime we'll be able to get everyone together again?"

David: He shrugged a little, playing with her hair. "It depends... But you three are welcome any time. And Sebastian and Jess. Just... explain to them."

Viper: She nodded, "I will... It'll be easier when I've spent time here and seen her for myself..."

David: He nodded, slipping his fingers under her chin to gently tip her face up to him.

Viper: She smiled softly, her eyes searching his face and matching the familiarity with the picture in her mind. As temporary as it was, she was glad to have this time with him.

David: He smiled softly at her and all but whispered, "I love you."

Viper: Her own smile grew. She'd wanted to hear those words ever since she'd realised what she felt for him. "I love you too."

David: He kissed her forehead, pulling her tight against him. "We'll get you sorted with the security. So you can come and go."

Viper: She tightened her grip around his shoulders to return the embrace. "I'm sure we can leave some way for you to communicate with us when Maria and Sebastian get them working without the help of her alien tech..."

David: He smiled, nodding. "I'll get the redhead working on it too."

Viper: "I would, of course, offer to assist but... I have enough to work on without the addition of more projects. Maria has a lot of ideas to keep anyone needing distractions busy."

David: He laughed, letting her go finally. "I know someone like that."

Viper: "I'd venture to guess we both know rather a lot of people like that." She leaned to press a kiss to his cheek, "How do you like the wine, by the way?"

David: He grinned at her. "Same as I remember it."

Viper: She smiled, lifting her hand to his cheek, "I have more things but they can wait til later. I think I would like to meet Morgan and, perhaps, say hello to Hope if she wants to come down."

David: "I know how to lure them both out." He gave her a mischievous smile and went for the pantry.

Viper: She cocked her head on one side, watching him as she picked up her wine glass to finish her drink. "Is this a trick we can all learn?"

David: He laughed, pulling out ingredients. "Scotch works on the over 21 crew."

Viper: "It does. It works very well... on everyone but Carol. She cannot be bribed."

David: "False. Just have to find the right bribe." Soon, David had all the ingredients to make Hope's favorite cookies: gingerbread.

Viper: Eyeing the ingredients, a smile crept back onto her face. "Would you like me to do the baking?"

David: His face lit up. "Yes please."

Viper: "We'll make gingerbread the proper way." She set her glass down and went to move her backpack and wash her hands.

David: "Of course." He smiled, sitting down with his wine. Perfect plan.
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Re: What if...? Another Zombie Apocalypse!

Post by Svartfreja » Wed Dec 30, 2020 2:20 pm

David: David smiled softly to himself as he sat back in his chair, watching the girls and Viper working away on their gingerbread. It brought him incredible joy to see Morgan's face, complete with flour, lit up with such joy. She was a naturally easy going child, but to see her this happy was special.

Morgan: "And... and then we put the buttons on them!?" Morgan asked Viper, tugging at her a little in her excitement.

Viper: She smiled at the little girl, "Yes, Häschen, then we put the buttons on them." She checked her balance on the chair as she looked over at Maria who was mixing the frosting from within a forcefield bubble because Carol had been attempting to sample it.

Morgan: Morgan bounced a little, looking over at David. "Papa! We get to add buttons!"

David: He smiled at her. "I heard!"

Hope: Hope slid in silently, taking the seat beside David, watching them.

David: He reached out to give her arm a squeeze with a smile. He told Viper it would drag her out.

Viper: "Is the frosting ready?" Viper asked Maria.

Maria: "Yep! And I didn't let not-Mom touch it!" she was proud.

Viper: "Good!" Viper held out her hands for the bowl, "Häschen, do you want to hold the icing bag?"

Morgan: "Yes yes yes!" That earned Viper a hug. "I'll be careful."

Viper: She returned the hug after setting the bowl on the counter, "Okay. Hold it open for me so I can put the frosting in and then we can add all the things that make gingerbread into people."

Morgan: Morgan let her go, nodding and holding the bag very seriously and carefully.

Hope: Hope smiled just a little watching.

Viper: Viper spooned the frosting into the bag until there was no room for more without making a mess. "Okay, Carol... help yourself..."

Carol: "Woohoo!" Carol sprung from her seat on the counter and grabbed the bowl and the spoon. Hers now!

Morgan: Morgan giggled at Carol. "She's silly."

Carol: "Where we live, sugar is rare!" Carol protested, "Pietro's going to be so jealous."

Morgan: "You should take him a Gingybread man," Morgan assured her.

Carol: "If I bring only one home, there'll be a riot... safer for everyone if we eat them all and don't tell anyone they existed." She nodded solemnly.

Morgan: Morgan giggled more at Carol. "Silly!"

Maria: "Not-Mom is always silly!" Maria giggled too.

Hope: That made her smile a bit.

Morgan: "We have the prettiest cookies!"

Viper: "Yes we do!" Viper agreed, "You did a great job helping!"

Morgan: Morgan beamed and hugged Viper again.

Viper: She smiled and returned the hug. "Now we should wash our hands and go sit at the table."

Morgan: "Ok!" She kissed Viper's cheek and hopped down to go to the sink.

Maria: Maria also followed the instruction to wash hands, making sure to help Morgan reach. Being super tall for her age was useful.

Morgan: Once her hands were washed, Morgan grabbed a cookie and went to Hope's lap, sharing her cookie with her mommy.

Hope: Smiling, Hope held onto her and glanced over at Viper.

Carol: Carol was happy with her bowl of sugar but she wasn't going to turn down cookies when Viper brought the plate over.

Hope: That made Hope smile more, smirking a bit. She tore off a little bit of Morgan's cookie, sampling it. "Amazing, Viper."

Viper: "Of course." She offered Hope a smile, setting a plate of cookies on the table before taking a seat.

Hope: Hope reached for her own cookie, nibbling on it slowly.

Morgan: Morgan quickly relocated to Viper's lap.

Viper: Viper was confused but wrapped an arm securely around the child anyway. "How long are you two staying?" Viper looked between Carol and Maria.

Carol: As Maria and Viper both looked at her for the answer, Carol stuffed a spoonful of icing in her mouth to stall... then gave a totally helpful shrug.

Hope: Hope smirked, crossing her arms. "Should we just set you guys up some rooms?"

Carol: Carol finally removed the spoon, "Nah, we need to go back. They're expecting us... and Maria's working on a project. But, if you need us for something you can contact us." She fished in her pocket for the device Maria had made for her. "Magic alien phone. It'll contact Maria directly."

David: David took the device with a nod. "Thank you."

Morgan: Morgan clung to Viper.

Viper: Viper wrapped her other arm around Morgan, "Don't worry, Häschen. I'm not going anywhere for a little while."

Morgan: "YAY!" She settled in to finish her cookie contentedly.

Carol: "Viper's earned a vacation... probably more than any of us. So she's gonna hang out with you guys and call us when she's ready to come back and fix the world." She looked to Viper for confirmation.

Viper: "I'm not sure about the world... but I will do my best to solve the zombie problem."

Hope: "Sounds like it would save the world," Hope assured her.

Viper: "Well, we'll see..."

David: David shook his head a little. "I'll get started on dinner."

Carol: That was a thought. "Oh damn... who's gonna cook now?"

Viper: Viper laughed, "I suppose you'll have to see if Jessica is still on strike... or bribe your brother."

David: "Guys like bribes," David offered, going to look through their supplies. "Do you guys need anything to take back?"

Carol: "If I thought you might have peanut butter..." She sighed, "You clearly have flour and sugar though... can we have some of that?"

Hope: "Is there some at the other facility?" Hope questioned David.

David: "Probably. We seized so many supplies. I'll get you some before your next trip for sure," David promised Carol, pulling out some bags of flour and sugar to send with them.

Carol: "Awesome..." the promise of peanut butter might work as a bribe too. "We'll head back now... just call when you want us to pick you up, okay?"

Viper: Viper gave Carol a smile, "Thank you... I won't stay too long... I know where I need to be..." even if she wanted to be here. "I did promise to help with the greenhouse..."

David: David smiled at her. "Sounds like a plan."

Carol: Carol got to her feet, setting the bowl that had contained the frosting on the table, "Come on... time to go." She gestured to Maria. "And you..." she looked at Hope, "Do not take the alien phone apart. It's one of a kind."

Hope: Hope just smirked. There was no way she could promise that.

Maria: Maria knew that look. She'd seen it on her daddy's face many times. "Please don't break it... I'm not so good with Kree tech yet..."

David: It was his turn to smirk. How could she say no to that face. "I'll make sure it stays safe."

Maria: Maria smiled and hugged David. "Thank you, Not-Uncle-Davey!"

David: He grinned a big grin, hugging her. "Of course, Kiddo."

Carol: "We'll see you again soon..." Carol hugged David herself when Maria let him go to hug her new friend. "I'm serious... you need us for anything you call."

David: He nodded seriously as Morgan hugged Maria. "Same, Danvers. I have a whole team here. We can be there in a few hours."

Carol: "Man, you know I can't wait that long." She gave him a small shove, "Come on, Maria. You can come back and play another time..."

Maria: She sighed heavily, "Okaaaay..." she gave Viper a hug, "You should play here more too. You smile more." She gave Viper a kiss on the cheek then went to Carol's side.

David: He laughed, shrugging. "You know how it is. Be careful. And be smart."
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Re: What if...? Another Zombie Apocalypse!

Post by Slarti » Thu Dec 31, 2020 3:33 am

Jamie: Jamie paced the floor of his childhood bedroom with his eyes closed and head slightly lolling on his neck for what felt like the thousandth time in an hour, bouncing his son gently with every step. Jack did not want to sleep. Sure, that was understandable. Goat milk tasted horrible, so he was probably hungrier than he should be. His mom died literal seconds after he was born, so that probably couldn't have felt great for his teeny brain either.

Jamie: Not to mention the pain-coma Jamie Prime had been in shortly thereafter from having to kill himself. Poor kid was probably just as disturbed as he was. "Shh... Hush little Jacky, don't say a w-... Yeah, not calling you that ever again. Sorry, little man. Bad call." Sleep deprivation does that, though, doesn't it? At least Jack wouldn't remember that happened.

Jean: Time passed in strange ways for Jean. Her efforts to save the dupe from her own corpse had taken all the energy she had left, so she was a helpless observer for her second death, and then the death of the dupe. She felt Jamie's pain well enough, however. She wasn't sure how long it had taken for her to recover.

Jean: From afar, Jean watched Jamie pace in his old bedroom and knew he was avoiding their room. She also knew her own corpse was carefully laid out on a canning bench in the root cellar of the closest barn. The poor dupe her zombie had bitten was treated with less reverence, stuffed under the bench and hidden under some burlap bags.

Jean: It had stopped snowing, but the ground was frozen so there was no final rest any time soon for either of them. Jamie had his hands full enough with their son, after all.

Jean: Her acute awareness returned all at once, and she no longer existed in that blank white room. Jean found herself in the bedroom, disoriented, but close enough to touch her husband and son if she could just reach out. So, she tried.

Jamie: Jack suddenly quieted and turned his head toward a corner of the room. Jamie's head tilted as he watched him, then looked up to see the wall. "It's just the wallpaper, Jack. Don't worry. It may look weird, but that's because it's as old as your old man." Even though he didn't think he was that old. Feel it, though. Preach.

Jamie: Jamie walked over to the wall and reached out a hand to touch it to show Jack what it was. "See?" He frowned and pulled his hand back quicker than he would have, bringing it up to rub the back of his neck. It felt weird. He didn't remember it feeling like that growing up. He looked back at Jack and saw that the baby's focus had shifted from the wall to a spot in front of it now that they were closer.

Jamie: "Okay, kid. Stop creeping me out. Sleep-deprived Daddy is pretty easy to spook, you know."

Jean: For a moment, Jack's blue eyes seemed to actually focus on hers. You know I'm here, don't you? She was surprised that the hand she held out to touch her son looked like her own, but there were flames licking over her transparent skin. Um. Okay.

Jean: Afraid she might hurt him somehow if she tried to touch, she turned her eyes to her exhausted husband. Jamie? He sensed her, too, she thought, but he couldn't hear her. Jamie, she tried again, risking a touch to his arm. She was shocked when it seemed as if she connected.

Jamie: Jamie started rocking Jack for his own comfort now instead of for his son's. "So... this room feels a bit weird, right? It's weird? It's never been weird before. Maybe it's because I had to kill myself after killing your zombified mom."

Jamie: His eyes went a little wide and he looked down at Jack's face, "You didn't hear that, okay? Wipe that from your teeny tiny memory because you did not hear that." Jack blinked at him and then looked back at the same spot. "Stoooop... You're freaking me ouuuut."

Jean: I'm sorry for that. Jean's nose wrinkled up. They both needed so much therapy. Too bad all the therapists were dead. Too bad she was dead, too. Jean was starting to develop a theory about that, however.

Jean: Since Jamie was already suspicious and paranoid, she wasn't sure if trying to communicate would make things better, or worse. But if she was stuck like this she wanted to make the best of it. Experimentally, she reached for her teke. The bedroom door swung open. AWESOME!

Jamie: Jamie jumped and gasped, clutching Jack to his chest. Don't. Drop. The baby! His heart was racing as he watched the door bounce softly against the wall. "H-hello?" Leftover dupe playing pranks? Possible... Jamie closed his eyes and felt around inside himself mentally. Nope. All there. Shit. "I have a..." What? Have a... WHAT?! "Baby! So, back off!" ...Real threatening there, jackass.

Jean: Okay, not awesome! But still! She could interact with the world! Sorta. Yay, moving doors and making the baby stare and giving Jamie a heart attack? Jean sighed to herself, then stopped to wonder about that, too. Habit, she supposed. Sorry, she tried to tell him again, out of habit.

Jamie: Jamie whipped his head around from peeking out into the hall. "What the fu---dge?! That's not funny! Who's there?!" Jack was getting squirmy and Jamie quickly frowned down at him before looking back up. "Shh.. it's okay. Daddy's fine. Daddy's here. Shhhh..." What is happening?! Sleep. He must just need more sleep.

Jean: Jean practically bounced in her corner. I'm here! Jamie! It's me! She tried to move closer to him again, this time concentrating on her telepathy. She closed her eyes and concentrated on their link. It felt... empty? Which she supposed it was. Yet, it obviously wasn't. She was right here. Duh. Blocked? I didn't leave you.

Jean: When she opened her eyes again, Jack was staring at her. Jean smiled at her son.

Jamie: Fucking... what?! He looked from Jack to the air to Jack to the air to Jack again. "Okay, you've gotta stop with that, man. We're gonna be roommates for a long time and this doesn't bode well for that, y' know." Jamie lifted his son up to his shoulder and started rubbing his back, but the boy kept trying to squirm in his arms when he held him that way. Weird. He liked it for the first few days of his life.

Jean: She huffed in frustration at her husband, giving him up as a lost cause for now. Jack could see her, though, so she moved around behind Jamie to coo at her son. I hope I'm not giving you some kind of future trauma here... She'd probably already given them both enough of that, she thought with a pout.

Jamie: Jack stopped squirming and Jamie breathed a sigh of relief. "Alright. So... bedtime maybe? Daddy is pooped. And I don't say that because you pooped all over me earlier. Just a tip, though? Not a good move for the ladies. But I won't tell until you're married. Promise."

Jean: Oh, idea. Jean might try again with Jamie while he was asleep. It's not like she slept, after all. Are you gonna let daddy get some sleep so he doesn't lose his mind, baby boy? Another idea... maybe she could help with Jack.

Jamie: Jack was still calm so Jamie slowly tiptoed to the bassinet and laid him down. Once he was down, Jamie covered him and laid down on the bed, sticking his foot out to rock the bassinet gently. "You are my sunshine... my only sunshine..." Big yawn. Must... finish... the song... "You make me happy... when skies..." Long blink. "Are grey..." Grey.

Jamie: He sighed and rolled onto his side to look at his son. "Jack Daniel John Grey Madrox." Jamie wrinkled his nose, "Too much? Maybe we'll amend it when you get old enough to try to say it."

Jean: Jean moved to the bassinet and stood over him, smiling down at her son. She looked up at Jamie when he started to sing and sighed, joining in with her mental voice... until he stopped on her name. Her little ghostly heart broke for him, until he rattled off that mouthful. It made her snort. Maybe a little too much, she agreed.

Jamie: "Jack Grey Madrox? Is that better maybe?" He yawned again. "We can talk about it in the morning. Or the next time you wake up. Whichever comes first." Who was he kidding? "We'll talk about it the next time you wake up."

Jamie: Jamie yawned a third time and let his eyes drift closed. "Night, Jack. I love you. Sweet dreams." He licked his lips and opened his eyes to look at the window facing the barn, "Night, Jeannie. I love you."

Jean: That's perfect, she agreed. Jean watched them both, mentally humming the lullaby to her son, until she again felt that painful twist in her chest. I love you, too. Jean used her teke to keep the bassinet rocking.

Jamie: Jamie heard the soft creak of the bassinet continue and rolled onto his other side, drifting off to sleep just like he was in a cradle himself. The night was calm and still, the snow was still fresh from the storm a few days ago, and Jamie was blissfully unaware that anything new was amiss in his far from perfect world.

Jean: The only thing amiss in Jean's opinion was that he couldn't hear her. Other than that she was, you know, dead. That part was definitely amiss. Jack was still staring at her and she sang to him until he, too, fell asleep.

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Re: What if...? Another Zombie Apocalypse!

Post by Esynthia » Sun Jan 10, 2021 8:36 am

Rogue: Rogue flew slowly down the hall, not wanting to jostle the baby she still had. Using the inhibitor had been too great a risk to everyone around her, and so far, this one seemed to be doing okay. Maybe its powers canceled out her own? Or maybe it was immune to her. Either way, caution was the name of the game.

Rogue: Stress didn't help things, so this discussion she needed to have with Bobby was going to be interesting. She paused at the door to their room and then pushed the door open, giving him a smile. "Hey, sugah. Got some time f'r me?"

Bobby: "I've always got time for you, babe." Bobby had been considering reading something, just because it seemed like a good idea to remember the skill, but a nap was also sounding like a good idea. He sat up on the bed and gave her a grin.

Rogue: Rogue's smile widened and she flew to the bed, perching on the edge of it cautiously, hand protectively holding her ever-growing belly. She took a look around and saw the hastily abandoned toys and what looked like the remains of Zach's mid-day snack. "Kids off playin' 'normal life'?"

Bobby: "Yup. Playdate time!" Bobby slid to the edge of the bed to wrap his arm around her. "How's mama?"

Rogue: Rogue tilted her head to rest on his shoulder. 'Mama'. Hopefully. "Ah'm... Ah'm alright. Physically any road." She cast her eyes up at him and winced, "We gotta talk, though... An' y' ain't gonna like it. Y' in a good headspace'r should Ah butter y' up first?"

Bobby: Bobby smirked and gave her a dirty grin. "What kind of butter are we talkin' about?" He nosed at her hair and kissed her forehead. "What's wrong?" She said she was physically okay, so not that...

Rogue: "Nice an' slow, spreadable kind o' butter," she grinned back. Rogue chewed on her lower lip as she met his eyes, debating how to put this. "Ah just came back from thankin' Viper f'r... Henry. She brought up some other stuff that Ah think y' should know 'bout."

Bobby: Before Bobby could get too far thinking about spreading things, he made a face. Viper. "I thanked her... before..." He shifted. "Felt weird."

Rogue: "Ah know. Felt weird t' me too. But that's not what Ah need t' talk t' y' 'bout. Just thought that Ah should prob'ly tell y' why Ah went t' talk t' her in th' first place." Rogue took a breath and sat up straighter, turning to face him. She pulled off her gloves and put her hands over his, looking down at them. "She figured out how th' virus got started."

Bobby: Bobby straightened too, looking down at their hands in confusion before he looked back up at her. "Yeah? That's... a good thing, right? Maybe she can fix this shit? ...might as well do something useful," he added.

Rogue: Rogue cleared her throat and looked up at him again. "She needs me t' help her. B'cause..." She took a deep breath, "B'cause o' th' knowledge Ah got locked away in boxes in mah brain. From... X-Force."

Bobby: Oh. Bobby sighed. "Fuuuuucking Doc Feelgood..." He looked away, jaw clenched. Of course. Of course he'd be involved in something like this.

Rogue: And there it was. Rogue winced and looked back down at their hands, debating on pulling hers away to give him some space. "This all goes back t' me not tellin' y' he was still alive. Maybe we coulda stopped him. Stopped this. Then Paige'd still be here... An' th' twins..." She felt her chest tighten at the thought of never having been able to be with Bobby or never being able to carry their children. But maybe it would have been better.

Bobby: "If we'd just fucking killed him when we had the chance, a lot of shit would have probably gone down different." Lorna, Ripley - fucking, maybe even the shit with Viper!

Rogue: "Ah know. Ah fucked up." Slowly, she slid her hands from his so he could pull away from her if he wanted. "Ah'm sorry."

Bobby: He looked down at her hands in confusion, then back up. "We both fucked up, babe. We both have plenty to be sorry for from X-Force."

Rogue: Rogue took a deep breath and clasped her hands together in her lap. "Ah don't know what t' do t' make it better. Ah cain't bring back Paige an' th' twins... But... Viper thinks Ah c'n help stop it from gettin' worse maybe."

Bobby: "It's..." Bobby shook his head sharply to clear it, then looked at her and her posture with a frown. "What's done is done..." Viper? Help... Viper? "Help how?"

Rogue: "By findin' him in mah head." It took her a minute to gather her courage for the next bit, but when she did, she made sure she was looking in his eyes. "To let 'im take over."

Bobby: "....what?" Bobby repeated it in his head. "Anna! What the fuck?! No!"

Rogue: "That was mah initial reaction, too. But," she paused and bit her lip. "But, what if Ah really can help an' Ah don't do anythin'?"

Bobby: "...he's... still in there?" Bobby's eyes moved over her as if he expected the fucking monster to pop out and say boo.

Rogue: "Bits of him'r locked away..." Rogue felt herself pale as he examined her. Did he see her differently now? Did he not love her anymore? Her hands went protectively to her belly again and she looked down at the floor. "When Ah take someone's life, they're always there, Bobby," she said quietly. "Ah thought y' knew that."

Bobby: "Well, yeah, but I thought it faded over time... like the rest. Bits? How big of bits we talking about here, babe? Would it even be of use to Viper?" He was noticing her reactions now and swore under his breath at himself, sliding closer to her and putting his arm around her shoulders. His other hand covered hers on her belly. "Is it worth the chance? To you? To the baby?"

Rogue: "Carol never faded. Only reason she survived is 'cause o' her Kree DNA." She stiffened momentarily when she felt his touch, then relaxed when it was a loving touch. "Ah... Ah couldn't say how much o' him is there. He put most o' himself int' his clone. Th' rest, Ah kinda locked away an' tried t' f'rget about."

Rogue: Rogue brought her other hand up to cover both of theirs on their baby. "Ah don't know. But what kinda X-Man would Ah be if Ah didn't try. Maybe Ah wait until th' baby is born? Just in case?"

Bobby: Bobby hated himself a little for her flinch when he touched her, pulling her closer and giving her a quick kiss. "If you're seriously considering this, then yeah, waiting would probably be smart." He sighed, leaning to meet her eyes. "But I can't lose you, either. Not like... then."

Rogue: Rogue gave him a sad smile and reached up to touch his cheek, "There's one key diff'rence 'tween then an' now, though. Ah had nothin' t' live for then. Ah'd lost mah whole world an' Ah was outta control." Her smile brightened just a touch and she gave him a gentle kiss. "Now, Ah have you. An', hopefully, this baby. Mah whole world is still here now."

Bobby: "That's right. You have me, and the baby." He returned the smile. He moved to pull her into his arms for a hug. There was more shit about this they needed to talk about, but it could wait for a minute. This was as hard for her as it was for him.

Rogue: Rogue let him pull her and even went one step further and climbed into his lap, needing as much contact as possible. The thought of digging around in her mind for him of all people terrified her. Bobby was the only person who had been there for her through everything, so being close like this helped calm her some. He knew, more than anybody, what she went through.

Rogue: And now they had a future to save, not just a past to avenge. "Did... Did Harvey mention anythin' t' y' 'bout seein' if it was a boy or a girl?"

Bobby: He helped her get comfortable, wrapping both arms around her and resting his chin on her shoulder. "No, 'cause I think we were all too surprised to do anything else."

Rogue: She chuckled softly and let her hands play absently with the hair on the back of his head. "Ah guess that's fair." Rogue thought about that for a long moment, "Well, do y' wanna know? Or do y' wanna not get too invested, just in case?" She wasn't sure which team she was on just yet.

Bobby: "I... dunno." He frowned in thought. "As long as it's healthy, that's the main thing, right?"

Rogue: She pulled back to look at him, letting her fingers still in his hair while she studied his face. "Are y' scared Ah'm gonna kill this one, too?" Rogue certainly was worried about it, so she wouldn't blame him for being afraid of that. It ate up nearly every waking thought she had.

Bobby: "Anna..." He rested a hand on her stomach. "You didn't kill the baby. It's not your fault. You can't help your powers." Bobby sighed and gave her a soft smile. "I'm worried about you both."

Rogue: "Bobby," her hand covered his and she gave him a sad smile, "Ah did. Mah powers did it, so it was me. Even if it wasn't on purpose, Ah still did." Rogue looked down at their hands, then back up at his face. "Ah don't wanna hafta give this one a name when it's dead in mah lap like its brother... Any ideas?"

Bobby: "Do you have any?" He wanted to tell her, again, that it wasn't her fault, but he knew it was pointless.

Rogue: She shook her head, "No, Ah kinda hoped you did." The fact that he wanted to know her ideas first made her smile again and she leaned in to give him a soft kiss. When she pulled away again, she searched his face, wanting to find some strength from him. "Ah'm scared, Bobby."

Bobby: "Han? Leia?" He smirked, then sighed. "I know, Anna. We're kind of in the best place we can be now at least. If we let the doctors keep an eye on things."

Rogue: His name choices made her grin, at least. She was glad he was there with her. "Ah know... Ah think, anyway." Rogue brought both hands back to his hair and met his eyes, "Ah think Ah do need t' help Viper, though... Ah need y' t' promise me that if anythin' happens t' me, y'll get rid o' him."

Bobby: Pleased with her grin, he answered with his own, but it quickly fell. "...if anything happens to you?" Bobby swallowed, his throat constricting.

Rogue: "Ah don't think it will... There's not enough o' him left, Ah don't think. But... If he takes over? Bobby, he'd experiment on our kids. Don't let 'im do that in mah body. Please." She smoothed some hair from near the corner of his eyebrow. "Y' know how Ah am when Ah absorb somebody in a normal way. There's always a little bit o' me able t' fight through. Ah expect it'll be like that. But, just in case. Promise me."

Bobby: He searched her face. They were supposed to be apocalypse proof, but the miscarriage and now - of course, fucking Essex. "I can't lose you, Anna. Not now." His voice was quiet and his arms tightened around her. "So you better fucking fight him."

Rogue: That made her smile again. "Like Ah said, Ah got a reason t' fight." Rogue took his face in her hands and gave him a very determined look, "If Ah'm still there, he won't last long." She pressed her lips to his, thumbs stroking his cheek bones while she lingered there for a moment, then she pulled away and put her forehead against his.

Rogue: "If y' don't want me t' try, Ah won't. Ah'll tell Viper she's just gonna hafta deal with any memories Ah may'r may not have. We're in this t'gether. So either we're both on board, or Ah won't do it. Ah ain't gonna do that t' you."

Bobby: He closed his eyes, holding her close. "...lemme think about it? We've... I mean, haven't we lost enough? I'm not sure taking a chance on Viper is the best move..."

Rogue: "We have. An' Ah made one too many decisions without consultin' mah co-leader when we went up against him last time. This time, it's both on board or none." Her arms slid around his neck and she rested her chin on the top of his head, wanting to burrow into his embrace. "Th' thought o' doin' it, scares me, too."

Bobby: "Sounds like a good plan. I like it. Either one of 'em by themselves is bad enough, but Viper and Essex together?" Bobby's shudder wasn't entirely faked.

Rogue: She laughed a little, "Course y' think it's a good plan. Y're th' one who gets t' call it off if it feels even a tiny bit worse'n it should." Rogue pulled back to look at him, "Y've got th' high ground now, Kenobi."

Bobby: "I do like that," he agreed with a chuckle, looking up at her with a grin as he gave her a squeeze.

Rogue: "How did Ah wind up with a jedi like you?" She grinned and leaned in for a kiss. "Ah guess it ain't all bad, though."

Bobby: "The balance of good and evil is a fine thing, babe."

Rogue: "Y're just sayin' that 'cause y' got 'evil' balancin' on y'r lap."

Bobby: "And I think it's a good thing."

Rogue: "That's th' safe answer, Bugsy." She bent to nose at his neck. "Safe ain't th' most fun thing sometimes."

Bobby: "No, not always, but it can be." He smiled at her attention and moved his hand to her belly again.

Rogue: Her forehead fell to his shoulder and she closed her eyes. Safe would have made it so they didn't have to go through the pain of losing their son. Had they been 'safe' about sex, they wouldn't be here. But they were here, so they would make the most of it. They had to. Rogue lifted her head to smile at him, even though she knew it would be strained, she wanted to try. "Sometimes not bein' safe has its own advantages, though."

Bobby: "Yeah..." Bobby closed his eyes, still stuck on the idea that Essex was hiding in the head of the woman he loved. Once again, he could lose everything to that monster.

Rogue: Her smile faltered and she brushed his cheek with her fingertips. "Bobby? Talk t' me. What is it?"

Bobby: His eyes popped open at her touch and he gave himself a mental shake. "Nothing, was just thinking about... Essex, y'know." Bobby made a sour face to show his general feelings on the subject.

Rogue: Rogue chewed her lip while he talked and nodded, unsure of what to say to make him feel better. Nothing really would, she supposed. She opened her mouth to try when her eyes suddenly got huge and she looked down at her stomach, still under his hand. Rogue stayed as stock-still and waited for the pain to start. For the betrayal of her own powers.

Bobby: Bobby felt her stiffen and his eyes shot to hers. "What? What's wrong?" He followed her gaze to her stomach, a sick, sinking feeling in his own gut. "...babe," he whispered. "Talk to me..."

Rogue: "It's... movin'." She flicked her eyes up to his face, then looked back down at her belly. "Ah'm scared t' move, Bobby. Ah'm scared t' even breathe..."

Bobby: "Oh... shit." His voice was weak and he rested a shaking hand on her stomach. Tiny little taps and shifts.

Rogue: Rogue closed her eyes and tried to keep herself calm, trying to prepare a box for their baby in her head, just like she had done for Henry. Nothing was happening, though, and she cautiously opened her eyes to look at Bobby. She could feel it moving. Could he? "Ah'm not goin' crazy, right? Y' feel it?"

Bobby: "N-no... I feel it too," he looked at her, eyes wide, then leaned his forehead against hers. "What do y-you feel?" She didn't seem to be in pain. Yet.

Rogue: She closed her eyes again and focused on the feel of his forehead on hers, his hand on her belly, the tiny thing rolling around inside of it. Then shifted back to her psychic plane. Nothing. She shrugged slowly and brought both of her hands to rest on top of his. "Ah just feel this. That's... good... right?"

Bobby: "...I would... assume? N-nothing is... hurting? Feeling weird?" He made a face. "Okay, weirder than the normal weird of something moving around inside you..."

Rogue: That made her laugh, albeit a weak one, and she opened her eyes to look at him. She shook her head and licked her lips, still expecting something to happen at any moment. "No... Ah don't... No. Nothin'."

Bobby: Bobby blew out a slow breath. "Nothing is good... I think?" He shifted his hand, still feeling little taps.

Rogue: Rogue couldn't help the tiny glimmer of hope that she felt, but she tried to keep it from showing on her face for Bobby's sake. Just in case. "Ah think... Maybe we just should wait t' celebrate 'till t'morrow? Make sure it ain't a glitch?" Her hands came up to his face, though, needing to feel his skin with hers. To remind her that it was possible to touch someone without harming them..

Bobby: Bobby nodded. He'd had no intention of celebrating, in fact, he wanted to take her straight to the doctory types. "U-unless you want somebody to take a look now?" He tried to smile as she cupped his cheeks.

Rogue: "Ah'm too scared t' move, Bobby... But... Maybe, when it gets still, maybe then we c'n go down." She knew he was nervous just like she was and doctors made him feel better, so she could do that for him.

Bobby: "Okay." His voice was still low, as if speaking louder would cause her to miscarry. Licking his lips, he moved his hand a little and felt what had to be a kick in response. "Hang in there, kid," he told it.

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Re: What if...? Another Zombie Apocalypse!

Post by Slarti » Sun Jan 10, 2021 8:41 am

Jean: Over the next days, Jean watched Jamie struggle to take care of a newborn all by himself. Well, himselfs. She was also coming to realize her state probably didn't have to be permanent. Maybe. The bird, the phoenix, wasn't just a fancy name for her powers, after all. Jean Grey Madrox was the Phoenix, and the Phoenix always rises again.

Jean: She just had to figure out how to pull it off.

Jean: In the meantime, her teke and telepathy were getting more reliable, even though Jamie still couldn't seem to hear her. Jack could, however, and so could the mice she'd scared off her own corpse (and the dupe's) earlier that day.

Jamie: Jamie shuffled into the kitchen, Jack in tow in the car seat they'd been able to find on a scavenging hunt. He set Jack on the counter and stuck his head in the fridge, looking for something that seemed fairly appetizing. Carrots. Potatoes. Beans. Rice. He sighed. Time to slaughter another pig. Damn. He reached way far in the back to grab the glass bottle of goat's milk for Jack.

Jean: He may not be able to hear her, but Jean could hear Jamie's internal monologue as clearly as ever. Slaughtering a pig just made her think of her own death... NOPE. Not going there. Instead, she went to Jack and smiled, making faces and babbling at her son. Jack watched her with wide eyes and kicked, his head wobbly on his neck.

Jamie: Jamie hit his head when he tried to exit the fridge. Stood up too soon, Madrox. Yeah, yeah. He turned to suck the dupe back in but stopped when he was staring at a space in front of Jack. "Not me too? Really? I must be losing it." Jamie absorbed the dupe and looked at the spot, trying to see what he saw. He heaved a sigh when he saw nothing. He was hallucinating. Had to be.

Jean: She looked at her husband, and his dupe, and swore the dupe made eye contact for a split second before he was reabsorbed. Holy shit! You're not hallucinating, baby. I'm here, and I'm trying to get back to you for real. Maybe she could hit him with a cabinet door and get the message through to a dupe!

Jamie: Jamie set about digging for a clean bottle for Jack. He frowned when all he found was a clean sippy cup. He was too little for that... Idea! Jamie took a clean dishrag, wrapped it around his finger, dunked it in the milk, and stuck that in Jack's mouth. "C'mon, man... it's just you and me. Work with me here. I'm doing what I can without boobs."

Jean: Ugh, for fuck's sake, Jamie. She made a disgusted face, which screwed up further when poor Jack actually tried to nurse the milky finger rag. Jean knew where the extra bottles were because she'd put them there.

Jean: The door to the proper cabinet swung open with a squeak.

Jamie: Jamie jumped as he heard the squeak, which popped his finger from Jack's mouth, resulting in a high pitched wail. "Okay! Okay! I got this, kid! Just... oh." He blinked at the bottles and tilted his head. How the hell... what even... He was too tired to figure it out so he grabbed what he needed and poured the milk in. Once the bottle was fixed he gently put the nipple in the sobbing baby's mouth. "Shh... Daddy's here. And... someone else? Grandma? Creepy, Mom. Cut it out."

Jean: Jean had figured out yesterday how to 'sit' on the furniture instead of hovering ominously, so she took advantage and pulled out a chair to sit. I'm not your mom. Hitting him was becoming more appealing.

Jamie: He jumped again at the chair moving "Cut it out, I said!" He heard the snuffling of Jack about to wail again and quickly stuffed the bottle back in the waiting mouth. While Jack was occupied, Jamie frowned at the room at large, "This isn't funny. I'm sleep deprived, I lost my w-... I had to kill myself... long story if you're not family. And I've got a newborn in the middle of the fucking apocalypse!"

Jamie: He realized too late that he was shouting when Jack cried around the nipple. Gah! "I'm sorry, buddy... I wasn't yelling at you." Jamie leaned over and gave him gentle kisses all over his face, which made Jack try and root at his nose. "Ah, um, nope. That won't do what you're wanting."

Jean: Just like her teke and telepathy, her empathy was becoming more functional every day. Jean felt the tears rise in her eyes and spill over. Jamie's grief and anger and pain were overwhelming and all her own frustration with him vanished.

Jean: Closing her eyes, she reached for their link again, this time pouring all the love she felt for him and their son against the barrier she found. It wasn't her doing, so she suspected it was Jamie's own defenses. I am your family. Please, please hear me.

Jamie: Jack happily reattached to the bottle, but Jamie frowned at what he was feeling. He didn't want to feel that right now. Stop it. Can't deal with this, too. The worst part was what he did want. He wanted to be with her. He wanted to not have to take care of a baby so that he could just give up. He thought about just walking into a hoard of zombies somewhere.

Jamie: But Jack would be alone and helpless and Jean would hate him for that. Jamie sighed and propped his chin in his hand where he leaned on the counter with an elbow. The goats would be needing dinner soon. Jean's coffin wouldn't make itself. The horse needed to be shod. He didn't want to be responsible for anything anymore...

Jean: But you are with me! I'm right here, Jamie. She didn't move the chair this time when she got up and went to him. The flames on her fingers had grown more intense with time, but she touched him anyway, running her fingers through his hair, focusing her teke so that maybe he'd feel it. You can't give up. Jack needs you. I need you...

Jean: If she managed to come back and he was gone? No! Please, no. She sobbed. Why did this happen to them? Everything had been perfect. They'd been happy, despite the end of the fucking world.

Jamie: Jamie shuddered involuntarily as he felt a chill go up his spine. He stood straight and ran his hand through his hair then shook it to sit right. Weird. "That's called someone walking over your grave, Jack. At least, that's what your grandmother used to say. Never really knew what it meant, though, so sorry about that."

Jean: He'd felt it! Jean watched his reaction, half listening to him babble at the baby. Nope, that's me! Pleased for the moment, she looked at Jack. He was watching her again and Jean wondered just how much of her he could see. She drew patterns in the air with her fiery hand and Jack paused in his milk drinking to track her movement... in a wobbly way. That's my boy!

Jamie: Jack's teeny fists were opening and closing on reflex, wanting to try to hold on to something that Jamie couldn't see. This house had never been haunted before! He huffed and took the bottle away to let Jack play with whatever it was he was playing with.

Jamie: "We gotta get you a real friend, kid. Or maybe take you out to meet the animals. Of course, it's a liiittle cold still for you to be out for longer than a few minutes... Maybe I could send one of my dupes to bring a sheep up to the door? Would you like that? Baaaa says the sheep. Baaa."

Jean: It wasn't haunted because when I was moving shit with my mind you could see me! She knew she was dead, but she didn't feel dead, so it was totes just a technicality. Experimentally, she summoned a pink teke flame and Jack kicked in excitement.

Jean: I'm starting to think you're willfully blocking me out, she told her creeped-out husband. Hitting him with a cabinet was starting to look good again. Then, his words registered. She smirked. Yeah, why don't you do that, babe?

Jamie: "Yeah, why don't I do that?" Jamie wiggled his fingers in front of Jack's face then clapped his hands together hard, suddenly producing a second Daddy! Jack gurgled and blinked, not sure which one to look at. "Our son wants a sheep to pet. Or at least look at. Can you go wrangle one?"

Jamie: The dupe cocked an eyebrow, "No. Why don't you do it?"

Jamie: "...Because I'm Prime and because I don't know if you're the personality who wou- You know what? Never mind." Jamie reabsorbed the dupe before he could get so much as a grunt of protest out. "Sorry, buddy. We'll try again later. Why don't we finish your milk?" He picked up the bottle and wagged it in front of the baby, who was back to looking at the middle distance. Jamie hung his head. Horrible father, party of...lots of one.

Jean: Jean sighed at him. She hadn't even had time to try the dupe and now he was feeling guilty again. What am I gonna do with you? After a moment of hesitation, she closed her hand on his wrist. She'd been afraid to touch his bare skin before, but she was running out of options.

Jamie: Jamie jerked his hand on his wrist and frowned at it. It felt tingly. His eyes shifted to Jack who was watching his hand, too. "Okay, I'll bite. Do you know something I don't?"

Jean: She pursued him and tried to catch his hand. She wasn't solid, so this was a trick, but fucking hell something had to work! Yes, he does, and he's like four days old! Jack was kicking again, watching the show.

Jamie: Jamie's hand stopped and he tilted his head as he looked at it, then looked up at Jack. "You don't understand words yet, so you can't tell me what's happening, but maybe you can, like... kick if it's something good and cry if it's something bad?" ...If he can't understand words how will he know which one to do? Idiot. Crap. Hmm.

Jamie: Jamie took a slow breath and turned to look where Jack had been a moment ago. "Okay, who are you? I'm listening?"

Jean: No, you're not. Defeated, she wrapped her arms around herself and fought back a sob. You know who I am, but I guess you don't want to admit it. Denial. Defense mechanism. Something. She just wanted things back the way they were. She wanted her life back. She wanted her husband back. She wanted to be able to hold her son. Jean covered her face and cried.

Jamie: Jamie's chest got very tight and he fought the constricting of his throat. Something was very, very wrong. He scooped Jack up and held him close, just needing to be able to hold him. His upper body swayed slightly from side to side as he blinked away the tears so he could see the room. "Are you making me feel this? I don't want to feel this. This feeling is one I've recently felt and it sucks so knock it off."

Jean: Jean looked up. Jamie? She ached to hug him, to hold them both, and for him to hold her. I love you. She tried to project that feeling instead, building her resolve. I'm going to fix this.

Jamie: The sorrow went away and Jamie blinked. "Um. Thank...you...?" He bounced Jack a little and then remembered he should probably burp him, so put him over his shoulder and started rubbing and patting his back.

Jamie: "I, um, I feel weird talking to an empty room, but, hi? I'm Jamie. I grew up here. This is my son Jack. My wi- His mo-" He swallowed hard and took a beat then tried again. "We're alone, so just... don't haunt us in bad ways, okay?"

Jean: She closed her eyes to stop the tears from falling. Existing like this was hell. Either one of them or both of them would go crazy from it... if they weren't already there. I'm going to fix this. All those years ago, she'd picked his mind from millions of others to save his life. She could find her way back to him again. To both of them. Fuck this apocalypse.

Jean: Nodding to herself, she moved close to him again and looked up as he scanned the seemingly empty kitchen. Jean projected all the love she felt, her certainty that she could make things right, and laid both of her hands on his arm. You're not alone, she sent, focusing on making the message clear.

Jean: She gave him a faint smile and disappeared.

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Re: What if...? Another Zombie Apocalypse!

Post by Slarti » Sun Jan 10, 2021 8:43 am

Lifeguard: Flying in snow was definitely not Heather's favourite thing. Probably her second least favourite thing. Her first least being trying to sleep in a zombie apocalypse. She was so tired. But she for sure shouldn't try to sleep on the wing in this wind. She needed a spot to land that was sheltered... at least here her danger sense wouldn't be going off every three seconds.

Jamie: Jamie sighed in relief as Jack finally fell asleep and he tiptoed out of the room and down the stairs. He had to tend to the crops or they wouldn't sprout in the spring. He shrugged on his warm work jacket and boots and trudged out into the snow. Snow was fun except when you had to tend a farm in it. Then it was just a nuisance.

Jamie: He picked up the snow shovel from beside the door and started making a path toward the barn. The path he'd had a dupe make when Jean died was already covered in a fresh coat and he sighed heavily. He was exhausted and should be taking a nap with Jack, but couldn't. Every time he closed his eyes, he saw Jeannie.

Lifeguard: Heather struggled in the wind and exhaustion and tried to adjust her wings to a better angle for lower energy flying but it wasn't working. She was so tired it was hard to keep her eyes open. Her wings gave a final pathetic beat before the last of her energy puttered out and she fell, twisting in the air until her wings were folded around her.

Lifeguard: A golden comet dropped from the clouds and landed hard in a snow bank.

Jamie: Jamie jumped backward as the comet thing plummeted in the corner of his vision. As soon as it hit, he watched the snow settle around it, waiting for it to melt, but when it didn't, he took off at a sprint to see what it was. Sprint? In the knee-deep snow? ...Yeah, yeah, shut up. Snow shovel still in hand in case it was one of those flying zombies, when he got close enough, he poked the pile then jumped back, readying himself.

Jean: Inside the house, Jean was sitting on Jamie's childhood bed, looking around at the posters in his room. She was rocking Jack's bassinet with her teke and listening to his little quiet huffing breaths. Teenage Jamie had been an interesting creature, she decided.

Lifeguard: The impact woke her up but she wished it hadn't. "Ooooooow...." She pushed against the snow that had settled on her with her wings and managed to shift it enough that she could roll onto her side. Now she had to get up... or.... sleep in an accidental igloo...?

Jamie: Jamie jumped a little where he stood when it spoke. "Um. H-hello?" That was... very gold. And very... birdlike? He knew someone who had that... could it be her? "State your name, rank, and serial number!" ...What?! Hey, it worked in the movies.

Lifeguard: That woke up some sort of pre-programmed response in her brain. "Heather Cameron. Lifeguard. Agent of SHIELD." She flailed a little when she realised there was a person. "Gah! Fuck!" Snow flew everywhere as she tried to stand up and get off her wings and not fall over all at once.

Jamie: See?! It worked! He bopped a little to his internal victory music before he registered what she had said. "Heather?! Seriously?!" Jamie bounded forward and held down a hand to help her up. "It's Jamie! Hey!"

Jean: The commotion outside and the excitement in Jamie's head finally drew Jean out of her undead contemplations. Keeping the bassinet swinging, she got up to look out the window. When she realized she couldn't see anything, she lifted off and floated though the wall, rising high enough to see over the house.

Jean: Jamie wasn't freaking out... at least not in a bad way, so not a zombie. She saw a flash of gold and checked for the mind attached.

Lifeguard: Finally righting herself after feeling a hand in some unexpected places, Heather shook the snow off her wings, her feathers a little ruffled. She pushed a hand through her hair and looked at the person in front of her. Then she grinned and pounced him for a hug, folding the fluffed wings around him. "Jamie!"

Jamie: Jamie gladly accepted the hug and hugged her back... kind of. Hard to hug someone with hugemongus wings, after all. Truth. He pulled back and let out a sigh of relief, glad to see another adult. "Do you know anything about newborns?"

Jean: Heather. Interesting. This could be really helpful, she decided, as she gave her brain a gentle poke before floating back inside to check on her son.

Lifeguard: "Uh... maybe?" She was confused by the question. "Why?" She felt the prod against her mental shielding and looked around the general area before focusing back on Jamie, "Can we go inside so my brain stops screaming at me about hypothermia?"

Jamie: "Yeah, sure!" He led the way back to the house. "Why? Um. Well." Jamie gnawed on his lip, not sure how to say it. "He's my son. Je- my wi- his mo-..." He swallowed and tried again, "We're alone." That would just have to be how he said it from now on.

Lifeguard: Heather folded her wings against her back as she followed him, still looking around and wondering where the brain poke came from. Weird. Wait. "You're alone?"

Jamie: "Yeah. He was born a few days ago and I'm kind of out of my element. His name is Jack Daniel John Grey Madrox, though I'm thinking I need to rethink that when he can talk and see if he wants to get rid of Daniel John."

Lifeguard: "Why would he want to get rid of the part that comes from you... and makes him sound like a whiskey?" She frowned a little, wondering if she should ask about Jean... maybe the brain poke was the baby? Could they do that this early? She wished she was a telepath.

Jamie: "Well, it's from both me and Je-... our dads' names. It's a bit much, don't you think? Kind of a mouthful."

Lifeguard: "Lots of people have two middle names..." she shrugged, "They don't use them all..." She rubbed at her face with her palm, "What state are we in?"

Jean: Jack could hear his father's voice back in the house and was starting to snuffle and stir. Jean sang softly in her head and kept the bassinet moving, debating if floating it out to him would be a step too far. Jean often wondered where the line was between telling him she was really here and making him lose what marbles he had left.

Jamie: "Well that gives him three... Grey isn't hyphenated, it's just a name. It's a tradition to give the baby the mom's maiden name as a middle name." He spread his arms wide as they stepped through the kitchen to the living room, stretching out after being in the cold. "Kansas. You didn't know that? This is where I grew up! Welcome to Madrox Farm!" Jamie heard a whimper and winced. He forgot he had to whisper sometimes now.

Lifeguard: Heather shook her head, "It's hard to tell from above where the lines are..." she sighed at being indoors for the first time in... she didn't know how long. She looked in the direction of the stairs at the sound of baby noises and chewed her lip, looking for a place to sit down.

Jean: Jean wished she could touch her boy... She sighed, having long ago stopped questioning why she still pretended she breathed. You are my sunshine, my only sunshine, she sang, rocking the bassinet. He was starting to work up to a wail. Dammit.

Jamie: And that was his cue. "Um... There are stools under the bar in the dining room if you need something like that so you can sit better with your wings. Or just turn a dining chair backwards?" Jamie said all of this as he was backing out of the room, until he made it to the stairs and then turned to run up them two at a time.

Jamie: "Hey, buddy! Daddy's here!" Jamie scooped him up and snuggled him close, sighing as he jostled him to get him calm. "I'm sorry I suck at this. I'll get better. ...maybe."

Lifeguard: Heather missed cushions. She sighed and went to get a dining chair so at least she could sit rather than perch and feel less like a bird. She sat down and slouched her shoulders, her wings drooping and resting on the floor, taking up far too much room. She folded her arms on the back of her chair and rested her head on them, closing her eyes. Ahhhh rest. Now if only the baby was shhhhhh.

Jean: You will, and goddammit I'm gonna be here to help you, she snarked. Jamie still couldn't see or hear her, and she'd decided it must be a self-imposed psychological block. She wasn't sure she wanted to try to break through that, though. She might break him in the process.

Jamie: Jamie booped Jack on the nose when he started to snuffle instead of wail and gave him a smile, "There's my good boy. See? It's all gonna be okay. We have company, Jack! It's an old friend of Daddy and Mo-... mine from college. Come say hi and then we'll get you some second lunch, okay?"

Lifeguard: Heather dropped off again but the droop in her wing grew and dislodged something from a table. She woke with a start when it hit the floor and then knocked the table over. "Fuck!"

Jean: Speaking of breaking things... Jean vanished from the bedroom and reappeared in the living room. Yup, giant gold chick! She righted the table with her teke and slid it out of the way.

Lifeguard: Heather watched the table and cocked her head on one side. Alone her shiny golden ass. "...Jean?"

Jamie: Jamie kissed Jack's forehead and shifted him up to his shoulder, "Shh, buddy. Gotta look nice for the shiny lady you're gonna want to nom on, right?" He pat his back and bounced him some. "You make me happy when skies are..." Damn. Still couldn't get there.

Jean: Yes? Don't get my hopes up here. Jamie can't fucking hear me... just babies and farm animals, apparently.

Lifeguard: Her eyes widened a little, "But..." she looked around, "Where?" Mutants were weird at the best of times but she was pretty sure she wasn't qualified for this kind of weird. She tucked her wings against her back again and carefully stood up so she didn't knock something else over.

Jean: Jean's mouth dropped open. YOU CAN HEAR ME! She flailed in place in excitement, the flames around her flaring up as the table started to shake.

Lifeguard: "Alright, calm down!" Heather's feathers fluffed up in alarm at the table rattling. "Turn the volume down in my brain... I haven't slept properly for months..."

Jean: She stopped her bouncing and the table rattling. Sorry. Right. I just... I've been dead for a week and nobody who speaks English on this farm - aka Jamie - could hear me!

Lifeguard: She nodded, "Right... so... okay... if you're dead... how are you talking to me right now?"

Jean: I don't even know. Jean checked Jamie's location with her internal radar. Can you just, like, think at me? Jamie's... I don't want you to freak him out. His darker thoughts had scared the shit out of her over the last couple of days.

Lifeguard: Heather nodded, "I can try..." Thinking was hard when you were sleep deprived.... She yawned.

Jamie: Jamie nuzzled Jack's cheek as he came down the stairs. "Heather? Meet Jack. He's not even a week old yet, so, like... be gentle? I guess? Or... something? I don't know how this works, really."

Jean: ...well try? She wasn't sure if being dead had anything to do with her desire to strangle the gold girl. Jean watched Jamie and Jack, smiling softly.

Lifeguard: Gentle. Right. She could do that. She looked down at her clawed hands. Maybe. "I'm used to having to be gentle...." How's this?

Jamie: "Do you know anything about newborns?" Jamie practically pleaded with her through his eyes, hope pouring out of him in waves. He looked down at her clawed hands, too. Oh. "Do you... Can you...? Is it...?" Which words were best to ask if she was able to hold a baby without gashing it open? None of them.

Lifeguard: "I know they sleep, eat and poop..." She offered, "Sorry, I'm not much use when I'm this tired... what are you worried about?" She gave him a small smile, "I won't hurt him."

Jean: That works, thanks. Jean sighed. He needs help, and I'm in no position to be any real help... Not right now, anyway. Not with her body still rotting under the barn.

Jamie: "O-okay..." Jamie carefully handed over his brand new baby, trying and failing to hide his wince when he set Jack into Heather's ...claws.

Lifeguard: Heather smiled at the baby, cradling him gently. "Hey little guy!" He was so tiny! Probably looked even tinier with her holding him because she was so huge. "Have you got formula for him?"

Jamie: "No... Goat's milk is the best we've got. I figured cow's milk would be too rich on his tiny tummy just yet. He's been tolerating it okay." He cleared his throat and shifted on his feet, rubbing the back of his neck with one hand. "Didn't think we'd need formula."

Lifeguard: She nodded, "Okay... After I get some sleep I'll go and look for some for you..."

Jean: Things went... really, really wrong. Jean grimaced at the memory as she kept an eye on Jamie. Her attention moved to Heather. Oh my God, thank you.

Jamie: "Oh... Okay, sure. Thanks." He took Jack back from her before she could nod off and fall over with the small breakable human. "You're welcome to any room you want except for the room right at the top of the stairs and the one to the right down the hall. The first one is the master and that's um... It still needs to be... And the other is where Jack and I are sleeping at the moment."

Jean: What he's failing to say is I died a horrible death in the master and he's sleeping in his old room. Jean translated.

Lifeguard: "Which room is the biggest?" She thumbed to her wings. "These take up a lot of space...." So... did he clean up in there or leave it? Because ew...

Jamie: "The living room," he cracked a grin. "But it's not got a bed... But you're welcome to try to sleep on the couch if you want?"

Lifeguard: "Noooo I need a bed to spread out. I've been sleeping on the floor..." she wrinkled her nose. "Danger detection doesn't really let you sleep so well in a zombie apocalypse... mostly try to sleep on the wing..."

Jean: Well... my body isn't in there, but it's still... gross. Much like her husband, Jean had avoided that room in her ghostly wanderings. I was a zombie, I bit a dupe... it was a lot.

Jamie: "I kinda figured." He shrugged the shoulder Jack wasn't currently drooling on. "There are two guest rooms. You can take your pick. They're both pretty normal sized, I think? Both have beds that are pretty soft. Though, if they don't work, there's always the hayloft. It can get pretty cozy with enough blankets."

Jean: Just don't mind the corpses! she chirped.

Lifeguard: "I don't really worry about the cold... but blankets sound nice to sleep on... I'll look in the rooms first though..." She offered a small smile, managing not to wrinkle her nose at Jean's comment, Ew!

Jamie: "You're welcome to sleep wherever," he shrugged again. "And I don't know if you shower, but we have hot water if I turn on the generator first, so let me know if you want me to do that."

Jean: They're in the root cellar, so it's not like you'd see them. In fact, Jean needed to go check on them again. God, she wished she could shower. I don't suppose you have any healing or resurrection powers?

Lifeguard: "Oh God, I would love a shower... is there room enough?" Probably not but it was a nice thought all the same... Uh... Not normally... but if I needed to I suppose I'd develop them maybe....

Jamie: "Well... it's a tub? So... maybe? Might be cramped, though." Jamie brushed his thumb absently over the tiny, soft hairs on Jack's scalp. "It's tall enough, though, I know that much."

Lifeguard: "I'm used to cramped," she laughed, "Most things aren't made for a seven foot tall Aussie with massive wings..."

Jean: Jean filed that thought away. Develop them, huh? She went to Jamie, watching him stroke Jack's dark hair.

Jamie: "Most things aren't made for any of us with any kind of weird power," he gave a weak chuckle. "But we get by alright anyway. So, I'll go fire up the generator if you wouldn't mind watching Jack for the couple of minutes it takes? You can take him with you on your tour of the rooms! Not that he's a very good tour guide since he just got here, too."

Lifeguard: "Sure I can watch him," She held her hands out for the baby again. "He's cute. I could watch him all day if I wasn't so tired."

Jean: They played pass the baby again and Jean went to Heather, waving her flamey hand at Jack when he finally seemed to notice her. He kicked excitedly and she grinned.

Jamie: "Well I might take you up on that before I take you up on the formula offer. I should at least attempt sleep without having to worry if the dupe I created to watch him is sane enough to keep him safe." Jamie frowned at Jack, "He does that a lot... it's so weird."

Lifeguard: Heather smiled at him, "Babies like shiny things. Maybe he's seeing light reflected on my face or random objects?" She suggested, "He'll be safe with me no matter what happens. That's what my powers do."

Jamie: "Fan-fu---dging-tastic. First, let's get you a hot shower and a nap as long as you need, then maybe a nap for this brand-new-doesn't-know-what-the-heck-to-do-with-his-son Daddy?"

Lifeguard: "Sure!" She gave him another fangy grin, "Anything you need."

Jamie: "You're a life saver!" If it wouldn't be weird, he would have totally fallen down and kissed her feet. "Okay, I'll be riiiight back!" Jamie did, however, go on his tiptoes to give Jack's noggin a kiss before he ran out the door to the generator.

Lifeguard: Heather tucked her wings tight against her back and decided to explore the house and the mysterious bedrooms.

Jean: With Jamie out of the house, Jean trailed along. I'm still here, by the way.

Lifeguard: I thought you might be... She looked into one of the rooms and smiled. It was totally big enough. "No hay loft for me!" She lifted Jack's tiny hand in a cheer.

Jean: She smiled at Heather, not that she could see it. Good! The barn always smelled like goat shit. Give him a snuggle for me, will you? I never really got to hold him...

Lifeguard: Heather snuggled the baby as per instructions, You could try...? Through me I mean.... can you do that?

Jean: I... have no idea. I've never tried anything like that. Not when I was alive and definitely not now. The only person I could try it on is Jamie, and he's... I'm so happy you're going to help him. Jean was satisfied enough that Jack was making excited huffy sounds and trying to grab the shiny.

Lifeguard: So try it on me... I don't mind people using me to experiment with their powers. It was like everyone's favourite pastime in SHIELD. Throw something at the shiny girl and see what power pops out....

Jean: Maybe... She laughed a little at that mental image. I'll think about it, but thanks. Jean watched Jack manhandle Heather with his little flaily fists. I'm... gonna try to come back.

Jamie: Jamie brushed his hands off on his thighs before opening the door to light. And heat! Ahh that felt goooood. "Heather? You upstairs still?"

Lifeguard: How? She winced as Jack tugged her hair, "Yeah, I'm up here..."

Jean: Y'know my code name? From school? Well... I maaaaay have been experimenting...

Lifeguard: .... With dying and coming back? Maybe the sleepiness was making her stupid.

Jamie: Jamie took the stairs two at a time and found them in the far bedroom. "Hey, little man!" He wiggled his fingers to try and get Jack's attention, but he was still preoccupied with the shiny. "He hates me," he said and then sighed heavily. This 'dad' thing was hard. His dad never seemed to have any trouble...

Lifeguard: "No he doesn't... my hair is just new and shiny... literally." She shifted the baby's weight to try and free a hand and untangle her hair from his fist.

Jean: Jean raised her own distractingly transparent and fiery hand, summoning a dancing teke flame to draw Jack's attention from Heather to Jamie. Jack hardly hated him, and Jean wanted to hug him. Sort of? I could always astral project. Kind of been visiting my body to see what I can do...

Jamie: "Careful! Watch his neck!" Jamie danced on the balls of his feet, then forced himself to stop, realizing he was being silly. Heather knew what to do. Right? Of course, right. And if she didn't, her powers would kick in. Right? Of course, right! Jack's blue gaze finally looked at him and Jamie beamed. "He's the most perfect baby ever."

Lifeguard: To... climb back in? She frowned, Maybe... with you doing that and me doing... my Lifeguard thing.... we could fix you? She sighed with relief when Jack let go of her hair. "He's doing good so far..." he hadn't cried or pooped on her so that was a win.

Jean: Maybe? It was worth a shot. Jean's heart melted at Jamie's expression when Jack looked at him. I just... I have to get back to them...

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Re: What if...? Another Zombie Apocalypse!

Post by Esynthia » Sun Jan 10, 2021 8:46 am

Jean: Jean didn't really need to be with her body to work on rebuilding it, but her presence in the house was freaking Jamie out. As much as she wanted to be with him and Jack, she didn't want to stress him too far. The idea of coming back just to lose him scared her away more effectively than anything else could have.

Jean: Luckily, the work seemed to come to her instinctively. She could create and reform matter, which had a fancy name that Dr. McCoy had told her a thousand times. Whatevs. It came down to remembering what her body should be and making it reality.

Jean: The glow of the phoenix's fire lit the dank space as she rearranged the molecules of her own decomposing body. She'd thought about experimenting on the poor dupe, who was becoming one with the sack of wrinkly potatoes Jamie had dumped on him a week ago.

Jean: So, Jean was in the cold, nasty root cellar, floating in the center of the room in a lotus position because it helped her focus. She was using part of her powers that she'd mostly used in the Danger Room during tests... ooor when she was stealing metal hats from sleepy professors.

Jean: She heard a creak from above and it broke her concentration. A few of the old jars rattled on the shelves, clanking together as her power washed over the room.

Jamie: "I said I would be just fine tending to the house, but noooo. I had to be given the job of dealing with dirty, unclean, animals." He had also suggested their new house guest, My Size Emmy Award ™, but noooo, she was out finding formula for Jack. Which was important, but he could have done that, too.

Jamie: Jamie paused mid-hoist of the pitchfork and slowly turned his head to look at the door in the floor that led to the root cellar. First, he had to do this disgusting job in the first place and now he would have to deal with chasing vermin away from their stores and his wife?! He sneered at the door, tossed what was on his pitchfork, then leaned said pitchfork against the stall door.

Jean: She'd been so focused she hadn't even felt the dupe in the barn. Yikes. The work she'd started was still ongoing, the room lit with heatless flames. Jean tried to halt the shaking of the jars. Fuck. Wasn't working. The canning table vibrated beneath her body.

Jamie: Jamie was poised over the closed door, hay baler in hand as a weapon since it was easier to wield with one hand. "You can do this, James. Just... Get rid of them and focus on the task at hand so you can get back to the house and get clean."

Jamie: He shuddered at the thought of how dirty he was and then yanked the door open with a loud, wordless yell, trying to scare away any rats or raccoons that had sneaked down there when his back was turned. It died in his throat when he saw the room lit up and things ...shaking? Way above his pay grade. He let the door fall shut, tossed the baler aside and started walking as calmly as possible out of the barn.

Jean: She saw the door open, saw the weapon in his hand. Nope! Goddammit she'd done a lot of work to fix herself! She was almost done. Fuck!

Jean: Panicking, she jumped back into her body just as the dupe let the cellar door fall.

Jean: Ow, fuck, too soon! Jean gasped, gagging. The room was still shaking, the light growing brighter as she coughed. She still couldn't see from one eye and she tried to sit up, clawing at the lacy tablecloth covering her face. Instead, she fell off the table and the shock wave of her landing blew out and up with a flaming, concussive force.

Jamie: Jamie was flown forward from the barn nearly as soon as he'd crossed the threshold into the pasture. He landed with a thud that knocked the wind out of him and he rolled across the snow and mud for a good ways, not able to control his stop. The dupe that had appeared from him skidded to a stop near him and they blinked at each other and then looked at the barn. "Oh dear! James! James Prime!"

Jamie: The second dupe took off running for the house, limping on a sprained ankle as the first struggled to stand and brush himself off. Oh, now he was even more dirty! Of all the days! He huffed and barely restrained himself from throwing a fit.

Jamie: Jamie Prime came barreling out of the house, having left the limping dupe with Jack since he wasn't likely to go very far with him. He tripped and fell into the dupe, absorbing him even as he caught him, which means he landed on his face in the slush, creating yet another dupe. This was chaos! Jamie absorbed the dupe he just created and ran for the barn. He had to save the animals. Shit!

Jean: "Oh, God," she groaned, pushing herself up. Jean's hand flew to her stomach and the gaping wound from her amateur c-section. Gone. She pulled up the long t-shirt Jamie'd dressed her in after her death and her hand flattened on smooth skin. It worked! Holy fucking shit, it worked!

Jean: The vision in one eye was still blurry, but improving... or maybe that was because it wasn't dark in the cellar anymore and it wasn't just because of the flames crawling over her body and making her hair rise into wild curls.

Jean: Jean flopped onto her back and saw blue sky... through the floor of the barn. Through the ceiling of the barn. "Fuuuuuck..." She coughed.

Jamie: Jamie halter-stepped mid-run and stared at what used to be the barn in disbelief. What the... ...H-hello?

Jean: Jamie! She seized on the voice in her mind, almost crying with relief. Coughing again, she pushed herself up on her elbows. She felt... like herself. Her quick internal assessment was that she was stiff, and sore, and cold. Jean slapped her hand over her heart and felt it pounding.

Jamie: Jean?! Jamie started running again, full tilt, for the barn. "Jean! Where are you?!" He stumbled over bits of debris and climbed over a tractor on its side, trying to get to where the root cellar was. "JEEEAAAN!"

Jean: Where was she? Well, she hadn't made it far. Jean looked around the root cellar and up at the table beside her as she gathered her strength to move. When her gaze dropped it went directly to the hollowed out eye sockets of her husband's dupe. She screamed, despite knowing it had been there all along.

Jamie: Jamie scrambled and tumbled and somehow managed to keep himself from hitting anything hard enough to create any dupes! Until she screamed. He lost his balance and fell down into the root cellar. "Fuck!" The dupe screamed at seeing his dead wife alive and on fire and because his own face was staring back at him with no eyeballs.

Jean: Jean screamed again at the sudden rain of Jamies. She and the live dupe had another good scream at each other before she shook herself out of it. "OMG get a grip!" she told him and coughed again, her voice still croaky from... general deadness. She scrambled over to Jamie Prime, still half wrapped in her tablecloth. "Are you okay?"

Jamie: It was Prime's turn to scream and he flailed at her. "You're dead! What the hell?!" He felt around on the floor blindly, eyes still locked on his dead wife's face, and latched onto the dupe's ankle to suck him in and stop his screaming. "How?! You! I! What?!"

Jean: She sat back on her heels, looking down at herself. Fire, right. Jean pulled back the flames, her messy hair falling back into place, still half tangled up in the braid she'd worn the night she died. She was filthy, still a little bloody, and pale.

Jean: Jean looked back up at Jamie, then away, and wrapped her arms around herself, fighting off a shiver. "I tried to tell you I was here," she said quietly. "I... came back."

Jamie: Jamie stared at her for a moment, scrubbed his face rapidly, then stared some more. "But... But, you..." She wasn't a zombie. She was here. Who the hell cared how?! Take advantage and figure it out later, idiot! Right! Jamie tackled her into a hug, pulling her close and pressing his cheek to hers. "Jeannie... You're back?"

Jean: "I'm back," she confirmed, collapsing into his arms and winding her arms around his ribs. He was sooo warm, and she was freezing her bare ass off. Jean touched his mind, afraid she'd find the same block she'd encountered all week. "I couldn't leave my boys."

Jamie: Jamie pushed her away and struggled out of his flannel shirt, wrapping her up in it as quickly as he could. "This has been the hardest week of my life..." He held her face in both of his hands and just looked at her for a long moment. "You are still the most beautiful woman I've ever seen." Jamie kissed her and then scooped her up so he could carry her inside. "Let's get you warm."

Jean: She managed a breathy giggle and wrapped her arms around his neck, closing her eyes. His mind was still kind of a mess, but she supposed hers was too. I'm sorry... she told him, curling herself up in his arms to warm up and nuzzling into his throat. For all of... that.

Jamie: "Noooo," he shook his head vehemently as he stumbled over the destroyed lumber. "No, Jeannie. It's not your fault. None of it is your fault. It's not yours, it's not Jack's, it's not even mine and I botched the damn c-section. But nothing would have helped except for an honest to God doctor..." Once he was free of the debris and rubble, he stopped and looked at her, soft smile on his face. "I'm just happy you're home."

Jean: She wasn't up for floating them out of this mess right now, but looking around, her nose wrinkled. "You're right... but I am definitely sorry about the barn..." When he stopped, she returned his smile. "I am home," she repeated softly, burrowing her nose back into his neck to breathe him in.

Jamie: "I'm not sorry. If that's what it took to bring you home, so be it. I mean, sure, it's not ideal to have the barn blow up..." With the animals in it that were their main source of protein. Aaand Jack's only source of anything. Oh, but Jean was back now! "...Um. So... Awkward question for the first few minutes of you being back to life, but... Are you making milk, do you think?"

Jean: Jean raised her head to look at him, blinked, looked down at her own chest and then back to him. "...I have no idea."

Jamie: "Okay. That's cool. That's... Um. Well, not cool, actually, but we'll figure it out." He gave her a bright smile and squeezed her to him. "You're alive!" And they were almost back at the house. Jack was going to flip. Wait... "Wait... You were what Jack was looking at? Unfair!"

Jean: Unable to help herself, Jean popped out her lower lip in a pout. "I kept trying to tell you I was here!"

Jamie: "Well next time write it down or something?" Wait... "Wait.. No. No next time. Let's not do this again, mmkay?"

Jean: "...I couldn't hold a pen." Well. Maybe she could have with teke? Hmm. Wait. "No! Noooo, we're not doing this again... although I kinda figured it out now..."

Jamie: Jamie edged the door open with his hip then kicked it shut gently enough to not create a dupe or slam and wake up Jack. "How are you feeling? Do you need anything? Before you see Jack, maybe you should have your strength up?"

Jean: She relaxed a little when they entered the relative warmth of the house and she looked around, sensing Jack and the dupe in another room. Oh, fuck me. "I... didn't kill that dupe, did I?" Jean's head whipped to look up at him fast enough to smack him with her filthy braid.

Jamie: Jamie tried to shake his head to avoid the braid but caught it in his mouth instead. Bleh. He slowly spit it out and tried not to gag about the fact that it was bloody and muddy and gross. "...The one in the barn? Technically no? I did?"

Jean: "Oh..." Jean's voice and eyes softened at that... and at the braid nom. She wrinkled her nose in sympathy and grabbed it. "No... I know about that one... I tried to stop the, um... me? from biting him..." She suddenly knew how he felt in describing multiple versions of himself. So confusing.

Jean: She closed the eye that he didn't stab to check her vision and made a happy noise that it was back to normal now. She was good! Jean raised her hand to touch his face. "No, the one who found me just before... boom? He startled me, and... um... I couldn't control the birb."

Jamie: "Ohhh. Yeah, no. He's back in me now. All's good there! You didn't kill any of me." He gave her a bright grin and leaned into her hand. "Well... I need to burn our mattress because blood, but I had a full-size bed in my old room. I'm a bit tall for it, but at least we can both fit?"

Jean: Yeah, she totally did. Her roommate of the past week, by infecting him with zombie ick. But, he was right, it wasn't really her fault. "Good," she said, letting it go and stroking his scruffy cheek with her thumb. "Ew... yeaaah." Jean sighed and looked down at herself. "I should... clean up and put on something warmer."

Jean: She cast a skeptical look at the t-shirt she was wearing. Was that a cat surfing on pizza? Jean raised a brow at him. "Also, I'm starving... and I wanna see Jack." Wait. Not to eat him. Not a zombie. "I don't want to scare him..."

Jamie: "Well then let's get you clean. Maybe I can even bring him to you in the shower. Two for one?" He grinned, "If he's been seeing you this whole time, you wouldn't scare him. You're his mommy."

Jean: He had a point there, but she pressed her lips together to study him. Jack could see her this whole time, but he couldn't, and their link was still wonky. Jean sighed and craned her neck to give him a quick kiss. "Sounds good."

Jamie: Jamie sighed happily and kissed her again. "I love you, Jean." He turned and bounded up the stairs, depositing her in the hall bath instead of the master bath. "I'll go get your stuff you use to shower with and whatever. Because you don't want to see the room at the moment. Yech."

Jean: "I love you, too." She squeaked at the fast trip upstairs and wobbled on her bare feet for a minute. "I've... been here all along, I know what it looks like."

Jamie: Oh yeah. "Still, though. Doesn't smell great, either? Could you smell when you were all... OoooOOOooo?" Jamie even included hand motions and a wobbly torso movement with the sound effect.

Jean: "Um... no." She watched him sway and snorted. "I guess I will let you take that one for the team then..." Giving up on following him, she instead peeled off the gross shirt, tossing it to the floor, and reached for her braid to undo it.

Jamie: Jamie turned around when he was halfway out the door and went back to her, scooping her up in a gentle, but tight, hug. "Thank you for coming back to me." He pulled back to kiss her and gave her another grin. "I'll come back to you momentarily. With smell-good stuff!"

Jean: She wrapped her arms around his neck to return the hug and pulled him down enough to press their foreheads together. "I'll always come back to you." Jean pecked him one more time and let him go. "Good, 'cause I smell terrible." Dead all week and all.

Jamie: "Nooo... You smell fiiiine!" And on that note... He dashed out of the bathroom before she could call him out on his lie. Next, he popped in to check on Jack and the dupe...Who were both sleeping. Perfect. He left them alone for a minute and went to go get Jean's stuff from their bathroom.

Jean: Jean rolled her eyes at his back and then looked in the mirror. Big mistake! She made a disgusted noise and started unbraiding her hair faster. On her way to the bathtub, she looked down at herself, taking a more thorough inventory. You'd never know she'd been pregnant. Or dead. Impressive!

Jamie: Jamie hurried back in with an armload of stuff, not sure what she actually used and what just sat on the shelf. A slow grin spread on his face when he saw her. "Hey good lookin'."

Jean: "Hey," she turned around, eyes bugging a little at all the stuff he was holding. Jean laughed. "Wow, okay, now I know how bad I really smell if I need all that." She started to take things from his arms and set the bottles on the counter.

Jamie: "No! No, it's not that at all! I just... I don't know which is what you really use and which is what you just pretend you use." Once his arms were free enough, he pulled the towel from his shoulder. "Now then. Get in, get wet, and I'll bring Jack in."

Jean: Jean laughed at his explanation and did as she was told. Once under the fairly warm water she bit her lip as the day - the week - caught up with her. They were going to have to be careful now, with fuel for the generator, with food since she'd destroyed a lot of their stores...

Jean: Maybe she hadn't killed all the cute fuzzy farm animals? Hopefully some got away? Jean closed her eyes under the water. Maybe they were better off with her dead?

Jamie: Jamie waited until she was fully submerged and content before he left the bathroom. He had a bounce back in his step that he hadn't had since the day they got married.

Jamie: Everything felt new again. Not that it ever felt old, of course. Just... Not... new...? He closed his eyes and shook his head at his internal monologue. Jamie slipped into his old bedroom quietly and absorbed the dupe - instantly yawning - and then scooped up his son. "Hey, sweet boy. Time to wake up and smell the mommy!"

Jean: Before Jean had too long to feel sorry for herself as she scrubbed the week-old corpse smell off, she felt Jamie's happiness and smiled to herself. No, they were better off together, no matter what. And, she could properly feel her baby boy! There had been so much drama she hadn't had time to think about that she really was a mommy now.

Jean: She frowned down at her boobs. "Are you working?" They were still kind of big, but then she was kind of skinny overall, so maybe not? Her body just felt weird and sore in general, so that was no help.

Jamie: Jamie bounced Jack a bit to try and get him to wake up, which caused the baby's face to screw up tight with a super big pout. "Oh. Wow. I think it's safe to say that that's adorable and that you get that pout from your mom. But that's also dangerous, soooo..." And then Jack started wailing. "Yep... Ouch."

Jamie: He held his son tight and power walked down the hall to the bathroom. "Jeannie," he called over the shower and the loud infant screams. "Help!"

Jean: She heard the screaming all the way down the hall and pulled back the curtain with her hair full of suds. "Jacky!" Jean beamed at her son, her heart melting at his pissed off red face.

Jamie: Jamie fought with the squirming week-old and managed to strip him down before passing him to his mom. "Make it stoooop!"

Jamie: Then Jamie registered what she'd said and frowned at his wife, pulling the baby back and covering his ears. "I promised him we wouldn't call him that." The baby was squirming more, trying to get into his mother's arms.

Jean: "I know you did. I heard you," she sniffed. "It's cute!" Jean ducked under the water to rinse her hair and then reached for her boy. "Little Jack Daniel John," she cooed, delighted that he was kicking and struggling to look at her as Jamie carefully passed him off. Jean settled Jack in her arms and it finally registered she was really holding her son for the first time.

Jean: She laughed, the tears rising in her eyes and looked from Jack to Jamie. "I'm back, baby... I'm really back."

Jamie: Jamie beamed at the vision before him. He was finally getting to see his wife holding his son; beautiful and smiling and drenched. Just not with the sweat he had imagined her being drenched in. He couldn't take it anymore. Jamie stripped out of his clothes as fast as he could and got in with them, pulling Jean into an embrace and kissing her, their son safe and warm between them. "This is perfect."

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