What if...? Another Zombie Apocalypse!

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What if...? Another Zombie Apocalypse!

Post by Svartfreja » Sun May 10, 2020 8:03 pm

You know the score, guys! Zombies galore!

In Summer, 2021 (a little under three years ahead from current gametime), a new virus emerged with some strange side effects. The government attempted containment, initiating city and statewide lockdowns to keep the virus from spreading. But when those that died from the virus or, indeed, other causes, started to come back to life with a taste for human flesh, the containment efforts proved futile - especially with mutant victims who seemed to retain many of the unique abilities they had in life.

Within a couple of months things deteriorated to the point of no return. All sign of government control or even local control disappeared and people were left to fend for themselves as the power finally went out. Some chose to flee the cities, others chose to hunker down and hope for rescue or for the situation to blow over. Rescue wasn't coming and rather than blow over, things kept getting worse. Cities now swarmed with the undead and any sound would draw them close.

What to do in a global zombie virus pandemic when you've been indoctrinated into superheroics? Try to help other people or just protect the ones you love? How in the heck are you supposed to headshot a zombie that's bullet proof? All these problems and more to solve in this brave new zombie apocalypse world.

((After initial stage setting posts there will be a timeskip to approximately a year after the start of the outbreak :) ))
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Re: What if...? Another Zombie Apocalypse!

Post by Svartfreja » Sun May 10, 2020 8:09 pm

<Shinobi> They were still fighting, but it didn't matter because Obi couldn't sleep anyway. Locked away in the one bedroom in the small urban apartment, he instead looked out the window. The lights were still on, but all that did was illuminate the chaos in the streets below.

<Carol> Carol didn't even know what they were arguing about anymore but she was determined to win. Maybe she was just upset that they were rationing coffee. Though it seemed Joe was running out of steam. He was sitting down with his face in his hands. It was late... they were all tired. And worried. She sighed and went to sit beside him, leaning against him and falling into silence.

<Shinobi> He winced as the one car attempting to move on the road was swarmed and crashed into a light pole, sending it into the building across the street. "Fuck."

<Carol> The sound got Carol's attention too and she got up from the sofa to look outside. God she wanted to help but what could she do? Where would they go? She rested her forehead on the glass and closed her eyes.

<Joe> "Don't do that... you're just going to end up hurting yourself..."

<Shinobi> Obi opened the bedroom door, taking in the scene in the living room. Obviously, Carol had seen it too. He sighed.

<Carol> She turned away from the window at the sound of the door opening, "Sorry... did we wake you?" She pushed a hand through her hair and moved away from the temptation of outside.

<Shinobi> "I... wasn't asleep." He found himself mirroring her action, running his hand through his hair. "Too much going on, you know." He looked out the window and winced.

<Carol> "Yeah... I get that..." she went to lean on the back of the sofa behind Joe. "Really should try to sleep though... both of you."

<Shinobi> "So should you," he said, taking a good look at Carol. Even her hair looked tired. "I still say you can take the bed."

<Carol> "I'm fine... I'll just go play with an electrical outlet while we still have power...." she rolled her eyes.

<Joe> "If you're determined not to sleep in the bed... or at all, I guess I'll use it." He scrubbed his face with his palms before getting up from the sofa.

<Shinobi> Obi nodded and moved out of Joe's way. "Thank you for letting us - letting me - stay."

<Joe> Joe waved it off, "I like my limbs attached..." he closed the door to the bedroom behind him with a small sigh.

<Carol> "'Night, Joe," Carol called after him, moving around the sofa to sit down on it again.

<Shinobi> Not knowing how to respond to that, other than with a nervous chuckle, Obi just awkwardly scuttled further away and looked out the window again.

<Carol> Carol sighed, watching him for a moment, "Joe's right you know... you shouldn't do that..." she patted the sofa beside her, "Come sit...."

<Shinobi> She was right, considering that now he was hearing screams from the car below. After a moment, Obi followed her direction and sat down beside her with a sigh.

<Carol> She drew her legs up to the sofa beside her and leaned against him, "I'd suggest tv but...."

<Shinobi> "Yeah, no. Things are bad enough, we know." He relaxed, and after a moment slid his arm around her.

<Carol> Resting her head on his shoulder a little, she closed her eyes, "There's board games... but I should warn you about how competative I am..."

<Shinobi> He almost laughed. "Maybe later. I'm just..." he sighed, unable to articulate how he felt.

<Carol> "Yeah..." she agreed, knowing that problem well herself. She grabbed the blanket that was folded on the arm of the sofa and offered it to him in case he was cold.

<Shinobi> "Thanks." Obi took the blanket and laid it over his lap, even though Carol herself was more than warm. "This... is so fucked up."

<Carol> "Yep..." she sighed, "I wish there was something I could do..."

<Shinobi> "I never really got the whole altruistic thing you X-Men types had going on, but... yeah, I get it."

<Carol> "I'm not-" she sighed, "That isn't what this is...."

<Shinobi> He turned his head and bent to look at her. "Oh?"

<Carol> "My kid... she was with her dad..."

<Shinobi> "Oh." Obi tried not to cringe, but it happened anyway. Thank God - or whoever - that he'd never had kids with Hope.

<Carol> "There's nothing I can do... I know they'll protect her... I just... wish she was with me."

<Shinobi> "How old is she?" He looked toward the window, then back, biting his lip.

<Carol> "She'll be three in march..."

<Shinobi> He sucked in a breath. Well, she'd kept that quiet, not that he'd asked. "Um... who is her dad?"

<Carol> "I'm not sure if you ever met him..."

<Shinobi> Obi shrugged one shoulder. "Eh, try me."

<Carol> "His name was Chis Nord.... he was a teacher at the school."

<Shinobi> He barely stifled a snort. "Oh... yeah?"

<Carol> She sighed, shifting to sit up and running her fingers through her hair, "It was... after the Brood... I was drinking a lot..." she shrugged a shoulder, "Made a lot of bad decisions back then."

<Shinobi> "I think a lot of people did," he said, unable to stop that snort this time. "I don't know him personally, but I know of him." Obi smirked. "Hope dated him, before."

<Carol> She nodded, "Yeah... I know..." She leaned and rested her elbows on her knees, putting her face in her hands.

<Shinobi> Her reaction sobered him a bit and he rubbed her arm. "I'm sorry. I'm sure he is watching out for her. He's got resources."

<Carol> "And reliable powers... and a reliable Ex-wife." She sighed, "I know... I just... hate being trapped here..."

<Shinobi> "Hey, that's... don't." Obi leaned down to wrap his other arm around her.

<Carol> She gave a shuddering sigh, pressing her face into her hands to stifle a sob.

<Shinobi> Fuck. Shit. Fuck! "Carol... it's okay..." Oh, that sounded convincing. He shifted closer to hold her.

<Carol> She curled up, trying to will herself to stop. "It's not..." she pointed out. It was very far from okay. "I'm sorry...."

<Shinobi> "I know, but..." He sighed. "It's what you say. If I said everything is fucked it's impolite."

<Carol> "But it's the truth..." She wrapped her arms around him to return the hug. "I prefer the truth..."

<Shinobi> "Okay," he said with a small laugh. "This fucking sucks. All of it." Obi gave her a squeeze.

<Carol> "Makes me wish I didn't quit drinking," she agreed, heaving a sigh.

<Shinobi> "Makes me want to start," he said with a matching sigh.

<Carol> "Well there could be some hidden booze around if you wanna look for it..."

<Shinobi> "Nah, that's okay." Obi slowly leaned back against the sofa, taking Carol with him. Shit she was hot. Warm. She was warm.

<Carol> "I wouldn't blame you..." She cuddled against him, "Hell, I might say fuck it and start again myself."

<Shinobi> The cuddling was the best thing that had happened all day. "Eh, maybe later."

<Carol> "Planning on still being awake later, huh?" She pulled the blanket back up off the floor to settle it back over them both.

<Shinobi> Obi snorted. "Probably." He was quiet for a time, listening to the noises from outside. "I'll sleep when I'm dead."

<Carol> She winced, shaking her head a little, "Let's just... hope that's a while away, okay?"
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Re: What if...? Another Zombie Apocalypse!

Post by Svartfreja » Sun May 10, 2020 8:10 pm

Since the shelter in place orders had been given out, Jessica had put the house into security lockdown. She was still speaking to patients but only over the phone or video chatting and had gone through all their food supplies to plan all their meals.

Viper had to hand it to her planning skills. Jess was very efficient. Her paranoia due to her immunity to drugs also meant that everything that had entered the house prior to the lockdown was fully sanitised and quarantined so they were safe from whatever this was. In theory. What she wouldn't give to study it though...

Being trapped in the house was nothing new to Viper. Since her deal with SHIELD she'd been pretty much housebound. But this was very different. And with Sebastian away on business when this whole thing started, a large portion of her usual entertainment had been taken away.

The childcare was relatively easy. Hand Miriam a colouring book and some pencils and she was good for hours. She was under instructions not to let Miriam out of her sight which... was a bit awkward for bathroom useage but simple enough. But she needed to do something. Normally she'd be content to draw with Miriam or read a book or prepare some meals but with the current climate outside the house, her brain wouldn't stop spitting out nightmare scenarios.

It was really no problem for her to disable the security and break into Sebastian's lab. Sure, it was a breech of her conditions but these were unprecidented times. She needed a contingency plan. For her own peace of mind if nothing else. Naturally, she brought Miriam with her into the lab because of her instructions from Jessica. She wasn't sure Miriam even registered the change of venue much after she plonked down at a table with her latest drawing.


Days later, the situation outside had deteriorated to the point where it was hard to see how things would recover. Jessica had closed all the curtains with views of the streets so Miriam couldn't look outside and see the chaos. Viper had her emergency supplies on her at all times now and was staying near to Jessica when she could. Jess was busy at all hours now with anxious patients calling her while they still had power and cell service.

Power and cell service was not going to stop all of the dangers outside, however. To keep herself busy, Viper had packed bags of supplies and hidden them in Miriam's room in case they had to go in a hurry. She had been hoping not to have to use them but...

The security system was a good thing. It was. But it didn't work so well when mutants who could knock walls down were trying to get into your house. Fortunately, one of the residents could also knock walls down without much effort and her survival instincts were strong.

Jessica's insticts to protect the other people in her life were also strong and, as the sounds of things breaking into the house woke her up, Viper found herself thrown bodily into Miriam's room and the door was slammed behind her. "Jessica!" Viper tried to pull the door open but found it wouldn't move. She hammered on it with her fist. "Jessica, open this door!"

"Take Miriam and go! I'll hold them off!"

"No you won't!" Viper pulled harder on the door as she felt Miriam come up behind her.

"I know you've been in the lab! Get out of here! I'll meet you in a couple of hours in the park!"

Damn it. "You better be there!" She turned and picked Miriam up then grabbed the supplies she'd hidden and teleported out of the house.

The arrival point was a house thad had been abandoned long before and had very obviously seen better days. She set Miriam - who was now making more noise than the people breaking in - and the supplies down and opened one of the bags to take out some clothing. Miriam had other ideas and ran to the far corner of the room, squatting down with her hands over her ears and crying for her mom.

Viper sighed and put her things down, "Miriam..." she headed toward her, with the intention of comforting her until she calmed down or risk attention being drawn to their location. But the floor gave out.


Urrrgh. Owww... Viper groaned as consciousness returned. What happened? She coughed - which hurt - then inhaled a bunch of dust - which resulted in more painful coughing. She rolled onto her side, feeling something dislodge itself from inside her back somewhere. Ouch. She coughed again and looked around, trying to get her bearings. Miriam.

"Miriam?" her voice was barely a croak so she coughed and tried again, "Miriam?" There was movement somewhere above her and she looked up, squinting in the light. How long had she been out? "Is that you, Mauschen?"

"Fifi okay?" Miriam's small voice came back to her.

Viper breathed a sigh of relief and closed her eyes for a moment. "I'm alright. Stay there. I'll come to you." Somehow.

"Okay..." She heard Miriam scoot back away from the edge of the hole in the floor. Good.

Now she had to get mobile. She pushed herself up to sit and did an assessment of her injuries. Remnants of furniture and the questionable flooring below had broken her fall so she didn't have any broken bones. That was good. The other wounds were healing so it was safe to move. She activated the teleporter again to get her back where she'd started.

This time, she moved around the edge of the room to fetch Miriam, picking her up and carrying her back to the bags. After setting the girl down and checking her over, she took out some clothes and helped her change then handed her a stuffed animal to cuddle while she cleaned herself up.

A change of clothes later, Viper was in the park hiding in some shrubbery with a sleepy but anxious Miriam. There was no sign of Jessica. She needed to look around but leaving the girl behind was risky and taking her along was hardly any better. She gave Miriam instructions to be very quiet and took her hand to begin a search of other hiding spots.

The search was fruitless. There wasn't even a sign that Jessica had been and had to leave. Nothing at all. She was worried but there was nothing more she could do now except to keep Miriam as safe as possible. She teleported them back to the run down house and settled down to let the girl sleep while she thought of somewhere to go for more of a long term stay.
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Re: What if...? Another Zombie Apocalypse!

Post by Svartfreja » Sun May 10, 2020 8:11 pm

<Carol> It was weird. Since the power went out, the building had a whole new atmosphere about it and it was creepy as fuck. Fortunately her energy powers were playing today so they had light in the internal corridors but man the stairs..... Why did Joe have to live so high up?

<Shinobi> Obi's hand was sweaty. He hoped Carol wouldn't judge him too harshly on that, but even phased this shit was stressful. Every noise had him wincing. They knew many residents of the apartment building had fled (or died) in the last few weeks, but who knew how many remained.

<Carol> She paused at the door to the next level and glanced at Obi, "Ready?"

<Shinobi> "As I'll ever be." He edged past her and listened at the door for a moment, which was tricky since it was a thick fire door. Hearing nothing, he poked his head through the metal and looked up and down the hall. "Psst!"

<Shinobi> He waited for a reaction from any lingering ravenous loonies.

<Carol> Carol stuck her light through the door as a further inducement for the bitey folks then followed it with her own head. "We good?"

<Shinobi> "Think so." Obi readjusted his grip on her hand and phased them through the door.

<Carol> Oh she did hate that. "Left or right?" She peered down each hall, looking for the signs of light from open doors.

<Shinobi> "Right," he said though he had no idea. One way looked as bad as the other.

<Carol> "Right it is...." She sighed and started down the hallway. She didn't like this. Any of it. Breaking into peoples homes.... stealing food... creeping around the place.... it was all kinds of uncomfortable.

<Shinobi> "How..." Obi licked his lips and considered his words. "We're going to have to check all of them... otherwise there's no way we'll know which apartments are empty..."

<Carol> "Yeah.... we should find some way to mark them off...." Ugh.

<Shinobi> "Guess we should have thought that through." He spotted a sliver of light falling across the hall and gave Carol a nudge. "Open door?" he whispered.

<Carol> "Maybe we can find a sharpie or something in an apartment...." She nodded to the unspoken question.

<Shinobi> "Maybe..." They crept toward the apartment and Obi motioned for Carol to stay put while he checked.

<Carol> She frowned at the suggestion she was unable to defend herself but folded her arms with a roll of her eyes and kept a lookout in the hallway.

<Shinobi> Obi gave her a frustrated look and quietly flapped his arms in a shrug of protest, then phased into the apartment. Fine, she can be ridiculous.

<Carol> If she ever worked out how to channel her energy powers through her eyes, Obi would be in trouble. She sighed, pacing a little while she waited for him to give the all clear.

<Shinobi> He gave the small apartment a quick once-over, even checking under the bed. The place looked like they'd left in a hurry. Clothes were skattered, some food items left out on the counters as others were packed up as if ready to go.

<Shinobi> Obi popped his head back out. "We're good."

<Carol> She followed him into the apartment, "You know I'm still basically invulnerable, right? And I can still throw you into next week."

<Shinobi> "You know I'm intangible, right? You can't throw what you can't touch, and you can't bite it either." He solidified his hand just enough to close the door behind her, locking it for good measure.

<Carol> "No... but you can throw stuff through it...." she picked up a handy cushion to prove her point.

<Shinobi> The pillow bounced off the wall behind him and landed with a soft thump. "Cute," he laughed. "Anyway, looks like they skipped town in a hurry."

<Carol> "Yeah... I guess they figured it'd be safer...." She started poking around for something to mark off the apartments with. Duct tape would do... everyone had duct tape...

<Shinobi> Obi went straight to the kitchen and started checking the already-packed box. "Convenient." He added the cans on the counter to the box and started opening drawers and cabinet doors.

<Carol> Score! Duct tape! "I'll mark the door so we know we've been in here...." She headed to do that, "See if there's any bottled water..."

<Shinobi> Finding a marker in the junk drawer, he held it up, then shrugged. "Haven't seen water, but plenty of canned carrots. Looks like they didn't want to take them."

<Carol> "Why are there so many carrots? Are these people rabbits?" She marked the door with her tape.

<Shinobi> "You never know." He found some dry beans and tossed the sack into the box. "Do you think we should just move what we find into the stairwell and take everything up at once?" Obi continued searching, looking under the sink for anything of use.

<Carol> "Sure makes it a little less annoying that way..." She started looking through cupboards for useful items and maybe a change of clothes.... she headed toward the bedroom.

<Shinobi> Obi continued to ransack the kitchen, then stacked their haul by the door.

<Carol> At least Obi and Joe could share... they were a similar size. She opened a closet and started to look for tops that might fit. Stupid boobs.

<Shinobi> Turning around, Carol had disappeared. Obi checked the bathroom, then spotted her in the bedroom. "Anything good?"

<Carol> "Maybe..." she found a top with a bit of stretch in it and decided to try it out, forgetting to warn Obi that she was gonna take her own shirt off.

<Shinobi> "Nothing like shopping in-" Obi's brain screeched to a halt when Carol started stripping.

<Carol> She tugged the potential replacement down but... it wasn't a great option. She sighed and pulled it off again to put her own shirt back on. "Nope," she tossed the fail onto the bed and went back to rummaging.

<Shinobi> Obi swallowed, blinked and blew out a steady breath. After a beat, he turned to a dresser and started opening drawers. He made a strangled noise. "Well, I found her underwear."

<Carol> "... At least half of that might be useful...." she glanced over her shoulder at him. "What's the matter?"

<Shinobi> "Nothing," he said, just a bit too quickly, and was his voice higher?

<Carol> She laughed, "Anyone'd think you'd never seen underwear before."

<Shinobi> Obi cleared his throat. "No, I... have." Moving pointedly to the next drawer, he pulled it open. "Need socks?"

<Carol> "Yes. I need all the things. Gonna say the bras in that drawer are useless to me judging by the contents of the closet..." She went back to her closet spelunking. There had to be something for a 'fat day'. Everyone had them.

<Shinobi> "You, uh, want me to grab you some, oooor?" This could not get any more weird.

<Carol> "Sure," she replied from deep in the closet, "One sock is the same as another sock...."

<Shinobi> "Sure." He grabbed a few pairs and tossed them on top the dresser, then spotted another pair and laughed. "Want some rainbow shitting unicorn socks?"

<Carol> She laughed, "We can give them to Joe."

<Shinobi> "I'm sure he'll love them." There were more novelty socks in the drawer so he grabbed a few more and then looked back at the underwear drawer. Hmm.

<Carol> Woo jackpot! She found some hidden items from fatter times that would fit over her boobs and some sweatpants which would be more comfortable for sleeping in than her jeans. She missed just being able to sleep in a t-shirt.

<Shinobi> Obi tried to ignore the rustling clothing and parade of try-ons behind him and grabbed a few pairs that looked like they would fit her.

<Carol> She managed to find a couple of things for wardrobe changes which was nice. She added them to the small pile on top of the dresser. Spying the additional underwear, she smirked a little as she raised an eyebrow at Obi.

<Shinobi> With his hand still in the drawer, he returned the expression and pointed down at the impressively sparkly adult toy he'd also uncovered in the drawer. "If you're bored..."

<Carol> She laughed, "You gonna want to watch as a 'finder's fee'?"

<Shinobi> He managed a smirk, even though he could feel his face heating up. "Maybe."

<Carol> She laughed again, "Well then I'd just have to suggest cutting out the middle man." It was waaaaaay too much fun to tease him.

<Shinobi> "It would definitely be more fun," he laughed.

<Carol> She tugged at the corner of her lip with her teeth for a moment then gave him a grin, "Maybe later."

<Shinobi> He tried to hide his blink of surprise with a smirk. "Rain check it is then," he said, sliding the drawer closed.

<Carol> She found a pillow case and stuffed her ill-gotten gains inside. "Let's get back to grocery shopping...."

<Shinobi> "I didn't check the fridge. You think we dare?" His nose wrinkled but he was enjoying watching her walk back into the living room.

<Carol> "I don't know if that's a good idea... power's been out a while..." she glanced over her shoulder at him, "Unless you're feeling especially brave...?"

<Shinobi> "Oh no, you're the hero." He bypassed the kitchen and headed for the door to pick up the box.

<Carol> "Pfft, I'm not a hero. Just an awesome Air Force pilot that had the misfortune to get noticed by SHIELD, hired by them, and reassigned to a school full of crazy people."

<Shinobi> Obi just laughed and poked his head through the doorway. The hall looked much the same way they left it.

<Carol> She came up behind him and leaned over his shoulder, "Brains."

<Shinobi> "Fuck!" He jerked back through the door, nearly dropping the box.

<Carol> Carol laughed hard. Oh that had been brilliant!

<Shinobi> "Ha, ha, hilarious." He handed her the box and phased through the door without her.

<Carol> She put her pillow case on the top and balanced the box to open the door for herself, "Oh come on..."

<Shinobi> Obi was smirking on the other side of the door. He hadn't thought about the part where he was alone in the dark hallway. Nothing could touch him, but still, creepy.

<Carol> "I couldn't help myself..." she admitted with a small grin, "You're way too easy to fuck with."

<Shinobi> "In more ways than one." He offered her his hand again to phase them for the trip back to the stairs.

<Carol> She laughed again, taking his hand, "Yeah... we should talk about that."

<Shinobi> "Don't worry about it," he said, taking in her tone. "I know you're just fucking around." He was watching their path forward now, glancing at doorways they passed.

<Carol> "Oh you think so, huh?" She tossed a smirk his way, "Guess you'll never know."

<Shinobi> He nearly missed a step, but recovered. "Guess not."

<Carol> Adorable. She gave another soft laugh, "That's too bad."
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Re: What if...? Another Zombie Apocalypse!

Post by Svartfreja » Sun May 10, 2020 8:12 pm

<Bobby> In theory, he could end all of this. Definitely in the city, probably in the state, possibly in the entire eastern seaboard.

<Bobby> Maybe the continent? The world? Nobody had ever been able to tell him for sure.

<Bobby> The parts of Bobby Drake that were still him knew this was a terrible idea. There were still live people here, fighting to stay that way. He wasn't a monster. He couldn't just destroy that. Not yet, anyway.

<Bobby> Walking the streets instead of drifting through air currents helped keep him connected to that humanity.

<Bobby> Plus, that way he could kill shit up close and personal.

<Jessica> Jess had somehow managed to fall asleep. She wanted to stay in her safe cocoon of covered up windows and blankets but that would be stupid. She sighed and shifted to sit up, looking through her supplies for something that resembled breakfast. She should be doing this with Miriam and Viper. Where were they?

<Bobby> Bobby had taken care of a large cluster of non-powered zombies several blocks back, but this area of the city seemed weirdly deserted. He looked up at the darkened buildings, knowing he probably didn't look reassuring to anyone who might be watching.

<Jessica> Cuddled in her blankets, she tried to make a plan. Should she go back and look for Viper again? It wasn't safe to land and wait or even hover for too long. Her flybys had drawn way too much attention. Stupid. It was a stupid plan. Well non-plan. At least Viper would take care of Miriam....

<Bobby> He'd lost track of time as he walked. No one was giving orders anymore at SHIELD, so he'd ditched his communicator.

<Bobby> There were burned out and abandoned vehicles everywhere, but one parked in a side lot gave him pause.

<Jessica> After eating something she felt a little bit better so she decided to take a peek out of the windows to see if she was still safe. One side good... other side also zombie-free. At least as much as she could see out of the tiny gap she was willing to give herself. Okay. Good.

<Bobby> That... there couldn't be more than one of those things. It was the tank. The ridiculous military-style vehicle Shaw paid way too much for after Miriam was born. Fuck. Why was it here?

<Bobby> He picked up the pace.

<Jessica> She found her shoes and put them on then grabbed a couple more layers and a jacket to put on the passenger seat for easy grabbing with her backpack of emergency supplies. Well. Time to move. She sighed, where was she even going to go?

<Bobby> Bobby crept up on the tank slowly, approaching it from the rear quarter panel and looking for signs of... trauma. A small inner voice told him to run the other way. He couldn't handle it if... no.

<Jessica> Jess heard... something outside and froze. Creeping to the back window via the ceiling she pulled the cover down enough to see outside. She stared for a moment in shock before dashing to the nearest door and flinging it open.

<Bobby> Was that a blanket in the back window? And did it just move? Before Bobby could process this, the thing rocked and a door opened. "Fu-" reflexively, he prepared to ice whatever came at him.

<Jessica> She didn't exit the car or shout because that was dangerous but she did grin broadly at who she found outside. She would have liked a hug but.... brr.

<Bobby> He dropped his hands immediately and stared. His mouth opened, then closed, then opened again. "J-Jessie?"

<Jessica> "Hey stranger, long time no see," she smiled at him and opened her arms for a hug, hoping he'd take the hint to drop the ice. She could use a hug right now.

<Bobby> "S-shiiiit," he said, and forced himself to relax. How long had it been since he'd dropped the ice? Bobby blinked and concentrated for a moment before remembering how.

<Bobby> He took one step toward her, then another, stumbled a bit and then closed the distance to give her a tight hug. "Holy shit."

<Jessica> She returned the hug gratefully, "So good to see a friendly face right now, you've no idea..."

<Bobby> "It's probably not a great face right now," he said with a rough laugh, realizing his voice sounded rusty.

<Jessica> "Don't be silly!" She loosened her hold so she could look at him properly, "Come inside then we can talk safely...."

<Bobby> He looked around quickly, running his hand through his damp hair. "Yeah, good plan." He followed her, still feeling off balance after so long in his ice form.

<Jessica> She pulled the door closed as quietly as she could and sat back in the seat, curling up a little, "So.... what brings you to Boston?"

<Bobby> "SHIELD," he said, trying to recall how his legs worked to settle in. The tank was as spacious as always, aside from the blankets, clothing and supplies. "Been all over. D.C. New York. Here."

<Jessica> "Not going so well I take it...." she offered him some of the snacks because she figured she wasn't going to eat it all before it went bad

<Bobby> "It's like this everywhere." He sighed, shifting to make himself more comfortable. It took a moment of staring at the granola bar in her hand before he realized he was hungry. His stomach groaned and he took the bar with a faint smile. "Thanks..."

<Jessica> She sighed, "Great... so I suppose it doesn't matter where I go then...."

<Bobby> Ripping it open with his teeth, Bobby took a bite and then started to speak. He thought better of this and instead gave her an awkwardly apologetic look as he chewed quickly. "Um... are y-you a-a-alone?"

<Jessica> She nodded, looking away for a moment, "Sebastian's away on business... I was in the house with Miriam and Viper.... I held them off and told Viper I'd meet them later... but... I don't know what happened... they weren't there... I went back several times to check but... it wasn't safe to stay."

<Bobby> "Shit. Sorry, Jessie..." He looked at the granola bar but couldn't muster another bite.

<Jessica> "I know Viper will keep her safe.... she... she broke into Sebastian's lab... built some things... after the lockdown started...." she shrugged, "I let her because it eased my mind too..."

<Bobby> He chewed at his chapped lips. "Where did you say Shaw was?"

<Jessica> "He's in Europe... Belarus..." she ran a hand through her hair, "So he's not coming back...."

<Bobby> "When was the last time you heard from him?" Bobby tried not to wince at the defeat in her tone. "I mean, he's a crafty old bastard, so if anyone can make it..."

<Jessica> "Days ago... before the power went out.... it was hard to get any calls through for a long time before that - people were busy trying to contact family everywhere.... the communication network kind of went to shit..."

<Bobby> "Yeah... I stopped getting orders... a while ago." He cleared his throat. "I don't think anyone is left to give them..."

<Jessica> "So that's it then..." she sighed. She'd suspected but... it really sucked to hear. "Not sure what to do now..."

<Bobby> He blew out a breath, playing with the wrapper of the uneaten bar. "Viper, you said? I-i'm sure Miriam is okay, then."

<Jessica> "Yeah... I hope so... Don't know what happened to them to make them miss the meeting but... Well.... no use dwelling on that."

<Bobby> "Could have been a dozen things," he rasped, pausing to clear his throat again.

<Jessica> "Yeah...." she nodded, shifting to put her things in the passenger foot well. "At least this thing'll get me out of the city..."

<Bobby> He was quiet for a moment. "To where, though?"

<Jessica> "I don't know...." she admitted, "Anywhere that's not here..."

<Bobby> "Fair enough." He sniffled and fell silent, staring down blankly at the crinkled wrapper in his hand. "W-want any company?" he said softly.

<Jessica> She turned and offered him a small smile, "Some company would be very welcome."

<Bobby> Bobby managed to return the smile, if a little jerkily. "Thanks, babe."

<Jessica> "Want to drive? I mean... I don't mind..." she started shifting things around to make sure nothing moved about too much if she had to take a few turns on the fast side.

<Bobby> "I'm... kind of out of practice. Might be safer if I don't yet." His voice was still doing weird things as well. "Also kinda dizzy."

<Jessica> "Then get comfortable in the passenger seat and take a nap... I'll try to drive safely..." She climbed into the driver's seat and buckled up. "Might be a little bumpy though......."

<Bobby> A bit late, he jolted into action and scrambled up into the passenger seat and looked for the seat belt. "Don't really need it, but ya don't want a hole in the windshield..."

<Jessica> "Definitely not..." She glanced in the rear view and realised she forgot to take the blanket down. "Balls. One sec." She unbuckled and climbed back to clear the back window.

<Bobby> Sitting up, he frowned and refocused outside, looking around for trouble.

<Jessica> She tugged the blanket down and dropped it on the back seat, "Okay. Take two." She grinned, climbing back into her seat and refastening her belt. "Let's go."

<Bobby> "Somewhere." He half-heartedly flashed teeth at her then slid lower into the seat.

<Jessica> "Need me to drop you off anywhere?" she turned the key in the ignition and pulled out of the parking 'space'.

<Bobby> Bobby snorted. "I got nowhere to be anymore, babe."

<Jessica> "Well... that makes two of us." She turned toward the edge of the city. "So let's just see where the road goes..."
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Re: What if...? Another Zombie Apocalypse!

Post by Svartfreja » Sun May 10, 2020 8:16 pm

<Carol> Shopping was still.... icky. Especially finding the occasional victim. Their latest apartment exploration had netted them a hoarder so that was pretty.... interesting. Leaving their treasure outside the door to the stairs, they were on the way to the next door.

<Shinobi> They had this down by now, so Obi just stopped at the next door and stuck his head in without preamble.

<Carol> "How are we doing?" She glanced up and down the hallway.

<Shinobi> He started to answer, but instead screamed in surprise when a thing with a mangled face lunged directly at him.

<Carol> Carol yanked on his hand out of reflex at the scream.

<Shinobi> Jerked back through the door, he hoped the zombie on the other side was just as surprised as he was when it banged face-first into the door.

<Carol> "Okay so... that's a hell no..." She patted her pockets for the red sharpie.

<Shinobi> "Not unless we're feeling adventurous." He ran his hand through his hair and rubbed his face. "Fucker must have heard us out here and was just waiting on the other side of the door. Sneaky. I don't like it."

<Carol> "Well not that smart - couldn't figure out how to open the door." She let go of his hand for a moment to write 'hell no' on the door.

<Shinobi> "Thank fuck." He used both hands to scratch at his stubble. "Gah, its face went right through mine." Obi shuddered.

<Carol> "Gonna rethink letting me go first?" she would have given him a pat but she wasn't sure if her hand would go through his shoulder.

<Shinobi> He grimaced. "Nope, I'm good." After tilting his head to the side to crack his neck he offered her his hand again. "Shall we?" Obi even managed to arch a brow at her and smirk.

<Carol> She laughed at the eyebrow and took his hand, "Next!"

<Shinobi> At the next door, he paused to listen first. "Surely if there was anything else on this floor they'd be pounding on the doors after all that noise."

<Carol> "Or they're also stuck behind doors... or have terrible sense of direction." She decided to be the one to poke her head through this door to save Obi another chance to pee his pants.

<Shinobi> "Really?" He gave a dramatic little sigh at her shoulders.

<Carol> "What?" She asked, straightening up, "It's clear by the way." She opened the door.

<Shinobi> "I said I could do it." He followed her in and began the process of checking the apartment for surprises.

<Carol> "My head is phased. What's the worst that could happen?" She closed the door behind them. "I'm pretty sure I remind you several times per day I'm still super strong and pretty much invulnerable so even if I wasn't phased....."

<Shinobi> "Yeah, yeah, super woman, I know." Obi approached the closed bedroom door and instead of poking it with his foot to check for reactions walked straight through.

<Carol> "Let me know if you find anything good in there," she called after him as she bent to poke around in a cupboard for cans.

<Shinobi> After checking for boogie men, Obi looked around. This place must have belonged to a single guy. His shit was everywhere. Clothing on the bed, on the floor, on the beanbag in the corner. The dresser was basically a liquor cabinet.

<Carol> There was one lonely can of beans far back in the cupboard. She was pretty sure it was old enough that it would explode if they tried to open it. Better just leave it there. This may have been one of those people that lived on take-out. She followed Obi to the bedroom and knocked on the door to warn him she was coming before she opened it, "This guy didn't like people food."

<Shinobi> "Nope, he had a liquid diet." Obi was sniffing the contents of one of the myriad of bottles on the beaten-down dresser.

<Carol> "Wow..." she blinked at all the booze, "That... is impressive."

<Shinobi> "Most of it, not so much." He shook the bottle he held. "I think you could strip paint with this one." Obi put it down and moved to the next most interesting bottle. None of it was top shelf, certainly.

<Carol> "Alcoholic beggars can't be choosers." She sat down on the corner of the bed, "Why? Thinking you want a drink?"

<Shinobi> "If I find anything that I wouldn't regret drinking." He took a whiff and quickly set the bottle back down. "Shit, I don't think it was the zombies that got this guy."

<Carol> She laughed, "You're such a snob." She got up and looked through the bottles, tossing one his way. "Try this one."

<Shinobi> "I can't help that I have taste." He turned in time to catch the bottle and opened it up for a sniff. Whiskey, not aged bourbon. He shrugged and took a swig.

<Carol> "You have rich people taste. You gotta lower the bar a little now." She returned to her seat and ran a hand through her hair.

<Shinobi> He laughed and leaned back against the dresser to take another drink, rethinking his perch when the whole thing shook. Instead he plopped beside Carol on the messy bed and gave her a grin.

<Carol> She bumped him with her shoulder and gave him a small smile, looking away across the room. "So how drunk you planning on being before we continue shopping today?"

<Shinobi> He shrugged. "I don't know. How drunk do you want me?" He licked his lips and took another drink from the brown bottle.

<Carol> "Uh...." was that a trick question? She looked at him for a moment, "You okay with being the only one that gets drunk?"

<Shinobi> "What, you don't want any?" He smirked and sloshed the bottle. "You're the one who suggested I lower the bar here."

<Carol> "Because you wanted to drink it..." she shrugged, "I... don't drink anymore... I said that, right?"

<Shinobi> Obi paused, mid-sip, frowning. "Yeah, I guess it didn't process that you were serious."

<Carol> She sighed, "I... had a problem, so... yeah...." She looked down at her lap, "It's been... nearly two years."

<Shinobi> "Oh." He looked down at the bottle. "Shit, okay. I'll... we can get out of here."

<Carol> "No, it's okay.... I mean... the world's gone to hell... kinda makes it seem pointless now..."

<Shinobi> Obi blew out a sigh. "Nah, you're right. I shouldn't get distracted." He pushed himself up off the bed and returned to the dresser.

<Carol> "I'm sorry...." she pushed herself up and decided to go back into the main living area.

<Shinobi> He frowned at her back, taking another look at the bottle. Taking a shrug and another swallow, he set the bottle down and followed her. "You don't have anything to be sorry for."

<Carol> "Sure I do - I ruined your escapism." She looked back at him, "If you want to drink... just go ahead. Don't let me stop you... honestly, I don't blame you."

<Shinobi> "Eh, I might take something for the road. Anyway, it's good for more than drinking, right?" He leaned against the doorframe and shrugged one shoulder. "So nothing else here?"

<Carol> "There's a very questionable can of beans in the back of a cupboard but... yeah that's pretty much it for this apartment... Shall we try next door?"

<Shinobi> "Sure." Obi reached back into the bedroom and picked up a couple of bottles, then joined Carol at the door and offered his hand with a smirk.

<Carol> She moved back to him and retook his hand after marking the door, "At least we can light it on fire if you really don't wanna drink it...."

<Shinobi> "See, practical." Obi grinned.

<Carol> She laughed and bumped him with her shoulder, "Maybe we can find you some better booze in a different apartment."

<Shinobi> "I wouldn't argue with that, either," he laughed, returning the bump.

<Carol> "So... wanna take it in turns to do the doors? Compromise?" She suggested as they stopped at the next apartment door.

<Shinobi> "Deal," he agreed with a nod, pausing outside the next door and sitting his bottles on the floor to retreive later.

<Carol> "So I guess that makes this your turn..." she nodded to the door. "Hope it's less untidy than the last place..."

<Shinobi> Obi popped his head through, and though his phased state protected him from the worst of the smell, it still struck him. "Oh, fuuuuck."

<Shinobi> Just as fast he pulled back. "Nope! Not that one."

<Carol> "Okay..." she raised an eyebrow at him but let go of his hand again to write on the door.

<Shinobi> "It stunk. Bad. Something is dead in there, but I don't know what... or if it's mobile." Obi's nose wrinkled.

<Carol> "Ew..." she mirrored the nose wrinkle and wrote 'stinky' on the door for future reference. Straightening up, she continued to the next door.

<Shinobi> There was a clang from the stairwell and Obi straightened up from rubbing his nose. "Did you hear that?"

<Carol> "Yeah... we should check that out...." If it was one of the infected in the stairwell it was dangerous.

<Shinobi> Another metallic bang echoed up the hall from the stairs. "Fuck." Obi picked up the pace, heading for the door.

<Carol> Carol overtook him, trying to remember if they'd closed the door to their floor.

<Shinobi> Obi phased and worked to catch up, breaking into a run as the noises continued.

<Carol> All she could think about was Joe and how vulnerable he was on his own. She pulled the door open, only nearly pulling it off its hinges, "Hey! Someone here?" she yelled up the stairs to get the attention of whatever it was.

<Shinobi> She got its attention alright. The groans and raspy screams were almost instantaneous. The clanging more than doubled. "Fuck!" The first infected zombie lurched onto the landing just in front of Carol.

<Carol> "Well hi," Carol didn't miss a beat, flipping the infected former person and cracking their head onto the floor. Hard.

<Shinobi> Obi grabbed the pillowcases full of supplies they'd already moved to the stairwell and started up the stairs, pausing when a zombie overbalanced on the stairs above him and plummeted down the stairwell. "Shit they're already upstairs!"

<Carol> "Oh God... Joe!" She took the stairs two at a time, racing to get to their floor.

<Shinobi> "Carol!" He tried to tell her he could phase them through the crowd, but she was long gone. Swearing, he started after her.

<Carol> The zombie-folk were no match for her strength or her determination to get to her brother as fast as possible. "Joe!" She yelled again as she reached their floor.

<Shinobi> He was glad he was phased since there were... parts... flying.

<Carol> Making it to their floor, she discovered they had left the door ajar. Stupid! "Joe!" She paused for a moment when she heard a gun shot.

<Shinobi> "Fuck!" Obi gave up and started moving straight through the walls to get to their apartment.

<Carol> Fuckfuckfuck! She was at his apartment in an instant, her energy and flight powers kicking in suddenly and burning her way through the final obstacles, "Joe!"

<Joe> "I'm okay!" he called back.

<Shinobi> Bursting through the wall, he found Carol already inside... and on fire.

<Carol> Relief flooded her and she closed the distance to her brother to pull him into a tight hug.

<Joe> "Oof! Air! Air, woman!" He flailed a little bit.

<Shinobi> He solidified to slam the door and shoved a desk in front of it. "Okay, we are going to have to either clear this floor fast or get the fuck out," he called over the pounding on the door and walls.

<Carol> Carol loosened her hold on Joe, "All that noise is going to draw more... we should get out..."

<Joe> Joe sighed, "I knew you were gonna say that..."

<Shinobi> Obi raked both hands through his hair. "Yeah, she's probably right. No way to know how many are already in the building." He went to the window and looked down. "Shiiiiit."

<Carol> Carol followed him and looked for herself, ".... Well we're not going that way. We need to get some mobility... if I could rely on my powers to stay up I'd fly us out..." She chewed her lip.

<Joe> "You are not playing distraction while we run the other way," Joe told her, "That's not happening so stop thinking about it." He headed to a closet and took out their prepared emergency backpacks.

<Shinobi> "I can phase us, or for sure one of us. Get us out of the building at least?" Obi grabbed his backpack and started to shove more items into it.

<Carol> Carol groaned a little, "Joe, you're killing me. Just... go with him. Please? You're all squishy...."

<Shinobi> "Joe?" Obi shouldered his overstuffed pack and held out a hand. "It's perfectly safe as long as you're in contact with me. We can go down a few buildings? Maybe across the street. Meet up over there." He pointed to a tall building down the block.

<Joe> He looked between them for a moment. He could see he wasn't going to win this one. "Fine..." he rolled his eyes, "You better show up in one piece!" He grabbed his own bag and Carol's.

<Carol> "I promise. Be careful, okay?" She held out a leather jacket to him, "Look after this for me."

<Shinobi> He waited for them to get their gear together and say their goodbyes, looking out of the window one more time to judge which way to go.

<Joe> He took the jacket with a nod before going to the other man's side. "Just... long enough for us to get away, okay? Then come find us."

<Shinobi> "There're a lot coming from that way, so let's go this way." Obi jerked his head toward the wall and again held his hand out for the other man.

<Carol> Carol watched Obi and Joe disappear through the wall then, with a sigh, picked up the sofa and threw it through the window. She followed it outside and was pleased to see she'd gotten the attention of many infected - which had been the plan. Excellent. Now.... what was the rest of the plan?

<Shinobi> The next apartment was empty, and after a glance at the closed door he looked at Joe. "You okay? I know it's weird."

<Joe> "You have met my sister? I'm used to weird." Joe cringed at the crash from next door. He'd really liked that apartment.

<Shinobi> Obi managed a huffed laugh before the crash. "Okay, well better get moving. I'm going straight through. Anything comes after us can't touch us. It'll pass right through, just as long as you keep hold. He squeezed the other man's hand in illustration.

<Joe> He nodded, "Okay. Better make this fast then... the wall thing is... I don't even have words - I'd hate to imagine what it's like with people."

<Shinobi> "Yeah... try not to think about it too hard." Obi tightened his hold on Carol's brother and got moving.

<Carol> Meanwhile, Carol was taking pot shots at the zombies far below while they were helpfully clustered in the street. The zombies in the building had broken into the apartment by now and were following her out of the window and helpfully splattering their brains all over the pavement. It was oddly satisfying taking them out this way. Shame it wouldn't last.

<Shinobi> The apartments on their floor had already been cleared, but when Obi ascended through the ceiling they quickly discovered the zombies had made it all the way through the building.

<Joe> "They must have been filling up this place for a while..."

<Shinobi> "We heard them in the stairwell first." They passed through a group. "Don't look! It's better for your sanity!" The zombies could see them but couldn't touch them, whipping them up into a clawing, confused frenzy.

<Joe> Nope. Nope. Nope! This was not a fun way to spend an afternoon! He just hoped Carol was doing okay wherever she was and made it back in one piece.

<Shinobi> It wasn't fun for Obi either. He felt like he was sweating with the concentration of keeping them both phased while moving quickly through the building. He broke through the outer wall and into the open air. "It's fine, I promise! Just don't look down!"

<Joe> "You know my sister flies, right? As long as your powers don't randomly crap out on you, we're fine." He glanced back at the sound of an explosion from the street. What was she doing?

<Shinobi> "No, my powers are stable." He took a look down just to see the situation. It wasn't good. And there was shit exploding. "I get she's distracting, but she better get to the meet-up point before hers do."

<Joe> "She will. She's too stubborn not to." Joe decided, "Stubborn streak a mile wide. Takes after dad.... don't tell her I said that."

<Shinobi> Obi smirked, taking them through the wall into the next building, which had clearly not been cleared of zombies. "Fuck!"

<Joe> "Uh... try the next building?"

<Carol> Huh... they really liked the exploding car even though it took out a bunch of their buddies. Well she could provide more of those. Once the zombies were running for their new distracting shiny piles of fire, Carol headed off to find Obi and Joe while her powers were still fully functional.

<Shinobi> "We'll just hurry. Hold tight!" He went up a floor, but it was worse, so he went down and the crowd thinned.

<Joe> Joe looked at Obi, "You alright?"

<Shinobi> "Yeah, I'm fine." He looked over at Joe, cutting it short when a creature with a mashed face lurched at him and overbalanced, falling on its already ruined nose with a juicy spurt. "Why? You okay?"

<Joe> "Yeah just... you didn't sound sure about making it so far earlier. Just checking."

<Shinobi> Obi frowed. "I think finding this stressful is perfectly normal, thank you." They broke into open air again and he craned his neck to check out the landscape.

<Joe> He laughed, "Fair enough." A few loud bangs from the other street signalled tire explosions from all the fires. "I hope our target building is empty..."

<Shinobi> "Shouldn't matter. We're headed for the roof." Obi tried not to wince at the explosions, but the bonus was that they distracted the monsters that were zeroing in on them.

<Joe> "Well that's fine but we gotta come down sometime..."

<Shinobi> "Yes, but after we meet up with Carol, yeah?"

<Joe> "That'd be preferable..." there was no telling what state she'd be in when she got to them though.

<Shinobi> After passing through another building he decided to turn and cross the street. That left them moving across a substantial chunk of open air. Obi looked down.

<Carol> Carol took the scenic route around the rooftops in case she got any unwanted attention from the ground. Once she was sure anything that had spotted her was running in the wrong direction, she circled back.

<Shinobi> Obi airwalked them to the roof of the office tower across the street. He kept hold of the other man's hand until he checked the roof access door. Locked.

<Joe> "Guess we'll wait here then?" Joe looked around.

<Shinobi> "Yeah." He dropped his bags, ready to give his shoulders a rest. Stretching, he went to the edge of the roof and leaned over the cornice. The zombies were moving away for now.

<Joe> Joe set his bag down and draped the jacket over it to keep it off the ground.

<Carol> Carol was starting to feel tired which was a bad sign. She put the rest of her energy into a little more speed to get the rest of the way to the roof. She landed hard, losing her energy powers the moment her feet hit the ground and her knees gave out.

<Shinobi> "Fucking hell!" Obi scrambled out of her way, then back to Carol. "You okay?" He pulled her into his lap, trying to move her hair to see her face.

<Carol> "I'm fine," she waved him off, attempting to lean on him a little to push herself back up onto her feet and failing. She crumpled back down again, "Just gonna... sit down for a sec..."

<Shinobi> "Sitting is good. I'm fine with sitting." He wrapped his arms around her.

<Joe> Joe held out the jacket to her, "Here... put this on so I know you'll stay out of trouble."

<Carol> She managed a smirk despite her exhaustion and pulled the jacket on, "Yes, boss."

<Shinobi> Obi smirked, leaning back and watching the siblings. "Okay, so, once we take a break... do we have a plan?"

<Carol> "Get the fuck off the roof and find a car I didn't blow up so we don't have to walk." She sighed and slid sideways to lean against Joe. "That was so much fun..."

<Shinobi> "Fun?" He laughed. "That is the last thing I would call this."

<Carol> "I haven't been able to let loose like that in ages.... missed it."

<Joe> "Adrenaline junkie...."

<Shinobi> "Okay, so tell me when you're good and we will move."

<Carol> What she really needed was a nap but... there was no time for naps. "Gimme five minutes then we'll move."

<Joe> He sighed and handed her a candy bar from his bag, "Here... best I can do."

<Shinobi> He watched her open the wrapper, chewing his lip. "I can go scout a vehicle."

<Carol> "Be careful okay? And, for God's sake don't honk the horn."
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Re: What if...? Another Zombie Apocalypse!

Post by Svartfreja » Tue May 19, 2020 3:40 am

13 Months Later. November 2022...

<Bobby> The tank was, if nothing else, a fucking tank. Bobby rolled right through the skeletal woman on the road, laughing when its head popped off and rolled over the hood. "Oh, that's gotta be worth a good ten points!"

<Jessica> "Pfft! Barely five! She was skin and bones!" Jess peered out of the side window at the corpse. "Get a fat one to do that and I'll be impressed."

<Bobby> "But the fat ones get all juicy on the windshield and we're all outta squeegees." There was an overturned car blocking the right lane and he steered around it.

<Jessica> "Maybe we can stop at a gas station and get some more....?" She offered him some candy from their stash.

<Bobby> "Ooo, we got any cherry left?" It wasn't like there was a lot of traffic to worry about as he picked through the bag.

<Jessica> "I think so..." she'd already picked out the grape. She dug around and found some, "Got it! ... Tree!"

<Bobby> He dropped the candy and swerved. "Motherfucker!" Bobby overcorrected, the tank fishtailing across the roadway.

<Jessica> Jess used her sticky powers to adhere her hands to the roof and steady herself in her seat, "Fuck!"

<Bobby> Don't crash, don't crash! After one more hard swerve he straightened out, only then taking a deep breath. "Wooooo, shit. Okay. Oooookaaay."

<Jessica> "Maybe next time we slow down for candy.... or let me look for it." She reached over and gave his leg a reassuring pat.

<Bobby> He popped out his lower lip. "I dropped the last one."

<Jessica> Jess sighed, unhooking her seatbelt, "I'll get it...."

<Bobby> He glanced down at her searching the floor and then the center console. "While you're down there..." Bobby gave her a shit eating grin and wriggled his brows.

<Jessica> Jess laughed, "That'll be way more distracting than looking for candy. Probably should pull over for that." Candy! "Winner! What's my prize?" She held up the candy in triumph.

<Bobby> "You get the gift of my company every day, isn't that enough?" He eyed the candy and opened his mouth for her to toss.

<Jessica> She obliged and sat up in her seat again, pulling her seatbelt back around her, "Hmmm I don't know..."

<Bobby> He happily chewed, then spit out a bit of lint. "Awww, c'me on! I'm a prize!"

<Jessica> "But I'd still have you even if I didn't get your floor candy...."

<Bobby> "Yeah, but I wouldn't be as much of a joy to be around."

<Jessica> "Aww you're always a joy."

<Bobby> "Thank you, babe!" He batted his lashes at her, finishing off the candy and sucking the remnants off his teeth.

<Bobby> They rode in silence for a while, occasionally bobbing and weaving around zombies, wrecked vehicles and some truly impressive potholes. He sighed, leaning forward to flick the gas indicator. "We're gonna have to go a'huntin soon."

<Jessica> "Nooooo! That's my least favourite apocalypse chore!" she whined, picking out more candy and stuffing it in her mouth.

<Bobby> "Well, we gotta have the go juice if we wanna go, and man does this tank suck it." He smirked, thinking that it sucked about as much as its previous owner. Bobby knew better than to say this aloud.

<Jessica> "Yeah.... I told him it was bad for the environment but it's good for the apocalypse... if only it was solar powered or something." She sighed, "Probably should have nagged more..."

<Bobby> Bobby shot her a wide-eyed glance. Did she get new powers?

<Jessica> She blinked at him, "What?"

<Bobby> "N-nothing!" Smooth. "I mean, um, are solar cars even a thing? If not, they should be. E-especially now..."

<Jessica> "I think they built one way back.... but it was shit.... but then technology got better and no one tried again. Bet they feel stupid now."

<Bobby> "Definitely," he said with a laugh, that came out higher pitched than necessary. Bobby cleared his throat, shifted position in the seat and dialed himself back.

<Jessica> ".... Maybe you should lay off the candy."

<Bobby> "Imma blame the floor lint," he said with a wink.

<Jessica> She laughed, "Well I guess we'll see if it wears off."

<Bobby> Bobby laughed, breathing a sigh of relief. "Okay, so I guess we'll have to keep our eyes peeled."

<Jessica> "Mine are always peeled but I guess I'll add sources of gas to the list of things I look for."

<Bobby> "Thanks, babe." The next few miles went by in silence and he watched for fuel sources as well. Then he saw a mile marker... there was a town ahead.

<Jessica> Jess chewed her lip, eyes on the marker as they passed it. "Want to try in town or....?"

<Bobby> "Well, I haven't seen any other options yet..." He looked down at the gas gauge. "I hate to push the tank too far."

<Jessica> "Then we'll go shopping in town... we might get lucky and score more cherry candy."

<Bobby> "Motivation! That's all I need!" He gave her a bright grin and stepped on the gas.

<Jessica> She grinned back, "Well if I'd known it was that easy...."

<Bobby> "I'm always easy for you, babe." He giggled.

<Jessica> She laughed and gave him a playful shove, "You're awful."

<Bobby> "Not what I've heard," he said, rocking with the shove until a dead man lurched out from behind a wrecked car. "Whoa shit!"

<Jessica> "Gonna be a lot more of those in town probably!" She decided it was a good time to climb into the back seat and start arming herself. Never hurt to have things to sever some limbs with in an emergency.

<Bobby> The zombie was just out of range of the tank, so he concentrated, freezing it in place.

<Jessica> She picked up empty bags for shopping with and started attaching weapons to herself. Bobby didn't need any and neither did she if she stayed close but... things happened.

<Bobby> Entering the outskirts of the town, he cruised down a side street, leaning to look toward what must be the downtown area. "Traffic looks bad..."

<Jessica> "Wanna take the scenic route? Or just try and go around....?" She patted herself down to make sure she had everything then climbed back into her seat with the bags.

<Bobby> He blew a raspberry. "Hate to burn another gallon. Maybe we should hoof it? Or... airborne reconnaissance?" He leaned forward to scan the skies.

<Jessica> "I can go have a look," she opened the window to climb out of it.

<Bobby> "Be careful, babe." He cracked his own window, just in case.

<Jessica> "Yeah, yeah." She rolled her eyes but gave him a small smile, "Back in two shakes." She climbed out and took to the air.

<Bobby> Bobby squinted up, keeping his eyes on her as he rolled forward a little in the tank.

<Jessica> Jess didn't like to move too far out of sight of the tank but there were some tall buildings blocking her view so she had to get up above them. Flying zombies were a rarity but they were a pain in the ass so she kept her eyes and ears open.

<Bobby> "Fuck," he muttered as she flew out of sight. Something thudded into the rear quarter panel and he jumped. Dammit, not again. Twisting, he looked over his shoulder at the ....oh, that was an ugly one.

<Jessica> Jess landed on the roof and peered down at the town, looking for signs of useful supplies. A bunch of cars that might have gas... couple of stores that didn't look too looted. She decided to recon on some of those stores before going back so they didn't waste too much time.

<Bobby> It was banging an oozy stump against the back window now, working its way to the one Jess had left open. Wrinkling his nose, Bobby flash froze the thing and slammed the tank into reverse.

<Bobby> Unfortunately, he'd frozen its slimy feet to the ground and just broke off its arms when he reversed. "Eeeeeew." The thing wobbled in place and he shifted to drive and lined up his run.

<Jessica> Flying was a nice silent way to travel, not that she was exactly noisy when she was walking. She peeked in the stores as she flew by and sniffed around for fuel. Having enhanced senses was useful but took some getting used to in this world of walking corpses.

<Bobby> Bobby revved the engine and stomped the gas, hitting the thing with a satisfying spray of flesh.

<Jessica> Ugh it was gonna be a long walk sloshing petrol cans.... but there was gas in a few cars. So yay gas. She headed back to the car keeping as low a profile as possible.

<Bobby> He watched the bits slide off the hood with a smirk and rolled forward at a more reasonable pace, resuming his search of the skies for Jess... or anything else.

<Jessica> She stuck herself to the side of a building to listen a little more for zombies. She tuned out the sounds of the approaching truck for a moment and listened past the wind.

<Bobby> After repeating his trick with two more zombies, Bobby was bored. He looked up again and did a double take, spotting something too large to be a bird. "Fuckity fuck..."

<Jessica> Fellow flying things were as silent as she was which meant she didn't notice the flying thing until it was around the side of the building and heading straight at her. "Shit!"

<Bobby> "Shit, shit, shit!" Bobby gunned the tank, jumping a curb and rounding a corner directly into what looked like an equal to the tank. An armored car that had crashed through the front windows of an office building.

<Jessica> Jess was on her feet in an instant, now happily stuck sideways out of the side of the building. She drew her katana and sliced the head off the zombie in one motion, once again thanking her lucky stars that they didn't build them all as indestructible as Carol.

<Bobby> The back of the armored car was open, with probably more money than Bobby had ever seen trailing from the door and across the ground. He whistled, but couldn't take too much time to consider looting.

<Jessica> Slicking the blood from the blade with a flick and a wipe with a cloth, she sheathed the sword and decided it was time to go back to the truck. She circled around behind and landed lightly on the roof, "Found some good places to loot." She smiled at him through the open window.

<Bobby> "Sweet!" He rolled down the window the rest of the way to poke his head out and grin up at her. "Look, somebody robbed a bank for us," he said, pointing at his find.

<Jessica> "Yay free kindling!" she laughed, "I could make little critters out of it I suppose..."

<Bobby> "...that's actually a fantastic idea." Bobby was suddenly taken by the idea of the tank filled with origami made up of hundred dollar bills.

<Jessica> She grinned, "I'll go pick some up. Take the next left if you can to get to the treasure."

<Bobby> He shifted the tank into gear and wound his way around the mess.

<Jessica> Jess stuffed some bunched notes into her bag then flew off to catch up to Bobby in the tank.

<Bobby> After parking the tank and jumping out to the slightly bloodstained parking lot Bobby paused to stretch. His back popped alarmingly. "Oh, shit... gettin' old, babe."

<Jessica> She landed beside him and slid her arms around his shoulders, pressing a kiss to his cheek, "Nah just means you need to get off your ass more often, lazy."

<Bobby> "Lazy!" He leaned his head against her and snorted. "Why else do ya think I offer to drive?"

<Jessica> "Because I hate driving the tank?" She suggested, then ruffled his hair. "So I think we should get gas first just in case we need to get away quick for some reason after shopping."

<Bobby> Bobby laughed. "Sounds like a plan to me." He looked around, noting a few friendly neighbors shuffling around a block or so away.

<Jessica> She headed to the trunk to get their empty petrol cans and their petrol stealing supplies. "Alright. This way." She inclined her head for him to follow her.

<Bobby> "You're the boss, babe." He fell into step with her and kept an eye on their new friends.

<Jessica> "Yes, I am the boss," she agreed with a nod, "Because I have the boobs."

<Bobby> "Ha! That you do." He couldn't stop from laughing.

<Jessica> She gave him a grin, "Did you forget I have boobs?"

<Bobby> "That'd be an impossible feat, considering." He winked and skipped ahead to freeze a shuffler who was getting a little too close for comfort.

<Jessica> She laughed, "Yeah... they're pretty big."

<Bobby> Nearly choking, he wrangled it into a laugh as he kicked the frozen corpsesicle and watched the chunks fly.

<Jessica> Jess' nose wrinkled at the chunks, "Lets be far away before those defrost...."

<Bobby> "That reminds me, we never had lunch today." He circled back to give her a wicked grin.

<Jessica> "We can have lunch when we're done shopping..... away from chunks."

<Bobby> Bobby cackled and joined her at what must have been their first target of the day. The older truck reminded him of his own beater. "Sure this thing has gas?"

<Jessica> "The nose never lies," she tapped her nose for emphasis. "You seriously doubting my fuel-fu?"

<Bobby> "I am merely your grasshopper, oh wise one." Bobby unscrewed the fuel cap and started to slide the hated rubber hose inside.

<Jessica> She laughed, "I'll find a spot to keep watch."

<Bobby> Distracted by trying to feel out the difference between water in the air and potential water in the gas tank he just nodded.

<Jessica> Jess stuck herself to the side of a building and closed her eyes to listen for a few moments before opening them again to keep an eye on the skies. Damn flying zombies.

<Bobby> The nice thing about his power was he figured out how to get the gas started without sucking on the hose. Soon enough he had a few gallons of questionable fuel pouring into their jug... which frankly made him have to pee.

<Jessica> At least the weather was nice.... easy to see if something was coming.

<Bobby> Bobby looked up and around for Jess, giving her a wave and pointing to the side of a nearby building. After finishing off the tank of this beater, he screwed the cap back on the jug and headed for the alley.

<Jessica> Jess dropped from the side of the building and flew on the way Bobby had indicated.

<Bobby> Fuck, why didn't he have telepathy for times like this?

<Jessica> Landing on the wall, Jess waited to see what Bobby was flailing about.

<Bobby> "Sorry, babe... false alarm." He jerked his head toward the alley. "Nature calls."

<Jessica> She gave him a grin and held out a hand for the petrol can, "I'll take that."

<Bobby> "Tag out!" He handed off the can and hose and headed off.

<Jessica> She headed back out to the street then remembered she'd seen a pet store. Maybe.... It was worth a look.

<Bobby> The alley's paving had seen better days even before the apocalypse. Bobby walked partway down the alley and looked around. The overgrown weeds didn't instill him with a sense of comfort, but there was nothing upright shuffling around, so he found a wall to water.

<Jessica> No one was looting pet stores it seemed. She sighed and broke the door open as quietly as she could then headed for the aquarium supplies.

<Bobby> That was soooo much better. He closed his eyes for a moment, then paused when he heard a rustle, cutting off mid-stream and looking around. Nothing.

<Jessica> Woo! Jackpot! She pulled several different designs of fish tank syphons from the display then looked around. Hmm.... dried fruit. It was technically critter treats but.... fruit was fruit.

<Bobby> This was definitely less awkward than trying to piss in a gatorade bottle while Jess was asleep. Just when Bobby thought he had emptied his bladder fully for the first time in a month, something moved by his feet.

<Bobby> Pigeons burst from the eaves of the building when Bobby screamed.

<Jessica> Jess probably didn't even need super hearing to hear that. She dropped the petrol can and ran for the door, stuffing her treasures into her bag as she burst onto the street and drawing her sword.

<Bobby> In the alley, Bobby was doing the dance of a man with a zombie hand wrapped around his ankle, attached to a zombie arm but no zombie. "What the FUCK?!"

<Jessica> Jess slid to a stop and stared, lowering her weapon. ".... Do you want me to get that?"

<Bobby> "H-how? It's... I mean... brain? Where?" He looked around as if there was an answer. Now that he was over his initial shock - and had zipped up his pants - he was more fascinated than alarmed and shook his foot. The hand held on.

<Jessica> She shrugged, "No idea. Not the mad scientist one."

<Bobby> Bobby grabbed the wrist and after a good tug brought it up for inspection. "Eeeeew." He held it out to Jess. "Ew!"

<Jessica> "Yes. Now stop playing with it!" She flailed at him.

<Bobby> "Maybe we should keep it as a pet?" Bobby flapped it.

<Jessica> "Nooooooo it's stinky."

<Bobby> He gave it a sniff as the fingers clawed the air. "Yeah, I guess you got a point there. Too bad, fella. We gotta let you go." Bobby winged the arm further down the alley.

<Jessica> Jess sheathed her sword, "I'm gonna go get the gas I abandoned when you screamed like a girl." She thumbed in the direction of the pet store as she turned back that way.

<Bobby> "You would have screamed like a girl too," he said, not feeling particularly ashamed of himself as he followed.
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Re: What if...? Another Zombie Apocalypse!

Post by Svartfreja » Tue May 19, 2020 3:41 am

<Tigra> Hunting was fun. Getting the kill back up into the trees afterward, not so much. Greer dropped the deer onto the platform with a sigh then caught an enthusiastic Thomas before he could tear into it. "At least let daddy skin it first..." she chastised the growling five year old.

<Christopher> "I'd say and cook it... but I know better." He shook his head a little. "I'm glad I brought veggies and found some wild stuff for me and Astrid." Chris rummaged through his bag to grab some veggies for him and his daughter and his stuff he needed to clean the deer. "Can one of you get a fire started in the fire pit so I can cook?"

<Tigra> Greer nodded, "Yeah I'll go do that," She gave him a smile, "Better me than this fuzzy rage ball."

<Christopher> Chris laughed a little. "Apple doesn't fall far from the tree luv." He stuck his tongue out at her and then realized he insulted himself too. "Forget I said that." Chris took out his best knife and started to gut the deer and then skin it. "We should probably think of something to do with the organs and stuff... You want the heart babe?"

<Tigra> "Heck yes all of it except the poopy parts." She tossed him a grin before she let Thomas go so he could watch his father. "Astrid napping?"

<Christopher> Chris laughed a little. "Alright I'll work my biology teacher magic and carve this guy up well for you two." Chris was already pretty skilled at skinning animals especially after how long they'd been in the woods. "Yeah she's in the hammock crib thing, whatever you want to call it."

<Tigra> "Baby hammock," she nodded sagely, "She'll be hungry when she wakes up so I guess I timed that well."

<Christopher> "We're getting better at this whole raising kids during the apocalypse huh?" He shot her a smile and tossed Thomas a choice slice of meat before holding his finger to his lips so it'd be their little secret.

<Tigra> "Well, we've had a while to get used to it by now..." she shrugged, "Got a good routine going." She got a fire going and sat down to keep an eye on it. "Routine is good for everyone."

<Christopher> "Mmmhmm, we should probably try moving again soon though. The bunker will be a lot safer than a tree fort." He sighed and took the skin off to start tanning it. "No eating while I'm gone little man."

<Tigra> "I don't know if it's a good idea to travel in winter with the snow and everything... it'll be hard for the kids."

<Christopher> Chris got his hands cleaned off a little and ran them through his hair. "If we're going to hunker down here we'll have to figure out keeping it warmer. Astrid and I will need more heat. We've done pretty well with deer skins and the fire so far... but i'm worried if we get a hard winter."

<Tigra> "Well, you're welcome to use me as a furry blanket," she offered with a smirk, "Thomas'll happily curl up with his sister.... but I suppose I could run to the nearest town and look for blankets or something.... might be worth getting them some bigger clothes too."

<Christopher> Chris frowned a little. "I don't like the idea of you going into town alone... There's not really any zombies out here in the wilderness, but going into town... There's going to be a lot..." Chris went over to the fire to stand next to Greer.

<Tigra> "I can handle it, you know me." She leaned against him a little, "And I'm faster than you...."

<Christopher> Chris wrapped his arm around her and gave her a squeeze. "I guess, should we make a list of what we need?"

<Tigra> "Sure," she smiled, "Not sure what we'd write it on or with but a list would be helpful."

<Christopher> "You do remember I was a boy scout right?" Chris rested his head on hers gently "I have paper, but really, I think we should keep it simple so you're not searching for too long and carrying too much back."

<Tigra> "I'll prioritise blankets and clothes for the kids. We can manage for pretty much anything else."

<Christopher> "Yeah, some extra tarps would be helpful too for wind proofing." Chris let go of her and went back over to the deer to start cooking it up. "What do you two want me to leave out?"

<Tigra> "Leave out the liver... unless you want some, obviously," she offered him a fangy grin as she fed the fire, her ears turning toward the shelter to listen for Astrid.

<Christopher> "You two can have it. I prefer the legs and rib meat. I'm also going to cure some it so it will keep in case we ever need it." He carefully put the grill over half of the fire pit and went to cut some meat off to cook. "I'll probably make some into soup for Astrid. Make it easier for her to eat."

<Tigra> "Go ahead," she smiled, "Want me to see if I can find something to season our food with when I go into town?"

<Christopher> "I've got salt, but that's about it. If you want to that's fine. I didn't think you or Thomas would want me to cook or add anything to yours." He returned the smile and went to find a pot and some stuff to make soup for Astrid.

<Tigra> "Well, he probably doesn't but only because he's not used to it.... I'd like for him to eat a variety, you know.... for the future.... it'll be easier for him then."

<Christopher> "Yeah, that's probably smart. It won't be fun trying to get him to eat his greens." He laughed a little. "But isn't that most children?"

<Tigra> "So I hear," she laughed with him, "Apparently the key is persistence."

<Christopher> "And you know, not making them taste like ass." He shrugged. "I never had a problem with veggies. But... I was a rich kid with a personal chef."

<Tigra> "Yeah my dad's a chef so...." she gave him a lopsided smile, "It'll be fine. If Astrid eats hers he'll know they're not poisonous."

<Christopher> Chris gave her a playful shove. "Hopefully he doesn't think we'd poison him." He put the pot on the grill and started adding the few ingredients they had.

<Tigra> "You never know!" She laughed, getting to her feet, "Astrid's stirring, I'll go get her up."

<Christopher> "Alright, I'll keep an eye on fuzzball." He stuck his tongue out at Thomas, playfully. "Sis is waking up why don't you go play with her and mom while I get dinner ready for all of us."

<Tigra> Thomas grinned and scampered after his mom, batting at her swishing tail, "Thank you...." Greer called back, her voice dripping with sarcasm.

<Christopher> "What is two kids too much for the great and powerful Tigra to handle?" He blew a raspberry at her.

<Tigra> "These two? Definitely. It's a two person job." She gently lifted the still slightly sleepy little girl from her bed and cuddled her.

<Christopher> Chris laughed a little. "Alright Thomas, come back. I'll show you how to cook your sister's dinner and you can try some too if you want." He beckoned his son over to him.

<Thomas> Thomas stopped chewing on Greer's tail and headed back over to his father, giving the fire a wide berth.

<Christopher> "It's okay bud if you're careful it won't hurt you. You saw mom doing it didn't you? Ya just can't play with it." He gave him a smile and ruffled the hair on top of his head.

<Thomas> Thomas grinned at his dad, putting both hands on his head to flatten his hair down again, "Hot." he agreed.

<Christopher> "Mmhmm, it is pretty hot that's why we use stuff that won't burn us when we cook with it." He handed Thomas a wooden spoon. "Okay bud, I need you to slowly stir that pot so it doesn't boil over."

<Thomas> "Okay!" He took the spoon and stir stirred, "Helping!"

<Christopher> "Good man." He gave Thomas a smile and went back to the steaks he was cooking for them and sprinkled salt on them before giving them a flip. "You're definitely helping."

<Thomas> "I'm a good boy," Thomas determined.

<Tigra> Greer laughed softly, nuzzling Astrid's blonde hair and purring quietly. She was still sleepy and rubbing at her eyes.

<Christopher> "Mmhmm, I'm sure your sister will love the dinner you're making for her." Chris opened a can of green beans and added them to the soup.

<Thomas> "Yep!" Thomas agreed, as though it was a sure thing.

<Christopher> "Careful there, go a little slower. Don't get too excited and spill it everywhere. The pot and the soup inside is hot." Chris gave him a smile and threw a few more pieces of meat on the grill a bit further from the flame so they'd cook slower.

<Tigra> Greer sat down on the other side of Thomas, holding Astrid in her lap and tucking her tail around herself, "You're doing a great job."

<Christopher> Chris put the cooked food into another pot and put it next to the raised fire pit to keep it warm. "Yes you are buddy. How much of this do you want me to cook Greer?"

<Tigra> "Cook what we're not going to eat now so we can store it easier...." She shifted as Astrid sat up properly, finally waking up.

<Christopher> "Yeah." He grabbed more of the meat and put it on the grill. "Hey there cutie pie." He leaned over and gave Astrid's head a kiss.

<Tigra> Astrid giggled and snuggled against Greer. "Woke up just in time for dinner. Smartypants."

<Christopher> "She knows how to be awake for the important things. Like food." He seasoned the food a little more.

<Tigra> "Something she has in common with her parents," Greer gave Chris a grin.

<Christopher> "Meal time, most important times of the day." He smirked a little.

<Tigra> "Mmhmm," she laughed softly, "So how much longer til it's chow time?"

<Christopher> "I mean there's a decent amount to eat right now. Astrid's soup will need a little longer though." He looked into the pot and added a little more salt. "So the meat will be tender."

<Tigra> "You take her, I'll sort Thomas out..." she picked Astrid up and passed her over to Chris.

<Christopher> "Hey there big girl." Chris took her from Greer. "Smells good doesn't it." He carefully took more of the done food off the grill and put it in the pot for Greer to take. "We'll get you sorted out in a few."

<Tigra> Greer pulled Thomas into her lap, "Remember to blow on your food. It's hot." Thomas pulled a face but blew on the piece offered to him by his mother anyway.

<Christopher> "I made sure to at least cook them rare for you little man." He gave his son a smile. "Hopefully when we get to the bunker I'll be able to cook some really good stuff."

<Tigra> "In the mean time, we have all the dead stuff we can eat," Greer snuggled her little boy.

<Christopher> "Careful, keep making me think we're eating unhealthily and I'll break out the kale!" He stuck his tongue out at them.

<Tigra> "Ewwwwwwww!" Thomas and Greer said together.

<Christopher> "Kale for days! Kale soup, kale muffins, kale juice! Mwahahaha." He couldn't help but laugh a little as he worked on finishing up Astrid's soup and cooking the rest of the meat.

<Tigra> "Say it isn't so!" Greer went full melodrama.

<Christopher> "Well then, you better save room for some of the carrots and mushrooms I found." He stuck his tongue out at them and put those on the grill too, planning to add them to the soup once they cooked a little.

<Tigra> "Pfft we take all our vitamins in liver form," Greer poked her tongue out at him.

<Thomas> "Yeah!" Thomas agreed.

<Christopher> Chris shook his head. "You fuzzballs are impossible." He shook his head. "Fine we'll eat all the best tasting stuff won't we Astrid?"

<Astrid> "Mmhmm!" Astrid nodded, "Soup!"

<Christopher> "That's right baby girl, they don't know what they're missing." He carefully cut and added the mushrooms to the soup.

<Astrid> "Soup!" Astrid said again because daddy had clearly forgotten what they were eating already. Silly daddy.

<Christopher> Chris waited for the carrots to soften up over the heat of the fire and then cut them up and put them in the soup as well. "It'll be done in a second and we'll have our soup."

<Thomas> Thomas offered Astrid some of his dinner because she didn't have dinner yet.

<Christopher> Chris helped Astrid with the piece of meat. "Make sure you chew it up good."

<Thomas> "Blow on it!" Thomas reminded his sister, "Is hot." He leaned to show her how to blow on the food.

<Christopher> Chris smiled down at them. "You're a being a good older brother Thomas." He stirred the soup a little.
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Re: What if...? Another Zombie Apocalypse!

Post by Svartfreja » Tue May 19, 2020 3:41 am

<Viper> Viper sat in her nest watching the street through the scope on her rifle. It was quiet in the city today which was good because it was about time supplies were sought. She glanced over to where Miriam was still sleeping and sighed. She hated leaving her alone.

<Viper> She decided to watch the street for a while longer, at least until the girl woke up so she didn't wake up alone. Then she could check she knew the instructions for what to do if there was an emergency. It was a routine by now every time she had to leave.

<Shaw> The motorcycle was running on fumes, and attracting attention from the few zombies still staggering down the streets of Boston. If - if they were still at home, by some miracle of luck, he didn't want to draw a horde to their door.

<Viper> Viper frowned as the sound of an engine cut through the air and swung the scope in the direction of the sound to investigate. It seemed she wasn't the only one interested in the sound however as a still surprisingly spritely zombie burst from a building barrelling for the rider. Largely because she was bored, Viper dispatched the creature.

<Shaw> Sebastian had braced for impact and steadied himself to draw his weapon when the human zombie came roaring toward him. When it dropped, Sebastian wasted no time in cutting the bike into the closest alley. Sniper.

<Viper> More zombies trailed after the person on the bike so she took those out too.... but then Miriam woke up.

<Shaw> He killed the engine and concealed his bike as quickly as he could near a dumpster. Drawing his sword, Sebastian crept toward the entrance of the alley to check the situation, his battered body armor creaking. Two more zombies had fallen to the sniper. He frowned behind the darkened visor and concentrated, checking for minds nearby.

<Viper> Viper put the safety on and set the rifle to one side to give Miriam a hug, "Good morning, Mauschen," she pressed a kiss to the girl's forehead. "Time for breakfast, hmm?" Miriam grinned as Viper picked her up.

<Shaw> Sebastian sucked in a surprised breath as he touched his daughter's sleepy mind. "Miriam..." He leaned against the wall, overcome with relief.

<Viper> Viper set Miriam down at the scavenged table and smoothed her hair down before fetching her breakfast. "I have to go outside today," she said softly, sighing at the pout that followed. "I will bring you back something nice," she promised.

<Shaw> An armless zombie lurched around the corner and forced him from his shock. Snarling, he removed its head. Surely Miriam wasn't alone, but he could not feel Jessica, or Michael, or anyone else. He closed his eyes. Miriam, he tried.

<Viper> Miriam paused in her eating and looked around for the source of the voice. Viper cocked her head on one side, "What's the matter?" Miriam shrugged.

<Shaw> He sighed, giving up for the moment to check his surroundings. More zombies were coming, so he turned back down the alley, resolving to approach his home from another angle.

<Viper> She frowned a little, going to the window again to collect her rifle, but not before another peek outside while Miriam ate.

<Shaw> As he ran, with powers boosted from a melee this morning just enough to enhance his speed, he tried to reach out again. Miriam, love, it's daddy.

<Viper> Miriam paused in eating again to look around, "Daddy...?" That drew Viper's attention away from the street for a moment before she looked back out the window. Hmm... could it be?

<Shaw> He missed a step, tripped, stopped. Yes! It's me. Are you safe? Sebastian had to pause to hamstring a walking corpse and split its skull. Where is your mother?

<Viper> Viper moved to the other window to get a better view of the intersecting street, raising her rifle again. The arrival of the motorbike had drawn the zombies out of hiding so she took advantage and started clearing them. "Daddy's here!" Miriam bounced in her seat excitedly. "Where exactly?" Viper replied, taking out another zombie. "Um..." Miriam frowned.

<Shaw> The report of the gun was hard to pinpoint, with the sound echoing off the buildings. So far, the sniper wasn't targeting him. Small blessings. Sebastian approached the old church building from the addition he'd had added when Miriam was born.

<Viper> She watched the figure go toward the building and sighed, "Miriam, stay here, okay? You know what to do if something bad happens?" "Mmhmm!" Miriam assured her with a nod. "And what is that?" She had to check. "Sit in the circle and press the button!" "Good girl." Viper shouldered her rifle and picked up her bag.

<Viper> With a small sigh, she tossed a rope out of the window, made sure everything was fixed correctly onto it then rapelled down the side of the building at speed.

<Shaw> With the power grid down and his backups long dead, Sebastian couldn't get any of his security codes to work. He might have to do this the messy way.

<Viper> Viper switched to a handgun while she was on the same level as the zombies but mostly ignored them if they ignored her and the mystery figure with potential. It wasn't a long walk to the corner of the building and she paused there to watch him for a moment.

<Shaw> He tried telepathic contact once more, but other than Miriam sensed nothing. Circling to the side of the building, he inspected a second floor window. Breaking a window on the first floor would be counter productive.

<Viper> Viper watched him for a little longer, head cocked on one side then raised her weapon to take down a shuffler that was getting too close for comfort.

<Shaw> Hearing the shot, Sebastian decided the time for dawdling was over and used the last of his power reserves to jump, catching the ledge of the window and pulling himself up. Once he was secure enough to free one hand, he punched through the glass and swung inside.

<Viper> Viper sighed and decided it was worth the risk, going into the building with style via teleportation. "Excuse me, but do you live here?"

<Shaw> The prickle of energy stopped him short as he brushed himself free of broken glass. The voice made him look up. "Sarkissian?" His voice sounded rough but faced with her he straightened up quickly. "As a matter of fact, I do."

<Viper> She couldn't stop the smile at the familiar voice. Holstering her weapon, she dropped her bag onto the floor and moved over to him, pulling him into a hug.

<Shaw> Sebastian was too shocked to react for a moment, then awkwardly found himself returning the gesture. "I never knew you cared," he said.

<Viper> "You're the first living adult I've seen in some time..." she sighed. "Miriam told me you were here..."

<Shaw> He moved back and held her at arm's length. "Jessica?"

<Viper> She looked away, shaking her head a little, "I don't know..."

<Shaw> Sebastian sighed, feeling himself sag.

<Viper> "She... made me take Miriam and leave when they got into the house... we agreed to meet up with her later but we were... delayed." She turned her gaze back to him, "I looked for her where we were supposed to meet and waited as long as I could but.... there was no sign of her.... it wasn't safe to stay... not without endangering Miriam."

<Shaw> Nodding, he swallowed and fumbled with the catch on his helmet, then paused to pull off his gloves first, then his helmet. "Where is Miriam?"

<Viper> "She's safe... waiting for me to come back." She looked around the room, poking some debris with her foot. She hadn't been back into the house since she'd left with Miriam, afraid what she'd find. It sure was a mess... "I told her I'd bring her something nice."

<Shaw> Looking up at her, he smirked. "Nice is in short supply in this world." He dropped his gloves into the helmet and set it down, running both hands through his hair and surveying the damage in the room. Did the whole house look like this?

<Viper> "Well... I have something in mind." She headed for the door and the stairs to Miriam's room.

<Shaw> Sebastian followed, slowly, taking in the remains of his home.

<Viper> There were bodies everywhere, bits of furniture sticking out of some of them, scorch marks on others. Jess had put up one hell of a fight. Viper smiled a little, patting one of the scorch marks on the wall absently as she passed it.

<Shaw> He frowned at that pat. She was still odd. Some things never changed. Sebastian stopped walking when he passed an unbroken mirror.

<Viper> Viper found the door to Miriam's room after she removed some more debris and finally unlocked the door. Miriam's room seemed to be the only place that escaped the damage. A little dusty but otherwise... She sighed and picked up the little blue spider plush from the bed, dusting it off a little bit before she put it in her pocket.

<Shaw> On the road, his appearance didn't matter, but he didn't want to terrify Miriam. Smoothing back his overgrown scraggly hair and finger combing his beard only did so much.

<Viper> She picked up Miriam's favourite blankie too and tucked it under her arm to put it in her bag. First, she was going to check the kitchen but she found a Sebastian blocking her path to the stairs. "You can probably trim some of that in the bathroom...."

<Shaw> "Mmm, yes." He stepped aside for her, then moved past, down the hall toward the master bedroom.

<Viper> "I'll be in the kitchen...." She headed back down the stairs, going into the living room first to pick up her bag and putting the blanket inside.

<Shaw> Sebastian stopped inside the room he'd shared with Jessica. Closing his eyes, he drew a shakey breath and walked past the photos on the dresser without looking, heading for the closet to get a few of his own clothes.

<Viper> Jess' carefully rationed supplies were all still neatly sectioned off in the cupboards, Viper sighed as she started to pack what was still safe to eat into the bag.

<Shaw> He wasn't going to change yet, but with an overnight bag full of clothing he could at least feel more like himself with Miriam. Next he went into the bathroom to scavenge for his razor and Jessica's scissors.

<Viper> Well, that was all the food.... She put her hands on her hips and looked around for inspiration. Well the tea and coffee could go in the bag.

<Shaw> Unfortunately, the only water in the bathroom was a few inches in the back of the toilet. It would have to do.

<Viper> She wandered around, adding the knife sharpener to her bag and a couple of knives too. Never hurt to have more of those.

<Shaw> A few minutes later, and after tucking a few family photos into his bag without looking at them, Sebastian emerged and headed to the kitchen.

<Viper> Viper was seated on the dining table having found her sketching supplies right where she'd left them. She looked up when she heard movement in the doorway and offered Sebastian a smile, "Ready to go?"

<Shaw> "Have you heard anything from Michael?" He frowned at the state of the kitchen, then looked away back to Viper before he could dwell on it.

<Viper> She shook her head, "Nothing... Before the stay at home order was issued I think he was visiting Carol... but we didn't hear anything after that...." She hopped off the table and put her sketching supplies in the bag.

<Shaw> He nodded. "Hope? Tony? Anyone else?" He adjusted the collar of his armor. "And I don't suppose you have any spare water? I would hate to offend you ladies with my stench for any longer than strictly necessary."

<Viper> "Nothing from anyone... but when the phone was working, Jessica was tied up with work calls often..." she picked up her bag and shouldered her rifle, "I have a water catchment system, you're welcome to make use of it," she offered a small smile.

<Shaw> "Thank you." He smiled a little himself, the expression feeling unfamiliar.

<Viper> "Miriam will be pleased to see you," she assured him, reaching into her pocket and taking out the spider plush, "You should be the one to return this to her, I think."

<Shaw> He looked at the toy, too surprised to take it for a moment. Swallowing, he accepted the little spider and closed his eyes and swallowed back tears again.

<Viper> She gave his arm a gentle pat, "Come, I think there's enough charge to get us both into the building if we get close enough." She gestured to the window he'd come in by.

<Shaw> "I'll need to fetch my bike and pack. Later." Sebastian went to the window and picked up his helmet, gloves still tucked inside.

<Viper> She nodded, "Of course. I can watch your back as I did before..." she looked outside for signs of trouble. Seemed quiet... She picked up a bookend and threw it down the street to bounce off a car. The shufflers nearby shuffled off to investigate and Viper took the opportunity to climb out of the window and drop down to the street.

<Shaw> Tugging his gloves back on and replacing his helmet, Sebastian followed, his landing much harder than Sarkissian's.

<Viper> She headed for the building, trusting that Sebastian would follow her. She kept her eyes on the area around them in case of any surprises and stopped close to the wall of the building.

<Shaw> Sebastian had drawn his sword upon landing and skirted the edge of the building not far behind Sarkissian, watching her braided hair swing behind her.

<Viper> When they were near as possible to the landing spot, Viper gestured Sebastian close to her, "It's going to be tight..."

<Shaw> He arched a brow at her and straightened, resheathing his sword to move in close. Looking down at her, he smirked.

<Viper> She sighed and stepped into his space, wrapping an arm around him before activating the teleporter and hoping that everything made it.

<Shaw> Well, that was as unpleasant as he remembered.

<Viper> She stepped back from him, checking herself over. All present and correct. Good. She dropped her bag and headed around the corner to the living space, an excited squeal of "Mommy!" preceeded Miriam's hurried footsteps and Viper gave a heavy sigh before crouching to catch her and pick her up. "Did you eat all your breakfast?"

<Shaw> Sebastian paused in checking to ensure he had all of his bits when he herd Miriam's voice. And what she'd said. His nose wrinkled.

<Viper> Miriam's assurances that breakfast had been consumed seemed believable so she tickled the girl and made her giggle. "Would you like to see your surprise?" "Yay!" Viper leaned to put the rifle down against the wall and shifted Miriam's weight in her arms before turning back the way she'd come to take Miriam to her father.

<Shaw> Hearing Miriam's excited chatter brought a smile to his face and he hastily removed his gloves, reaching for his helmet.

<Viper> "Here we are," Viper turned so Miriam could see her dad.

<Shaw> Miriam gave the man a blank look until he removed his helmet and then she lit up. "Daddy! Mommy, mommy, it's daddy!"

<Shaw> "Yes, little love, it's me," he said, giving Sarkissian a look and holding out his arms for his daughter.

<Viper> Viper gave Miriam a smile for her excitement, "Yes it is." She passed her over to Sebastian who received an apologetic look, "I tried... but she is very young..."

<Shaw> "I know," he sighed, holding Miriam close as she chattered at him.

<Viper> "Come..." she gestured for him to follow her, "See the nice home we made."

<Shaw> Miriam patted his badly shaved cheek. Hoisting her higher on his hip, Sebastian followed, fishing in a pocket for the plush spider.

<Viper> "Are you hungry?" She picked up the bag she'd left behind and the rifle along the way.

<Shaw> "Of course, if you have enough to spare." He found the toy and showed it to Miriam, who squeaked happily and grabbed it with both hands.

<Viper> "Of course," she offered him a smile, "Take a seat," she gestured to their scavanged dining table and chairs. After setting her rifle down near her nest, she opened up the bag to take out the supplies she'd picked up from the house, sparing a moment to inhale the scent of the tea. David's tea.

<Shaw> Sebastian set Miriam down and dropped his own bag by the table. She was still chattering and he looked around while he fumbled with the buckles on his body armor.

<Viper> "Would you like some help with those?" Viper asked, glancing over at him as she shrugged her own coat off to start preparing food.

<Shaw> It took him a moment to answer. "Yes, please." He hadn't had someone to help or cause to take it off for... "I make no promises on what's beneath." Sebastian shrugged one shoulder. "I frankly can't remember the last time I removed it."

<Viper> "Noted..." oh the joy. She put down her things and went to help him unfasten the body armour, "How on earth did you get here?"

<Shaw> He straightened and squared off with her to give her access to the buckles. "As you can see by my... ensemble, it's been a long way from Belarus."

<Viper> "And you came all the way back here.... I'm sorry I couldn't give you better news..." she finished with the clips and loosened up the armour to lift it off him.

<Shaw> He lifted his arms and helped wriggle free. "Let's say I was forced to return to fluency in Russian under tremendous pressure. It took some time to get across Europe, and the escort I hired did not last. His gear, however, has served me well." Sebastian gestured to the breastplate, where he hadn't quite managed to cover the cyrillic Belarus police banner.

<Viper> "Well you made it... I'm glad...." she gave him a smile, "You may not consider me excellent company but, after a year of having no one to talk to but a small child, I think I could be doing a lot worse than you."

<Shaw> "I made it. Far too late it would seem." He inspected his undershirt, which was stuck to his skin with dirt, sweat, blood and who knew what other horrors.

<Viper> "Not too late..." she nodded to Miriam. "Just in time..." she could have forgotten Sebastian too. It was some miracle she hadn't. "Wait here...." she headed for the door across the room.

<Shaw> "Just in time, for her. Yes." He sighed, unstrapped his sword belt and started locating the catches on his chaps. "I brought some of my own clothing, so I can clean up and change, then see what I can do to clean.. these." He motioned at his rank body armor.

<Viper> A little while later, Viper returned with a couple of gallons of water and some company. She headed for their cooking area with the water but her company got very excited and morphed shapes to better climb up Sebastian.

<Shaw> "Sharky!" Now with one leg free and the other trapped by armor and Miriam, his now long-armed dog was scampering up to enthusiastically lick his face.

<Viper> Viper poured water into the largest pot and set it on the camping stove to heat up. "I was surprised to find him myself... apparently Jessica taught Miriam to wear him under her pajamas..."

<Shaw> "Sharky's warm!" Miriam blurted, climbing up herself with her pet's assistance. Now he had an armload of child and silver dog, neither of which seemed to mind his stench.

<Viper> "Mmhmm. Why don't you and Sharky draw a picture for daddy while he has something to eat, hmm?" Viper gave the girl a smile, "He can't eat with you climbing all over him."

<Shaw> Miriam whined, but Sebastian spoke quietly to her and she settled while he untangled Sharky and let him transfer to the girl. "Thank you love." Now he could finish removing his armor and boots and see about getting cleaned up. And food. Actual food. Amazing.

<Viper> She finished heating up the water then poured it into a basin which she carried over to the table. She returned to her bag and took out some soap and a wash cloth which she put next to the basin then went to put Sebastian's food onto a plate. She took the plate over to the table with a fork and set it down, "Shirt."

<Shaw> He arched a brow at her. "Ah, we're multi-tasking are we?" He peeled off his shirt, more than a little disgusted himself. Sebastian couldn't help but laugh when Miriam wrinkled her nose at him. "Daddy's stinky!"

<Viper> Viper laughed too, "Yes he is. Don't worry I'm going to fix it." Armed with soap and the wash cloth, Viper got to work on cleaning the grime from Sebastian's back while he ate.

<Shaw> It was awkward, but he was starving and, well, they were correct in their assessment.

<Viper> She had to apply quite a bit of pressure to get the muck to come off. It was just as well she was helping because there was no way he'd be able to clean all this off his back without assistance.

<Shaw> Sarkissian was trying to rub the skin clear off his back, but he worked his best to ignore it and marvel at the use of a fork after so long.

<Viper> "When was the last time you bathed, incidentally?" There was an impressive difference between the dirt line and where she'd already cleaned.

<Shaw> "I was rained on just yesterday." He turned his head just enough to raise a brow at her, still chewing. "Honestly, I don't recall. I did once since I made it to Canada."

<Viper> "Well, it shows," she replied with an amused smirk. She took his free hand and wiped a clean line across it with the cloth.

<Shaw> He extracted his hand, unnerved by her closeness. As it was, the attention and pressure felt a little too enjoyable. "Indeed."

<Viper> Viper continued her progress on his back, "In the future, we have a rule about washing hands before we eat. You get a reprieve for today."

<Shaw> Miriam piped up, singing the alphabet song and miming washing her hands. Then she reached over and stole a bean from his plate.

<Shaw> His laughter distracted him from his discomfort for a moment.

<Viper> "She's remarkably easy to train," Viper tossed in, "She listens much better to me than Sharky does."

<Shaw> He snorted, taking another bite. "Sharky listens only to himself, and occasionally Jessica." The thought made him look down to study the plate.

<Viper> "Oh, he listens to Miriam now. When he's not following her around he goes to check the water." Finished with his back she moved up to his neck and behind his ears.

<Shaw> Sebastian drew in a surprised breath when she hit a sensitive spot. He needed to eat faster, or shove her off. He had questions to ask about Jessica, but not in front of Miriam.

<Viper> "I suppose you didn't check... but I broke into your lab." She decided to come clean.

<Shaw> "I did not, but I'm not shocked." She'd moved her hand away from the danger zone, so he took another bite. "I would imagine I was... assumed dead."

<Viper> She shook her head and sighed, "No this was... before everything went completely to hell. I needed some peace of mind in case someone attacked the house..."

<Shaw> "And you felt the need to reprogram my security systems, I'm sure." He took another bite, but didn't bother to pause to speak again. "Is Widget still active?"

<Viper> "Actually, I wanted a contingency plan in case the security failed due to zombies coming through the walls. So I built one... it came in handy." She paused at the mention of Widget, "I have no idea where that funny little robot is."

<Shaw> "How did they get in?" He paused to chew, contemplating the fate of his favorite AI creation. When he returned to the house to scavenge he would have to do a more thorough search.

<Viper> She shook her head, "I don't know, we were upstairs sleeping when it happened. I was hardly awake when Jessica threw me into Miriam's room and locked the door."

<Shaw> Sebastian sighed, lost in thought as he ate. That sounded like his wife, alright. He absently patted Sharky with his free hand, watching Miriam draw.

<Viper> "She told me to take Miriam and go... I argued, of course, but she refused to open the door... we agreed to meet up later." She sighed, pausing with her hands resting on his shoulders, "Miriam... was terrified... she ran from me when we arrived in the building I'd selected... I went to comfort her before I really looked around and the floor... it wasn't good."

<Viper> She looked over at Miriam for a moment, "By the time I woke, the sun was up."

<Shaw> Sarkissian seemed uncharacteristically affected by all of this. Interesting. He tried to quash his own reaction. "And so you missed the rendezvous..." Sebastian hesitated for a moment before he raised his hand from Sharky and covered hers on his shouder.

<Viper> "Yes... I looked for signs that Jessica had been and had to leave... but we couldn't linger too long... I didn't want to endanger Miriam..."

<Shaw> "Thank you for that," he said, squeezing her hand. "As she so often said, Jessica is capable of taking care of herself." But, for her to be missing for a year... he shook his head.

<Viper> "If she did make it out.... I'm sure she's armed. When I was packing supplies to store in Miriam's room, I couldn't find her katana so she must have hidden it somewhere else... I packed yours instead."

<Shaw> Sebastian shifted to look up at her. "You have my katana? Perhaps now I can relieve myself of that broadsword I picked up in Helsinki." She was far better with a sword than he, but it had kept him alive.

<Viper> "Why not keep both? Never hurts to have a spare," she offered a smile, "I'll get it for you... when you're clean."

<Shaw> "True, as a backup." Sebastian didn't think he had ever seen Viper smile quite so much. He studied her face.

<Viper> She raised an eyebrow at the extra attention he was suddenly paying her, "Is there something on my face?"

<Shaw> "No," he responded quickly, then lifted the corner of his mouth in a half smile. "Thank you for watching over Miriam. I can tell you have taken excellent care of her."

<Viper> "Well, I was doing it anyway...." she shrugged a shoulder, "It's much easier than it was with Brooklyn...."

<Shaw> That made him chuckle. "I can imagine." He squeezed her hand and let go, turning back to finish his food and escape to clean up. Alone.

<Viper> She finished cleaning all the bits he'd struggle to reach on his own and picked up the basin to tip the very black water out of the window. "I'll heat up some more water... you can manage the rest yourself, I presume?"

<Shaw> "Yes, thank you." He wrinkled his nose at the water he saw flow from the basin. Perhaps he should locate some new armor.
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Re: What if...? Another Zombie Apocalypse!

Post by Svartfreja » Tue May 19, 2020 3:42 am

<Carol> Carol groaned and rolled over to put her face in the pillow. Why was she awake? .... What was that thumping sound? She lifted her head a little to listen. Uuuugh. She sighed and gave Obi a shake, "Hey... wake up... there's a zombie on the roof again...."

<Shinobi> "Hmm?" He didn't want to leave this dream, it had a beach and a pineapple daiquiri. Carol was even wearing a bikini, although her hair was red and that didn't seem right... "Huh!" Obi snorted himself awake, pushing himself up to stare blankly at Carol, then upward. Thump, thump. "Damn apocalypse."

<Carol> "I can get rid of it.... just get me up there." She leaned over the side of the bed and felt around on the floor for her t-shirt then thought better of it. Didn't want zombie guts on her good nerd shirts.

<Shinobi> "Okay," he yawned. "Give me a sec..." Obi sat up, realizing that the dream had been a really good one.

<Carol> She ran a hand through her hair, it was almost long enough to tie back by now. Almost. She eyed the ceiling as the thumping became a heavy thud and a clatter. "I think it fell over...."

<Shinobi> "At least it's a slow one then." He yawned again, climbing out of their cozy bed to stand up and stretch. "It's impressive how they keep doing that."

<Carol> "I know, right? I wonder if something's dropping them on there..." she frowned, "Zombie cannon?"

<Shinobi> Obi's mind went to a different place with that praise and he chortled. "Zombie cannon, huh?"

<Carol> She shrugged, "I don't know. Seems like a good deterrent...." She got to her feet and pulled the curtain back a little to look through the gap in the planks, "Well... I guess it counts as a reasonable hour if the sun is sorta trying to be up...."

<Shinobi> "Eh, we can always take a nap, later." Since she was looking out their excuse for a zombie proof window, he crept up behind her to slide his arms around her waist and place a kiss on her neck.

<Carol> She smiled, leaning into him and turning her head toward him a little, "Planning on sleeping any during that nap?"

<Shinobi> "Eventually." He bent further and leaned in for a kiss, ignoring the scraping and shuffling over his head.

<Carol> She returned the kiss, shifting in his arms to face him and sliding her arms around him, "Gotta deal with the roof zombie first.... kind of a mood kill...."

<Shinobi> "You sure?" He grinned and kissed toward her ear. "Can always see who can make more noise?"

<Carol> She laughed, "That's pretty tempting.... but we really shouldn't leave it up there..." She gave his cheek a soft kiss, "The sooner we get rid of it the sooner we can shower...."

<Shinobi> The idea of a wet Carol did nothing to encourage him to get on the roof. "Aw, but-" Dust filtered down into his hair and nearly into his eyes after a harder thump. "Fuck," he said, blinking it from his lashes.

<Carol> "Come on... it's one little zombie. Won't take long. I'll just throw it into the woods...." she couldn't help herself and gave his butt a pinch, following that with a grin.

<Shinobi> "Fiiiine." He returned the grin and gave her a swat, finally moving back to a more comfortable position to phase.

<Carol> "It'll be worth it," she assured him, taking his hand. "You not putting any clothes on? It's cold, you know..."

<Shinobi> He shrugged. "I'll stay phased." Squeezing her hand, he winked. "Besides, it'll give you a better view once you chuck our guest." Obi phased them both and started the climb up the invisible steps to the other side of the roof, giving them some distance from the flailing roof zombie.

<Carol> "Oh well, thank you for that then." She laughed, "Okay rooster zombie. Time to move on." She let go of Obi's hand once they were on the roof and went to apprehend their intruder.

<Shinobi> Crossing his arms, he inspected the zombie, which luckily was just a garden variety one. It wasn't wearing pants either. "Hey, at least we're not overdressed to meet him!"

<Carol> She laughed, "Apparently...." She grabbed the back of its tattered shirt, "Kinda wishing it was wearing pants.... makes them easier to pick up." Oh well. She flung it out into the trees, shielding her eyes from the sun to see how far she'd managed to get that one, "Huh... not bad considering the lack of pants."

<Shinobi> "If he comes back again it's time to pike him." He carefully moved across the roof and phased enough to take her hands and inspect them for zombie slime.

<Carol> "Homing zombie? Part pigeon? That'd explain how he got on the roof...."

<Shinobi> "Maybe he's a flier with bad aim?" Deciding her hands were clean enough, he brought them to his shoulders and stepped in closer to lean down and kiss her.

<Carol> "If he comes back on the roof I'll shove him off and see how that goes...." she mumbled against his lips before returning the kiss, completely oblivious to the appearance of a ladder on the other side of the roof.

<Joe> Joe had been making breakfast when the roof zombie landed. He'd waited to see if one of the not squishy people would get up and get it but, hearing nothing in the way of a yell of 'I'll get it', had eventually decided to deal with it himself. A decision he was now regretting. "For the love of God! Put some clothes on!"

<Shinobi> Obi pulled back quickly, which didn't help to hide his feelings about the situation. He yelped and covered his crotch.

<Carol> "Fuck!" Carol hid behind Obi, "What are you doing up here?!"

<Joe> "I was going to get the zombie since neither of you were kind enough to tell me you were going to do it!" Joe was resolutely looking the other way now.

<Carol> "You were awake already?"

<Shinobi> With Carol hiding behind him he was definitely giving Joe a view, hand or not. "How about we discuss this inside!"

<Joe> "As long as you have clothes on!" Joe headed back down the ladder at an impressive rate.

<Carol> Carol burst into laughter.

<Shinobi> He turned around and laughed. "Hoooly shit. Okay." He shook his head and offered her his hand to get back inside.

<Carol> She took the offered hand, "Oh God, I don't know who was more embarrassed, you or Joe."

<Shinobi> "Me, because my dick is out," he laughed, sinking them back down into their small room.

<Carol> "He just saw his sister naked and your dick," she pointed out, still laughing. Oh too funny. Once they were in the room, she let go of his hand to put her t-shirt on finally and find some pants.

<Shinobi> "So I guess the shower is gonna have to wait..." He popped out his lower lip and went to find his pants.

<Carol> "Apparently... but we can make up for it." Pants located, she pulled them on, "And this way we can get breakfast out of Joe so it'll be actually edible."

<Shinobi> He pulled his up and located a shirt, giving it a sniff. Clean enough. Now that he was back inside and solid, he was chilly and searched out an overshirt.

<Carol> "I'll go on ahead... try and smooth things over...." which really probably meant she was going to mock mercilessly.

<Shinobi> "Smooth," he snorted, knowing exactly what that meant.

<Joe> Joe was busying himself with adding more things to breakfast now that he knew the others were actually conscious. He suppressed a shudder. At the sound of feet on the hall floor he poured a cup of coffee and put it on the end of the counter.

<Carol> "Sorry about that... thought you'd be asleep...." Carol gave her brother a sheepish grin and picked up the cup of coffee.

<Joe> "I've been up for two hours."

<Carol> "Oh.... sorry. Well, look... at least you know zombie alarm clocks are effective now...."

<Shinobi> Obi ran his hands through his hair and came out into the main room. "Effective, but not very smart."

<Carol> "He had no pants." Carol added helpfully.

<Joe> "Was that a prerequisite for the roof party and no one told me?"

<Shinobi> "Apparently so." He grabbed a cup of coffee and gave it a sniff. Not bad.

<Joe> "Well I think I'm going to impose a moritorium on any more naked zombie hunting... just for my sanity."

<Shinobi> "Don't blame you," he said, holding up the cup in salute. "Frankly we were just trying to make it fast and go back to bed."

<Carol> "I didn't wanna get zombie juice on my favourite nerd shirt..." Carol sat down at the table.

<Shinobi> "I don't really feel the cold so much when I'm phased." He shrugged, sipping his coffee

<Joe> He wrinkled his nose again. "No more nakedness. Only in the bathroom and behind a closed bedroom door. Nowhere else." He pointed between them then frowned in confusion when there was the sound of someone knocking on the door. "Uh... zombies knock now?"

<Shinobi> "Maybe the zombie cannon launched one at the door this time?"

<Carol> "I'll go check it out." She got to her feet, "Stay here..." With a sigh, she headed to the door and opened it a crack to peek out. "What the...?"

<Maria> "Hi, not-Mom!" The door was barged the rest of the way open by a low-flying Maria and Carol was flattened on the hall floor in her surprise.

<Shinobi> "What the fuck!" Obi was on them in a flash, phasing Carol and pulling her away from this looney not-zombie.

<Maria> Maria found her face suddenly on the floor and she blinked in confusion, "Where'd you go?" she looked up, "Oh... hi!" she grinned.

<Carol> "Maria?" Carol stared at her, "Is that you...? You look.... different...."

<Maria> "I had a growth spurt..." she got to her feet then hugged Carol again... or tried anyway. "Huh...?"

<Shinobi> Obi wasn't letting go of Carol any time soon. "You who?"

<Carol> "It's okay, she's a friend," Carol assured him, "You don't have to phase."

<Maria> Maria stepped back so she wasn't standing weirdly inside Carol and Obi, "Oooooh that's you," she gave Obi a grin, then peered over his shoulder, "Hi not-uncle Joe!"

<Shinobi> "Yeah... that's me." Obi moved them just a bit further back from this odd enthusiastic girl and unphased. He slid his arms from around Carol, but kept her hand.

<Joe> Joe waved back awkwardly, "I'll.... find more breakfast." He headed back into the kitchen.

<Carol> "What are you doing here?" Carol asked, "Not that it's not great to see you..."

<Maria> "Oh there was a thing with Stephen and a machine dad told him not to touch but it was making a fun noise.... magic and technology boom." She shrugged, "It's fine, they'll figure out where I am eventually."

<Shinobi> Obi just stared. First at Carol, then at this girl, then back.

<Carol> "She's okay, really. Remember that other reality? The me in that reality.... that's her kid."

<Maria> "I can always find my mom. It's a talent.... even when her powers are wonky like yours, apparently."

<Shinobi> "Oh." He remembered hearing about the other reality, but seeing it was something else. "I suppose I understand complicated family trees..."

<Maria> "Mine is super complicated. It's okay I drew a picture." She pulled up her sleeve and pressed a few buttons on a device attached to her forearm. A blue holographic screen popped up with her family map on it. "Faster than trying to explain it."

<Shinobi> Obi blinked at the display, and then again at the network of names. "Riiiiiight." He turned to look at her, giving her the once over. He supposed he could see the resemblance to some of those names... "I'm a clone. Sort of."

<Maria> "I know." She grinned, pressing another button and pulling up a different display of the people stood in her range. "They tell me all kinds of useful junk."

<Carol> "Come and have some breakfast with us," Carol inclined her head toward the kitchen, "Where'd you get those from anyway?"

<Maria> "Space.... well and dad added stuff because he couldn't help himself."

<Carol> "Yeah, sounds about right."

<Shinobi> Obi was still looking between the two women and then at Joe. He shrugged.

<Maria> "Can I just have some water? I'm not allowed coffee." She plonked herself down at the table.

<Carol> "Trust me, she shouldn't have coffee." Carol picked up her own cup, "Be good to have her help though. One with not busted powers." She raised her mug in toast.

<Shinobi> "I could see how that wouldn't be fantastic." He went back to his own coffee. "What are your powers?"

<Maria> "They're like mom's... but different... I can do stuff she can't do like what my other mom does with her energy but I can't teleport which sucks." She demonstrated by making a small blue cube out of her energy channeling ability. "Mom can make like a pocket dimension. It's super useful I wish I could do that."

<Shinobi> Obi could only nod over his coffee. Did this girl ever pause to breathe?

<Carol> "Well you're officially more useful than me so you have that going for you," Carol gave her a smile then turned it on Joe when she was presented with eggs. "You braved the chickens!"

<Joe> "Hunger is a wonderful thing.... but never again. They're vicious."

<Shinobi> Obi reached over and squeezed Carol's hand, then thanked Joe for his eggs.

<Maria> "I'll do it!" Maria volunteered herself, "We have chickens at home! Mommy-Phy doesn't like them either.... well mostly just the rooster."

<Shinobi> "Well, chicken wrangler is definitely an open position. I'm not crazy about them myself, unless I'm eating them." He took a bite of egg.

<Maria> "Aww they're not so bad... but I guess they're less scary when you're scratch proof," she offered a grin.

<Carol> "Wanna volunteer for roof zombie duty while you're volunteering for stuff?"

<Maria> Maria blinked at her, "Roof...? Zombie...?"

<Shinobi> "Roof zombies," he said with a nod. "It's a thing."

<Carol> Carol sighed, "Welcome to the zombie apocalypse." More coffee. She was really regretting giving up the alcohol.
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Re: What if...? Another Zombie Apocalypse!

Post by Svartfreja » Sun Jun 07, 2020 10:22 pm

<Viper> Viper was not looking forward to inspecting the house but... it was the best place to start. She checked her equipment over again, "Do you have everything?" She looked over at Sebastian, "I can't imagine we'll need too much. It's usually pretty quiet around here.... they all wandered off in search of better food sources...."

<Miriam> "Mommy going shopping again?" Miriam looked up at her, raising her arms to be picked up.

<Viper> Viper sighed and lifted the girl into her arms, "Yes, I'm afraid so, Mauschen. We have an extra mouth to feed now. Would you like me to see if I can find something nice for you?"

<Miriam> Miriam thought about it for a moment, "Hmm.... can I come too?"

<Shaw> "I don't think that would be a good idea, little love." He ignored Miriam's name for Viper, as usual, and leaned in to give her a kiss. "It's much safer here, and we will be back soon."

<Viper> "You know what to do if you get scared," Viper pressed a kiss to her cheek before setting her down again, "We won't be long."

<Miriam> Miriam huffed and pouted a little, "Okay...."

<Shaw> "We will bring you back a surprise, yes?" He smoothed back her hair before pulling on his gloves.

<Miriam> She looked between him and Viper before settling her gaze on Viper, "Promise?"

<Viper> Viper gave her a nod, "Promise." She gave Miriam a smile. "It's time to go now," she nodded to the window.

<Shaw> Sebastian flashed her a genuine smile and patted Sharky. Turning for the window, he leaned out and checked the street below. All seemed calm enough for the time being.

<Viper> Viper went first, using her rope to get to the ground without breaking anything. She looked around once she landed, checking areas that were harder to look into from height.

<Shaw> After a wink at Miriam, Sebastian dropped his visor and didn't bother with the rope, stepping over the sill and jumping down to land with a heavy thud and a surge of energy.

<Viper> "Shall we, then?" She gestured toward the house. "Do you want to teleport inside or look for where the zombies got in?"

<Shaw> "I would like to know, wouldn't you?" He straightened up and drew his katana. After a meal, near bath, good night's sleep and cleaning and repairing his gear, he felt much more like himself.

<Viper> She sighed, "It doesn't make much difference now... but it'd be easier if we knew which directions surprises might come from while we're inside, I suppose."

<Shaw> "Come now, knowledge is never wasted." He gave his blade a flourish and her a mock salute.

<Viper> She smirked at the salute and shook her head, "I never thought I'd see the day."

<Shaw> "Well, there is a zombie apocalypse afoot." He sniffed and walked past her on the way to the house.

<Viper> "You didn't think you'd see this one day?" She raised an eyebrow, "Shame on you. I thought you planned for everything."

<Shaw> "My dear, the dead staying dead was one of the only certainties of life... until last year." He sniffed, catching scent of either rotting garbage or a rotting corpse. He only hoped the corpse was permanently disabled.

<Viper> She raised an eyebrow, "Have you not been paying attention?"

<Shaw> "I said, until last year. I didn't even stutter." He was in a rare good mood, and practiced his golf swing with his blade as they walked.

<Viper> "You shot me in the head many years ago and yet, here I stand. The dead have not been staying dead for some time."

<Shaw> Sebastian waved a hand dismissively. "We're mutants. Exceptions to the rule since birth."

<Viper> "Well it seems not this new zombie rule...." Mutant zombies were a pain in the ass. "Speaking of mutations though... have you considered you may be naturally bite proof?"

<Shaw> "I have, either through mechanical means or via my healing ability, but I don't want to wager on it." He swung the sword again.

<Viper> "Well we could test it," she offered with a smirk, "Perhaps a project for the long boring New England winter."

<Shaw> He gave her a look, waggling his blade. "You will need to find another test subject, Sarkissian."

<Viper> She laughed, "Give it a couple of months and then see how you feel. The zombies don't like the cold."

<Shaw> "And in what way would that matter?" He arched a brow.

<Viper> "Because the winters are long. Cold. and Boring." She paused when they reached the entrance to the garage, "Not all of this damage was caused by things getting in..."

<Shaw> "I could never be that bored." He sobered as they approached the garage. "Have you been here at all? Since that day?"

<Viper> She shook her head, "I didn't know what I would find..."

<Shaw> He could understand that, so he just nodded. Suddenly, his mood wasn't so bright. He drew in a deep breath and approached the damaged door.

<Viper> Viper drew her handgun just in case of any surprises and kept her eyes on the street to watch their backs. She put her hand on Sebastian's shoulder so they could keep track of each other.

<Shaw> Sebastian gave her hand a quick squeeze, then dropped it to step inside the garage. Looking left and right, it seemed clear and he couldn't smell anything beyond dust and motor oil. His eyes adjusted quickly to the darkness and he saw the outline of his Jaguar.

<Viper> "Anything in there?" She asked quietly, blinking to hurry along the adjustment of her own eyes.

<Shaw> "No one stole my Jag." He moved slowly into the garage and frowned. "The Conquest is gone."

<Viper> "Well... I suppose a tank is useful in an apocalypse... the smurf mobile less so." She realised then she'd spent entirely too much time around Jessica.

<Shaw> Sebastian swung around to give her a look.

<Viper> Viper gave him a shrug. "We should probably try to find something to cover that hole..."

<Shaw> "Who would have access to the tank is the question. Certainly not a common theif." Unfortunately, she was right, so Sebastian moved into the side of the garage to search for scrap wood.

<Viper> "That depends on the theif... if the door was already open," she gestured at the mess of hole where the door once was.

<Shaw> "It would also depend on what made the hole." He hefted a chunk of plywood. "The door was broken outward. The Conquest could have done this damage."

<Viper> "Not all of it." She moved over to the side of the door to inspect the direction of metal sheering.

<Shaw> Sebastian shifted another sheet of plywood and located the corrugated steel behind it. Better.

<Viper> "This may have been how they got in..." She poked at the door a little then moved to investigate the path the zombies might have taken.

<Shaw> With the hole mostly blocked, the garage was a dark abyss. It didn't bother him, but he wasn't sure if Viper could see. "Shall we put a little light on the situation now?"

<Viper> Viper flicked a flashlight on, "Hopefully there isn't anything lingering in the house."

<Shaw> "I don't hear anything, unless they are very quiet zombies." He gave her a smirk and clicked on his own light to inspect a few of the finer details.

<Viper> "This time of year they seem to go into a kind of dormant state unless they have any stimulus... later when it gets really cold they turn into little zombie popsicles." She crouched to inspect the trail on the floor more closely in the light. "There's definitely been traffic into the house from here."

<Shaw> "Mmm." He trailed a hand over the hood of his sportscar. It was untouched.

<Viper> "Come on, let's see what awaits us in the rest of the house...." she straightened up.

<Shaw> He sighed, unsheathing his sword again and clipping the light to his armor. Pausing just outside the door to the hall leading to the main house, he tilted his head to listen.

<Viper> Viper kept still and as quiet as she could so she didn't interfere with the listening. She wasn't enjoying relying on him buuuuuut she didn't mind so much that this meant he went first.

<Shaw> After a moment, he shrugged a shoulder and opened the door, snarling to himself when it creaked. He froze, listening again. Nothing.

<Viper> She followed closely, keeping as quiet as possible. It was weird being in the house without the normal sounds of life.

<Shaw> They crept down the hall in line. If Jessica was here, and ... not alive, she would have heard them coming long ago, he reasoned. The thought of finding her made his hands shake as he rested his hand lightly on the door leading into the house.

<Shaw> He listened.

<Viper> Viper had the same concerns about finding Jessica which was why she hadn't ventured into the house before. She tried to think about other things while she waited for Sebastian to open the door.

<Shaw> After exhaling, he opened the door and stepped through, checking left and right. They were near the kitchen, and everything seemed still.

<Viper> She followed, keeping a hand on his back so he knew how close she was and didn't mistake her for something else sneaking up on him. It had to be a good sign the door was closed to the house, surely?

<Shaw> He could smell dust, mold and the remnants of rotten food... and another kind of rot.

<Viper> Viper's nose wrinkled as the smell reached her, didn't need enhanced senses for that. She was glad she didn't have them right now. If only she had a nice hot shower to look forward to afterwards this wouldn't be so bad.

<Shaw> This would be faster if they split up, but Sebastian could admit he didn't want to be alone. They edged down another hall, heading for the living room as they hadn't checked it the last time. Seeing a shape on the floor, he slowed.

<Viper> Viper was watching behind them to make sure they weren't surprised by any lurkers but with her hand on his back she was aware he'd slowed down, she glanced over her shoulder at him wondering what the problem was.

<Shaw> Sebastian reached behind him, tapping her wrist. "Stay," he whispered, moving forward alone to check.

<Viper> She raised an eyebrow at the instruction because she wasn't a dog but remained silent, splitting her attention between the end of the hall and Sebastian's movement. She decided she should probably lower her shielding somewhat if they were going to continue to sneak around. It would make communicating a lot easier.

<Shaw> The body was decomposed, unmoving, but with the filtered light in the room it was impossible to tell from the other side of the sofa to whom it belonged.

<Shaw> Edging around the furniture, he adjusted the light on his vest. Sarkissian's presence sparked in his mind and he glanced back at her, giving a quick nod.

<Shaw> Rounding the sofa, he relaxed minutely when he realized the corpse was male, and the top of its head had been neatly sliced off.

<Viper> Well one down. Who knew how many to go. <It's going to be dark in much of the house.... Jessica kept the curtains drawn to protect Miriam.>

<Shaw> Wonderful. One way to handle that was to open a curtain, which Sebastian did after locating and checking another corpse. This one was female, but not Jessica. It was also missing an arm - the cut was clean and the arm was conveniently, near the window.

<Viper> Viper lifted a hand to shield her eyes from the sudden influx of light, <I think it's safe to assume Jessica had her katana....>

<Shaw> That made him smile a little. That's is the best news of the day. The living room was clear and he moved on to the next room, unfortunately in the darkness again.

<Viper> Viper resumed her position behind him and followed him to the next room. <It's possible that she took the tank....> she was hopeful but there'd still been no sign of Jessica at the park.

<Shaw> My thoughts exactly. If my lab is as untouched as the rest of the house I should be capable of tracking the Conquest. There were worrying dark bloodstains on the wall in this room, but no corpses.

<Viper> <If your lab is untouched there's much more we could do than just track your car.> She'd had a long time to think of things she wanted to build if she had the right equipment.

<Shaw> He waved a hand at her. Of course. They passed through the empty room and he heard movement in the next. He stopped.

<Viper> Viper paused when he stopped again, <Hear something?>

<Shaw> Yes. Sebastian closed his eyes to listen, trusting Sarkissian to guard his back. The rustle repeated itself. Careful, he warned, stepping around the corner and into the room.

<Viper> <Always.> She replied, keeping an eye and her light trained on the dark hallway they'd travelled along. <Can you tell what it is?>

<Shaw> [/i]No. It's coming from another room. Well, more specifically, a closet.[/i] The sound repeated and he realized it was rthymic. Interesting.

<Viper> She raised an eyebrow, <Perhaps Jessica trapped one in there?> She moved into the doorway behind him, <We can investigate and kill it or leave it there...>

<Shaw> I don't smell anything. I don't believe it's a corpse. He frowned, tilting his head as he crept closer, listening.

<Viper> <If it's a rabid raccoon you have only yourself to blame.>

<Shaw> The pattern was faint, but... present. He tapped on the door. The sound stopped, then whatever was behind the door responded.

<Viper> Viper glanced up and down the hallway while Sebastian seemed focused on the closet to make sure nothing snuck up on them.

<Shaw> Fascinating. He repeated the experiment, then opened the door. A jumble of metal fell from the closet and beeped sadly. "You poor thing," he whispered at Widget.

<Viper> Well... That was a surprise. "Has it been in there this whole time?"

<Shaw> Widget's battery was weak, and he was frankly surprised the little robot was still functioning even in this limited capacity. "I don't know." The AI whirred and he crouched to help him sit up. "We'll get you out of here," he promised his creation.

<Viper> How they were going to get him into the building they were hiding in was another matter. "Our visit yesterday must have woken him up, so to speak."

<Shaw> "Indeed." Widget was burbling at him now, his metallic hand flailing and attempting to pat him. Sebastian took his hand after a moment. "You're safe now."

<Viper> Viper moved over to them and decided to help Sebastian maneuvre the robot toward the doorway. "If we can afford to spend a little time here I can make some modifications so we can teleport him inside with us."

<Shaw> He gave her a slight smile, bearing the bulk of the robot's weight as they moved him. "I would appreciate that."

<Viper> "Then we should settle him somewhere safe and check the status of your lab. I doubt we have much to worry about walking corpse wise since yesterday."

<Shaw> Steering Widget to the sofa, he nodded, listening to his soft warbling and sure the bot was telling him quite the tale. "Yes, of course."

<Viper> Viper was missing Jessica's Widget translating abilities. "Widget, we can't understand you..." she reminded the robot softly, "Jessica isn't here."

<Shaw> Widget's whistle was sad and slow and Sebastian tried not to read into it. "We'll talk about it later, yes? Once we take care of you. Just... wait for a few moments while we gather some things from my shop."

<Viper> Viper sighed and gave Widget a gentle pat, "When we have what we need, we can take you to Miriam," she added.

<Shaw> That made Widget perk up and Sebastian smiled. "Yes, now, just a moment." He extricated his hand from the clinging metal fingers and started for his lab.

<Viper> She turned for the lab, fishing for various pieces of tech in her pockets. "I hoped telling him about Miriam would cheer him up a little... seems to have worked."

<Shaw> "Most definitely. He's been alone a long time. Perhaps... he can give us an idea of what happened here."

<Viper> "Only if you can teach him how to speak english... or really any language that isn't random beeps."

<Shaw> "Mmm." Miriam could understand him, but if Widget had witnessed the worst he certainly didn't want that translated by his child. "If we have adequate power for a terminal, I may be able to work out something."

<Viper> "I have some solar chargers. It depends how much power you need." She finished gathering the items she needed from various pockets. "Let's see what we have to work with."

<Shaw> "Excellent." Sebastian bypassed the security, thankful there was just enough juice left in the backup battery to open the door.

<Viper> "I kept the place tidy when I broke in," she assured him, "But there may be some of Miriam's drawings lying around - I was under orders not to let her out of my sight."

<Shaw> Sebastian just made a thoughtful noise at that and started digging through a bin of parts.

<Viper> Viper sat down at his station and picked up some tools to start making her adjustments, "If you wanted.... we could fortify this place and move back here..."

<Shaw> He paused, hand over another bin. "Perhaps." There were advantages, most definitely, but... he cleared his throat. "I'll think about it."

<Viper> Viper had her misgivings about moving back for probably the same reasons but if he wanted to she'd deal with it. "There's no rush."

<Shaw> Nodding, he turned back to his search. If he knew what happened here - what happened to Jessica - the question would be answered for him.

<Viper> She worked as quickly as she could, cold hands permitting, not really wanting to leave Miriam alone for too much longer. "We needn't stay in Boston..." she offered after the silence got to her again.

<Shaw> He paused to look over at her. "We'll see."

<Viper> She sighed, trying to ignore the silence again. Sebastian didn't want to talk and she couldn't blame him. The house was all quiet and wrong. Creepy. She had a feeling she wouldn't be sleeping well tonight.

<Shaw> Finding a bag, he filled it with his findings, including one of his older tablets. "Have you found what you need?"

<Viper> "I'm almost done." Stupid cold. She paused to flex her fingers to get the cirulation going again.

<Shaw> Sebastian found a few more items and then waited, watching Sarkissian's back as she worked. After a moment, his restlessness and the silence got to him. "I will be nearby."

<Viper> Ugh. "Alright... make noise." She really would rather he stayed in the room but if he made noise at least it wouldn't be horribly quiet.

<Shaw> He considered that for a moment. "As you wish," he said, exiting the room and drawing his blade to check a nearby room.

<Viper> After another moment or two she gave a frustrated sigh and stuffed her hands between her thighs to try and warm them up a little more. Winter was definitely making itself known.

<Shaw> After checking the room, he closed a door with a loud click, walking heavily to the next.

<Viper> The initial door bang startled her a little but then she realised what the noise was and relaxed again. Better. Warmer now, she set back to work. Almost finished and then she could get back to the noisemaker that was Miriam.

<Shaw> Sebastian cleared the area, finding himself back in his bedroom to gather some more clothing, another photo, a few other personal items, including his father's old revolver.

<Shaw> Realizing he'd been quiet for a time, he cleared his throat loudly. Good enough.

<Viper> She was finally able to finish up her modifications and collected up her things and some tools for fine work among other useful bits that Sebastian hadn't thought important. Now she just needed a bit of light for some power.

<Shaw> He circled back, passing through another room and finding another dried slashed corpse.

<Viper> She headed back to where they left Widget and propped up the charger she kept in her bag by the window to charge the device she'd modified.

<Shaw> After a moment of thought, he started up the stairs to Jessica's library. His heart rate kicked up as he ascended.

<Viper> Viper followed the sound of his footsteps for a moment before getting up to follow him, quickening her pace to catch up to him.

<Shaw> He heard her coming but didn't stop. If he was to find something horrendous to change his life forever in this cupola, then he would find it alone.

<Viper> Viper let him keep a portion of his lead, slowing down when she reached the stairs into the library. She wasn't sure she wanted to see whatever was up there.

<Shaw> He climbed the steep stairs, forcing himself to keep his eyes open and stay alert, but as the room rose into view... it was empty.

<Shaw> Sebastian sagged in relief.

<Viper> The footsteps had stopped at the top of the stairs so she paused a few steps back, "Sebastian?"

<Shaw> "It's empty." He sighed and continued up the last few stairs to ensure he was right.

<Viper> She wasn't sure whether she was relieved or disappointed. Some sign would be nice but.... "The modified teleporter is charging... it might not survive the trip but we will... and I can repair it..." it would give her something to do and Miriam had plenty of distractions so she wouldn't be asking a million questions while she worked.

<Shaw> After scanning the room, he nodded to himself and looked back at Viper. "Good. Thank you. I will assist, if you wish."

<Viper> "You have enough to do working to get Widget intelligable," she reminded him, "Spend time with your daughter. That's help enough."

<Shaw> Sebastian cleared his throat, nodding again, and turned to face her, waving vaguely that they could go back down the stairs.

<Viper> She nodded in acknowledgement, turning to go back down the stairs, "Time to go back to Miriam?" she glanced back at him.

<Shaw> "Yes. We shouldn't leave her alone for too long, Sharky notwithstanding." He gave her a tight smile.

<Viper> "I don't like to..." she agreed, "It's been tricky trying to get supplies at times... hopefully your presence will mean I can go further afield."

<Shaw> His long legs outpaced her quickly as he led the way back to Widget, who gave a weak chirp. "Yes, we're taking you with us."
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Re: What if...? Another Zombie Apocalypse!

Post by Svartfreja » Sun Jun 07, 2020 10:46 pm

<Carol> Carol was on a mission. Namely: Dinner. Maria had put her foot down at the suggestion of chicken murder so it was time to go hunting and hopefully not molested by random dead dudes with no pants.... although, admittedly, that one roof zombie had been a pantsless one off. Thank God. A pantsless zombie trend would make things so much worse than they already were.... or hilarious. It could go either way.

<Carol> She sighed and toed some leaf litter off of some tracks, frowning at them. Not that fresh. Flying would make this way faster. Stupid powers. Maria seemed pretty sure she could fix them so there was hope... as long as the girl could maintain her attention span for long enough. It was like owning a puppy.... with ADHD. She wondered if Astrid was giving Chris this kind of trouble.

<Monet> Monet hovered near the edge of a still lake, holding up her latest 'acquisitions' from her 'shopping' spree in order to make sure they worked with her skin. The mirrors had all be shattered in the few stores she went into, causing her reflection to look rather unseemly. She turned her head a little to catch the dying sun's glint on the earrings she was currently examining and smiled, dropping them back into her sack. Next was a scarf that made her frown when she held it up.

<Monet> No matter. She flew higher and out over the trees, waiting for a slight opening to drop it. Maybe some birds could use it as something to keep them warm. It sure would not be gracing her neck after what she saw in the water. Ah ha. Monet let the material float out of her hand, drifting down at just the right spot; open enough to let it fall through, but closed enough to make sure it wouldn't get too far off course.

<Carol> A soft sound made her look up.... and get a face full of scarf. She flailed a little. Once she could see again, she peered up at the sky, "Hey! Put your trash in a trashcan! Damn littering zombies...."

<Monet> Monet stopped short, eyes wide at that last remark. "I am not a zombie!" She flew back to where she had dropped the scarf and hovered, hands on her hips, shopping bag dangling from one elbow as she glared down at the speck below. "Danvers?"

<Carol> Carol squinted up at the shape in the sky, "Yeah, who's askin'?" Well so much for hunting. All the game around probably fucked off now.

<Monet> Definitely Danvers. Monet rolled her eyes and lowered to be even with the canopy, "Moi. What are you doing out here? And what in the name of all things holy are you wearing?"

<Carol> Carol looked down at herself. Jeans. Star Wars t-shirt. Boots. Hat because stupid hair. "Clothes?" she offered. "I was hunting. Then a scarf dive-bombed me. So now I'm trying to decide whether I should go back to the cabin or wait til the game comes back."

<Monet> "Scarves cannot 'dive-bomb,' Carol. That is scientifically impossible for one to do on its own. The scarf I dropped was not tied to anything heavier than itself and therefore, merely floated down," Monet resisted the urge to roll her eyes again. "There are plenty of fish in that body of water approximately two and a half meters southwest."

<Carol> "See, that's what I said. But apparently fish is boring now and they won't let me kill a chicken so..." she shrugged, deciding to ignore the stuff about the scarf. "It's fine, I need the break anyway. What are you doing out here? ... Apart from dropping scarves on people?" Okay maybe only a little bit ignoring the scarf.

<Monet> Monet landed softly on the dirt in front of Carol and shrugged, gesturing to the shopping bag, "Coming back from a shopping trip. Just because the literal apocalypse has happened, it does not mean that I have to give up my favorite hobby. You may keep the scarf, if you wish. I didn't like the way it looked on me."

<Carol> Eh might be useful sometime. She stuffed it partially into her back pocket. "You got somewhere safe to stay?"

<Monet> Monet's eyebrow arched slightly, "Is there truly any such place these days?" She shrugged one shoulder slightly, "I travel from penthouse to penthouse until I find one suitably not ransacked. I'm currently in the market, though. Why?" Monet looked Carol up and down, judging her fashion choices once more, "Obviously, wherever you have been hiding does not have a decent wardrobe."

<Carol> "My wardrobe is awesome." She was just jealous because she didn't have a shirt with a wookie on it. "We're hanging out in my family's cabin. It's quiet... sturdy," if you didn't count the surprise roof zombies. But they had a rota for that now. "You're welcome to stay awhile if you want..."

<Monet> "Those are your clothes?" Monet was shocked and didn't bother to hide it. The poor girl must have been so deprived as a child. She definitely did not expect anything that had come from Carol's mouth in those past few moments and blinked at her, surprised at the offer, then almost instantly frowned, suspicious. "Merci. Mais quoi?"

<Carol> "Because another pair of hands is always nice? Because you might like company? Because the apocalypse?" She could go on but that was probably enough.

<Monet> Monet thought about it for a moment, still eyeing Carol in a slightly suspicious manner, before thinking it couldn't hurt to try. "D'accord. How far away is this cabin of yours?"

<Carol> "Not that far," she turned back toward the cabin on the trail, "few minutes walking." She wondered if they'd accept Monet instead of food. Probably not.

<Monet> "Walking?" An elegant eyebrow arched high as she stared at the other woman, "In these shoes? In this mud? I don't think so. Why don't we fly?"

<Carol> "Well you go ahead but whether or not I can depends on whether or not my powers wanna work today." Wasn't likely.

<Monet> "They don't work?" Monet laughed heartily at this, having not expected it. "Darling, to have your powers be on shaky ground during the zombie apocalypse is definitely not something you want. You should probably fix that."

<Carol> "If I knew how I'd get right on that." She rolled her eyes, "They're not completely gone. Just the flight and energy powers are on and off.... Maria insists she can fix it. She's working on it."

<Monet> "She might should work faster, chere." Monet decided that maybe she would follow Carol by just hovering over the ground so as not to ruin her shoes, but to also be somewhat nice. "Who knows what could happen if she doesn't get it fixed? Something terrifying, no doubt."

<Carol> "Couldn't be worse than when we left Boston a year ago. We survived that, I think we can handle anything else." It had been a complete nightmare.... only a little bit fun.

<Monet> Monet waved a hand absently, "Oui, well, I was not there when this all went to hell, so to speak. I was in Italy, enjoying a Mediterranean vacation so I know nothing of your plight." She glanced over at Carol, "Who is this Maria?"

<Carol> "Alternate version of me had a kid, let kid play with tech and magic in the same place. Boom. Surprise reality hop. So now she's here."

<Monet> "Mm. Delightful." Children were far less than delightful to Monet, and she let it show in her voice. "How old is this child, then?" Hopefully not an annoying age.

<Carol> Carol had to think about that one. Reeeeeeally hard. "I wanna say.... nine? But I'm not sure. It gets all confusing because she looks like she's in her twenties. Makes my head hurt."

<Monet> "Mon Dieu." Now Monet's head hurt. "How, exactly, is that possible? And does she act nine or twenty?"

<Carol> "She had a couple of what she calls 'growth spurts'. Something to do with her weird genetics and a bunch of weird shit the other me got involved in when she was pregnant. Their reality is crazy." She shook her head, "I've never met a nine year old so.... don't know what's normal.... but she doesn't seem any more annoying than a college student if that helps?"

<Monet> "Oui, un peu," Monet wrinkled her nose at the description, but accepted it, nonetheless. "Tell me, does she run around and play make believe? Or try to tell you all about something that most normal people already know everything about? Because that is, in essence, a nine year old."

<Carol> Carol shook her head, "No, nothing like that. She's been helping with the roof zombies - we have no idea how they get up there."

<Monet> Monet stopped following for a moment as she tried to process what was just said to her. "Roof... Zombies..." She blinked a few times and then shook her head to try and dispel the image put there by the phrase, "Perhaps they could fly, like how you assumed that I was a zombie."

<Carol> "The ones I threw a couple miles into the woods didn't seem to be able to do that under their own steam.... but who knows. Our working theory is a zombie cannon," she offered Monet a small grin to show she was kidding... mostly.

<Monet> "Well that would be highly effective for someone who had the means to make it and the enemies to use it on, to be sure." Monet let the corner of her mouth twitch up in a slight smirk. "Why did you think I was a zombie, then if it was obvious I was flying of my own volition?"

<Carol> "Because we've seen them do that... just not the ones that have ended up on our roof. Some zombies still seem to have active powers." She paused when they reached the edge of the treeline - they could see the cabin from here.

<Monet> "Hmm. I guess it is a good thing that I've not been able to be infected as of yet. I certainly would not want to run into a zombie version of myself." Monet stopped beside Carol and let herself drift to the ground as she stared blankly at the dwelling in the distance. "It's bigger than I had imagined. A shame it does not appear to be of the caliber I'm used to. But it will do. Merci."

<Carol> "I helped build this sucker - watch your mouth," she replied, but with a good-natured smirk on her face. "We have solar so hot water and lights are a thing." She started walking again.

<Monet> "So, indoor plumbing must be also 'a thing' if you're able to have hot water." Monet sighed happily, "Merci, Dieu. So many places do not have working toilets or showers anymore." The first part of Carol's sentence caught up with her and she started following again, "You did? Why ever would you do that?"

<Carol> "My dad thought it would be a good experience.... I think he mostly intended to build it with my brothers but I'm not really the type to sit on my ass and watch a man do all the work."

<Monet> And Monet continued to be baffled, "Why not? Let them do it. Save yourself the trouble." She frowned, "I truly do not see a problem with letting men do the work while you bask in the sun or go shopping. There is no point to get sweaty if you do not have to, after all."

<Carol> "Really not my style," Carol laughed, "I'd rather be elbow deep in dirt or hitting stuff with a hammer. Hitting things really hard - that's my wheelhouse."

<Monet> "Now, that I can understand. I also like to hit things really hard. The dirt part is the part I'm having trouble comprehending. Why do excess work when it is not needed? And not only that, I do so love to see the look of shock on a man's face when I go from lounging like a kitten to throwing a combine harvester at something."

<Carol> She shrugged, "It was fun... and also it pissed my dad off so.... bonus." They had reached the back door so she opened it up and headed inside. She wasn't two steps over the threshold before someone yelled "Boots!" She stopped and grumbled as she untied her laces, "Yes, Mom!"

<Monet> "Mum? Your mother has a rather deep voice." Monet arched a single eyebrow as Carol doffed her boots, glad again that she had chosen to not walk on the rotted floor of the woods. "Why on earth would you working on the cabin make your father angry?"

<Carol> "Because I wasn't in the kitchen, obviously. But no one wants me to cook." She shook her head, "Fire happens."

<Joe> Joe emerged from the kitchen having cleaned up the afternoon's disaster area, "You're back early..... and you brought a person. You know we can't eat people, right?"

<Carol> "Tell that to the zombies."

<Monet> Monet frowned at the man's remark, "I would certainly like to see you try to eat me. You would fail and I would laugh after I snapped your neck." She turned the frown to Carol, "Merci for the offer, but I would prefer to not put up with this kind of treatment. Especially if this is the one who thinks women only belong in the kitchen."

<Carol> "He's kidding, jeez!" Carol held up her hands in a placating gesture, "This is my brother, Joe."

<Joe> "Hi," he raised a hand in a wave, "You're gonna argue with me if I say you didn't earn coffee so I'm just gonna make some..." it'd save time.

<Carol> "I knew there was a reason I kept you around."

<Joe> "Yeah, yeah..." he rolled his eyes and turned back toward the kitchen, "Your friend want coffee?"

<Monet> "I don't 'kid,' obviously." She turned a skeptical face to the newly introduced male, "Enchante. Monet St. Croix. Please tell me you have something other than what they call 'instant' coffee." Monet turned back to Carol, "Is he always like this?"

<Carol> "We have real coffee. Instant is terrible," Carol assured her, "I think he's just worn out.... speaking of...." it was worryingly quiet. "Where's the puppy and her reluctant minion?"

<Joe> "She went off to look for a cow and Michael is having a lie down because she made him help muck out the chickens. He looked traumatised." He paused, "Don't worry, I told her she can't bring the cow home."

<Carol> "Oh thank god." She had no idea where they'd keep a cow. Free of boots she headed for the kitchen, "Guess now is a good time to be less a chicken...."

<Monet> Monet's shoulder relaxed and she let out a breath she had been holding while she waited for them to say they did not know what real coffee was. "Oh, merci, Dieu. Mais oui, I would love a cup. Merci beaucoup." It had been so long since she was able to find any capable barista. "You have a dog who is off looking for a cow?" This was all terribly disturbing.

<Monet> "What on earth have you people been doing up here? Besides losing your minds, I mean. That part is quite evident."

<Joe> He chuckled quietly and shook his head, "She means Maria... I think a puppy would be easier."

<Carol> Carol glanced up then studied the ceiling, "Huh.... how'd you manage to get it all off there?"

<Joe> "Secret." He turned to lean against the counter while coffee did coffee things, "No more 'projects' in the kitchen.... I'm begging you."

<Monet> Monet's eyes widened as she slowly looked up at the ceiling. "All what?" Her eyes cut to Joe, hoping he would tell her if Carol wouldn't. Projects? Just what were they doing here? Was this going to be like one of those horror movies Jason used to force her to watch?

<Carol> "Mostly water... with some food dye, lemon juice and bi-carb thrown in...." Now was a good time to go do the chicken thing. She headed for the door.

<Joe> "I'm serious! No more!" he yelled after her, deflating a bit when he heard the door bang. Ugh. At least there was coffee. He offered Monet her cup and a seat at the table. "They were bored, apparently."

<Monet> Monet sat gingerly, after checking the seat of the chair to be sure she would not stain her clothing. "Lovely." She gratefully accepted the coffee and breathed in deeply, closing her eyes in bliss. "It's not Italian, but it will do. Merci." She took another whiff before opening her eyes and taking a hearty swallow. More than her usual ladylike sips, but she had missed real coffee. "It is hard to entertain oneself these days, to be sure."

<Joe> "Normally I wouldn't mind but they're not the only ones that are bored... and cleaning the kitchen floor to ceiling is not my idea of a good time." He took a seat himself, warming his hands on the mug. "So how do you know Carol?"

<Monet> "Well, it did keep you from being bored, though, I imagine," she gave him a smirk and took another swallow of the coffee; smaller this time. "Xavier's." He must know about his sister, but she wasn't going to be the one to tell him if he didn't. She reached out tentatively with a psychic finger, just to test for a shield. That would speak volumes if he had one.

<Joe> Joe had no shielding and hardly noticed the psychic prod, "Oh, right. That explains a lot."

<Monet> Monet's eyebrow arched, curious as to why he had no shields at all and as to his statement, "How does that explain anything?"

<Joe> "You don't look like you've been living in a hedge for a year so clearly you can handle yourself." He hoped that came out like the compliment it was supposed to be. He'd been spending too much time with his sister.

<Monet> Her eyes widened, surprised at that comment. "I should hope not," even still, Monet reached up and smoothed her hair with a light touch. "Oui, I can. I also am unable to be infected as far as I am aware. With anything, much less some sort of zombie infection."

<Monet> Monet leaned forward slightly, appraising the man at the table with her, "Are you unable to come up with a better compliment?"

<Joe> "It's been a while since I talked to a woman I didn't want to strangle on a daily basis... you have met my sister?" He took a sip of coffee, "I'm out of practice."

<Monet> "Mmm. I see." Monet locked eyes with him over the rim of her mug as she took her own sip. "I also see that I have some work to do with you. Whether it is that I make you want to strangle me or help you practice your compliments, though, I have not decided. What did you do before all," she waved a hand vaguely in the air, "this?"

<Joe> "Architecture... not really helpful in a zombie apocalypse but afterward I can design a really nice house." He wasn't sure whether to be afraid of Monet's use of the word 'work'. Probably. "If I get a vote in your what to do list I'll vote you're on my side I need some back up."

<Monet> Monet made a dismissive noise, "Of course architecture is helpful! It just may not be in your case since you already had this cabin to come to, but if you hadn't, you might have had to build something from the ground up. Or, if walls need to be fortified to withstand an assault from Carol's zombie cannon, an architect would come in handy then as well." She smirked at him, "Mais oui. Your side is my favorite thus far."

<Joe> "Carol's pretty good about not breaking where she lives. Everything else is fair game, though, I guess." He shook his head. His poor apartment. "For now I'll just make sure the place stays tidy and no one has to rely on Carol's cooking skills. It's safer for everyone if she's not allowed near cooking food."

<Monet> Monet let out a small laugh at that, "Mais oui. I have heard there tends to be fire involved if she cooks." She reached out to put a hand on his in a light gesture, "I pray you do not let her even attempt to cook while I am staying here." She gave him a small smile then took her hand back, wrapping it around her mug once again.

<Joe> "If I have to tie her up, she's not getting near the stove," he promised, lifting his mug to take another sip of coffee but paused half way, "Unless it's broken and she knows how to fix it. Then she's allowed. But no cooking."

<Monet> "I could fix it as well if I absolutely needed to, but I'm not a fan of getting my hands dirty if I don't have to." She glanced in the direction Carol had gone to find a chicken and grimaced, "Like what she is doing. I don't wring fowl necks. They don't make me angry enough."

<Joe> "You haven't met our chickens," he countered with a small grin.

<Monet> Monet's eyebrow arched slowly, "And now I'm thinking that I might not ever want to."

<Joe> He laughed, "I'm told they're not so bad if you're scratch-proof. I don't have that luxury."

<Monet> "Well, while I am scratch-proof, my clothing is not. Therefore, I stand by what I just said." She smoothed the fabric of her shirt down her sides, reassuring herself that her clothing was still in tact. "It is a shame that you are not, but that, I would assume, also has its merits."

<Joe> If he'd been drinking his coffee, that statement probably would have made him inhale it. Fortunately he was saved that embarassment, instead he gave a non-committal shrug. "In a zombie apocalypse I can see the merits of being scratch proof."

<Monet> "Certainement, but I am deprived a bit of some of the baser feelings one can have by being non-scratch-proof, as you so eloquently put it."

<Joe> "I wouldn't worry about it - you're not missing that much. Papercuts suck."

<Monet> The corner of Monet's mouth twitched, "I'm sure they do." She wondered how many shades of red she could make his face turn, so she tried again, "I'm sure that different kinds of cuts might feel a bit more pleasant."

<Joe> Oh look. Coffee. Why didn't they have alcohol in the house?! Damned alcoholic sister. "I wouldn't know about that."

<Monet> Monet feigned shock at that, even going so far as to put her hand to her chest, "You don't? Well, I must say that from what a few other men have told me that I do believe you are missing out as much as I am."

<Joe> "Well, I'll probably never find out so I guess it doesn't really matter..."

<Monet> That caused sincere shock, "Why not?"

<Joe> "Because the world's gone to hell and I'm spending the apocalypse with my sister, her not-boyfriend and my sort-of niece."

<Monet> "And now me," she didn't bother to hide the subtext in her voice. Monet could not stand to think of anyone not being able to indulge during what might possibly be the end of times.

<Joe> He shook his head with a small laugh, "Uh-huh but itf I said that I'd get in trouble."

<Monet> Monet gave him a sly smirk, "Would you, though?"

<Joe> "Better to be safe than sorry," and his coffee was gone. Sad face.

<Monet> She couldn't argue with that logic and drained the rest of her own coffee in bliss. "So long as you're not crude or rude about it, you should be safe from me."

<Monet> She set down her mug and gave him a level look, "I applaud men who stand up for what they want."

<Joe> "I'll bear that in mind," he assured her, "But it's been over a year since I last talked to a woman I wasn't related to so... I'm rusty." He got up from his seat to clean his cup, holding out his hand for hers.

<Monet> Monet passed her mug to him, making sure to brush his fingers with her own, "You do that. Merci, mon cher." She looked him up and down, "I can help you sand off that rust, you know."

<Joe> He couldn't help but laugh a little. He was feeling awkward and this was such a weird situation, "Maybe later."
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Re: What if...? Another Zombie Apocalypse!

Post by Svartfreja » Sun Jun 07, 2020 11:02 pm

<Carol> Chicken was dead so dinner was.... part of the way on the way. Now all the feathers had to go somewhere but she'd be damned if she was doing that outside where it was windy. She really hoped it wasn't one of the ones Maria had decided to name. The door banged closed behind her and she shook off her unlaced boots because her hands were full of bird.

<Monet> Monet turned her head slightly towards the door, "I have been told you are not allowed near the stove. So, who will be handling," she waved her hand vaguely in the direction of the dead chicken, "that."

<Carol> "I'm not allowed to cook it. Everything else is okay," Carol put the chicken down on the counter. "Unless you wanna pull all the feathers out?"

<Monet> Monet shuddered, "Non. Merci Dieu, I have had personal chefs my entire life."

<Joe> Joes sighed, "That's my job now."

<Monet> Monet smirked at Joe, "Oui? Well, I am much obliged to you for that, monsieur. And maybe for other things later on."

<Shinobi> He wasn't sure what that godawful noise had been, but he had a suspicion. Once Obi was awake enough to realize he should make sure it wasn't a zombie in the chicken coop he realized he could hear voices.

<Carol> Was Monet hitting on her brother? Ew. Her nose wrinkled. "Well unless you wanna wear feathers, I suggest you go sit somewhere else for now. It gets messy..."

<Joe> "There's coffee there for you," he gestured to the machine, "I guess I can show you the rest of the house?" he offered Monet.

<Shinobi> Sitting up, he ran his hands through his hair and stretched, identifying the speakers, until he heard... French?"

<Monet> "I would love that, mon cher." She stood and slipped her hand through his arm, using her other hand to help him with crooking his elbow. Monet tilted her head back slowly, letting her eyes glide up his arm to his shoulder, then to his neck, and finally, his face. "Proceed."

<Carol> Carol supressed a shudder. So many terrible mental images. "Go before I throw up."

<Joe> Joe gave a half shrug in Carol's direction, still struggling to keep up with Monet, but led her out of the kitchen to the safety of the living room.

<Shinobi> Making his way to the voices, he stopped to listen. He knew that accent.

<Monet> Monet stepped in through the doorway and froze, "Oh no." She made a disgusted face at the man across the room from her. "Merde."

<Joe> Joe blinked at the reaction and looked between the two of them. "You know each other?"

<Shinobi> He hated it when he was right these days. "It's wonderful to see you too, Monet," he said, straightening his spine and putting on his father's smirk. "Of course we do."

<Monet> Disgusting. Absolutely disgusting. "I hate it when you do that. Wipe your father's look off your face this instant."

<Joe> Joe felt like he often did when he was in the same room as Carol and their father and fought the reflex to duck.

<Shinobi> That made him grin, dialing up his inner Shaw arrogance.

<Monet> "If only you were truly human. Then I could tell you that you were the worst human on the face of the planet. Alas, you don't even rate that." She turned to look up at Joe and gave him a brilliant smile. "My apologies for my rude behaviour. This cretin is the supposed offspring of a dear friend of mine."

<Joe> He was terribly confused by the comments but.... "Uh... yeah, I know who his parents are - Carol's friends with them too... that's how come he's here - they were at my apartment when the crazy stuff happened."

<Shinobi> "Is that the best you've got?" He laughed, crossing his arms and shaking his head as he leaned against the wall.

<Monet> Monet shot Shinobi a glare, "Of course not, but I am a guest here and one of my hosts is in the room. You should well behave yourself also." Her hand reached up to rest on Joe's bicep as she tried to ignore the clone in the corner, "Then where is Sebastian?"

<Joe> He shrugged, "No idea... Carol and Michael were visiting, Jess had to stay home because of work commitments and Miriam and Viper... Think Carol said something about Sebastian being away for work."

<Shinobi> "I'm one of your hosts here too, Monet." That made his grin return for a moment, his eyebrow quirking as he noticed her fawning over Joe. Obi met the other man's eyes and gave him a look. Dude, run. Her next words made him frown. "He was in Europe. Belarus. "

<Monet> "Non. Non, you are most definitely not a host. You are a wretched thing that needs to crawl back from where it came from." She sucked in a breath at the news about Sebastian, looking between the two men, "Does anyone know if he is safe?"

<Monet> Merde. If only she had kept in contact with the Circle before this happened.

<Shinobi> "Nebraska?" He cocked his head.

<Shinobi> "No."

<Joe> He shook his head, "Carol's in the kitchen..." he suggested as an attempt do diffuse what was rapidly devolving into a potential row.

<Monet> "Non. A test tube." Monet straightened her back and looked up at Joe, "I know that Carol is sober, but is there anything stronger here anywhere?" She needed it right now. Not only to deal with the ever annoying presence of Sebastian's false offspring, but also to deal with the fact that no one knew Sebastian's status.

<Joe> He thought about it for a moment, "There might be something in the den... gonna have to search for it though."

<Monet> "I think we may need it. But I would not like to risk her finding out. Is that possible?" She deigned a glance at Shinobi, "I could fly to Belarus to look for him."

<Joe> "Only suggestion I have there is.... don't get drunk drunk and don't breathe on her... I don't think she'll mind that much though."

<Shinobi> Obi had been on his way past them to find Carol, but paused. "Do you really think you would find him?"

<Monet> "I can't get drunk. It is quite literally impossible. But the taste of it has a calming placebo sort of effect if I let it." Monet shrugged one shoulder and met Shinobi's eyes, "I'm not sure. But I could try."

<Joe> "Then you have one less thing to worry about," He wasn't sure he should drink at all.

<Shinobi> "If you want to, you have a better chance of finding him than most." He sighed. "I don't know what happened to Jess and Miriam either." Obi cleared his throat. "It... would be good to know." With that, he gave Joe a warning look and turned to go.

<Joe> He raised both eyebrows at Michael, wondering what the hell that look was for before gesturing Monet in the direction of the den.

<Shinobi> Obi couldn't get away fast enough, phasing to the kitchen to save time. "What happened while I was asleep? Shit."

<Carol> Carol looked up from her table-chicken, surrounded by feathers, "The apocalypse got worse."

<Shinobi> "No fucking joke." He pulled out a chair, pulling a face at the feathers. "Where did you find her? More importantly, why did you bring her back here?"

<Carol> "In the woods... and she was alone and I guess I was in a weak moment and felt sorry for her. Believe me, I'm regretting it now."

<Shinobi> "Somebody probably left her there on purpose," he hissed, laughing a little as he batted away a stray feather.

<Carol> "She dropped a scarf on my head. I thought she was a zombie..." she shrugged her shoulder, "There's coffee if you want it - I figured I should wait til after I'm done with the chicken...."

<Shinobi> "Yeah..." He took a closer look at the chicken. "Hey, is that Charlie?"

<Carol> "...." She looked between him and the chicken, "I hope not...?"

<Shinobi> Obi winced. "Whoops."

<Carol> "Damn it, I tried so hard to pick one without a name...." She sighed, sending a cloud of feathers across the table.

<Shinobi> "I think she gave them all names, actually." He stood and kissed Carol on top of her head, moving to grab an old plastic bag and stuff feathers in it. "We'll blame it on Monet."

<Carol> "Much as I would love to watch Maria pound Monet into the ground, I'm not sure that's a good idea..." she pouted. No chickens were safe. "I really did mean to go get something that wasn't a chicken...."

<Shinobi> "Oh well." He gave her a sad smile, sliding his own lower lip out in solidarity. "Damn apocalypse."

<Carol> "If I wasn't covered in chicken feathers I'd ask for a hug...." She decided to take it out on the remaining chicken feathers.

<Shinobi> He caught feathers to clean up the mess, planning to dispose of the evidence before Maria wandered back home. "I'll take my chances, once we get the worst of it picked up."

<Carol> "I was gonna clear it up.... but then I thought I might leave it for Joe to keep him away from Monet.... you know.... for his own good."

<Shinobi> "Yeah." He moved closer, glancing back at the door. "Did you warn him? She was... doing her thing, all over him." Obi wrinkled his nose in disgust.

<Carol> "How could I? She's been in the same room the whole damn time." She mirrorred the nose wrinkle.

<Shinobi> "Shit. I tried, but I don't think he got the message. Telepathy would be handy about now." His mouth twisted as he shoved feathers into the bag. "She called me a thing."

<Carol> "She did what?" Oh that bitch. Carol got out of her chair and started for the door.

<Shinobi> "No," he said, lunging for her arm. He pulled her into a hug, feathers and all. "She's just trying to get to me. It's... frustrating, but it's not important. Not anymore."

<Carol> She sighed heavily but returned the hug, "If she says something like that in front of me I won't be held responsible..." she mumbled into his shoulder.

<Shinobi> "She's hard to kill, unfortunately." He rested his head against hers and closed his eyes. It was true that the insults no longer held the sting they once had, but it wasn't pleasant.

<Carol> "Like I give a damn. It'll be satisfying just to smack the smirk off her face." Though, without her full powers, she was at a distinct disadvantage. Not that she'd admit it.

<Shinobi> "True," he said with a huff of dry laughter. "She's always hated me. When I... when SHIELD first released me, she took me to the Hellfire Club and tried to get me to snap, to revert to Marauder training."

<Carol> "Why?" That made no sense, "What the hell did you do to deserve that?"

<Shinobi> He shrugged and sighed, giving her a squeeze. "Exist."

<Carol> "That's a stupid reason. It's not like you decided to just pop into existence."

<Shinobi> "Nope, but she believes she's the queen of all she sees and we're all beneath her. Me especially."

<Carol> "She badmouthed my vacation wardrobe too. We've gotta try and get Joe on his own to warn him... I mean... he's not dumb but..." Her nose wrinkled again.

<Shinobi> "Yeah, she likes to... play with her dinner." Obi turned his head to kiss her cheek and then her wrinkled nose. "When she found out my father went missing in Belarus she brought up going to find him. Maybe we'll get lucky."

<Carol> "That would give us some time to save Joe for sure... unless she waits til after.... Okay we need to stop talking about this."

<Shinobi> He laughed a little and kissed her. "Agreed. We'll just have to see what happens." He kissed her again. "I appreciate your outrage on my behalf, but I'm used to her."

<Carol> "You don't have to be used to it. We can totally kick her out," Carol promised, "Just say the word."

<Shinobi> "We'll see how things go." He let her go and starting picking feathers from them both, giggling.

<Carol> She looked down at the feathers, "At least it's not glitter?"

<Shinobi> "It looks like we ate Charlie raw," he said, shaking his head and locating a feather in her hair.

<Carol> "We've gotta get rid of the evidence before Maria comes home.... and tell her its some other kind of bird... and hope she doesn't notice."

<Shinobi> "Really fat pigeon?" Obi started chasing feathers on the floor, stuffing everything in the bag.

<Carol> "Works for me," she laughed, "I mean... they don't really taste the same but I guess we can cook it in a stew or something... might disguise it. I'll tell Joe to disguise it."

<Shinobi> "Everything tastes like chicken, right?" He smirked, eyeballing the dead bird.

<Carol> "Exactly." She went to finish pulling feathers out, "We should bury those... or burn them... or both?"

<Shinobi> After a couple of false starts, Obi managed to assist. "I'll get rid of them. Phase them into a tree or something."

<Carol> "Oooh good idea!" She grinned, "You're awesome at hiding evidence. Have you done this before?"

<Shinobi> Obi just looked up at her and blinked once, slowly.

<Carol> She laughed and threw a handful of feathers at him.

<Shinobi> "Not helpful!" He went after the feathers to keep them from plastering the kitchen.

<Carol> "Fun though! Dance, monkey, dance!" She threw more feathers.

<Monet> Monet stepped into the kitchen, froze, and then walked back out. "I don't want to know."

<Shinobi> Obi froze, then burst out laughing.

<Carol> Carol laughed hard too, "Come and play with us!" she called after Monet, "We're fun!"

<Monet> "That is not what I would call that," she called from the other room as she kept walking. "I would call that foreplay. Just make sure to use the whole chicken."

<Shinobi> If anything, that made him laugh harder. "Well, now I know exactly where to put the feathers."

<Carol> Carol grinned and got another bag to help him collect them.
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Re: What if...? Another Zombie Apocalypse!

Post by Svartfreja » Sun Jun 07, 2020 11:22 pm

<Jessica> Stupid cars. Why were they so heavy? She shoved another one out of the way. If it was just one or two they could push them out of the way with the tank... but over a block of jammed cars was too many cars. "This... is going to take a while." She tipped the car onto its side when the tires met the resistance of the curb.

<Bobby> "Yeah... if I do it, it'll be messy." Bobby's nose wrinkled at the cars. "And we'd lose out on anything worth liberating." He jumped onto the trunk of an old sedan and looked ahead. "I could start at that end, check a few out and then flip 'em out of the way. Meet in the middle? That way we won't risk smooshing each other?"

<Jessica> "Go for it..." she sighed, "I'd kill for a cup of tea right now."

<Rogue> Rogue finished scraping the broken glass from the window of one of the small cars that had caused the pile-up and leaned in far enough to reach through to the backseat, causing her to have to lift her legs, suspended only on her hips on the window frame. She huffed and grumbled under her breath, "stupid two door cars. Smash in a door an' ya cain't get inta tha backseat."

<Bobby> "Bleh. Well, if I find some, I'll save it for ya. Personally, I'll be hunting for the Dew." He considered this, cocking his head as he looked down at her with a grin. "And Twinkies."

<Jessica> She groaned, "Doooon't! I miss those tasty cakes so much!" She shooed him, "Go before you make me remember something else I miss!"

<Rogue> Almost... Got.... There! She finally gripped the zipper of the suitcase she had been eyeballing. Hopefully whoever had left this behind was her size because her pants were ripped all to hell from her last encounter and she couldn't risk running into actual people like this. Rogue tugged the zipper gently, hoping her fingers wouldn't lose their grip as her legs kicked slowly outside the window because apparently that helped her concentrate.

<Bobby> "C'mon, you know you'll miss this sweet ass when I find some new pants." He wriggled it for her and gave himself a slap, luckily missing the hole where his back pocket had been just yesterday.

<Bobby> While jumping from car to car sounded fun, with his luck it'd end with him sliding off one and wedging his ass into a sunroof with a biter, so no. He created an ice bridge, headed for the end of the traffic jam. Hopefully.

<Jessica> She laughed, "I would if you weren't sat on it most of the day!" she called after him.

<Rogue> Rogue finally worked the zipper to the end of the suitcase and tried to open it, but it seemed to be partially zipped from the other side. She growled and gave a tug, ripping the zipper from the fabric. "Ha! Mine!" She lifted her torso with her powers just enough to be able to use both hands and not fall all the way into the car. "Nope," she tossed the shirt out the window behind her. "Not that," boxers gone. "Oooh, looks like their plans got derailed," lingerie floated away. "PANTS!" Not her size... "Damnit!" She threw those angrily out the open sunroof.

<Bobby> Bobby caught movement from the corner of his eye and halted his ice building. Whaaaat the fuuuuck? Someone was tossing clothes into the air from one of the cars. He thought he saw flailing legs, too. Oh, he had to know...

<Rogue> Skirt. Nope, tossed out the driver's window. Pants? Not her size again. How many sizes did these people wear? "Shitfuckdamnittohell!" Out the passenger window with them.

<Bobby> He heard muffled yelling now, and shit was still flying. It wasn't a zombie attack, which was his initial thought, but it might be a nutcase. Bobby craned his neck to check out the pants that flew by. Hey, those might fit.

<Rogue> Oh! Another suitcase! If she could just stretch a little...bit... further... "Ahh!" She tumbled into the car, having lost concentration on everything but the suitcase and was now upside down in the passenger seat, all her weight on her neck, one leg still out the window and the other wrapped over the headrest. "Well, shit."

<Bobby> Bobby had crouched on his icy perch, watching the show. He cleared his throat and prepared to frost over if need be. "You okay in there?"

<Rogue> Rogue stopped squirming, frozen at the seemingly disembodied voice. "Friend'r foe?!"

<Bobby> "Depends." He took in the accent. "But at least I'm talking, so you don't have to worry about a bite."

<Rogue> "Ah wouldn't hafta worry 'bout a bite anyway." She felt her heart skip a beat at the sound of the voice. It couldn't be. Could it? She flailed the leg still out of the window, trying to right herself to see.

<Bobby> "Yeah? That right?" He cocked his head to watch the flailing and tried not to laugh. "...do you need help?"

<Rogue> Oh, screw this. Rogue finally pulled her leg in enough to kick out the roof and flew up to right herself. She let out a deep breath at not being trapped in an awkward position anymore, but kept her back to the voice. She was scared it wouldn't be him. "Nah, Ah'm good."

<Rogue> ...Still no new pants, though. Damn.

<Bobby> "Fu-" He bit off his shock, concentrating on keeping himself on the ice. She was... noooo. But her hair was wild and blew a little in the wind and he swore he saw white. "A-Anna?"

<Rogue> It was! "Bobby?!" She whirled around and froze the second she saw him. "Bobby," Rogue was barely able to get his name out as a whisper as she just stared. He was alive. And beyond looking a little frazzled, seemed okay. She felt like she couldn't breathe, afraid that he would disappear the second she did.

<Bobby> "Holy shit," he whispered. It really was her. Bobby blinked, once, twice, then he laughed, sounding a little hysterical. "Holy shit!"

<Rogue> He was real. He wouldn't disappear. She felt a sob collide with a laugh as it bubbled out of her and she dove at him, "Bugsy!"

<Bobby> "Dollface!" He caught her, just barely, sliding back a little on his own ice and hugging her hard.

<Rogue> Rogue didn't want to let go, tears streaming from her eyes and laughter overflowing from her mouth. She hadn't been this happy in months. She had so many things she wanted to say, but none of them seemed able to fully grasp the sheer joy she was feeling at this moment, and ended up settling inanely for, "Ah'm so glad Ah needed pants."

<Bobby> Pants? It took a moment for that to sink in. "That was what you were doing?" He laughed, pulling back just enough to see her teary face and moved to brush them away. "...I was gonna look for some too," he said with a bemused smile.

<Rogue> Rogue let loose another torrent of laughter and reached up to hold both sides of his face, "Ah've missed you so much, sugah."

<Bobby> "God, I've missed you too, babe." He brushed back her hair and pulled her back in for another squeeze. What were the chances? "We gotta be the luckiest bastards in the apocalypse right now."

<Rogue> Rogue giggled, "And that's sayin' somethin' since everyone who's alive is lucky these days." She gave him a tight squeeze and took a deep, cleansing breath before pulling back. "Y'all need pants, too? Ah may've tossed some that'd fit... Over," she looked around with a frown then her face cleared, "there!" Rogue flew to them and held them up proudly.

<Bobby> "Thanks, babe," he laughed, taking them and holding them up to himself to check. Close enough. "What'd I ever do without you?"

<Rogue> Rogue grinned and let her eyes go skyward as she shrugged, "Go places naked?" Her expression suddenly changed as she realized she was still wearing super holey pants and she dove back at the car to look in the second suitcase.

<Bobby> Once he realized what she was doing, he laughed, looking back over to where Jess was still searching through and pushing over cars in the distance. Dissolving his ice bridge, he dropped to the ground beside the car and took a closer look at his new pants. "Are you staying around here? Traveling alone?"

<Rogue> "Um, yeah. Ah'd been stayin' with Sam's family, but tha farm got attacked 'bout a week back... So, um... Yeah. Ah'm alone." She swallowed the lump in her throat and pulled the unmolested suitcase through the roof, dropping it at his feet so she could sit on the ground to dig and talk to him at the same time. "What 'bout you? Where're Paige and Ripley?"

<Bobby> Bobby started to express his sympathies, but stopped. His throat closed and he wasn't able to answer her, just shaking his head and twisting the denim in his hands.

<Rogue> Rogue froze, her eyes instantly welling up at the look on his face. She stood up slowly and pulled him into another hug. "Ah'm so sorry, Bobby." So much death these days. Senseless death. Pointless death. The one good thing was that she had Bobby back now. "Ah wish Ah knew what t' say."

<Bobby> He just nodded and after a moment wrapped her up in his arms. Closing his eyes to stop the tears from coming, he swallowed and focused on breathing.

<Rogue> She held him for a long time, wishing she could absorb his pain. Wait, that was a thought, "Bobby... Do ya want me t' take it? Ya wouldn't be alone with it, then."

<Bobby> Raising his head, he gave her a confused look. Oh. "Nah, babe," he said with a smile, raising his hand and frosting a fingertip to boop her nose. "Thank you, but... I'm... fine." The smile turned crooked. "As always, yeah?"

<Rogue> Fine. Of course he was. She gave him her own crooked smile, "As always." She put her hand to his cheek and raised up on tiptoe to kiss the back of it. "If ya change y'r mind, though, just let me know." Rogue brushed his cheek with her thumb then leaned back down to work at the suitcase again, trying to think of something to say to get their minds somewhere, anywhere, else. "How 'bout them Chiefs?"

<Bobby> "Ha! Well, probably dead, unfortunately, which is too bad since they were doing so well." Bobby was grateful she understood. "Jess is with me," he said, listening for her in the distance. "Or, I'm with her. I dunno. We found each other, in Boston."

<Rogue> Rogue looked up at him through her lashes and gave him a big grin, glad she had gotten him to laugh. Now to the suitcase. She didn't even care about it anymore and just ripped the top off, rifling through the clothes, hoping and praying for pants that wouldn't fall off of her. "Oh? Well that's good. Ah'm glad y'all've found each other. Where..." Pants? No, but cute shorts. She shrugged and kept digging, "Where y'all stayin'?"

<Bobby> "Shaw bought them this... tank thing. It's an armored SUV. Back when Miriam was born. Sooo, we're in that." He cleared his throat, shifting from foot to foot. "She's... alone too."

<Rogue> Rogue frowned up at him, "Where're Shaw an' tha kid? An' didn't he have some kinda clone kid, too?" She finally dumped the contents onto the asphalt and found some leggings. Not ideal, but workable for now, at least until she could find something sturdier. "So, y're sleepin' in a tank?"

<Bobby> "Shaw was in Europe somewhere when shit went bad. Viper was with Jess and Miriam." His lip curled a little at that. "But they all got separated. She doesn't know what happened to them. No clue about the clone."

<Bobby> "Yeah, it's... effective."

<Rogue> "Oh wow. That must be hard. Not knowin'." She shook out the leggings and stood up. "Room 'nough f'r one more," Rogue asked hopefully, giving him her best emerald green puppy eyes.

<Bobby> "I'm sure there is," he said, moving in and booping her nose once more. "Let's go see Jess and we still need to clear this mess."

<Rogue> "Ah'm sure Ah c'n help with that." She grinned and hip bumped him as she walked past, "Let's go then."

<Bobby> "Ah'm sure ya can," he laughed, catching up.

<Rogue> Rogue gave him a playful eye over her shoulder as he came up behind her. "Y'all've lost y'r touch on mockin' me," she linked her arm through his and leaned her head on his shoulder. "Y'll have plenty o' practice if this whole debacle lasts much longer."

<Bobby> "Pfft, I can't see it ending any time soon, babe." Bobby gave her arm a wriggle and spotted an SUV tipping precariously up ahead.

<Rogue> Rogue let go and lifted up to get a better look. Well, that might go over the bridge soon. She flew over and picked it up, looking around for a good place to put it where it was out of the way, but could still be salvagable.

<Jessica> Jess was still flipping cars but she was running out of steam. Too many cars. She needed a rest. Also it was noisy. She pushed a hand through her hair, turning back to the tank to see how far she'd gotten then letting out a shriek of surprise at the sight of incoming zombies.

<Bobby> Watching Rogue, Bobby jumped at the scream. "Jess!" He formed an ice pillar to get a look through the sea of vehicles.

<Rogue> Rogue's eyes went wide at the shriek and Bobby's yell, whirling around to face where the noise came from. Shit. She jostled the SUV just a bit and then flew fast towards what could only be called a horde. With a grunt, she propelled the SUV into the first few of them. So much for it being salvagable. At least she found a good place to put it.

<Jessica> And her without her Katana. She had enough reserves to venom blast them and knock them back a little before she bolted between the cars in an attempt to lose them before she took to the air. Not that she had much energy for that either.

<Bobby> He followed Rogue, sliding along his ice and spotting Jess and a sizable group of zombies between her and the tank. "Jess, I found backup!"

<Jessica> "You did?" She lifted into the air to feel a little safer and tried to catch her breath. She was so tired. "Can they drive?"

<Rogue> "Ah surely can. Damn well, too." She flew over to Jess and gave a little wave.

<Bobby> "I'm sure she can." He zoomed to her and reached out, giving her something to stand on by extending his ice ramp. "I think you ladies know each other," he laughed.

<Jessica> Jess stared a little for a moment then dove for Rogue and hugged her around the waist.

<Rogue> Rogue yelped and threw her hands in the air until she was sure she didn't have any holes in her sleeves, then hugged Jess back, "Hey, sugah. How ya been?"

<Bobby> A tall zombie got ambitious and tried to reach up to them. Bobby flash froze it.

<Jessica> "Been better... but okay," she gave Rogue a squeeze, "How about you?"

<Rogue> Rogue squeezed back, petting Jess's hair. "Same. Heard 'bout y'all gettin' separated from y' family. Ah'm sorry 'bout that." She pulled back, holding Jess by the shoulders, "Let's kick some butt then find a liquor store t' raid, yeah?"

<Jessica> "And pretend I can get drunk. I like this plan.... someone wanna go get my sword from the tank so I can hack some zombies into tiny pieces?"

<Rogue> "Pretendin' is sometimes better than tha real thing." She grinned and looked at Bobby, "You in, Bugsy?"

<Rogue> Rogue spun and kicked the head off of a zombie getting too close.

<Bobby> "Sounds like a plan!" He froze another handsy one and gave the women a grin.

<Jessica> ".... does this make me designated driver?" She pouted, "I want a naaaaaap!"

<Rogue> "So then," she threw the zombie's body out of the way and dive-bombed for another, "nap first."

<Jessica> "I will do that," she looked over at the tank and sighed. So far away. She started for it to get her katana so she could help thin the zombie numbers.
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Re: What if...? Another Zombie Apocalypse!

Post by Svartfreja » Sun Jun 07, 2020 11:36 pm

<Monet> "Just make sure to use the whole chicken," Monet was calling over her shoulder as she came back into the room with Joe. She gave a slight shudder and shook her head. "Don't ask."

<Joe> He blinked at her, both eyebrows raised, "I'm afraid to ask..." He looked at her hands, "Forget something?"

<Monet> Monet frowned, "Do not make me go back in there."

<Joe> He laughed, shaking his head as he settled back on the sofa, "Then I guess we're drinking out of the bottle because if I go in there there's going to be discussion about dinner."

<Monet> She came over and settled herself down next to him. "I'm alright with it, if you are. Should we go somewhere further away from Carol?"

<Joe> "No such thing," he replied, "This is as safe as it gets - she doesn't like it in here." He opened the bottle and offered it to her, "After you."

<Monet> Monet nodded her thanks and took a small swill from the bottle, testing the body of the scotch. "Not bad," she said after swallowing and passing the bottle back. "Why doesn't she like it in here?"

<Joe> "It was dad's domain... only time she ever voluntarily came in here was right after the Brood thing when she was looking for hidden scotch we hadn't thrown out." He took a pull from the bottle and frowned.

<Monet> "I take it that they did not get along? How sad. I dearly loved my father. My brother on the other hand," her frown matched his and she took the bottle for a longer pull.

<Joe> "She inherited stubbornness and anger management problems from dad and he had a lot of ideas about how she should live her life. They fought... a lot. Steven used to get involved too but mostly as a distraction. Mom and I stayed out of it... but you could tell it made her mad that they were fighting." He missed his parents... well mostly their mom.

<Monet> She took another drink and passed it back to Joe. "I am sorry to hear that. It seems like our households were similar and yet very much the opposite. Two girls, one boy. The one boy did not get along with the father, the youngest girl stayed out of everything. I got involved to be a distraction to keep her safe."

<Joe> "Steven and Carol were always really close..." he shrugged a shoulder, "Steven was dad's favourite so him getting involved was more of a way to protect Carol than me. I hung out with Mom a lot - which is why I do all the cooking now, I guess," he offered a slightly crooked smile before taking another drink. "Carol hated that he tried to protect her."

<Monet> "Isn't that what siblings are for? To protect each other?" She gave him a sly grin, "What else can you do besides cook?"

<Joe> "Around the house? Pretty much anything..." he frowned a little at her previous comment, "I don't think Carol's the type to like being protected by anyone. She'd rather be the protector. I'm okay with letting her do that if it makes her feel in control." He shrugged, "I don't think I inherited all the crazy Danvers genes."

<Monet> Monet took in what he said with a thoughtful look on her face, "And how would you feel about someone else being in control?"

<Joe> "In control of what? Carol? Good luck with that."

<Monet> "In control of you." She grinned. He was positively adorable.

<Joe> "Oh... well I guess I'm used to that," he admitted with a small laugh, "Someone's always telling me what to do."

<Monet> "Well, yes. But are you used to someone new telling you what to do?" Monet and Carol weren't much different in that aspect. They both had the need to be in control; which could make staying here quite interesting.

<Joe> He gave a helpless shrug, "I don't know... I was just getting used to living on my own when all this crap started."

<Monet> Monet frowned at him and laid a hand on his arm, "That must be rough, cher. Being jerked away from a new life so suddenly. Possibly more rough than for those of us that had an established life already."

<Joe> "It is what it is..." he sighed, "At least I got to keep one relative."

<Monet> "I have heard it is helpful to be positive in situations such as these." She tilted her head at him and took another sip of the scotch, "Is it working?"

<Joe> "Most of the time... sometimes I feel a little jealous of Carol... a lot of this is easier for her because she doesn't remember most of our childhood. I can't even tallk to her about it because she doesn't get it... which isn't really helpful. Talking is good sometimes."

<Monet> "Mais oui. Talking is good a lot of the time. And while I may not have been around during your childhood, I am more than willing to be someone you can talk to. I remember my own childhood very well."

<Joe> He offered a small smile, "Thanks... you don't have to, but thanks for offering. I'll be fine - there's a lot of distractions around."

<Monet> "Distractions can also be good," she grinned at him, "and now you have one more you could add to your list if you so chose."

<Joe> "So you're not planning any trips to Europe any time soon?" he offered her the bottle again.

<Monet> Monet graciously took it. "Well, oui, I am. But I do not plan to be gone long. I plan to find Sebastian within a day of arriving in Belarus. It will only take me a couple of hours to fly there and back." She did some quick math in her head, "If all goes as planned with wind currents and jet streams, I should be back here in no more than 2.13 days." Monet grinned, "That's also leaving time for me to shop, of course."

<Joe> He had to laugh, "Well alright then.... don't suppose you'd be willing to take Maria with you?"

<Monet> "I still have yet to meet this Maria person, so I will reserve my right to answer at a later time. I have heard that she is a nine year old trapped in a twenty-something's body and I'm not sure I would enjoy being around that without some sort of escape option."

<Joe> "She's not so bad... she's just very.... enthusiastic. But apparently she's also a genius and is doing the superhero thing like her version of Carol. She just has a lot of energy.... which I guess isn't surprising."

<Monet> "She and I might have quite a bit to discuss then. It isn't often I meet another genius." She made a face, "The energy thing may become annoying, though. Can she fly?"

<Joe> "Yeah, she has similiar abilities to Carol... when hers are behaving anyway. But her energy manipulation is more refined - she can make shapes out of it."

<Monet> "Interesting." Monet thought for a few moments, "Alright. I'll take her. That could prove useful."

<Joe> "Great." He offered her more booze as a reward. "I absolutely will owe you."

<Monet> Monet liked this reward and accepted it with a smile. "Are there any stipulations to this that I need to be aware of? Or am I able to cash in on that IOU with whatever I choose?"

<Joe> "... Now I'm not sure." She had made him paranoid again. "Should I be worried?"

<Monet> She laughed softly, "Non, cher. If how I choose is disagreeable to you, then I shall choose another option or let you offer something else." Monet took a sip and passed the bottle back, "I take no for an answer on some things."

<Joe> "Okay then I guess you can name your price when you've decided how much you hated it or didn't hate it," he raised the bottle in toast before he took a sip.

<Monet> Monet held her hand out to him, "D'accord?"

<Joe> He set the bottle down and rubbed his palms on his jeans before taking her hand, "Although I'm still worried I'll regret it."

<Monet> "You shouldn't regret anything, mon cher. Everything you do takes you to who you were meant to become." She shook his hand firmly and reached for the bottle.

<Joe> "Ooooor gets me smushed into a pulp by my sister," he pointed out.

<Monet> "Well if that's all you have to worry about... You have another protector now."

<Joe> He laughed, "I hope you're not expecting me to pick sides?"

<Monet> "Of course not. I would never ask you to choose between us. But you should know that should she try and harm you because of me, I will protect you."

<Joe> "Oh I don't think she'll hurt me really.... she'd probably much rather hurt you."

<Monet> Monet smirked, "She could try."

<Joe> "Let's just try not to give her a reason, huh?"

<Monet> "Where's the fun in that?"

<Joe> "The fun is in not breaking the house in the middle of winter. I don't know about you but I'm not as immune to temperature extremes as my sister." He was starting to feel a little drunk. Maybe he should have had less drinks from the bottle and paced himself a bit.

<Monet> Monet grinned at him and took a long pull from the bottle before passing it back to him. "Don't worry, mon cher. I'll keep you warm."

<Joe> "I'd hope so if you knocked half the house down," he replied with a small grin.

<Monet> Well now they were getting somewhere. "It wouldn't be me who would knock it down. I wouldn't do that to you. But I would still keep you warm, regardless."

<Joe> "It still counts if it's because you went through the wall," he nodded sagely, knowing well his sister's reasoning when it came to stuff that got broken.

<Monet> Monet chuckled and scooted just a tad bit closer to him on the couch, "Does it count if I wasn't the one throwing myself through it?"

<Joe> "I'm afraid so," he nodded solemnly.

<Monet> "Oh, now that's just not very nice," she sidled up next to him, close enough to make their thighs graze each other. "So, would the reverse be true? Would it be Carol's fault if she's the one who went through the wall?"

<Joe> He shook his head, "No, that would be your fault for using her as a projectile. That's just how it is."

<Monet> "Mmhmm. I see. But, would you blame me if she threw me through the wall? Especially if I did nothing to provoke her?"

<Joe> "Of course not... but I might not be able to say that out loud."

<Monet> Monet lifted her legs up to lay in his lap, "So long as you're not thinking it, that's all that matters." She gave him a soft, but quick kiss on the cheek.

<Joe> "Life is easier when you just agree with everything Carol says.... unless it's really dumb and you for sure can change her mind." He was pretty sure that kiss had made him blush but maybe that was the scotch? It was hard to tell at this point.

<Monet> A slow grin spread on Monet's face as she watched the color rise up his face. "Well, I hope you'll disagree with her on the fact that she doesn't like me." She leaned her head down onto his shoulder and took the bottle for a drink.

<Joe> "I like to make up my own mind. So far you seem fine... except for that thing with Michael but I don't want to know what that's about."

<Monet> Michael. Ugh. "I have an issue with Shinobi, but no issue with his father, Sebastian. You do know that he is a clone, correct?"

<Joe> "Yeah I know... but that's not his fault. What did he do to piss you off?"

<Monet> "I thought you didn't want to know," she smirked and nosed his shoulder, edging closer to his neck. "I'm glad you won't hold that against me, though," she made sure the breath from her words touched his neck enough to tease.

<Joe> "Well I can't help being a little curious... and also worried it'll cause more trouble later... it's not going to, right?" he turned his head to look at her. When did she get so close?!

<Monet> "Another time, maybe. And it shouldn't, so long as we stay out of each other's way." She grinned as his head turned towards her, "Why, hello there."

<Joe> "Not sure how easy it'll be living in the same house buuuut I'm sure we can make it work..."

<Monet> "I'm sure we can..." She nudged his neck with her nose. "We can make anything work if we put our minds to it."

<Joe> Okay it was definitely blushing and not the scotch now, "I don't know about that...."

<Monet> Monet grinned, "No? Do you have some sort of vow you have to keep?"

<Joe> He shook his head slowly, "Not that I'm aware of."

<Monet> "Then why don't you know about that? Are you not attracted to me?"

<Joe> "I'm having a hard time following the subject changes," he admitted with a small grin.

<Monet> Monet chuckled softly and sat up enough to look him in the eye, noses nearly touching, "Do you find me attractive?"

<Joe> "I'd be stupid to say no..."

<Monet> "Non. Not if you don't find me so. It is your opinion, after all. You are entitled to it and I am also entitled to think you are wrong. Be honest, cher. You have my word that I will not harm you."

<Joe> He sighed, trying to get control over the blushing, "Yes, I find you attractive."

<Monet> Monet's grin spread into a full smile, "I find you attractive as well. Should we do something about that?"

<Joe> He managed to get over the awkwardness to raise an eyebrow, "What did you have in mind?"

<Monet> "Well, you could make some sort of move. Now that you know I find you attractive, you should have no fear of rejection, but I am classy enough that I try to not make the first move the first time."

<Joe> "Yeeeeeah, I'm still in pre-apocalypse mode and feel like this is going way too fast," he laughed a little, "Trying to catch up."

<Monet> Monet laughed with him, "This is pre-apocalypse mode, cher. We're both consenting adults, non?"

<Joe> He wasn't sure he'd ever worked this fast pre-apocalypse. He nodded to the question. Maybe more booze would help... but then he'd have to move.

<Monet> A smirk played at the edge of her lips and she leaned forward, reaching for the bottle, but making sure to brush his face with her hair. "Another drink?"

<Joe> "I was just thinking that..." But now she was even closer and he was distracted again.

<Monet> "I know," she whispered as she brought the bottle to her lips, but kept her eyes on him.

<Joe> He lifted a hand to her hair, playing with the ends of it while he waited for the bottle. He cocked his head on one side while he considered her reply, "You a telepath?"

<Monet> "And then some." She took another drink and then held it out to him. "I could teach you how to shield, if you want. Later, I mean."

<Joe> "Do I need to learn that now?" he took the bottle and had another drink.

<Monet> "Do you really want to take the time to do that right at this," she leaned closer, "very," nosed his earlobe, "moment?"

<Joe> "Pretty sure I can think of something else I'd rather be doing..." He cupped her cheek with his hand and leaned in to kiss her.

<Monet> Monet grinned and let him kiss her, <I like this plan much better.>

<Joe> He wasn't used to having other people's thoughts enter his brain so it was a little weird, he leaned to put the bottle on the table. <I'm liking this plan too...>
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Re: What if...? Another Zombie Apocalypse!

Post by Svartfreja » Tue Jul 07, 2020 11:56 pm

<Viper> Viper woke from a nightmare with a start and sat up, looking around to reassure herself of her surroundings. Was she awake now? Probably. She was freezing. She gathered her warmest blanket around her and got up to sit in her snipers nest for a while. She didn't want to go back to sleep.

<Shaw> Miriam was asleep, tucked against his side, with Sharky curled around her. Sebastian, however, had been staring at nothing - specifically the darkened, cracked ceiling - for some time. Hearing movement, he turned his head and focused.

<Viper> She paused when she heard a slight movement, looking over to where Miriam and Sebastian lay to make sure she hadn't woken the child up.... nope. Sebastian was staring at her instead.

<Shaw> Their eyes locked and after a moment, he shrugged and blinked, craning his neck to see if he could sit up without waking his daughter.

<Viper> Spell broken, she turned and continued on her way to her nest, settling down and picking up her rifle to go through her usual routine of checking the streets for strays.

<Shaw> With Miriam tucked in and Sharky ordered to guard, he stretched, fingers brushing the ceiling. Bits flecked off.

<Viper> She was going to have to board up her window today. It was getting too cold now to have most of it open. Soon they wouldn't have to worry so much about wandering zombies anyway.... and then she'd have to find something else to do with all the time she spent not sleeping. Something quiet. That was a very short list of things.

<Shaw> Sebastian threw a spare blanket over his shoulders and followed in Sarkissian's footsteps.

<Viper> Viper looked over to him when he reached her, "Are you not sleeping either?"

<Shaw> "It would seem not." He sighed, folding his legs to sit

<Viper> "Is something on your mind?" She set her rifle down, pulling her blanket tighter around her as she turned to face him properly.

<Shaw> "No." He tilted his head to regard her, curious at the tone of her voice. "Well, not simply one thing, I suppose. You?"

<Viper> She shrugged a shoulder, "Do you really want to know?"

<Shaw> "Perhaps." He smirked. "Why would I not?"

<Viper> "Because you seem... disturbed by the changes in my personality over the past year." She shivered as a gust of wind managed to sneak beneath her blanket.

<Shaw> "It's... curious, certainly." He watched her, then glanced past her at the open window.

<Viper> "I've been having..." she sighed, "Nightmares, I suppose you'd call them."

<Shaw> "The current situation is certainly enough to incite them."

<Viper> "It would seem so..." she she shifted a little, "It puts me off sleeping for a while..."

<Shaw> "Understandable." He looked over his shoulder, back to where Miriam and Sharky slept. "Would you be inclined to tell me?" Sebastian turned his gaze back to her.

<Viper> "Is that supposed to help?" She raised an eyebrow at him. "Or are you searching for ammunition?"

<Shaw> He sighed. "In fact, it is supposed to help, and it often does."

<Viper> She didn't see how but... there wasn't anything else to talk about. Feeling somewhat vulnerable and not liking it, she pulled her blanket tighter around herself. "I don't know... I think going back into the house made it worse...."

<Shaw> "That I certainly understand," he said, his lips curving up slightly. "Are you cold?"

<Viper> "Of course I'm cold." Stupid winter. Oh how she missed central heating.

<Shaw> Well, she sounded a tad more like herself now. He smirked. "Come here."

<Viper> She blinked at him for a moment, a little taken by surprise, but got up from her spot and moved closer to him.

<Shaw> Sebastian shifted, half surprised by her compliance, then wrapped one side of his blanket and his arm around her shoulders.

<Viper> She settled against him, shifting a little until she was comfortable, then mumbled a small thank you.

<Shaw> "You're welcome." He could not decide how he felt about this new side to her.

<Viper> "Did you manage to sleep at all?" she turned her head to look at him to make sure she remembered who she was leaning against.

<Shaw> "I don't believe so. If I did, it was not pleasant." He felt her eyes on him and watched the window.

<Viper> "You really should rest while you can... Miriam's presence makes it impossible during the day."

<Shaw> "I feel as if I have spent the past year without sleep, so I believe I will survive one more day." It was warmer now.

<Viper> "Well at least we have something in common then," she shifted again because craning her neck to look at him was uncomfortable. Instead, she rested her head on his shoulder and tried not to get too comfortable.

<Shaw> "You've done a remarkable job, really, in keeping yourself and Miriam safe." He couldn't see her, but he could feel her pressed against him.

<Viper> "It wasn't that difficult once we made ourselves at home here... but prior to that it was.... complicated." And there had been so many close calls she was never going to tell Sebastian about.

<Shaw> "I can imagine." His own adventures in returning home had been harrowing, and he'd been alone. For the most part.

<Viper> "I... tried to keep her from seeing anything... I don't know if I was successful..."

<Shaw> "I would think that is impossible, considering, but thank you. I do appreciate the thought." He shifted a little, getting comfortable and leaving his arm in place around her. "What does she remember... about Jessica?"

<Viper> "I'm not sure.... After she stopped asking where you two were... I wasn't sure what to do." She lifted her head again to look at him, "I didn't think it a good idea to ask her anything when I didn't know if we'd ever see you again.... better she just forget....."

<Shaw> "Understandable." He sighed, tipping his head back to rest against the wall and feeling her eyes on him.

<Viper> "I know it makes you uncomfortable... that she's started to call me mommy.... it makes me uncomfortable too... but I don't know how to get her to stop...."

<Shaw> "It's..." He paused, considering. "For now, if it makes her feel safer, then I see no reason to discourage it." She'd had no problem in recalling he was her father, at least.

<Viper> She nodded, "That's why I let her...." She settled her head back on his shoulder, "I'm glad you're here... I'm a terrible parent substitute."

<Shaw> Sebastian chuckled. "It seems you have been doing as well as can be expected."

<Viper> "I've been doing my best... it's not as difficult now... Likely because of the damage SHIELD did when they removed the tech Hydra put in my brain...." she sighed, "But it's made sleeping a lot harder."

<Shaw> "About that," he said, turning his head slightly but still unable to see her. "It's obvious that you are... changed. I'm assuming this is due to SHIELD's meddling?" She had certainly been more herself, for better or worse, a year ago when he'd left for Belarus.

<Viper> "A combination of that and the situation, most likely... It's difficult to know what the extent of the damage is without the ability to examine it...."

<Shaw> "I don't wish to press you for details you are uncomfortable in sharing, but... I've observed much more, expression, I suppose." He licked his lips and looked out the window at the night sky.

<Viper> "I've been... feeling things...." she chewed her lip a little, "I... don't know if I've correctly identified all of them... but I definitely have some sort of emotional range now...."

<Shaw> "You are most certainly more... visible." He glanced back toward her in the dark. "Your mind. Now that I've had time to settle from my arrival and to relax my shielding a bit... I can sense you in a way I never could in the past."

<Viper> "Hydra have a policy of implanting shielding technology in their agents as a precaution. It saves valuable training time..." She shifted her head on his shoulder when she heard him move.

<Shaw> He nodded. "It does make sense. Obviously, that was part of what SHIELD removed, then."

<Viper> "Yes... I suspect they used the time I was unconscious to pick through my memories of Hydra for whatever information they wanted and goodness only knows what else. It doesn't matter now."

<Shaw> "No, I suppose we are in no position to investigate it." He sighed. "Although I realize I'm not always the most expressive of people, if... you need to talk..."

<Viper> She nodded, "Thank you... But I can usually manage... so far." She gave a half shrug, "When I experience something I don't like, I try to distract myself."

<Shaw> "That is a common response for those of us who have always had access to our emotions as well," he said with a small chuckle.

<Viper> "Oh I know. I've observed it in others. That's why I thought I'd try it. I didn't have any other options..."

<Shaw> "Options are most definitely limited right now, although I suppose it's for the best that some of my worst coping mechanisms are unavailable in this world."

<Viper> She laughed a little, "What I wouldn't give for an aged bottle of scotch right now... but I might settle for a hug if you were willing."

<Shaw> Sebastian considered needling her for the request, but... "I am. Jessica long ago taught me the value of a hug." He shifted, moving closer to let her close the space at her pace.

<Viper> "Yes... me too..." she moved to untangle her arms from her blanket to wrap them around him. "She seemed very single minded in her quest to rid the world of emotionless robots."

<Shaw> He laughed, but his breath hitched as he returned the embrace. "She most definitely-" He cut off at her use of past tense... Sebastian closed his eyes tightly, fighting for control. "I-I won't... I can't think of her as gone."

<Viper> She nodded, "I understand..." She turned her head to press a kiss to his cheek. "I don't like to either... but even so.... the life from before.... that is gone now..."

<Shaw> Sebastian bit down on his lip, the tears spilling over. He had to believe she was alive, somewhere, in the Conquest, where he could find her.
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Re: What if...? Another Zombie Apocalypse!

Post by Svartfreja » Tue Jul 07, 2020 11:57 pm

<Maria> Maria hummed to herself while she organised the morning's haul of eggs to the bottom of the collection, keeping the older ones at the top. It had become a morning routine for her. Routines made her happy. Once she was finished with the eggs she embarked on the making of coffee for everyone else in the house.

<Monet> Monet slipped out of bed, having heard someone in the kitchen. Maybe there would be coffee ready soon. She glanced over her shoulder at the sleeping form with a grin, then stepped to Joe's closet and thumbed through his clothes, picking out a suitably backwoods-y flannel shirt. Once it was on and mostly buttoned, she made her way to the kitchen, stopping at the sight of the new person. "Bonjour?"

<Maria> Maria eeped and fumbled the coffee pot, managing to catch it before it hit a solid surface. She gave the woman an embarrassed grin, "Hi!"

<Monet> Monet smirked at the girl and leaned against the door frame, "Comment c'est vas?"

<Monet> ((How are you?))

<Maria> "Tu m'as fait sursauter!" She replied, her brain easily switching into translation mode, "Mais, je n'ai rien cassé!" She was proud of herself, turning to finish sorting out the coffee and using her energy powers to evaporate the spilled water at the same time, also continuing her humming.

<Maria> ((You startled me! But, I didn't break anything!))

<Monet> Monet's smirk turned into a full smile at having French spoken back to her, "Tres bien! Parlez-vous couramment le français?" What a wonderful surprise. "Je m'appelle Monet. Comment tu t'appelles?"

<Monet> ((Very good! Are you fluent in French? ..... My name is Monet. What is yours?))

<Maria> "Je pense que, oui. Je suis Maria." She paused and looked back at the woman, "Veux-tu du café?"

<Maria> ((I think so, yes. I'm Maria.... Do you want coffee?))

<Monet> "Oui, s'il vous plait." Monet sat at the table and regarded the girl with a slight tilt of her head, "Carol's enfant?"

<Monet> ((Yes, please. ..... Carol's child?))

<Maria> Maria nodded to the question, turning to add more coffee, "Pas celui-ci, cependant," she added after a thought.

<Maria> ((Not this one, though.))

<Monet> "Évidemment." She continued to watch the girl, "How did you come to be here with this Carol, then?"

<Monet> ((Of course.))

<Maria> "Dad was building something but it was making a weird noise and bothering Uncle Dr Stephen so I went with him to see if it was broken and... then I guess it got broken." She shrugged, "So I'm here now. And I can always find my mom so I found not-mom easy. Dad says it's freaky alien gps." She nodded sagely.

<Monet> "You call your uncle 'Dr. Stephen'? Why not just Stephen?" Monet arched an eyebrow, "You are aware that that is quite odd here, oui?"

<Maria> "But he is a doctor," Maria pointed out, "And my other uncle Steven died so it makes my mom sad..."

<Monet> "So, why not just call him Steve? Or something of the sort? It just sounds silly to give him two titles, you understand."

<Maria> "Because Steve was my dad's name and he's also dead. Life is hard." She decided to employ the bracer-like device she wore on her left forearm to pull up her family map to show Monet. "Uncle Dr Stephen was dead one time too I guess... but I'm not sure if it counts if you were a talking head in a jar for a while..." she pondered this.

<Monet> Monet took a deep breath, "Is the coffee finished, cherie?" This girl was quite talkative for not having had caffeine yet. "Your not-Uncle Joe might want me to bring him some, too. He may not be feeling all too well this morning."

<Maria> "Is he sick?!" Not good!

<Monet> "Shh, darling. Non, he isn't ill. He is a touch dehydrated." And likely very sore.

<Maria> "Oh okay." She breathed a sigh of relief, turning to pour some coffee for her new friend and carrying it over. "Here you go!"

<Monet> "Merci beaucoup." She took a long swallow and closed her eyes, breathing in the hot steam. "Real coffee. Bless you, child." Monet took another grateful sip and turned her eyes back to the girl, "Carol said you're nine years old but that you're also a genius. So, how old are you mentally, do you think?"

<Maria> Maria frowned in thought, "I don't know... I know lots of stuff... but Mommy-Natasha says I'm naive and shouldn't trust everyone... but I'm indestructible and super strong so..." she shrugged, "I'm pretty sure I'll be okay if I'm nice to the wrong person."

<Monet> Monet cringed and reached out a hand to make sure Maria heard her clearly, "Those can't always save you. Especially from emotional and mental torture. Please trust me when I tell you that I know that from experience. You should listen to your mothers."

<Maria> "Mom says I'm not allowed a boyfriend until I look my age," Maria rolled her eyes. She had had this lecture. Many times.

<Monet> "That's probably also smart. Maria, you may be a genius, but you have not had enough life experience to know some of the things adults do." She took her hand back and took another drink, giving Maria a level look over the rim of her mug. "I could show you, if you wanted. Just little bits of things that have happened to me, by people who I should have been able to trust and who did not care about my powers."

<Maria> Maria pulled up another screen on her bands and did a quick scan, "Mutant. Telepath... Super strength, flight, ehanced senses... Fun!" She gave Monet a grin, "No thank you. Telepaths don't like my brain much."

<Monet> "Impressive. But there's more to me than that." Monet smirked, "I like any brain that I can get into. But I wouldn't be getting into yours; I would be letting you into mine."

<Maria> "Not sure if you'd be able to get into mine. Apparently the energy my body stores makes it like static on a tv..." She got herself a glass of water and plonked herself into a seat at the table, "I'm okay. I prefer to learn things for myself. I'm training to be a field medic!"

<Monet> "Hmm. Like Rogue. Which, actually makes sense, since she got her powers from your not-mother." Monet smirked, "You are, are you? Planning on joining the disbanded National Guard?"

<Maria> She giggled, "No silly! I'm gonna be an Avenger!"

<Monet> Oh, of course. Because what else would she be? "Do you really think they'll be around much longer?"

<Maria> "'Course they will. Most of them don't get old." She gave Monet another grin, "Mom says she'll never retire unless she gets bored but weird stuff keeps happening so that's unlikely." She nodded sagely.

<Monet> "Carol, no matter what universe, will never get bored. She's much too," Monet paused, groping for an appropriate word to use in front of a nine year old, "curious."

<Maria> "I don't know if it's that... more like she likes punching bad guys in the face until they fall down and don't get back up again."

<Monet> Monet couldn't help it, she let out a laugh at that, "Oui. That is precisely it." She tilted her head at Maria, remembering her conversation with Joe before the alcohol truly took hold of the evening. "Have you ever been to Europe?"

<Maria> She nodded, "Yep. A bunch of times.... mostly to get English tea for Aunty Jess."

<Monet> "Have you been to Belarus?"

<Maria> "Um... maybe flew over it a couple times....? Why?"

<Monet> "I am needing to go there to find Sebastian and I have offered your not-Uncle Joe to take you along with me. Would you like to go?"

<Maria> "Oooh yes please!" Adventure! "Who's Sebastian?"

<Monet> "Wonderful." She grinned at Maria's excitement and also at her question. "He is a friend of mine who appears to be lost. He is also Shin- ...Michael's father." Loosely, anyway.

<Maria> "Okay!" She grinned. "When are we going? Do we need snacks?"

<Monet> "In the next few days. Yes, I would say we will likely need snacks. We will be gone for nearly three days. Does that work for you?"

<Maria> "Sure! I'll go find snacks! ... Then I guess I should try fix not-mom's powers before we go."

<Monet> "I do believe she would be most appreciative if you did that, oui. How much time will you need?"

<Maria> "Hmm.... Not sure. Gotta do a full scan and then see what's going on... I can probably guess later after I do a scan."

<Monet> "Well, once you've done that, let me know. If it isn't too terribly long, I think we might be able to wait. Sebastian should be able to fend off any undead until we get there."

<Maria> "Sure! I'll let you know." She smiled, "Then we can go on an adventure!"

<Monet> Monet smirked, "Oui. Then we can go on an adventure." She finished off her coffee and stood to go rinse her mug in the sink. "Now tell me about this cow?"
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Re: What if...? Another Zombie Apocalypse!

Post by Svartfreja » Tue Jul 07, 2020 11:57 pm

<Rogue> Rogue shoved at the already broken door to the liqour store. It seemed it had long-since been raided, but there likely were some things left behind. She pushed it all the way open and coughed, waving her hand in front of her face as dust flew up from the disturbed furniture that had been haphazardly blocking the door. "Rebel Liquor is now open f'r business. Everythin's on tha house f'r mah friends," she said as she grinned back at Bobby and Jess.

<Bobby> "I'd forgotten how... southy the south was," Bobby said, poking at the tattered confederate flag by the door.

<Jessica> "I have never been this far south. It's been an education... a hot and uncomfortable education. I'm glad for my travelling companion." She patted her portable icebox.

<Rogue> Rogue laughed and shook her head, "C'mon. It ain't that bad. Y'all just ain't seein' it in its best light is all." She picked up a bottle of cheap moonshine and dusted it off, then held it aloft for them to see, "Strong stuff t'night? 'R weak?"

<Jessica> "I will drink it if it tastes good otherwise there's no point. Alcohol doesn't work on me... or caffeine... or anything fun." She headed into the store to poke around for treasure.

<Rogue> "Fair point. So, sweet?" Rogue whirled around on her heel and picked up a case of wine coolers. She needed extra strong, but these were fun flavor-wise. "Bobby? Whiskey, vodka, 'r rum t'night?"

<Jessica> "I like scotch..." Jess chimed in, "Blame Sebastian."

<Bobby> "Arrr, I'll see if all the rum has gone," he said, blowing a frosty kiss at Jess as he disappeared into the back.

<Rogue> Rogue set the wine coolers back down, "Ah'll thank him more likely." There may not be any of the good scotch left though, which is likely what Jess had had from Shaw. Hmm... "Don't think we'll find any 30 year old scotch, Jess." She went back to the front and plucked a basket from the pile near the door. Snacks were also good.

<Jessica> "I'll settle for fruity girly drinks then," she gave Rogue a grin.

<Bobby> Bobby crept along an aisle, half iced up, just in case. These shelves had boxed wine... classy.

<Bobby> He grabbed one.

<Rogue> Rogue frowned and picked the wine coolers back up with a huff. "Any luck in tha pirate section, Bugs?" She swiped a bottle of 'cheap plastic bottle' whiskey and her frown deepend, clearly this store had been raided several times already.

<Bobby> "I have a box of sweet girly stuff," he said, shaking it over his head and then realizing how it sounded.

<Jessica> Jess turned her head slowly to look at him before bursting into laughter.

<Rogue> Rogue tried very hard to not laugh, but couldn't help it in the end, "Y're tha only sweet girly stuff Ah need." She set the wine coolers gratefully back on the shelf and grabbed a couple bottles of Bailey's. "We should make ice cream..."

<Bobby> "Yeah, yeah," he said, tucking the box under his arm. "Oooo, good plan, Dollface!"

<Rogue> She beamed at him and went back to finding snacks. Cheetos, doritos, tostitos, anything that ended in 'tos' went into her basket.

<Bobby> It looked like the rum was on the next aisle, so he rounded the corner near the refrigerated section, then yelped when a one-armed corpse thumped against the glass.

<Jessica> Cheeeeeese. Jess grabbed a bag of cheetos and opened it right there because cheese was awesome. Finding a wall to sit on, she surveyed the rest of the shop. Clearly the locals had good priorities with looting. Candy store was probably empty. Sad.

<Rogue> Her head poked around the corner at Bobby's yelp, "Like Ah said, only sweet girly stuff Ah need." She saw the thing he yelped about and make a face. "Gross..."

<Bobby> "Yeahuh, I found a buddy." The thing was mostly rotted and he was very glad for the glass between them. It tried to bite the glass, leaving smears and a few teeth behind. "Eeeeeeww..."

<Rogue> "Aww, it likes you!" She shifted the basket to the other arm and tapped on the glass with a finger. "Hey there, sugah! Wanna be our new pet?"

<Bobby> "They look kind of like really gross fish when they do that." He made a face as it tried to snap off her finger.

<Jessica> "I feel like that's an insult to fish..."

<Bobby> Bobby could only shrug in agreement.

<Rogue> Rogue jerked her hand back with a yelp then giggled at herself. "Maybe we should find somethin' t' block tha door t' tha fridge?"

<Bobby> "As you wish," he bowed, grinning, and iced it over.

<Jessica> Jess had been about to suggest there was probably a broom in the back but... that worked. Mmm slightly stale cheetos.

<Rogue> She curtsied back, "Ah had f'rgotten just how much Ah loved you."

<Bobby> "I'll remind you." He waggled his brows.

<Rogue> Rogue giggled again and went to see if Jess had found anything interesting, "What 'bout mixers? Like those things ya mix with tequila f'r instant margaritas?"

<Jessica> "Sounds like a plan, I'll have a look." She dropped down from the wall and disappeared below the shelf line to investigate.

<Bobby> There was spiced rum on the next aisle and he nearly whooped in happiness. It was in a plastic bottle and called Admiral Joe's, but hey.

<Rogue> Rogue picked up some tequila bottles from the aisle beside Jess. "Clear 'r gold tequila?" She held up a bottle of each, looking between the two with a concentrating frown.

<Jessica> "Why do we need to choose? It's not like it's costing us money...."

<Bobby> "Booze for everybody!" The zombie in the fridge thumped. "Except for you!"

<Rogue> That was a very fair point. She put both in her basket and grabbed a couple more just in case.

<Rogue> "But he's thirsty!"

<Jessica> "Maybe we can give him a little bit... and a hat." She found a special offer poster and got to work making a little origami samurai hat out of it because it was quick and easy.

<Rogue> Rogue tilted her head at Jess' creation as she was making it. "A hat?"

<Jessica> "So he can be festive and join our party!"

<Bobby> With his arms full of all the cheap rum he could find, and another box of fruity wine, Bobby made his way back up front and plonked his booty onto the counter.

<Rogue> "Um. Ah don't want him in tha tank..."

<Jessica> "Me either, he's stinky. But he can be there in spirit."

<Rogue> "Ah'm good with that."

<Bobby> "With spirits." He cracked open a bottle of rum and sniffed. Wow.

<Rogue> "Ha!" She set her basket on the counter and started tetrising Bobby's collection with hers.

<Jessica> Finished with her creation, Jess held it up, "Who wants to present our new friend with his gift? I'm calling not it because I'm not bite proof."

<Bobby> Taking a swig of the rum and instantly regretting it, Bobby fought back a cough and held out his hand for the hat. "I got this."

<Rogue> Rogue touched her nose quickly, "Not it even though Ah'm bite-proof. Mah clothes aren't."

<Jessica> "Yay my hero!" Jess handed him the hat. "Good luck on your quest!"

<Bobby> Bobby took another long pull of the cheap booze and took the bottle along for the ride.

<Rogue> "Ah wish Ah had a polaroid camera f'r this moment."

<Bobby> He plopped the hat on his own head and did a slow saunter over to the case. The nasty thing was still pawing away, dislodging the shelving behind the door and making a racket.

<Jessica> Jess whipped out her mostly useless cellphone. It wasn't any good for calls but it could still take pictures! "Say cheeeeese!"

<Bobby> "Cheddar!" Bobby grinned over his shoulder at her, stopping just outside the door.

<Rogue> Rogue giggled, completely overjoyed at this super odd situation because it was so completely Bobby. "Be careful!"

<Bobby> "My middle name is careful!"

<Bobby> He took another drink.

<Jessica> "Are you sure it's not 'usually naked'?"

<Rogue> "Nah, it's 'Ah'm fine'."

<Bobby> "Hey, not usually! Just... often." Speaking of... he iced over, just to be safe. At Roguey's voice, he raised his arm. "Ding-ding! We have a winner!"

<Rogue> Rogue's grin widened further and she gave a single, emphatic nod. "Yep. We're linked at tha brain."

<Bobby> He laughed, opening the door and flash freezing the lower half of Ralph. He had no idea what the zombie's name was, but right now he was Ralph. Bobby transferred the hat from his head to Ralph's and took another drink from the bottle. It didn't taste so bad now.

<Bobby> "Ladies, meet Ralph," he said, turning so they could see his cranky buddy.

<Jessica> "He looks magnificent." Jess took 'Ralphs' picture.

<Rogue> "Aww! Hi, Ralph!" Rogue flew over to hover behind Bobby, looking over his shoulder at Ralph. She gave a little wave and grimaced at his decomposing face. "Ah take back tha 'aww.' He's pretty gross lookin'."

<Bobby> "Awww, now, he can't help it." He shook the bottle at her. "Maybe some rum goggles would help?"

<Rogue> "Ooh!" She snatched it from him and kissed his shoulder in thanks before taking a few long swallows. Rogue closed her eyes and took a deep breath before opening them again, staring straight at Ralph. "Hmm. Nope."

<Jessica> "Apply more rum!" Jess suggested.

<Rogue> Rogue giggled and looked over at Jess, "Ah seriously don't think it'll help."

<Jessica> "Couldn't hurt!"

<Rogue> "Amen t' that, sister!" She downed some more. "Wanna try?"

<Jessica> Her nose wrinkled a little, "More of a scotch fan myself."

<Bobby> "Save some for our buddy! He's cranky. Needs his bottle!" The zombie was snapping at him now, straining against the ice. Bobby took the bottle back and caught a zombie paw on the upswing, icing the bottle to it.

<Rogue> Rogue frowned as the rum was used for evil instead of good, "What a waste."

<Bobby> "Not really. Did ya taste it?" The alcohol sloshed over the zombie's arm and into his face, making him blink, complete with a confused expression. "Okay, that's pretty fuckin' funny."

<Rogue> A stifled snort came out of Rogue's mouth and before she knew it, she was belly-laughing, "He seems ta like it fine."

<Jessica> "Only because his tastebuds are dead."

<Rogue> "Rum is rum is rum in times like this."

<Bobby> Bobby could only nod at this wisdom. "Well, Ralph, it's been fun. It's been real... you know the rest." He gave the zombie a salute, allowing his ice to melt away.

<Rogue> "Should we put him outta his misery? Or just let 'im stay there?"

<Jessica> "Seems a shame not to let him enjoy his buzz and hat for a while...."

<Bobby> Ralph lurched forward, the ice cracking, but the zombie was as surprised as everyone else.

<Rogue> Rogue yelped in shock as he lurched. "Ah think maybe he c'n keep tha hat."

<Bobby> From behind Ralph, another thing - this one armless and snapping - flopped through the space between the bottle and the door frame.

<Rogue> That one made Rogue scream.

<Jessica> Jess almost dropped her phone. Where the hell had that guy come from?!

<Rogue> "Store's closed! Time t' lock up!" Rogue picked up a heavy bottle of cheap tequila from the shelf and chucked it at the head of the new zombie.

<Bobby> Stunned, Bobby fell back a step, catching his wrist in his grip.

<Jessica> Having caught her phone, Jess turned her attention to Bobby, "What's the matter?"

<Rogue> Matter? What? Rogue whirled to look at Jess, then Bobby. "Bugs?"

<Bobby> "N-nothing!" Hopefully. He was afraid to look down, but it stung. Hopefully it was just a shard of his own ice.

<Jessica> Jess moved forward and slammed the fridge door closed to remove that distraction. "Let me see?"

<Bobby> "It's fine." He moved away from Jess and the door. The stinging had turned to a heat he didn't like. Fuck.

<Rogue> Rogue was frozen. All she could think was how she hadn't been able to save Sam's family and now after finding Bobby, she wouldn't be able to save him either. There was a thunk against the door that jarred her into motion and she carefully lifted the shelf that had the most stock left and shoved it in front of the refrigerated section. Then took a deep breath and turned to Bobby. "Liar."

<Jessica> "Bobby... you know I can feel that rising anxiety, right?" The reminder was gentle but she followed his retreat.

<Bobby> "Well for sure when you remind me of it!" He looked between the two women, then down at his arm. There was blood between his fingers now.

<Jessica> She didn't need to see it, by now she could smell it in the air, "You... no..." she backed up a little. Noooooo. Not okay!

<Rogue> Rogue clenched her jaw and moved towards Bobby. "Robert Drake, let me see that arm right now!"

<Bobby> Bobby's eyes snapped up to meet Anna's eyes and he smiled a little. "Sorry, babe." He shifted to ice, backing away from them both.

<Rogue> "Damnit, Bobby. Don't you dare!"

<Jessica> This, she could not deal with. Bobby was the only reason she'd gotten through the last year. She backed her way through the store and startled a little when she hit the door and the bell jingled.

<Bobby> The noise got his attention and he looked at Jess. He felt... weird. Looking down, he saw the frozen blood and the bite, mostly on the meat of his thumb. It wasn't that big. This was bullshit.

<Rogue> Rogue barely twitched her head to the door when the bell rang, but kept her eyes locked on Bobby. "Bobby..." She felt sick and high strung and on alert all at the same time.

<Rogue> "Maybe it's just some glass from that tequila bottle Ah threw? Let us see. Please?"

<Bobby> He shook his head. "It doesn't matter. I stopped it. I think, anyway. No blood flow, no infection, right?"

<Rogue> "Y' can't stay iced up f'rever, Bugsy." She took a careful step towards him, almost like he was a spooked horse. Which wasn't totally inaccurate.

<Bobby> "Y'sure about that, babe?" He laughed, but it sounded hollow, either from the ice or his fear. There was another option, he knew.

<Jessica> Jess' hands found the door knob and she pulled the door open enough to scramble outside where she didn't have to watch.

<Rogue> "Ah'm sure." She frowned as she heard the door open and shut. "Bobby, listen ta me. We can fix it. Ah refuse ta let anythin' happen t' ya." Rogue licked her lips and reached out a gloved hand, "An' if worse comes t' worse, Ah'll keep ya as a pet."

<Bobby> Bobby gave her a look, that idea shocking him out of his shock for a moment and making him laugh, the sound high-pitched and nervous.

<Rogue> Rogue gave a careful grin, glad that she had learned from him how to use humor as a defense mechanism. "Would ya like ta lose y'r arms 'r y'r legs? Gonna hafta either pull out ya teeth or cut off ya jaw, too."

<Rogue> "An' maybe we c'n find a pet store so y' can pick y'r own collar."

<Bobby> He shook his head, still laughing. "Ya can't kid a kidder, babe." He booped her nose with a frosted fingertip. "I can fix this." Without wasting any more time, he dissolved himself into the air.

<Rogue> Rogue let out a squeak and grasped at empty air. "Bobby!"

<Bobby> It'd been a while since he'd done this, since it always made him feel... weird; less himself, sometimes for weeks afterward. But better weird than... weird. He could see and sense Anna's panic, but she of all people should know what he was doing.

<Rogue> Her jaw clenched as tight as her fists and she stiffened as she stomped one foot. "Give a gal some warnin' next time, damn you!"

<Rogue> She huffed and turned on her heel to face the door. She didn't like looking at the empty space where he had just been. It was unsettling and panic-inducing even though she knew logically that he should be fine. He'd done it before in front of her. But damn it!

<Jessica> Jess was sat on the roof trying to keep her own emotions in check but Rogue's panic was not helping.

<Bobby> In theory, this shouldn't be any different than the dozens of other times he'd cheated death. Shift, filter, shift, filter.

<Rogue> Rogue chewed hard on her lower lip and waited. And waited. "Any time now..." Shit. What if he wasn't able to shift back?

<Bobby> Bobby was perfectly able to shift back, he was just a little wary of it... just in case it didn't work. In the meanwhile, he flash froze Ralph and his sneaky buddy, warping their molecules to shatter behind the cooler doors.

<Rogue> She jumped at the sound coming from the fridge and slowly turned back around, then promptly sighed heavily and made a frustrated noise. "Bobby?"

<Jessica> Jess heard the high pitched whine of rapidly forming ice even from her perch on the roof. Stupid ears. But that meant Bobby was still alive... probably.

<Bobby> His clothes were a loss, but oh well... They were used to it. The air swirled and chilled as he pulled himself together.

<Rogue> "Oh thank God!" Rogue tackled him, not caring that he was naked, but careful to not touch his skin with hers.

<Jessica> That was a better sound! Jess left the roof and burst back into the store.

<Bobby> "Hey!" He was knocked off balance by the hug, but closed his arms around Rogue, checking his wrist over her shoulder on the down low. Whew.

<Rogue> Rogue pulled back and instantly smacked him on the chest, "Don't do that again!"

<Jessica> He was okay! Jess ran to fill the hug space before Rogue could smack him again.

<Bobby> "Ow," he deadpanned, hugging Jess too. "Which part?"

<Jessica> Jess hugged tightly and kissed his face a whole lot of times.

<Bobby> Bobby laughed, dodging her as best as he could after a few kiss attacks. Giving up, he planted one on her.

<Rogue> "Ah hate it when ya disintegrate. Even though Ah know how it works; Ah've had y'r powers enough times t' know. But it still scares me." She came back and hugged him softer, wrapping one arm around Jess, too.

<Jessica> "Don't do that again!" She gave him a squeeze, "You have to be careful...."

<Rogue> Rogue backed up again, letting them have some space to canoodle.

<Bobby> Bobby was having none of that, and pulled Anna back in, giving her a fast, cold kiss as well.

<Jessica> "Now you need more pants," Jess pointed out, patting his naked butt.

<Rogue> Rogue laughed and put her hand over his mouth to kiss him back. "Didn't Ah just find some pants f'r ya? How many pairs will ya go through 'fore tha week is up?"

<Jessica> "He's really really good at losing pants. I think he's a closet nudist."

<Rogue> "Oh definitely. His favorite hobby is naked nappin'."

<Bobby> Bobby could only laugh, but the smack on the ass made him jump. "Hey, I like to be free, what can I say."

<Jessica> "You have to wear pants. It's hot enough in this state."

<Rogue> "Or at least so Ah c'n touch ya safely."

<Bobby> Bobby raised a brow at Jess. Oh, really? "Maybe I can find some booty shorts, just for you ladies." He grinned at Anna. "Well, you can touch me, question is if ya wanna."

<Rogue> "Ah wanna do it safely." She poked her tongue out at him.

<Jessica> She laughed, "I will immortalise those shorts!" She waved her phome at him.

<Bobby> Bobby gave Jess a kissy face and looked at Roguey. "What makes ya think it wouldn't be?"

<Rogue> She frowned at him, "'Cause Ah'm a walkin' parasite?"

<Bobby> "Don't call yourself that, babe." He let go of Jess and reached for her, cupping her cheek in his hand and meeting her eyes.

<Jessica> Jess moved aside to give them some space. It was tempting to immortalise the naked butt while she had nothing better to do.

<Rogue> Rogue jerked at the touch, her nerves on end, but nothing happened. She let out a shuddering breath and smiled, "It still works."

<Jessica> Maybe she should have muted the shutter sound... Oh well. Too late now.

<Rogue> Rogue snorted a laugh as she saw Jess over Bobby's shoulder.

<Jessica> Jess gave Rogue a grin.

<Bobby> Bobby's eyes slid to the side, noticing Anna's expression, and the click. He shook his ass for her.

<Jessica> Jess laughed, "And me without a supply of dollar bills!"

<Rogue> Rogue tactfully looked up at the ceiling as Bobby shook more than just his ass. "Nowhere ta put 'em anwyay."

<Bobby> "Nowhere I want 'em, ya mean." He laughed at her expression, leaning in to give her a less frosty kiss on the cheek. "I knew it would, dollface."

<Rogue> Rogue blushed, happy that there weren't frozen lips on her face. "Ya always had more faith in me than Ah did in mahself." She peered over his shoulder at Jess, then looked back at Bobby and started to pose him for the camera.

<Bobby> "Oooookay," he laughed, not fighting her posing too hard. "I guess I really do need pants, just so I'm not a dangerous distraction." Bobby attempted the smoulder for the camera before he started to extricate himself.

<Jessica> Jess giggled as she took more pictures, "Yes, you are definitely distracting."

<Rogue> Rogue pressed a kiss to his shoulder and let him go. "Pants are definitely somethin' that's needed. Maybe we'll wrap ya whole body in kevlar this time."

<Jessica> "If that doesnt pan out we can try other things."

<Bobby> "Just no duct tape." He shuddered and ducked behind a shelf. "Why can't they have some overpriced tourist shirts in here?"

<Jessica> "Because that would be less fun for us."

<Rogue> "Maybe there's an office or a breakroom where somebody left somethin'?" Duct tape? She grinned at Jess, "Ain't that tha truth."

<Bobby> "Well, if Wreck-it Ralph there was employee of the week I might be in trouble." He iced up before poking his head through the door marked "employees only."

<Jessica> "He did have terrible wardrobe choices... except for his stylin' hat."

<Rogue> "But at least he had a wardrobe."

<Bobby> "Yeah, yeah..." This time he used his senses and froze anything and everything organic, including a few bottles of rancid milk that promptly popped from the pressure change. "Ew."

<Rogue> "Um. What was that?" Rogue made a face when she heard him say 'ew,' "Did y' pop a zombie head?"

<Jessica> "Something in a cupboard or fridge so..... hopefully not."

<Rogue> "Hey, Ah watched Walkin' Dead..."

<Bobby> "Let's just say I won't be wanting ice cream any time soon...." He found a bag that must have belonged to one of the employees, but there was nothing in it but some smelly gym shoes. No. Casting a glance around, he spotted a box with fabric poking from the half-open lid.

<Rogue> "Ew."

<Jessica> "Don't open the fridge." Never open a fridge that had the power off for a long period of time. Danger!

<Rogue> "Double ew."

<Bobby> Bobby looked up from his find to make a face toward the door, considering he was basically in the fridge. With a shrug, he donned his find and strutted out, still iced, still pantsless, but wearing the loudest Hawaiian shirt he'd ever seen. "Tada!"

<Jessica> Jess burst into laughter at the shirt, "Oh my god, that is truely terrible!"

<Rogue> Rogue snorted and wiped her hand over her face, "Well if that don't just scream Bobby Drake."

<Bobby> "I know! It's hideous! I love it!" He was carrying a box of souvenir junk to sort in better light and plopped it on the counter. "It's clear back there, by the way. Guess we shouldda checked that up front and we would have avoided a lot of drama, yeah?"

<Jessica> "Next time I'll use my ears first before shopping...."

<Rogue> Rogue pulled a face, "Sorry. Ah shoulda thought 'bout that when Ah opened f'r business."

<Bobby> He paused, looking up at their long faces. Shit, Drake. "Hey, all's well that ends in... this!" He plucked at the shirt, which was a blue so bright it hurt the eyes. "Yeah?"

<Jessica> Jess moved over to him and pulled him into another hug, "Just don't scare me like that again."

<Rogue> That deserved an eye-roll. "Ah guess that's true. But ya still need pants." She dove into the box and almost immediately started giggling. With a side eye to Jess, she slowly pulled up a pair of women's cut-off jean-shorts with a huge hole where one back pocket should be.

<Bobby> "Yeah, those'd look great on you," he said, hamming it up with a grin and keeping Jess in a side hug.

<Rogue> "Ah ain't tha one who needs pants."

<Jessica> "I don't know if they'd fit you though.... might have to modify them." She told Bobby with another grin, "Of course... you may as well have kept your original pants for all the cover they give your ass."

<Bobby> "Let me guess, you want to cut out the other ass cheek," he tsked. "Ladies, ladies. If I'd known, I could have been pantsless all this time."

<Jessica> "I already told you that'd be too distracting but if we're not driving...."

<Rogue> "Don't ya at least wanna cover tha bits ya don't want bitten off?"

<Bobby> Making a face, he grabbed the Daisy Duke specials. "Yikes, don't make him retract."

<Rogue> Rogue gave a pointed look in his direction, "Ah don't think that'll be a problem with two gorgeous women 'round."
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Re: What if...? Another Zombie Apocalypse!

Post by Svartfreja » Tue Jul 07, 2020 11:58 pm

<Monet> Monet glanced around at the ruined view below them and frowned, "There it is. Not sure where he would be in this God-forsaken place, but if he is here, we will find him. Oui?" She gave a smile over her shoulder at Maria and started to lower herself towards the earth.

<Maria> "Yep! I'm good at finding stuff!" Maria followed her down, keeping an eye out for low-flying zombies.

<Monet> Monet smirked to herself, mentally patting the child on the head. "Anything you're interested in procuring for yourself whilst here?"

<Maria> Maria wasn't sure 'a cow' was the right answer so she shrugged, "I don't know yet."

<Monet> "Well, more than likely, there will be many shops that are abandoned and everything will be free reign. I would suggest choosing selectively since we will need to be able to carry Sebastian home if we find him."

<Maria> "It's okay, I can make containers." She projected a large hollow cube of energy to show Monet.

<Monet> "Isn't that amusing," she set her feet softly on the ground and smiled at Maria. "That should be very useful. Maybe we can shove Sebastian into one so that we don't have to worry about carrying him. He likely hasn't bathed in long enough that his stench will wear off onto us."

<Maria> "Ewwww...." Her nose wrinkled and she dismissed the energy cube. "This is definitely a work-uniform job." Maria concentrated for a moment and, much like Carol's ability to change her clothes, a wave of energy passed over Maria and she was in the costume designed for her and her role in the Avengers.

<Monet> Monet chuckled, "Alright, Captain. That's enough." Not to say that Monet wouldn't be showing off the same way if she had that nifty little power. "Let's find a quiet spot where I can sit and concentrate to see if I can find Sebastian."

<Maria> "Okidoki. I'll keep an eye out for stinky biters." She looked around, "Somewhere high up?"

<Monet> "It doesn't matter. Just somewhere quiet." Monet glanced around as well and pointed to an alcove at the side of a store, "That will do. Assuming he is still here and alive, I should be able to find him fairly quickly."

<Maria> "Okay..." She chewed her lip as she followed Monet to the alcove in a fair imitation of her mother trying not to say something.

<Monet> "What is it, child?" Monet turned around to face Maria, hands on her hips, and eyebrow cocked.

<Maria> "What happens if he's not here?"

<Monet> Monet's eyebrows furrowed, having had that own question in her mind, but not wanting to acknowledge it. "Then we keep looking until we find him. Maybe he has left some sort of trail we could follow. He is a dear friend of mine. Possibly the last one living and I would like to find him, wherever he is."

<Maria> "Are we not friends?" Maria was confused.

<Monet> "You and I? Yes, darling, we are friends." Monet frowned as she considered the best analogy to use and decided to go with a direct route instead. "Sebastian and I have known each other for a very long time and have been two leaders of a group similar to the Avengers. Because of that, he and I have a different bond than you and I do. Especially since your not-mother isn't exactly my biggest fan."

<Maria> "She likes you fine - otherwise she wouldn't have asked you to stay." Though Maria knew her mother had different levels of like too. "But okay, we'll find your bff if he's here or somewhere else," she gave Monet a big smile.

<Monet> Monet smirked at Maria referring to Sebastian as anyone's 'bff' and gave a small nod, "Merci. I hope I did not offend you by our misunderstanding." She touched Maria's arm in a slightly comforting motion then headed towards the alcove again. "And your mother asked me to stay because she would have felt guilty otherwise and don't mistake that for liking me."

<Maria> "If she didn't like you a little bit, she wouldn't feel guilty," Maria reasoned, "And she didn't kick you out even though you got not-uncle JJ drunk." Maria constructed some energy walls to herd walking zombies into a bottleneck.

<Monet> "Did she end up finding out about that, then?" Her smirk came back as she remembered what followed the drinking, but didn't say anything as she picked a comfortable perch so she could try to locate her 'bff.' "And you may have a point about that guilty feeling. Now, let me concentrate for a moment and maybe we can be home before dinner tomorrow."

<Maria> "He told her... guess he felt guilty too." She offered Monet a grin, "Maybe it's genetic."

<Monet> Monet smirked again, "Maybe so." She took a breath and turned inward, stretching out her mental fingers as far as she could, and frowned, "There's a museum nearby. We should check it."

<Maria> Maria blinked, "For.... souveneirs?" she finished constructing her zombie energy maze and hovered in the air with her legs crossed rather than sit on the questionable ground.

<Monet> "Non. I'm sensing Sebastian's residual energy there. Although, if you so desire, we could stop by their gift shop."

<Maria> "Yay!" She threw her arms up in a cheer, "I will get a fridge magnet."

<Monet> Monet laughed outright at Maria's excitement. "And indeed you shall if there are any left. Keep those creatures at bay while we fly there. It's three blocks southeast."

<Maria> "Easy peasy!" She grinned, "I'm good at walls."

<Monet> "Bien." Monet lifted into the air and started in the direction of the museum. "I'll know more when we get in the vicinity."

<Maria> Maria dismissed her energy walls and followed Monet to the mystery museum.

<Monet> "Why don't we head straight for the gift shop so you can pick out souvenirs while I scan? It would be a much more efficient use of time." She glanced over her shoulder at the staggering undead and grimaced. Maria's energy field was certainly handy.

<Maria> "Sure!" Maria was happy to do whatever because she was on an adventure with a new friend and was being useful too.

<Monet> Monet landed softly on the front steps of the museum and put her hands on her hips as she looked at the padlocked doors. The padlock was twisted and broken, but in place as if no one had touched it if you saw it from afar. "Hmm." She ripped off the chain and easily opened the unlocked doors while grinning. "Museum of History, Belarus," she gestured to the open doors while looking back at Maria.

<Maria> "Adventure!" Maria bounce-skipped her way through the doors, wondering if there was a military history section.

<Monet> "The gift shop should be just around the next corner unless they have remodeled since I was here last." Monet visually scanned the lobby for anything that might tell her something before she started her mental scan. The cash registers were busted open, but none of Sebastian's energy was lingering there. He had continued on.

<Maria> Maria headed for the gift shop with a gleeful giggle, leaving behind an energy wall to reinforce the doors while she poked around.

<Monet> Monet hovered slightly off the ground, continuing to visually search the museum while following Maria. She frowned at an exhibit and peeled off. Medieval weaponry? She lowered to the ground in front of a suit of armor that was slightly off kilter. "Maria, keep your eyes open for threats, darling."

<Maria> "Yep!" She called back, opening up a screen on her bracers and starting up a perimeter scan. Candy! She picked up a canvas bag from another display and started to pile in the treasure.

<Monet> Monet shook her head with a soft chuckle at Maria's energetic child-like behaviour. So different than the body that she had. Monet walked into the exhibit and slowly followed the path as if she were a visitor at the museum. Something felt wrong about this exhibit. Besides the fact that they were not displaying the torture devices correctly, that is.

<Maria> Having crammed all the candy into her goodie-bag, Maria started inspecting the fridge magnets and coloured pens.

<Monet> She stopped in front of a display of swords, glass covered the ground and there was a hole in the middle of the display that was the size of a rather large broadsword. "Of course he would." She bent down to read the plaque from the missing sword, "Sword of legend, said to have been used by many kings, not the least of which Charles the Great, King of the Franks. Known around the world as Charlemagne, he was most known for encouraging the Carolingian Renaissance, a cultural and intellectual revival in Europe."

<Monet> "Maria!"

<Maria> "Huh?!" Maria grabbed handfulls of pens and magnets and hurried to see what was up as she stuffed them into her bag, "What's up?"

<Monet> "Sebastian stole the coronation sword of France." She huffed at the empty space on the wall then turned to Maria, hands on her hips, deep furrows between her brows. "He had better let me borrow it."

<Maria> "... Oh. I thought there were zombies...." She reached into her bag and held out an offering, "Candy?"

<Monet> Monet didn't sulk very often, but she was feeling like now would be a good time to do so. She accepted the sweet and put it in her mouth with a huff. "Merci. I have wanted that sword my entire life. And now he has it instead. Bastard."

<Maria> Maria covered her mouth with her hands, "You said a bad word!"

<Monet> Monet almost laughed at that. Almost. It wasn't enough to take her mind off of the sword. "Well, when the situation warrants, oui, I use 'bad words.' And at this moment, that word perfectly describes Sebastian. ...At least I know he was here."

<Maria> "But he's not now..." she looked around, "So... where to next?" Her bracers beeped and she looked at the screen that was following her, "We have company."

<Monet> "Living or dead?" She floated to the entrance of the exhibit and focused, "He went deeper into the museum."

<Maria> "Dead," she wrinkled her nose, "But I think it brought friends..." she frowned as more dots started appearing on the map. "They can't get in at the moment but if I get too far away from the energy field it'll disappear."

<Monet> "Move it with us then and block their path. Or stay here and continue to play candy-shop robbery." Monet looked back towards the doors, then Maria, then headed deeper in. She was hearing rustling, "Do you have super-hearing as well? Or non?"

<Maria> "There's no more candy," she patted her bag. "I don't have super hearing, but the scanner's pretty sensitive. Daddy added it... but it's better than the one on his armour because Kree tech is awesome." She grinned, "He hates that."

<Monet> "Wonderful. Bring it with us, then, because we have some investigating to do. It sounds like it's coming from the other end of the museum. And make sure to keep up, child." Monet flew a bit faster down the hallway, "Daddy as in your real father or your not-father?"

<Maria> "My real daddy died before I was born," Maria explained, "But Mom tells me about him all the time. He liked to draw too." She easily kept up with Monet, adding walls of energy to block corridors as they passed and keeping an eye on her map.

<Monet> "I see. I'm sorry to hear that. I was quite close with my father as a child." She stopped to listen and test the area mentally. Nothing telepathically, but she heard movement still further on. "What do you like to draw? And have you had to deal with any of these creatures before or will you freeze up and make me have to explain to your not-mother why you're broken mentally?"

<Maria> "I'm nominated roof-zombie kicker-outer," she told Monet, "But I've been exploring so I had to deal with some already, yeah.... I like to draw lots of stuff. I'm good at cartoons."

<Monet> "Bien." Monet stopped in front of the doors to the World Wars exhibit. They were off of their hinges. "Maybe you can draw a cartoon of this adventure when we get back." The rustling was coming from in there. Her eyes narrowed at a spot on the edge of the door and she reached up to touch it. It was dried. "Is your scanner able to determine what something is? For example, if this smear is blood or not?"

<Maria> She nodded, "Yeah, I can do that..." she pulled up a secondary screen to run another scan for biological material. "I've been drawing my adventures already.... gonna take them home with me so I can show my moms what I got up to. They're probably pretty worried.... and mad at dad...."

<Monet> "Why would they be mad at a dead person?" Monet arched an eyebrow at Maria, "That seems rather illogical."

<Maria> She laughed, "No, silly! Tony-dad! He built the wonky machine... but I think Uncle Dr Stephen should probably take at least half the blame...."

<Monet> "I see. Your parallel family seems quite complicated." She looked at the screen and frowned, "Is it blood or not. I need to know."

<Maria> "I guess it's complicated from the outside..." she checked the scan results, "Yeah, it's blood...."

<Monet> "That's alright. Mine is also. My younger brother murdered our mother." Monet looked back up at the smear on the door. "Look for more. It could be Sebastian's."

<Maria> She wrinkled her nose, "That's not very nice...." She picked up the scan again to track the traces of biological material, projecting her blue energy onto any blood picked up to highlight them to Monet.

<Monet> "Merci. And non, it wasn't very nice at all. He did more than that, but I won't get into it with a child. It's unpleasant to say the least." Monet followed the trail and zoomed in on what looked like a chunk of skin. "This is also unpleasant. Can you tell who it came from?"

<Maria> "Belongs to that blood... but I don't know who the blood belongs to without a reference sample...."

<Monet> "Lovely." Monet looked around and walked over to the small bit of skin once she was sure there was nothing beyond it. She crouched down and made a face as she plucked the skin from the ground, "Well, this is where the trail started. And it looks like Sebastian's skin tone." Fantastic. "Go look for the end of the trail while I see what caused him to lose this," she held up the skin higher.

<Maria> "Okay..." Maria followed the blood trail to see where it led and came to an abrupt stop when she found it. "Uh... Oh....."

<Monet> Monet did not want to see what was around the corner that had been rustling, but she knew Maria should definitely not see it, so it was up to her. She heard a loud crash and flew fast to find who was at the source of it. And then she heard Maria, "I do not like it when people say 'uh oh.' What is it?"

<Maria> "I found the end...."

<Monet> And there likely was no Sebastian at the end... She changed course and went to Maria instead, "Oh no." That was quite a bit more blood. "And you're absolutely certain it's from the same source?"

<Maria> Maria nodded, chewing her lip as she swapped the text on her screen into english rather than the Kree language default.

<Monet> "Merde." Monet closed her eyes and took a deep breath. "I think our best course of action would be to assume for now that there is no Sebastian to find."

<Maria> Maria decided it was a good time to ignore the new bad word. "I'm sorry..."

<Monet> "Merci." She cleared her throat and headed towards the entrance of the museum. "It's time to go, child."

<Maria> "Do you need a hug?" she dismissed the biologial scan screen and focused on the map and its dots.

<Monet> "Non. I prefer to deal with this by not being touched. Merci." Monet smoothed the sides of her shirt and turned to look at Maria's screen. "How many should I expect?"

<Maria> "A lot by now..." she widened the view to maximum range, more dots were coming in from the edges, "The noise is attracting them."

<Monet> Monet looked up at the ceiling, "Shall we make an amazing exit, then?"

<Maria> Maria looked up, "Gonna bust the ceiling?"

<Monet> "Why not? It would certainly allow me to release my frustration. Demolition is always fun, after all."

<Maria> She gave a small grin, "I didn't say it was a bad idea. Just different. Mom woulda taken it out on the zombies. You're more like Mommy." She dismissed her screen. "Wanna go to Florida on the way home and pick oranges so no one gets scurvy?"

<Monet> "That sounds like an excellent plan. Maybe we should stop and see how deteriorated the theme parks have become. That could be amusing." Monet shrugged, "And if I was alone, the undead would be ashes instead of the ceiling."

<Maria> "You don't have to change how you deal with things on my account," Maria assured her, "I'll be just fine. Want you to be okay too."

<Monet> "So long as something gets destroyed, I will be fine. I would make the same decision if my little sister were with me instead of you." She looked over at Maria, "Or were you wanting to take on the ever-growing hoard?"

<Maria> Maria shrugged a shoulder, "I'm totally my mom's daughter." She offered another grin, "I'm good with punching bad guys in the face."

<Monet> Monet gestured Maria forward, "After you, then."

<Maria> "Woohoo!" Maria dismissed her screen and her energy walls and headed straight for the nearest cluster of zombies.
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