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Re: What if...? DoFP

Post by Svartfreja » Tue Dec 17, 2019 7:12 pm

<Warren> Warren sat in a chair trying to relax. He was still having trouble getting over how murderous his other side had been. He'd never been that unhinged before. It worried him.

<Pietro> Pietro had done his best to stem the bloodloss but he was missing his speed so much right now. Viper's blood pressure was dangerously low - almost unreadable and fluids would only go so far to fix that. If their powers weren't down, her healing would sort everything out no problem at all but there was no telling how long it would take for them to come back up and time was running out.

<Pietro> He didn't want to leave her in case her condition deteriorated further so he went to one of her stations and pulled up a screen to locate some help, calling Warren's room.

<Warren> Warren stared at the screen buzzing in his room before going over to it. "Uhmm hello?"

<Pietro> "Warren! I need your help. Can you come to Viper's lab? It's urgent." He glanced over at her as a monitor started beeping an alarm, "Damn it! One sec!" he disappeared from view.

<Warren> "Uhmm... yes?" Warren was so confused about what was going on but he got dressed to head to the lab.

<Pietro> He heard the reply while he was dealing with the latest emergency and hoped Warren knew to run. Any time his speed decided to kick back in it would be awesome. "Don't you dare! No one knows how anything around here works!"

<Warren> Warren managed to get to the lab pretty quickly. "Uhmm what the hell?"

<Pietro> "Questions later. He waved a hand at a chair, indicating for him to sit, "How do you feel about blood donation?" The beeping stopped which was good but not good enough for him to relax.

<Warren> Warren moved over to the chair to sit down. "What? I guess I don't mind? What's going on?" He finally noticed Viper. "What the hell happened to Viper?!"

<Pietro> "Humans, Sentinels, a bunch of guns..." he gathered the necessary items, hoping he could get this done without her blood pressure tanking again.

<Warren> Warren just stared at one of his old teachers. "O...okay. And you needed me cuz our blood types match?" He didn't even know his own blood type.

<Pietro> He nodded, "She's lost a lot of blood and the bleeding hasn't stopped yet..." really he needed to get the bullets out before they did more damage but that would be far too dangerous in her current state.

<Warren> "Uhmm okay..." He held his arm out for Pietro to start the transfusion.

<Pietro> Pietro prepped his arm, deciding to transfuse directly from him to her for speed. "Just enough to stablise her blood pressure, okay? Then we'll stop."

<Warren> "Yeah that's fine." He winced a little at the needle poking into him. Warren hated needles. "I can't really do more than that though... I'm not a healer." He frowned.

<Pietro> "I know. We should really get one of those..." He sighed, prepping Viper's arm and getting the transfusion going. He finally sat down, pulling off the gloves and throwing them to one side before running his hands through his hair, "Now we wait."

<Warren> "Or maybe just a doctor?" He shrugged a little. "I mean it wouldn't surprise me if Viper was but she does stuff like whatever you two were doing..."

<Pietro> "Yeah she has medical knowlege but it doesn't do any good when she's the patient." He frowned, "My wife's a doctor but... I don't want to involve her right now..." because she'd be mad as hell.

<Warren> "Uhmm... okay?" He frowned a little. Weren't doctors always supposed to be up to helping people like this? Wasn't that their thing?

<Pietro> "She's with our son and the Shaws... if I go there, then this gets a lot worse before it gets better."

<Warren> Warren just shrugged a little. "Okay? So why were you two getting shot at?"

<Pietro> "Because she decided it would be a good idea to steal a Sentinel."

<Warren> "SHE WHAT!?!?!" Warren stared at Pietro. That needed lots of explaining.

<Pietro> "Apparently it was broken so she decided to dismantle it and take it home... that's all I got out of her when I went to get her."

<Warren> "If she wasn't so damn smart I'd say she was an absolute idiot..."

<Pietro> "We did get the Sentinel..." he added, "And then she got shot because she pulled me behind her."

<Warren> "Still..." He sighed a little. "I guess it will be worth it then?" Warren really didn't know what to say.

<Pietro> "Hopefully..." he glanced at her again, casting his eyes over the monitors, "But I'd rather not have that be at her expense."

<Warren> "Yeah... I don't know what the heck we'll do here without her. This place is pretty fucking weird."

<Pietro> "Yeah and I'm pretty sure there's more of it we haven't seen..."

<Warren> "It wouldn't surprise me. I wouldn't be surprised if there's more to our rooms than we've figured out."

<Pietro> "Well not my family's room... I got bored."

<Warren> "You sure? Viper's got mad skills at hiding shit."

<Pietro> "And I have superspeed and no sleeping." He got up to check the monitors again. "I even found all the cameras."

<Warren> Warren stared at him. "There's cameras in our rooms?"

<Pietro> "There's cameras everywhere. Best not to think about it too hard."

<Warren> "This place is so weird...." He sighed. "I guess I shouldn't be surprised."

<Pietro> "I don't think she watches them," he laughed, "I think it's just for security... but she does have a paranoia streak a mile wide so she might have gone slightly overboard."

<Warren> "I mean hey I guess it works out some ways and is weird in others. I mean if she wasn't we wouldn't have a safe place to hideout."

<Pietro> "Yeah and she wouldn't have tracked down Hope and I wouldn't be here..." her blood pressure was finally tracking back upward.

<Warren> "Yeah she's been doing a pretty good job of tracking people down and rescuing them. If it wasn't for her, I wouldn't have Heather back." It hurt him to think about how he'd just given up on Heather still being alive.

<Pietro> "Well... she's stubborn. Not really one for accepting defeat so... let's hope that works out well for her."

<Warren> "Yeah, hopefully she won't go and get herself shot again. I don't know how I feel about the whole Sentinel thing though..."

<Pietro> "If it helps to combat them then it's a good thing but having her brain in the conversation about it would probably make everything go a little faster."

<Warren> "Yeah, I'm sure she's already got some plans for it." He shrugged.

<Pietro> "Probably... but she hasn't had time to share them yet."

<Warren> "Yeah getting shot does that..."

<Pietro> "We just have to keep her stable til her healing kicks back in then she'll be fine..."

<Warren> "Alright, I'll just sit here and be a juice box then." He gave Pietro a shrug.

<Pietro> "Her blood pressure is picking up so it shouldn't be too much longer..."

<Warren> "Alright, I wasn't trying to complain, just wish I could do more."

<Pietro> "Yeah, you're not the only one. As soon as my powers are back up I'll get the bullets out... don't want to risk it right now. It'll take too long."

<Warren> "Yeah, hopefully the bullets didn't hit anything too important..."

<Pietro> Pietro decided to not mention where he'd found holes when he was applying pressure bandages. "Well she's still with us so... nothing too dramatic...."

<Warren> "Yeah that's good. Any idea how long until your powers come back...? I've only got so much blood." He frowned, wishing he could do more.

<Pietro> "No idea. It's different for everyone... plus they're always messing with the formula we think... having a Sentinel to study will definitely help there..." he frowned, checking Viper's blood pressure again. It was still low but it was stable enough. "I think we'll probably be alright now until her powers come back up..."

<Warren> "Alright, that's good then." He gave Pietro a weak smile. "I'm starting to get a little light headed."

<Pietro> He returned the smile and moved over to disconnect their blood supplies from each other. "You should probably sit for a while... I can go and get you a snack...?"

<Warren> "Yeah, I'll definitely sit here. I think if I stand I'll pass out." He smiled a little. "Uhmm sure?"

<Pietro> "I won't be as fast as usual but I'll be as quick as I can," he promised as he put everything away. "It'll help with the light headedness."

<Warren> "Sugar right? Don't they give you cookies after donating blood?"

<Pietro> "Cookies and orange juice," he nodded, "Sound good?"

<Warren> "Sounds perfect." He shook a little. The light headedness was going away slowly but he was colder than usual.

<Pietro> "I'll be right back then," he headed out of the lab, leaving Warren with the still unconscious patient.

<Warren> "Yeah alright..." He didn't know what to do now.

<Pietro> Viper lay still in the bed but as her blood pressure ticked back upward she started making small sounds of discomfort.

<Warren> Warren winced a little at the sounds. Pietro shouldn't have gone to get him stuff. "Hey Viper, you're back at base you'll be okay."

<Pietro> His words did nothing to ease Viper's apparent discomfort and her heartrate increased a little on the monitors.

<Warren> "Pietro!" Warren called and tried to get up, unsteadily. "Its okay Viper, calm down we're trying to help you."

<Pietro> Pietro heard the shout as he reached the door to the main part of the lab and hurried a little faster the rest of the way, "What's the matter?"

<Warren> "I don't know. The monitors are making noise and she sounds like she's in more pain..."

<Pietro> Pietro set Warren's snack down on a small table and pulled gloves on to go and investigate what was going on. He moved the blanket aside to check her injuries, peeling back one of the bandages on her chest. He was somewhat surprised to see the end of a bullet poking out of the hole it had made and making steady progress the rest of the way out. "... Huh."

<Warren> "Huh?" Warren stared at Pietro, ignoring the snack. "What?"

<Pietro> "She's healing... but it's too fast to be her own mutation..." he moved other bandages out of the way so that the remaining bullets could work their way out without getting caught and causing Viper more pain.

<Warren> "Uhmm..." Warren was even more confused now. He managed to get back into his seat without passing out.

<Pietro> "Some healing mutations can be shared by blood... the effect is usually temporary on the recipient... but it seems like your mutation might fit that category... I'd have to run some tests to confirm it but... the evidence kind of speaks for itself."

<Warren> "Oh... uhmm that's good then. Looks like we won't have to wait for your powers to come back to fix the problem."

<Pietro> "Yeah, that's great news," he smiled, "Hopefully she'll recover quickly then no one needs to know and be mad at anyone."

<Warren> "Uhmm who would be mad?" He gave Pietro a confused look.

<Pietro> "Tiny Russian." He replied, "She has a temper and it's terrifying. Never make a teleporter mad at you."

<Warren> "I try my best not to make anyone mad..."

<Pietro> "That is a good philosophy to live by," he nodded sagely.

<Warren> "Especially not when they can kick your ass." He opened the drink and took a small sip.

<Pietro> "Or teleport you into a volcano."

<Warren> "That sounds terrifying...." He stared at Pietro. "Maybe you should not do things to piss off people that can do that."

<Pietro> "That is always the plan.... but sometimes circumstances screw you over..." he pulled a face.

<Warren> "Yeah, seems like the world likes to screw mutants over left and right."

<Pietro> "Well.... and I've been known to make decisions some people find questionable at best...."

<Warren> "You should stop doing that. It's not good for your health unless you enjoy being a charcoal briquette."

<Pietro> He laughed, "It's a work in progress. Hard to always be the good guy when the world's ending."

<Warren> "Yeah..." Warren was reminded of what he'd done to get Heather back.

<Pietro> "The way I see it at the moment... we're in a war. Whatever we can do to protect the people that matter to us, we should do it and not feel that bad about it. Of course, I'd rather non-violence but sometimes that's not an option," he shrugged a shoulder, "I do the bad things so my wife and children are safe. We all have our reasons. If we survive all of this then it was worth it."

<Warren> "Yeah I can't argue that with you... I did some pretty terrible things to get Heather back." He frowned.

<Pietro> "And you got her back... judge yourself on the outcomes.... it's not ideal, I know... but we're in too much shit to be idealistic right now."

<Warren> "Yeah... I've been trying not to think about it..."

<Pietro> "Hey, whatever makes it easier. I doubt anyone here is gonna judge you for it."

<Warren> "Yeah me neither. We've all had to do sketchy stuff to get here..."

<Pietro> "Then I wouldn't worry about it too much," Pietro gave him a smile. "Just be happy you're alive and Heather's safe and leave it at that. All the rest is just... noise."

<Warren> "Yeah, that's the fun part." He shrugged. "So.... a Sentinel?"

<Pietro> "Yeah.... don't worry though, we removed the power core and the gps in the field. It's totally safe."

<Warren> "That's good at least." He shrugged a little. Warren wasn't too concerned, Viper wouldn't have done it unless she had a plan.

<Pietro> "So now we just need to study it in detail and see what we can do to take them down. Pretty sure that'll be a fun project for all of us nerds." He gave Warren a small grin, "How're you feeling now, by the way?"

<Warren> "Still a little light headed but I'm okay. How's she doing?"

<Pietro> "She's stable... there's no telling when she might wake up though... you don't have to wait here."

<Warren> "Alright, I guess let me know if you need me again." Warren grabbed the snack and got up carefully to head out.
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