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What if...? DoFP

Postby Svartfreja » Tue May 09, 2017 9:42 pm

Five years on from current game time... In a world where Tony Stark didn't get reelected.

The mutant-friendly Stark administration has been replaced with a much less mutant-friendly leadership. The decision to outlaw the Sentinel program has been repealed so they are once again on the streets and being used by the government to subdue mutants and round them up into camps. Mutants that are deemed useful to the government agenda are 'reeducated' and put to work. Those that remain are sent to the camps where the vast majority wear collars that suppress their powers, only those with powers that are deemed 'unthreatening' get to keep them.

Pockets of mutants in hiding can be found in abandoned buildings or far from the cities and living in the wild. Those in the cities live in constant fear of regular patrols in search of mutants, the most dangerous being those that contain brainwashed mutants with tracking abilities and Sentinels.

Many of the camps are based on prison structure with high security and lockdown capabilities. The guards don't bother to step in if the inmates want to fight and kill each other - one less mutant to worry about. The food is terrible, the boredom almost worse and there is the constant threat of violence just to relieve the tension. Newer camps and most camps for mutant children are less high security and more tents and prefabricated buildings. These are draughty and dusty places where medical help is almost non-existant.

What's that I hear you say?

'Oh no not another dystopian future whatif!'

But they're so fun! Think of all the drama! All the killing you can do that you can't do in regular game! All the hiding in holes and running away or breaking out of prisons full of other mutants. You can incite riots, use your powers for personal gain or try to keep Xavier's message alive and continue to help the ungrateful homosapiens.

What would your characters do trapped in a prison with their powers deactivated? Would they make alliances? Who would they ally with? Former enemies? Former friends? Perhaps they turned traitor for better treatment? Maybe they help the government hunt down other mutants? Was this forced or by choice for a better life? How do they feel about it? Do they fight against the control? Or do they try to ignore the burden of guilt on a daily basis? Are they trying to muddle through and live as normally as possible? Are they trying to fight back? Have they resigned themselves to their fate? What would it take to make them want to fight?
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Re: What if...? DoFP

Postby Svartfreja » Tue May 09, 2017 9:43 pm

<Viper> The lights came on with a loud 'clunk' all around the camp and Viper hissed at the brightness and rolled over to put her face into the pillow. The start of another shitty day. Joy. She wondered if she'd make it to their pathetic excuse for breakfast today or if she'd be ambushed again. By now, she was pretty sure the guards were in on it. It gave the prisoners an easier target for their rage.

<Viper> She sighed and sat up, running a hand through her hair and rolling out of the bed and onto her feet. She got dressed and attempted to make herself look somewhat presentable before the cell doors opened and the irritatingly loud claxon sounded the start of breakfast. She braced herself and stepped out into the corridor to join the crowd.

<Daken> Daken laid in his bed until a guard came by to yell at him to get his lazy ass up. He didn't want the food but he would at least see if there was a show to entertain him today. His first day in he had killed enough inmates for them to all leave him alone. But a few here and there always thought that they could manage to put him down.

<Daken> "Mmm maybe I'll just bring you in here for a little bite." Daken licked his lips before the guard went wide eyed and just went to deal with a different inmate.

<Viper> The doorway to the caffeteria was in sight. Maybe she'd make it today? ... Oooor never mind. She came to a stop as her path was blocked.

<Daken> Daken followed behind her and only looked up when he noticed their way was being blocked. He looked up to see the faces of who was in his way. "Move or I'll have an earlier breakfast than usual." He hated using them now that his healing factor was being blocked but if he had to he could cut his way through the simpletons.

<Viper> "Sure, we'll move." One of them replied, striding forward and grabbing Viper's arm before dragging her away from the doorway while his friends followed. Viper didn't bother putting up any resistance, it'd just delay the inevitable.

<Daken> Daken grabbed the guy and quickly punched him hard in the kidney, his claw slipping deep into the man's flesh. "Did I say take her with you? I want something nice to look at while I eat." He looked Viper over with eyes that made it seem like he might eat her.

<Viper> Viper was surprised, this was a new development. She looked between Daken and the others as they sized him up and considered their chances. Eventually, after what seemed like an agonisingly long time, they moved forward, picked up their friend, and walked away. Viper still didn't relax, wondering what new trouble she'd find herself in now.

<Daken> "Better move along or I'll get hungry." He licked his lips. Daken so enjoyed killing, especially in the morning. The smell of blood on his fist riled him up just enough for him to walk more lively. If they hadn't taken his powers away Daken might have found this place fun. "What's your name?"

<Viper> She raised an eyebrow, "I don't know why you did that or why you care what my name is... but my advice to you would be to stay away from me."

<Daken> "I don't care for you in the slightest." Daken said without hesitating. "You do look very tasty though." He licked the blood off his face and then cringed a little. "Too much iron."

<Viper> "I suppose I should thank you for the compliment..." she frowned as they entered the caffeteria. She couldn't remember the last time she'd managed to actually get food. Now the smell of even their meager offerings was making her realise how hungry she was.

<Daken> Daken got his plate and pulled an even worse face. Then again maybe he would still hate it. "They do that often? You must either be weak or look even tastier under those ugly clothes."

<Viper> The food didn't look at all appetising but it was something. And there was coffee, even if it was terrible coffee. "Every day..." she sighed. "And that's not what they want me for..."

<Daken> "Then what? Why are you so hated?" Daken laughed a little. "You must have pissed someone off. My suggestion. Kill enough of them they won't come near you."

<Viper> "There'll be more where they came from. The guards told them some things about me... I think it's become their source of entertainment." She found a table and sat down at it to eat.

<Daken> "They know better than to mess with me. So enjoy whatever it is they call this." Daken found a spot to sit before he started to eat.

<Viper> "Apparently it's food... at the moment, I don't think I care what it is as long as it's edible." She forced herself to eat slowly.

<Daken> Daken just sighed and kept on eating. After a few moments he looked at one of the people watching them. "If you interrupt me I will kill you and make you my next meal." He went back to eating. "They are looking at you with so much blood lust. It's making me want to go wild." Daken grinned.

<Viper> "As soon as you leave, they'll come for me," she told him, "You may have stopped them this morning but you can't stop them every time... I am grateful for this morning though... I don't remember the last time I ate anything."

<Daken> "Mmm maybe I'll stick around you longer. It seems like it could be fun." Daken grabbed the first guy that was dumb enough to come near and put his face into the table. "Bad luck for you." He snapped his neck before pushing him off of it.

<Viper> "You're doing their job for them..." she frowned. "Honestly, there's no point..."

<Daken> "Until I get out of here I will have all the fun I can. If you're concerned, I've also killed fifteen guards and maimed three. I think they look better now."

<Viper> "Killing the guards seems a much better application of your skills." She finished her tiny portion and sighed internally at the empty plate before picking up the cup of what they had the audacity to call coffee. "Have you heard of Hydra?"

<Daken> "Heh so that's why they hate you. I tend to keep much more low key. These idiots just think I'm going to kill all of them." He grinned wide. "Or eat them."

<Viper> "The guards told them who I was... I think they were hoping that way they'd target me instead of them... looks like it worked."

<Daken> "And here I thought you Hydra people were better trained." He laughed a little. "Maybe you'll have to make some friends."

<Viper> "I have plenty of training. But even I can't handle twenty at once without a weapon... and I certainly don't think it's a good idea to make my problems someone elses." Her eyes scanned the room and landed on a familiar profile sitting on the opposite side.

<Daken> "I did just fine my first day. It sounds like you won't last too long in here then." Daken reached down and searched the pockets of the guy who had attacked, it had lots of interesting things in it.

<Viper> "Well you started it," she pointed out, distracted by his movement and looking at him again. "It's different when you get to choose."

<Daken> "I have killed more than a few that have attacked me. Then they just stopped attacking me." He smirked. "I think it had to do with when I bit out the guard's jugular."

<Viper> Her nose wrinkled and she self consciously ran her tongue over a fang, "Biting is a last resort where I am concerned."

<Daken> "You're starting to bore me. Do you have no fire left in you?" Daken smirked at her. "Where is the darkness that I hear so much about when Hydra is involved."

<Viper> "When you are beaten three times or more daily for the things you did whilst with Hydra over a period of a year, it somewhat loses its lustre." And now there was no more terrible coffee either. She rose from her seat, bending to quietly add, "What little fight I do have is awaiting an opportunity to escape from this hell hole. If I fight back the guards will punish me and I may lose that chance."

<Daken> "Sigh well I guess I shall just have to entertain myself." Daken pocketed all the stuff he found and cracked his neck. "Hmm who should I kill first. Or maybe I should just put you out of your misery."

<Viper> "You can't," she told him, "Believe me, I've frequently wished that was an option of late."

<Daken> "You're just all around no fun." Daken rolled his eyes. "Well you enjoy your life of being beaten down."

<Viper> "What would you suggest?" She was getting irritated now and something of her old fire sparked behind her eyes, "I have no friends here."

<Daken> "You're not doing very good at making any." Daken got up to head back to his cell. "Good luck on your own."

<Viper> She sighed, "Well I've never been good at that." She dropped off her empty plate and cup, "Thank you for earlier..."

<Daken> Daken rolled his eyes. "You don't pick up on hints very well either." Off to his cell he'd go if she wanted to die here she could.

<Viper> She frowned a little at that, looking away, "It's not my fault."

<Daken> "Do you expect me to care? Take the initiative find a way to not get yourself killed then." He just shook his head as he walked off.

<Viper> Ugh. Other people were infuriating. This was why she liked her own company. She scowled at his back as he walked away. She hated other people, so why was she walking after him?

<Daken> "It looks like I have a shadow. Is your survival instinct kicking in?" Daken didn't even look back at her.

<Viper> "Maybe..." she wasn't really sure. "What do you want from me anyway? Why do you even care whether or not I give up?"

<Daken> "I enjoy looking at you. Maybe I want to keep you as a pet?" He turned into his cell to sit down on his bed. They hadn't given him a new cellmate since he had killed all the others.

<Viper> "And if I don't want to be anyone's pet?" she paused in his doorway, raising an eyebrow at him.

<Daken> "Then I guess you don't need my protection do you?" Daken found a comfortable position on his bed.

<Viper> "I'll survive without it..." she pointed out, "What do you think you'll get out of protecting me?"

<Daken> "Pass the time? Enjoyment?" Daken laughed a little. "I'm stuck in here until I figure out how to get my powers back so why not find a fun way to pass the time?"

<Viper> "Are you thinking I might sleep with you?" She straightened up in the doorway, "I'm not going to whore myself out to you."

<Daken> Daken laughed a little. "You say no but you were the one to suggest it. Are you getting pent up?"

<Viper> She frowned at him. "What did you mean then?"

<Daken> "And why should I tell you?" He pulled a book from under his pillow and opened it to read.

<Viper> "Because if you don't your entertainment might walk away."

<Daken> "Oh you'll be entertaining either way. And if not I can always find a new plaything to enjoy. My numbers are rising though. I do hope they don't send your protector somewhere else." He smirked.

<Viper> "You're not my protector. You helped me once. That's a fluke."

<Daken> "Do you really think had I left you be after that they wouldn't have come for revenge? They won't come after me. You're their only target."

<Viper> "And I will continue to be their target. I can't go everywhere accompanied and I don't wish to be in anyone's debt."

<Daken> "Then I guess you must make this arrangement mutually beneficial to me. And maybe I'll make sure you don't run into trouble anymore."

<Viper> "And what is it you want?" She folded her arms across her chest.

<Daken> "I don't know. You'll just have to figure out how to entertain me." He set his book down and stood up. "How about a little play first." Daken started walking closer to her. "But first you have to decide if we have an agreement."

<Viper> "I never agree to anything without full disclosure of terms." She raised an eyebrow.

<Daken> "What have I not told you?" Daken cocked his head while he looked at her.

<Viper> "How am I to make this mutually beneficial? You still haven't told me what you want from me."

<Daken> "To entertain me. Was that not clear?" Daken moved close to her again. "Your answer?"

<Viper> "In what fashion am I to entertain you?" Her posture stiffened.

<Daken> "That's for you to decide. Are you scared?" He watched her.

<Viper> "Should I be?"

<Daken> "Why would you be? It wouldn't be very entertaining to attempt to kill you after going to the trouble of protecting you this morning."

<Viper> "I didn't say I was. I asked if I should be. You haven't answered either of my questions."

<Daken> "For now I would say no. And I have you just don't like the answer."

<Viper> "It's too ambiguous." She turned on her heel and started to walk away. She could live without his help.

<Daken> "Hmm and I didn't think it would be that hard of a task. I guess you're not all that special then."

<Viper> "Because I won't sleep with you? Please." She rolled her eyes and raised her hand in a wave.

<Daken> "And we're back to the sex. You must be really pent up. You have fingers to entertain your sexual desires don't you?"

<Viper> "Then what do you want?" She turned back to face him, "Just say it."

<Daken> "I want you to entertain me. If you don't want to have sex with me. Though I'm starting to doubt your convictions. Then you'll have to find a different way to entertain me."

<Viper> "That's entirely too much effort for something I don't need. Find someone else to be your plaything."

<Daken> "I guess you weren't very fun in the first place." He rolled his eyes and went back to his bed to read.

<Daken> "Let those idiots beat you to a sniveling pulp again. Who am I to care."

<Viper> "I don't snivel." She called back, a hard edge entering her tone. If nothing else, he'd started to make her feel like her old self again.

<Daken> "It didn't seem that way to me. Just willing to let any wimp beat on you." Daken opened his book to start reading again. "Enjoy your beatings. It sounds to me like they're looking for you."

<Viper> Ugh. She could see them coming up the stairs. Well, she didn't need to use the stairs. She vaulted the railing and landed neatly on the floor below confusing her would-be attackers as she vanished into the crowd on the way back to her cell.
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Re: What if...? DoFP

Postby Svartfreja » Tue May 09, 2017 9:44 pm

<Viper> The next morning, Viper was ready to go before the cell doors were unlocked. As soon as she could leave her cell, she did and at a run. She wanted to make it to the finishline today.

<Daken> Daken lazily made it out of his cell. "Oh she has some spice left in her it seems." He followed along to get his breakfast for the morning.

<Viper> She dodged around the two early risers and made it into the caffeteria, taking her 'food' and 'coffee' and sitting down. Her table was soon surrounded by the usual crowd - minus the one Daken had incapacitated the day before. She ignored them and continued eating.

<Daken> Daken made it into the cafeteria and got his food. "Hmm I wonder how she will handle this." He took a seat where he could watch.

<Viper> Once her plate and mug were empty, Viper raised her gaze. "Can I help you?" "Did you want an audience today?" one of them asked. Viper's expression slid into a smirk. "Oh yes." Without warning, her plate and cup were thrown in the faces of two of the largest and then she used her spoon's handle to maim as many of the others as she could before she pounced on their leader.

<Daken> Daken laughed a little. "She does have spunk." He watched her as he ate his food, if you could call it food.

<Viper> She jammed the spoon up into his neck, "Listen very carefully because I don't like to repeat myself. I am done being your punching bag. Find some other way to get your kicks." She moved away from him, but made sure to assist the lesson in sticking by ramming the spoon deep into his leg. "It's just a flesh wound but I made sure it will hurt. Next time I'll hit an artery." She straightened up and strolled to the door.

<Daken> "Well aren't you a show off?" Daken smirked over at her. "It seems I have inspired you."

<Viper> "That was not showing off. That was making a point." she returned the expression, "There would have been a lot more blood if I'd been showing off."

<Daken> "Well then I'll look forward to more shows. That was quite interesting." He smirked.

<Viper> "I used to be quite formidable," she replied, "I think a year of penance is enough to cover my sins."

<Daken> "You are growing more and more interesting. Maybe you'll reach my numbers if I grow lazy."

<Viper> "Numbers of what? Killings or maimings?" she raised an eyebrow.

<Daken> "I don't usually leave them alive unless I want to play with them."

<Viper> "I like to leave them alive. Seeing the fear on their faces later pleases me."

<Daken> "That might come back to bite you in the ass. These fools don't have much to live for. The last inmate I left alive decided to attempt to jump me with more friends. One of them had quite delicious blood."

<Viper> "Well then that'll make it more interesting for you, won't it?"

<Daken> "Yes it will. I can't wait to see how this turns out."

<Viper> "So is this what you wanted when you asked for entertainment? You wanted to see why I'd earned so much hatred?"

<Daken> "I didn't care how you did it. I just wanted to be entertained. This place is quite boring."

<Viper> "I don't think it's supposed to be interesting. They don't want to overstimulate us and incite a riot or something."

<Daken> "It's just a matter of time. Either that or they will put me into some deep dark hole." He shrugged.

<Viper> "I doubt that, this is America. I think they've forgotten the elegance of an oubliette."

<Daken> "They are quite wimpy. These guards are quite weak. Maybe I shall leave sometime."

<Viper> "Their guards may be weak but their security is excellent. There may be some way around it, however."

<Daken> "It sounds like you have some ideas?" He got up and moved towards her.

<Viper> "I've had rather a lot of experience running large facilities with impenetrable security. If I can't find a way around it, what hope is there for anyone else?"

<Daken> "I made a living getting in to said places and murdering the ones it guarded." He smirked.

<Viper> "I don't think I've ever seen you in one of my facilities," she countered. "I'd have remembered."

<Daken> "No one hired me to assassinate you. But then, you wouldn't remember me then either." Daken grinned. "Maybe I will leave this hell hole. It was fun for a time. But if you're planning to go then I don't know how much more fun I will have."

<Viper> "Anyone who is not planning to leave at the earliest oportunity deserves to be in here." Her expression was one of disgust. "Someone did try to assassinate me once...."

<Daken> "I guess that means you don't want my help." Daken just shrugged and started back for his cell.

<Viper> "When did I say that?"

<Daken> "I have yet to escape but I am quite capable of it." Daken continued to his cell.

<Viper> "Anyone could say that. Where is your proof?"

<Daken> "I openly kill guards with no care of what the repercussions might be?" Daken shrugged.

<Viper> "That is no proof that you could escape this facility. How do you plan on getting through their doors? Or the walls? The open ground beyond? Or that fetching little collar around your neck?"

<Daken> "Come to my cell." Daken didn't wait for her

<Viper> She frowned, not overly fond of following instructions that sounded like orders, but followed anyway.

<Daken> Daken got into his room and waited for her. Once she was in the room he pulled out a block with lots of hidden items behind it. "It's not hard at all to leave places like this. You just have to have the right tools."

<Viper> "Knowing how to use them also helps," she peered inside, "And I know a lot of things about a lot of things."

<Daken> Daken easily got the collar off of himself with a few of the tools he had stolen. "I'm guessing you still doubt me?"

<Viper> "A little less." She conceded, "You realise if we plan an escape, there is one other that I would insist we bring along."

<Daken> "Without this I can walk out of here whenever I want." Daken let his claw slip out and stabbed it through his own arm before withdrawing it and watching it heal over completely. "And that is not even remotely my best skill."

<Viper> "The person I would want to bring is not a healer... but she's fast. And she can fly."

<Daken> "Why would I want to bring anyone with me?" Daken moved back to the bed to sit down on it.

<Viper> "Well you needn't but it's an option. I'm just saying... if I go, she goes. I made a promise."

<Daken> "Then I guess you should either persuade me to help you get her out or find a way out yourself."

<Viper> "If you don't want to help that's your decision. I can find my own way out. I fail to see why you insist that I persuade you to do everything. Do you not have a will of your own to decide whether or not you wish to do smething?"

<Daken> "I do what I want when I want." He got up and returned the displaced brick. "Once I leave however it will make it much harder on you I'm sure."

<Viper> "Then I'll have to make sure I leave first," she replied with a smirk, "Or you could decide on your own that your odds are better with numbers." She could just as easily turn him and his toolkit in.

<Daken> "Are you ready to leave now? Because I could leave at anytime." He smirked back.

<Viper> "Then why haven't you?"

<Daken> "Don't feel like it." He went back to his bed and laid down. "It sounded rather boring. There isn't much left out there."

<Viper> "That depends on where you look now, doesn't it?"

<Daken> "I hadn't found anything left entertaining out there."

<Viper> "What exactly is your definition of entertainment because it seems to me if you're this bored all of the time you may as well find a way to end your life while you have that collar on."

<Daken> "You are quite the peach aren't you?" He rolled his eyes. What of any of that came off as suicidal?

<Viper> "I'm just saying... if nothing is fun anymore then why bother? In here is boring, outside is boring. What is left for you? Or have you forgotten how to make your own fun?"

<Daken> "Oh I could make all the fun I want now, but then eventually it would be gone again and I would have to deal with them finding out I have my powers again."

<Viper> "There is more fun in this life than killing people."

<Daken> "Maybe. But I quite enjoy it." He started to fill the little cell with lust pheromones. "I can find fun in many different ways."

<Viper> "Then find it rather than moping about how there is none anymore. Perhaps it'd be fun to help fellow mutants rather than help the humans kill us. Have you considered that?"

<Daken> "I hold no care for them. If they bleed then they're just as fun to kill as the humans." He slipped a single claw out and toyed with it, still filling the little cell with his pheromones.

<Viper> "Then we should part ways. I believe in preserving mutantkind."

<Daken> "Good luck with your philanthropic ways. Good luck getting out of here."

<Viper> "Philanthropic? Hardly. Mutants are the future." She turned for the hall.

<Daken> "Yet we are still subjugated by the weak and unevolved." He rolled his eyes. She was one of those kinds, Daken couldn't roll his eyes hard enough.

<Viper> "Because of mutants like you giving the rest of us a bad name and having no direction at all in their own lives."

<Daken> "I have been alive too long to give any fuck about your philosophies. Humans will always be here and they will always fear our powers and find some way to negate or stop it. You won't succeed."

<Viper> "So terribly defeatist. It's a wonder you're still alive when you can't see the point. I don't understand people like you."

<Daken> "Life is a cycle it doesn't change." He got comfortable on his bed. Maybe he would find some place with a comfortable bed.

<Viper> "Change only happens when people put in an effort. If you don't like the way something is you do something about it and you certainly don't accept failure as an option."

<Daken> Daken laughed a little. "Dream big fail big. I like what I do and I do what I like. I have no reason to care about anyone else's existence."

<Viper> "Then enjoy your loneliness." She raised a hand in a wave and headed out into the corridor.

<Daken> Daken laughed harder at that. "You say the funniest things."
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Re: What if...? DoFP

Postby Svartfreja » Tue May 09, 2017 9:45 pm

<Carol> Carol stood up on the roof, pointing out landmarks to Miriam as the sun started to sink below the tops of the buildings. The little girl nodded while she clung to her but Carol was pretty sure she had no idea what she was talking about.

<Christopher> Chris came back from searching for supplies to their shelter for the night. He had plenty of wood and a few things of food. It sadly wasn't much, but it would do.

<Carol> "Time to go back inside," Carol shifted her hold on the girl and walked to the edge of the roof to head back in by one of the broken windows on the upper floor.

<Christopher> He brought the supplies to where they were hiding. "I managed to get some things... Not much though."

<Beth> Beth looked up and gave him a smile, "Better than nothing." She glanced over toward the stairs, "Carol and Miriam are coming back in. They've been on the roof again."

<Christopher> "One cutie is enough to make me happy." Chris flirted playfully. "I'll try to find more tomorrow. But we have plenty of wood if we want to make a fire to keep warm."

<Carol> "You don't need a fire - you've got me." Carol gave him a grin, setting Miriam on her feet and watching her run over to Beth and plonk down beside her.

<Christopher> "I'm starting to think you just like when I touch on you." Chris gave her a little wink.

<Carol> "Pfft. Someone thinks a whole lot of himself." She headed over to join the other girls and sat down at the table.

<Beth> Beth giggled, "I don't think she's going to fall for it," she told Chris, "Better quit while you're behind."

<Christopher> "I'm a glutton for punishment. You're still my favorite Beth, don't worry." He laughed a little.

<Beth> "Yeah, yeah," she rolled her eyes but grinned anyway, shaking her head as she dealed cards to play snap with Miriam.

<Christopher> "You know I'm just loveable." Chris found a spot to sit.

<Beth> "You're incorrigable." She shook her head again, "Okay. Am I going first or you?" she asked Miriam. Miriam put a card down with a grin, "Okay then."

<Christopher> "I'd say something but there's innocent ears." Chris stuck his tongue out at Beth and tried his best to get comfortable.

<Beth> "And what about my ears?" She argued as Miriam yelled 'SNAP!' and put both hands on the pile of cards, "Oh poo, now look what you made me do. I missed a snap."

<Christopher> You like it. Chris opened up his shields to send her that little thought. "My fault, guess I'll have to make it up to you."

<Beth> You really think so? "It's okay, I'll get the next one," she nodded. "No!" Miriam argued, "I'm getting it!" "Okay then," Beth laughed.

<Carol> "She told you," Carol laughed too and high-fived Miriam.

<Christopher> Think it has to do with I'm cute. "Take solace in the fact you could beat me anytime? Not my kind of game."

<Beth> "Don't have the reflexes?" Beth glanced at him before laying down her next card, Think it has to do with your head being too big.

<Christopher> "Too easily distracted." Wonder who does that to me?

<Beth> "By what? There's nothing here." She giggled when Carol mouthed 'boobs' at her. Your over active imagination?

<Christopher> Maybe a certain cutie. "There's plenty I'm not on trial here I don't need to defend myself." He blew a raspberry at the both of them.

<Carol> Carol laughed, "Who says?"

<Beth> You mean Miriam? She's the only cutie I see in here. The other people are grown ass adults who probably don't want to be called 'cutie'.

<Christopher> Gorgeous? Attractive? Your choice. "Says me." Chris flicked something at Carol.

<Beth> You're like ten years older than me...

<Carol> "What if I disagree? I can totally beat you in a fight."

<Christopher> Sorry forget about it. Chris ignored Carol and just laid back against the wall. This place was uncomfortable.

<Carol> Carol gave him a shove. "I'm hungry."

<Christopher> "There's some stuff in my bag over there. Just grabbed whatever I could find."

<Beth> She couldn't help laughing, "Are you suggesting that Carol cooks?"

<Christopher> "Guess I'll make something?" He sighed, getting up to make something. He wanted to relax a little after gathering supplies.

<Beth> "You know it's for the best. You saw what happened to the peas." Beth reminded him as Miriam claimed another snap.

<Christopher> "They were edible... Horrible, but edible." Chris grabbed a few things out of his pack and went to find a way to cook it.

<Beth> "What was left of them." Beth gave him a grin.

<Carol> "I can't be awesome at everything..." Carol said in her defence.

<Christopher> Chris gave Beth a little smile. Her rebuking him made him a little colder. "Apparently not. Cuz your cooking is attrocious."

<Carol> "Have I ever once said I can cook?" Carol reminded him, "I'm pretty sure I tell everyone that I ever meet that I shouldn't cook. Ever."

<Christopher> "Then don't? Guess y'all will starve without me." He started making some kind of soup with what they had since it would make their supplies last longer.

<Carol> "You could teach Beth how to cook, I'm pretty sure she can learn."

<Beth> "I can learn but right now I'm busy."

<Christopher> "If you want." Chris yawned a little. "I'll try to get more next time then."

<Beth> "I wish I could come with you so you could get more stuff easier but...." she sighed. "Stuck here."

<Christopher> Chris did the best he could with what little they had and made them each a bowl of soup. "It's a shitty world out there. You wouldn't like it."

<Beth> "I know what it's like out there... That doesn't mean I'd be any less useful on a supply run." She frowned.

<Carol> "Hey, watch your language..." she dreaded to think what Sebastian's reaction would be if she handed Miriam back cursing.

<Christopher> Chris brought them all some food and left off getting himself any in case they wanted more. "Oops. And I'm not saying you wouldn't be helpful Beth."

<Beth> "It sounded like you were." She set the cards aside, assuring Miriam they could play some more after they ate and reminding the girl to blow on her food before she ate it because it was hot.

<Carol> Carol looked up at Chris, "Where's yours?"

<Christopher> "I'll eat whatever's left. I don't need to eat. Healing factor." He found his spot against the wall again. "Let Miriam or whoever needs it have seconds."

<Carol> "We should probably save some for Sebastian..." Carol frowned a little, wondering why he wasn't back yet. "But you shouldn't starve yourself..."

<Christopher> "I'm fine, Carol. Just drop it. I'm not going to be hurt by not eating." Chris closed his eyes to at least feign taking a nap.

<Carol> She held up her hands in quiet surrender, "Okay, okay..."

<Christopher> Chris folded his arms over his chest wanting to at least stay a little warm. A yawn escaping his mouth, apparently he was a little tired.

<Carol> Carol finished up her share and abandoned her bowl while she waited for Beth and Miriam who were slower eaters to finish up. She sat down next to Chris and leaned against him, using her powers to warm the air a little. "You okay?" She asked quietly.

<Christopher> "Yeah, just tired of all this. It's lonely and shitty." Chris sighed.

<Carol> "How can you be lonely when you've got us?" She gave him a small smile before settling her head on his shoulder.

<Christopher> "You really are blonde aren't you?" Chris let out another yawn.

<Carol> She frowned, "What's that supposed to mean?" She lifted her head, "You've got a hell of a weird mood on you today..."

<Christopher> "I'm a hell of a weirdo." Chris ran a hand through his hair before opening his eyes. "Not gonna let me nap are you?"

<Carol> "Not until you tell me what's gotten into you today..." She shifted to face him better.

<Christopher> "Nothing, Carol. Shit's getting to me that's all." He rubbed his eye a little.

<Carol> She wrapped her arms around him for a tight hug, "How about I come with you tomorrow?"

<Christopher> "If you want." Chris hugged her back with one arm. "Poor Beth will have to entertain Miriam without your help."

<Carol> "I'm sure she can manage it, she has that psychic thing going for her." Carol pressed a kiss to his cheek.

<Christopher> "Why're you bein all cute all of a sudden?" Chris poked at her a little.

<Carol> She squirmed at the poking, "You're my best friend... I don't like to see you hurting...."

<Christopher> "Alright alright." Chris hugged her. "Just don't worry too much about me okay? Can't have you getting distracted by my awesome."

<Carol> "Pfft, I'm way too awesome to get distracted when I'm working." She returned the hug and snuggled a little.

<Christopher> "If you say so." Chris cuddled with Carol and started to feel sleepy again. A bigger yawn escaped him.

<Carol> "Okay you need to rest up some if you're not gonna eat." She lifted her head and got carefully to her feet offering him a hand, "Bed."

<Christopher> "Why, Carol? Are you trying to get me into your bed? I didn't know you were so forward." He teased her a little before taking her hand.

<Carol> She pulled him to his feet to drag him to where they'd been sleeping - it was slightly less draughty there than everywhere else in the building. "If I wanted you in my bed you wouldn't have to ask what I was doing."

<Christopher> "Who says I'd go willingly?" Chris bumped her a little. "Maybe I'm not that easy." Another yawn managed to escape as he stretched a little. Without eating he didn't have as much energy as usual. It wouldn't hurt his body but he wouldn't be at his peak.

<Carol> "Pfft, like you'd have a choice," She laughed, looping an arm around his shoulders, "I'll try to keep Miriam quiet so you can get a decent nap, okay?"

<Christopher> "Hey no means no missy." Chris pinched her butt playfully. "She's okay. Let her have as much fun as she can in this crap situation..."

<Carol> She yelped a little bit at the pinch but tried to keep it as quiet as she could so she didn't draw attention. "You sure? You already skipped dinner.... don't really want you to suffer any more..."

<Christopher> "I'm sure, Carol." He went for a hug instead of another pinch. Chris let the hug linger giving her a gentle squeeze, which was all he could muster without a little kinetic energy.

<Carol> She hugged back tightly, pressing her face into his shoulder and closing her eyes. For a few moments she could pretend everything was okay.

<Christopher> Chris ran his hand up and down her back, rubbing it gently. He could feel how tight the muscles in her back were. "You okay Carol?" Chris kept massaging her back with one hand.

<Carol> She nodded, "I'm fine... can't really complain..." she lifted her head, brushing a kiss against his cheek before stepping back a little. "I should let you get some rest...."

<Christopher> "You should get some too, Carol. You're too tight." He made an obvious sex joke to lighten the mood. "At least let me rub your back sometimes. Not good to be this tense."

<Carol> "I can't afford to relax... too much at stake..." she glanced back to Beth and Miriam. "Get some sleep, okay? We can talk later...."

<Christopher> "Don't make me tie you to the bed." He started to take his boots off, still teasing her.

<Carol> She laughed, "Kinky."

<Christopher> "I'm full of surprises. Some are pretty interesting." Chris smirked before he gave her a little wink.

<Carol> She gave him a shove, still giggling quietly, "Go to sleep."

<Christopher> "Come over here and make me." Chris shoved her back and laughed a little before he peeled his shirt off.

<Carol> "I'd offer to punch you but I know that wouldn't really work on you." She offered a half smile before turning away, "I'll see you later, okay? Have a nice nap."

<Christopher> "You know I'd like it." He stuck his tongue out at her before getting comfortable. "Yeah. I'm not going anywhere."

<Carol> She gave him a small wave, drawing the curtain over to keep in what little warmth there was and give him some privacy before she returned to the others.
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Re: What if...? DoFP

Postby Svartfreja » Tue May 09, 2017 9:46 pm

<Carol> Carol paced the upper most floor of their hideout in an attempt to relieve some of the tension building up inside. She wanted to be up on the roof, maybe take a flight... but she couldn't risk being spotted. With some frustration, she kicked a beat up chair across the open space then sat down on the floor and put her head in her hands.

<Christopher> Chris had come upstairs to look for Carol when he'd woken up and noticed she wasn't around. "Hey, what'd that chair ever do to you, goldilocks?" He went into the room and over to where she was sitting.

<Carol> She startled a little at his arrival and lifted her face from her palms, peering at him from between the curtains of her hair, "It was in the wrong place at the wrong time."

<Christopher> "Poor chair." He moved over to her and sat directly behind her. Before she could protest, Chris started to rub her back gently.

<Carol> She made a small sound of protest when he started and tried to move away but then decided it felt nice and just moved her hair out of the way instead. "I just hate being stuck here..."

<Christopher> "I know, Carol." Chris kept rubbing her back slowly, adding more pressure to soothe her tense muscles. "I don't like being stuck here either."

<Carol> "But you leave every day to look for stuff... I just... I miss flying... I miss feeling useful..."

<Christopher> "You're useful. You know Miriam loves you and you're protecting us if anything happens." Chris broke the massage to wrap his arms around her and pull her close to his body for a warm hug. "Plus you take care of my dumb ass."

<Carol> She sighed and leaned back into him, "That's not the kind of useful I'm used to being... I don't like being the sit on my ass and wait kind of useful..."

<Christopher> "You could try sitting on your head." Chris squeezed her and cuddled her a little. "I could suggest other things but you might hit me." He leaned back to start rubbing her back again.

<Carol> "If you keep doing that I might let you get away with it...." She closed her eyes, leaning forward to give him more room to work.

<Christopher> "I'll remember that if I ever want to butter you up." Chris worked any tense spots, just trying to help her relax.

<Carol> "Uh oh, now I'm gonna be paranoid every time you do something nice..."

<Christopher> "What? Wouldn't be worth it?" Chris laughed a little.

<Carol> "It sort of ruins the niceness..." she glanced at him.

<Christopher> "Well I promise I'm just being nice now to try and cheer you up." He pulled her into another hug.

<Carol> She leaned back into him again, tipping her head back to rest it on his shoulder and lifting a hand to stroke it over his hair.

<Christopher> "Feels good." Chris just held onto her. "You okay Carol?"

<Carol> "I'm fine... why wouldn't I be? I'm just... bored, I guess...." she sighed.

<Christopher> "Physically yeah, you're more awesome than me, remember?" He gave her a tighter squeeze. "I meant emotionally. Shit's been rough. I just want to make sure you're okay too."

<Carol> "I'm okay," she turned her head and nuzzled the side of his face a little, "I just hate feeling powerless...."

<Christopher> "I know, Carol. I have to be more careful when I'm out... Little glow is not a good thing." Chris rested his forehead on her shoulder.

<Carol> "Yeah... I meant it when I offered to come with you, you know... it'd give me something to do... I just feel bad leaving Beth to watch Miriam..."

<Christopher> "I'm sure they'd be fine. It's not like I leave for days. Though... I've thought about it to try and find more supplies..." Chris just cuddled into her, enjoying the warmth of her body.

<Carol> "I don't know about that... if something happened and they had to move...." she frowned a little.

<Christopher> "Yeah that's what I worried about too." Chris sighed a little. "You should get some sleep, Carol."

<Carol> She shook her head, "I can't... I have too much energy stored up... it's kind of starting to effect my vision...."

<Christopher> "Any way to help with that other than using your powers?" Chris ran his hands up and down her arms.

<Carol> "I could try burning some of it off by heating the place, I guess.... but I'm not sure it'll do much good."

<Christopher> "You could zap at me if we found somewhere no one would see us." Chris offered her.

<Carol> "We'd have to leave the city... maybe find some wood somewhere..." she frowned a little.

<Christopher> "Or find a closed off basement where no one can see us." Chris gave her a little squeeze.

<Carol> "I think I'd feel better if it was somewhere out of the city... less chance of some patrol picking up weird energy signatures where they shouldn't..." She shifted to turn more toward him, "I'll think about it."

<Christopher> "Yeah, I'm sure we can figure something out, Carol." Chris tried to reassure her with a warm smile.

<Carol> She returned the smile, twisting to wrap her arms around his shoulders. "Of course we will."

<Christopher> Chris squeezed her a little tighter. "There we go optimism."

<Carol> "I'm naturally optimistic... I just got reprogrammed by the military for worst case scenario... it's a hard habit to break." She returned the squeeze and turned her head to kiss his cheek.

<Christopher> Chris gave her another gentle squeeze and held her close. "Don't make me tickle you."

<Carol> She pulled back a little, feigning shock and disbelief, "Why would you do that?"

<Christopher> "To make you smile." Chris laughed a little and started to move his fingers over her.

<Carol> "Noooo!" she squirmed away from him.

<Christopher> "Hey!" Chris laughed a little. "I wasn't done hugging you."

<Carol> "Promise you're not gonna tickle me?" She was skeptical.

<Christopher> "Do I have to?" Chris grinned, holding his arms out wide for a hug. "I guess."

<Carol> Well he couldn't be crossing his fingers because she could see his hands so she moved back to him, curling up close to him and sliding her arms around him.

<Christopher> "You're a doofus, you know that right?" Chris squeezed her tightly, just enjoying the closeness. He missed this more than he would admit.

<Carol> "I'm still smarter than you." She argued, returning the squeeze.

<Christopher> "If you say so." He just cuddled into her. "I did have two Masters degrees."

<Carol> "One of them was in art." She prodded him in the ribs with a grin.

<Christopher> "Hey art is awesome." Chris tickled her. "And you get tickles for insulting it."

<Carol> She giggled, trying to defend herself, "I wasn't insulting it! I was disqualifying it from your measure of smartness!"

<Christopher> Chris kept his hands away from her so his fingers could move across her body and find all her ticklish spots. "Pfft sounded insulting either way!"

<Carol> "Only because you're not as smart as me!" she couldn't help herself.

<Christopher> "Oh that's it!" Chris manage to pin her under him. His hands still tickling her relentlessly. "I'm going to tickle you into submission now!"

<Carol> She giggled harder, the tickling working against her efforts to try and defend herself because she was laughing too much.

<Christopher> Chris just kept tickling her, enjoying the fun and her laughter. "Admit it. I'm awesome."

<Carol> "I never said you weren't!" she protested, trying to grab his hands.

<Christopher> Chris avoided her hands, his still running across her body tickling it. "Admit I'm smart too."

<Carol> "I didn't say you weren't smart either!" she rolled over and tried to curl up to protect her most ticklish parts.

<Christopher> "Guess I'm going to keep tickling you forever!" Chris kept working on tickling her.

<Carol> "Noooo that's meeeeeean!" She attempted an escape.

<Christopher> "No it's not. You just have to admit defeat!" Chris wouldn't let her get away. He just kept tickling her.

<Carol> "But I don't wanna!" she rolled over again and decided to employ her flight powers and the nice high ceiling to try and escape again.

<Christopher> "Hey that's cheating." Chris laughed a little as he finally let her get away from him.

<Carol> "It's not cheating, it's using my brain." She poked her tongue out at him now that she was safely out of reach.

<Christopher> "Pfft it's using your powers. You're just too scared I'd win." Chris stuck his tongue back out at her.

<Carol> "Tickling is not winning. That is cheating."

<Christopher> "Pfft how?" Chris sat back on his butt trying hard not to laugh more.

<Carol> "Because it's underhanded! It's not even a proper argument against anything. You were afraid you'd lose."

<Christopher> "Pfft you're looking like the scared one to me all the way over there."

<Carol> "I don't wanna be tickled," she poouted, "I was enjoying the cuddles."

<Christopher> "I was too until you took a jab at my intelligence." Chris laid back staring up at the ceiling.

<Carol> "You can't admit I'm smarter than you?" She put her hands on her hips.

<Christopher> "Make me." Chris stuck his tongue out at her.

<Carol> "I shouldn't have to," she protested, "No more tickling or I'm going up to the roof where you can't follow."

<Christopher> "Alright no tickling. Swear this time." He sighed and ran his hands through his hair.

<Carol> She lowered herself back down to the floor, standing with her arms folded.

<Christopher> "Going to pout now that I tickled you?"Chris sighed and sat up. "I'm sorry, Carol. I won't tickle you anymore if you hate it that much..."

<Carol> "I didn't deserve it..." she pouted at him, going back to him and sitting down beside him.

<Christopher> "How can I make it up to you then?" He leaned against her.

<Carol> "Nooooo more tickles. Many more hugs." She slid her arms around him again and cuddled against him.

<Christopher> "I can give you all the hugs you want. I like hugs." Chris held her close to him.

<Carol> "Hugs are nice," she agreed, resting her head on his shoulder and closing her eyes. "The world needs more hugs."

<Christopher> "All the hugs. But for now I guess you get them all." Chris squeezed her tightly.

<Carol> "I didn't say they could have your hugs. I want those."

<Christopher> "Gettin' greedy huh?" Chris hugged her tighter and rubbed her back.

<Carol> "I know when I'm onto a good thing," she nodded sagely.

<Christopher> "You're terrible." Chris just leaned against her enjoying the hug and cuddling.
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Re: What if...? DoFP

Postby Svartfreja » Wed May 10, 2017 1:40 am

<Jessica> Jess sighed as she carefully wrapped her hand in a bit of cloth, glancing out into her cell to check on her new roommate who appeared to be happily constructing some kind of nest now. Once her task was done she caught him in a sheet and lifted him to take him down to breakfast.

<Jessica> The bundle of limbs growled and hissed in protest and tore several holes in the sheet but seemed quite happy once one of the holes was large enough for him to see out of, blue eyes blinking at all the faces.

<Warren> Warren sat quietly eating. This place was beyond depressing. At this moment he probably wouldn't have cared if someone else decided to beat him to a pulp. He was an easy target with how beat down he already looked. The monsters that had captured him had taken his wings and his powers, Warren didn't care anymore what happened to him.

<Jessica> Jess wasn't sure how she planned on managing two breakfasts and the furry terror she was carrying already but he was pretty well attached to her now so maybe she could let him hold himself up and she didn't have to worry about that part...

<Warren> Warren sat silently eating his food wondering what shit storm he was in for today. The food slowly disappeared as he ate it, though it was almost unnoticeable.

<Jessica> Jess found an empty seat and took it, settling Thomas in her lap. Now she just had to convince him that food not formally walking around was still edible. He growled at the spoon aimed at his face and swiped at it, tearing another hole in the sheet.

<Warren> Warren looked up at the growling and noticed Jess. A small smile came to his face before quickly disappearing.

<Jessica> "Come on... it's not poisonous...." she tried again; Thomas hissed at it and withdrew further into the sheet. "How about if I try it first and show you?" She offered. Two blue eyes peered out at her expectantly. Jess steeled herself and took a bite of the food she knew to be horrible, trying not to show that it tasted bad. "Now it's your turn...." she offered another spoonful, glancing up at Warren.

<Warren> Poor Jess... Warren sighed a little and kept on eating. He was glad he never had any kids before all this crap happened.

<Jessica> "Sorry for making your breakfast so noisy...." she apologised as Thomas grabbed the spoon and sniffed at it then started banging it on the table without having eaten anything off it. Jess cringed.

<Warren> "It's fine. Better than it could be." Warren looked down at his food, he wasn't too hungry anymore.

<Jessica> She tried to take the spoon back but this resulted in more growling and attempted biting so she let him keep it, "Okay but you still have to eat...." she pushed his bowl toward him. She turned her attention to her own food and Warren, "Are you okay?"

<Warren> "I've been better..." He played with his food a little more. "Do you want this?"

<Jessica> "Don't you?" she looked between him and the food. He looked like he could do with larger servings.

<Warren> "Not hungry." Warren shrugged a little. He still couldn't get over the fact that his wings were gone.

<Jessica> "Neither am I but I'm trying to set a good example for my unwilling cellmate." She looked down at Thomas who was mushing his hand into the food. At least he was touching it now...

<Warren> "Well if you get him to eat he can have it... I'm full." Warren pushed the plate away.

<Jessica> "Okay... um... are you leaving?" she chewed her lip. It had been so long since she'd really talked to anyone remotely friendly that she was realising now how much she needed it.

<Warren> "I can stay if you want." Warren looked around, making sure no one was coming to beat him down.

<Jessica> "It'd be nice to have some company...." she gave him a small smile.

<Warren> "Yeah I tend to avoid people... Not many people around here are nice..."

<Jessica> Jess nodded, "I get that... But I'm nice," she gave him a small smile. Letting out a sigh of relief when she caught Thomas licking the food from his hands.

<Warren> "Yeah. I didn't even know you were here too." Warren ran a hand through his messy hair.

<Jessica> "It's easy to miss people in this mess..." she agreed, "But you know now." She offered him another small smile.

<Warren> "Yeah. Guess it's not as lonely anymore." Warren didn't know what to do. He really didn't want to talk, he just wanted to go back to his bed and hope he didn't get beaten up today.

<Jessica> "Definitely not as clean..." she pulled a face at the mess Thomas was making.

<Warren> "Kids are pretty destructive huh?" Warren stared at the mess.

<Jessica> "They are when you don't know where their mother is and they've gone pretty much fully feral in the meantime..."

<Warren> "That sucks... Poor kid." He frowned a little. "If I can help, I'm here too."

<Jessica> "Well you certainly can't make it any worse... but I'd keep your hands away if you're attached to your fingers..." she held up her own hand in demonstration, "He's feisty."

<Warren> "Not like I haven't lost appendages already..." Warren sighed.

<Jessica> "Then you definitely don't need to lose any more," Jess replied, giving him a sympathetic look.

<Warren> "Yeah probably not..." He started to tap his fingers on the table. He wished everyday that his wings would come back.

<Jessica> "Why did they do that to you...?" she bit her lip, reaching to take his hand.

<Warren> "Didn't like them? Too strong? I don't know. Apparently they want to break us." Warren sighed.

<Jessica> "Then we should try not to let them, right?" She offered another small smile and gave his hand a squeeze while Thomas helped himself to her unguarded breakfast.

<Warren> "Little late for that..." He didn't squeeze her hand back.

<Jessica> She sighed, "You have your life... while you have that you're still ahead."

<Warren> "Yeah, until they decide they want that too..." Warren stared down at his feet. He felt bad for being so negative around others but he couldn't help it anymore.

<Jessica> Jess decided to take advantage of Thomas' distraction when he upended the bowl and tried to clean the mess off the table with his hands and face. She leaned to give Warren a hug - he looked like he needed it.

<Warren> Warren just let her hug him for a moment before he realized he should hug her back. "Thanks..."

<Jessica> "Any time." She rubbed his shoulder a little.

<Warren> "So who's the kid?" Warren looked over at him making a mess.

<Jessica> "Do you remember Professors Nord and Grant? He's their kid...."

<Warren> "Didn't know they had a kid. Learn something new everyday huh?"

<Jessica> She gave a small laugh, "Yeah... I guess when you're a student and not a parent you move in different circles...."

<Warren> "Never really got to know the teachers too well." Warren ran a hand through his hair. Maybe he could excuse himself.

<Jessica> "Yeah... I had an unfair advantage there being married to a teacher." Her attention was drawn to her left hand and the space her rings once occupied. They'd been confiscated. She'd probably never see them again.

<Warren> "Probably..." Warren retreated back into his mind a little. Part of him was still just wondering when he was going to get beaten up today.

<Jessica> Thomas was now finished making his mess and was climbing on her. She winced a little as his claws cut into her. "So... what do you do with yourself all day?"

<Warren> "Not much to do... I usually just stay in my bunk, avoid people when I can." Warren just sighed. He was a beaten dog in every way.

<Jessica> "Yeah... seems like the safest option most days... but I've been trying to get him used to people...." She removed Thomas from her head and sat him on the edge of the table.

<Warren> "I don't think these people are the ones he should get used to. Pretty much all assholes." Warren got up to put his tray away so at least the guards wouldn't beat him.

<Jessica> "Not all of them..." She'd seen Viper around but she'd also seen what had been happening to her and took the hint to stay clear.

<Warren> "The ones I've met have been..." He lifted his shirt enough to show the severe bruising on just his midsection.

<Jessica> Jess hissed in sympathy, "Ouch..." She chewed her lip, picking Thomas up with his blanket and gathering the bowls and spoons to clear them away. "I'm sorry..."

<Warren> "It's not your fault. I think I'm going to head back to my bunk now." Warren gave her a little wave.

<Jessica> "Mind if I tag along? At least then I'll know where you are... it's good to know where your friends are..." she offered a small smile while Thomas chewed on the ends of her hair and spat it out again with a disgusted sound.

<Warren> "That's fine I guess." Warren started off towards his bunk, hoping he wouldn't get jumped along the way.

<Jessica> Jess followed him with Thomas, who was hiding in his portable blanket fort again.

<Warren> Warren noticed a few of the people that usually beat up on him hanging around but they didn't make any move so he just kept moving. "So see anyone else around that we know?"

<Jessica> "I've seen someone I know..." she fell into step beside him, "But she's been having a tough time of it too... and avoiding me...""

<Warren> "That sucks." Warren saw what was coming when they got to his bunk. "Y...you guys can go in."

<Jessica> "Yeah..." she let Thomas go in first with his blanket so he could find somewhere he felt safe. Under the bed was predictable.

<Warren> Warren went to them instead of letting them come to his bunk and getting Jess involved. That earned him a heavy hit to his jaw. The next hit went to his gut and put him on the ground where they all started to kick him.

<Jessica> Jess was not about to stand by and watch this happen. Thomas was safely under Warren's bed so she dove in, going for hits that she knew would incapacitate his attackers quickly. "Leave him alone!"

<Warren> "J...just let them Jess. They'll just target you next." He groaned a little at the pain.

<Jessica> "I'd like to see them try!" It had been a while since she'd had to put her extensive training to use but it was easy to get back into the rhythm especially against these untrained idiots.

<Warren> The men decided not to fight back for now, they'd just get more people to help next time. "Looks like the chicken has to have a bitch fight for him."

<Jessica> "That's spider-bitch to you." She jabbed the man's throat quickly, cutting off his air supply and watching him fall coughing to the floor.

<Warren> Warren pulled himself up slowly, his lip bloodied from the punch. "You shouldn't have done that Jess."

<Jessica> "I'm not afraid of them." She bent to help him to his feet.

<Warren> "They just get worse..." He let her help him. "Thanks though."

<Jessica> "You're welcome. And I won't let them do that to you again." She helped him back to his cell while Thomas peered out at them from under the bed.

<Warren> Warren sat down on his bed. "You can't protect me all the time. And I don't expect you to Jess... It's easier to just let them. They give up faster when I don't put up a fight."

<Jessica> Jess shook her head, "I can't just stand by and watch that happen... what sort of example is that for Thomas? Never mind the rest of the mutants in here... the last thing we should be doing is turning on each other. What did you even do to deserve that?"

<Warren> "Depends on who's beating me up... the skin heads don't like that I pretended to be an angel. Most just see me as weak."

<Jessica> "Neither of those are a good excuse." She frowned, "Well it ends here. I'm not letting them do that to you anymore. You have an ally now." Thomas crawled out from under the bed and sniffed at Warren.

<Warren> "I just don't want either of you getting hurt on my behalf..."

<Jessica> "Thomas heals... they didn't have a collar small enough for him. And those guys aren't really a problem for me - you saw what I did." She offered him a smile and Thomas hopped up onto the bed to lick at one of Warren's wounds.

<Warren> Warren just stared at the little tiger a little horrified. "Wh...what's he doing?"

<Jessica> "I think he's trying to help clean you up a little..." Jess gave Thomas a small smile, "It's cute."

<Warren> Warren picked the boy up holding him to Jess. "It's uhmm weird."

<Jessica> Thomas growled a little in protest at being picked up but calmed down once Jess took him back, "Well maybe... but he's mostly cat right now... cats lick wounds to keep them clean... I guess that means he likes you?"

<Warren> "Uhmm thanks little man..." He ran a hand through his hair. "I'll be fine though."

<Jessica> Thomas curled up in her lap, tucking his tail close to him and settling in for a nap. "Of course you will. You're not alone anymore."
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Re: What if...? DoFP

Postby Svartfreja » Fri May 19, 2017 11:33 pm

<Warren> Warren sat on his bunk not wanting to go out anymore. Now he had to worry about them jumping him and Jess or Thomas getting hurt too.

<Viper> Viper had witnessed the incident and now she was curious who this new friend of Jessica's was. She wound her way up to the cell and knocked on the door frame before she appeared in the doorway.

<Warren> "Just get it over with." Warren just sat there, waiting for what he assumed was going to be a beating.

<Viper> Viper raised an eyebrow, "Get what over with?"

<Warren> "Only people that come here are here to beat me... so what do you want?" He didn't mean to sound rude but he didn't want to be toyed with either.

<Viper> "I think you should reevaluate that last statement. Jessica didn't come here to beat you. And I certainly haven't either."

<Warren> "You shouldn't hang around me... neither should she." Warren pulled his knees up to his chest.

<Viper> Viper stepped into the cell, "Jessica is her own woman and she makes her own decisions. And I have nothing to fear from the people that attacked you."

<Warren> "So... what do you want?" Warren just sighed, still not looking up at her.

<Viper> "I wanted to meet the person that Jessica gave up her isolation for... I was curious."

<Warren> "We knew each other at school. I was one of her husband's students." Now he was just a sack of bones and flesh.

<Viper> Viper cocked her head on one side, studying him, "Did Sebastian teach you anything useful?"

<Christopher> "Nothing useful now." Warren kept his words short. He didn't know what she wanted or why she was bothering him now.

<Viper> "Never underestimate the value of a good education," she chastised, "Engineering is always useful."

<Warren> "I was a business major... not engineering."

<Viper> "Oh well never mind... I'm sure we can fix that." She moved further into the cell, inviting herself to sit down beside him. "My name is Viper. I am a friend of Jessica's."

<Warren> "Warren." He didn't know why she came in. He wasn't being inviting.

<Viper> "Are you interested in making a new friend, Warren?"

<Warren> Warren just shrugged. "If you want I guess..."

<Viper> "I can help you..." she gently began to inspect his injuries.

<Warren> "They'll just beat me more." He sighed. "You should just worry about yourself."

<Viper> "I've recetly ended the cycle of violence against myself. I have no intention of letting it start up again." She probed his ribs just as gently, lifting his arm and shirt out of the way.

<Warren> Warren just winced in pain. "What are you doing...?"

<Viper> "Trying to figure out if you have any fractures." She moved around onto the bed properly so she could check his back.

<Warren> "C...careful." He winced again.

<Viper> It was mostly just bruising, perhaps a hairline fracture somewhere but it would mend in time. She bent close to him, "Keep very still. This will hurt but it will help you."

<Warren> "Wh...what?" Warren froze up. Now he was scared.

<Viper> She moved his shirt collar out of the way and then bit hard into his shoulder, sinking her fangs in deep. It was the last of her emergency supply but a clean slate was needed and this was the fastest way to get one.

<Warren> Warren winced harder almost yelping in pain. "Ow! Ow are you biting me?!"

<Viper> Once she was sure the entire dose was in his bloodstream, she withdrew her fangs and wiped the blood from her mouth on the back of her hand.

<Warren> Warren didn't even notice that he was healing and the pain was going away. "Wh..what the hell?!"

<Viper> "I told you it was going to hurt." She reminded him.

<Warren> "Why the hell did you bite me?! If you're planning some kinky shit I'm not interested!"

<Viper> She laughed, "Oh I much prefer to be on the receiving end," she informed him but slid a hand under his shirt, applying pressure to his ribs to draw his attention to the fact he was healing.

<Warren> "Wh...what how?" Warren looked down at where she was touching him.

<Viper> "The very last of a healing serum I created. I was saving it..."

<Warren> "Oh... thank you." Warred was still staring at where she was touching him. "Going to leave that there?"

<Viper> "Would you prefer I didn't?" She leaned close to him again to murmur into his ear while she looked down at where her hand was.

<Christopher> Warren shuddered a little. It had been a very long time since he'd been touched so tenderly. "Please..." But he still loved someone else and wouldn't betray her.

<Viper> She slowly removed her hand, deliberately trailing her fingers over his skin for longer than necessary. "Now let's try not to mark your skin again, hmm?"

<Christopher> "There's not much I can do about it..." Warren looked away.

<Viper> "Of course there is. You can fight back." She moved into his eyeline again, "And, in the mean time, you can keep better company."

<Christopher> "I can't fight." He looked away again. "I only ever used my powers to save people. I'm not a fighter."

<Viper> "Everyone needs to fight these days. That's the world we live in now. Or do you intend to curl up and die in a corner?"

<Christopher> "I have no reason not to..."

<Viper> "You can do better than that. Think. What do you want to happen now?"

<Christopher> "I just want to be left alone." Warren moved back to the wall, wincing even after she'd healed him. He had gotten used to the pain of his wings being gone though.

<Viper> "So... you would like to be left here when we leave?"

<Christopher> "It wouldn't change anything..."

<Viper> "You don't think so? If you could do anything what would you do?"

<Warren> "Something impossible." Warren pulled his knees to his chest again and held them tight. He might be older now, but he'd never felt more like a child.

<Viper> "Then you are speaking to the right person. Doing the impossible is something of a specialty of mine. Why don't you try me?"

<Warren> "Unless you can turn back time there's nothing you can do." Warren pulled his shirt up and off turning his back to show the deep scars on his back that were still red even after so long. "I had wings before I came here..."

<Viper> She moved over to him tracing one of the scars with her fingers, "Turning back time is not something I can do... but wings... that I may be able to provide. Leave it with me."

<Warren> "I don't want to be able to fly again... I want my wings back." Tears started to form in his eyes. They were part of him, his favorite part. The only thing he missed more than them was Heather.

<Viper> She nodded, moving around in front of him and touching his cheek, "I will look into it for you and do all I can."

<Warren> Warren turned his cheek from her. "Please don't touch me anymore."

<Viper> "Alright..." She lowered her hand, "Fight back, Warren. Don't give up."

<Warren> "There's no point..."

<Viper> She balled her hands into fists to fight the impulse to smack him, "And when we leave will you continue to hold that belief?"

<Warren> Warren just ignored her. He had no reason to leave. It would be the same anywhere he went. He wasn't whole anymore and it wouldn't change how worthless he felt.

<Viper> "Is there no one you would be prepared to fight for?"

<Warren> "Even if I could there's nothing I can do..."

<Viper> "From in here? No. But from outside? With my help? Anything is possible. You just have to be willing to try. Can you do that?"

<Warren> "From anywhere..." Part of him wished she hadn't healed him. He was ready to die. His inner voice was screaming at him to let her help him but he had long since tuned it out. Heather would be better off without having to worry about him anyways.

<Viper> "You have heard of SHIELD, yes? You've seen their technology? Mine is better. I am asking you to trust me. Ask Jessica if you aren't sure. I am giving you a choice. Come with us and fight. Or watch us leave and wait to die. If you choose to fight, whatever makes that easier for you, I will endevour to provide."

<Warren> Warren just retreated back inside himself. It wasn't going to be easy to convince him to do anything but sit there and take his beatings.

<Viper> She sighed, deciding to ignore his request that she not touch him and give him a hug. So many in this place were fragile or broken. It was enough to drive anyone crazy. But she would help this one for Jessica.
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