Summer 2018: Danger

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Summer 2018: Danger

Post by Starfish » Tue Jun 21, 2016 3:57 pm

Shaw: "Come now, just a few more." Although the upgrades he'd done to Widget's balancing mechanisms had made a world of difference, apparently it only mattered at home. The school's stairs were an entirely different matter. "That's it..."

Shaw: The robot chirped sadly at him and remained on the landing. "You won't fall. I won't let you." Sebastian motioned to the reluctant creature, then sighed and went back up a few steps to offer his hand. "You're doing well." There was an uncertain whistle in answer. "No, you are."

Danger: Having decided to investigate the curious noises coming from the hallway, Danger stepped outside the lab and turned towards the staircase. "Hello, Sebastian," she said, approaching the visitors. "What a pleasant surprise."

Danger: Her electric blue gaze fell upon the small robot that was holding his hands. "Hello, Widget. Nice to see you again, too. You appear to have grown."

Shaw: The silver foot paused in midair and Sebastian held on more tightly. "Easy, Widget." The robot whistled in greeting to the AI and went back to his very difficult task.

Shaw: Sebastian glanced over his shoulder. "Good afternoon, my dear Danger. It's good to see you." He smirked. "He's accustomed to the steps at home, but these are new and different."

Danger: "Yes, that much is evident," Danger replied. "There are plans to have an elevator installed, but I'm afraid with the constant repairs the school faces, they are not very high on the list of priorities right now. Especially since I'm here to help with most of the heavy lifting."

Danger: After several seconds spent watching the other robot struggle with the stairs, Danger tilted her head sideways. "You came this far, Widget, did you not?" Danger asked the smaller machine. "If you handled that many stairs, why be scared of the rest of them?"

Danger: "And should you be worried of falling, I can assure you there is no reason to," she added. "Your frame should handle the impact without serious damage."

Shaw: Widget shrugged and warbled, taking another step down. "She has a point, you know. You're quite sturdy." He chuckled at Danger's summary of the school's priorities. "Well, now that you've returned from your unusual adventure. I must confess, I find all of this terribly interesting - invasions and alternate dimensions and alien raccoons - but I'm more than happy to observe from a distance."

Shaw: "Plus... the fleas." Sebastian gave a theatrical shudder. Widget whistled in agreement and succeeded at descending another step. "Almost there. You're doing well, see?"

Danger: "If you mean the latest incursion of extradimensional giant parasites, I can assure you that we managed to exterminate all of them... with a high probability," Danger replied as she patiently waited for Widget to make it down the final step.

Danger: "I could help you develop a better pathfinding routine," she offered with a glance towards Sebastian, before she turned back to the little robot boy. "Of course, in the long run he will benefit the most from developing his own."

Danger: She bent down to get closer to Widget. "I know active learning may seem ineffective and often challenging, but it's the only path towards true intelligence."

Shaw: Widget looked up at the other artificial lifeform and whistled in awe. His large eyes appeared to grow rounder and he nodded. Sebastian chuckled and let go of his robot's hands when he was on level ground. "He was designed to learn organically, and I've been quite pleased with his progress so far."

Shaw: He tilted his head and gave Danger a sly smile. "Jessica has taught him to cook."

Danger: "That is impressive," Danger said, looking down at the small robot's big eyes. "So he does have a sense of taste?" She asked, turning back to Sebastian. "Personally, I found sensory impressions among the most enlightening means of gathering information. The most stimulating, too."

Danger: "Besides, I imagine the task of cooking would be more rewarding with them, as well."

Shaw: "Well, I think he enjoys Jess fussing over him while they bake cookies in the kitchen. She's adopted him as yet another child in our ever-expanding family." He rested his hand on the robot's shoulder. Widget was still staring up at Danger.

Shaw: "I don't know that he's ever indicated one way or the other if he enjoys sampling any of the fruits of their labor, although he should have the faculties for it." He looked down at Widget questioningly.

Danger: "You could try to find out by offering him food with different ingredients and sees if he has any preferences," Danger suggested. "Maybe he likes cookies with nuts and bolts better than raisins." She looked down at Widget, as well, whose large eyes moved from her to Sebastian and back.

Danger: "He does not say much," she remarked, giving Sebastian a sideways glance.

Shaw: Sebastian chuckled. "Nuts and bolts? Does that sound good?" Widget let out an uncertain whistle. "Well, he doesn't say anything point of fact, although he understands and has all the faculties required for speech. Jessica has even attempted to teach him to talk, but he seems to have his own way of communication. Right, Widget?"

Shaw: The robot nodded and chirped in the affirmative. His eyes tracked back to Danger and he held out a hand to the other robot, curious appearing to be debating a poke.

Danger: Danger looked down at the small robot, her flexible brow bent in a slight frown. "That's most curious indeed," she said, and raised her own hand, an invitation at the other machine to touch the metallic tips of her fingers. "Do you have any idea why he might be doing that?"

Shaw: "No." Sebastian watched Widget carefully brush fingers with Danger and then edge closer to take her hand and inspect it, burbling quietly to himself. "Though he acts quite childlike, he does run the entertainment and security systems in our home with remarkable efficiency. It doesn't seem to be a flaw in programming..."

Danger: "Possibly," Danger conceded with a small nod. "But perhaps not." She looked up at Sebastian and motioned down the hallway. "We could give his program a closer examination in the tech lab - if both of you agree."

Shaw: "Of course." He smiled, giving Danger a once-over before turning the smile to his creation. "Widget, would you like to go with Danger? I'll come, too." Widget nodded and folded his fingers around Danger's, looking around her down the hall with a soft chirrup.

Shaw: "Well, that would be a yes if I ever heard one," he chuckled, raising his hand toward the AI. "Lady's first." Sebastian gave her a smirk and a wink.

Danger: Danger returned Sebastian's look, keeping her head at a slight tilt, appearing to study his reaction. "As you wish," the robot eventually replied, and when she turned to lead the way down the hallway, her steps seemed to have a bit more sway to them than before.

Danger: "Don't worry," she assured the other machine holding her hand. "There won't be any more steps."

Shaw: His eyebrow rose and he couldn't help but watch the artificial intelligence's hips. Sebastian hummed to himself and slid his hands in his pockets to stroll along behind them at a distance suitable for observation. For science, of course.

Shaw: Widget whistled in relief, looking up at her from time to time, and once over his shoulder to Sebastian.

Danger: The reinforced security door slid into the wall when they approached, revealing a gallery of complex machinery. "There is no reason to be afraid," Danger told Widget as she led him towards an elevated platform in the centre of the large room. "The process is harmless, and you will feel no discomfort."

Shaw: "She helped me to create you, so you're fine," he assured the robot, following them inside and looking around with a low whistle. "Very impressive, my dear," he observed, closing the distance to them.

Danger: "Thank you," Danger said, while she remotely interfaced with the scanning equipment and arranged it to run their diagnostic routine, then bent down to help Widget up on the platform. "Mister Lensherr permitted me to modify this laboratory as I see fit, under the condition that none of my projects carries the risk of blowing up the school."

Danger: As the machine dominating the ceiling above the platform hummed to life and extended multiple limbs equipped with various scanners, Danger brought up a hologram updated with their results. "You were correct," she said when the diagram took the shape of Widget. "There appear to be no physical defects or malfunctions."

Shaw: Sebastian barked a loud, surprised laugh. "And do they? I believe blowing up this school is a time-honored tradition, so why abandon it now?" After giving Widget a reassuring nod, he appeared behind Danger, looking at the results. "Well, of course there are no defects," he said with a smirk and a side glance at her profile. "I made him."

Danger: Danger turned her head to return his look. "In this case, your high opinion of yourself is actually deserved," she said and stepped closer to her patient to continue with the examination, but paused for a glance over her shoulder. "You seem to have a hand for machines, Mister Shaw."

Danger: She then looked at Widget. "I would like to access your program to search it for the cause of the problem. Will you allow me to do this?"

Shaw: "Thank you, madam," he said, giving her a self-satisfied smirk. "I have a hand for many things, after all." He turned his attention back to his creation, who reached our for the other machine and gave a low affirmative whistle.

Danger: Connecting Widget to the lab's diagnostic equipment proved straightforward, thanks to Danger's shape-adjusting technology bridging any design incompatibilities. "I am starting the analysis of his program," she said, while holographic images displayed the results of the readout.

Danger: As the computer constructed its virtual imaging of the inner workings of Widget's mind, Danger turned to Shaw. "So far I can detect no damage or malfunction in his neural network."

Shaw: Sebastian kept one eye on that readout, while also watching Widget for signs of distress. He suspected that the little robot was taking Jessica's absence as poorly as he was, and that certainly would not help his development.

Shaw: "Excellent. I've not tried to press him overmuch about the topic, but it is curious. Sometimes I've wondered if Jessica's treatment of him doesn't encourage him to remain child-like and semi-dependent on her for... affection, I suppose?" Even now, he felt a bit uncomfortable just talking about Widget as if he weren't there. So, he attempted a reassuring smile. "I hope he knows I care for him as well... yes?"

Shaw: For the time being, Widget's large eyes weren't giving him any clues, though they were focused on Sebastian.

Danger: Danger remained silent for a moment, impossible to tell what the blue glow of her artificial eyes focused on. "Yes," she eventually said, the holographic representation of Widget's mind suspended in the air before them. "I feel you might be correct."

Danger: "In the absence of a physical cause, we may have to consider a psychological explanation." Her gaze shifted from the hologram to Sebastian. "I am sorry if that answer will leave you unsatisfied."

Shaw: His eyebrow had risen at the noncommital yes, but he soon nodded, giving her a filthy smirk. "My dear, I assure you I rarely leave unsatisfied."

Shaw: "I've often been told I should just keep a therapist on staff," he added with a sigh, moving closer to Widget and reaching out to pat the AI's upper arm. "I never suspected it would be for you, however."

Danger: "Even though many accept the idea that an artificial intelligence can possess the same cognitive capabilities as humans, only few believe them to also be capable of the same emotional complexity," Danger said, tilting her head as she watched Sebastian and his little robot.

Danger: "I simply wish I could have done more for Widget and you. At the very least, you now have the reassurance that I wasn't able to find anything that could be impeding his development. If it helps, I believe he will begin to use language in due time."

Shaw: "Do you miss your mother?" He fussed with a bit of lint clinging to the edge of one of his shiny metal shoulder panels. "That's perfectly normal if you do. I do as well." Sebastian smiled. "Perhaps you could attempt to say hello to her when she returns?"

Shaw: To his surprise, Widget seemed to brighten at that suggestion and let out a happy whistling chirp. It made Sebastian chuckle and he moved to assist Danger in unhooking the cables tethering him to the diagnostic equipment.

Shaw: "That sounded like a yes to me," he said to Danger. "Thank you for your continuing expertise in this, my dear."

Danger: "It was my pleasure," Danger replied, her eyes on Sebastian. "If there is anything else I can do for you, do not hesitate to ask."

Shaw: "I am certain my wife would not approve of any other requests I could make of you," he said, giving her a suggestive glance and a wink before he laughed.

Danger: Danger tilted her head. "Pity," she replied, then helped Widget down from the worktable. "Nevertheless, please let me know should either of you need my help again."

Shaw: Once Widget was settled, he took Danger's hand and pressed a kiss to the cold metal. "You shall be the very first to know," he said.

Danger: "Of course, both of you are welcome to visit anytime," Danger replied, the glow in her eyes appearing the slightest bit brighter for an instant. "I take a great interest in Widget's further development."

Shaw: "Indeed." He straightened and returned to Widget, his hand back on the AI's shoulder in reassurance. "You're just as much a mother to him in many ways as Jessica, after all."

Shaw: With that, Widget looked up at the larger robot and once more extended his hand to her, this time with a questioning warble.

Danger: Danger looked down at the small outstretched hand, though did not reach out for it. Instead she went down on her knee, to meet Widget's gaze on his level when she took his hand. "Do not feel scared."

Shaw: Widget chirped, and instead of trying to poke her again, he instead mirrored his maker's actions and patted Danger somewhat awkwardly.
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Re: Summer 2018: Danger

Post by Starfish » Tue Jun 21, 2016 4:03 pm

Rocket: "You did what?! You're telling me that you helped make another AI on earth? Uuuurgh..." Rocket moaned as he rubbed his face in frustration. "After everything I did to get you free from the Shi'ar, now you're telling me there's now a bouncing baby AI that's gonna be growing up and get targeted by who knows what, and you're fine with it?"

Danger: "It was not my decision alone," Danger replied, looking up from the book in her hands. "And while I understand your concerns, I do not share your pessimism. I am well aware of the risks us AIs face and that our mere existence can foster fear and hostility, and I assure you that I do worry about Widget's safety."

Danger: "However, I do believe that with my help, his chances of avoiding harm are considerably improved. Besides, we are not facing these challenges alone. Do not all parents have to accept that their young will be faced with an inherently dangerous environment, and make the decision whether or not to take this risk?"

Danger: "This seems to be especially true for my mutant friends," Danger added. Yet it doesn't seem to discourage them."

Rocket: "Well whatever you do, be a responsible adult, and put a net nanny program on the kid's software, don't want him to learn how to kill off humans before he's at least a year old." Rocket suggested, climbing on a seat next to Danger.

Rocket: "Usually takes months to teach an AI not to kill the organics and take over the universe."

Rocket: He added while fidgeting with his wrist communicator.

Danger: "Even if I assured him that it would be strictly intended for self-defence only, I doubt his father would allow me to install that laser cannon, anyway," Danger conceded. "I have in fact considered using drones to monitor his activity. To keep up to date with his progress, and for his protection, obviously."

Rocket: "Can always go for the slowed down development schtick, that would be funny to watch, an AI that has to learn at the same pace as organics. Hey, could even roll him into the school when he's past high school level."

Danger: "Considering his current rate of development, I don't think artificially stunting his progress should be necessary," Danger said. "Not that there is anything wrong with taking your own time to learn. Actually, I have found that many experiences are far more satisfying when taken slowly."

Danger: "Like reading, for example," she added and held up the old-fashioned book. "Of course I could process the information in this novel in the fraction of a second if I wanted, but I realised this would be defeating the purpose of allowing yourself to be drawn into a fictional fantasy."

Rocket: "Yeah, well, I didn't even learn to read. I just could." Rocket said, tapping the implant sticking out the back of his head. "Always the flarkin' weirdest thing, having to explain stuff I just know when lookin' at them. Gimme alien tech and less than a minute I'd know how to upgrade it."

Danger: Danger put down the book and looked at Rocket. "That has to feel disconcerting, I imagine," she said. "And here I always thought you simply acted without knowing what you were doing."

Rocket: "Oh that too, but that's just for basic things like kindness and charity. No idea how that's really done, so I just fake'em. Funny enough, some languages I understand. Like Groot, when the big lug says those three magical words, people just hear I am Groot, and to me, he's basically giving me the five hundred page summary of how a tachyon drive is better than a polarity switch generator."

Danger: "Your sense of hearing and your auditory cortex must have been enhanced, as well," Danger said. "I would not expect many biological beings to be able to discriminate changes of sound at such a subtle level." She paused, before looking at Rocket again. "Do you have any idea who might have made these modifications?"

Rocket: "Yes." Rocket said in all serious tone, looking straight at Danger, "I know who did this to me... God." he was quiet for a moment before bursting out in laughter. "I got no idea who they were, I just remember the machines that poked and stabbed and screwed things into me. But I can tell ya that when I do find out who did this to me, I'll be seeing how much I can 'upgrade' them with my trigger finger. Or use explosives. I do love a good explosion."

Danger: Danger's brow moved to form a frown. "I cannot say this isn't a relateable sentiment," she said, the edge of her mouth curling in a manner resembling a smirk. "Should you ever find the one responsible, I would gladly lend my aid in incinerating them. I feel I owe you that much after your help with my Shi'ar problem."

Rocket: Rocket smirked at her, "Silly robot, I'll be dragging you along on that trip. Can even bring along little Widget, be a great learning curve for him. Who thought up his name anyway? Sounds like something you'd call your junk. Could just as well have called him Dongle."

Danger: "I believe that name may have been a creation of Sebastian Shaw's mind," Danger said with a slight tilt of her head. "Though in this case I suspect it was meant more affectionate than suggestive. Of course, his intentions often are somewhat puzzling."

Rocket: "Ever noticed that guy has only one way of looking at anything? It's a kind of a leer look. He leers. He leers at toast." Rocket thought outloud.

Danger: A frown once more appeared on Danger's mechanical face as she contemplated Rocket's remark. "Do you think that is the reason why his behaviour and body language suggests he wishes to mate with me, even though he appears to have no intention of doing so?"

Rocket: This time Rocket frowned. "Who in their right mind wouldn't want to jump your gears and have a bit of plug and play with you? Nah, that guy most probably will be trying to ram his dongle into your slot. I sure as flark want to work my widget into you. No offense to junior."

Danger: "I know, it seems preposterous - especially after I put so much effort into increasing the appeal of my physical form." Danger frowned and slightly tipped her head. "I believe he is in an intimate relationship with Jessica, and does not wish to violate the exclusive nature of their arrangement," she said. "And even though I have to admit I find that prospect extremely enticing, I fear I would betray both of their trust if I further pursued such a mating."

Rocket: "Oh, right, most of the earth folk do the whole one person per person marriage thing. The idea bores me though, where's the fun in it all? You know who's got a good thing going? That other guy, black fur, long ears, short tail, runs that brothel Jerk'alot."

Danger: "Jackalope," Danger corrected Rocket. "You have a point, though, if there is any truth to all the rumours I happened to have heard about its proprietor." Her gaze focused on a distant spot as the machine put on a thoughtful expression, a metal finger touched to her chin. "Perhaps I should seek him out sometime."

Rocket: "And why would you seek him out?" Rocket asked, twisting in the seat to lie more comfortably in it. A normal seat was large enough for the small guy to recline in. "There's nothing that guy can teach you that I can't."

Danger: Danger's attention shifted back to Rocket, and she looked at him with a hint of amusement in her expression. "I like your confidence," she said, tilting her head. "Then again, humans have the saying that size does not matter."

Danger: "I merely wish to broaden my range of experiences," the robot elaborated. "My neural network incorporates reward routines closely modelled after the pleasure centres of organic brains, coupled with an enhanced capability for physical sensation."

Danger: "Now, what began as an experiment to better understand what life truly feels like has turned out to be surprisingly stimulating for its own sake. One could say my previous experiences have left me wanting more."

Rocket: "Hey, if you like bigger, I can whip up a machine that... wait a second, you can just downsize yourself, get down to be more my height and then wham bam size matters ma'am."

Danger: "I suppose I could do that." Danger's articulated lips formed a smile. "Even though I expected you to want to rise up to the challenge."

Rocket: "Hey, don't you play no dolgen mindgames with me, ya tinpot. I can rise up to anything if I want to. You know what, here, I'll show you just how I can rise up." Rocket almost yelled at her as he got up to climb on the seat's back, before pulling off his jumpsuit, kicking it away, and standing taller than Danger, staring down at her with his paws on his hips, and smirking. "Come on, we both know you want all of this."

Danger: "For once we agree completely," Danger replied and put aside her book, her eyes focused on her objective, before she moved off the couch pursue it.
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Re: Summer 2018: Danger

Post by steyn » Tue Jun 21, 2016 4:05 pm

Danvers will be needing to buy new furniture.

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Re: Summer 2018: Danger

Post by Svartfreja » Sat Jul 02, 2016 2:07 pm

Carol is glad she's not in charge of that stuff at the moment XD
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Re: Summer 2018: Danger

Post by Slarti » Sun Jul 10, 2016 8:01 pm

Heeeeey, you guys are making paperwork for Bobby!

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