Christmas 2016: Melody

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Christmas 2016: Melody

Post by Scumfish » Sun Sep 22, 2013 2:30 am

<@Elizabeth> Elizabeth hit her flash light on her thigh, she was moved in now, hiding in one of the upstairs rooms on a matteress with a suit case full of clothes. However bored she'd brought a flashlight from the store and decided the place needed exploring in the dark.

<@Elizabeth> For shits and giggles.

<Melody> "Ugh, this place is a dump," Mel pulled a face as she kicked some trash asside, "looks like they hired my mom as housekeeper or something."

<Cassie> "Yes, isn't it amazing?" Cassandra paused her prancing long enough to give Melody a grin. "It's almost like a theme park - only more grisly and spooky. Which makes it even better!" She performed an excited bounce. "Do you think it's haunted? Oh I hope it's haunted! I wanna see ghosts!"

<@Elizabeth> "Not sure I want haunted but a skeleton would be cool." The beam of her flash light shaking alittle as she walked along finding the rooms that hadn't been cleaned up to peak into.

<Aodhfionn> It also had ample caffolding around from where SHIELD were in the process of rebuilding, but there were no lights, not yet. No electricity had been turned on and the generators the builders had been using were locked down, leaving the girls in the huge, drafty place alone in the dark. Long, deep shadows claimed everything, twisting things into odd shapes that were mundane during the day but...different at night.

<Melody> "Skeleton's are over-rated, can't use them for shit, no muscles to move themselves after all."

<Cassie> "Maybe we find some zombies just for you, Mellie!" Cassandra offered Melody a smirk and leaned over to give her a gentle nudge into the side. "Then you could make them give us a tour."

<@Elizabeth> "I was more thinking to leave bits of it around the place were the teachers would find it and freak." Smiling alittle as her new heels clicked about.

<Cassie> Feeling right at home in the pervading darkness, Cassandra couldn't resist teleporting ahead by jumping from one deep shadow to the next, hopping out into the hallway further down. "We totally should think of something to spook them," she agreed, waiting up on the others.

<Aodhfionn> The place was also filled with shifting sounds too - wind, mostly, leaves brushing over floors and dusting over windows. Skitters of vermin that hadn't been chased out of this wing yet. The rattle of scaffolding as light feet ran across it, sleepy birds settling in the rafters - easily explained sounds.

<@Elizabeth> Elizabeth was more comfortable back in her PVC and leather now she'd refitted her wardrode, it did mean she was adding to the sounds to the place, namely squeaking. "You know I'm kind of glad I moved here early, I kind of like it like this. Proper serenity in silence."

<Melody> "Don't you think that'd be a little bad taste considering everything that's happened recently?" Mel asked, idly re-animating a dead pigeon and making it hop along with them.

<@Elizabeth> "So was moving us to an insane asylum, just because I'm medicated no need for the teachers to be extra prepared." The gloom making her and the dark outft fit in nicely, however the flashlights made her shine up.

<Cassie> "Hmmm, perhaps," Cassandra admitted, tapping an index finger against the side of her chin. "But nothing better to cope with a bad situation than make light of it, yes? That's what I always say, anyway." She paused when the gust of wind drifted through the hallway, kicking up some of the ample dust.

<Aodhfionn> The girls weren't alone, much as they were talking about ghosts and skeletons and how cool it would be. There were other things living in the building - it had been abandoned for so long, so much had happened in it, after all. A shadow grew longer, flickered, reaching out for one of them - and then snapped back to normal.

<Melody> Melody wasn't impressed, "Stop fucking about, Cass," she waved off the creepy shadow.

<@Elizabeth> Squeaking alittle she wondered what Jimmy was doing back in NY. "So do we think this place will look good when it's cleaned up?" Not spotting the shadow as she had found a big creepy window showing off the grounds.

<Cassie> "But I'm not doing anything," Cassandra insisted, frowning at the strange shadow doing even stranger things all on its own. "I swear it's not me. I wouldn't lie about such things, would I?" She paused for a moment. "Okay, maybe I would, but that still wasn't me."

<Melody> "Uh-huh," Melody sounded utterly convinced of her friend's innocene, totally.

<@Elizabeth> "This is freaky enough without people fuckin thin- Melody the hell with th dead pigeon?!"

<Cassie> "Can we keep it?" Cassandra asked, looking way too excited about the dead bird hopping about.

<Melody> "What? I like birds. And it's not too maimed, think it died of old age," the zombie pigeon cooed gently to itself and fluffed out it's feather.

<@Elizabeth> She was pushing through the whispers every day now, company helped because it was something to concentrate on. "It's still kinda gross...." Finding a set of stairs leading up and down. "Which way guys?"

<Cassie> "Or maybe it was..." Trailing off, Cassandra put a spooky vibe into her voice, drawing some shadows over her face. "...scared to death."

<Aodhfionn> The stairs leading up seemed somehow...darker, the shadows almost thick enough to touch, and there was a sound like someone was walking down them, a quiet muttering - just out of hearing, not quite loud enough to understand - following it.

<@Elizabeth> Elizabeths head swung up like a compass towards the sound, it felt so much louder then the real ones. "What a dog got in here? bark and it fell off the twig?"

<Melody> "I think it's way more likely that you were just dropped on your head a lot as a baby," Mel scoffed, "... Dog? What?"

<Cassie> Approaching the stairs cautiously, Cassandra slowed her steps even further. "Something is odd about the darkness in this place," she commented, actually sounding more serious for once. "And I say that as the local expert on all things shadowy."

<@Elizabeth> "I meant with the scaring things to death." Looking up the stairs and frowning. "It doesn't feel right.... it feels .... full."

<Melody> "Riiiight, is it blueberry flavoured or something? That the problem," Melody refused to buy into all this creepy bullshit, "Full of what?"

<Cassie> "Full of secrets," Cassandra remarked, before looking back over her shoulder at the other two girls. "Waiting for someone to uncover them."

<@Elizabeth> "I don't know..... just full... I only really practise with the moving crap side of my powers so the other side is ... lacking abit."

<Aodhfionn> The footsteps stopped, and there was the sound of someone breathing in sharply. Then all three torches went out suddenly, all at the same time, no warning flicker - just pitch blackness.

<Aodhfionn> No light penetrated the darkness, despite there being windows - all of it just...went.

<@Elizabeth> Elizabeths flash light flew out of her hand with some force, purposely aimed up the stairs, her hands glowing and bringing some light back to the hallway. "Fuck Off!"

<@Elizabeth> Or not, she could see her hands but nothing else.

<Cassie> "Is it just me, or did it just get a whole lot cozier in here," Cassandra remarked as the faint moonlight vanished from the broken windows. "And before you say anything, I promise that I still don't have anything to do with this..."

<Melody> "I dunno which is worse, the thought that you're just fucking with us or the thought you're not," Melody's voice spoke from the darkness, followed by the sound of her hammering her flashlight against her thigh to try and get it working again.

<Aodhfionn> The torch was caught - and turned back on, shining straight back at the girls. There was the impression of a figure behind it, barely there, tall and built - what little could be seen in the clinging darkness. Then the torch was dropped, the beam still on but showing nothing and the sound of someone running down the stairs echoed up.

<Cassie> "Still thinking this is me?" Cassandra asked, standing still as she stared ahead at the strange apparition.

<@Elizabeth> Elizabeth actually let out a high pitch whine rather then a scream then, flinching back from the light and just staring...

<Melody> "... Cassie, swear on your hundred-year old, whale-bone, silk and velevet corset that you love more then life itself, that wasn't you."

<Aodhfionn> A couple of seconds later, the suffocating darkness lifted, the torches suddenly working again, the place bright after it went...and the lights caught something...glistening on the floor of the stairs, slowly dripping down it.

<@Elizabeth> "Off the point but I want that corset now..." Voice shaking as much as her hands as the flash light dropped, her hand going out and it flew to her. Swallowing she wasn't sure if those whispers were part of this or her mind had jack up to a whole new level of crazy.

<@Elizabeth> "W-what is that...." To her it looked like airoplane fluid dripping down metal...

<Cassie_> "I swear by its bleached out bones," Cassandra replied, blinking when the sudden influx of light messed with her eyes. "And I might let you borrow it, as long as I get to help you put it on." She looked back at Elizabeth, the smirk finally returning to her lips. "Only to make sure it's properly handled, of course."

<Melody> "Okay, whoever the fuck you are, I'm going to assrape you with zombies when I find you!" Mel threatened the empty hallway, "Old people zombies!"

<Cassie_> "Would you like me saying that it looks like blood?" the raven-haired girl asked.

<@Elizabeth> Think about the corset and gorgeous cassie... not the petrol dripping down the walls. Covering her nose to defend herself from the on coming smell. "You can even take it off again for the priveledge of wearing it..." She couldn't stop staring.

<Aodhfionn> There was no reply. The shadows stayed normal, there weren't any extra sounds, and the liquid slowly dripped off a step.

<Melody> "Watch my back, I'm going in," Mel muttered, creeping towards the puddle.

<Cassie_> "I'd rather watch Elizabeth's back, but yours is fine, too," Cassandra replied, trying to shake the sense of unease by putting on a wry smile.

<@Elizabeth> Elizabeth forced a smile then, everything could be defused with jokes right? "Careful Mel."

<Melody> Gingerly she poked a finger in the puddle, then frowned as she sniffed it, "... It's red fucking paint," she deadpanned.

<@Elizabeth> Sighed she face palmed. Not petrol, paint, paint girl paint. "So there's another student here fuckin with us?"

<Cassie_> "Sad," Cassie only remarked, actually looking disappointed at the revelation.

<Melody> "Another student who's getting anally violated by dead things when I find them," Melody growled.

<Cassie_> "But who, I wonder?" Cassandra caught up with Melody, leaning around the handrail to peer up the flight of stairs. "As far as I know, Adam left to live with Jolen, and I can't picture anyone else with this peculiar sense of humour. Myself excluded, of course."

<Aodhfionn> Definitely not a student. A giggle came from somewhere above them, something...wrong about it, nowhere near the direction the apparition had gone, and the paint tin suddenly bouncing down the stairs followed by the running footsteps was suddenly loud. "Catch me if you can!" The voice was disturbingly gleeful.

<@Elizabeth> "Adam can't manipulate shadows and wouldn't do shit like that. Not to me at least." Growling alittle at the voice and laugh, she didn't find people trying to set off flashbacks funny at all.

<Cassie_> "Whoever that is, he's messing with the wrong group of girls," Cassandra remarked, instinctively shrouding herself in shadows as the tension rose. "I'm the only one who gets to mess with people in the dark around here."

<Melody> The nice thing about old buildings like this, so many dead things if you knew where to look, "I don't need to catch you," Mel muttered, closing her eyes and spreading her arms, letting the energy flow from her into every empty vessel it could find in the local area. Long dead rats, mice, birds and even insects rose from the dust, the mutants will steering them.

<Aodhfionn> This was being watched by a figure perched up in the rafters, shrouded in the same shadows as one of the girls down on the floor, red points of light narrowing in the wispy darkness. A tongue went over fangs as he watched with interest varying dead things starting to rise, grinning to himself.

<@Elizabeth> "Melody.... zombie are cool... this is kind of gross." Arms wrapping around herself she switched her flash light off and made her arms glow enough instead. "So shall we leave the upstairs for now?"

<Aodhfionn> The shadows around the stairs withdrew further, revealing...nothing, actually. Just a normal set of stairs bathed in moonlight, leading up into another hall. The stairs downstairs, on the other hand, were thick with darkness that had the same consistancy as smoke.

<@Elizabeth> "Or not, upstairs is good."

<Cassie_> "Someone is up there, hiding from us," Cassandra stated the obvious, even though it was more obvious to her, attuned senses able to penetrate the darkness. Most of it, anyway. Something about the shadows was off and unnatural. Much like her own - even those clearly weren't being controlled by her.

<Melody> "Or we just get my buddies to check it our for us," Mel suggested, eyes closed as she concentrated on controlling her minions. Animals were in thier way tricker, generally human corpses could understand simple instructions, critters needed personal steering.

<Cassie_> "Release the hounds, Corpse-Girl," Cassandra remarked, watching Melody do her thing. "Or zombie-rats, rather."

<@Elizabeth> "So down into the depths or up to the giggling? Freaks about or not I still kind of want something to do... beside this might explain some of the weird noises I've heard over the last two nights."

<Melody> "Threnody, apparently Dead Girl was already taken."

<Aodhfionn> There was the sound of something heavy dropping from something high, a sound like fingernails down chalkboard accompanying it and the clatter of something falling. "You're not playing!" The voice was petulent and sounded...young, distant, not here, another laugh echoing oddly as Cassie's shadows twisted and eddied as if in a wind.

<@Elizabeth> "Well girls ap-aparently we're dealing with a t-toddler." her voice still freaked out and shaking as the nails on chalkboard sound reminded her of stressed metal snapping...

<Cassie_> "But I like playing games," Cassandra answered the voice in the dark, finding her playful nature tickled despite the creepiness of it all - or because of it. "Maybe it's the ghost of a dead kid."

<Melody> Melody's minions were scurrying, flapping and buzzing through the urban ruin, looking for the source of the shadows ... then the very same pigeon that had been following them around flew into a cluster of shadows and connected with something heavy.

<Aodhfionn> There was something in that cluster of shadows, and whatever it was disliked a sudden face-pigeon. "Holy fuck!" The shadows suddenly flickered, and whatever they contained shot up the wall, literally climbing up the surface and leaving deep furrows as shadows flickered and wisped around it. Despite the sudden shock, he managed to stay in character...

<Aodhfionn> And the girls were treated to the sight of a white flicker in the midst of the shadows, glowing red eyes flaring in them and a hissing scream echoed around the hall before shadows enveloped him and he shot up into the rafters. Dead fucking pigeons!! The fuck was with zombie fucking pigeons!

<Melody> "If you're solid I can still get you with horny old people zombies, asshole!"

<Cassie_> "I think your decaying feathered friends found something," Cassandra remarked, the impish smirk on her lips growing a little bigger as she floated up the staircase towards the top floor. "Let's see if we can chase our playful friend out of his dark hidy-hole."

<@Elizabeth> Elizabeth just stared at the flash of white and glwoing eyes, not taht she was admitting this but whatever that was it was seriously freaking her the fuck out right now. "I'll take the rear then..." Following the pair up the stairs.

<Aodhfionn> As they climbed up the stairs, the deep furrows of his climb were obvious up the walls, as was the clawed-apart debris strewn over the floor. It looked like a large animal had got to it, and there was another echoing giggle from the shadows further on.

<Cassie_> "Girls, I'm starting to believe we're not dealing with a ghost here," Cassandra remarked, trying to peel away the shadows from the hallway to allow her friends to see better, creating a narrow pathway of light. "This looks more like some kind of demon to me."

<@Elizabeth> Elizabeth took a deep breath and forced her power into a shape, a long stick of light in her hand that Hisako had helped her form. "Well lets go excorcise the bastard y-yeah?" Staring at the claw marks.

<Melody> "Demon? Bullshit," Melody scoffed, "there's no such thing as demons, it's gotta be some kind of mutant like us."

<Cassie_> "Says the girl who has her own zombie tea party," Cassandra remarked with a wry smirk, as she tried to follow the source of the scuttling noises. The presence of Melody's minions made this quite a bit harder, however.

<Melody> "Science zombie tea-party," Mel countered.

<@Elizabeth> "No not that way Cassie, go left." Because she could sort of feel something to the left but nothing to the right. Hugging herself with her one arm and really starting to hate the dark.

<Aodhfionn> Something the being was making good use of. He was above them, absolutely silent, watching them curiously. The shiny one stunk of fear, the other smelt dead, and the third was playing with shadows too. He smirked - and the shadows stopped obeying Cassie, falling apart into nothing.

<Cassie_> "So why can't it be a science demon then?" Cassandra asked, stopping dead in her tracks when the shadows around them began to misbehave. "I didn't tell you to do that," she muttered, her brow furrowing, while black tendrils began to curl around her form when she became increasingly agitated.

<Aodhfionn> The shadows spiked at her, then fell back completely - even things that should have been creating shadows no longer had them, making the place look flat and surreal.

<Melody> "You don't have a long lost twin do you?"

<@Elizabeth> "Oh god that is making me feel sick." Shaking her head and trying not to stare to hard at everythings lack of a shadow, not even her powers casting light on the place. "That is disorientating in the worst kind of way."

<Cassie_> "Not to my knowledge, but to be honest, it wouldn't really surprise me anymore," Cassandra commented, her eyes narrowing, lighting up with a faint violet glow. "Okay, now I'm starting to grow tired of this game."

<Aodhfionn> Another giggle reached them. "I'm not."

<Cassie_> "No one messes with my shadows," Cassandra said, actually sounding irritated at this point. "Mel, would you please have your little dead darling eat whoever did that?"

<@Elizabeth> "Who the h-hell are you?" She asked outloud to the shadows, turning round trying to find the thing she could feel in the full shadows upon the ceiling.

<Aodhfionn> "Your shadows?" The voice was incredulous, hissing and directionless. "Yours? Pretentious little wench, aren't you?" Another laugh that suddenly switched, coming from ground level and then back to ceiling again. "Do you really want them back again, little girl?"

<Melody> "Ugh, what a pretentious little dickwad," Mel was starting to sound annoyed now, "I think a few zombie rat nibbles should sort this asshole out," she let out a sharp whistle and all dead things that scurried ran to her.

<Cassie_> "You can keep them," Cassandra scowled in response, feet hovering several inches above the floor already. "There are plenty more where these came from." The girl's form turned to total darkness, its human shape blurring, as several ink-black tentacles surged forth from the pathway tearing up in her center.

<Aodhfionn> There was a flicker of the apparition again, red eyes over a grin that was too wide, too full of fangs, ragged white hair visible for a moment before the shadows swallowed it again. "Ooooooh. Down, girl." Was she shadow? Could he control that like he could darkness?

<@Elizabeth> Elizabeth was just concentrating on keeping her light stick up, as she looked around for the source, unless she could see it she couldn't hit it. "Told you, p-playing with a toddler."

<Melody> There was the creep, with a flick of her wrist Mel ordered her rats and mice to swarm the figure.

<Cassie_> "I know we haven't even really moved into the place, but if that guy keeps this up, I won't hesitate to tear it all down around him until I've found him." Cassandra's constructs barged through doors and shattered some of the already cracked windows, slithering through the hallways on the hunt of her prey.

<Aodhfionn> He watched Cassie with utter fascination, moving easily between the shadows, trying to take the living darkness and though he was able to push against them, he couldn't control them. He wasn't all that bothered by the dead things, they were easy enough to avoid...well, until he felt something on his head. He froze, a quiet, high-pitched sound leaving him that was definitely not human.

<Aodhfionn> Slowly, a cheerful, dead little spider climbed over his hair and dropped onto his shoulder, scuttling down to his hand. And the air was split by a blood-curdling shriek, followed by the sound of mad scrabbling and something falling gracelessly off something high.

<Cassie_> "Did I get him?" Cassandra asked, pausing her shadowy hunt. "I don't think I did..."

<Melody> The swarm of rats halted and melody grinned to herself, "... I think your 'demon' is an arachnephobe," she remarked, before chaneling more energy into the spider corpses in the area and homing in on the screaming.

<Elizabeth> The spider ended up landing on Elizabeth, although she jumped abit there wasn't any shrieking from her just giving it an odd look before following where that scream had come from. "I think something did..."

<Aodhfionn> "Nononononofucknoanythin'butthat-" There was more scrabbling and the voice was becoming panicked before there was a blur of white up a wall, even the shadows dropping for a moment in the creature's haste to get the hell away from the spider zerg rush. "Fuck off fuck off fuck off-" The shadows closed over him again and he was hidden from view, though there was a definite panicked panting somewhere...

<Cassie_> "Whatever you did, I like it," Cassandra commented and snickered mischievously.

<Elizabeth> She couldn't help but giggle through her nerves then. "Some one scared of a fuzzy little spider? Is the great darkness running from a little invertebre?"

<Melody> "Undead spider zerg rush, you're welcome," the tiny bug horde skittered up the wall in hot persuit of the shadows.]

<Elizabeth> Elizabeth lifted the one off her shoulder and held it by the wall to jump off and join it's comrades. "As ok as I am with spiders, can you get the cockroaches away from me?"

<Aodhfionn> "Oh holy fuckin' shitfuck bollockin'-" A very British, very cockney accent came from the shadows as another blur of white proved that the spidery little bastards had found him. "Fuck off I am not edible! Fuckfuckfuck-"

<Cassie_> "Apparently someone doesn't like to play anymore." Cassandra smirked, retracting the summoned darkness back into the otherwordly portal spiralling in the middle of her body, gradually returning to her human form.

<Elizabeth> "Spider formation gooo! foods that way!" Chuckling alittle now as her nerves died down and she watched the entertainment roll out.

<Aodhfionn> "Call y' fuckin' eight-legged demons off!! Uncle, uncle, y' found somethin' scarier'n me!"

<Elizabeth> "You obviously haven't met Farouk yet!"

<Aodhfionn> "If he's another spider, I don't want to!"

<Melody> "If he couldn't take the heat, shouldda stayed out the kitchen."

<Aodhfionn> There was another blur, and this time the horde was completely encased in the shadows, making it impossible for them to see or feel him. The creature was panicking so much, though, that he'd completely forgotten to hide himself, jammed in a corner of the room near the ceiling. He was completely white, except the eyes and black jeans, and shaking visibly. "Make 'em stop please."

<Elizabeth> "I wonder if I could make him think there were spiders everywhere?" Jumping as the darkness came again minue the white demon in the corner. "There!" Pointing with the glowing lightsaber thing of her power.

<Cassie_> Tilting her head, Cassandra hovered a little closer to get a better look at what had turned out to be a ghastly white boy. "Now look at what we've caught," she said, arching her eyebrows. "Don't tell me this is another long lost member of the St. Commons brood."

<Aodhfionn> He realised he was visible as Cassie hovered in front of him, solid red eyes wide and glowing in the dark. He had no pigment to skin or hair, completely white, fingers ending in claws and fangs pressing against his lower lip. He was a big lad, well built and shaking like a leaf in terror.

<Elizabeth> Elizabeth clicked over, shaking alittle and occassionally looking over her shoulder. "Think it's fun to pick on people do you?"

<Melody> "Not anymore he doesn't," Mel followed Liz over, trailing the undead critters behind her.

<Aodhfionn> "Frankly, yeah, th' looks on your faces was priceless." His voice was shaking still, looking about ready to bolt if there was the slightest movement of anything with more legs than there should be. "Alrigh', look, I ain' a ghost or a demon, I'm a squatter, an' scarin' you aside it's useful as fuck when it comes to makin' sure no one finds me here an' arrests me. That's th' truth. No more spiders, please?"

<Elizabeth> "Depends, you going to keep on pulling stunts like that on the new tenants of the building." Waving her powers away and switching her flashlight back on, at least that hid some of her shaking.

<Aodhfionn> "Depends if it's enough of a laugh an' I don' actually upset people too much." He slowly pulled himself up, eyeballing the floaty girl and hands flat on the wall behind him. He was shaking as much as the girl in PVC. "Spookin's funny, outright terrifyin' someone is jus' bein' an asshole." He swallowed. "...Wait. New...tenants? Is tha' what the buildin' work's for?" He let the shadows come back, the world given definition once more.

<Melody> "No, we're just doing some urban camping while some apprentice builders are working on gaining experience in construction," Melody rolled her eyes.

<Elizabeth> "Our building now, creepy asshole squatters not appreciated." Glaring even as she shook, she could still remember the petrol pouring like a river thanks to that freak out earlier.

<Aodhfionn> "Ah ah, creepy homeless mutant squatter, thanks." He was in a corner and he knew it, and he could smell the serious fear coming from Elizabeth. "Oh fuck, I really got t' you, didn't I?" He actually looked sorry then. "Listen, I jus' wanted to be left alone, I've been doin' it for th' last few' builder's've been in the other wings, not here, figured I was safe. Didn' know..." He trailed off awkwardly.

<Elizabeth> "Join the club." Rolling her eyes she dropped the eye contact and didn't bother engaging it again. "Just don't do it again jerk, otherwise we'll find worse thinsg then spiders to scare you off with clear?"

<Elizabeth> Huffing she turned around and stalked off for the stairs. "Come on girls the basment looked pretty interesting this morning." Cassie and Melody sniffing in distaste at the lad before leaving after Liz.

<Aodhfionn> "Whoo, I got told." He rolled his eyes right back, before the shadows wrapped around him again. He considered going after them again, before shaking his head and disappearing up into the rafters, climbing into his warm nest. New tenants, huh...maybe if he made them think he'd gone...yeah. A grin went across his face. This was gonna be fun.
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