Christmas 2016: Cassie

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Christmas 2016: Cassie

Post by Starfish » Sun Sep 15, 2013 5:10 pm

The old St. Commons estate in Sleepy Hollow, a few miles from Salem.

Jonas: "I have a feeling we probably should get one of those woodworking manuals on repairing houses to keep they same style without making it look like a patchwork mess." Jonas told Cassie while looking over the damage on the side of the house. "At least replacing the shingles on the roof won't be hard. Plus replacing the insulation."

Cassie: Floating higher up in the air, Cassandra took a closer look at the worn and battered wooden planks on the side of the old building. Surrounding herself with several shadowy arms, she reached out to give some of the poking out parts a gentle tug. Pieces of wood rained to the ground as the plank disintegrated.

Cassie: "At least we can no longer say the place has been uninhibited," the hovering girl commented. "Now it's just a home for termites instead of people."

Jonas: "The termites need to go as well. As well as the critters in the basement." Jonas added, sidestepping when it rained more wooden bits.

Cassie: "Awww, really?" Cassie tossed away the splintered wooden pieces, having them join the other rotting remains scattered about the overgrown garden. "But they're so cute - whatever they are. They didn't even try to bite me anymore after I put out some food for them last night."

Jonas: "I know, but I'm a bit afraid the SPCA might get angry when Melody's girl bites them." Jonas explained.

Cassie: Tipping over until she hovered upside down, the thick mane of raven hair cascading downwards, Cassie descended towards her uncle and gave him her best puppy eyes. "But I already thought of names for them," she said, managing to make her lip quiver.

Jonas: "Cassie," Jonas said, peering up at her, his white dead eyes nearly shining in the darkness of the night. "THink about it, do you want the responsibility of taking care of wild animals inside your house?"

Cassie: The teenage girl pouted. "No," she eventually admitted, making the single word come out as disappointed as possible. "I'll get them out of the basement later. Some pieces of meat should do the trick."

Jonas: "Good girl." Jonas nodded. "Now we just-" he got cut off when there were gunshots in the distance. Jonas turned and squinted towards the direction it came from.

Cassie: Rotating in mid-air, Cassandra returned into an upright position, floating a few feet higher as she looked in the same direction as her uncle. "This is the third time tonight," she commented, a wary expression on her youthful face. "This neighbourhood really changed from how I remember it."

Jonas: "You should have seen it back in my time." Jonas commented. "I have a feeling that things will just degrade more and more." he told her, still staring towards the direction from where the sounds had come.

Cassie: "Especially now that everyone believes the X-Men are dead and done for," Cassandra remarked, her feet gently touching the ground as she joined her Jonas' side. Cocking her head, the teenage girl gave her uncle a sly smile. "Someone should remind them we're still here."

Jonas: "On the one hand... the whole retiring idea... on the other hand... I really want to beat someone up." Jonas added, squinting. He turned to look at his grand niece. "Cassie, would you like to team up and clean up?" he asked her.

Cassie: Cassandra perked up at the question, the girl's face brightening with excitement. "Are you suggesting what I think you are?" she asked, her black-painted lips forming an impish smirk, while she held up her hands in a dramatic fashion. "The spooky St. Commons spectres, skulking through the Sleepy Hollow nights."

Jonas: "Secretly stopping sly suspects past sunset till sunrise," Jonas agreed. "But if you're going to suggest we wear matching outfits while doing it, it should better look good on me."

Cassie: "You can never go wrong with black leather and some purple highlights to add splashes of colour," Cassie pointed out, actually bouncing and skipping about in her excitement. She performed an impromptu handstand on the small cobblestone wall, watching her uncle upside down.

Cassie: "Though, in your case, I'd definitely go for the bare-chested look. It would be way more intimidating."

Jonas: "..." he squinted at her, "Are you also picturing me in a leather loin cloth or those tiny underwear things... what they call... speedo's?" he asked her.

Cassie: Balancing on one hand, Cassie raised the other to hold up her finger. "Not any kind of speedo, mind you," she pointed out. "It would have snazzy metal studs."

Jonas: "...I didn't think of that. Well if I look in them, then you may put me in them." he said, then blinked, "I mean, make them for me to put on... not in front of you. I still find it strange to be naked around you. Which is strange seeing that... we.. "

Cassie: "That we are related?" Cassie suggested, cartwheeling off the shallow wall to stand right in front of Jonas. The unsettling nature of her wry smirk was fully intentional. "Or that we slept with each other?"

Jonas: "A bit of both." Jonas replied.

Cassie: "Would it be any consolation if I told you that I'd have no problems being naked around you?" Cassandra asked, stepping up to Jonas, gently draping her arms over the pale mutant's shoulders.

Jonas: "Not much, but I guess I don't have any problems with it." he shrugged with her arms on him. "So, until I get a studded leather loin cloth as a superhero uniform, how about we go and see what made those bang bang noises?"

Cassie: "You'd rather face thugs armed with guns than me, don't you?" Cassandra snickered, unable to resist the temptation to lean in to give Jonas a quick smooch on the lips. "Let's go then!" She let go of him and raised one arm to the night sky. "We're Vampire Uncle and Ghost Niece, and together we're protecting Sleepy Hollow from evildoers of all kinds!"
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Re: Christmas 2016: Cassie

Post by Starfish » Sun Sep 15, 2013 8:02 pm

Downtown Sleepy Hollow.

Cassie: The big man did his best to look tough despite his flamboyant outfit, but the girlish scream by one of his friends drained all colour from his face. "Holy hell, she ate Jimmy!" A shaky hand pointed the heavy gun towards the floating mass of tentacled shadows, the flailing arms of another man disappearing inside the dark portal.

Jonas: A second later, Jonas came out from the portal, gong straight for the man with the gun, and shoving him against the wall behind him, holding the hand holding the gun. "Last warning," Jonas hissed as he pinned the guy, "You give us answers, or you join your friends in the darkness."

Cassie: "Yes, and it's always hungry." Cassandra's inhuman form revealed an unnerving grin, the only defined aspect of her morphing black features being her eyes, glowing with violet light. The inky tentacles curled towards the other two bodyguards in the big man's entourage, who nervously backed off.

Jonas: "I can't!" the man yelled, blood drained from his face out of fear, "They'll kill me!" Jonas squinted with his white lifeless eyes, "I'll do much worse than kill you if you don't tell me who you're working for."

Cassie: "Maybe he wants to join his friend Jimmy." Cassandra's amorphous shadow form moved closer to the ground, creating eerie shapes in the dark alley. Her face moved closer towards the frightened man. "Someone must get all that protection money you extort from the people on these streets, and I'm pretty sure you know who it is."

Cassie: Raising her shadowy hand, the girl's fingers had taken the shape of smoky claws. "We only want to have a friendly chat with them."

Jonas: Jonas tightened his grip on the man's hand, feeling bone crush between his grasp and the pistol's grip. The man screamed, "Tell me!" Jonas urged once more. "Tombstone!" the man finally yelled. "What?" Jonas asked.

Cassie: Cassandra's eyes narrowed, the violet glow flaring up as she gave the helpless man an intense look. "Are you joking? Don't tell me this is what he calls himself." She looked from the captive thug to her uncle. "Why didn't we think of that name? That's much better than Greymalkin or Uncle Vampi."

Jonas: "Damn it... Maybe I can do something like that... what about... Casket?" Jonas asked Cassie while the guy in his grasp whimpered in pain.

Cassie: "Oooh, I like that." The shadow girl gave the vampire boy an excited look, the squirming man seemingly forgotten. "My first thought was Sepulchre, but Casket rolls much better off the tongue."

Jonas: The guy groan in pain, getting Jonas' attention again. "This Tombstone, who is he really? Where can we find him?" Jonas asked.

Cassie: "Don't break him just yet, uncle," Cassandra chimed in, her shadowy form curling around the captive man. "You promised I get to play with him, too." She gave the thug a predatory grin, while several inky tendrils slithered around his arms and legs. "His friend feels so alone in my darkness."

Cassie: "Wait... wait!" The fear had widened the man's eyes, his voice trembling as he spoke. "I tell you everything I know."

Cassie: "Yes, we're listening..." The girl's smoky form leaned closer, dark talons stroking the man's cheek.

Jonas: "He... Tombstone, he knows about you..." The guy said. Jonas smirked, "Hear that niece, we're getting famous," Jonas told Cassie. "Nah, I mean, he knows about two.... ffucking freaks getting in his way."

Cassie: "How rude of them," Cassandra remarked. "Perhaps they just won't accept how he and his goons bleed this town dry any longer. Can you blame them being fed with up seeing their fellow neighbours terrorized by greedy thugs?"

Cassie: She tore her stern gaze away from their captive and looked at Jonas. "Did you hear that? Maybe we should team up with those other two and take on Tombstone together."

Jonas: "Oh sweety, I'm getting the feeling he was talking about us." Jonas told his niece. He looked back at the guy, pushing him higher up against the wall, "How about you phone him to come here?" Jonas asked the guy.

Cassie: "Ooh, does that mean we managed to annoy an actual crime boss?" Cassie asked, sounding a little too excited about the whole idea. Before Jonas could answer, however, her glowing eyes narrowed, and she glared back at the poor man in her uncle's grasp. "Hey, you called us freaks! That's not very nice!"

Jonas: "No that isn't very nice, is it?" Jonas said, squinting at the guy in his hands. "How about you phone your boss, and then tell him where to find you?" Jonas asked very nicely, "I can't... I don't have his number." the guy begged. Jonas cocked a hairless eyebrow, "You're telling me you don't even know how to contact your boss?"

Cassie: Sighing dramatically, Cassandra turned away and began to saunter through the alley, the shadows around her moving in eerie patters. "I'm getting bored," she complained, cocking her head. "If we can't play with his boss, I at least want to play with him."

Cassie: Spinning around on the spot, she flashed Jonas a toothy grin. "Maybe this Tombstone will come find us faster if we do something really nasty to his henchmen."

Jonas: "Heeey, what did I say about disemboweling people?" Jonas asked her, "We only do that when they do it to us. No, we're just going to break a few bones." THe henchman started to scream when he heard what was planned.

Cassie: "Who said I was going to disembowel him?" Cassie pouted again, holding up her hands in defence. "I would have only teleported him a little. One part goes here, the other there..."

Jonas: "Okay, but just as long he doesn't die. Here, catch!" Jonas said, hefting the guy back and then throwing him towards Cassie and her amazing portal of darkness.

Cassie: The poor man's panicked scream abruptly cut off when the pitch-black vortex swallowed him whole and closed behind him. As the remaining thugs watched in horror as their leader disappeared, Cassie was obviously in no rush, whistling a tune as she leaned against the wall of the building.

Jonas: Jonas turned to the others, "If you want to join your friend, stay and work with Tombstone," he announced, "However if you want to stay alive, I suggest you start doing good... because the boogie man will come for you if you don't."

Cassie: Somewhere in the far distance, the man's screaming could be heard again, becoming gradually louder with each passing second. Cassie still waited patiently, occasionally glancing upwards into the night sky. "Excuse me for a second," she then said, floating upwards with no rush.

Cassie: The free-falling big guy found his rapid descent stopped in the last possible moment, bouncing off a blanket made of rubbery darkness. "Oh, and tell Tombstone we're waiting for him, or we'll just have to continue playing with you lot."

Jonas: Jonas grinned at them as he stepped back towards his floating niece, ready for her to envelope him into darkness and do her little shadow play to give them one last scare before they teleport away.

Cassie: Cassandra gathered her uncle in several shadowy tentacles, lifting the two of them off the ground. "And don't you forget it, boys," the teenage girl reminded the men below, waving her finger at them. "This is our town, and we're looking out for its people. So take your nasty schemes somewhere else."

Jonas: "Psst, dark and broody, not nice and perky." Jonas whispered to Cassie.

Cassie: "Oh, right." Cassie cleared her throat and tried again, spreading her arms along with several menacing shadowy shapes, including dark fanged maws and black serrated blades. "We are the night, and if you disobey us, we'll devour you!"

Cassie: She looked back at Jonas. "Was that better? I think I maybe overdid it a little."

Jonas: "Nah, that's okay, now do your thing... that cool shadow thing." he urged her on.

Cassie: "Ah, yes, I almost forgot..." Cassandra took a bow in front of her involuntary audience. "I would wish you a good night, but then I'd be lying, so all I'm saying is - may we never meet again!" The otherwordly shadows drew closer, congregating in a spiralling vortext that swallowed the two mutants.

Cassie: When they were gone, the portal disappeared in a burst of dark spectres and black birds, leaving nothing behind but dispersing smoke.

Jonas: Jonas blinked when he saw they were back in their kitchen. "Well, that went quite well. Think a nice cup of coffee would go down quite well right about now. Coffee? Tea?" he asked as if nothing just happened.

Cassie: "Some tea with sugar and milk sounds wonderful right now," Cassie replied, skipping over to the kitchen table so she could hop up upon it, letting her legs dangle over the edge. "We should sill have some biscuits, I believe."

Jonas: "Mmm, cookies," Jonas mumbled as he started to gather what he needed from the cupboards. "So, Tooombstone, man what a great name. Wonder how he got it."

Cassie: "Whatever the reason, I seriously doubt he got it for his smarts," Cassandra remarked, idly kicking her legs back and forth. "Maybe he kills people by sitting on him."

Jonas: "Or he owns a gravestone making place. Oh! That would be a good idea, he owns a graveyard."

Cassie: "Where he buries the people he kills?" Cassie sounded almost hopeful. "You know, that makes me wonder." She turned her head to look at Jonas. "Perhaps we should try to find out more about this guy, before he finds out too much about us. The last time I confronted a bad guy without being prepared it turned out bad for me."

Jonas: "And how would we go about doing that? Go from seedy bar to seedy bar, rough up some ruffians until they tell us what we need to know?" he asked as he boiled the water. "Come to think of it, we're practically doing that right now. We're halfway done."

Cassie: "Really? Yay, go us!" Cassie flashed a grin. "I knew we'd make a good team." After she had calmed from her bout of excitement, she put on a thoughtful expression and began to tap the side of her chin. "I also know how much you like to punch bad people, but how about we go about this my way for the second half?"

Cassie: "Instead of punching them, we could try to trick them into talking to us and spill their secrets," she suggested.

Jonas: "Hmm," Jonas hummed in thought as he made the coffee and tea. "I'm listening..."

Cassie: "Suppose there was this lost little damsel in search for some tough guy to protect her from the rough, cold nights," Cassie elaborated, a sly smile playing across her lips. "Surely such a sweet thing could pose no threat to those mean men, and her pretty little head could never understand the shady dealings they're bragging about the entire time."

Jonas: Jonas squinted, "You talked me into wearing this," he gestured to the skimpy black studded loin cloth like speedo, "But I'm putting my foot down on wearing some sort of strapless little dress."

Cassie: Cassandra giggled. "Well damn, there goes my grand plan," she said, letting her head fall to the side as she sighed. "Unless..." The impish smirk returned to her black lips. "I know this might sound crazy, but what if I wore that strapless little dress?"

Jonas: "It's so crazy that it just might work." Jonas said, sitting down at the kitchen table with the cups of tea and coffee along with a plate of biscuits.

Cassie: "Not to mention it's a nice change to hurting people all the time," Cassie commented as she slipped into her chair. "See? I told you we'd make a great couple. I mean... team." She gave Jonas an awkward smile as she reached out to grab her cup of tea.

Jonas: "Something really unusual happened to you when you were young." Jonas commented. "Anyway, we can get to undercover hero work after our break."

Cassie: Cassandra snickered. "Oh, you have no idea," she said, and raised her sugar-coated spoon to lick it clean.
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Re: Christmas 2016: Cassie

Post by Starfish » Fri Sep 20, 2013 10:29 pm

Mayday: "You once said I didn't know what 'family' meant, do you remember?", Mary-Anne asked outright, legs folded as she sat atop one of the many boxes of affects she'd bought for the appartment, "It....hit a nerve. Family is very important to me, Maybug...that's why I've done this."

Mayday: Her daughter, Mayday, sat opposite, on a stylish armchair that she'd recieved along with all the other modern decorations and surfaces in the new appartment. She looked around shyly, hardly believing she was sat in the room, and looking back on her mother, she had nothing to say.

Mayday: Her mother, however, did. "When family needs you, no matter who, you drop everything to go to their side. I said you're a Webber - you said you're a Parker - and I don't care what name you use. You're my flesh and blood, little lady, and I am here for you always.",

Mayday: Standing, the older redhead patted down her fine dress and smiled curtly, "You may not believe me, but I love you, Mayday. I'm kind of a terrible mother, I know, but I'm the only one you have. And I will give you all I can.", with that, she made her leave towards the door, heels clacking across the burnished wood floor.

Cassie: Arriving unannounced as usual, Cassandra's head emerged from a circular patch of darkness growing on the floor. "Here's Cassie!" the raven-haired girl announced, before taking a curious look around the room. "Did I get the right apartment this time?"

Mayday: Jumping in surprise, both the redheads made similar squaling sounds in fright. Both their pairs of blue eyes fell on the girl, Mayday speaking first: "Cassandra, how is this helpful!?",

Mayday: Mary-Anne snorted, shaking her head and catching her breath, "More popular with women than I was men at your age! Doll, I'm impressed..."

Cassie: "Oh, I was supposed to be helpful?" Cassandra asked, faking a look of surprise, while she rose up from the portal in the ground, hovering briefly in the middle of the room, then touched down as soon as the patch of blackness beneath her had vanished again.

Cassie: "I've been called many things in my young life, but I think 'helpful' has never been among them." She gave Mayday an impish smile, before turning towards the other redhead. "So, this must be your sister then, no?"

Mayday: "Oh, now I hope you're flirting...", Mary-Anne laughed back, hand on her hip, "Mary-Anne Webber, I'm her mother."

Mayday: Mayday stood, "W-which is why you shouldn't come out with stuff like that!", she stressed, "God, Mom...."

Mayday: The older woman giggled to herself, "Now, now; no need to be a sore loser, baby doll! Sounds like you're jealous..."

Cassie: "Oh, you must be joking." Cassie turned her head to look at Mayday and back at the other girl's mother. "You must have been younger than me when you got her then." She performed a slight yet graceful bow, the edge of her mouth forming a smirk. "And if you put it like that, I totally am flirting right now..."

Mayday: With a mischevious smirk of her own, Mary-Anne looked back at Mayday, "Well, now I insist you come home for New Years. With your friend, maybe we'll...", she shrugged nonchalantly, " out?"

Mayday: "O-oh, ok, no...!", Mayday slumped back down into her chair, ""

Cassie: "Ooh, that sounds delicious," Cassie replied, her eyes shamelessly seizing up the older woman. "That's a really tempting offer - thank you." She looked back at Mayday. "Did you hear that, May? You never invite me to eat out."

Mayday: Mayday sat up, "B-because I have a gir-.....", and before she finished her sentence, recalled that Janet was one of the many people still missing. Her words stopped dead in her mouth, the breath behind them ceasing.

Mayday: Realising the sudden severity of the situation, Mary-Anne cleared her throat, "Well, the offer stands.", she said shortly, "I love you, Maybug. And it's been a pleasure, Cassie, was it?", she gave a short nod.

Cassie: Cassandra returned the nod. "The pleasure's been all mine," she said. "And don't worry about Mayday. Your daughter is in good, caring hands. I'll make sure she settles in nicely and has everything she needs... or wants."

Mayday: With a warm smile, the older woman departed. Mayday waited until the door had closed before bringing her knees up and hugging them tightly as she burried her head, mind now racing with all the thoughts she'd tried desperately to repress.

Cassie: Once they were alone, Cassandra turned around and let her gaze wander across the apartment. "That's a pretty cozy place you've got here," she remarked, taking a couple steps around. "I certainly like it."

Mayday: "Y-yeah...", Mayday responded, looking up at her, "'s my Mom's NY place. She's renting it to me. A-and...paying the rent for a while..."

Cassie: "That's really nice of your mom." Cassie turned back to Mayday and gave her a smile, before going over to the other girl and crouching down by her side. "Are you sure you want to live all by yourself, though?"

Mayday: "No.", she answered automatically, "B-but....since Xavier's is gone and I can't stay at Nova's....", sitting up a little, Mayday frowned, "I-I mean, I considered asking Robin'd be weird for me. A-and I wanna stay in New York because....w-well....I'm still the Spider-Girl, right?"

Cassie: "The one and only, totally amazing Spider-Girl." Cassie put on her most comforting smile and reached out to take Mayday's hand, giving it a reassuring squeeze. "Nothing she can's handle, right?"

Mayday: Remaining silent for a moment, Mayday just looked at the hand in hers, glancing up at Cassandra, "....Janet's gone too, isn't she?", she swallowed, "....everything's just...."

Cassie: "We don't know that," she tried to reassure the other girl, squeezing her hand a little firmer. "I mean, maybe she wasn't even at the mansion. It all happened so fast, there's no telling where everyone was when things went to hell. Perhaps she was just scared and ran away. Couldn't blame her, right?"

Mayday: Mayday took a deep breath. That was certainly true, and more than anything, she wanted to believe that, "I guess so.", she agreed, standing with a sigh, "Don't suppose anyone got a post card from Cinnamon?"

Cassie: "I'd be surprised if anyone did, but I'm sure he's fine." Cassie kept up her smiling and did her best to maintain a positive attitude. "I can go looking for him, if you like. Don't care if the estate is under lockdown. I can sneak in anywhere like a stealthy ninja, remember?"

Mayday: "I....don't wanna hold out too much hope.", the redhead replied honestly, ".....l-let's about something else.", she stood, looking around at the various boxes, "I-I know it's kind of a pain, but will you help me unpack some of this stuff?"

Cassie: Cassandra nodded. "Of course I will," she said, her smile growing a little bigger as she stood up again. "Shared pain is only half the pain, yes?"

Mayday: With a shy smile, Mayday nodded in agreement, "I suppose. T-thanks, Cassie. I....really appreciate it..."

Cassie: After a whole lot of shuffling and unpacking boxes, Cassandra and Mayday had managed to make the small apartment a whole lot more cluttered than before - but also quite a bit more welcoming. "Where do you want these to go?" she asked, holding three smaller boxes aloft with her shadowy limbs.

Mayday: "Are those the bath things or the pillows?", Mayday finished plugging in the eletricals for her new TV and PC, sighing and sitting back as she wiped her brow and adjusted her ponytail, "Man, I can't even remember what else she bought, crap, and it's way too late for grocery shopping now!"

Cassie: Cassandra gave the boxes a careful shake, wearing a frown on her face. "Well, I think we can rule out anything fragile," she said when she didn't hear anything shatter inside. "And I'm sure we can still find a store that is open." She gave Mayday a sly smile. "Don't worry about getting there and back, either."

Mayday: Lying back on her rug, Mayday sighed up at the ceiling, "I'm boooored...", she groaned, "Can we stop for today? My new PC is working and I have Netflix, so can we just.....not work anymore?", her eyes fell on the sofa, "...that sofa looks soooo coooomffffyyyy...."

Cassie: "Let's call this the idea of the day," Cassie announced, dropping the boxes she was holding right away. "Your mother's offer aside, of course." Stepping over to the girl on the floor, she bent down to grab the redhead under the arms. "Let's get you draped on the sofa then, while I get you something to eat and drink."

Mayday: Humming in approval, Mayday simply let herself be dragged, ignoring the rug beneath her being shifted awkwardly and the possibility of her sweatpants being pulled at, revealing the top of her rear.

Mayday: Right until she thought that her sweatpants being pulled would reveal the top of her rear.

Mayday: Forcing herself to her feet she shook herself free, pulling her pants up and blushing, "Right! Now is no time to show off my butt!", she cringed, turning to Cassandra, "S-sorry..."

Cassie: "Now don't be silly," Cassie reprimanded Mayday, holding up her index finger. "There is always time to show off ones butt - especially if it's such a cute one as yours."

Mayday: Opening her mouth to protest, Mayday found no words, instead just laughing and throwing her arms around Cassandra, holding her in a gentle hug.

Cassie: Keeping her mouth shut for once, Cassie returned the gesture and embraced Mayday, holding her friend tight in silence for several seconds. "We'll get through this, yes?" she whispered after a while, her lips close to the other girl's ear. "We stick together and eventually things will look better again. They have to be, sooner or later."

Mayday: Mayday nodded, remaining silent before moving back to look at the raven-haired girl, ".....C-Cassie, will you....c-ca-...I-I mean, since there's room here and....u-unless you have somewhere else t-..."

Cassie: "Well, actually I do..." Cassandra sucked on her lower lip, but another smile lit up her features just a moment later. "But I'm sure Jonas will survive in the modern world for some nights without me. It's not like the old house we're squatting in will come down around him - even though that's a possibility."

Mayday: "H-he could....maybe stay too?", Mayday shrugged, "I have a spare room! And a couch, so....", she let her shoulders fall, looking away and idly fiddling with a lock of her hair, "...I-I don't wanna...seem desperate but...."

Mayday: She swallowed, "...I-I'm so afraid of being alone. I can't even sleep..."

Cassie: "There's no question - of course I can stay," Cassandra assured her friend, reaching up to gently brush a strand of red hair out of the girl's face, while trying to encourage her with her most convincing smile. "I'd never leave you alone when you need someone the most."

Mayday: Letting out a breath, Mayday beamed, eyes a little watery, "Thank you so much...", she grinned, biting her lip and trying not to end up a blubbering mess like she used to in situations like these. In the next beat she'd jumped back onto Cassandra with a hug, squeezing her tightly, "You're my best friend ever.", she whispered.

Cassie: Cassandra wrapped her arms around Mayday and held her tightly, their heads resting against each other. "You won't go away, too, will you?" she asked, her voice shaking as she struggled to hold back her own tears. "Promise me I won't lose you, too."

Mayday: "No.", Mayday whispered, stroking her cheek against Cassandra's, "No. Never.", she repeated just a little louder, "I promise you, Cassie, I promise.", she held the younger girl in a firm embrace, "I'm not going anywhere you can't find me. I'm not gonna leave you alone."

Cassie: Pulling back just far enough to look at the other girl, Cassie reached up to wipe some of the glistening moisture out of the corner of her eye. "And I promise you'll never have to look farther than your own shadow to find me," she replied, before throwing her arms around Mayday once more.

Mayday: Letting out anotehr soft sigh, Mayday was sure the warm, loving embrace of her friend had squeezed the last of the toxic fog of hurt out of her body for the while. She remained in the embrace with Cassandra for just a few more moments before moving back, kissing her nose suddenly with a happy smile on her face, "Hey, come on, don't wuss out like I do; 'loser' shouldn't be contagious.", she joked merilly, replicating Cassandra's usual positive demeanour.

Cassie: "It rather looks like my cheerfulness and your sentimentality both somehow escaped and mingled into something truly sappy." Cassie gave her friend a wry smile, crossing her eyes when the tip of her nose tingled from the kiss. "How about we check if the new TV set is working?"

Cassie: "We have enough pillows and blankets to cozy up on the sofa and watch silly stuff until we both fall asleep," she suggested.

Mayday: "Sounds like Chinese is on the menu...", Mayday nodded, snapping her fingers and placing a hand on her hip in a little dramatic pose, "Alright, let's grab those and fire up my 'monolith' tele-box!", with a cheer, she hopped off to find her phone.

Cassie: Cassie spun around and skipped after her friend, bounding over partly unpacked boxes. "Can I spook the delivery guy?" she asked, already bouncing on the sofa.

Mayday: Mayday turned and gave Cassandra a wide smile, "Anything you want.", she spread her arms, "'Mi casa, su casa', mi Cassie."
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Re: Christmas 2016: Cassie

Post by Scumfish » Sun Sep 22, 2013 2:28 am

<@Elizabeth> Elizabeth hit her flash light on her thigh, she was moved in now, hiding in one of the upstairs rooms on a matteress with a suit case full of clothes. However bored she'd brought a flashlight from the store and decided the place needed exploring in the dark.

<@Elizabeth> For shits and giggles.

<Melody> "Ugh, this place is a dump," Mel pulled a face as she kicked some trash asside, "looks like they hired my mom as housekeeper or something."

<Cassie> "Yes, isn't it amazing?" Cassandra paused her prancing long enough to give Melody a grin. "It's almost like a theme park - only more grisly and spooky. Which makes it even better!" She performed an excited bounce. "Do you think it's haunted? Oh I hope it's haunted! I wanna see ghosts!"

<@Elizabeth> "Not sure I want haunted but a skeleton would be cool." The beam of her flash light shaking alittle as she walked along finding the rooms that hadn't been cleaned up to peak into.

<Aodhfionn> It also had ample caffolding around from where SHIELD were in the process of rebuilding, but there were no lights, not yet. No electricity had been turned on and the generators the builders had been using were locked down, leaving the girls in the huge, drafty place alone in the dark. Long, deep shadows claimed everything, twisting things into odd shapes that were mundane during the day but...different at night.

<Melody> "Skeleton's are over-rated, can't use them for shit, no muscles to move themselves after all."

<Cassie> "Maybe we find some zombies just for you, Mellie!" Cassandra offered Melody a smirk and leaned over to give her a gentle nudge into the side. "Then you could make them give us a tour."

<@Elizabeth> "I was more thinking to leave bits of it around the place were the teachers would find it and freak." Smiling alittle as her new heels clicked about.

<Cassie> Feeling right at home in the pervading darkness, Cassandra couldn't resist teleporting ahead by jumping from one deep shadow to the next, hopping out into the hallway further down. "We totally should think of something to spook them," she agreed, waiting up on the others.

<Aodhfionn> The place was also filled with shifting sounds too - wind, mostly, leaves brushing over floors and dusting over windows. Skitters of vermin that hadn't been chased out of this wing yet. The rattle of scaffolding as light feet ran across it, sleepy birds settling in the rafters - easily explained sounds.

<@Elizabeth> Elizabeth was more comfortable back in her PVC and leather now she'd refitted her wardrode, it did mean she was adding to the sounds to the place, namely squeaking. "You know I'm kind of glad I moved here early, I kind of like it like this. Proper serenity in silence."

<Melody> "Don't you think that'd be a little bad taste considering everything that's happened recently?" Mel asked, idly re-animating a dead pigeon and making it hop along with them.

<@Elizabeth> "So was moving us to an insane asylum, just because I'm medicated no need for the teachers to be extra prepared." The gloom making her and the dark outft fit in nicely, however the flashlights made her shine up.

<Cassie> "Hmmm, perhaps," Cassandra admitted, tapping an index finger against the side of her chin. "But nothing better to cope with a bad situation than make light of it, yes? That's what I always say, anyway." She paused when the gust of wind drifted through the hallway, kicking up some of the ample dust.

<Aodhfionn> The girls weren't alone, much as they were talking about ghosts and skeletons and how cool it would be. There were other things living in the building - it had been abandoned for so long, so much had happened in it, after all. A shadow grew longer, flickered, reaching out for one of them - and then snapped back to normal.

<Melody> Melody wasn't impressed, "Stop fucking about, Cass," she waved off the creepy shadow.

<@Elizabeth> Squeaking alittle she wondered what Jimmy was doing back in NY. "So do we think this place will look good when it's cleaned up?" Not spotting the shadow as she had found a big creepy window showing off the grounds.

<Cassie> "But I'm not doing anything," Cassandra insisted, frowning at the strange shadow doing even stranger things all on its own. "I swear it's not me. I wouldn't lie about such things, would I?" She paused for a moment. "Okay, maybe I would, but that still wasn't me."

<Melody> "Uh-huh," Melody sounded utterly convinced of her friend's innocene, totally.

<@Elizabeth> "This is freaky enough without people fuckin thin- Melody the hell with th dead pigeon?!"

<Cassie> "Can we keep it?" Cassandra asked, looking way too excited about the dead bird hopping about.

<Melody> "What? I like birds. And it's not too maimed, think it died of old age," the zombie pigeon cooed gently to itself and fluffed out it's feather.

<@Elizabeth> She was pushing through the whispers every day now, company helped because it was something to concentrate on. "It's still kinda gross...." Finding a set of stairs leading up and down. "Which way guys?"

<Cassie> "Or maybe it was..." Trailing off, Cassandra put a spooky vibe into her voice, drawing some shadows over her face. "...scared to death."

<Aodhfionn> The stairs leading up seemed somehow...darker, the shadows almost thick enough to touch, and there was a sound like someone was walking down them, a quiet muttering - just out of hearing, not quite loud enough to understand - following it.

<@Elizabeth> Elizabeths head swung up like a compass towards the sound, it felt so much louder then the real ones. "What a dog got in here? bark and it fell off the twig?"

<Melody> "I think it's way more likely that you were just dropped on your head a lot as a baby," Mel scoffed, "... Dog? What?"

<Cassie> Approaching the stairs cautiously, Cassandra slowed her steps even further. "Something is odd about the darkness in this place," she commented, actually sounding more serious for once. "And I say that as the local expert on all things shadowy."

<@Elizabeth> "I meant with the scaring things to death." Looking up the stairs and frowning. "It doesn't feel right.... it feels .... full."

<Melody> "Riiiight, is it blueberry flavoured or something? That the problem," Melody refused to buy into all this creepy bullshit, "Full of what?"

<Cassie> "Full of secrets," Cassandra remarked, before looking back over her shoulder at the other two girls. "Waiting for someone to uncover them."

<@Elizabeth> "I don't know..... just full... I only really practise with the moving crap side of my powers so the other side is ... lacking abit."

<Aodhfionn> The footsteps stopped, and there was the sound of someone breathing in sharply. Then all three torches went out suddenly, all at the same time, no warning flicker - just pitch blackness.

<Aodhfionn> No light penetrated the darkness, despite there being windows - all of it just...went.

<@Elizabeth> Elizabeths flash light flew out of her hand with some force, purposely aimed up the stairs, her hands glowing and bringing some light back to the hallway. "Fuck Off!"

<@Elizabeth> Or not, she could see her hands but nothing else.

<Cassie> "Is it just me, or did it just get a whole lot cozier in here," Cassandra remarked as the faint moonlight vanished from the broken windows. "And before you say anything, I promise that I still don't have anything to do with this..."

<Melody> "I dunno which is worse, the thought that you're just fucking with us or the thought you're not," Melody's voice spoke from the darkness, followed by the sound of her hammering her flashlight against her thigh to try and get it working again.

<Aodhfionn> The torch was caught - and turned back on, shining straight back at the girls. There was the impression of a figure behind it, barely there, tall and built - what little could be seen in the clinging darkness. Then the torch was dropped, the beam still on but showing nothing and the sound of someone running down the stairs echoed up.

<Cassie> "Still thinking this is me?" Cassandra asked, standing still as she stared ahead at the strange apparition.

<@Elizabeth> Elizabeth actually let out a high pitch whine rather then a scream then, flinching back from the light and just staring...

<Melody> "... Cassie, swear on your hundred-year old, whale-bone, silk and velevet corset that you love more then life itself, that wasn't you."

<Aodhfionn> A couple of seconds later, the suffocating darkness lifted, the torches suddenly working again, the place bright after it went...and the lights caught something...glistening on the floor of the stairs, slowly dripping down it.

<@Elizabeth> "Off the point but I want that corset now..." Voice shaking as much as her hands as the flash light dropped, her hand going out and it flew to her. Swallowing she wasn't sure if those whispers were part of this or her mind had jack up to a whole new level of crazy.

<@Elizabeth> "W-what is that...." To her it looked like airoplane fluid dripping down metal...

<Cassie_> "I swear by its bleached out bones," Cassandra replied, blinking when the sudden influx of light messed with her eyes. "And I might let you borrow it, as long as I get to help you put it on." She looked back at Elizabeth, the smirk finally returning to her lips. "Only to make sure it's properly handled, of course."

<Melody> "Okay, whoever the fuck you are, I'm going to assrape you with zombies when I find you!" Mel threatened the empty hallway, "Old people zombies!"

<Cassie_> "Would you like me saying that it looks like blood?" the raven-haired girl asked.

<@Elizabeth> Think about the corset and gorgeous cassie... not the petrol dripping down the walls. Covering her nose to defend herself from the on coming smell. "You can even take it off again for the priveledge of wearing it..." She couldn't stop staring.

<Aodhfionn> There was no reply. The shadows stayed normal, there weren't any extra sounds, and the liquid slowly dripped off a step.

<Melody> "Watch my back, I'm going in," Mel muttered, creeping towards the puddle.

<Cassie_> "I'd rather watch Elizabeth's back, but yours is fine, too," Cassandra replied, trying to shake the sense of unease by putting on a wry smile.

<@Elizabeth> Elizabeth forced a smile then, everything could be defused with jokes right? "Careful Mel."

<Melody> Gingerly she poked a finger in the puddle, then frowned as she sniffed it, "... It's red fucking paint," she deadpanned.

<@Elizabeth> Sighed she face palmed. Not petrol, paint, paint girl paint. "So there's another student here fuckin with us?"

<Cassie_> "Sad," Cassie only remarked, actually looking disappointed at the revelation.

<Melody> "Another student who's getting anally violated by dead things when I find them," Melody growled.

<Cassie_> "But who, I wonder?" Cassandra caught up with Melody, leaning around the handrail to peer up the flight of stairs. "As far as I know, Adam left to live with Jolen, and I can't picture anyone else with this peculiar sense of humour. Myself excluded, of course."

<Aodhfionn> Definitely not a student. A giggle came from somewhere above them, something...wrong about it, nowhere near the direction the apparition had gone, and the paint tin suddenly bouncing down the stairs followed by the running footsteps was suddenly loud. "Catch me if you can!" The voice was disturbingly gleeful.

<@Elizabeth> "Adam can't manipulate shadows and wouldn't do shit like that. Not to me at least." Growling alittle at the voice and laugh, she didn't find people trying to set off flashbacks funny at all.

<Cassie_> "Whoever that is, he's messing with the wrong group of girls," Cassandra remarked, instinctively shrouding herself in shadows as the tension rose. "I'm the only one who gets to mess with people in the dark around here."

<Melody> The nice thing about old buildings like this, so many dead things if you knew where to look, "I don't need to catch you," Mel muttered, closing her eyes and spreading her arms, letting the energy flow from her into every empty vessel it could find in the local area. Long dead rats, mice, birds and even insects rose from the dust, the mutants will steering them.

<Aodhfionn> This was being watched by a figure perched up in the rafters, shrouded in the same shadows as one of the girls down on the floor, red points of light narrowing in the wispy darkness. A tongue went over fangs as he watched with interest varying dead things starting to rise, grinning to himself.

<@Elizabeth> "Melody.... zombie are cool... this is kind of gross." Arms wrapping around herself she switched her flash light off and made her arms glow enough instead. "So shall we leave the upstairs for now?"

<Aodhfionn> The shadows around the stairs withdrew further, revealing...nothing, actually. Just a normal set of stairs bathed in moonlight, leading up into another hall. The stairs downstairs, on the other hand, were thick with darkness that had the same consistancy as smoke.

<@Elizabeth> "Or not, upstairs is good."

<Cassie_> "Someone is up there, hiding from us," Cassandra stated the obvious, even though it was more obvious to her, attuned senses able to penetrate the darkness. Most of it, anyway. Something about the shadows was off and unnatural. Much like her own - even those clearly weren't being controlled by her.

<Melody> "Or we just get my buddies to check it our for us," Mel suggested, eyes closed as she concentrated on controlling her minions. Animals were in thier way tricker, generally human corpses could understand simple instructions, critters needed personal steering.

<Cassie_> "Release the hounds, Corpse-Girl," Cassandra remarked, watching Melody do her thing. "Or zombie-rats, rather."

<@Elizabeth> "So down into the depths or up to the giggling? Freaks about or not I still kind of want something to do... beside this might explain some of the weird noises I've heard over the last two nights."

<Melody> "Threnody, apparently Dead Girl was already taken."

<Aodhfionn> There was the sound of something heavy dropping from something high, a sound like fingernails down chalkboard accompanying it and the clatter of something falling. "You're not playing!" The voice was petulent and sounded...young, distant, not here, another laugh echoing oddly as Cassie's shadows twisted and eddied as if in a wind.

<@Elizabeth> "Well girls ap-aparently we're dealing with a t-toddler." her voice still freaked out and shaking as the nails on chalkboard sound reminded her of stressed metal snapping...

<Cassie_> "But I like playing games," Cassandra answered the voice in the dark, finding her playful nature tickled despite the creepiness of it all - or because of it. "Maybe it's the ghost of a dead kid."

<Melody> Melody's minions were scurrying, flapping and buzzing through the urban ruin, looking for the source of the shadows ... then the very same pigeon that had been following them around flew into a cluster of shadows and connected with something heavy.

<Aodhfionn> There was something in that cluster of shadows, and whatever it was disliked a sudden face-pigeon. "Holy fuck!" The shadows suddenly flickered, and whatever they contained shot up the wall, literally climbing up the surface and leaving deep furrows as shadows flickered and wisped around it. Despite the sudden shock, he managed to stay in character...

<Aodhfionn> And the girls were treated to the sight of a white flicker in the midst of the shadows, glowing red eyes flaring in them and a hissing scream echoed around the hall before shadows enveloped him and he shot up into the rafters. Dead fucking pigeons!! The fuck was with zombie fucking pigeons!

<Melody> "If you're solid I can still get you with horny old people zombies, asshole!"

<Cassie_> "I think your decaying feathered friends found something," Cassandra remarked, the impish smirk on her lips growing a little bigger as she floated up the staircase towards the top floor. "Let's see if we can chase our playful friend out of his dark hidy-hole."

<@Elizabeth> Elizabeth just stared at the flash of white and glwoing eyes, not taht she was admitting this but whatever that was it was seriously freaking her the fuck out right now. "I'll take the rear then..." Following the pair up the stairs.

<Aodhfionn> As they climbed up the stairs, the deep furrows of his climb were obvious up the walls, as was the clawed-apart debris strewn over the floor. It looked like a large animal had got to it, and there was another echoing giggle from the shadows further on.

<Cassie_> "Girls, I'm starting to believe we're not dealing with a ghost here," Cassandra remarked, trying to peel away the shadows from the hallway to allow her friends to see better, creating a narrow pathway of light. "This looks more like some kind of demon to me."

<@Elizabeth> Elizabeth took a deep breath and forced her power into a shape, a long stick of light in her hand that Hisako had helped her form. "Well lets go excorcise the bastard y-yeah?" Staring at the claw marks.

<Melody> "Demon? Bullshit," Melody scoffed, "there's no such thing as demons, it's gotta be some kind of mutant like us."

<Cassie_> "Says the girl who has her own zombie tea party," Cassandra remarked with a wry smirk, as she tried to follow the source of the scuttling noises. The presence of Melody's minions made this quite a bit harder, however.

<Melody> "Science zombie tea-party," Mel countered.

<@Elizabeth> "No not that way Cassie, go left." Because she could sort of feel something to the left but nothing to the right. Hugging herself with her one arm and really starting to hate the dark.

<Aodhfionn> Something the being was making good use of. He was above them, absolutely silent, watching them curiously. The shiny one stunk of fear, the other smelt dead, and the third was playing with shadows too. He smirked - and the shadows stopped obeying Cassie, falling apart into nothing.

<Cassie_> "So why can't it be a science demon then?" Cassandra asked, stopping dead in her tracks when the shadows around them began to misbehave. "I didn't tell you to do that," she muttered, her brow furrowing, while black tendrils began to curl around her form when she became increasingly agitated.

<Aodhfionn> The shadows spiked at her, then fell back completely - even things that should have been creating shadows no longer had them, making the place look flat and surreal.

<Melody> "You don't have a long lost twin do you?"

<@Elizabeth> "Oh god that is making me feel sick." Shaking her head and trying not to stare to hard at everythings lack of a shadow, not even her powers casting light on the place. "That is disorientating in the worst kind of way."

<Cassie_> "Not to my knowledge, but to be honest, it wouldn't really surprise me anymore," Cassandra commented, her eyes narrowing, lighting up with a faint violet glow. "Okay, now I'm starting to grow tired of this game."

<Aodhfionn> Another giggle reached them. "I'm not."

<Cassie_> "No one messes with my shadows," Cassandra said, actually sounding irritated at this point. "Mel, would you please have your little dead darling eat whoever did that?"

<@Elizabeth> "Who the h-hell are you?" She asked outloud to the shadows, turning round trying to find the thing she could feel in the full shadows upon the ceiling.

<Aodhfionn> "Your shadows?" The voice was incredulous, hissing and directionless. "Yours? Pretentious little wench, aren't you?" Another laugh that suddenly switched, coming from ground level and then back to ceiling again. "Do you really want them back again, little girl?"

<Melody> "Ugh, what a pretentious little dickwad," Mel was starting to sound annoyed now, "I think a few zombie rat nibbles should sort this asshole out," she let out a sharp whistle and all dead things that scurried ran to her.

<Cassie_> "You can keep them," Cassandra scowled in response, feet hovering several inches above the floor already. "There are plenty more where these came from." The girl's form turned to total darkness, its human shape blurring, as several ink-black tentacles surged forth from the pathway tearing up in her center.

<Aodhfionn> There was a flicker of the apparition again, red eyes over a grin that was too wide, too full of fangs, ragged white hair visible for a moment before the shadows swallowed it again. "Ooooooh. Down, girl." Was she shadow? Could he control that like he could darkness?

<@Elizabeth> Elizabeth was just concentrating on keeping her light stick up, as she looked around for the source, unless she could see it she couldn't hit it. "Told you, p-playing with a toddler."

<Melody> There was the creep, with a flick of her wrist Mel ordered her rats and mice to swarm the figure.

<Cassie_> "I know we haven't even really moved into the place, but if that guy keeps this up, I won't hesitate to tear it all down around him until I've found him." Cassandra's constructs barged through doors and shattered some of the already cracked windows, slithering through the hallways on the hunt of her prey.

<Aodhfionn> He watched Cassie with utter fascination, moving easily between the shadows, trying to take the living darkness and though he was able to push against them, he couldn't control them. He wasn't all that bothered by the dead things, they were easy enough to avoid...well, until he felt something on his head. He froze, a quiet, high-pitched sound leaving him that was definitely not human.

<Aodhfionn> Slowly, a cheerful, dead little spider climbed over his hair and dropped onto his shoulder, scuttling down to his hand. And the air was split by a blood-curdling shriek, followed by the sound of mad scrabbling and something falling gracelessly off something high.

<Cassie_> "Did I get him?" Cassandra asked, pausing her shadowy hunt. "I don't think I did..."

<Melody> The swarm of rats halted and melody grinned to herself, "... I think your 'demon' is an arachnephobe," she remarked, before chaneling more energy into the spider corpses in the area and homing in on the screaming.

<Elizabeth> The spider ended up landing on Elizabeth, although she jumped abit there wasn't any shrieking from her just giving it an odd look before following where that scream had come from. "I think something did..."

<Aodhfionn> "Nononononofucknoanythin'butthat-" There was more scrabbling and the voice was becoming panicked before there was a blur of white up a wall, even the shadows dropping for a moment in the creature's haste to get the hell away from the spider zerg rush. "Fuck off fuck off fuck off-" The shadows closed over him again and he was hidden from view, though there was a definite panicked panting somewhere...

<Cassie_> "Whatever you did, I like it," Cassandra commented and snickered mischievously.

<Elizabeth> She couldn't help but giggle through her nerves then. "Some one scared of a fuzzy little spider? Is the great darkness running from a little invertebre?"

<Melody> "Undead spider zerg rush, you're welcome," the tiny bug horde skittered up the wall in hot persuit of the shadows.]

<Elizabeth> Elizabeth lifted the one off her shoulder and held it by the wall to jump off and join it's comrades. "As ok as I am with spiders, can you get the cockroaches away from me?"

<Aodhfionn> "Oh holy fuckin' shitfuck bollockin'-" A very British, very cockney accent came from the shadows as another blur of white proved that the spidery little bastards had found him. "Fuck off I am not edible! Fuckfuckfuck-"

<Cassie_> "Apparently someone doesn't like to play anymore." Cassandra smirked, retracting the summoned darkness back into the otherwordly portal spiralling in the middle of her body, gradually returning to her human form.

<Elizabeth> "Spider formation gooo! foods that way!" Chuckling alittle now as her nerves died down and she watched the entertainment roll out.

<Aodhfionn> "Call y' fuckin' eight-legged demons off!! Uncle, uncle, y' found somethin' scarier'n me!"

<Elizabeth> "You obviously haven't met Farouk yet!"

<Aodhfionn> "If he's another spider, I don't want to!"

<Melody> "If he couldn't take the heat, shouldda stayed out the kitchen."

<Aodhfionn> There was another blur, and this time the horde was completely encased in the shadows, making it impossible for them to see or feel him. The creature was panicking so much, though, that he'd completely forgotten to hide himself, jammed in a corner of the room near the ceiling. He was completely white, except the eyes and black jeans, and shaking visibly. "Make 'em stop please."

<Elizabeth> "I wonder if I could make him think there were spiders everywhere?" Jumping as the darkness came again minue the white demon in the corner. "There!" Pointing with the glowing lightsaber thing of her power.

<Cassie_> Tilting her head, Cassandra hovered a little closer to get a better look at what had turned out to be a ghastly white boy. "Now look at what we've caught," she said, arching her eyebrows. "Don't tell me this is another long lost member of the St. Commons brood."

<Aodhfionn> He realised he was visible as Cassie hovered in front of him, solid red eyes wide and glowing in the dark. He had no pigment to skin or hair, completely white, fingers ending in claws and fangs pressing against his lower lip. He was a big lad, well built and shaking like a leaf in terror.

<Elizabeth> Elizabeth clicked over, shaking alittle and occassionally looking over her shoulder. "Think it's fun to pick on people do you?"

<Melody> "Not anymore he doesn't," Mel followed Liz over, trailing the undead critters behind her.

<Aodhfionn> "Frankly, yeah, th' looks on your faces was priceless." His voice was shaking still, looking about ready to bolt if there was the slightest movement of anything with more legs than there should be. "Alrigh', look, I ain' a ghost or a demon, I'm a squatter, an' scarin' you aside it's useful as fuck when it comes to makin' sure no one finds me here an' arrests me. That's th' truth. No more spiders, please?"

<Elizabeth> "Depends, you going to keep on pulling stunts like that on the new tenants of the building." Waving her powers away and switching her flashlight back on, at least that hid some of her shaking.

<Aodhfionn> "Depends if it's enough of a laugh an' I don' actually upset people too much." He slowly pulled himself up, eyeballing the floaty girl and hands flat on the wall behind him. He was shaking as much as the girl in PVC. "Spookin's funny, outright terrifyin' someone is jus' bein' an asshole." He swallowed. "...Wait. New...tenants? Is tha' what the buildin' work's for?" He let the shadows come back, the world given definition once more.

<Melody> "No, we're just doing some urban camping while some apprentice builders are working on gaining experience in construction," Melody rolled her eyes.

<Elizabeth> "Our building now, creepy asshole squatters not appreciated." Glaring even as she shook, she could still remember the petrol pouring like a river thanks to that freak out earlier.

<Aodhfionn> "Ah ah, creepy homeless mutant squatter, thanks." He was in a corner and he knew it, and he could smell the serious fear coming from Elizabeth. "Oh fuck, I really got t' you, didn't I?" He actually looked sorry then. "Listen, I jus' wanted to be left alone, I've been doin' it for th' last few' builder's've been in the other wings, not here, figured I was safe. Didn' know..." He trailed off awkwardly.

<Elizabeth> "Join the club." Rolling her eyes she dropped the eye contact and didn't bother engaging it again. "Just don't do it again jerk, otherwise we'll find worse thinsg then spiders to scare you off with clear?"

<Elizabeth> Huffing she turned around and stalked off for the stairs. "Come on girls the basment looked pretty interesting this morning." Cassie and Melody sniffing in distaste at the lad before leaving after Liz.

<Aodhfionn> "Whoo, I got told." He rolled his eyes right back, before the shadows wrapped around him again. He considered going after them again, before shaking his head and disappearing up into the rafters, climbing into his warm nest. New tenants, huh...maybe if he made them think he'd gone...yeah. A grin went across his face. This was gonna be fun.
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Re: Christmas 2016: Cassie

Post by Starfish » Wed Sep 25, 2013 7:40 pm

Downtown Sleepy Hollow

Jonas: "And there they are... look at that guy, selling drugs to a kid. He really needs to be taught a lesson." Jonas said as the two of them stood in the shroud of darkness, watching three men of Tombstone sell their wares.

Cassie: "Yes," Cassandra agreed, slightly cocking her head to the side as she watched the three crooks. "Had he paid better attention in school, he would have known that he's being ripped off." She glanced sideways at Jonas. "Oh, you meant the dealer, right?"

Jonas: "No no, I meant the kid.... look at how much he's paying... in my day you didn't need to pay a tenth of what he's forking out." Jonas replied.

Cassie: "To be fair, in your day kids also could buy their lunch for a nickel and still have enough spare change to go watch a movie afterwards," Cassandra pointed out. "Now, shall we do the poor kid a favour? More good deeds should involve punching, by the way."

Jonas: Jonas cracked his bony thin fingers. "Yes please. The faster we can get the location of that Tombstone guy, the better for everyone. Oh, Cassie, can you try that thing we talked about? With the shadowy ghouls and spirits? I want to see if they really do crap their pants."

Cassie: "And here I thought you had forgotten about my little suggestion." Cassandra gave her great-grand uncle the sweetest smile, before it gradually turned devious. "Now let's find out, shall we?" As they crept closer under the cover of darkness, the teenage girl began to gather the ambient shadows and bend their shapes to her will.

Jonas: Jonas snuck to and got into a comfortable position, waiting and watching for the show to start. As he watched the deal finish, Jonas made a mental note to maybe do something about the drug addicted kid as well.

Cassie: Concealing both of them inside a thick mass of swirling shadows, Cassandra let the ghostly shades and spectres she had created take the stage, spilling out of the dark alley like an eerie stampede. One of the crooks dropped the cigarette out of his mouth as he saw the smoke-like apparitions descend upon them.

Jonas: Jonas winced as a guy immediately started shooting at the shadows. "That didn't take them long to draw fire. Should do something about their trigger fingers." he added, watching the men scream in horror as the monstrous shadows go at the goons.

Cassie: "Only their fingers?" Cassandra asked, sounding almost disappointed as she took to the air to join her smoky shapes in their assault, inky black tentacles reaching out of the mass of darkness to grab the thugs, who were still wasting their bullets by shooting at shadows.

Jonas: "Or their entire hands," Jonas added as he stepped up to plate. He stayed behind the guys, not wishing to be accidentally shot, and quickly grabbed one of the thugs from behind who emptied his clip. In all the darkness, Jonas was strong enough to clench the guy's hand that held the gun to hear bones break.

Cassie: "Oh my, I think you broke his fun-hand," Cassandra remarked, lifting the other two thugs into the air by wrapping her dark tentacles around their ankles. "He's got some really boring evenings ahead of him now."

Jonas: THe guy screamed in pain, "At least his voice is still working." Jonas commented, "If you stop struggling, I'll stop squeezin!" Jonas yelled at the guy. The guy just replied with "My broke my fucking hand! What the fuck are you things?!"

Cassie: "A spooky memory or your worst nightmare," Cassandra answered the guy's question, the play of shadows turning her pretty face into something far more frightening as she leaned closer. "The choice will be all yours."

Jonas: Phrases like 'Get away!' and 'No! Stop!' were yelled among others. Jonas slapped the guy he was holding to get him out of his fearful state to start getting answers out of him, "Focus, now listen, I want Tombstone. Where is he?" Jonas asked.

Cassie: The thugs started whimpering in fear - or so it seemed, anyway. The fearful sobbing was soon replaced by nervous laughter, as one of the captive men turned towards the two mutants. "Waiting for you creeps," he answered.

Cassie: Leaning closer with a scowl on her face, Cassandra's response was cut short when the SUV parked nearby switched on its floodlights and bathed the street in blinding brightness.

Jonas: Jonas flinched, squeezing his eyes closed as he got momentarily blinded. In that moment however he started hearing the gunshots. He tried to block the bullets by pulling the guy he held in the line of fire, but he wasn't even able to budge the guy. At first he thought it must be the light, but then the pain started to set in. Pain was ebbing from his legs, back and side where he was shot.

Cassie: "Jonas!" Cassandra flung her captives aside and rushed towards her uncle when he reeled from the hits, even though moving against the glaring light felt like walking against strong wind. The shadowy spectres she had created flaked away into nothingness around her, and even the summoned tentacles began to bleed away black smoke.

Cassie: She couldn't see anything but blurry silhouettes moving against searing brightness, even though her uncanny instincts still acted to protect her from the flying bullets. The first three shots impacted against haphazardly created shapes of solid darkness - then her powers lacked the strength to stop the fourth.

Cassie: A cloud of black smoke exploded from the back of Cassandra's skull, the girl's head flying backwards when the final bullet caught her right between the eyes.

Jonas: "Cassie!" Jonas yelled in pain, collapsing to the filthy ground. He could not see much, and what he did see was his grand niece falling to the ground, her body lying lifeless just outside arm's reach. "...Cassie..." Jonas managed ince more before he blacked out.

Jonas: The gunshots ceased when both heroes fell. Behind the blinding floodlights a door opened. Tombstone, a tall muscular man, skin pale as his hair, stepped out and walked over to the two bodies. "He's still breathing. Bring him. Leave the dead one."

Cassie: The voices around her drifted into the distance as the glow vanished from Cassandra's wide open eyes, their unfocused gaze directed into the night-sky. A wispy trail of shadow danced above her face, rising up from the bullet hole in her forehead like black smoke.

Cassie: "What a waste," one of the thugs said, his voice sounding as if it came from the far end of a long tunnel. The vague shape of his face moved somewhere far above the lifeless girl. "She was a real cutie."

Cassie: "One less creepy kid on these streets, if you ask me," another replied from somewhere even farther away. "Come on now, let's get rolling before the cops show up!" Hurried footsteps, followed by doors being slammed shut, before the car took off with screeching tyres, leaving the dead girl to the dark of the night.

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Re: Christmas 2016: Cassie

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Jonas: Jonas flinched when he felt the slap on his face. Everything was blurry around him, hard to focus, and there was a constant thudding in his ears.

Jonas: "Wake up, hey, wake up!" another slap on his face caused Jonas to concentrate harder. "I heard you've been looking for me." the big guy in a suit said. Jonas squinted. "Well here I am. There anything I can help you with? Do you have a complaint about how I run my business?" the pale man asked with a smirk.

Cassie: "Someone should call an ambulance." The voice of a boy came from far away, like a faint echo, as if she lay on the ground of a deep, dark well. "Dude, her brains got blow out - what's an ambulance gonna do for her?" The other voice sounded closer for some reason.

Cassie: "What are you talking about?" the first boy asked the other. "She had a bullet wound right between her eyes," the second one replied. "I swear it was there!" The voices became louder and clearer as she felt like slowly drifting upwards out of the bottomless pit.

Jonas: Another hit to Jonas' face. "...ow..." was all that he could manage sarcastically. Tombstone smirked, cracking his knuckles. "So you and your girlfriend wanted to play heroes, yeah? Funny, you don't seem much like a hero... look at you, you're bleeding on the floor." The big guy told Jonas.

Jonas: The thin mutant was cuffed to a chair, bare chested with the gun shot holes still bleeding. Jonas's face was bleeding just as much from all the pummeling the boy got as well. "..hehe..I'm.. ruining... your floor... take that." He managed once more.

Cassie: "Then where did it go?" Again it was the first boy who spoke, arguing with the other. "I don't know, man, I'm just telling you what I saw! And this chick totally took a bullet to the head." They sounded so close now, as if standing right by her side. Just one last step to climb...

Cassie: "Whatever - it's not like she's just going to..." Their debate stopped as soon as her lungs filled with fresh air, open, dead eyes blinking several times as the light of life returned to them.

Cassie: Cassandra gasped, the tensing of her muscles causing her chest to be lifted off the wet ground. Her limbs twitched, before she slumped back onto the hard concrete of the alley, the air flowing from her lips as she resumed breathing. "Holy shit..."

Jonas: Jonas couldn't feel his chest. Actually he could, but he wished he couldn't, It was burning, each time he breathed he coughed up blood. "Uh, Boss, is he... is he like you?" one of Tombstone's men asked, "'Cause this guy should have kicked the bucket by no-oof." the man was cut off as Tombstone's next punch hit the goon in the stomach instead of Jonas.

Jonas: "He ain't nothing like me... he's just a mutant, that's all." Tombstone leaned down to get close to Jonas' head. "You got a hard time dying, don't you? You know what... I think I'll keep you as my punching bag from now on."

Jonas: "..Cassie..." Jonas whispered.

Cassie: "Jonas!" Cassandra sat up as she yelled her great-grand uncle's name. The two youngsters who had found her body were so startled they jumped back and almost tripped over their own feet. "Oh my god, she's alive!" one gasped, while his friend was much closer to crying. "Please, lady, don't eat our brains!"

Cassie: Shuffling back on her feet, the raven-haired girl staggered slightly, until she managed to regain her balance. Reaching up with both hands, she put one to her chin and the other to the side of her head. There was a cracking sound as she forcefully relocated the vertebrae popped by the bullet impact.

Cassie: "Miss... are you... okay?" the braver of the two boys asked her, fearfully staring at the dishevelled goth teenager who had looked quite dead only minutes ago. Not that she looked much better now.

Cassie: "Why yes, I couldn't be better," Cassandra replied, her black-painted lips forming a wry smile. "Just afraid I'm too late to the party, so if you'll excuse me now." Both boys swallowed and stared, but otherwise had no objections. In fact, they were left quite speechless when the girl disappeared in a swirl of shadows.

Cassie: "Should I still call an ambulance?" the second one eventually asked. His friend turned to him and just stared, almost as pale as she living dead girl who had just vanished in front of their eyes.

Jonas: Tombstone was wiping his hands on a rag, wiping the wetness of the boy's blood off of them. "Heheh, kid can take a beating like nobody's business." he said, He threw the rag on the floor and pulled Jonas' head up to make him look at him. "Well kid, I got a change of heart, I was actually hoping to have killed you by now with my bare hands, but it looks like I'll be needing something sharper instead."

Jonas: Jonas squinted, wathing the big guy turn and take a large machete from a table. "..Cassie... get here... now... quick..." Jonas whispered.

Cassie: The imposing man stepped up to the bound mutant, his free hand grabbing Jonas by the neck. "Take a good look at it," Tombstone said, holding up the machete to show it to his victim. "This is what awaits everyone who think they can mess with my business."

Cassie: He raised the weapon, its long, sharp blade shining in the bright beams of the floodlights pointed at the captive youth. "Now, what to cut off first..." The machete came down in an arc - and was stopped inches from Jonas' shoulder by another blade, this one created out of pure solid darkness.

Cassie: "Sorry to leave you waiting, uncle," Cassandra said, appearing in a swirling mass of shadows. "I had to wait for the perfect moment to make my entrance." Her counterstrike sent Tombstone staggering backwards.

Jonas: "Serious... talk when this is done..." Jonas said, his eyes squinting at the moving shapes of darkness passing through the lights. Tombstone yelled for his men to shoot her while he tightened his grip on his machete ready to slice at Cassie as well. "Lights please," Jonas told Cassie.

Cassie: "You're right - every show needs the proper mood lighting," Cassandra remarked, her shadowy tendril already zipping about the room as she spun around. There was a series of loud crashes as they stabbed into the powerful floodlights, exploding them in a shower of sparks one by one.

Cassie: For a brief moment, they were all bathed in perfect darkness, only surrounded by the frantic yells of Tombstone's men. Then the blackness was repeatedly torn up by the small, brief flashes of gunfire.

Jonas: The second when there was absolute pitch black around him, Jonas grit his teeth and tightened his muscles as he yanked at the restraints and chair, tearing and breaking them, making him stumble to the floor. The darkness brought renewed strength, the pain of his wounds feeling less than what they were, the bullet holes starting to heal as well. Jonas looked up at the flashes above him, and the confused men, blinded by the darkness, shooting anything they thought was moving.

Cassie: Encasing them in an orb of solid darkness, invisible among the natural blackness surrounding them, Cassandra shielded them from the stray bullets and used the brief reprieve to kneel down by her uncle's side. "Jonas, are you alright?" she asked, all theatrics drained from her voice and replaced by sincere worry.

Jonas: "I'll live... maybe... I hope. Really don't want to be shot again in my life." he told her. "Tombstone, I think he's a mutant... he hits like a tank. Need to be careful around him." Jonas said, coughing again and spitting out some blood.

Cassie: Cassandra gave her uncle an encouraging smile in the dark and took his hands to help him up on his feet. "So what?" she asked, her cheeky demeanour coming through again. "I've handled bigger brutes than him. Do you seriously think he could..."

Cassie: She was cut off when Tombstone sliced through the black barrier with his machete, then simply reached through to grab the girl by the back of her neck and lifted her into the air. "Think you can hide from me, little piggies?"

Jonas: "Cassie!" Jonas called, pushing himself up and going through the tear in the dissipating shadow bubble. He came towards Tombstone with his own fist ready for a punch, and felt like he was hitting a bag of cement.

Jonas: The moment when Tombstone retaliated with a hit of his own, Jonas dodged down grabbed the arm holding Cassie, pulling it hard against the elbow and twisting it. Tombstone didn't even say one word in pain when his arm was dislocated and his grip let go of Cassie.

Cassie: Reflexes honed by years of being an acrobat allowed Cassandra to land on her feet, dodging out of Tombstone's reach even while she was clutching her aching neck. She watched Jonas tangle with the tall man, looking for an opening to exploit.

Cassie: However, in the meantime his men had figured out that firing blindly into the dark wasn't the brightest idea, and one of them shined a cone of light from a flashlight through the room. The teenage girl winced when the bright beam caught her eyes. "Get more light in here, you idiots!" someone yelled.

Jonas: "Cassie! Blind them!" Jonas yelled as he twisted and pulled, grabbing Tombstone's arms behind the big guy, trying to subdue him.

Cassie: "Great idea," Cassandra replied, a hint of sarcasm in her voice as she shielded her eyes with a raised hand. "I think they had the same." The deafening noise of gunshots echoed through the room when the thugs finally had a target in their sights.

Cassie: Struggling to deflect the incoming bullets with her dark forcefields, she avoided the second salvo by vanishing in a vortex of shadows, reemerging behind the surprised henchmen. "Let me have this before you hit someone in the dark," she said, black tentacles snatching away guns and flashlights.

Jonas: Tombstone easily lifted Jonas, quickly moving and smashing him against a wall. "Cassie! Move your ass and finish with those idiots! I need help with this guy!" Jonas managed while being repeatedly hit against the wall.

Cassie: "Oh quit your whining, or do you want them to believe we're not scary superheroes?" Cassandra resembled a pitch-black kraken, multiple arms emerging from her shadow form and grapple and throw the hapless henchmen. "Besides, it's only one guy - your little niece is dealing with a half a dozen over here."

Jonas: "Damn it woman, he's... he's using.... using me to... to punch holes.... in the wall!" Jonas yelled as he was by then being slammed over and over against the wall while he held tight on to Tombstone's arms, keeping the man from doing anything else.

Cassie: "Then be glad you're useful for once," Cassandra remarked, unable to contain her mischievous snicker. Still, it seemed as if her uncle was in serious need of some assistance. "Oh fine, I guess we can still capture these for the police later."

Cassie: Creating a dark portal in the midst of her ethereal form, the floating girl used her additional limbs to reel in her flailing, screaming prey, sending Tombstone's henchmen a safe distance away.

Jonas: "Just do what... what I do an... knock'em out!" Tombstone then changed tactics, smashing Jonas one last time against the wall, the big guy jumped body first to the floor, elbowing Jonas who finally let go.

Cassie: "Leave him alone, you pale monster!" Cassandra rose into the air behind Tombstone, summoned shadows wrapping around the tall man's arms to stop him from pummelling her uncle. "Uhm, yeah, I'm talking to you, big guy... not the other pale monster."

Jonas: Jonas groaned nearly blacked out himself for a second before he shook his head and pushed himself away from Tombstone. He stumbled back and grabbed one of the torture tools they used on him, a very sophisticated instrument that was very heavy on the one side with a wooden handle. He smacked the big guy with the large hammer over the head.

Cassie: The hammer appeared to take more damage than the head it hit, Tombstone looking more irritated by the mighty swing than actually fazed. "You're a real hard-head, aren't you?" Cassandra remarked, trying to entangle the tall man to stop him from fighting back. "And surprisingly strong..."

Jonas: Jonas slammed the hammer down on the guy, over and over again, "Tentacle him! Tentacle him!" he yelled, forgetting to add the tentacle should go down his mouth and nose into his lungs to knock him out.

Cassie: "This is not the time to get kinky, Jonas," Cassandra reminded her uncle, having troubles of her own when Tombstone manage to pick up his dropped machete and demonstrated his incredible strength by slicing through some of her shadowy limbs.

Jonas: "I meant tentacle... his lungs!" Jonas yelled as he swung the hammer at Tombstone's hand, trying to knock the machete out of it, or just break one piece of bone at least.

Cassie: Tombstone grunted when the hammer hit his arm, responding by thrusting his elbow into Jonas' face, before he swung the blade in a wide arc to send Cassandra staggering back as well, oily blood oozing from the long cut along her side.

Cassie: "If you believe I need any of my men to deal with two children, you have no idea why I earned the name 'Tombstone'," the tall, pale man said, gripping the long blade tightly as he advanced on the injured girl.

Cassie: "I don't think this is working, Jonas," Cassandra told her uncle, drawing on the ambient shadows to help mend her wound. "He's stronger than an elephant and tougher than bricks. We need to think of something else..."

Jonas: Jonas threw the hammer at Tombstone before doing a bit of a hobbling charge at him, jumping on the guy's back and trying out a choke hold. "Cassie, we need to get him knocked out!" he yelled.

Cassie: "Got it!" Cassandra threw herself into the strike when Tombstone attacked her again, waiting for the right moment to engulf the machete with her darkness and teleport the blade away. With Jonas one his back, she jumped on his chest, her arms and legs wrapping around the man's body while her shadows went straight for the face.

Cassie: "The show's over, so lights out!" Inky blackness covered the brute's pale face, covering his eyes and ears and oozing through his mouth and nose.

Jonas: Even with his lungs flooded with the tendrils, TOmbstone still wouldn't go down, "What the hell is wrong with this guy!?" Jonas yelled, "You're not supposed to keep going this long!"

Cassie: Even with the darkness to help her, Cassandra had to fight to keep the struggling man restrained. Without wasting another thought, she did what her guts told her and engulfed the tall man inside her shadows. Even with all his strength and toughness, he couldn't prevent the black portal from swallowing him.

Cassie: When Jonas and Cassie landed on their feet again, there was no more sign of Tombstone. "I thought we all could use a little breather," the raven-haired girl remarked, following her own suggestion as she caught her breath.

Jonas: Jonas was laying flat on his face. He looked up at her, confusion on his face for a moment before he even realized what she did. "Where... where did you teleport him?" he asked.

Cassie: "He's swimming with the fishes now," Cassandra replied, crouching down by Jonas's side to help him back up. "Which means that I sent him as far out into the sea as I could," the teenage girl explained. "If we're lucky, he's not only tough as rock, but also as heavy."

Jonas: Jonas cringed, taking a deep breath as he stood, half leaning against his grand niece. "So... if he does need to breath, he'll drown, and if he doesn't, as seen by the choke hold, then he'll just walk back. Hope he gets lost underwater."

Jonas: Jonas sucked in a breath at a sharp pain in his body, "Okay... ow.. I... Cassie, I think I still have bullets inside of me." he said, looking down at himself, the holes now scabs that he poked at... which bled a little each time he did.

Cassie: "We need to get you to a doctor," Cassandra said, supporting Jonas by draping his arm over her shoulder. "Preferably not one found at a hospital, because those are always awfully bright - and people might want to know how those bullets ended up inside your body."

Jonas: "Not going to a vet." Jonas said first. "Oh... speaking of vets... where's Dr McCoy now?" he asked Cassie.

Cassie: "To be honest, I'm not sure," Cassandra replied, grabbing Jonas' wrist to steady him. "He might be at the new place they have evacuated to, but I doubt the hospital there will be up and running again anytime soon. They may have a medical tent, however."

Cassie: Looking up at her uncle, the teenage girl smirked. "Unless you don't mind me taking care of you."

Jonas: "...yeah, okay. But if you're going to be cutting me open to dig out bullets, you better get something to dull the pain... and wear something clean." he said, eyeing her ravaged clothing. "Still not sure how my healing works with infections."

Cassie: "Lucky for you, I doubt we'll have to cut you open to get the bullets out," Cassandra assured her uncle. "After all, I've got my shortcut to get to things. And don't worry, I know the perfect thing to take your mind off the pain."

Jonas: "Perfect... now these guys..." Jonas said, looking at the few men that was knocked out during the fight. "On one hand... they need to end up in prison... on the other hand, I really wanna shame them publicly before doing so."

Cassie: Cocking her head, Cassandra reached up to tap the side of her chin with her index finger. "Oh, I'm sure we can think of something humiliating," she remarked, a devious smile on her lips.
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