Christmas 2011: Jason and Raya

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Christmas 2011: Jason and Raya

Post by wingyding » Sat Jan 09, 2010 7:48 am

"You know," Jason grinned wickedly over to Raya as he handed her her freshly printed out boarding pass. "I expected to be randomly searched travelling with you. I assumed you were a racial profiling magnet."

"Oh, I'm not that much of an attention-getter," Raya chuckled. "I'm just the innocent little girl going to Cairo." She grinned as she finished that sentence, breaking the facade. "You see where assumptions get you?"

"Oh, I'm not that much of an attention-getter," Raya chuckled. "I'm just the innocent little girl going to Cairo." She grinned as she finished that sentence, breaking the facade. "You see where assumptions get you?"

"And that right there is why I just assume everyone is out to get me." He smiled to himself, strolling on to baggage check. "Definitely handy though."

Raya only laughed, and shook her head. "I'm not out to get you, Jason. You're more fun with all your functions," she smiled, looking fully innocent, except for the provocative twist of her lips. "Speaking's going to be very long flight, without some entertainment."

"What ever do you mean, you're not going to spend hours watching the same in-flight movie?" Jason seemed shocked at the idea. "Oh, and you can rest assured there shall be in flight entertainment. All you have to do is request and make sure we don't get thrown off the plane."

Raya only smiled, and pretended to look over her boarding pass. "Request? Oh, you should know better than to make the lady ask," she purred, moving closer to Jason as they walked. "I'm fairly sure you can keep your wits about you well enough to cast the illusion that we're being perfectly nice."

"This is true, the flight crew don't stand a chance." Ah, and the request for identification here. Jason handed over his, obviously marked human, and stepped aside to wait for Raya, smiling nicely.

She handed hers over with a sweet smile at the attendant, and got a little nod in return as he barely glanced at it--though it said she was human, anyway--before handing it back. "They're so cute. And so very hopeless," she said softly as they walked on.

"And what's more, they'll keep giving us complimentary treats." Yes, the flight crew was theirs. "What section are we in anyway?" Jason glanced at the tickets.

"Business, as usual," she told him. "Which gives us just enough room." Raya didn't see the point of keeping up the innocent act around Jason, it was fairly pointless unless they were at the mansion. "Though just once I'd like to see if it's as fun in first-class."

"Well, if you're game I'm game." The tickets were now first class for anyone looking.

"Oooh, tricky," she grinned, leaning closer. "I like it... And you should know by now I'm always game with you and Sebastian," she murmured.

"This is true, I should really just assume that by now." Jason smirked, settling down in the waiting room and eying the gate. "One thing about early morning flights, absolutely nobody is here almost."

"You really should," Raya answered, looking around with him. "What is that twisted little mind of yours thinking?" she asked with a curious eyebrow raised.

"I want to confuse the gatekeeper with a bunch of fake people. Is that horrible?"

"Aw," she put on a pout, though it was broken by a devilish grin. "Nothing more than that?"

"I'm still open to requests." He smirked over.

"Persistent," she murmurs, with one sidelong eyeroll just to get his attention. "I think you have some inkling of what I'll request," Raya said, leaning over to whisper one into his ear. "Do you think you're up to it?"

Jason was actually surprised. "Oh you have truly come a long way!" He glanced around, momentarily doubting his skill but...hell, he never really doubted his skill. "I could definitely do it."

"Oh, I hoped so," Raya tossed her head, tongue darting out to wet her lips. "I've come a very long way, since getting to know you a little better," she laughed lightly. "It's so much more fun this way."

"You know, it also occurred to me we've missed the perfect foray into smuggling. Maybe on our way back." Jason smirked more. "Hopefully we get more jobs of this ilk."

"Oh, definitely on our way back. You've never been to an outdoor market, have you?" Raya asked. "They sell all sorts of interesting things." She scooted closer on the bench until her hip brushed up against Jason's. "I think we could convince Mr. Shaw to let us do this again."

"Not unless you count oddly terrifying farmer's markets that I would rather suppress the memory of. I have a feeling I'll enjoy your version a great deal more. Though now I have to wonder just what you're talking about them selling." He arched an eyebrow. "And I'm sure we could."

"Oh, damn near anything you could think of," she said lightly. "But I will say the peaches with honey are delicious. And very sticky," she told him, grin firmly in place.

"Well, that sounds like the perfect 'after establishing our presence' treat." Jason had to admit that it really did. His grin matched hers.

Raya smiled slyly. "I'll show you where to find them," she said. "I can only imagine what your mind is doing with the idea..." As if she didn't have an idea of her own.

"I believe the same could be said for yours since you've taken a turn for the best." Jason commented, imaging what he thought she would be considering.

Raya only smiled and raised a brow. "Oh there's no need to imagine. I'd tell you what my mind is doing with the idea if you asked."

Jason contemplated this. "I think I'd rather you showed me when we get there."

"Oh, I'll do that too," she said lightly. "Ah, almost boarding time," she sighed, checking her watch. "The sooner we get there, the sooner you get your treat."

"I can taste it now." Jason rubbed his hands together exaggeratingly.

"Is that a veiled request?" Raya asked with a laugh. "I'd let you taste whatever you liked, Jason, you know that.."

"I think we'll have to wait until we've boarded the plane at least though. Be a bit difficult otherwise."

"I can be a patient woman. Infinitely."

"Well, you won't have to be too terribly patient." Jason answered back grabbing their bags and turning towards the gate.

"Today must be my lucky day," she laughed, taking her bag from Jason and slinging it over her shoulder. "Let's see how good you are at holding that little trick you've got going with those papers," she murmurs.

"Absolutely the best." Jason promised, giving her a wink.

She laughed, and smiled at the wink, giving one back. "You're such a bad influence on me," she teased. "And I love it so."
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Christmas 2011: Jason and Raya

Post by Ferguson » Sat Jan 09, 2010 7:53 am

Jason: There was a knock on Raya's hotel door and making that knock was Jason, grinning far, far too hard at what he was clutching in his hands. It really couldn't be what he thought it was, it really couldn't be.

Raya: She answered it, opening the door as she looked at the...things on the bedside table. "Well this isn't what I expected," she murmured, picking the tray up. Perfume, aftershave, and...well. "Come to explore?"

Jason: "Come to show off!" Jason stuck the box in before he stepped in. "Does it have a twin, say it has a twin? Say also that you'll call and charge it to Shaw's account."

Raya: She laughed, and showed him the box off her dresser. "It has a twin...but I'm not calling for phonesex," Raya rolled her eyes at the suggestion, still exploring the contents of her table. "Oh, my. Look at these," she held the box out to Jason, laughing.

Jason: Jason set his kleenex box down and took the offered box, opening it up. "Oh, no fair. Yours actually has some in it. My complimentary condom box is empty."

Jason: "You realize after all this is through we're taking souvenirs from these rooms, yes?"

Raya: "Oh, damn. Guess we'll be using mine," she laughed. "But that means your room's seen more action?" Raya took the box back, sitting on the edge of the bed. "Oh, of course. Sebastian has to learn about this."

Jason: "I imagine he all ready knows. He does enough business abroad so I'm sure he's stayed at the more questionable hotels from time to time. But hey, a few days and we have possibly also questionable apartments."

Raya: "I hope they're as entertaining as these are proving to be," she said, setting the box back on the table with a smirk. "Are you planning to take advantage of that offer of the tissue box, Jason?"

Jason: "There might be a bit of a language barrier. They're not in my area of illusion so can't make them hear anything differently...unless they're really just stuffed in the basement of this building. Who knows?"

Raya: "I'm not sure I want to find out..." she chuckled. "What ever shall we do, stuck in two rooms all night?"

Jason: "What ever shall we do in a new city and a seedy apartment with only orientation tomorrow and whatever nosing we get done you mean? I'd say we sample the local drinks and enjoy ourselves."

Raya: Raya smiled. That was exactly what she meant. "Are you planning for the drinks being before, during, or after the enjoying ourselves?"

Jason: "You mean I can only choose one? That hardly seems like proper celebrating."

Raya: "Or would you rather go for all three?" she raised an eyebrow. "You know some girls think that means you're trying to take advantage of them."

Jason: "But you're all ready supplying with compliments and all I've got is some very effective advertising." Jason smirked as he crossed his arms, leaning against the dresser.

Raya: Raya only laughed. "Guess that means I'm quicker on the uptake than you," she said.

Jason: "And to think, I thought it meant that the staff must have cleaned my room up last and decided to steal more than towels."

Raya: She smirked. "Well, there's nothing here a shower won't clean off," she said. "Want to make use of these compliments?"

Jason: Jason's smirk turned wicked. "You don't even want dinner first, huh?"

Raya: "If you insist on being a gentleman, I could be persuaded," she said, with an equally twisted smirk.

Jason: "Faking it adds to the perversion. I'd hate to only give half a show."

Raya: "Well then, by all means," she invited. Oh, life was a whole lot more entertaining like this. A whole lot.

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Christmas 2011: Jason and Raya

Post by steyn » Sat Jan 09, 2010 9:55 am

Bow chika wow wow?

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Christmas 2011: Jason and Raya

Post by Slarti » Sat Jan 09, 2010 5:39 pm

Well, well, well! Raya! You naughty girl!

Whatever are they up to in Cairo? :shifty :eeevil

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Christmas 2011: Jason and Raya

Post by Esynthia » Sat Jan 09, 2010 5:40 pm

...when did Raya the cute virgin turn into Raya the slightly snarky supposed sex addict? LOL

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Christmas 2011: Jason and Raya

Post by Starfish » Sat Jan 09, 2010 5:44 pm

Heehee, excellent! I think Selene would want to take some credit for being a bad influence, but both of my girls certainly would approve of naughty Raya. :smirk
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