Quentin Quire

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Quentin Quire

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Name: Quintavius Quirinius Quire
Nickname: Quentin
Age: 24
Date of Birth: January 11th
Affiliation: Mutant Enemies
  • Telepathy -- Not only able to read minds and psychically communicate with others, Quentin is also capable of creating convincing illusions that never physically occur, temporarily possessing, altering, and controlling another's mind, tracking others using their unique thought patterns, and cloaking his own mind as well as others from telepaths and mutant-tracking devices. In addition to these abilities, he can cause temporary mental and/or physical paralysis using psionic blasts, which can also simply cause pain or render a target unconscious.
    • Psychic Intelligence -- Able to process information at an accelerated rate, Quentin is able to formulate a vast amount of quality thoughts as well as project these ideas onto others' minds.
    Telekinesis -- Quentin is able to lift and manipulate objects, generate force fields, and fly using his telekinesis.
General Appearance

Ethnicity: Caucasian
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 129 lbs.
Build: Lean and lanky, Quentin's attitude more than makes up for his lack of physical stature.
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Brown; Bleached blonde and dyed pink
Preferred Dress: Quentin is generally scruffy-looking, especially when he's out on the streets, usually favoring simple tops and jeans with a studded leather jacket. One would never know his eyes are brown, as they're typically covered by a pair of shades. Then, there's his fabulous hair, which he meticulously styles.
Known habits:
  • - Kick addict/dealer
    - Relies on powers
    - Obsesses over hair
    - Collects sunglasses
Temperament: Armed with a perpetual bad attitude and arrogance, both of which are partially fueled by his drug addiction, Quentin's quite mouthy and condescending. Humans are below him, and other mutants are barely above them, as they're nowhere near his level. Despite this, he is capable of keeping his mouth shut when the situation calls for it, which isn't very often.
Growing up in the foster system, Quentin was bounced between group and foster homes, never having a stable place for a long period of time. By the time he was ten, he had long lost any hope of being adopted and expected be shuffled to his thirteenth home any day. When he was finally moved, he was little more than a paycheck to his new family. Despite his home life, he managed to do very well in school when he was actually enrolled and enjoyed it, partially because it was an escape from the different families. He rarely wanted to go home.

Unable to bear living with his current family, Quentin began to sporadically run away, seeking refuge with what few people he knew and trusted. Eventually he was moved to another home, and this trend continued. As his powers emerged, he began to realize he was better than everyone else and used them to his advantage.

Due to the difficulty of keeping him in a foster home and off the streets, the state emancipated him, essentially wiping their hands of him. Quentin wasn't exactly sure what to do, nor prepared to deal, with his new-found freedom and ended up on the streets, falling into drugs.

Eventually, he came across Kick and immediately found the appeal.

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