Algernon J. Rottwell

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Algernon J. Rottwell

Post by Game Administrator » Fri Jan 04, 2013 8:12 pm

Name: Bentley Newton
Alias: Algernon J. Rottwell
Age: 34
Date of Birth: June 11th
Affiliation: Human Enemies
Profession: Neurosurgeon/scientist

General Appearance

Ethnicity: Caucasian
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 190 lbs.
Build: Of average height and weight, Algernon has a deceiving amount of muscle, as he stays surprisingly fit.
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Brown
Preferred Dress: Algernon isn't particularly fussy about clothing and never has been, as his clothing has a tendency to end up ruined. For this reason, he prefers medical scrubs.
Known Habits:
  • - Taxidermist
    - Preserving life
    - Dissecting brains
    - Talking to himself/his pets
    - Tinkering with various machines
Temperament: The prospect of tinkering, whether it be a technological device or a human brain, is a source of excitement and wonder for Algernon. A bubbly personality, he is definitely a glass half-full type of guy and finds great joy in his work despite the losses it has caused him. In fact, he uses his hobby of taxidermy as a way to create new friends, and he hopes to give them life again someday, as he did with various relatives. Alive or not, he still holds conversations with them and enjoys bringing them company. Regardless of what the guests think, he's still extremely proud of his collection.

He also hopes that one day people will appreciate him as much as he appreciates his work.
Growing up, Bentley was always fascinated, if not a bit obsessed, by how things work. He would often take things apart in order to determine this, debating whether he could improve upon it as he pieced it back together. This hobby shifted to animals and humans. Where other kids would take apart their toys, Bentley decided to take apart household pets, specifically to pay homage to his favorite cartoon - Catdog.

While he was quite proud of his creation, his family was not.

Despite this incident and some others with various forms of roadkill, Bentley managed to make it through college, becoming a neurosurgeon/scientist while picking up a love for taxidermy. He easily found a job but soon lost his medical license due to malpractice.

In an attempt to continue his experiments, Bentley changed his name to Algernon J. Rottwell and moved to Dunwich where he acquired another surgeon job, bringing various members of his family with him. He also met a woman that was, surprisingly, able to put up with his strange tendencies, and they had a son. Unfortunately, their son died at a young age, and Algernon took it as an opportunity to see if he could create a zombie from the corpse, which he exhumed.

While he was quite proud of this notion, his girlfriend was not.

In fact, she reported him to the police and had him arrested. Algernon pled insanity, stating he was driven by grief at the loss of his child, and was sentenced to Dunwich Sanatorium.

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