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Post by puppygirl » Fri Jun 24, 2011 6:30 pm

Real Name: Liza Maloney

Alias: Screwball

Age: 19

A journalism student just recently starting her course, Liza is part serious journalist, part raving mutant fangirl with a serious craving for internet fame. As a way to earn extra-credit on her grade she has combined these two things and created 'TheScrewballz' youtube account and sweet-talked some of the electronics students into creating a skating helmet with a webcam wired into it. Under the alias 'Screwball' she has taken to scouring New York City in her free time filming mutants demonstrating their powers and editing the footage to be posted with her commentary to her youtube account.

Her hobbies include sewing, parkor, breeding tropical fish, scrap-booking and in-line skating, she's also part of her college's gymnastic troop.
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