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Re: Previously on Scrawlers...

by TechPrincess » Wed Jun 20, 2012 12:03 am

Illyana - After discovering that she is having twin babiestwin, Illyana has had a terrible time keeping her and Pietro's secret. So far Greer and Eddie know.

Rose - Rose is glad to have Michael back safe and sound and somewhat improved.

Hope - Being kidnapped by Essex was not on Hope's to do list for the semester. He eventually transformed her into War and sent her out to destroy things. With no memory of herself before the transformation, War fights 8 (that's right, 8) of her classmates before escaping. However, something Sue said during the fight stuck with War, causing her to think about some things.

Re: Previously on Scrawlers...

by Ult_Sm86 » Sat Jun 16, 2012 4:23 pm

Previously on Scrawlers:

Miles Morales joined the X-Men months after he actually got to meet one of the X-Men himself. Prior to his ability manifesting, Miles met Johnny Storm after trying to intervene during a subway-mugging. Once his ability showed though, Miles fled his home and went to seek out Johnny at XU.
Being smart and resourceful, Miles was able to find his way into the School and soon enrolled. His parents, still convinced that he is at his private, lottery academy for brilliant young minds, have not heard much from him since. Thankfully Miles is settling in and finding friends. One in particular who he has connected well with (due to obvious similarities) is Jess. However, Miles, due to his young age, may have been accidentally driving a wedge between he an Jess' relationship, especially after Miles & Johnny ragged on her boyfriend Danny. It also didn't help that when Miles' dangerous criminal uncle began contacting his mutant nephew for a personal favor, Miles ruthlessly shot down her offer to help him. Now, it seems that his Uncle Hobbie has something special in mind for Miles and the rest of XU.

Danny Rand has taken on The Hand as well as their leader, The Beast, an survived. He regretfully took the lives of three or more members of the Hand before challenging The Beast directly. While he does not remember the end of the battle, he assumes he had defeated The Beast via death before passing out. In actuality, the mere fact that The Beast passed out first immediately cost him his leadership of the Ninja Assassins. Little does Danny know, the League now answers to him and awaits his orders, patiently.

Meanwhile he has joined the X-Force and in a recent battle to pre-emptively eliminate their enemies, Danny snapped the Marauder known as Blockbuster's neck, killing him. The pressures of killing are quickly catching up with with Danny's conscious, but he has found solace in his love, Jess Drew.

Re: Previously on Scrawlers...

by Svartfreja » Sat Jun 16, 2012 12:28 am

Greer: Is happy mostly and keeping a secret for Illyana like a good girl. Still engaged to Chris and taking care of her best friend (and secret crush), Rose.

Pietro: Has recently found out he's going to be a father to twins and is questioning his involvement in X-force for wholly different reasons than the others on the team. After seeking some advice he feels a little better about the whole thing. He is entirely unphased by the killing involved.

Sue: Has been practicing with her powers a lot as she doesn't want to get her ass handed to her again. It's paying off. Other than that, she's keeping an eye on baby brother Johnny because she's worried about him (and secretly a little lonely).

Jessica: Is having a tough time settling into the school especially with all of the attacks and the X-men stuff. However, despite her best efforts, she has gained a boyfriend and so far seems to be managing to hold it together. Even despite the nightly flashbacks that have been plaguing her since aiding the X-men in capturing Famine.

Re: Previously on Scrawlers...

by tears~fall~like~glass » Fri Jun 15, 2012 11:48 pm

Johnny: Johnny's having a relatively quiet semester with the exception of his best mate, Curt, disappearing and not planning on coming back. Other than that, he's being harassed by Hope's security detail and pushing his sister, Sue, to develop a social life by taking her laptop.

Laura: Laura's mostly kept to herself since all of the fall-out with X-force, however she had been in a relationship with Curt. It was abruptly put on hold when she received a "letter from Curt" that he had returned to Australia. She had also expressed slight interest at the prospects of finding her biological parents, but Curt was helping her with that. While she's more socially adjusted than she was, she's far from being socially acceptable.

Rachel: After being released from the medlab, Rachel and Josh settled into a room at the school to stay for a bit. While Rachel admitted to having some issues adjusting to her heightened powers, she was having far more trouble with it than she let on. This became relevant when Josh disappeared. During an outing with some students at the Hellfire Club, Rachel encountered Apocalypse, discovered he'd had Josh killed, and attacked him, bringing the building down on everyone. She slipped out, undetected, and fought with Nur again in Central Park where they drew media attention. She's followed Apocalypse overseas and is now wanted by S.H.I.E.L.D.

Re: Previously on Scrawlers...

by Ferguson » Fri Jun 15, 2012 10:49 pm

Lorna: If anyone at the school has 'drank the X-men koolaid' it's always going to be Lorna. She believes in it and she's as active as always, not involved or aware of any of this X-force business and just concentrating on what she has to do at the school, as an X-man, and making sure Bobby is coping with the whole Vertigo...incident. That has her pretty freaked out, to be honest, as well as the fact that she dealt with Malice again but she is admittedly pretty proud about how she handled the Malice situation as well so as far as she knows Lorna is completely on top of her game.

Jean-Paul: Jean-Paul is basically forcing himself to be patient and also not some cloud of griping gloom which he does a pretty decent job of if you ask him. He is glad, however, that his sister has turned up at the school again and he's been keeping busy with extra patrols and the like.

Sooraya: Sooraya's pretty much a bit spooked by the whole thing and questioning whether or not crossing over the pond was the best thing as it isn't at all what she thought it would be plus the fact that Michael disappeared from right behind her also has her a little unsettled, even if he's back now and more or less okay as far as she knows. She has no intentions of going home, however, pretty sure she would be ashamed of herself especially as she has made a friend in Hope and Clarice both.

Re: Previously on Scrawlers...

by Slarti » Fri Jun 15, 2012 7:30 pm

Bobby *coughwhoisnotcrazycough* joined with Rogue to form X-Force to take care of the threat of Essex after Rachel was taken. The movement didn't gain much traction until the other students were kidnapped and turned into the Herald and Horsemen of Apocalypse. Learning Jason and Rogue were founding members of the Brotherhood and had formulated a new strain of the Legacy virus didn't set well with him, but he continued to work with them and recruit others to X-Force, including Melati, Pietro, Adam and Laura. His personal insecurities about his powers screwed with his head until he felt his and Lorna's lives were threatened. But then they were threatened, he accidentally killed Vertigo in the most gross chunky way possible, right in front of Lorna. Oops. This may have caused some temporary crazy, but we're totally blaming Scott's sedatives for that.

Since then he's helped take down more Marauders (and some zombies), but isn't enjoying it.

He thinks Rogue is slowly going batshit insane evil and hopes he's not next.

Re: Previously on Scrawlers...

by steyn » Fri Jun 15, 2012 7:19 pm

Character Plot update.

Wade (NPC): Wade's taking up table tennis so that he can beat the chinese team in the olympics because the Lucky Duck laundromat on 22nd avenue lost his favourite red shirt.

Max: Weeks after the whole Apocalypse fiasco, things had seemed to die down, and Max quite enjoyed the peace and quiet. Being just a student at the university was perfect. Having the girl of his dreams as his girlfriend, perfect. Having a wonderful icecream with said girl after studies as a student. Priceless. Until however Max disappeared. A letter "from Max" was sent to Penny, telling her not to worry. Now Max is living as a completely human person with a completely new memory at CIrcle Pines.

Rubin: Rubin's enjoying being a student and also finding that his powers work quite well for an X-men superhero, as he was part of the group who stopped one of the four horsemen, Famine. Nothing else to report. However Rubin is considering starting a cooking club.

Jack: Jack's slowly making his way through the student body's student bodies. He also discovered that the one student that he simply do not wish to spend "quality time" with, Peanu-erm... Jimmy, is slowly becoming an incredibly good friend. Jack and Jimmy also discovered how well they can duet Queen when drunk. The duo along with Mel also decided to start making their own not-so-legal apple cider. They are still awaiting for the first batch to be just right before consuming it all.

Previously on Scrawlers...

by steyn » Fri Jun 15, 2012 7:07 pm

This school year we have had Apocalypse as our plot and as of this semester his horsemen have been taken and caused a good deal of chaos now on an international level.

With Malice in Xavier, Apocalypse was able to have his Herald, Blink, activated and capture the chosen horsemen: Reed/Pestilence, Hope/War, Teagan/Death, and Michael/Famine. In addition to those four Rachel and Dr. McCoy were also taken.

As a response to the earlier taking of Rachel, Bobby and Rogue came to the conclusion that more permanent solutions needed to be made as far as Dr. Essex and his Marauders were concerned. Since then they have recruited Adam, Laura, Pietro, Melati, Wade, and Danny. So far, they've killed the Marauders Scalphunter, Vertigo, Riptide, Arclight, Lady M, and Blockbuster. The death of Lady Mastermind at the hands of Rogue, however, has caused a split in the group and Melati informed the team that she would no longer be working with them. Whether or not she tells the x-men anything has not yet been decided.

Marauder Murder Instances:

Meanwhile, while X-force has been going on, the Horsemen have been at work as well. They have been held at Apocalypse's compound where Essex, the Marauders, and Apocalypse's own Acolytes have been working to properly form their captives into the Horsemen they need. The first to strike was Pestilence, attacking with a human-targeting legacy virus Reed had actually made experimenting in the basement labs of Albus Rex as a possible future weapon for the Brotherhood if it was ever deemed necessary. Pestilence and Herald stole the virus and released it in a number of locations including the giant water-treatment plant in Chicago where the X-men caught up to them. The X-men, suffering the unexpected defeat, return back to the school empty handed and also receiving some ridicule when recognized in public.

The next Horseman attack, however, went much better for them despite giant man-eating tumbleweeds when they were successful in rescuing Michael and bringing him back to the school.Since then Michael, now able to see thanks to a bit of bribery from Dr. Essex for loyalty (though, in the end, Michael was drugged at the behest of the Acolytes and Apocalypse so now the X-men are aware of some of the things Horsemen are subjected to). As Dr. Summers was working with him he also discovered the information on the human-targeting Legacy virus Bobby had slipped into his office after dealing with Rogue and Jason for X-force, learning the two had both been The Brotherhood and had developed the new version of the virus in the first place.

Before the next attack took place, Malice was discovered to be the mole at the school and responsible for allowing the Marauders into the school to aid in the taking of the Horsemen in the first place. Now Malice is contained in a special box constructed by Danger and the Acolytes, Loki and Fabian Cortez, have been sent to the school to infiltrate and soon attempt a rescue of Malice.

After finally snapping into her role as War thanks to Essex and Anna-Maria Cortez, Hope as War created rage in people, causing them to fight violently in mobs and continues to do so. Her main attack to-date, however, was thwarted by the X-men as they came across her Russian ships as they searched for Apocalypse's compound in the Carribean.

Death has made her presence known in New Orleans where she let the dead walk and taunted the X-men she met there in gory and disturbing ways including Professor Forge, dead children, and a scene straight from The Birds. She has also had a meeting with Rogue to taunt her further into her downward spiral.